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.j. ; -?r -e"r T arwrssf. w-w-JPTTT- v V
li ,
R I . i ; azExatorxr, too speebt ron nn.
g 'I j, bttxer's tin eat sprixtee.
1 1 :
t ' ISImmi Took the Track at tb Start Only to
I . J( Sin Wmy la the Blreteh, Stoneaell Unlt-
8. i if i ttB Badly la the i.nst I'nrloaa-M. r.
fjf 1 ' I werI.ot Heavily Over (he Itace-Mle.
4 ji . f i Salop tVIa nt Odd of SO to 1-Catlior-
jjl'jj r ala aad Itarry Itffd tVIa la Fast Time.
j f , The match race between M, F. Dwycr'a Stone
tj'' J Yiell and Brown & Itogers's Olenmoyno brought
i s'lj ' about 0,000 persons toJeromo l'nrk yesterday
L afternoon. Everybody looked for a grand con
, u i teat, but the outcome was comparatively tame,
.$ J Olenmoyne, who was at 8 tofl In the betting,
I' "winnlngwlUi tho utmost case In lllfl, the fast-
f w ) tMt time erer made oyer the stx-furlong ground
J 5 f of th famous old course. M. F. Dwyer lost tt
i ' heavily on Stonenell, some persons placing the
1 M j amount at $20,000.
j 'J Both ot the candidates stripped as fit, to all
g l . fppearancea, as their trainers could get them.
ij I ,They were big and strong, the perfect condition
j j "for a sprinter. The betting on the race was Tory
'I '1 .heavy, a majority of the rocc-traik people sup-
I f ' I j' ..porting Olenmoyne, M. V. Dwyer and other
1 9 i (pnerr speculators considering the big chestnut
I I B . . (jhorsa as a certainty and showering their money
tv f, jkato the ring. The contestants were applauded
fi? jon, their way to tho post and every move
St & ment In scoring for the word was close-
IS- B ,y watched. When Sir. Home caught the
1m ill , 1 Jialr on even terms lie dropped the
U1 ' flag and the raco was begun. Hamilton
M jfi , Hook a slight pall on Olenmoyne, but Slmms
l in Ntm unable to restrain tho Impetuous StonsneU,
1 j$ 8 iVrho, fighting and lunging for his head, was a
III ,l teak: to the good at the club house. When they
M ifjj ' reappeared, Stonenell was two good lengths In
M S ' i the Tan. and seemed to be going caster than the
j j?) t. (raiding, and a cheer went up from the partisans
n JJ ' ot the favorite. In tho homestretch, however.
ft , J3 '' BtoneneU faltered, and Hamilton, sitting Glen-
l"t I' A " morn in faultless fashion, let the geld-
fit J t tog rate along. AttholastfurlongpoleStonencll
li ' JT - was hanging, and In a moment he gave It up
I fj ' completely, Qlesmoyne drawing away and win-
(J l!M nlng hands down by two lengths. There were
Si ,lJN cheers for the Ylctor and hundreds surrounded
' : 51' , the horses as they stood upon tho track. Tlin
Ijl first half mile around the turns and up the hill
, fa was run In fifty seconds. Many good Judges
lH t Trerapf the opinion that Stonenell would havo
! won had Slmms waited behind Olenmoyne In-
( 1 j , stead of going out to make the pace. Htonenell,
j If'j : I however, waa a wild horse, and the choking nee-
I! U, eataryto make a waiting race would probably
,.J haTf noompassed his defeat. Olenmoyne la one
'JS of the swiftest sprinters in training, and few.lt
I lj I any, horses on tho turf can concedehlm as much
) i J3 I weight as Stonenell was asked to give him yes-
i 9 I terdar,
' ISI I Stonenellle gallqped over for the first raoe by
I H strange train of circumstances. There wern
i '; six horses corded for the event originally, hut
. ,lt I one by one they dropped out until only Stone-
If I nelUe and Bauetlaw remained. The latter was
lli i antered In the name of Trainer Matthew M.
'j ' Allen, who has oharge of the horse, whloh Is
XI . really the property of J. B. Uaggln. The stew-
'i I arts refased to let Bassotlavf run in the name
1 1 ' and colors of Trainer Allen. This left Btone-
''j I aellle a walkover, ami Secretary Mclntyra
1 1 j ; jiUced an extra raco on the cunl.
il I What would probably have been a good con-
Ail test between Oallfornla, Magnetism, Hlr Blzon,
f.f 3 Jr- and Owlet, was spoiled by all of the Jockeys
, Hi ' bai Doggett railing to rotno on when called
t J tipon by Starter Itowo. Indeed, Hamilton and
i ' ICarry Jones pulled up. and the result waa a
1 v Very straggling send oil. with California the
' i , cuick est away, and virtually the winner of the
I 5 ' Jraoelnthe first hundred yards. Hluims chased
4 f jierwith Blr Dixon. Jr., but It was no contest,
' ?, v pallfornla galloping homo in 1:10J4. wltli Sir
'V J, X)izon,Jrn second. Owlet third, and the Mag-
a I taetlsm oolt fourth. Tho latter showed a grent
li t deal of speed after getting under wny. It was
,' j ,, s-n unfortunate occurrence, and the starter was
; 1 ' Hot to blamo. Uamilton maintained that his
I j ' ' oolt stopped with him.
, I r Every smart man nn the track had a bet on
i,3 , I Jf&bolOleun for the third race, a selling event
f 1, ' , at six furlongs. The old mare hod shown a lot
I, j . of speed In her previous race at Brighton Beach,
I I k and she looked as fine aa split silk yesterday
', T I When she went to the post. Longbrook waa aco
It I. L I ond choice, with long odds against the othera.
I'll F 1 Mabel Olenn and Best Brand were the lenders
J j ' I lathe race from the start, the uiaronecr being
1 ''. beaded, and winning by a length. In u furious
, 1 ' drive Best Brand beat Ixmotiroolc a neck for
7 ' aeoond money, third place going tn Speculation.
,' Jl Wtndgale was considered slightly better than
li , bar competitor for the maiden race, but Hepara-
f s tlon. the Bailie Byrnes colt, and tho QuenT. filly
, I . were only a point behind the favorite, the Mies
I I Primrose eolt being the outside at 10 to 1. The
I 1 j, Queen T. filly went away sailing, but gave way
r to Wlndgale after passing the club house, Thn
i ! r ( gaTorlta then played with her competitors, and
(i ) won hands down. All of the others were In a
i. bad way, but Beparation managed to get up and
Bt the place half a length before the Bailie
, - ' Byrnes colt. Queen T. filly fourth and beaten n.
bead. Little Doggett was greatly pleased be-
t I . cause he beat his brother home.
Harry Heed was a prohlbltH o favorite for the
I', dash for two-year-olds out nt the chute, M. K.
pwyer's commission on the race lwlng very
heavy. Bouth Bide was second choice at S to 1,
( any kind of odds being bid against the others.
f It waa only a big gallop for Harry Reed to win
' In 8X seconds. Cora was always second, third
, I money going to Booth Side In tho very last
. stride, the Oneck representath e nailing Bed
Top on the post.
Black Haws: was an even money favorite for
' the last raco, wnlch was an Pttrn one at six
furlongs, with entries that closed during tho
t afternoon. The speedy Counterfeit was chat-
r langed on the upper turn bytheCamdcnstable's
Miss Galop, who. running lapped with hlra
through the stretch, anally niacin tho cur stop,
i and won by a length, landing ulds as good as
B to L Black Hawk was second and Charter
. third. The winner should hat e been played un
her Saratoga form. Summaries follow :
4 rinsx men,
, X sweepttakos of S10 etch for threo-iesr-oUIs and
1 1 Upward, wlUi S00O sdded. ot which ITS to second and
iSJothlrti one mile.
T a. CUsnn'i ch. t. stocellU, 3, by Imp. Stonehenge
-JieU. 103 tE. Tribe) .....,'. ...W.O.
A sweepttakts ot tin each for toifr-oldl, with
SO0 added, ot wbloh 73 to second and Hii to third:
five aad a halt furtonsi.
OnacEBubls's ch.l. California, by Uldlothlis
Kuforuin, 113 (Doyrull) 1
J.RelMr,srr.o.airDUou.Jr110(bUi)raa) u
3. a A. IL D. K. MorrU't b. f. Owlet. 1U7 (It. Jonetl a
Chkoot, JtagatlUm colb Bon Err tor, and Lalx tdiu
1 Tlme.lilOM.
Bettbur Three to 8 oa Calif ornia t 1 on Owlcti
agaiiutUarn(tUineolt.aH to li air Ulxno. Jr, and
OvUt uch.7 ta lChltot.7o to 1, boa tirour, 800
toll Lodl. 400 tol.
Tinnn jucr,
X felllBi sweepstskes for three-yesr-oMi and up
ward otllO each, with tduO added, ef which S73 u
second anil tM to third; tlz furlong.
Andrew Thouipion'i b. a. Mabel ultnn, aged, by
,' Btedoo-Calphronla, ll5(8lmm).. ... ...... 1
.' P. 11. nint't brjn. Ben Brand. S, 1 17 (DowninrV...... V
Oneek htabli'a ch. g. Lonxbrook. V. 10H (Do.ts.-tt),. a
yoinlff. VMpailan, SpeculaUon, hlr Ctrsby, and
LatayttM also ran.
Mi M Tlme.ltJS.
1 j ' Batttng-antnal Mabel Olsno. 7 to St Longbrook. S
, ( tali rn.'ksola'udsircateiiby.eaehatoit Adelbert.
lit!- 1 to It Bpeculatlon, 8 to ji veipailaa and iiesl iirand.
r i Jj thS0U)ll Lajtlt,l)tol.
" im i-oubtu aacz.
VatehltOO each, with tlOO added, of which J0O
, ;! to wcoodi fix f utloni.
; Brown A Bonn's eh. g. Olenmoyne, 4, by OUmlr
J SI j MoiM,l(iT(KanilUoa) ...,......;...,..,, 1
' 'J XV.Dwjff'n.b.h.BtoDeMLLO, llfl iMnunj),.,...., M
Sfl'M TtnLe,lilo.
jl ' Bettlar Five to Son 6iooenell; agaloat atenmoyns,
Jltl'x two.
H J? rimi sack.
I Her br maidens two and three yearsoldi aiweepttakes
-KM t etaiOeuh, with 30U added, of which S70 luMCoad
' 3 fijl and saa to third: six furlonn.
j lid - ' ETJ.W.fcleB eh. f. Winds-ale. t, by Beverly- Wind.
. ilB ..aaksodtcCUUn). 1
. 4W K.M. AUaa's br. c, aeparaUoiO. llJI(IlmlItooi.... i
. ' m ' It O-ltcElmfsl's gr, c, UannUl ilyruea, i,93
' tS ra.Dcnit) .TT.,., , ... s
' i-t ' Qusea T. nil and MU IVlnirow colt also ran.
Vi t I Time. 1:2UH-
-il! ', Bettlnr-Agalott Mndale, i tot: Beparation and
. 1 fi0 T.nUr. Men s to li callu Byrnes ion, SH to U
ft ' aiatrrImnecolt,iytoi. '
T-4 A afUlnl ntMpIk.i of llOeacn, with SO0sdd4.
",' LB otwtUns73 to Mcuad and rta to third) wlUag allow.
.B'aalr ' EOwjAu.i. Harry Beed, by niinyarolt,
.aaKasVJ k tOT (SUumj) ,. .... ...... . .,,, 1
.mBB'v t A.Tbampa'b.f,Cora.l03(iIcCUIa) ,,3
aSaBBlf I Oneck Suole'stto. South W.t, l(w (UvSf tt) 3
MmJmmt r VaaIlruat,lte47op.aadCuiterbunraUoran.
Vfi Ttm,0:4it.
'KB - I Batttnf-eiztotoallarrylUnlt against SouthElds,
I-' Jej Stall CoraandCaurbuxr.iich iluiol, KolTop, 40
II; I tol; Via Brunt, ea w l.
V SB's ' Zatrtea fbr Jerome Park,
m-lj'" The following Is the programme for Jerome
i M jBi Park to-day;
B-;asl trst Race For three-ytarolds and upward that
L'Ball I havetto4woa7oOUH84; atweepeUkeeotllUeai.li.
E with fflOO added, ot which 73 to seiohd and M to
FbM third; allowancve; six furloofs.
HI I FerrUr, USIRardy rox IDS
): ' Kentucky Lady 107 JUliia... U;
,'Bl ' liaxrtalon... lui
S VJ Seoood Baca Vor two-ysarolds: a sweepstakes of
W: fi i 10each.wiUi3O0added.otMhWh7au.'ondand
t- i isto third; wloolaf peoal(Ua; acinar allowance.)
" tl ala fuilunxa.
ei Bf KjafOoM 10 Rod Top ....,103
u at M ' AlUrtA ,n..103 horway .103
i -f ' evalkyrle. 100 EUaBccd 100
i m If ' Cora. n 1WJ
' If lisaV ;r ' Camdea Btabtos.
2. yasF ' Third Baoa for three-jr-oldJ that hare not won
IB' In lBWAi a weepatakea of S10 each, with S30O added
1 V (IP of whloh 73 to eecusd aad fii to third; thelttaa
i Met ' Cobra, about 1,400 yards.
Hi LIE- Vrtnoe XUmath 110 RepetlUoo 107
iWt fmT. : ' fecaaaur, 110 LtVhUooL. ..Iu3
' IsaK' baodlt 110 iuubeih luo
! fJt , Lcoabfosk 101 fcebeoca Kawatt llllj..Hi3
JB mflv i roanh Baca Tor three-yearotds; a sweepatakes of
BSBSaVBHW I I i MA"' J asxelfsatasll laaeliwn
sasBSBsLflaVi ijJ!-2jti!MmmmmmmBSSfSIS!!!!fBit&
ItStotMrdt wlanlaf penalties; sellla sllowanen
one mile and a sixteenth.
Paris ..lOllt.lteOsjt. IM
IJttleMst., ,100 OeorgePlxon . loo
lllcmaagueen S3 1
yifth Bace For maiden two year-olds that bsvj
never been placedi a sweepstakes of tlo each, with
S300 added, of which S73 to second and S3 to third i
selling allowances; bait a mile.
Fngllsh Lassteldlng...HSDerrlsh .. AM
Chandos...... IDS tlorman Ins
Allien A. .. 108 Piilngy eolt 10J
Lobenrnia ,,I0 Perpleilly ........10
Conntent (1st Ar'g'cef 1103 romearauslo 1113
F.xpecUtlon nily ... .10Sl3(onarch .....103
eixth Baee-For three ycar-ntds and tipwsrdt sell;
Iruri a sweepstakes of tlf each, with tnoil added, of
which S7S to serond and IM to third 1 Inning penal
ties! selling allowances) one mile and a furlong.
Jack o 118,W. n IM
Jrelan .....llllraru 117
Arab .. .....liojlatelhatcb vl
rovr. niBixo ax saiiatooa.
Geanett Kdtvarde Another Htar fbr Jack
MeDoaald'a Took Htalllon,
SAnATOOA, Aug, IB. Qennett 1 lunrds, a
two-year-old fUly, who gave weight to every
starter in tho heavy-weight handicap at six fur
longs and allot them at leasts, year older than
she, gave racegoers a surprise by tho case with
which she won from Etrathmeath, Ed Kearney,
Kentlgerno, and other good ones. The filly Is
certainly one ot the best youngsters ot the year
and will add much to the already established
fame of Itaydan Edwards, tnnt remarkably
good young sire owned by Jack McDonald.
Ed Kearney, with Taral In the saddle was
naturally the favorite for the race, but he was
beaten oc t of sight, thanks to the fact that Taral
roJe about as bad a raoe on htm as ho ever rode
la his life. Kearney was full of running, and
essayed to make the running for the field. Taral
did not like that sort of thing, aad pulled the
horseback so as to choke every bit of speed
there was out of tho animal. Ho held tho horso's
head high In the air until the head of tho
stretch was reached, In his effort to reserve the
speed ot tho favorite, and then when he asked
the horse to run Kearney had 110 run
left In him, and he finished n very poor
fourth. In the mean time the rest of tho horses
had been ridden with soma sort of Judgment,
and the result was a rattling finish between
Gennott Edwards, Strathmcath.and Stromboll,
who finished as named, with the Ally a rather
easy winner by a scant length from Strath,
menth. who was a half length In front of Strom
boll, with Ed Kearney throo lengths further
The worst lot of foul riding that has been
seen at tho track this meeting, and thcro has
been a lot of It, ocourred lathe third raco, for
which the Cherry Blossom colt was the favorite.
He was beaten out of all but third money be
cause he waa badly interfered with twice In tho
stretch and had to bo pulled up in order to tiro
vent his being thrown t" tho ground, llrooker,
who had the mount on Hossmar. and Perkins,
who rodo Derellot, wero the offenders, the latter
also fouling the winner, tho Miss Annie oolt,
aocordlng to Judge Burke, though this w as not
so apparent to the crowd, all of whom saw the
two fouls that lost tho race to tho Cherry Blos
som oolt. Both occurred opposlto the betting
ring when (Irlffln tried to come through be
tween Derelict and Ilossmar, whloh he had
plenty of room to do, until Brooker, apparently
on purpose, pulled Into him and throw him over
against Derelict. Then Derelict knocked thn
Cherry Blossom colt book toward the centra of
the track and Brooker once more pulled Boss
mar over against the favorite. It was a ery
sorry bit of work for the backers of the favorite,
for it looked at the time to unprejudiced ob
servers as if the Cherry Blossom iult could
not havo lost. The stewards apparently
saw nothing of all this, and when asked
why something was not dono to pre
vent such reckless riding, took refuge behind
tho excuse that no claim of foul had been
made. That was true, and Orlmn was hauled
over the coals pretty sharply by Mr. Gideon for
not having done what whs plainly his duty In
the matter. Oriflln's excuse wn that he did
notwanttoget into trouble about tho matter,
intimating that if ho had complained somo of
tho riders would have dons him personal Injury,
which It Is generally believed was a fact, lheu
ha said that a rmuplalnt would hao done no
good, as Mr. Walbaum's colt had won tlm
race becnuso he hud not been Inti-rfcrol
with, and was not nt all at fnnlt fur
tho trouble. The riders ran hardly bo
blamed, but the stowards are blamed erj
much by tho barkers of tho horses. '1 hoso In thu
hotel rotundas last evening, as well us at tho
track, said that what ns must needed hero cro
stewards with ayes that run see and ears that
can hear vt hat Is going on both iu the ring and
on the track, things ot whlfh every one but
those who nro supposed tu stand bttwccnthu
public and fraud nrecoguUaut. Unless a com
petent Hoard or Stewards is furnished that will
ct without fear or favor, the horsemen say thu
days of the track under the present manage
ment will soon bo numbered. Snrntoxuns
would not weep If this should prove to be a fiu t.
ItUer Orannan again gave the ring a scorcher.
as he beat every race, itnd held the winners out
in his book as well, so that his winnings must
have reached about $10,000. It would have
been more, but the play waa not very heavy ov er
races of the very moderate class that were
Pittsburgh Phil finally had tho pleasure ot
successfully backing his mare Derfargtlla. ns
she won tho opening raco for him, Taral having
the mount and riding her with good judgment.
Mr. .Smith Is very loyal to his boy Swush, but
the result of the race to-day must have show n
him the nonsense ot allowing such a hoy to
burn up his good money in tho future. Hngot
about even for the ruunuy he ha lost over Der
fargllla through Swash, and will go light on
the imported Jockey In tho future. Derfar
gllla simply played with the Held, of which
KUenand La ltosa mode the running to tho
head of the stretch. Then Taral cut loose with
Derfargtlla. and she won as she pleased. Old
Dominion finished very strong and got the
place from Yemen by a head, with La Rosa and
Wheeler only heads , away, and Wnh Jim, who
was badly pocketed and ridden with very poor
Judgment by Qrllun, n bad sixth.
Lady Richmond had a Hying start for the sec
ond race, and was two lengths to the good wheu
tho starter's Hag fell to an atrociously bad start.
But Lady Illchmond could not eveu win a raco
that was thus practically presented to her. and
Tousli Timber, who was away very badly, beat
her home by ahead.
Galilee simply played wlthHurllngham in tho
fifth race and won as he pleased. Hnrllngham
led into the stretch, with Galilee running sec
ond, hut he quit badly at the end, seemingly
finding seven furlongs a trine further than ho
cored to go. The rest wero never In the hunt.
Cot. Clay won the hurdle rare that wound np
the day's sport by a length from Miles btandlsh,
who tired very badly at the finish. Prize fell at
the third hurdle, as is his usual enstom, but did
no damage to the Jockey or himself.
Gideon A Daly have sold their colt Cactus to
Trainer Bob Tucker for a price that has nut
been made public, the transfer taking plaro this
afternoon, bununaries;
Purse 1300. of which I7S to srrond and S23 to third,
for thrt--year-o!ds and upward, selling allowance,
nve f urlotiga,
U. K. binltn'a ch. m. Derfargllla, S, by Onondaga
Elilnore. US (Taral) ... ....,.. ........... ...... 1
J. K. McDonald's b. I Old Dominion, 4. 108 (Uldgley) U
U. Walbauui'e ch. g Yemen. 0, lot (Brooks) U
Lallloea. Ulen. Wah Jim. Wheeler, I-onl Uarry,
llUa uaxel, Irene 1Z., and Fullerton Lass alao ran,
P04t BetUng-aeTtn to 0 agalnit Derfargllla, 11 to S
Yemen, 4 to 1 Wah Jim. 14 to 1 La Rnoa. 13 to 1 old
Dominion. IS to 1 Lord Uarry. 30 to 1 v brelrr, eo to
1 Mien, 00 to 1 JUu Uasel, lM 10 1 Irene K., liOo to 1
s'ullertoa Lass.
Pone 1300, of which $73 to second and $23 to third :
ror two-) ear-old allies; selling allowances; tour and
a half furlongs.
O. B. Jayaaa'a, blk. f. Toagb Timber, by Ulmyar
y.llcllle, US (Perkins),... J,,..,,,...:...,. 1
B.P,CadJgan'scb.f. Udy Blchmood, 101 (OrlnTn). u
J.K.J'.pper'j ch.f. Kismet. 118 (A. Clayton).... ,, a
Vluwm ally, bweden, aad Ullmpse Oily also ran.
Time, 0.34i.
Pott Be ttlnr-Flve to B on loath Timber. 4 to 1
against Slamet, A to 1 Lady Itlchmond, h to 1 Sweden,
go to I Blossom Oily, 100 to 1 ullmpse ally,
Fane $300, nt which $73 to second and ""S, to third;
for two-ye arold maidens t one mile and a furlong.
O. walbaum'a br, c, by blr Dlxoa 31La Annie, 103
fDonohue)..... .,..., ,. ,... 1
J. K bewram's b. c, Bossmar. 103 (Brooks),.,, vt
Gideon Daly's b. a, lOu (ilrlffla) . .........." j
Derelict, longer, alts Dixon, and .Natalie U.alao
Time. lilo.
1'oet Betting Ten to 7 on Cherry Bloaiom eolt, T to
Miss Annie colt. 7 to 1 Koauuar. dto 1 DereUct, 80 to 1
torager, 100 to 1 Miss Dixon, 100 to 1 italaUeS.
Purse $300, ot which $73 to second and $23 to third:
heavyweight .free bandliap, (or all agre; alx fur
b. Colston's Jr.'s ch. (. (Icnnett Edwards, , br Bar
drn Edwards-Oennett's 1'rlde, 103 (Peraluo. ., , 1
O. li. Horrls X Co.' b. jr. Strathmeath. e, Wl Oible). .'
ban Clementa btablo br, h. Stromboll, aged, Wl
(UorrU) .... , .. S
LcnUgsma, Ed Kearney, aad San Joaquin aLo ran.
Time. I1I6J4.
Post Betting-Eleven to a agalnit TA Kearney, 5 to 1
Strathmeath, 4 to 1 Ctcnnett Edwards. 0 to 1 Kentl
grrna, lOu to 1 San joaqulu.
rimi race.
Purse $300, of which $73 to aeoood and $13 to third,
for tbre-yearolds; seven tarlooga.
h. w. btrect's u c OelllM, by The Bard-Altharle,
104 (retains).., .." ...,...! 7, 1
Illeuitou Stable's b. e. nurllngham, M (A. Clayvm)..
bmlth A Rlach's rh. e, PennUcat, lOSIxtason), a
AtucUan and West Park aUo ran.
Poit Betting-Tea to oa Galilee, to B against
HurUnibaraTla to 1 Aurtllin, 40 to 1 PcnnileasTlOO to
1 WaaiVarlc.
lurM $300. of which $70 to second and $13 to third .
eeuing allowances; one mile and a halt, orex six hur,
W. IL Buarleya b. h. Colonel Clay, S, by Blllst-
Mary Clark. 143(Blaxeley) :'..?.,.:.......... 1
Walcoti a Campbells br. a Miles Stan41ab,4,lS
J lxw'sbr.ml'iapwlcaTK'l467K6y)"!' 3
kcaru, Xarcus, and Prue alao ran.
TUne. 11 4a.
Pot Bettbu-Two tn 1 against Colossi Clay, I to 1
Miles Suuidlah, tol JapoiXa.
This Is the programme for to-morrow:
alrst Uace-yite aad a halt tttrtonx! maiden two-year-olds.
Peroml Itsce-One mite and a fnrlongi handles p.
Fsradsr .,..114 Rundowns. ,.oa
Merry Monarch .110 Assignee,, ......i.Vil
Cactits.,,1 ..........109 Mr.JIngle.., .. Oil
Victnrlns .,, .. Hlue Unrter DO
Ihman 08
Third Race Cankers' Stakes; five furlongs; selling.
Flah IWIFranklln P0
Tough Timber Dillllraroon 00
Fourth Hare Albany Stakes; three-quarters of a
flirrnrri J17Domlngo .... . .103
Maid Marian.... 107 Appomattox.. 103
l.litetta...,. lotiLustre.. 10$
Hfth ttaceBeven furlongs; selling.
Torehbesrer 1031 Anna, , St
Clementine lost
Sixth Race-Seven furlonrn) selling.
Hawthorne ,..1U tilue Oarter ..,,103
St. Mnstm 110 Alonso..., ...103
SIlssDIsle 107 Thn Ironmaster 103
Arapahoe .....10(1 canary Iilrd (formerly
llrahma .,,103 Canary) .03
Aloha trine a Jlneo at Last fbr Ills New
There was a good-slicd crowd at Parkway yes
terday, and tho racing was rather better than
usual. Two favorites got to the front, while two
second choices and a like number ot long shots
turned up winners.
Tho opening race, n flre-and-a-half-furlong
dash for two-year-olds, proved an easy mark
for tho favorite, Pont Lear, who mode the pace
from start to finish, winning by two lengths from
First Light. Peter Jackson was a poor third.
Sauntcrcr was top choice In the second race,
with Glcnall n well-supported second choice,
while a select coterie placed their money on
Aloha at tho comfortable odds of 4 to 1. It was
an easy task for Aloha, who shook off Glenall's
chollengo In the flrstnunrter.and.runnlngttnder
restraint, beat his field by over ten lengths.
Qlenall got the placo from Saunterer by two
Cherokee Itoo was favorite at 8 to 6 In the
handicap for ponies nt four and a half furlongs,
whllo S to 1 was laid against TheShelkh. Chero
kee Itoso and Foresight modo the running.
alternating tn the order named to the last fur
long, where Tho Sheikh got In front and won by
n length from Little Tramp, who got tho placo
by a llko distance from Foresight.
Tomahawk, fnturlto In the fourth race, got
tho best of n ragged start, and improving his
advantage opened a big gap. winning In a romp
by flvo lengths, Wenlwurth beat W alter lllggs
a length for second money. The ring got quite
a twist In tho fifth rnrc. Carroll got away la
front, but Pickering took no chances nn Holy
iwrt, took tho lead In thn second furlong and
won by flvo lengths, pulled up. Pant ata got
ercond money from Queen ot Hearts filly by
thrvo length'. .....
Tho Hat, whoso four consecutive victories had
endeared him tn tho talent, was favorite In the
hurdle race at one mllo nnd a quarter. The IUt
led for a mllo. Shellbark caught him and, get
ting to thn front at tho last Jump, won by two
lengths, llockawny was third.
nnPT race.
rurse t-'.'on, of which $33 In second and $1(1 to third,
Tur two- ear oldai selling allowances; dveandahali
11. Warnxe. Rr.'s. ch.f. Pont Lear, by rontlao dal.
Itard, lOO(IIelder) , ............ 1
W imam Steele's ah. f. First Mint, 103 (T. Sloan).... VI
II. K. vingut's br. 0. Peter Jai-kson, 87 (Sheedr),,... 8
nencrector. May lrwlu, Yolando Oily, and Uarry
Keliter alto ran.
Time, 1)104.
Tout netting lte to Don Pont Lear, 8 so 1 First
I.lrfht, N to 1 May lrwlu, 8 to 1 Peter Jackson, 10 to 1
Harry Kelster, go to 1 Beaef aotor, 30 to 1 Yolande ally.
PurM $200. of which $33 to second and $10 to third 1
fortnree-yrar-olds and upward; selling allowances;
nn mile and a sixteenth.
F.8 van Name's br.ii. Aloha, aged, by Imp. StMlngo
Ollln, 10V) (T. Sloans) ..,....,,.. ., 1
James Underwood's b. g. Olenall, e, 10ft (Neuraeyer). a
. A. lleuulro's br, h. Bauulerer aged, 114 (w.
Shielm). ,........,.,.,. , ,..., 3
Adjourn and Bright Eyes alao ran.
Tim. 1,(151
P.t Betting Eight to 0 against Saunterer, I to 1
nienall,4tol AloEa,luto 1 Adjourn, IX to 1 lirlght
Purse 8100, of which $20 to second; a handicap for
Iiontes; four and a half furlonirs.
lanlen City Mable'e ch. c. The Ehelkh, 4, try Be-
douln Sprlnta. lis (llanlon) 1
Philip Daly, Jr.'a gr. g. Little Tramp, aged, 130
(llulset , , a
ArthurVhlte'ab.K. Foresight, 0.148 (Walsh) 3
Cherokee Koeo aud Nellie C. also ran.
Time, 1 .
Tost Petting Flsht to 3 again! Cherokee Ttoee. B to
1 The Sh-lkh, 4 tu 1 Foresight, 0 to 1 Little Trump, 1:3
tu 1 Nellie C.
Purse $110, of which $ 15 to second and $IS to third
for thn-year-olds and upward; six furlongs.
M.Jordan Co.'a b. c. Tnmnhawk, 4, by Dutch Bol-
ler-Varewll, 112 (W.bhleldl). ifn-l
Wntson O'llrfeu's b g. WVntworlh. 8. Ill (Pareti. 3
Amerlcnn btable's ch. c. Walter Itlrgs, 8, IIS (J.
Morxsn) .. , 8
Hopper, Eaufclda, and Pbyllla T. also ran,
Tim. .m.
Fportlnir Olrl left at pott.
Poet lietttng Even money against Tomahawk. 4 to 1
Wentworth, 4 to I Walter Itltrgs. H to 1 Hopper, zO to
1 each Phyllis T., Sporting Olrl, and taut elda.
nnn race.
Purse $130, of which $33 to second and $10 to third;
for tbrvo-.? ear-olds and upward; alx furlongs.
Thomas Rurk's b. n. llolyport. 8. by lionnet Hough
Corlnlhls. 103 tllcxerlug) ....:.... ..,. 1
W. K. urahnm's br. o. Pantata, 8, 103 (Cole) 1
Uftiry Urabam's b.f. dain Queen of Uearta.4, 107
INeumerer) 8
Carroll L, The Joker, Troika eolt, and Tremor also
Time, ltxot
Post Petting Two to 1 Queen ot nearta, 8 to 1 Pan
tata, 3 to 1 Carroll 1,0 to 1 UolrpoCa 0 to 1 Troika
colt, 1 J to 1 Trumor, IS to 1 The Joker,
Ifnrdle race; purse $183. of which $83 to second;
selling allowances; one mile and a quarter over are
A. DiTis'sb.h. Shellbark. S, by Sir Kodred-niron-
dll. IS (luDailil 1
fi. P. Wilson's ch. g. The Rat, aged, 180 (Mara) ,. a
S. I.'Ilommedlou's b. g. ltockaway, aged, 140
Morton) a
ljinilng, Llxero, and 7eno alio ran.
Time, g.gair.
Pot Httlng-FlTeto4on Tho Rat, to 1 against
Shellbark. 0 10 1 Rockaway, lu to 1 l.liaro, IS to 1
ljtiislng, -0 to 1 Zno,
l'nrkwray Entries,
Entrlea for Parkway follow 1
First RarewSelllng; one mile. Contralto eolt, 03
pound; Little Bravo, 101 1 Oolden Valley, 111; Tea up.
lovi Wentworth, 107; Ironsides. 103.
Second Race Selling; one mils and a sixteenth,
Illaeklock. 104 pounds; Jilt, 09; Chauncey, 100; Wlit,
list Aloha, Ul7
Third Race Handicap for Oallowayst stxturlongs.
7rlita nily, 123 pounds; Llkwood, 130; Wang, 143;
Athellna. 113; Pocahontaa. 140. '
lourtbluice ne furlongs. Lallah. 03 pounds: Ox
font, inn; Carnsllte. lbm Little John, D0t Silver
Quern. 07; Alva, )3; Bright Eyes, 107; Maggie Rich
ards. V7.
c If th Race Selling: are furlongs. Bob Sutherland,
113 pounds: nine Bird. 113; Frankie 11.. 10U; Olivia,
H'.'t Slullet, 113: Vumurl, VOj Salrlnl. 103.
klxth Race For two-yearoldst salUng; four and a
half furlongs. Tweddledum, 11$ pounds: Toot, 108;
Trlfarlsl, lull Turett. 103; Susie IL, 113, Uproar filly,
100, Chink, 100, Cremona, 100,
They Have u Bad rail at FlasMasr-Oae Boy
le Probably Herloualy Injured,
Yesterday was an unusually lively day si the
Flushing track. Willie Morris madeacmnno
cessful effort to be reinstated, so he will rile so
more at Flushing.
In the fourth race three jockeys narrowly es
caped being killed. Six horses went to the poit
and they were sent away to a good aUrt, with
Coleman, on Jim McLaughlin, slightly In the
lead. Alanthraclte, with little Frankie Alt ord
up, was at his heola. A they passed the J edges'
stand Alford tried to go to the Inside. Alan.
thraclte stumbled and went down, with the boy
underneath, Zeller, on War Paint, came with a
rush and went down, too, followed by Qulnn, on
The three boys were carried from the track
unconscious. Zeller was badly bruised and will
not be able to ride for several days. Young Al
ford. aa soon as be came to, said t "I'd won If I
didn't fail," (julnn was badly shaken up and Is
probably iujured internally. Summaries;
First Race For two-year-old maidens; half a mile.
Blue Hood gelding, 114 lU'llllanu). 4 to 8, won: Ryan.
lUIPaniyf.ntoI.aecond: Stare L. 11 (Walker), 9
to 1, third. Time, b 33. Judice old also ran.
Seentiil Race tielllug: six aud a half furlonra. Bob
V.. 113 (Zeller). 7 too. won: Don't Know, llBlbtralt),
rltot.srrondl Jack lutrbrlrr, 113 (Hall). H tol, third.
Time, 1 :SO. Mortnkl, Pclham, little V lllle, and Ban
duiia also ran,
Ihlrd Ra.-e Selling: four and a half furlongs.
IVhliettone, lot (lull), On 1, won: kUsa Ana, Too
(Johun, 13 to 1, irtnud: Hay Tar, lot (Douuvaa), 4
tU. third. Tlnir, 1 00. lieixulee, Sentinel, The Pearl,
Lflturu". aud Jollle Joe alao ran.
rourth luctt-belllngi nve furlongs. JlmMcLaugh
lln lU(lidnuau), 4 to I. wou. Circular, 114 (Kellyl,
atoi, mwuli May P. lot (Donovan), i tol, third.
Time, I )(, Anthracite, War ralnl, and Congress
alfto ran
flfihttare Purse; fourandahalf furlongs. DeCour
rer Il3(llall),t to 3. won; skylight, Ui (Berwick),
errn.xuiud, Mamie It, 110 (Perkins), ft to 1, third.
Tlmr, 1 00. Happy Thought also ran.
Favorites Carry the Dayal Uarleaa,
Cmcsoo, Aug. 13, An excellent card of six high
class laces was decided bxlay at Harlem, Three fa
vorites and two second choice won. Summaries:
First Race Seven furlongs. Corduroy, 103 (Bur.
rell).to6, won: Oolda.T (Casein), 6 to 1. second;
Dundee. 104 (UUb), $ to L third. Time, l:So.
Jxvond Race-u mile. Ida PUkwtck. Ill (R,
William,), low 7. won; VUhun. 71 (Uoheraail). $0 to
to 1, swoud, Teta May, ho (Cst.ln). 13 tol, third.
Time, 1:4.
Third Raco Six furlongs. Caps. Brown. 106 (Bar,
relit. so I, won; May Thorn paon.gS (Bergu), rsa $,
aecoud; lUtUryloi (Ciiilfi), j to VthlroV Time,
ourth Race Five and a half furlongs. Lertna. 103
(Cauin). a to 1, won; JovlaJ. 103 (Leigh). IS to 1,
ac 1 Sue. 104 (FUhcr). 80 to I, third. Time, 1.10.
r th Racr- Mae furlongs; selling. Beaele "'.
101 il'arr . to 1, xoui Entliaaiaat. 10-S (Leltj , u to
8. aecond. bull Uoaa, 113 (R. WllUaua;. Awl, third.
TUne. I tv
klith lu- Five aad a half furious. Midas. 110
(LUillbuuai.veB.woa; Katie C. loSiCeia). 4 to
ijeooudjL0Tai Spirts Hi UU), 13 U X, ttlrd.
Tirn rouxn xew totik xAne
vrtxa xns mo stake.
Mary Best ta Made a lleetdefl Favorite Over
the Field, but the llanahter of Tt'lltna
Onttbota the CallrVn-ataa-Aaote Steele
tVlth nie riret Defeat of the Tear.
Term ltAtrra, Aug. IS. The crowning event
of the day's harness races was the four-year-old
Futurity, aggregate value (24,000, ot which
tl 1,600 was for the winner, the largest purse
ever offered In the history of the American trot
ting turf, Mary Bent, tho California sensation,
sold as n hot favorite at $33 to $R for the Held,
Blllcon sold for 110 to $2, Danconrt $10
to $3, and Wistful $30 to $3, At the start
Wistful had the pole. Blllcon whirled to
the front nt the turn, with Uancourt
second. Tho two flew up to the
third quarter, when Goldsmith brought Mary
Best up on the outside and pushed Danconrt to
a break. They went around the far ourve, with
Blllcon chased by Mary Best Danconrt held
third place, and Wistful was a good fourth. The
last quarter was trotted In 0:3S, rylloon lead
ing Mary Best half a length. Wistful was back
two lengths, and then came AntheUa and Dan
court. In the second heat Blllcon again took the
lead, and was never headed, although Mary
Best and Wistful pushed her out In 8 13M. Tho
third heat was a repetition of tho other two
heats, Silicon holding the lead from start to
finish. Hlckok and his great filly received a
splendid ovation from tho crowd, Silicon's pre
vious record was SiloM-
The horses In the unfinished Silts trot ap
peared In line fettle. The bettors had recovered
from Pamlico's corking heats, and Azote, the
unbeaten, was selling as tho favorite. It was a
great heat, and tho excitement was at
the highest pltoh when the leaders. Azote
and Pamlico, came whirling Into tho home
stretch. Azote seemed to be under great
stress, and Curtis urged Pamlico, hoping
no doubt that Azote could not keep up under
the strain. McDowell piled the whip, and bravo
Azote reached tho wire pretty well fagged out.
In tho great time of 2:00.4. Tho track, though
very good, was a second or more from Its
2:01 average. Pamlico was a length and a half
back. The mllo by quarters was 0:31), 1:01&
The fifth and last heat was one of those which
excite spectators and set men cheering. Half a
dozen scores might have fretted Azote, but Mc
Dowell was very easy with the grilling. The
horses went around the first turn well together,
nnd at the quartur it was Arotc, Pamlico, MuIa
Wilkes, Lord Clinton, and William Penn. They
1aascd the half mile in the same order. Azote
:ept tho lead until wull Into the homestretch.
Pamlico hung to his heels, though, and whllo
McDowell used his whip Pamlico could not be
shaken olT, On and on they came until near the
wire, when the son of Meander forged ahead
and dually wou In :10, making bis fourth vic
tory out of six starts this year.
Direction, tho block son of Director, had It all
his own wayln the 2:00 pace, going In 3:14)4.
After losing two heats tn the 2:23 trot Cocoon,
the favorite, went at the field and mowed it
down, cunturlng the next thren hrnta as he
pleased, lie Sure, entered by Miss Emily D.
Uonkilnof Merhaniosburg, won the three-year-nld
paco In good form, Lena 11111. the Texas won
der, and itokeby, BalLshury's good one, pushed
him out, but were unable to head him un.
The big threo-rear old Futurity, aggregate
value $14,000. will be trotted tomorrow. Ax
lnlte. Director's Flower. Celaya, Alllliel. Klla
Woodbine, Nelly A., and Van Lear villi be the
etarters. Summaries:
S;10, trotting; purse 12,300.
Psmllco. b. a. by Meander Blrthdsy, by
Daniel Lambert (Curtis) ....s 1111
Aiote. h.g. (McDowell) I i i I $
Ixrd Clinton, blk. g. (Hill) 'J 9 4 4 4
Muta Wilkes, b. m (lloldsmlth) 0 4 8 1 H
WHUamPrnn.hr.e. IKllne) ...4 6 0 S 0
Time-vill, k:lx4, giio, g.ovH. Kilo.
2 SObacrt purse 1, 000.
Direction, blk. a., by Director, dam by George
Wilkes (J. Dlckerson) t 4 11
naiette,b.s.(bhockency)..., 4 1 j I
Katie Oreenlauder, blk. m.( Andrews) 0 8 8 3
Walter likes, b s.(McHame) 0 4dls
Hurley V b. g. (Fowler) 3 2 dls.
UrapeMne, gr.g. (Drran) dls.
Tlnie-2:14ft. 2U7X. 8:141,. IMS,
2:28 class; trotting; purse S2.000.
Cocoon, blk. m ,br Cyclone, dam by Bour
bon Wilkes (Mcnenry 2 2 111
Pourbon Wilkes, Jr., ch. s (Naragou) 1 I t I 1
Mary, Km. (Thomas) .4 7 4 11 H
Krtlth v., h. m. (Simpeon) 7 4 11 4 4
KlngPatchen.br. a (McKeebane) :l :i tils.
rnngelander, br. 1 (Andrews) 3 0 dls.
Nellie Rb.m-(llexlanel 0 a dls.
Tlme,2ilM, 2:10M. 2:13)4. 2:17M, 2:17H.
Trotting, for four-year-olds; Terrs Haute Race,
value SV4.00O.
blllcon, br. f. by WUton-811houette, by Mam-
brlno (Hlckok),..... , 1 1 1
Mary Rest, ch. f. (Goldsmith) u g 3
wistful, br. f. (Puller) a U 3
Dancourt. blk.c. plaloney).... 0 4 4
Margaravn. ro. c. (J. Dlckerson) 7 n a
Uretnlsnder Olrl, blk. f. (Thayer) 3 Sdls
Authella.b. f. (Hudson) 4 dls
Lea, cli 1. (White) , dls
C)thL-ra,ch.f.(T. Dlckerson) dls
Tlme2il4, 2:1314', 2:1314.
Pacing, three-) ear-olds; purse (1,000; heats, two In
Be Sure, b. c, by Bessemer Jessie R., by Smug
gler (Oreen)...... 1 1
Rokeby.b.0, (McDowell) g 4
Lena lull. blk. f. (Coleman) 3 V)
Oilman, cruc. (Hills) 4 3
Rrcnneu,g.c. (Cuitcr) 11 0
Sterling R. Holt, ch.c. (Councilman) 7 U
Ruck PrankUu, b. g (Dryan) 0 dls
Tlme-2:l4. 2:10.
All the favorites IVIn at Grand Kaplda.
aaaim Rirms. Mich., Aug. lS.-Increased attend
ance marked the third day of the trots. Fine weather
and good track enabled events scheduled to be pulled
off and good time made. All the favorites won. A
feature of the day was the half mile pace by Albatross
In 101, ridden by Edna Harris, a twelve-year-old glrL
She will ride the celebrated pacer again to-morrow to
beat his time of S.OVJL Summaries:
Three-year-old pace, 2:40class, purse 11.000.
Harry H... .iTT. 1 1 1
Mirer Maker V a a
Aotuary 4 2 U
Harry Clay , a 4 4
Tlme-;.'S?L 2.21, 2 20(.
2 .27 class trot, purse S0O.
Russell Mont..s 1 1 1
DonL 3 4 it
Rlsroarek 3 n 0
luamuth 0 u 4
Charley Ills 4 8 U
Normandy , H tl (t
Young Dsuntless , n 7 7
Charmlon i-.-.-i 1 7 b a
Ttme-S&X. 2.23K, 2.3 L
Two-year-old pace, open to all, purse (700.
Phenom , 1 1
Luella stranahan , ,,.g vt
lteeenl'a Host , it H
Ambulator ,,,.4 4
DonnaC ,3 o
Saratoga Maet Pay Mai-plus la Stakes
SIcBcrmott tint of the War,
The following decisions ot the Jockey Club,
rendered yesterday, settle the guaranteed stake
question to the satisfaction of every fair-minded
man, remove from the turf Jockey Patsy Mc
Dermott, license the track ot the Virginia
Jockey Club at Bt, Asaph, and restore to Jockey
Fred Llttlefleld all ot the rights and privileges
of a licensed rider.
The decisions, which were make publlo last
evening, follow;
The stewards of the Jockey Club decide to sustain
the appeal ot Mr, H. J. Morris, representing the Ooogb
acre Stable, from the decision ot the stewards ot the
Saratoga Racing Association respecting the value of
the United States Hotel Stakes (guaranteed) won by
the horse Peacemaker on Thursday, July 20, aad fur
ther decide that the horse Peacemaker Is entitled to
the full value of the stake.
Jockey Patrick McDermotfs license Is revoked.
A license has been granted to the Virginia Jockey
JoLkeyFred Llttlefleld, who was suspended by the
stewards of the American Jockey Club from riding
any but his employer's horses, appeared before the
stewards of the Jockey Club. After bearing his ex.
planaHon the stewards reinstated him to all privileges
as a Jockey,
Headers of Tin Sun will recall the case ot the
(loughacre titable and the Saratoga Baclng
Association. The management at Saratoga
wanted to give Mr, Morris, the manager of the
Goughacre Stable, sums $1,400 less than he
was entitled to. and their Board of Stewards up
held them in their ruling, although common
aenao might have told them they were In the
Jot. key McDermott has been partly under the
ban all this year, and the turf will cot mourn
him. f
The Virginia Jockey Club is the course In
which II. 5. Mclntyre, J. N. Kirk, and other
Nhw Yorkers are Uncreated. lu plant is at bt,
Asaph, and it Is going to bo quite a pretentious
affair, and wtll be opened Immediately after the
rlose of racing tn this State, the Vlrglula Jockey
Club llaudicap, value $J,300, to bo run on the
opening day.
News froaa the IIsr Wo)rit,
A. W.-Ue would be pUced second, p last, as there
were bat two starters, what ocourred in th run-off
would hare nothing to do with the placing ot the third
horse la the erst race,
IfswroaT. Aug. la. some thirty or more prominent
society ladle Bare offered aa a prise a surer loving
cup. ot old EogUah pattern. Afteen laches long:, for th
coining meeting of th ewport Racing AaeoclaUoo.
KLsueroa. Aug. 13,-Th second day's races at the
Brudhrad DrtiUg Park, Sew Pails, attracted o.er
1.000 peraooa. Thar wer two ereau, fre-for all
trot fur a pure ef ftou. aad a 2 40 Ires for a asou
pune. Boaoaa of Kew Palu woa the treevf or-il rec
la three Mra&bt teat. TUn. 2IS.T M. tMU.
altr WUkeaot the Harlem Valley aick Jfaxa WUi
A Bleat Flve-heat Kae Hoehester-Sale
f Rain rtlmnea.
ItocnESTEit, Aug. 13. Each day of the Grand
Circuit meeting has had an Increase tn patron
age, and a larger crowd would have been out
this afternoon but for tho cloudy, cold weather.
A strong wind hampered the flights of the horses
and kept the average of the heats down a second
or more. Beportsoftwo important sales went
the rounds to-day, the trotters Bailie Blmmons
and David B, being those spoken of.
The latter Is In Terre Haute, aad E. De Cernla,
tho New York broker, goes there to-morrow to
closo the deal for the fast young gelding. Bailie
Simmons was purchased by Mr. Do Cernla from
the Bumbarger Live Stock Company of Indian
apolis Just after she won the 2:21 trot this after'
noon. IIo says he bought tho mare on specula
tion with her engagements, and thatQeorgo
Starr will drive her the balance of the season.
Tho 31B trot opened tho proceedings to-day,
aad Mahogany was rated the best ot tho lot at
even money. In the first heat the stout young
stallion got the lead on tho upper turn and fin
ished In SilGM, a length ahead of Dodgevllle.
Tbo latter mode such a strong finish that It was
0 to S against Mahogany before the second heat.
This now tip proved good, though Dodgsvlllo
was only good for one mile, which he stepped tn
2:10, with Mahogany In second place. The
third heat found Dodgevllle in the lead to
tho homestretch, but ho slipped up In
a brush with Cephas, and the latter won In
3:14, Mahogany struggling gamely to over
take the new aspirant. Dodgevllle was no longer
dangerous, a hard drive In ths fourth heat fin
ishing him out, so that when Ed Qecrs took him
In hand the next time the gelding made, a third
break, Cephas proved Mahogany's stumbling
block as before, though tho New Jersey envoi,
mode gallant cilorte to pull tho race nut nf the
lire. E. It. llowne, the owner and driver of Ma
hogany, said the let tip the stallion has had since
his hnrd battle nt Cleveland, where ho scored
2I12M, helped to defeat him here.
As Hoso Leaf has not yet rounded to, Baltic
Simmons hod matters her own way In the class
for the four-year-olds aud under, Btarr moved
ltose Leaf up In the last two heats, and she was
at tho brown filly's wheel. There was no chance
to get aline nn all that came out for the 2:211
trot, and as King Harry sentied good for a mile
closo to 3:20, hu was an even-money favorite.
He went avv ay In the lead, but Pet overhauled
him lu thu third quarter and won the
first heat In 2:10j, with plenty to
epare. Then It was 0 to 1 on Pet,
who pulled up in thn next two to let tho
straggling Holders get Inside tho ting. Col. K.
Bloss Parsons, Vice-President of the asocla-
i Ion, owns Pet, and rays ho picked him up for
400 two yenis ago. Ho droro the, gelding on
the road In New York, and let his groom giro
hitn a record of -'rlliM at Lyons last season.
Besides the two regular classes to-morrow.
Fantasy's exhibition with Hubert J. Is a special
event, which should draw well. Summitries!
2:1V class, trotting, purse 13,000.
Cephas, b. g.. by Crrll-Molly Matchless, o
byMatchlfis((loldeii) 8 8 111
Mahogany, b. , by Rayonne Prince
(UovmeV , 1 S 2 8 B
Diidgevllle, b. g.. by Lberlln (Johns &
Oeersl.. , ,. 2 18 3 9
Overboil, ch. s. (Nell) I U 4 7 4
LoraO., a. m. (Van V alkenburf ),,,,. 7 4 0 4 0
May Homer, t.m. (McDonald) 4 0 S 0 S
HeuMelarr wilkes,b.c. (Padaet)...., 0 18 0 0
Captain Walbrldga. b. s. (Cmran)., ...... 8 0 0 0
Raven Wilkes, bl.s. (R. E.Curry),..,.....a 0 7 8 7
TIme-2:13, 2:13, 2:14! SilOVt, 2il7t
2 XI class,trottlng, four year olds and underi purs
Bailie Simmons, br. f , by Simmons-Rail!
Adams, by John liurdlne (il.O. Shank) 1 1 1
Rose Leaf, blk. f. (Starr) 8 S I
OueenAllah.br. f. (Harris) 2 4 4
NstUeWUkes.Uf. (Ruih) ....,..,,., 4 3 8
Tlme-2:1, tiltii. 2:174'.
8:28 class, trotting: purse 81,000.
Pet, b. g , by Rlack Ethan, dam untraced (Mof-
ft)M 1 1 1
King narry,h.g. (Payne) 8 8 4
Cbrutabel, ch. m. (Reiver) 0 8 8
J. D. L.. b. g. (Van Werner) , 4 0 8
Naryit., b.m. (itoersl H 4 0
Uroukle, Ui. in. (Hathbun) , G S 0
Time-JilvvV, 2:20& 2:84.
The Harness liiiclng at Island Park.
Aixurr, Aug. 13. Following ar th summaries of
th races at Island Park to-day:
8:30 class, trotting puree W0.
Pearl Wilkes. 4 110 1
Anion- - 1 a H 4 B
Penryn 9 U 4 1 8
IJIUi Nancy , 8 4 2 2 11
Knock 7 8 0 8 8
I.ady Tennysou 8 0 0 0 4
Onondaga 8 0 7 u 7
Hilda 8 10 11 8 8 0
21strOctavla 0 8 8 7 dr
aCreme 11 10 10 dr
Col. Ruppert , 0 7dr
Tfine2:23lf,2.42. 2:22W. 2.JlW,i;-2l.
2:40 class, trotting; purs 8300. (UnHnUhed.)
CoraAshwood 7 0 0 8 11
Charles II 3 117 0a
8U Jonathan 1 a 8 8 8 8
lied VMIloo H 0 7 18 8
Cora Cooper 0 8 8 8 4 8
MaudKarr 8 8 8 0 7 dr
llisle Douglass .,..4 4 4 4 8 dr
Kalute 8 7 0 0 dr.
Hcetboy .8 U dia.
rnsclnatlon ,......,..10 dr.
THne-X:22V(. 8tU4. 2:2i. 8:83k. 8-20!(, 8'27H
2:lbclaii, pacing; purse fjUO. (Unfinished.)
Ouesswurk 4 3 11
Highland 1 S 1 8 S
Major Wolf 1 0 8 4
RlaMIke 8 tl 4 2
Rerkshlre Courier. 8 4 0 8
Pappuuse ..,, .! 0 8 0 8
Tlnie-8.10& 8:18.'i 2:i4'L 2-80.
I'lmltco 1V111 Have the Itonner for Two
BiLTUioax, Aug. 10. It has been definitely decided
that there will ba two weeks' running meeting at
Plmllco, beginning on Oct, 13. The matter has been
worked up very ouletlr, but It Is known that the
Plmllco Driving Club has been negotiating with a
unmber of the most prominent running horse owners
at Saratoga during the past week. As these nego
tiations hare been of the most favorable nature there
Is every reaaon to believe that the final arrangements
for the meeting will b completed.
Grand Stand at Simla Destroyed by aa In.
Rutin. Out, Aug. 13. The large grand stand at Day
View Athletlo Park was destroyed by fir this morn
ing, together with a large open Hand erected to ac
commodate spcx-tator attending the blcyclo races to
be held here to-day, Thefirowas the wurkot an lu
Clarence Iludlong Tear th I-laanseat or
Ida Ankle la a Match,
KARitAOAhSCTr PlEit, Aug. IS. The third
day of the tennis tournament for the Eastern
doubles championship waa marred by an unfor
tunate accident, which not only broke up one of
the strongest ot the teams, but placed Clarence
Budlong, the young Providence crack, on the re
tired list. Whllo attempting to get back Into
position after returning a cross court shot, Bud
long slipped and fell, tearing one of the liga
ments of his ankle. He tried to rise, but fell
again, and had to be carried from the court. At
the time of the accident Budlong and Ware
wero playing In the semi-finals against Foote
and Howland, with excellent prospects of vic
tory. The big match of the dav vt as played by Hall
and Uoodbody against Wrenn, and Chaoe. The
latter team won three straight seta after some
fast tennis. Though the result was never in
doubt, Hall and Goodbody played on excellent
gome, but wonderful work by Chaca was well
seconded by Wrenn, the pair proving a veritable
stone walL Chace's service was beautiful and
well directed.
'1 he other semi-final match, which wosdeclded
by the accident to lludlong, waa closely con
tested throughout. Ware and Budlong drove
the balls bant, but Budlong, who did most of
the work, was wild at times. Foote played
porrly, and only the beat kind of work at criti
cal points by Howland saved the Yale men from
a defeat tn straight beats.
The matches in the Invitation singles excited
a gnat deal ot interest. Howland, Stevens,
Parker, and Goodbody are the survivors, and
will contest tha semi-finals to-morrow after
noon, pairing oft iu the order named. Only one
of the six matches decided to-day was pro
longed to three sets, but good tennis was
flav ed, especially In the Hall-CJoodhody match,
all's drives had good length and plenty of
slued, aud he did brilliant cross-court work at
time. Goodbody was aa accurate as eVer. play
ing short chop strokes with good result. Parker
defeated Qntncy rlbaw, who won the Newport
all-oomers in 1880. bhaw hit the bail hard but
waa woefully inaccurate. The scores;
Eastern Championship Doubles Semi final roundi
Arthur E. Knot and John Howland, Vale, defeated
Clarrnce R. Rudlour and Leonard K Ware, 73. 4 u.
a Oldefaulted): Makolm o Chaee and Robert D.
Wr.nn defeated Cdward L Halt ana M. P. Uoodbodr!
8-8. o-l. 0-3. "
Invitation Single First roundi B. T. Avery beat C.
R. Budlong by default, Qulncy A, 8aw beat blla D.
Reed, e-af S-ia. o-jM. P. flood body brat Kp.
Irlechea. ft 2. ft 1, Second round : John Rowland beat
Ionard B. Ware, aI. 8 8: Rk-hard Blerene beat
!LK.Avcry,ft 1,0 4; W.Oerdon Parkrrbeai Qulru-r
A. ahaw, tf-8. 8-3, M. Y. Uoodbody beat E. u Hall, o-i
4. O0.
JTaat Bicycle HaHat,
Pououkxxvsix, X. YM Aug. 18. At the
Driving Park, this city, to-day, John Van
Btenschoten lowered the quarter milennpaccd
living start bicycle record, doing the distance in
L'U 2-5 seconds, ihe beat previous record was
20 3-3 aeuinda. made by W. A. Rhode at Wal
tham, Mas.
I-aas-eUslaae) rkl UaMra la Pari.
Paaa, Aug. 1S.-AI th Veiodrooi Buffalo today
th 3klx hour rao waa woa by th LicTcllal LlniojL
JSwfirM swob's sr.t W4IU1 ttotg """ """t.
t the O.le ffss Too Hnth r ' "Tj1"1
-flataalta and the Cape May Cap.
Cow9, Aug. 15.-The match raco between the
BrlUnnta and Vigilant for a S0o cup otfercj
by Lord Wolverton has been postponed until
Balurday. to the great disappointment of yachts,
men, particularly tho Americans. The gale,
which was predicted yesterday. arrlVed accord
Ing to schedule and combed up dangerous white
crested seas In the Channel, through which It
would havo been foolhardy for thojachtsto
"There was a meeting of the llojai Yacht
Squadron this morning, and U was decided that
tho blast and the soas were too heavy for even ft
stiff, weatherly British keel yacht. The Igilant
was willing to risk the tussle In t'e .".
the BrlUmila wanted to do so Both yachts are
now In perfect condition. ,.i
1 he Vigilant bent on and tested her new head
sa lsjestrrday. ami showed much Improvement
since her lost defeat, which I; now accounted for
almost wholly by the ragged condition At her
hull where) she bumped on the rocks while rac
ing around the IshV of Wight. Three 1 battens
have been put In her mainsail, stirfcnlng the
leach and improving the fit.
It skippers and crews had been venturesome,
enough to go outside to-day, 110 steam craft, not
even Mr. Gould's Atalanta, would have accom
panied them. Everything would have been
reefed down to the lost shred, and the contest
would have had no more significance than If the
yachts had sailed under bare pojs. If the gala
should continue another day It may leave n
nasty lump of sea in the Channel. This Is
supposed to suit the English model, ami. If thn
race Is sailed on Saturday, the yachting world
may learn whether or not the Herreshoff typo
of sloop Is good In a seaway. It bM hern con
tended by English ynchtsmen that the
Vigilant is not. If sho Is defeated in a stiff
.brecre outside, now that she Is In lighting trim,
the nntural conclusion will be that she Is not so
good an all-around vacht as the Britannia,
It Is probable that tho Satanltn will defend
the Capo May Cup Instead of the Britannia,
English achtsmcu have come to this cunclti
slou because the Satanltn, as she. demonstrated
In jesterdav's piping breeze Is better than tho
Prince of Wales's cutter In reaching, and thero
doubtless will be much ot this sort ot sailing on
the long Channel course.
To Itaee fur th Ityilo Town Cup.
Hviir, Aug. IB. To-morrow will bo the third
day of the Hoynt Victoria regatta, Tho race for
tho Ryde Town Cup, valued at about 100, will
be contested by yachts not exceeding sixty-rating.
If there aro three or more starters a sec
ond nrlzo of '.'0 will he given. Tho course will
lie from a point ott the Hyde pier to a narkboal
"If Cowes, thenco around the Spit 1'nrt lo thn
Nab Lightship nnd back to tho K)depler, twice
nrntitid, fifty miles.
The Mlnervn-Gnasoon Itaee.
Newport, it. L, Aug. 13. The match nice be
tween the fast sloops Minerva aid (Inssoon,
which w ns to have been sailed to-day from Nev
port to No w London, as declared off, and thou gh
hopes are entertained among yarhtamen In ort.
that the two limits may lie. brought together
later. It la nut believed that there In much
Allnervu lleftiita the Unity Hoy.
Under double reefed sIls the new catboat Ulnrrva
dashed across the fiulth line In Jamaica Day yester
day off Rockaway, not only, as the winner of the
sweepstakes race, but w Ith the proud achievement ot
baring beaten th crack catboat Dully Roy. A still
southeast wind made the raoe a fast one. The Dully
Boy crossed the starting line first, and In th run to
tha first mark the slightly held her own. On the next
leg, however, the Minerva got to the windward and
gradually drew ahead, keeping th lead to th finish.
A ten-mile course was covered, extending from off the
Canarsle steamboat dock to and around th Break
water, theuco to ths Red Can buoy aud home, bum-
Sfart. Huts.
Ttoaf. Ouner. 11. M. s. tl. M. e.
Mlnerra..., James Rrpwne 4 07 21 n Ah 20
RullrRoy Henry ICjnetcher 4 00 do 11 OH 14
Arcadia J. Z. Miller, Jr 4 07 21 n tM 8V
Olady II. tl. Carlelnn 4 ot) II) tl Of) 41
J.M. c w.H.Rlcbards 4 11 ns 0 02 lu
Nellie Henderson Reeve.. ,,4 17 2a n 30 14
Wave. Percer II. (lateson 4 04 00 n 68 42
Conquest Jobu C. Hanltng 4 10 07 7 01 00
Shark O. Dlttenhoerfer. 4 01 It 7 08 21
Pallene Carl J. Otto 4 14 07 7 34 11
Home Bweet
Home. JohnKeene 4 31 23 7 41 03
I.ont Crr'a llrother "Win th Montreal
Competition Im Impraislve Htylc,
Louis Cyr, the "strong man," will probably
find a dangerous rival In his younger brother,
Peter. The latter competed In a lifting com
petition for strong men of the middle-weight
class at Montreal, Canada, on Aug. 0. Young
Cyr won handsomely and received a purse of
$200. Tho merit of his achievement was en
hanced by tha fact that he injured his right
hand severely In tho second feat on the pro
gramme. In llftlog two dumb bells weighing
160 pounds above bis head his little finger rot
caught between them, and was badly mangled
In the crash of the dropping bells.
Cyr's feats Included lifting with left hand
above the head, 129 pounds; lifting with right
hand above the head, IDS pounds; lifting with
one hand from floor, 418 pounds; lifting with two
hands from floor, 08tl pounds: lifting with one
linger, 200 pounds: lifting ball above head,
16JH pounds: holding out from shoulder at
right angle, iii pounds; shouldering dumb
bell from floor, 273 pounds; back lift without
harness, 2.052 pounds; lifting, whllo kneeling, a
barrel weighing 6J8W pounds and two dumb
bells, one lu each hand, weighing 023 pounds,
Th 8 lor Have aa Outing.
The annual outing and games ot tha Star A. C. of
this city were held at Silver Spring Park, Bowery Ray,
on Tuesday. The events were well contested, and the
rather lengthy programme created plenty of amuse
ment for a largo number ot spectators. Tho sum
maries: One-hundml yard Run. lTandlcap Plnat heat- Won
by Peter tl. lkt-, a janle; Thomas W, Muintltin.
e ratch, second: Peter VV. Conrady, 3 lard, third.
Tlmr, lit, sreonds.
Two-hundred ami twenty-yard Run, Ilandlcsp-Plnnl
hesti Won by U illlaui tl. bpencer, rat. h, lVt-r VV .
Conrady, u yards, Mvond: Tliomas W. Muggins,
scratch, third. Time. V3S( seconds
One-mile Walk.bcratch Uonbj OeorEo W Watson,
John J. O'Rrlen second. Arthur W, vcrnou third.
Time, H minutes 3114 seconds.
Pour hundred and forty-yard Run. Handicap Flnsl
heat: Won by William K,.Nelm,cratch; Henry K.
Human, 13 yards, second; Peter U. lutes, 10 yards,
third. Time, 00W trennds
one-hairmlle Hun, Haudlcap Pinal henti Won by
William (I. Spncer. scratch, Peter VV, Conrady, 33
Jards, second ; John J. O'Brien, 20 ) ards, third. Time,
mlnutra 8 It, an onda.
Une-mlle Run. Ilandlesp Won by Thomas W. ling
gtna. So yards. Henry K. Ruynan, 40 yards, second;
(leorge w. Rates, scratch, third. Time, 0 minutes H W
Running Long Jump, Scratch Won by William II.
Oris, 3 Inches, with an actual Jump of It) fret 71V
Inches; John J. O'itripn. scratch, second, with 17 feet
K Inches; Thomas W. Muggins, acratch, third, with 10
feet 8 Incite.
Running High Jump. Handicap Won by James II,
Gladwin. .Hlnches with an actual jump of a fret IU
Inches; Thomaa K. yielding, 2 Incurs, second, with S
freti William K.iliou, scratch, third, with 4 feet
lot Inches.
Throwing the lo-pouud nammer, Tlandlcap Won
br Frederick II. Hess, acratch, with ott feet a Inches.
William (I Rates, acrauh, second, with 88 fret 0
Inrhea: Peter VV. Conrady, tl feet, third, with 0 feet.
Putting the lH-pnundbhnt, Handicap Won br VVII
llaniO. Rates. acraUh. with SO feet 11J4 Inches: John
If. Keener , scratch, sn-ond, with 21 feet 10! Inches:
Thomas R 1 leldlna-. a Inches, third, with 23 irei. '
Consolation bcramhle; 300 Yards, bcratch Won br
Arthur II. Herrlck.Jamea T. Urls second. Victor I.
hewcoinbe third. Time, 1 minute 2aj seconds.
Tha Ilea from Kerry oa Deck.
St huetsen Park, comer of Fiftieth street and Third
avenue, South Brooklyn, was the seen of a great
Celtlo festival yesterday afternoon, Th Kerrrmen's
Mutual Benevolent and Protective Association of lb
city ot Brooklyn held their annual festival and Irish
national name at th popular enclosure, end provided
enough eport for all. The remits or the games follow:
One-hundred yard Dash, Mcratch-Won by Michael
V fS'.w.1.'?' V,01""..?", ttshllu second and John
J Caaer third. Time. III4; arcouds.
Two-huirtre.1 and twenty-yard Run. Scratch-Won
ly Henry U.O"IonneU, wtU Tbouut i". Loughtln sec
ond aud Patrick O. Murphy third. Time, 2lfaecnudv
Quarter-uille Run. bcratch-Won by Jtfcbael &
fr" ".'i. J.ohn " Rrlody second and Henry
O'lionnell third. Time. 1 minute 10; arcunda. '
i!t'.i".,i.BHI,v.Bcr,rh-Wou by John J, Htaney.
.'.u,.'J.rk, p. Murphy second aud Robert h, Jonesi
third. Tnie.l minute int-aeoonua. ""s-eue
One-mil Run. bcratch-Won by Thomaa o. Connery.
jrlh Arthur T. Hctlden second aud John P. Hurphr
third. Time, 9 minutes .tM second.. w
Throwing ajzteen pound Hammer. Scratch-Won bv
James T.Oray. with 10H feel aw Inches: James
O'Urten was second with 100 feet lncbe.,aad Thomas
O. C'ounerr was third with 80 fw:t I Inch? """
Putting the blxteen pound shot, bcratch-Won bv
James J O'Brien with Si feel W Inches; JHchaellL
Emtnett was second with US feet 4 Inchee. and Jauiis
T. "ray waa third with bO feet 0W Inches. s
KunnlniLnng Jump, Scratch won by HlchasI P
Caaey with lb feet lot, Inches; Henry P. Murray wis
second with 17 feet, aud Thomas P. Louihlln wal
third with 19 feet 1044 Inches. ugtum was
Running High Jump, bcratch Woa by James P. Lea
with h feet: Patrick J. UcOulr waa second with
fl 8 Inchrt PUlc,t J' M "" wthlrd w'th
Pour-hundred and forty yard Tripod or Three-1ma
Rare.lkTatcb-Won by pafrlck o"iu7ray an?Th2maa
P. LoughUa. with Michael P. Caaey aid Pitrtrk jE
O Rrk.n thlrtl. Tim, 1 minute 81) aeconds. M '
To Bevlva Old fcteottlah, taaaaaa.
An snthuaUstle tsaetiog of Scotchmen and Scotch
men's sons residing In Kings and Queens eouatl waa
held at tVkford Hall, Brooklyn, last nlxht. A com
fullteewM appointed todest means for ti.rm.
iSSJi ruauulors.nUtIoa lS? thl MrbSrS
rerivnig Ch ajuUot ScottUb gam ini iirLj R?..T
thl Sui'lUiSrwaxaaiSSl at KSJ
ggtfg sLr wit5Sttf5siwS,j
rillshnry and Hlintsnlier Agree Vpn
Ilrnvr After Tltlrt).l, Stnves ,
ley, Vnrftmnmt, und t nlsnn Lead I.
Their Classes the enerITo,irnaient;
nori'At.r. Aug. IS Tho ln,,rn4.m,.nt, M
plactl under tl.o auspices of t, cw Vnfk
State Chess As.sc -Utlou were m fun Mt,n(. to
day, when gootl rrogres u , ip Im1 ())(
cup tournament and the genrnl loiirnameht.
the directors liav tigtlrri.iid nottnilnt a handle
cap nt nil, but to iwnr.I ihn ,, ,0 ,hp nn,f
of each class. Th.vlmv, i, tn)vPn ft fcn. (,
dltional entries lo t,r. c. tier il tnuniament.ths
complete list of comne'.itors being now as'fol.
Urst Class-J. W Ci nei ,n liurfvin j w- Tonoe
rhllsdelphlai W. T. Rlnnle, Piiltadelplils: r Porlla'.
game, Iloston; W.K rVrlptitrc Rmne N Y.; I lielmer
Sew Tork; K. Hettm, Urooklyti w ip-re, Brwlclyn '
Hecond CIast-1). W. viler, tneca s.tlts v p
A.DIion.OswegoIt.A.NewcoinlMMPnn p , cfon'
rmffala; F H. Underwood, Iiurtslo, p r-iMirsid.
Rochester, N.Y.I P.P. Searle Rome. S Y ' kh
aell, Bkaneatetes, N. Y.
Third Class-A,McMartln Johnstown; W Kseplnnkl,
Oswego,!.Y.FredCalsen.A.t)nsenbsch,n T (llntoa,
and W. Larery, Buffalo; A, 1 Robertson Pr iltljnsA.
L. Colony, Olean, K. Y.
In the second round of the cup tournament
Albln was pitted against r-hownltcr, thn former
defending Irregularly. After slsteen motes
black got entangled nnd nlgned. ulii-n a msl
was threatening In six mov 9. ""
Karnsworth defended well ngslnt fiiuhnr.
but lost finally through a lilutuler in tlm n,i'
game, but tho latter beat Albln In tlr third
i-ound of the contest in flno stv le after thirty,
four moves. Farnswnrth had then io fis'sed
pawns safely established on the nueen's !(!
l'lllsbury nnd Shovvalter agreed upon h draw
after tlilrty-slx moves. The game, a P tj 4
opening, being equally finely c uductrd bylmth
throughout the routes t.
No results In the cup tournament werenrrlved
nt In tho pvenlng seslon, whlli "ii ple, Tniler
wootl, and t'olson wero lending In the general
louninment In the III nt, second, and third elates
re'pertlvely. Appended aro the fores of three
ttames In the cup contest:
sr.co.iD itotrKD-innKoui.AR
SMOWALTCa. SI sis. 1 snowALren A1SIS.
irhire. y.'.'jit-. h"ah. ;ie
ir-Ki P-uii BKt Hrt r 1:1; j
2P-U4 I'-KKIB Mil Castles I'XIIP
Illl-QM M-htV ItllxP I' KKt4
4 I'-Qll.l Kt-142 ,12H-Q8 Kt-KS
Bk't-K2 I--K4 llHKt-118 ht-tjKtt
P-KII4 0-H3ih(H 14 Kt-UktS K-0
7I'-Kt."l tj-lin lOllxP I'xll
8 Kt-Kt iJ-K3 ilOKtiKIP HslSnr
If blsck had now olaved VKtS, the game wooVg
have prtceedecl as follows-
17Ktxl"ch K-Q8 2fl OiO RxQ
IHI'-Kft 0-U4 1-JlKt-OS.ch K Qt
llll'-KUch K-I13 3i KtxP mate.
lutsstnv. suowALTXJU rttwsntv. sitowALTra,
11 Mir. Blue. aire. THOf.
1 l-J4 P-U4 20R-II 11-113
8KI-KR3 Kt-KDB 21 I'-Q R 4 l'-lfl
Hl"-K:l P-Kll WKlt-ll I'-KKtt
4 ll-U II UKt-Q2 8ll'-KKt3 Il-Kti
(IP-4Kt3 I'-OKtJ 8U-Kt8 1HH)-J
nn-Kts 11-Kta viKt-li:i 11-114
7 Castles ll-OJ. .artKt-KtO iJ-Kt
H U Kt- Q 2 Castles 87 O K g P-Kt 8
Kt-K ft P-R 4 HH K-R 2 R-R
10P-KR4 Kt-K 3 yu llxll I' H
II RxKt I'xll HIIKlll llxll
KKIlKt Uxkt .11 lt-U -J
J3P-U4 P-R 4 BilllU Jxl:
14U-U2 R-tl 11K-K K-D2
13 3 It- ti PxP 840-K2 Vz(tek
ibJIxP V-QP MKxo X-tCl
it) Kt-Kt it-u2 Drawn game.
18 P-O, It 9 ll-B
Tniuii itousB cooTrr.n cextiuj oavibit.
ai sis. ransrwoivTB auct. rAXorswoarA
UMte. Ulark. IIAIle. Blatk.
1P-K4 P-U4 18 Q-j3 Q-Kt
8P-KB P-K-'l 18 Kt-Kt 3 RxKt
B pu 4 r-0 U 4 80 P x II J-Q
4P-UU3 PXP 81 Kt-Kt g-K2
DPxV Il-Kt8ch 2JKt-II8 U-KtB
HKt-im Kt ORB 2Jht-KtS A-Ktll
7V-KI4 P-KXt J 84KI-RU B-KtS
MR-QKtS R-ti'i 23UR R QxPICtl)
8 RxKt 11X11 8(1 li-JR2 Q-KtO
10 Kt-K 'J P-KR4 27KR-QB K-(J8
11U-B3 Kt-K 113 28R-B8 KR-Kt
18UxKt RXR 8Kt-KtS K R-Q B
13 Castles H-H4 811 11 x 11 RxR
14Q-KU R-R 8 81 R-0 K-K 8
J5P-II4 R-Kt3 Hgl'-Kn4 11-113
ISP-OIK P-OR4 SaKt-dlH Oil'
17 K-R R-H 2 84 Resigns.
Hcore of tha F1rt flam or tha Great Cheaa
Yesterday's European mall brought tha first
game of the great oheas match for the champion
ship of Germany, aa contested between Dr.
falglsmund Tarrosch of Nuremberg and Carl
August Walbrodt of Berlin. From the appen
dant score of the first game It will be seen that
Walbrodt lacked In Judgment, whllo Tarragon's
play, although somewhat tnmo In the opening,
became highly Interesting In the middle and end
game. Appended Uthe game:
first GAMK-aicoco vmso.
MAtsaoDT. TAaaAscn. Waisoht. Tiaaiscm.
llAite. Jlinrlr. WMIt. Black
2 Kt-K R 3 Kt-U H 3 VI R-K 4 (g) Kt-Q
HII-B4 R-B4 24R-U Kt-OJI8
4 Castles (a) Kt-I1 1 S3 Kt 11 3 (h) P-O II 4
a P-J 3 (b) P-O a p x V P i
HP-flu R-KI3 87P-R4 PxP
7P-OKt4 R-K 3 2KxP K-KI
MIIXll(c) Pxll 28Kt-R4 Kt(UII)-n I
UP-OR4 P-O It 3 WQ-Q3 P-B3
1UR-K3 R-II2 ;)t tj Q (t) Kt B4
1111X11 Rxll i'NO-lm Kt(R4)-EI
I8 0-Kt3(d)0-S4 ,:HKtlKt XtxR(q) I
13 Kt-Kt .1 Kt-U 84KS-B4 Kt-R 0 0)
14P-K1I4 P-R .1 lt-OI Kt-Q.4
I3Kt-KlU(ej('aatles Hrtkt-3j3 R-R
lKt-OJ Kt-U 2 37P-lT:i ll-ll 8 eh
17 O R-K OR-ll WIK-lH 11-117
lHKt-113 K-R 3 88 K-R RxKt
181'XP I'll' 4urxR O-KB8
VO P-O 4(f) PxP 41 Kt-K 11-110
VIP-K3 Kt-Q 4 42 Resigns.
notes nr ocanriia.
fs) There Is no advantage to be gained for castling
thus early, snd unlesslt was Intended to proceed with
the Max Lang attack, 6. 1' U, 4, he should has
plaved P vl 3 or P y II 3.
lb) 0. P-Q 4. B x I': 0. Kt x n, Kt x Kt; 7. P-ED 4,
Ac, leads to a more interesting gsnitt.
(c) Btelnlts was one of thehrit who favored this x
change, and It has been adupted since) by several lad
lug experts In Important contests. Th main obJot
of the exchange of pieces Is tn leave tho adversary
with a weak K P. Black, on th other hand, obtain an
open 11 file for two rooks, which Is ainpl coopvnsfc
tlun In the hands of a skilled player.
(dl VVhlto now obtains au attack at the cost of ulti
mata Ions lu position. He ought to have developed lb
(J side nrst, and then made tor the weak ceutr pawn
later on.
(e) This knight Is now badly placed, th result of a
prematura attack. I
(f R J was the proper plsy here,
(gl Onu feels tnUnctlvciy that this cannot b a
good move and subsequent play proses this to b so.
Whstber such a mov e should b made or not is Mlmif
t question nt Judgment.
(h) All this time th CKt might as well b OS the
board, for the piece Is altogether out of play,
(II White miscalculates th position entirely. He
evldentlythoughl thst tboKt-Se could not be played
on account of 3J. KtxKt threatening to discover check
thereby forgetting, however, that hi It on 4 would
then b gone.
(J) Having now a sufflclent srlnnlng superiority,
Tsrrasch Unlahes the encounter la his best andwasurly
Cat ExtraarUlaary,
According to a despatch received In this olty
yesterday, Carl August Walbrodt played 08
Tuesday evening, at the Nuremberg Chess Club,
fifty-one games simultaneously. lie won forty
twu games. Inst five, and drew four. 1 his u th
greatest exhibition ot Its kind ever glv eu.
l'rlacetoa Football Ilea oa Ioag I elaad.
Princeton's football snuad, back of line, began
practice at Ouogue, L. I., yesterday. Acting
Manager I'erkln Is there, and so ore Trcutbard
and Treasurer MUbum.
Eht gittf.
BPECIAL TRAINS will t run from Orand Csntrsl
Depot direct to ths grand stand at 12.13. 1 13. 1
(parlor cars only). 1 83. and 1 SO p M. AlluauiseX"
oPt 1.30 stop at Molt Hat en ft minutes later
,parkwa drivim. ci. in
adjoining Rronklyn Jockey ( lub tlrounls.
Bay Ridg (Culver route). Pro.t, t Park snd coney
Island R. Iu and bmlth St. troUey Dues direct tutrsca.
King, Highway elation.
Oraad Stand Uctets. tl.PO, Ladles. 60 cents. t
riiVauisa k.vc:tua.ck.
Steamers leave Bridge Pier, llrooklyn. 12 30 3d st,
? R, o'clock; bth St., I JO. 1.13th at., K. K. I d
1 -30. Cxcursloa 40 rents. Including stage, AUJ vu
L. I. R- R.. loandJ2o
BOWLISO ALLEYS aaif tennis couTts to 1st viprr
vat club only. Apply 212 Wen 4ltst.
American District
Messenger Company
maintains Competent Help,
who will handle
Tglthout, extra oharge, ,

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