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W > 1 < t
yt < 71 t4 Ir li t1
atnttii rv Till Axirrx AT THE
Vnrloii MnnlOitiUlnns 117 People TVko
Come to tVeleome Jrlenrt I on Ineemtasc
Train I Hlarlc the M etlna Tell
No throilgli train comet Into Ntnr York tilght
or diy that It not anxiously awaited by otlirri
than the employees of tlie railroad Those who
wait for nrrli Ing friends do not number as many
M those who travel For every traveller there Is
wvtriso roll TUB THAIV
j not a watcher yet nt times enough people to load
i a train may bs seen In and About the receiving
station l ocnt welt through trains brim
Mnln Iell as as throulh trllnl brlul
In travellers who have friends waiting for them
I and as 100 trnltn arrive every twentyfmir
I hours the number of those r bo go to Die Grand
Central Station to meet people may ba Imagined
Tnan onlooker the people wlm RIch for trains
In tha day tlmo do I not appear to tel as much
nnxloly as thoe who wall at night During the
day I children ns well as grown pvoplonre seen
They hull to enliven tho oconu and perhaps
overcome tho chi feeling that creeps overono
whllo standing under the rmif of the great open
I ihed of the anuex at Fortysecond slxeet
I urn iiffmAxn COMEI BACK
The watchers nevertheless usually I show more
or less nervousness Tlinexperlemcil one knows
tlmt spcclil arrangementti am miulo previous to
tint arrival of through trains only but thn In
tXperlenctd watcher Is I Jumping up all rushing
forward to meet everything that comes and he
has many times tu go back tu Itlt Mittdlrap
polnted Thu knowing ones understand that
when tho jmrtern commence to put the rope bar
rier In phicu a through train Is near
rI7 Its I destination The ringing fn tho
arm bell conies next and thure U
Tit oiwo winontii
I I evrd in n Htrong vnh o tlio announcement that
tin lltll fast Vr trni expretm comes In on
Irk three Tlmtruwd pn MI forward to thu
I ipc the ptmscngiTit appear and there t I rutdi
to exrhnngo greetings A little hvly who for tlm
i t boir ban been lintiatlentlr Hhlftlng alNiut
I from Ihu walK ruuin tu tho plulfurm txats 1
pt > ing lcl will and forward over Ihoccment
Wit pushes tu tbu frunt and IrliHto piss I the
guard in lit r effort t 11 > ttrt Mn Is I pulltcly
lull tlrnuy hi Id Uick I fora moment and then In
enIH m nil lr rill to tin contrary Ml jut by and
throws I 1 her arms armind tho hived II one Her I
bnlianl with a hnppv irrle fnrgets all th
tliscomlorts ol the journty as he kliM s her and
then they give way tu Ihosti vim follow <
He who comes next ban no one tn meet him
he Inn let her In the lur WI lie Is alone
except for thu lltlld living rtmnmbraiicu lu his
arms 1 U I a lory without vvnnb >
II It I hardly wlhu to asume tlmt you can nl
I till when a man In I In love Von can tell
rumellmes ihuugh as fur tnntance when 1m I
Halting til arrival uf his sweetheart The
K mulmns aro unmistakable theiast Is ea > I
dagno9e He Hoes nu rilling but Ihanjrea
aioiinil 1 the Hntfnti llk onu Hirub ed and ex
I t amines the bulletin al least every live mlnulea
I unit 1 ld watch full n often ou have great
I eiiHctntlons from thli meeting but tt Is I ad It
npjuiliitnient Their Joy has lieeiilnnntlcipatlon
I Iw aro MI hand tt nhuisgUd tuseuldin
tl l
murittil AMI i >
lt for the aged uud feeble vv he l chairs are keut
ui the atJliun A eneruble woman U I taken I
II iioiu the care of the portrrs by her mm or
grandsons Mu anrtiU llu Ir attention with the
t giiuuof a qUI and tho truttlng expreMlon ut
E her countenance nhous pluiulv llut the Inu
tuilli In her L
e I I 1 be wheels go round for rit h and tnor alike
thai told vttuthcr Ilr lu thu
and now 11Ier 10 krttlng II 110
thrifty Immigrant who bua I fuanil that U U I
flieaper tu tmvt1 than Uy ut hume deport
I himrrlf and family tu his old home The man
lui lect thuui In New Yurk i uot a Dear rrla I
but the klemnnhlp all Theircarrlogu
i ually carrlvK bafKate 04 well a poople but
vlialcarc the tliej liuve j t tu U rn that at I le
nukes comfort
l Country friends rt iulre ant deserve attention
Irubublyjio peoplo > 111 l New York who aru in
realer need of carr The iluiple life they have
il 1 uullta thum fur the bu > tli > uud turuiuil of tlu
I at tlty Tlio fuhmnuUv drc d woman
vho m t them fem > like I I nugel of uur
the fr I d 1 M V i r
C J l I L l J J
follow unqneAtlonlnglr No M > with the l > oy
and their dresssuit cases They are I born
leaders and the rile seems to be ro many br
o many ways Thedlscusilon 1 among themai
to who shall prevail Is animated amOl1 the cab
men hell out tlm nol t > Theyare united In this
only that they have come for 1 good lime
tut il11111 inn
Occasionally I traveller iiiming 111 t Is I met
rnther tniexpcitedly nnd In n fnshion not nt nil
to I hl liking HP tuny beol I MI iitlrlngu nnturti
that ho would like to I IMIVO liv thn bnck way
llut tin rules will not pi mill him tu do 1 HI i
neither will the policemi n Mntloncd there Thu
clltkoftlie hntidiiifr Inditaies thu hostelry nl
Whkli hu 1 U Ktolherc
lnrtliitieil tiy the IreBltlent
AIIru XnvH Tlm 1rcslilcnt todny
granted pnrdotis lu Uirett persons and refused
them In thu cntcsof tnti others cunvUted uf
Violating Iho Knlernl I Mnlllte Tho fortunatu
ones Bro Helle Kreelnnd cniuJctetl of tonnter
feltlng In Illinois ahd Fcntenced In March last
to three ears linprlsonment In Juliet peniten
tiary Clatenco Womlniff convicted In tho Dis
trict of Columbia of itssnult and sentenced In
March I Int lu IH4 days In Jail and 1 I O Koonce
innvlutitl In Idnhoof emberllngn letter from
the tnltetl states mil nml renlenced totvvelvo
months In tho llol 0 iieiiltuntlnr WuodrnlT
wns pardoned b > caiisu sul > sciiitnt evldeticn
tultlgntt l his otTeme and Koonce IvceHiie he
Isivery Joiing minand wns nml I tho tnul uf
an uldcr man l In endorsing Helht rrcilnnds
nppllcnllon for juirtlon and denIng I hit or her
husband SI f ris > lnnd convicted nf tho rnme
dinttays offence and given a xlmllar aentente thu 1rcsl
Orantinl at to I ttelle Freetartil On tlie facts pre
t nte < t In thu rft < I am not elesr I thnt these eunvieta
thiiulil l i tmnlontsl on tlm merlin tint uMile frtini any
othtr eonsliltration 1 have itclcrmlncil tu pinion
Ill frielnnil the Ytifn all iroltitr on tietouittnf
mouths the < lillil ohl txirn to lier lu prlou ami now leu I than tureu
Chaplain Pltimmer Illmld from the Army
AVASlllNdTOS Nov aTho Irrsldent has di
rected thnt Chnphln Henry I Mummer 1
colored Maryland pninchcr who was appointed
on July 11HH4 bo dismissed In disgrace 1 from
tho army Ilmnnier was tried by court martial
recently for getting drunk with enlisted men
to the scandal of the service ali for very ills I
reputable conduct tn the hou o of a noncom
missioned iifflrer of tlm Ninth Cavalry at Kurt
ItoblnHon Neb The charges were fully sul >
mnuUaleii 1 before I the court and Ilum
mer lu ndmlttlng tin truth of tho
charges pleaded lu cttenuatlun that hu
wns compelled tu nrtsnclatu ultli thu
enlliited men of the regiment which Is I I colored
command ns the white oUlctrs avoided him
Unclaimed thnt thcculorcdmetilcd lilmnstrny
The court recommendetl hl > dlsmlvnl thu 1res
Idcntapproveil thu 111111 after cmeftil consid
erationnnd official uiders werelsautsl from thu
War Department carrying out thu sentence
Ilummer hail hitherto had ngood reputation In
thu servile He wns well cducntcd at llmvnrd
University Vnshlngtun and bis npHilnlment
many WIIH thn iiromlneiil result of a ftatesiuen strong recuiumcndatluu from i
< <
I or Ihn Xlall Ilenled Them
WASIIIMJTON Nov3 Orders were Issued by
tho Juot Oftlcu Departmrnl today ngalust
three cumpnnlcs declaring their business fraud
ulentapil denying thoUhn of the malUtothem
They ore the Arllsaimfcaving and Loan Aon
elation of Iltlnhurgh which Isa Inmd Inveai
incnt concern the Omaha cSebI Colperallvu
aupply l ompany which inducet peopu to KIIU
rcrlbu weekly In order tu Hcctirt suits of clothes
Ate and the American Saving and Loan ABSO
ilutiunof veetmeut prluclplv I htcagu conducted on thu bond In
Ilftit Jlrowa to lie Jtetlred
WAMriNOTON Nov aIIul l 1 M 1 U Iron
bal ben ordered before thu Naval Hoard of Kx
amlnatlon for retirement Some > ears ago a
luiat fell on him at Cadiz and I broku his breast
IHIIII Hu has never rciuvertdnnd it I is I now
bulloved that hi Is I Intapncllulrd for activa
fervlce < llcut Blown Is I n onlnlaw uf CT
Senalurnnvisuf I Wesl Vlrkrtnla HI vvia tom
intndfil 1 In public orderx fur hnrulum at Apt i
Kimua there whin the American lift was wrtckeil
ItnriclMraTtirturenn fltii MH u Seeotl Time
rAYlLii SfiiiMis 111 uv arhre men
trlrr IIht II cIrl 111 rnnl Iul 11
1 11 111 1 111 11 tf Ihlo ple
1 UI1 hll hrkll hi II 111 Iln r
1 IhII rlrd hll I 11 r I
I Ihll nllll lrl lur I I brI 111
11 I I
1110 111 1 Ilem
I 110 tlII h 11 I I 111 Id I I
Ih ar Ic
11111 1111 111r hll Flr Ir
I 111 Illd ho 1IIthll nl11 It 111111
The Hurlhorn Nut lotl
ATI STIlT Nov a > The Kchounnr Harts
horn of this clt Lupt Daniel AUnni which
was reKirttsl lint with I on boanl put Into
lltlle Kgg IlnrUir Inlel this I itfternunn In a bat
tered cundillon 111 Adims reimrtsii ruugh
Miage fiom New York tlty lllsi revv desirteil
him 111 a mrt uMlng tu thetondltlnn uf the
rrafliind bo had iunslderahlu tronhlu In in
Kujlng trip > allurs tu vturi Ihu c ilou u return 1
Dldt Hlntkfi llnntl VIh th IVeiUrBt
WA IIIN ITHV Nov it John David Daniels
110 old man who walked from his homo near
Hlrinlngham Ala In thu hop of shaking
JiandH vtith Irexhlenl C levelmil will Mart ou
lil return trip Monday without having accoui
plUhetl his objitt j I
Nnt Ihe Work of Ineenillfiry
The VIrn Marshal after a rigid inventlgatlon
Intn the cln iimManics of the fire In the tene
ment at VHI West Thirtysecond street last
Tuesday morning by which b ven lives were
lort has det Idetl 1 that I It was caused by atcldrnt
itud nut by an Imendlary
Aliruai H llcnllt llrtara
I KxMayor Abrum S Hewitt arrived at even I
ing on the murder IHruria from llv er > ool
Th IUt of Htlertc
Thrte rrfrrret were apvolulcd 111 the Mite court
n 111 clll1 l rkrlrl
11 riirMe roi KT
Hi v Judy lluntll
tHMtf VVrtvi
Iall a l Hall Tlios V ionmjr
llliiliiun awl lUuraud iiwcaK Ahraliaia
Ilu li a t liutli rankllu Illru
V hHr t tipprnhelni llainlllnn ulrIL
llnilhelf ail I Aliile I j l > > ii < lkl
1fjlNNl 1 ui Jtiikhu Oturie llrll
i Jlailir f J > luauier t fu
ilwutatrt KraDilst lUrlow
Wtolad ratum llmllnm iMcIL
I Miiiowmi aict JUn Ky ro UHUrlJl Mil r Jr
I uhliDai1 Jiwuiitm wlliial t Miiaoujr
Ilrown ul bhechy Cliarlrt A Hilt
Uftltirrf llttMobi Uwueittti traiitlil I lutrluw
N Y llfj In fu a l IkliJU I I hrl l K Ljiltckrr
Hulantlu Atfl I llulttliua MtirllnurC dluiu
N V Life I Iu t Hull Vr 11 lit1 l rlutr
Utfhheu ujt llM > ilfll Lljxlil IhoiiiMjlt
klaitrr t > f Oeoi v V lltxktr iu Mm M liititnnan
Iracyaiit Iuloa Trui i < IL li VVuKlnint
lr t
rrIIlr If11i
Mill 1 I lit lus fu ul > V hrUn I riUlaut I VV ickft
Mut I Ife I at to il ttkliaril
uu llwufaxtl tlnrlf K Ir JrcVtr
Uul llfn lut 1 ul 1 110CIal
I Teiu Filmuiiil Ktlly
Tti lu iiaiigl ltuih HiuuLfl llluiiif nillcl l
I elluwt avl UuJlit > IUD4 liuilnu1 UlillurlillicL
Htlir of > rl > k leurit II U IIUOI
Ituaa Huiia Mlllin H Mr
iearuUaiUko ri LbarU I A llntvi
t tiu Judj M0ruJii iu
CuJkwkl aiL ur liy IWuJ A Jai kou
Hll JuJjt UI
WtNuliy art Wo Ivy fbjrltll I lluiull
t U l
W ir Jr tut Cim Miarll tttrrtuu
ou IT or o > IH v
li j Juiij Citirit
< arirr mil > Unu 11 uu r Ikiliurllji
Mttl r of luHl s I AuJtrt u
Walt r of Uutkb e tJtlf I u I
lkriurrn1 1 liru u V UUull illuur
Wrtt 1 lout ioowrdtle U au4 1
Ami axi Crtwkr INrnwa W Nuiultt
Ualttruf i HjviaUltry I i rj > t r Jr
HuJwIjt Air
Sltna att Ituuuau Jvlin IVuutrtt
niu I
II J Jiutjf l Uot
Vti rlmr j i r 1 Cu i
> urJ nait bh o r i
luur > ii l a l
Cr ui > i i
F Lf t1
COMUIITKI itr KrrrxTrs 1T
xtniTiMi or rut cAMiAiu
Th Alldlrnre I r nll li > Hull Vnrk I
ririotoN rre jr The the NenntiMoin
Mlttee Cnnel Apnfnr on the Flat
form AeromKnnlf4 hy ol rllrK
Tlir 1 tnmmlte Ir Seventy held the tnst Kintrl
rally of the iniiipnlgn In Inrncgle Mill last
night There Vim nUrgn l nnd vnliiiislantlc ntt
dlcme not iiilte large tluil nlilcli prcitcil
< lel lut so Ilrle as ld r cNI
rxlrtrldcnt llnrrlson n few nlghs ago lint
equally n > enthusiastic nmt mifllelctilly largo to
occupy every Beat In the house Charles I
lloamnn was Introttuccit ns Chnlrinnii by Joseph
tjorofinp anil he presents Wheclcl 1 Icck
Intn in the lint ipeaker
Mr Icckhnm regretted tluil but tel minutes
b ullnl given him In wlilih In renil the
Inlutlltlcs lt Tatntniuiy Hall nnil unlit ttint It
would tnkrat lenst ten Jcnrs In mnke ntithltit
Ilkiii cnmplclo Matcmeiit llfl tallul on tin
ntidlcnco to remember thnt they n urn npiirttif
tlio longsti tiering public nntl lint to I forget
their duty on clectlnn ilii Several Imo
Mr Ieckhilu inuitlnncd 1 Inlin V 10f
0111 each time his nnnie win i lieereil
with tumultuous npplnu c from nil > lilcs of
tlui lnm u Iliinii cries of iolT Hoif Rnll It
was tint until rlialrmnn Ilfnnnn Inlonnnl tho
iiillimo Hint tint counsel tu tin lexnw rnin
mlttro was nut 1111 I lull Hint Ihev vvuiild ketp I
iillet I Ihcrcnfler nt the end nf eat h ipcccli tho
nuillince howled for Mr loir
lien VIIRIT Sun in spnko mxl nnil after n
enlojj uf Ier luf nnil Inrkhuist hu nt
liu kit Iollci Justice Divvtr Idllie C uniiiil
hinnrr Mnrlln ami Tiitmimnv Ial ill gcncrnl
litn Horace Porter madi n humorous nddre
Ieter It tllm VIIA littt Intindii Ill tllrtl r
him Vlllliitn II 1 llnrnhloni I gut 111 ioipenk
He had hiinllv nttriiiln doi u v > nl when 1
ihuirat thi > Md I i of tin siagn 1 opiiud iitnl I lui I
tniii eiderid As Mum Hi tni and e 011 them
tin we lit tlnlr seats iitnl MU thinisclvcs
hoarc 11 lie ne comers MI re Mr Hull I and Col
Mining lint Iho latter Mcmtd I t In I over
lonkiil It wns lintr rnthiflasm from tint
1111loh nnil fur Ion mlnntix tin t hi < ring kept
up I Kltmlly Mr HeunniTi walked In tin fmnt of
tlie tinge and rnlil In Inuil tune I I promlM
oil lilt ni III 01 hcir Mr llolT TliiH thu
Hiilltiice pornilttid Mr llnrnlitimcr In pnKiil
I nrl Illrl mill Cnl Strnnt h IHkl ami then
Mr Inir I IntriHllKiil
nature llu < h ilrintn < < Intrixlnrtlnn ua < tin
tII 11
Hluii tin1 iintlleni own1 tlartt il upon u rttnnrk
nlili ill HMiIi > trutlon nf urrctlnc Tin1 miilliiini
arnw Inini their 011 nnil lent tin nlr lih n I
nnxhly shunt nf uileiitnu Men tninpiil limn
heir I Miitr Intn tlic 111 lc and < MIIII their iirnn I
nnil raised their hntn 110 Imiitinu Imrrnlis
and hrniit In u nitiiLClnl lOnitu and Clnl dm
iiudltnrliitn mid tier of IMIMIH VH uerr hrnrd
lolno tilcev lliunlkiTiliIffK Iliittrnd Irinu
ery nmilj anil turner of tlm uiiiit imnn until
lintuN uiTiiiulltif < tirul MI MilriH
Diirlnt thN ilunniilrailoh lili h wmnl In
li > t ten tnlnnti I I Mr C intc ntiunl uitlni with I
flintheil face and under I urtat i xi III IIr I Ir Thri o I
times he raised blsmes tu thcaldtcneins It lu I
fpeak mid 1 h time the ngnln
t lk cld 1111 II applause was lln
rnlsiil and the with the
rllI 1111 lil rnoiii rang 111 t many
crlts uf appruval t Imlrinan Henmnu ralvd
his hand ievcral tlltlr fur Kllelicc but the aiill
eniegtvn nu hied until Charles C inMiri mltli
culltd lur three times thrte iheeis I Iben frum
pure vucal exhaustion tlio ainllencc t utsud Its
noise and Mr tiulfM voice was heard The M 1
Icmcthni IrIIIIo follimcd was ijulte as nlgtillluint as
11 rII
lrIIIT Mid In pirt
I may nay tu vmi vlnt tin cti iilng nevvK
pnpers have not le n nbli tupaylo > ou 1 that
we reachtd a tllmax ibis afternoon It IHH un
til U ttaiheil I pin h that I I > Itien of New
York wuli my wife and family iitnl bonn
here nm nsbamitl to Maml here lunlght
nnd > ay Iliat 1 am from New Yurk
The gamut of crlmii refund I to I have bitn
tout hi din all Its pliac 1 he di pths of luinian
niler MI null to hav it been rcai bed llut tlm
tlepthsuf linman 1 gradatliii under olllcial Int
tretiiiti were nevi I reai hi d In the 1 uf New
Yurk until tunlghl
oh Mr lialrminlt Is I so umitlerahle MI
horrible MI reviitting tlmt I I dale not 1 give utter
ntuotoltat I this innting whin gtntln femi
nine t ars anlistening but that humantb grada
tion that tltstrui turn of the win 1 MM id Mm
turn that terrllile Intamv which vveintimil nail
of but mil speak ufdiunld I e permit ted tobepiai
tlsnl nml li I lluiiilli In I thisiltyon ilm I r
tlegraded intrumeiii m soi leiv nut of fn i > 1 t
but uutideof MIIICV that has cr > iif btlori u
and 1101 returd I mnt ask pnrilon lor M > tak
Ing nf this mailer linight but I nas nlmot I
draggid from myvvmk tu I culm before vim at
thelirnt political met ling prai tludly where 1
have appeared 1 durlm HI campaign I havn 1
not had tlinu tu hrtak tht I current uf my
thoughts from the work thai 1 have lilt hft
e aru told m Ihe tin nt thtst terilbleex 1
poi ures thai IhtI Is a quarrel bit ei n Hi miernls
and llepubllians J would like lu know which of
would like to know the lurlles will n < uime tho I
rcMmiiFIbllltv of ranging themselves Ulund the
uniformed licenced nnd protected rollwr and I
oppressor of the people of New York I for mm
refUM lu hu cmMil us 1 Dimoirat that will
range hlm > ilf behind ollUUl blackguardfont I
oppression nnd rubber
Kverv ytnr that tht citizens of New York I
have tried tu nrgaidre an indeiienilent I party lor
the purlllintlcn mnnli iMl guvi rnment has I
Tammany Hall rattit Hit i iv ol nallonal IthUis
Thu Korit hill on Mar tlm larltf bill
nnother > inr this Rr the t nnMilulluiril
nmendment ana 1lob1 l tliu tin lltutlon il I
nmendmenlH the liiminiinj Kniktrs have I I I
dangled the fearlul > > ti4if and loan of Uraw i
of the A I A 11 I that a political party that 1 I
attempts In unload its inliUllus upon tin na
tlmnl Demociacy IIIHIII tin parucular religious
lnllef IHMIIIHIV 1 natli nnlln thai lhat urviimi
llon I I Is I Ibiionlv I mi thai is i tahli uf urginl I
ing ixecnllng unit uirrs Ing out iln tnpinil > ins
> > siem of fraud and 1111111 that Ill liavu
111I lorllllllolrlllol
Ihroilgh 1 all the terrible revelntlms tbat
hnvii cnme tu I us nuthihg iumpans jn Impur
tame In mv opinion with the evlibm e llit
hascome I out in nlitnm to tin iraiid 1t1 i 11
Mr Tibors priiiiiiti remlmlH mi of It Iii I
pul I > < nf NM Vulk gllulolls 1 v
Kolng almost willliu tu K I iminil num
have gone along 1lIr alttr ar at d the tribute I
has Im rt MM d in d attr nl II is tuld ami tlunu I all
pale into imigiiini ant e whi n M relit 11 tiiun I
this teinhle Inci Hint lln liiand Jury of our
coiuily has been parked and almotl debauilud I
through tint HI trm of terrible Infani I ask l
uil men I inrunot what iKlltli Jim may pro i
less free trader hlili pruu i inmlnt liemiKrtt I I
Hcimhli an Iuimlii and rruhlliillunlt will I
vmi vote IIII all liutituliim tliat Inscribes iihm
lls Uiiiiu r Th tirand lnr of uiir tounl
nliall I w celeitisl by Tikulk i
unlght I Kiand here prund m lie nnmnl b > I
you as txtii an bimble instrument inthecx
111I11111 IIr vrhai ui I lnlieve tu be I rlglit when
1 stand ilungHidH tif my trlend Cu sttnng
illiiii Mr iiilf took Ill I MrungH hand
iiinld grint cbe < rlngi I nay Cul I Mrung
I cart not what > our pnhtiiH may In1 I
1 nm Mttlsfleil thnt nu arn n decent linnorable
upright pattioli cltlien that Jim nro nbuvo
all I a genuine hruadprlnclpled I trim Ameri
can ltbimt ugnnl tu pirty 1 mnnd
with Cul Mrung HIilklit prmid uf my
BSSIK utinn Iwforn II11 fUll of New York for
Ixtler government for cleaner moral fur Ilm
cuppresslonnf theiluhlier the tyrant tin up
jircasor the blackmailer nnd fur iheholtcrmcnt
of our < Joveminent and our ripubllcun Intitu
tol liiKarlja llrHinmlo Vnv
SIIItIllGTIIWN Ia Nuv 1 The Slate ram
jinlKii cliwed here tnniihl with u joint debute of
Iicmncrallc and HcpuhUcau meitliiKi by Can
illiUte Mnuerly nnd 1 llnMini Thero 10 > nn
dlMjrdvr nt the nuetnirt hut Col I Mnueilr in it
I > a snuat part of his t 11111 miide a fiiiallon
lit lii > il wruuitht himoelf tu thu hiihr ten
rlon In denomiiliiK Uillot frauds in 1liiltde
jihli and UnndniL Iwfnre Ids audltornnitli lili
Jlfted liaml hevoucdMn the iireoencu of Al 1
iniithty 1 tiipurirethe votlmr UH of Ililln
delphia until the wvrv an putuas they uliuuld
YOIIBB Ovuric MfClelluK to tbe FroBt
Democrat jouiiK and old are aroned over
the treat light that Col iisirfe II Mc lelhm U
inaklm fur Cnmrrex in tha Inelfth district
Hknilist lol > eit lifblliruuth nl McClrllau
Iu ablllt youth and nu mnney Mr Chce
brnUKli has money h l y thu acre Hut In the
uplnluiinf all LltuUiif Deuiocrata omcreii
Mitersiif thedl trlct are ktandlUK thouldrrtu
tUuuldcr lor joting McClellan
The Motoruiix nand with Ih Locomotive
ClNiINNATI Nov a A ralnuount electric
car cruwjud Hitli p tiiiifi > was run Into by
a locomotive at U oclock lust evciilnc at
the Heckmaii btrret croninif uf th ust
wiHxl narrow t ute railroad It was the result
of araxe between dec trio car and lua Yeat
uecomuiudatlon The forward truck was
knocked from umlor the electrlo car and tlm
jm > fniifrJ thrown nut Kit Iuun were re
juried to the police u Injured one fatally Tun
mutorman aiiw the train coming nnd alternated
tu rroit thu trill k ahead of It but failed Many
tif the pu eni vr4 uw tho danger uud jumped
To Tulk lu l l hitler ToBlght
Therpeeih 1 uf tuvene V Debs lu the Iopu
IIUuliil othtri of the 111 ule which tiaj to
liatnbeen inalv lu New Irvim Hull U I to be
made lumuht The Ildled liuruieiit Wurke
are to IH out in fi < u tu IIIHif him
Thu United Hebrew Irudes 1 Tnlnns will rele
Iirate tliclr I aiiuKr nry lunlhi at the WlmUor
Ititiutre TluIDltkil Iii Lrew TrotlM aredom
> u > < iof tLe Socialist trade unions of lhera > t
mile 1 and it is I Mid 1 rrl > r rlil about 1 111010 I
uotkert iHr lie > will be iiiada b > 10 111 I
Vrtrd > Fir Vrrr
II i d WM Tvftutj lUJ4 nr t
t I
I 1
r 4 b L
rnoxa > a LAST r Eclt
All ltnt < lii InelntflBK Illmiftr ApparetI
gl tTtitK It Vf Oer
rol Wrong tinthod his Itinerary of speech
mnltlng lust evening lie ruhod through vflth
tlio neeit 1 of n quarter toro Four time he
idmltttd that ho nmldnt make a tpeech ami
dol > o < lydenlfxl theotatement The Colonel has
liad a lot of fun anil fome novel 1 experiences
iliirlnKthecftininlun HU left foot IIFO Intne
tlmt ho U es a cane but he has taken great care
nf lili throat
Accompanied by lien MiCook whose olce
founds like tlio tnllit t of hats firing on a
RUlUir Col Strong mndc his lint npi eal to the
voters fmm n ilMy nt WMlilnxtnti treet all 1
llattery place He ald There are olhrrorllors
who can talk to you tier UiMi 1 Nu Interrup
tion 1 never RaIl nuch cntlitiilatm hetoro l
In favor of reforming tint city lovernmcnt We
tiitmluminpcmcrntiiMit that will not prevent
mi mail frnm linti nctltnf huslnes without
pillilf n tithe I will let the luilnnco of thn
> iertknrsilolliiha1ntiii < or the tnlklntt
Ilieniilniut IHIIIIIS whnoped and jelleu ns
fol Mrom 1 MM Irll ell BI in n Inrrlaun to mi
nt her openair meellm nl lluilvin nnd Harrow
triet This Is n erhittlm reuort uf his speech 1
1I11rr I ant Rlail to me all of joti here nnil hope I Jnu
will he an impp > on Tue ilny nlRhlns nu are to
nlLht 1 hope un boys dun here will Klve a
ncciintit nfnur el es Vnliad n maKiillU
cent meelltiK dn n nl Ilnltery place I cannot
fpcnk 1111111111 opi n nnd u will lene 0111 to
the I hataneiMif thepeakem
1 t llroadvvii Mill FlftyclKhtli < lrietol
Stiinit ndilie ed n Mnill meetlnit In n hall lli
innilethls pnitliiioii I think If the ho Ki
their Imllnli In the innjnrliy fnr thn union
take lIllw 111011 Itllini H Ifnt 1 Hnrni
leiMpllon nt I an le Unit The urcater purl of i
his M teh i In I renu ailev rllitlntiof thoiiintilier
In uhlih he Irid I lieendrinii Ititutpeech making
At Its ioiiclu li < n he Mink Into his chair as
thnnifh he I fell miuhlv clnil that the end of thu
campaign had hi I en iinilinl
iln ltee Hymi on Hklnnlnit Irlinner
Iollceliitlci ltan iild hit night Hint any
hlprles thnl ho had reielvcd money fioiu ar
ftiwl IK ritmii brought Icforn him were too Ah
Fiird lu deny lie had heard cveral of them
hut could notnttempl tn Iraro them nit down ni
the iKiipIn II hu nrctisnl him In others of receiv
ing money denlul their own Mntemcnts Ihrn
hronuht I to thu liar One eFO In recnllrd In
nhlili Hclinlnr Iexow wn cotinnel wheru two
men whuuhtnlnitl mnne fium Iho krci > nr of n
illsrepulnhU IIIHIFO mtvine n part I of It I wn fnr
Indite liyui Im Ihdlcted olio for extortion
unit his < oinpnnlon for IH rJurv
Intlcn lljmi aid he liiul not thelensi dnllht
that rcpmahlc Iollce Ilint 11111 ers and
Mime piilnemen reitnlarU i > klnmd accused
Hront hrllultl before thu Itilliiliislleen
jinyvr Irleid hennl the testimony before the
Iero 1 Ioinmilten hut I he hml no xtnteim In
make Inol t nltht hevond n Kcncrnl tliiilal
When the proptr tlmo rnmen hu aid I
dull have tnmethlng to fay to the commltteo
math In answer to tliPMUlinreti1
filHtlee Ifogiin itnd Air Iterremnnn
111111 thnrhs Dnnohite has written the
rllllllllh lellr 10 11I1IlnIhlIlfllnll
Itn III IInoll PII 11111 Inr ynn rrnro
I I nrhnlll IlIlhr lI rII nllpr IIn1 Ino r
1111 1111 Ih III Ih 1 klllh
I 111 r tIll fIPo Ifnu Inrp IIw I 011
It ao I nlln I 1I1IIIIalllII 1
1 III r I rll Fr
kl 1 III k1 1lrllp lOr Ih III
1IlollllllhrIIII rrll Ih rlu I Ih nt h
hn1 Ih > lIpnII Irnlll I 1111
rr 10 1lIn1 10 fll wh 1111 Culll
0 rrlIIlh 1 Ihnl Ihl lIr
r II MIIII h 111 IIrulo1 Ihlll 11
rll 1 111101 11111 ullnl U 111
I 0 Ih
I i 1 irt i I rf I
rolr I how hv hld n IHIrll
IlIullrI IIIIII1l h1II 1 hloallnl
I nnll n 1110 rr 0 1 hp
11111 II II r IIr nr url unlrlh lno
I 11III lIlIy r cur t I
I Inl Out Din < inn unit Cnt rletl DrT the Hooks
A few months ngu tin Stale Democracy or
I ganlallnn of tin Ninth Asembly district wns
brokin up ns part uf the memberrefu ed II lu
pay theirdue Tho ewho left formtil a rival or
ganlallon knuwn as theTllden Aoclatlon On
I the night uf ClI < i t ir > thero wasneonftrcncobe I
tvMtn tin 1w asHMclatluns during which thi
cas vas turneil 1 nut and ponm ono tuuk all tho
luniks f tbe Id organisation Yesterdav
Daniel Nan art appeared 111 ll Jeireroa
Market 1ollcnCourt and clinrgeil lunin K Mur
ray with taking thelsHiks Mm ray denied this
and pnd that they had been taken b > Inbn
I lirahani whu was alsu I lu cuiirl lirahum raid
that he I had the liooks but that he I would not
I give them up hitlcu Vtorhlstold him tuhavti
tin books in cuurl on Munday morning without
I full
Uaslrlnjt l Kupu leeullr Expelled
Jacob llnpp who plajs the clarinet for a live
lihood finds It very difficult to obtain employ
ment flncc 1m was expelled from the Musical
Mutual 1rotectlvetnlon Heliodbiennmemlier
of the union forcomo time when In April last
be wns flneil for plaj Ing in nn orchestra with a
iiiinuniou man Hipp war nnalile tu pay Ihn
Ilm and was expelled 1 All tlie iinlun rdlm
leaders l refusi t tu employ him after that no I
liniilly In I Hied tint uiknnatiuu in the Kmirt i
District Cimrt beture Instlii Hoci tu n
iu er damages tilth amount uf ftM J Cuiini I
for I he union lm > lsteil tJiul tinb > laulnimcl i
as autlti > rl7ed by I the i Inn lei and thai Hupp 1
had feigned 1 the hhiwit and pUdgid hitns > lf tu
fiipHirt tht m luMii o Ij iisalnid the ai
tlon of tinunion aid wuvi u judgincni aualti
Hupp with lusts 1
Muntl Cried iinU lrnl ilrl l > iSlniek I
DrTiiuiT Nuv I 1 I lie tear uf Maud Cut
len 1 were the can c uf a MrlkM of JMI girls I
tmploed as pai kersnl the Detroit I Vail llutton
factory The factory has hi en Imvlm tnnibln
with Itsemphijcesaluitit Itillof Its mi n mm ln I
inKuut mi xtrlki An eiloit lu gtt tbeglrlsto I
i > trlke falUtl iifitil I 5eterda when tin foriimttt
rIor1 l MiniI in I jui 1 k Minn bulloii that liad
been ilnlhed h nununion InituN slit rtiiil
hen UJMII I li uiilercd her lu ijlllt work ultu
Litlnr he dont ei her wraps and then iat
duKii nnd crltil i o r cr yon gill i norlent immi
iliittlv > < urrounde l her IIllIrr a brief indlg I
linUin nut ting walkitl out of tinlaciory 1 ho I
prtrnarttause I uf tin tiuutili II tin hargutif
u foreman whom all the cinin > ifM lUid
n I
iVn Mtfiralli Milltiered I
John Mclirnth a xailor II tears old died At I I
rioueneiir Hoipltnl last night of n frartnml
i > kull An hour earlier he I had been found lying
iineniiKcluua In thn hallway nt II Hamlltnn I
street Tho housekeeper > nld that whllo In her j
room nhe htard two men ccutlllng In the hnll i
wiy Then nil wantiiiet O iiinglierilraimha
discovered Milirath IIng at thn foot nt the I I
Mairs Mm Udleves mine inn threw him 10111
Ihu > tnlri > From papers fniinil on the lu ly tho I
Identity of Mciiruti uis established Thu
papers nlfo 0111 that he was n renmanln
good rtanting In Hi Sailnr nnd rlrimrn I
Lnlonof Ii jrtiit Hrltalnand Ireland I
A Hchool Flu lit IlriulU In I Hoy Death
ST lutM Mn 1 Nov a i Kiir federal weeks
hitter rlutlry hus exltcd between the boa at
tending Holy Trinity IIlhnll irlllllllalllwe
of Hethlehein iLnthurani School Last evening I
Hlxiut 1 twinty III l i > s from inch nchool met on
hMlUbury HI reel armed with duns ana Monca
A battle emued and keveral of the boys wure
erlou ly Injured The < Klore Kalter aged itf
dhsl 1 today from II blow on the head liitllcted
with a plecu of lead pipe Two arreat have been
To Kvveitr Alleslane I tVt > klttfclo to
MehoU II
MlNMKAiotix Minn Nov M Hlshop Nlcholl
uf the ireek I hurch tonight ald a requiem
man for the Inlet V u and tumurruvv will nit 1
brato a IoutlUral mans fur Ilia newC < uir Tha
Hlshop has been nummoned tu hlngton by
rrlnculaiilacuzene Ilia Itutnian Minister but
iliillnetl to travel on Mimluy On Monday tha
llUImp and attendant rlerg I will gu tu Vh
Ingtun tu lake tho oath of ulleghtiicu tu lCmierur
NiihulM 11
Jlciilh fill lrrtum Mine llanrhccper
Uriah Kofller Hagu doorkeeper of the Iieuni
Theatre for the last ten jearn 1111 night ut
lilt home In the Ninth ward where he Ims Ihril
for thirty yean
Mr Itolller wu known among theatrUn
people oa Tenuyaon on account of H rorin
blaiu e tu the poet Jew bom In Uerlund l
juit ilxlyelgut years ago his death having DC
carred ula birthday fie leritd Ilu tho i U4 I
fWI ami caw to America 1111110
UlllevI Vy JlliUIlT Hlud > t
1ISCU1V Neb Nov I At tha Untolu Uul
rnlty thlt afternix > H U Shafrr a iiudent
of divinity from Oatollle lid shot and killed
Vivian Church of Fairmont UL a young raaa
IH > rtra old The > oung men weru pluliig
Cliurili throwing water iuluhliaftra room ulu
dow bhafer grubbud a rc olerand tirrtl tu
frighten Cburih but the bullet btrutk him lu
Iho body near the htart
Jupaac FtatUlllc
The auulvcrnaryof the birthday uf tho Km
perut of Jajmu was telebiuletl hut night the
Jupanee t tub at Joi fandi trect lirucklyu I
Ticrc K naY neurl > one buudred iurtlclpHDt
fh r hird i Ire sent pri > Md si There
U 1 tlt < 3 II d JfJgS
ii at > t
Quartered Oak
Only S28OO
iirclmsol nt n prout
nnurilico n Inr o ntiinbor of Fold
ing Bods from a fninoua ninnufatp
turor wlio is now closiup out his
liiisincBH wo nro oimblecl to soil
thorn nt about onoliitlf tlio regu
lar price
IBV Intif flu1 ufmtr Vf
Iwff Jtrd In four jutttcriiK
HI fire imiiitlrd tcith pat
ent axlrncrn to niermt
DeQraaf 5 Taylor
47 and 49 West Mill St
Alleivett I Hennttiil lu I Cllv Knvernment
81oo0IIIIU Saltl to Ililf lleen Mtolcn
TOICIKI Nov it Tlm nLltallim nf niiinlclnil
i affairs In this city has reached uirh n stage
i thntevernl lending btislncs men uf Toledo Inst
night held a meitlng at thu Chamber of Com
merer Tlio results of the meeting were well
guarded hut eunuch tenked 1 nut to Indicate thnt
I very radical action had betntnken 1 A inemlwr
ofadoml 1 Jlltrnr lIt commltttoof New York
wns cnllcd In ns advlmry counsel nnd willdlrect
procctdliigs Miinuof the lending attorneys of
the Ill wlllhnve charge of the Investigation
j w hh h will be cnndili ted nftir the I manner of thn
lcsmv luminlttei and tuilllilitit tiiids tn ntrry
j I un the Inv estimation of nil thucltv depirttnenls
U now al hand
I Them will be no tlelnv on thnt wore snld
I one of the tonimlltee Y will shot whem
ovir SlUilOOOu of the 11I prcrs mnney bus
gono Into improper channel nnd the result will
be I MirpitMtig It vtlll livolvii ninny oflklals
supposed to be nlvovu I renrtwf h
he Invertlgallou will Im nonrnrtlan nnd
vvlllliegm JI I Immediatelv 1 after electlnn I An ef
fort < vlll nlsu I b imvdn toMcilien newclt Ilmr
I ter nnd alHitish thi I I pieseiit sstcm of luiulguv
I eminent
ICelruicre lon
I lrmr llt 1flivil Tiiliuu
A Inrge company was fnthircd nt the tnblr
i dhote as Is I inual tn the modi nt romance
I he large lady l l Just tnmbleil the biKl gen
I tleman tor the tlnigar
No hluu as II lUll woman will not KII
Kxcept when thegcts off a ctreet carnh
I lervid the cv nlc w ho had hei n hitherto Mltcnt
I I Th > nntli with the blind monstaihu got
i choktsl w Ith his ont but raid nothing
lie Hud to hepnk
tHii II < fflrotl 11 ilia n f
Ppeak arid I you nre a dead man
I The pltol barrel gleamed under the no e of
the pTllentlooklngpirty who was ricllning on
I the romhlnatlnn > ifa
I llu I juur Mur t In cried leaping to his feet
Iwlllhpeak 1 d I 11111111 lu kimw how in thiin
I der It l jou vilk all through this houe without
fulling I over tin n f J
Hut the burglar orlj Innihcd tinxklngly In
I hit tine and limbed mil ot ihn cellar I imlow
Aors or 111 JJT
I At tlie Metropolitan O > ra House lonlcht MiHin
H alelil Mftiijtiilen IlatKon mul 1 Miss iitrtrnite 1ttz
art tu i > piMur ullh SM1 or hII t 111 tta tlillil
I I concert of UK Sinitav iltlit n ri1 Mlh4 Is
to ln < Hi lavl ii > ni from liieii anil ll
Je > enx lre I Hull I nj from R MIHO et I
lull li s alelil Is I to hlI ih Hi
Kloriii aria frmn sllllrallnlU nail 1ltnc m Is I
In a fer I no t xwMent numbers aiut Maculi re I
nue Jll llii utopii IaiirreualiT rli > iiile In
II I nmlir aiil lliiorlisri muter Stitli hlllsn t
pr < ht exiellent iroriiiiine wild li Iniluilfs tti I
Tiiniilai i r nnrvli lx > heirm Ira luI niil 1 II a i
ltr 1 i lluinnrlan llhnpol > <
Mellm Mili lit Mtutilrc anil 1tnncrn w liti Mpnor
revlKimnl itnittlii nrft tra of Hie Melroj uitinline I I
toinoiroH fr Ufl > litiiKioii wliretl I aretoulvea I
isiiui rt on Tuciul 1 iv U liiila lh > p > 10 Hoiton i
for u tonrtrt la Jlule l Hall ilnreou I hrI li eenlii4 I
an > l a tMitml i IIMIIII llu return hi ro fur tut
futirllibiniilj eoucirta wet I from tonxlil
nilninn old bnil 1 under Victor llcrberln lender
hlpvrlll ltklxtieoneert tif Hits neaioni huiii1ay
ntktit erl this etriitug In Itn Aeaitemynf lll9U I
Thi lirn rilntnH Is I In liirlllile Hnthtnir lint thi timiit
fmnlllir f ixipuSir iiiu > li ami I proniloi lu i
tI j II
ureilll lliteritllltf a 01IK till line fli tolol ll are tu
I HMI S IIKII > < Miiriiiiill eoairallo VMirri H >
tt niir JHII F Ttioinpsun tmrlliine unit Vlrtur Hi r
lKn lio In to plu > Hiinuor M > cliurmliiKtelloex
Tli nrih of MM emt > ll > < oinorlf U I tuiM > Ifh nil In
the Tnalta Thalre this lenliiE h > ham Krsnkior
cht irt tttil h Is e > inHuiHt uf tins Inr hiu
plum OrchiMiru
Mr W H Ijixlon Is I toKlie the nr > i or a rlrnt
Vural llicllal > lil rhnmUr Mini Hall MilkHall
I hlllliillltf I lie It llltjr itny evening He U I In u l > tid
byUine llrnrtrtta Ihilie llrlljiwniii I i ilII II lalkittiuit I
> olie ciillliatloa lllulriitlint lit < ult lui niii li l
welstliinatul wlih3lr 1 lit > P Jtwiuii I prtMnt an la
lerifctlutf prtHrannne of tocal mutle
Tlie Rinpinny 8 hlynI eoneerltof tlls fceaton
are to lake plate I on lrlila nfleriioon anil 1 Nttarilay
eallr or IliU week lu Miuli Hal l i <
itolotaU 1 nrt loin I I > jir llioniMui tlie Ik Ulaniollnl t
who Is I to 1lay lr liamruftis tiniteriu m r lturp
minor an I lrs Juilt I v > initn whu i tolmc theair
lJ iiu > itt l > i rlioz Hit nrlieotritl nuail > rs
will IM I TM h uk > w k 1ullit itiiu I v > m 1 > hont tha
ricmont otrrtiire amt iiultiiiarkV oteriur Mhat
Iihu lOlr II I Krililliln I I Uvlur on Wrl prunrkiuin
of thlstuncert will beyheu on U ur4H > afternoon lu
tlie purlur of Muilc lIn
Splak Hcut HelinelVr Hi Illlllurd
hiluki la t night defrated Jali Kliarfrr at Ma
boueji roiimi by tliU neon Apluku DOO cliatrrr
4UJ fiplaktawrafnil S1 an I KliaeferXt bulokss
tlKti run vt HK 115 uint Ktiaift r TI
Al I vuUroat iir Irank KtiLealJJ Oall her
b I uuu lu IUI Ites aterJiiot mv lilyh run liv
i41t1 IKtni Hit I JIra ItIllI
Aleiannrrl Uanl Ihe man whaUtnie t > < tu > e
i l tin llttll totfof hu lill foot tlitllell Illne4 tturllitf
thitljut four reir ami Mas arrented lu Nracuu tm
July lulai hy tin MurchniiU I an i I TruTtllvr Acel
dent lniiirauieCumiany Hat eiivr > Uy enteniJ lu
two rrartaiul 1 tlirre launtha iu tue auiultfa cuualr
etynal C t > i jrursp fin
II II ftll I It SltClli ai New lt > rk
II May lIfoet thO BUrifllnrc of JU r 8totl I
dart IeBillnB linn
ntmos Nov n 10nl twelve men handed In
oorel to tho Uolf Committee of the Country
Club at 11 rook II lie today after complellnK Ijie
eighteen hole In Hie iloublo clrrult of II be links
In the Intllvldunl open competition There hod
lieon tlilrty even entries and It was expcctil
lhat all of them would Invve btcn filled I The
condition of tho ground was wrclch nul nc
ord breaking wns out of llio question Tin
rompettt Ion liesaii at I > oclock In the niornlnir
In the faeenf heavy mill and a strung wind I be
rwords follow i
ttrtt ftfona
XntHf aiul Clvh nmnd ronij1 Tola
tJ StoUnrtrt Amlrewt nl 4 loo
J KllrayHlilnnecoik Hills 01 Jl > I I j
R y
II C II leil IIiI Country Clib fit M JijJ
II II Y tniinlrjrrlnli l M BJ 10
AI lltornioreMmlrtvit fti M I 111 J
T Wattmin Merrillfoiinlry Iliib Ml WJ jli
K Slant lltr Montreal fts fit 14
lwnI1 Curtli tnniilrr Iluli 6t Ml lit
i nJonliinJr tniintrr Cltili III M II
t1 VVMInrnes St Atlilrc 1 r 111
li I II lleinlerioii SI Anilrew tH Oil 117
S If 1111 II ell Lountiy Iliili 71 OH 10
A protet was entered the cnce of I
Ii nmynlTect his I position as Icndltig limn
It fcems that he touched all ob trm Hon n hnz
rani but did not remove It It I Is I > vld thnt this
contlngencv Is not fully or tlenrly iirov bird fur
In Ihn usual rules There Is our nddltloiinl ruin
providing that a committee having tho arbitra
tion of such a dispute limy when the rules do
not cover the matter dci liln thu iitiestlnti intlii
rsiltltles of the case mid then eiiullles will be
onsldered by tho llolf IMiimitteo when they
meet totuorruvv
The Menriottr ttrook Hunt Clnh lime nn
tileTennlll Una
IlEMp Tnn I 1 Nov l The Afendnw tlrook
Hunt Club met today nenr the llo lyn brcnk
rrater for nn etcvenmlle run ncrosi lilll nnd
dah MnMrr of tho Hounds Frank llrny flrl
woldRnvu thenlgtml nlIIOoclock Thepnik of
lioundit nlxteen of vhleh em recently Im
polled from Unftlnnd were put upon the nail of
the nnlsi < bng by the whip Josiph Mnrpht Sev
eral of tho hnntsinrti wn nttlied In lull hunt
Ing rlguf jcnrlct nnd white Tin ritiiHnslrom
the Hnslyn brenkwnter ncross the llo Ivn nnd
nleewooil hills and ncross the Ih Ids of tins
Tlmyer Property Tho hjmt Iliiilnd at Suiids
Iulnt KlKht riders were In nl Ih Mil
bill Inking in iinusimllv high fenietMouf
the rider were tin own from tin Ir hordes tu the
earth with gtent forte With the i i i < of
neural brtil eti neltherof them > ii t > ilnil > i > rrp
Injurlirt Among those prti > rnlwere
Mr itnd > trs fumes t Kernuchan > Tr hiid Mrs
riiarlesinrnill Mr and Mr flmmat lilt hemn Mr
nnil Mr Maamiii Mr niil Mrs tMnev Kill n Iliiili
Nr and Mr > w lilnlJtr ini Mr t Ieirs ihihn
William Wtiltn x e rt < tlm orilii > > Harry
lit II I llerlifrt Ullllniii fin v > WIIMIII
llnrr VhlinerH Ixinl Ii y Irnnt trny iirUnolt
1i s pli MnrnloMr nml Mr 1 I i > Lnnler Jlny
Mini Mr foiltni Max Sleetn Mr Tr vl Mr
KetwVH II Klttreilee Mr Wlntrop K T ustiinir
Jli f h Mtiltli Ihilileii 11 r 1 V Ituliy Ml s llili >
anil Miss Itcectmiau
A llnir Illicit Ilienkn Ill > Ietc
CIKVKIAOI Nov t The football ginm hero
today between the ilein of the Cn o School of
Applied Sclciue nnd thu Obiilln College tinm
leUltiHl In n lctory for Ihn latter hy utcon of
UDtoH iliiiMin tht right half back of Cies
ctMn hnd his leg broken In the llrit half
Titty lernnn Inliirett
TKKIIKU Tex Nov i VhlU 100 persnns
were standing on a wooden nwnlng tudny In
front of u store toteu the otrrrt I irndti nf a cir
cus the awning fell Thirewero Inlly HID H r
sons iindementh and tin nutting struck them
with terrific forcebatll Injurlig > >
I Thu e whom the ih sir Inns KCU will tlio
I are Ml it Iearl Ku hlg Mr Vnrdsnortli Mrs
I Siitton Mrs A 1 Anthon nnd Mn A I
7is SXAKI sirioir > n v
An rnormnnit llllnn Ciipltiretl lleeentt tit
Mouth Alrlia
lorn th Soiiffia Ititilu > ir
The colony nf Natal South Africa abound In
Imiionst rlt tors nnd pvhns lnl ilty tin
not attack men thev are cs > eclillv distrm livu
of cattle hhten anil oxen and tor Ibis itji > oti
parties nre formed b hunters and lalivtb tu
burn thtbush nnd forcn In omir tu ctcnm
nate the tCts
Sonm iif tht soldier it IlctcnnnrlUbtirg wein
recently liifiiriiifl by n put of ieghlior
Ing ulu of tin vvln readout of u hugn
pthnn that bud been tie tro lug thilr
oxen The Mildler with two hundrtd nativnt
Mnrted oir to inptun thu snalle nd having In
catttl It Ibo forest wi fired fur about u tulle
round about nn enormous pit Imving bnn lire I
viuusly ting In tuwnrd llu ntnut itaini luid
Mince Yhatwlththe burning biu li and tin
hunts of Ihtixi Itttl Katllf tliey Hoondfivi the
reptile tuwnrd the pit w here luslng In npun l
bun they furred him Inlu it Th nlimi i
provul tu In of 11 iirm iiisMi liiIng ibll tvvn
fiel longnnil fmtyMi Inchi s n < In inn
It nppcartd tu be iinti tlacd hiv Ing Jni iuttn
n > iingox thnt had In en let Into thii nrlnin
An enonnons cage with Iron ban balfuii
i down tht trmit having btin fon trui t t thi
smike wns gnt out ul tin pit nnd lniii Into
Maritburg In the cage Hi re It I ki l on ex
blbitliin nl the barrni ks and Isfeil lun aviet k
two Ivnfllr goits nt inch meal U will tmt i nt
tnthlng that hns been alriadv Vtlhsl I ir It I
prtfcrrlngtu kill its fund liilf The uuns nn
thrust tbnmgh iiHinall dour at tho i nl of tin
iiigi alive wlien fUlng Its great tvf npm I
them tin BtiKke xiiiblini li nuts fmwnrd and
rusbesthem In ltHi < i ifil fo d Afti r cuvei
ing them with a thick > lliiiiiibMit an inihdcip
bilnrt fwallowlng It tlallms tlnm mil b
MjUec7ing tbem and then tie vuurs themalinot at
n gulp After this the p > tlion uoes f xh tp and l
iliir not waletiitll It Is lime t fiil afiiln
A gentleman In Marlibnn owns a pthon
thnl bns bieii confined In a i aire for ovir tiir I
lien months Dnnnir tinPITIIK tho snake lm > I
nut entin n muuthful uf fuuil of nil kind n
tboiigh tvtry cumfivnnb iblbai nf Ilkeiy 1
make diet tm h IIM frug blnls rat and no ai
hi IHCII MI ti tempt itsiipieiiir Its fai > i ins
nut tu be brokin nml th owner has nt lat
anandnned the Idev of coaxing tht coll pris
oner with foul Il drinks a very munll quiti
tit of wati r In a tlnrmant hlatn this fiu > tini
vvuulil lnj better understood for In IhU Hale
reptiles of tills desirlnllon have bun known tu
tlht for tieriisU of eighteen mnnths or even
three tars
iliner flr lite Telephone
f Vi i Ihr miililtlihkt Time
mi illdn t knmv did you that manners ran
lieconveMsl by wire I can tell by eichuniof
Ihipeuple whu talks to me Just whit his dls
tHMliloii I MIV the brunette Central nnd
bow he rents his clerks nnd
t > t in t < v It 111 einplo > cos ur If ho
l nneinploeejiit what hurt of it How he Is
Ihephnmi rharpen nuul piopleV vulttiv
lt e I kiiuw but Im ma weaning that It Is
eir way of talking Iilon niftn uf tuure
al iheitluw man at tin phtine N uw In bis
iisliiisti Hut lean alwavit rl if h isitgen
emin Itophi whu would bo Hiltt tunielf
ey haw inicontlnnei tbl oixig empres of
tlerk who known thfdlgnllv of Iier prun
lltv are not In this retkunlng Iliiy urn
Hnndny DrlakliiE In Hcotland
f nilm Truth
I heiiid the oler dny of a nuvel meihndnf
evading ihe Minda > cuing act which hascuma
Intofavfir InSiollaiid Die wouldl > u evader of
the law gois t an It n Mindny night and
ho k a bedroom He ia > H Ids Imlferuwn or
whatever II raa he and diiuirt No hiw cum
pel hin tntlit > in Ihu bed fe hits engaged On
the Sabbath niorn he ntinns lu tnk his me In
tlm Inn ll does not if HUH nlone but brings
wlh him other Ihlrtv touls losticnd the d iv
with him and then II Is a tuiil of iii
biiwetl a reck o num In miuu Incalulri th
raiMliusl tu nverllunlngonMindav l
with bona fide trnvellern of IliU new IMH
and their equally Hum tide gui t Stidiniitiit
it Ittumake people mlwr b aU uf irliamvnt
llut rtbe Did AVoerj
I he law IT v hn hud been married fur mil a
jeur tent word to his wile that In had Ueii
uddeuly railed to MilwaiiktH will b Kit k
tomorrow Im wrote onl won Jiy
ilcnnirruiiher goes with iiit
Hut ulintlld worry Vh hi reached homtj
next livening ber oeu vnr red from wieping
and at cnun ilm KUVV inn > ht briiKu tluvv
again Oh huw cuuhl > bUd
Whafit the matterV In
tiiui alter wllh him
Ji Was It a man
by > I llrtd that girl a inoiih H O
Oh tlcarebtl lucvir telleviHl il tur n mu
meatany way
Illbllrul Inrortuallou for Ik Prruthr
friJltllif Isirtitun titnuJ Jiaiil
It o In a 1111 luvvn duwn t > n u altits
r t vvhere tlie folk old and > oung know all
about the ll ldiu UusliiM thit nJ niuiter
whu was taching a MiniUi whoui t tuns on a
reientbunilay pruiKiiintled theuuerllun Wby
were the dlstipUaUkeuf rumumuiiic tin
day pruple nsbenieii and i lutn r i repij
IIMUM Iheyhud Uen aIUIdng u lungaiJi
niad M Ilttl that th y were Ilkeh tu Uri
the Urii took uliy on them and luadu htm
l > r at hcrt U wild to have iurpruil him
HitflnK HI 1uaxttxcr
11 < I4r Uufatt CavrUr
JIlltonT ho dearly lo s a pugliMu
i hit eiirr rain liniit
mi r an tn
lifa i
Little Tailors 4 Jk
not leme vntit iiri Br > lrh l
yon nnt InMenit ul frntr mini
In n hoiej f lleltei nomls luitei win km
lilli Ht nit mure tost
IV lllUi lllAi I ii IUVVV era rn
u > BtVi OJ
mnde loonieral tJl
KlitRle nr rinnblfi lirenslnt nnv lencth nn
nnnlt ileep ftllk velvet eullitr Hii rtteek
nllvnnl tlnlnc Inp nenttts raw ettgr
ntrleflv Itllre vv not nnd 1nit tutoe Ther
nttr M sit It it hlrcnln urtrieil In Ih
Hne liillurlnii line
Of 1C
1 < UK no
T rt VM > Ot
fire Kill tiiiiltnuloA their Kiieetsx vtltti till
In Usl uf Ilutnuil tiunilrtuli repi nnd
llfr s ufsliiU lt in tii lined
Mieiiri tt siiriiiist ICIJMKNT
til lllf i fl TIIN iltCIII 41IDN
fins rtiru ii IH so AirvrH
Aii oitnriiM MI sr KI HI NT ninicT
220 Broadway cpp P 0
Bowery cor Brooms St
n tn SILT nirtnti
lint In flreiintfcttmee nl untlnelT to
lleittlv ICet tiunlttun
tititnttt Afiiif ytrf It
Tho drummer had for some limn hern watch
ing a flashylooking It crook pitying a gimeuf
i nrds with u mm on the deeper w bo might
hive In ui a fiirtni r and then again vhu might
the train pulled nu Ml n elation tin harp > >
nmdo n wllil break nnu rushuloiituf tl amid
olf the pint form 1 nv Ing ev t r thing I he uthi r
man cftnply Fiulliil ami liniktil liver at thu
Vbit the mltfliltif was the matterulth thnt
part asktil llicilnimmi r taking nAeat vlth
the omller
Ihcivs n Klurv goes with thnl replhil tho
rinllerniletlv Want tu liiarllr
I Illll 11 1 lu
line ln gi tin n About five cnrs ago I
hid < 111111ijttie illliver In Ililriign and win n
I gui then I Miijiinduiit bythisiuik arils In a
h iti I I fuund iotivenlint H uasnt In a very
good m lbbtirliool but f wasnt linking fur
HI lily tKIng u I didnt cire inocli Iliad
vi but ns oiuidi joiinii it
ui I ol i ntin Mill of Mn l itbollt eight feet
IHIOI a ul i m duwn tu within t limbing
dl Mi < 1 l Mn gnmnd 1 tuuk this ol > crvntlim
l IH I VMI going tu IK at III rnsrt
I Iu rnl I umlil It as iiiltit tlarK on th
Mdi of im IIKIISI nnil u Imi Igoliipclusi Icou
hear tvvu miii nlil < urlng on the nheil roof f
llsit net and ntnrd mm loll thti other tu ntuop
duivn utul be would rllmbon his Hliuiilders and
friim then iiull lilmx If tip Iniuiuy window 1IV
this Hun I vas mnndin by one ido nf thn
wlndiw riady tu meet mv vliloe ns noun
as he rame Vblli 1 was IhlnkiiC helher
ti kill him ur nut I aw MM ilngin illd
IIP in IT tin windiitx Ul iieUi lor n gonil
clip Thin Kiev Mniiicl Iutn tight us
If the tu in MI it si inn III in i li for I In Unnl
pull Al this muni nl I n f hi I forward nnd
nithiiHwl h I vli ii ked tvunl tlmi llngirsuir
HUM kit Darkened the Mky
11in Ilif 31lxilij 3lnlli > r
Knrly > jltnli morning a str nge sight wa
wltiMsmsl It i MI fanners whu rcildeen i of this
tltv It iniilat If ihtiKky vvnsl > lncliwllli a
warm of hawks which slowly clrcltfl over
henil I IniMi v hu MIW Iho night > ay thnt they
luver nltiuk > nl anvthing uf thn kind befure
nnd It Heeined ns If all the mwkn In tht country
v ere then Then wrti twi hunch of them
vUlhnluiiit > 0ii binls tu bunch Thn hawks
rame from tin iiurihiu l unit were Hluwly rlr
i ling Inward thu builthMet They wertiifa
illtlileiitculorllum Ihn hawka that lire fuund
here It Nuiippoul thnt tho forcnt tiros ilrov
them from tho North
rnvvnrd tint
> tht
Tln henv villain aelgrisl the heroine and
ilriBitifl her tu tin front uf the Magi
i ItlMctl fViir w nr over
The licantlfiil girl liughed wildly
° 1 H > U > mdi w i aint he rejoined
t i
liv thiTeVt of Ihu Ust ople In the
city In tle l i > eH tlnlLht
lh urvuis nllctl with tho confusion of many
Eczema Pimples
Blackheads XToies
Freckles Wrinkles
Skin Diseases
Facial Blemishes
Removed by
Regular Physicians
at the Woodbury
127 W42dStNY
i i
i tintirf0 ut ulHn i b > iltttrr
Tin culucrfiuement for
IT rfl e Sun left here will
4 j reoeiue Jrom > t atten
Broonic tion and cost onlj re
St ular offioe roteo Qpen
from 8 R 3V till 0
p m

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