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m I)i:stiiuctivk bowling.
jr '
1E jitu.YARo cAvrvnr.a xixa wick.
1.1a roa oxtr fxitebx xivxa.
Thr Messaefcxseelts riftee Malta a root"
rlhntvtssj Alml Lord Htnki'i Ttttlrt
-The Xacllsfcmea Arc Dlstodsted for 1
t'kuMktn'i Attack la Oasaftaa Featarsa
orihe lantnS-De TrasTord nata Heavily.
l.owr.u, Oct. O.-LIke tha cricket alruritle
villi the Auitrallana last year, the match bo
twee n Iord Hawke'a team and fifteen of Mas-
-t5J r-AChusettJ. which waa commenced hero to-day.
yf wat remarkable In many rrspoeU. The home
plnyera did pod work with the ball, but failed
completely at the bat, and It looka now as
though nothing can prevent the Englishmen
tmlnliift in easy victory. Chambers bowled
tnnimlnctntlr for Massachusetts, and his record
of II wlckeU for 77 runs U by far the beat bowl
In done agalnsttha Englishmen In thtscountr.
Do TrafTord hit him hard, bat he and Mordaunt
were the only men who played him with con
fidence. Do Traflord .are a grand exhibition of
hard hitting, and O. J. Mordaunt of Uady play.
The feature of the match, however, wu the
bowling. O. W. Hlllyard aecured 0 wlckeU for
If 1(1 runs. None of the local team could itand
jk up against htm, and the wlckeU went down with
JM startling rapidity. .......
I Kor the fourth consecutive time Lord Ilawko
I wits lucky with the toss, olid shortly after U
I j o'clock the gamo waa opened with h. C. V.
: liathurst and A. J. L. Hill doing the batting.
Chambers, tha Longwood Club" professional,
bowled the first over, and before a run was
scored llathurat was clean bowled. l'.&Lucaa
followed, while 11. Bbepherdson had charge of
t he attack from the other wicket. 11 1 first over
proved to be a maiden, and then Chambers got
one In on the wicket of Lucas, and the second
wicket was down for nothing. This was a great
commencement for Massachusetts. Better
things, however, were expected of tho English
men when O. J. Mordaunt Joined Hill. The)
former got n single, and then immediately
lost Hill, Chambers again doing the de
struction. Three wlckeU were now down
1 for one run. C. W. Wright Joined Mordannt
and got three runs by a beautiful back cut off
Chambers. In the next over he pulled In an oft
lull oft Shepherdson Into hU wicket, and four
mi n w ero out for four runs.
I . K. V Trafford filled the gap and opened
with a good hit off Shepherdson for three. He
followed this up with two more threes, and then
made the biggest hit of the team's tour, the ball
Killing high over the trees ouUlde of the
grounds, and six runs was the result. Then scor
ini became brisk, and, with tho total at 31.
bhephcrdson nave way to B. Cracknell.
The runs still catnc.however.Do Trafford doing
the hitting, while Mordaunt played steadily. At
f5 V. I'alrburn was tried In place of Chambers
The latter soon got n chance at the other wicket,
nnd Mordaunt, who was getting tired of steady
J lny, commenced to open his shoulders. With
Ii1 score at 27 he was splendidly caught over
the Iwnndary by P. II. Clarke. Of course the
rati h did not go and the hitting continued. Do
TinfTonl liml u peculiar liking fur Falrburn'e
bowling, and the manner In which ho hit bis
short-pitched balls was truly wonderful. He
drove one long hop over the fence, while the
four overs of the Lowell man yielded k'9 runs.
Kvery one thought that De Trafford was well
ret for hla century, but when he had scored 75
he returned n bumping ball to Chambers, and
the fifth wicket was down for 111. He Trafford
pave a splendid exhibition of tine, free hitting,
but was charged with two chances, one to J. 11.
Comber at -'(J, and one to T. IVttltt at 07, Lord
Hawke was the seventh man. He open
ed his account with a back cut off Cham
bers for three 1. 11. Clarke, the Harvard Uni
versity captain, then got the ball, anil he pent
down a maiden to Lord Hawke, who did not ap
pear to like hit delivery. Itnns were then made
lowly, and at 131! George Wright went on In
plaoeof Chambers. Ten runs later tho latter
relieved Clarxe. and he was Immediately cred
ited with another wicket. Mordaunt being well
L taken nt point by J. Hmlth, after a splendid Inn-
.1 Imr-ofai. KMcAlnlne wna-eaally disposed of,
I andwhenU. W. Hlilyardjolnrd Lord Hawke 7
I wicketswere down for 147. HlUyard was bowled
i on the first ball by Chambers, which let In J. 8.
B lloblnson.
B When the Interval wiw taken for luncheon
H lloblnson was still at the wlckeU with Iord
H Hawke, who had then scored 18. After lunch-
km con Chambers opened to l,ord Hawke, and his
M lordship drove the ball clean over the fence for
B u. Oeorge Wright bad cliarge of the atUrk
H from the other wicket, and the last ball of his
Wkm over disposed of Lord Hawke for an even two
asK dozen. Nine wlckeU were down for 1(17 runs.
m W. t'. Whltwcll Joined lloblnson. The new-
M comer played steadily ford, but was stumped by
B Comber off Chambers, with the total at ltio. u.
11. liardswell was the last man, and he profltud
by Uie littlo time left for his Innings, He fore he
lost bis partner by a brilliant catch iu the slips
by Hhepcrdson off Chambers he was credited
with II. The Innings closed for 170.
J. II. Comber and J. Smith surted the batting
for Massachusetts, and the New Knglandens
worn treated to a sample of A.J. L. Hill's lobs.
m htle I C. V. Uathursi hod cliarge of the atUck
mm from the other end. Huns were made slowly,
nnd 10 went up after overs bad been bowled.
B Soon afterward Comber gave a high fly to J. M.
R lloblnson at long off, and the first wicket was
down for 14. F. Falrburn tilled the vacancy.
fl' ' Hill was Immediately taken off after bowling d
lF overs for 8 runs. The change waa a good one,
JMmg and before another ran bad been added Fair-
burn was bowled by tha Ltecestershlre man.
k Tom Pettltt then had a short and merry
V Ufa for 11, the tennis expert Just inttlng ft
Wit lulls before he was caught by Whltwell off
liathurst. M. K. Uordon. the captain of rit.
n l'aul's school, followed, but he was nulckly
J bowled by HlUyard. Lott Mansfield and 1. if.
Kl Clarko then cot together, and the young Har-
M ard man quickly had 8 to his credit, scoring
a boundary to leg off HlUyard and cutting
CB liathurst prettily to the ropes for tho tamo
Ifl number. He was then splendidly caught In the
aaB slips by liardswell. and 0 wlckeU were down
J for U4. Oeorge Wright was next, but he lost
Mansfield rlghtaway. the retiring batsmen belnit
I easily taken at point by McAlplue off HlUyard.
I L. Hautihton cracked ltlllyard for 'J, and was
H Uirn bowled on the next ball.
M When J. hharpe Joined Wright eight wlckeU
H were down for i)U. Thorpe failed to Improve
ftM matter and was quickly bowled by HlUyard.
tB A similar fate awaited If. J. Falrburn. All tills
) time Ueorge Wright liad been pUying with
great iiatlenre. f-hepherdson mails a short
htand fur (I, but when he lost Wright In the
fsss slips he also went In the same toanner at tho
M other end. and twelve wickets were down for 44,
Mm. It. Cracknell and Chambers then got together,
K but the two remaining wickeU fell quickly ami
r Uie lnnlngw as over shortly before 5 o'clock fur
W ouruns. Tills will necesxltate the tiome team
(j following on when play U resumed on Mouduy
St morning. The score;
iB WW1nVstan. Hisuciirarrrs.
W ,."tf,S;L.t,"Urr' J- n. Comber, c. KoUa-
u- Y1 ,hurt, b. too,b.luthunt 0
ct"nb'n'- . ' 0 J.Hinllli. UUaihurtt ... 4
MM H. B. Lucas, U Chain. K. Falrburn. c. lllllrard. 0
bera... ........ . 0 T. 1'HUII. e. atoruauat,
H O.J.Mordauntxamlili, U Uaihunt. .11
H ft W. WrUtit, b. bhep- rU '. .. 0
fsW ,5r?iJ,"-"-J --1 IataMahlx.atCAlplne,
MB C.K.l)TratToni,c.an(l b.lllllranl .....3
w, . Iilliauibeni.. ... 7.1 I. II. Clarke, c. Bards-
mV L"r'i".V.lt"' b. w.!!.bu " w'" i JKhura".. 8
WJT t. McAlplns, b. Caaiu- O, .WrVfhl.i-.llllljrard.U
sss iters .. ... ....,,., , s ilatliurkt 1
K O.W HlUyard, UChara. L. Ilaughton. 'b'liill.
Wt rwis... o yard 2
L V. r. Uhluwell, . Illlljanl ... . 0
1 lowbrr.bCasmbrrs. fl II HhritlienlKinx.UarUf
mf O. K. ilanliweli, uol well. b. Hill) aril .
I ,'"". i -L- -a 9 II. Cracknell, tu.toul ..6
es.4i leg byes, j no ChsmUrs, c. MvAlplos,
W ball.l 7 U. ilillrard , 0
IB Total. - J.J. lUrt,b.lIlllysrd.. o
B Tuuli.,,,. l'ajtiyes ; u
.1 I TotaU .SJ
'I SOWI.1NO XSil.ytit.
I ri .- i """ H'lU'iu. Bunt. WUUIt.
" nrpbrnlwu .. Ail 4 VJ 1
! Cri-.tell. . . . !W t. u 0
SI l.t.'l.'urI1 "J 0 K" O
I O. ,l;U SO 0 IU 1
. . iosd uiwui'i ma.
at P trhWL 3" a H 0
- "" H'lljsnl. ... it a 1 w
lu,2u1!;ul"0?.,;.,I! '.4', '47147 147 137 tM ITB.
i "' M!II4 80M -JC 41 44 OU
M llesults at I.alol;i.
itf??,"-0"'' " Kull to-rtsjr follow
won i',T '',.' xurlouii. Dan, I01(llm).sto t,
S',j ir;1iu"'1 Wllilisaui.K to i ; (juk-ksisp,
afL Iri.., 't?'-7iov.wuu, Auuiuu.lli tuauii.a iu i!
JI JS'lviMWUH. UlliTu.,' V to . A Tiiii:
?' - i J,i!"LSf.c'. .'f '""""ira- fano. 100 (Cauln),
KassssssssssssssssssslSiriii iTTTtTf- '"
3ioaur.na avjcnnr orbes xiwtteji.
He Win nt Fleetwood rark la Raadr Rtvl
-A Uonals Teas Rate fbr tmfioo n Hide.
Tha weekly barhesa racing raatlnfa of the
Kew Tork Driving Club draw a good crowd tq
Fleetwood Park yestsrday. While there was
notlilag thrilling about either of tha trotting
events, they nevertheless excited a good deal of
Interest among the apecUtora. Tha three-mln-nteracawaa
an easy thing for tha TJrooklyn
horse Roan Roy, a smoothly turned, strongly
built, red roan four-year-olJ, that had never be
fore taken part In a race, so Trainer Mosher
said. Ha la galted and bred rlgnt to beat 2:30,
and ha acted like a true-blue race horse In his
work yesterday.
Although tha S:30 race waa decided In dead
heaU, It waa not altogether a walkaway for tha
winner, Tom Scott, Commercial Traveller, Lit
tle Holden, and Vanity pressed the gray fellow
hard at tha finish, pattlcularly In tha concluding
round, when the throa leadcra camo under tha
wire almost abreast. Tom Bcott took one or two
handy resting skips in this heat, and the Judges
deliberated some time before they awarded It to
the trotter that came tn ahead. The
winner lowered hla .record from UiSO to
VlSO. Tha officials, H is claimed, made
a bad decision In the second 'heat
of tho race, setting; Commercial Traveller back
from third to ninth position for alleged running,
when many men at the club house, who had
Uken particular notice of tho square trotting of
Col. Pareona'a fine road horse, were certain that
he did not once leave hla stride during tha
mile. Trainer Ulbba waa so Incensed that he
threatened to draw hla horse before tha finish
of the race. , ,
In connection with this race F. 8, Fisher waa
fined $23 for falling either to properly draw his
mare. Blackbird, according to rule, or bring her
to tha post for the race. It appears that ltlack
btrd la under ausplolon as having some years
ago trotted under the namo of Kitty C. and
taken a record of U:34, after which she la
said to have been brought out as a green one
in the alow classes under her present name.
Mr. Fisher Is firm In the belief that his horse
has a straight history.
The 3133 class, which promised to be the best
contest of the day, waa not sUrted, owing to tho
rule which prohibits starting a purse raco afier
4 o'clock on Saturday. The went, therefore,
was declared off.
During tho afternoon a match was made be
tween the double teams H toner Id Ke and Little
Sport, owned by Fred Oerkcu,and Cephas and
Jesse, owned by John Hudd. The stakes are
J,opo. and the contest Is to tako place Nov. a
at Fleetwood Park, both teams trolling to road
wagons. Humraarieei
ftiaoelaaa, trotting: purxiSIOO.
P. McTannt Torn Hcoit, r. .. by Nntwood,
tiain unknown, I W.S. Drookiii , Ill
a.u.MIIIVaUuloIloklen.b.m.(Mlllti., u V u
M, Oulnn'aVanllT.blk. m. (C. O. Jlniwer) ..403
w. K. rariona'a Commercial Traveller, b, g. (J.
Kuibtai a o 3
J. ('. airaltun'a atar Motion, h (Fowler).... O a 4
J.U'BlennU'sAbble.b.m. (O'MennU) u 4 ft
KblrkAUoHlnt'aO. K.,U. (Wllklna) n 0 it
O.ll. Armtrunsj'aKarlltht,ch. m. (Ilurd) 10 S a
O. II. Uubar-a Rd VlrgU, b. a. (Porter) 7 7 7
J.r. nogira's Dora. b. m. (Kocerai. 8 10 la
Krwlu Uavls's Marie a. b. in. IP. Fleming) 11 dla,
Ttmt-II;S0H. :27, 3:20.
8:00 class, trnttlag I pun tlOO.
au.Motlwr-illo-nlWr.ro. g. br Kastllght
girathanna. by BJrsthmors (Moaner) 1 1 I
U II. Jturd'a Prince, blk. g (Hurt) D a a
FM.Faln'aUleason.b . (Brooks), s a B
C II. Wllllamrt Amy Cole, b. m. (Dunham) 4 4 4
U. It. Baldwin's Mona. It. m.tnaldwlni 6 0 dr
Tlrae-ai3S4. :i!(. 3:VH.
jiKBMW.i auiL'.i rinvnixY.
A Tasaa Knatas: Kentucky's Rich Two.
yeariotd Htake.
Lkxixoton, Oct. fl. Ono of thelongest battles
ever fought by tero-year-old trotters was seen
hereto-day, when the great annual meeting of
the Kentucky llreedcra' Association began. At
the conclusion of tho struggle only one of the
seven starters waa really left, though the lllly
Impetuous was kept lit by mutual agreement to
waive distance. Oakland Haron led the betting
at $80, with Boreal worth 850. Pansy McGregor
S40, Larable 35. and the field S10. Oakland
Huron made a strong bid for the first heat, but
afUr leading tu tho homestretch Pansy Mc
Gregor went to tho front and won under the
whip In 2:17M. Although she was a strong
favorlto before thosecond heat Pansy Mcllregor
could not carry her clip, and after a brush with
Oakland Baron gave it up above the distance.
Impetuous closed a long gup and outfooted Onk
landBaronbyaIeugtliin2:30t. The disasters culminated In the third heat,
when Impetuous grew distressed In iho last
quarter and Oakland Baron was little better
off. Tlila gave Bermuda tllrl an opnortuiilty,
which she improved, by a mile in SiSlKl. The
race was practically over at this sUge, fur
Pansy McGregor was ouUlde the flag and Im
petuous had an attack of bleeding. Bermuda
Ulrl won the deciding heat hanilll).
Veneta Wilkes took the 3:1U trot In straight
beats. Hhe is owned by John A. Uoldsmltb. and
went tho raco of her life, reducing her record
twice and placing it at 3:14K. Directum, an
other of the Doblo suing, was the selrctlon for
the 3 :!I0 pace, but ho hod to be contented with
third money. Summaries:
M9 elaaa, trettluc: pnrse gl.000.
Tenets Wilkes, b. m.. by Our Wllkea-Stm
Males Staid, oy Speculation (Uoldtmllh).... . 1 t 1
nreakO'Dar.b.m.(Dlelieron) a 3 3
narou lillloo. b. c. (O. Fuller).. to !l a
Helen LeCburn.b. m. (llldnlilbt).. .. 3 0 4
May Morgan, b. m. (Maey)... J 5
la(-My.loy,ro.g.(Hudaon)- 0 0
HonnlaMaca,t.a.lMcUenry) 7 a
Keailde. b.m. U'alterton) M 0
Iiorf Mack. blk. .(Turner) It tl 7
Hundler, ch. r. (Van Meun b 14 10
Towa, b. m. (Tiarbiun) olo II
ll.rolt. b. a. (Tltui) 14 u 14
Orlllan, b. a. (Rhea) 13 13 l
Bnowball.Ug.tTalbert). 13 13 13
nme-aiiofi. miH. aiia.
3:30 ctaas, pacing; purssta.oOO.
Ella Eddr, b. m.. by Jerome tddr
OIIts wstson. by Roebeiier tZIm-
roer).., 4 3 t 3 1 1
Joale a. rlmbj Chatterbox (Wilton). 1 1 a H .1 3
Direction, blk. a, by Director (Dicker-
ton) ,. .. ,,,.. ..- B a 1 4 3
La Urtppe, b. m. (Macey) 3 4 4 illt.
Ktnlucky Futurity: ataka 33,000: two-yesslili
trolllos: heatt two In three,
llermoda Ulrl, br.f., Bermuda-Annie Me-
Ke. by Rel Wllkea illudton)...... 8 0 1 t
Impetuou.bU. f., by IHcUtor (tcllenry)..4 14 3
Oakland Baron, b.r. (Milan) 3 3 H ro
hcourine, br.f. id. Howermanl ...... . . .0 a 3 ro
iKeata) I 4 dlt
Boreal, b. clMnltn) IU
Larable, b o. (Thayer) dla
Tlm-3il7M. 3:30K, S.aitf. 3.38H.
The Trotters at Baltimore.
BiiTDioni, Oct. fl.-The meeting was notconcludeti
at l'lmllco to-day arcordlng to programme, the 3 30
trot being unnnlthed. while (he 3:33 trot was declared
off. Then waa a large attendance, but Iba spectators
were not pleated with the da) 'a retulbt. There wat
great dltaatltfaetloD with the Uecltloo of theju.ljei
who gave the third heat of the poationed 3-14 pace to
Bllitard when It apparently was Hohert O.'a. and de
elded the rare. Clarke, who druee llelle Vreeinaii In
thax:17 troi. pulleil (he mare on" her feet In the llilnl
heat alter aha bad won tu tiralght heals and kept
her from wlnnln. Hummarlet
Hr.trare; kilt pace: iun 1 1 .000.
Billiard, b. .. by aamly Khiwt, dam
Utile JlcUrtfor by Kobert Jletiregur .....
(Hinarl).... . 0 110 0 1
Robert C., b. g., by Thorndale-Idol .....
(Humaey)., . ...... 4 ft a 1 1 3
IJI!lel,ltt.b.g..byUilJua(Uatliurm.t 3 .1 3 3
Amoreia. b. in. (Eiantl -J S 3 .Iro
Major Wolfe, U a. (Morton) z 4 4 7 4ro
Teniiiett.bllcg. (Urlsbami 8 0 3 4 ilru
Ueed Wllkea. UK IUeee.1. ..7 7 7 3 dlt
Time, 3iiaU,3:iaH.3:13)(. 3:13,3.1 ).
Second Rare-8:37. trot! purw fl.noo.
Kellla D..b.m..by Toodlet,Jr., daiuby."
Romney (Htaton) 2 . ! I !
Captain Sacy,b.e. (Ollertt) a 3 4 3 4
Pablo, UnufBarneti. . B a H 6 3
Donna inel. n. m. (McLean), 4 4 H 8 6
H.L.C.. Ug. (C ayton) . 7 H 7 (l II
ta?i brTin. (Ura'dy and vfcCarthyi.'.. . 0 4 7
IIuo7b.a(Me(ireeTl , ........ .1 I S"a
lielIFreman,b.in.(ClarkaudlledniOQd). I 1 3 Uills
Bradtlreal. b.. (Redmond) 8 7 8 7dr
Cecil, ell. in. (Ke)tl 'i.V.l1.r
Dol,b.7.(Branileiri ..V?1,''.1'
Jowub l, b. f. IFeeleeyer) fo 13 dr
V Tlnie-SllMM.3iM.3 W(. 3:31, 3:30.
Third llace 3:30 clatt trot (unttnlthed), purw
6iiy.eb.a byRobertltyikjklOarvey)... .... a I I
Bravado. br,..byKentiKky Wllket(Crookee). 13 3
J.a&,b.g. (tuott) ala 7
Aleiander U, br. a. (Buruetcr) 18 3 3
l'aiiitone.b. a. (fbelM) 4 14 it
Hilly C..Ug.(Qulntm tH
Kotllne.br. iu.(Cltrke) '"'..
VerUodu. b-g. ((Jreenway) S.u'
Itoniola, b. iu. (Tyaoui., 7 10 b
llumbuir, S.S. (Beater) to 8 M
Albert T..ih.l.(Hlcel '4.?H
Commercial Ulrl. Um. i Dralty) H 1 1
lkaWl4ket.b.g.(Kruett) IUiai'1
Krunliim.b.in. (Mitribal II 7 14
Catherine Leyburu. vh. m, (bettle). i ilr
tkuny c, b. g. iF.'autl Ullilr
hurrltK., br.g, iTuruer) . '"!2'!'
Urecu U., U g 01buy) lUITdr
rime-3il8SL8 b,3:iai.
sort's or mvsiv Jtrjsxrs.
The Melba Concert Company will appear flrat ou
neit We,lnetlay tvenlbg at the Metropolitan Lpra
Home, anion SllurJty tltctuiou4lirro i. Ill be a
matinee perfiir.uant-e. The Bungay tveulng t'omertt
wlllbeilvvuhiierlii the taatoii, the ilatrt of MbUb
Mere announced In Ths Bcs Utt week. An arrauge
meutofthatblrdaet of -Fsutt' will bo (he feature
of tha Wedoetday concert, and Metdamet Melba and
8t'alcbl with MU. VUncoa and MtujUro will tliiK,
wttbwhateierstilttaucc cutluoiea and aeenery can
lend to thlt excerpted portion of the opera. Ou tutor,
day lime. Melba 111 ting the mad scene from - Lucia."
Slraor PcTlgnanl will conduct. Muie, Lillian NorJlia
hat been cnaaged at Ihi aololtt for the public re
heartalandcoucertot the 1'hllhanuonle society ou
! Aprils aud U.
A popular cone-rt will b given by oilonre't old
band at the Ara4-uiy of Mutle tu'-;Ui. Vlrt-r IT -r
bert will lead aud tbe toWuu Mill bi MIm lisrtcila
LladbaudW V 'ioiwe. Thlt It ttM wimil of tho
tenet which was sucvtwfuUy beguu but BauUty
A "VT.Ua UAT I'Attt.On.i'
Oae Caa Rtaaa Almost Any Other Ktad of
Brls. baa Mlasd Ale ta Always Oeaaly
-What tha Oeautae Arttels Is. a4 Haw
It UIBVrs from that lVhleh la Sold Com.
Binnly Testlmoav as to lis EATtets
Ulvea Ilefbre the l.tmir Committee,
No drink ever Invented by man for the de
light or destruction of his fellow man so charac
terizes Its Imbiber as mixed alo, A man may
drink whiskey sours and be either a Southern
Colonel or a backwoods sport! he may drink
gin flares nnd 1m a gay and giddy oltibinan or
simply n sufferer from weak kidneys! lie may
stick (o plain settter aud not be a temperance
ndvocate necessarily, but perhaps a penitent of
last night's revels; and simply because a man
opens champagne, that does not stamp him as a
millionaire; ho may bo n nine agent. As for
beer, cerUody drinks beer who drinks any
thing at all; but when you see an Individual
swuggcr up to the bar, llx the barkeeptr with a
menacing cjeand growl, "Olmuie a rooter o'
mixed ulc," you can set him donn as a good
persou to keep away from.
Into such bad rrputo 1ms this beverage fallen
that It Is used as an adjective of evil omen.
"Mixed ale Jag," "mixed ale bum," "mixed ale
party," "mixed ale gang," ore terms well known
to every police court In tho city. Mixed ale Is,
In fait, held by the police of the west side pre
cincts to be responsible for a largo percentage of
the urrrsts initde. A imltceniHii of the West
Thlrty-soventh street elation being asked once
for a definition of a riot replied !
"Aroclnl party of a Saturday night In Hell's
Kltcheu and enough mixed tile tu gu nruuud."
yltico tho Lexiiw Committee began looking
deep Into city uirulrs mixed ale has taken almost
n legal status with them, so much have thev
lieanl iiIhiuI It. Only it few dnys ngu when n
certain pnllcemnti was on the stnud undergoing
ii painful examination its to his record tliciuen
tlonuf his assaulting a woman with a pitcher
wns brought up.
"WIiii I wcru you doing with the pitcher?"
asked Mr. (loir.
"It was srgrowlcr," replied Policeman Cole
man, tho lines.
"A mixed-nit) growler?" tiiMUlrixl two of the
committee Rlmultnneouty.
"No, sir," replied tho witness Indignantly.
"It was beer."
Then n few minutes later another wltiu-s told
how lie had been Inmillul nt the Church street
stutloti by a Sergeant, who inked hliu iuii
templuously If ho hnd ticcu drinking mixed ale.
Several tlinus bvforo Hint tho drink liad been
mentioned by witnesses, mainly policemen.
The facts about mixed ale, briefly told, are
these: Mixed nle ts wlint ita namo signi
fies, a mixture of old und new ale; that
Is. the real article is. But tho mixed
ale that Lt mid in mixed alo Joints
and carried In capacious growlers to
mixed. alo parties to act as material fur nilxed
alo ganga to raise mlxed-nle riots on Is quite an
other thing. The basis of it is ale. the dregs and
draining of all the cheapest ale that cau be
bought. Into this Is poured any stale beer that
may bo lying around w lthout other use, and oc
culonnlly n das of alcohol Is added Just to give
a littlo extra piquancy. Tills la the precious
liquid which would bear oil tho palm for popu
larity In many of the city's most thickly settled
di'trlcts. ., , ,
Oiiod mixed alo is served in an ordinary sired
beer glssa, aud its taste Is rather soft aud pleas
nnt. There Is very littlo demand for It. Mixed
ale of the popular kind is eet forth in enormous
schooners, some of them holding a pint, which
is sold for tlvo cents, lt is also dispensed in
growlers nt seven rents ner growler. To appre
ciate its taste ono must try It. At the nrsl a.
low one detects an indescribable stnlenesssug
gestlte of dish water strongly flavored. Then
the throat contrnrts tinder the tialntul sen
sation uf n burning undertsstc, and a
violent fit of roughing follows. It the
drinker bo utiUbrd to the tipple. The
second swallow If the experimenter Micks to
his tnk -brings out all sorts of horrible and
hitherto unknown rlavors that vlo with each
other In wrenching the Inmost soul of the suf
ferer. Prenohtly the sense of tnsta ts somewhat
deadened by tho fcArful ordeal and the re
mainder of tho drink Is less painful. Effects
differ In different subjects. A beginner usually
attains complete Imbecility with tbe second
eohooner and a third brings on a profound coma.
An old hand who takes In schooner after
schooner will touch ou all the conditions from
prolonged slumlier. through various phases uf
idiocy, delirium, and mania up to Indiscrimi
nately murderous fury.
Tide lust phuse characterized a mixed-ale
tiarty held one Saturday night about n year ago
In Uunaevoort place. When Hie festivities ero
over one man luy dead at the foot of the stairs
with Ids neck broken, two others were terribly
cut and sloshed, one woman was taken tu tho
hopital with concussion uf tho brain, a second
had a broken arm, and the seven other merry
makers were variously Injured, while the two
rooms In which the party was held looked
us lt a cyclone hod struck them. Who
was reaoonslblo for tho death of the guest was
never found out. "Another mixed-ale victim,"
enld the police. In that vicinity mixed alo ts
tho popular leverage. So It is nil about the
markets and 'lung ithore on the west elde. In
deed It Is pretty well confined to the west side.
Districts in other parts of town have their own
peculiar tipples. Cherry Hill drinks cheap
whiskey. The far east sldo takes lager, and gets
along pretty quietly on It. Mulberry Bend nuds
stain beer ndeqtintn tn its thirst, nnd Doyers
street and th vicinity, while it drinks mixed
ale. prefers other forms of refreshment. But
iilrnmt anywhere about and west of Ninth ave
line inuy bo fuuud the real mixed-ale Joints.
Hell's Kitchen is tho real home of mixed ale.
There nourishes the Institution known as the
Plug Hat Parlor. A HUN reporter. In ids re-fi-urche
Into mixed ale. wandered Into a plug
lint parlor and called fur the beverage mostly
in vogue there. ....
" m limner 'r pluggat 7" demanded the barten
der, a yoiilli whose laco lucked only one eye nnd
a small chunk of cur to make It quite lomplete.
"I want mixed ale." repented the reporter.
"Schooner 'r pluggut;" This with tremen
dous emphnMs.
"Plngcat," responded the reporter meekly,
wondering what he was going tn gel.
After going through a in)tlc and awful
process under the bar, tho barkeeper set forth
u glass ultiiit one foot high, and of a circumfer
ence, to compare favorably with a quart pall.
While tho reporter was contemplating this
n-i'rvolr two tough-looking cU'tnuu-r entered,
one of whom growled out an order fur mixed
nle. A receptacle similar the one, sirvcd In
tho reKirtur w as et forth. Oneuf the men took
a dteii draught, and the other was Just aUmt to
take his turn ut the Milne glass, when the bar
Veeimr Interfered, pointing with a huslncM-like
looking rluhuhlfh he ruddenly produced at a
LirgusUu. This sign rends
uuv torn ow.n ihii.nks. two or.NTs .ot
" Business Is bulne-," said tliu lmrkccper.
"'K' ln' wimler djiup, y' kin but' put up, 'r
one ye 'II go dry."
Wlillu the rvuurtrr wits attempting to swallow
hi" dti'-OKUM-riil ol hero ustomers came In, one of
them a nmiiaii.ct ideullyu "regular." Shu waa
it tpk'itl "mixed. ale Miak." She Has fat and
rlnblij looking. Her eyes were hvavy and blood.
shot, und her tuco stupid tu tho erge
of brutlshness. As she called for a plug
lint her tolio wus tltnd and dull. One
prolnngrd gulp auRlrisl fur thai amaz
ing drink, after wlilili alio staggered Into
a comer and fell asleep. The bartender elled
ut tier, and llnnlly threw a Isittlo that struck
her on the ahouldrr. but sho did not move. K.
nnlly, with Hie aid of a man, he put her nut on the
sldenalk, wheru she was arretted later ou fur
betug unable to take rare of herself, till Iratlug
the placo tho reporter saw outside whut he hail
nut at first noticed, a slcu with a picture uf a
plug hut un It, and bearing tho simple Inn'rlp
Hull " Mixed nle." On Hint uuui block there are
fit e otlier " plug hat " lutrlors.
Tbe HaullaK Htmoa Will UtKla To.atur
ruw Nlicht.
The bottling season Iu this illy will begin
to-innrrnw night with thu opening games In
the American National Bottling Tournament at
the (lermaui.t A-sembly Hooius' alle). The
runtesting teams will bo the Arlington!, Kl-dt-li4v.itiul
Coluiublut. Tho following bowlers
hat uhcvii selected b llio furious clubs to rep
rise nt them in tho tournament:
Mmiareh Itoollug C'lun of liruikln-llaeniihl,
Citleii, M.is. Ij-lirbaeli, and Tli) ne.
urli'iiul H-mllujl'lwU"! New Vork-Sleln, Muiup
frl.Clluib, HUriuauu. and (unlet.
or, I. anl lion lint: Club of New ork-Hewacke,
Wllkell.t'lie. Iluenl.oll. and llull lllkrl.
Alblou IVittlllLi t lub of l'aUrat'uualb, H. Ii.
b.,.it. lliiu:,i Meat, a-.il W. jioii.
lld"Ua Bovfllng l Iiiii of cw Vuik iioldau. Paul
su. Aliiaiiu. Jlnilii aud u'ei-dm
Hull Hard lumllnr Hub uf New ork-labreu-'
kalil.,. llilert. Mllliinel, Mai Kl and Wulfert.
I Cl imbu li.iMliii.tt lubof I'aUrMjuDrew.blmptua,
lutvull eiiib uiwl I'ai ker.
idemlaleiwullugllub of No' ork A. lueht, K.
I Kit. lis. Milllell.elui h t and kun-lllluic
re loralm Hug I lulm. .Sen lont-P Meliuutls, L.
btelituii u. i.a miller lb line, uiidiloriuaa.
I I'lWM't, IMwllii." Ciuli or KriKikljii-Uaiidult,
S.hue.te. 5l l. Ii Ujiiiiiuerer. und liiu.1.
aiuirlaa lUivtllba1 lull of New uik Ihuiti, Uotd.
Malta muilert. Vonuib.aud l:x.Lir
uul Umliug tlubor ,- uik-luirklage. Veuluo,
Deakeii, tiruulugtr und ktluki-r.
Apollo Uullu.' Hub of Iirookl)u-KeppU-r,Oaku,
Bnliiauer. Uenuuiger. mil Tbyue.
UoUl.-u Kml UonllucluborrwYork-Schrudr,
Starr. Dorinacen. K lila. ft r, and l ktielu.
Ibedale Uw Hug Club uf 2t-w Vilk-A. bltttrt. C.
Sletert. I'rvrtkt, Iklliurr, sad Kroeger,
uoiLani bowllug t.luli of .New ork Schllchtc, 8e.
u r, DaiineufeU r. iu ma, aud S. hnl.
Knu.lu- fiouliuKLtubiX SeA York-La Due, Wllllaui
aou svbuilit.Kui'p aud;e)tr
bp.uioltl llontiug Hub oi lluhokcn Uauetinana,
U-''r M er LiKn. uau. aulJaeer
Cli-pnieiMwliui tluo of .Sen lurk Johtaimrver
C, Coritjer, II Uoeiijer.A ikxujer, and Prior
Ailln.tuu Biwilux Club uf Hruokiyu -turenun,
INaaman. Bue mueriuan. rpaLu. andt.unlou.
II til HrrK Bom uug club of ktw I urk -W.Oerdea.
TriUch, Uuiiai, taakuup, aud f. btrdta. h
-misTiSSfyiy iaaiW
aooD ron incobhiojblks o.v,.
Ja4ga Ragaptth's Oatatoa ofJSaw Jersey's
Rtrorm Heheol,
Jndga llndspeth, who presides In Ilia Oenera
Sessions Court In Jersey City, objects to send
ing boys to the State Ileform School at James,
burg, Monmouth county, unless I bey ara
incorrigible. He iiaa a high regard for
the school and for the manner la which
It la managed by Bnptrlntendent Ira Otlerson
but he bellevea tliat boys who are not hardened,
criminals become more versed In crime through
their association with bus who ara hardened,
and that when they leave tha Institution they
are worse In many cases than when they en
ter II.
In den tng the application of a father in have
his son sent to the reform school the Judge suld
It would be a pity tn expose the boy toiorrupt
lug Influences. The hoy had not cositnltted any
crime, nnd his father wanted htm sent away he.
rnue he waa unable to control him, and could
not keep him at hume. "I dislike," the
Jndge said, "to send tin h a boy among bu a
who are bad at heart, and who do all they (an
to corrupt other boya. I am very sorry at times
for some of tbe boya 1 eend tu Jaraesburg. They
are usually homeless and must be sent some
where. There Is mi other Institution to which
they can bo committed for safekeeping. . .
"I thluk it It a rare thing furabad bur to
come out of the reform school better than when
he went In, Some bora are benefited In the
school, but the boys who do really become re
formed, are those who are indentured to farmers
or tradesmen. Tiny get attayfrom their evil
associations, and. In nearly every Instable,
grow tin to be resectable liirmbera of society,
" We have gangs uf yonng criminals In Jersey
City who give tho police a great deal of trouble.
When the police raid any of Hies gangs we nnd
that the leaders are generally graduates of the
reform school, and are rlever enough tn keep
themselrea Just beyond the point where the law
can't touch tlieru. They have learned In the
reform school to ativsr up their tracks.
" I hare found many times that parents want
their children sent tu the school to gat rid of
them. This Is frequently the case where a
Hitman has married a second Ume aud has had
children by her first husband. The stepfather
don't ttnnt the children, and persuades the
mother to try and havu them sent awuy,"
DISIXUKIUTKlt 111 n.naiiTKit.
A. Wealthy Frenchman Ubjerted lo Her
Man-) Ins: ths llai She I.eved,
Many tears ago Jean Coinby came from Ly
ons, France, with his wlfo nnd Infant daughter
and settled in this city. He acquired a email
fortune and removed to West Hobokeii.
llie daughter, Ilosalle, when she became a
liaiid'omo girl of 10, fell in love with a young
man to whom her father objected. Tim pair
were secreUy vngagnd. The fattier heard of the
engagement and topi Ilosalle that she should
not marry. ...
Then she gave her lover good. by for a time,
hoping Hint her father would in time relent.
Mr. Comby, however, remained obdurate, and
ltosalle's homo life became unendurable. Her
mother died, and, feeling that she had lost the
last friend under the roof that bad sheltered her
from childhood, she left her home and cams to
stay with friends tn this city.
When Kosalle's father died, and aha learned
that she had been disinherited her grief turned
to Indignation. He had left his fortune to his
sisters and their children. It Is Intimated
that Kosalle's relatives had a hand in
widening the breach between fattier and
daughter, for selfish ends, and ltosaere, recall
ing the unfriendly Interferences, which helped
to increase her father's antagonism, began nn
inquiry, which resulted In facts being advanced
sunlclent to warrant the claim uf .undue in
fluence. ltoealle has engaged City Attorney Mlntnrn nf
Hoboken tu contest the will, and the girl's
friends believe that sho has a very strong case.
An appeal hits been filed Iu the Hudson County,
N. J., I'ourt for setting aside tha will.
The girl's relatives, who are the beneficiaries
under the will, declare that she is not Comb) 's
daughter, but an adopted child. This Is denied
by the contestant, who avers that she waa born
iu Lyons, and will secure thr record of her birth
from Hie authorities of thatrity.
Tliecoutestof the will will binge nntheques.
Hon of Hie proof of parentage, and the evidence
will be heard by Judge Hudspeth In the Or
phans' Court un Nov, 'J. The estate is valued at
sot i. r.iron or stiitkzso.
Cloahmaker Disposed lo B t'antloas
About Ordering Oat the Valos.
A mass-meeting of the Cloakmakers' Union
was held last night at Cooper Union to listen to
speeches on the subject of ordering a general
strike of the union In sympathy with those who
nre on strike In the shops of four manufactur
ers. The hall and platform were filled almost to
suffocation with men. women and girls.
Charles II, lteichers. Secretary of the United
Garment Workers', advised tha people to gu
slow on the subject of ordcolng it general strike.
Samuel Oatuiiers. Joseph Burondess. Meyer
Schoenfeld, aud others counselled an assess
ment of those In work In preference to a general
strike. The meeting seemed to agree with the
speakers, so no one clamored for a strike. The
vuestlou was not put to a vote, but resolutions
were passed tn support those on strike now.
The Executive Board of the union will meet
to-day und decide whether or not a general
strike shall be ordered. If they decide In Its
favor their decision will be referred to the eight
branches of the union.
jAVKTZ.naa ir.vs nr a cAsxitn.
Mhe Heats Leu Hhett aad Siberia, the Oaly
Htartera la the Newtotru llaadleap.
There were only threa ttartert In the Kswtown
Handicap at Hasptth yesterday. Dauntteea waa a hot
f arorlts and the won la a canter. Bhs tood the lead
from Siberia at tha end of half a mile, and won by
three lenttht. Lou Ilbttt. the winner of latt Satnrday'a
Mlnden nouie Handicap, waa teebnd, six lengtha In
front of Siberia. Bummarleai
Arrixxoos aicxs.
Flrtt Bare Sellings Ave furlongs. Frank R. Ilarf,
luUiMcHermom, even, won: Wang, too OleKnUhti,
4lul,iecond: Krollctonm Latt. 104 (Kouradl, n in I,
third. Time, 1:U3H- Kentucky Lady and Blackburn
Second Pare- telling; four f arlonga and ttventy
yard. louia Ouatorte. 103 (Conkllmt), 4 to 8. worn
S'orwty los u'llrlenl.O to 3, ireoad: lioonton, V.1
(W. Barrett), in to 1. third. Time. OMK. Tommy
I -illy. I jdv Danhy. Minnehaha Belle gelding, and blue
llondgi-lajngaUorau. ......
Third Uariv-.six aud a half furlonct. Mirage,
lluiMcKniKliO.yton. won: llulyport, low (Deleban
iri. 4 to 1. iieeoud, I.IhIh llravo, tlaw (Corbley). tt tu 1,
third Time. I VflW. Iilacklurk and F.xrrUlor alto ran.
r'uurltl llace- SeM Ion n Handicap: one mile and
tetentv yanlt. liaunllett. loti (Kouradl. u to iu,
wont fKi niieir, mi lu'llrleiii. 6 to 1, second: Mberla,
i ulil'orlileM, lo I. third. Tlnu, l:0t,.
rltlti Ha a Selling, one mile aud a quarter. Arch
la. hop. lot iCorble)), ', n u un: Kauianlaii, 10(1
(Kuurad,. H to fl, tevond: Custrallo colt, 104 (Iiele
hantj 1. 15 tol, third. Time. 3:ii'. Bob butherlaiid
and Jack llati helor altn ran. ....
suih llaie Jtelllug: nveand ahair furlnnra. Areea
filly. Inn (KmiMdl. 5 lo I, won; Jack Wynne. 1 00
(Corbleyi. eveu, aecond: Frank McCool, lua iC.
tilnaiie),Blol,tlilrd. Time, ItiaX. Tytma aud Aut
Irlaus grldlug alto ran.
xioht a ten.
Seventh ftaeeSIx furlougt. klatk. Ilia (Metier.
lniitl).3tnl won; HlMblug. V3 (McKuUhll, 4 lo I,
Ms-oud. Blue lilnl. 104 (Kcanlonhihlril. Time, I IV'(,
TUer, l.uneld, and VagalMiud atto ran.
Khthtli Hace-Flve furlongs. Mratburg, inn illc
Heriniittl. miiiB. won: Adjii-I, tl llJleaaoiil, u lo 3,
MS-oud, t hllettime. 100 Ut. Andreutl, It lit I. Ihlnl.
Il'ue. I US. Uleu Angle, Oporto, aud lieu Uarvhalio
Ninth Bare-live furlonii. Witt, I no (Corbley), a
tnS. wou, Uneu llflldeli II., VI (MfKlihllil), H lo 3,
evoud; Arnjlt III., UT (W. Audrewti. Htu I, IUIr.1
'lline, i ollj. Jwk Batchelor, Vera, and liealuuey
Teuth Hare Four furlongs and seventy yardt.
Faglu. !47ICurbltyi, I to . ou:Uaber, 160 il'llt.
ttmmonti, Ulu l.teouudl Itoiella II. eolt. H5(J. llml
ml, vii lo L, third. Time. U.U. AraU 1'aiha and
Mat . abhirait.
Judiie Whveler'a ileltlon In favor of Tagln Wat a
Iwd one. Hasher led alt Ibu way aud won by a goo,
ue,k. To Hie surprise of all 1 at hit uuiuber
hultied us the winner, iniiuedtaiely thecroMd ralte,!
, u howl and (here waterletof rot'berv.M due umu
who had liet on Mather, aud who waa yelling tor lilt
rlKUtft, was ilubbeil on the head by a policeman;
Juilgu Wheeler ttat nrm and would nolttiauif. bit
Lletenlb ltaca-Helllngt Ave furlongt. Mtailt U. II
Si (J. Poiinelly). 4 to l.wuui iirrile. Sill i o. !i !-aii,h-llnl,
il to l.usoud; Brlleof tenuoy. 101 (Corbleyi
106. itilrd. Time. 1.09. Klmitono. Van King, Mamie
K., PltlulKT, and Jet k Wlliuu alto ran.
Cash Day Wins tba Tkreerforat red Kaet ut
Cnutuo. (V( 6. Cadi Day, an ouWJtr labelling,
beat Ulgst ami beualor Irby Iu Ibatprtlal three eur
uerr.1 race at lltHlliorna today. Dliat and the Sen
ator la) together to tha head of the tlrrtib, wliera
Caili Pay. well rated, came awsy and tt ou In a sharp
urlte b three parlt of a length. Flying bun buiau
wouluw hliibslttt tprlul. and til hludlgiame hoote
with Hi fulls-ourte tleeplechtte. HI wat a hardy
telling philer ou lbs nal. but thlt waa hit Ural lima
uv,r lliu tluiUr. Tbe altandauc u fully 7.000.
buuiuutry. . .
lrl itoce belllugi teveu furlosxt. Wuudtteld.
Hit ilelbl.Otoo. wou. ht-anip, WJ U. Cixbraul. '.'0
tu l,t.oiidi lulor McLaubliu, 103 ttaomi, IU iu I.
thlr I. Time. I .fuit ., ,
M.i. ..id Itsisi Flivfurlnnt. XrlngDiitihnian, U3
(U-ll,ul,.-ilu l.uou; lo-u iJike V IU WrLeri.71.il.
toiid; PcdettrUu, llu tCuvlugiuu), so lo I. third.
Time, 1:01.
Third Kkis Special purta II.8OO1 one lull.
la.liDa). 114 lla-Ubl. :tul,ou, Wge,u.1 ,Mack
llui, t J Iu IU. tccoud: beualor Irby, IUJ iC. W.Ut), 7
too, tbltvl. flme. 1.44. ,
ymirlh IUu-e-SIx rurlougt: telling. Col. 8.. 114
(C. ilvlionald), Hutol.ttua: Lyudhurti, lUiKuniel,
4 to I, Ms-oud) UluuiU, 113 (Cratt), 1 lo 1, third,
ituia. l:lf.
Fifth l(ae-telllng: als furlongs. Barrel's Billet.
lUlMdJontlli. J to I. tton.Pets.lt. IUJ (P. (trr . a
lul.aecoud.Uuard. IU3 ICoilugtoa), 13 lo I, third.
hS'xtliltaec Sleeplachaw. full conrte. Ell Klndlz.
134 T Uurphyl.Jlu I. tton, Japoulra. km (Hamll
loui. 7 to-t. teeoud. Cspialu epeucer, UdtCateyi ft to
X, third. Time, 4 IT,
tottest Marias latclllgtsee.
1 Arrived- Be KhaUa.froio Hamburg. Per utUa, from
Olaaaoa'i Miunwlt.frvuiHrUtut,
ioVJ,aMSiia,iki -a - t ii ' '"gaas assn . tat
A t.nKnr n. Kisa hvkh ron xnr xx.
vvttaKa or a rntr to evhovr.
Bays Negtejr tJot the SIMIOO from lllas by
false rraUaees-rroreaslag ts Have Ne.
Rotlattoas Pradlag Abroad lor at Loan
lor the Ktsg l.oeoranllve Works.
den, James H. Negliy, a promoter, who resides
at l'lalnOeld, waa arrested ytstertlsy on an or
der of Justice Ijtwrence of the Hupieme Court
In an action brought against him by Albert 11.
King of Brooklyn, Iresldent of the Klni; loco
motive Works, tn recover S.1,000 alleged to have
been obtained by (Jen. Neglcy for a Kurupean
trip on fatso representations. Mr. Nrgley, who
waa made a Major-General of Volunteers by
1'rrsldrtit t.lucoln on Nov. '-'P. lHll'.'. and eened
at Sione litter, thaltnnooga, aud Murfrecsborn,
Is n t.tll, brimd-shottlili red man of military
bearing. He gave the Sl.uoO ball required by
the order ut the Hherllfa ufllre, aud was re
leased, Mr. King saysthat he had conferences wllh
Hen. Xegley tu the fall of lyO, wllh a view of
floating a loan of half n million dollars for the
King I.ocoinollte Works by the sate of Its
bunds, tt htcli ttere to be secured by a mortgage
on the piuperty nf Iherompali). Klngssysho
was luduietl tu negotiate with (Jen Nrgley be
cause Negle) represrhtid that he was President
uf the Mexican Trust and Investment Company
which he lepresenled ttas In a position to ne
gotiate the sale of the bunds, and If neces
sary to Hike the bunds Itself, N'egley ex
amlned the locomotive works then In course of
construction, su tho allegations of Mr. Kluggo,
and reported to King that lie approved the loan
mid t until advise his company to negotiate the
sale. Aftcrttard Nrgley told Mug that tils
company would tako the matter In hand and ef
fect the sale of Hie. bonds In the hTarketsof Lou
dun and l'arls.
Mr. King says that Hen. N'egley Info-incd htm
on Jan. IB, lHlil, that he had reiclvt-d arable
gram from l'arls thutnti nrraugement had been
made and Hint the bonds wero to be sent lo
l'.trls. (leu. N'egley Informed htm two days
latcrtli.it he had received another cablegram
from l'arls slating that $30,000 would bo paid
on the srrltal of the bonds. N'egley said about
a week subscutiently Hint the agreement had
been conllrmed on this lmsl: S'lO.IKlO was to be
jmlilmi thu arrival of the lionds. which would
bo taken at hO per cent, uf their lwr value, and
the remaining f:l.V),uoii would be ndinnceil at
tin-completion uf the King Locomotive Works.
Hen, Negley said sunn nrterwartl that It would
lie necessary for him to go to l'arls tu complete
the final arrangements, and he aked Mr. King
for a loan of g.'MKJO for his expenses abroad.
King says he had Implicit faith In Hen. Negley
and let htm have the money un Jan. KU. 1 Hill, for
the trip to Europe. Oen. Negley went to Kurnpe,
where he remained about two months. After
his return ho Inform! Mr. King nn May 110.
1H01, that the bonds hnd nut been sold and that
thearrangement had fallen through. He said that
the Mexican Trust and investment Company had
finally determined that It could not assume
the responsibility for thr salo of the bonds or
tske them Itself and that he was unable to act
further In the negotiation. King declared that
Hen. N'egley's statements nlwut the curly steps
In the matter were untrue, and that the Mexl
can Trust nnd Investment Company existed
chiefly on paper and had no financial standing.
King says that tho greater part of the capital
stock of the Mexican Trust and Investment
Company had not been paid in. It is declared
that (Jen. N'egley reprtseiited untruly Hist
many prominent men stern Interested In this
Un April 10 last a family living In Madison
avenue, whose name was not given by the police,
reported at the Thirtieth street station that
their butler. Michael Coleman, had disappeared
about the time that awoman'a gold watch waa
missing from their homo, and that he had loft
In his room a bag full of bonds and other docu
ments. At the intelligence office on Blxthave
nue where lie had been engaged It was found
that he had given a bond of the New Castto
Nurthern Hallway Company of Pennsylvania,
of which Oen. N'egley waa President, to secure
the payment of the S3 fee of the office, as he had
no mouer. The tug contained nfty-four more
of these bonds, which purported to have been
Issued tn 1883. maturing In 1113.1. and bearing
Interest at six per rent. They had no market
value. The bag also bad tho commission of
N'egley as Major-Hrneral, an Insurances policy
for $1,000 on the life of hla von. James S. Neg
ley. Jr.. and a bundle of railroad pa-sen for 1N04.
It appeared that Coleman had previously been
honse servant In the family of Uen. Negley at
Plalnfleld, whence the bag and Its contents were
taken. But when Hen. Negley went to get his
property, in the hands of the police, he was met
by a Hherlff's execution on a Judgment of IL'.OMS
which the Fifth National Hank obtained ngalnst
him on March -8, lBHo, und which could not be
Uen. N'egley halls from East Liberty. Po, He
waa educated at the Wesleyan University. He
became active In politics after the war, and from
lHUM to 1RTS represented the Pittsburgh district
In Congress.
James Crowley, ex-Superintendent of tbe
Police Telegraph, died last night at his home,
31(1 Knst Seventy-ninth atrcet. He retired from
his ofQoe in November. 180?, when he waa In
point of service tbe aenlor member of the force.
Mr. Crowley waa appointed to the old Municipal
Police some time pret lous lo 185:1. The records
of the department do do not give tho exact date,
but the appointment was by Alderman Hat
field and Assistant Alderman Jededlah
Miller, For four years from 18SH Mr.
Crowley was Assistant Superintendent of
Telegraph and was made Superintendent
ou Kept. 12, 1800. Ho distinguished himself
during the draft riots, and when, on July 111,
1HU.1. it mob at Third avenue and Forty-sixth
street tore down tho telegraph wires. Superin
tendent Crowley, unrecognized, seized the
bundle of wires on the down-tuwn side of the
cut nnd colled them around a lamp post,
grounding them, and establishing communica
tion between the Central office and tbe more
Important stations up town. When small-pox
raged here some years ago Superintendent
Crowley personally strung the wires connecting
the Islands In the Kast lllt-rr and Bellevue Hos
pital with the oltlops of the Commissioners of
Charities. Mr. Crowley was the Inventor of the
police patrol Indicator.
Murtha Fleming died nn Friday at his resi
dence. 4111 West Thlrty.thlrd street, after a
lingering Illness. Mr. Firming came from Ire
land about thirty-three years ago and embarked
in thu produce, business, afterward establishing
the tlnu of M. Fleming b Son", from which he
retired about ten years ago. He lenses it wife,
three sons and a daughter, and a great iiumtier
of grandchildren. The funeral will be at the
Church of M. Michael, Ninth avenue aud
Thirty-second street, on Monday morning at IU
o'clorx. The interment will be In Calvary
Mrs. Phcrbe Ballou, an aunt of President Oar
field, died at Zanetvllle, U yesterday, aged 711.
The lute President, when a young man. was vis
iting her In Hruh Creek tnvtnshlp. this county,
when he wus prevailed upon tn take ciiaiguuf
the district school. He. there taught his first
term, and boarded with hit nunt.
Charles It. Thompson, Brevet Brlgailler-Ocn-rrsl.
United States Volunteers, is dead In San
Frnnrlsio. He wna 54 yean old. At tho conclu
sion of the war Uen. Thompson engaged in the
luttiklng business in New York.
Two nets of Ht risers.
A peculiar state nf affairs now vxltta In lathe's
shoe factory. Fifth avenue and Sterling place,
Brooklyn, where a strike has been In progress
fur some time. F.Igluy non-union men, tthn
wero emploted to replace the strikers, hate
gone, on alrite because one uf their liumlsir ttua
Thr iion-uhluii strikers have appointed plrkets
In persuade other non-union men Iroiu taking
their places. The union strikers have hl-it
pickets out mi Hint there are tttu sets of atrlktr
and two sets of pickets.
The Weather.
An sresof hlKh pretture tpread yctterday overall
the t ountry aatt of I he Ultdttipid. and fn.ui Canada lo
the llulf vt Mexico, tarrying with It clear and under
wrather.exiept In Florida, wherolt ttaa ruining, In
tho Tennessee Vslley (ha temperature wat but to4
abotefreexlugpolut, and stClneluiiall, ludlaiiapuli.
and Chicago but 0 ubote freezing, tbe frot Hit, ex
lundlugfrom th lake icglous south uter Ihe Ohio
lu the Ftatea wetl of lbs llUtittippl an area of low
pressure was forming, aud abuarlug tome storm ,u
ergy uter Uoutaua, where lbs aludt ttere high and
snow was falling. In rhrada, lufta, Kuiitaa, aud
lllunetota It sat iiunh wuriuer. The ttariuttreak
prrceriea Ihe deprctilnu
II ttattlearand tlltl.lly cool, r lullilt illy, hhilietl
ofllclu temperature, uu . lottett. is: uteraga humid
Ity uu per eeul . ttlud ttetterly. ateniae teUslly
Iv, cite tulles. laroiue:tr. lorr.s-ted loreud to tea level,
at 8 A SI . ao un. Hl'3. ao.ia
Tbe Ihtrmo ueier ut 1'errj't pharmacy, his bu Id
lag, recorded the temperature yetterday at foltoHt
tit.. ei. tt . ii.
SA II . ... 77 OH a.'IOPM .. 7 in
8 A. ... 7.1' Bus dCU iir
uA.si to' iv, uf u :.v :.
It M 3 ei!i3iiduubi ;u' iv
Av.raxv . ... ytv
Average on Oil. u IstM . . ;?v
wasHisuros rouxcttr rou trxotv.
'or .Vrw au'uud u.,d rutfria Vrie lor-, fair
trmAcr; iretf uliult, tiU rAatuet iu Huitvtidir.
lor etitcru l'eaatylraula. New Jerwy, and Pels-
, ware. fair, ttludtthifllug to toulh, allgblly warmer
baikUy evening.
I For tka PUlrlet uf Columbia, Maryland, and Vlr.
UU, fair; tlbjsU warmer, east W south wUOa, ,
a Hi i . Jlia. ut saa
25 000 pairs ne 1'oreign Laco Curtains closod out from p
an importer who needed tho prompt, ready cash, and 25.000 -
pairs Domestic Laco Curtains, secured from tho manufacturer ; ' i
under procisoly the same conditions. Both lots to k offbred at , 1 1
retail, beginning on Monday, Oct. 8, at practically Half PfJCB. m
Lot 1 COO palra N'ottliiKhnm Iit 11 BOpalra Heal Irish Point j M
Ijico CurtnltiH, white or ecru, l.nceCnrUtluH, aKront burKttliii I QO WlQ
choice designs; Inibortor's 00 Importer's price tU.OO, nt Is 00 .j 1
prlco 76o sUJ 'rot m 1,17S lMtlrs real IrUh L A
'oltitLaccCurtntns,liercst(lc Q fTfl ' A'y
Lote-1,850 jialra Nottlnahniu Mgiiailmixirtcr'a price $4.00, at titJU .; ij:
I.nce Curtains, ery cholco tic- T , , , ,, . . , . . . ffiHI.'
signs, fi.ll width, white oreeru, 7Q Lot lll.aoo pal real Irish
fpor,er'apr.ce,l.S0.at .' ,73 0X7C7t Z98 M
Lot U 1,850 pairs Nottlnghatn Lob 141,676 palrn real Irish J3RS
Irfice Curtalua In llrussela and Point Lnce Curtains; Import- Q CO ' IstW
Irish Point effects, aplrmlM er'a prlco W.00, at - 0JU i, 'ShS
ilimllty, vrliito or ecru, full Lot 15-Importor'a price $7.fi0, nt 4.50 SjfFl
width, i)4 yards long; Import- QC Lot lOIuiiiortcr's price 88.G0,ut 5.H8 ,j HmJ
er'a price $1.80, at iUJ Lot K-Imiwrter'a price ?1),60, at O.70 ,. ;i
hot 4 1,000 palra Nottingham, Ixit lS-Impiirter'a price $10.00, R3
superior quality, 0 deslgux, nt 7.00 fi'S
Irish Point and Tambour ef- Lot ID-Importer's price ia.50, j
fecti, full width, UK yanlt I QC t 1.00 i tjjf.
long; lmporter'a price $..;.. fiZu Lot SO Importer' price 31G.00, 4!s-
nt 12 50 W vjr.
Lot G-8G0 palra Nottingham A fc";j"i;.i;"ic " r.8-
Itaee Curtains, Madras tack n C,rUn, , mid 4 ,r ,, Vi
4 choicest designa, apleruld to be closed out on thlabasU. l
quaUty, positively worth I AQ Tllllse 1Bt co,t B to Import, S.T
$""'5 ,,Ha at fl.50 ' fe'.j
LotO l.GOO palra Nottiiigham Tliotethatcixt ?18toimioft,at. 10.00 fy.h
Lnce Curtains, lit for any par- Thosethatcostiaotoluijiort,at. 1S.50 Vw
lor, rcry few Oner qunlltlea Those tlintcost$0 to Import, at. 10,50 y&X'
made choicest designs, whito I np Tliose that cost $,15 to import, nt. U1.50 "tM.
oreeru; I mporter'a price $!l.!io. fiOO Those thntcont $40 tolmiiort.at. S5.00 ' "
Hotel K6ep6rS, boarding-houso koepcrs, and pooplo about to m ,
refurnish -will find it an excellent opportunity to secure extra f W
gOOd ValUBS. 25 eXlra salespeople will be in attendance in this Mm
department. Wo recommend friends and patrons to select as '& $
early in the week as possible. jtli
Yet JToliann Presrh Died After CattsajHosae
lie Had l'leked Illmaclr.
Johann Presch. a cigar packer, SO years old,
who HreU at 040 East 103d street, died ouThuts
day of acute gastrltla after an Illness of twelve
daya. Twelve hours before he was taken sick
he ate a quantity of mushrooms that he had
picked that day.
Ills wife and four rhildreu, a Sir. and Mrs.
Anders, and a Mr. and Mrs, I'olster, who lire in
the same house, partook of the mushrooms also,
but felt no bad effects aftern ard. When Presch's
physician. Dr. Von IlffrlnRof fi.Vj Kast 153th
street, was raited, he also ate soma of the mush
rooms, lint they hail no bad effect on him.
81111 the Poctor thotiitlit the mushrooms might
hat e soim-tlilug ta ilu tt 1 1 tt I're-K'h'a illness, anil
ill the Utiith lerlitlittu he swilhed ilvuth tu
traatritla. vatitMl by ratlnic iiiiishruonis. The
lliultli Hoard Imiiit-ulutely uotlfletl thu Cor
uiur. lliputy Coroner Donlln made anaulopty ra.
tenia), Imt found no traieof nmilir"iii pol.
tuiilnw'. llrkitiit It wau plain Du'iil irntrlllt.
Killed a White Cbloiuuak,
N'iiiihkii, Dit, 0.-Junius t'obb nf (lallovts
Hill ttaa in the ttoudlunds iieitrhls hume before
the froit ttas off the mraduws the other mom,
Inicmidhi hail a Klluipse of something thlte
sklpplni; thmimh the follsge along ihe rrrt of
an old font Hull, lie is onl a lad. a not ha
wllh the bhoiKiin, Imt h luok a map shot ut
Hit' tii'iini; pheiioiiiHiiou tlmt woiipi hate btru
Tulllabtetua t v tiinn liilnlrr. Iliephrnuuieiion
krrlrdutvr liislnull), frll Into a rrevire of the
tin II. iinil u moment latrr Junius Klrelully
riiakttl bliu out, a lovrl) alUiui, a LIpiuuiiL
that Itnt ttliltoaiMiuiv. Idle bhtcLhlrdaaud
t'liitts, even BlUliu rnlwUirielt.haebrvntukril
from time to Hint-, but a white ihlpiuiuik ttas
lirtrr baggttl in hia laiui before, lis mate was
on it trrc uvar b) ut thu tlmr. and its rolur ttaa
brii k rvtl, di-t'iilvillv unlUo the Una of a i hip.
lUUIlk lOllllllultl).
1 Tlmt io tall fan nlivnyn bo tin-
))('1hIim1 upon. It is of the latent
style and tlin best workinauslnp.
' f can alVtird to sell no otlier kind.
' If yon are inteieatod call aud aou
i our Htyles and pet our priies bo
j fore pfucing any orders olaowliere.
Furniture Co.,
47 and 49 West 14th St.
na-Tliii n irriMiin-n -. ...
Ant rinbrrt'a Wiro Hajii lie Robbed Int. ' L'' 'S '
aalaraals and Heat Her. j t.
In the peraou of Oscar I.tubert, who yester- '-
day ttaa sent to tho Island for three months for "';
assault, It may be that the police have rnpliind . 't V
a user of "knocker-out drops." Latibert is ".I j'S
years old. His stated nrrupullon tsthst of ilrm: jil
ilerk, but, according to his wife's story, most nf ' , ''$'
Ida lline for two years lias been devoted to rol- 'fW,
blng immigrants and abusing her. Ha was ar- li'
ralgned in thu Harlem Tollce Court by Offlirr "l'jo
Trehuneof the Kaat Eighty clghtli street Hit- i
Hon, who had arrested him late on Friday nftiT- r-
noon at hit home, where he had been beating S;
hla vtlfe until the tirlghhors went for the polim. If,
On the way Ut limitation house Laubert tried , 'X
to empty Into his pocket the contents of a small -Ijlw
bottle which liad b en conrealcd there, but the ., , flsr
officer saved enough of the liquid foranalytls. !'iiifQ''i
and a nelghlioring druggist prououncrd it the V i ft!!
mixture of chloral ami morphine known as .- Jfi
"knock-out drops." Ijtubert'a wife told the 'i b, SB1
Police Justice that the man had made up this i !j iT
mixture habitually at hla home fur months past, Kf it 1$
nnd had gone at night to the llott-ery and the (; r ,
Hatter)-, and had ued It to overcome the uu- it' a ffl
wsry and mh them, Thrro were In Ids trunk at f IE
home, ahe said, more bottles of thelngrrdlents .f W
of which he iompnundrl the mixture, Mrs. L ' w-
I.aubert tolrt her story yesterday afternoon to a " 'j
reporter as fullott a: i mi,
"ThebeatliiRiuyliUtb.iiidcaveniethatlaiuldl I. i HI
lil in In Jail was intruded for hla parting, llehail 4 fjn'ifl-
packed his trunk with all Ids iii-longings -tho t TJ 'Mt
furniture iKlongN to 1110 aud salil he was golm; ' in
to have me. Then he turned around and cursed alS,
ne and bKAn to ikhhuI me and Iwnt uie over ii! Jl J.
tin-tubs, Willi hla hamlt cltltcliliu; my throat T 4tiixt
till I hud to acrrum. 'llie nelKhliors hranl mo :jt "I 4
anil wrut for the Jiollce. (Ill, tlm life I've ll I '
with thai man sIulu I luurrlid him ttvn ,
i-itrn imo the loili of latt June at l'attur ;n'l
Mililrr'a )ioile In srcoml mrliur. llohas uctlT ' ijln
niipiurtHl me or the rhllilri'ii, one of tt horn, thn Jtfjf
boy. Is his own; the ttvn glrlal hud U-fiuc tut . JpJJH,
ttere married, llu haa rt mu ilrprml upon $111 ' 'K
11 week I receltti from relallvt-s in keep thu f.1111. I KK ,
lly, and then he inuile iiiosh-iiiI all nf tlmt hit ii I'p.
could fnrll'iuur for him. llu ttoulil be.it me if I u i!1C -
did nut grt it and then tt hen hu got drunk hu T (l.'IJ:
ttolllll In at llie liuuill, j S''-
"1 tlilnk itileUttht III brululll) laa iMtrt of his !'. if '
nature. Thu other nlulit li took a muuo ami I" f-
inailit me wall ii I1I111 tthlle be look a neetllenud j t t m
plcktil out one of Its eyes 'I hen be stuck tlm J n-
iksmIIs thmugli lis laxly iiinl rt It run around i'&'llt '
that way. aftiirtvaril coutlnuiiig Ihe torture in I-1 'fa'
wu)s not tobetoUl of. I was hi nervous I it as (7 jfl,1
almost crary unit ilid not know whether 1 wnuM , -J
bu imH)llrtl tu jump troma Hlmliiivor what I 1$ ; 1,
thuulil do, when he Auitlly nated hla tmelly. '3 .'
Ullice I nurrletl him he has worked tery little, '
mid lliitt lltllu onl In ttorex tt here there ttuo n.i
cath regler. I would itilut to an adterltx-- ,
liient und uj, 'llu try to iret t urk there .n.d a
give us tomo ihithrt,' 'Oh. iheru's a n.'Uii'r I :
there,' be would suy, and vtould nut go there.
"Then lie would fix up some more uf his in i
tlireund k'udotvil luttu lllUlollt mi) liiuliey U',d ' Ji
return drunk, hut uiili uu iiime forme. l , Mmt
did hot laku luiirpluue hlin-ilf. but would j-i ' MmM
ami loiirotl vohiliu't to do green eopl ttitli aaaaal
Ilia puis III Maiituil utret t. The know liim tti II jr MjTm
dottuilieie lie t mid pi hiu! hanual'iut th WrW-m
rlargelinice ami Kt hold of iiuiuli:ruiita from 1 u.jfl
Ids nun I'uuulr) tlirrmaiiyi aud inlr.ip them ' 'i,'9
into git Ing 1 1 1 in tin Ir tutinttiht Iheirouiise f ' iaXf,'
riuploymenl. Iir kegit u rrrord of lil iliiu. JvTA"i'l
and oult i ttenluy. ttlu 11 he luuid Ihenlll t T7I 'AU
roudiig up stulrt, lie lore up hit uieimiiui).. 11 Wa . ' '
ttjok and threw u'tii) the pitic Ut 101 r jr 4 '
don't know tthoiiihr eiiioiiiilneil. Iir onl to .1 J
lueab-iut hUiloiEuc win u he wu-ilrutiW." ' 1 9
l.utt nUht 1 oil" uptalii I'u-krii ,i 1 nil . ' t " W
Trehune lote.in 11 ;.jiil'il' triiul. llu Iwi I ! m
a box oiit.tuiiiiH turlottt diuira in Itiiih-a i, 1 '
aimill ItiXia Ououg Iham t .1 Uillle lubelo-il , Sm
'('lilnr.il ' uml .tuoiher. from nl.iili the l. i ? I Uf
hud hern lori'full) wrupul, tthhli Mr 0 I Jti
Uiubert ideiH.lli-l as the tine i-iint.ili.l ,k. 't 7 ySjIi'.m
luurphiiie, unit Iroiu width her hutiiriiul in- k V Xilifl
the aubttaiiiu wl.ltli he lulled with tl. s ,
1 bloritl (or M- 110c111r11.il vn tirtioni. Tho ftrqsl
lalltl'-WUt allillJt lllolpllll.e i iituullt put alruH
In 'I hen wu .tl-ou Imix uiaikeil "-ulm." ii . Isffral
uuemsrkeil "Turturli 111 Id." with i.lhert. lulu It 1 .1 Filial
Slid lllll.lbeilt-1. ilu llldlima lOUIile of live, . f I iff' Ml
amull pilU. tumu of tthii'h linked like m-i-i In i'i''-
Ulili'U. 'ihert tttpilKvidetalol of mii."ul I'jUa
ttruuieiitt. BirTal
Ijiula-n .tut jrralgunl in llie ll.irlem Poll si)
Court a liar ago for hi-MIulll) tu hit wife, ai i 1 '!
Juttlee Ftlliirr istt-hint twvint dutaiii wliu u 1 &
liitliiiwthul het'Hilil Iwlintf luiui-elf. Hit .'- MSaHal
trablo behatiur did not outUtt the limit, to 1 ByHfl
. ui'eMi)!. ' IralH
Newa Irota Ibc llorae tVurlil. 1 arsral
1j xitiiT't. ' -1 a t'ttir ' n. et were nallaeo for (ha I zMlval
. Irottvrt ttW at Itllijtaill. Iu Ut (tul) tl e teurlo. t, Pil
Iwo. and Itiw i ar ol4. 1 -mu uu ,1i.mmm,i ol It lafl
IhlrUt or (... ..1 el ij.-.I viibi.ul aM'l - If t.S
I Trvavjr ha ..4 a' i o tt , 1 .uairuiu4J .uiuiwr if (ItH
I .OWklAuAivn HiU,uilUuiUlr,oril. U iH, -MM
j,v-, tmwmz sjaB

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