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Hi'lSi ' I
BaaaaaaaB I If f t rJtr.nittr.ST jttri'ER'n vor.T took
BaaaaaaaB Qtlfofl lllt: Jt.traitottK STAKES.
H ' III I '
bbwwwwwB ft iPMUi' I ' rnraatnjr Was rurnrlte la Ikr netting;, but
bbwwwwH li'iSalli' nf Hai Had Ton Uk tril, M4 .Nrtdi
HHB f f fflfif US' " "' 'r"e '"" Won vn sb ik
HHIB X 'Bfi II I ' liny, Antliaoale, Peacemaker, l.nsljr Violet,
Bnwwwwwwf ' Sl'SV'l l' j! ' l'mntll,il Hecontt AlImM Alt ITetas:
! ' S'fS'lliKI MeaTlls- Ilnj,ed-Notee of Ike Tnrf.
bbwwwwwV "5iiK 1 1 It wasa typical aittiimntlay at'Jravcsend )es.
! da ! tsrday, and more than tl.fiooiiersons came lo the
lHB f I Hit course of Iho ltrnoklyti Jockey dull to see a
lHH n'lf iUi no' programme derided. The, frattire nf (lie
lHB rtf'l'l I'''' cnnl was the Hay Shore Stakes, for three-) car-
BBWWwK 'li R llfll? ' ""'' "pwaril, vvlllcll ' H )' I'- '
! a H L?" Dwyer'agocsl three-) ear-old Patrician, the Min
! -H iSJ i of Ht. lllttlse having In hie waku such halntltap
H ,'gj j'f fi; ' material as Candelabra, Karaday, and Vlrtn.
aaaaaaaB 9 tfiJi'l llou, and running till lull and a sixteenth III
aaaaaaaH "-J t'i'p ' 1MB. The winner was at the faleu price of H til 1
bbbbbbbB $$!' lhe brtthiK, and Matty Curbtt anil other
bVHj $." ''jjfl.-i loae observers won heavily tin the race,
bVHJ fta ilpi'S There was a strong Up out on Faraday, IIrry
swwwwwwV ' 1m I'lB i Ray, who was In the saddle. Iielng credited with
aaBaBaaH 'i S fill ! kavrlng tuore control over the gray horse than
aaBaBaBiBal i I'w'tffll anybody else. Doggett wasconfldcnl Candelabra
B j a'SPJI ajsrald wear down the others In the stretch, aud
HflKVf j KMKJu!!J Victorious had beaten a good Held on hi last
m I lllS'utV appearance the raie had all the elrmiiita of mi
R I I 3i!'1 oertalnty that make betting lively. I'araday
! I I l L".llJ$ losed the actual favorite in tho brttlng at '."4
ganwwwB J I jt'lf'1 ' ' wl"' Victorious at 10 to ft, aud Candelabra
HHb -!'? Ki'l' ' nJ Jc"U Hkl"lu1t"""' finally fancied lit
biLB i lii ' 4 to I. Copyrlitht wai a etarter, hie
bIbIb C lrl''! owner and trainer, M. .1. Italy, of iuuri
bIbIbI 1 Ml f' kavlng the privllrgu of atartliiit any
bibiH IP- lijl ' horse ennagnl befora hla trouble vltli the
biLbH ' i ftait r'j Joekoy Cliibauthorltlraoter the ioor Iioh1iik
bIbIbI ' " ' fi'H. '' of thegeldlnic Ht. Mlclnirl at hreinhead Hay.
BaBiBif S-'! lilt will1 ' Tlctorlnua and I'atriclan made the running
bIbB ( V J l'J '"li from the atart.wltliKaradny and Cop right i love
bLbB i tW it Wl - Bpe-ndCamleUbra trailing until the old club
bIbIbI r rm iS "ll bonse waa reached. Then Doggell sent Pitta-
bbbbS 1' IR Jm n bargh Phil's good hnraeuii on thu ontxlile, mid
bibbB f B HjJ ;fi loundlng the upier turn Victorious, Patrician,
bHLVJ V 5b L ' and Candrbtbra n ere hipped on each mher mid
bbbB 1 f ft 'S jjjj ' all npiirently In liuiid. Thnee In the ruck. er
LbbbB ' 5 Jfl h beaten, and no danger waa to beliHikeil for flout
LbLB I t:; r It that quarter. To themirprle of the onlooker.
BakTal i I'll if' Tlclorloua gave It up the InMant HeagHii railed
bbLB 1 tM t''X ohlm. and I'atrlclnii drnwliig right out. the
bbbB 1 IK fit'- IMult of the rate wua never In (loiibt, the thrri-
LbH I iImI lilt! year-old winning i lowrly b a good length mid
LbbB I Ifa I ' i ' hlf' '" '''" f"M "IIH "' l:4H' ('iintli'',,ru
LLBBi f SI It I'Ct-1' beat the other iiiltu as easily, Karuday IIiiIkIi-
bbVbS e nM t fTitii lagthlnland Vlctiirlmis fonrtli, Slniuis pKir
BbBbT L Wm V S'l riding of Patrician the duy he was benteii by
BBH r 35 . B '111 1 Dutch Skater and Hlr Kxceii threw many per-
BbBH 1 rSm V i ' l! "nn ollt "f "'"' "" the Dwyvr candidate. (In
bBBBB I Sa! f 'il I that iwcailiin ha wu ihokiil until be
bbbbb I el F !l I bad little run left In hliu, and. to mend matter.
SbBbBbH I lal ' L i'l! ' ." v,mH badlv Interfered with by .Sir Kxcvu.
LBBBaV t SB' 6 I It Faraday haa had too much of It. and Victorious
LBBBal I Bi 'I'J ' Das ahown by his winning raceit that he likes to
""" V a i ',.,11 come from the ruck In the homestretch. Pitt'-
M i ':; I burgh Phil had about fS.onu on Camlelabrn,
19 i I '! ' all of the money being played atralght at an
' Hit ',IJn average price of about 4)i to I.
bbbm hi Jm ) Ci;:-)1! The talent scored In the opening event, play-
bBBbBb! f It. CHI II ln' "' KamaHi table's Ally Antlpoile very
LBBBal'' '!m' Ft' Hit! heavily. Urtffln having the mount on the sister
B i'. 31 1 friOlsl tn Hamapo. There was some siieculation on
bBBBbY 9 FIillll3' Jntrr Ocean, the giant brother to ltexirter. In
bBBBbb 1 bBB il-'illa MfCafferty Wlahard's string, but most of the
bBBBM t fli Ejlin x fnoney went on Antlpode and Llungannnii, the
H Bin 'FjIIb latter a half brother to Sport. Kiicsaon and
B f, , Ilj'j In Aiittiode were out in front for three furlongs.
aBBBaa E H iffl iRn 111 The Ally then shook herself clear of the colt ami
LBBBat Z LB in ' lit llll - l'"rt matters her own way until challenged by
LBBBal. i fla St l.illll Itungannon. It was Itallard against (irlfttu
LBBLBF t Bj nil MM then, and the latter always had the advantage,
BBBB ! H Vi I H landing Antlpode first by half a length. I-m
LBBBm 1 H i iP) is Koater was a fair third. Handover, a brother
LBBBal ' iSI .' ITfi'lil t llanover. owneil by P.J. Ilwyer, was fourth
B t JM fil13l at the end. but pulled up very lame.
BBBB i .911 It'll 19 Peacemaker was favorite for the second race,
h ?Bi ' rillja nut Iho comfortable odds of '.' to 1 rould be liad
BBBB Hi li'linfl ' against the lanky three-) fur-old. There was a
BBBB iaB ' f limit ' )nngdelayatthpost. Sam Ilryant gaveadls-
LBLBLB f iS' il.T!l'i l'1" "f 'l,'t' kinking, punctuated by lusty
H L Bb! t CTLia grunts. Col. Hall seemed to bo the objective
B 1 Bl ' Ullil mark of the horse's hcK uud the Colonel told
LBLBLB V S ' rfllllH lilmto"Ho on right away from hyah." It fit-
LBLBLB Bl l;'jllil x'11 "n' 'sck Hose were ugly at the
LBLBLB 1 BJ '' ilJIIillB post, too. and more than twenty mln-
B I U(' IllJl'B utes paased before the flag fell to a good start.
LBLBLB t 5 i J'f'HE Kerrler passed to Iho front in Him early stages of
m JBB ,' itll. '& the race and led to the upper turn, where Peace-
BBBB Wm V niIB ' maker and l.lve Oak drew away. The
LBLBLB 7 ) .Irlilfi I gelding gave l.lve Oak a great argu-
LBLBLB t Bl I aVlJln nient and rlnally lieat hlra u length in a
H SI I ffJHi.l driving finish. Itedskln sulked in the early part
B 5 H K. rjlljg nf the race, but he closed up rapidly in the
B w Bl lllliB homestretch and beat Soundmore a head for
B S Bs Lilllii third money. Ham Ilryant was beaten a fur-
LBLBLB r Bl ' riillll long, and why be was started nt all is a Hi) stery.
B y B 'x' i Hailstone was cousldeied much Vuperlnr to
LBBBLf IB' n I '" rmuany he was meeting In the fourth race.
BB t, BJ Kit (I a selling affair.for two-year-olds, at rh e and a
BBLB ' B , Til ll i h,lf furlongs, 'JU to 1 being the post odds
BBB? p aB K;lll against the half brother to Urlxzle. Pepper,
LBBLBL ' IB ' iHI'l Cromwell, and Owlet earrleil more monev than
BBBBB ;B ijlf (f anyoftheothersthat faced thestarter. Hailstone
LbBLB r Bl - tfJ! 18 rould never get within striking distance of the
LBLBLB v- Bl' ' Mill leader. I'enn cutting across the course at the
BBB r iB,. Bli IB I ,Urt with Owlet and interfering with several
BLVBLI Bl ' Bui JB liorses. Owletlediintlllbelastfurlongtiole.wlieu
LBBBLy i fl Bsii'i'i Cromwell came along with a line burst of speed
BBBT e B j Bit.) 8 and won a gomt race ror .Mr. A. V. Walcott.
BBB L LB I BJi'i I Truepenny also showed speed at the end aud
LBLBB u Bl ' B3!l! 8 "Mt Owlet for second money. I'enn was cut).
BBBW KB flilf E ' tloned by the stewanl alxmt foul riding.
B- J H E The race exclusively for mares, at one mile,
B BL1 ' Bili E furnished some good spurt. Lady Violet was
B' y1m Ull i deservedly the favorite and she won tu gallant
BBLw iBI BE't III fashion, after waiting on Correction and Stone-
K nlBJ' I Bill' II nallle for a trifle overall turlongs. titonenellie,
BBBB BR B it II at god odds, secured second place, with Flora
B 'H i Bl I) ' Thornton third, a head before tiloamlng, on
BBBLv fWH ', BJ I; whom Ballard did not ride a good race. The old
BBBB eJBI BliTK. mare seemed to hare speed, but the Jockey
BBBT I'fal i LVlC.lli waited too long before utlllrlug It. She could
B JtwM fliin i ! not beat either Lady Violet or Stoneuellle, bow.
B lisH:l BiiliU ver- It la rumored that 11. M. Mason will train,
BBH 5Bh' B il 8 this mare no longer.
BBB liB? Bill 3 t Charles l.lttlerlald, Jr.'s. Ally Second Attempt
BBB f.'B Bill I waithepartlcularlygoodthlngrortbetastrace,
BBB i-B Bill II a selling affair for two-year-olds, at five aud a
BBBK' i'fla Willi half furlongs. She had won during the spring
BBLBt iB Zllll B meetingat thellravesendcourse.andlnheronly
BLBBB rBi Siill II ' rac tn' autumn had finished a creditable see-
BBV' fiH' Ml y I ondtoOolden Itod. The betting at theoutset was
BB ;jJH I aiJl E as good as n to 1, but the (lily went to the pest
LBBB' ?i IB ' Bit 'I . tavoriteat V to 1. Vranklln was second choice
BB ff-B 1 I 'I .at 3, while Sir Dixon, Jr., was on offer at 4 to I,
BBB tcBE ' I Ml Jack the Jew showed a lot of temper at the
BB StBf Bill l S9i!iaAwu alow to gst under full way when
BB r'l Mil'' VMr.Ilow dropped the flag to a beautiful start.
B : B- flilff Heeond Attempt and Itoslta, atteuded by
BBB ! SB III ( Bailie Woodford, made the running, the favorite
BBBL 1?B : winning very cleverly by a length. Sir Dixon,
BV (.IB" LK'II L Trn ran bis usual game and consistent race ami
Ummt 44B. Bull f .Sraa second at the end. Jack the Jew closed up
bVBB) '7iBV. meiK I big gap on the last half mlleaudwas acreUltu.
LwBBi r?lX flTUi ' .- OrTfUn'rode three and Itelff two winners yes.
BaBC'VU'lSf B I terusy. Taral taking the other race.
bBBLisVBfJBI Ii' a .Inter Ocean Isone of the biggest aud flashiest
BB ;uK!B r.. thoroughbreds In training.
mmW'.lAm-'-fflm II a frank McCabe, who trains Patrician, ran the
BBB !TB1ilHI II last sixteenth of a mile with the horses, cheer.
LBBB'' JfaTMtllM llf ng for his favorite. It waa a treat to see Frank
BBB- lflVftBB if i (wing his hat and give the old war whoop.
BBB ifOT-'tBal II: Hm Uryant would be an attraction at Mas-
BBB,", "w IHe laBK K tieth.
LBB'i'n'BLIr Jockey Ilelff has a pair of spurs calculated to
BBr ' llllBKt Jnake a Mexican vaquero turn green with envy.
BBI.r' H'lBBaf i Word has been received from Chicago, Cln-
BBB ; ' ' ' H: IBBaT g rlnnatl, lluffalo, Boston, and other cities that
LBBB''':"'aB'llflBaV f dslegatlons of turfmen are coming to New York
BBie' BLtLUBB I t M Domino and Henry of Navarre race on
LBBB r' BRBLBB U Saturday. If the weather Is tine It Is ratlmatnl
Bm C5B wBBr iB that "S.000 persons will see the contest. Both
BLBB I BTi'afBB Bl " horses are doing well, and the owners of each
LBBB' bHlLaMBn II have supreme ennfldence In the outcome of the
BBrB ft BW laBU I toial of speed. Uuuimarles follow;
K Kfv; m I! rlRST HICK.
BmBK ', : 5 I LVBT II sweepsiakes of IIS rsrh.for mslJru tbresyrar-
BBBB istm , HHf' U o!1. wlial.ooo added, S.'oo to secoua snd tlbutu
H V IT' 9,'f ' n Ihlrili flvt furlonss.
LBBi 1 H ' Bit H Hsaisuo kuble's ch. f. Astlpoit, by I'oullic-Anule
BK I It BJ! F.. MtiOrlfflai I
staBK . JU Bill1 1 W.Janln'srh. r. Uunisunoa, 107 lUsllariJI -4
BbtbT ' Smi Hill Burrt.lfU'n..'li.c. I.OU f,trr. iuoil-sinlv) :i
1 v, r: Wiii kappho, UUU coll. Uowsirlog, llaadoier, lady
K If ! Butll Biouke, later (Xesn, frlruou. snjwsrllksslwj rsq.
BBBK TLC'ri Bit' Time, 104.
LBBB' fiTSt-i BR! ft BeMlBg- Jtxalnst anllpuile.lt 10 10: Duugssaon, lti
LBBbT' s2j1i I mlui toliltert)i-ean,itoliHsadover.Jitor. In Ko.'
BLTt'iV! BB.;; ' '' Vrleswu.eaea SU lu I , l-.l Hr-k. SO to I.
BBBT. SllBBl'l Warlike. lioMsirlOf.sud happhu, rsclt 00 iu, UUU
BBB X taVxaBBfllM '' 10J ,u
BBT 4 7- Bf.'VBR.al I'orall airs.hea'y bsndleap. a weeptakr or $15
BBK '' BL BaTnlrrn eaeh,lihl,noiiaudeil,iif 0liU 1)0 lutnouj sad
BBB BF BUl! ! I lisitolblr,!. unomlle.
BBB ' BT BBB I onugtiaeres biable's b. reairuiaker.il. by Ooonda-
BBal ' jl; BHK tVJai'0'l.,Tsrai) I
BB Mi BT1' v- st. Jenulogs's ur. v. Uveuak.u. IUTIWuiiud -4
BJ V-! V! M Ksnisp.iKi.ble4 ib.c. Ilrd.klu. 4. loa.Orimni :l
LBBI 'l SI ii ouodu;r.. JuiUe Wnrnix. kerrler. Illuu.e, Jark
BBB g 9- Rose, sadHauibrysoisUirsn
bBB I' BH Belllus AMllut Heae?m'aLrr.'lol. Hdtkln.4lot,
LBB 1 Bl IlieOsk, H, lu 1. huuuiJniorv.il) to I. Jack Kiw and
B I Bfj terrier, rarb in 10 1. Illume, la to 1. Jud Murrow,
LBBI ' m bV'I 1 ' Bryspi. 4m to j.
H j ' BBrl 1 tiiihii
B, I Lb.BBBIJ, I Tnf Psyahore Kukri, for ibrev-year oMt aod ut
&T V Bs ' Bit I ward. .'1 each, starters lo y S.VI adaillonal.
BBM 1 W Bfh! I ausraulml esili talur $..Vo. 10 th wluoer
BBB f- Bt BiSl ! JS.OOO. .In tbe sei-oiui bone SAW. suii 10 Ihu Iblr.l
BB 3T IsfUl.fl ft.ooo: one uilleauilaslkleeuib.
BBB Ii mi HiWl '" 4- ,V:?,'Vi,.!i ' ''"irliUn.a. hy bl. I!UU Peer
BbBbB' I mtF sTjEu?f fu, iu.i iiriiy 1
BB fi I Rii'! ? 1 K-Kmlili'sli, h I'audrUbra. 8. 0X(Dkkii i
LVHyl. tl Sflfttl X T tUlluuav agr b. t'araday.S. liuiliayi. 4
UUUrvi GT SijTff l leturloua, Toiu klJniore. and Copyright alau isu.
BBV s bftIi lluis. ) 4s.
BBB We BlaM IWillag liaiaat Kanulay. tin to I. Vli-lorloua. iu
BBI B Hii3'at !. auJelsbrs sua: Tvai skldmore, eseb I lu 1
BbI !! Wf PalrltUo, 7 to lopjrUhl, t to I. '
BB II wOB i roi'UTll RACE.
BBM S t BUB . '"' looiesrol'lt urbUU bate Dot wua 1740.
LBB 1 BH ; l lliWi of 113 esita, with tl.CUHi adal. I
BBB 5 , lj?3m of wbUliroo to tnonil auit (too to tblril wrlsbls
bBBI S 'MXStu lu puuaita IivIom-ibe msW nvr-suda half furUjuics.
BBB ft We'I ' WsLt.ll, lb c iroiuarll by bl U'tlw Fu
BBB H P ! Has. liua ilteill I
BBB n ml J- Mierldsu sti. 1 Iruepens) 10 tlhMCkcll i '
BBB g JB' . i J a A II. all. II llorru'sti. t Uwlei lOAtfrua 4
MUW S '. I'enr, k'slutacoli. HsilMoue. Uariuw br. kratae I
ft g yii Irsler, kyasoiar, sad Urvustnu also rso. I
LBBI a its hum. i.ou. I
BBkf' ' K t X UulujLialiut UaJlstdss. g to 1. repper aaJ !
B ' ' SJ fi - Crttuis.VIl.eii.littgl, 0Wi, U I. Truasy,l9 I
tnli rtossmsr. Irtolt Dr. Trance. M lo It Katela
roll, ttartow, and DronMon, each si) to 1 Tralee, 40
to I.
Ill-Tit RACK.
Fer mares of all aaest a swepntaketef $t5esrh,
lth iUKMlsilitfil.of whleb ttoulo second and I00
luthlnli one mile. . .
Hlemioa. Rtable's b. m. fjdr Vleltt, by Imp. The III .
f.M-l.iir Itounery, 4.l(iOiirimai 1
A.l'lsson'srb.r. Htonrnellle. .1. loo iKelrTi
J. M. Downing a Co.'s rh. f. Mora Thornton, .1, loo
lllrrsrnl , ;
Uloamlet. Correction, and The Queen also ran.
netting! Twoto I onl!adV Vloleitatalnit Rtonenetlle
f lo I , uloamlnc. 8 to It Flora Thornton andforrrc
Hon, each 16 to I; The Queen, ift lo I.
For Iworearntdn; selllnei a aweeiiatakea of 1
rarb, with st.ooo aildnl. of which e-iuu 10 serond smt
SHHPM tblr.1; winners of one seines race at llilj meet
Ins locsrry Hninds eslrsi oftxo fi tsJiindsi the
winner tub sold at auction for f.l,ouo. nee amis
half fnrlona. . . . . .
tiisrle Uttleflelil. Jr's. Ii. f k-ihihiI Attempt, by
lllinrar Flrl Attempt, vt lUMrnni I
,t, Itelaer's ir. e. wr Ulson, Jr.. uiill, Jonesi
J. Knsle'I. e. JSfk IheJsw. tun llelfti .1
Nsllle WiHHtrnnt. Frsnkllu, Miiiilto, Ko-lts, Urst
Llbt. and KonJo also ran. .
lime. 1 :0V.
Betilnr Aalnit ternd Attempt. V In I : Frsnklln.
9 to l.elr piion.Jr.. :istii I: Hslfie Woislford. to It
MoMinlto. Slot, tint l.lht and .lai k the Jew, each
IS to I, lloilta, (l to I , Kondo, Oil lo I.
i:th tt:n j on ttii.trr.sKMt.
The Vonlhrul Mtakea aaa falloa llaadleaB
4)h To-aa).
The Killton llaliillisp, for three-)eaiold. and
the Youthful Stakes, for to-)ear-old.s, wlllglv e
the talent koiitethlug tu exercise their Judgment
011 lu-ilsy. CllfTonl Is among the starters for
the opening dash atflveaud a hnlf furlongs, and
the fourth race, a handicap at one mile and
three-sixteenths. alo promises gixsl sHirl, Sir
Wsltcr being I lie top weight.
The pnigraiuiuelli full follows:
Urst tlaee- Fur all axes; a sweep-lakes of Slo each,
with I.VOOatlded, ut whleh Soo to aeiiilld slut tint!
tulhlrd: w lunlng penalties, rive and a hair furlunn
rllrTord I'M llubliou tlH
Wsh JI111 in l.lsisk vil
Correction I IV
hetond Itsie For Isnteir olda wlllell lllleliol Hon
arsi-eofUm ishle or sl.noo; s sMeepatakes of .1
each, Willi SI. 0011 uil.leil. of Mhleli k'.'llo to secoliil anil
Mm to thliJ, nun tiliiiieramt lieateu maiden allow
slices: fltr fttrlolik.
Manchester Its riiulnia IIS
Ursula llollieuo llil
Urlinelt Flnarda I III llolllldels) till
Marlsolttmiy llolKeiiuel lot
MrJulin 1 11.1 l.iusnls loo
badle HHi
Third Itair The olllliflll Makes, for Iwieyear olds,
It.s, caih. atsrier. to pa lo aililltlonal. iiiiuraiiire
caah lalue tr.Msl In the wluuer $.immi, to the second
horse $:t.'iil, slid lolhe third horae flA". selling allow
anies: tlie ami a half tiirlongr.
riielixin Ills Apulauae . 10.1
Harry Kee.l o iiwlet . Inn
tlck'ee KS Nallkl 1'iHib HI
Kennel III thli ol 111
Miolliil h:i Tlnee u.i
Font l'sr uuim. eroulcu uu
Fourlh Hai-e The Fiitlou Handicap, for three..lesr
Ms. SUMl eseh, hslf forfell. or S'.'n If ileilanil hy
'J :m F l. on iheiliu prei-eillug the rsie; wllh 9'j.ouo
nihleil. or hl Ii lion to aeeouiland S.'ou in ihiril, uue
Ititlesnil aguaiter
ll,l,liii lintohn Conper tin
Mr Flees lirTlliiui-li sksler HHI
Declare. Ill" .lailK", UU
1'iH'shuntss h!
Ilfihltsce For lliree-icar-nldi snd upward. Iisndl
cspi aaneejiatskrsiir 1 1. leach, wltti SI.IHM sihled.or
which ittoo to Mrum! suit H)o tu third: one mile slid
Hlr Waller till ll.il.l.lm tl'J
NaragOMS. lnti Jlnlxe Morrow 104
Harry Allium Wl Krtlakltl . Ui
Klxlh Haee For Ihree-yearolda: riling: a sweep,
slakes nftlA each, with tl.ooo added, or whlib Won
lo second and llisl to thlrdi winning enaltlrs; sell
lug allowances; one mils smt s sixteenth.
FrlnreL'srl. . tin Discount. tin
Us ml It Him UghiriHii 104
DwlKbt.... looilAiuKllrlilse. ion
honir and Dance vn Xonllka . U7
flams U7(.'hsrler or
Uouvllle w? Frig lui
X Wonsaa llellor la (be Ulasi-lllgh .'.
Xiaoeke Down Two Jafea.
About 'IJIOO person saw Hie laces of the N'ewtown
Jockey 4'luti at Maspeth yesterday. Chateau was Ilia
good Ihlnjt of the afternoon, and he was heavily
played by the talent. He made all the running, win
nine under the whip by two lengths from the second
choice, .Sprinkle.
Tlieowner of Fquator. who started In the first race,
I a good looking young woman. &he races under the
name of the tlethlos Btabte, She went Into the belling
ring, after cautioning Zrller In be sure and ride her
horse out, and endeavored to place a tiet on her horss
with one of the tsjokmakers. One of tbetrsekde.
teetlees asked her to retire from the tietllng ring. Mr
refuseil toaoat Orst. but flnslly wsa prevailed upon
to take a sat up In the gtand stsnd. Fjpistor nn
Uhit last.
A fslr-sls,! rrowil ssw the electric llxbt rsces In the
eienlng. While High (', was belnfr warmest up fur his
race hedashetl tulo two men who were crossing the
Irsck nesr fhv istddock gste. Both were knockeil
flown. Tbey werecsrrled off the track toanetghbor
log hotel.
One was an old man. 0t orgs Horn, nf this city, who
was only stunued. The other. Mlcnsrl laenlierr. nf
1,711 Islington avenue, was bsdly cut around the
heait and body, but It Is uot thought hla Injuries are
serious, summaries.
First lUre Purse S'4UI; selling; oue mile. lotion.
III! iFIUalmmonal, A tn V. won; IllsckwooU, lot
H'aaayl. Tin 1. setiindi (ileusll, 104 lU'llrlelil. It tu S.
thlril. Time, 1.4S'. trustor and at, lurent, 103
each, also rsu,
Hei'ond lisce - Purse t'ifto; two-yesr olds; four
aud a half furlongs, ljidy Dauby. IUA lUrlgerl.
T to I, won: Juliet. I I'J if. Yrtteri. a tn A.
tri'oudi Caroven. lontO'llrlenl, IS to I, third. Time,
O'fiW'i. Jarley, 1IA; Ferslpolls, 10H; Del I'ssa ami
l.llllpute. tow eseh. also ran,
Third llace-l'urs t'Joo: selling; seven furlongs,
riialran. lllh (f. Yrtteri, A tu V. woo: Sprinkle. 105
iFltalminons). :ito 1. second; ArchtiUliop.ini (for.
Ids) I. a to 1. third. Time. 1 :. Watilif harm, llifl;
Jennie T.. lot); I'ucahontas, 103; The Holly. 104;
Mushing. IDA. also ran.
Fourth Usee Furse $:100; six and a half furlongs.
Dauntless, 105 ll,ecrl. 4 tu A, wou: Kel f ross, IUA
lUistfreyl, lotn 1. second; Fagot. 113 iC. Hloan), 8 to
A, third. Time. I -iv.
Fifth Usee- l'urse tlOO; fur two-year-olds; four and
a half furlungs. Ivlna. 10A (t'orhleyl, 'J In t, wun;
AnsleH., 11IA tCole). V to 1. sei'ond; Judge tileason,
107 tC, Yettcr), A tu I. third. Time. 1 :00. Cashmere,
ht Ann. Blue Hood geldlug, I'eggy Merrill toll, aud
May also rsu,
blith Ilsie Furse 1400: maidens; five and a half
furlonga. llarhle Fosl. 107, Vto I I W. French), won;
living Heart, 1U7, el tn I Hi, Mcf-augblliu, second;
Cherokee, ION, t lu I (C Yrtteri, third, Tlme-I :lfv'i.
Rsfractlon gelding, Uaby D., llenlopen gelding, Illu
ilooaun, Don't Know, Fat Kabblt, and llud lwls also
Heventli Hace-Piirse ivOO; selling; six furlongs.
Clausnian, wa lOllrleni. iu tu I, won; Dstrnlt. 107 if
tlosnl,4 loA, seennd, Western Nlsr. lot lAudrsws),
III to 1, third. Time. 1 X04. Kllia Ann. Namarltsu,
Ueneral Uordeu, aud Dr. fhamliers stao rsn.
Elghtb Itaie Furse $'4oo; selling; six furlongs.
Pelleof Frrnioy, 104 (Carlbyl, 7 tuAwon; liaytierry,
104 l)lsnlnve),7lo I second) High I', till lleerl. to
1, third. Time. I :0'. Ilru March, fsrniellls, Fuel
slor. and McC'urmsck also ran.
Kluth Race Furse taoo: handicap, for all ages; one
mile. Fox Ulove, 100 iZrlleri. 7 lo 10. won; Uellasrlus,
100 icarlby), tu 1. second; Lou Kbett, 104 if. Joliu.
sou), third. Time, l'4nti.
Tenth Usee Purse u0; selling; seven furlongs,
farraeus, W7 (Kockl, 4 to I, won; Fernwouil, lostMau
loiel.eioS.seeundi Bright Kyrs. W7 IC Jobluolli, .1
lol.ihlrd, Time, I3lh" llrn-ulrs also rsn,
This Is tbe programme for to-day
Urst Haee Three-quarters of atolls; selling. Wist.
110, Lesarwo.Hi.ioi; rau k"lug. 104. Montlrce. I0J;
Circular, 100; Wang. 100; Carnallle. 100.
second Rsie Msldrn lwo-ear-oUls; one half mile.
Arundel. US: Laiina. 113; Hallle Byrnes roll, 10;
Uncle Dave, lot: Way Way Ond.r, 103; Yolande Ally,
103; l.ulaKacsnllv. 103. Fcnirr, 104; (Jumps Ally,
103; AdsUilaa aeldlug. 103.
Third Kac-nevru.iifhtbs of a rolte. Kaodusla roll.
lUAjContrsllucolt, 103: Don't Know. 103; Feu Fullet
gelding. I O'J; Fst llsblb. 104; Kerstuos, I0H; Krfrac
tloo gelding, 10V.
Fourth Kiue- One mile. Mirage. 119;Alooio. 103;
Bsrguard, 104, Uellasrlus, 07; l.liniore,' W7 , 1'lrste
Chief, H7.
Fifth lUce Fours ml s half furlongs. Klnnlone. 1 10:
Htunlugtou, 104; Billet Dous colt. 104. tut Paragon,
104: Owen, lot, Uolden II.. lot: Con l.ucy. 101: Kdltb,
WB; Western War. 3.
These ara tbe ulgbt eulrlis
Urst Usee File and a half furlongs; selling Peg
lsw. loo pounds; Msy I)., loo: Andrew I).. I0U, Mamie
K. Krlturnn, 100. Blackluck.w7 Claiiaman. U7.
Hecoud lUce .heiru-rlgbthsofamlle. selling, lllilil
away, luiiounds, ht. I.sureiii, ; Bright Fyes, low;
klorlue, low, lieu, Uordon, low.
Third Haee Three-qusitersofamlle. selling. Black
hum, impounds. Ilsylay, loei; Tulleu, 103; Frolic
some Ijiss. 04. foiuprsilor, 100, l.allab, W7.
Fourth Haee Four aud a half furlonga: selling. Ro
mance, 1IW; Llimbrriiian. 107; Uabuu Msld, loi. lieu
lousu gelding. IUI. Magsle lllchurda. 101, Allulhrs
life. W3; Ijdv ", leinunt. 03.
Fifth Ks,e Uue mile. I Jiii Bbett. 10W: hrhnorrr.
104. I'srscciis. U4, Rouieo. wl Archbishop, U7.
Well-eontestesl Hares at the Uarleaa Trsaek,
Cuiisoo, hept. lV.-Tbs Harlem track was lu good
roadltlon today and six wrll-eoatettrd raies were
ruu. Hauklna Johnson's lied Irou billy Wright colt
Ulggsshuwed himself to be tbe best tiesrold lu
tralulug now lu the West. He was lu tbe fourth rare
with eleieit olliergiMMl onea and was asked locarry
KOpmiuda. which he did la true rare horn manner
andliad pleuly left st the dulah. He wss tbe public's
iliok-i-ai 4 to3. audbls wu hurt the rlug. The sum
First Ksce- SfUlua. one mile. Verge d'Or. lOoiZrl
birr' elru. won. I.lllle Dorrlll. W7 iCasalni. 4 lu I.
second. Udslla, vt Ofacklla), 9 to I, third. Time,
Second Rare -Kli furlongs. F.vanatus, 97iMacklIni,
4 lu I, won, Oeraldlae, loo ifsxlu), b tu A, second.
WBhalcble,107lBergrri. Atol, third. Time, 1 I.W,.
.,T.h,rJ .!" Selling; eight and a hslf furloags.
Billy MrKrnsle. W4 iMackllul, to 3, wou; Warren iV
Isud. 10 (Burrrlli, lu to I. srrcud. Frauds Fope, 103
ll'horu), SluV, third. Time. 1 .VHt
Fourlh Kareklteand a half furlongs. Dlgga, llll
'Irlu, 4 lu 3. wou; Midas. 104 tChetaller). B tut,
wsi'nd. Inatallatur. 100 (Blayluk), 4 to I. third.
Time. I lo.
, H.fili Race Sejllug: eight and a half furlongs.
Willie !.., 107 iNevn'onn. into I. won. .Nephew, V4
iktsckllnl. 13to l.srcuud, Fsklr. 103 ll'horu). 0 to 1,
third. Time. I -30.
.sUithtWce- Five furtoags. Miss Young. IDllBunm.
Jtul.wou. bus, lu.) iLrbjbi, 4 to I. srcoiul, May
Rtfae, 103 .Irving), e to I. third. Time. I o
Crescent X. C, Faetkall Tease.
The tuotball fommlller of the Crescent Athletic
Hub. fuiiilsilug of Messrs. Uarry Ueecbrr. Alfred
Morris.aadA White, bale Issued a nollrkstu.u luall
candidates for the football team to rrport for prartue
at Bay Ktdgeun .Saturda) urxt. Ills the lateutiou lo
form a aralssd scoud eleven and tu have ibe team
praillae ualiy upou the bay HUlje grounds. Tbe
t'reaceuis will hsiv all their old 1-andhUts la ike
Held lUs seaaun. Messrs. Baldwin. Kobertsoe. Uulll.
lists.. Fish. Ntsris, WklU. Culver, tauaa. Wlngste.
Frrntls. FltirslJ. Stockton. J. Terry, Brccser.
Thompaua.VainUrtaia, aud Burns wUt all Iralafor
tas Arstelvicu.
A Mil 1 Hket Beats fdiaae. the Derby
Wlaaer, and Matehkac.
fjOSDOg, Kept. l'i.-At Doncaster to-day, the
St. Ix-rer Htakes of 53 loverelgrrt each, for
thrrf-year-olds, over Ihe ft. l.eger course, about
1 mile 0 furlongs and 1 32 yards, w as won by Sir
F, Johnstone's Throstle, t-sdas. owned by Lord
llosebery, was second, and Matchbox, tho prop
erty nt Hlr V. Johnstone, was third, ,
1 hrnstle wnde tho running from the fall of Ihe
flag, followed by None the Wiser and Match
box, with I.silss last, I'pun reaching thn old
mile Matchbox look the lead, Throstle drop
ping bark tn the rear. Haifa mile from home
None the Wiser pulled upahreailof Matrlibox,
thepalr leading Hornbeam and Amiable, with
IjiOss gaining upon his leader.
Mutrhbox tnlei-ed the straight Just clear nf
IjiiUs, whit was foltonrd by None the Wiser,
Throstle, and Hornbeam. On the line for home
Matchbox was beaten. I.ailas drew tlrarof
him and wus folluweil liv Thruslle. who t-hiil-lenged
the Derby winner for first place and uou
b) tlireeiuarlers of a length. f,adas flnlshed
two lengths ahead of Matchlxit. Tlme.tlil'f 1-3.
The other startrrs were: Duke of Portland's
Amiable. Henry Mllner'e None thu Wiser. I.nril
llrmlford's llornbesm. Lord Alllngton's l.egnl
Tender, and the Duketif Potlland'stlalstiui,
ThebettlugwssoU In 1 Hgiiinsl Throstle, II tn
10 on Ladas, '.' to I ngniiist Malihlxix. 10 to 1
against Amlahte, '.'() to 1 against Noun The
wiser, ofl to 1 against Hornbeam, and Ann to I
against Legal Tender aud tlalstiiu. Kor plates
the betting was III tu I agulnst Throstle, 4 to 1
tin Ladas, A to '-' on Matchbox. V to I against
Amiable, A In 1 against None the W (ser. anil 11)
to 1 against Legal Teuder, tlastou, and Horn-
Among Ibe many sensations! SI. I.egersou
trioril that of Ittlli still furnishes an annual
topic among horsemen assembled at Doncaster
for Ihe classic cent. A few tls)s before the
tare Sultan, the favorite, broke down, and thrie
was a Willi slampedetif buckets to thesniinilliil
lug towns anxious tu hedge liefore the urns
spread. When thn other 11) era were lined up
for the big rare Sir Walter, Agricola. Hronlf,
Wild Hoi. aud llarmodliis were left at tbe post.
Antonio tlnl-lieil Mist, with Walton second, and
Archibald third. The stewurils declared the
break a false start, hiiiI ordered the race tn bu
run again, Antonlu's tiwiier lefused toeiidbls
colt a second tlme.siul Sir Wallrrwon.whllelhe
otherplsciiigs resulted as before. Keeling tan so
high between the Antonluaud Sir Walter back
era thai n free tight ensued, which was only
iiiellcd when Ihe stew aids decided to refer Ills
tae to the Jockey Club. The latter body tit
I'ldeil In favor of Antonio, and ensured the
stewards fur allow lug a second race.
The hern of the l4il St. l.eger wus SlrTattou
Stkes, wlioe name was t'hauged fniniTihthorpe
after he had won thn Two Thoilsniid tltilneas.
Hill Scott, the trainer and rider or the roll, had
such nil unenviable lejintatloii for high living
that IHO lu I was u tie red agalnat Sir Tattnu
Sykts for the Derby. Scntt arrived al the l)st
lu a muddled condition anil promptlv picked a
fjitarrrl with thestarter. The latter left rcott.
who got away fifty lengths behind his field. The
colt was so good. Item ever, that ho ran a close
second to I'yrrhiisthe First.
The mineis then decided on extreme meas
ures mid gave Stott u more rigorous training
llisti Ihe t ult. Iloth were got to the his for the
St. Leger In excellent trim, and they sailed
home in front amid wild enthusiasm. It was
thus Hill Scott landed the laat of his many St.
Leger victories. The ertallc old Jockey wss not
so fortunate the year he lisle Cotherstonr. on
whom he had previously won the tltilneas and
Derby. The stable also had Prize Fighter en
tered, and Mined he rould manage to win at a
fancy price. The good thing wss done with In the
stretch, and Scott tried to come on and win with
Cotherstonr. He looked like succeeding until
the last stride, when Job Maraon squeezed Nut
with In front aud won by a nose.
X Horse Killed and .loekey Iladly Hue! at
Latoma, Sept. W -The races today were run under
sexallous difficulties owing to delays at the (Mist.
From flte tn thirty minutes were tsken up In eseh
race, except one. The finishes were rnusllyaa unsatis
factory. In fact, the day'a sport was decidedly hsd.
tn the second rsce Miss Heynolds fell, breaking her
teg and was shot. Jmkey Coombs, whn was riding her.
was perhaps fatally Injured. In the fifth rare Sanooaa
fell, but was not hurt. Hummarlrs.
First Race Seven furlongs. Judllh. 101 (Claytnul. 7
to V, won-, Dolly Withers, Till i.l. Illlll, l'4to l.aecntul;
Hsdle Hunt, till iF. Cam, 110 lo I, third. Time. I Vt.
Ncrond Race Five furlongs. Alabama, 110 lover
loni, 0 tiiv, won. F.ial..lOA'F Cam, am I, second;
Addle Buchanan, 103 iThnrpci, 7 tog, third. Time,
I o:t.
Third Race-One tntle. Feytonla. 10J (Keith). 4 to t,
wou; Rnllver liucknrr. 103 tJ. Hill). to I. serond;
Ellen Douglass, W7 llsytoni, H loB.thlnl. Time. 1:4.
Fourth Race atx furlongs. Fat Woodcock, 107 IF.
Cam, It In I. woo; Hodgson. 104 (Clayton. 10 to 1,
second; (Scotland, 10 illaml. 3 lo I, third. Time,
I. lnti.
Fifth Race your and one-half furtnngs. Tnngese,
lOA III. Illlll. tltn I, won. Adsh Foy. 103 iKellhl. ID
to I, second, Toloacbe. 103 (Urahaml, IV to I, thlril.
Time. 0:37.
Nlxth ltsce-Keven furlongs, flinty C, low (Free
tnsnl, into I. won; Miss Lilly, lot! (I'r rklnsi, V lo I,
second; Ataman, tin illsmi, '.'0 to I, third. Time,
1 '4W)t.
Harrison Will Ttetuna to Kaglaad Without
Ills Prises.
Henry llsrrlsnnisu Kugltah ex-cbamplon runner,
wliocame to this country three weeks ago from Rlr
nilngham, will return there as soou as he tan, minus
almost everything he brought with htm, and which he
exehsnged foren experience with booming real estate.
He landed here Willi hla wife and child. and after
leaving a serurrly tiound liox Willi the express people
at the Barge Office hs took the train for Indiana.
There he Invested alt his monev In city lots, aud yes
lerdsy he celled st the lisrge ornre end asked for his
Ihix. He ssld he had had a tough ttme In the West,
and wanted to sell whst he had In the box au that he
could itet buck tu Birmingham. The Imix contained
about $300 worth of Imputes lu the shsfie of silver
cups, mcdsls, tnlatd music boxes, and ptauues. He of.
fered to sell them, and an F.ngllahman who had Just
landed bought the lot for $:l, and Harrison and hla
wife aud child will take a steamship for Kngland ou
Balurda). They are at present at 117 Washington
Araheret'a Preparatloaa for Football.
Ahuxkst. Sept. W.-W. II. Lewis of Harvard will
roauh tbe Amherst footbsll men for two weeks, when
Park Davt., a Princeton man. will take charge of the
candidates for Ihe reiuslndrr of the season. Many
good new nieii are out. and Amherst's hopes are high
for a strong team this fall, though It is early lo say
much ss fntbeinske up. Thefolluwluglsthecurreited
schedule of games:
IM. a.llrcenneld A. V , at Amherst; Oct. A, West
Point, at West Point. IH't. III. Boston Tei hs, at Am
her. t, net. I" Wrsleyau, al Mldilleluwn: Oct. la, Troy
Techs, al Amnersl, lHt.IT, llsriard, at falubrldgr;
IXI. SO. Union, at Albany; Oct. -J4. Weslejan. at Am
herl, Ot. '47. Bueton A. Cut ltoaloii, Oct. :ll. Yale,
alNewHairti; Nov I, Trinity, at Amhetsl; ur. a,
Boston Techs, st Boston; suv. 3. Rutgers, at Amberal:
Nov. 0. Dartmouth, at Auihers! j .Not 17. Wllllsms, at
Notes or tke Howlers.
The Auranla Howling Club will start their season to
night at Arlington Hall, Ht. Mark's plsrr.
The Washlngtons may ruler one of Ibe big tourna
ments. They have a crack tsiwler In hbermau. who
can make It lutrrestlng for any of the downtown
players. s
There will uiidotibiedly be three or four vacancies In
the American National Tournament. It Is ssldthst
the Manhattans. Mousrchs. aud Spartans of lloboken
will uot compete.
Now Ibst Uolden will roll with tbe Fidelia tesm.
names will not be one of the five. The latter showed
himself to be uulle a cleier tsiwlrrlu Isst srsson's
Hi's louruaiiirut, and ought tu beacoutestaut lathe
big tournsmeul,
Atthesunusl meeting of the Salamander Bowling
Club of Brookly n ihe follow lug officers were elected :
II. Rulh. President C. Powell, Vler-Fresldent, 0.
Waller, Secretary and Trraauirr; W. Lnngbeed. Cap
tain. The Halaniauders wltl enter teams In sevrrsl
A meeting of Ibe Arlington Bowling League Board
of Managers w 111 be held lu a week or two, for the pur.
pne of completing arrangementa for Ibe anaual tour
lament. Arlington Hall lias beeu engaged for Thanks
giving eve, wheu the organisation will hold a recei.
Ilou. Another ball wIHTjb held lu March.
The following officers lime been eln led by the t'tn
pla Bowling nun B. Rlrsuss. 1-rrsltleut. II. Berj.
Vlce-Frealdent, ) Hachs. Hecrelary, K. Ureenwald.
Treasurer, A caplaln will be appointed every tiionth.
Tbe praclhe games are rolltsl at tlrocfrs Hall eiery
Friday night Three teams will routesl In the tourna
ment, which will toinmeure uext month,
Al a rceeut meeting the Fedors Bowling Club elected
tbe following offU-era fbsrlrs Kent. I'resldrutt Her
iiisii llenne. Vice President, F. a. Hofiiunn. hecre
lary John Rammlrr, Treasurer. Imla Htelnmrts,
f aptaln. The club U uow composed ol fourteen mem.
brra, uf which right belougsd tu the organisation last
season. Their prsrtlcr games will be lolled al Ibe Ar
llngtnu Hall slleia rirrv Tuesdsy rvrulug. They
rolled their Initial games on Hept. 4, and eaixcllo
have a strung team.
. The annual meetlne of the Morrlssnd Fsaex Rowling
I-rague was held al the Rusetllle Athletic Aaaurlatlnu
ruomaou Monday night. Representative from tbe
Orsnge Athlstle Club. Kuulh Orange Field Club. I' hat
lis in Fish aud (tame Assih Utlon, Y M. C. A. of Or sine.
Moutilalr Athletic flub, Klverslde Atbletk- Club,
aud Roarvllle Athletic AsaOi-latlou were Present. J. U.
Tboiiipsonnflb R. A A. waa elet-te-l Prrsldrul aud
Mr.iuly of the 1 l. c a. serretar) and Irrasurer.
The report of Ihrorncers showed ibe league to be In a
prosperous cundllluu, with all bills paid and a balanie
la the treasury Amrndniruts lo the lawa aud rules
seers P-i-eed and lu addition lo the team cuuteats
there will ibis year beau Individual tournament be.
tweru tberhatuplonsuf Iberlgblclulisrompilslnglhs
league. This will bafonimenird at Ihe end uf Ihe
season and isiuiturtrd afire tbe order of Tiirsis
tourusinent. The Frrsldrut appolulrd Hinclalr, llrl
ler, and lr lug as r.ircutlte Comiulttre to srraugs
achedules, 4U
Bmoklya Isiwlers are gelling lu readiness for the
coming sea.on on Monday ulghi the faruthers'
tournament Hoard of Mauagers hetdamretlugst the
EUptuut club House. The follow log club were rep
reMUtsd Adrlphl. U. M. WIIUsuis: (Trrnuut, K. I.
BaunUter. teho. Iir Thonisa L. Wslls; Tliwa. O. L,
Courtney, ej.ulh Fw J. U. Fennlnglon. Keluecke,
t V'H?- ,70!f.uu;1"' Harry Anderson. O.ceoU, tl
J . Vau Tassel: Madison. K. F. Mulllus.Jr.. Monroe. J.
!! !''u,,orJ"r, IJerkluier, F. R. Story, Fearless, u. A,
Ncllro) The Clrrraout, E.-ho. FearleM. Herkimer,
Ovrola, Wsierly FlakBlgbl.sudttoulh Faw delegates
slated that I heir rrapecUteilubs w uuld cum pete lu Ihe
lourusnieui again If ibe other rluba wivh tu ..
pele they must signify su by urxt baiurdsy While
the Carrutliera luuiuameni lu prstluus years was
composed uf Brooklyn clubs, on or wore New York
club, may take part luuexl winter a coiupelltlon t I
Mouday night a useiing ibe applkallsa or Ihe less,
koe Bowling Club was aceeptsd. slid It U rumored
UialtaeFbuinlxaad ew Yorks. the crack clubs of
llsrieai, way journey across tke ttrtdge la ssek new
laurels. -'Tsrsaty-oae rlubs will agaia nsussM fur tka
chsnu-kwsidp. The toaraey wUJVjla usxtvaojila.
i.Mn.1 iV-t Ct ii' mi s '- Tfee . i
Ialix. equals nancy.
rATnosAor. nnr.AT davohtbr
THOTH A itlt.K IS !04.
The Iast llatr Was Caeered In li4 S-4-K
Coaldeat Are Hallskary and Me.
llawell tkat Tkelr Mare le tke Qaeea
that Tkejr Will Mtaet Iter Again To.
Morrow-Carbonate I-ewers tke Pae
tan Heeoral ror Trra.year-lds-f:xrs-alre
Hlees Aaelker SMreat PerFsraaaaee,
TxHitl: llAt'Ttt. SepL I Alls Is Indeed queen
of the trotting turf, tiuldnl by McDowell she
started at A :.ll o'clock this afternoon for a pure
of $.".,il0D, to heat Ihe mark nf 3:04 made on the
Terre Haute track by Nam y Hanks In Septem
ber, IMP'.. Hoth Salisbury and .McDowell
thought the little mare was tn fine condition for
the supreme struggle to-day, and her tulle In
3:04, while ll did not best the world's trotting
renin), tied Hand reduced her uwn mark from
Her slow (Irs t quarter, which wits lu U'j sec
mule, was tine, Mi'lkiw ell as, tn the fart that
the mam shlrd at the first turn at some dirt the
scraper had left on the track. Tho slow first
quarter aa It was dirked led tuauy to belle) It
would be a slow mile, and this was heightened
when It was found to be 1 :03Hat the half, but
from thereon Allx tame home with a marvel
lous butslof speed, trotting the last half of the
mile lu 1 :004.
McDowell euiniitsged her from Ihrhalf home,
especially on the last quarter. When the time
was hung out there was much enthusiasm, aud
Isith thelnareaiid lierdrher aud Mr, Salisbury
wire applauded.
McDowell said I lie mare would haieirrlaluly
btjleii ',:04 hsd she not scared at the tlrst turn,
and Starter l.uper announced from the stand
that so foutldriil were the) that this could be
I done on another Hint that Allx would go again
! on Kilday, the same day that Hubert . I. starts to
j lieat '.'il)'.'!,. Allx's quarters tu-dsy were tl:!!'.'.
l:0:Uj, Ib'lil, and'f:04.
Carbonate, nit tied by the DiiIhiIs Urns, nf Den
ver, started In beat the world's two-)eai'-old
pacing r-'.'S-.d of '.'ilO, held by Directly, the
black son of Direct, and suctectlrd In doing It,
pacing the mile In '.Mill. The cult was driven by
Jack entry. Kxprnsiie, Sallsbur)' great F.lec
tloiieertlll), itonthe '.'.HI trot after Gertrude,
tbe Doble tuarr, had taken the first tuo
heats, and Kxpressive, lu so doing, trotted
the fastest fourth heat (3:l'.'Wl ever gone
by a three-year-old, tthlth was also the
fastest heat gone by any three-year-old
this year. Kxprrsslve Is truly a stayer, and Sal
isbury evidently knew n thing or two when he
shipped her here from Fleetwood, She appears In
need about three or four heats to get thoroughly
warmed up. She started a lint favorite, but
quickly sold below tlertrude after the first heat.
Rex Amerlrus, thn Village Farm entry, and
Margrave, who were fancied by some, were
never In tho lace. The unfinished '.'ill
pace was won by Kissel's Dallas, after
much splitting of heats. The eccentric
Howdy Joe. with a heal tn his credit,
got the flag. The 3:17 pace wss continued
oer till to-morrow. The heats were split lie.
twecn tlarette, Hcd Wing, and Tommy firms n,
the fifth beat being so close between Itnzette
and Tommy Ilrnwn thst the Judges decided It a
dead heat. The fast Monhars waa distanced the
first heat, being nut of condition aud acting bad
ly. To-morrow the great free-for-all pace oc.
curs lietween Joe Patrhen. Hal llradrn, John 11.
(frntry, liilbctistein, Masrott, Iteflectur, Flying
Jib, and Doc Sperry. Summaries:
V 11 psce; purse 91, ,V)0.
ITIaael flail., rtt. v . lie Indian Phlr
iKIsssll. (.'12311
KlltleR., blk.ln. (Oeersl a 3 I X a
Frank Agan.li.s-. (Walker) 3 1 4 a 4 1
Rowdy Joe. rn.g. (Alleni 4 3 14 Nils
Horker. Ii. a. iHcllenrr) '4 4 a v ar.o
Ttmr-f tm. -: !(,, g.W, '4:11, g:ll, : !(,.
a-IStrnt; nursetl.ooo.
Kxprrsslve, b. f.. by Electioneer, dam
F.sther. by Express iMrDnwelll 'J 2 0 111
(lertmde.ch. m. by Flyrla IF. Doblei. t 1 S g a
Mna Medium, br. in., by Riley Medium
tFulllgam ..4 4 I !l H t
Rex Amerlrus. b. e. itleersi. 7 A u H Hr.o
Margrave, ro.c. tCurtlst A a a 3 Ar.o
KateF., b.f. (Castlei a o 4 4 4 r.o
Msyby, h,m. (Currri a ill.
Hnowdeu, b. g.'IF.Rfsrri Mills
Tlme-:lTl,,l(.H. a;17, V.l'4ls,V.14V,, 2 IS).
'i 17 pace: pnrsafl.oAO; unflntsbsd.
flsrelle. b. h.. by Onward (Hhockrnsiy). . 1 I 2
Tommy Brown, b.g. (Blsckwell). . 3 :t 7 I
Medwlng.ch. h. tatokesl . I a 7 7
Nelly McCnry.b.m. (MrCoryl n 4 a n S
Mnrella, b. m. (tleersl 4 A 4 11 4
Patty !., ch. m. (Offuti t 2 4 :l
Clint KII7, ch. h. (Freeman) 7 H s A 3
tlanerose, b.h. lUanli H 7 ill..
Moubara, blk. a. tMcIIenryl dls.
Tlme--2lal,, g'IMU. t;IIU, g:laU, 2:131..
Dead heat.
2 12 trot, purse (1,300 itinflnlahedl,
DsndyJIin, gr, (., by Young .Mm (Minim) 1
Commodore Forter. b. h, (Fuller) 2
David It.. ch. g. (Cnrllsi :l
!-r's Pilnt.gr. h.tJ. Curryi 4
Wllllstn IVnn.br. c. (CHnei 3
tllsnl, b. h, IDIikersoni d
Alls lobeat Nancy llsnka's record of 2.04, made ou
this track Sept. !, IkI2; purse $3,000.
Time . . ... I
Allx. . .. 2
Time bv quartrrs-0:82, I :li:l'4. 1 :aa, 2 ni.
Carbonate to tirat the worid'a two.year-old pacing
record of X. lll.'sMirld by Directly.
farNmate l
Time g
Time, 2: 10.
as' east ricTojtr ton j. .v. it.
Tke Otker Haeee at Polat 11 re eta Were
Nkaraly Contralcst.
Pint. Anxi.PitiA,. Sept. 13. Though tbe fields
were small In all three classes at the Point
Ilrreze Park meeting this afternoon, two uf
them kept everybody guessing until dark. The
first event, fnr 3:34 trotters, was the surest
thing of the week, as there was not a thing that
approached the form J, M. I), had shown earlier
Inthedrand Circuit. Turner had transferred
,1, M. D. to tlolden In time fnr Happy Lady to
tart against lit in. and the pair gathered In first
and second money.
There seemed to be no reason why Haven
could not repeat her performance at Fleetwood
when she defeated Whisper and good field, so
that she sold ut S'S.wlih Whisper worth S'.'Aand
the rest at $17. After II, J. Kockwrll had set
the pare to the half in the first heat Haven
passed him and stalled off Whisper's challenge
from the distance. The mllewasonly lu3iUI4.
and It was A tn 1 on the black mare before the
second heat, Nelly F. made thn clip faster to
the three-quarters In this mile, and then Whis
per rushed up with a spurt that rarried her home
a short length ahead In 3:13. (iulden had clearly
outgenerallett the Pittsburgh driver behind the
favorite, but his mare was lame and could not
repeat the trick. Haven had a clear lead to the
wire In the third heat, but having varied from
the position she took at the head nt the stretch,
the Judges announced that she was punished
for this by being placed last. This gave the
heat lo hlsper, and no one was more surprised
than Uolden, who said he had seen no Interfer
ence. It was Nelly F. that Haven haul carried
nut, but her driver had not complained, and the
decision, while welt meant, was scurcely Jus
tified, Haven came home In the same war for the
next heat, and Collins, who was called tn the
stand, said his mare always swerved from the
pole, and she was placed as she finished this
time. The Dude hail taken up tho battle In this
mile, as Whisper hsd enough of it. but all Sliil
linglaw'i diligence was unavailing against the
superior sliced and stsmlna of Haven.
Those who plunged ou Lltnonero at 3A to 7
over the rest of the three-yea r-olds were alarmed
when Hilda S. raptured tbe first heal In 3:1014,
and promptly hedged on the filly. She got away
wrong foot foremost lu Ihe second heat, and
eicattergood.whowasdrivlug Hildas., laid her up
after elia regained her stride. Thilgave l.ltnnneru
a heat In .':37)t. In the next one. however, the
fleet )oung mare heat him lu 3:33. I.lmonero
was clearly off, hut Hilda H, failed to lake
further advantage of him. She made a break
on the homestretch in the fourth heat, when
she was beating Ihe colt, and waa even more
unsteady In the deciding mile. Hilda H, la
owned by A, H, Darling, and herdam, Hluda
Wilkes, has already produced two fast tier,
formers In Double Cross and luu Wilkes.
If the four classes arranged for Thursday ran
lie disposed of on time the meeting will be oxer. '
Uiiv, who was entered for the free-for-all pace, j
will not start, aa he was In a railway accident
coming from New York, the effects of whirl) '
will probably keep him off the turf for Ihe -balance
of the season, Summaries: ,
g-JI visas, trotting; purse (1.900.
I M. l.. b. j. b Favorite Wilkes, dsnbyJue
Dowalug (Ouldeat III,
llsppy Udy.br. ui. (Turner-,,,. 2 2 :t
t'ol. Uk-key, Us. (Bsybould) 3 3 2
Utile Ethan, b.g, (kherldaui Has
Tom Medium, hf. s. (Warren) 4 4 3
bou Ante, b.aA-(Lani). , 3 tt dr I
Tluis-2 1U. 2.S. 2 7. I
t 14 rlsss. pacing: purse SI. Oou. I
Raven, blk m.. by Alcsntsrs -Kaibtl B . I
by Aflle West (Colhosi 12 3 11,
Whisper, ch iu. by Alcaudtr (Uolden 2 1 I a 4 !
, Nelly F bio iJoaesl 3 :i X 4 2 I
IkeDude. b. r, (Uhllllailsw 3 4 J 2 a
II J Rockwell, b. s. Dudgei 4 3 4 3dr
Time 2 I4'4,2 !.r. t la. 2 14', 2 I3' .
2 Mils... Irotiluf. three-year olds purse fl.uoo. I
Lloiunsro. Iv c by lledtnoal l.uluneer. I
by Electioneer (tUybouldi 2 I X tat I
Hlldah-.bf by HtsaubouUKi-slletgood.l 4 1 T 2
atynU iirXclUasi 4 S a 4
WllUaju K, b. r. WS4) a 4 dls
tdoitur, ca. f. traiat. ...Ms
Tl4H-r.:1-.t2.iH, t.ti
The Harae FlTe-rearM Woe tke lladsea
Hlver tke.
The fields were smaller at the New York Btat
Breeders' meeting yesterday, but the two trot
tine races on the card resulted In sport of the
same spirited character at that which marked
the opening day of the meeting now In progress
at Fleetwood Park. Genuine enthusiasm was
aroused by Ihe close finishes In Ihe 3:3.1 class
race and by Ihe unexpectedly fast trotting nf
the flve.year-old stallion Rsklmti In the Hudson
Hlver Stock Farm Purse for .1:00 horses,
Ksklmo was quite overlooked by the players
whn backed John tloldsmlth's California mare
Ventta Wilkes at odds mi against the field, and
for two heals the green one made but a very In
different showing. He flnlshed thiol to the
favorite III the opening heat, and In the second
round, bis harness gelling nut of adjustment, he
barely missed being (lagged out nf the race by
the distance Judge. Vetilta Wilkes had won
with such a show of sierd In reserve In
the first twn bests that she was .a
pruhtbltlte fainrlte hrforu tho start for
the third heal, nnil the nice looked to be a uue
thing for the rtiiiiul-ttirnt'd Califurtilaii. This
time, honeier, P.eklnui gut away III goml st)le,
uud trotting fast tn the half and up the 1st 1 1 he
chased tloldsmlth's mare along In the lend at a
slrnng'.'rlSillp. S'ejirthethiee-quarterpnlr Vr
nllii made one of her t baritcteristlc brenks. She
did not turn loiind and go ihcntlicmajjnit she
danced up and down until tlolilsmlth was forced
tu bring her lllernll) ton stniVtlsllll ntid stitrt Up
un a walk before she would strike her gait
again. Hy the time she did so Ksklmo was
almost tu the wire, and Fox, seeing an upir
tutilly In distance the faun lie, kept nn
driving the leader until the ting fell
lu front uf Vrnlta Wilkes. The ilUtnliclni.-of
the favorite created something of a sensation
among the spectators mid horsemen, but tne
greater stirpiise was manifested when the time
or tbe heat lias nunoilliieil as 3:lM4. This Is
remarkable speed for a M:(I0 clsss race, but
Ksklmo is a remarkable )nling horse. He
moled the last half nf this mile III 1 iUU, a clip
that not many 3:1A irottris are able to
maintain up the famous Fleetwood hill.
After Vrnlta Wilkes's Ignominious down
fall Ksklmo went on anil won with
the utmost ease from the Albany mate
Masl Karr, who alone temnlued to finish the
race after the distance flag fell lu the fast heat
trotted b) the stitlllou. 'Ihe winner Is a horso
of rare goisl breeding, his sire being the cham
pion two-mile atallioti llrrenlauder. 4:,T3, aud
his dam PittlSIng, a full sister In Sllbiilli,'-.'; laic,
by Klet tloucer. Ksklmo's lecord when he stall
ed al Fleetwood yesterday was '.';,T:IU, He was
bred by Augustus Sharie of Liiuleiille, K).
John Madden Is said lo havo offeied t'.'.TUO for
him as a weanling, without securing the
colt, and as a )earllng he was sold to
Walter Culling uf Plttsflehr, Mass. When Mr.
Cutting eold his horses In New York Isst winter
KsMmo, then In bed condition and blind of an
eye. brought only flOU, his pure baser being
John It. Dillon or New Haven, who still owns
tho sieedy stallion. After Venlla Wilkes hud
been shut out of the race (lolilsinllli drove the
inarou working-out mile In 3:17.
There was nothing tu start against t lay
hontus In the 3::)A class, pacing, Mini the crack
four-i ear-old went through thu formality of
" w alklug over " for the purse.
Humbug should have won the 3:35 class race
In three consecutive heats according to the be.
lief of nearly all horsemen who witnessed the
rare. The speedy little gray fellow waa an even
money favorite on the strength of tbe two win
ning races he had trotted out In Michigan with
III n few tta) s past. II was said ho bad shown
trials In tlm uelghliorhocal of 3:1(1 for Driver
llever. The youngster was laid up In the open
ing beat, and In the eecnnd llever made only a
feeble sort uf drive In the homestretch,
being beaten a short head by Ilelte tlrande.
After winning the third heat easily Humbug
made a queer break near tho half the next time
and tlnlslied In tho rear. Tho book betting in
dicated that something was wrong, and the
Judges began tn think about substituting an
other driver for llever. Humbug, however, won
the fifth heat in 3:31M.and It was plain that
whatever may havo been llcver's purpose as to
dropping beats he wus out tn win the race.
Ills good, green trotter had begun tn show
the effects of divided hcuts, however, and when
the erratic but speedy stallion Dudley Olrott
came back In the sixth round with a mile In
3:11(14 It was n little more than Humbug could
I hen do to beat him, and tho gray fellow lost a
race he might as well have won,
To-dai's programme Includes the Parkvllle
Farm Slake of 13,000 for three-year-old trot
ters, the Waverly Usn Farm Slake, for 3:40
trotters, and the Parkvllle Farm Stake for 3:30
liarers. Summaries:
.1:00 class, trotting; Hudson River Block Farm
Purse, isoo.
J. II. Dillon's Kanulmo, br. s., hy Green.
lender, dsm Plttl King, by Electioneer
til. Foxi . T a 0 1 1 1
A. I'. MeDnusld's Maud Karr. b. m., by
Magic Wilkes (McDonsldl 2 2 19 3
John A. lloldamllti's Vrnlta Wilkes, b. tu
by tluy Wilkes Kloldamllh) . I 1 (111.
Lines Brothers' Sally Max. b. m. bv JIa li
mits ( Robert itevcr) 4 Sdls.
John Rudd's Victor, Ii. a., by Piedmont U.
I. (llbtisi . 3 4dli.
II. ('. Yionduiit's Ht. Jonathan, br. a., by
Kentucky Dictator CWnodntlt) ,dla.
Tlme-2:2I)), 2:23, 2.1DM. 2'2U14, i:,ii.
3:33 class, pacing; F.ldorado stock Farm Purse. 1300.
Smith 4c Usrneii'sf layhontas. ch. s., by Pocshon-
tas Boy, dsm by Buckley's Lthan Allen (Robert
Helen .. w.o.
Tlme-2 IT.
2'23rlass. Ironing; purse ll.omi.
W. F. ThomiHtou's Dudley Olcntt, ch.s..
by Allien W.. dam Cecilia by Foa
cora llayward IF. W. Noblsl. . 1 S S 1 8 1
C. M. Hmlih'a Humbug, gr.g., by Billy
Kuox (Robert Beverl 3 2 1 4 1
Christopher llsckrtt's Belle Oranda,
ch, in., by !.e Uranda (Jerome Whelp
try). 2 12 2 4 2
Daniel Lewis's l.lille II., b. lu., hy
Wlnnoskl (John Dsly) ... a 4 4 8 3ro
John II. Khults's Myatery, h. in., by
PhallaalM. P. Devy). .. . .4 3 ilia.
E. II. Long's Keeler, b. a., by Dictator
nteorge McBrltiei Ho dls.
Tlnie-x:2i,. 2:2D, 2:2IH. 8:214, 2;21'4, g.lvK.
Caprice Dovras Tonsah la Fine Mtyle.
Rostok, Sept. 12. The ties! contest of Ihe oay at
Mystic Park to-day was the 8:14 rlaas, In which
Caprice trotted the rsce of her life, dermslnr took
Ihe 2:22 trut with rompsrstlie rase, after Vat had
aerurrd Ihe flrat two heats, and lu the 2:12 pace Oil
Curry had It all his own way In tbe two hssts that
were derided, hummarlea;
1 1 clsss, pacing; purse f 1,000.
Jimmy B. 3 A 1 1 I
WeedWUkes I I 0 M 7
Hra Bird.. H 2 7 2 4
R.H.D 2 a 4 4 H
Kttmuud A n s a 2
Frank I".. ... A 7 a A A
Malterhoru. 7 10 A H o
Fat Haver Ill u s dr
fornetta 4 8 dr
BeasleD It It dr
Kocksway ll 4 X Tdls
Tlilie-'.';14H. 2:1814, 2:ISH,2:10'4, 2:18.
2 14 claai, trolling; purse 11,000.
aprlce A 8 t 1 1
Toiuali. ... I t a h 2
hiarltght. 2 rt 2 4 0
Bu.h.. A ll a x ft
Protein 4 3 A a 4
Vega a 4 4 A A
Tlme-2. 13, 2:UH.2:le4-, 2:10, 2li,
8:22 elsas, trotting; purse 11,000.
Oermalne A 8 I 1 I
!.. . I I 3 H A
Yankee Lurk A A m 2 2
flontarf X H 3 4 7
Kitty R -4 4 2 A 4
Margaret I U 10 H a 3
Alice Wllkea H B 7 7 H
Dora Thome H H 1 A 9
Dot . .. 7 u jo dr.
Fluaewund lo 7 dr.
llme-'MK, 2:1Kl,. 2;V0, 8:20, 2:20t.
8 18 rlsss, paring: purse l,000, iuuflnlshe.1:.
Oil Curry ... 1
Daisy Despalo 3 2
Hosn Wilkes -4 I
Kllck Klock I a S
Dliati 4 j
Auule Rhea a d
Football Nates.
The Orange Athletic club football men practise
every night by electric light.
Sam Allen, the old Andoier half lck, Is now play
ing wllh ihe Ssw Jersey Athletic Club. r '
The Princeton 'Varatty will open their season on
Bept. 22 wllh s game with Lafayette College al Prince
-Billy" Butt Is helping rapt. Itlnkey get IheVals
men In shape at ) rater's Island. Hull Is coaching ibe
The Mew Jersey . V serond eleven will nrn lha
sesson un Hrpi. 20 with Ihe Huuth Orsng Field Club
at Huuth Orange
The Kllsalielh Athletic Club fncilUII team bate had
electric lights put upou tnelr grounda where they
practise every ulgbl.
Manager Cornish of tbe Chicago Athletic Association
football team anticipates arranging a game wllh the
Prtncetou 'Varsity for earl) lu .Yovcrubrr.
Tke Manhattan Footbsll team would Ilka In arrange
gaiuee w 1th all teema for Saturdays and holidays. Ad
dress Mat F Ouuderson. AI2 Msuhaltan stenue.
Tba Caledonians or k'earuy and Ihe Rovers of the
strsmshlpTeuioole will play a match game, under sv
sotiatlou rules, at Ihe former's grounds next Saiur-
The JerTeraona of Newark will play the Marines at
Oovernor's fslsnd on Sept. 214 ,nd (ha Red Mars of
Harlem on Oct, Oat tbe Kearny grounds. Asswiatlou
rule will govern.
The annual meetlu; of tbe American Football Assn.
rlallon will beheld uext bslurtlsy al Hill's. I Cross
street. .Newsrk. Clubs desirous of taking part lu lha i
cup competition sra Invited lo send a rsprtsentsilie.
Entries will close at Ihemreilug with Mnreury Ilea
dsrsou. and Ihe drawing for lha first round will a Isu
lass place.
The Walisaalag Field Club of BloouSsld. X. J . hais
, hoaen lbs follow lug players lo repreasut tne club on
tbe, rooioall Held Jobu Weden. .-enlre rush, Rii
Bsdxley and Kaiuuel l tlde.rlgbl aud left guards, Hot.
f'f.us'ersudHeuryMiirtliy.rUnl awl left l.rkUs.
Ulllaui Irwin aud Archie Dellcy right aud left sad..
Usorgr Barneti quarter luck ,'oCn ktrgusuu ami
liuis Thornall. right and left half backs.
The drawing for ihe drat ruuml In .eeupi-ouipeti
llou uf iua .New Jersey Junior Fool nail Asaoeiatmu la
s. follow. Cresceuls of Fatersuu vs. Kearny Wou
iters. Young Men's I hrlatiau t'ulua'a first Irani if
ksarux is. krarny Uaugcrs. JerTeraona c.f Newark is.
oun4LMaB'scirlttlsa6alon-s second tesm of kfesr.
"...J K4ods .rf hewark rrw Ike bye. Tkegaiuea
wU U played before Sot 17. The IrUjulwsf du
kMlkerkutvetifgriHuids. wu
" a
THJSHS nizz, its yo rianr.
Jaeksea Brawa Hla lO.tXrt) Forfell aasl
jLeavta for Neve Terk.
CnicAoo, Kept. 13,-Peter Jackson left here
this afternoon at 3 o'clock on the Erie road I for
New York. Before leaving he called on W 111 J.
Davis at the Columbia Theatre. In company
with " lrson" Davles, and withdrew hli $10,000
forfeit. Darlea drew a sigh of relief wlten the
money was taken down and the fight decljrcd oir.
"I'm very glad It's over," he said. "I never
was so tlreif oFanythlng. Cnrbelt will nowiiilss
a little advertising he probably epected to pa
f 3.aiHl for. for I lielleve lie Intended to lamtpo ne
the fight even If It bad la-en set for nlno months
from now. 1 suppose Corbett will meet Jackson
at New York and flare another chit lenge In
Peter's face as he steps on tho bunt lo Irate Tor
home." .
Fire Is lleslanlsg OO-footer Ibr a rtyndleute,
y,vn thr Boston Itn-nlJ.
(Int'ltiKK.Hrotlaiid, Sept. 10. William Fife,
Jr.. Is now at wurk tin the design of a UO-footer
fnr a syndicate, one of whose members Is Mr.
Walker, r big brewer of I.Uerpool. The boat
will be built In lliglls's yard, Partlck, and will
Is-ready early llirriiniliiRJcar fiirlhe .Mediter
ranean regattas. Shu will bo, built tu meet the
tlordnn iFennetl boat now building bv Her
reshorf. ..... , , .
The 10-raler Pakolnh sailed nml Won her last
race for the season lo-tlay In Hie V est Scotlaiid
Yacht Club regatta. The WbImui Imal. thcSilIa,
was second, anil the Fife boat, l.llltb, thlril.
Neve sjork liny Yeicktaasea lVlad t'p the
The season was brought t a clote yeitentsy by
those .int-litsmcu wlio rendesvous along Hie Coin.
muulpaw shore of New York Bay from a aliit a little
Kboie.NellloA"stiost house to Cslell I'olllt. Owing to
the seteie I tan inter storm of Holiday eiculng tlulug
fousldeinlileitaiiiage In some of I lie laists, thpre w -re
only two aisr(eis nut of the live entries for the an foot
rlsss, while the Kills b. Capt. Patrick Campbell, bad
a wnlkoterlii Ihe-JS foot rlss.. The isimiietliig tsisls
In the aa root rlsss were ihe Three Htstrra, owned bv
cap4. Christopher Hrowii. nml the Water Wltcli, owneil
liyfspl Charles Mitchell, the former being a winner
by It nilniile-. The other boats entered were the
Ansa. I'apl. James OTIrlen; Mm erelgn. Capt. Allel t
.lohtisoit, and the list I ler, Capt. Michael Dnuotan.
The prises were a silk pciiusnt aud a silver cup for
seioud. Kummsry:
VAlpseil Coreeefeil
feaatfi, 7(Hi. Ifinr.
.Vni..e. riieiier. . fn. II. St. s. II. H. s.
Three M.lers .Capt. Hrown . .at no A lit on A In oil
Water Witch, t.'apt. Mitchell.. as U0 3 33 0U (J 33 00
Yachting: Notes of Interest.
There will be sn interesting match rate next aumtay
lieiweeu the '-'I foot cat-rlgged boati Uolden RihI,
owned by c. .1. Leach, and the Mary Isabel, owned by
Ivea and Howard Taylor both of the Audubon Yacht
Clnh of this illy. The race I, tol.e for (too a aide,
and Is tn le sailed over (he regular rluh course, start
ing from the t-tiib house at 132d strrrt and North Itlirr
to and aruiimt a stskeboat anchored off Knglewnod, N.
J.; theme Ina stakeboat orr Pleasant Valley, and front
there to Ihe club house, Ihe course Is to tie sailed
twice, and tbe race Is to tie started alxiut 1 1 o'cliick.
The Kdtiaor ihe Yonkers Corinthian Yacht Club
and the Pauline U. of the King Hlng Yacht clnh will
sails match race over Hie Audubon Yacht Clubcourse
on Hiindav, Kept, :to. The Mary c. Miner, owned tiy
Chas. ltaeof the latter tluli. liaa been fitted with a
new rig. which. It Is thought, will discount thst of any
other boat of Ha site In these waters. Thr Miner Is 10
feet tUt' Inches In length, and carries a hollow mast of
40 fee). Ilolat of sail, 2S feet; length of gstr, IN feetl
imntn. VH feet, Hhe Is oiien lo a lualcti with any taist
of her site for a stake of trou up.
The regular monthly meeting of the Pavnnla Yacht
Club was held on Tuesday evening al Ihe city club
house, located oiitheConimunlpawsnoreof New York
tay. It waadeolded Inclose the sesson at the country
club house. Alienor lllghlsnds. N. .1.. on Katurday,
hept. 22. In the evening there wilt he a stag enter
talnment. The annual Rhode Island clambake or the
dub will be alt en at the cltyrliili liouae some time
during the latter part nf next month.
The llel.aughlln.Seston Itllllnrd Match.
F.d Xlel-anxhlln playeil In first-class form last night
In hla billiard match with "Comsnche Hexton at
psly'. Hs rsn out a game of 230 points In fourteen
Innings, missing but once. He averaged 17 t'J-lt. lie
madehlgb runs of 41 and An. Sexton scored I4:t,
averssing Just 11. lie made one run of 33. Mc
laughlin la now 147 polnta ahead, the total scorea
being 730 to 003.
flosBlp ofthe Ring:,
Jim nutlar, the Philadelphia colnreil middle weight,
has Issued a challcngo to tight any tnsn, scsllng his
weight, In the country for a purse. Butler ties sn
Idea that he ran whip Billy McCarthy of Australia.
Butler saya be will right him for a side wager at 130
Young OrllTo and John L Kulllvan are great chums.
It la very seldom that tbe ex-champlnn takes tn a
foreigner, owing to tils natural dislike for them. Nu.
Ilesn thinks the world of the Australian, and saya he
Is the greatest little man ha ever met. flriffn.lt Is said,
will probably travel with htilllranou the road.
JlmLarelle'a mljalon tn Detroit last week with his
favored protege. Oeorge filddons, came tn naught.
Mtddnna waa to have niet a local man there, but owing
to the forest tires In the West Jim and aiddnna were
delayed and the right was called ofl. Hlddnna Is
atlll at Detroit, and he expects tu bring Ihe fight satis
factorily about pretty aoon.
Constant Reader. Waterbury.-l. John I- Rulllvau
fought Jim Collius. better known as "Tug" Wilson, at
Ihe Madison RquareOardcn on July 17. 1x12, hulllran
undertook to knock out Wilson In four rounds, but
failed. 2. No; he did not knock him dnven, but Wilson
went down upon his kness repcstetlly to avoid pun
ishment. It was tnslnly in rough these (aclics that he
atayed the four rounds.
Constant Reader. New York. 1. Jake Kllrsln and
Jem Hmllh of England fought to a nnlsh under London
rules on Per. 16. IDN7, at the Island of ht. Pierre,
France, for $3,000 a side and the chain plonahlp of ihe
world. The mill was stooped In the tooth round,
through dsrkness, and a draw was agreed upnn, 2,
John I.. Hulllvan and Charier Mitchell fought at Aprs
nmnt. France, on March in, lata. The contest wss fnr
a $3,000 purse. After thirty-nine vicious rounds the
Oght was declared a drnw.
"Australian nilly" Murphy haa another grievance.
Ina letter to The Kus he as) a. "I see that Lavlgna
and Marshall are tn tight for thr heavy-weight cham
pionship. What absurdity! Where doss Marshall
come In aa a champion I'd like to know-1 Let him re
deem hla defeat by me before he blows his trumpet.
I knocked htm out In one round at Costello's Ifsll,
Melbourne, Australia. 1 think It's rather mean of the
ties Hide A, C, as they promised me the first oentng.
I'm sure Tom OTluurke Is afraid of lu. Ha and his
man, Dixon, alwara steer clear nf me. There are only
twngenulne feather-weight champlona In the world,
namely, Ike Weir and myself."
$6.25 per Month for 12 Months,
ron A
Tho Wheel of tho Year.
$15. CASH,
Equitable General Providing Co.
ti; o. v. co.i,
Colnmbii. Building, 29 Broadway.
She iTurf. ".'
Brooklyn Jookey Club RacB3.
F.a.1.1. MUtrriNi), HM"T. 7 TO .
Trslus from foot EAST S4TII ST., K. V. (via L. 1. It.
R.I. imao, I (Ml Parlor Car Train), l.lo. 1 io 1'. M.
from root of WHITKIIALI. HT. (Culver Route), houVly
from 7 IUA. M.. and half hourly from II 10 A.M.
Iirnoklyii l ruin, from wth a r, and "Jut h at half hnur-
av. aud Until st., hnurly from 7 10 to I lu.ll.4UA.
L.I IU.FJ 40,1 03,1 IO,!40S..40P.M.
i:v i:i.n 44 by 1:1.1:1 ritit i.iuiit st mis.
c c)ni'i:kvifm i4Tii ii:j-r iia.mi.
All Ij.i Klter rerrlesand the llrouUiu firldm-con
met with Trolley lines direct in Irsck; also .illh st
and James Hllp Ferries to Long Island city Ihencr by
Troltey 1., Irs. a. e N TII.I.WF.U.h'r.lar) '
Thri-st giMiit rsies at the
Take the oth av I, or Harlem It. 11. lo slelrce.
Anwricnn District Mos
stwger Oiices in this
city iMMllti Advertising
Till: siy
roguhw u Overt ising
Cull the Messenger,
Xo Extra charge tor the
ir. c. sA.xarn ntnr.x av t vi'itrn
Hit.r. at Bvntsartvut is 'ins f.,;.
Hlms .Makes at New Araerlenn Time roe
at Mite In Class .., Jllas Flatnes llrlns:
lie -f-W. K. Mitrphj-Trlra to llenl Ihe
Oae-honr Heeord nrMetnUes'a, hut rails
llr. Brass of ITeeelnnd lleata Hanger
aad lilies In as llne.ntlle llnudleap lints,
Sfltl.'eoriF.t.D, Hcpt. VI. Tim rrrnnls n
bruVrti nt llm secoinl dat's rn(ln of the ,.,
hlryclo meet here. Ten sensational rarcsw,-,
run. Iiuwever, nml Hie wrntlier was siiptth for
i')(lliit. liter 16,000 persons wcti' picspnt. ,.
iliiillnnHitiusaiitls uf xlsltors from till mtr n t
fniintiy. I'acemakers In r.t cry contest lining t
tlieruccs awrty ttmler limit, tin; xri'Ht onc-intis
(iprlt raco uclut; utitt lit '.'it I LA. nnly a rttotiil
titltsliletif the world's (ott!ietltlvr rcttml.
WaltciC. SniiL'cr, Ihe lilif .Mllwtilllceeati. unit
the one-tulle open anil nne-mlle utinacetl rstrst
Itaymnnd .MncDonalil tlieonr-mlle hatullrap and
twii-mlleoitii) class races, Dr.llrowiiofl'letelaiid
tlieuue-inlle liamllcap, and llllss the '. Iticiau.
Sanitcr took the uiie-inlla tinparnl rate n
a-07 1-1. a nf lit of a secoinl hetter than lis
world's I rronl held by T) ler, his running male,
lit lliiMiiie.inllr liniiilliiip Dr. tltowti ifnlttstl fits
lengths ttflei' IIKsshail ttiHili'tlie Jtlliip. alul, as
he usually does, kept In front to the tape, m
Ihe tine-milt' handicap, Clas.,wlili'li was won
hy WelletKreell of Maiden, tlteio was a ureal
record made, Wettcrgrecti came within two.
fifths of a second nf licntlntt the world's record
fur tmy c1ms. Hltnsof WssIiIiikIoii went from
srralnlt in 'MO '.'.fl. the worltl's record lielng
Jtltl 1-ft. ImvIviii, the Canadian, was burkd la
the bunch.
The West won four of the elx first prlres in
Clsss It, haniici' Is the fatotlta lu the liclting
for to-morrow's one-mile International racr.snd
Jolinsnn Is nil H tu A shot, Tyler will nut he a
Last evening: llie rarlnit men concerned In the
MluneuKills Inislness met Chairman lla)tnond, '
and were Filed tit understand that the Itat mtr
Hoard wntlld decide that tho rarltiK men were tn '
the rlk'lit, itnd would hereafter rcfitso sanctions I
to the .Minneapolis Truck Association, 1
The races to-day started at '-':.'I0 o'r1o( k this
afternoon, hikI wrrn nil 01 er, iiu'luillni; Mur
pli)'srr((ird ride, at (I o'clock, Cliuirmuu llsy
tnond was it f rree. With tlio exception of fa
ha line's fall tlirmiRli strlkliiK Hie Pole, there u 1 rs
no accidents. 11. C. Tyler, scratch, undTa)tur,
ten yards, did not nice in the half mite liandl
cap, Class II. fanner was at scratch. Until vent
away like a shot from s nun, Sanger was slow
III Kctllnu after lilm. The field was hunched st
thequartcr. Ilultl started lo ro around on the
outside, while Sanirrr went ttirnuitli tliHrnntre.
Neither wns In time to catch you nit Kay Mat.
Donald, who came nut grandly nt the turn and
(tallied a good lend. Warren and Cooper fought
like (lends, hut could lint close up on MacDon.
aid, who finished well.
Manner had no time lo un to his tlrrsslnir room
liefore the one-mile niton rate wnscnlled, This I
was a sensational contest. Arnold nnd lllthens I
were iiluced up to pace. Lmnsdcii (lew past tli I
pacemakers and uuIiilxI first iMislthm, .Marllnt,- u
nlil. ItAhl. Satiffrr. Tnvlor. Tvler. Tails Tito.. H
andJ,rl..liilinsoncnnilnitliext. Kancer was forced 3
hark, anil a nutnhernf men fnllluir out, he was 3
left several lcneths bark us the sprint startnl. fi
Johnson tlew Into the stretch ahead nf Tyle-.
Hnnuer came up on the outside ami waarjulrklv
abreast nf Johnson, lie trained inch by inch and
licat Johnson a IctiRtlt. Thn tlinn wna It: 1 1 l-.'i.
All the men whnttiulllled in thu 2: 10 class. It.
with tho exception of Unlet. Kt away prellllj .
At the quarter llllss whs ahead of the bunrli,
when Titus shot out and gullied a five length-'
lend. llllss never faltered, lie sprinted Kami Iv
and caught Titus 10(1 jurds fnitn home. Ha
lieat the Illverslde wheelman a length. Coh -man
lost tho third place to McDiifTee at tlm
Wettersrcen had the half-mile Class A ram
well In hand, when Williams of Waltham
started through tho bunch. Ills way was clear,
untl Wrttericreen was beaten by a small fraction,
llryerof Hartford canto down thn centre In a
sensational sprint, and lust first place, by only
six Inches.
Only six men started In the nne-mlle Invitation
nnparcd race. Hanger raptured tho honors and
Ihe world's record Hi addition. Tho time was
y:l)7 1-3. Sanger rode gamely all the wav,
which liears out the report that hn had ridden
In Utlltl lu practice. Tiler, Ihe former record
holder, did :i:0li 4-A, ami Titus. '.':14 1-6. Char
ley .Murphy was slow, his time being '-:lf) 1-6.
Itaymnnd MsnDonald look his second vlctnrr
of thu day In the two-mile A:U0 clans. Alain
Olthens and Arnold pace.1. When fllthens tried
a runawav Callahan gave chase and caught him
at the half. Coleman and MncDonald shifted
around the leaders, and when Cnletnau lumtied
nt the quarter MacDonald was quickly after
him. The two had a great buttle down tlm
stretch, and the New York Iwy beat Coleman a
length. Taylor was only six Inuhea lutrk.
W. t Sims of Washington and llarley Davl.
son, tho Canadian, started on scratch In tlm nne
mlle handicap, class A. Iloth rode finely. When
Davison was going up grandly on the bunch lm
was caught in the centre. Wins went around
the rear and Into the centre. llepAssod through.
andtlnlshcUllkenwhlrlwlnd Innhnut fifth place.
Ills time was U:10 U-6, a new record for class A.
Wettergreen won the contest in gamnstyle from
I'rttlgrew. both men graduates uf tho Waltham
Tho handicap race nf the day was the one
mile, class II. with Sanger, llllss, and Johnson
on scratch. These three, men caught the field
at tho three-quarter, and llllss shot Into ll.o
lead, with Hanger at Ills side. Dr. Drown cam
nut of tho bunch and soon gained a good Mix
lengths' lead, llllss worked up to Hrown'arvsr
wheel, but could get no further. Hanger, wlim
had the pole, ran into third place, a few Inches
ahead or Johnson, who was nntslfle on the third
lap. Calianue, who waa following Wis. Hanger,
and Tyler, struck his pedal on Iho pole and
landed henvllv. He quickly mounted, and tho
crowd cheered him.
W, K. .Murphy's trial ride was the last event
of the day. He succeeded In covering twenty
five miles In fill :SII. The record for the hour ll
SB miles 107 yards, made by L. 8. Melntjes.
Murphy was not inside of tho record at any
point In the ride. Hutcmarles:
One Mile. Novice-First heat: Won by K. IT. (ml in,
E. II. Ilalaee second, J, Kwlat third. Time. :4I 4 ,V
tine-half Mile. Ilandkati. f'laas it-Won hy llay Mao
Donald, tli yardsi A.W.Warren, S3 yards, Moondi
Tom Cooper, 83 yards, third. Ttme, 1 :0I 3-3.
line Mlfe.hVrafcb. Class 11; limit 14:113. and no run-over-Won
by W. c. Ksugsri J, ft. Johnson aeeoud. L.
U. Cabannetfilnl. Tltua.lfilll.fi.
. One Mile, VslOclasa, A: ttmellmlt 1:50 -Wou by I,
Fuller, Maiden 1 Charles Church, Philadelphia, seconli
A. H.Davey. flreenflsld. third. Time, 'JV3.
One Mile. 14. in class. Its limit 14:31), and nn run over
- Won by J, . litis. Chicago; F. J THus second. F
A. MrDuftle third, Weleon Colemsn fourlh. Time,
One half Mile. 1 15 Class, A Won by C. W. Williams,
Waltham: E. W. Hey re, Hartford, seconds J.O. Wst
tergreen.Maldrn, thfnl. Time, 1 07 :i 3.
Riverside Hmllh In attempttnjr to break the quar
ter of a mile, unpaeed. record of U:xrt, did Oiita 1 A.
One-mllu International luvltation race, unpacert,
class U:
W, p. Sanger. 0 .Id 1 1)7.1 A I .US A fftl IS
If. Tyler n it'J 10:1 j n lirtn i.imn
F.J. THUS nattf-a 1.044 A LHSI-A 11:14 I .1
A. II. Ooehler fl.HI Iillll-A 1 HN J1745
V. II. Murphy . n-vos-a 1:0.1 1.848-8 m3
C It, Coulter U.J.I 1:07 33 1:4J Vila
Hanger broke Ihe world's record.
Two Miles, n 00 Class. II: limit A 'JA Won hy Ray
MacDonald, Weisnii Coleman secoud, George Taylor
third, lime. 4 3o I A. "
One Mile, Handicap. Class A -Won by J. r. Wetter
green. Mslilen. iiiyartf, W. M, Felllgrew, Boston. eo
yards, second. If. W. Caldwell, Jacksonville. 160
yards, third. Time. V.OO. '
One Mile. Handicap. Class 11 Won by A J Ilrnwn.
U)urd.. J ! UU... scratch, second, W, C. bsngtr.
scratch, third Time, V 111. ' "''
More Subserlptlena for lha Wheelmen.
The wheelmen's efforts to procure a pathway
fnmt I'rosissct 1'urk to Coney Island are bearing
frutt. Mure the first J 1.000 has been collected
kulAcriptlnns are coming In from all sections.
The amount sulswrlbwl yesterday was f 1,88)..
The commutes are still liusllini; for subscrip
tions, and. In order to facilitate the work.
Chairman rotter nf the Hih.rrptln Comiulttre
lias issued the following tommunlcatlun tu the
Tot. A. W Mtmbtnl .Vrie Fori aa.1 Biootlun
My your uismbershlp In Ihe Usgue i. A merles 11
V. hesluuiu you srst.Udged tolU work for impruirl
roads. The M-lienie for a uew rii Is luath 10 Cooey I.)
aud supplies su Immediate and convenient field for
practical effort. The new cycle path w 111 b. Bic and a
is f miles long fourteen feet wide, will Ix handsome
lyisld out, graded, and nnlahe.1 will, s smooth, hard
surfai-e. Ilwlllbaihr riuesi cyrla path ever laid m.i
for llies.ua uw of wberlmen. F.vesjr league memls
In Brooklyn who makeaa IHp Ui Coney lal and at an I
tlnia of the )ear should subscribe to ihls fund cin
dolUr la the pomilar aubscrlotlon.but any sum will I
r'TO'wlandi-wdtleil. J Aon must be raised. Abooi
l.msisre already In thn fund
o,aH (V"" lalie .(r..,J,,i Ihttrl.1
The prompt nuiipletlnii of Ihe new cycle path sboo.1
(f.if, """;,"' loc Prtdr. The work his eieli,
puldu. jtientlon aud lit siuvrss will tx followed by a
cllort u other directions for thsluiprovetnsni of s'p
urbauioa.la and paths, Urdu buffed that wbe.
11 eu of New York illy are In any inaunrr lound 1
aid In ihe. roustrurilou of this Work, but tnsoi . r
theiu and especially Hiomi who aomellnirs rid. 1
t-utiey Islam! will Uke plsaaure In doing so. slid Ir.
Urserhleiscualrlbutloiu ..ill be gUdly irs.rdte.1 t
ltnsikl. n riders ahoull fel lu duty bound to s.
writ, A prompt payuieiit ou the pari of each
eiruasuisllsum Will hasi-11 (hs ostu lo, onii.lrlli,
1...itlhu,',l il, 1, irar f.jefraih.1 Urlolly
The ni. elTeiilie work for Ihe new neijT.,,,.1 ,
bed'iu.iy Kr oflkira and c.:ni"iitr- of voiir In'
i i,rai V biuis'r ""J ".l,l fl' ' 'suka will I a .
i.lis-1 tn alt who w ill voluuUer to aid lo ruUrglna t .
Lii.LSi.'.'fci bi' .rsady ua4i?tiltTs itorsUs,
raosveyaoioag tkelr uiembers and frleads. and all wid I
baopportu4iltytd4. AddrsJlwtu'

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