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muvmumw" . l. ' '""' v1" tiffW v IT yBinMSWWPissvWSreWB'IsaCT n
LbbbHsKI O . - , . , ." "' "."ui. a '' -' wst, JWm ' . . -.t. , 7 ' S vs- . . ., , r ... i.. .1 ..,. . -
rBH rvr'r rjir a ltd n wkkkb wab
' IhBk avcvii:i u hteamaao it.
7 pflaalaK' Ml Mt, dames Fall (a Pro that lt
&(fHflHt Inteasled a Mteal It. Me la Declared
IkI Net Walltr After Mist Weeka lath Tombs
W IHR' E. Hyd Weeks, an actor, was charged with
& UE Brand larceny before Judge Martina yesterday
iYbHbbE In Part 1. In ths flrneral Sessions, lilt accuser
KsTeaaaenenR' "m 'nn Ht. James, leading lady of tha
wDflBf Empire Theatre company, which stranded In
W K.' Waynesboro, Pa., last Mar. Weeks had
If- ri been summoned from this city to Carlisle,
K? BHft. Pa-, to UVe tha part of Timothy Stupid
fc H in the play of "Tha President." He
K ijHK, hod no money, and MIm 81. James lent him
ft KmVS tmatl turns. Tim company drifted to tha
H' Rational Hotel, Baltlmors. On May 31 Weeks
p BBsf falsappeared, and so did Miss Bt. James's trunk,
X, BBIyi With $1,000 worth of dresses, wigs, and Jewelry!
K .!- In fact. U of Mlu Bt. James's property.
$ LWr '"'ie lrunc WM 'oun(i on June 4 In Weeks's
flHlg room in the Bryant Park Hotel, Thirty-eighth
QHI, fttrcet and .Sixth avenue. Miss St. James came
iKV' htn from Baltimore and Identified the property.
flMb " fit- James told the story of her befriend
HHfk nf Weeks. Phe said she found nothing missing
k from t ho trunk when she examined the contents
JmWctt t Pollce'lleadquarters on June 6,
.Br Weeks said he was 30 years old and was with
JKr1 the "Our Aunt Sally" company a short time.
f." leaeneaTi 'e went 'ro ln' C'T to Prt 'n the Em
HHf1 Mrs company. At lUltlmore he said he sat at
; jK the same table with the complainant and vls-
1 IHL (ted plaoea of amusement with her. No one had
JHn"' tfy money to spare, and the company concluded
,' Hw io "travel on their trunks."
,, jHv The witness said the phrase means getting
fKft UckeU by pledging trunks with the railroad un-
t' aaflEtl ill the tickets are paid for. Mlaa St. James had
t aaaaVP " moner n ,ne proposed this plan. She had
f Htt; two trunks, and the witness had one trunk. She
Hi agreed that one of her trunks should be left at
! the hotel In lUltlmore for her bill there, while
j IH the witness should take two trunks, one his own J
; H-:f- fnd the other Miss St. James's, and put them In
i JBt) tawn with the railroad company. He got two
H Jckets, one for himself and one for Miss St.
-K James. There was a quarrel at the supper table
JV;''' etween htmself and Mlaa 8L James, and he told
H;, ler he would go to the railroad station and atop
i B',5. ler trunk. When ho arrlreil he found that both
VmJt the trunks had been sent on Ut New York,
IR Finding that the trunks had been forwarded.
, H? . lie came tn this city. He went to the IuUinm
' ' ilouse, a hotel where Mlaa HU James knew he
u, always stopped. From there ha went to the
- Hr- Bryant Park Hotel, leaving word for Miss St.
CT2 James where he had gone.
Hrr- Weeks was asked how he happened to have
IIBj the key of Mlaa St. Jamea'a trunk when he was
(JaBSw arrested, on June 4. In front of the hotel. He
MiHIV fald that In Baltimore he was with Miss St.
9IH.f Samoa one evening, and she asked htm to go to
,11 ("f?, the hotel and gat a wrap from her trunk, at the
JUJ-Hl same time giving htm her key. When he re
al rata I turned ahe said he mlfht retain the krr for a
JBI1 time, as she had another key and he might need
aTiaH IP to uso It again.
IB ;! Ueteotlvea Vallely and Evanhoe had testified
IIB i that when they arreated Weeks he said the
HH trunk and Its contents belonged to him, because
H ; It wax hit wife's property. Weeka tcatlfled. In
Ifl Y contradiction, that he had never made such a
MB ; statement. He added that he had been divorced
DB and that his former wlfowaa now dead. That,
BH he said, explained the fact that he liad stopped
flB S , on the way from Baltimore to this city and sold
BfKjf ( two woman costumea to dealer Van Horn. It
S""" fc was not true, he declared, that he had tried to
L, sell to Van Horn any of Miss St. James's ward.
It- robe. The two costumes were those of his wife
HH ua who had died.
lH -;, Concluding his direct examination. Weeks
RlH :S f11 he Uvea formerly at Salamanca. He had
ji'l K. oeen employed us a collector for the Arm of W.
Htl A. Ferguson & Co..juhllshers, of Uoston. Mass.,
JH ," and Jamestown, . Y to collect money for
H If sale of a history of Chautauqua county. His
KH .J only living relative Is a mother, now In Sala-
UH n manca.
dH Crrxia-f xaralnrd by Assistant District Attor-
fH Bey Dradley, the witness denied that he knew a
uH '"' warrant had leen Issned In Baltimore for his
t""""""- arrest, and that one of the witnesses was the
porter of the National Hotel. He was sure Miss
fit. James had no money In Baltimore, and that
ey they were to travel together " on their trunks."
IHjH .v When asked to explain why became to New
fiIH .f; York city, leaving Miss St. James with no
MMH k money, and having with him her ticket, he re.
H X piled that he had quarrelled with her, and, be-
HjtH sides, be suppoaed her husband would send her
VB money to come to New York.
fm it. Miss St. James was recalled and was asked
t IH ! , whether It was true that both she and Weeks
:H were to " travel on their trunks." She said she
i IH h was to travel on her trunk and Weeks waa to
! t travel on Ids own. At the time thearrange-
MH '? Went waa made she had $.17.
4 "I paid his board, f 5. like a lady." MIm fit.
BH ,.y Jamea said; "and that's the way he treated
H & tne."
IH ' '-mw'rr '' J- SIoManus. counsel for Weeks,
( read flattorlntt testimonials to Weeks'a good
1 Lfi character fnim the Arm of W. A. Ferguson &
:7,L Companyof Jamestown. N.YM and from ajustlce
IH t'V Of tha Peace In Salamanca.
Bl tf The Jury were out flvo minutes and returned
H u with a erdlct of not guilty. Several of Weeks's
H friends In the rear of the court room applauded
P H v vigorously with their hands. Judge Martlne
BE- B i 4 TXHinded for order. Weeks had been In the
L m C Tombs since June 0.
mm Hw
V'lK, Mr. ss, Who llaa Cared fbr Bias ror
BhK Years. la to Have III.
H K -' Frank Ilooney, a boy of 10 In a sailor salt, dls-
IwHS turbed Supreme Court, Chambers, yesterday by
F.laW tcrramlng and running away when his mother,
KB-'1 Nn. Bella Warner, went forward to caress htm.
If.m He had been brought to court by Mrs. Julia
BaHft? Egan, who has had the child since he was three
EHmj. years old. A writ of habeas corpus had been
K HB'4 sworn out by his mother's present husband,
HjHK& Louis Henry Warner, who Is In tho drug bust.
HE Hess In Chicago.
KH, Mrs- Egan averred that the mother gave her
BHr," the child to keep. Tha mother was divorced
BlHr from her former husband, Frank Roonry, the
r father of the child, who, Mrs. Egan says, still
calls on her to Inquire about hlsjchlld, Sir.
B'BVv Ilooney had called within the past three weeks
iSlfr and had said hla wife had gone away with a
KV druggist's clerk and that be would shoot her If
Bv' he found ber. Mrs. Egan says the mother has
MJMMMJ .; P1 the child from time to time and brought
MHY' him back poorly clad. About eighteen months
K ago sho put the child In a hospital and Mrs.
F" Egan got him out and has since kept him.
K About three weeka ago she says Louis Henry
HK Warner called on her at her hotel at Benson-
nH? hunt, representing that he waa a lawyer, and
Y saylog that ha wanted to ate the boy, as he aald
K: that some money hail been left to the child.
Mkl Mrs. Egan says she suspected that he had an.
H other mission, and sent biro away. He then
mmK-' used abuaivelanguagetoherbeforeotherwomen
V. on the piazza of the hotel. aa)lng that ahe was
Hl& not "' Person to have the child, .Mm. Egan
H4t.' retortathat the mother Is not a proper person
RMHk " hav'' lhr ''hlld. Mrs. Egan says that the and
HHHK ber hnsband are amply able to provide for the
child, and that she lias already put $5,000 in
K trut which the boy will get at the age of 31, if
Kt" beremaliiBiiihercustud). hhe hasnoihlldreu
Ut of her oh u.
Hv- Mr. Warner tald lie hail married the mother
HBK of the child at Chli ago a tear ugo and tliat he
HH can prm die for Its comfort.
S; As the Judge announced that he would rraene
v' decision and leae the boy with Mrs. Egan
ft meanwhile, Mrs, Warner went merto the li,
f' When he wreamed and ran the court nfflrrrs In.
WnlmMmb't terfered anil the mother had a chance to cm-
K'MHC' braco him. hhe tried as he was taken away.
I Later In the day thn Judge dismissed the writ,
l thus leaving thu child with Mrs. Egan.
Hl Ferryboat t'hlrago AaHft llairaa Hour.
Blt Tlui JennjIanIaKallroad ferryboat Chicago,
BH Engineer Samuel Cuinfort, was disabled on her
QHI1 ll::iu trip from Cortlsmlt street on Monday
nKIE night, ami ilrlftnl hrlplet.'ily up the river for
K'' half an hour lwfore repair! coubl tie mode,
Kt About 100 jvtkiengen were on hoard, They
kI trTTS "'r xat Koulil Im- .truck b paMingrraft,
W and (litre u much excitement.
HK' The t'liiriiuiihwl swung frie of lheCortlsn.lt
jVjjVJjWT street ullp, then tho trum cut-otr Utth wlikli
aVaVaHf' regulate tho tlon of steam into theiyllndrrs
K failed to act I'locgnl oil or home oUtructlon
bbKv prt-titl tha luK'h trout being grlpiml and
t Ilftcil h the upriyht lalio stem The trouble
B wan .uljiuteil by i.llpplug a iilnnnfKlrel through
au opeulug in the lutih into the teel upright.
Ikifore this could he done the buat liadi rifted
B to a point 00 feet oil tho font of First strtet.
BBaafr Jenwy (1t lorty minutes neru rciulrwl to
H lunkii the trip. The Intthes were overhauled
. during the night. The boat was in service lea-
MMv, terday,
HBBsi'' 'I'belr Attcwrt Io llreak Jail Fallca.
BVfi Pot'ciiKixpsit; Jul) vt. Kaufman David.
HjjBjWp' u ;lie burglar who was shot w hllu ransacking
JmWB the Illverside Military Araileray recently; Bert
B$ Traver, unothur burglar: Jaraea H, Daildton, a
mmWit- J8- York suruk thief, and (ieurge Hilman of
Hl lUrtford, aicuu-il of forger), made a bold at.
Hk tempt to escaiw from the Dutchess county jail
HR latu hut ulght. They used a burglar's jimmy
mmmEf and u couple of cIiImtU. which friends of Traver
h are supuosnt to ha a smuggled in to him They
W atteiupted todig a hole In the jail wall large
H enough for them to squeeze through and drop
mmWt to the grpupd. They were Just knocking out the
t last row ufbriokt whvii Jailer Byrnes heard the
V thud of their tools and sent to Police Head.
B quarter, for btlp. A Sergrant and set eral men
mmmT rusiMndcd. aivt the men were overpowered und
K plated lu erii te cells. All are under Udlct-
B Untan4.aitiiigtrlaL I
rxxAxciAh Attn coxxtinciAt
i -
New York Htaek Raehaace-Malea Jalr .
87VaFdeM 4sof 1MI . ... . . . 6i
clomru rnicrs or dkitrd btatkk ro.ihs.
URts.r. .-V" - lTs,lM ..lot -
JJB4,r.. ,114 1I4H IT aa.lfa. .104
CS4,e . JlfW 114H V , IS07 ..10T
UBSs.r. . lia iisH u a, iK9a .ton -
US3S.0 110 lltH U BBS, 1BW .IIS -
10 Atchison 4t. ' .7011 1 .HorPsoTrr 1st. M
I 7oH 3 Nor rsc 1st, r loa4
I 7' ln !"JS
a hu m 10W
I 7IW I H VHIt, r4. 104
11 71 ll ANJOnirnl3s.,..IIS4
II 71K wr.ChHtl.4sl0iiJ
I 71V I Norf So lit 6 10K
1 .. . 7 l'V,l)t W,r 4t. MU
10 TIHl .M
I Atchison Sds, A &4 I (r RAN lit UiVi
10 . ..... l . 10,4
I IIM . . 10U
8 lfi f Orrson R I. as m2
io .. v s MK
1 . IK l
... IH , . H
II , , ilU aomtonlmpn Mt
I AmDka ImpSs 1IK 8 litis n lit fl
Broailwsy a 7lh 1 Bh a W P T OS 87
at en 0s...... 10M 8 87W
Sllur.un N lit iosW 8,. .... ... 87
i too eruiAwrTis aJ
4 1lrookltnC'rlit.lilU DHnrk ltl ... . 10IW
10ChtaO(Bl4H TlQ 8 Rock III deb 6s... Bltl
)., 7IW SHhADnrllt llTM
lC,Bg7l toQ IDIlh DnTRi 7IH
i. .. .. , ...U0H 4 Resdlng snl 41 . 78
C.C,C Rt t, Bt 10 Heading 1st pf Ine sj
LdlT4s 91 6, . ..... KU
S Canada So 1 it. 104 Reading Hd nt Inc 18K
Chlo Nor- roe 10 Rio ( V lit 8U
1st, T 11 H 8 na
1 C R R a B Co of 8 .. . 'W
Oag8s.. . . 8. ... 114
t Crn rsc . M 100J4 lOBcloto VANR4S. 87
4 0)1 Kill gnl St.. 7l4 I So Psc of Tsl lit Ill8
II)et,tKiq 8H 8 8.1 l-ae of N It lit 08
SKTsnnBs. B7M BBt P M IttDsri.t l
WMlsonEI lit 107 SRtrHs,lex4. aSV
1 Equltr 1st... V4 1 8AW
BO.II'g 8 A MP OHtl'l.t.OAr.Wd.lONli
is. SIU SRt J.illl lit. 88
8, l I Tex I'sc8d In S1U
18 It 8t Jo en 8s. HOW 1 Union Pso,'s. Ions.
Iron Ml Ark Br 100 J ,, . mil;
1 Iron Ml On. 78(2 1 ttnlim 'se, D7s lOli,
, 7St 18 Union I'so, 'vns 1041)
5 Iowa Cent 1st. VO . KUV
IBEanroccon 80 8 Union Too. 8 K W7
., Hi DUnlonKllst M
9 Kan Tex 41. 7UU1 1 MM
8KsnTex2s. ,41 .. Mi
I, , 4ns SSlTMCordsirelst. 81
Stciedents 1st km Ulster ft 1 1st ..I0I( '
8lxiaNcn 111(4 Vs Midland gnl vuV!
18LnnN'g4s 71 1 Wsbosh 1st. I0VW
71, N A A Chen 91 10 ., . . .. lOJtJ .
13Mo. K t F. III. . 7AH 13WaUlil To
a M rih II L, 1, 4s. S 7WHhore4s tniw
IMobAUhlognl 8IH 8 103)5
Total sales of railway bonds (par rslu:), $117,000. i
Optn- Utah' Loit Ctottnq .
SnU. ing M t1. RM. Atkul. I
89.180 Am Fug Rf. loJW 1084 10.HU HI'IU 10.1i I
JS0 AmHugRffp. B4H 911s V1H 14 Ulii I
10 Amer Cable., vo wo vo n7 "V '
488 AmerTob. ... (td 88 Nil 9W nii i
IBAmerTob pf 10HW I02U IiivM 101 lo'l I
lOAmerr.i . ..1104 noQ niiij un llv
100 Amer Cot Oil, (.1 IS xs SBW 7H
lOOAmCotOpf TO 711 7I 8 7II
1.170 Atrb.TAKKe. HU OH B( SZ 3tj
eoo Atlsntle A p.. Q il H -
680 Canads South. 40U 4li 4W 49 49t4 f
OOCbMAOhlo. 17 17 17 ll 17 I
12i60ChlcagoOas.. 7SJ. 741 T.I 7! 744 .
I49C1H-NW...104Q 104U HU' 11141, no"
:H!h4 -JVVnf IH 1111 tin ' 111 Utfljl
S580C. II A Q.. 78 73W 74t, 78 7ftl
0 O, M A fit P. 6HW 8(4J ixil 6SH 6hsJ
P S0C.M AHIPpMlwtt 1 leC! Hill; 11m U9U
I4A3C.RI Al'ac... 87 67 OrtM IHW II7JJ
oc, HVATpf 60 o o no rn
137IelAIIudsoa.t80V l04 I30W 1H0W 1:11
910 Del, LAW,... 18.11? 1IIU4 lfl.1t 1HKU IK.ll,
9S36Dlst1nACF. IH K I71i IHlJ lnsj
K00 Oenrrsl Klec.. SW SfltJ 3' artC
lOOrinmrsUka... IStj l.',t I6U lb HI
100 Illinois Cent.. 9o vos uos! V0U liW i
190 Iowa Cent.. . vi vi liW uij 10
lOVMkeBh. S13.I99W 1V9U IlttiU ivvtj 1:11
40 Long Islsnd.. mi su fiu anu sxt, I
800 LouTs A Nssh. 4iU 431' 48l 43t 43AJ i
400Manhat Con ,116 116 11SW 118 1 1 -2
970 Missouri Pse. 34W VVi 'Jill Xttt VIlJ
100 Mobile A o... 13 IftiJ lhVj -' I
10H Morris A ES...184W 1642 16444 1641 168
100 Nst I, Oil . . IHtf 18tf ISC IN vro '
S3 N Y Centrsl.. 97 97) 97U 97H 97H I
1102 Nat Lead 89 89 :w3 aM :tv i
43 Nat Lead pf, 834 83 B.IV MW 644 '
loo North Amer SI VJi '.I. ) Mi
1UONVANK 14 14 14 14 lij
23NVANF1SUP 8( H f
HON Y.LEA W. 13 VM 1W 184 13
lOoNYXKAWp. S8( VV vm V7W -
lOONY'.BAWpf. 40 4oU 4IH "H 41
91 o Northern Pac. .It! M :rtj HtJ 4
60O North Par pr. lf 181 lvt. 1m' 1 Ui ,
100 Ontario AW. 142 'H lS 142 16 '
10O Oregon It AN. 16 18 15 13 17 I
100 Oregon BL... 6 8 6 41. 6
USO Phils A Head. IT 17 17 171 171
Sftye'hW601-' 1B" H 1S ,SW
6th. A P.. 14W lMij 144 141, 13
lOORlehAWPnf. lHWt Is; 1MU J7 iHt I
600 St PA Omaha. 88 88tJ SAtiJ no Hal!
400 Southern Pse 17M 1h(2 its i 1h!
HOOTennCAI.... 18 18tl In I7 lHtJ
800 Texas Psrt6o. W W Mi i! I
830 Union PaclBe. i V hCJ f-t, u
10 U 8 Eipross.. ROW 6ot4 6otJ 60 64
1768 UB Cordage., sow tow voU '904 91
SaUHCordpt... 83 33S aifl sSl aw
600 TJH Leather.. 10 uilj 10 w7 low
BOOUSLesthpf.. 87U 89 67M 6T 68
930Wabahpf;... lilt? IBW isij 1SW IS
1989 Wt Un Tel.. 84 83 84s5 SI 83
900 Wheel ALE. I0J 104? lot lo 104,
JOOWhALKpf.. Ul 42K 4S2 41 492
lOOWUCent.. ... 9 9 -j m vJ
rotal sales of stocks were 1X1,712 shares.
. .... Hid. AiifH. Hid. A.hrd.
Bos A Albany. - 908 Erie Tel. 4SW 4 to,
Bos A Maine... 147 148 Wrstlnsh'se E 82 S3
Cent Mass . lov; II Bus A Hon. . 914 92
rttchburg ...89 TO BuUaAUos.. 71 SU
NYAN&pf.. 42W 48 Csl A Heels .873 -
Mexeenu.,.. - 6sHA,TAS4s 7lt -
OldCopnT.... 180 A,TA8elno 21lJ 91M
Am Bell Tel.. 197 198
. JIM. Atkrd.t Bid. Atked
OOI... . 83 83l4llhCANCo SI 8IU
ConTrsfn6 83( Srt 'prnna It K. . 4lH 49
People's Trac 43 43441 PhlU Tract'n. tiat 9rt
Uhlfh Valley 37K 8HlMet Traction HTJJ ll?S
Atchison.. .... BOi Norfolk A West pf ... 19U
CanadUn Parlde- . . 67W Northern Pscinr nt 181
Erin common 1812 Ontario A Western. 141
Erie 9d ronsol. , , 74i PenntrlTsnla. 60U
Illinois Centrsl 91 Kesdlng Hi
Kansas A Texas. Ill St Paul eo
lake Shore . ., 182H Union Parttlo. M.
In A Nashrtlle 431 Wabash pf 14
NY Central. ,100 v
TUE9DAY. July 24.
The conspicuous feature of a generally quiet
situation to-da) In Wall street was the further
hardening In the ratee of sterling exchange, i
which waa the natural outcome of an Incrravil i
demand from remitters, coupled nlth a very I
limited supply of bills. Tho larger Impilr) came
chiefly from out of town, more uirtlcularly from I
Chicago, which led to a nreaumutlon that anma
of the contracts recrntl) made for future de
livery cannot be filled In consequence of the in
terruption to railway traffic caused by the Delia
Insurrection, and that the hellers are therefore
covering. The demand (minded all classes of
remittance, but cable transfcri were the fawir
Ite form, owing to their relative iheapnrss.
Closing transactions were at or near the highest
rates quoted further on In this column, and as
there Is no Immediate prospect of a larger vol.
ume of exchange, bankers are lndlspotd to
draw, except at figures which iiermit of gold
shipments. In regard to these It can be said that
the situation tn-dy led to a revision
of previous estimates of the outflow of
gold on Haturday, and $'1,000,000 Is now
the minimum amount named. I'nless there Is a
radical change In the foreign exchange market
between now and Friday the exports of spetle
at the end of the week are more likely to be
nearer f 3,000,000 than the amount Drat men.
tlonrd. At the moment It looks as If three, or
more Arms would ahlp gold by the French ami
Herman ateamera at the end of the week, and It
Is alrtady known that a part of this will eventu
ally goto Austria. I
Thla movement at thla time assumes more
than usual Importance owing to the depleted
gold balance of tho Treasury. I'p to the last
few da)s Treasury officials have been much
elated at tho abnormally large internal revenue
collections, but these have now returned to their
usual volume aud, as noted in this column on
bunday, those In charge of the Department hsvo
ceased to express sanguine views. It is Inter,
estlng to note that a Washington correspondent
who faithfully reflects the views of Treasury
officials now states that "It Is believed at
the Department that the New York banks will
lend their aaslstance in preventing the exhaus
tion of the gold reserve as sonn as they are
convinced that danger again threatens it." If
this Is the cose, and It probably is, Mr. Carlisle
ami his associates are likely to experienco a
serious disappointment. It will be remembered
that a few weeks ago the banks of this city sup.
piled about 110,000,000 of gold required fur ex
port. Had they not done so the Treasury ' gold
balance would now bo down to 150,000,000, It
will alio be remembered that many of the banks
participated In that movement with great reluc
tant e, and the Presidents of a number of them
slated distinctly that It was the last time they
would contribute specie from their vaults to help
finance the Treasury under Its present incompe
tent Administration.
The banks take the view thut the Secretarj of (
the Treasury has the power, at U a the has ex- I
erclsud it once within the last six mouths, to j
replenish the Trrosur) 'a stock of gold, and that
It Is their duty to their depositors and "tuck. I
holders to keep themselves lu an unusually I
strong position, particularly in view of the
attitude of both tho t Treasury and Congress
aVaMlrt'rai tW Isata! afjlats llfattW'Mrial ii'aMtf
1 .
toward the business of tha country, A minor
Influence It the conspicuous Ingratitude of
tha Treasury toward Iho bank for the as
Istance they have already rendered. Ptlll an.
other rirtmnst'im.-e deserving attention Is the
fact that the Ikpnrtment It proceeding with th
coinage of silver dollars upon a fairly Urge
scale, ostensibly to provide coin to take up
Treasury notes as they are presented, and wftli
the exiiectatlon of vlssulng silver notes against
them when It becomea necessary to pay out the
coin. This Is done, although the Treasury has
on hand a sufficient amount of silver dollars
available to redeem all the Treasury holes
likely to be presented for some time to come.
The trading In Mocks fell off again to-day to
about the recent dully n erage, Kugar ileflnlng
waa again preeminently active, though the
dealings In It wero 80 f cent, smaller thin yes
terday. Hefore the expiration of the first hour
of business It became apparent that the tig
' grrsslve buying of yesterday was over, and
In consequence the purtton of the pro
fessional element that Joined somewhat
tardily in that movement became eager
to dispose of Its holdings, and in the
late trading the pressure to sell left tho
prlco at the lowest llgurca of the day, which
showed a net decline of 1M y cent. The tariff
situation at Washington has become so mixed
that very few speculators have Indeiiendent
views as to the outcome of the legislative Im
broglio, nnd In consequence alt they attempt to
do n Hugnr Heflnlng and In other Industrial
stocks which are likely to be affected by tariff
legislation Is to follow virtually unknown lead
Chicago Gas opened off a point and sold (low n
nearly another point In the early dealings, on
the passage by the Common Council of Chli ago
over the Mayor's veto of the ordinance giving
the Universal Gas Company various privileges.
Including the right to tny mollis. The price
subsequently rallied, so that the net loss was
unimportant. Officers of thu Chicago gas com
panies assert that a concern like the I'nlvenxil
Compati), which proposes to furnish gasnt 00
cents per thousand, will neve attract inpttal,
and tliHt the oitton of the Common Coun
cil In passing un iirdlnnnco In (La favor relieves
the existing tonipanles from moral and legal I
responsibility tocarry out Itsrontrniltotmy the i
city HL V ' ent, of Its gross rei clpts, or nearly
$'.'00,000 a enr. They nrguc thntitla better
that there should ho a charter In existence
which will not attract capital to any great ex
tent than to have spasmodic agitation reluthn
to the granting of new charters. Incidentally
they call attention to the fact that all questions
raised by the State of Illinois through its Attor
ne) -General relative to the organization of the
present companies have hern settled.
Dlstllltug and Bt. Paul were the only other
stocks thut made noteworthy contribution to
' the du)'s business. All of tho Granger stocks
I and Missouri Pacific were slightly higher on
' covering of some of thu shorts put out ) ester-
day. Incidents of tho market were a decline of
I HV cent. In Pullman's Palace Car, moderate
trading In Illchmond Terminal, with the fifth
i Installment of the assessment paid, and a sharp
i advance, not nil of which was retained, In V. S.
leather preferred on light transactions.
I The Interest of tho Street In the accounts of
I the Atchison Company shows no abatement, nor
i Is It likely to until the General Reorganization
j Committee makes public tho report of its expert
accountant, which has not )et been completed.
It Is grntlf) Ing to nutu that the unofficial publl
cations that have been made relative to
the matter have attracted the atten
tion of tho proper authorities at Wash
ington. Tho opportunity, now presented, to
probe one of the most flagrant violations of the
Inter-State Commerce law, as well ai abuse of
the confidence repoed by security holders in
the management of tho targeat railway s)stem
In the country. Is so plain that It ln impossible to
Imagine thnt officials who are charged with th
punishment of such ofTonsea will shirk their
responsibility In the premises.
Final sales compare with those of yesterday as
July ill. .Mi24. July 2.1 Jaf94.
At.TASFe... 3i( 8W Omahs com .. 8314 lieu
C.BAQ. 741 73M Ont A West.... ui 14U
ChlcsgiiUas... 74tJ T4W Pull Pal car... tooS 169)2
T1.LAW. 163W 18.141 Hock Island. . 68Vj Antt
DelAIIuilson.13047 1H0 KAWP6,AP. 141 16
DlsACFCo.. IHlf IK4 RIchAWPpf. 17W IHV
Erie . lavl laMRrsdlng, . 18 17
(lenEIer .. H'M UiAl Nt Psul com... SaU 3M.
Illinois Ont. 01k, 9o4! Trias Pac nC US?
!.oul A Nssh. 43V 46UTrnn.C,I A R lntj In 1
ManCnn. 113 116U,Unlon Pac. , 9 nt
Mlsunurl Pac 241 24W U KCnrdase . 21 2044 1
Northw'tcom KiiS, I04I4 VVebnsh pf.. , I3i t8
North Ppf .. 1JV 1.1 WratUliTr M4jl 83
-NYA.Nfi.. H'" 14 jWhrelALE 10' J 10
Government bonds steady at unchanged quo- I
tatlons. Railway bonds firmer, Tho features
were Canada Southern lsls, Kanas Pacific
consols, Illchmond and Danville as, Itlo Grande
Western 1st, Hrloto Valley and New England
4s, Waluish '.Ms Atchison and Richmond and
Terminal Issue. The more lmisirtant net ad
v antes werti in Atchison 4s, i ? rent., to 71H.
and '.'d As, 1, tn !.'iy; Canada Southern lsts, H,
to 100; Kansas Pntltic consols. 1J4, to 81; Rich
mond nod Terminal lis, K. to A7K, and 5s, t. to
SWi; Richmond and Danvilla 5s, 1, to 74)f, nnd
Rio Urundo Western lsts, 1 t t ent., to IH. Wa
bash t,'ds declined IK V rent., to 70, and Scioto
Valley and New England, 0 V cent., to 117,
In huuk stoi ks, yo shares of Hank Mate of
sew York sold ut 10J,
liar silver In London i'S 11-lOd. Kiiwrts to
Europe to-morrow 130,000 ounces.
Money on call, 1 3 lent. There Is practically no
demand for limn money. t)uotatlon.i are S V
cent, for four months and :l cent, for six
months. The market for commercial paper con.
tinuea dull, and otTarluga of desirable bills are
light. Prime endorsed bills receivable are
quoted at 'J WW V cent., cholco slngle-namo
Iiatier at nVA'A V rent., and rood at 4Ui7n3U si
' cent.
The sterling exchange market was stnmg to
da). with a furlhrr Improvement In rates. The
demand was U-tter than )rslerduy, while the
supply of bills continued small. The closing
dealings were nearer the outside than the
Inside quotation. Continental exchange was
firmer, .but quiet. Posted asking rates
I for sterling. 4.M7tt4.HH for long bills and
4.8lsa4.Hii) for demand. Actual rates ares
I Long bills. 34.H7K4UM.M7M: sight drafts. $4.HHVi
1 fft4.N8H. and rahlo transfers, $4.88T(.4.h'H4.
Francit are quoted at A.lTWrfi.lflM for long and
5.15 forthort; rrlchamarks. D.IHftlloH fur lon
and 054'9til?4 for short, guilders. 40jft4.0 5-1U
for long and 404vU40 7.1 U for short.
Pomestlo exchange on New York! Ponton
Par to .1 rents premium, Charleston lluylng,
par; selling, U premium, Savannah Huvlng,
Mr; celling, H premium. New Orleans Rank,
1SMJ pnmluiu: commercial, 50 premium, r-an
lranrlco-lght. 10; telegraphic, 15. St, Iuls
SOrentsdlsi.ount. Chicago V04T-J3 cent pre
mium blil.
The Toledo and Ohio Central Railroad Cora,
lwny lias di-i'lured a dividend of 1)4 f cent, on
lis preferred stock pa) able Aug, 1!0.
The exirt of general merchandise from this
Ssirt for the week ending to-day were valued at
:7,'.'11.177. against $d,VIH,3i15 lost week and
7.81 1, 714 for thtiiorresioiiding week of last
I The Committee on Stock List of the New York
Sti-ck K.'thange has listed tho Men antlle Trust
t ompany's receipts for tho third mortgage
bonds of the N'orthem Pacific Railroad Com.
Ian) ileiKwIled undtrthe agreement of the Re.
organization Committee, a majority of the
bouda havlngasseutul to that agreement.
The condition of theTreasur) at the rlie of
business to-day comturea with Ihnt of )ratcrdav
as follows
Jvlu f. Julv H.
Toll aollalilr autta "SV,IMJtl 7VH.I9 311
Current ItablUtlr 86II.04I,SmI 8ai,V7083
Total baU nee 2S,II1T41 Ilii.oOl.aTtf
Cold Ualaiue 81,123,893 T fl.lTj;M
Ciirrrucy balance 8)13.011 t2.91lTl27
Iniludcd In to-day's assets oro ll).','ii.i,41.l
fractlimal silver and minor loins and fi:t..'140..
sum deixKiu in national banks. The Ireusury
holds SS,'."!4.nol national bank notes fur re.
deniptlon, against tS.UU.UOt )eaterday
Monev In Uiiulon, lah V cent. Rate of dls.
count in the open market, for both short and
three months' bills. 11. nt J cent. Amount of
bullion gone into the Rank of England on balance,
to-da) XH3.U00. Pttrlsadvicesquote.'iVcenUnt
101 francs 47X centimes, and exchange on Lon
don at '4i fnuus ltH tentlmes
The committee of Northern Pacific third
mortgage landholders, consisting of Messrs
Kvans It. Dick, f. H. Yau Nostrand, and Max
Ruckgaber. Jr.. of this city, and Charlemagne
lower. Jr.. of PhlladelphU.aunouuce that they
have ronscuted to act for the sole parpose of
prouctlng the rights of this issue ofMioIds.
The rommltte. states that It Is tatlstlsd that,
under normal condition, the Northern Pacific
t ouipany cou taru muih more than the Inter
est upon its Brst, second, and third mortgage
lionds, and It is the purjose of the Committee to
!ilfiVJ,Jn,,1.l,"5 nt .any reorganization that
the Integrity of the third mortgage shall be
preserved or tie bonds paid off In cash at par
anil iuterest. A b.,1.lholutrs' agreement Is liJng
prepared, and adciio.it of bonds with the New
call 1 f ran,l!r 'ru'em"ltlr Company will lie
The ctMnmlttee represontlog holders of the
first mortgage u t cent, bonit of the Oregon
Bhort tine Railway Company states that In
view of the efforts of the Oeneral HenrMnlnU
ttnn tommtttee, acting In the Interests of the
Union Pacific Company, of the committee of
holder of consolidated A cent, bonds hf the
Oregon Bhort Line and Utah Northern Hallway.
, and pf .all holders of the securities of other
hilled lines that are uniting for protection, It
urgce the holders of the first mortgage As which
It represents to unlli for the purpose, of resitt
ing any and alt Attempts at reducing the Inter.
est on those bonds.
Kleetrle Steels Qeotatloas,
Rot-ros, Jnly !. Ttie closing quotations Of electric
stocks to-dsy werei
Bid. J$btd.
Tdlson Electric lltumtnstlng. ... . 117 120
Oeneral Electric, , ,..,, siiu
ijMTivm Consoltilsted Store Serrlee in
Wesilnuliou? Flertilc . .82 81
Westlnthoure Kleetrto pf. . ... . AIM 6JV
Conamerelat f'AMpeaa,
TrrstiAV,Jitly24-CoTTns-lxtlned 5 to 8 points,
snd cinsrit qnlst. Rales 116,800 hales. IJrernonl de
e'lned 1 .31, on the spot and 4 to 4U points for future
d-llrery 1 srit sales 7,oonifuturtsrfordharrlr sieady.
In Manchester yarns were In buyers' fstori fur eloihs
there was more Inquiry Init not much doing. The
rainfall for twrnty.four hours ending ii o'tlork lost
night was .in of an Inch at Atlanta stations, .39 st
Viigusta stations. .18 at Charleston, .01 at Oalseston,
77 at Utile Hook, ,H at Montgomery. .73 at Savan
nah, and 73 at Wilmington. During the twenty-fenr
hours ending H A. M. to-day, the rainfall
noluded I.4H at Charlotte. N. C. and .26 of an
fnrh at Augusta. Oa. Minimum temperatures for
twenty four hours. 64 tn 70s maximum. 81 to 99.
silver wo unchanged In I-ondon and 14c. lower here.
A better tone was reported In the dry goods trade.
The situation, at mill centres nf New England fa re
ported much Improved. The King Philip Hills at rail
Hirer and the Lowell Manufacturing Company's
Slant at Low. 11 hare started up again. Many agents
stb been Informed. It I ststrif, that full time will be
resumed nn or before Aug I. The atnek of print cloths
at Tall Hlssr and 1'niTldsnee Is still slowly accu
mulating, however. Ills 1,1 as.ftonpleie. an Increase
of 91,ooa for the wsek. Spot cotton hers
nn thesp.it was I 18c. lower. Middling Uplands, 7c.
Sales, edo for esport and 1,070 for spinning. Delivered
on contracts, 400 hales. Southern spot markrta were
dull. New Orleans aad St, Louis riecllneed Mac.,
Angusta partially Mac., and Baltimore Me. In New
Orleans futures declined 7 to 8 points. Port receipts,
980 bales, aaatntt 8.13 bales this day last week and 773
bales last year. Espnrta from the ports to-djr, 4,381
bales. Memphis sold 423 on the spot and New Or
leans 800.
To-DAt'a Funnrji-A decline In Liverpool, unfavor
able advices from Manchester, a fall tn the prices of
spot cotton, the favorable crop advices, long llqulda
lion la August, and short selling caused a notenorthy
decline. At the lower prices there was heavy buying
by some of the lesdlng shorts. Europe sent selling
orders. The trading In futures was as follows:
. , I'lnelHi; High!. Ijntrftt. Saltt.
July . 8.avnn7 if 87 eon eoo
Auxiist ..niWinmi n.7 tied bh.noo
Septemlwr ,6.7.)4tl.74 8.78 8.72 97,100
IXclober II Stall' 0.s:i 8.79 28,600
Xoremlier .8 8um8 911 8 99 8 R8 10,480
Deremlier 8 97(48 91 11 99 0 03 90,700
Jsnuary 7 04(47.03 7 08 701 10,100
february 7,listf7.l2 7.19 7.19 ljlon
Manh . 7.I7o7.In 7.IH 7.18 3,300
April 7.2k7.25 7.24 7.24 fioO
rtot'a Was dull and In borers' favor. Sales 7,200
bbls. Exports 1.728 Mils, and SH.IIIB sacks. Kecelpts
ll.liObbls. and 12,137 sacks. Spring whest brands
tn bbls, were quoted as follows: nne, ll.7.vf ,uu:
superflne, l.a42 13! No. 2 extra. t.l'i.33; No.
1 extra. 2.2is42 .13; elesr. 2,so8y.oo: strsights.
8.1 2J.l.ft0! patents, -8o,484i winter. In bbls.. nn
grade, il,70J H3 fine,l i0(aI.U3 luperflne, 9(
In 10: (o. 2 eitra, 2 lfci82'Ji; No. 1 estra.gi Siv
IJ80: clear, ri,V)2 nil; straights, i n.Vtt9 88;
pstents, g2 90r.i an: Michigan strsights. 2.70e
2H3:Clty mills for West Indies, a.1 48: -patcnu?
f4f4.2u; rje flour, superflne, 9.70(411.10: corn
meal, western. 2.3VI2.r!0: Brandrwlne. 89 Ho.
"M. '"1- ""' eliow. tl.O4Al.0S: white,
tl.Matl.07; coarse. 9.1(i.94e.i ibi. alfleil, 4
9V. Hominy and .nonip, .U3.13. Pesrl barley,
U43it4.30; tranulateit )illow. 82.731,48 V bbL,
while granultted, 8'K.i.l 20 per Mil. Choice farms,
9 40i49.3Oc. .t choice pscklng do . (4 6(l3 W
I libit oatmesl, gV 0o,H.B.1 hbl. Brewers' meal,
tl 2iK4l.oo, corn Hour. 2 83C48-1. Mill Keed-Hrsn.
100 140 Bs.). 72W17.V.I shorts (80 as ). 7244
78c.i mlddllnxs, KO m UK) ft.), 7"li.V.: sharui
(flne), WOwv.v.j rye feeil, 7raMOi: n-reenliurs, msj
is-. Y loo as . oil meal. 3i23fto: llnnced cake,
2Wi3 30i rlre meal, eft(A10c. 100 f4a.: hominy
chop, MK43c.'. cottonseed meal, 8224t23.
(lailx-Wheal advanced Ho., hut lot this and de
cline,! tc.. then rsllled and Closed Uc. to 'e. higher
than yeterday. Spot sales 210.000 bush., Ineludlnr 13
loads ror export. No. 2 red t o b. afloat, HnsSsc
under September: ungraded, 11f2Uc. undsrBrpteui
berafloati No. 2T,)llo, ic. under September afloat.
No. vred, B3U'433 7-lrk- afloat, and No. 9 soft, l-lhc.
under September. These were the receipts 1 Chicago,
9I.H00 bush.; Milwaukee, 8.900; Minneapolis. 83.
HIH), Duluth, 217,910: St. Lmill. 299000; Toledo.
K1.4M4; Detroit. 4S.199. Kansas city, 10.783;
New York. 277..I23: Baltimore, 911,747; Philadelphia.
87,420: Iloilon, 109,797, Total, 1,843.17.1 bush.:
total ye.tenlsy, l.:i(lM.li(). total last year, 1,140,490.
I uture sales 7,100,000 bu.h.. as follows.
Owning. Ijntrnl Might! CIomIhu. Atoftf
August.. .834 84U SSU 8Vi 6414
September ..Jfll. 33 1.1 18 88 II 18 3ASi 88U
I Octolier. 87 9-18 B7! 874 B7
I December U04 3U9-18 Uovj noli 80
May 88 68J 88
Cornadvanel to lc. Early tn the day price were
weaker. NKt sales 80,000 bush., none for export.
No. 2 September, price In store, 4HVil44ie.: do. afloat,
49H4lip.: yellow. 49Kc., In store. Future sales
4 10.000 bush., as follows.
Optntng. Ijnmt. lllghtit. CUtilng. .Mght.
July . 4kJ, 4S.14
August.. 18k 4HU 4XU 4t 4hJ
neptemuer. .4hU 47 IV 1 8 4S4Z 484j 4mvJ
tjetolwr 4M 4MW 4S PV sg
November.. ..47V 47H 4M 48 .
December.... 44 43 4H 48i 43M
Oats decline,! Uc. to Wo. Spot tales 40,000 bush. No
9 white, 41c; do. July, .lue.: No. ado. 89c; So. 2
mixed, :9Ui-.; rejected do. 87Hc afloat; ungraded
white. 41(4330.; poor while, 39c afloat. Kuture sales
80,000 bush., as follows.
Oprnlng. Lom-rtt. Wgkrtt Closing AMI,
July .TM. 8HM .III ,1 .ill
August. ,!2ii .141, :, ail, ,.1:1
September ut Hi atR ajlj ,1!(
Ti-niT' Kssnata Wheat after a temporary rally
early In the day took a downward cuurse The fnrvlgn
markets were lower, the receipts at winter wheat
markets and Duluth were heavy. New York, the Wes,
and Europe were sailing, and II I. stated that a carg.i
of wheat has been shipped from Toledo to Chicago. At
.Chicago prices are considered abnormally high. I-ater
on horts ltought quite freely, there was the u.ual buv
Ing against "puts,' and the result waa a rallr which
un riounz prices nereM4V4c. higher than yesterday.
Corn closed higher after ihmvtni considerable Irregu
larity. The weather In the corn lieit was hot and dry,
the reielpts were light, Liverpool waa Id. to 1140.
higher, and shorts were buying pretty freely at the
West tiats were stronger early tn the day, hut
weakened later 00. Toward the clone they became
steadier again with other grain. The world'a vl.ible
wheat supply, export statistics, ate., are thus figured
by the London tvr Ttii LUt lllcerbohm'st of July
81 1 our monthly return of the world's vlilhle wheat
supply at those points from vihlch reliable Information
Is forthciimlug sho a a further large decrease during
June, asl. militated la the following
1K94 IN93.
hiaAela. 21uAe.
Afloat, L'ulteit Kingdom. .. 20.u38,ooo 2n,muo.ooo
Afloat, Continent . 9,800,IHIO 18,344,000
hloik lu I' K , wheat and
flour, lu first hands 20,000,000 21,400,000
Ktt. ks In I'reni h ports T.aoo.ooo 8.200,000
hlivks In Parts 3,120,000 9,904,000
Stocks In Antwerp 1,040,000 2, '00,000
Blocks tn Berlin. Danslg, and
' Stettin . I.S80.000 1,384,000
storks In Kusslan orts 11,200,000 8,k00,O0O
... ,T?UI . .- .mioOO 84,119.000
Mslble supply tn Amertea
lAnidifriO'sl liolh roasts 73,400,000 73,440,000
llrand total July I IS3.378.00O 187,732.000
Orand total June I ,172.272,0110 I74.3no.non
Exports from India last week 710,000 bush, and ao far
this season 4.448 000 buah . against H.300,000 bush.
lastear Eiports from Bailie and sundryports laat
Meek 4,000,00(1 bush.. agalust 2.720.0N bu.li. Ihe prs
vluuswrek. The 8e chief eiportlng sources oftha
world shipped to Europe during the aeveo weeka end.
el July 12. an average of only B.oso.ooo bush., aoalnst
7.380.O00 bush, the previous year for the eorrespund
Ing time. Liverpool, July 21. -No. I Bombay, 4s. Hd t
No. 2 red winter, 4s. UHd. Mixed corn. At. 4W1.
Wheat In moderate demand. Corn Ann. Callfor,
nla wheat. 24s. 3d. London flour, 13a. Car
roes on" coast Whaal dull; corn, nothing offer
ing On passage Wheat weak, corn firmer French
markets weak Indon. 4 81) P M. -Liverpool wheat
dull and Kld. loner; 4s. 2d. fur August, 4s. 94d. for
September. 4s. Mltd for October, 4s. 4id for Nov.m
tier, and 4s. ol for December Cora futures un
changed to I lid nlgher. ami Inn at 4a. Ud.for Julv.
4s. 4.. for auiusi, 4s. for hVpteraber, ,V Ilkd. for
Octolier. 3s. 94d. for November, Paris wheal foren
times luver and eat) Paris flonr easy and 90 tu30
centimes lower Berlin wheat M'-iH 'nark tuner; Jillv
I.83V4, neptembar I 84 Antwerp spot wheat weaker
at 13 for So. 9 red v. Inter,
(JaiviBirx -Coffee dropped 10 to IS points Havre
declined Si to ISf., Hamburg. W to I pfg. Rio was
weak'.Sautosqul.t Bio receipts for two rtavi. lh ,.
mat. Samoa fur two da a. tuoou. Hlo exchange still
9W.I. The American vtaiehouse dallvarlet. 19.7U3.
The New Virk sn-k of Braill la 99.878 bags, lot
American visible aupply nf Braill la 843.908, against
420,t7o a year ago. Tlie lower rabies and the large
Brazilian receipts were tha depressing factor. July
here was nniier than oilier months, the trading la
future ws ss fulton s
Jfitts. Sole. Hlukttl oie. rW.n
Msy 930 11(0 12 40 1JHO.4U40
July I.IMWI 13.00 14 1.) 14 U3.il 3 00
Atlgu.t 1,000 14 10 14 30 14 23414 83
Beplemb'r.H.soO 13 ail 13 33 13n(ltl3 83
October l,T5i IS.Ill 13 03 19 1 0,4 1 H.I 8
tkiruiljcr 4,730 12 83 148U 19 80.ilx.83
Ill.i on the spot wss dull and nominal; Ko. 7. Inc.
Sales 300 bags Mararalbo and 300 bags Central Amert
cau 011 p. 1. Kav, sugar dull and weaki 9 lest.
2 ll-IAc , 06' tr.l, 3'.' Iteflued dull and steady, cut
luaf. 34.i3 3-l'te.i criuhMl, 3W-.3 3-lnc . pwwderd.
4.9-llVj ih- , granulated. 4 S-lftAll'., cutws, 4 9-li 4
O'c, XAXX powdeml. 4 l8-lfKi3c.. mould A, 4 9-18
4ii... diamond A. 4S-hA44',i oonfnllon.r.' A,
4 3-f 8g II,;.. ( olumbl A, 4 M6a l'4C
NiViLMouu- gulet.8plrltaturpiulliiiiatSft429ltc ,
couunou to ood strained rutin 11.27114(1.341. K.
149l,. . tl.33.,41 en. U. (1 .Y,tiT7o! U, $2
litii, I, asu. K. 4 30itJ33, U, Ji.JJ. N, t3, V
o. a.1 U3. f W. fi :sf S3 av ' ' T '
Pstkoltcm- Nu sales, .1 a lional offered at 4c. Oil
Cli sSkss- clulng8JV,i-.,bi,
1'uuvu.ioss-lard oulet but nrui. city, 8fic, VVejt
ern 7 2oc. July.7 23c., hepteiaber, 7.9V. Purk Una
but ilu'l lie... ti4il43; family, l!4.tlV30;
ilearbarka.S4Ulla3u BI llru. Eslrs lueu. gs
a"3o, tuillv. Mto.il II .clear back. 1 14418 10.
ref barns unchanged at III ber and 1 20 at Chicago.
Cut meals iuln aud loiscr tickled la-Hies. 1210
as. average, 7Hhc, du. hams. llVIUHo.i da
shuuldrrs, b'e.. unuklng belllea, 9c Dreitcd hog.
u,-,Jr1s.,7S11fc,;' ..Tallow, 4 18-I8i4ljc
Hteartn., 94to, 01euV7Vc Egga, isjsloc Best but
ter, 1 Tut 9c.. do. ihnra.Jw9tu
Cuicauo, July 94.-Tbese were the Chicago prlcsat
HAea, Optafag. lUgkfst. Louttt. Clotlna. Mjhl.
hept 'iMl 8.14, 62 8 J' ( XiUi
D; SS)J 3fl!j 3n t0 flSj
si?, nn J 8!. JSJ 1
u 28 88 874, 974 27SJ
o'nj " "' 7" '"
July ' 8.83 83 8 8JM 8 82M 8 60
Sept 0 83 8 S3 8-txi U.84! 8 821
July 0.33 0.33 8.33 fLSS 8 80
tnpt 8.33 33 3.31 0-32)i 0.
J lire.
July me' I2 3JI, IN 31 l3tt 112 871.
bept .3o IS SSI, HJu1 19 3S5J H 48lJ
l.lts Btaek lias-tut.
Nxw Yoaz, Tuesday, July II. Receipts of baavss
were 32 asad-oil dirscl to slaughterers, a tradlag
ftaiffcatfaT a'ilflaVaSBSaV Jn'fcitl9avasi fl BJ1aSMsf
Inllrsestct. Dreseeo? beef Arm at nMse.t mifor
poor to prtrne native aides. Latest cables from Itarope
quote American steers at fv49!4. . dressed svetght,
nd American rrrrtirevsted beef at THUSe. ,
shlpmenu to-dsr, 987 beeves and 9,880 quartern nf
beef to Liverpool, snd 328 beeves to Newcastle. To
morrow, 000 qnarters of beef to IJverpooli 198 beeves
snd 1,880 quarters to Brttteti 60D beeves to Havre,
snd 330 beeves to Msrsellles. ,
Kecelpts of calves were only TBhesd. No trading
ff any Imnorunce. Market rated nominally firm.
City dressed veals, 0gloV. V B.t dressed mutiennllk
Receipts of sheepand lambs were l.OOOhead. In
rlvdlng Us stork alrea-ly In the pens,'tH cars were rn
faie. Sheep were steady and firm: good to chotce
amba,Mc.r a.hlgheriolhers steady. The pens were
sbrut cleared. Poor to good sheep sold from 9 30 to
f 4 V8 too as, common tn choice lambs 88 83 to
(3 80. a few fancy bringing 83,78. Dressed mutton,
tafrssc a.t il rosed lambs, orilOMc.
Uecelptsof hoswers t.eoti neadi about a ear on
tsle. Market nrm. Inferior to choice State hogs sold
st ti.aottift f 100 bs.
Real Estate Private Hales.
Uvlngston A Pndd have sold for A Del Jennvese
the prernlacs No. 841 West End avenue.
C. B, Hsrrell hsa sold for Mrs. Ids Bint Cook, to
JseotiHlrsh, a fire-story building. 21s I oo, No. 0 W est
Twsuty.nlnlh ireel. for almut Idft.ooo
tieorge II. Read purchased for Martin Schrenkelsen
730 squsre fret of Isnd st the northwest comer of
Baxter and Canal sire. Is. Mr. Sihrrnkelsen already
had a leasehold of this prcpertv, and had erected
thereon a six story business building
John N. Holding has resold for Mandlehsum A
Lewlne to c. C, 1hsyn, 190 snd 122 West Forty-see-ond
street, s four-story stone dwelling, lot 23x100.
The price Is reported to lie shout ttno.DOo.
John Kehoe nss sold the southwest corner of Madl
son avenue nd Ninetieth street, a plot lOOxlim, nn
private terms.
Charles laser ha pun liase.1 from the estate of Ooll.
lob D. Itlterlck 18 Chrystle etreet, a three-stnry
frame building, lot 23xtoo. for llo.oiHi. The irnrrty
will be Improved by the erection of a five story stona
Cyril Carreatt has sold for Olnrer Chapman of
Bloomsburg, N. Y tn Mrs. Charlotte E, French of Con
cord, N. II.. Nos. 1 19 and 121 Roosevelt street, south
east corner nf Water street, two three story brick
buildings, plot 40 8x30. on private terms.
Real Kalale Hahurban Hales.
Walter J. W'eedon of the Weedon Land Company re
ports the sale of a block of 100 lots, each 23x100, at
White River Park, for 8 '.soil; aim a block, at same
6lace, of 1 20 lets, each 23x100, to Edward Holmes of
rooklyn, for 13,000.
Heal Estate Transfer.
Monroe at, 18, Clara Moss and huab tn Isaac
. Boehni . .... 123,000
front at, 338 Mary E Duiiohus et al, 4c, to
WmT Walsh .. . ' ... 6,000
12th st, s s, 470.8 e Av A, 23x100) Luclen
Oudln, ref, toGustaviiumbrecht, .. . 14,900
Hudson st. 313: llobt N Clevrrdon et al to
Jacob II Flelaeh .. . 83,000
89th st,n s, II w Lexington av, 2UX98 9,
Hannah c Martin to Benl KWatklns 33,000
Cthav, n i cor Nth st, 1128x73, and other
prop: James W Walsh, exor, Ac, tn Sarah J
Wycknrr 88.000
same prop; Eulllen Cochran to same , 1
Same prop; Katharine u Rodgrrs ami ano to
same , 1
Ksme prop; Msry D It tlrimths et si to same . I
Same prop; Henry Jamea to same. 1
Same jinipi Joseph U Warner and ano, rxors,
Ac, to same 1
89th at, n s. 73 w 1st av, looms 9; the trus
tees of the Sailors' Snug Harbor to Patrick
ItcCauley .... 4S.0C0
83,1st, as, 100 w West End av, 19x102.2; Jane
M Hamilton to Richard Morgan 23,000
83th st, ss, 210 e 10th av, lsxIDOS: Thos II
Harbison and wife to ffeo LTurton 33,000
82d st, s s. 120 w. Central Park West, Oro
J Cohen and wife to Oscar Ehlers , 1
98th st, a s, 144.3 w Alustenlsni av, 111x100 8;
Lmlly M Salmon and ano, exrs, Ac, to An
drew J Larktn 1
49thst, ns, 17()w2dav, isxloofl; Eugene J
Cumtsky nnd wife to Henry It Levi 13,000
3dar.es, Son n 87th st, is oxwo: Chariot is
Harris, extrlx, to Louis W Epstein 97,000
77th st. 324 East, Jacob Strauss rt al totlus
tav IJrtiermann . 15,200
3d st and 9Mhst,ae ror, 30.9x88.9; Nicholas
Mehrhof and wife to UsetteCDamm. ,. 1
Same prop; LlsetteC Damm toltebn-calell-berg.
. 1
instil at, ti a. 123c fith av, &0XI00.9; chas F
Walter and wife to Thomas V Dunlcan 1
Alexander av, e s, S3 4 n 141st st, 18 8x78 8;
Wm R Ileal and wife tn tha rector Ac, of 81
Mary'a church In Mott Haven 9,000
137th st, ns, 18 1 ne Trinity av. 23x100; Ed
ward I Bertlne and wife to Anne o Roleru. 2,300
Washington av, ws, 230 s 171st st, 78x300;
John 1. Daiilcla and wife to Edw'd I) Berlins. 1
Tiffany st, w a, 200 n 183th st. 23x100;
Wooster Beach and wife to Andrew Laraen
and ano. ,. 1
Manes av. n w s, 190 2 n e Tremont av, 32 7x
130 9: Simon M Prowler and wife to Wm
Ktrrher 1,800
Tremont av. n e s. 50 s e Marmlon pi, 80x
113 10: Allen II Hurler et al, exors, Ac, to
Richard J Lyons. 2.600
Beat, WmR.and wife to the Mutual Life Ins
Co. N Y, Alexander av. n eeor 141st st, lyr. $90,000
Bennett, Abraham, and wife to C L Purdy, w a
Cauldwrll av, 349 9 11 Wrtcheater av. 3 vrs. 1,000
Brueck, Sabine, to Jacob A Oelaaeuhetmer and
ano. trustees. 418 East 1 19th st. 8 yrs . . 13,000
Dannane, Oloranne. and ano to Daniel Dober,
ss 149th st, 145 e Morris av, 2 yrs 1,000
Dunlcan, Thomas V, to David Qulgley et al, n
108th st, 123e5lhav,drmanil(smortal . 0,800
Same to 31 D Rotachlld and alio, aame prop
and other adb.lyeara 19 mortal 87,000
Doyle, Annie C, to llarthn E Ramsay rt al, e s
Convent av, 87.11 n llnthst, 3.. 1 yrs ... 83,000
Epstein, Louis IV, to H8 Salomon, 1,30 J 3d av,
JS yrs. , ... 15,000
Flttbugh, ChasC, to C F Klngsland, trustK,
ss 118th t,20S.4w latav, .Tyrs 3,000
Oumbrecht, Gustave, in Anthony Kelchhordt
and anu. s s 19th st. 470 8 a Av X. I yr. 9 . . 18,400
Oreenspecht, Michael, and wife to Elisabeth
Rosenbauni et al, n a 128th st, loo e 3th av,
. .1 yrs 15,000
Heron, Anns L. to E J Phillips, n s 81st st, 100
e 7th av. demand .. 19,000
Judton. Edward, and wife to David Ellau
trustee, s s luMst, 397.3 e Amsterdam av,
I yr. 9,884
Jordan. Alex A. and wife to C I. Mac) aud
auo.Untliit.nl. 140 e Park av i2),ayrs 08,000
Lleherman, Ouitav, to Jacob Strauss and ano,
822 Kat 77th st, 2 yrs. 4,000
Lyons. Richard J, to A HHutlar et al, nes
Tremont av,302seMarlmon pi. .1 yrs. 1,580
Morgan, Richard, and wife to J M Srllgman,
ssssdst, lOOw West Endav, 4)rs 8,000
Mnntella, Emma K, to N Y Life Ins and Trust
Co. 23 W lNlhst,.1yra , . 13,000
MrCaule),Patk, In trustees of Sailors' Snug
Harbor, city N Y, 89th st. ns. 73 w 1st av.
Installs. 3.1,750
Mailer, WmH.and wife tnCJKrlly.ea Tif
fany st,930n ln3th al,3yrs 2,800
Moss, Clara, to laaac lkiehm, 58 University
place, notes . 4.000
Same to same, same prop, notes . 8,000
Same to same. 87 Jame at, 1 yr 3,000
Nylsnder.Emma L. to E A Brush, n a lOltb st,
130 e 2d av, 4 yrs 4,000
Peters. Oeorge, and wife to E L Clocke, Tay
lor av, w s.4 17.3 s Columbia sv, 3 yrs 1,050
Selle, Frltse. snd wife tn Hsrlem Sargs Bank,
St Ann'aav, a a, 23 a HiAthst. lyr 8,000
Schoepp, Frrdk. and wife to John Lehmlng,
n w a Daly at. lot is, map Land Rachel
Schoep,8vrs 1,700
Sakartaaau.Dldrlk. aud alio 10 Wooster Beach,
w s Tiffany at 2118 3 n 183th st. I yr 930
Srhmuek. tlermau, and wife tn the Bradley A
Currier Co, Llm, s s 109th st, 300 w 2d av,
demand 2,900
The Uctor. Ac, St Mary's Churrh, village
Mntt Haven, tn the Mutual Life Ins Co.
Alexander at.es, 25 9 s l4Vd st, and other
prop, 1 yr 19,000
The l'ottler A Stymua Mfg Co to O M Dcpew,
leaae. 1.2,183, p SI . 17,000
The Rutgers Presbyterian church, illy NY.
to the Seamen s Bank for Savings, s w ror
Bouletardand 78dst, 5 )rs . 50,000
Bertlne, Edwsrd 8. to Win Hohmann; store,
Ac, n a Westchester rood or av, and second
store w nf Eagle av. 1 yr $480
Brown, Philippine, to Chaa II, Meter; 2,877 Md
av, tOyra i.goo
Ewen. Abhle L, to Oeo Pfuhler; 124 Cannon
.st. 8rt sno
Same to Oeo Morto. 124 Cannon at, 3 yrs. , ., sou
Farreit. Tomaao, tn tlluseppa Farresl; atnre.
44 Mulberry at, 5 years 8,000
Same to Domenlco Irenso, sture, 44 Uulber- I
ry st. 5 yrs 720 I
nibnry. James II, and ano, exors. Ac. to
Jaine MrMahon. 9.88H North 3d ar, to yrs 1.200
Kluie, Nicholas, to John Haffeu and ami, 138
AvD.lOyrs 810
Krtses, Jos, tn Jos Cune, 3.17 East lodth st,
8 5-18 yrs j gno
Btrugele, Rosalia, to Chaa Kati, store, Ac, 471
Brook av, 8 yrs. 300
hchlmd, Joaeiihlne. 10 the N Y Central and II
RRCo, 4l8Broadv.ay, part of. 3yrs 11,500
Wagner, Philip, and ami to August Relu. 121
and 128Eoat l2lat st,Stt-!9yrs t'.IOOto 2,488
C'oart 4'alcagara Thla Day,
KrriiiKiCGiBT- OivmiLTuK.-RceM. Cbshsiss
Motion calendar called at 1 1 A. M. SrrctiL Teas. -Parts
I , II , and III - Adjourned for the term
Cuu-irr Cot st. I'srts I., II., Ill .and IV.- Adjourned
for the term
8vanoTX'a Corar Tom. Tsaa. ,o day calendar.
CHsssEui Estate of Abram Ream at 10 A. M. For
prnbata- Wllla or Limls schmapols. Fva Recrlus.
Sarah A, Dainty, Lllile It Vail, at 10.30 A.M.; Pat
rlikO. F1emlngat2P M '"'
Comhox Puss -OxsiasL Txsji -Adlourued sine die.
""T." Ttsm.-Motions. Eqtrrv Txkm -Adlournel
UI1i",7h"r,?.,, .. T,"4L Tuus.-1'arta I., II.,
and III. -Adjourned for the term.
BcTxaion Cocar lrrL Txaai - Adjourned alne
die. Srsi ul Tism Muilims Eui lir Trua.-AillourDed
sins idle TaULTxnx. Psrtsl.lt , and III. Adluurnnt
for the term.
Crrv Cocar -OrsioAi, Tim.-Adjournd ln dls.
SrscisL Tkkji Motions. Taut. Tessl Parts 1 It
HI , and IV.- Adjourned for tho term. ' "
1TAXT A FORTVye Of $430,000.
The Uelra of rmbrelU Maker OarrmvAritr
Ills I'artner'a blale,
Daniel O, Calkins ami his half brother, Edwin
Darrow, made money man years ago In the
manufacture of umbrellas In thU city and In
vested In outl) Ing pmperty In Brrokl)n. Mr
Darrow dial In 1804, leaving a widow, a son,
and a daughter. Five ears before his death he
made a deed couv eying all hU interest In the
!lrnokl)!i real estate to his half brother, who
took pnseioii of the property after the pa),
tnent of a t ertalii sum of money to Mr. IHrrow's
w blow and children.
Mr, Calklnsdled five ) ears ago. and his Ilrook.
lyn rtsl estate, vt hlch was purchased fifty )ears
ago for a comparatively trifling amount, is now
estimated to be worth more than SV50.000. The
Darrow heirs have determlntxl to make a legal
fight for a half share In the c.tate, their conteu.
tlou bring that the original transfer was illegal.
1 here will be n:au) comullratiuns should tha
Darrow heirs sucit't-d in having the property
partitioned, as many portions of It have passed
out of the (ios&cssIou of the heirs of Mr.
liastoa Votes far Itaplg Trmaslt.
Hostok, July in.-There was very little Inter
est taken In lh vote to-day on the Meigs Kle-vated-Suhsvay
bill, but the mijoiity of thoso
who votol were in favor of rapid transit. The
total vuts was 0,700. Those who voted yes I
numbered IS.tttK; no, 14.W14. Kot mom than
tweuty-nve ;r cent, of tli-iM entitled to vote I
avvUcd themselves of the opportunity, I
. SSSvs.sseVS.sasW
The undersigned, holders of bonds secured by lbs
third mortgage of the Northern Psoltlo BallroodOom
psny, have contented at the request of other similar
holders to a Urge amount to act ss a Committee for
Ike sole purpose of protecting the rights of third
mortgsge bondholders.
The only provision hitherto msde for the protection
of those rights consists In the offer msds by the Con
solidated Bondholders' Committee to receive deposits
of thlnl mortgsge bonds and to act for Ihe holders of
such bonds ss well ss for the holders of consolidated
In view of thsfsct that the Consolldsted mortgage
Is a Junior mortgage, snd the Interest of Its holders
consists Isrgelr In cutting down the prior Hens, In
cluding the thlnl mortgage. It seems Important that
third mortgage bondholders should look after their
own affairs Inslesd of Intrusting them to a Committee
which has antagonistic duties.
A Bondholders' Agreement Is In the courts of prep
aration under which In due course a deposit of third
mortgsge bonds with the NEW YOKsT (1UARANTY
AND INDEMNITY COMPANY will bn called for. In
the meantime third mortgage bondholders are re
quested not to deposit their bonds with any Com
mittee. EVANS R. DICK,
Of Dick Brothers & Lawrence, Hankers, New Tork,
Of Samuel D, Davis a Co , Banters, New Tork.
Of Sitiulial Rurkgarber, Bankers, New York.
EJil!! V HT Counsel.
First Mtgc. 6 per cent. Bonds.
The Receivers of the Union Pacific R'way Co. have
filed a petttlon In tho Federal Court, asking that they
be relieved from the guarantee made by the Union
raclflc R'way Co. for the payment of Interest on these
bonds. A hesrlng on this petition wss to have been
had on the 19th day of July, 1804, but has been post
poned, owing to the press of other business. It will
be called up soon and pressed for a decision. This
motion should be resisted by every bondholder.
In the mean time, a committee of reorganisation,
acting In the Interests of the Union Psclflc R'way Co.,
Is asking for a deposit of all bonds of the Union raclflo
system. Including the Oregon Short Line first mort
gage bombs without disclosing the committee's plsn.
The holders of the 5 per cent, consolldsted bonds of
the Oregon Short Line snd Utah Northern R'way Co.,
with which the Oregon Short Line R'way Co. waa con
solldsted, bare also appointed a committee, and are
asking for the deposit of bonds for the purpose, as
they say In their published notice, "of acting In har
mony " with the Union Pacific Reorganisation Com
mittee. Holders of the securities of other silled lines are get
ting together their bonds for self protection, and we
consider It Important thst you should msas your
bonds and stand united In resisting any snd oil at
tempts to reduce their Interest. ou have now tn
declda whether you will unite for the purpose of
mslntslnlng undlsturtied your first mortgsge bonds,
for which many of you have paid a large premium
and which have still many years to run, or whether
you will allow your rights lobe determined by those
tt huwe Interest wouldbeservedbythe modern method
of reducing the Interest of a nrst mortgage railroad
bond for Urn benefltof the holders of Junior securities.
It, , MARTIN, chairman, 50 U'wsy.
l'Vltl'8 .1. LAWUENPE,
GEORGE P. UU1 LEK. Secretary, 54 Wall Street.
Central Trust Co. of New York, I n..!:!..
Old Colony Trust Co. of Boston. ( Depositaries.
The San Juan Smelting
and Mining Go.
Amount of Moiiiage, $500,000.
rRINC'IPAI. DI'E JULY 1. 1910.
Interest Payable Jan. and tlnly.
Principal aad Interest Payable la New York
la Gold Cola.
Coupon Bonds, al.OOO Each, with privilege
of registration.
The business of the Company ts that nf
The valun of the entire property, both real and per
aonal, tiaaed upon moat conservative rsttsrtates. Is
placed at tl.Ouu 000, and thla Isausof bonds Is the first
aud only lien upon It.
From our personal and Intimate knowledge of tha
busluessand conduct of the Company, we have no
healtatlnn In recommending these bonds as a desira
ble Investment.
Circulars and further particulars upon application.
We offer the atsive $500,000 of bonds st loo aad
accrued Interest,
H. AMY & CO., Bankers,
31 Nassau St., Now York.
Atlantic and Pacific R. R. Go.
4 Guaranteed Trust Gold Bands.
The guaranteed Interest upon the above bonds being
In default, and nn pmvlalnn for the bonds having been
made In the plan of reorganisation or Ihe Atchison
Company, the undersigned, acting In concert with the
foreign Commuted at Frankfort and Amsterdam, and
representing over HS.6OO.0O0. out of a total Issue nf
18,704,000, r Imnda, request bondholders
to depo.li their holdings at ones with TIIESTATE
THL'HT fOMPA.NY, ."fu. 30 Wsll street. New
BANK. HOMTON. Coplea of the preliminary
.xreemrnt may lie obtained from either of lbs depo
tnortea. rgotlahla receipt will be Issued for bonds
depnaltrd, snd application will lie made as soon aa
possible to have 11k- same lined on the New York
block Exchange, Prompt action Is Imperative,
Depositors who may not agree to the plan to ba pre
sented by the Committee, may, subject to the Drort
slons of Die agreement. Ithdraw their bonds.
New York. July H, h4
KHANCIH H. ItANUH, Chairman,
1 1'ri-ildent the Mate Trust Company),
j, a. uct-ui.i.ut'oii,
tprrildenl Continental Trust Companv)
o.j, Mirrzi.AR
tof J D. Probst Co.),
tof Uoston), Committee,
Money to Loan at 4S and 5
rjtrn or Small Amounts.
ReaannttlilB fees for examination anil
Ktiaranteo of title. No egtraa for warches.
1 .15 Liberty tt., X. V.
( SO Court U Ilruokln.
wift. ?Raft oCTgvi iaftci!
TIUTHJ MANl'AI." giving hyheai Tind low rat prk
for teu Tears sad other (tillable information on.
amlFnttFt,.u, ''", ,!3UEI' "hath and
Bougnt aud aold on couinilaalou forraah or on uirrtn
of a to 5 pen-rut buxka lu lot of 10 lu loo ahirni
and upward UraJn I.ooo to 5.000 buahels or moreTa
ordered oa the New ork aud Chlcagu EjchaiSci!
Cnmmlaalon I 10. Private wire lu ChuVroT
Peuvfll of tweut) srars' eipctence in Stock Ei
Wrlp.Arf.ft.l,,B"jr'n when ih o U reouratVd
BANE HUIREW E ft K.SIhUKUrlvstlofftLVsrwlu;
Ui.kers.fori'ouieolvnceof t,utumers. lU"
OFFICES 4-a--T-H-0 '
Baaksra sV Brsksrs, 43 Brattdwmy, H.Y,
Si'trVMfaa1'lg I it Jt'MMbbi I'nf -.i
sWNjias'l.isa-iiasSassws.s,S jsa --. r-i- , t--i - - - f insst,tJ
The undersigned, owning and representing a tsrgs
number of the sbovs bonds, have been appointed t
committee to protect the interests of the aald bond
bold era.
It Is of the utmost Importance to the Second wnr,
gage Bondholders thst their Interests be represented
by a committee wholly free from any alliance with
Junior securities, and they are earnestly requested Io
deposit their bond! with the KRW YORK SICL'I'tTr
AND TiltlST COMPANY In exchange fcr lu negotiable
temporary recelpta.
The committee deems It against the best Interesti of
the Second Mortgsge Bondholders to deposit their
holdings with any committee representing onloe
tecnrltlns snd requests them not to take such acUoa
without first conferring with the undersigned.
A circular setting forth tha plan of the commit!.
and a bondholders' sgreement may be obtained from
any of the undersigned.
DVMONT CLARKE, Vice-Chalrman.
President Amsrlcsn Exchange Mat. Hank.
Kountse Druthers, ilsnkers, tisw York,
Redmond, Kerr A Co Hankers, New Tork,
President New York Security snd Trust Company,
8. E. KILNEtt, BecreUry.
Care of Estate Frederick Bllllngt,
ltO BTatway, Ksw Tork,
NEW TORK. Jnly 10, Ml.
To ttiB First MertgajB Bondholders
or THE
St. Joseph and Grand Island Rail
road Company.'
Ton are hereby Informed that dsposl t'cf the bonds
mutt be made promptly and without detay with tha
deposltarles-ths CENTRAL TnUsT COMPANY of
Botton-ln order to secure the advantages of a protes
tlvs co-opsrstlon.
Bonds not deposited on or before July 81, 1894, 8P,
M., will bs accepted only subject to such penalty at
may be determined by the Committee.
The Committee cannot too Impressively state ths
necessity of securing the deposit of these bonds 13
1 0CR OWN Interest.
CounseL BecreUry,
04 Wall it.
COMPANY are hsreby noUtted, tbst, at a meet
ing of ths Urge holders, a majority of the stock being
present or represented, a Committee was agreed upon
and that a Trust Agreement has been prepared for
signature and can 1 found at the ornce of tha
17 Bute at., Iioaton. and at the oRtce of the Com.
mtttee. Room 57. 4tf Wall at.. New York ettr.
The right to participate Is strictly limited to Aug.
seems to bs a sale every Ume It rallies about 8 par
cent. In any one day. We hope Ihe " Insiders " wont
resd tats.
T. E. WARD & GO,,
erroc!XD 33 PAo-N,ffi.cw Y0BoyRAiN,
MONEY for undivided Intereau In esutes. Notes
bought. Loans made on miscellaneous securities,
DARRAU. 253 Broadway.
gliidrwd and 3fnttxt?t,
NEW YORK, June gg, 1804. t
TnEnOARDOFDIRECTOUhof thla Company hsvs
this dsy declared a SEMI-ANNUAL DIVIDEND of '
T1IIIKE PER CENT, on lla Capitol Htotk, parable st
thU ornce nn WEDNESDAY, the first day ef Aujrait
next, to the stockholders of record at 13 o'clock noon
on SATURDAY, the soth tnsu at which ttms ths
transfer books will be closed, to tie reopened on ths
morning of TIIUKsDA Y, the M dsy of August next.
E. D. WORCESTER. Treasurer.
A dividend of TnilKE (3 PKH CENT, oil ths capital
stock or thU Company has been deetarrd payable
August 1, 1801. Transfer books will be closed from
July HI to August t.
J. Q, ADAMS, Secretary.
election and lUerlittjjj
I SOCIATION, New York, corner or Wall and Nassau
sta., June go, 1804. The annual meeting of the stock
holders of this compan) for ths election or directors
for the ensuing year and Inspectors of election for
ISUS will he held on Wednraday. July g5. 1894, at the
office of the company. S Nassau st.. New York. Polls
open from I M. to I ft. M. C. II. SMITH. Secretory.
gank import.
Ul'NINEHH JULY 18,1894.
Losnssnd dfscouuts ., g3.710.S43 4J
Overdraft, secured and nnsecured ..,, 1,0 81
u. 8. tmndsbisecureclrculsUon 60.000 00
Stocks, tecurltlea, Jtc 16A.04H no
Hanking house, furniture, and fixtures. 450,000 00
Due from nstlonsl banks inot reserve
ogenu) 804.SIR 18
Due from Stat banks aad bankers ,. ,, 81.718 04
Checks snd other cosh Items ,,,. 4033 81
Eichsnges for flooring Ilotu 1SV.V18 M
Notes of other national banks., .. BJtOO 00
Irsetlonsl psper currency, nickels,
and cents. 600 48
Lawful money reserve ln bank, vli.t
Specie 8N47.60H 00
Legal tender notes .... 077,381 00
u H. certlfleates of ds-
poalt for lersl tenders . . . 80,000 00 1.604.M9 m
Kedrmptlon fund with U. 8. Treasurer "H" ""
(5 per cent, of circulation) f,t50 04
Total.... 4,4Miae4 et
Capital stock paid In 8750,000 00
Burpluafund , , , 250.000 00
Undivided profit, leas sxpenses and
Uxespaltf. ... I IS tt 141
Reserved for Uses accrued. !oo0 00
National honk notea outstanding 44,500 00
Due to other national bonks 1,70.1,08! J1
Due to State bonks and bankers 657,887 17
Dividends unpaid "" goSoArt
Indlvldnaldennalts subject to check I.WMtT II
Demand certtneatos of deposit.. .. , , Soo 00
Certified checks ..... 40 158 50
Cashier's checks nutsUndlng , loi803 00
Total a,4M.e4 rl
I. ILII, NAZRO.raaSlerof the above-named bonk,
do solemnly swesr thst ths above atotesnent Utrus,
to the beat of my knowledge and belief.
,,..,... . II. H. NAZRO. Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before in this t3d dsv eg
J" F. I" , . K W. EIJJOTT.Noury Public.
Correct Attest;
WILLIAM K I.EUN. Directors.
urtlon DtotTrrj.
Otlnneers. will l Wednesdsv, July g6.sf 0 A M..
st 7llreeuvtleh sv..cor Christopher si.,atock of sro.
ce-les.ciintlstlng of csnned sod bottle goods. chlvirr,
colTee, c. sta.1 tea box. tobleo, ecolaa. of.a.dMka,
A"l.W-?A4lKI?ai. Depuiy70 8B""1
if f"t.wlll astl We.tneaday.Julv 38, at II A M,
-J!? A,m,j'r1m "c 1' " ,'t,' " Interesl
which the defendant hod on or aflr July la.InV4,of,
In. inn lit i k ,n,l h.imm, ...-.-;. . '
PAMEL F. FINN. Deputy101 fc '"iXT'
American District Messenger.
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to I
Mesaener knows the ratea. 1

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