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Ktvr ' ti "v ""'""' ; ',r,'yipiwf"S? ; "csj'''''''''''j-sT3sta vyfw ww
IH f jiAtxs i-vrnorx thk vnoarxcrs
,jK tx T; wi:xrr.nx state.
Jy3 j 1 Drought Herefe la Vlrslida-t'ottoa Pleas
I'll? I Ian Drum In the Hnttth-Kllllns; rnU
f jU I ' Hsosr la Colorado, North Dakota,
bH I ' MmtaiHi Idaho, WjiwIii, aaa Utah,
( ( Wamiinoton, Sept. 18. From telegraphic re
jjB'irf j rrt recdrccl nt tho Weather Ilnrcau, the fol
Nil i lowing crop conditions for the week ended jes
61 j I terday nre collated!
fUa I I New England Weather fayornliles llttledam
HJK I ' K 'rom frosts.! rains heavy In rcntral and
Hi i northwest portions, light In cast! fall ploughing
Htjj f nd iteedlng begun and need utartlng well t liar-
SI f j rating under wayt cranberries very light! corn
93 good! late potatoes better than eipectcd.
Ij8 I ' , New Vork Warm and ralnyi growth of rege-
j4 j tatlon almost spring like; late potatoes greatly
ftjjjti ' Improved hop picking about over, quality
jMlJlii I , i goodl seeding and cutting of corn and buck
rf?S l' wheat progressing favorably! no damage from
111 f ( ' frosts.
Battl ' New Jersey Conditions farorable for plough
Bull I j lng and seeding In all sections; late truck
Mii3 i i greatly benefited by well distributed ralnsj corn
lis: 1 will yield better than expected In many local I-
Kit J ( ties: meadows much Improved; grass, rye, and
E13 tt clover growing fat corn cutting general.
IIaJ Pennsylvania t'asturage much Improveil, and
BJ1 8 I Uto corn benefited! early corn cut; lata buck
HAa wheat a fair rron.
HB J Maryland Timely rains last of week; wheat,
HH I rye. and barley being seeded; corn cutting, to
BBS baveco saving, and tomato canning progressing;
BBff corn variable; tobacco better than anticipated;
BHl tomato crop large; pastures Improving; ex
BflH If ' oellent yield of buckwheat being harvested.
HJho i Virginia Drought severe; tobacco firing on
Bflle blgh ground In central and southern sections;
ppf IE i favorable generally for fodder saving.
Hfl, j ' - , North Carolina Weather favorable for open
Kfr i i " cotton, which crop will be shorter than first
HDi ' , anticipated; some damaging by army worms to
BaJ II! . i green fodder: rlco harvest well under way.
B lit' South Carolina Weather favored cotton pick
Bflll! IK holts opening rapidly, growth has prac
pJUin tlcally stopix-d, causing August fniltogo to mo-
BH1 turo early with small bolls, less damaging thnn
WB III i heretofore reported from rust, shedding, and
pVJB U j' worms: other crops generally fine.
VB II I Georgia Cotton being Injured In many places
pBf! by boll worms and rust; picking becoming gen
VjPJll l! cral In northern counties; farmers In northern
BUII!!!' counties still saving fodder and making sor
niljlj gbiim; minor crops good.
asM III 9'' Florida Very favorable week for cotton pick
11! IV lng and hay making; prospects good for largo
IaaTaTaaa?, IH H, Crop of fine oranges,
jli Alabama Nearly nil top cotton picked, hot
, torn crop opening slowly, and some complaint of
J; rot: fodder nearly all saved, and corn curing
asaaaaaaai ii I wpl harvesting sorghum, peas, and potatoes.
Xll'jl Mississippi Continued rains and cloudy
nlllL weather havo largely prevented cotton picking
flliUh and other farming work, promoted the rank
HfljUl growtii of grass nnd Iwccda, and caused in
H III l creased sprouting and rotting in both cotton and
niOl corn, thereby decreasing the prospects of the
H III It J staple crops; most small crops flourishing.
H 111 IB Louisiana I'artlnilarly unfavorable to cnt
H It'll!! ton. ripe rice, and liny: nist. shedding, nnd
H II' , worms in cotton; some rlco and hay ruined;
j HI ! ' cane continues growing finely.
I ftl Texas-Only a few localities report damage
HlllV' ' fromstonnsor wet weather, and considerable
n j picking done; clear weather would be very bene
H HI III, flclal to cotton.
HHHHin H t It'i I Arkansas-Cotton seriously Injured br rust,
j III II:! rot, shedding, and worms; ft is opening slowly
HHHIIH HMnr and picking not general yet: corn will tx-good
1 Blll'i crop; potatoes, pastures, and fall Burdens line,
jjjllii Tennessee Italns of week advantageous to
H( pastures and corn, but detrimental to opening
1 It 1 1! cotton and fodder saving; tobacco cutting nnd
11 If ploughing progressing; water scarce in some
jU f sections; grasshoppers damaging late corn; con
H ' dltlons generally Improving.
DJll, Kentucky Showers have Improved pastures
!' nd gardens In most sections; corn and tobacco
nlU' cutting progressing rapidly: both these crops
) very uneven: fall ploughing being pushed.
B III fit Missouri Pastures, turnips, late potatoes, and
B lit n ) consiueraDie inte corn greatly improved.
HHHIIIIIH llift' Illlnnls-Corn maturing fast: chinch hugs
H 111 i damaging some sections; decided Improvement
llln i Jn pastures; ground in excellent condition for
JHIIP ploughing and seeding.
HI (l Indiana-flood rains improved pasturage:
H ; ploughing nnd seeding; progressed rapidly; corn
ill H is maturing slowly. Is fllllng well, much Is In
M f I (f shock, and most com safe from frost.
BlllF, West Virginia Hhowcra early and latter por
PPMIIIlltl t'on of week benefited buckwheat, gardens,
PTnil grass, and some corn, and softened the ground:
FFH HI 'J ploughing resumed, but seeding not yet general:
FFHllllal broom com light.
Hllllll t , Ohio Abundant rains revived pasturage and
LaaaViK lllll benefited corn on bottom lands; ploughing and
'1 1 IH senllng wheat nnd barley general: corn and to
PPMJIIlil pocco cutting general, about half completed:
TiTMwII III buckwheat In poor condition; turnips improv-
II 111 '"
PUIIIIiH Michigan-Frequent rains of past week bene-
FFMU II 18 flclal to pastures and enabled farmers to push
rMIII R '" Ploughing and wheat sowing in many locall
11 6 ties: corn cutting nearly all finished, crop light,
FFH 11 1 . " isconsln Haiti general In all sections: gross
FFH lllll; shows n remarkable growth and fall feed Is
FFH II iK abundant: potatoes arc Improving; corn turning
FFH II I II out better than expected : cranberries nearly all
FFH ill' picked; considerable wheat and rye sown.
FLaBHItil!! Minnesota-Frequent frost", which only dam
FHlll'ljll Ktd garden truck; good showers Friday, but
MhI !l, m?r? rBjn, needed: fall ploughing progressing;
PMBflll.lll I potates belngdug, yield light.
FFB II In In wa-Corn generally safe from frost: more.
FFHIJ II t,lan usual nmountof fall ploughing has been
FFHlET i done; pastures and lato intatoes show marked
si, I improvement.
FMH H lip ('olorodo-KlllIng frosts occurred In many lo
FFHDi' calltles; ground In fine condition for fall plough
FLaHllh; I lng nnd sowing of winter wheat.
"I ((' North llakoU-Threshlng nearly flnlshe.1;
FFH II J' frost has killed all vegetation that had not ma-
LaiiiiBll.il: turetl.
FFBH H1 Nebraska Very little change In cropcondl
FFHil fl tions; rain much nenled for fall ploughing and
U HI aeedlng; frnston lSthdld llttledamage.
FFHl D Kansos-ltains have greatly Improved pas
FFH nlli- turns, gardens, meadows, and orchards; plough
FFH ll lng for a large acreage of wheat: seedingbegun.
FFHnllli Oklahoma-Chinch bugs are damaging forage
FFHilUh crops; miuh wheAt sown; all late crops doing
FFLH 111 ve; grasa will .make good late bayand pas
HmHII'lli turage.
FFHf 1 1 R Montana On 12th and 13th snow fell on
FFMMh H mountains and foothills east of the main range;
FFB lllll' nearly all crops harvested; threshing still in
Bw lllll progress.
M I W j'omlng-Frosts nnd freezing weather quite
ill : general: ranges curing up In fine condition.
f H I l Idaho Haln and snow delayed ban-estlng and
II lr thrrahlng and frost killed all tender garden
Urn yegetatlons In elevated districts: potatoes ripen
U in! ing and will lie good croin; harvest about over.
Hill! ..Arizona-No rain; plenty of water forlrriga.
( l Jl tlon: ranges and stock In fine condition.
It Utah Light frost 13th and 14th in lower
!" II ' fi " valleys, severe In high valleys, killing corn and
111 cutting down potatoes, tomatoes and beans:
Jjl growing season nearly over.
U, Washington-Harvesting and threshing of
II, grain practically suspended In most counties:
Ih hop crop damaged by rains and increasing lice.
ujjjjjjj, .ll, . Oregon-rhowers seriously delayrtl hop nick
B 111 lnxand threshing In some sections, but bene.
Id flclal to pastures and.ganlens: with favorable
f weather hop crop witr be large: large fruit
HI l snlpments of excellent quality.
' , , California- Weather favorable for hop pick
flj , lng. fruit drying, raisin making, bean pulling,
I I gathering of sugar beets, as well as for the corn
jj and buckwheat crops.
E I 'A
i h MAaaxK r.titiiELr.'t mauh-jages,
1 if i
Ul i I Dissolved, and lbs Other Hnsbaad
Wf I . WW dt Divorce.
Bj ' ( v,' s- Hardy, a weigher In Prooklyn, became
HJ 1 ' L fascinated one night last January with a young
p woman he met in Fulton street to that town.
BB ' ' So precipitous was their love making that
BK j; ' within two hours they were married by the Rev,
BCn II JIr' VIolra l ul home In Washington street
BBB II '!. The bride had represented herself as Miss Mag.
Bflli 'it lv gieForrell. Mr. Hardy's relatives soon learned
BBfl II T that ,hat w,ls her maiden name, and that. In
llsf March, 1800, she had been married In this city
HI :'f to Michael J, O'Connor, a salesman In Stern
BKI ll i Brothers' dry goods store. Mr. O'Connor sepa
BB1 1 JSff"'" her a year later and went to Kansas
HI f, City, where he still resides.
fl ' When tills discovery was made young Hardy
U ,h sent the w nman adrift, and two months ago she
HB" f was arresteil for vagrancy and lodged In Hay.
HHHi " mnnd strntjall. Friends finally came to her
HHHtl ,,. t relief, and she was released, While the woman
HHHI M i 1" J.l" htT nr,t husband instituted a suit
HHBI ft foralMolute divorce, naming llanly asthoco.
I ! restioiident. and the latter also sued for an an
HHH f! nulment of his marriage. Testimony has been
HOB I taken in both sulU before Justice Cullen in the
H1H i1' Supreme Court, As the above facta were cstab-
, V' Hshed and nu defence Interposed. Judgment will
I i ' doubtles bo gh en for the plaintiffs.
HHJ i r Prtus Huadaj.
H t The last Sunday In October Is known as Prison
HHl I ' Sunday. This will be the tenth year of Its ob
HHHl I servance In this Bute, where It originated. The
HHV C day Is now generally observed throughout the
HHjVR 5 country. The Prison Association of New York
i V iks clergymea of all denominations to observe
HHVJ l i the day. and offers at Its office. 135 East Fif
1 1 I tevnth utreet. to furnish Information touching
HHff I V the statu of the prisons and their needs.
BB j ( 8337,000 Hllver Melsaorac.
H ,, Washinoiux, Sept, 18. As a result of the
Hj j i , coinage of silver bullion Into standard silver dol,
Hi J i Urs by the Treasury. Department during the
i ) months of July and August just passed silver
! ' selgnorageto the amount of ;:W,00l) has c I
HK V b'taureSc ,0t0 ' VaM
mm '
HrMlRnmn'a Mackintosh Cost anil
ClonkH, Iloflftmnn'ii Flno 'W'ntcrnroof
Driving Contu for Gcntlomon, Water
proof Outfit) for Conclimcn. all of
upcrlor qtinlily,
O.K. OBA.Slllw'r.lAB.I.ftTIIAV.IIOTilU
Rehednle of V, I. Webster A Co., Mark
Tvrala'a rubllsblng Firm.
The schedules of Charles U. Webster A Co.,
book publishers, of 07 Fifth avenue, of which
firm Samuel Ii. Clemens (Mark Twain) and
Frederick J. Hall were the partners, who made
an assignment on April IS to Ilnlnbrldge Colby,
were filed yesterday. They show: Liabilities.
SrM.lnl; nominal assets, $182,(1,17; actual as
seta, f 00.104, less S1S.O0O hypothecated to the
United Slates National Hank, leaving net ac
tus! assets, $54,1(14. Tho assets consist
of: Cash, $0.13; accounts receivable, nom
inal $54, Son, actual $11,668; bills re
celvable, nominal $10,470, actual $18,
R.IBl furniture and fixtures, nominal $2,
600, actual JJOOJ books, nominal $18,003,
actual $8,040; electroplates, nominal $45,
020, nctnal $10,744; printed sheets nnd cov
ers, nominal 813,081, actual $13,081; paper,
nominal $1,404, actual $1,404. Them are
more than tfOO creditors scattered nil over tho
t 'nlleil States. Among the creditors arc : The Ml,
Morris Hank, $2n,0(); t'nlted States National
Hank. $lo,000; CJeo. Harrow, Skaneatles. N. V.,
J 13,420; S. 11. Warren A Co., Huston. $(1,332:
cnklnsAr McCowan, $3,303; Tho. Kussell
Son, $4.0:3. There Is due for royalties; To the
estate of l 8. Orant. $2,210; Cnf. F. I), tlrant,
$727; estate of (ten. P. II. Sheridan, $374; Mrs.
K. II. Custer. $1,823.
Albert A. and Julian ,T, Frankl, composing the
firm of A. A Frankl A- Hmther, fur manufac
turers at 23 nnd 27 West Houston street, made
nn assignment yesterday to Nathan I,, llahn,
lawyer. Of 237 Hroadway. giving a preference to
Joseph Stelner Hrntlier for $2,334 for mer
chandise. Mr. Hahnsald that the liabilities are
less than $15,000.
Tiir.noxorAS vtt,h coxTX8Tr.snr.n
Mr. Wheeler to Met m Fair Hhare of Ills
SIOO.OOO Rotate.
John Donovan, who died recently In Hrooklyn
and left nn estate of $100,000. by his will disin
herited his daughter, Mary A. Wheeler, with
whose husband he had been Involved In consid
erable vexatious litigation. A clause In hts will
gave $10,000 to Mrs. Wheeler, but this was re
voked In a codicil, "because," the testator ex
plained, " of the continued and malicious perse
cution toward him on the part of his daughter
and her husband."
Mrs. Wheeler alleged that her father's mind
had been improperly Influenced against her, and
she contested the probating of the will. Y ester
day she and her husband nppearrd liefore Sur
rogate Abbott nnd withdrew from the contest.
It has been arranged by the other heirs that
Mrs. V heeler shall recclvo a fair share of the
property. Justice W. J. (laynnr nnd Oen. H. F.
Tracy, who were counsel for the testator In tne
litigation with his son-in-law, are each bene
ficiaries under the will to the amount of $1,000.
Oar Trade Relations with Cuba.
Havana, Sept. 18. Telegrams from Madrid
say that the Cuban (lovernment has suggested
a provisional commercial treaty with the t'nlted
States for Cuba and Porto lllco. based on the
reciprocity treaty recently abrogated by the
Spanish Government.
Assistant Secretary Ilamllm Back frost
nosTox, Sept, 18. Charles II. Hamlin, As
sistant Secretary of the Treasury, arrived In
Boston to-day from Alaska, and left for his
summer place at Marlon. Ho will confer with
the President ut Gray (fables.
New York Htoek Exchange-Bale Sept, IS.
. DM. -titKf.l Hid. Atktd.
Unts.r V) H R(!i. 1S03...101
USUI 114 I14U U Hfla, 1NUA...I04
UH4,e US mlir S,l7,.,107 -
VHS.r IIUW 11U;U 8(1.. 1H9H...110
UMS.c UUlJ ItuitlU BOa. 1SW...I13
93Atehlioa4i 71 B Oregon tmpBs... M
16 7XM 7....T niu
ii 72 i ... : aim
r Atchlton lids. A.. .l(J 8 SlC
2 Alh4hu.cn -...IBS II U4
UAmUUHt 114 UFacnf MoUt... uyr
1 1I4W BPeo. D AK Ut.E
B Austin A. fVUt. 8a(J dlr I., J
llirosilwsra Tin II Rh ft WPTSs... airu
Avenai iou is ! ai
oliilt4 0hlol'lir..lV2 o atu
4 utH a atw
allur.CKAN lit. 107W 16 mtj
achakUcnSa louij vo :uij
s nu a aifl
& Chs O K A 1st .'I Ho. V, k O ex Ss. .117
en 4 01k tl U7
C.nQ7 laitJ BHoeklilex .... I00M
IOC. IIAqitebfis... utlQ 4 1 loofi
4 Chic l!NS... 04t lHKorklildetiAt... HSU
l'.C,CI 1st. ...1141, A Ilesdlng (Dl 4s... 7W
8Cnad8olt....lOWi 14 T. " 7lJ
5 Chic a Nor 1' 1st, a .. . . 7mJ
iii 4t s : : T
E',1'i'.1! -!:! llltesOinglsipf In. aiu
VDrnftHilen 7l S 8:rtJ
aKIII,liMllt...llKl(J u . ......' 34
HKTennlit 114 is ........ aiu
,'ij-i. .......... II4K K3 1lfdlnr2Jpfln. WJ
10ET Eqpt Sa.UJt 111 X3W
eifa.. . ....... .. SH i I .. . SaU
Fllntl'HlatSs. 00 is ' . x:iw
v Ft worth in 7s u ;;;. vsO
lUU.H'gaHAMP 3 Heading U.1 pf In. 1M
. as ei a "... .. ... ihu
Sii-i-uw :; 10 Heading iMcnv.. lwU
7 II T Cen gal 4s. tm 20 Jo
10 osu io ..... ..." ki
4 ............. J5W SXclntnVft.S'P. 4a. 73
SKanTei4s 7tJ n no I'ac of Cal en.. vu
2 7tlJ 3Ht I'l.tH 4 1I7..1VMJ
,1.; .-.";. 80. "IH' 1st. I D
IB Kan ft Tex its 4KM ex iso
" 4a 3Rt PlatLft USa.lOS
S 4W YBtLftSW lit.... SUM
I KnniftOhloUt.tllQ a... .?.... .. 60
H Laclede Usa lit.. KSJ S Bt L ft B W xd .... IN
?s v.-.vi- ."' HavWlst 6IW
! !.w2ilenM '"if aSo 't s. W I.
ll-axeHhoreiM. e.lS4 Jan. -OSa. c. . . . . an
BIjiuftN.I'ftA lar. On 7.. .... 8HW
aMJnllB(I.KBa..l3 aTexI'acl.tOl. ... 87
IBMIchCenTa IK:l loTex 1'acVd Id. ... ssu
IMIchCenBa.l031.ua 4.. ......... " vU
I tl4 8M
f &nrK ).'' no ITol, PftWnlat.. 71
1 Nor j ao Jd. e,. hHU Tex ft N Or tit. a.lo.14
TNorl'aCSd.e.aHO. B.14 1 Tnl.AAft.VH lat, 74
JO 114 lUnl'.UftOllt.. 40
J?.:, .j a I UH Cordage lat.. 7hU
llihor I'auca&a..... vot 0 Wabaih lit lOsQ
S 80 ll ".103
5 ii i- v i,- V V -i- . S'.'H 4 Wabsah d 04
SN YH lit, r6a..lOSH uW
1 k y ei ut... no: b ..: ...:.::: Sot,
IK Wen 140' 33 ........' B0
bn v.oftW.Ms.. mix 11 bm
4 bflw 3. . hmu
'2 Jf s 1 ,Wcn &'$ s Wm hors 4a.';::i044
ISE."5X!! l8'H m West Bh4s.reg. .101,
40hloHnuIil 0 y 103
XOhloBouaal 43 M West JJVft Palat.lOSM
3 Oregon 81,81.... 84 7. 03
44 8 West NY" ft ' 4M. 4M
84 1 Wla Cent Ut. . . SJ
Total sales at railway bondi (par value), 80B,00a
. Own- llloh- Uno. CIomIim.-.
X0Ada?tr.x ...S3 ISO ISO 43 147
S0SUAra8ilillrr 07 07 Uj ViU M
fi7UAIu8uUe(p. WlVi 014 04 04U VtU
7 Aruer Cable. . u4 02 U1U 01 vY
8loa Amur ri,b. ,. Ioo 1004 v7 loo I00W
7 Anie r Tob rf lout, luovj Joi J03 lou
eaoAmerCotdtl. 3.1JJ 8.sJI 8aC 334 aj
lOOAmCotOpf.. 774 77 ill 77C 70
flllAtch.Tftlfy.. 64 '-r 'He 7fl 77
aiot'snadaaouth. S 6 fllC tK, biw
100 Canadian 1'ac. ttSW S3W eii til SSi
SU Cbaa ft Ohio. . uj vol, got Sot. SJli
48700 Chicago lias.. 70 70t! 871 B7 M
4BC.C.fl8tU 80iJ 8Vj 8cC 8 sSi4
MaO Chlo ft N W,. 3 105K o5 1034 104
HWC,BaO.... . iS4 75 74t, 7H 7BM
83093 C MftBlP... 83U BSU 4t MU M
lOOSOC.KIftfac... M tia '" 'bsD 'ill
UiOConaolUaa... I3! ltbij 134 s nit
al0lftllud. 131 1334 1334 1834 last
a00lI.LW 73 17.1 17 171 17
IDobanftHUpf. SIM 84 34M S4W 83
8847 During ft (Jr. lOtJ 11)5 V 0Q J?
WSEdUonTSI.. I0J4? loaQ 1034 10 J04
llxldrevu Dft W. 44 44 44 4M 44
3470 Oaaeral Elee.. 3x Sou 374 aiQ 3,
ISO L. Eft Weal pf. 734 734 13)1 73 74
?ffi.Le?h.0. ,82 l" i1 la 187
lW J'"' Islam! HI 7 87 87 80
7ULITrse. .. 14 14 IS 184 IBM
800 1.acled.xiaa... I4 10 S! let!
BI0I Loalaft.Vaah. S3 BSW 64 2 S)S S3U
IB0U.SA4OP?. 4 SiTJ lj SP
BOIxiull.NAftC. 74 7fl 7U 74 kU
A I' . . 804f 87 xBW ?u tsw
ISOIIo. KT 141 147 14M MM IS
ooMo.KTpr 8'J i0 t"i ija J3
48AN YCeatral.. I01U jottt joilj juoQ 101M
S40NatLaad. 8W1J 4uB Si(, 40 408
430 Nat C.a pt bJl 7 801 f4 5tS
B30 North Imw . 44 44 til 10
1U3NYNE. . t7 i7 H glf?
SU$JY,LEW, IBM ISQ 134 184 ISd
SOU NY. 8ft W . IftC B M? Jaj ij
048KY.8Wpf. 482 ii 4S 47 48
.SoNSrth.VnP.e. 8 S f J& g
B"!o0gaiv; iSS $ lot, i fr
. IOOPeo.H:ftET. 3 5J3 'JO 'Jl 1hC
l.Jlh'c'.Cft'to" ?3, ?ffl fj S
.mKfu5K,?ai ?iB ?S S, B
J3 1UchWl-pf. Wl ,31 iSJ JXt!
lOObtr.ASW 44I 3 40 4U sU
loostpftuui r.r tY 5H 5 mh
XOOSIPftOnuho. 38 3BM 88 8M 87
aa2aii.V,,S 1X 1MH 1"5" 1M l"
Orfn- tilth- Me Cloetsff .
leSfoRyjlf WI, 4 44 4tM 4SM 44.
ipoteanrj!..., I84 84 IbQ 184 !
100 Texas Par.,,, 10 16 10 pfl iOM
460 Rnlon rseltk!. 14 Is uQ 1 jij
7 U 8 Expreia. 0) 8 BS 60 63
SlOy 8 Rubber... 40 40 40 3V4 40
60 US tub pf... 06 we) IKI 03 OS
SO WBLeath pf.. 41 ei eo tvX ei
BSOWshaah ,7 f DM SK ft
100 Wabsah pf.... 1JM IS. 19 1S? isfl
..Wgell-.farKx.lxo 10 10 B lon
B3SS JVjit Un Tel., onu OoU HUM 004 004
!0OWJmjlb. ltff 1S l 14 14
aiOWhftLEpf., 44J 44 443 44 4S4
Total rales of stocks were 893.110 shares.
n ,.t iRi- -4. . ll.t. .tired.
Bos Albsny 07 sis ErUTel 40 -
?,,ln''"15il lf.4 WeatlnshV K 88 8
ritchbnrg...... 79 ,Wet End l.'d. 4
OtdConr....l7IJ4 - lluttnftlloa .114 IttJ
Am Bell Tel, -iul 803 leal ft Heels... 800 80
. f"t. Atitd.l HIA. Athrtt.
UOt.... , 5;), SS4 Uhlrh Valley. 374 -
UonTract'n... 33 s UhCANCo.. fll BI4
Con Tract'n Bs jaw 87 l'hllsTrset'n..l08f lo.'t
People's Trse. B8J So iMet Traction.. lle'J 1174
Atehlwin. 7 tKorfnlkft Weatpf.,.. 834
Canadian PaelOe...... B7M Norlbern rseinopf .. Ill
Krle, common. IBM.natarto ft Western .. 174
SB '.' eonaoia. 7ji,l'ennirlTanU S3
Illinois Central OaU Reading ot
Kanaaa A Texaa. . . . IBM Rt I'aur, B74
t-as Shore,.., IU t'nlnn Pacinc 18
l&i?ar!!r;-.:;iiy ta,,, pt ,JW
""TuEsnAT, Sept. 18.
The ll(nldntlon of specutntlvr IioUHiirs of tho
Industrial stocks was agnln to-day the feature
of tho market. In Sitsar ltcnnlnit, Clilcngo
(las, nnd Dtstllllnir tho lowest prices In tho
present movement were recorded, but owing lo
n rally In tho lato dealings none of them, ex
cept Chicago Ous, sustained as serious n loss at
yesterday. That stock. It will ho remembered,
did not move In unison with tho Industrial
group on Monday, but to-dny It paid the penalty
of having been n conspicuous exception, for on
active trading It closed S'd V cent, lower thnn
Inst night. The dealings In Sugar defining were
on nliout the same scale as yesterday, nnd after
selling at 04H. tho stock closed at a net decline
of 114 i cent., nt a recovery to no.
Distilling nnd Cattle Feeding dropped to D,
selling for the first time nt n single figure. The
announcement tluxt Mr. Nelson Morris, nno of
tho most Influential directors of the company,
hnd resigned was followed by a rally of nearly
three points In tho price. This movement was
duo chiefly to the covering of shorts, for tho
Street argued that Mr. Slorrls's retirement
would not have been mode public until nftcr ho
had disposed of his holdings of the stock of tho
company. His retirement from tho manage
ment. In which he has beeu active, Is commonly
reported lo have lieenduc to differences tivtween
himself nnd the other directors. A more plausl
ble reason for his action, and ono that explains
the recent heavy liquidation In Distilling, Is the
fact that the company Is steadily losing Its bust
ness. owing to the unpopularity of Its methods.
In a day or two an application will lie filed
with tho proper authorities of this Stato for the
Incorporation of the National Distributing Com
pany. Tho organizers of this corporation nre
Independent distillers, whoso product will bo
distributed to the trade through the medium of
tho new concern, without the charge of S cents
per gallon which the American Distributing
Company, the Knstern agent of tho DUtilllng
Company, receives as a commission for handling
the goods of the last named. The output of the
distillers who havo undertaken to ploco their
goods on the market through the National Dis
tributing Company Is about .10.000,000 gallons
per annum, which Is about 8,000,000 gallons
greater than that of the Distilling Company. Al
though Distilling reacted materially from the
highest figure recorded for it. the final price
was fractionally above that of yesterday.
In all of tho Industrial stocks there, appears to
havo been during the lost week or ten days con
stant liquidation of speculative holdings, which
unquestionably reflects disappointment that tho
stock market has not been stimulated by the.
settlement of the tariff. At tho same time the
railway share list has lieen relatively firm. Vlg
orous efforts were made to-day to depress tho
price of St. Paul; but they left that stock only
IH V cent, lower than yesterday. Hock Island
was the only member of tho Oranger group
that sustained a noteworthy net loss. North
west, which hao been under tho hammer for
several days, closed fractionally higher, and C,
II. and Qulncy, which the bears ore particularly
fond of selling, on account of the damage to the
corn crop, closed at virtually the samo prlco
that It did yesterday. Tho covering of shorts
was responsible for tho final movement of
prices, which, though not pronounced or well
sustained, left the majority of the list slightly
higher than at the close yesterday.
Final sales compare wltb tnose of yesterday as
.Spf. n. Fepl. . Stpt. IT. Senf. '
At. TASFo... nn 7 .Vorth Poc pf lKM 1N
AmCototl ... 337 aw, NY Cen.. ..101 1 11114
AinBuglter.... 074 vn NYAN'K.. 74 7W
Am Hug Iter pf. 03 01 Omaha com... 334 34
c.c.ca Htl,. awu- a4 0nift West.... inij iivC
C.RftQ 73J 73t l-.CCftHtl... 10 104
tonoa. .13 134 l-ocine Mall... 144 144
CheaftOhlo... 0M xotHnck lalauil... 842 B34
Chicago (las... 704 87t, Rich WH. .. 18W lwU
Den ft IMI pr 34i 4j4 Rich ft WPpf. 3vl iaij
glsftcrti.. 1(4 loj Heading.., ... loJ loi)
Erie. ISM 13l4at Paul com... H3Z nsJ
(lenEleo sjj ss Southern lt' laC 144
KanftTex.... lri.s 144H.iuth R'y pf., 434 44
l-oula ft Naah.. S34 SStJ'Texa. 1-ac' .. ll) iJ
Lake Rhore.... 130 18(1 Tenn.CIAIl. ISM INM
-Eft Wnf.... 78M 734,Cnlon Pe.. 5 ill'
lAClededas... 1st! lo UHCnrdage.. 1B7 134
Ulaaourl Pa.. 0 0 'I! SLMiberpf B Jon
Nat Lead...... 304 411 .Wabaah. ...... 7 AT,
NalLa.lp(... 87 llM Wabash pf.... 164 isii
fcor.A.mTv..-- 44 44 U'estUnTel.. ooij 00Q
Norfolk W. K M? Wheel ft LF... 1 12
Northw-loom.lOstJ loa) WheetftLEpf 43 43
North Peom,. S S
Oovernracnt bonds steady at unchanged
Quotations. Hallway bonds Irregular. The
features were Houston nnd Texas Central gen
eral 4. Kansas and Texas -Ms, Oregon Short
Line il, ltlchmnnd and Terminal 5s, Western
New ork nnd Pennsylvania lsts. Northern
Pacific, Heading, and Wabash Issues. The more
lmixirtont net advances were In Kansas itnd
Texas ' Ms. Uj V cent., to 4:114; Northern Pacific
consol Ss, M. to noU: Illchmond and Terminal
8. W. to :14W; neadlng general 4s, U, to HO; 1st
preference rncomes. . to U4Hi. and Western
New York and Pennsylvania lsts. 1 W cent.,
to 10.1. The noteworthy declines were In Houston
and Texaa Central general 4Ks.K tf cenu to .M ;
Northern Pacific 3d c..J(t.to 7l; Oregon Short
Line fls. H. to 84; Reading :M preference In
SPimVfc,0,PWs i" t.4. o 103. and
2ds, 114 ) cent., lo 0Hi.
liar silver In London. 20 7ltld. Exports to
Lurope to-morrow, 283,000 ounces.
Money on call, 1 f cent. Time money Is
quoted at 2W, V cent, for ninety days. :i H cent,
lor four months, and :M V cent, for six months
on good mixed Stock Exchange collateral. The
market for commercial paper Is Inactive, and
ottering? nr desirable bills are light. Prime en.
dorsed bills receivable are quoted at MfitaW, u
cent., choice slngle-name paper at 44J cent
and good at 4H5W, v cent. M
Sterling exchango was decidedly weaker to.
day at a smart recession In rates. The demand
from bankers, which has been the main support
of the market of late, subsided, and a prominent
drawer sold sight draft for delivery next week
at $4.H0. There was also a better supply of bills
from other sources, notably agajust exports nt
cotton and purchases of securities by London.
Sugar refiners bought some sterling, but im
porters generally held aloof from the market.
Continental exchange wan dull and coxier.
Posted asking rates for sterling. $4,811 for long
bills and $4.87$4.87Hi for demand. Actual
rates are: Lone bills, $4.8&&S4.H3M; sight
Sf,,h,,.'.'W''85'' m Cftbl t?ansf?m,
$4.KH4a$4.8ilU. Francs are quoted at S.1K
k'Z?a? ."' fl,'H for short: rekhimarks. ostj
fflPl 0T. long and 1)3 4t).1ii for short! guilders,
40K for long and 404 for short.
Domestic exchange on New Vork: floston
13 cents discount. Charleston - Iluylng, W
dlsamnt: selling, par. Savannah Iluylng.
3.10: selling, M0. New Orleans llank. par
commercial, 7.1 cents iHscount. Sau Kranclr--blght.
12W: telegraphic. 13. St. Uiuh Pur
asked and 40 cents discount hid. Chicago 40
and SO cents discount.
The value of goods In bonded warehouses on
July 31 was $ and on Aug. .11 $.12,.
Ts!!,,,'tn? a decrcaso during the month of $1,208,.
472. This was due almost entirely to the very
heavy withdrawals durlnar the last four davs of
August, as the amount of goods put In bond
during the first threo weeks of Auguit was un
prvcedentedly large.
The exports of general merchandise from this
E!r.L'nr,V!e m'K ending to-day were valued at
!,H22,22S,.,'t'!u,t U.100.I)01 Ut week und
$8,000,280 for the corresponding week of last
The Norfolk and Southern Hallrood Company
has declared quarterly dividend No. 10 of 1
cent., payable on Oct. 10, The net earnings of
the company for the quarter ending Sept. 30.
the last two months partly estimated, are $24..
000. a decrease of $3,002 as compared with the
corresponding quarter of last year,
The holders of about 00 cent, of the trust re
ceipts issued by the Central Trust Company for
the common and preferred stocks of the Minne
apolis and St, Louis Railroad, drinwltcd under
the plan of reorganlzatlou. had paid the first In.
stallmentqf ' $10 ir share nf the assessment at
the close of business yesterday. There la excel,
lent authority for the statement that the Iteor.
(solution 1 Committee is now working In bar.
nioay with the managemtat of the Chicago,
MfX-l.a,- AAWaaaJHKK.a&4-U.aSuaHk7AMa-s
'1 -ir -mimmmmmm3Mii'mmm'
Rock Island and Pacific nallroad. The lost
named, being convinced that the neoTganltatlon
Committee has secured the funds necessary to
carry out Its plan. Including the payment of the
equipment bonds. Is lessnrgent In. demanding
immeillate Payment In full of those) bonds. The
receivers of the Minneapolis and St, Iiuls Hall
way report for the year ending June 30!
til int. Cifff. .
Orossesrnlnrs.. I.70S.8T0 II.OTf.lOS p'-TO4J2
Op. ep. and Taxes. 1,038,430 I.VB7,es4 Dec. 4S.IS7
Net earnlnprs. M0,tll 70.NO4 Dec. $30,303
The Income account shows! Ilnlance July 1,
180.1. $1,387.2117! gross earnings as above, $1,
708.870; Interest nnd exchange. $.14,182! rental
from St. Paul nnd Duluth Itnllroad for M. and
D. line. $2.1,7.17: other rentals. $0(1.28 0; tnlnl,
$.1,253,377. Expenses and taxes as above. $1,
n."2,J5iit rent of track nnd terminal fncllltlcs,
f n.1.1107 1 Interest payments. $500,070; balance,
81.241,1811; total, $3,253,377. Pnjtuenta from
Income during venr for Minstrucllin nnd real
estate wero S'.'(.778, and. payments for fore
closure proceedings. $15,437.
The receiver tif the Toledo, St. Louis nnd Kan
sas city Itallrond Company reports receipts as
follows: Cash on hand May '.'2, 1803. when he
took possession of the property. $i.804 re
r hits on accounts prior lo his appointment,
$ltl4.04il, ami receipts since that date to Aug.
31 of this vear, $.1.V37,8H0, a total of $.1,410,400.
The receiver's disbursements havo been! On
accounts existing prior lo hl4 appointment.
$537,130. nnd since then, to Aug. 31, SS.S38.nu3,
n total of $3.:tiiil,123, leaving a balance of cash
on hand, $14,275.
The Pittsburgh. Cincinnati. Chicago and St.
Iiuls Ilnllwny Company, Including the Little
Miami Mallrnnd. reports for August, nn com
pared with the same month of lsn.i. nn Increase
In gross earnings nf $.17,408, a decrease in ex
pensesnf $30.11)2. nnd nn Increase In net earn
lugs of $73,001), For the eight months ending
Aug. .It, ns compared with the corresponding
period of 180.1, the company reports a decrease
in gross earnings nf $l,4iii,P27, a decrease In
rxiienses of $1,2.111.322, nnd a decreoso In net
ennilngsnf $258,005.
Members of the (lencrfll Hoorgnnlzntlnn Com
mlltco of the Toledo. Ann Arbor and North
Mlrhlgnn Hnltroad Cmnpinv state that tho
larger holders of the company s securities havo
approved of the committee's plan and that tho
plan Is liolng .tenernlly ncecpted. Holders of
the securities nre expressing gratification that
the nffnlrs of the company havent last begun to
nssiime form. One of the committees claiming
tu represent security holders has been In the
field sixteen months trying to formulate nnd
promiilfntea pluti, but so farascftii be learned
lias iiccompllslud tcry little. Another com-
mlttee lias represented only the first mortgage
lmnds, and Its efforts have resulted simply In
delaying reorg.itilatlon. Now that A compre
hensive plan bus been prepared thrso separate
committees tuny withdraw, nnd It Is believed bv
the ilener.ll Comiiiltlvu that they will glvo tlielr
ndhesliiii to the only tangible scheme of rehabil
itation that has Inch proposed.
The I-nwvcrs' Surety Company of this elty has
lieeu approved by the Attorney-Oeneral of the
I nlteil Males as , surety acceptable on bonds of
I lilted Stntes nffieluls. and nlJi upon bonds re
quired by the various I'nltrd Slates courts.
The chief nf the bureau of statistics reports
that the total vnlues of thq exports of merchan
dise from the I'nltnl Stntcs during the mouth
of August. 181)4. nnd during the eight months
ended Aug. 31. 1804, as compared with similar
exports during the corresponding periods of the
preceding yenr were as follows: August. 1804,
$110,000,271): August. 1H0.1, $
Klght months ended August 31, 181)4,
$518,012,881; 180.1. $331,105,075. In August
last the exports exreeded tho ImiKirts by
$0,202,502. In August, 180.1, the excess of ex
ports over Imports was $13,042,540. During
the eight months ended Aug. 31, 1804. the ex
cess of exports over Imports was $05.0110,825.
and the excess of Imports for the corresponding
Period nf the preceding year was $47,82(1,1)85.
In August. 1801. the exports of gold exceeded
the Imports by $1.0.18,11)1. nnd during the eight
months ended Aug. 31, 181)4. the excess nf ex
ports over IniDorts was $73,880,070. The excess
of exports of sliver over Imports during the
eight months ended Aug. 31, 1804, was $23,
3.17.034. The condition of the Treasury at the close of
business to-day compares with that of yesterday
as follows:
Sepf. It. Srnt. If.
Total available assets $7M,loa,t5 $7S8.Ht,l
Current llablllllea. B37,4riS,3Nl 837,838,783
Total balance IA,n40,aoo $lga,04t,84.1
Oold balance 37,430,331 G7,477,084
Currency balance $1)0,310,34. s.fti.BAI.SSO
Included In to-day's assets are $18,703,848
fractional silver and minor coins nnd 811. ton..
540 deposits In national banks. The Treasury
holds $3,3113,447 national bank notes for re
demptlon, against $3,331,038 yesterday.
Money In London, H ) cent. Rate of dis
count In open market, for both short nnd
three months' bills, W. l cent. Tho amount
of bullion withdrnwn from tho Hank of Eng
land on balance to-day. 101,000. Paris advices
quote .1 V cents at 104 francs 82HI centimes, and
exclmngu on London nt 23 francs 17H centimes.
The HomesinkeMlnlngCompany has declared
monthly dividend No. 104 of 20 cents V share,
making $5,202,500 paid In dividends to date,
payable Sept. 23 at tho office of the transfer
agents, Messrs. Lounsbery A Co., Mills building.
Kleclrle Hloek Qnotatloae.
Hostos. Sept. 18. The cloilng quotations of eleotrlo
atocka to-day were;
Edison Electrle Illuminating... Hi) '
General Electric 874 K4
(leneral Electric pf 73
l-amann Consolidate,! Store BerTlce... SSM 51
Wratlnghotiap Electric 33 ad
Westlnirhous Electric pf 31 fliu
Fort Wayne Kleelrle., 4 tj
Fort Wayne Electric fruit laerlea A). 44 B
Tbomiou llouitor. Truit (nerlea I))...-, 1 44
Commercial Compend,
TrrsntT.fiepl. 11. Corrox Adrsncinl a points en
most montha. but lost this and declined ll to .1 points,
eloslnu steady. Sales 1:14,1100. Llterpool ileclineil
In V4 polnti. cloilnu ileaily at a net decline for tho
day of 4 to 14 points; tint Bales 10.0O0. at l-ad de
cline, lu Manchester jama weak: cloths dull, Now
Orleans declined 1 to 3 M)lnU, Hpot cotton here quiet,
steady, and unchanged. Sales 430 for iplnnlng. Mo
bile. SaTannah, and Aueuita declined l-lllc.anj New
Orleans. Dalresion, lialtlmore, and Mrmi.hli Mc. New
Orleans sold 3.VOO. Savannah 1,400, Oalveltnn l,3.
Port receipts -'".wis, against ln.33M this day last week
and lll.SrtM last year; thus far thla week 77.701.
against ao.O'o thus far last week. F.xK)ris to-day
8,4u. New Orleans receipts to-morrow eitlmated at
4 ..loi 1. against 3.04N nn Ihe samedaylaat Keek and
K.373 last year. 11, union rcccl'ed today in.434,
against 10..1.B thla day last week and 7.7.HA last year;
It ihl ied tiwlay 13,834. The rstnfall Included 4.70
Inches at Atlanta, 1.3 at Charleston, t.Oit at savan
nah, and I. SO at charlotte, silver declined I ml in
Umdou. 1'arls. Ark., Sept. 3. The cotton crop lost a
goc-t many aijuarea In middle of Auguit from ex.
crasUe heat and drought. Think 113 V cent, nflait
year'a yield Is about a correct estimate; reported our
county will make oa much aa laat year, average being
a little more, not orer 10 feent, Increase. Preacoit,
Ark., Hept. 8. Thluk crop proinecta through south
Arkansas average from 13 to 0 v cent, leaa than Aug.
I to 10. Peel. Marlon county. Ark., Sept. 11.
Cotton crop nqt rate, far lietter than lait
year; acreage rulljr one-third more, l'lummer
llle. Ark., Sept, in.-Crop not an goo.1 as
" once thought, esim-lairr nn the hills- some
complaint of worms, U1111 In hills anil bottoms, tint
crop hotter than lost year. Webb City, Ark., Sept. 10.
-Crops will be fully one-thlril short of last year In our
section. Uoahliigtnn. Ark., ly-pt. m.-Handy land!
south of Little llock are considerably arfecle,! by nut
and blight; my Information la that middle Arkansas U
short nf Auguit estimate aboutvo cent., eaatarn Ar
kansas 15 f cent., northern Arkansas is V cent.,
southern Arkansas in V cent., anuthwc.it Arkansas
about 8 "ceiit. Hetier. Ark.. lth.-Cotton crop not
goo,l;bada fine proapect thirty daya agnitnomuoh
rain. Scoiland. Ark.. iHth.-Crnp on Aag. I was very
f:ocji, but are having too much rain, and think cotton
1 damaged D cent. Mountain View, Ark., lath.
Don't think the cntton eroo In this aeo.
thin Is an average would say about 80 f cent,
Washlngton.Ark.,iath. -Cotton damaged by aproutlng.
In own bolla and rank growth, shedding inn niueh.
requires clear warm wealher now to aave us a good
crop. Memphis, uih. An getting rersirts from the
ero which Indicate serious damage In some aectlona.
North MlMlsHlppI and v, est Tennessee report aerlous
damage from evosslle roln, Aberdeen, Mlsa.. lllh. -
earner coiiuiiiiins lieen tery unfavorable in the crop
foru'veral v.i-,. imlngto excesslte rainfall, which
has tnliirisl the ktsiIk of o-n colton. rhuketl fruit
ing, and rauv-,1 ome shedding, follaxo nf plant ll
very green, and Nll worm has nout, mmn damage;
opening of IniMs has liwn retarded Cnnslderahta col
lull open, ami h hi 11 weather clears picking will lie re
sumed New Orleans, l;lth.-Cnp conditions are
ateaillly deteriorating, and prnipet'ta nr a
mnntli ago are materially lessened. Hear to
da from Mlaalsiippi and IxiuUlana that
colton la sprouting lu ih bolla. aheddlng tiadly, Ac,
and our wire from Natchci. Mlsa., characterliea I ho
damage at "dl'treulng." They aild that prnapects
hate fallen off 411 V cent, sine Aug. I. Moat of havou
has developed alnca Sepl, 1 Helena, Ark.. I4tb. Crop
proapecta vilth na could hardly be Improved upon,
l'lnrlilurf. Ark.. 14th. Thu district la suffering from
too much rain; eoniplalnta nf rust and the lower holla
rolling come from every quarter. Aunlitnn, Ala.,
14th. -Jery heavy rains during the past few daya hav
Injured prospects for crop In this section; yield will
iijil ahow the large lurrraae looked for, With favora
ble wealher from now on, however, chances are I ho
volume will be considerably heavier than last year's.
To-uav'a Fxarrou-Heavr ralna la the Atlantlo
States and uneipecled steadiness lu Liverpool cause.!
a alight aitvancr, but large receipts al the ports and
the Interior (owns, ami heavy selling for local,
Southern, and European account. caused a decline
laier 011. The trading In futures was at follows ;
o . , 'V'" IHohtjl, lam. Sale.
Sepleintier. ).i;i(ll (5.35 H.4N V 0l
tytober . 8 44btlt.43 8.40 A41 .W
November . .4s.4U 8.31 8.47 14.000
lieceinlier. . .fl.SJw8.Ba .su H 3 J 84.100
January. ...Ss, .. Bill u 37 03.000
february . ,nrtl ... e.70 0.D3 0.000
Man-It . 8.110,8 70 0.78 8.8-1 0,800
April .. .fl.73ul8.78 8.81 (ISO 8(10
My n.Nl(.t8H4 8.87 8.81 3,000
June 11.1W141I.HU e.03 0.00 1,400
PTf VV ,,u1.' ?'. "! specially for spring
wheal trade brands, hales I2.50U bbls. Kiporta a.itill
bids, and 1, to! sacks. luvelpta 13.o8bbrt.snd 7.
7o.jaf;ks. Spring wheat brands In bbU. rre ouotol
". ,'"""" , lla' "JJJktIl.iio. tuperflue. if I. on, J
f Ny- ex'ra. $'.0: No. 1 extra. I.ci5
fitOi clear, .aj.i.J0; straights. .l watASu:
M,,,V "-'iH ,w'a'' lu bbla. Nn grade, tl.70,4
!!." .n,u,'.'-,''i,:' superfine, twff.lo; No.
JVK' f.,A'''i No- I extra. ti3o.4t.40; Clear.
f'i"!f ,VSi, slralglits, ti.Sk(ta-73; patenta, ti.li
4st.lo: MlchKau siralghis. t.iVvif.73i City
's'V'J. '"J "I" ladles, t-1.43: paTrnU, ,
" ..fye flour, suixrdne, 4i.63.jH.ia. corn
meal. Weatern. t.S.ia.io. Orandrwlae. t3J0.
huckwbeat pour, U0uit.7S.generally V;graln. 8ic.
bi M?,1ott,1-B. II"?"- ,l0i whlti.traSKtl.40.
coaxae. tl.Miijtl.x8. d.1. slftexl. tl.Mtl.l3. Hominy
and tauip. t-l-aoMta as. pearl barley, t 8&At-l.oo;
Itranulatevl yeltoif, t00S.l3 f bbl.. white graou
ated, t-l.S.l-l.3 V bbl. Choice farina. .40iaT Sue.
a"i us. 's'o'-fJti."1?, ,,- i-ao'M V bbl oatmeal.
tl.M.V.tt3.3 J, bbl. Jlrewers'meal. tl.4.Vtl.3ll.cnru
flour. Uaikit-l.ttu -Mill i-rwi-iiran. V loo 6s. (40 L"
wwiSo. shru (80 B.,. rlikaaoe.: mlddtlugsiMito loo
s.l. sU3c.. sharpa. fine Oiojtvtl. rie fi-ed. wiOc,
screenings. 3(i70c. 100 s.:olf meal. ti.73.Jri37
llatctxl tak.. titJ.S0; rtw roeal. 83.470c. t llkl
a.; houluy chop, tl.031.07H. rottou teed weal,
Oaaa-Wlwat dUo4 ic. to , tut rtcottrtd
"' .' :. "
tills nd asnced Me. Bptw asles, tOO.OOO nwtu
E" idlng I St.ooo for export. Nat red, f.o.h. afloat,
te. nnder Deeetnber, psH B84e.l .Mo.. 1
. 4lf over December afloat; sample red, BTJ
BTtic. sftosf, and No. I Northern afloat, ttrio.
orer December! No. red. 4c nnder December
sflost, These were Ihe recelpti! Chlcsro, ltS,717
buih.i Mllwankee, B7.S0; Minneapolis, BAa.lBOj Du
Inth. 143,877: Rt. Ixmls, IIS.OOOi TnleilO, llf.tJHI
Detroit, holldsyt Kansas City. 4M.5I7! New. York,
ml, I SO: tultlmnre, so.i 78; Philadelphia. 11.111; not
ion. 18.073: total. I.MI.iPO bnah.: total yestenlsy,
1,83:1.0'!; total last year, 1,317.810. Future sales,
1,300,000 bush., as followst
Optnlna. tjciirfrt. lNpSert. Oino. XtoM.
8eptemtr:.BrM j 471s TM f7
(Vtnber B7 S 88 BT
Deeember ..0.8 Bosi nn-10 nni( 804
May ttt Mil mjj 034 834 "
Corn sdrsneed 4lc. 8pnt sales .10,000 bush.
None for ess,rt. No. , nva.le. In store and 01c.
afloat 1 yellow, 03c. afloat. Future (lies, 373,000 bush.,
as follows:
I . f;vnf(. .oier-af. IllaSrti. Cl'lng. .4aht.
Replemlicr. .r, n ih t A
(viober. .niflil no4 n n bos
Novemlier . .., .... .... 8144 8i)4
i)ei,eniler....5'4 M1 60 Bo BS
April .... ... fliu A7i
Mav Bt4 574 BS 81 674
Ostsdeillnol WHke.. Imt recovered this and closed
Arm. spot sales ito.noo bush. Nn. white, !l74c.t Oc
tober do., !U4c.) November do, nsme,; No. a do.,
nflbe.t No. a mlieO, MI4m tungrade,!. :im,(Uc. for
white and Sliaaoc, for nilxci. Future islet 383,000
bush., as follows)
OptntnQ, fo'resf. tlloti"t. Cfo'lnJ. .MffSf.
September., aiu nt hl't a44 844
Oclotier.. 8414 841 33 H3 .13
Novemtier an 88
Decrmlier ...17 S8t 87 07 37
May .40 40 404 404 404
, To-Ptt's FrATi-sr.s. Wheat declined sllghtlr with
Isrge Northwestern receipts, dull cables, and long sell,
lng. Hut later on Iheesblea were reported stronger,
and with a fair ixrt drniand, some covering, snd
this and n statement by the llnlitr rtirmrr to the
erfeet that considerable wheat Is lielng used for feed
ing, had a bracing erfei'l, The last prices were slightly
nlMire the closing figures of yesterday Tho firmness
of corn ss usual Influenced wheat also. Corn was
higher. The linlHe iircicr cstl.unted the crop nt
only l.aij.nnii.nou bush. The Chicago receipts wero
light. Thestoeksnf corn In this 1 ountrvare asld ro
IsMhr-stnallot In manr ear. fhliaeoreceltnlnnly
417 ears tinlny ami csiktIs nnly v.'IS to-morrow,
I.lrerpool was lower Oats were weaker early In the
uny, but l-ccnnie stronger later on with other grain.
ono, mica-Coffee- Rome months advanced 10
points. Havre decline I 4f. on near months. Ham
burg unchanged nr 4 pfg. higher. Itlnaieailr at n de
cline of VO11 rels. Santos weak at a decline nf too rrls.
Receipts at lllo for twodajs. ii.tinn, nt Santos for two
ilaja.iiii.iMin. stock st lllo snd Santos. 870.000 bsgs.
Aineriesn visible supply nf llraill 4 1 7.0 in, against
nlli a tear ago. Itlo exchango lo I.V18, an
advance of (4,1. Warehouse deliveries nf lit. mho Ikuts
Vestenlav cnuseil n strnneee marbel. UmI nt
this coffee. It Is stated. wa shipped to
the Interior direct from steamer, or elso trans
ferred from wsrehousn to roasting mills. Neverthe
less it made some of the shorts nervous, particularly
ss Europe tKiitght Inter and spring deliveries, lira
illlan receipts this month an- tlnialrd at overSSO.
000 bars, agalnt :nii,tHio for the sme month lait tear.
The stock of llrarll In New York Is 10,380. The
trading In futures was aa follows-
Snl'P. IHahr!. yiieesf, Clcmintl.
.Taatiary ..v.v.vi ivn.l tins It no,.lo
March. . 4,730 II 03 1 1 hj H.Vlll OS
Msy 1,300 II -3 11.73 II 7B9ll.sn
ReptemtH-r ... no la mi la.so Iii.7fx4l3.s3
(tclnber . I.V30 111 III l-03 IH.n.VillMo
Novemlier,. .I.SOi) 133 lll.llil l.3lKsl.40
December.. .0,300 1 23 1.1S 1.(M,I.V3
lllo nn Ihe sMit was dull snd steady. No. 7. 134c.
sales 300 hngt No. nto arrive at III l-ine.; I.noobaa-s
Noa. 7 anils, at laniv.. cost and freight, and I.BOO
bags ( entral American on p. t. Flaw sugar dull and
tteadyi etli test, !He.; Im feat. awP, fj,M ,noo bags
centrifugals, ml lest, at asc. Krflneil dull and ateadr.
Cut loaf, AWm.1 7-irkM crushed. 343 7 18m pow
tercil, 4 Ih-Iivj34c,! granulated. 4 IMitataV.;
c.u,l,:!-4.';v:"v,,al''' XXXX p'd, A31M.VVw.ininiilil
A. 4t3 1-iec; diamond A, 4 lMOAITsc.; confec
tioners' A. 4 U-KV-MV,: Columb'a A. 4 7-HV444.C
Naval STosr-s-Splrlts tiirpentlno quiet at S4
SHSjc; rnsln dull and nrm at tl.l.V.ltl.io for common
Jo ieool atralnci. v., Sl.aS: K, Sl.fl5dtl.an; 11, tl.Tlli
II, tl.tffl: I, -.ti'wm,int K. t.3t.a0: M, t.4U;
N, t.7n; w. a., t.oo.a no; w. w ta.ifl.jka.io"
.l'"otsr!-No sales. National, mthc. bid here and
(it 1 mi cityi
l'Rnnioxs-rjiril dull, but higher. City, N.aOc,:
Western. 0.3V.: September. 0.40c.; Jannary, 11 ..,
peoc. Pork steadyamllnlietterilemand. Meaa.tia.5u
citlil; family, tin sot clear backs. tlflrttlH. ricef
firm. Extra me.s,t-s4tH.no! family, tinativ; eitrs
India mess. tl.Vttls. lleef hams ipilet at t0 here
and tlO st Chicago. Cut meats stead v. I'lckleO bellies.
2i10 ljs. aternge. I14MOUC. do. hams. HUtlWc;
do. ahoiildera. 774c.l smoking lielllea. 104c. Drraseii
hogs. THasHc.; pigs, S4(4S4c. Tallow. 4?,4V.
Kleylne liy. pleo inii: Fjgs. 144.llic. Ik it
butter, 2IOfc; do. cheese. 10. fotVc.
Ciiicauo, Sept IS.-These were the Chicago prices;
rroenf. Olfnlng. Wnhnt. Ijttrtitf Ctnulna. XlaM.
Dec snu rAji BSJ4 Bft4 Snjf
Mj BljJ BltJ BoiJ BlU flllj
Dee ... 6SM B8J4 6iU 63 BM
fails"" aS M" 3 B4 ""
Oct...'... sou anj, nn-4 no( nnT
Msy .... 3314 30 U3U -M.lt' nsu
Oct S.OO 8.04 8.N7W 8.04 8.00
Jan ... S.IS 8.0 8.1tJ 8.20 8.10
Oct. . .. 7.85 7.73 7.83 7.73 7.74
Jan .. .. 7.13 7.0 7.1 7.V0 7.14
Jan 114.00 114.10 tl8.03 I14.U74 113.03
Live Htocfc. Market.
New Vnx. Tuesday. Sept. IS.-ltecelpts of beeves
were 840 head, all direct to exporters and slaughter
ers. Nn trading. Dressed beef steady at 7(4 0c. V B.
for Inferior to choice native aides. latest cables
from London and Liverpool quote American steers at
KkAtle. V is.. dreaaed weight: American refrigerated
beef at 74'4Ve. V . Ex porta to-day 708 teevea and
S.olO quarters of beef to IJverMiol. 880 beeves ro
Ulasgnw, and 130 beeves to lirlstol. To-morrow 1,000
quarters of iHf to Liverpool. 2,040 quarters to South
ampton; Iimi Iteeves. 800 sheep, and 1,300 quarters of
beef to nriitol ; asn beeves and 3oo aheep to London,
and 138beevcatn Hamburg.
llecelptsof calves were 210 head. Market quiet but
steady. Poor to prime veals sold at tfl487.5 a, 100
tr-s.. a bunch of grassersat t.7S; gnoil Vesiem calves
attl.Sll. City dressed veals, hW4ll 4c. B,;dreised
grasaersand buttermilk calves 4Ac.
kecctprs of aheep and lambs, all for the matket,
were 1,410 head, making, with the stock already In the
pens, in cars tntesnld, Market slow nt yesterdar'a
closing values, closing, however, a little nrm. The
Jiens were fully cleared. No prime stock waa offered,
oor to good aheep aold from t to ta.Y3 too
na., commnii to good lamlsi from ta to tl.113.
Dresscl mutton. 87e. V . Dreasel lambs, flVtsc.
ltecclpta of hogs were I.7S0 head, Including A70
head on sale. Market steady. Fair to choice State
bogs aold from tfl.o to fil.40 V 100 ttt.
Ileal Estate I'rlvate Nalea.
The trustees, of the Aster estate have purchased
through (leorge ft. Head, from the I'earsall estate,
atiout one hundred acres of land on the Bronx and Pel
ham Parkway and the road from Wllllamsbrldge to
Westchester village, for about 130.000.
I-ouIjK. Samuel has sold a tdot at Hunt's Point, on
the Sound, for nlxiut Slmi.ciOO.
Manilleluum I.ewine have purrhsscd from (leorge
MlllcddNo. an Korayth street, a two-atory stone church
known as the Holy lart)ra, for about tt,o()0. The
lot llH2.Hll(IH.3.
E. Kllptlrlck hai sold No. 81 West Slxty-rlghth
street, a four-ttory atone dwelling, lot xs0xloo, for
Ileal Estate Auction Hales,
D. V. Ingrahan Co. offered yeaterday under fore
cloaure the northwest corner of Ninth avenue and
Sixteenth ttreet, a flve-story brick flat, lot Vfliloo.
The purchaser waa Arthur D, Weekea, and Ihe price
t3 1,830.
Ilr) an L. Kennelly nffrred No. 838 Weil 13flth ttreet,
a three-story brick house, lot 18.8x100. It brought
S13.7SO from Madeline E. Clauaaen.
Janiea L. Wella offered Not. 114 and 118 East 18.14
street, two flve-story brick (lata. Iota vSiluo each.
No. 114 brought 18.3114. and No. 110, t,7d4. W.J.
Nlcklat was the purchaser.
Ileal Estate Tramftrs,
South Washington square, 43. and other prop;
Chat J Clinch et alto Louise NOabnrne. tUt.449
Uott at, 181; Amalla V Ludwlg to Kartell
Palmier! 38.000
SSth at. na. 80 e 0th av. tOxinn.S; Fanny
Aschelm to Oustavua L Lawrence .. ....
BOth at. a s. 173 w nth av. 23x1001 Wm
I.umttlen to Kllislietu Lumtden 1
SMhsl.ss. 1st wlioulevard, 18x100.8; Llitle
Hughea to 11 Warner Ella 1
87th st. n a, 108 v 1st av. 3100.s; Wm ltelia-
leret al to Wllhelmlua Klrchhnf 21.000
107th at. nt. 17 w 4th av, 18x100.11; Wm
(trace and wife to llarrlt (lettluger, ex prop
nnd ... 1
loiilh at, a a. 223 ft w d av, 83x100.1 1 ; Harris
llettlngeranil wlft eoWm. Draco 27,000
nt j.ivinia mw. t, a. xo.-l ll lava ai, vaxna,
Aldhmia-Taylor Hide Co to chua 1) Ju,tton. 1
Convent av, n w cor Willi si. I40.7iS3.1;
Frank ll Davlea to WUIIam Usher 1
lMithst, na. mow Ulnar 3xiM); Florence
Sanders to Thos It Drown ,.,.., 10
143lh st. a a. 173 w Clifton av. 23x100; Ellis-
belli Mallonlo JIaggleJ Mallou .... . t
la-llh it. n a. 473 fllls av. VSilllO: Chaa J
Miller and wife to Chas C llelmrlch and
wife 1
12th at, 115 East: llradney n Urlffln to
Areata Mchola in
(Hthst. na, 103 wOthae. 80x08; Cbaa Parks
to Henry I Mitchell and sno 11.000
04th at. a t. 17n e oth av. lHxlon.Ni Harry '
Ooodwlu and wife to Mark Ooolwln.. . 1
03th at, n a, lot ePth av, 0xlno.i Samuel
F shot well elal lo Alexander Dell. 1
03th at, aama prop; aame (o aanie. 1
SStbst.aa. 33e3thaT,7xliHi.3irsnnyEno-
rnana to Joseph PullUer .. ... BSOOO
83.1 tt. n w cor. ltlngton av, 18. 1x10.; '
Chat J Fagan. by romnilttee. In 8 Davidson. 18.000
81 at, a aTllSU e 4th av. 3il8.; Alberllna
ItuhtoTheophllus KSchllngloff.' ..... 13000
73d at. 4 East: Karl M Wallach to Kooa
1041b .t, 111. loowtdav. 10.8(100.10: Kosa
stark to Karl M Wallach. ."
lA1.. .t,i""' t'f'Pi Krl " Wallach 10
(lachel Wrlutrauu. ,
IVMhsl si. iikivv :k av. 10 tuow.ll; Th'ad-
deuahT Miller to Carrie A Miller. , 1
lth st. aa. 00 e Washington av. B0i17-
Elizabeth MahreuholttaOeorge llsepfner S 000
leothtt. at, 175w Ellon av. 23x100; Ell to-
liethAltorfertnsigmundilotdleb.. ... . 4000
Tluton av, wa. 7u a load al. 18x03; John W
Docker to Fredk II Wefer and ano. ..." 8 000
Madison av.u wa,lot 34. map of I'pprr Mor
ri"J u'r "bwab and wife 10 (loll-
riff ocnuiiat
Elsmere nlare, n s. BOO w Marlon av, 3ioo:
John J Ureunan and wife lo Henry CWy.
and ' qaa
Orsnd av. n w cor Hamislen st.lrrei; Fr'ait'.
cent U Partridge to Join K WratUk . . . 7 ens
Hampden n, n a. loo w (iraud av. Siltloo: '
John h w estlake and wife lu Jane Hellly. . . . ,,000
kxroupxp aiocruaQKa.
Dr.u.''lvN1"lu' n' " ,0 Adulph Haue, f s
l.Vthat. I low 5th av. Ir. .. '" 10000
".A'fisiuUr. 10 Heury Allen, u s 3th til ,u-oog
ltfleothav, 1 yr . ' a..nn
Congregation Vahebrah Machajka Tora'li
Anshe hlneer to Joseph Cbevl. Irustee.Uadl.
r-iSS' f,w eor Montgomery it. 53.1 1 x73. 1 yr 0 000
Cook, Henry F. and wife to Joseph C Patdwlo. '
utteth ai, 2U3 w Central farkWeti, ai-
mand in nnn
Cllntoo, CathtHne la the Emigrant (odiis
Kavgtjunk, 47 Pearl tt, 1 yr . 3 000
TKii i-ii""ub' n,1.w''s lo Vlrgldla A Carols -uw'
js-ll. 100 Henry at, 3 rra ' 88 000
Ooggln. Henry J. and wife in the Harlem ,flug
savga IWink, a a iHuih it, twtween UostoJ
road and Franklin av. I yr w , taa
Oardajr. Ano L P. and buab to Louis o
liljlh.ti Decatur av, 100 e Moahoiu Park-
' afsTs (VWs
Hoep'M-.OeorM. el al to Francis F Barke.
sal84thal.xooeWa.hlngtonav.8yrt "' laooo
Ho.aj, Briottt. to Jacob C liATtis, 11 tot W '
srsndintd It. tyrs.,... .,,.....,... Ui"Vi v9
Dornkamp, rredk, and wife to Ks Wooir,
t ruit.ee, et at. n s eoA st, tts w Columbus .
av, 4 mortraa-et, t yr 1, 8,BOO
Klrchnnf, vrilhelmtns, to Wm Delmler and
sno. 87th st.ns, lone latav.flyrs. 4,000
Mecirmb. Jennie W. to Ellis O Belbert, 803
Washington it, 8 yrt..... ....... . ........ .... B.000
Malltgsn, James, to sjbtlls K sondmacher, n
alNrthat, e 10th av, I yr.. .. 800
O'Hara, Kate li. to Henry Oltterman and ano,
eiors, Ac. 134 West rstflh st.nyrs,.... . . .. 15.000
Pslmlerl, lUffela. to Andres Vuolo, 181 Mott
st.ayrs , .,,..... s.ooo
rtoss, Elisabeth C, to -N V Ousrsnty snd In.
demnllyCo, w s Msdlton av, 40.6 s HOth it,
5 yrs, ..,.,, ,,... ,..,,.,.. 17,000
ninck, Joseph, and wire to Francis J Hchnitd,
ss lAlit si, 180 w Union av, nyrs,. 3,000
Schulte. tloltfrlel. snd wife to Harlem Rav.
Ings Hank, lot 34, mspof upper Morrlssanls,
lyr... ,, u 18,000
ftchtlngloff. Theophllus K, to Henrietta M
Schv.ali.sss3lat.yne4thnv,Syrs 7,010
Stsrk, Hoaa, to Karl M Wallach, s s J3d st, 250 .
w.tv A, 11 yrs , ., 3,000
The Lsdles' Helping Hand Assoc'n nf N V.t
Title Uuar and Trust Co, s s Blth it, 23 w
Mthav, lyr , 00.000
Veiter, Henedlrta, to Charlotln Raber, 11 s
Dcnsnnat, 173 wCourtlamU av, vyrs 1,000
Westlake, John E. to Franoena II I'artrlilge,
n w eor nrsnd tr and llamden at. a yra. .. . 8,600
Wefer, Fred II, and ano to John W Decker, w
sTIntnnav, tusisad st.Hyrs... ,000
Westlake, John E, to Francena II Partridge,
Hampden at, ne cor Urand av.avrs ,400
Cnogtn. Matthew, and wife to F wm llelde,
as lmuhat, 438 ed av, 23x100.11, Inttalls, .....
morta i-jj---- 12,100
Same to the Mutual Life Ins Co of Nv.li .....
tnwthst, 430e8dsv, t yr, xmorls..., 20,000
Davidson, Salomon, to Title (luar and Trutt . ...
Co, ne cor Kid it and Lexington av, 8 yra,.. 18,000
OorKlrldge, Charlotte M, and hnsb to the Sea
men's llank for Savings, N V,u w cor 30lli ..v...
Hand Hroadway, a yra 170O00;
arcoaor.o i.rAsr.s. v-'
tvughrnn, Susan It, to Adolph Van Oehsen, . ...
7st ;ih av, 4 yrs. , 10,000
Neslage, Herman it W, to Frank II Cnsgrove, ....
store. c,S7fl 10th sv.O yrs.. .. tl.Booto 1,800
l'erfer, John, to Msry Schneider, 4,873 lid av, ...
yrs , 240
Herd, James, to John Wledmann, store, Ac,
541 lit av,3 jrs 000
Homer, (lusiar, to Peter May. 281 K 1 3th at,
A'-ltyrs 1.200
Witt, Henry, to Phlllpp HauerE, store, 433
Ijt81stst,H yrs, .. ... 420
onrt Calendars) Thla Day,
Rcrsmr Cofnr tlrvrnat. Txakt. Itecess. Ciiimixrs.
-Motion calendar called at 11 A.M. BrrrUL Txoat,
Psrls I., II.. and HI. Adjourned for the term.
circvit Cot. nr. Parts L, 1U 111., snd IV. -Adjourned
for the term.
si'srisiate's Cnnrr Tsut. Tkiui. No day calendar,
CiiAMSsnt. -No day calendar. For probate Wills of
James Harry, Susan E. Klrby. Patrick II, Murray, at
10:30 A.M. Mary E. Parker, Mary A. Secor, at P.M.
Coxaos PLXAS-orsxnat. Tr-RH. Adjourned for the
term. sraisL Tr.nn. Motions. Kvcirr Txs. Ad
loomed for the term. Trial Txaa. Parts L, II., and
111. Adjourned for the terra.
Scrrsioa Coibt OtisRAt.Txnx. Adjourned for the
term. SrrxiAt. Trn. Clear. Motlona and Not. 1010,
10311, mil. Eoi'irr Tism. Adlourneil for the term.
Trial Tirm. Parts I., II., and III.-AdJourncl for the
Crrr Court Or.roAt, Terx. Adjourned for the
term. Krrriu. TrRK. -Motions. Trial Term. Parts I.,
II., III., snd IV.-AdJnumeil for the term.
Toledo, linn Arbor & North
Michigan Railway Company
To the holders or the Htoekofthe Toledo,
Ann Arbor and North lllchleam Railway
Company, nnd of the Honda of Ita several
divisional, na rnllowei
To!., Ana Arbor and Or. Trunk 1st Mice.
0 per cent.
Tot.. Ann Arbor and No. Mich. 1st Mice.
4) per eent.
Tol Ann Arbor and Ml. Fleaa't 1st Aftaje.
ss per cent.
Tol., Ann Arbor and Cadlllae 1st Mice.
47. per eent.
Tol.. Aaa Arbor and I-ake Mich. 1st Mice.
O per cent.
Tol., Ann Arbor & No. Mich. Coas. Mice.
S per eeat.
Fraakrort and Honth Eastern 1st Mtge.
0 per eeat.
The undersigned committee have perfected a plan
of reorganization that. In their Judgment, treats
equitably all the separate divisions of the road, and
seeks to harmonise all interests, thereby avoiding
a disintegration of the,, property. The acceptance of
this plan la atrongly recommended.
Holders of the above securities, In order to avail
themselves of the plan, should deposit their holdings
on or before November 1st. 1804, In exchange for
negotiable certificates.
Under the terms nf the plan, an assessment of $3.00
per share (payable In Installment!) ta made. Tho first
Initallmentof tl.OOper sham la now called, and bo
comet payable when the stock la deposited.
Coplea of the plan may be obtained from any of the
I committee, nr from the Depositaries, or will be mailed
upon application, by the secretary of the committee.
Tmrmtrn' I-oan fe Trust Co., 80 William aL, N. V.
Atlantic Trust Co., 30 William st, N. Y.
GEO. W. MURRAY, Chalnsan,
Prest. National llank of Orange Co.;
WM. II. MALE, Prest. Atlantic Trust Co..
ofMclntyreJt Ward well. ProduceKxchange;
of lirdmond. Kerr ft Co.. flankers,
Reorsjanlxatlon Committee.
Iloadly, I.auterbneh .b .lobnaon, CounseL
II. M. MOX.IO, Seereta ry.
At the office of
41 Wall st.. New York.
Toledo, Ann Arbor & North Michi
gan Railway Company
neforedepoaltlng bonds under any of the published
plans for Heorganliatton, you are requested lo await
the action of this Committee, who are now preparing
and will shortly submit a complete and feasible plan
for the Reorganization of the entire System.
OEOROE W. QIINTAltn, Chalraaaai
I'n t. National Park Panic'
Prest. Fourth National Bank.
Preat, MerctiaDta' liank.
LORD, DAY .- LORD, Counsel.
on Hroadway. y. y. city.
Toledo, i.DD iirbor & Cadillac,
Toledo. ..do Arbor & Lake Michigan, and
ioitao..xDU .UDor a: hi. fleasant Kwy. tos.
are Informnl that a .Committee Is being organised to
are advised lu Ihe mean time not to assent to any
plan of reorganisation which calls for a scaling down
of their securities.
First Mortgage u per cent. IlomU.
Toledo, Ann Arbor & Norlb Mich. Ry. Co.
The Importance of prompt action has decided the
Bondholders' Committee 10 limit tho me for deposit
ing Umdt to tho 1ST OF OCTOHER .NEXT.
BAIinomlholderswhodealre to avail tbemselres of
Ihe Wnefllt of unltol action should deposit ihclr
boudtst once with Ihe Metropolitan Trutt Co.. No.
37 Wall it.
H. V. MARTIN, &t Broadway,
rVHl'Nd, l..IVRi:.Vt't;ii Uroad Mt
HIMU.N MIIKO, an Nassau SI.
IIENRV K. MrllARO, 40 -.Vail Ht.
ca!":ai 8i.o6o.oou.
A '''VJ P,r"",!'.ry ,OT ffsiri and Trust
funds audi, eueral Deposits,
Liberal llaleaoflnt-rr.t said on Halauces,
jK.ir r0"."..1- "ateruury, VretlJint.
Augu,, DelmonL "'""oLe.n.;,.
('."mo, . John IioarajUtban.
iX"1.'.' 'j,?- "A" Sm&.
'i'S'i'i lftfU' .. James o. Bhelaon.
j2" J-f ".nr.h- .. Fdard.uc.
I. bin ft-...rtswoU, Jonn I. vtsiiriiury.
II. L. llbuinson, t. f" wiiaun;' u '
T-E- iYMB. co.F
---- . - - 1--- - -i--iii-iiIii m
"l,-t 1
First Mortgago 6 Bonds,
A mil to foreclose Ihe mortgage securing your Jtnni '
has been filed by the Trustee, and the Union Pacini
Becelrers hate been appointed llecelvers of the OrsJ
(Ton Short Line. Tho petition nf the Rccelrersof the)
Union l'aclfle Railway Co., siklnit to be relieved f ronl I
all the obllasllons of their contract of January In, '
IM. will soon come on for a hearln. There should,
therefore, bo no delay nn Ihe part of Bondholders I
ileposltlna; Ihelr Bonds with the CHNTRAL TRfsJ
CO., New York, or OLD COLONY" TRUST CO., Hoatim,
thus empowering the Committee to protect their InJ
tereats, which are In Imminent peril.
After the SOTII OP HEPTEMnER flonds will
be recelrcd O.NI,Y upon such terms snd penalties
as the committee may determine.
K. , MARTIN. Chairman, 60 Brosdwari
jon.N niuEt.ow,
OEOROE P. HUTLF.lt. Secretary. IH Wall St
In Stocks, Bonds, and Orsln. The best reference boom
on thla subject erer published br any hanking hu J
for free distribution la our "NEW H00-PAIIK ll.t.psJ!
TRATED MANUAI," which Includes highest and low
en prices for ten years of Stocks, Honda, and llraln.
Write or call for a copy.
Bought and aold forcash or on a :i to ft per eent. marirlai
Twenty years' experience and a clientele the larvcs
of any house In New York.
omcEs 4-a-0-7-s-o
Basksrs oV 11 rs Iters. 33 Broadway, ft, T.
Bond and Mortgage
In New Tork City by
No Eipense to Borrower for Examining litis,
AI'PIjY to
T. D. JORDAN, Comptroller,
we think the ranee It apt to lea narrow for a day es)
two. with a tendency to rally. The rest of the ml
looked weak enouuh to-day to warrant buyln on tos.
fis" until ajriHid bull ilar. '
. e. Ward co .
: AM) :i:i hroadway.
rlTOt'Krl, ORAIN.
Bouaht and sold for cash or on it to a per eent, marguu
Callorseiidforourit.itlr letterand circular.
ivitlrmla nnd ntrrrflt.
NO. 71 BHDAllWAY, NEW YORK, Sept. II. 104.
. Br order of the Iloanl of Directors the transfer
this company will tic elo-.il ou Frldar, Krptember 14.
at a o'clock P. SI., preparatory to the payment onT
Monday. October I, IMlt.at thla ofnee, of theaemls
annual Interest of two per cent, on said certificates.
The transfer boots will he reopened on Tuesday, Oos
tobcr V, at 10 o'clock A. M.
It. W MeU'tr.f.TAMa TM.,nr.r.
NO. 71 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, Kept. U.1H94.
A quurterly dividend of one and one-half per cent,
ou the capital sttM'kof thlscompany has lieen declareiL.
Yayableatihlsomcc on and after Monday, October)
. 1"4. The transfer hooks m t closed nn Friday,
September 14. at 11 o'clock P.M. and reopened od
Tuesday, October t. at lo o'clock A. M.
D. W. McWlLUAMR, Treasurer.
74 UKOllWAY. NEW YilUK.Sepu 17 1M(4.
A quarterly uiridend nf o.VK 1'Kll CENT, npon the
capital attx'k of this comiMiny has tccn ileclareil para
ble (Vt. 10. lllll, at the oftlce of the Atlantic Trust
Company. HO H llllam at., to atnckholdcrs of record ot
Hept. vn. IMll. Transfer booka will be closed Kept- 1UU
arul reoinel Oct. ll. IK04. f
By orderof the Boani of Directors. ,
M. W. IHIMINICK.Treaiurel-. v
orrifE"iiofiTA k'k mi mnu cbT"-"
NEW MIRK, Sept. 14, 1H04.
, III VI DEN 11 NO. ll.
. The reaularmnnttiiy dividend, TWI:.N'Y(SS)CKNTF
PER SHAKE has Ik'cii declared for August. nyabli
attheofneeof the company, San Franclwo. or ut lbs)
transfer agency In New York on the VAth Inst.
Transfer books close ou the voth lmt.
Transfer Agents.
.. J on ws.n
no Tor nsTeii IiTinkvP''"''1'''"
OotonOdlillAN.nl FIIT1I ,VV. i-or. I.lth. IWMb
iHATE. itiii.i.uii.i: .t toNKiii:.vriAilj
(Topiirtntrship $otttt$. j
iTnsAKHTNKRNlllls'xoTlt'n.' "''"' B
iihoit'iB w. iim: a en. . ;
This la to certify that the uuderslKni-d lave formed; 1
a llmltnl iwrtnershlp pursuant to tho prorMontnC II
the llcvlscl btntutcaof the Mate or New York ami M
acts amending the same. ,9
That ihe name of the nrm under which such part 3
nershlp la to l conducld IsUiorgeW Unrl'o, 1
brine the nrm name of a copartnership heretofore) "
exlstlnir within thla htatc. nnlch had Iillslneas rela. ii
tloua with foreign couutrlea ami hail transactel bust 1
new, within this Male for o rlo,l of Hire,, years and 'J
upward, nnd wna illsolvitl by ihe death of Morris 1
Wooilrurr, a member thereof, aud hat discontinued 1
Ita said business. s
Tbat the aurvltlng copartner of aald firm It the un I
derslgncd. Thomas A. Plielan.
That tho general naturo of the business to be trans
acted 1. daallng In. Iin:irtlng, lui) lug. and aelllng teat
and coffcea. and all sorts of ion1s and men handlse to
said business belonging, and that the principal place of
bu.lnetalaln the city and county of New York'
Thai the names or tho general and apeclal partner
who are to carry on said business under aald nrm
name of (leorge W. Lane ft Co. are aa folio, a:
Thnmaa A. Pheluu, xlio rvaldea at 107 West 7th
street. In the city ami county of New York, snd who I
the general partner.
Katherlnc K. Plielan, who resides at t(7 Weit 7mh
street In llic city and county of New York, and who
la a special partner, and bus contributed the sum of
TMenty-nve Thousand itifa.oooi Hollars as capital to
the, common li-k of aald partnership, and
Morrla Woodruff, Jr.. who resides at No. '4'7East22d
atreetlnthe aald city and county of New York, and
"A",! PS?1' P"!"". and liasroiitrlbutMlheaum
of Hfleen Thousand cl. I.ooo i Dollars at capital to tho
common atock of said partnership.
That the partnership la to commence nn the 8Mb.
day of Aiiguat, Ino I, and to terminate on Ihe Vsih do
of Allguat, 1M03.
Dated Nsw York, August 1!i, lsut.
thomas a. phelan.
katherim: k. piifLan.
n... . v .- MtlltltlS WOODRIUF.Jr:
...'T of New ork, County of Otaegn. as. i in thk)
E3thdayor Auguit, lHui,b.nrm iraonally came
Thomas A. Phrlau and Catherine K. Phelan. known to
ineanu to ine known to In- thludlvldultecrlUd
In and who encutcil Iheforrgolng lerttncatc.ajut
severally ackuovlilgrl to me that they ea.vute.1 the
same, M. TL'LLF.II, Notary Public.
. . .v. ... olM-BoCounly. IL.K.)
?,7,?0,..SW York' Otmgo Count) Clerks OntcB, ta.
I. John ILLnnkllng, Clerk of aald courtly of otaegn,
aud als.. Clerk of l to. County Court of aald count,
and of the hupreme Court. Iithl lng couruof record,
'i'l.,I1.!l """"ion seal, do hereli) certify that M.
Tuller hao., whos name ta aul'rll-l to ihe pnjf I
rf5kn.ftw'''","'r" "f the anneteil luatrument, wai '
at the lltne of taking auch proof or ark now ledgtnent
notary public In and for the aald county, duly com- 1
rnlaaloued ant aisorn and authorlml bytheUwa of I
thehtatfof New iirk lo lake the acknowledgment! i
and proofs of decli or conveyance, for lamia, tene- f
mriits, orheri'.lltamenta In aald Hiale of New York, j
and further, that I am well actualutel with bit hand
writing, and terllyl-elleve that the signature thereto. i
puruortliig to I hla, la genuine. Ami I do further 1
certify that aald Instrument la eicvutrtt and ackjuml- Jl
edgcl according to the Ltwa of the Slate of New vrk. It
In tejiunony whereof, I have bereunto set my band 1
and aftucl my ontclal seal, at Coois-rstown. Ihl. ilta I
dayof August, INV4. ' I
t... . v JOHN B. CONKLINO. Clerk. LB. I
b,."?t,!,t'Jry5'' ""' "" county of New York. I
aa n thla Jth day of August. IhUI.Ufore in i-fr L
tonally came Morris W clrun. Jr.. known loi.iean't ')
tome know nto U, one of Ihelndhl.lualadea.-rlUiliu
and Khorircutnl iho foregoing ccrtincate. and L
ockuowledgwl to ma thai he eiuted tb me
I'wal.J IIENHY P lll'TI Fit
. . "'"'"y ll'.blle. City and Counly of Nrw'Vork.
Slate uf New uik ..city and County of New York.
" -.h'"""-.PIe!an.r'lugdul ,orn. aaya he .4
ili"HK.,l,Ir.1.1 Portna-r uain-it In Ihe aU.va certificate,
and thai the amounts specMed In aald ccrtincate u
hate been contributed by each of aald si.-clsl partners
lo Ihe common nock, to wit. by Katurrlne K. plielan.
Ir!un;. "r, 'wentjnve thoutaiid dollars, and tr
V-S'f'1 arUHf. jr, h0 turn of fifteen thoiewnl
unijars, hare been actually audlugool faith paid lu
Cv.o.-v, . . THOMAS A. PI I FLAN
auhacrlbrd and tworn totf,,r,. no, this v;ih d4 uf
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