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VOL. LXU.-XO. 13. NEW YORK. THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 1 3. M894,P.TJ011T. 1894, BrTHE SUN riiiGAyi) TuDLISinNG ASSOCIATION, fitter. TWoTeNtIT21 ll
A rot rocxn mile orr shore
ix as orrx no at.
lae Ketaarfaable Adveatare eil" a (rttt
ml Lo4 lTh XT mm risked l I the
sctra by Mn. Cai-wrcle's Tackt- Filled
with a Des4rr I Essatai lac Her f
the X.rrl. He Had Ru, (a Tmlr
Mlai-lest la ! Oat la Meav-ni Story,
MrcLurr C. Carnegie's yacht, the Dungene,
left Nra-port on Tuesday morning bound for
New York. On board were Mrs. Carnegie, Mls
Florences Carnegie, Alloa Sherlock. Andrew J.
and Gtxtrge Carnegie. (I T. Blaudy, and Irving
Mallony. l'J 0 o'clock In the evening the
Dunrenes wat steaming up the Pound off
Ko'nn Point. All of the party were on the
upper deck chatting and enjoying the fine
ecrnrry. The Dungenrs wm a mile from sliore.
directly off Koton Point, when Mr. Carnegie
happened to notice a email black .peck upon
I the water about two mile and a half from ths
yacht. 8he rallrd the attention of some of the
ethers around her t the peck and they began
to form conjectures a to what It was. Jin,
Carnegie aaid It wa a boat, while her daughter.
Mill Florence, stoutly maintained It wa colli
IV but a log. To settle the point. Capt. Fish
Wat asked to come on deck with his glass. He
at once pronounced the object a boat, and
further raid that there u tome one In It who
an pulling toward ihore. but appeared to make
Mile headway against the wind and tide.
Now Mn. Carnegie Is an excellent sailor, and
under the condition the Captain described ihe
aaw at once that the person In the lent Moral a
poor chance of reaching shore that night, io it
ordired the Dungenes put about to so to the
assistance of the craft In tire or six minute
tliesprck brcaa to urami definite shapcand In
a frr minute more what appeared to be a small
man waa teen laboring at the oar, yet steadily
drifting off shore. One of the crew yelled to the
rower to keep on pulling for a few minute more
and that they would give him a lift. At the
round of the sailor's rote the figure looked
arouTod aad erVdeotly aaw the yacht for the
Brst time. Instead of following the aallor'i ad
rlcato keep on at hi cir h dropped them, and
immediately there arose on the air a
succtjealoa of boo, boot. I!y this time
the; yacht waa near enough to make out that the
lUpposed man waa cot a man at all. but a little
boyo about ten year, with black curly hair.
Whet) the Dungenee got alongside the tklff and
one of the men Mood on the railing and threw a
rop mto the boy lap. telling him at the Ram
tlm to make it fast, the little, fellow paid no at
tention, but only cried the louder. The yacht
drifted past, and had to be turned around In or
der target alongside the skiff again. Thi time
h waa run o near that one of the crew with a
rope It) hi hand leaped Into the tklff. The next
momeat the Uttl black-haired fellow, still cry
ing, waa handed over the rail to Mr. Carnegie.
The ptrty on board had watched the maacru vre
of thejacht to pick up the skiff with breathless
mtereat, and when the little fellow came upon
the upper deck with two dirty little flit stuck
In hl eye they rave a cheer and Immediately
began to question him.
H aJd hi name wa Georgie. and that wa
ail thai could be gotten from him. a he con
tinued to cry lottlly. At thia point the cteward
rang th gong announcing dinner. Mis Car-,
negte stooped orar the lltaio feHr.w and told'
him that he must comedown with her to dinner.
Thi teemed to atrike Georgie farcrably, and
hi dirty little face lit up with an eager look.
The party proceeded to the handaome dining
room, accompanied by the young castaway. On
the way down Georgie caught a glimpse of him
self In the mirror. lie Immediately walked up
to Mrs. Carnegie and aaid In a formal tone.
"Madam. If you will kindly excuse me. I will
retire for a moment and make my toilet fur
Mrs. Carnegie. In an equally formal voice, re
plied: Certainly, Mr." and. beckoning to the
steward, she told him to conduct the boy to the
bathroom. In a few minute the little fellow
reappeared with a shining face and smoothly
ma bed hair. Mr. Carnegie had reserved the
seat of honor at her right-hand side for her little
root, and Georgie, nothing abashed, gravcly
Vx the place. During the first pari of the
ninccr be maintained a i-rtrre silence, broken
mly by " Please be so kind as to pass this.' or
Ibaak you." but his rrsers began to disap
pear inward the clow of the repast, and b the
lime dessert wa. rescind he was gallantly
"siting upon and chatting to hi hostess. Every i
roe at the table remarked the buy 'a polite. !
WH. Ill ciothing. too. was very neat. 11 ;
xi.re a broad.bntumed white straw hat. a while
hirt waist, nary bine knickerbockers, neatly i
r-ased. iao shoe, and black stocking. After
it nier the party returned to the upper deck I
ain. and Georgie became talkative. '
Whether. t was the beautiful scenery lit mw
si ibe Iungneas swiftlyswevt down theeound.
r whether it wa duetuthe nmantlc putlilua '
b fnuLd himself in Is not clear, but itrirgie i
niwbevsn to tell remarks b e yarn in reply ta
(. quest Ions put to him '
.Mrs. tametn first sske.1 lam wbere itemed,
"here he got the bust, and how be happened to
-c out In it m lar fnxu shore, i.eorgie tbuught
ii- a time and then calmly rrplinl as follows:
"llivrd tn London with my parents, right
down near where all the big ship com in. A
few Dtcnth ago my father and mother died, and
i ran away from my uncle and went on board a
-S L'arl ship that had a mean, grufl Captain
nher. After we were out a few 3ar the Cap.
'am beat me with a big (tick and had me locked
up in a dark room for nearly a week, When be
tt me out we were some place on the guld ouast
il Africa. HIg Uul felluws. with faun) bradi
f guld around their neck and elephant tusk
liiraagb their nars, ran amviiid without any
clothing on. riling. The Captain put me ashore
avi said ' Go. now. you yuung devil, and be
wten slive. Then he tit me in a imali bust
with only a gun. and a knife with a lunred,
Jjarp blade."
t thi ilnt In his narraure Georgir jumped
up trora Mrs. Carnere'. Up. where he had been
silling, and continued iu a dramatic i oice
"As the ship sailed a wsi, with the men yell
leg at me, 1 turned toward the shore and saw a
tnuusand black grinning deula pre(uing to
Jutoji in the water and rume oat u me, 1 urn
Lg once more toward the rrtrrsung ship. I
burled a mighty curse at the brute of a Captain,
who stood on the bridge chuckling at my pre- !
dicameat. Then molttely fscing thesaiages,
who were by Ibu ume swimming out toward
me. I saw Utt their number was loo great for
msto fight single-handed, so 1 picked up my
frs and palled with a long, steady stroke
down the coast. At flrt some of the ,
eavsges tried to follow, but when I ,
raisrd my nil and sent the foremost '
into etenatr th rest turned around nd rapidly i
VL1 Ifs" horT TUn l prooeeded cm rar
m&t" do.wJ xh" C?L,- w Ufcded and
made at w arlnist.il. Tor Bfteen dais I lived
-a nothing bat liun and tiger flesh. My trusty
latJ?fL fiu4.vn"- V?I uld find do witer
at one Um. for three days, and I had to uck
the blood from the cam 1 kUed to quench my '
!t'"V 'v."111.,11 deUu;ntteLai3shJp. '
thoogh.butwiU bring wi st once w the ume
when 1 reached Cape Town.
).JY1i'il!,'h4,tm,trrf w" ship lying !
i? ,.ki.llf.tar whJch V W sail tUt dsy for thi !
I cited butc, I tonk tuiw,. unu S '
soma guld I tad found in Ihere.Jkd 'JS ,
uneventful tvyage to tit fair t-jntrs btt
when we wrr coming Into the place where you
found me I saw a beautiful girl In that basT yu
found me in. I taw he ild n reach thi
shore, so I went to the Csptain sad told tim!
pe brute exclaimed. Ut her perUh. I cant
bother with evary on I see tn a btit "At this 1
tecam rarioua. I trial to argue wiih him.
but he would not 111 tan. My blood ftT rlr
bojed with ladhrnation. How iould L a mii
?Ji?Jti,tT.aA..fe beauUfullTl
perUh J So. no. It would beooward.y. r. UgVl
tnlng my belt around me. I leaped into the sure.
it? KffrN-VaJl5p0,rrrt.5? 4Iurt reached
the boax. Th girl had swooned my blie v
there, t beauUful .crtalure, with long gMtn
lajr aad a face like an angeL lig dsrs
lashes covered a pair of eye a blue a the deep
sea, and her skin was asair as a 1Jj. I Uthrd
ner face with watar. and a sht slowlr oirr.ed
her eye and touched mt with her soft, taper
Ug finitr I wa thrilled to mi iaermoet soui"
-ki'.i.1" potn,J ? .' u di l the partr
which urroudd tU boy laughed sonifa-Ia
IitS.lT'V w litUeiieasT At tie
?2i.0,t.U1,:hGcr inedwwaieil
if from traao. HiUahlagbiaeyrcmed
their tarurleprtaioriSd a bUshcamTcn
Jwsu--Vr"k &" nent L iSked
toward Mr..Carnaa-U' acat. id when ha
reacted oat her -M .nTtmrSTllSij
-r rathe JrvrUmA at thU. axjEssiii. Sl3
iL- f-. , sW3i.
tedftly refnv-d m my Rnother word, tad at
ever" new question he would only bury til hed
deeir In Mrs. Carnegie's lap.
Home time afterward, when hefetmed to have
recovered hi cotnpoeure. llt Carnegie asked
hlra: - What is your last name. Oeonri f
'Oeorirle Itennett Unty whole name, madam."
replied Georgie. resuming hi ChraterOeldlan air.
"And where do you come from.Mr. Uenntttr
hi quetioner continued.
'lanburv.Conn mailam. My father Veep
a furniture store there at 1 Terrace place."
"Oh. so you come from Ilanbury and not from
Lordon." said one of the men In t laughing way.
Georgie turned ecarlet at Oil and buried his
head in Mr. Carnegie's lap ea-nin.
After much coaxing he was Induced to explain
that he had run away from his aunt's home. He
was going to row out nn the ocean, get Picked
un by some Mp Meamer. and then go to Eurote.
lie entertained the perty until the Dungenee
reached the landing place of the New York
Yacht Cluh, at the i-t of Eat Twenly-slxth
street, at alrtut P o'clock In the etrnlng. As
wfliM the lacht w aMn'red word was sent to
Police Headquarters of Georgle's cae. and a re.
ply came hwik that n man would be sent to get
the little fellow. When Mr CameKie wasln
fnnnl of thi he refused to allow the inJce to
l.aie Gunrgln, saying be would keep him on
Vsrrl the Dungenes until hi parents were
A telegram wat sent to the address in Dan
bury, where Georgie said hi father, Archibald
Hennett. lhed In the mean time the tny had
l-en put to bed on the vachC and a few hour,
later a despatch arrived from Georgie' father,
saying, that he wuuld wme here at onre to get
hit son. Genrgie was not to be informed of this.
A fter hi breakfast he strutted around the deck
of the Dungene in high glee.
At a few minutes after 0 o'clock a proe perous
Wiklng business man ruhed on board the yacht,
and be for any one could Intercept him to ak
hi buineM he ran to where Oeorgle was stand.
Inc. and. taking him In his arms, began crying
like a child When the first Joy of the meeting
oer Mr Hennett Inquired for Mrs. Car
nrKie and was profuse in his thank to her for
sailng hl son's life. He told her how he and
hi wife had ent the boy, their only child, down
W hi- aunt's, who liven near Kutnn Point, to pet
a fk or mi of fresh sea air. On Tuesday
morning he left his aunt's houe and went
to the beach. After that they could find no
trace of Mm. Mr. Bennett said that the boy
was only 11 year old. but that he had already
read innumerable dime novels, and It wa. that,
he believed, that caused him to want to go
around the world
Again thanktnr Mr. Carnetrie. the Captain,
and all on tioard for their kindness tn his via.
Mr. Hennett left, saving that he would take th
next train back to Daabury. Georgie bade all
the ladles an affectionate farewell, and marched
cp the dock with his fathsr.
fiocrnziur rrxcuixoM.
The Alsktws free Aseeclatloa Beaats
the (aterftreae of Eaailsha.ra.
Moxtt.omxrt. Ala, Sept. 1C. -The following
rteolutions were introduced by Editor Robert K.
Lee Neil of Selma at the morning session of the
Alabama Press Association here to-day and
were unanimously referred to the Committee on
"WTxrra. actuated by motive known only to
themselre and Intent upon a .mission at vari
ance with custom, a committee of Englishmen is
said to have arrived in thi country for the
alleged purpose of Investigating and denouncing
to-called Southern lynching: therefore, be It
" rtcsolrrd. By the Alabama Press Association,
that w look upon their coming at hypocritical
and meddlesome; that knowing as we do the
wilful lgnoranc; and prejudice a to American
organic law and customs of the people and
pre th visitors claim to represent, aad know
ing the irresponsible sources from which their
alleged information Is derived, we denounce
their object and Interference Incur affair a
unjustifiable either by ctrcumscahoa or prece
dent: be it further
' tesnirerf. That in view of the recent White
Chapel horrors. Jack the. Kipper slashings,
and famous Maybrick trial, we recall to the
gentlemen from England th acriptnral In
junction, Remove thou first th beam from out
thin own eye and then thou canst tee esaarty to
lake the mote from out thy brother' eye: be tl
" Itrtnlmi. That while the association deplore
the taking of the law Into their own hands by
Juitly incensed communities and pledges Its '
earnest efforts in behalf of a rpeedy trial, that
even-Landed luetic may be meted out to ths
rspisi fiend, yet we resent th st tempt of a
holier than thou' committee from a foreign
land to teach us morality and justice."
I The resolution will be reported fsvorably by ,
, the committee and will be adopted by the con- '
i ention to-morrow morning. ,
I Mie Will Ta the Valleaa Belle la Ks I
I aad lroee Trgh th ees Isssl,
Washisotox. Sepu 12.-Within two weeks
the distribution of war ihip now attached to
the borne station for service abroad begins by
the departure of the cruiser Machla from New
York for China to assist our Sect now there In
looking after Amerlcaa Interests In Cores, The
Machlas has been ordered to prepare for sea at
once, and Is expected to grt off the latter lrt of
the month. One reason of her departure so her-
rlrdly It to prevent further disgrace being i
brought upon the Administration by holding
the valuable Vatican relics, which have beer. In
i the custody of the Mate Department eince the
cloe of the Chicago Fair.
t'nder the agreement by which tb relii-s were
loaned to the Government, they mutt be trans, i
ported back tn Rome in a 1'nlled Mates vessel
in charge of Goiemment officials, but until the
Secretary had been repeatedl) reminded of the
Government's broken promlee by the Pope's rep- '
resentatlve, no thought had been given th art I- i
cles. except to se thst they were carefully
iruarded while In our keeping Had the Holr
at her any idea that the I'niied Mate would
I have retained the articles nearly a year after
1 the Kalr dosed. It Is doubtful if they w ould ev er
have been I'm tied The Machlas will convey the
i relics direct to Rome, and. under escort, tbey
1 will be turned over to the Pope's represents
I tiers, with possibly some sort of communication
, of thanks for the courtesy Krom Rome the
i Machlas proceed through the hue Canal to
1 Yokohama, where she will report to Admiral
Carpenter, commanding the station.
I Aa Asswslag la Ihe arar rtaally ft.
Ilr4 by Ihe ISesvartaseat.
I WjLSHrsoros. bept, 12. Th War Depart
ment La ruled tn favor of the well-ee tabliihrd '
I precedent In the army that when a senior officer '
want quarter occupied by aa officer of junior
I rank tLe latter mut vacate without protest.
TL attention of th department wa recently !
; brought by CoL William J. Vulkmar to what h ,
claimed waa a great Injustice perpetrated upon j
Llm by Gen. Howard at Governor' Island, who
assigned the Colonel to quarter thst were not '
in accordance with what CoL Volkmar wife ,
believed Lis rank entitled him to.
The Colonel ap;icsled to the General, who re
ferred hi case vi Gen. "Vhofleld. who Lis su
tained the Colonel, and Caw. Kingsbury, a sot,.
In-law of th late Gen. Mo-urn. Las proliebiy
turned hi quarter over to Volkmar Ttii set- i
tie the most amusing case the army gossips
hare had tor years, liwaawatchedwtu. great in- :
teres, as ll was not believed that thedeportoient '
would hold that the wife of an offker senior to i
some other officer wh justified in compelling
the junior officer to give up his qusrters in her I
fsvor. Cap. Kingsbury will nroLsblv l or.
dered to recruiting duty in Brooklyn, where ht
an live in any quarters hl salary afford.
jtstice i.iprixcorr asswxrzd, I
Jersey Clljr Otactal stay They t'rt Iks J
rUlet iBTSsllgall.
Th remark about Jtrsey C.tyi water lopp-'y,
made by Justice IJppiniott in his charge to th
Grand Jury at the opening of the Hudson Coun
ty court on Tuesday. Lai r stirred up the city
official Justice Ltppincoll said ll wa publicly
oharged that combination had ten mad be
tween the representatives of the water yndi.
ostes and public official, and that person in
authority are Interested In maintaining the bad
condition of th water supply, with a new to
creating a public senllmebt In favor of a change,
which will entail the expenditure uf million of
Msj r Wansersay that If the things are true.
t st be d -e not know It. He tcink Justice
Lipl ncott has been deceived '
A special meeting of the Board of street and
Water Commissioners was held, and an oprn
letter to the Grand Jury was issued. Is which
the member said they courted th fullest In
vrsUgauoa of their work.
small Teraaa mt Mshta.
MKxrais. Sept. 12. A tornado wpt over th
north ctd of Mem phi at noon to-day .which bad
ly daoagsd tha Louis rill tod V aahrDI ahopt.
atdlnJaredserea-alMooU. tUOrJowakniJ.
Wllka Vafidall will dljTaid WfSill ftotitUm
tjttl, lq kn-tl (ajafki. IfitV kl
,tm&.AmL twir: it,, ...
roi.tcRMES Accvaxn or rAauxo
ox rziAmvLExr PArrns.
CTaalrmaa Ilay f Ihe Civil Hervlee Aavl.
ry Boartl C'osaetala la Mayor Gllrey,
ITh Ash th rtlee Br tnr aa
lBVU:atli - ladlvldaat Cae filed.
The Police) Board at It meeting jesterfay re
reived a communication from Major Gllroy
railing attention to the serious nature of
charge made Ty th New York City Cli 11 Set
tli Supervisory Board In connection with the
examination of candidates for appointment on
the forty
Mayor OUroy ssld that It appeared from the
communlcttloT sent tn him by Daniel P. Ha) .
Clialrman of the Supervisory Hoard, that th
Board tuspected that pap"" cotinected with the
examination of candidates for appointment
wer abstracted and others were sutetltutcd
while the papers were In the hands of the exam
lnerson behalf of the Police Department. The
Mayor asked to hat e an Immediate im retlgation.
The communication of Chairman Hays, which
was forwarded by Mayor Gllroy to the (n
mlitioners, wa dated Aug. 20. It set forth that
at the last civil service examination of candi
dates It wa found necessary that some change
should be made In the system of ascertaining
the coraparatlre merits of candidates. Two or
three rases, where It tuggested that fraud
ulent practice had l-en committed, were
brought to the attention of Hit fcuperviory
Chairman Hay called attention to the rase of
James Crowley, who stood IPS an the Ut- III
papers were written with extreme care, and el
dently made from a copy outside of the examin
ation room. When the candidate was brought
to depend upon 1.1s own resources, it wa
charged that he was unable to spell correctly
the slmrlret wcrds. It wa suggested by Chair
man Hay that In Crowley's case the papers had
been substituted for th Imperfect one" while
they were out of the custody of the .Secretary of
the Board.
The case of William Thompson, who stood WA
on the list- was also died, and It was declared
to be a glaring case of fraud. The papers in his
rase were made out In a feminine hand, en
tlrely different from the real handwriting of the
person claiming to be the author.
Another case mentioned was that cf John Do
ln.whowa 423 on the list. Ill papers were
also mad out in a much finer hand than hi
Chairman Hay urged that Immediate action
should be taken to discover the perpetrators of
these fraud, and recommended that a change
should be made at onre in the methods of ex
amining candidate for i.illce appointment.
The charge were referred to Superintendent
Byrnes for investigation and rcport-
Presldcut Martin said that Inspector Mc
Laughlin wa the representative of the Police
Department In 'the Civil Service Examining
Board, having succeeded Superintendnt Byrnes
when th latter war, m.vle Superintendent.
Commissioner FLran remarked thst it was
hleh time something f-bould be done, that the
Board might acquaint Itself with the workings
of the Deteetrve Bureau. His remark was U
dently meant a a slap at Inspector McLaughlin,
but the matter wa pursued no further
Patrolman Thom-i II. Lynch of the West
Forty-seventh street rUtlon. was dismissed from
the force. He was accused of taking mosey
bribes from Richard Ardler and Owen J. ,
1 O'lirten. whom he had arrested for violating the
Exrle law.
Patrolman Edward McMahnn of the City Hall
squad, who wa detailed in the Mayor's oHce.
was retired on ba'.f jay Patrolman Tbomis
Mead of the KiSt Thirty-fifth suret nation w a
I retired on J300 a year He has leen four yesr
I In the department, and was declsrrd b the
I Board of sturgeons to beprmanent!rdlabld.
Patrolman Henry McArdleof the East EUht).
eighth street station asked to be retired. His
I application was denied. McArdle wa. formerly
detective at the Grand Central Matlon. and wai
I accused before the Lexow Committer at Tues
day's session of be'rg in the pay of McNally,
the green goods opersUie
Patrolman George Kelt w. transferred from
Otl. street to West Thirty-set euth street, and
Patrolman Maurice R.n from UVt Tntm
seventh itreet to West Mity-nghth ttreet, ,
Assistant Dlirlrt Attorney Wellman pre
sented a bill for tw0 f"r expense in. urrej in
conducting the peine trial. The Board ordered
It payment.
Three lldred Twrklsh rds Tar th '
re rir Iswrere rw.
The follow iL commuiiKstlonwas rereited by
Mi)K Gilro) yesterdai from Mairo)rm Bey.
the Turkish Minister at Washington:
" cir 1 Lsie"ret plea.'.rr Iniommunicat.ng
to you tne following tele, tm I Lave Jtt-t re
ceived from hit Exeellenrj Said Pasha. Minister
for Foreign Affairs j
"By an trade cf Lis Imperial Majesty the
fultan the Turkish Government send three
hundred Turkish pounds to be distributed
among the sufferer firm the recent fire, of
forests in the northwest cf the Lmtl Sutee.'
"Tonfirmlng the feelings oj hi. Imperial
Majesty's friendship toward the whole Ameri
i an i-plc and it oovernueut. 1 r.iaiier)
truly your. MKOTrt" i
"Ihe talue of the Turkish pound i li shillih
and t pence sterling, or about I.3S.
The tunnel did not wtompanr the letter and I
ll It presumeil by the Maor teat s-.tnt other
medinm than the New York fund will be found
for it distribution. ,
The following additions to the Mayor' fund
were received etterday
Sew Jtfirt ..., M
Throjb Ihs , Yvrk 7VUse 4 ... ys.
f M b. D ;-a cowalv ' X '
The tola amount received to date I S-MOS. i
Beeaase Nhe Weal Out tV-lklax with Is.
other Ysmii afaa.
Jame. Gallagher. "7 year o.d. of S3V, Lienea
place, Jersey City, sLot Anna Butler tterday
afternoon in a fit of jealous. The bullet en
tered th woman' left shoulder. Inflicting a
danerroia, but not neceata rily mortal, wound.
The woman, who It I ) ears old. lived withlial
Ugher and Lit mother She was ror.idrred to
br Gallagher' tin ttheart. and. as he aid yu
le rda), he w a " dead stuck ' on her
On Tuesday night Mlt Hutler went oil with
another young man and did not return until a
late hour. Gall gher's jealousy was greatly ex
cited. Yesterday he came home drunk about ','
o'clock In the afternoon and quarrelled wt-.L her.
She twld him she would go out with E)tly
the plt-sed. Gallagher became very angry,
and. drawing a revolt er. threatened to Kill her.
As he relnled the revolver at Ler breaet hi
mother seised hi. trm, and the bullet entered
the young woman' shoulder She was remote!
to the hospital. Gallagher was tent to the
county jailloawsit th reu.t cf her iwur.es.
Hes)ttntt he and Miss Butler were fu...nj
with the pistol and that It went off accidental!)
A. sialela " Meal I llr-aa Islaad
The Mhl JVt Detalae.
When Health Officer Jenkins boarded th
steamship Werra, from Genoa, at Quarantit.
yesterday he found a steerage passenger by the
nam of Luochi ill with aa attack of dysentery.
In order to be on the safe side the passenger was
sect to Hoffman Island H- wtf and child
went with him.
Dr. Dursch. the ship' physician, said that th
man Lad become U1 when about nine day out
from Genoa, but that the illnew wa not of a
serious nature. The case caused conaideralil
alarm among the atecras passenger. 1-4 er in
th day Dr. Jenkins said the patient wa doing
well and would be discharged to-day. I
The Werra was detained on.y a few hour
during the Inspection, and then west to Ler
dock is Hoboken.
X Batr t Be Iald m Beet tswgar.
WaaauaOTOX, 8pt 12. Secretary C-rliti
has written a letter to 6erilor Ma dersoa of
Nsbraska, who filed a brief with him adrooat
itg th paymeat of bounty ta beet sugar maou-tact-rad
prior Id tha paasag of It present
uriat law, sarisg that, a t construe lr,
J-iUt-U'ft-t by th law i -if from pay-tag any
The list TTh Raa fter nwra Escaped a
a nieyele fss a Jtwled Ptleeasaa,
Miss Adelaide Johnrtone. 18yrar old, of 1.BT1
Seventh avenue, and George Lillen. Si year
old. of 08 West 100th street, went Wcrcllng In
Central Park yesterday afternoon. After riding
around for a time they decided to enter th
Circle. The Circle 1 a favorite place for blcy
clists, as the Park police, a a rule, do not stop
speeding there. It wa a few minutes after 4
o'clock when Miss Johnstone and Iter companion
entered the Circle. As no one else was there,
they decided to speed around once or twice
Just as they were flying pt the entrance
three other bicjclUts. ail young men. shot in.
and one of Uicm mn IntoMrw Johnstone. The
oung laxly was thrown down and lay on the
ground unconscious. As soon at they could
stop their wheels Use other dismounted and
went tn help Miss Johnstone. The man who
i had knotted her down also wont to her assist
ance While he wa standing over her. a
mounted Park policeman, who had teen the ac
cidrnt, came galloping up. Thejrwung man. en
crin the policeman, quickly- mounted Ills
wheel and started down UnrAitTthe West Drive
at full (peed. -
The policeman saw him. (ted wheeling hi
horse around started lnrurnii. The bicyclist
had a good start, and from th pace he set be
erldentlj Intended to keep It. The policeman
urged his Lone on by word and by whip. When
.the bCyrllrt reached the 100th street road he
turned sharply Into It, and In a few moment
slmt through the gate on Fifth avenue. When
the policeman reached th gate the man was
nowhere to be seen.
The policeman reluctantly gar up the chase
and trotted back to the Circle tn see what could
be done for the Injured gtrL It wat found that
she had broken an ankle and had bruited Ler
face tiadly. The policeman waited to call an
ambulance, but Miss Johnitone did not want
him to. Her companion. Mr. UUea. got a cab
and she was taken home. When the policeman
Lad returned from Lis chase the two compan
ions of the fugitive had disappeared.
AncniE zrrr'B evck.
Fell rlx Hlorles, Tel by m Klaamtitr CTaaae
Escarped Alive.
Five-year-old Archie Levy of 7 Suffolk street
fell six stories from a fire escape last evening.
and landing on the shoulder of a man who hap
pened to be passing eacaped with only a cut
The child was sitting with his mvtber on the
dmrstep shortly before 8 o'clock and asked for
something tn eat. Mr. Levy railed herdaugli
ter. and told her to take Arrhl op to their
rKimt on the sixth floor and give him seme
When the two children got up there Archie
was not content with the amount of bread his
sitter gave him. so he wrntout on the fire escape
to complain to hi mother, who was (till sitting
on the doorstep.
Over the manhole of the fire escape an Iron
ing board bad been placed, and as the child
stepped on it It turned and let him down. A
man who was passing tn the street fg startled
by a heavy blow on the hou)dr. aa. turned to
find that the youngster had fallen , him. and
then bounded off to the sidewalk. J s
TLe boy had a gash tn his salp a & was taken
to Gouvcrnrur Hospital, where it wsa said that ,
he Is not seriously hurt. fbo rtrafgtjrtbajP-peared.
ttnorx 4,000 sheep over currs.
Th Aalmals Fell a Thoosaad Feet 1st
I'arwehate Crveh,
Drvrn, Sept. i; -The details of the attack
of Tuesday by masked men upon the theep
herds owned by C Larlet Brown and John Miller
were brought in to-day. Carl Brown, a sheep
herder who was shot in the hip while defending
hi employer', property, was brought to town
upon a mattre-. The men who made the atla'-k
numbered sbuut twenty-Sie. The) entered upon
the Boos. I'.iff Me- bj sn unfrequented trail st
a time when everybr.lv had gone to Grand
Junction to sttend the jach festival. They
slaughtered u.000 sbep in Brown's corrsl and
then Uroie over to the feeling ground where
Miller s -beep were grazing and drove 4.000
animal, over the cliff, where they fell a di
tance of a thousand feet Into Parachute ("rvek.
There the mangled arrat lie in horriblo
The raiders left word that they deMroycd no
more ilmpl) because they lacked time. The)
promise.1 to return atd finish the job. The
ettlrs sr divided In sentiment. The rattle
men hai e bevn fighting against the entrance of
.beeproen U!n the m a. ami the slier of
the western -lo; for esr. and a number of
murder" have re-.rilt.l More trouble w ill orur
before the lustier i final. y settle.!.
A Yalh Hpriass Is Ike Kte f rra.i '
J.wr. arrlage ad Is Arrested.
LonIioa. :-rpt '. Ii.c ta?,ii Fii, Vienna
corre-;s.t.dent telegraph
"F.mperor lYaru Jc-ef was in Vienna ttl
sltersuor, and a rote o.t to M-hoenbrunn. On a,
ortier of the Prater a youth sprang to the step
vi the (trrtt.-t huldingout a 'viitioa.
" The Emperor was startled, hut he took the
paper. The youth was srrested. He said thst
he -va a clerk. '.'1 years old. belonging to Lec
lrg He had a grtevanrt aclnt the authori
ties. Jt is not belieied that he intended an at
tempt on the Emperor's life."
A sl Keeper's '11 llrewhl aa
Aliwslse t w.lomer.
I The peoplellitnginthenelghborbood of Anton
S'eimeler's saloon at 3S1 r-eventeentb street,
Brooklyn, ar talking almut a horsewbfpptng
which Mrs. Neimeler administered to Frederick
Schrceder. a carjnter. of .1M Seventeenth
street on Tuesday I rpentrPcbroeder drifted
mm the saloon on his way home that afternoon.
He had tn drinking. and whrn lira. Nelmeier,
whowa alone in the place, refused to supply '
him with more beer, be became abusive.
Mr. Nelmeier lost Ler temper, and, taking a
w hip with many thongs from behind the bar.sh
struck Schroeder on the face. He fled Into the
street, and the womnfollowcd him. A crowd
rolleciod and cheered her on as the chased
Schruedrr up the Hreet, rfclningblowt thick and
fast on Lit Lead and shoulders. He retitualiy '
took refuge in his own house, atd there, it ft
tiM. he recelted n tjraptthi from bit wife. ,
Mrs Ntlmeier wsiknl back to the saloon, re
placed her whip behind the bar, and drew beer ,
for the crowd wh ih thronged Into the tiluon to '
seek an ex;!tnati3n of the row
Oa tftwtslsr alarvhy's liar killed,
Saratoga. Sepi iv TLe north-bound j-n-n;er
tram d -e her at : 05. this afternoon
struck and killed a valuable horse belonging to
1'nited State Senator Murphy, at the Geyser
iroktlLg Mr. Murphy' coachman wa going
toward Troy riding a horse and leading an
other, a large sorrel Just before he rrached the
crossing the flagman waved to the coachman to '
hold up. but heept on and tried lotro. ahead
of the train. He was btm-elf su crews ML but the
lead Lorse was struck ju.t forward of the hind .
legs and almost cut In two.
Amslt XtUr Tasvlaat atsLrSved Meaey.
Isaac Endler. TT year old, of 108 Second street,
wa arrested last night and locked op In th
Eldridg street station charged with attempting
to swindle. About a week igg Endler. 11 is
alleged. vlslu4 a woman whose bam has not
been disclosed and offered to get htr the plac of
mid wife in the lulled Hebrew Chantie for
lo The woman oozsmunlcaud with th
officer of the sodsty. and last nirhl Leau
arrested after b had taken a check and a
marked ti buL
Ck Blter CWetd.
I'ncurroww, Pa Sept- IX. Th caa against
PrarrTHtler Harry Martstta and other of Cos -ntilsrill
wa giten u th jury at 9 o'clock last
sight, and bo ywrdic wad rsachsd until 11
o'cieck It ill J. TLy war ail csssictnl at tut,
s-.' j fn t il i e In nTlfliVi svawr srtlt. tt.a &ik.
tJSCSjgiSUuA-s. sas:asmV...arU6aha
trial or A xorr.1. method or
Mr. Tar af YChlteetoae, I. I., Thlak III
Is vewt lea. Based the Mellow fa Fish's
Tatl,lt Glc trrv aalarslasMsOst,
The llttl knot of Idler who lounge about un
der the thadow of the Ericsson statue, near the
Battery wall, wire treated yesterday to an
exhibition of a working model of a fln-pro-pellrd
boat dericned and patented by
rrank Tsjtf of Wbltestone, I 1. For
more thaau a yeer Mr. Taff has closely
studied the movement of fishes, with th
view to applying. If possible, the principle of the
flrh's tall movement to the propulsion of boats,
A mar'y as mechanical skill could adapt the
principle to Iron and teel Mr. Taff ha done so.
and yrslerday he took his model to the Govern
ment dip for a trial.
The mode Is o feet 3 Inchea long. 8 Inches
wide, and draws S inches of water. She was
fitted with a small tertlcal engine of lW-lnch
stroke, whose boiler carried twenty iwunds of
team lo develop about 1-30 of a horse pow er.
Along the tided of the hull are four little bla'k
fins, two on a tide. These flni are patterned
after Ihe tall of a fldi. and the main surface,
which 1 called the weh.1 thinned down tow ard
the edges and strengthened by rib. of pliable
metiL TLe Sn run on the shafts in pairs, and
the shafu. Instead of running the length of the
boat as In the case of strew propellers run
transverse)), and projecting a thort distance
beyond the sldr of the boat have the fins fixed
to their ends. When tlte engine Is started the
hafts work athwartahipvand by their motion
the fin are ret wiggling after the tuuim r of a
fish's tll. In ortl'r to aw.U the ilbrationof
the tioat tl.il wou'.d naturall) be rsuvnl by such
a motion, the two shaft, are so coupled to the
engine that they work alternately.
At about a o'clock Mr. Taff lighted the small
gasoline lamp utder the boiler end steam was
ud In a short time. Then he launc hed hit model
and h"aded her for the open river, following in
a row boat. The model began to glide away
slowly at first, but soon her speed ac
cumulated and she rut through the waits
Uk a torpedo. Tbire was no churning
astrni of her such as is seen in
the cae of screw propellers, but Uie l.ttle craft
tj.un along as If upon invlible w lnc. As the
rougher water of the river us rrached Mr. Taff
found that the choppy waves were tt.j much for
his modrL Not wishing tn hae her sunk, h
rowed up and extinguished the llsht. The trial
was t u-es. and when the model wa brought
ashore Mr. Taflsald
i cuius u-i i uaicai iasi put my idea into
practical rhajie. There is a great U-f of jiower
in the screw propeller ytem owlns'o the slip
of the screw, the distance h-twreti the rncine-.
arid the xrew. and the incresuwj rvi.u.nre
of the water when It i struck such ijw.
erful blows by the Made of a wheel
or screw. Nature undoubtedly gave fi.he.
the best of profiling devices, and the apphca
tlon of the principle to i esmj will about reach
the MeaL lhsve tried todo that, and how well
1 hare succeeded will no doubt b proved when
I can fit up a larger craft with U.s fins."
In Mr. TaC" Invention the fin are driven rap
idly In and out from the side, of the boat, and
owing to their flexibility they drive the bunt
ahead. Heretofore experiment with fin or fih
tall propellers hate ten made by attaching
them astern In the manner of a rudder, br.t such
a motion has never succeeded In moving the boat
cleanly through the water In Mr. Taff idea
the whole fin move back and forth In the ater.
The probirm of backing has alo been solved
by the inventor, a when he desires to do thi he
rvv.n t the fins by means of a lever attached to
the shafts. In large ships the sir.gle transverse
shaft could be divided at the centre and each
half attached to a sevarale engine. This would
admit of reversing one set of fins while going
nhrad with the other, in order tn turn the boat
quickly. There may lie any number of fins
along the side, of the boat.
Mr. Taff iay that his Idea ! panirularlv
adhptalle to submarine boats, a the latter,
v en worked b screw profile-., have a ten.
deni y to lvwer their lows. The fir. pn J-iier
c jn be i anted to any angle to counteract this.
jm KXocK-orr. 5.1 r. rimox
lorfcett aad Cowrtaey Based J.i fur m
Show a Orssge.
Acting on the instructions of Jnnue Depue.
the K-ex I ounty Grand Jury is making an In.
vet!sratlon of the alleged priie fight lietween
Chnnipion Corltt and Pete (Vninncv ii ii.
son'4 laliorstor)' at Orange Iat week Four con.
stable are out w .th ubrnas f .ir w ,tr.e-e
Mr. Edlwn was seen at his Ogden mine j ee
dar He said
"I don't ee how there Co. Id be any trouble
aUin: that fight. Ihine klnetjcraph jiecple
take picture, of anything that comes along.
Tlier haietoaoit. and we don't Interfere with
"Certainly. I did not understand lhat a prize
firht was to take place, and tt was not a prlle
nzht in an) sens of the word. a. I understand
t. It wasoneof such ImxtrnrexhltetKit.. asare
j1e:i at athletic club. In New York aiid other
cities. 1 baieben told tha' the men wore flte,
ounce gloves, and that it wa. co-ite-t similar
tnothe-. that have been g".rn tor rvimdurtlon
b) thekuieloirralih
"I w Lot there. I hie iui bn.iness to
sttend to up hTr. but 1 have seen some of my
rnenwho were there snd they uv ihst the run
tt w eim.Ur to olher. elicit thst Ci rltt
Ijrliig cme of the principals there ui muter
et In it
"There ws ro knKkmg out done It wa.
siraplk a boxing match for a .how fornhb'h
Tiie meti wrr p.Kl and n-jtl ,r. iuire. The
iuplewho sre makinca fu a1nt it have not
iwn cxirreetl) .nforinei a 10 the facts 1 dim'l
anticipate any in -ubie. lor 1 don't m- how they
sn prove It to ! aa) thing ruorr than a boitng
match. I should ceruinly not irmlt any
fight to a finish In my plai e under any coo. 1
rlderatlon " '
,wir r..vn iv the theatres
Adals.ls Tlekrl. V III rVokakly be Hd
I al llererter.
Tne attempt to eMcrce rigidly the law f nblJ.
ding peop,e to stand in the aisle or passage cf
theatres rsrae to an end last night fcr I he pres
ent. Fire Commissioner ranneli explained to
Manager McVirkar of Abbe)'s Theatre that it
wa not intended to stop its sale of admission
tickets entirely, but only lu preient the I
age from bring blocked.
At the Casino several persona wer Handing
in the rear cf the auditorium w hen Thtalre In
Doctor Kennedy of the Fire Department ordered 1
Head lher Harry Howard to send them out.
Ths bead usher refused and th men began to
At th tight of a man in uniform talking In an
excited way. Mis Adolph Burrrsse. who sat
near by. fainted, thinking that something se,
nou wa going to happen. Justthen Fire Com
missioner Soannell came in and told Kennedy
that be was going too far The head mher was
not arrested and the people strod cp.
At the Empire no admission tickets wer sold 1
last nighu Msnsger McCorml- k of the Broad,
way turned a ar a large crowd andwasacgry
about it- Proli'lr the sale of admiiilon ticket
will go on to-night as ufuah
F.lslly Hhi y III Dg.
New Oklzsk. Sept. 1" t-m ( aidtroce waa
snot and fatally wocrided by hit pointer dug thi '
niorr-ing wLUeoui hunting cer iLitnt). II i
shot bird, n j1 Lis guu aga,ntl fence, and j
. limbed Joier it to get Lit game. The dug ti- 1
temstrd to el.n-b the fence alto, tnd in doing
so cauv'l.i his fret on the trigger and discharged 1
the gun, sending a load uf shot into talderont'
left tide, near the Lrart, The dog, frightened
at the discharge of tLe gun, ran off. and It was
some time before th wounded mas wa discov
ered, lit explained the accident to those who
found Llm, but became speechless soon after
ward, and wat taken to the Charity Uotpital,
where it wound wa pronounced fataL
rsd IUs Mother Bdy la th taaaL
Passaic. N J, Sept. 12. -Mr. Georg Mollner .
feUorjtmped Into the Dundee Canal this morn, i
ing. When she wa missed. Charles Mollcer. 1
Ler ten-ytar-old ton. accompanied by a twy '
named Pastor, searched thccanaL Oa approach
ing th Jefferson street bndg. young M iinr j
- What" that under th bndg J"
- It's nothing but a leu," was th other bo)'
- No. it isn't. It't mi mother." replied th
)loUner lad 1 1 jwg
Ht prosed tot right. Neixhbar thlak that
Mr. VlcJlnar whil dsUrloct trora Olnas went
oatJttlmliMtarchlor Lt Lhy. who waa tn
UirtSaM at raUUr, M trbiArti lata it.
rtTmMsaasss-asasssat ' "
Aeewstd by III Wife or AbdoBBsel
Meahlas After Applesiale,
Jamr 11. Perkins, the telird ri-iirtrier. who
testified on Tuesday before the Ixaw commit.
tee that he had given Capt. William ..00 as a
bribe tn secure the pavinent of a bill due him
from the Street Cleaning DerUnraL when
that department wa tinder Ihe charge of ihe
police, wss arrested at 8 o'clock last eienlngon
a warrant Issued b) Justice Grad) ia the Tombs
Police Court,
The warrant was tworn wit yeterd) by Ann
Perkins, who represented herself a Perkins's
wife, and rhsrccl thst he had alAhdoned her
tlx months ago, and that he w a. about to W t
the Slate.
sho knew nothing of hi whereabouts, she
said! until the read In the newtptrr that he
was a witncJ before the Lexow Mimmltte.
When asked for her address she .aid that she
had no home, and was Urine with fr.ends. Hol
lowing Mrs. Perkins's narcuon the warrant and
the stement "no home" are the word.
" Room CIO. SJ3 Broadway." Thst is the oliie
of Lawyer Edwin I. Abbott.
Perkln was taken Into cu'tody by Coutt
Officer Patrick English at the Merchants' Hotel.
Cortlandt and Wet streets, opposite Ihe Penn.
e)lvanla Railroad ferry He taken t the
Ellrabelh street Matlon. wli-re he told the ."ser
geant that he had no home, and wa. locked up
fur the night. In his testimony before the Leiow
committee Perkins said that he lu cd In Brook
lyn. He Is TO years old.
It was reported yesterday afternoon that Ap
plcgate, the owner green good, man and pres
ent Lexow witness, was wanted by the police
for grand lor'eny committed lat Decern
ter. It 1 said that Police Captain Mcaklm of
the West ISSth street station, whom Applrgato
accused of being In league with green goods men,
ha been Wiklng for htm for several months.
Appletratr. it is said, drurged and robbed a man
of bis gold natch and Jl.V) In money. Theootn
plainantwas formerly a resident of thi city,
but now live at Holmeebutv. Pa.
In.pMctor McLaughlin said that If there was
a warrant out for Applegate he did not know of
it. and he had not heard that Applegate was
want.d for roblx ry ,
Capt. Meakim said he was not yet rrepanj to
give out an) of the facts concerning the 1 Large
againtt Applegate. TL Captain said tliat he
had a case against Applegat. but thai this wa.
not tLe proper time to tell about lt.
lis Oeewt la Jlaager r Iteatb whew
I Betseoed by lb Hleaaser Maataak.
Gr.cticronr, L. L, Sept. 12. At S o'clock thL
I afternoon as the steamer Monta.uk was on her
way from Sag Harbor to Greenport, bound for
New York, the Captain discoiered a steam
' launch on the south lid of Shelter Island In
j flames. The steamer, when she dlooi erod the
launch, wat tUiut two mile away and was
1 headed In a different direction. The Montauk
I changed her course, and steamed inthrdirec
tlon of the burning launch.
The launch was the Alsace, owned by Joseph '
; Fahys. On board the launch were Mr Fab,
j who is owner of a watch case tmlory al Sag
t Harbor, his wife and children; Mr Cook. Mr.
, Fah) s's son-in-law, and his wife; Mr. and Mrs.
I Swan, and a number of other friends.
' But for tbeopjwrtunearmal of the steamer
I some of tlie party would undoubtedly have
1 been drowned or burned, as the fire was be) ond
controLand they were over a mil from the
nearest shore, with no Nut in which to take
1 rcfuga. The Leal was brooming Intense, almost
suffocating the parte, and the engineer was
slightly burned.
The Captain of the Montauk steamed alon;-
side the yacht, and. putting the steamer's fire
ho-e on the launch, sum quenched the flames.
A the launch was rendered helpless. Mr. Fahys
and his guests were taken aboM the Montauk.
1 The Montauk turned hack for Sag Harbor and, '
1 after landing the yacht's pangers, who haie
h summer home at that p: e. proceeded on its ,
wsy to New York
The launih wj enrh'Trd and e" :n charge
of theengir..-r Lt wtll be towed la this even- 1
ir.F. The eiteiii of the dxmagi-1 not ; et kLow n. 1
The fir lllitc-d tohie originated in an oil I
! tank. '
! i.ioi ero.v li.ivn
Tea U.aVee. or the Uevolalloaari I'arl)
Hald lo Mave Beea Maul.
The Cljdr l.ne teiu..hlp Ui.1ua. whii h r
' rived )rtenla) morning from HaitL brought
, thereport that Presldi nt Hippo r-.r 1. danger- '
t outl) III. He has su affection of thr heurt that '
ma) cause death In esse of unuue exiternent or !
shock. Knowing this the rerolutiohtsts. it was j
sakL luadesn sttempt upon the Lfe of il,p;ol
yte's niarried daughter ou Aug. TO. -tr Ihrt t
with her father in the palace at Port-a-Prtnce, '
The paiare guard, how el er, frustrated the at- '
lempled assstsit-atuin. Tvl persons, belleird to
be concerned in the plot, were arretted aLd shot
within twent-tour hours.
1 These rumors were s.id to tale been related
b a boatman who boarded the Oitma at port 1
I du Pa.x. '
tarred hie rev. mr vi.axcey.
The. Ibr H.b Uw.led Ilia. Milk Fealkcrs
aad Hulled Ills II WW j. Mill.
HltLttiAIK. Mkh. r-ept. 1'.'.-Word reahed
he-e this sfter-.oon thst at Frontier. this count), '
last tight the Rev I harles CUucey w. tarrvsl j
and feathered. Mr. llamey was until a )rar 1
ago pastor of th' Methodist ( burch there, but 1
Lad trouble and start"! a church of his own j
with a score of members, l.a.1 night forty
masked men. among them husbands of the wo
men in hi lock called him from hi. house and
libersTl)' applied a cost of tar. du.t him with
feaUtert, and then rollnl Lun down a steep hilt j
Then they wanswl him that he would receive
another dow sonn as he had hed hi. feather I
if he d.dn't get out of town, I
Fetxoto lis. UaaioMhe Braill Iw.arrieat
I'wl I lies Ik.
PaBIs, vepi 1.". A despatch from Pans ssys:
"Jlontertdeo uliicesof fept. jj U) u.at fift).
eight Brazilians wtre executed last spring at
President pr'.xoto's order with uttheembUne
of a trul TLiy were arret4 w. Ajrl !
and were eie--ut'd on tie morning cf
April V5 at the F' nrcst gf -Att Crcr. Lsiborof
M. latanna An ml larger Lumber cf re.
t;-Ubie cttlxens had Urn shot endrr similar
circ umsUncr .n Cunt)ba. Throo.-hott th
month of M t. toU) were heard r.tghtly in
tLe rimrter) where th botiit were uamcdi
kttly burlea '
Kslelir. rs..lkl r.es-sr,
St. Lous, iM-t-i. 1'.' In a pmatv letter from
Rome to a prominent c.ie.ur of ihu c.ty. tt
statement It made on apparentl) good auiLcmty
that if Mgr. Salolli. wLu La Un rklled to the
Vatican. U made a t ardinal he will be succeed,
ed a Papal Ablegate for the L'nited Suits by
Mgr. Ton a.i. at prcaent sab-secrctary of Stat
at Rome. Mgr Tomcati waa formerly d elegit
to Germaay. and U -J ) ears old
The I aad Xala.
Rome, Sept. IS The annual Papal encyclical
on the rosary w ist-jwi to-day In it th pop
refer indirectly to jo s Lourdes " by urging
devotion to the rosary a more needful than
ever "since the faith in th Virgin Mary La
been brought into derision by the Impious.
Last sisrlitty apceiat la miiliiu mt tha
freai coaltsitil g iitrg mmn. waJe hawsWssg
JfiSSs? CwfJs-jUaa
iiJr" . s-ci iiitmrtfc; :.
masstiawaiisr snwswi-Ti.ni.. n -
Soms New Stories Told by Lezovr
Witnefses. m
When laseelor Me.ltay Visile Melnsks
lis'. Uuatkllac nww, mm ITHaes lies. $
" Hssearw, the Owlj JaM. Plsjed Wis
Old Mnld Mew. t'rehlilrl ,. he tr
Mewl I Ihe Islaad oa u Pulse I hnre fir. 1
rsn.e She C'anlda'l ri Another .t J
Polleeai-Hhe llldn'l NeeoTollee Pre. 1
leelle. tmt Mr. Pnllersos lime a A
heek, lor t)SO o Keliwknrwr a 1'iastsw -
broker for m 1'lsi Ihul llnd Nnl Beea jb
I'wcs wed-Also tW to m llr-aokl.cn ISeteo.
live-Mr, GnXoa t'ollccwan I nhe 111ms, B
Irwle the let nftsllpulni: u nitl lalo "
Officer's llni More About llante) wnd W
Ik Waletri-Aljoalswral lalll ls.1. I, J
John William (taff rtcu'nl hi.Vnste Iiivr-t,. S
gstlng Committee )c-terd) afterrnnm f titi j
furtherduty until Oct 1 This saiatloi he gave 1
to them In order that the rotntnlttcemen initrit A
I attend thtuo State ('.intentions. Mr. (mtl Ht A
, hrst onl) proes.l to allow an ailjournme'it to V
j l-rni' tl c Ili-piiblieaii majo-ity to attend tn 1
Coticentli.i of thei- rnrt.but l'n-le Brsiliey M
! Uikd grieied and askeil whst was Ihe niiiur B
with ll.r Demoi ritir t cmientlon. U
"Yes." said Senator antor. " there 1 a mora jK
imf.irlant Convent 'on whi ii th tiiluo-itv w.-jld If
like to attend." 3
I "ft . pliaw." said chalrnian ytow. nudji ?'; W
-mat-ir Cantor, "my colleoge dors hot i are ta j
attend a fuiien.1. dc-s he" ST
"I ha-1 Jut as vion attend a funeral a. a rU- M
' flratlon mrs-tlng. answered Senator Cantor 9
Mr Guff said tbey had all ben good bo)., and 'n
might hale a holiday which would extend cirr -ft
loth Conventions, Then Chairman Ieiow said B
that on behalf of the whole committee he de- J3k
sired to congratulate Mr. Goff on the exilleno M
of hi work. 3
Mr. imff blnihed and bit hi. thumb, and nvi- j
e'tly admitted that he thought In the past three, M
days more riidencehad been heard and more
progress made tLa lnanyMxda)s during the 1
previous tlttliig He Intlmat'd that thi ws J
because of the absence of Mr. NVoll. This was j
a mild shot, however, csanpared to the scoring i
Mr. Golt administered to Mr. Wellman during 7
the toure of ths da' session. Mr. Goff lnti- J
mated lhat Mr. Weilman had misused the testi
mony taken before the Lexow Committee la j.
order to make It appear that a witness s.-nns-t S.
Capt. Cross was in Sing Sing at the lime he tr- S
tilled to haiing bribed Capt. Cross. M
An unusual numlsrrof witnesses was exam-
ined. As on the previous day. the most striking 9
testimony was given by the last witnr. called S
to the stand. This wa an amazing story lold 'S
by a German woman, who. according tn her 3
story, was robbed bv a policeman of ?.. snd J
threatened with arrest and the abduction of her
children utiles she made a further pa)tnrm of 2J
WO. She was upposed to hale ffclOO at that jli
i time, and the swore thst because the could not
ce-mrly with the policeman's demand for mor "B
money she was arrested and her children wer -w
taken from her. No story told before tlirom- M
raittreha-so dee; ly affected the r-enators who M
heard It. and its effort was strrlictlirrted tn Ih 3
wjrstweof Mr Moss thst through invtlra- J
tlons of the woman's cliara. ter made at hi- re-
(jje-t b) Hebrew charitable w-ictic h" trat '
convinced that she was an honorable woman. vj
Dr. Parkhursi entered the committee room jl
'sifrr the morning session ls-gan in company i
with the Rev. Henry M. Field. Father Ducey 3
took hi accustomed tesct inthemornlng ses-Hm, ,S
but ne.ther he nor Dr. Parkhurst wai In Attend- A
ance in the afternoon. There were more than 5a
enough others there, however. The room was
Packed to theiery feet of the witnesses, and fi
the crowd was so wedged in around the count 1 .'J
table that the lawyers could cot move their .
elbow ..
irpujoiTi'. watch "sTorrru" bv iicnlit,
The fi."v witness called was Pawnbroker j
Mern. with whom both Detective Srtetit Hao- '
le and Arple.ate. the former green irxsls man, '
Iwned watches. Mern produced the watch '.
lwned on Feb. 11. ISSJ. by Applegate, and it ,1
Poicd tn Ts a chronograph with split seronl
liaud. and an arrangement fur striking M 11
hours, ejearters. and minutes. Attached to .t -J
wk a locket, on one side of wtb b was the lit- j
ter "M" in diamouds, and on the reverts J
side a griffin ia diamond.. But th
did hoi interest Mr. Goff near!) so '
much a a faintly pencilled memoraiidma
w bU h tt discovered oa the rnselope In which . "
thewauh tad been kept whll' it was in ll.s
Istwri sh"f. Thi. read: "Slopped by Detectii
( harles Hac.ey, not to b dellicrrd without
Haule) " A Isrncll mark was drawn through
th won! "Iln5e." Iielectlve and pawn
broker, u-r the word "nopped" in relation to B'
Jiawnnlri' Irs to mean thai the arti' le it not to b
be mlccned er sold until the ttop pu. uj-on il It 1
released. B
y - Who wrote this memorandum' K Id.d. "
W. -At whose request A Detct.ie list, ,
ie)'s. ji,j
W It It ) our custom todo sj A We .'on aBI
an article at the rcsuest of Ccntr. Ufh e do- jjl
tectiles .. -,1
Mr Goff wante.1 tie witness to pr.luie hit iW
hooks for certain dates, arni the gii.Scan' e f "'B
the rv,ue-t was .ndaated b) tl,i tqettioa hi tht tf
( iiatrinkV I
Q - IM RanleypAwn more than one watch Ii
with joy A. I do not know, there I. jti lu- (j
del fi
Mr. Goff utnerruptinz'-Dh. there 1- an in, ii
dtt. Wt.i. br.ng thst itMiet. I
t I-xow Or sn; other t.,,1. 1. i hw.liaa- '
.Glut. You know what we art after :
Mr Mem Ye. tr. 4B
bHIWSH's AClvr's xxPLklgacK with '
I wrRXin. "jU
1 The rrit wiintst was Hei-ry Krcmer. whots a 'I
1 collector arvl agent tx Breer Ringler lien- B
pla.aed that soLCf.ia.t-i he sec-ured lu-ns- for
' saIools which wtre filU-d up b) tls priti. ipals !
and ''M on ths Installment plan to a man w hi '
would ro In as manager. In that wa a man S
' known to him as Umuie Wwncr tmi psm. Q
noa of a saloon on the corner of Fifth Mre-el IP
I .ud Aiet'ie B. the l.;enve of which was held ly
I the wi'.hrs Wa.oer. it appearci. was in f-t
I Krl Werner, the witless wti tcttiaed tt th ?
! committee's former t.-nt-c thai .. Lad .id -'
' protntion ro'siey to I apt. i'ru. lour '
! witks g" the w.ines. tesi.trd. Wer. fj
tier ' foeMiisi Lim lust 1 apt- ( Tvm ,;
Lad orderisi iw to c,o up. Kremer weat
I around 1 s- the! aplata. who showed h'tn a
1 csrj oti w h h Werner, under li.e i-tnue of
Wat.er. aiitsMiacnl himst If A thr owner of th
I taloaa. The Ctptsln tnloinieii Kremer that u U
hHig at Werner pretended to be th owner ha t
I would luck him up. r-o Kremer closed th J
saImsu M
I Q Dd yew say lo Werner thai )ou could i.ot 1
ailosd to h;hi the police : that you had luo many a
Usr sihs cuslomer in thai preclnrt. its; If 9
you f'Mgtt the pesos ttey would tio- up )'ir m
cusloaitrs 'tt. sundty? A -Why should I fight Jj
' its js.xt fa
The witi.es would not admit or deny thai h J
Lad ta-d ttutUith Captain or to Werner He 3
ssud ix-tt h did not with to nave trouble with h
the 1 tptain. 4J
Q But jou anew you bad a right 10 mn tt 4
plao as long tttt waa orderly A. Ye, but I M
wanted no trouble. fl
Thsu. Karl Wamtr wa called ta tha aland. H
JUl-tsictaaft4 ttttao -uatktsUttflvt, mLX

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