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B r flif I Jy vni,v TVMtihi: jy run ust
B t (Ifrf f ItACV AT on.ircsESD,
K S'lJ'sff I r,'r'ou "Jury " Horaes nr Itlrtera,
B J'rif'i B mt '""' llldl"' lnt lie Htopped-A
Um i ill!? H led Ilent ftor the Oeeaa View llnnill.
SB 3 I (y G I cnp Mloaenell Took the Hpeevilutloa
SB t'rlDj' f HtnUf, llutlng bat Two Opponent
vBv U-i'SftK Trunin, .fudge Slorrovr, Wernberir, nnil
S I 8 jilTJ ' TVnnkl Pooh Woa the Other Itnees.
HB T 3 It J" What looked like a very tcrlotis ftedilcnl In
HbS I itlw ! '10 '"' rAC0 tuc"tl 011t remarkably well
vBfl I 'in kt' (,rnre,cn' yesterday evening. It wns
B f If Iri' ln "10 'ut raco "' tl10 ,',' nml Cockade,
BH S 0 Jliil llara, Klla Heed, mid Hosltn fell, carrying
BS 2 f j Jockeys It. IJoggott. J. Davis, Carter, and Me
BVfl fH ill! Clalu with them. No two jockeys tell the same
BVfl ill JSil tory about the accident or what led to It, but
H ) His thouttht that Hi Iff on Hart cut across fclla
H jfjj'l Itcctl, throwing her, and that Cue k ado. Darn,
BBS 4 jj y' Hovlta fell orer her. ttlchnrd Doggett
Mmt C S i-li was the most seriously hurt of the boys, aud ono
Bwa fHlifi'l of his arms Is severely wrenched. Jimmy Davis
MUt It a? Is ' Complained of pains In his side, but Carter and
BYf ' fflfl JUcClnln came out of the wreck smilingly, and
Wm fSriJ Wero ready to rldo another raco at short notice.
Wm ! !l3a! Llttlo Davis struck the fence, but he Is a bundle
Bl il IvhWa! Df muscle, and escaped serious Injury. Thn
BBC ') ' "S 3SI Mono of the accident was tho beginning of the
bW S fl 'tl! Oppsr turn, whero the horses Wnrpatli and
Mt j I fflj .Halfpenny met their deuth sumo yearn ago,
' 3 ill land where Hilly Dutiohuc, Jimmy McLaughlin,
Bl i 3'H jQoorgo Taylor, and other rldurs have cumo
' . i:lPa!i itogrlof. Theruis alwats n disposition on the
J v w Ijj partof thoso on the otitsldi! to cut across ton
IBB ' ? V, Wharply at this point, and many riders and horses
V I'S' Vi! I have rollcl In llio ilu-tt. 11 Is n most dllllcult
V 2W 3J! thing to get Jockvyn to tell the truth about such
V lil 3 jpocurrences aa yetenlay's. Tho stewards nftlio
H frS'B j fdaydld their heM, hut lant evening they had not
V ' n fl ' : n B I iVttled upon tho real culprit. '
BB (rjj V j Tho rain of Hatunlny loft no traces liehlnd
i" W8 it Wvo In the re no wctl brilliancy of the gra In
' flllls V IHho Infield and on the lawn, ami the truck "at
WmB m !pp.rently as dry as ou the first duy of thn
H I oncctlng, Tho canl was n good otic, but the
- j 1roseu(of Mtouencll In tlio Sproulatloti Htnkcs
I ' (J 11 Wpollod that ovent, and only Jack of Hpadtt nnil
; j' ' illugli Penny opposed .M. V. Dnycr's blij horso
PB i J, K ' or tho prim.
PaB' ' If R' Tho second stake event on tho card, tiie Ocean
BB t an V i Vlow Handicap, fur three-) oar-olds, btought
I'C If ! bout the best finish of the day. Sir Knees and
SJjJ Rl 'Dutch Nknter making a dead licntuf It, with tho
, f"S R favorlte, I'atrlcian, a dote third. Hlr Kxcess
'' ill) f ehnulil liavo won handily, lteltf, who had the
iSf' hi mount, riding a very bad race, making his run
81 F I )nuch too soon and cutting acros thefaorlte
il'ji tl f '" u,'t"t'on knocking htm olf his stride and
'M, ' taming him to drop back acouplo of length.
J S j f' I tlrtnin's display of horeniauhlp on Dutch
1 1 I I Hkater was brilliant, and had the Jockeys been
BaVi Q reversed Sir Kxcess would have won very easily.
! ji I' Messrs. Hogeis and Jennings agieed to dlvldo
BBT 'jH y ' ,no'"''.
H i w 9 l I'atrlcian was an oterwhelinlng favorlto with
BBt I Ml W'i ftenry of Navarre, Dobbins, Dorian, and Horn.
Jf i I'lpeoutof the ways hut not a fewof the know.
BBt ? ' ' 9 i ' Ini division placed their money on Sir Kxeess,
H)i ;l . J I j- Sgurlngth.it hlsowiierand trainer, J. W.Hogers,
BB i ' ilml ! I' Wll ' Dorian In tho race as well, knew what
BBat ? lat I ft I '"' vra" ''0'"K hen lie scratched his lop weight
BBI B IS I ul mid starteil tho long-striding nml hlgh-headcl
B 8 M ! ij brother to C'onuolsvur. Dutch Skater and Hlr
BB I' M ' V Excels went to tliu iot equal second choices at
BbB ' I ft! i t0 ll ""'' H '" ! n'rft'",t Assignee and .'10 to 1
BBI i 9 ' 71 Vrlnrel'arl. Dutch Skater made tlio running
Bflf i !,(.: In the early part of tho rontcst. with I'atrlcian
t . i IUliirifl nllll 4lr l-'in,. It.-. tjm.wln.. .1... ..I.I
BbV I- i ! 9 vlu, bou.M', HiItT rukheil Sir Kxciss up on thn
BBI T 01 ft rxtrerao outxlde, mid in a sixteenth of n niilo
BBf I M I : Jrentfmm the roar ,to tlio lend. Interfering with
BB 1 '-fij v I'atrlcian, as has already been meiitloiied. On
BBI ' jB I I I. the uppor turn he took hold of Hlr Kxceiis.nnd,
BM 1 9! 2 Steadying him. walteil alongside Dutch Skater.
BBf f fl r 7 Himms was hard at work ou I'atrlcliiu. In tho
BB J ifll li , hnmettret.-h hir Kxeess heemed to hold
BC r V W e Dutch Skater safe until Just after iia-s-
BBf (r iii. ing the furlong pole, where tho brother to Holler.
BB i: (Bl L In answer to flrlffln'acalKmiide an extra spurt.
IH 5.3F brintflng IleitT to a drive. In tho whipping finish
BliVSlI jvhlrh fiisueil tho pair passed the line head nnil
WH iUV ' Jienil. The Judges derided It a dead hent. l'a-
, I I' , trlclim ran very gamely through tho stretch and
3m I & . wnsncloso third at the end. Tne owners agreed
r MM J to divide first and second moneys.
BB ' 31 I 1, . Stonenell was favorite for his race, with
BB i, S I 3- Hugh I'rnny and Jack of Spades equally
BB mt t I! '. fancied nt T to 1. Jack of Spades made the
BB- K Bf ' ., ruiinliig until tho last furlong pole, where
BB IB ' ,, Woneiiellwnslnii pocket next the rnll. Itiltr
BB P H I e rarrhsl I'euny out Junta trltlo and lit tho big
BB t' Bi 't chestnut horwu out of his tight corner, and one e
BB T IB I . 'I tho wny was clear the con of Stonehcngo made
BB B I II " meteoric rush whlcli lauded him safely In
BB '9 il front. Ilughl'enny tent Jackof Siiades aneck
BB 9 ' 'I or second money. With .Stonenell out of tho
BB 3 Bl ' 'J; race It would have been n great contest between
BB l 9 I 13 Cnattnnoi(-n, llublcon, Derrargtlla. and other
S l ; 3 candidates tuat were withdrawn. Their owners
Bi I ' S-, uhl not care to chnso Stunenell, one of the best
S i '! sprinters in America.
K 9 I ! ;i "nr" 'SlthN go.Hl fllly I'ranla. a ilaiuhter of
91 S I I Jlaiioterund Wunda, won thoopeiiltig ruc for
BS i 9 11 i iHO-year-old fillies In much thn same stylo us
BB f H ' Jr dam was wont to lieat her opponents, ilraw-
BB 1,9 nBi Ingaway In the final inn janlsnitli beautiful
BB !' B m' strides and winning lth speed In reserve. Thn
. tW n vastly oerratel Sudle was In front for a few
Bl ! " InomentM, Out L rauluulnays held her field Kufe.
BB; i 9 91' Jjoundelay, with 'lnrul up. bent the 10U to 1
P BB" fchot Deuo a head for second money,
BB II 91- , That hsndome lint Irrenimnilbln hnre Judgo
BB (19 BB SInrrow lnndtil thecomrnrtabloiNldsof N to 1 in
BB .fkB) 9 th,1: "ond race, a selling (Hecpitakesat one
BB 91 n ?H110 .Hl"' " 'Ixteeuth, fur which Anna and
I ;;B1 t Numdmoro were lienlly backed. 1 ho elder
B i,9l II Doggett had the mount of Soundmnre, and he
91 ,'iSB -I U.' inade the mistake of hurrying him along at the
91 vBi BV tart, showing in tho lead at the end of the first
91:- fi9l 1 BI- three-tiuarters, with Anna and Suiiduu net loM
BB B I 9 lip, and Judge Morrow the most prominent of
91 'BB I 9. Ihuothers. In the homeatretch the Jiuige gal-
91 1 91 I E loped to tho front, hut lteilf won forcid to go in
9l Slfll I T . V" w,,.,n "'"'" Horry Aloiuo came tlirough
Bf f IB! I S lV'm the extreme nuk.and he was at Judge
BM Imm 1 V Morrow's thnutlateh ut tlio finish, .laik Km
9t 91 was a fair third. There was u ,,io,l u vu u. 1
f P9I K Kgalust Harry Alouzo to finish Hicoud.
H tU ! E .The talent were In mourning after the fifth
H 9l 1 Vace. for which Ijtdy Violet was strongly sup- i
91 9 I Bl yorteU. ApiHimattox and Wernberg wem the
BB; 't,mt i Si , favorites for the place, long odds being ntTe red
BB Timf B! iignlnsi the others. IVnii on Wernberg cut
491 9IS U'rossI.ail Molet ut thu start, and obtained an
Bl B I W udvantuge that tho lllemton inar.i was never
BB V I I "bWi to overcome, leading all the nay and win. '
Br U-BI I I) ing by n length mid a half. Thn two.j ear-old
Ti'9 I ffi Ji lyOenuett Kdnunlsbeut Klleua iieikfor tho
9 filBL;! tR l1'?.0"-. AplKimattox wus wire and finished fifth.
9 9frt H . ankl Tooh wuspla)edotT the hoard for tho
9 ?I9ti I Jaal race, a selling ntfalr at fie and a half fur
Bf (-BK1 I- Jongs. He broke mi tliu extreme outside, and
Bi IBn! Z Jx'foreauuarterof mlleliad been run was In
m,!tlWMmi Ti Jrrmt with Hart and Sir Dlxun, Jr. Opiiositethe
B'lfll-. 1 ' I'M Uub house Klla Uee.1 fell, and Cockade,
9-9B ! 1 Iloslta, and Dara fell oyer her. In thn honied
9C flfl I Mretch Nanki I'ooU more than held his
9 j9 1 t !"y ""'I won by a length, with Neieilah
9 JrjU- i Bi thlrii. a head before I'tlea, who unt
9- -CiHrlBV yi'." P'a)'l it the close of the betting. The
9 ..H" BB Judges investigate! the foul riding, mid it Has
"S : BViflS i ievrral minutes U-fure third number was
.'iJaltl B hoisted. Several hundred persons ironed the
BVvfS HJn 9V Jleld to the scene of the accident, among them
9.:fS9ni B A Dr.fl. UKnapp. who Is much attached to 11.
BT'sti 9.-II Doggett. ham Doggrtt Juniiet on his wheel
iR-Bt'lf Mi' idiiuntothehalf.mllepolelnahurry. Sum.
J It m - Uiarles follow;
B 1 D riitsT iu cr.
J flfl 9 . 'nrtMOTMrnlit ntlles. asweepiukri of lit earh
I BJ'll J r.'.'JS ."I'i, a,i',',1 ".' v,l,uh u" ,u second aud
I Bl'ft . SIOO to thlnl, live furlong.
V, Bf m KeinUII htalile'. eh I. Ursula, hy llanoer-Wanda,
' till lltrszsni ' ',
tB--l V " ?;. Hiaiudelair.IWjriraO -J
Br I James K. Vrr" lill. f lii.i. 1 1'J (l.(im). a
( H j i - 1 ui. fcitarr. I.uenl. saule. sud Ursmbolctu nilr
I n ) blu rail.
fill . Tims, 1 01
II M 1 1 , ' Wluf-Tbre to 1 Sjuiu.l Sadie, 4 to l Ettsrrx. to
?f'BV 1 I J Koundrlai. to 1 I'rsnlM 6 to I I.uesiiU, li l.i I
! ijl 1 ' JjJ 1 lot Owlet, 8 to llirambeliia ntly.eo to l
tjl 1 woo itirr-
If' M' , ."r Ibree-irarolils sud upward; a SMrepsukes of
ti m'fi V1'jlh l.00iladde.(. olwIikhliOOUisw-ond
m- By jl'IIW! lo Ibird. x-llln allonani.es, one mllouud a
?BVB91R JljCafreriif AWUhanPs Uh Judfe Morrow, aged.
I .-SC JBI" J r.Quliclej's ,-h. b. ll.irry.ll.mio. S. 101 ,1'enni .. a
1 It 1) TIii'iiiMlUrrell-sl.r b. Jaokll.e.ae.l. lOililirimiiiM
V WAI lUrus, lliltoltk, Sau.luiww. feouudiuurc, Vtruso
Bj I it and Aunaaltorsn ,
, BI 1 Time. 1 Soi.
1 M , J r. '""f- wololaimtaiiu . I to!i hourulmore,
3X If 6 lo I Ja.klto.. 0 1.. I Ju.j(lnrr,. uio 1 Sju!
,, j.v SXWl'ff' '".' "k. sow i
It- Bi T' pwuuua bukes, rr three rr oW aud up.
i if'. Bf-fe, J"': KUaruu'eyd alu t 8oO. of whUb i'..i,oo i,i
B Bif 'V, """' "'"""ad.aad it W to tblrd.Mllluir
1 S' BtBr ailwsauees. six furlongs. ,....u
1 B' IV ", ,,"!' '" h;u. Bivuenrll, s, by Woneheniie-
t2. 3T . Nill llrtoiunii.i ' i
S,. Bf,' JhijaBerty Ul.burd's U g. lluvb l'eun), 4, loa
Br. ffJ KWiuiou stable ch.c Ji k of fcpades, 3, lux (Orlf
l!i Iff .. . .. Time. I 13 '
jX m. . j niiiiTii hack, ,
Kr ft Tbe Ik-eautlrw lsn.lup. for SycsroWi. Xiao
' fel H b lb tlJOfl aldl. if hlh Wl tiUwd
WT 1 au.IJOioiLlrd; vuu mUe ud a f urliiiii. " "ww
13 MS 'iJrx.'Ser'in'i&f1""- Nf "l"- . I
in f ntss j. j tiHrrUc I jirbrUn, j, les iunu, j
IH-adbiMt tkedlUld ""' J
Tluie. I Sat
Aulznea and 1'rlnc farl li ran
. . UVItlugTiolo 1 uu J'alrulau j iu I scul hlr
U JK K'm. Jloll)uUb bkatr, i I Art.n'eT ijioi
; I 5 nrru back.
9 " ! H. ' I'ofall Mssibcary tuidlcap, asacepstUctof US
siPiL' 1.
B99txJ9l ... . JiaWPIhrt ;1- -
ach wlthd.OAOaiMeil.nf which WOO to second and
tooto'thlrdj ftresnit a tislf furlongs,
smes Mejiijhlln' l. e. Wernberg, 3, by Mnscoty
llolmdrl. loa il'ennl . . , .. .. ' , . 1
fieinton Htsble's b. f I-ady Vlnlet, 4, l7 (Ortfflni 'i
IkVPlston. Jr.'s,eh. f. tlennetl Kilwsnls ,0 (Isom) a
F.llin, Tonhbearer,Appornsttox, andllsnunle alto
Time, I lOfl.
netting -Ten to 7 on Lady lolst, ft to t atslntt Ap
poniallox, Bio I Wernberg, into I Klten, (Mo I Oen
nett Kdwsnls, 60 to I 1 on hbesrer, So to 1 Uamniie.
Cor two-rear nlls, a neeptake of ilSsseh, with
li(io s.l.le.1. of whli li Sioo to second snd (100 to
tidnlt elKtiitslIonancrs. live and a half furlong.
Jnlin Dsly's tir. e Nsnkf 1'isib, by liarebln Yum
.4)1111, liiltnrlfflui.. .. . ... I
J. Welters rt. e. Mr Plum, lr . wi (It. Junoi a
J. I. Pepper's eh. f. Meceitsh, S 'Isom). , ... H
Mar Usy Oily. Kmits, ilia Heed, Hart. L'llca, L'wk
ade, Uliarre, and Dara alio ran.
... Time. I 01H.
Iiettlnn-Twotoone on Nsnkl Pooh, to t aaslnut
Sir Dixon, Jr., M to I t'tli-a, llltn I each Mia lleed.
Hart, and Cockade, IS to I Jlsy liayrllly.lAtol Itotlta,
wo to 1 Nccrdsb, UO to 1 lllurre, 30 to I bars.
t:TJti i:s ran an.irr.sr.su.
There Are Kljr,ht Itneea on the rroxrumms
for To.doy.
Thcro will be eight races for to-day at Graves,
end, the first and seventh events being divided.
Domino, Stonenell, I'atrlcian, and the great two-year-olds
l.lsak and Fifing Dutchman are
named to meet In the Culver Stakes, and an
evenly balanced field of three-year-olds will go
to the post for the Sea Urccze Stakes at ono tutio
and a sixteenth.
Thn programme In full follows:
llrst Itieo tor inalilen two-year oldsi a sweep,
stakes of SIS each, with $1, Duo added, of which M()
tosrennd and $100 to third) selllug allowances; nte
1uean . ICVCantcrbnry . . .93
Navahoc ion 1,0 lienaula oi
flunh . la hut hauler VI
t sport u.l.lluik Maule Ii.l
Achiever . I'Jlt'ouutess Ill)
Second Usee- Conditions and dlidaucs the same as
.iiv.i,-- , it ,iiv llini,
Jllllon F tnnil'srthenla pn
I'hiebiM iinfii'iirinns .. ... on
Meiillnl 100 llliiunlii nily ... HO
Son Krreiir . . IMiVelnl Hone ... MO
Keunel . . VJlllarry Kelnler. . VO
Third HacnKor three-year olds and upward i hsndl
cap a swiepstakesof Sffl each, with Sl.onoaifilnl. of
Mhleh S.'ou tosevond ami lloo to third j one mile and
a forlnng.
Itanotiet IV I Sir.iposva inn
olmiihlon llTNlr KnlKht . 104
The IVpT lliil
Fnurtli llnee The Cuhcr flakes, for two 3 ear olds
andtipnards Hieaeh. "i forfeit, lth Sl.snn add
ed, of vtldcli $00 to seennil and SISU to thlrdj six
Moueiiell lUliPatrlelsn . . . I In
Pnmliio 1 lull-lying Dutchuian. 01
l.li-Mk ml
Finh Itnee The s,.abrpe flakes, for three-year
0I1U: SAi'seti. iinrter-t to uiy S.mi ailjlilnnsl, Kiiarao
teed (imli hloei,fiO0t to the winner SV.ntio, to the
M-t'ouiI lior--- 4 lAo. auil to Ihn third hurte SI 30i aelllu-c
hIIohmiiiih, one mlluandanlxti'tlith.
l-ia-ahoiitas.. . llO'lnilih Hkater . .. ICW
Hectare . . los'l'atrlclaii ins
As'tioiee .. loo.lhileraliad ion
ilulllee . , KinlPrlg 103
Figaro lno'Suu-taiid Usnce . .. V7
Thurston vi
Sixth Iti-i'i- For two-year ollv. hsndlesp; a sweep
stakes of SIS ea h, or SI If ileelnred, with I I.OOOaitdeit,
or whlrh SMU to wcond ami Stun to thirds nve and a
half rurloiiKS.
Flvlnir Dutchman. lis Connols-u-ur Its
Knbllls loiofliildeii Itml 10H
llennsillta ... PSiKIng Hold .. . U7
Seventh Usee For threi-.yearnlils and upward which
hateniit won $.on in tH4, nellingi a sw,pst.iki-siir
tl.leach, wllhst.uoo aihled.of which SVUUtosecoud
and fiou to third, six furlong.
Johannes loft I eons well. 10;
KyJovn ... 1111 Long Hrtdge Ion
Psntata . .. .. HiJIiilJ) S UU
I'litenfatv in.1' Mendicant. ... mm
Florence. . . . 100 Milan p.i
ll)lieriilaJueen loo Pienij 111
cfemantlna. . .. loo'Sniirnno uj
Millka . . looihlbvron no
-uarKlirrlte , VUl
I'eter-Cutly nark.
Rlghth Hsre-Cnndltlons and distance the tame as
thut of tbu seventh.
Jlellia... . . llt'Adelliert ton
Anna lll.hop lnust.Frlli 107
Old D001lnl1.il lll'.'I.usire 107
Ktoucniamn loj Integrity 104
lk-1 Demonlo 0iJlnil.w nil
WIIIFIIInlt .. ... ..lOllI.lltle lllllj .lot
Iluii'lhateh 101 Sllss nislu. 1011
Khadow uu Hardy Fox uu
Fondoltue uj
nit: itAvi: or Tiir. rv.tn.
Domino and Ifeary of Navarre to Sleet on
Domino mid Henry of Navarre have been
matched at last, the llrookljn Jockey Club cs
terdny securing the consent of tho Slessrs.
Keene and Hyron McClelland to run thee great
three-year-olds at Hravrsend on Saturday next
for a purse of $3,000, which will go to the win
ner. Tho distance agreed upon, one mile and n
furlong, will give a chanco to test Domino. The
toltswlll co rry IV- pounds each, and the nice
should bring U0.V00 persona to tho track. Of
course a good day and track will be essential to
bring off the race, which, after all, is not a
match, as neither of tho owners put a penny of
their money In tho stake.
Ever sinco Domino defeated Clifford and
Henry of Nnvarre beat Bo liquet nt even welghta
the public has clamored for n meeting between
these mighty sons of IUniur und Knight of
hllrrMIr. und It should be u better race than the
lthcrsMake liu-t spring, when Domino beat
his rhal a short head ln one of the best finishes
ever Been at MorrU Park. Tim horses did not
run much more thun a sixteenth of a mile then,
as It was n Malting race, and Jockey Harrison,
who had tho mount on Henry of Navarre was
criticised for not carrjlng Domino nt top speed
every yard of the way. Some persons believe
that Domino Is at present ln better condition for
a hard race than his antagonist. Henry of
Navarro s campaign having been long anil
urduuus. Hut Saturday will tell the tale.
Weights Tor the Fill I on Handicap.
The following are the weights for the Fulton
Handicap, ut one mile and n quarter, to be run
on Thursday, Sept. l.'l:
llenr nf.Naturre liiaiDerlsre . . BO
Ifcvlsn . . . 121 Dutch hkater.. . . 100
Ilubtilus .. tin l-iirliinn u-j
John 'iiper . ...UU lfnrnplM US
Mr Knight lou AMlgmm do
I Patrician Ida Prllice Carl no
llll-e . .,110'1'ueshomas H7
Mr Kxeess ...107il.ouirdsle . . m7
thsut . ina.SiarAitreM 7
Fnlrlr lor .Mnaprtb.
j The follow ng Is the programme for Maspeth
1 to-day:
I Ursl llnee- Five and a half furlongs, selling. KeK.
aiiina. lM7.Mrasbiir-r, ligl, Hay Tay. los. Ulatkhuro.
U3, Clansman KUllli, Hii; Wang, lou, Itrutiela, luo.
3lsrble pol, loo
betund Ibne Three.iiusrtersof a mile; selling. Ty-
lura. lus, Arunilel.uu, luyl'al). lo:i. Jull.tte, luj;
Advenlure--. oo, Jarley, uO, Iki Know, titf: Arecu
nily. t'h , Ijuly llanh) , lis, Ool.l I ly. tin.
.. Third luce Seien-elghthsof amlle Chateau, 113:
! Itaii.lu-.Iu. I loi Contralto. llo;Arcbblhop, UU: fclUa
I belli. HIT, I'lrale Chief. 107. F '
,.ou.r.,u ,lM' aeen eighths of a mile. Foxglove,
lm. Mirage, llji farrai-iu. uu. Frank K. Ilsrf, 10s
ternwool, 103. Julleii, lot. Harlem. o.
Urth Hare-one nine selling Ijillon, IU; Ijiintla,
11 J. Hunt hiiow, 11a, lioli huiiirrlaiul, j. m.
ljjureijt, il. comprador, U3. lien Unrdon, tun, l.ls
inure, lull, llleuall, luu.
The following are tho entries for to-night's
Flr.t Itace Mte end a half furlongs, selling. Folia
tor lo,ii.iiiiid. Alanthraelie UU, fill the, lol , Hlght.
rk'its " ""' ""' ,lrl4 ' '"" U11' B't'k"
hernml Usee Five and a rait furlongs, selling,
lleiiloiieii leldliuc. IVJ iiun.U. Itomaiiee, 07, Dr.
Iliamljris In3, Wblle.lone. 10, Irnllvtoin I
,lm.1', ' i l '.',' ud" I'-. !u. I 'eg Ug.loo. Hob V . KJ.
Third lUcr Uve und a half lurl.mg.. selling. Ilrr
cules, IU7Kiund, llurlue, lot. Kellumo, loji tella
"'leriuoy ilmp. i, IUI, r-alvuul. 101. Lallab, Ms, Jennie
tourth llare- live and a half furlong, selling. Con
V.T'ti " pounds. .rlnistnne, llo, illllet D.iuxcnlt,
IPS, I'aragou, lol, Uoniluti, luv, Itoumii, luo. McCur'
mark, loo, itriMllte. loo,
. i'''' "a'-Thrveiiiartersnf a mile, selling. Clreu
11r-;i",PV"'d.tliiioru, loi.Jsik WIlMin, 101. Ijiu
lUielt, 101 , lioium. Us, Jisy D , fi.
The Owner or tlet There Tblaka that Ilia
llorae t'u Filed.
Piucino. Sept 0.-The fourth year of raring at thn
lUrlem tra k twgau today, aud, despite the condition
cdtbetrsJk, six wcllonteted races were ruu. F. r.
Wixid, the owner of net There, who was ruled off
some time ago Ina hi at race, called on Col. Clark to
day and begged to lm reinstated. He claims that W.
E. Farlow came to him on the day of the rare and
wanted blm to run his horse "dead," saving that ha
I1!""...0 bookmakers ,'n ths ring that w'ukl pay
hliu S'100 eai b. imI t-lslnis that be laughe.1 at thi
in.-r. but thinks one of his rubiier wasapproaeheit
aud flxed the huru-. Au Investigation will 1 mail
and iwrhsps half siliutu inirileswlli bo ruled urr.
Hrt luie- Selling, Jx furlongs, klarlon O.. Pn
tCarri Snl.sou, fbe DUtllUr, V7 iCbevulien fli to
third "tImm?1" it'"1"1' M"JU, WwrrluMSto3u.
heiind lUee line mile and an eighth bull Ross. 100
(Uergeri. tn 3. won, y i w, ; (Neweomi, w io I
"o''d. IU j Dil il r, too lUuiui). 10 lo I third Time,
4 IMly.
Third Kae Tlme-fourtha of a mile Imp Elite, low
iNrvtvuiui I'lliil wou lllghliiid. lo( Taylor), a
t'i'..,'. rSS!"1, Uhirtliu, luo (UMkllui. 4 loi, ibird.
rourth Itaee-One mile. Diek Hehan, 103 (Cam, A
tu .'.won, He Jure, U7 iC WeUrj, J to I, tecum! .
1 VSim al 'i','.'""' 8 " 3- third. "Tlnie, I'su.. '
r.l1'Uu,,s'"ln:.."'e u'"e- Utile Crlppl?; 4
Choru),7loS.wt,n. MsrteU, Ut (Che. alien, 6 la I,
'J. Wau.k, tw Ibterellj.eo to I, third. TUn;
.r-!l,",.?cS1"n. h,x furlongs Rnbla Howl. 100
(Ch'valleri. a io 1. wun. Mi.i. 101 n'hnrni it to 1
rvond. Guard. 1U1 iiattlui. etol.thlrd Tliue.l lin,
Talk About htarllnic .IjcmIo at flultea.
Il U reported here tliat the tjulluiiburg race
traik i tu be ruorguuUtd uuder the Uinvliun of
Ul.nl. MiliUk'lilln, who will Uu one of the
puuieiuoirnofsnew organUrttton lobe known
as iliM (iiiiilimeirs Driving As.oclatlon It i i
Kiid thai M Laughlin has neuwl the tntluiml i
of several ItepuUlcan allticians, and that the
id'.'e. t itoruu winter rates there, thougu at Iho I
ouuit ihero will u blcjclo and trotting race
sy aj lo Uuarui suspkiou. i
TJWTTI.rO at rnit.ADKi.vniA.
(Kally Rlmmoaa and nodResllle C'aptnre the
Piilt.Atir.l.riitA, Sept. 10. There was plenty
nf money tn premiums for the (Irand Circuit
horses at Point llreeie to-day, bat the fields were
small snd the patronage very light. It Is likely
that the stifling temperaturo had something to
no with thedulncss of the opening, and every
thing passed off finely. Tne only good thing to
go wrong was Arena, In the S'SO trot, snd the
fast four-year-old proved to bo a pretty slk
trotter nfter he had gnno two heats. H-fore the
first he sold nt $25 tn $10 for the Held, hut a bad
break going nway on Arena's part gate
Sally Simmons u strong lead, and when
ho slipped up niraln on the homestretch tho
filly Jogged home In Si'JOM. "We got off luckily
that time," remarked James Clnlden. the llos.
ton relnsmsn who ns driving Snllv Simmons
fordeorgo Starr, tho latter being kept at New
York with tloso Leaf, The second heat showed
that Arena was In bad shape, and a mile In
J:!.'4H disposed nf tho others. Ilettlng had been
US to It mi Major Dickinson's fllly before this
heat, and then came the lions that Arena was
unable tn start again. Veterinary Surgeon Mar
shall was called, and after n brief examination
det Ided that the colt was suffering from spinal
trouble and It would bounsafo for him to go on.
This made success the more certain for Sally
Simmons, and Happy Minnie, was the only one
near her as she captured tho next heat tn'Jik'4,
Abbott Wilkes, a brother to Island Wilkes,
whom Goldsmith had out last season, was tho
tip for tho 2:18 pneo, starting at eien money
and then going up to $'-'. against $10 for tho
Held. Ilerkshlro Courier led to tho half ln the
first heat, where ho made a break, and Abbott
Wilkes had oietied quite a gap to the sixth
furlong. Coming home the leader slowed up
so that Judgo Sterling tlosed on him and
liuide a very rloso finish In '-':IH. Tho decision
went to the favorite, but his barkers liecamo
alarmed and the field sold nt A to .1 over htm
lieforo tho second heat. Sheridan explained
thenppareiit stopping by saying that he let up
tooMKiu on Ahlsitt Wilkes mid could not get
him under wny again. He verified this h laat
Ing Judge Sterling In'JrHU. and coming bark
the next time nearly as fiv-t when tho homely
roun piu cr challenged him again.
The '':'-'0 trot was i as) enough for Dodgevllle,
though Johns made mi ejehrow finish In the
HMt lieal with I.iiughran W, Tho latter was
more dangerous the net' lime, and Dodgrvlllo
had to taken munt of 'J:H' to stave him oil.
'I here was nothing near the favorite but n big
black cloud In the third heat, and ho ended the
race Jut In time tu rscnpe the storm. The spic-
tators wlm remained were not so fortunate, unit
the track Mas flooded lu file minutes after the
last heal had been trotted.
Tor to-morrow theclassts are thn 2:'J'J and
.1:00 trotting nnd V:10 pacing. Tho David Ilon
ner Stake for y:14 trotter, which was orig
inally arranged for Tuesday, has la-en carried
over tn Thursday a a favor to the trainers that
wero kept In New York to-day, Summaries:
11.20 class, trotting, purse St 000.
Sally Minnimis, br. f., hy Mmmons-Kally
Ailsmt. to John liuriiane (Onl.len) I t 1
IIsppjrMlnnie.il. f (slttrrgood). a a a
Ml" lUchel, bit. m. iKetchaml US :
!'errettt,rh.m, (Kettle) 3 3 4
Arena, b. f. (Uol Jumltli) 4 4 dr.
Tlm-g iioit, 2 JIH.t-.il.
B-lMelsM, pacing; purse Sl.ooo.
AliN.lt Wlfke, b. .. by lied Wllkes-Stlnnle
l'stehrn, by Mambrlno Patchen (Sheridan). 10 1
Judge Sterling, r. g iDodge) ... 'J 'J 3
Ihidd Hoble, b. g. illunter) 4 J :i
Dalgetty. ti. g. (Turner) :i S it
llllevwork. U g. lArthuri. 6 4 3
il. o. Tsylor, b.e. (Demoreti n S 4
Perkthlre Courier. b.g. toreenwood) 7 dls.
Tlme-V IH, a U'J, a.nji.
S.B0 class, trotting, purse Sa.ouo.
Dmlgevllle, ti. ft., hy oberlln -Country Olrl, by
Country Hoy (Jnbnti 1 1 1
Lnughrnn W,b. g, (Smlihi, 3 a 4
Catherine Lyburn, eh. to. (Ketllel .. 4 4a
llravado, br, s. (Cook) S ft
ltomola, b. m. (Tysoni . .... 3 S a
Time a-li, 2-1 l'(,o. 1(14.
When the llarnraa Itarera tTIII Haet at
LorisviiLr, Sept. Id.-Turn Ijmlruin, Chalnnan of
the Kxccutlvrf Commllten of the Louisville Fair and
Driving Association, has Juit given out thepmgrsmme
for the fsll trotting and pacing meeting. It will be
hrldunixt. v.l, ai,V3. and tttl. The entrlos will close
on Oct. ft. National Trntttng Association rules will
govern all rates unless otherwise provtdeik An effort
will tie made to bring Hubert J., Joe Patchen, Allx,
aud other cracks here.
thi: nonsE axi ctnniAoi: tiiaih:.
A Favorable Outlook for Lively Ituslnesa
This Fall.
The Indications In the horse and carriage mar
ket point to A better business than the dealers
hadayearugo. The fall trade has not set in
yet at full tide, but it promises to grow brisker
by tho middle of the month. More people. It Is
said, are on the lookout for the better class of
carriages than a year ago, at which time trade
of this sort was almost at a standstill.
The regular weekly auction sale nf horses at
A an Taasell & Kearney's mart, 1:10 and l.Ti
tast Thirteenth street. last Friday, was a brisk
one. Hondsters broUKht frum (100 to S'.MO, the
latter price being paid for a chestnut maro 154
hands, five years old, which had been used us
leader In a tandem. The cheaper grade of
horses brought from $75 upward, r-everal flno
pairs were sold at prices ranging f rem $1H7.50 to
S400. The highest amount was paid for a bay
i on Inge team, loW, hands, six und set en years
old. an Tassell & Kearney keep In stock an
almost unlimited variety of carriages suitable
to every season and every purpose. People are
already looking for broughams and other large
vehicles for fall and w Inter use.
The I'loslnc Hurra at Neva port.
Ntwroar, bepl. 10. -This was the latt day of the
Newport placing Attorlatlon's meeting. It wat pro.
posed on Hsturdsy to hare two extra days, but the
Executive Committee decldrd olherwlte because of
the few entries and society's counter attractions. The
attendance today was ainsll. the principal reason le
Ing Ihe unfavorable weather conditions. In the third
race, steeplechase, .ord Motley In taking thn ditch
Jump struck the hurdle and fell, but horta and rider
were uninjured. Hiunmartit
Mr.t llace IMirte SISo. nt whh'h 50 to second,
added tn a swecpttakeaof fSeseti, for hortes thai
have not been placed at this meeting. handUap, nve
fiirliingn. Primus woo. Fusion! net-owl
Nisowt Itaee- I'uriw S'-'fto, of which SV to second,
SJ3 to third, added to a tweeiittakes of Itoesehi to
varrv looiHiioiilteai h; st-ple hate for hunters: full
liurx. A I hoi woo, l.atltudetuli.l.
Third Hai-e-l'urieS.IOo. of ivhlihSV) to second.
tn third, added tn sweepMakes of llo eai h: hortes ell
tered to lie tnldfor tl.SOO; tteelileehssecourte. Chevy
Chaw won. The Hal tecnod, Oakwiuxl ihlnl.
Fourth Hace Porte f .uo, of w hlch Sio to second
nddul Intwerpttakesof SIO each! ror huntrr,nma
teur rldirs. handicap, one mile on the Hat. Fire
works won F.blls te,iiud.
I Ifth Itai e 1'urw S loo, of w hlch J',0 lo second. Sf3
to third, added tu tweepttaket of SISeaehi handicap
slerplci hate, full iiiurte rhe 1'ier won, Mart tecond.
In Driving; I'lnlalira at l-ntonla.
larosii, spi 10. -The races lolsy were the tatt of
the nuetlng. l'hllo-iia, hi llarlo. Lady lluchanali, I
and LdKjrilainl wlnuiiig In lerrlUc drives that ireaie,!
more tiiitiutlatm than has been seen at thu tratk for
a loiu lime, huiilliiarlit
Flr.t lines-HU furlongt Mellle 11 , 107 iJ. hmllh).
aiiifl.wini Mr Hunlap . Hjnu. .ii.ii.mx
oiid lluntiin, u lUraham), u lo I. mint. Time,
hwond Hare Mi ami a half furlongs Potentate.
lUMiMarllni, 7 lo I, won, Henry Vouug, IV'.'lClavtuiu. I
a to I. Mvnnd, ciara llaurr. 113 ij HUH, 3d to l! I
third Time, 1 a3)t.
Ibird Have Mu furlongs. I'hllopens, till iW. .
Innrsi.b lo3,wnu: Fll. 107 10. tlrshanii.even. tet-oud,
IVjtoula, Kiathrlth). 5 to 1, third Time, uj(.
tourth Itaee lve and one-half furlongt. Tsalnt
llarlo. inj iMnselyi, to to I, won. I'ralrle, 103 ,i:
(Irahaml, U to I, tecond. Fsyetle Uvlle. Uu (Overturn. '
UlnS, third. Time, I I4l i
Uflh Haee Mve furlongs. Jjidy Hiirlianan. 0 i
ITborpe), III to 1 won. bevllla.lo iClatnil, 3tn I,
M-vond. Julia Arthur. 103 it Urahani'.u in I. third, i
rime, I 13.
MsibHaie Six furloiigt. Ilgartlaud. On IKuhnl.
13 lo I won. Yrliii-ii, 07 (Hrookt I In 3, teciuid.
I'runieuade. V7 (IVrkliui. H tu I, third. Time, I u(
Flicbla Arrttgrd lor New llrleuas.
Nxw Oaixtst, 8ept. 10- Dan Nee.lhain and " Aut
trallan" Harry Walker have been matched tnnghi
fora (1.300 purte before the Auditorium Club of this
city on Wednesday, Oct. 10. Hilly pllmnier, the ban
Ism champion, and Johnny Murphy of Potion will
tight Ufure the ulymplc club ou Monday, hepl a.
forapurtcof Sl.uoo. SJ..S00 of which will g, Io iba
winner and 3oo to the loter. The men aie to weigh
last the nugilde at US Imunds Charley Horan hat
got Ihe Hottuu man In inarge and will Iravu for Ihe
South Ihlt morning. Flloiiuer will tralu al Couey
Illauil He will Irave that place for this lily a few
days before the tight,
The Fitoriu Inttrfrrea with Tcaala Ml Oratgr,
lour inatcbra had been deeldeil yesterday In the
Orange Tenuis Club's ibaiuplonthlp toulest wbeutbe
storm broke and flooded the courts. Twenty-live
Players have entered the tingles and eight teams are
In lbs doubles. The present club champion. D. W.
landler. will defend lib title In Ibe Orange Cuo
againti ihe winner of the tournament. The results.
Mr at blaglrt-PreUjuluary Hound Irving lllffeo
Ja-a; T H. alagmau. 6 . ea. Hubert N Mile.. Jr..
beat t llbur kyle. a l.o-J. Frank T. Miles U-at V.
D Orborny by lUfuli, c. F. Walton Ual II.A. Io
Tvulty, 0- 1. n a.
Avaonic the Bowler.
The Nick Thyna Bowiiug Ouard will bold their an
uual prlb iMwiinf ami fstllral al llld-cwoud J.rk uu
Fa i hauiplou Knreht has noi got bark from Her
nuuyasyet. Ilewuripevbsd two week ao, but Is
till aiuoug the luiulug
The uranla Howling Club will roll their Initial
practUv Mian of tho season al Ibe Arllngtou Hall
all t iui fburtdaj mghr.
Kversl uew u.,.u may b found ou thegpartao's
team but Up to the present lime II Is uoi kuowii po.1
tlvcly who the usweomera are.
Max Doebm. formerly tbs star bowler of but sea
sou Jonah tram It no longer a member of thai club,
lie wUI rod wllh th. L'loplat. but Ihs UttercluVs
Ham will not Maspste In any tournament. """"
fimmtf-' ii afu
xxritr.trr. rr.at itEMorun mttr.R
Jinn jtAi'it vtah vrsmxa,
Repntable Men Hay that the Astnte Call,
rhrnlaa Had Permission from Indite
Hnghea to Hhla the Slara lo Terrr Haute
-Mr, Iloahes Denies Tkle-A Lot or
Money Lost on Ihe Mare-Hnllshnry the
Heat Known Flo-lire nn the Trot Una:
Tnrr-A TanRle Dvr the N. A, lo t'n.
rel-,lndne Aaalln sVlaa the Post,
poned Rnee and Trot a Mile la 818 .,
Judging from pre'cnt aiipearances. the man.
agers of the Fleetwood trotting meeting hate
become Involved In a muddle which may result
In cutting n scries of streets and allej s through
iho Driving I'luh of New York as welt as
through the old track where the (Irand Circuit
steppers have been holding forth for a week
past. Acting upon Information wlildi is dl
puted by nt least two prominent horsemen, the
Jtulgcn of the meeting jestcrday pronounced
the extreme penalty of turf lnw against one of
the oldest, tho most widely known, nml repuln
bio men on the trotting turf, expelling Monroe
Salisbury for alleged Insubordination and defi
ance of their authority.
It Is claimed that Mr. Salisbury removed tho
thrce-ycnr-old mare Expreslvo from the Fleet
wood track without permission from the officials,
in gross violation of racliur rules and ethh s. In.
osmilch nsshe was In the hands of the authori
ties as n prominent contestant In mi unfinished
rare, Kxpresslvo was entered In tho UilO
ilns rnce, which had lo be carried over from
Krlday to Saturday, and then to to-day on
account of the rain last week. She was
barked by such astute players us Orrtn
Hltkok, her former trainer, to win the rnee, and
her prematuro withdrawal meant the loss of
many thousands of dollars to these backers, the
rules not permitting the officials to dei hire bets
olf In siuh cases. That a flagrant wrong has
been committed by some one Is apparent to
everybody, hut the responsibility for the mare's
failure to finish her nice and give her hackers a
show for tin lr money Is difficult to locate.
It luis now, howcirr, come to ft square lsuo
of veracity us between oneof tho Judges and
two prominent local horsemeu and members of
the r'lcctwcnsl Driving Club. John P. (Ilblc.
in wen-Known Mceiwotai trainer. sas Henry
Hughes ndmltted last Sunday that he (Hughes)
had told Mr. Salisbury that Kxprcaalve might
bo withdrawn from the potponed raco
nnd shipped to Terre Haute. Another well
known horseman who wishes to re
main unknown alro asserts that Hughes
made the same st.itimcnt to him Sunday morn
ing at the club house. This Is (latlv denied by
Mr. Hughes, who sas tin neither consented to
Hxpresslve's withdrawal nor admitted having
done so, and there ion are.
With this conflict of testimony brought to
their knowcldge, the Judge', Messrs. Hughes,
llarrv. and Kgliert. yesterday decided that Mr.
Salisbury had not obtained permission to with
draw his mare, but had simply shipped her lo
Tcrro Haute along with his other horses tn di
rect violation of his obligations to the assoclu
tlon.and they accordingly ruled him olf the turf
by way of punishment for the offence. The proc
lamation came llko a thunderclap out of a
dear sky to most of the horsemen present,
who wcro slow to believe that nn experienced
man of Mr. Salisbury's reputation would be
guilty of such a piece of business as thattharged
against him. The famous California turfman
is as craft) and cunning as Orrtn illckok hlm
stlf. and while he might have resorted to some
thing like trickery to get Expressive out of the
tie-up ln New vcrk. It Is not generally be
lleved by (Irand Circuit horsemen that he re
moved the filly without permission. Implied
or expressed, from some one in authority. Tho
Judges jestcrday halted and hesitated about
dealing squarely with tho matter.thus giving col
or to tho talk that they were the parties really ut
fault, and until the last moment before the
expulsion took place it was understood that
a paltry fine of $100 would b Imposed
on the Influential turfman. Those horse
men who accepted the statement that Mr,
Salisbury had wilfully defied the outhorljles by
taking Expressive awny without pernltssloti
were almost a unit in commending the judges
for meting out tn tho wealthy owner the tame
punishment that would unnueHtionahfy havo
overtaken any ono lesa prominent and Influen
tial In the horse world.
If the e Idence on which thcyacted was sound,
then the ruling was sound. This was the pre
t ailing opinion, but It was difficult to believe
that .--alisbury was guilty of tho breach of
subordination, and difficult, too a to believe
that John l tllhbe would rSlfully and
without motive misrepresent Mr. Hughes
in regard to the bitter's alleged admls
slon. There was a strong effort made to
have tho Judge declare off all bets on repres
sive, and thus protect her backera at the ex
pense of other men who hail played Judge Aus
tin to win, but a blunder nf this kind was hap.
plly averted by tho Intercession of some well.
(Kitted outsiders, who steered the Judgis safely
post this dancer point.
The effect of the Fleetwood ruling will not be
to bar Mr. Salisbury and his stable of famous
horses from taking part in all meetings. As the
expulsion Is not grounded on fraud It Is not
recognized by the Amerlinii Trotting Associa
tion, but applies merely to National Associa
tion tracks. The meeting In Terre Haute, where
Mr. r-iillshury la this week. Is under tlieaus.
piiesuf the American Association, hence Allx
and her stnblu rainiianious may start there Just
as if nothing had happened. Next week the
Salisbury stable goes to (iuleshurg. 111., another
American Association track, and Indeed It is
not likely to strike a National meeting until the
first week in Octolier. w lien the Lexington races
are on. Long lavore Hint time It Is probable
President I'. I'. Johnston of the N. T. A. will
have reinstated Mr. Sallsbur) pending a hearing
of the t ate N fore the llonidot Kevlew.
Monroe Salisbury has Pt-en racing and raising
names hortes oil and on for twenty enrs past,
und he lias long been a prominent figure In thu
far West us n railroad builder, miner, and op
erator of stout' lines, llo went troiu Kric lonii
O.N'ew York, In Fort Leavenworth. KaiiKi.
when a mere lavy, and eet out In make his for
tune as a "hull whacker" nnd "mule kln
nor" on the plains. llo drove an ox
team In Ibe old fighting davs before the
I lilon I'nclflc Kailronil was built, wived his
earnings, went into the freighting business for
himself, and finnll) became the most extensive
owner of freight mill stage lines in U the trn
MISMiurl coiiutr) Ho owned on r 5,(1(10 bend
of horses and more than that number nf oxen
earl) in the seventies, beiorrthe railroads hud
ruined the fulfilling hiisluei-s. It la said he was
thenwortli $l.iiuo.ii()0, hut going Into railroad
building himself he lost the hulk of his foitunu
soon afterward.
Mr Sallsbur) lainino prominent ns a horse
man mail) )rara ago, and he Is to-da generallv
rrcognlrril as the nbloi turfiunii of thrmull.
He cnmisHigiied the fumous stallion Dlrettnr,
',':17. In Insi-y. wlih John A, (loldsiulth as his
trainer und ill her. I.niir he biought out
Direct, '.'iilotv. a sou of Director, and Dim
tuiu. '.' 051, another son of his favorite
Uniting aire und the greatest trotting
Iioimi the turf has el seen. When ho lot
tontrolof Dirertriim at theclnte of last season
he set tired Allx, anil with htr lieni the heat
rating pcrforinm, i e ever made by all) trotter
up In diite. Fhimi Jib, '- III. Azote. y.lMIVsi
Meiiuttte, '.'diiila; Dot opem. t! UH: Direitly.
' ink,; l.itUe Albert. '.' Ill: Mattle ., V.l Hi;
Cricket, Villi, Murganl S ',' l'.'ls, and r-an
I'tdro, '.' IHIi. nre nunc of the many famous
campaigner ho has brought to the F.ast of re.
lent ji-ars. No borvi'iimii on the trotting turf
Ik ars a It I lei- rrpmailoii thin Ihe I'lensaiiton
turfman who now stands expelled from the
trucks of the entire (Irand Circuit. The Salis.
bury horses are alwa)suut low 111. and the) are
backed b) Hie In ilk followers with the name
innlldelH'e as the horses of Charles Marvin and
lludd Duble.
This unfortunate Fleetwood a if air is princi
pally due tn the management of the met ling,
w tilth from first to last has been u little worse
than thut of the average county fait. Starting
Judge laiperussureti THE Mi reisirterlast f-at-u
r day that he could have i liarrd up the week's
programme on rridu) without having a single
into left untliilthtd and puitMiiuU, hut the
officials risUot,itl him to ko slow. In
order to earn the rioting racus over tn
baturdaj. Instead of onl poatiaming the
i 111 l ji ei and the ',' 10 .aeo without starting
either one, thus raukiug an extra itu V pro
gramme for Saturday, it inett was mode of it by
sturtlnguiiuuf the races after it was apimrciil
that It could not !) trotted out thai da).atid
alter having been onco slurteil il waa on tu
stay, rrgartlleta of the torn eiilem e of the Inter
ested horsemen. The-.'.lUpateiuuld boandwus
declared olf. but the '.'.IU trot. In which two
heats were trotted Friday, had to be tarried
overuntll to-day. The management waa further
at fault ln pulling m the Judges' stand day after
day men whoionftucd that they were ignorant
of the rules.
Their blunder In the t!.'"J trot, when they
called the first heat"u heat." hecau- of au
accident, and then cliangul their minds and
gave CJuarUrtlrelcli the heat and a retsird of
'J. 13, cuuscd the talent tu howl, us (Quarter
stretch had run the last quarter of u mlh
Judge Austin was u great horse jestcrday.
and be defeated Mruulla and llmtlwif without
theslighltat dlltlrult). tioltiug in '.'.I'.'Vj. wllli
Knap McCarthy taking li'iu baik all the wuv
down the homestirtch. t)u a fust track and
fully driven out Austin could have Ualcu:.' 10,
The owner of the horse. F W Smith of boston,
owned the pool box at the conclusion of the con
test, ,
To-day the New York State Breeders' meeting
UgUu at Fleetwood with ft programme whK
I ij m If liaW-dlWs,', -CllVTJL. iiaHH
lnclndes the 2:S8 class, the 2:40 class, and tres
H:00 class. The meeting continues four days.
Yesterday's summaries follow i
F. XT. Smith's Jndrs Austin, tr- -. by Me-
Cnrdy's lfsmbletonlan,Jr.osm unknown
itv.ll. McCarthy). ..till
0. v. Dickinson's Klronlls, gr. g., by Sam
1'urdy (It. K. Curry),...., ........1 4 8 S
8, T. IMcklnton's Hoselear, br. f by Oold
. lesf Hreorge Starrl, , . ... ,. 8 8
J. J. Hotren's Jesss llsnson, b. g, by Roger
llsnson (Hnwrni, . , , , S 7 4 4
W. F. Steele's James L., b. g., by Dexter
. I'rlnre IC. II. Brlggs) , , .7 8 8 8
NslhsnSlraiit'aSerhswk, h. in., by Norrsl
Usmesanldenand J. Avery).. 4 8 8 8
Oeorge Mcnttergotsl's Myrtle II, b. m , by
Monaco isv-sttirgrssl and Aaron low len 8 8 ills,
Monroe salt thiiri'sF.xppesslve, b. f . by l.lec-
lloneer (M. K. cllinr.r ... . ,.. 6 ilr. o.
Time 4 1414, g 15, :!:(, V l!H-
Kole-Flrst two heats trotted Vpt. 7.
Ite Had the Pet-mla-wton of the tlndgea to
nemove Kapreaalve,
TiiniiK UAtiTK, Sept, 10,-Monroo Salisbury
had Hut heaid of the aitlnn of the Judges at
Fit ctwood to-day In expelling him when Tiir.
8l'N representative Informed him of the fact to
night. Ho was greatly surprised, and said he
did not see how any faii-nilndcd man could have
taken such action.
"The maro Expressive," he said, "had gone
two henta In the race on Friday. Saturday It
rained, and thcro was no racing, t had my
horses entered to start heic, and had to
ship on Saturday night. If I had left
Expressive there she would have bad Uu
driver, nnd It vvnllbl litln hr-nn it urttl
Inconvenience. I talked with Secretary Mason
nf the Fleetwood Association, and there was a
member nf thn association present .Murray, I
think, Is his name-ami they said thev did tint
think there would laiany obleitlon to my with
drawing the marc. I would be the lose-. Some
onesald there was a rule that prohibited her with.
drnwal, and 1 laughingly remarked that If that
was so we would get the I tile changed, because
It would be a foolish rule that would permit
such an Injustice. If, under It, they could hold
the more over until another week they couid
hold hern month. However, Mr. Mason said he
would see the Judges and let mo know. Mr.
Mcllenry was stopping at the same hotel with
.Mr. Mason, ami I naked him to learn from Mr.
Mason ibe result of his lohferenir. Mr. Mc
lleniv told me that Mr. Matoli said he had ((in
sulted two of the Judges, and they had said It
would Iwatl right to.shlpthetuaie.nnd Idhlso."
Mr. .Salisbury i ailed up .Mcllenry. who cor
roborated what had been said, Mcllenry said
that Mr. Mason told him that he had talked over
the telephone with the two Judges, whose names
Mr. Mcllenry had forgotten, and that there
would be no objection to withdrawing Expres
slv e.
(iiami'ios A.Vf, ointr limit:
lie la Mold to He the Finest Itulldog; ln the
Within the past few dajs a number of royally
bred dogs, i onslstlng nf bulls, beagles, poodles,
Irish terriers, and schlpperkes', have arrived In
this coiintrv.nncl If the hopes of their owners are
realized they will carry off ft good share of rib
bons and prizes at the coming showof the West
minster Kennel Club In the Madison Square
The majority of them wero purchased by
James Mortimer one of the owners of Hemp
stead Farm, for various kennels ln different
parts of the country, and as Mr. Mortimer prob
ably knows more about dogs than any one else
on this sldo of the water, they will probably get
the worth of their money.
While the majority of the dogs arrived on the
White Stur freighter llovlc yesterday, Mr.
Mortimer, who reached hero on Saturday on the
Ktrurlu, probably brought over the gem of the
rrl!ir-ttnti tilth l,ln, I,, ,I,a ).i,ll.Vn.. t.'l.- n...
.- ...... .....a ... ,.,u uutmuit ivil,t Vl Ijr,
the cliamplon of England and said to be the
greatest dog of his particular breed that
ever stood on four feet. King orry. who w elghs
TO pounds when In cnndlton. was purchased for
Col. Hilton's Wnodlawn Park kennels, and Jim
Kohlnson camedown from Saratoga especially to
take him to his new home. He Is a whltoilog
with black and brindle bend and measures "4
Inches across the chest and M Inches around
the skull.
Ho won first prize at CutT'a Ilulldng Club Show
In llirmlngham. Flrsu at Enfield, Hromfnrd.
Notham, Portsmouth, and Preston. At the lat
ter show he secuted both the '.'5 and 80 guinea
cups, and ut thn stud ha got audi prize win
ners as Focey Romford. Storrafrlend, Ac. His
principal claim for fame, however. Is due to his
having beaten Dock Lenf, tho former cham
pion of England, Inn twenty-mile walk.
It Bcems that within the past few years It has
become the practice In England tn breed bull,
dogs for show puriMises Into what Is known as
!eiir shaped. 1 hat Is. v ery big around the head
and chest and very little body afu This
vvns tarried to such nn extreme that Dock
Leaf, tho champion of his class, could
not support his Immense body forward,
and could not stand, having to alt down In the
ring. King Orry, who was built on much the
sumo plan and who possessed dpi ally pood
points, could, so a match fod'AOO was made, to
test the walking abilities of the respective ani
mals. King Orry walked his twenty miles all
right, while Dock Leaf dropped dead.
Among the other notable animals Imported
are two Hchlppcrks bitches, two bobtalled sheep
dogs, two well-bred Irish and wire trained ter
rier dugs for Hemtistead Farms.
II. (I. Trevor's string Includes eleven black
eurly.hsired poodles, while Dudley Wintbrop
gets n good-looking bull bitch. The Hempstead
Farm and Mr. Tom Terry also secured the bull
tirrler lliickuall livnsv and thn bull Hlichra
(Irosvenor I.nss, Ml,s .Mischief, and Enfield
v ixen.
While Important additions were made to the
Woiallnwn Park Kennels In Hoxer III. and
Mawiress. another Important Importation was
two heacles. which are expected tn creato a sen
sation whenever shown. They are itingleader
Halller and Itobino.
nowi.Kits i. sE.ssiox.
Araerlriin National Tournament Mnnascra
ArranKlng; Mutter.
A meeting of the Hoard of Managers of the
American nntlonal liowllng tournament v.ns
held at the (lermanla Assemhl) Kooms allr)S
lust night for the purpose of making the neces.
eary arrangements for the fourth annual com
petition. Eleven of the twenty-one cliiln were
represented hy the following delegates: (lothiim i
Howling Club, (I. M-l7er: Spartan How llngCluh. I
Joseph Thum; Orchard Howling Club, Charles I
ItiK'k; I'rogiess Howling Club. John llandall;
Fidelia Howling Club, Jacoh liunst: talanta
I Howling Club, Herman tivrdes; Fedora Howl- '
ing (lull, John Itnmmler; Oriental Howling
I Club, l.nuls Meln; tiobleu Hod Howling Club, '
William Huefner: Fifth Word Howling Club, j
Frank Stummel. Joe Thum represented the I
Apnlln Howling Cliibb) trnx) ;
' Application- were read from theed. Nicholas i
. Howling Club of last season's Yorkville and
Harlem I-eaguo und tho Spheroid Howling Club.
champions nf tlioNevv Jcrsov League. 'I heap. I
plltatloiiH were laid over until the next muting. I
I when the new Hoard of Managers will arrange I
all necessur) matters. As it was Impossible to t
I leurn how 1110,11) of InatkcnMiii'ailuh-iwnuldtukH
part In Iho milling series littlewusaccomplislusl
I nt lat night's meeting. Theru wia n livel) dlf- I
I ciiulouover abolishing the five-game rule, and
liistiad toiiipel every tram lu roll un average
otsontu main their membership. '1 his ruin
was mhncuted In Tin: M N latt seaMin. and as It .
was recommended by the old lloaidi.f Man- '
agers. It will undoubtedly he adopted. This rule.
If adopted, will compel tho clubs tu present the r
best howlera In ever) game. The next meeting
will be In-lit on Tuei.ila),Sept. IN, nt nu'iluck .
All clubs ileslrltik tn inter should send their ai
pllcutioiis tn Joseph Thum, '.'Ul and -JIM How
er). Clulw not represented at the next meeting !
w III he ilropied us members.
fiosslp or (he Ilia-.
Ms tdinlrer. Newaik Ja k Hrnlpte wiilpnril
Johnny Iteagan for the middle weight t hamplonthlp
if America In furl) four rounds at a rrnilrrmu.oii
laiugltlaud The contett was fought nn Het II Iss7
II. F l Trenlnn trthur Chandlers and lnhu II I
Clark fniighl for g.tiiKi si a retort near Chippewa
lulls, t auada. on Mirth 't'i. isiu Our huinlnst and
thirty tli round, wire fought, laitlug'j hours and tn
minutes. Chainliert won.
lhere It a wrlldrflned rumor afloiithat penny
Cn.tlgaii. whu bat la-eu trnllilug Jack Ptmpse) for
inott all of Jack's lights, hat had a falling mil wllli ihe
ex mlddle-wrlght t hamplon Ciullgon Wat I'ol with
IWiupsey wbenJatk Kiel pllly l -Canity latl wctk at
A new -vplraut for ntle honors hat ipiuug uo In
Ireland Hit name It I'at paly and his home It al
Cork. A cable dttiuich lo Hie IU ,r c.itiii ro. i
Uiuilon t) t that Paly It read In rlglii un, uuii In
Amtrlca al 1.1.1 pouudt lor SI icki a tide audlnoUtl
Indueemeiit orfrretl by the t lubs
Stanton Abtj.nl hat onteutcd to Rghl Jai k i.ter
hard again, nolwlthtian II lu hit hatarilt.uiuxperlt-iies
with Ihotauit luiier a few- weeks ago The Olvmplti
Cluli. whue Kierhui.il finilnl Abholl. hat onered a
purse fur the ine-l. uiwi Ihe oialt'li will touie off c u
Srpl 'JS. Ill lue future Frcsldrul tVlloll tsyt, allcoi
It tit htld under Ihe til) nipVt au-ipU-es will lie gjv
rrurd by fuUtt t,n;t(W rulrs.
American District
Messenger Company
maintains Competent Help,
who will handle
without extra oharge.
cats n AC tiro oir xatt aovxo.
niMl'i Alrnlrs. Beat KlawejHfc'a Mary tiy
Over Five Mlantea.
The first gf the series of three races between
th cabin calboat-V. E. Elsworth'a Mary snd
It. Wllmer Hansn's Almlra-wss sailed nn the
Sound off Greenwich yesterday sftsrnoon, snd
after a splendid contest the Almlra won by 8
minutes and 17 second, corrected time. These
two boats, which sre tery evenly matched, have)
met In regatta after regatta during the past two
years without either of them gaining what
might be culled a decisive victory over the
The match Is the outcome of a letter sent to
Tiik Si'st by Mr. Elsworlh, In which he chsl
lenged any cabin catbost afloat lo match race
for from $5 to $300 aside, snd expressing a
preference to meet either the Almlra, Onaw ay,
or Kittle. Sir. Italian had no sooner heard of
thedefl than he wrote a letter of sreeptnnce. snd
last week the details of the match were flnslly
arranged. The stakes are SlOOsslde. Atosswn
mails for choice of waters, and Mr. lift nan won.
llo selected Long Island Sound. Tho first two
races will be sailed there, and If ft third one is
necessary it w III be sailed on New York Hay,
the Indian Harbor yacht Club rules to govern.
1 here vvns hardly ft breath of wind early vcs.
terday morning. At 10 o'clock ft nice little puff
tame In from tlio southwest. After n llttlo de
lay the Hegnltn Committee, which consisted of
l.raiil It .IntM Vrpd H tlnreinlit. ntwl William
Oslsirn, Jr., announced that the course for tho
day would be from the starting line off the
blni k buoy near the club house to it stake mark
anchnted three and a half miles dead to wind
ward t the course lo be sailed over twice, making
n total distance of fourteen miles. Will
Elsworth wns tho Mnrv's representative on
the Alinirn, while )oung Allison Hunan occupied
n similar tnisltlnn on the Mary. J. II. Hunan
kind!) placed his si rum vnrht Emola nt the din
xftl ohheltcgatls Committee and their guests,
and slio was used ns n Judge's Isint. Among the
fassengers w how ere tlic guests of Mr. and Mrs.
lauanwcrn Mrs. Fred E. Untitling. MIssTlllln
Itblnefrnnk. Miss Milan lthlnelrank. Mrs.
WoiHlnilT, Miss Woodruff, John Sawyer, who
represented the Mar) as ft Judip, and II. E.
Doreinusof tho sloop Wnhnela, wuo acted Inn
like cnpacltv for the Almlrn.
At IV. oiI:1m the preparatory signal wassound
rd, and Just five minutes later the yachts wero
sent sway. Die wind lightened a bit, hut both
yachts managed to Skin over the westerly end
of the line heforo the handicap gun, being timid
as follows- Mar), l'.':i:i:.14, Almlra, lUtiatGO.
Hoth crossed close hauled on the starboard tack.
At first there seemed to be very llttlo dif
ference In the speed of the two boats, but It
tain became apparent that the Almlra
was not only footing the foster, but
eating out tu wlndwnnl on her rival all time.
After a long hitch along tho Connecticut shore
both boats came about mi the starboard tack
and stood out for the mark flag, which was Nib
bing up and down like a cork on tho Sound
some two nnd a half miles away. The Almlra
kept uphergiHsl work, and finally lowered her
peak and gybed around the outer mark at
1:13:,13, followed by tho Mftry at 1H9:1U.
The wind had lm reused to a wholesale breeze,
and both yachts hail, apparently, all they could
stagger under. The Almlra almost aa soon aa
she gybed her boom over to starboard saw she
had made a mistake, and quickly gybed back
again. The Mary slmplv eased off her sheets to
port as she rounded, training some thirty seconds
through the Altulra'a error. The Mary picked
up some In the run to the home mark on thefirst
round, the boat rounding as follows: Almlra,
l:4U:lAs Mary, 1 lol :0K. From hero It was an
otherdeadbeat tu windward to the outer mark,
nnd beyond the fart that the Mary made nn ex
tra little hitch off shore. It was almost an exact
reproduction of the previous round, the Almlra
slipping further nnd further away nil the time.
Their times nt the outer mark were! Almlia,
.1:04:18; Mary.:i:0l):07. The Almlra held the
lead to the end and dashed ai rnss tho finish line
before half n gale at :)::H):40. The Mary fol
lowed at 3:41 :V3. Mimmirr:
yapsrd Corrfrted
Starl. tlntih. Timr. JTme.
Html. II. h, t. it v. a. n. m. s. m. il. s.
Almlra I 'J Hi so uiio-io 3 sa no usual
Mary U 13 HI II II M 87 01 3 81
The Almlra was originally the Addle M. Sho
was built hy C. C. Hatiley of .Monmouth Heacli,
Mass., in 100. to beat the celebrated Iloston cat
Harbinger, which site did. Alter defeating
everything ln her class for two or three years
she passes! Into .voung Italian's hands, w ho haa
won something like twenty prizes out of thirty
starts In the past two ) ears. rUe Is 27 feet over
nil. "rt feet water line, IS! feet beam, and ."I feet
, The Mary was designed by Phil Elsworth and
built by 'louneofMutcn Island InlHO.l. She has
two centreboards, one In her stern to assist in
steering her. She carries a hollow must and
spurs. In splto of numerous hnak downs tho
Mary lias won iiulte a number of laces.
Kagllahmen Will Ho Nothing; In the Mntter
ut Preaent.
Loxnox, Sept. lO.-Tho committee appointed
on Aug. 18 by the Yacht Racing Association to
consider the alteration of the rating rule, have
resolved unanimously to recommend no change
until an attempt shall have been made to In
duce other countries to agree upon the rating
quest Inn. They suggest thut negotiations with
the New ork vncht Club bo opened forthwith.
In rase no International rule ran be agreed on,
they will recommend that the rule to be adopted
next spring should Insure greater bulk under
water and a lxdy of rompucter dimensions In
the racing yachts nf the United Kingdom. In
the general discussion, several expressed the
opinion that the rating of the large clans should
lie limited, nnd an effort should he made tn re-
lie the class between the forties and the larger
Isisfs IlonoKhua Ileal. Fred Hawkins.
Nkwbi'Iioh, N. VSept. 10. -The rowing races
at Orange Lake to-day resulted as follows:
Match race, light working boats, between
James II. Donoghue, Nowburgb, and Fred Haw
kins, Saratoga, distance two miles, won by Don
oghue by nine lengths.
The next raco was over the same distance and
fame class of boats, and was between Tom Don
oghur. Jr., Joseph F, Donoghue, and Elmer Simp
son, .loo Donoghue won. finishing six lengths
ahead of his brother. While this race was In
rirogress u storm came up, and the water was so
umpy that Simpson upset In the stretch and
did not finish.
The last event wns a two-oared match race
la-tweenTom Dnuoghue, Jr., and Joseph F. Don
oghue and Polloik mid Carroll, distune o two
miles. In light boats. It resulted In a walkover
for the Doiioitjiucs, they defeating their oppo.
nents by a ipinrier of a mile.
Slcl.lilghlln l.ruda Old t'omanrhr rsextnn.
Kd ward el.augiin, champion of Peiuit) Ivaula, u t
a Orel) pace for 'old Comanche" Sexton latt night
al the opening id their tli nights' match at fourteen
Inch Ulk line, I Sno points up. In Haly's Academe
The men have noi nut before In a public tniitstt.
and Ida) for HJVi a side Mi I acghllll Ileal Ihe .New
."Ih''r li'.'J'oliu.oii Uu night's plst making breaks i
of ,1.1 and -If. mi.l averaging lo 0--.'l Stslon inaden
total of 1 1 J lo hit ailvertar) 's nrtt bio, k of WO polutt.
amlateragtil 'JI 1
Ehr tT,irf. ," " jrut : durf.
Opens To-day (TuesaVy)', at 2:30 P. M.
I'.VI'.XIWJ, by IXi: Title MCI II, nt N:I5.
p.. i n ' "V "r",l! I'WJ Wm, "" Win noon nnd Evening. Tbereafti r
Grand Goncerls Erery Afternoon and Evening by Conterno's 14th Regiment Band.
bv all hail litter l, .... ti,T,Vi'K !'A? '" llKtllrll "HUM NKW HK
Brooklyn Jockoy Club Races.
r.ii.i, simrriNti, r.i:i-r. 7 ti. -j.
Traliiifrnm fisil I ST .UTH ST X ,,ul t li
It .. IV flo. t 00 p.lrinr car Train' I lo I m I'M
from ri..i of WliniHAI.i hT ici iter 1 uie hourlt
'",?" K " H ""' '" ""irOfro.nl to A )l '
i.,r,.:kV.'i'.,rS "' fr;n. ypi at .nd-.-ithsl half hour
H ,1-4 io. ij iu i oa i pi. in, t (up )i
liortsmnn's iiooiI'j.
$5. CASH,
$0.25 rer Mouth for 12 Mmtln,
Tho "Wheel of the Year.
$15. CASH,
o.5 ruu Month roit u sio.NTin
run x
ANY Will El. ll WANT nN PrtCilHiUTInviTir
WllVfcli. Wmtr ,AS" ''"- IMHfcllU..:
b' ' j.w.tPjraKj.K" i i?n wiM
Equitable General Providing Co.
; t.. i tn
Columbia BuildiDg, 29 Broadway,
giroohtyii di-ftlUtmfnii.
tssysasSssss itwswsi. N-r wstsx . . .
I TlttOOKLVM fjTnrr
KKW yoitrc fiTOllES. nroadwa and Pe.V ir I
I Fn 1 1 on tt, andllstim
Droadrrar.ecr. .list st.i Atlantic and VerinoMi
and I ard
Sdave. and Hi3dtt. IQreenpoInt )lshhsi -i ,,,
Columbus discovoioil Anuri. ij
wo tHacoveroil nn Ehmlit' n t
band for Httlo boys' Kuickorhiu Iv
ors. Wo nro not makhu! eotniuri.
Bonn, but just think of all tlio l;il.ir
thntthU pntonlHundof ours sines
tho mothors of romping boys.
Thero's auothor intorostin frnt
uro of our llttlo boys' clot, is :,
inrro lmtching-pioco nnd an extra,
sot of buttons uoos with ovon suit
TJio lowered prices on h!voi ,l
enrriod-over lots como just in tinia
to ctiftblo you to( rot your luy n,
School Suit nt quito a snviii'.
Uoys' Hats, .Furnishing, ami
Shoes, too.
jiostox'.s citiCKi:Ti:ns a he he my.
Poor Work In Ihe Field Ihinhleri li !-latr
laland C, '. to Win l.ll),
The linston Zlnpnrl crlrket tentn slntt-,1 a
week's itnmes restenlnr with tlic rlilljs nf New
York. Tliey choso tlio ftnten Islnnil r c n1
their first opponents, nml tho result win that
thev sustained n defeat by HO runs. The ganui
was Inst, how over, hy poor work In tho Held, sr.d
the deportment which the visitors evpis-tul to
provo their stronKest turned out to lie renlir
their weakest, J, (Irlernon frnve throe rhsmca
In his Innings of 21, vvlillo K. If. Moernn was
very hndly missed ln the slips when he had mad 1
Only V! runs. 1
Hy imttlnx first nn nn ensy wtekrt tho visitors 1
madoavcry roixI start, and Ul) was up before H
the first wicket fell. A. Whltehnuse nlso he'pel
to lncrrao tho total, while thu veteran. I. Univ.
aril showed first-class form, and scored quickly
and well. He icavc no palpable chance In his in.
nlng of 48, which was really tho hrst effort of
the match. After ho went out, II. vVhllrroft had
a merry Innlwr for H'-J, whllo J. II. Thorpe, II,
George, and W, O, Wilkinson all succeeded in
Retting Into double figures. The Innings closed
forllH. J. H. Lambkin had bowled In rnpital
form for the Island era. his seven wickets cost
ing only DO runs, while no less limn three
chances wero missed off him. V right as also
on thn wicket, hut the two that ho oldalnetl
were very expensive.
The Islanders started their Inning In pood
shape. V. A. Hamilton and J. II Hereon making
a capital stnnd for tho Hrst w Irkrt. Thn former
lilt cleanly to tho nn-slde, and drovn ono hall
over the grand aland. Urlersnn, linn ever, was
rather lucky, but was dismissed by a Brand
eatcli at "nlllv point" by t). Draper. .1. II.
I.amlikln staeil but a short time, und It. Null.
Walker was also easily illstsised of. When K.
tl. I'nyne ramo In things begun tu look more
serious for the Ilostonlnns. It. Turner's under-
nanus proven easy ror me .ov .lersey captain,
and he scored freely until ho fnllecl to get
under one of the "grubs" nnd retired
on A catch to long-oir nfter n gol
inning for .18. K. II. .Moernn. having
been misted, settled down to goisl work, and
lie exhibited some of hia olil-tlino form lu a
merry Inning for 4.1. After ho retired
the Isiwllng bocamo quite easy, and T, Kellev
Coloand J. Tyng both scored rapidly until tho
total was carried well over the second oenturv.
The Inning was over for M3. A. Wliltrro'ft
did by far the best bowling for the Zingaris. hut,
tho other men, except . I. II. Thorpo, who mlht
have been kept on longer, proved to bo very ex
pensive With an hour left for play, the Iloston men
went In for their second inning, but when they
had lost a wicket for nine runs the storm hroko
and put nn end to further play for tho dav. ,1.
1.H ravel te with 8 and A. Whltcbouso with no
runs were tho not outa.
'Ihe visitors will meet the nrooklyn Clnhat
Prospect I'ark to-day. play starting nt 11 o'clock
this morning. The score yesterday:
. bostox zisntKt. i sTaTrs istssn c. c.
J, Howard, e. WrlKht, W. A. Hamilton, b.
li. lavinliklll. . .481 Wlillehouse ., . 2
C. K. Vllllrs, e. Tyng, b. i J. (irlrrson. c. Draper.
l-ainbtln a b. Whlicrnfu.. al
A.U lillrhoute, c. T) ng. J. It. Ijluibkln,b. Whit-
I.Wright 12 crofi , .
n urais-r. n laiiiinaiu. 1 K. l. Parne. e. faifa)'
11. W lillerori, li. Ijtinb- elle.b. Turner (9
.kl S,H. M. o. Walker, e.
J. Ijifarette. e Payne, llnttard. It, Whit-
.b.rlsht 0 eruft
II. llenrte. e Payne, Ik IWrlaht. e. Ijvfa)ette,
iJinil.kln .. . . 101 h. Wlilterott. . . It
J. II. Thorpe, h. Iaiiiib- 'E. II. )li-raii, it. How
kin . . 181 anl.lv. WUHelionse .. 4ft
, ,w llklntiin, b. iC. A. Kry. I. Turner. V
Ijtinlikln . . . I0;j. Kellejf'ole. t. How.
It. lurner. runout 4.1 arn. b. Thorpe 24
A. A. Pimell, not out .. v T. r ng. b. Wliltcroft.. '.'rt
Hyes, II; Irgbyes, 4. 7 H. Hrlurken.not out.... H
Total U)e..7.legb)es,!i . I.
Total VJ8
.1.--. II..U n nu.t ..
I'irii. fuiurn.. i.nn. It lecrr.
J. flrlersnn m a .14 o
It. Hi. 11. Walker I o It o
J. II UniLkln . . 1:1 :ii 7
Wrlnlit 11 1 uu -j
otTO ZtsotRI.
Orrrt. ilaiitiu. Runl. Wkittt
A. Whlteroft, is a ja 7-,
H. Tiirnrr 1:1 n 7a 2
II. l liltehoute It 0 .pi -2
II. Hraiier .1 II 41 (t
J. 11. Tliorpa . 2 0 II 1
Th New York Wanderers Wla at t'rlekr.
A rrlrket game between the New Vork Wanderer
aud the Hovers of Ilronklyn was plsyed ytsslerday si
Ilnls. ken the Wanderers coming not ahead lit s
liiantliinf twrntv tun runs, principally tonnigh Him
aotsl lalllngof J. HcNevliiaiid N. KHord. Thrf.r
A. A .V.l.vmt. e lae- iW. II. Hrnsrll. ,-. nam
Into.; I., Iieniell an, mnnil. b. Cuddlhy I
J.iliddlh).h. Iieniell o Dr. Mariiiioth.i-.sub , b.
II. H l, I'rawfurd, c. , l run lord . 0
siili . li. Henrell 6 T. J. Joint, v. tab. b.
v Hammond, e. O'Con- I Cucl.llhy o
nor. b. la-null 4 J. Sle.Netln. not nut JO
t II. Ovten. b. )Iae- It. Hei.nle, t- and Is
'"''sh . 0, rranfnrd . . I
J Allliiii!iaiu.o.Jniie,h. i. orniinor, e. Ham-
Vaelntts.il o niniiil. n.ln.lillhr. .. .1
T. Ilrlahl. mo out oj Jli-illatlien, b. Craw-
It SniTifi. b M.udntosli. o ford ...... I
I I. J. I.wartjr, i-.Jiinrs.li. N I'lfnnl, b. Adams an
i 'i'V'.L . .. "J Kntvsltlle. nmont u
J I simh, b. lirnioll o L. hinliii, b. Adams o
l-trst -.I-slrat ... J
I Total iJ Total 10
......-, ,.. ,,. n ,-. it 1 11,1,1V 1 1,1 ra-trrlar)
J riEETWOOD pahieT"
riliiTrl.N I ti -4 ! )! T'P
1 Three iriMid r-rt al Hie
t lVJ ,V":h fTVTt MtEEIiHla" Mle.TI.NTl,
Take ihe Km or Htrlriu It It tuMilm
riiorlsmnn'jJ iooils,
jjLMmmr Kit Ct-CABiab , 3SjA
I JkmWmr iirvitiMrkitiiiuwl
fMmSaW ui.iuainii.iMiMi v
ffV tv!,! iuuiiu uu. rii i4im
j&Mb C4aM,CtM u4 AJwftf f Rtu u U.BB
H ff a.tf, - W Jmmmfmr
run u m: ro. wywxck of
uu: At-.v.s aih i.i:n.st:i;
t till ll.Ul! - N l, t t- vl '
80 KA.ST lL'oTH ST.,
Nr tu Kit HTd A ,sn

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