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D b t a ea to dull ftr Mix Month a4 thi
Other with One Kxerpllnn for Tlres i
Monthi n > r VlalMlBij th famaa Blrlhi
laaaetloa Ined oo dl Lst
CntOAQO DM 14 Judge Woods tla1ln
tenced Eugene V Deb the leader of tin Am r
lean Ilalltfay Union itrlke t tU months the
county JaI a punishment for contempt In Tlo
latlnu the injunction Issued by himself end
Judge Grosscup on July 3 lut The relt of the
manager with the exception of McVean were
sentenced to three month Imprisonment Tin
I 5Ib defendant are E V Debe President OW
Howard VIcePresldent Sylvester Kelllher See
retaryt UWIloBerm MJ Elliot James hogan
Wm Burns J 13 McVean Leroy M Goodwin
The case will b appealed
In peaking of the decUlon Attorney Darrow
who ripreientrd the defendant slid I
The decision Is b law but the sentence II
remarkably lenient
VicePresident Howard laid he was prepared
t expect anything President Debs wee more
cast down than any of the others I was In the
c discretion of the Court sentence the menU
any terms of ear he chose within const
tutlonal limits and to Impose any Ina he
thought ft
All of the defendants were In court with the
exception of Goodwin whose whereabouts Is not
known and who could not therefore b notified
The Injunction Issued on July 2 hy Judge
Woods and Orosscup forbade all the men to in <
terfere wlth > tralnsln any way whatsoever I
was claimed by the United States At
torney that Dcba and other officers and direc
tors of the American Hallway Union repeated
Tlolate this order of the court by Issuing direc
tions to their lieutenants all over the country
to call out the men and advising the crippling
of the complete railroad system of the United
tales If possible The defence was mae that
Dcba and his asslttnnts had a right to order
strikes and to continue to conduct their side ol
the Ihbt against the railroads
Judges Woods and Grosscup were both on the
bench when the decision was given They sat
a in the United States Court of Appeals and mv
several decisions of minor importance before
Judge Woods came to the decision for which the
crowd was waiting Judge Woodat decision
was of the Circuit Court however and the
Court of Appeals wa formally adjourned and
the Circuit Court convened before derision was
The question whether the court had jurisdic
tion was first discussed In the decision and this
question after citing numerous authorities the
Judge decided In the affirmative lie defended
the issuance of the Injunction on the ground
that eminent authorities had decided that the
court had I right to Intervene where Irreparable
4 damage might result before the tardiness of the
t law I could remedy matters Judge Woods de
clined to decide whether he had jurisdiction
under the InterState Commerce at and took
up the Shertnan AntiTrust law under which
the action against Deb chiefly based One
of the sections of this law male I an offence
to restrain commerce In anyway The Judge
decided that United States cur h full juris
diction under this act to punish all the offenders
aathcdlrectorsof te A U U making a new
precedent therb1
In his decision Judge Woods ealdi
Without going into the details of averment
the charge made against the defendants was
that they were engaged in conspiracy to hinder
and interrupt InterStat commerce and the
carriage of the mla upon the railroads can
tring in Chicago by means and in a manner t
constitute within the recognized definitions
a public nuisance
A nuisance I anything that unlawfully
worketh hurt Inconvenience or damage 3
Blackstones Commentaries 2101 A public
nuisance is such an Inconvenience or trouble
some offence as annoy the whol community
Combinations are condemned not only When
they takn the form of tnt but In whatever
1 I fOlm found if they be In restraint of trade That
la the effect of the words or otherwise I have
it I no doubt tnt thlattementln 1 far as It I di
rected against contracts or combinations In the
1 form of trust or In any fonn > of a contractual
character should b limited t contracts and
combinations such In their general character
istics a the courts have declared unlawful Hut
t put any such limitation upon the word con
spiracy Is neither necessary nor a I think per
missible To do e would deprive the word of
nil significance Any proposed restraint of trade
though It be In Itself Innocent I It Is t be accomplished
I com 1 he by conspiracy is unlawful
The fact of this case suggest Illustrations of
the Impropriety a well a Inconsistency of put
ting upon the statute the restrictive construc
tion proposed If for example the manufac
turer of other sleeping can In their own Inter
est should enlist the brakemen and switchmen
or other employees of the railroads either Indi
vidually or in associated bodies In a conspiracy
to prevent or restrain the use of Pullman sleep
ers by rtollnl to move them by secretly un
coupling them or by other elusive lecrt1 the
monopolistic character of the conspiracy would
be 1 evident that even on the theory that the
I statute Is I aimed at contracts or combinations In
tended to engrow or monopolize the market I
I punishable would ba agreed that the offence ought t b
Hut If In such a case the officers or agents of
the car companies who might or might not b
capitalists would be Individually responsible
clplllst b IndtTldnalr repnllbl
for violating the statute upon what principle
p could the firemen or switchmen b exempt T
Can worklngmen or If you will poor men act
ing by themselves upon their own motion and
for their own purposes whether vowed or
secret do things forbidden by the statute with
out criminal responsibility and yet be criminal
ly respoutlble for the same things don at the
InstAiir and to promote the purposm of others
The persistent effort of the defendant as
the proof shows Was to force the railroad corn
I pan fcs the largest capitalists of the country to
cooperate or at least to acquiesce in a scheme
to stop the Pullman sleepers and for a time
I they bed the agreement of a manager and other
officers of one t quit the use of the obnoxious
cars and perhaps a qualified submission of the
omur of another road or two to the same dicta
tion Does the r innocence of the defend
I I ants of the charge of conspiracy under this
statute depend on the proof there may b of
I their success In drawing to the support of their
design those who may b called capitalists or
does It depend on the character of the design it
sxlf and upon what has been done toward Its I
accomplishment by themseUm and by those In
voluntary cooperation with Ullm from what
ever employment or walk In life 1
I have not failed I think to appreciate the
just force of the argument t the contrary of
my opinion It has sometimes entangled me In
doubt but my conclusion Is clear that under
the act of 1HUO the court has jurisdiction of the
I cjuo presented tn the application and that the
Injunction granted was not without authority
of law nor for any reason Invalid
This brings me to the question of tact Did
the defendants violate this injunction V Their
conuuctonly Is In question all their admissions
are quoted because they confirm the inference
ar quote other evidence that no essential
voluntary modification of their course of action
either followed or was caused by the injunction
ii Their original inteption I la I true was only t
I prevent the use of Pullman cal but Undine as
FI they did Immediately that that aim would b
If thwarted by the discharge from service of men
ii who refused t handle thesa cars they began A
u early as June 37 the day after the boycott was
proclaimed to Issue orders t strike and from
that time to the end to the extent of their abil
ity they conducted and controlled the strike
with penlstent consistency of purpose and with
unvarying methods of action
As officers of the American Railway Union
i It Is I beyond question that the defendant had
I practical control of the strike guiding as they
chose the movements of the men actively en
giiged Ljvder the conditions of last I summer
when there were many Idle men seeking em
ployment It Wtf Impossible that strike t
I hat at a general cessation of business upon
the railroads if the country could succeed with
out violence and I is I not t b believed that the
Ia defendants entered upon the execution of their
scheme without appreciating the fact and with
out determining how to deal with It
I fie Inrrel therefore I a fair one aside
from direct evidence 10 the point that they ex
r pected and Intended that this strike should differ
r from other only In magnitude of design and
f I boldness of execution and that the accustomed
j accessories of Intimidation and violence so ta
at least as > found essential to success could not
I omitted For that much the striking work
I men aUDI on tho pruuipllnKSOf self Interest
without instigation or direct suggestion and
I even In spite of admonitions t the contrary
I may ordinarily b counted upon Buch admonl
is thins against violence were enl out occasional
i ly by the defendants but It doc not appear that
they were ever heeded and I am not eLla to be
ll > on Its evidence that lu the fullest Muse It
ls was xptTl l or Intended that they should b
iLk I am m able cud quite nud > to bellea that the
y defendants not only did not fat or but depre
D cated extreme violeure ttlilcU might Rd 1 to the
f destruction of property or human life but the
iblefalio au convinced was t wcurath
good will of tti public Tu that rod the warnings
I gainst at uf depredation or t Itible destruction
fat U mar W well believed w ere sin
cere tnt their follower did not understand
cri he Court cannot believe that I wa In
tended to forbid intimidation awl the milder
forms of violent which did cot directly luvoh a
the dacUocUoa of property 0 severe Injury to
I r t I wUcfe prpJ rtuoa u N
were assumed to be not unlawful when em
ployed anme Interest of organized labor In a
contest corporations with an alliance of rich and powerful
crlrtoll of men to strike peaceably and
the right to advise I peaceable strike which the
law does not presume to < b Impossible Is not
questioned Hut If men enter Into A conspiracy
to do tone unlawful thing and In order toac
compllsh their purpose advise workmen t goon
strike knowing that violence and wrong will lie
the orobable outcome neither In law nor In
nrbble outome neiher
mornUcan they escape responsibility
The original conspiracy anatntt the nseo
Pullman cars became a conspiracy attains
transportation and travel by railroads upon
their own authority wlthopt consulting the 10
ell 1 unions the defendants converted the boycott
Into a strike and with the aid of their follow
elrll tolu
crc come of whom slopped at no meant between
the drawing nt a coupling pin mid the under
mining of a bridge whereby men should lx
liUrlnFto death they tiassed the strike t the
conditions which prevailed when the Interven
tion of the court was asked and which In the
ton compelled the employment of military
force to reestablish peace and start again the
activities of commerce
Much hal been said bntwlthoutproofof
wrongs of the workmen at Pullman or an alliance
ance of the Pullman Company and the railroad
managers to depress walt and generally to co
operate In oppression and arrogance Hit I Is
evident that these things whatever tho facts
might have been proved or Imagined t be could
furnish neither Justification nor palliation for
giving up a city to disorder and for paralyrlng
the Industries and commerce of the country
The Court therefore finds the defendants
guilty of tho offences as cnarged In the Indict
ments In both cases and will llx the punish
ment the same in both cases but will not make
It cumulative I have not yet written down nny
punishment for these men I know only two of
hem by sight Ae this Is i criminal case I de
fire to give each one of the defendants a chance
to peak t me aud say what he will
Then Attorney Darrow spoke for the nine de
fendants I
These defendants have nothing today They
believe that they did right In ordering and
continuing this strike Two of these defendant
Mr McVean and Mr Elliott took no active part
In this strike although they were both directors
In the Hallway Union Their names were not
mentioned In the evidence
All of the defendants present then stood up so
that the Court could see them They did not
appear to b agitated There was considerable
argument between counsel on technical points
before the Court passed sentence as follows
I think I will suspend any sentence with re
gard t Mr McVean lam of the opinion that
Jr Elliott was actively engaged In this strike
PunIshment should not b vindictive Neither
should I b trivial The object of punishment
for contempt of court Is to prevent further con
tempt My conclusion Is that tho Injunction
was right Mr Deb Is more responsible than
anybody ele lie Is a man of marked ability
and of strong character and the leader of these
men I was In his power by merely lifting his
voice to stop all there disturbances I shall
therefore discriminate between him and the rest
of the defendants I will give Mr I Dab six
month In the county jail and the rest three
months this sentence to take effect ten days
from now
The convicted officers and directors of the
American Hallway Union had I conference with
their attorney Clarence t Darrow In the lat
tirs office this afternoon a to tho best way of
future proceeding Attorney Harrow mid he
did not think there was any doubt they bed the
right of appeal although an appeal Is not usual
in such cases Another plan and one that will
probably b adopted Is to ek the Supreme
Court for a habeas corpus This can b done
Mr Darrow Bld without going through the In
termediate Court of Appeals Uefore the ten
days have expired Attorney nArrow will have
mapped out some line of procedure
Deb said Until this decision Is I reversed
there I no use attempting to have another
strike The decision Is i a line Invitation t the
railroads to reduce wages and I dont believe
they will neglect to take advantage of It I
they shoul do so God help the poor employee
He will have no recourse but to peaceably quit
work and peaceably starve If he asks any
body else to join him he will probably bo con
fronted by an Injunction and put Into jail for a
year or s This will stop every sort of strike
The power of these United State Judges lent
the most autocratic character They have tho
right to try a man sentence him and Impose
any sentence they ere good and proper This
whole country Is ruled by the railroads and the
United States Judges only do the will I of the
Then growing jocnlar Deb added
There Is one consolation I suppose we will
have our choice of jails tuppse
Darrow assured him that they would a the
sentence says In the county Jail Debs will
go to jail at Terre Haute his home and the
other will b pretty well scattered over the
country Hogan will select Ogden Uth as a
place to spend his term
tlh Was Aeeaed af atcalla several Small
Thtaca fram Ire Brother
Miss Emily Suffern whose mother has ben
the housekeeper for five years at the Fifth Ave
nue Hotel was arraigned in the Jefferson Mar
ket Police Court yesterday charged with shop
lifting She Is i the daughter of the late Judge
SnfTern of Haverstraw Miss Suflern was ar
rested late on Thursday afternoon In Stern
Brothers dry good store by Policeman Woods
of Headquarters who is detailed t watch there
during the holidays Woods saw her take sev
eral small articles when the clerks backs were
turned She bad nearly completed a circuit of
the store
She fainted when told that she was under ar
rest taint taken to Police Headquarters
where she sent for Jeweller Klrkpatrlck of
Twentysecond street and Hroadway who gave
ball for her Mr Klrkpatrlck said that eh lied
been ill and did not know what she was doing
and that bewished her mother not to know any
thing about the affair
When the case came up be fore Justice Voorhls
resterdaymornlngMlss duffern was surrounded
by a group of friends who tried to quiet her
but she was very hysterical and cried constant
ly A representative from Stern Hrothers was
In attendance Hn said the stolen articles
which were worth S40 had been returned and
in view of the fact that Miss SurTern was well
connected and lied been ill they did not wish to
make a charge against her Mr Klrkpatrlck
explained to Justice Voorhls that Miss MifTorn
had been a constant sufferer from a nervous
trouble and really did not know what she was
doing He said she and her family were emi
nently respectable and that her mother knew
nothing or the affair
Justice Voorhls after giving the young wo
man a lecture discharged her and she left the
court crying
Th Hnbcastcla failed Away from floats
by Their sons Alleged Death
Anthony Rubensteln a German farmer who
lives about a mile west of the railway station In
the borough of Delbord N J was warming
himself In front of a glowing Ore last evening
when there came a loud rap at the door On
opening the door Mr Hubeniteln found himself
face to face with a stranger who was gasping
for breath and appeared to be very much excited
cited The man told Kubensteln that hU son
August who lives In Wrstwood had been killed
by the cars and that thedead mans wi to wanted
him to come to the house as soon as possible
tubensteln and his wlfn hurriedly got ready
and started for e two
On arriving at their sons house they were
much surprised to find him alive and In good
heath After hearing their story the yoiini
man began to suspect that it was I ruse tl get
them away from the house so that it could be
robbed lie accompanied the old people home
rhb aceompnlell
When they arrived there the house had been
ransacked from end to end but nothing of any
value was missing
Yj was known that Kubensteln had been In the
habit of keeping large sums of money In the
louse and only a few day ago he placed In the
lay hank IOO that he had In the house for several
A Heh8l Frlielral roavlrte of AaMlt I
Tout RIVEH N J Dec 14 Charles Helsley
the former principal of the New Egypt public
school was yesterday convicted upon three
chafe for assault upon a disobedient pupil
The assault occurred In November of last year
leallY told Ida WIn 15 years old to shut a
window and the girl refused t do It The prln
Ipal then tried t compel her and Ida claimed
hat lie exerted more force than wa necessary
liar cries were heard by her mother the Wlun
residence being only a short distance from the
schoolhouse Jn WIno came to the rescue
accompanied by her sons Abraham and Reuben
and her daughter Pauline The principal al 1
eged that Pauline lunged at him with some
thing sharp like a needle and that Abraham
lad In his hands an open knife and a bag of red
pepper > The principal used a poker with telling
pppr In hi 1 defence he declared that the whole
thing was a putup job to assault him and that
the signal for the approach of the Wlnn forces
Tuesday was Idas scream Helsley will be sentenced on
Blot PrlatlBB Coatrvet Awarded
ALBAinr De HTh State department
printing contract was awarded today for two
ea from Jan 1 to Weed Parsons Co that
company having underbid by 8000 all com
xtltor The jlrout Company now holds the
contract Th contract for printing the sea
Ion laws I sod slip next year was awarded to
11 wre
James ii Lyon who now b the contract Th
I4tato binding contract to run for two t ears from
Jan 1 next was awarded todaY to Veml Ilar
ton out The Journal and Iruiu comuaule
ot this city were among Ibo bidder for the
rpirtuunt printing contrail The leglslaltte
irUtlng contract U I now held by James 1 Lyoo
and run for another a
Why Nat
I Tab th Kaly Doubts Cblortd of Gold to
th lUjaor and morphia ItablU at Uu Ktlcy
LuUm WblU 114L1 L Y 1Adu Ka
TrI to rear latn HI Ceaeh es the
rerrjbontMiil fixed at U000Kepi
flis Helrpeeila BnrUc the < Jearsey >
cad Would Nat Talk Absst HI Case
Samuel C Seely the defaulting bookkeeper o4
the National Shoe and Ieathar Hank arrested
In Chicago on Monday arrived In Jersey City a
022 oclock last night on tb Pennsylvania Lim
ited He was In the custody of United State
Marshal Arnold of Chicago and Detective Ser
geant Nngent of Inspector Mclaughlins staff
President Crane of th bank was also on the
A crowd of about one hundred people was at
the Pennsylvania station to see the defaulter
and when the train role in a rush was made
downth platform for the stateroom car Pata
gonia the last but one on the train aboard
which Sely A known to be In the van were
United Slate Marshal John I McCarty Dep
uty Marshal E W Uostwlck and Frank W
Angel Seely lawyer
The first man t len the Patagonia when the
train came to a stop was President Crane Then
came Marshal Arnold Deputy Marshal Ilot
wick and last Seely The crowd surged about
the ca steps hemming the par Beely looked
nervously about him for a moment then spying
Lawyer Angel ha pushed his way to him and
grasped his hand
Irp low is Ida I he asked anxiously his first
word being for bs wife
She is I very much better answered Mr
Where Is she Seely asked than hIs e
roaming over the faces of the crowd about him
She Is In Brooklyn said Mr Angel She
isnt well enought to be out et
In the minutes space these few words occupied
pied the crowd gazed upon Petty They saw a
man of average height gaunt of frame and
dressed In Illfitting clothes Ills cheeks were
hollow and flushed on the cheek bones His
eyes In which thee Is a very noticeable cast
were shifting and avertlv The large mous
tache which a a distinguishing feature
when he a a bank clerk was clipped close
around the mouth and had been dyed a dirty
brown iti roots were light Ills hair had been
He dark
darkened with pomatum wore a
frieze ulster a black cutaway coat and a soft
black felt hat The low collar about his neck
disclosed the prominent olclottis which I an
other of his characteristics
Dy hard pressing the marshals had forced an
opening In the crowd and Scaly picking up the
portmanteau and large pasteboard box which
followed them the plat
formed his baggage tolowt up plt
form and down the steps t the ferry slip Thr
a coach was cot and Scaly entered with Marshal
Arnold Marshal McCarty and Sergeant Nugent
When the boat came In which was to convey
the party across to Cortlandt street word was
lart acr t Corl1ndt tret r
passed around that Seely a In the coach and
THIS is 8rtLY
600 people mostly clerks and shop girls on their
way home from work tried t peer In at this
windows A the side and even In the rear For
two minutes the linn of trucks and wagons die
charKlng from the ferryboat was entirely
blocked l and It took the whole force
of terry hands to clear the way bo great was
the curiosity that several young women nar
rowly escaped bring run over When the coach
was at last driven itnvvu the decline to the lerry
boat a number ot girls ran alongside It still try
Inl tn catch a Rlliui u of the delimIter
When the boat landed on the New York side
the coach wa driven rapidly up Cortlandt
klrect to broadway and tn the Federal l building
In the marshals oilier on the third floor Uenu
t lv Marshal Kennedy wad awaiting the party
hecly was led to I beat and the receipt of Mar
shal MiCartv to Marshal Arnold won then made
out which placed brely formally in the custody
uf the former eely wits then taken t Com
missioner tihleldi H office on the same floor
where he > vai arraigned on the Indictment
found by the United hmtes Grand Jury
CiimmlMlnuer Hhlelds read the indictment
which Included six counts Three were for false
entries and three fur the abstraction of moneys
The counts w ero based on the examination of
he bank Dealers llalance from A to K from
May Il to Nov n The amounts of the specific
charge were Nov I 9300 Nov 5 lUO
and Nov 2 f 000 These amount were drawn
to the credit of Frederick Baker
When the indictment had been read Lawyer
Angel Rot up and formally asked r fixing of
AnfeJt Shields turned to District Attorney
Macfarlane who suggested f 3000O Mr Angel
said he thought this was excessive Ha con
tended that there were three thins to consider
i n ttxlug ball First that tho offence U only a
misdemeanor second that the amount named
In lie Indictment wa only 3OHO third the
principle of the matter that u bond wa re
quired only to Insure the mans attendance upon
his trial lie I thought that hOO4 should 0 siif
detent and rrcllcil the extenuating clrt urn
willingly stance anl eely had come bock to Sew York I
After some discussion between Angel and the
District Attorney Commissioner rdilelds fixed
jail at JSOOO antI In default of that amount
he remanded rieely to tha luJlow street jail
brely was then taken back In the Marshals
office where be had u lung talk with his brother
nlaw bamucl Aynier and hU wifes uncle M
F iUlleubark < llefore leaving tbe room Iresi
drnt Crane shook hand warmly with Keely and
when Marshal Arnold was about to go he to
trained heel y by the had b ely I colored and
thanked the Marshal for the kind treatment he
had received lu Chicago and on the journey to
this city Ten minute afterward Kcclywvsin
a cab with Mar bal McCarty on his way t Iud
low street and a half hour later the Iron doors
of the prltoii closed upon him
Throughout the ordial from the train to the
jail eely kept hii lfpoaxrulon and It wa
Duly in the high clor on his cheekbones and
iii the glassy brlghtiieM of bin restless eye that
evidence of emotion W perceptible A passenger
enger on the train from Chicago who walcbe
Urn cloely throughout the tip sabs that never
torah lu Uinl did bctly lose hit cool demeanor
hi ieUlkul with any one who happened to address
tliii but nerr about hU uwncoae He hail the
freedom of the car and a clone watch was kept
Un Ill by hlstustoilUusat all lime but be
lid not seem to be tousclous of Il conducted
ducted plcAuro bleU al If he bad becii a traveller fur
Un the Patagonia bail l slept In the stateroom
with Marshal Arnuldi the ajlnlnl staUroom
l which the door wa always 00 wa occa
pled by Hr nat aal the door a41iif
n It 1 Into the s > aasaeway was fcrptl0ckeat
r r I
Highest of all in Leavening Porrcr Latest US Govt Report
oyal Baking
J a Powder
Seely was a tractable prisoner however and I
was never under lock and key hy himself No
handcuffs were used on him either on the train I
or after reaching the city
Asa matter of cly Ih Lawyer Angel
he Is I exceedingly clvl to get back He ban
done wrung and lie will take his punishment
like a wrunl 1111 Vs dont expect mUll clemency
and hell have to be satisfied with commutation
for good conduct
Io hardest blow comes on his wife and
child I dont know whiRl theyll do Home
body wilt have to take rare of them for they
have absolutely nothing
Mr Angel has several times declared since
AIII tmn
Beelys disappearance that he thought he could
place his hand on the fugitive within twenty
four hours I think I know where he is l he
has always said and I hes In that place hes
absolutely safe Mr Angel was asked last
b8lule 1lr
night Ii smiled If Chicago was the place he had In mind
le Imlell was wrong he said Washington
Is the place I had In mind
he would say nothing about the conduct of
Seelys case I shall have to talk with my
client ha said Maybe I can say something
1renldcnt Crane said that he had got nothing
out of Heely about the defalcation either In
Chicago or on the train Beely was always
polite when I led up to the matter he
very Hed smile and say Im very sorry
Mr Crane butl cant discuss my case until Ive
seen my lawyer So I have nothing to say
either until Hecly sees his lawyer and has a
talk with him II I I
CANADAS itair ritsarixn
Sir Bewail Ra Dee Xteqnte t rn
a New Cublaet
OTTAWA Dec HThe report eent last night
that the lon Mackenzie howell had been re
quested by the GovernorGeneral to form a new
Cabinet Is officially confirmed this morning
Mr Howell told his Excellency In effect that
while fully realizing the difficulties and respon
sibilities of assuming so Important a duty he
could not appreciating the mark of confidence
reposed In him by this request decline the re
sponsibility acceding to It and he would at
the first possible opportunity consult with his
colleagues and report to his Kxtellency Mr
Howell added that as some of his colleagues
would not arrive In the city until next week he
would have to ask sufficient time to enable him
already to consult conferred with all those with whom ho had not
Till request was readily acceded to by his
Excellency Mr Howell who will without
doubt be the next Premier of Canada was born
at Kicking Hall Suffolk England In inn and
came tn Canada with his parents In 1HX In
his early manhood he was a newspaper man
He was elected to Parliament from North Has
tings and after an active experience was made
iinlsterot Customs In Mir l John I Macdonalds
Cabinet In 1H7H a position which be has held
continuously since that time
As a departmental officer Mr Unwell has few
superiors He Is a thorough Canadian and protectionist
tectionist and as Minister of Customs lisa lied
the opportunity of pushing his principles t the
utmost verge lie Is also a prominent member
of the Orange body having held the office of
Grand Mauler for a number of years While Sir
John Thompson was abroad Mr Howell held
the office of acting Premier
A British Cruller TVIII Carry His D edy
Across the Ores
Loxnox Dec HA requiem mass was cele
brated over the body of Sir John Thompson In
Lady Chapel In Spanish place this morning
The service lasted fortyfive minutes At the
conclusion of the mass the mourners and friends
passed around the coffin and looked upon the
ta of the dead Premier The coffin a re
moved this afternoon to the private mortuary
moYe alernon
of Messrs Gr tln it Sons In Welbeck street
The Admiralty have sent a cable despatch t
the Admiral of the Channel squadron at Gib
raltar Instructing that officer to send the cruiser
Blenheim to Splthead at once She Is expected
to arrive there on Dec 18 and to proceed at
once from that place to Portsmouth where the
bodyoftjlr John Thompson will betaken on
board and conveyed to Halifax
OTTAWA Dec HThe meeting of Ministers
In the privy council chamber last evening was
cUe t take Into consideration two matters in
connection with the Premiers death prelimi
nary arrangements for a Mate funeral and a
provision for the widowed wife and dependent
family of the late Premier Upon the latter
point It was decided that the circumstances of
pint Thompson and her family were such as to
justify thin colleagues of the lain Sir John
Thompson In asking for 1 national subscription
10 create a fund for their support and the lion
Messrs MscKenzle Bowel and W Ii Ivts were
appointed a committee to carry the suggestion
out The Finance Minister will b asked to act
a treasurer of the fund until the subscribers
can appoint trustees to manage It
Ct Tell When the Park Bear TVIII
Choose as Architect fbr lbs llrlvaway
President Clausen of the Park Department
was present at a meeting of the Hoard of Street
Opening yesterday and was asked what action
Opellnl yelterRY acton
would probably be taken with reference to the
appointment of a landscape architect for the
driveway in view of the refusal of Frederick
Law Olmsted to undertake the work
Park Commissioner Tappen who was present
suggested that It would IK > as well If President
Jlauseii did not express an opinion but tho
resident paid no attention to this admonition
and said
Oh 1lont know what we will dol Probably
we will take thn matter up some time in 18115
Commissioner Hell has gone away and we can
do nothing until his return
Cnmmlislonerllcll has left the city for two
weeks and Commissioner Straus is In Europe
K ary Hiipp1 raeBtl Coatrmet
Concerning the allegation by a committee of
Good Government Club 1 that James l Leary
one of the Driveway contractors receiving 10
high prices for work under his supolemental
contract Secretary Hums of the Park Depart
ment said yesterday
Tho IfRlilatnre by requiring that two side
walks b built rendered the supplemental con
tract necosarr and there were some Items
which required new work on which no price
tail been fixed Engineer Graham submitted
estimates President Clausen made a personal
Inspection and took advice of other engineers
and contractors and the prices were finally
fixed by the Hoard
The Relimaa Twice Married
Louis and Ilarbara Helsman nf Newark were
married again yesterday by Judge Mott In the
First Criminal Court where Relsman was
taken to answer a charge of nonsupport mae
by his wife In 1KD3 the couple agreed to
eparate and Justice Feldman drew lrce
tapers Itelsman then gave his wife up 100
Then they lelman divorce from Itabbl Samuel
Ilrschweln of this city Itecently the wife
made a complaint to the Overseer of the Poor
mae after several adjournments the casa was
brought up by the City Attorney yesterday
Bogus Theatre rassas
A young welldressed man who signed his
Dame aa William llort and pretended to b
agent for Abbeys Theatre caused considerable
rouble at the box office of the theatre yester
day He solicited advertisements for the the
atre programme and for every advertisement
lie I secured and received an advance on he would
iresent the advertiser with two passes to the
theatre Many ouch were rejected p Bus box
office presenting yraUrday hem to the disgust of the venous
TrtlK lloraa Utm Quarrel
John McQuIre who keep a stable for trt
Ing hone at 207 Wet Fiftieth street and
Calmer Cleveland a driver of trotting horssa
met In the Park yesterday while they were out
driving McUuire alleges tbat Cleveland truck
hUn on the head with his buggy whip Ha had
Cleveland arrested and at the Vorkvlll Police
Court produced a witness who corroborated him
Cleveland denied it vehemently but Justice
McMahon required him to give bonds for tra
Ibree Mere Hbc r4lte rroU4 Far
Flies additional appointments by Rvnn
Collector A Augustus Healy of Brooklyn were
announced yesterday William S ConitantTJr
tauger and ieorga I Knner sod Daniel 1
ireen storekeeper The new laso of course
belong to the bhepardltv fold
Aaethar Cable 1 far Vlcllia
Samuel Tnrnlvat 70 ea old of 1138 Third
avenue died at his hum last night from In
tunes received on Nov a when be wa knocked
down by a cable tar at TUrd avenue and bUty
seventh trt
t Ic
T J r I
The Slash of the Republics Order Are to
Keep Out or Barrooms
The series uf defalcations In the banks has IK
t many informal conferences or talks among
bank officers In New York city and elsewhere
In very many banks new and more modern s
terns of bookkeeping have been establIshed I
has been left to tho Hsnk of the Republic at J 1
Wall street to attempt the most rigorous dis
cipline yet undertaken and to Insist on Its em
ployees living according t a rule laid down by
the officers of the bank
VicePresident Kuctne H Pnllen by and with
the consent ot President Oliver 8 Carter has
announced to the clerks just what they must
do Mr Pollen has had frequent talks with the
clerks which they considered lectures and he
gave them another lecture yesterday afternoon
He declares that the clerks must not be seen In
barrooms and mutt not drink In public places
day or evening 10 a SUM reporter Mr Pullen
explained his new Ideas
There are ilftyfive clerks In this bank he
said and up tn date I have talked with seven
teen of them I will talk with the others day by
day There Is I no disposition tn I > harsh with
them but I have Informed them that this Is a
time when bank officers and clerks are being
watched 1 do not bollevo that the clerks In
this bank should be seen In barrooms In the
evening drinking I do lot object to a mans
taking a drink I he wants I but let him takolt
at home One little chap in this bank was ap
parently getting luto bail habits My talk with
him was calculated t save him
There Were reports tn the effect that some of
the clerks demurred t Mr Pullens strictures
on their personal conduct and that they had
been told II obey or travel the bank Mr Pullen
said that the reports wcrn not true U was fur
ther saul that thn clerks In the bank had been
told that they must quit the bon ling club which
Is i organized among tim clerks of the old Hank
Clerk Association Mr Pullen said this also
was not true In fact he added that hn wasnt
aware that there fat a bowling club
Hut never mind about all reports or that
lut relrtR
character continued Mr Pollen I do not
believe that our clerks should bo around nights
drinking In barrooms It will not make them
good clerks This affair though I one which
concerns the domestic workings of the bank
and can have no nubllo Interest
Mr James A Blair one of the directors I of the
bank said
The Hank of the Republic is I not a Young
Mens Christian Association or a Sunday school
to train voting men In the ways of righteous
ness I any such rule has been made It has
been dons without this directors knowledge I
am Chairman of the Hank Committee and I
know nothing about It In common with all
bank and trust companies when we hire I young
man we warn him to leave Honor and gambling
and pool l rooms alone and If we find him dis
obeying why we tIre him Hut I dont think we
object to them going tn bowling alleys or into a
saloon once ina while
A SlffalfleaBt Speech nefbra the Kl Ig
Canaty Democratic General Committee
At the meeting of the Democratic General
Committee of Kings county at the Brooklyn
Athenmnm last night reports were received on
the recent primaries Protests were entered
from fifteen districts six of which are in the
Tenth ward
Mr York moved that the protests from each
ward be referred to a separate committee of
three and the motion was adopted The report
Treasurer Robert Stewart showed that the
organization bad come nut of the recent political
with Its financial standing unim
cal paired deluge Is Inanclal tandlni unln
pIr balance In the hands of the Treasurer
amounts to t 20P2ilO and the Secretary has
J11375 while the total assets nf the organiza
tion Including stock In the Thomas Jefferson
building amounts to JSlMSunu
Edward Dunn of tbe Seventh ward gave notice
of an amendment to the constitution providing
that no officeholder shall 1m delegate to any
nominating convention Mr Dunn badly re
marked that each of the Democratic organiza
tions the regulars as well as theShepardltes
hail made mistakes during the past year
The result nf the election he said ha
been to send the socalled bosses to the rear
The people cant b called down any longer
They have learned their power and will Insist
on good nominations In Jer future There Is I
going to be no more boss rule I the old mA
chine men do not know enough to retire volun
tarily into political obscurity they must have
I the knowledge pounded Into them
Mr DunnH revolutionary utterances were lis
tened to with marked attention hut evoked no
demonstration either nf approval or dissent In
the old committee they would have produced a
special meeting of the committee will be
held contests next Wednesday night t pass upon the
Beaatar Todsra hope the Party Will Ba
WI and Keltrtla Itself
The members of the West Side Republican
Club and a few guests In 1 to the number of
about 250 ate t a good dinner and talked about the
late Republican landslide in State and nation at
the Hotel Majestic last evening Congressman
Lemuel Ely Qulgc was the taastmasterand made
what his hearers construed as an antlPlatt
speech Mr Qulges conclusion was the Intro
duction of the lion Henry Cabot Ixxluo of
Massachusetts renatnr Lodge raid tn Iart
rho party of construction the party of ac
I tion the party of thirty years of successful
Government baa been recalled to power What
are we going to do to deserve and retain that
power In the first place let nsIo the counir
a rest In the second place let us bring back
business confidence by wisdom In our financial
and economical legislation and In thus third
place let us restore our dignity and character
broldhere are some people who will invite us to
present tariff nr currency bills in such non
sense as that I hope and believe the Republican
party will not Indulge We art not going II b
the responsible party in power before the 4th of
March 1HH7
Senator lodges speech was frequently ap
plauded There were no other set speeches I
was expected that the Governor and Lieutenant
Governorelect Mayorelect Htron and J bloat
Fassett would speak but each sent a letter of
Informal speeches were made by the lon
Warner Miller Job E hedges and Congress
manelect Benjamin L FairchIld
Will Close Durlac Church Hour
FAR HOCKAWAY Dec HThe hotel keepers
of this village have consented to compromise In
the matter of closing their places on Sunday
The church people asked that not only the sa
loons but also the hotels should susiicnd busi
ness on Sunday The hotel keepers resisted this
movement for some time but have finally
agreed to close their places on Sundays during
church hours
Tortarcd a Boy with Hot Teas
NORFOLK Ya Dec HDr U 1 D Miller of
Norfolk county was arrested today In this city
for torturing a small white boy with hot tongs
and A shovel because he failed to learn his les
sons Dr Miller admits burning the child and
his excuse for it Is that the boy was very bad
and rapidly growing children
derive more benefit from Scotts
Emulsionthan all the restof the
food they eat Its nourishing
powers are felt almost immedi
ately Babies and children thrive
on Scotts Emulsion when no
other form of food is assimilated
stimulates the appetite enriches
the bloodovercomes wast me
gives strength tn all who take it
For Coughs Colds Sore Trot Bron
chitis Weak lungi Emaciation Con
sumption Blood Diseases ad all Forms
of Wasting SfMJor pawpMtt Frit
I ftutttltnaa MY A DntaateU tOcaadlt
i 1
Tlllt ARMJtlflAjr MAC
Order far Caasnt Jwltt ta laveatlcaU I
Bealle4 aa Turkey Jrtest
Wisnutnroff De HThe Turkish Govern
ment has protested against the assignment of
Consul Jewltt to accompany the Commission t
Investigate the recent massacre la Armenia
and requested that the State Department recall
his orders Mr Gresham therefore today
cabled Minister Terrell directing Jewltt to r
mAin at Silva It Is understood that no further
action will be taken by the Stat Department on
the Armenian question Great Britain I I now
believed will practically outllsa and carry on
the Investigation under the terms of her treaty
with Turkey The Porte In objecting to Consul
Jswltts detail Is said to have been Influenced
by the fear that his report might brine to lcM
the true slat of adults In Armsnla and sub
stantiate the charges ot Inexcusable atrocities
A rnoniar or TX AUXIN
The rliitar Bassos live far 1Tysare14
Hnll Hailth alelde
PASSAIC Dec 14Russell U Smith aged 17
shot himself In the rlghtbreast in his room at the
Spencer House late last night and died within a
few minutes lie was educated In Franc where
his mother lives A few years ago he came to
this country and nas engaged by a surgical In
strument house In New York A friend In ac
counting for the suicide saldt
Young Russell was a prodigy of learning
Ills acquirement were far beyond his years H
was familiar with the statecraft of thus Old
World and had his Ideals In literature and
statesmanship If In the course of his reading
he found his author attempting to demollshany
of these Ideals he became worried and distracted
lie passed the early part of last evening in com
pany with his brothers Irvine and Eugene
and when he entered the hotel at 10 oclock
he showed no signs of despondency or of fret
fulness About 1 1 oclock a pistol shot was heard
In his room and he was found stretched lifeless
upon the floor with a copy of Voltaire in French
at his side It Is believed that In the book he
encountered a paragraph that ran counter to
his views and that this so perplexed and wor
ried him that he got desperate and killed him
The following not was found on the tablet
DuaFATnzai I cannot stand this world any loafer
Ooot by From your loving son RDSSXU
Ills father la William L Smith of Ntwburgh
NY Among the paper found in the voung
man room was the manuscript of an article
describing scenes In France which ha had pre
pared for Slunnyi Magazine
A Fight with tha Iletel TaldorTa Betas
tlve Balled by George Gould
Hamilton Fish Jr S3 years old of 63 Irving
place and Robert Graeme 23 year old of 2fl
KastTwentysecond street were locked up in the
West Thirtieth street police station last night
charged by Schuyler IL West special detective
at the Hotel Waldorf with being drunk and dis
West said the two men were quarrelling with
each other and abusing the cab driver in front
of ththotel He told them to move on and they
refused Ho then told them he was the special
officer of the hotel
The two men pitched on West and Fish who
Is a large man hit him tn the chest with his fist
West returned the attack and knocked both
men down He then summoned Policeman Mo
ran and the two men were taken to the polIce
station Fish said he wa a nephew of Hamilton
Fish and a son of Nicholas Fish
At 11 oclock Nicholas Fish accompanied by
George Gould wentto tha station and Mr Gould
balled out the two men
The Use la ac Oreajaa Uchtbaaiaa Bava a
Narrow Eacape
AiTontA OrDec 14The chief keeper the
lighthouse on Tlllamook Rock and his assistants
had a close call from being swept into the sea
by the hurricane which wu the worst ever
known on the coast The lighthouse leader
Columbine which was sent to Investigate the
damage tn the light returned today being un
able tn approach within speaking distance on
account of the high sea The keeper sent his
report In a bottle attached to a buoy The light
apparatus was practically ruined by the waves
which dashed 130 feet above high water A
huge rock was lifted 100 feet and crashed
through the living rooms washing into the sea
verythlng movable The room were flooded
during the height of the storm
Th Secretary ar tha Bahylea T M C A
Farced to Keilo
nAnnx Dec 14The Board of Director of
the local Y M l C A met last evening and called
for the resignation of Secretary George O
Greenhlll which was promptly handed In
Dreenhlll left town bv the first train this morn
Inc He had been In charge of the association
lieudqusrters for several months and until re
cently had given very general satisfaction A
few weeks ago complaints were made that the
Secretary did not maintain good order in the
rooms An Investigation showed that the
younger boys who were the most frequent vie
tors to the rooms wcrn In the habit of tying one
of their number to a chair
ireenlilll It Is I alleged not only did not make
any effort tn Plop the boys In their pranks but
was often u witness to the proceeding He Is
about 10 years old and unmarried He formerly
resided In thn central part of the State where
he was engaged In Y M C A work
Tha Memphis Trial lads la a Verdict or
Not GuiltyTalk eta Duel
MEMPHIS Dec 14H N Smith and W8
Richardson on trial for thlrtyslx days here for
lynchIng six negroes near Milling ton on the
night of Auir 31 were acquitted A nolle pro
entry was made in the case of he eleven other
persons charged with complicity in the crime
A feature of the case now exciting attention 1s
he possibility of a hostile meeting between two
eadlne members of the local bar on account of
animosities growing out of the trial Gen
Ueoree H Peters was first engaged upon the
case as associate counsel for the State and later
was subpunaed unit placed upon the stand aaa
witness In the course of the argument before
ihejury Gen Luke K Wright of counsel for
tho defence took occasion to speak upon the
dual position axaumed bv the exAttorneyGen
eral referring not only to the professional
ethics Involved but alto to the credlbll
it ty of ileu Ptterss evidence under such circum
Bay II ndarcd the firm1 Nam to Not
Without III rartBcr1 UaowUtlce
Charles Spencer Osborn who was until re
cently a partner In the firm of John Osborn SOD
t Co wine merchant at 45 Beaver street ccn
teased judgment yesterday for S38323 to WU
lam and Robert A Osborn of that firm for
money advanced on his account and for contin
gent liability in his behalf He staled in the
judgment roll that while a partner be made
notes payable to his own order endorsed the
units name thereon without their knowledge
and used them for his owls benefit The notes
aggregated 8U05 and the firm ban already
laid two of them amounting to J1SMO Forbes
1 Hennessy was appointed a receiver for Mr I
b bnrnon the 5th h Inst In supplementary pro
ceding Mr Hf mieaiy said last night that ha
was not prepared to speaK ot Mr Osborn
The xlercca Ioumtj TrMllOB Coaipaar
IlACKKMtAtK Dec 14The Bergen County
Traction Comiuny filed letter of Incorporation
in the Count t lerks office this afternoon The
capital stork of the company It SOOOOO The
rood u 111 extend from the tuition county line at
Bulls Ferry tu tort Lee Cast tu IeonU norlu
to Kniilfwiu l relish lleuiaresl Ilulrr in
klll NTwuod 10 HIP his klai d county line east
from Kiiuleuoiid d New llriilvr wiuth lu Fair
mount and HacLeiiMiik throuili lImit street to
the r > > ex street siatiiH l ulwi south tu Little
leery and Hulveoekl south from 1Auuta to Fair
view John VliU UcmiMey U the only stock
bolder In tM Mrtiou the syndIcate Ufc gum
poc < l of W1adshphi5fl5
MOMJI or nis cuxToxrmt SKXKIN
Area Tamil el Alliance OhU TTnt sa
JCipUaatl of Statement cC His Ae
centBerne efthe Method of th Firm
Os Hlln4 root Mae Arrcte < l O >
Concent CJnltMr Arrests Probable
Even while the story was being written which
appeared in Tin Sine yesterday exposing the
character of the discretionary pool business
carried on by Weinman A Co of 41 Broadway
Thompson ta Bert Company of 18 Wall
street and Itlchardson A Co 10 Wall street
there were representatives of some of the
customers of thsse concerns seeking redress from
them One of these was Lawyer Raphael J
Moses Jr of the Equitable building It
represent Area llamlln of 101 North
Freedom street Alliance O llamlln sent some
money to Weinman A Co According to the
letters of advice and statements of account
made to him semimonthly his money was put
into the eame pool with that of Walter 8 Drake
of Brockton N Y whose unsuccessful effort
to get hold of the book of this concern was told
yesterday These statements to llamlln showed
also that the pool and of course his account
were making money rapidly Thla state of af
fairs continued up to Oct SO when Mr Hamlltt
received this statement accompanied by
check for the ram stated in the account
lsw Yosi Oct50 1594
7U7 North Freedom street
Alliance Ohio
lpL iS lrofltaereditedyour
aecounttodate 359 5
lty balance 530 9
0e5 4 Capital impaired on
part hoidiag of A 5
It and 0 0 F poe
hsied and sold from
liept 17 to date go
per 93
Valance hmoidlrigs of
A IL It Your rn
ratsinterelt sold Outs
dsr at 86 88
Lheek for balance
of account 19 64
9770 87 9770 57
Mr Moses watched the course of events In the
Drake suit and when IIow A Hummel asked
to bay Drake order for tha production of
Weinman A Cos books and papers dismissed
he wa interested As an answer to Drakes de
mand there was filed what purports to be a
true statement of all the stocks dealt in for the
account of the pool with the amounts pur
chased the dates of purchases and the price
paid and like Information regarding the sales
This was sworn to by Mark IJlumendal on
Dec 6
An examination of that part of this record
which related to the time covered by the period
when Mr Hamllni capital and profits were
wiped out from BepU 16 to Oct 10 only mad
Mr Moses more anxious to Ret a sight at the
original books from which such accounts could
have been taken He waited however hoping
that these books might bo opened aaa result of
the Drake suit
On Dec ly Charles Weinman mado an affi
davit In that suit In which he said that the con
cern was perfectly willing to submit its ac
counts and contracts with broker to the exam
ination of Interested persons at their nlaca of
business That affidavit was hardly read before
Mr Moses mode such an application at 41
Broadway lie presented the original of the
statement of Mr llamllna account as shown
I want to see the books he said
Mr Weinman was very pleasant about the
matter Ho was sorry he said but the book
were all up at the office of Howe du liummeL
lou can see them there said he
Mr Moses wont there He saw Mr Stelnert
Mr Bteinert assured Mr Moses that the book
were not only nol there but that they never had
been there
All we have he said is the attract filed
In the Drake cue
He said however that If Mr Moses was not
connected with the Drake matter and the per
sons back of that he should have no trouble to
see th books
Weinman A Co said Mr Htelnert are
all right and they have just had their book ex
amined by the Consolidated exchange The
books were not only found all right but were
Just then Mr Hummel came In and Steinert
asked if that was not what Weinman had tele
phoned to their ofilce It was said Hummel
Thereupon Mr Moses retired but that night ho
wrote thi letter and had It delivered
IfrMr Hove dt Ifummf
UivrLKjfEi When 1 saw you this afternoon I was
not quite clear how far the claim In my hanrti of Sir
llamllo might to connected with the proceeding be
fore Judge lUvhorl I am now able to Inform you thai
I represent thin claim Independently every other
matter and eieluilTely of the Interests of Sir llamlln
The account doe not seem to ma to straight In that
It alleges a lots on Oct 4 Iwhlla the account nied
before Judge filtchoff shows no sale of sugar
prior to Oct 6 and a small loss on whiskey I must
therefore ask permlulon to examine the books In so
far an they relate to the transactions between Kept ill
and Oct 20 an to the matters Mated on the account
rendered If the account U honest I will make
statement en affidavit to that egret It dishonest I
shall expect your clients to pay the amount found dun
and the examination made Ly me win bn entirely con
ndentlal ileaM let me have au answer tomorrow by
8 oclock
He has not received an answer Drakes money
and that of llamlln were said to have been put
Into pool 0 According to the abstract of
purchases and sales for this pool furnished un
der oath by Ulumendale Weinman Co bought
for this pool 1000 shares of whiskey ID C F
at prices ranging from 116 to ii 000 shares
of Huger A 8 iLl at 10V and 3100 at price
ranging from 100 to 101 The next day they
bought 600 more at 00300 more on Kent 10 at
OOU and continued buying sugar right down
to Oct 1U at prices running down ateadlly until
they reached about N5
The other Bide of the sheet shows that they
sold the 1000 shares of D C F stock on Sept
17 the day they bought It as follows I Three
hundred shares at ION 000 at 1096 and lOt at
10H This mode a loss for the whole pool of
52100 They sold no other stock according1 to
the account until Oct 0 two days after the
time that their statement to llamlln shows a
loss of 40 per cent of his margin on sugar The
figures from that time on to Oct 20 show losses
enough The total alleged purchases for thus
pool amounted to S7H5Vl and the losses to
S74SUUno Mr Drake got back S420 out of
SHOO and Mr llamlln 70tH out of 770i7
Just how It could have been poulbl that
Weinman Co could have been buying Whis
key Trust stock and Sugar Trust stock on Sept
17 becomes an Interesting mention In view of
the fact that their dally market letters at this
time predicted declines In tlioc stock
Inquiry at the Consolidated Kxthnngn yes
terdaydeveloped the fact that on Sept 17 on
which fiats Weinman Co say they bought 100
shares of sugar stock at 10 tnero were nnly 70
abates sold at that price all told The number
sold at the Stock Exchange was not learned
Yesterday morning una of the blind pool
men was arrested und he Is now awaiting ex
amination on thou technical charge of conducting
a gambling shop The man arrested was Walter
I I Valentine who oil Thursday was expelled
from the Consolidated Exchange Acting Cap
tain Hogan of the Old slip station served the
warrant on him and he was taken tn the Tombs
Iollce Court wuern Justice Urady paroled him
In the custody of his counsel Tho complainant
against Valentine was IsiuiorSteru of 122 Suaiex
street Stern says he went Into Valentines place
and Invested 2 In ten Inluutes the ti faded
it was learned yesterday mat acting Captain
Hogan and the police of flue Old slip station
acting on Instructions from Police ll adiuar
tar are arranging a whiiletale raid on thus
blind pool establishments don ntovtn Thcra
are a good many of them and It Is I difficult to
secure evidence of a convicting nature against
them The police however know the records
of almost all of the men In the business
The National Stock and drain Brokerage Corn
any of 03 Broadway closed Its doors j enterday
and dropped out of sight tvtus I one of the
many places with pretentious names where any
txxty was welcome whit > hail 15 tn risk on a turn
of the market According tn Its advertisements
It was a concern of considerable consequence
with branches in Philadelphia Boston Chicago
Baltimore and Washington It pnifenxd to ba
a corporation with a capital stock uf KlooOOO
Th resident was William N Stare > Chants
H Walnut was Treasurer and Albert A Holt j
Secretary It bad been In business about <
two mouths
ClUaliC rr Hour to a CaptUtd Boat
WOODHIIUBGH L I Dec H Capt William
J Cromwell and Henry Powell proprietor of
the Hay View Hotel went clam digging > ester
day and on he way home whIle otT the mouth
of Hog Island Inlet a sudden aquall upset their
wit Cromwell is a good swimmer und bail no
difficulty in reaching the oterturunl boat ant
teulng himself abuse water but Iowell
wa nearly exhausted They drifted about
clinging to the boat for Iwo hours until rest uel
hya > Suede named Jentrn whu uat dinging
clams near the shore and saw thitr pridlca
VTh n Hibjr was tick ire care bi fattoria
yrhen a was a CbllJ khe cri J far Castor
When a became Jlta 1 the ctunic to Cfcu > rla
When te bad CbllJrriisha alt Cssoxta

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