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HjV , THE SUN. SUNDAY, JUNE 3, 1894. I
H WW MURK THAN 81,500,000.
H jjiat tatiiK rALVn ur ttcvniTMt
HBH rovsD ix ms mvsK.
ll ( The VIaale af Ih 1TIIII W.Coraell
Bfl erreathaeepale MrUl at III Orl
Bflj ", Weatla-II II aa Me the Ille a. Ka-
BeaDH ,' ela RIiih Ilia Wlf Death oa Aeeaaas
LHbH t of Illi Fhyaleel IBralltt( bat Ha
-H V OlTfa aMbarally Thnnik Uansteatallaa.
HhCbR'' If la Charily Onatlaaed D irlas; aa4
K-BH' esral flaaaelal Oreratloa to the Etd.
bbbWbbbb ft
B rovnnKKrrxti. Jun 2. Unknown sraona
HHfli tbt popl whose fllowtornmnn ha had
HBH bsn for forty year. William W. Cornell died
KHI jait a neat ao In hi horaa In thla city, at th
flH of 8-' yar For th last twsatr rtr
HI ot hi IU dlse and pain had mad him a
HLHH raeluse. an I h neighbor, a'l but a
HjHn Trr tew who knw th nan as b
Hfl V rally was, rtntd hi Blt-nforeed
HHI loneliness, br attilbatlnc to him tII
MMfB qal tip whleh had no part In tils character.
HLMH They knew that om monr had bn left to
HhB him. and trior spread report of hi cleans.
H-HH calling htm a skin-flint and a mlitr. Yt
during lili residence In l'nimhkpsl h had
H M gtTen awar In charity a much as all ot hla d
HRH tractors put toa-ether. They ald that th
HHS inlsrlr fearnf cvonttiel povsrtrnd th ttloat
BBBB Inelovsof otrl prevented him from ever In
BBBBB restlne his money wher It would brlnir In re
BflHfl turn and tram spending anr more ot It than
BBBJfl utlled to cloth him scantily and to proeur
BjBI hlra th food absolutely neoeesarr to kep him
Bjfll,1 allr: rot tlm man ot whom thsr salil thl
BBKBi llvod hi lit out with what comfort dlesass
BBJiB V would allow htm. nrr stinting blmsslf, and
HHHHJ br hi darlne and skilful flnanelal operation
HH H C f with th tortun Ult to him lir hi father, tl.iu
BVBbB bled and redoubled and still asrain doubled
HII that tortun. until ha tllod ono of
J th richest, II not th rlohest. man In the cltr.
HHfl Whon rouRhksepet learned that th old Dan
HBB B had toft a tortun ot more than a million and
HI a halt of dollar It gaaped wltn amazsment.
rBiaHaB Yet his relatives ami frleuJ war not o ur
iBjBMBl prised. Thar knaw that h had a fortune.
BUIj1 though Us exict proportion ther did not
know, for Mr. Cornall was Terr rettoont about
BlBjB his own affair.
iBa'anUl "There wasa man one who did batter than
HIIIbI' erst rich hr minding his own business." housed
BMB ' tdsar- " IT went to hearan br mlndlnc hi
SBBlllx own buslns. and ftr his death the people
BBbIik pat up a statu of him bcaut he had man-
BBBIi aittdhlsown affairs wall, done his dutr. and
BflSr ltn to his ntlehbors' mlsdosds and rnli-
i( takssthoharltrotsllneo."
V" So no on reallr knawverr muoh about Mr.
BBmII- OornelF affairs, except Mr. Cornall himseir.
Bfllll' Trlands he had, but no Intimates or eompan-
BJ BU Ions, and bis friend ware of bis own use. who
BBBBI? hnd com to know htm of lata rar throush
iBBflll' pltr ot hi sufferings and admiration
-BBalf ,or ths Ptlent aourag with which h
BIBj: bor tham. Thara are mlddle.Kd men
BBHbIK bow In Fonshkeepsle who as bora knaw
aBBflll Mr- Corall whan h first cam from
BBBUi Tror, wher h had btan In th store busl
BBfllU nes with hi father. iJitham Cornell. Hown
BBtI j ueD bout Tear old, a handsom. rsar ed
BJIk'' man, with lsant manner and a rare gift ot
BBBBJr apoech when ha chose to use It. With him
VaHfltV eams hl 1'"' Wb hftd L'n Ml"
aflUIIH'fT Edgar of Rahwar. one ot the old Now
LUIhI'V Jarsor famllr ot Edgars, which has sine
fig ' almost died ouc Bb was a be autr
BJBI Bj, and much rounder than her husband, to whom
BBnt 81M she waa darotad to auch an extent that she de-
BflB:'' clined alt soolal Inrltatlons becanse of bis
Hlj, poor health. The couple had no children. It
BBBUi! ylu supposed than that he had a tortuno ot
BBBBIIV $60,000 at th outside. The fact wa that h
BBflBl Ijr w ,hen worth $200,000. not Inoluslra ot Ti-
BBBJ Bjj J uabla real tstat.
Bfllllj; Altera few rear ot quiet life In Pouah-
BBISIP'. keeplespnt br Mr. Cornall In endearorlnR
BBhRII- toreoovor bis lost health, Mrs. Cornell died.
BBBB Uk1" From thai Um th wl lower became mora r
MBr terred than before. Ills sol amusement was
BJI'v In taxing long walkaand In the manscement
BBHlKf ofhlsmODer. whleh he Invastad with sraat
BBBll ' skill and good fortune. To Inrett and rrln-
BBbJ'BJJ-i' Tast. to keep closest watch ot the markets, the
BBmJ B 1 fluctuations ot real aetata ralu. and ererr
BBBBBI I moratn the great gam of finance. In which he
iB became an abeorbed part clpant, waa the
HlaT-H .' amusement and recreation of Ills life.
UB ,'i "1 her 1 no gam like It." he once said to
rHH a man with whom be had just concluded a
M c business deal. "It requires the roncuntra-
B tlon ot thechassplarer, thexktllotthe niathe-
w .' matlclan. and the nre of the gambler. But
H I It Is less a same of chance than the people
1 !: think, and the test player ulwur wins In th
nB H ...
1?' 11 plared thtgama alone. No liwrr r
v' advised blm as to tils Investment. No private
Haf ''. sacretarr or accoun ant ever Helped loknep
H ft his looks or conduct his corr'Suondenee. I'n
M 'f to within two months of his dtli, with a brain
H t still kren and clear, the rtrk'narlan dtrfcte I
HtW , operatlons,endlBg lettcrn In hie own band-
H'B writing to ids bankers. J. henncdr Tod. Vt.'o.
H A. of this cltr. ot onlr tll h Invest hi
m own moser. but he look-ri after that
B '.' of hla nephews and nlces. and In everr tasa
h . Increased what he Invested tor them. Curl-
HB-Hl'' ouslr enough, ha seemed not to care purlieu-
HB Urly tor the moner hu made in itself, hut
B ',- rather as Indicating h successos ak a i.nsu-
i elr just asaosrd plarer valuu Discounters
.r .' be wins maralr for what ther indicate.
v' Not even his intimate friends knew how
muoh he gave to eharltr. All his gifts wore
HaWaVJ N made sscretlr and with the pruvlso tha.t no
V t namesshould be mentioned ineonnection with
bTsT H them.anamoretbanonechurchanileharitable
Pa . Institution in Poughkeepsla and rlclnltr was
w ; rlrher br hla shr and Impersonal uentr-
CPJ osltr as well as onaritable and educational
Hb Institutions in other parts of the countrr. He-
nf.aVcT sides this, manrtacue entries In hlsareount
Hhw books indicate perannal charltt agregatlng
rfl large amounts. Ilm not even to his friend
u did he mntlon thee thine, and thi secret
vH' ot uiu'di of the gO'd that lie did. though nut
Vgai the good lisair. lie buried with him.
About twentr rar ago lie bought a big
'f square frame bout on Garfield place, and
KbB.! "oon after moving Into It he as attacked with
W'H'i' facial neuralgia, which bocame chronic. For
'H ' ' nearlr twtntr rear his ullerlngs from this
disease have kept him a prisoner in his house.
'1 Instead of abating, his sufferings grew wurse
H jTai as time went on, and of late years ha verr
B.aB rsrelr ventured Into the oien air. The
H'B postman on the street, who carries much
BfSl l more news than Is errr eomalned in hismll
B'' bag. usd 10 tall the neighbors tlutt he hd
HH f sn the old unlss than a dozen times in a
B calendar rear. Ocoaslonal r. however, he
1 ' weuld venture out on a varm even ng as far
2B as the fence which shut In hi rard. Home of
H the town urchins still tell with awe how Ust
T summer an old man with white hair and verr
H bright eres. and a fcs lined and drawn with
E pain, hobbled out of the (larfWId place
VB house, otwbloh ther hnd heard Strang stories,
rTarSli and obassd them awar from a roung rooln
HBaWJ which ther had swooped dnwn upon, and how
Hl JaV, n carried th helpless bird back into ills yard
H aad aetlt in a place of tatrin a lllae bush
HaH Thar told of It because ther thought it wasa
M Strang thing for th old miser to do.
laTal 'Th Plc whsre be lived wss a strange
l ' H'ac. Xh window wr alwars kpt closed.
IIB Th sturdy fane went unpalntad. a clinging
iBgai ,' honerauekl wandered at will over th front
jU . porch, th halNwild flower that are seen
tBafS about old bout ran riot in th yard, and th
8rass grsw kn dp. A frind one asked
) old man whr he didn't fix hi yard up.
J ;; That;, all of natur that I've got," he r
f plltd. You hsvsall the world to travel In.
H-" but thl' I mountain and field and forest to
uBflM - me. I let It grow as nature designs It to grow"
sSTcl-,' ..In this place be lived with his housskeeper.
ii Mrs. Uurlburt who looked after bis comfort.
H ' About tlirs month ago h felt himself o
. , to h'a hold on lit, sod told his housekeeper
HV tnat ba wouldn't last long, adding that be
.- had been a faithful sarvant and ha wanted to
Bli ' rwJd,h.,r.80.otdln.llr Hagav hrachck
fti ' for tAOOU A fw day afterward, to a friend
r whohadeallsd to sea him. he said that he bad
aVB longed for an end ot bis pain and that it was
;K I coming prsttr soon. The other old gentltmsn
- tried to laugh htm out ot it. and declared that
Kili H would be many a rear before bis wilt would
KB come up tor probate.
aWBVHi "UwUlnavareomaup." ssid the old msn.
H Th Mat ot Nw Vork ba msda mr will lor
SbV.wanVftSV' mr '""""' '"'
5 ,.A JtI?Wnw,V'r o snt for his niece,
rT Mrs. W. J. Kllr. whos husband was until re-
Bflflfla &Dlir '.!' 1,f, YoFk .manager for the New
B York cltr wholesale branch ot th Chicago
fi Arm of Armour 4 Co. Mrs Ksllr wss with
C Wm fortwo months previous to bis death, lie
rWi ' . told her that ih bad amassed a great deal of
oHi money, which would be found In bis trunk in
cfl an upper room along with his accounts
BBKR 1v'x$1T,""y ?"?'' to you all," said b. "as
th foliage falls from a dad tree. It Ismr
fB ' greatest oomfoit that I have left enough for all
fof rou."
Thl wa two dars befor his dih. II
died worn out br rear if unceasing psln.
r That was M onlr disease. I'p to within tno
, day 01 bl death his mind mi perfect-
B . If clear. In the, trunk designated were
jTcaBl . foup i stocks. I ends, and United States ss-
jVjBJ' euritles ot lb fas value of al.'Juo.OOU.
fcBFcal At a coasarvatlv estimate I her are worth
Bl JI.6CV.000. IJlds this th.reU valuable rl
wB ul in rsngbkpls and the West. This
5 . .
exceeds th most liberal sUraate of Mr.
Cornell' relatlvesand frlsnds. Th dlrtet
heir are Charle W.rornll of Itnndout and
W. C. Harrington of Tror. nphew. and Mr.
Sarah E. Kellr of rouchkaapal and Mrs. H. K
Adams ot Newburob, nieces.
'Ih children of th late. Col. Latham tt
filreng.of larrrtawn eem Injora haraoi
the real estst. i nt get nons at ' tn personal
property. Cha.'Us oT.rnell and W. QlUrrlni
ton hav bn appointed administrator Th
dead man wa a eousin at th founder of Car
nell Unlvsrsltr.
lYSAN'X hbuK.
He Aeeaeee th raraetlllasor the Marder i
Imt Frrlk l'i!Hli.
liOHDOW. June 2. Tha boek written br P. J,
P. Tynan, the Captain of th ttlsh Invincible,
exposing the Inside history of tha murdsr of
Lord Frederick Cavendish and Thomas Durke.
In I'hcrnU l'ark. Dublin, In Mar. 1B8'J, Is cer
tain to crsat a crest sensation, and wilt draw
a vast deal ot denunciatory Hteiatur from
th accused I'arnellites. InthevoliimeMr. Tr
nan charaoterIr.es tha Parnsllltoa' condemna
tion ot th killing of Cavendish and Dunce a
Infamous, and th denunciation of th Invln
elble aa outrageous trtscherr and de
ctlt. If th aotion ot th invinci
ble wer what th rarnellltes alleged
them to b. then th fuller and
dP-r la the dsmnst an of tiioae w. o rr it-d
tu movement. In desert ng and aUnil Ting
tiiem In tiiair hour of neeu Ths l'rnelllui
oftna esoohnndtne Inlnclbir, tin- writer
drclar. eraonn und tne eann. Afturtm
act iiau be -a dona the leadlnit Irish an
tiiiougnoutthe world airtlr rrjolced uer It,
an laud'd It, anil poka with lornil deligh ot
wha ther called 'g oriou newa iro lrrland '
Hat, led awar br t..lse dlplomair. ther uttered
unr.al and Insincere con. emnatlnas."
Furthermore, he ear, those who war di
recting th movement irnuilr to upplr
Orslnl bembs witli which to cause th death of
) arlHpencer. then lord I.leutenantotlrelnnd.
but nt the crltloal moment the bxecutlveof tha
invincible threw up the sponge, and the
prestige gained througti the l'lnrnlx Park Inci
dent, wa cotnpUtelr ewept awar.
Th .Nifiirmii ifrriri, commenting on Tr
nan'a book, ears: "It I not the Question
whether thl aiirlng villain lies, nut whether
his oentempt tor ttm.SntlonsllsUwho are work
ing wltn the l.tigllsh party is shared br tha
main body of Irish-American."
Tho iiKikvr says: "Trnun I one of the
worst ot Him gang of cowards whnwsri en
gaged with th Invincible in the l'nanlr
l'ark murders. Thvre Is not a new laot In the
whole book. Tynan was a bragging com
meroial traveller. Addicted to drink. It Is
doubtful whether iio ever had tho confidence
of a single human being, though ha delighted
to pose as an actor In Important affairs."
Ih t.emmi .rir ctiaracterizee It a tha
lneliablr silly book ot an Incurable fooL
jtn.n a no.fc.vr dkaiii.
A Talker nad Mollii-r Kill Thtlr Fisr
Chltftiaa aad Xhfmsplva.
IJr.ni.iy, June '2. Karl Pelger, formerly a man
ot wealth and position engnged In tha print
ing business here, mot with financial reverses
which caused tha loss of almost hla entire for
tune, tielger and his wlfa became despondent,
and their constant brooding over their mis
fortune Anally persuaded them that ther and
their children were on the verge ot starvation.
Ther therefore reolvl that nil should die.
Last evenlngthecouple administered poison
to their sons, itudolph, aged in, and Kruno,
aged 111. both students in tha Iierlln Griuna
slum, from the ellect of which both died al
most Immediately. Then ther hanged their
roungest eon, Martin, aged 10. and thlr
daughter Elizabeth, aged 7. Satisfying them
aelres that all tho children were dead, belger
und his wife eaoh drsnk a cup of poison.
Melger left a letter explalnlag hla plans for
putting himself and tiinlly out if tne way and
justifying lilmself and nlfe In comlnlttlng tha
dead. Two pots of poisoned milk were fount
in ."alger's apartments, it le now ascertained
hat alter Helger and his wife drank the poison
Helger strangled his wife with a rope and
then hange'i himself from n door frame.
Tho police on entering tne room found all nf
the family dead except Helger, In whom there
wres till signs ot life, but ho. too, dlsd a few
tninut afterward
The Porta d Hlaathnlon" Hald la Hare
Plana lo Huln frrtllHand.
Pinis. Juno 2. Tho Matin publishes advices
from Constantinople and Sofia concerning tha
llulgarlan crisis and subsequent disorder
whloh Indicate that tba situation is more se
rious than a mere local affair. According to
these despatches a conspiracy nxlsted between
the I'or e and ,M. Stambuloff to dethrone and
banish Trlnce Ferdinand and p'ace npon tha
llulgarlan throne Instead Count Ilartenau. tt o
four-yenr-nl I son of th lato i'rlnc- Alexander
of llattenberg. th-former I'rinceof ilulgarN.
I he plot uontemtdatrd the supreme authority
oi JL SlambulofT In litilgarla during tne mi
nority of the Infant i'rlme.
A meeting of prominent residents of Phlll-
fiopolls yesterday passed resolutions express
ng sincere thank to Prince Ferdlnan-I for
defherlng them from tho oppressive regime of
l'romler HtnmbulolT. and similar sentiments
were expressed by many members of the l-o-branif.
The resolutions also expressed full
confidence In the new Ministry. Mmllar ex
pressions hare been conveyed to Prince erdl
uand by t he citizens ot other townsln southern
A DlTln to Prrrrsl Wur Hblpa fratai fllak
lac Vha Hit by Ih Kaoaty.
Loxpov, June 2. A device for stopping up
shot holes In wsr ships, inventsd br amarln
engineer named Douglas, and aeoepted bytb
Ilrltlsh Government, has been tested by th
United btatas erulssr Chicago. It resembles a
parachute with a rubber cover, supported by
steel ribs. It is pusbsd through th hoi msd
tiy the shot: then it expands and clings close
to the outside of the vessel, preventing an in
rush of water. Capt. Mahan and Lieutenant
Commander Cloer of the Lhlcago are much
R leased with tbe device, and Lieut. Cowles.
aval Attache! at tho United Mates Kmbassy.
has sent a specimen ot It to tha Navy Depart
ment at Washington.
Loadeit Qjealp.
London. June a From Aug. 13 until her
aceouebnuent tha Duchess of York wilt ba
under constant attendance ot physicians at
White Lodge.
Lord Frsncla ITope, tha prospective Duk ot
Ntwoastl. ubo wss recently reported to hare
married Mar Yobe, the actress has filed a
statement f bantruntor. Ilia liabilities
amount to 405,271. 'd nls assets to UlU.Oti
At a suppr recently ejiven br Mr Arthur
huliivsn lo th Duke of Ldlnburgb and ih
Prtncenf Wales, a liur'eiue opera wa per
formed br Lrtty Und. My Ynhe. and Mary
and Arthur lloberts. 'Hi- royal guests were
delighted with th performance.
Mr. Burterll CoairailleM the Tablet,
Londox, Juna 2. Tha Iter. Dr. Hurt set I
has wrlttsn a Utter to th TabUt, simi
lar to th en published by him In
th ilomteur de Home a fw day ago, de
nying the truth of tha Ta'Atl't recent state
ments concerning him, hla connection with
Dr llctilrnu ana Henry George, hi mission
to Itomr, Ac. To this letter the 'labln curtly
replies that It Is sufficient to say that theetats
ments it made were told lo a representative of
the New York frttnan by Archbishop Cor
rlgan'a secretary. Fathsr Conno ly. and that
th lattlett article is In substanc correct,
H Iliac ih Moore ol Nbkiirar'a Charcb.
1imtov. Jus 2.-A row has occurred In tha
townol ritrtford-upon-ATcn over th door
ot th church wherein th Immortal bard waa
woat to worship, and wher hi body lies. Tbe
warden of lie ehurch sold the doors, aad thsr
were taksn duwn, ostalbiy to he repaired,
They ner traced to th rard of a lumbar
dealer, who will be made to resttr thsm. and
the warden will he disciplined.
IrUaelaUr-Prrltr frealdaat aflha Cbambar,
Pints, Jun 2. Ex.Premler Cslralr-Prlr
wss to-day elected President of the Chamber
of Deputies, receiving 'i'f.t rotas to 187 cast
for U. Bourgeois.
M. August liardaau was lct( a Vic.
President of the I hsmt er to succeed M Felix
Kaure. who aceepttd a Cabinet ode under M.
lVeleoatla r l-a Aarda.
Qdkxkstowk. JunoZ An enormous crowd
awaits! lb arrival ot tn teamr Etrurla
this moraine to wleomtbCoubUsl Aber
deen, among tbe purposes ot who visit I
theadvanoeof th iri-h industrial Asssclo
tlon. Tne Countess rceivd several ad Jresie.
Fraas fael Ootag lo lludaaeat,
Hudapi-t. June 2. Emperor Frani Jossf
will arrive here Mondsr and remain until the
political crisis is ovr.
Aaalverearr or Ika Praaldaat's afarrlast'.
WisarsuTOX. Jun 2. Seven years ago Presl
daat Cleveland was married at tb Whit
Mouse, and to-dar the anniversarr wo re
membered. Mrs. Olvlad rcltli soms
verr baiid-iom presents.
xo5ff, xnvs jtar, or rnn caha-
DtAH VAClFta AIIOCT giso.ooo.
A Bisfssl near Faiataa la nrttleh Cat am
hla Ovtlaw t tha sjemaUte Crseattan r
Beslls-Idla Nalllasr rleanltlaga e
Teles aph rotes aad Thn Reelrlag
last Vrirta-IIIc Hatmnn Rna (Jnnlag.
Vaticotrvnn. It. C Juna 2, rla Feattle. A
wild wast of waters still whirls and roar
thronirh tha vatlsr of tho Frarer. Historical
landmark of the hlchest flood have been
reached, and stilt the river rises, fed br
freshets from wlint wers but onlr streams n
dnr or two ago. In the Frarer Vallar tno ruin
Is complete. Mission llrldgaattlt stands, hut
Is to-dar showing sign of weafcentnr:, It Is a
mile long, end over It the frame tor the United
btate passes tn the south.
Tho water Is now c few feet from the brides
proper, and should It reach the bodr of the
structure the Immense mnntes ot dc'hrl
which wilt be hurled against the support will
sweep them nwar. It this oceurs. the lot will
be very serious to tha Canadian Paelflo Hall
road. It Is stlmatd that th floods liavo
damaged th railroad to the extant ot $750.
000 up to tha present time. II no further
breaks occur, there will be ten washout over
fortr mile of traok between Mission Cltr and
Ruhr Creek, many of them Impossible to re
pair until tha water has subsided.
Nothing Is known of th condition of th
rosd beyond Ituby Crook cat. a th wire
hav ben down since Mar 23, with no Imme
diate prospects of their being repaired. Tha
llrst train esst from here will leave to-dar. and
an attempt will La made to transfsr psasen
gers br steamer. The Canadian i'aclfla Hall
road authorities are housing and feeding flood
bound taassngsrs. and have attempted to so
euro them pssssgo over other roads, which,
howevor. take passengers subject to delay on
account of washouts. The passengers ars be
ing well cared for. The Hist mall for tan dars
will arrive irom the coast to-dar via. Hubr
Creek and the ferry-the onlr mean of
communication with tha outside world now
being over one shakr railroad, which run to
In Humaa Prairie th Indian were sent out In
canoes under enntraot of $5 sn hour, where a
l.l. ... .!..& if rt tn flvtal-irritnh nlf.K.
white man dara not go. to ux teugrapn wires.
They nailed scantlings to W-foot poles and re
strung wires over the prairie. Y'sierday word
crime that tua wavee were washing over the
elotacd wires, and tha Indians are at present
engaged In nailing more scantling to poles to
elevst tbe wires another two feet.
The Canadian 1'aclfio rond to-day sent a gang
of telegraph operatora up to the line, one lot
to tap a wire at Hubr reek and another at
Mission, each aide ot the break, and thua re
duce the tremendous accumulation of tele
graph business here. The danger of a meat
lamlne ia not over, and at present there Is it
greet scarcity of the article. Yesterday tha
butchers of Vancouver sent despatches to Ot
tawa and received the following reply:
"(JwluK to the leaf lainlno In Urltleh Co
lumbia caused br suspension nl rillnnr
communication, tha Government has passe I
an order in Council permitting the Itup.ria
tb.nof ca'tl- Into tha province fromthoUnlt.d
Mates, to be slaughtersd immediately upon
arrlvm at the boundary. In slaug tarhousos
provided aud supervised by the city."
'I he procuring of the cattle, however, la
aaotherquestion. From Washington matnthe
answer comes: "All roads are block-d iy
Hoods from Oregon. Can promise you nothing
at present." ... , . , ..
The Hour supply Is also very low, and In dis
tricts that cannot be conveniently reached
numbers of rancher are said to be In
a starving condition. Tho local Govern
ment is sparing no pains or expense In works
of public charity, end the Dominion Govern
ment has also allowed a tugboat to be put at
the work of resatir. In spite of every precau
tion ther Is no doubt that when the water
subside there will be disclosed many sad
stories of death from atariatlon or flood
At New Nestmlnster hundred nf ruined
rancher aro bring housed by charitable cit
izens, while concerts are being arranged and
petitions widely circulated for the immediate
aldof the euflereis. 'I here ia a golden lining
to the darkcloudJiowever. Peveral small rivers
have been diverted Into thetranelent chan
nels, and at the subsidence of ihe water It Is
expected a rush will b made by miner- to the
empty river beds. The mountain torrents are
expected to bring down a great quantity of
gold. Canners profess to be junliant. a a
frrat salmon run llkotliat after tha floods of
KH2 will surely be repeated.
Tscosts, Wash.. June 'i Ninety-five miles
or Northern Pacific Kallroad track between
Horse Plulns Mon.. and Hope. Idsho. are un
der water. Hundreds ot farms along Clark'a
Ford, never flooded before, are under from 4
to 0 feet of water. Battlers rushed to the high
lends, but hundreds of horses and cattle were
drowned. .
IlmtiiiTov. Col.. June 2. Tha river at this
point is gradually rising and Is now ono to six
feet deep over thousands of acrss ot grain,
which will be entirely destroyed. J
Manitol', Col.. June 2. Tha storm which
endsd Isst night was the heaviest ever record
ed by tho Government Signal Bervlce Uureau
no tha aummlt ot Pike' l'eak. There Is seven
feet ot snow on the top of tha mountain.
1'ukpio, Col., June 2. Throe bodies wer
foaml thl mO'nlng. all men. Thsyhav not
yet been Identified. One msn w standing
up in his house, th wat-r havlnr carrl-d
enough roua and gravel with It to literally
plant him atralnt the nail. Ihe number r
l'ortr I missing still continues to grow. M. J,
Btswar , his w, a, bro her. and three children
were caught In their home. The flood rrled
th house awar. It was finally anchored
among some tr.
Th three grown people climbed ont Into tho
branches, carry ngthe llt'le ons wlthihem.
Tuey were tn th tret top tor thlrty.slx hour
before tbey were rescued 'his morning at 5
o'clock. Al! war-In a terrible condition and
u terlv exhausted. It I believed that tbe wo
man and two children will di -. There are now
four bodies In the Morgu. Three bodies are
in an undertaker's establishment.
Dinvkh. June 2. Ihe flood along th Piatt
I slowly subsiding, but th poor people in the
bottom have not yet been able to reach their
dwellings. The charitable sooletles and many
individuals have been relieving thedlstres
Mayor i owie estimates the loss In lloulder
at 5 150.000. No Uvea were lost, but one man
became violently Insane and had to be locked
up in the county jail.
iteporta from up the cation come In slowly.
Twentr houses at Copper itock. three at ttugar
loaf, everr building at Jlmtown, tho entlr
dozen houses whb-h nonstituted the town ot
ballnn, ant he townol Crlaman were awep;
C'ltnpletelr awar.
In l-elt Hand. Glendale, Hunset. and flprlug
dalel a number of dwelltnge wr destroy. L
Many mines at Magnolia and Ward were filled
with water and debris. At Lnvland the home
supply dam went out. which will deprive 50,
Wx i acre under cultivation of water.
The railroad find the damage greater than
they bad Imagined. The Gulf road fared the
Tha Union Pselflo management cannot yet
estimate the loasss upon the bouth l'ark road,
but tha line Is in a terrible condition and
train will not be running until next week.
A heavy storm occurred thla afternoon at
Platta Cation, and another rise In the Platte
Is expected to-night At Lyons tha Hurling
ton lost Its trscka. yards, and dspot Iietween
Longmont and Lyons but little trsek Is Isft.
Jamea Murden. contracting freight agent for
the Union Pacific, arrived In tiie city this
evening from Central i lty, having walked
dnwn the carton to Golden.
He says that every mine In Ollpln county is
flnodsd. excepting those on (Jnartx Hill.
Imminent mining men there estlmatetha loss
to be at least SfiOO.OOO. It wl'l ba fully ten
day bfor train can reaoh th amp.
The Mlsaoarl River Already Has Hair af
Tlathrs aad 1TIII Tab. II All.
Bt. Joarra, Ma, Jun 2. As a direct result
ot the high water In th Missouri ltlver, which
will not bln to recele for some time, the
village of Wlnthrop. thirty mile south of St.
Joseph, on th flock Island. Hannibal and
Bt. Joseph. Missouri Paelflo and Kansas Cltr.
Bt Jo and Council Pluff railroads, will soon
he wiped off, the earth. The Missouri Itlvsr,
when It first begun Its spring rise this year,
lagan cutting the bank at tbe dc of tha
town, and adjacent to it, and to-day half of the
El are has melted into the river, together with
alf a dozen farms of ltX) acre each.
Tha channel of the rlrer was a half mil west
ot Wlnthrop lost year but tJar that channel
Is a sand bar and the newehtnnel oeauiles
whst was once the main street of the villsge.
Ihe railroad coms-nles have teenspru l-g
thousand ol dollar In an effort lo amp tho
cutting ef the river, but t"e efforts lmebe-n
ia valo. and four companies sre prepailog to
alandon felr roadbed an J enter Atclson
from a po nt further nortu.
, In such an event th $100,000 railroad
bridge connecting Wlntlirnnand Atchison will
have to be abandoned. Wlnthrop. which was
a town of 1.50(1 people, ha already Inst
half It population, and as th- houses
cannot ba sold, thSy are being torn
dnwn and carried into lbs country Tbe work
of demolishing tha Methodist Church, a struc
ture which cost $10,000 a year ago. I now go
ing on, It baring been sold to a fanner tor $60.
who will us lbs material to mak a barn.
.H?,"0 own farm valued st aO00
and $10,000 two month ago ax without an
aero ol ground to-dar.
Ha tJhevrw V.a rer Batherlaad aad Baaa'or
Iaat! Where Ihe Trader!? I Wa.
At tha hour when Friday night wa eliding
Into Baturdar morning Mr. Bol Ilerllner, th
statesman and th friend of statesmen, wa
prowling nround tha Tenderloin pre
cinct with W. A. Huthertand (who la
said to bo ot couns'l for th
lexow Committee) Penatnr Pound. and two
up-country Assemblymen. Mr. Herllner'a
party reaeli'd the Thirtieth atreot police sta
tion at 1 o'clock. Ther were looking things
After examining Ihe cells ther line.! up be
fore th desk nnit admired !o! as lie walked
around behind tho rail and tnmllarlr greeted
the officer ot the desk with, targe, oid man
how are they running." .... , .
It was rumored srotintl Rlxth nventio last
night that Mr. Hoi Ilerllner had been too full
of responsibility to speak to n "cop." He wns
lint scon nt the Beneca Club or around the
hotels. It was clenlod thut Lawrar Goff had
gut hlra.
Nhe He I.-a- NiaVrrf fnrtlgalloaa
and Coaclnsteas on Hanrf.C
Prr nt'noif. June 2. Miss Ptucbe fourths la
here, slopping with John II. Bteenson. Ihe lo
cal Populist leader. Hhe proposea to visit the
Connollsvllle coke region thl week, returning
hern to lecture in l arnralo Hall on Juna 11,
Milte In the roko region she will especially
Invnstlgate tha condition under which tha
women and t-hlldron there hnve tn live.
Hhe will then visit t ripple Creek, thereto
Investigate and learn for herself what
It was that caused these miner tn
commit their recent itesperate act. Bho has
been Investigating the guilt or Innocence of
tha Haymsrket Amrchlat and has come to
tha conclusion that ther all suffered a great
wrong and that the pollre precipitated the
affair, nhe read over nil the evidence.
Hhe has also been investigating as to who
really discovered America, bhe concludes that
tha credit does not belong to i.olutnbus, put to
ona ot her remote ancestors.
Ner ly Horn in.
Miss Elsanor Morgan, daughter of th lata
George Washburne Morgan and sister of Mlaa
Maud Morgan, the harpist, wss married yes
terday noon In Bt. Gsorg' Church to Floyd
Scott Neely of this city. Th bride' father
wa one of tha best known orcanlata In thla
country. At noon the front dnorn of the church
war thrown open, and a the organist struck
tha first chord the notes of ths Lohengrin wed
ding march sang bra choir of women voice
cam In from th vestibule. Then fifty young
ladles of the Lenox Choral Society, of which
h ...I... . . .....l.. (II. .t Ih ..... .. tH
tne bride Is a member, filed In two by two,
Each wore a cassock and a surplice, and on
their heads were small black caps. The pro
cession tilled the entire length of the aisle, and
when It reached the chancel the singers took
tha seata ol the choir bora at the left.
i he wabl ol nonor. u Mad Morgan, and
the bridesmaids. Miss Lma Morgan. Miss
Eleanor and Ml Maud Keller Miss Cath
arine Campbell, and Miss Hilda Keller, fol
lowed the sholr. F A Jeanne. G. II. 1lrce.
t. It Greason. Jr.. William I). K. Perine, Theo.
C. uluhpll. and Godtrer Mnrgan. who wrr
ihe uaiirr. same n xi. ma ihe trl le lth her
brother. George Waihbur- Morgan, bruUgnt
up the i ear nt the long bridal procession, i ha
brlda wore agnwn ol p-ri-wbiie sain. Tlir
CT"oin Has atisnded br James P. Harper.
At ihe o.nae ol th cert-moor the onoiragaln
toek up in strain- of the weddlngmanb an i
'olloed the bridal party -utof the rhureh.
Th Rev. Charles D ttltt Hndgnnan of l.o y
Trinity Uiuron. ilarUm and th Dev.Theodore
I gwlcs ui .St. Ueome'a i huroM performed the
caremony. A reception followed at th- Mor
gan i.ome, 371 Manhattan avenue. Mr. and
Aire. Neely will lire in this cltr.
Ei.Oov. Fits Safe from Iall for a Tear.
Oakland. N. J.. June a Ex-Gov. Itodman
M. Price of this plaee w.ll escape Imprison
ment In the Hackansao. Jail fur a yar at
least. Ids coun-el, ex-Guv. lie lie, having ap
pealed from the decree of Chancellor Mo .til,
which o dered him to payoter $40,000 U ihe
h-lra of tha ttamuol Forr-st estate althm fl
day- Th- time allow. d expired twu week
ago to-morrow, but the money ia not paid
i ne ex-Gowrn r f.ll hi thtee we-k ago. unit
w.a not expected to I vs. II- is now convsle
rent an MsaMo o sit up. He Is ovsr bo yeara
old and Tory febl.
Decrease la Clraalalloa.
WAsmnoTow. Jun 2. Th Tressurr circu
lation statement'issued to-dar ahows a net
decrease In the amount of money tn circula
tion during the month of May of lu.lJ4.Dmi.
making th per capita tand at $24.04. a de
crees of 2U cents.
Thr 4,'rntser Nr York loOolsTsrrrloar,
WAsntNOTov. Jane 2. As soon as th cruiser
New York reache New York city she will re
ceive order to proceed up the Hudson to Tar
rytnwo. where she will take part on June 14 In
tha ceremony attending the unveiling ot a
statue erected by the Bon of th involution.
joTiiyus Aiioor itiir.x.
Rlibep r. D. Hantlnztnn. CoL R. V. R. Crager and
Mrs Crucsr and Mr UMdwin Smltb wer amomr tb
Eftsssusars wbo rrtvd )trdr oa tb L'rnbri from
ThTanmnt UoQe Commission, of whleh R. W.
n.ldtr la Cninnn win bold on Tuaady avtalDjr a
pcUI iiisstios. wbn tb boftoik airaat lencmani flr
will badlscusad.
JnbnJabnof Wast Vlrslnta. Pttar Itess, Mrtdrsport,
Cnna , and Louts Alslno of this cltr, won vara arrest
ad on yriday at fousliksspsi for rslns cnei tt rfait
tlloisa and nfty.ctnt places, war nliiid ytitrdy.
bafora t altad Stales r.iuimUsmnrr rblalds and ware
bald In SSOOO ball ascb for wiaininatlon in Tuesday
Tha stsamar Idlawlll bas rastliu! bar axeurslAll
up tba bound and wtll leave Pack alio, hast Rirer. at
r H. dsl'r. stopolne at l!n Tblrlr-nrst sliaal. llu
Katurdara sba will leaea at .1 f. M. and on kundaya at
I.31IA. M. lndiassar nid t lllaal Neck Sands
hoiot. (ilea Cove. e Cllrr. uieawood. and boutb uiea
wood. I ndar the direction ef I'nllsd Slates MarsbalJaco
bna. Atiellnneer Abram llyalt enld yeeterdsy in ih
lderst baildlnr a lot rf women's snwua roate and
-raps. itb aquiitlty of iMceaand trhninlnr seised
for vlnlstlon or tha Customs us Tha dra.erabrnuifta
from HMsSlouaacb. and Iba larea and lilmtnlnca
averaged SI a yard Tbe sale realized el.OA.'il.
Juitloe Paltersitn in Supreme roart. Chambers bss
dtemleied tba writ wblcti was secured for Hie purpus
nf releasios I'barlee lllllatns. whn waa recently r.
rled for pr4inir Is womau'a ctotboe and committal!
tu inirna.inmnl fur six inonib llllmswas con
victed ss a vagrant. Tb question raised on tb writ o:
habea corpus was whether the masUlrale bad Juna
diction and sotborlty to pronounce judgment.
rater a Olnay. William P frantic, and Rlebard V.
Rrn-tl liftre beea apnolnled CmnmlslQners by Jor
lie Patterson nf Ihe Supreme I'ourt for tbe purpose
ef partitioning the .New lork Hotel property ant tha
?ropenr el hiuhtr-nrih street and ('olumbus senuo
hoappoinlnjant was nad-In a suit brous bl liy Kan
dolpbOugtanbelmar, who bee an mteraal In tb prop
erty Saran CnlimMa Callega atodtnte wboteot part In
tb nnual relebrallnn of tb Kiipbnmor I lass at At.
enue A and Hiityolk-hib street Irldsy nttbt. andwbn
say thai Ibey were clubbed byporremen of lbs Kail
riily serenlh elreel station weal tn Police Head
qnanere yeelerday and coraplalna.! to Superintendent
Hyrnee. Tbe Saperlalendenl eald be would Inieetlgat
lb matter, ana laid to renege boy lo b at Head
qnsrters oa Tsesday forenoon.
Try Them.
I, fares FEVERS.
8. Cares tOLIf.TEETHINO,
t. Cure IIEkOACIin.
10. Cnre DVNPEPHU,
1. Cure l.El.TIIIUUKA,
18. Carta t'HOUP,
14. rure. HKIN UlrlEAHRtl.
It). Cure L'ATABBII,
Tt C'aree QBirPE,
If Ibis list dee not mast TOUR needs w will sand
you. fr. liepagas Potior book, string tmtmeai
aad ear ef ail disease.
nU bouts of pieaasal selleU: last (t yosr veal
Jacket, TBr4rggltkaratba. Ask klm ntae
seS lor SI 0(1. or by tasa llUMritKT-WEDlCIXi
ecu cr- wuJtjiis' au .oast ri. mwioax.
AS Attnn.tT.
The Think Their Irlnaer I Ih Mas
Who Niransled the Ulrl J.aet TTeHata.
a-ar, hat tVlll Nnl dive rial Uslell
The lVeman'a 1.1 f la Thla Coanlry.
rollc Captain Btratiss or th East Sixty
(tenth attest station and his ward detectives,
Wttler and (Irabe, brought In a pilsoneratB
o'clock Inst night whom they believe to ba th
murdererofJilnnaWeldt.orllasselt. the young
Herman girl, who was found strangled upon
her bed at 32 1 Kast blxtyflrst street on Wed
nesday night.
"Ho may be able to prove an alibi." Dstee
tlva Waller said, "tut I do not believe he can
.from what he has already told us."
"He Is ths man, I suroly believe." Capt
Straus raid.
What wor tha ground for this confidence
neither Capt. Strauss nor hla detectives woutd
say, nor would tliey dlsoloso who th prisoner
wss. where he had been arretted, or tho clue
they had worked upon to find him. Whatever
that cluo was, ther must have got it late on
Friday night, for their search for the man ther
arrested began at Ro'clook yesterday morning.
At 4 o'clock Capt, Htrause waa expecting th
detectlv at tn station house. About that
tlmothey telephoned that they would nqt ba
nhle to come until I ale. Capt Ktrnuss had
bosn out with them the night before and knew
tho olue they were working upoo. He joined
them shortly after 5 o'clock and took part In
the arrest.
"Ihe prisoner answers the description nt
tu roan who wa seen to enter Minna Weldt'a
apartments nt ID o'clock on Wednesday." De
tective Woller said. ' He is a man a little
above medium height, of heavy build, and ap
pear to be a German of perhaps 30 years of
Inspector MoLnughlln had three men of his
central Office squad at work upon the case
Helena Kohlert the dead girl's roommate. Is
still a prisoner at tho Last Klxty-ssventh street
station. Hhe waa taken to the Vorkvllle Court
again yesterday morning, ntid agsln wns re
manded. Her tirnther called to ee her during
lhn tlitv tie tinH nnt Irnnvn wherrt ftlia waa
since she lelt ,U Kast Third ntreet, until a ril'N
roporter told him on 1'rldnr. He was stlowed
to coutnmunloitte with liar for a few minute.
Minna Weldt's history slnra she vamo to thl
country two years ago was all made Plain res
terday, "Hhn was neither a good girl nor a real bad
one." said a woman who know her woll. Her
fiarents were well to do, and she hud not been
irought up to work. After their death she
lived with an aunt lor a long time, then it
was that she (ell in love and was betrayed.
Hhe came here, and her baby was born ueaiL
Her lover liad married and she was reckless,
bhe often said she neor Intended to marry,
but would enjoy herself. I will revenge my
solf upen the men.' she said
Hho went out to service, hut she was not
used lo work and would get discharged. Hhe
did not drink, except a all Germans do, just
a glsssof Peer once in a while.
'One day In a saloon she met a youne man
named J.ouls Horn, it son ot Andy Horn, a
l'ark row saloon keener. Hie said he wanted
to marry liar, but that his father would not
consent to It. He Is the only man I think she
reallrrarrd for. lie wrote her a otot love let
tors, which I hare seen Then she met a man
whoso first name Is htnlle. n married man. who
l a conductor on n street railroad In tlohokrn.
II o said he would get a divorce and marry her.
'lam tired of work.' she said, 'and Iain
Rolng to live with him.' Hhe went away with
im onedny in Uecrmlior, but came back the
next day. bhe said she never wanted to see
him again. A farmer of Mount Vernon also
patdhor attention hut she never lived wlt.1
him a far as t know. I have not eeen her
since Isst Decembwr."
Capt. Mrauss says that tha prisoner Is not
oneot Minna's old loers. The girl lelt two
trunks In this city at sonants' hoarding
houses, to seure small sums owed for board.
Ona is at Mrs. hnerner's. 2U2 Kast Fiftieth
street. In that trunk is n picture ot i.ouls
Horn and many of his letters. Il'rn admits
his acquaintance with the girl. The other
trunk is at Mr. Hermann's. .'114 East Twelfth
atreet The girl waa known as " lllack Minnie "
on acooutit ot her jet black hair.
X Near Irer Coranrr1 Search for a Man
Wlio Had Hanged Himself.
The body of a man was found hanging from
a tree In the wood near tha schoolhousn
at Klngaland. N.J.. by Walter Wllllamn and
Elmer B. Hopkins of Arlington about 5 o'clock
on Friday alternoon. They hurried on to
Kearny, whore they notified tba police. A
telephone message was sent to Coroner Ullman
of Csrlstattt, and he and n party nf citizens
took torches and lanterns and started out to
look for the body. They did not aueceed in
finding It.
At 4 o'clock yesterday morning the Coroner
started out again and discovered th.-bndr this
time. The dead man looked like a Oerman
laMirer. in his pockets were psprrs anil let
ters addressed to Jobsn Wlllmer, 157 Bennett
street, Newark.
i'ater Keller and Joe Smith nf Dellevllle. N.
J yesterday found the body of a man who had
hnngod himself upon a trea on tba Martha
eatato. near lllveralde drive, on the dividing
line ot llergen and Hudson counties. A wnmsn
living near by thlnka that the man asked her
for food two days ago. He had paper ad
dressed to J. 1'eterson, at I'aterson.
A Cabs VThteb, tf itdgjr Nrvrbnraer rteye, Ih
Gr.ieral ( rra. Hlioul I Hear O ,
A motion was to have been argued yesterday
before Judge Newpurger of the City Court to
remove Mer J. Meln as referee In the supple
mentary proceedings brought upon a judg
ment for $1,00(1 obtained by Jamea Drew
against Harry l'hllllps. The argument, how
ever, did not take place. It was explained that
Judge l'ratt ot llrookln had granted a stay of
Judge Newhurser fiance I over tha pspers
upou wliKli tha star waa granted, and re
pressed the opinion that the fscts of the case
ought to h laid before the General Term ot
the Hupreme Court In either the llrst depart
ment or the second
httbieauent Inquiry developed that tha stay
granted bv Judge l'ratt wns granted In a suit
begun I'T Harry l'hllllps against llflferee rtln.
Wales T. (Severance, and Henry M McDonald
for W5.00O damages rhilllps says that the
defendants were In conspiracy against him In
the proceedings before Meln as referee, and
Hint ther entered upon a programme of bull
dozing and called tn reporter to help them,
l'hllllps alleges that UeDonald Is th ownsr of
th Drew judgment.
TheNew Jarier Tailoring Cnnspaar Mlealar.
Creditors are looking for Charles ITarrls and
several of hlrelatlves. who started in busi
ness about liar 1 at 27 Grove street, Jersey
City, as th Nw Jersey Tailoring Company,
The itor waa fitted up In gorgeous style. Tb
company disappeared with It belonging last
Kelly Jlrethers did the carpenter work, and
Edward Kelly, senior mamhir of the firm,
ordered a suit of clothe to show that he ap.
prerlated th company' patronage. Th
clothes didn't tit, and he took them back to be
altered. Iteforo he collected hie tICO for the
carpenter work th company had disappeared
and taken th suit of clothes. Mr heliy had
raid for the suit. Taylor ,t Msnahan. furnl
ur dealers: Adams X Co. dealers In rues,
lock, and brlc-ft-lirac. and Isaao I.ltowitz ar
among thoss who would liso tn see Harris, A
boy who worked for the concern paid Si3 (or a
suit ot cloths and didn't get It.
'onl'.aaald Irons lav JTeaeb,
Assistant District Attorney Stephen J. 0'IUr
wss th rsclplsnt of a great compliment from
Judge James Fltrgsrsld In Fart I. of tb Court
of General Bssslon ytrHay, When Judge
Fitzgerald discharged the May jury he said
that he thought It only proper befor letting
them go to say a few word In commendation
of the Industry, zeal, and ability which had
been displayed br Mr. O'ilare during the term.
The jury aa well as th Court, he said, had
witnessed many evidences ot Mr. 0'llar'zeal,
snd he wished to publicly thank him.
Cavalry lltill at West Volar,
Wist Point. Jun 2 Itgardls of th rain,
which earn down steadily during tb entlr
time, tha cadet graduating class gav tb
Board of Visitor an eihlbltloo of thtlr fll
claaoy as cavalrymen this afternoon. Th
claa wa drilUd on tb gravelled plain under
command of ant Craig, Instructor In cavalry
tactics. Th drill Is th most eioltlng snd In
teresting ods of th ssrlss. and ons.untiy
always attracts a crowd ot spectators. Th
drill this afternoon. It 1 ssld.was tb best ever
asm on th plalu.
Fewer ef Attorney la a 14lag Ceraaaosy,
Fottstiujc. Fa.. Jun 2. A power of at
torney was Issued to-dar by a notary public,
which will ba ssnt to Spain, and whleh give
Joseph Bomsro authority to act; far Loul
Thompson olPotts v. Ill . at a marriage, tha
brlda being Bomero ' niece. Tb brld will
com to this country and join hsr husbaad lm
laaiaaaaaar tfaaaVaaataaTlaaaWlilJrJ aV ffaa aaa!
Weak Nerves
Arc the
Result of
Impure Blood
And4 the Best
Medicine to Take is
Which Cures Nervousness,
Creates an Appetite,
Strengthens the Whole Body,
Cures Headache and Dyspepsia,
Because it Enriches, Vitalizes and
Purifies the Blood
Be Sure to get HOOD'S and Only HOOD'S.
mss aitmoitK'H atonAL covkaub.
DlaVt Yfa-t la Jala Ih Natlnaal Teaaaere'
Aienelattoa a4 Vf iioleln't.
A breez was cratd at a masting ot th
Wsst Hohoken Board of Education on Friday
night when th allegation wa mad thvt
MsKHv ITIIVU fciivr; iiTaaiiuu nt) ui tins
taebr war practically compelled by th
Itev. Georg C. Houghton of Hoboten. the
county superintendent, to join thj National
Teachers' Association. Tha discussion fol
lowed a report or Principal Wntera that
twenty-nine of hi teachers had.becoma mem
bers of the National Taachsrs' Association In
response to an appeal Irom Superintendent
Ilougi.ton. and had paid $2 cash. II said
that for tha VI thay recelrod certificates ot
membership Scho 1 Trustee Konart declared
that the teachers wsr not desirous of joining
th association, but they felt that It would not
be safe for tbem to reluse, because they had
to 20 before Superintendent Houghton for ex
amination. Filucipal Waters said It, as true Ihst many
of the teachers hvt no rieslre to join tile as
sociation and part'2 forthe? pnvl.oKe ol mem-b-r
hip. .ilanr of them prt'td privately,
but Mis Gllmor-, h said, was the only on
who had f'o inoral oouriwe ia atvnn by li-r
coavlctlon asd reluse to be forced Intn an or
ganization wnleh sli" did not car tn j dti.
"I suppose." he said, "tha teachers f-lt that
their fate wea In the iianda of th sup-rln-tenucnt,
and tney folt tm.t iher mlcht Incur
lite euiuttr by rr using to become members.
I think It only ju-t iht' tne moner Pld br tha
tea-hers snnulil I e refunded."
" I am of the same opinion." exclaimed Trus
tee Kouert. "The teachers probably feel that tt
ther are not on good terms with Superintend
ent Houghton hen III make It warm for them br
refusing them a certallcat or giving tnm a
low percentage, as the old member ot thl
Board doubtless know. The truth of the mat
ter Is that the big bugs want a good time at
Aabury l'ark. and the teacher ar soaked
for lt.rt
The annual meeting of the National Teach
ar' Association la tu be held at Asbury Fark.
Tha discussion was becoming Interesting
when the Chairman declared the whole matter
out of order, and the eubject was dropped.
Jccase4 or Blaakm ill, Atroeloae Assault
aad Halter , anil DruNtrenaea.
Pollcsman Thomas Gannon of the Gregory
street station In Jersey Cliy was suspended
by Inspector Langa resterdar on charges of
blackmail, atrocious assault and battery, and
drunkenness. He went off dutr At 0 A, M.
resterdar and got drunk. In Newark avenue,
near Jerser avenue, ha began oufflng an Ital
ian ragpicker, who was violating a cltr ordi
nance. Arthur Houston, a butoher. and oth
ers say that he offered to let th Italian go for
a nuartar. When Houston, who Is a cripple.
Interfered. Gannon attacked him. A crowd
(rather.! and I lie nnllman wmi In dinrar rtP
Kainereu, ana uio puueemau was m asaisr ui
being roughlr handled, when ha made his es
cape and went to his home at 507 Jerser ave
nue. in the mean tlra snmsbodr hsd telephoned
to the pollre station, and Capt. Farrier hurried
tn the scene In the patrol wuxon. He took
Gannon out of tbe hou a and own to the
elation, and there atr pped him ot his ehle d
and eau pments. The policeman was tnen
sent home. He ears tt Is all a put-up job to
get him off the lorce because balsa Democrat.
Air. Ooldatela Accuses nf AnSuellon.
A house In Suffolk strest waa rsldsd on Fri
day and Its keeper. Fannie Goldstein, and
Annie Callahan, a flftaen.rear-old girl, wers
arrested. The raid was mads upon evidence
secured by agents ot the Gerry society. Police
Captain Hchultz's men having reported that tha
place was not being conducted In an improper
manner. Tha Gerrr men expect to prove that
Mrs. Goldstein detained the girl at her housn
agalost her will, ami a charge of abduction
was made against her In tbe Esssx Market
police court yrster lay. Hhe was held in Sl.fJOt)
ball for examination on Tuesday, and the girl
was placed In tbe charge of tha Gerry society.
Jersey City's HuaSay ttcheol Parade,
The Jersey City Sunday Hohoo' will esls
btat their fortlsth anniversary and have tbslr
annual parada on Tuasday nf this west For
the first time tn a great many rears ths cele
bration will be simultaneous In all parts of tbe
city. Heretofore there hare been pira les on
different day In different part of the eltr.
There will I a two reviewing stand. Got.
Wsrls will be th csntrsl figure on one ot tbem
and Mayor Wanssr on th other.
D-ekhaaSe Flcht o She Hon'.
John Coughlan and Michael O'Rourk. deck
hand on th steamboat C II. Northern, had a
fight yesterday while th steamboat was com
ing down th Sound Coughlan hit G'llourk
with a capstan bar, dislocating hla jaw.
o'ltourkewas tsksn to Bsllevue Hospital, and
Coughlan was arrested by tha harbor police.
Couldn't Walt for lb llaealat.
CiuitLUTON, an. Jane '.'. Jff Craw'ord,
osloied, who murdered W. P. Blackburn,
white, of BethesJa townsh'p, York county. In
last December, and who was (onvia'ed at a
recent term of court and sentenced to ba
liana-e t, was lynched by a mob about 'J o'elock
tuts morning.
r ih jisk it is u Alt as'! iiwir.
Hhe erne a 1eiTa-l at Ihr Newehr I,nc
Ihk II ne, t.n.l Itleiap ek-ert an M e IO,
The body of tha young woman that was
found on Frldur on the shore of Governor's
Island waa Identified at the Morgue yesterdar
eiMiiu nnn I'l-uiifiii m .mvf eivi,uu JVBiriUAr
as that of Jane Hanrahan of 1'J't Washington
street. The Identification was mndn by sn
aunt of the girl. Jane Hanrahan was JO years
old. good looking, nnd quiet and rrsencd In
her wnys. She had been a a-nnnl at ths
Newsboys' Lodging House In New Ch i obers
street for sixteen months, but dNnuearel
from there early on thn morning of March 10.
On tho same morning, and nt about the earns
hour, passengers on a sound stetmor tint was
rounding Battery point saw clrl throw her
self Into the river. The steamer wa- in too
much otn liurrrtn turn hark to s-o uliat had
been" sol the girl, hut It in oniilm'tured Hut
she wa Ml Hnmnhan. nnd t lint sli wai
drowned. The l.odr found on Gnernor's
Island hid been In thn wa er ton Inn.' load-
It nf signs of fnul play bein seen, If such
there wrr: but her friends c.inr.i.: brll-rs
that the gr committed eulcide. Thoy say
though that she had several quarrels nlh the
servants nt the lodging house just before she
Jlelorr she left th lodging, house she cut off
her hair. Thr body will b built-d to-day la
Calvary Cemetery.
uru cnooKs hum tine tao.
Iloth ArrealeO Here Oar rtnrl el ad a II ar
last Il-u -, ihe Ot'irr llo - ,
Charles Foxwell, Jr.. who had been stopping
at the Murray Hill Hotel, was arraigned In ths
'lorn Us lollce Court yesterday and was re
manded until this morning. Foxwe 1 I
wanted for swindling tha Auditorium Uitl in
that city out ot $103.40 last week by means of
a bogus dra t upon the Parrott Varnish Com
pany of 40 Una i way, this city. The. Parr.. tt
Varnish Company Is nut at 40 Broadway, and
the name ot no such concern I In the'Dlrectory.
Fox w el was released last evening upon tha
receipt of n telegram from the Chief ot Folic
oflChlca o saying that the prosecution had de
cided to drop the case.
Detective nergeant Ilogers arrested at Bath
Beach on rrlday night a young man known as
Air r. Itevae. who la wanted In Chicago. On
Marl, IK' , ha rented a furnished house at
Z24II Michigan avenue from Mrs. Anna K.
Wilson. Ihe furniture was valued at S70l
On Sept. Ih Ilevas sold the furniture and ran
awar. llecentlr It waa ascertained that the
fugitive was In New York, working In a com
mission oillce at 138 rront street. He was
brought to l'nllee Headquarters In this city,
but becamo ill of heart trouble, and, oa the
advice of the doIIco surgeon, was removed to
Bellevue Hospital.
Isilsin Hlgaa Now Hoeasllaaea Fractals
Ihr Clicnaaslaae-.
It Is so common for uncles and nephew to
be associated in business that one is rather
startled at the Infrequency with which that
1 relationship Is announood to tho public on
business signs when they happen to rnn across
auoh a sign as that which has lust appeared on
an awning In Brooklyn. It read: "J. p.
Malone, George ConnlfTs Nephew." In this
otty Dolan .V Nephew Is well known to persons
ho irenuent Park row. and the oddity of th
combination often pror ok remark.
'Ihe Weather.
Tb storm which n passlnifoat of lb St Lewrenoe
Valley on rrlday was Mrc4 back by torn cam ss yet
unaacerulned and yeeterdsy II wss In the asms posi
tion over lbs lake rations that lloccsplad Ust Wed
nesday. Tha wud over tba lakes was from brisk tn
I blgb. blowing from sixteen la tblrty sis miles an bour
Hhowera fell over lb countrr eaat or Ulcbian to tba
uiiddl Allantle and New Enaland coasia, Spaemodla
borsts ot suaitilne and euowere are llsaly to oscur bars
There was aeraslsalfornitly of tamperstora ibmoeb
ool tb country 11 wa ltwod M and ees every,
where between Ibe raeltle and Atlantic la tbe morn
ing. Tb dsy In tbls city was fair, with an eccilonl
shower Averag tismidlty 7tl percent., wind aoatb
rly, valoclty len miles au hour highest urhclal teny '
pereture'O" lowest ar", barometer corrected lo read
to sea level at a A. M. 21170. ar. U UrM
Tb thermometer at Terry' pharmacy tn Ts Ice
building recorded lb temperature yesterdey as fetiowei
J lS$t llll, IBH.
SAM 67- CV, S:SOr. g. .11' ti'
A.M (XI M- 01 M ev Sis
iii m ru : urn. tm ui
list eo 7u'li:Kid st 6&
Average 00
Avaraa-ees JuueJ. JHS ....UM
waiHU(.TOs iosiisit ma scsdsv
for Maine, he Hampshire, and Wrmont, saieliled
weather, wttb occailou ehowere, ellglitiy warmer,
southwest and wait lads.
(or Mssiachusslls. Rhode Il'and ronnectlcut, aad
easier I'er, eeesfl'tl vraUer, Sal wtla eA4were en lAe
rwulaare e itfily irirei,r, MalAie.ef ailr, seeswlsg yeJ(.
ralraa.f wilrMf. M -t.l"y
lor tbe District of roiambla, eastern Ponasylvania,
New Jerser Pclaware and Maryland, fair sad
warmer till St nda ngbt west w ads, becoming vsrl
ror West Virginia weetern resneylvaala, waiters
New tork, Ohio, lover Michigan, sad pperMltbig .a
fslrttllMund) sight warmer, esatbwest wlods.
I rlor Halle, S 1'lscea la Mug, I'liasb, or fjollel Oak lllalas Chairs 73 eeU
Braeatrlla , . SSO.OO
Parlor Table la aalU oak ar nskusir Holla Oik Hacker IIU i
aUh, S4s4 Teas t.OO
Varlsht Poldlas Beets, eatlaaeal froal.aVlaoo Solid Oak Ulalag Tables ... . Si .lo
ller Mirror sella lara hev Plata
lass...,. ... Stt.Oa foils Oak 11.11 R. eke, beret Mirror J OO
J. Baumann & Bro.
1,313 to 1,316 Third Ave., bet 75th and 76th Sts. a

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