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j ept the Approach Terrace Portico
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era Approach the Mix Terrace
ALAn De 22The time hM pussed when
popl say Never will the Capitol bullellnifnt
Albany b completed It has been ilc < lllr
growing toward completion for the eleven
years that Capitol Commluloner Perrr lias
been In charge of the work When he a hum
bie architect packed his grip In Blnghamtou
and went to Albany he fouud there a tnMi of
disordered tne and before him a work which
ho thought would bring bu little reward Hut
ldIt the capitol became a part of the life of Mr
1erry hli very being and wrapped In his
work he haa built a monument that will last
long after he ba lon forever
J Not for four jean ba eny report been made
ai t the pr ell of work on the Capitol build
Ing Much Improvement however It I evident
Inl Imprnment howevr eldcnt a
the result of the tour years work and the ex
pendltnr br the State of about 20700000
When the 1eirliUture convene and Governor
elect Morton has taken the Gubernatorial chair
there will b presented t the people of the State
through the Legislature a report from Capitol
Commissioner Perry covering his work for four
> ears I haa been prepared In view of the fact
that the control of New York States
affairs baa paaaed from the Doan of
the Democrats to those of the Republicans
The years reported upon are 1811 1807 1803
and 1804 to Deo 22 Tho Commissioner has
been at work upon the report for some weeks
p and the main part of It Is now offered to the
readers of TncHtm I begins by sa > < lng that
during the four years past work has I been con
centrated upon the eater approach and ter
races tho western staircase the library the
apartments the Comptroller and Treasurer
and generally extensive repairs t many parts
of the building The report says i
8 The remaining work t b done to complete
the Capitol Is the eastern approach and ter
race north outh and western porticos the
tower repairs to the granite walls to complete
the western staircase the furnishing of the
apartments for the Comptroller and Treasurer
the completion of the fifth story and the
pinocle of the sixth story of the State I
library The work of finishing and furnishing
the Interior of the Capitol Is I nearly completed
The work yet to b done on the Interior Is I the
finishing of the slopes to the western staircase
Tho building Is I occupied throughout except the
apartments of the Comptroller In the second
story The State Treasurer 1 occupying the
apartments assigned to his department but
they are not quite finished I will b seen that
tncro Is I little to be done tho
tlero ltte except granite
work required complete the exterior and the
tower The only mason work remaining tobedone
IA I that lu connection with the exterior granite
work and some repairs to the Interior of the
building There Is I a mal amount of carpenter
work to be done together with
b donto wlh some repairs
There will be but little employment for un
skilled labor Tho maximum number of men
I that could b employed to advantage on the
1 Capitol 700 In all branches of the work and
they t principally Iton uUen Special attention
mourn Le given to the exterior walls of the
brlldlng ns they are suffering for muchneeded
t repair Tho pointing haa worked out of many
nf the Joint In portions of the outside and court
walls and as a matter of preservation t the
structure n good deal of work Is necessary t b
done to restore I to a sound condition
I Originally the stone gutters were not lined
with metal The Joints were calked with lead
Kxperlence has demonstrated that by tho
ba demonltrate thlt ex
I pansion and contraction of the granite tho
Jnlnt could not b kept water tight by this
I I method The consequence was that they leaked
badly for many years Daring the last four
t years the gutters have been lined wltn copper
and are now water tight Many of the outer
nnd court walls were damage by reason of the
leaky gutters and It would b advisable t
thoroughly repair the walls fill and
wals 11 Ind point the
joints ali clean down the nails In which
cast they would be preserved and the
building would present A better appear
ance than It dot now A force of
men has been kept employed for the past four
> nars In lining gutters and repairing the roof
The flushings and many of the dormer windows
and walls were one In a bad condition and
this combined to make the rout leak badly at
d many point The flashings were taken out and
new one put In The mortar had worked out
from beneath the coping of the windows
cpili thl wlnllws and
S the joInt had to b levelled and retained The
i opines back of the gutters wero Inn unsound
condition and the mortar had fallen out of this
jolnU Xo ail the tone work back of the zut
ror1ha been roterrd with sheet lend 1 and the
Male pointed up The slate cud tile roof was In
1 leaky condition but It h 1 now repaired and
made water light The 1 curtain roof l x In ho I
tciuthean pavilion was In I leaky condition
by reason of being flat and the slate broken
Jhnslate WAS taken oil and a tin roof put on
The terra cot flnlsls of the patllluns and
other roofs of the building which were In an un
nuund condition have been repaired and I the hip
roll hate also been made sound pointed
up anti the stone work has been repaired an that
the roofs are In pretty good condition except
certain one which fare un State street und
Washington Hue and which should be cov
ered with copier The slue on the copper root
nn tho north hide bhould be taken down ali
covered with tin
3 T IP Commissioner then enters upon a careful
description uf the custom approach to the build
hug He says Illd
The eastern and principal approach to the
Capitol provides for entrance both the
lplol rlr an to bth flrst
and second stories through an arcade In the
tint story and through a portico over the arcade
In the second story the foundation for the
approach wu laid In 1H01 since which time the
work ha been steadily progressed each year
when money was available for the purpose The
plan ot the structure are on a liberal scale und
the eastern approach extnds
apprch slll out from the
building a duunre of inn feet 7 Incites and
connects with the central and projecting I
section ot the eastern facade The first section I
Is 111 feet broad measuring tu the out
side of the pedestal The string anti
kteps curve outward at the lower ends I
OLd terminate In original pedestals
ecu orliinal Pstals on which
5 are designed to b placed statuary bearing elec
tric lights The firm run uf sixteen step are
100 feet inches broad and are constructed on
convex curves the height of each conslrutr 1lnl In
creased over the lower one and Mopping on a
broad curved platform at which point there U I
I I it great corbal supporting pedestals at the end
of Jreat platform lloth the corbel aud pedestals
are designed t be richly p 1 with
curving from this platform there are
sixteen additional straight steps landing I
tin a platform all from which run the I
steps leading to the second story Hosting
Ip great pier at the Junction of the
terrace and the upper runof steps Is a great cap
4 feel im uppr by 7 feet a 1 Inchon rising
about IU Inches l aboro the platform 1 his cap
designed i to tat carved and to support > CI
talo with carved carve which will receive
the strings balustrade and rail and form a
proper platform forsupportlng statuary bearing
electric lights This is I contemplated by the
M ix terraces eitrnd on either side of the up
per run of tepi to the < roadway This roudwuy
S C firms a pone cochcre roway tnt story of the I
Capitol pr roadway U 1 > feet In width by 17
lot long and divided Into three bays with
tons grim celling aupported on piers with
columns in the angle the eups of which are de
signed to Is carved the foundations Here
built up MB height of U feet ron truc ted inn
most thorough manner Th four pier which
rest ou the abovemeiitlourd toundallons are I
constructed of Unl > wrought graulte aud hate
been carried up t a let el with th aside cu the I
pavement t receIve the superstructure The
glees un either Ido of the roadway are carried
up on a rectangular form tu a height of seveu
feet from which point the piers are circular In i
k form each Jllt tour columns cut on the
1 solid mad crowned with a block of granite preparatory
paratory to carving The pier aud columns
have moulded bate and represent a very great
amount of work and hat a substantial and
beautiful appearance
The eastern facade In Its present condition
Is I greatly Inferior In its appearauce tow au
architectural lUnJimint 1be ceutro union
xUods up to a ivct at the fourthstory floor at
which point t I discontinued From this Isnl 1
Ike anlu waU of thvlcrotr section Is I r
COMO4 I tb ton eudluit aacl U larrloU W
the rot llnesmaklnir an offset of sixteen feet
and presenting a bud construction and unarcbl
tectural design This Is to bo remedied
The first soul second story of the building
will bo entered through the roadnays and the
porticos Itom Ihe level 1 hf tho top ant the
arches of the second story the piers alld columns
will extend up through two stories with broad
and substantial piers a tin outer angles to the
steps between the piers divided Into three broad
openings by the Intersection uf granite piers and
columns when this work Is completed the
eastern approseh wilt lie most lmH > slng and
grand nnd will be thnroughly redeemt tram
Its present unarchltecttiral appearance East of
the arched IirIveuti the porto corhere to the
nut story Is I nf two sections divided Into
three bas earn with elliptical ramped
elptCII tAmled
granite groin ccllngs between the maui chili
tied Arches suptHirtcd on piers flanked with
columns of stone preparatory tu carving The
effect nf this Is substantial and grand On the
went of the drive nay next to tho building and
oJlo the rOAd 11 Is a fourth bat treated in
the ttaini manner us the VIA abut described
The section of the terrace next to the roadway
Is curved outward greatly Increnfilnit the width
lnl wllh
of the platform on either side anti milking a fine
effect ellecllly In the colonnade The pllas
ters anti columns which support the terraces
connect with tho retaining walls uf tho roadway
on the north and south tide which extend at
right angles to the terraces Those retaining
walls are embellished with pilasters with mould
ed bases
The Commissioner then minutely describes
each platform of tho approach Two corbnlj
there are one on earl side of tho approach
They nrp richly carved one has upon It the
htegi 1 Ir I Jupiter the other the head of Mercury
Itwll b borne In mind that the material used
11 this great approach I of finely wrought
granite from the IIMIowell Granite works and
that the work linn Icu dOle with greatest care
and precision lint 1 clone has been cut by men
of long experience In Ihs work who performed
their dute most faithfully
Although much attention and car has been
used by tho Commluloner In < describing the
eastern approach Ill Is the grand western stair
Case that re < elves Ills most careful attention
lilt eipanatlnn uf It U I that ot tho true artist
Whose heart and soul is in his work He says
The next great work In progress at tho time
work was suipcndid on Oct u 18114 Is I the
great staircase In the western section of tho
building The work nt erecting the structure
teas commenced March I V 1SH4 anti con
tinued at Interval when appropriations were
Inurl approtrlalons WCe
available the actual time expended on the
fame being five nnd onehalf tears The
structure itcctiples 1 space 70 feet 1CH Inches
north lit south by CD feet 104 Inches
east and west The east and wet corridors
of the main section nf the building extend
along past the great staircase In the lint second
third and fourth stories except on the
nest side of the second story where tho
entrance Is I located anti connects with all four
of the entrances The effect produced In view
ing the stairs from the second story Is I most Im
posing All tho walls within the section In
which Is I the great stalrca10 have been made harmonious
monious nlth other portions of the structure
The plan consists of broad central landings
drawing In the corridors of each story and ex
tending through this centre openings between
cylindrical pier flanked with columns near the
east nnd west corridors In this llrst story In the
east corridor and wel part uf tho second story
and In tho opening corridor In the third
story Tho central runs curve outwardly
from the centre line of the steps In
creating the length of the sep step
which aro constructed un convene cure
and extend up I little more than onethird of
the height of each Unry and len on central
platforms Theo platforms are flanked by
short riinsof stairs on two slilus at right angles
with the central runs and lean un platforms
reaching to thu alls from which are four runs
of steps two on each stile along thett alls next
to the north and south corridors thereby mlk nes
ing four landings twu In each corridor of the
second third and fourth stories liy this plan
tho construction of tho staircase Is such an to
form four llbcrnlMzcd walls to which light Is I
admitted through the glazed dormer and other
windows In the side ttalK
Tho 1 central portion of the stairs I Is I supported
on eight pler resting upon moulded granite
bases and extending up from tho foundations at
angles of all tho platforms through three full
stories UlB7ed columus with moulded banes
rest upon pedcHtAls except In the fourth story
anti fire embellished with carted caps From
the lower eight pilasters and piers tu the north
IOU tn east and went wall lu each story are
elliptical arches carrying the upper runs or steps
which land In the currlteni On these are sup
ported tile various runs and steps I the arches
being furnished with groin ceilings The vari
ous forms o arches mulct a pretty picture as
viewed from the many itolnta on the staircase
and prove that the utmost scientific and skilful
work has been accomplished The successful
result brings to the beholder many most beauti
ful and Interesting vistas
the Commuialoner then goes on to describe
tin openings on the various floors which the
staircase connect He says
The north and south corridors In the third
story are completed The lower section of the
tt alls Is I of the same material as employed In the
stairs and the walls of the outer section are
fuciil with Indiana limestone The panelled
ceilings are of the same material At either
side of the window opening tu the stops to tho
angles figures are represented Much careful
alnUol has been given tu the form and deco
ration of the balustrade In the third story
They stand out prominently from tho staircase
on ledges and tire adorned with rplrlted carv
ing Un the centra ledge I on thu north side Is I
mi excellently carted head of Culiimbus In re
lief and the three caravels In which he and his
company undo their firm > o > ago Upon the
ttctcrn ledge is I carted tho Viking shin
and nn the lat ledge a modern steamship
hi j presented tie two later Illa relief The
railings of the third opening and thin slops of
the ale un earn ttldo are richly carted and
present I Mite effect On the south and corre
sponding It due of the upenlngs Is I carved the
head und hum of a typical American girl the
arms of which are concealed by foliage and
projecting through tliii tame finally bringing
the hands to tlett On the west ledge Is a
ploughing tcene nnd on the east 1 chooihouse
net in a clearing hue scene representing a forest i
of timber and children on their way to school I
The ploughing ali school scenes are In bus re
lief aiipportvcT liy rich foliage
Ihe entrance t the Mute library Is from the
western corridor nn thu same floor A broad
string course Is i situated just bloW the springs
of thoarclipsnf the dour und the reces extends
lor J
tends tho white length of the west nail and re
turns along the north and south end walls ex
tending toand Including the capsof the columns
nt the junctions of the nnrthand nouth corridors
1 his ktrlng course together w itt the cups nf the
columns und pilasters have been cotnpledte
Much are has been given to the design UI the
I rl nfl over the Mate library is I a carved repre
sentation uf the hind and neck of Mlnervawlth a
reath of oilt lea t falling down on either tilde
of the same and the whole set in ttellclrslgned
and curvlully executed foliage On the lower
section of thu transom are the words State
lltirnry with carvings representing holly
leaves tprlnglng out from behind thecups of the
columns un either side with u branc h of Ivy un
twined around the letter Tin doorway Is I
flunked 1 with columns the caps of which h are ex
out lltly carved as Are also tie caps uf the cen
tral column on either Ida of tho recesses On
cans of i olumns near tie doorway arc carving
of head representing Homer and hhakenpeare
lupld are represented In the space between
thu pilaster und columns either side of the
llbrart doorway and at other idiOts Inthestrlng
coiirwu Heads representing old men and
cupid are Introduced itt i Intertalsun the string
tuune uuiuug entwined foliage
On the east hide of the tlrnt t torj are carved
cnrlmlH under thu t arches kiiiHirtiiig the I iiiitro
run itt thn Itului representing JiMtUViitinnu
mid llberDou tho other On thu west silt I
the coibaUiiru carved to represent a lump nnd
open Ixmk nn one and a cross on the other 1 I ho I
emblems are supported by richly carved f tiling
lh turbots OUPIlrinl the Ihlnlltor arches
which carry lh centre run uf steps 111 tint
east bear the words KxceUloron Ihu one and
Klluribu i Plum un thu other Oil this west
side IA I a quotation from the Declaration of
Independence im letter carved on a moll
surface Mirrnundrd by natural foliage On
one U l lie hid of ThomaH Jelfersnn
which II carted between thn nip of column
of Ihu pier jut below The corresponding
corbal supporting the opposite arch represent
the Mart und Stripes The head of leorge
Washlngtnn U I cartel between the caps of tie
rulunuii ntul the pier below rite tuussolrs of
the arches that tarr the various runs of stepS
are two fee III height with heavy carved bead
at the angles formed by the taco of the arch
and the semis
The report after complimenting te manner
In which the workmen have performed their
duty says
In ease the balustrade In the grand stair
case Is 1 completed up tu Ihe various runsuf stairs
from the btcond to the fourth story It I ttlll b
most Imposing and graceful tlmt is protldlng
the ttiuuu care is I taken tu cumpletu the work
that has i haracterized it thus fur Tho stair
case U I lighted by window opening Into tho
north anti south courts anti through broad
opening In the WIlt wall of the corridor on th
tlrst second und third stories The wires whichi
are used lu light thu staircase are skilfully con
naIad underneath the stair
this rt port then describe the ceIling lath
various stunts Lear the Haircut 1 lie rlnf
la the first I nf pre 1 brick lath second red
sandstone In the third Indiana limestone sup
ported by lama of polished granite Most 1 up
tereollng I the descriptIon given uf the faces In
grand which adoru the corridor between the
AttorneyGenerals office and the ofllra now occupied
cupld by the flat lloard of Health Piers
sLant un ither side of the stair Ou the right
hand pier leading from tae western lobby on the
Inldl is carted this heal uf Ien theorgi Vah
lugtua cu the opposite pier facing U luhlugtua
t < the face of lluma JeffrsrU On the IW
faciiiK the lotby are the bead of turn Non
and aihiry Taylor Flanking thts head are
thee vl GO wool iv4 UsnThnmiii Ou u
Inside of tho piers Is I the hcnd of J Fenlmore
Cooper with smaller head surrounding Itrep
rescuing the subjects of IAn of his writ
Ings there 1 Is subjct the t head of Anion
Clue Vespuclus On the opposite piers nf
the east corridor are also historical heads On
the Inside of thnrlghthnnd pier looking across
the steps can be eon the head of hen BchUler
and on the opposite pier Hint of lien Jackson
Facing thin cnrrldnr nrn heads of Ilcujainln
Franklin and De Witt Clinton while flanking
time 8nl on the right and left respectively are
tho heads of Henry Hudson and Charles Cham
plain On tInt Inside uf the piers as viewed
when descending tho steps are tho heads of Jay
and s Wright A portion of tho piers hns
been I Jirepired for the hends nf the late Presi
dent Lincoln Wllllnm II Scwnrd Alexander
Hamilton ScarCe V Curtis and Henry And
Hnmlton Uerl lurt lenr
Fulton The models of thcC heads nut now nn
exhibition nt tim Capitol antI no far AS they
liMo been examined by competent judges are
Jecte good representations of the distinguished sub
Thn report says Hint the steps of the staircase
are nt freestone from quarries near Albion Or
leans county and onn nf limbed known ma
terial for steps from the tart that It will scar
almost equal to granite ant Is just gritty enough
to prevent It becoming slippery The report
closes with a description of iho new quarters of
the Comptroller and State Treasurer Those of
the Comptroller are on > the second floor nf tIme
Capitol building and take In tho old Court of
Appeals runt of the defunct second division
alI nlmokt half of tho Washington avenue tide
of tho
Tho Treasurers nnnrters are on the ground
floor and extend along the went nldo Supple
mentary to this report is I I financial statement
which contains nn Itemized account of all the
appropriations made for tho building
Father hooker Who Hneeed Dr rapt l
Arrive on the Isieiintax
The flay Father Frederick Zadock Hooker D
D who was recently appointed by lops Leo
Secretary to the Iapal Delegation In this coun
try arrived yesterday morning from Liverpool
on the Lncanlo Among thoso who welcomed him
homo wero his I father Myron H Hooker editor of
the Albany l rtMianAKnlcKtrbritKtr his mother
his uncle Mr Thomas Hooker of the Tribune
Judge and Mrs Walsh of Albany and Father
Lynch of Brooklyn and Father Drlscoll of this
city who were classmates with him at tho North
American College at Home Archbishop Corn
gao was represented by his private secretary i
Father Newey who was obliged to leave how
ever before Dr Hooker landed to attend tho
funeral of Eugene Kelly Father Newcy wu
present to extend an Invitation to the new
secretary t accept the liospttJltK 4th arohU
episcopal residence during hU stay In New York
He left the Invitation with Dr Hookers father
Dr Hooker Is a tall finelooking oung man
broad shouldered and deep of chest Ills ces
are dark and soft and his voice Is I melodious
To a SUN reporter ho said hn wits very glad to be
able t make his home In America again
Are you tim bearer nf any Important
messages from Iope leo t Raked the reporter
Not that I know nf said Ir lloolur
smiling No I did not bring a cardinals lint I
for Mgr fcatollL That will come later probably
Dr Hooker raid he left Rome on the Oth and
that ho had spent three days in London
1 expect he said I to leave New York to
night for Albany where I hal spend Chris
mas with my parents and my friends of earlier
Itijs I eipe < t to inter UJKUI toy new ditties M
Hecn tnry to the 1npal Delegation a Washington
on Jan 1 ant In thU way 1 hotm make u good
waf 1IIlJ
Hart for the I 1 believe
rlr new year nm lloe the first
American prle < t ever honored with a commis
sion from the Vatican and 1 nm very proud of
his mark of consideration on the part of lope
leo Iheolllcn WUH not sought by me nor vita
my appointment brought about t 1 far an I
enow by the perxoiinl solicitation of JIgr l sit
olll lbs omml klun came direct from thu
time lop My appointment has no Ignltliancn
hat 1 know of other than that I tas chosen
because the Tope wanted to glvntnn the place
lucre Is I not In all Europu 1 dee per or moro
horoiigh student of America and UK people
than Iopn Leo He Is I very fond nf Americans
Kith Catholic and irotf slant and he Is always
lellghlcd llo nee and converse with them He
thinks there Is a gnat future lu toro for this
Dr Hooker drove from the pier to the resi
dence of Archbishop rorrlgnn on Madison ave
nue Accompanied bv his father and mother
and Judge and Ir Walsh he left the Urand
Central Matlon at I oclock for Albany
Dr Hooker a horn In Albany thirtytwo
years ago He was educated In I the public
chools and at Union College Ho entered the
American College at Homu and there was a
pupil of > atolll In 1880 limo degree of 1 D was
conferred upon him A few months later lie
was made IceHector of tha tollege which
elites he held until recently
The appointment Dr Hooker to bnSecre
aryof the Iapal I I Delegation Is I looked upon
among Catholics 8 another mark of signal fa
von from Iope Leo to thu church is this coon
try It Is also regarded an n victory for thonn
whit have hi Id that the nfllcn should Ut tilled by
onto who understand Ilinrnughlv this language
and customs of this coiintr t Dr 1npl is I held
In high esteem and Is I sicken of us 1 consclen
IOUH an well as a brilliant man but many with
l n the Cntholia Church felt just hU lack of
knowledge American won and the English
tlltu language impaired hits usefulness lu hU high
OF Ffrurvr K1rrT
His Hundred Orphan ror When ifs Had
Helped lu Cnre 1rornl at Hie Hectic
Thn funeral of Eugene Kell > took 111110 yes
enlay morning from St 1nirlctn all lrl
Tho time set for limo services which confuted of
is rolcinn pontifical ina s was 10 ociumck but
long before that hour I was Impossible to get a
lt In the cathedral The side aisles were
tilled and cure were obliged to listen to the
services from the lobby Ilrsldes delegations
from the many organizations to which Mr
Kelly belonged there were present QUO orphans
toward whose education and maintenance hu
had been a Iliieral contributor There were 1UO
bo > s and 100 girls from the Catholic Orphan
Auiuiti 300 gins al1 boys from the parochial
schools In various purls of limo city 1111 hun
dred children from the Catholic 1rotrciory
During thn early hours of the morning there
was a constant stream of callers nt tIme bankers
residence UI West Fiftyflr street A few
moments before 10 oclock the funeral promt
Ion left titus house and started for the cathedral
First came time rail bearers Justice Morgan J
Ollrlen Chief Judge Daly of the Court of Com
mon Ilea James McMannn resident of the
Emigrant Caving Hank j K it Mutton 1reldent
ot the Hank of New York E 1 Wright Presi
dent of the hark National Hank Paul U I TinS
baudDrlhomajiAhmmtt I nidenic Coudert
and Thomas I OConnor On the toftln lay a
few flowers placed there by the family kcl
lowing the coftlu came ito members of this
Archbishop Corrigan was the celebrant of the
mass assisted by Mgr I Farley i he deacons of
honor nero the 11ev lr Hears aud I Father ie I
true and the Hev Wlllluru hairy and time 11ev
Joseph I MeMahon nclid I aaileacon and ot l
antdeacou respecllvel lime Hev Fth r Nary
was the master of ceremonies Jhe Kev
Dr Urann pronounced Ihe eulogy rolloweil
by the Immediate friend and < xinn ctlon of the
family the body was taken in Calvary Cemetery
whey the Interment took plate
T Old Nuremberg how
There Is I offered at Madison Square Garden ft
representation of Old Nuremberg and Its
houses and multitude of exhibits
a mutud rIIIU especially
adapted t the holiday time In addition from
the opening of the dora at 10 oclock until tb
clln < hour alII at ulsht there are perfurm
anceeou three stages 1 lire a ill bv special per >
luriuaace on Chruiuuu lu > room mnrpug ua <
h4Q75ul 111 nixbt and additional artists wUli b ciu
n c iTitFrLKR DEATH nitcAT9
The rffbrfn to Keelalm the Drown Lpd
of the Wallktll Valley and the flU
Deer Bam that Followed Their Hcrteesa
Q 03H EN N 1T Dec B2The death t nor
Iei N Y of George C Wheeler remrves Lh
last of tho leaders In the once famous mnskraj
and boater war In the Wallklll ale and the
lat of the many men who were ruined by that
war The series of events Involved A > rm a mod
Interesting chapter In the history of the great
dairy region
Orange county reiiun
There Is perhaps no other stream In the
State or country like tho WslUltl Hirer I
rises In Sussex county N J and flows rapidly
until It reaches a point twentyone miles south
west of Now Hampton Orange county There
It encounters the peculiar formation character
iMlc of the Intcrt enlng vallev 1 his Is a stratum
of llmcstono which forms the bed of tho river
for twenty miles tho distance between Ham
burg X J and lon ton one mile west of New
Hampton The peculiarity of this stratum Is I
that Its surface Is A series of sharp jagged and
nbrnnt ridges from 4 to Iti feet high rising at
hurt intervals and making a river bed that
presents one continuous obstruction t the
ricers low Tho Wallklll besides having so
peculiar a bed Is so crooked that In a distance
of twenty miles it flows thirty The alley Is I
tour milts wide for thirteen miles and then
Is divided Into two ales by the Io
chnnk Mountain One of these valleys Is I
eight miles bug nnd two mile wide The other II
is l six miles long Iud one mile wide The border
Ing land U on 1 level with the river The almost I
Imperceptible fall of the stream between Ham
burg anil Denton and the obstructions In Its
e formerly forted the accumulated waters of
the stream back over this lowlying country
nnd when the first nctlliTS entered that part of
the Walklll Valley they found that 40000 acres
consisted marsh land covered with rank veg
etation At what Is now the village of Denton
the obstructing bed 1 of the river terminated in a
great natural dam of granite and drift over
which the waters of the stream tumbled Thcn
this river flowed on Us way a broad rapid
stream that Increased In size and Impor
tance until It lost Itself In tho Hudson
In tttnct of freihet tho Wallklll Valley be
tween the rocky dam at Denton and Hamburg
N J became I lake twenty miles long tour
wide and from ten to tnentyllvo feet deep
This waste area rcceltrd the name of the
Drowned Lands Tracts of It were from time to
time taken up by speculators who believed that
eventually the land would b drained and b
romo of great value In time owners of
Drowned Jrrat mcadons obtained 1 considerable
Incomu by letting pantnrago rights for the cat
tle of ncfghliirliig farmers In tho dry season
Timers were numrroux tracts of elevated land lu
tho great swamp which were culled Islands
nnd were capable of high cultivation Iheso
Hand lncamo time ready resortsof cattle driven
from the low marshes by high water the water
frequently rising rapidly from tudden storms
I hu ilLlmcw uf lImo Mill of the I Drowned Lands
led early to efforts tl reclaim the meadows by
ilrnliiiiuf As early M 1HU4 the subject was
clhuiieil bv I tho browned Lotid proprietors
I hey bclletid that bv removing some of tho
grrnti HmoMnne reef from tho river bed anti
changing the course of the stream In place the
dllllciilt might lio cnerrome Tie project re
quired n largo outlay of money and In hinT an
act WHS paued I by thn New York Legislature
renting it Hoard of Drowned Land Com
mlsalonon wllli authority to raise mono
for tin purpose draining tho mOII
mowneii ianu9 limo owners or ino
meadows to bo assessed to
were b aeue secure
n fund sufficient to carry cut k
work Kuorts win made at different iliac
tnecn 1807 anti IHJO to drain tho land but k
though nearly 5iuoo was expended little or
nn benefit resulted 101 It was then decided that
the removal of thu natural obstructions nut
feasible and that time only way In which the
tract I could be made valuable was to dig a canal
from Denton above the granite dam to a point
Iwlnw New Hampton a distance of tureo miles
This virtually meant the making of a new chan
nel for tho riser for that distance
lime water of tho Viillkill after passing the
rocky dam at Denton hail a fall of 114 feet In
the next two tidies making a valuable watt
loiter A dam had beta constructed at Now
Hampton and muny factories had 1 been erected
and had called Into existence the bustling tiuwim
of Ihllllpport The right to this valuable
ater power WH vetel l In Gabriel N 1hllllpi
The welfare and prosperity of hundreds of pro
tl 111 1 large uullnl tornlnl Iolllr tie
pended on that power The proposed construe
tlnn of the canal consequently alarmed the pin
ploof that part of tutu > alley as a canal meant
time total drying UJ of tho river between time
Denton dam and 1hllllpsport anti the conse
ntient ruin of the factory owners and 1 s ho
I on the factories The matter wits cur
ried In time Legislature and tho fiirmint suc
ceeded In gettlncan tot pasxed authnrblng time
milking ut tho innal 1 his was In INM but long
and costly litigation followed ali tho canat was
Tint illli until I I IHrtV
AA n riinprotnl with tho factory Interests
the rniialinen had the act nmended so that the
Drowned I Lund ommUsloners re authorized
to build allood gate In the canal I This was to
b < > cln < cd at certain times to turn thewater back
Into Unoriginal I channel so that 1hllllpss mill
pond mluht be kept filled with staler for the use
of the 111 ali fin lories Time canal however
gradually undermined its banks and In time of
Hood acres of valuable land through which It
ran were waMifd away Originally Ibo canal
was twelve tel wide nnd right feet deep but In
hue course of I few years it became many tlmra
wider than the river lt rlf and today In some
placeri nearly IUUO feet w Ide This chance from
it ummtrrtw sluggish dltth to a broait and rapid
channel for tho river made It Impovslble to con
trol time water lt the flood gate and turn any of
It Into the IhllllpN dam
The continual Increase In the width of the ca
nal nnd In the full of tliu water through Itwhile
destroying hundreds of cres of the best land In
time count increased correspondingly Its drulu
atom 11MCI and where only a few > ears lie
fore It outs imposilbli to gut nhout except In
hoot l s th < h farms notv dotted time urea Noi less I
than Jjiiuo torus worth Induj I all uf Jloua
ODD have liren rerlalmed from tho Drnirncil
indn l by meant of time cinnl The canal co t
In money tlOnui I while It enriched 1 one por
tion of time alley brought ruin to another portion
tionFor a time the property holder manufacturers
tuner and residents along the rivers old chan
n nl l between Denton nnd Phllllpsiuirt ttruegled
to ward off ruin jutrlel Phi 111 pi died and his
son llccirge Inlieritol 1 the water right When
the canal had washed itself b onuS control and
thci WHtir no longer cane Into the < Ihllllps dam
nt New llMinpton leorno Phillips had a solid
damn constructed across the all He hod Ito
uuthorlty to do this but he did It and the dam
lurneil the t water luck Into the original cliaune I
Hut after time the water began 1 to take pta
Hittlou of time reclaimed lands In the river onca
more lIme farmers came down In force
and demolished the dam rhllllps rebuilt It
A gain It wasdmtrotnl when the water flooded
the humus For jean this warfare went on
1hllllP resolutely replacing the dam every time
thu farmers destroyed and the tar com
ing down with the same regularly and demol
ishing It The 1hllllpa party or dam builders
were called Heavers and the farmers or dam
deMroyers Muskrats and the Muskrat and
Heaver war cal to bn 01 of the great events
In the chronicles of this part of the State I
did not come to an end until IHttu
In 1HD7 1 Amos M I Ityerson of Denton and J
M Talmnge nf New Hampton purchased the
Ihllllji properly hat 1 tame yea they sold the
water right to tit Drowned htmmi Commissioners
limo farmers then believed that they wero at hut 1
undisputed umasteru of the situation Hut In
IHiiu the IhlllliM property was purchased from
ll > erou alI I Tulmagu by lieu 0 U WIcKham
O II Wlckimm alt I C Wheeler The tmew
owners then purchesed a strip of land on each
side of the canal near Ililllipsport and claim
log that they hod a right to construct a dam on
thilr own property Imllt a huh and substantial
cine In flits canal The peculiarity of this proceeding
reading was the presence of U len tVickham In
It Ho had carried the canal
I I hl1 Mrlt project
through and had been the chief antagonist
of time Ihllllpte In their efforts U dam
the canal and control the water of the Wallklll
lIme building nf this dam hod the same effect on
the reclaimed lands of the upper Wallklll that
the Ihllllps dams had had and the Muskrat
anti Dearer war broke out again The farmers
came clown and demolished It as they had de
molUhed the previous dam scores and scores of
times for twenty yeaR theory O Wbetler was
especially Interested In the maintenance of the
n w dam for he owned a gristmill which was a
valuable property If he had wale power but
worthless without the Dowsr Wheeler was
then a wealthy mn and a gritty one Hs In
sisted that thus dam should b rebuilt and the
Ickal were not reluctant to continue the
flint lime dam was costly piece of work but
It was built kgaln
The Muskrats In good time attacked and de
stroyed II It was thrown across the canal a
third tlm and a third time the persistent
farmer marched trw the Drowned Lauds
till lit They were more than luu strong
LutO f WlckhamwnowasadeUrmlnedman
tuml 1 upon the data wltb a eockni m I
leii Land aini iwvr that iif womd4 shoot the
125th St and 3d Av
We Have Been
Blessed with
Favorable Weather
We have had the BEST
We also had the Best
Stock we ever had
We will not say that it
is as well assorted now as
it was
We will not say that we
sell all goods 20 to 30 per
cent cheaper than other
reputable houses
We never did or do in
tend to say anything that
will deceive the public
We still have a good
clean stock of Holiday
Qoods kto select from
125th St and 3d Av
first man who raise I hand against the
dam lbs farmers knew Deck Vlckham
and for several minutes time hundred men
Mood coned At last a halfwitted negro
who was among the Muskrati advanced
toward the tam with 1 pl < k Deck Wick
ham cov cred him with his ret olver and a fecund
later murder would have crowned limo already
eventful Drowned Lands dispute but Ooorge
Wheelers wife caURht Wlrknami arm as he
lulled tho trigger alt dashed It upward The
bullet went wideof Its mark and brfurn Wick
ham could fire again MnWheclcr had disarmed
him The farmers then msdn n rush and In a
few minutes the big dam va In ruins
Seeing that It was folly to think of malntaln
log a dam against the determined opposition of
the Drowned amis I farmers Wheeler applied I to
the courts In hope that the law inhihl hup him
lie was beaten at every point from I ounty
nurt to Court of Appeals and the Muskrat and
leaver war ended with bin financial ruin
With time destruction of WheilerWlckham
dam tho factories anil uillli that had kept up
11 1111
the struggle for existence wero abandoned anil
hey have hone since tumblrsl Into nuns The
original bed of thu Wnllklll from Denton to
hllllpsport became nbreeding place of malaria
ant every one whocould getaway from the three
towns moved elMiwhern Ihllllpcport Is I now
entirely desertiil and New Hampton once one
of the t neatest and most pronpurous villages In
hn dairy country Is I I dilapidated desolate
looking almost ileiwrtcd spot kept In existence
only by the fact that I la I mi Important shipping
country tntlnn for the dairy farmers uf tho adjacent
nr HllvermnB ICeliukea the Trndmey of
Jews t Comfti the JTeettvikls1
A certain amount of doubt and confusion pre
vails among the Jews aa to which of the two
olneldent festivals they should observe Christ
mas or Chanukah The Jewish Chanukah or
Feast of Light begin on the 25th day of
RIle or the VJd of our December and lasts for
eight days thus Including Christmas Day It
commemorates the recapture of the Jewish
Temple by Judas Macrabttms On this glorious
occasion all the Jews kept their dwellings Illu
minated with candles for eight days a cere
mony which ha been repeated on every annl
ersary up to the present day
All the synagogues are provided with mantle
abra each containing eight branches On the
lInt day one candle I I lighted In each canmin
abrara ana one Is I added on each succeeding
day until on the last all the candles are burn
Ing This burning of candles la I also a feature
of Christmas and the similarity Is I mae the
more marked by this fact that merrymaking
rnuilo and the Interchange of presents are cus
tomary nn both festivals Piece common ob
tervaaces as well as the coincidence of dto
have caused confusion In the minds many
Jew 8n that they are often unable to discrim
inate feasts between the Christian and the Jewish
U was to dissipate this confusion that the
Rev lr Hllverman preached yesterday morn
Ing at the Temple EmannEl Fifth avenue and
Fortythird street on the subject Shall we
keep Channkllb ul Christmas f Taking as his
text the passage beginning Why halt ye t
tween two opinion I KLngsxvlt23 he urged
the necessity of decision
to In alt mental and physical operations h
old decision U I essential and particularly la I
It t In religion The habit of vacillation
should be rllon resisted for It U
b strenuously rltl I unwor
thy of a man of Intellect and baa a most per
nicious effect on the character A teacher once
when questioned about changing religion said
that there were two questions which should b
decided once for all and then closed forever
Then were the choice a trade and the choice
of a religion Tbas questions should t < decided
when one U goner for In after life that no
Urn to reconsider
Every congregation 1s divided Into two parts
the materialists and the Idealist and the harm
Is done by tho who fluetnat between tne two
views It is Dot the convinced atheist that I
th formidable enemy of religion but the man
who can form no firm convictions vacillation
is the ban of Judaism On three fundamental
question men cannot mk np thtlr minds
whither to irliee In a personal or Impersonal
nod a Being of allintelugtot mind or an hide
flaabUroatTolllaf powsri whether to consider
U iithh clnttc4l1ggu1i4c17Q La VIZ
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ally accurate concerning the observation of
festivals and particularly at the present season
the rival claims of Christmas and Chanuknh
Dr Mlverman told his hearers that Christmas
hiss no associations for Jews It had Its origin
in a pagan and licentious observance and was
afterward In a purified form foisted on the
Christians Chanukah on the other hand Is
distinctively a Jewish festival commemorating
moot the molt glorious events in Jewish his
Theatrical llnslarie Reported to be Worse
Than Ever This Heasoa
Theatrical managers say that this Is the hard
est holiday season for their attractions that they
have known for years The week before Christ
mas Is notoriously bad for theatrical business
anyway but thin last week has broken the
record Ieopln spend their mon y at this thins
for presents Instead of theatre tickets At li aat
thirty companies have relurnnl to this city to
wait until the holiday season has passed The
managers and hackers prefer to keep their
companies Idle rather than encounter almost
certain loss
Ibis statrof theatrical dulneM is 1 more no
Iceable outside of New York than in this city
A wellknown playwright in speaking of It
I cant understand why the theatrical busi
ness Is so much poorer this > ear than It was last
The time are certainly more protiwroun our
of my plays ran through last season without a
hitch They did a good business even during
Christmas week This year three companies
trial are producing my play hate returned to
1ew York for the tiollda
llutlnes didnt warrant their continuing
Managers where are cumplnlnlng of poor
business It Uut the onenight stand conjoins
lions alone that are suffering Some of time bent
known companies are taking two weeks olf An
actor told me yesterday that be counted ten
oilier organisations besides his own on the train
bat brought him back to New York lhme menu
hers of these companies will not draw their sal
aries this week amid they probably wont be ID a
Christmas humor
riv Vnlkls Delegates Give Hall
Frank Schultz John Oberfleld Dennis Kava
agb njmln Hart and Joseph Hodgers dye
walking delegate of carpenters labor unions
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plracy mad by James McDonahl and others
surrendered themselves to th District Attorney
stsrday and wets put under bonds McDonald
complains that th dtfsodaut conspired to pr
sat film and oiLmen from ubtaUjg smpluymeiut
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