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rllrr CAIT ran ACTION ox
nir URitrtcr orrsrov
fur AtitfcoHl In Three r r
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t tat cl l Bin ff 1 DIn
t Malal la I G M K wm < Re 1 I
a el the < Jrre l > ek i > the
trfm T > rra > rr No e I ie4 fir th l re ia I
r IMlTrr N Xatle al R k N t r
Ln ixaonlmtlo thm 10NII rrOf
tlflr f the r o lnatl m of S1O
txmril hrnH I Be Krplater4 hjr OrtllU
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Vail f tmprt tho 14 1 He Iul4 la 1
ton Mr prlMcer lateo era Rill 0 I
O t Ike Hee BBdtlo Which
Srtrrrr t the Raaklac CoaaHtm
WA HOTOV Jan 28 President Clevelands
rtce tit to both llou tit Ciincrcss 10
4nf arFtt > C the Immediate enactment ot flnan
enable the Trra to maln
an irfiiatlnn t nbl ar7 1al
lio apparently erv l no I
ut poa payment ba aprrnUr Irno
widen the breach between
tKrpt to bab bteeo
fur t t I 1
lie Jieniocractlc factions The lrTort of
U U niMHce had been N larRlj discounted I
U It oJvimce lliat tha document canned llt I I I
M ittrrot and no one teemed aurprlMd
l t cotenti The clan of legislation out
lsru a br Mr Cleveland and which waa
IKisediately presented totbelloue in the bill
of the and Cor
i hairman sprlnser Banking ald Clr
rtnrv c ommlttee Is larjrcly commended by Uie
B ptbiran except those from the sllverStates f
ocd by tlie Eastern and New England Demo I
crat The ceat bodr of the southern and
Westers Democrats however and the Hepub I
hasi from the silverproduclnc Stales repudl
ar the Prmidenti plan outrijrbt and sar tat I
nil not eten clve It ncnoui consideration
llirt 1 tn ile rrol cnldrUou I
creator Teller of Colorado the lot deter
Bined and radical silver Republican 1 the I
cate and beuator Jones of Arkansas Uie
taot conspicuous silt er Democrat and w ho t a
Bmber of the Finance Committee join In the
latemrnl that lecislatlon In accordance with
the President s recommendation would b the
death blow of sUn and that tbcr will not per
mit it to be t adopted In the House of Itepre
tentative Mr Hland the mot conspicuous sil i I
ver champion I t equall emphatic 1 denuncia I
tion of the proposed lecislatlon and bis opposition I
on I endorsed bjr his Republican col I
leagues from the sUverproducinc Mates
The silver men In Concrein havn the I
whip hand of the situation now and do not P
pose to IOM their control of tt Weeks aco tbey
realized that in view I of the rapid cams they
were mal In by the elections of Senators In
the Wet they were in a position to foe their
demand upon C oncre a and they then effected
in orcantzanon for the purpose of securinc
letfslaunc more frtendl to sllter tAn any that
Las yrt been adopted They profess to tie not at
all alarmed at the situation of the Treasury as
de cribcl by the President and declare that the
tr deot tat te
Administration can with perfect safety I e
a Jver bn the supply of cold I exhausted
The Republican Senators and Representatives
felly realize the political adt ante which they
have rained by the repeated unsuccessful at
tempts of the President to control bis party in
Congress and while they agree with his recom
mendations in the min they are not inclined
t render any assistance in the work of bar
monizlnc the warring Democratic factions In
the nate particularly the Republicans will
hold alnof frum the preliminary work of pie
financial bill and will hav nothing to
parinc a fancla hiI i Dotll t
uy as a party until the Democrats thall hare
presented a plan which the will unite in aup
pnrting This ha bren the Republican pUt
from the start and will Iw adhered to The
Republicans on the Finance Committee with
the exception of Mr lole of Nevada who
1 nar a Populist endorse the 1resi
J dents recommendations with the excep
tion perhaps of his uggesuon tat Na i
l tional 1 bank note o a smaller denomi
tuua than CIO he redeemed and retired They I
doaot favor this pro vision and will Insist that It I
beeliminated from bill which ak d
belnte tro any hUwblc they are kt
to consider or support There I no disposition
however to far as can b Iwirnrd to pigeonhole
the subject matter of the Presidents menaage
either In the House or Senate committee The
Administration plo will be bronchi into the
chambers discussion bnt there is the
cabr for oliou ther I not te
lightest possibility that lh bill introduced by
Mr Springer nr a similar one to b lot ocN
1 the Senate will b adopted in either House
The repudiation of the Presidents latest
Cnancia recommendations by the Democratic
Concrete will result of course in the calling of
an extra session of the Ftft fourth Congress t
meet almost immediately after the expiration of
the present session ExSpeaker Rr l an
ttounred In a sp < ech in the Hout a wet or
two ago that if the Republicans had control of
Congress and the Executive office for five daY
they would present a comprehensive financial
bill that would satisfactorily ment the present
situation His party will not have control of
the Executive when the new Concrtss meets
but President Cleveland I so entirely
in accord with the Republican financial
policy that his cooperation and assistance
can be counted upon for a plan of currency re
form and Mr Reeds promise oT action within
five days will therefore b Pomp put to the
teat In the mean time until the new Concresi
tet tme I ODi
met the drain of puld f mm the Treasury will
probably continue and a new isut of bonds will
soon became absolutely necessiiry The cold
reserve will Iw practically exhausted al the end
of the mont at the present rate of outgo and
Secretary Carlisle will then b compelled to sell
bonds again without ouing for the ad vice and
consent of Concres
IV e Kfnatt and Ilmar of J Ih
In my last annual messatre I commended to
the serious consideration of the Congress the
condition of our national finances aod in con
nection with the subject endorsed the plan of
currency legislation which at that time seemed
CUrl tt tmo me
to furnish protection against iiujndinc danger
This clan has not been approved by the Con
r In the mean time the situation has so
changed and the emergency DOW appran so
threatening that 1 deem it my duty t ask at
ttie hands of the legislative branch of the Oov
ornmeut such prompt and effective action as
wil restore confidence in our financial sound
nw aau avert business disaster and uultersiU I
distress among our lopl
Whatever may be the merits of the plan out
i lined in m annual message as a remedy for ills
then existing and a a safeguard agatnxt the
UrpletloL of the gold reserve then in the Treas
ury I am now convinced that IU reception by
the ConprrM and our preoent advanced stage of
fnanna wrplextty necessitates additional or
different legislation
With natural resource unlimited in variety
and productive rtrvtigth and with a people
whose activity and enlerprU arek only a fair
cpportuniu to achieve national succes and
greatness our progress should not be checked
by a false financial policy and a hells diira
Crd of sound monetary la nor should the
timidity D tea which they engender stand in
tLe ay of our prosperity
It U hardly disputed that this predicament
confront U today Therefore no one In any
degree responsible for the making and execution
of our lawn I should fail to tee a patriotic dUt in
honestly und sincerely attempting to relieve
ite situation Manifest thU effort will nut
lucceea uulru It 1 made uutrummellrd bj the
liejndlceof partisanship and with a steadfast
extermination to resist the temptation to c
c implKh lar advantage We may well re
member thai I wrare threatened with financial
lnCtl U our people in every statiun of life
nCUIIne and surely thow liu suffer wi
> at receive tue promotion uf party Intermit a
0 CXUMI fur i rmlttinF our present troubles lo
Uvair to a disastrous itincluiion It U I auu
the utmost importance that we approach the
udy of the problem ire euir < l as freent posu
t fmrn uie tyrann u precuureh ed oinniuiiu
the enc tiJi in a coiumnu uaiieer r nuty be
ilr f seek with uuciiuunl Uiun a safe and
caaunaliie protection
The rein trouble winch confront us consuls
la a laci uf confidence widcjjirtaU uud rou
tanily lncmMncln the contlnnlng abnitror
dtsixnltton nf the Oovmiment to pay in obtlcs
tlotis In cnld Till trk of confidence itrowi tome
ome txtent out of the palpable and apparent
embarrassment attending the effort ot Um
Jovrrnment older rxlstlnc laws I to nrocure
irold and to a greater extent out of the im
possibility of eltlifr LeeptnK It In Uie Treasury
or cancelling obligations by Its expenditure
after I U obtained
The only way left open t the Government for I
procuring gold Is I b ihr Ivme and sale 1 of Inllrd
States Ixniils Tlie only hOlds that ran I MI
IssueU were autborttnl nearly twrntyIHr years I
aco and are nntwnll iklrtil t < il to turet our
pn ent nra Amonc other dlsadxatitnces they
are made payable lit coin insteiul ot specitlcall m
cnld which In rtlnlnc nndltlnns ilrtract
Uritrlv and In an lncrm ine ratio 1mm tbelrilt
Irnbllltv as Intestnienta I Is I by no means
crruiln that bonds uf this description can ranch
longer be I dtstxved of at a frlre creditable t the
ntiauual diaactcr nf utir Uoterumrnt The
most dangprous and irrltatlnc feature nf
the sltunUon liowrvir remains to b
tnentloned U 10 l found In the ineahs
l which the Treasun Is despoiled of
the gold thus obtained without tancclllnc a
single Oovrriuiicnt obligation andnolrlyfor tlm i
benefit of ibme who find nrollt In shipping It i
abroad or whnse feHir Induce them to hoard It I
at houir We have outstanding almut five bun t
dred mlillmm of currency notes of the Oovirrn
melt for wtilch gold may I > demanded i aud
curlonsl > etiouch the law renulrr that wurn I
presented and intact redeemed and paid in told
lliej hal lx < rrlxuinl Thus the same notes I
may do duty many times In draw Inccmld from I
the Treasury Nor cnn the jiroceno tie arrested
a lone as private lAth fur profit or other
wl 1 e ee an adtantsce In retNatlng tbr oiirra
tlon More thun SHiOOiiiOO In tbe notes
hat e already brfn reileeuimi In gold and notwithstanding
such they all still
outstanding withstanding redemption te are al sUI II 1
Mnce the ITtb day of January li > 4 our
Kindnl Interestbearing debt has Uin Increased
JlOOdOOOOdforthepurtKie of obtaining gold
lo replenish our coin roe Two Issues were
madr amounting to fifty millions each one In
January and tie other In Not ember As a re
sult of the nt issue tinre was reallred somr
millions of dollars In
tnlng more than flftfight mUlona dol
gold Between that Issnc and the succeeding
one in Noteml > er comprlilnc a period of al mt
ten months nearly nur hundred 1 and three millions
lions of dollars In gold were drawn from the
Treasnrj This made the second Issue nwe
sary aud tirxm that more than nfiyright mil
lions In cold was again realised Iletwoen the
date of this wond l sueand the present time
onerinc a i > eriod of only about two months
more than ilxtyntne millions of dollars in gold
have hwn draw n from tinTreasury The e large
utims of sold were expended without any can
cellation of Government obligations or In any < I
pcrnmneut w a j benrtitlng our people or improv
ing our pecuniary situation i
llie financial ecnt of the II t year sucgrst I I
tat and conditions which should certalnl ar
rent attention
More I than one hundred and seventytwo millions
I lions of dollars In gold bate been dran n out of I
theTrenur during tbr tear for the purpose of I
I shipment abroad or hoarding at homr
t hlle nearly one hundred and three millions
of this amount r drawn out durlnc tlir nt i
ten months uf the j rnr a sum accregatinc mor
than twitthirds of that amount oeinc about
1 I sixtynine millions was drown out during the
following two mon h thut > indicating a marked
i 1 acceleration of the depleting orociis with the
t i lapM of time
The obligations upon which this gold ha
n drnwn from the Treasury arc Mi out
i standing and are ailnblr fur Co in rrjieatlnc
the exbnustinc oi > eration vllh shorter iulervals
a our pvrplrxltie accumulate i
Condition are rertainl sujwrvenlnc tending J
to make the bonds which nmy he 18UP to re I i
plrnish our gold iif u eful for that pnrpo e
An adequate cold resort is In 1 circum I
statin at > rw > lutel t Mential lo the upholding of
our pobllt cmilt and t the maintenance of our
high national character
Our glld reserve has again reached such a
stage of diminution an to require its ppeedy re
entorcemetit pr I
Thr HgirravatJons that must inevitably follow
prr cnt condition and methods will certainly I
lead to mKfortune and los jmt f > nly to <
our national credit and iro i ntr and to tinan
cial enterprise hit to tno of our jnople who I
S4ek employment ns a means of llvelllMHid and
to those w h HM > onlt capital is their dally latH > r I
It will hardlt do to say itutl a himple increase J I
of ret enue will cure our trouble The appre
hension now existing and ront tAntly increasing
a to our financial anility d < Mt not rett ui < on a i
calculation of our reteiiue The time hit ptu d
I whrn tiie > e of interiors abnuid and oar
1111 at home were rtxwl upon the revenues of
the Itovernmrnt C hauceci mndition have at
tracud tlirir attention lo the cold of Uie Uov
ernment There nied be no fear ttmt we cannot
pn > our currenl expenM t wiih such money a
tie tiave There is I now in the Trvaour a com
I fortable surilu fit more than f dOOOOO but
difficult it is not in il and therefore do t > not mm our
dtrul u I h
i caiinui see tnat amerence 01 opinion con
cerning the extent to which stiver ought t t e
coined or UMU ib our currency shotiM inirrfMrv
with Lh < = f i ttioB 1 whose dulyili U > I
rectify rvils now apparent in our financial situation I
ret aPrnt
ation Tiiy have to ronsidcr the question of
national credit and the consequences thai will
follow from its ooUajw Whatever idfan may
h insisted upon a to silver or bimetallism a
prtiwr volution of the question now premmc
upon us only requires a recognition uf gold as
well as kilter and a concession of its impor
tance nghtfully or w ronctully aocmind as a
lt > i of national credit a necessity in the hon
orable discharge of our obligations pa able in
gold ali a badge of soli eucy 1 do lot under t
stand that the real fund of silver desire a
condition thai might follow inaction or ueclect
to appreciate the meaning of the prewnt exi I
ceuc If it should re ull In the entire haniab
1 te lt
arrangements iiient ot gold from our financial and currency I
Hwidrs the Treasury notes which certainly I
should I tf paid in gold amounting to nearly
> OtluuOOiO there will tall due in 1KIM flO
dOOdon of iKinds lssn l during tbf lait year for
which e have rweited Iold and in 1UOT nearly
SUOOOOOUOO of lour pir ent hondo isnued in
177 rliall the imyment of these obligations in
gold repudiated I the are lo li paid in such
a manner as the prr ervation of our national
honor and nationaltolvenc demands w c should
not destroy orivtn impril our abiltt to f
our < wlve oith gold for tlint pur1
While I am not unfneuilly to sllrrr and
vhll I deoire to see it rtcociitz d to hui b an ex
tern ak is conIntent with financial sufet and
the preservation of national honor and credit
1 am not illlng to nee gold entirely banubrd
from our cnrenc aud finances To aturt u1
a consequence I believe thorough and radii al
retnrdul legislation should U promptl uasMHi
immediate I therefore attention beg the Confess to give the subject
In my opinion the Secretary of the Treasury
vhould be authorized to IMUC Kinds of the > ot
ernment for the purpox of prt > tnrliic aud mum
iKiiiiuc a eufhcient cold resene and the re
demption and cancellation ot the Vnited > tat
legal tender note and the frvnturj notes inourd
fothe purchateot sitter under the law of July
14 IHIio We should be relieved from the hu
miliating pro of issuing bud to procure
gold ti be immediately and repeatedly drawn
out on these obligations for purposes not related
to the IwnetU of our rovernment or our people
Tht pnnupni and interest otttH hondo should
Itv payable on their face in culd because they
fchrmld be mid only for enld or lt repre ien
latite and onr there would now probably
If dimcult in fatorahly diopoaiug uf bunas
not conlainlng tills Htipuiation
I ttugcetr that ihe txindu tie iwued in denomi
nuiionxof tweiit and lifty dollars and their
multiple and that the Ixar ililerext at I al
lot txcMdiiiK tlire percent per annum J du
not kee tth tbr khould not liv I paable fU
> r troru their datt W r of the preMut gen
eration have large amount to pay if we moet
our obligations und long bonds are most nul
ahle I he > > ur of tin 1 rrjumr might well
I K permittMl ut hit dtsreilon to receive on the
tale of buudi lite legal lender and Treasury
note to be retired uud o cour e whtu they
are thus retired or redeemed in mild tur thuuld
be rantellwl
Thet > e bonds under existing lawn could IHI I Ut
< xMlied I ualionul bunUk a security fur circu
lation and sutb Iwukk khould allowed to
isnue circulation up lv the I net t ulue of these or
all other bonds MI diiionlted ex < ept bouil l uut
laudlnc bearing onli IKK IMT euu lulerent and
which sell In the market at lens I than ar Si
tional bunks khould not lie I allow ed n lake out
circulating hule of a I lens IcMuminutlul than
S10 and when such ao are now oiit tamlinp
reach the Tnusur except fur redemption and
retirement I tie mould lie I mnr inl and iiule
of the denomination or flu nnd upward ittiued
In their Hleud Miter cerllt ate uf the denomi
uation uf 1U und upward nhouiii be replaced br
certltlcaltt uf denomination urtler flu
Ak u onstunt niextik for the uminieuiim r of a
reaouablt nuppl ut gld in the 1 ruanurj our
tiutie on iuiKirta khould be pld in uold allow
tug ah other due to the liuterumeut to be paid
iu an oilier form of mone >
I lielltve all the provision I bavi mgcenied
hould b rmUKlieU in uur law I if we arr 10 I
ju a lamipieie reiuilalemunt of a kouiid tnmii
LIUI tondltion ThtJ heed DJt Inlerlere with
I curreiut Ohm pruvidlug In the increui
of tin circulating medium tlimugh lite ugtuct
uf national or Mule bank Hince inr LUU eukil 1
be adjusted to bui li a ocheuie
Ubjection has IMWII luudr to ttie Usunnre 1 of
interestliruring ubligatioui lor tne purj of
retiring the nouiuier ibearliic Uiui iriuler
tle lul > ltretlnUI
Holes In point of fact hontter thewi uoii
lollt o
hat tbunlehed n > with I large luud uf urirreHi
ami It It still accumulating Tlie uegregatr II
tere it uu the origiual hi ue of bond the I pro
ceedi uf w Inch fJn i ou tituted the reert r fur
the pu uient uf th < holes umouuted to tU I
IlOiu on Jan 1 ihlii and the nuuuiU charge
for Interent uu the boudk alt tbooti t < mued u
the kumr purpose 11 during the ast ear will L
iu 145UOU dating f nun Jan I iwii
i Willie the cauueliatiou of ihtktt note would
I nut relieve ui from the uoligatumt alreaU tii
i curred uu their account thooe fur ure Ulteu 1
i cum auciiesllng that thuir exlittnue im
lo been free from lulerml churew uud tliat th
lontnr tliej are iiutkUindiug judging truin lim t
cxperienieof tin ltu > t ar tbt inurr vxMUi > l e
thu will liwoniv
li > fninrlu ioi ileoire In frait l U fe HIV
rvlunancr 1 i > > uinc ouin Miiut > in ure > mi cir
rumsiun < and writ I 0 irrreii iriiai bate
lutrlt f iMoned IIIKI < nurw j i ni howrter I
rclrti T trtnn tuU i t n arum > f 111
arIi1 o r rue wii tut prei i irtn e
mart irowa ilr me re f r p x >
1tJ1 < f lu dr n v u i i t f fit I t i i
I uunewti b liruim a hopt fur 1WVH u i
sltoallon or checking ascplc Inn of out dlwln
flirtation nr disability tn meet with the strictest
honor every national obligation
iHovrn CIfTEUU
ExrcrriVK MA to Jan Si 115
oir TMtr xtrssursr iri j nrcrirKn
Mr f f > H ttr OB > ri Rill t c rry Oil llsi
RreoiMmeM atlftw
WAMIIIOTOX Ion 5S VicePresident
S te enxn who hod been abocnt from Washing
ton for the last few week a on account nf the 111
np and lath of hi dnuclitcr presided over
the Senate toda 1 he first line most Important
matter to con liefore lh Senate w as the Presi
dents message catling attention to the financial
condition of theTreumrj and suggesting stith I
prompt and cfr < tlte action l > romrfrss for the I
restoration of confidence and for the creventlnn I
of bulurs disaster and unltersal dlsturbntice f
The message was read by the Secretary of the
Senale It was listened to with the kut1It at I
tention and l aptiarcntl with Interest by etery I
Senator present When the reading was con I
cluded the VicePresident said that tIt mrnsace
would lie on the table and b printed I
Mr Sherman I think it should be referred to
the Fn ncf Committee and I make that motion II
After some debate the VlctPre > Ulenl put the
question and the motion w a s agreed to so the
tnrnsage wa refernd to the Finance Committee I
Senators cencrall were unwilling to talk pub
licly about the message The cold men otipo e
the feature which suggests the retirement of
greenbacks and the sllter men repudiate It be
cause It eliminates silver I
Mr lone of Arkansas was tho onlv memlKr
of the Finance I ommlttec who would sav Htit
thing The proposition to s ur a gold bond
does not meet wIth my apnrotal snlu lie nor
ran 1 approve any proposition that do i not do I
something for silt er liar inessact of the Presi I
dent cites no lomfort to the friends of silt er
and for one I could not supt > ort a bill draw on
the line he snpeests I
Mr 1 Teller niHaking for the sliver mm de 1 I
clared that tin message Indicated the continu
ance of the luXUIt or the President toward
sllter and showed only 103 well that he was
not in fat or of an thing that could be construed I
as ftssltiiic that metal to regain Its old place in
the coin of the tnlted State
Mr 1 Hill aid The message state the situ
ation tery ci nralel penuanetit as well as
temporar relief should IK > granted at once I
trust that there is I good sense and patriotism
eunuch in the prevnt Congres not to refuse
consideration of this subject The tmMms
interests of the country ue ire and demand
nctlon and the IHmocratlc party cannot afford
to antagonize that sentiment Mvttewswere I 1
fullv eiprptvd in my peech b < fore the Demo
cratic Club of New York InM aturda evtnlng
and It L unnect isar to repeat them
When the mesj iB was read In the House
there were more than the aternge number of
Iepre entatltp present and the reading was
fobonnd b them with deep interest Postma i
terderieral JilsstH who hud tieen before the
Appropriations Committeeraine into the cham i
lier a few minutes l fore the arrival of the mes
sage and UHik a seat on the Democratic side
next to Mr 1 Lit tie of Arkansas Aroundofa 1 >
pluuM from the Democrats followed the con i
clusion of the rending I
Mr 1 spinger Dem Ill then offered a bill de I
signed to carry into ITt the recommendation
or the meisnce and mot ed to refer it and the
me > ace to the Committee on Ranking and Cnr
rricy I
Mr Ulvingston T em dai moved to refer the
m > age and bill to the Commltlee of the Whole
After a short debate Mr Springers motion I
The followinc is I the text of Mr prlncer > bill
An net to authorise ihe v retarr nf the TrrnMirj to I
iMUr tsind I to maintain a umclnt cnld rerveBnd I
to rrfleem and retire t nited stau i nnm and for
other iun
I It naMl t Ac lliAt ID drier to enahl the I
Swrrturt of the Tna ury In iir > ur and maintain a
sufficient cold mnr e and to redeem and retire I
fulled State lecai tender note aud Trcatij h nin
InUeO under the art of July M 1M I Utltlwl In
net dlrertlnff the nurenAA n t silver Imlllon aud the
IMU nf Treaian notes thereoi and tM other pur
h U herehj anthniseil in luue anc sell at mil
fto 1 A than i r In pnld rxrept so nnitlded In
Ttlnn of thu act nllitl Stale r < Kl tere < l
or coupon tMind In ileimniln tlnait of 81 i and
S and multlliies < > f Raid um resleIlveljr pay
atiir nrtr yinr after date in Rnld > in f the
I ntlHl states nf th present wilcnt and flhene and
tieorlnc interei at u rale nut rxceedltu tlire JUT
cent i > er uununi pavahl quarterlr In like roin and
uh Indo and the InrereT ih vnu ball hate like
qualities prirlleies and exerni > tlon a in lmnd I
ltl i II ld
ij1 ni
nue1 under the act ajprOT d JulT 14 1 7I entttl
an an in Authorize tbt s < fimditie of the national
neln surlt nod nit b sild and eJrUln In tli
I nlted Mai ir elsewhere a mav 1 dteniwl most
adTantaf ous to ihe inlerestn of th < nrernnient
H That whenever anj I nlted Siat n livai tpu
df r note or Treasury note shall lie n lf med m pold
tlHr shall Iw raniehed aud nol relssu and tl r I
retarv nf the Treastirr Is I herehy autnnrlzHi In hi
olrettnn to rerel e t 0111 t htu leyal teudir notett
and Tmisarv DOI l ued under the aforesaid aet nf
Julr 1A JHWX In liaynienl Inr anr nr me Uindu Ixnrd
Ululer the tirevdiu v Uul T Uht ttt and eh P M I
as rielT4 shall ttr raw ehetl and unt ri r ued
blY 3 That henoff r national liankloi asjuictatlnn
may take nut rlrrulatluc nole In the manner now
pnrtd by law to an amount equal lo the par aID
nf thr lionds dejMMlted b > H fure tli urn hut hla
prnruloo Hholl not apply in any l ind now nanttand
Itur hearlnt intereiit at tne rate of two t r ruL only
HE L That ben after nn national tianfc uote uf a
lew denomination than Iin shall l lM ued and an
mptdir asnrh notes n deDnuilliatlnn le than tilt
aliall he received Into the TreaKury other le than for
redemption and rtlrenvnt theT snail < l
and an equal amount nf notet of like character but
In denomination of flO and multiples thevof shall
h lftu4 In their lila All allTer rertlficau uow
outtandlnp In nnmlnatlon crealer han ilOinall
when received Into the Ireuurr nf the I nlted Beaten
he retired and eani 11d and vllrer certincateslc d
TinTtitnattont IrM titan 910 ahalt h Usued In theu
bLC 11 That rom and after the Ant day of July
11 all dull on Imfmrt shall lie paid in irold eolnand
al taxes dent and demand other than dull on
Import acerainc ir btnnilnc due so the Inlted
Ktaie shall he mid In cnid and tllver coin I Treasury I
nops fntted Htalen note surer r rtlfli ate or notes
of national hanks
Sw I That all law and part of laws Inrnnlstent
with the proruion of tii jireeKltni section t e and
th > ore hreh renall uud fe urn lImn tn
tarry the pmviionof thi act Into enect and ttw
urn u hrehi apprnpriaied nut of aty money in the
Treasury not ntiirvi < apprnprlated
At a late hour tblt afternoon thr Speaker
sent the bill to the Hanking and Iurrenr I om
ralllec aud Chairman prlnger has called a
meeting of the full committee for 10 oclork
tomorrow morning It it hto purpose to keep
tilt tommittet m continuous tefenion dunng the
day and if possible iecure a report upon the
bill and kucb amehdments as may lie agreed
upon either tomorrow or at the earliest
moment thereafter
When Mr fnniigerasked Heprewntatlve
of Illinois toaay bow the Kepubliconr rtgarded
the nuaHure the laller replied that Uie Htood
fur tb bill be thought in the ratio of sixteen
to one
Mr Dinglev Ken Me said he cared to say
nothlnc further than that he was tvilliuc lo
aid in the pam ge of an measure Intended to
rentore contidence
Mr GrtMveunr Hell O sold The sucees
tlon of iionpaniounahip if I a rulher c uriou one I
when we remember Uiat all Uie schemer whhh I
have been here haxe bvn tainted with the fran
tic nanlsaufchip of the Democratic cancan 1 he
withdrawal of the creenbutk will not he popular
unlew ome plan ot KUbxtllutinn in nil volume
and like cood quality IK devived I favor a
measure wliich while prote < tinF the Treaurv
from the incursions nf cold Heller will also add I
to tbrcash in the Treasury b an increase of
revenue from the torif n I
Mr Coombs 1Iru I N Y c ve bis entire op
lirotol to tbe bill and tbe menuce He naid tie I
iMheted that the iloiKie would adoPt the plan I
eulMtantlall at recomiuended
I Mr Warner of New York uld the retirement
i of outstanding Treawur iertltlcate wan the i
core of tbe Presidents menuire That would
solve the sltuuOou KveTthinc Ioe wot lucl I i
i dental
Mr Bland il > m Mn said I Insist that the
proper remedy io to payout slher the name a
trold Thai Is the Democratic rnetl aud tbe
ihicaco platform and tbe battle between bi
metallism uud Bold iiniuotuttalllin hue lirctin I
I rifht here and muni IJpo foucht out I
Cold KrMMrr II ow to cJts
I WA IIINUTU > Jan ih Tlie Treasury gold re
serte was reduced today to 4lJ17i 1 the
withdraw for the day as uflirlally reported
to the Treusnrj bting iMIISOOOo Of thl
amount 8ilHOio v as taken out at New Yin k
I Mild fcHS nun at Iliistun or the w ithdruwuis
New York yTr > UUh was fur export Tins
brings the gold rtwrt e down to the lo eit point i
it et r leauhert mine the resumption uf specie
payuientknu Jan I JCTH
tUII drl lil tend UaU lien
I 1iiiiAiiiniHA Jan h T n million Etc
hiindml thousand dollars In cold wa ti < lar
sliiptMHl from the IhlUdeliihiH Mint tu the
uti1 reuiiur iu New urk 1 ln make
fTIMiu HUH in Bold thai IH been trnnniiortMl
trntn the Mini beri to the NIW urk ublreu
ur iibin tbt JKISI few dl1l
l f m > T t Laa ri tlrfuf tU huyrrx
< ourt
WAMHIMTUV 11111111 The titlei of ihe in
I come tax Lu t brunt111 btfure the Mipretue
t ourt todo err i harles Piulutk nei Tli
I rurmurt Loan and Trust C oinimii ti ai and
Luuis H lit tie ust The lununeutal Irust
By a trip to Old Point Comfort by the
luunout steamers of the OLD DO
Owy tB h u1o tnp 16 > oo covers
entre expenst including stay at HygtIB
Hot I
x r r for nrtir uur IA IM X > onimiimfe fc ri > lroa uj
intrti Stirtb Itl er New J ntt W I i tw un
lies JleiUcu > 1011 Irarfli iitanti r
N +
Company ti at The ptatntltf In each ran wst
a Mocklioldrr In the corporal Inn namrcl 1 who
brought suit In the Circuit Court nf the 1nUrd
State for the sonthfrn district rf New York I
for an Injunction In restrain the defendant cor
porations fmtn voluntarily complying tvlth tte
pratlrlon of the Income Tax law and laying
the tax hot only In repect tn jmipertyIncome
and I liroflts of the trust omall > but al u In I
repect of tlietArious tnt estates tinder In
iontrol Neither the Collector of Internal Ket I
cnue nor an other public officer was made a
luirty to tlie suit nor was an Injunction tonglil
to restrain the assessment or the collection of
tlieUt A clrtnnrrer to the blllao tisinlned I
In the court below ahil an appeal was dlreitly
made to the < uprrlue ourt i
74TTJ7 1 V Till 1tATI
Th Rr > nhlleaii > Iln > e In Itrvnrie tbe Vale
I ji4in > llia the Irr lile f Iolley
WA IIICTU Ian CS The Ilcpubllc In
the enntr were caught happing lat week wlien
the Ve t arnrtiitmcnt endorsing the IrrIdrnts I
Itanallan jmllry wa < adopted and they are Uy I
Ing their plans to hate that actlin ntered I
They will probablv lie able toilo thin notnlth
Uhdlng the fact that the Democrats still have
a small plurality In the chamber although not a
majolt over all The Rrptibll au > lisd not
counted upon the defection of senator fetll
grew of South HaUMa who by casting his tote
In favor uf the Vr t resolution prevented a tie I
t ote w hie h would have clcfcnted it
This flOe margin I bringing home to the I
Democrat the fact that they are losing thrlr I
majority in tht Irnatl The replacing of Mr 1 I
Jorvis by Mr r Irltchard lat week has brought
the Democrat down to a bare tnajorlt of one
A the cnate now Mantl today there are It
member Of these 41 are Democrat J areI I
Republican and fi are 1opullts Tlie e flte
lopull are llcn Jone of Nevada Kyle
Ierter and lew art jMnator Mantle of Mon
tana ahd Clnrk of Wyoming will be here In a
tew dar and their arrltal will deprive the
I > eniocrut of ihe majorttt wtili li they now hold
Mr Mantle i expected tumomiw hut III I not
certain when Mr Ilarl w UI reach hlngton
The Itcpublican meunwhile are not preMtig
the Hawaiian rrsoluUou to a vote but arr rather
holding citl until theM twp hew comer will gne
them af t tolcei in alolaiofHT Of thai Uitul a
mujurlt 10 I 44 w that tbe IferoocrAtlc 4 3 will be
just one short of an actual rnnjurlt
Vlih Clark and Mantle present und the tote I
Mandtng petitrally u it did on r > tnrdy the I
Vent resolution would b negatived b a tie vote I
Hill there is a general feeling lhat enator I
Poorer 11I be per Uded to rote with the Re I
publican and efforts urc hetnir made lo induce
Mr IVttlgrcw to change his position
There i a great deal of align feeling to be
noticed among the Republican senators ben
t tbe tote of 1 tnni y l mentioned There
i the create purprse expressed nil ail lde
that 1 Republican should bate cone MI facon
trary to the pollc of the luirtj In the liaU a
to hate voted confidence in the prcMht
Administration a toils courw towad HawaiL
It Is I pointed out that be could perlia have
con ftently refrained from totlnc tn commend
the policy of the late Administration or from
voting to commend the peent one Itut It l
thought to tie I quite extraordinary that heshonid
hat e gone to the other extreme totole f fir Uie I
IkmiKratic policy toward the Hawaiian Island
The Republican an clad in A certain nM
that the VeM amendment wad temporarilv
adopted Tile think that the action will I mare
than Any other tend to kitp Uie subject altte
and till l pre < i ely what thrj are aiming to
accomplish They feel that continued discn
ion 1 the suri t wa to lead to a legiiimalecon
sideration of the annexation qurttioc
A Ballet That faie Near ridlwc tbr Career
or the ew setiator from Kmmm
WAinitoTor Jan is A rather dramatic
episode in the life of the new senator from Ran
NUl came near Incapacitating liltn for further
nwfulnes of any kind a fewyeasaen D H
Anthony editor of thf Lonvenworth TimA who
i a forceful for a man a his fiter usan H is
for a woman printed wimc very strong pieces
In his i r aliout the eople whom be does not
like A man of Uie name of Tlmr < tan had killed
his former frlcnd V W Embrw whose pant
by the way hud led I him to anticipate jllt such
an end to a checkered career Roth men lived
in avenwortb and public feeling rail hich
Senator Luc Ian Maker iitunted one of the rising
criminal lawjersof the Mate WBS retained b
Tnumton and o gocd wn the defence that
Thurklon was acauttted Mr 1 Anthony bad
keut up an unceaiiiig war on bunion
and hounded him to desperation One da
in IHMI Thurton met Anthony on the
street in Irf rrfrronhtnirt mi nutted tn nboot
him Thr bclifi w 11 u wide of Uti mark ahd
whisUed down tbe 61ert lakbig on the ear nf a
man just iwhind Anthony and then finking
enalor Itaker nqaarely in Uie left side passed
out of thr right He was all of three or four
hundred fect away al the time and was nut a
pan to the controvery For thrw months lie
tiattled for life and al tbe loot he roncinwfd
He is a8 Mronc us eter now and ince Ills re
lotery has Jell no inconvenience from the bul
let cf the man whose life be had saved from the
gallows Thnmton wa convicted and sent to
thr nltenttary for u long term of yearn HII
aptsruled to Gov Glick for a pardon out was re
fused iov Humph crauttd thu pardon two
vean > later and ThurMon came to Washington
and l > riiii > u fie lit on exlov Glick He was
himself appointed to a loa rolllent office and
held tt until his death two ears ago
Thr House today In Committee of thr Vhole
continued the discusIon of the bill to relICaJ the
differential duty of onetenth of a cent a pound
on sugar imtiortpd from countries paying an ex
pOt duty on that a1ice 116 lAsfiage was ad
toculxd by Mcosrs I Turner Iwm GOI WheeliT
IemAlai and Terry Dem Ark and op
posed by Mewr I Dalzell Rep IuA Hopkins
IepIlLi and DolllverRep la The com
millee rose and Mr 1 Wilson iDem W Va en
deavored to secure unanimous consent for an
agreement to close ceherol debate after two
hours debate tcstnjrrow but Mr Grosvenor
Rep O objected It is I probable however that
a t ole cm Ihe bill will be reached before ad
journment tomorrow
In tbt emite seteral hours were cvctipled In
the discussion of the House bill < passed July II
JhM to disapprove the treaty made with the
Southern I te Indians to be removfd to ttah
Mr Vitas made strenuous but ulile i fforts to
hate n hf put upon tbe bill that would
secure to Ihe Indian J their right of individual
allotments but tbe bill was flunJIy passed with
Mime not ver imimrtant amendments repartee
from tlie Conirnittwe on Indian Affairs The
Hankruplcy bill which had boen displaced wot
again taten up and made the unfinished busi
ness for tomorrow
A telecmm was received this mnrnlnc from
Speaker Irisp announcing that he would leave
Asbt Uie X C where he ho been otayine for
the pant week on W ecineday reachinp Wash
ineton in time to prenide oter the House Thurs I
day A letter written bribe Speaker on Krtduy
contain the Intelligence thut hi health baa o
imnroted that be Is now able tu take a two
mile walk dally w Ithout injurious effects II I
Tlie Krnate today confirmed tbe folio wine
Ilnlnrt L Olirer of Georgia Coniol at Hertda I
Jutinil Caiwer of Mlililcan huirvUlaz Inspector I i
of fctium e elN fur tue 1 i nttidlntrin
IxnlleC UHHUU Pu tiuo ter at Vletur K J I
Founlirlns postmasters were todsy ap i
potnled us follows
New Yoek mhanl liar OIWB O rouc < 7 T tl
1111 ehe r L 3lar tleu reinuveO liutebiMw Juncliiu
t A Timoner it I to II Ifcinl 1 niu rintiiKl I > jkfc
Jl 1 llalvr Her I llixtit rnliUKl Laal I alnl
W ia =
1I1 t
1I1I J hniit i li I llerinuil htevtn re lii a
ile < lKeillle U 1 Ji Ilierwiu il < C W tlunl n
itii U uhliictiit lliilluw i Xou l lack ilcv I i
ti l Unwell riiiicitel
P orl l anla Kulieilil A C Harper vr J E
C uuuluvliaiu rtuiuvvtl
The caeof John 1 Davenport hid ruper
vUor I of Klwtiuu for the iiuihern district of
New York ucutnm tilt Inited Stales ajswaled I
tulD tIt I OIlM f In dlded III tl
UIrrIU rt 114 III lIanlfI b
II dlIrd COllrt Th UUI uf 01111 1 hllll
JlltllII1 lalIII1 tll 100IIIIIlIt fur Se
aiiiiiiiiiiiiib k > IIKIUI i1 fu > i 11I < 010
hettiun wilh ins duties u Ihief supervisor
f bukftf tu Urulh lij Ilt > < r > te k
James F Mile a lirewrr 11 tars old of 511
Kat Ttvrnttinth street > Iiiivd on u banuna
kill on tlie aulewalk I oil Jan 111 and hurt Ills
klioulcler ulid neck After that be found it
diHliull li tnkt food
lit ntiirdii mubt while at dinner a piece of
1tot1 sluik in Mi I HirLiU He bvguh tu
ibokr unil Jitmelitl died k
Out of Sorts
That is the way you feel
as n result of the headache
I you had when you awoke
I this inormnjr Get in your
I usual frame of mind and
I body by using Jiipans Tab
I ulcs the standard remedy
for all stomach and liver
Itipans Tabules ram be obtained through jour
I uaairsl drucKUU Jri e SO c cull a boiL
IIA In nANlrOY IA rJt ruT IE
rr ron xrRIJln
r rr t t > In Ie I t Tkat lie w Itino
rrnt < Cd lieea One t > f Ike Frleol
Mk Atlndet IIIa > > Itllek t me
I FtIC B alnc Deelareti
I Ite Wotild x at Have AU < ve4 the r nr
rent to lie Turned o ft Heeon4 Time
iMiid Hutnplnn who murdernl oM Mr I
Ahrehsat44 West Fiftyfourth street on the
night of Dec Cit IHZ paid tliB iKnaltyof his
critnalh the I electric thatr at sing Sine ruler
tlay tnotainc
The last hours of the murdefr IVAOI un I
marked by ah hutrworth Incident Subdny I
he fixnt rtsdlhgnnn receiving fplritualconsola
tlon from Father rmlon atid Mciulro of of
Augustines Church > lng Sihg He wai calm I
and seemed to be little aflec tnl by his com I tie
fate tpto the tcry la t moment he hoped fur
a repriet e He asserted that be tt as Innocent of
the crime of which he had been ronvlcted and I
ncreeded convincing one of the prints that
his story was true Father MHiulre after the
execntlon ald Hilemnl I
An Inhocent man has been killed I say this I
both as a priet and as a layman
Hampton went to bed about 1010 on Sunday I
night bidding the clrntb watch iusrds Ham
mond and Mcdtouch a cheerful good night He
was fait asleep almot at once and Lot once
during lie night did he stir At 1150 oclock I
yesterday l murclng hit last guards liale ana
Fcrrlck wakened him telling him to prepare i
for the cod He rose quietly and dressed He
wrre a black sack suit a w hlle utislarched
shirt low shoe and brown socks Ho com
plalued that his throat was parchrcl and Hiked
for an orange This w as his whole breakfast
Hetween and II oclock the I
n two priests ar
rived and balnj administered the holy com
munion a pent the ret of the time praying with
him and exhorting him to be brave Then only I
did he break down and for a few minutes he
cried bltterl after which he said I
I think I am all right now I wont funk
lP stain Iu the Wardens apartments were i
the witnesses lawyers doctors and reporters i
waiting for the word for them to go to the death
chamber Among these trere Dr Augastire
Soeltt of this cIU Dr A T Banning Coroner I
of Westchestcr county Dr Stephen I Ltoof
Hnffalo Dr P Collurd of Sing Sing Dr It T
Irvine the prison phfcician Col Ham the con
demned mans atlorne and Irof E A Ken
nelly an electriial expert of Philadelphia
Jhortly after 11 oclock ardrn Sage said 1 that
all was read and the procession Harted for the I
execution chamber
The chair on its rubber matting was ready
I and at the twltchboard stood Klectriclan Datls
iiefore him ou the wall over an electrical but I
I ton was a rign which aId I
3h > u pet readT
I I IIL turn on current
I H hellt t iK more less I
I 1 tIL shut iC
I n I 111 all oer I
tht chair lsd bwn exnmlnxl the
I After 8 nonce
cap was put tn a pail of salt water and at Jlu I
the preparatory felgnal wa giten At 11 ii 45 I
I the llltle door at the ide twung open and the
condemned man entered accompanied by the
I two priests and his two guards In bis hands I
he carried a small bras crucifix With lient
head looking neither the left nor rtiht mut
tering prajtrs 1 he advanced he walked to
ward the chair
Hardly bad he reached the chair when he was
Hired by three brawn keepers that were in
waiting and thrown inio II limp and reistles
The smnge c ap wa quickly strapwd on by one
altchdani w hlle another wiiied away the salt
water w hlch streamed down his face Mid till
i leather bands were drawn heroin his fn < e Hands
were buckled around his tiodyThis right lee was
bared to the knee and the Irou Clamp w ith an
other fpouge fastened to the ankle all in le I
time than it takes to tell It Finally Ihe wires
I were altached lo the cap and all I was ready The
dt acne his it allowed hi I mouth to be
seen and to the last Ms itps were moving in
ptAt 111la the ignal was given There was
a slight buzring noise a convulklte moiemtrnt
of Hamiltons bod a slighl foaming at his
mouth and then a gradual relaxtnc of his mus
cles At 1111ID the signal wasciven to turn
the current off and at 110 Coroner Itannluc
pronounced Uie wan dead The other doctors
agreed with him the trujw wtre remot < i and
tlie lII ii f was put nc tin jTTitlrn table for the
i > tmonem examination
Wheu the Ktrups were removed the dead mans
face w as found to as ailm and peoccf nl tu ex I
pression a if he w ere asleep Death had come
while be w whisjienng his praver The only
mark ot the shock was a nichl distenshm of the
liwk and h faintl cre n hue of the bkin After
tbeaulniy the oroner said that death had
Ixfli iuittantaneout and luiinles It w us found
lhat mot of the bluiid t c > sels of the brain were
burst and Ihe vocai chords were not cottract i
The jiowerful current of electricity had
destroyed the nerves lie Jon they could contey
the impulse to cry out
The tirst shock w as civen by a current of 1
740 tolls and aniiwes The current had twen
lei ened for 4 tecundh then increased to the
fin fore ard Ibeu gradually lenMntd to 150
tolls and m amjeres The time in whlch the
current passed thruuch the bucy was 5 seconds
uroner Manning was asked what tie would
have dune had be discovered even the f ainiewi
fluttering of the bean when he examined the
man after the current bad liKn turned off
J should hat e Moiij d the proceedings then
and there eteu if 1 laid to arrest every man in
the room My iwwera iu such a case are almost
unlimited I should never have allowed the
current to be turned on a s cond time
The body ot Hampton will ba buried in St
Augustine lnetery Ing ing
Uamplon end his wtft < had occupied rooms in
the house w hich Mr Ahrens owned On the
moruinc of Ixrc IiOMrs Ahrens was found
dead in her room her throat hat ing been cut
In a wBhstand wan a bloody breadknife und
Inoueot the dead womans hand was a uncrr
stall whl h belonged to the murderer About a
rnunufe aftr the murder Hampton was arrested
It came out in tlie rourwof the trial thai Hamp
ton hud threatened tlie life of the woman and
he cuhte > sed that he had robbed her Mrs
Ahrens wa in the habit of keeping considerable
sum of money in the house
since lust August Mr Haln Hamptons
rouukd hot received st trul letlerfc some anony
mous and others signed with various names all
accusing a certain Tom Boss of the murder
Investigation showed that all the letters were
written by Humplun on prisou paier How
be got them out of the prison is knuw n onl lo
Col Ham who refuse in tel Hampton wak
a goodlooking lightcolorednesri uli hliy un
dersized but strongly built and about twcntj
ket en j ears old
C pC llBuctea Trial
WAI IU OTCl Jan 2N apt II W Hcrwgate
w as placed on trial in Criminal C ourt No 1 be
fore Judge Mel omos this murning on charges
of forgeT aud emberzictuent from the Oovern
ment while dltbunlug oSicrr of tbti United
Stales signal Sertlce Capt Howgale fat with
his daughter Miss Ida Howgale and upjwarvd
leas nervous thai he has at any tlmekincx hik
arrmt lit wu reore iiteo by Mr Jtre M Wjl
bun uud Mr W Wunluntrtob Tlie < as H
tiro TUte < l by District Atturuey lilrhey and Mr
Lcwiii one uf in a Histutil < A jur war n
lured without much dimiult and the DU > trn t
Atlurnrt ixnlatiied the nature ot the si < ciht
t Large on whnh c apt Hougu hud li n iti
dictttl whib wan that he bull swtired 11 t > o
of i > o eminent tnunet through forging a touch
IT from the N tstern I hlou 1 eletrrupli C umpuii
hhd wu thereturt guilt uf turgen uud eti
nt No iruiurtttiii letiuiuii wu ukrn
The street flmnluK lt < urt > eiila s > lr ld
Sittwe I
Thr sc < lfduiupiuc MOWS Sut and which
went akbnre aionin the briulers otT KmLawa
Pointuurattirdu ttuueintuw of the lug Oo
erhur were kufti uhihured in tbv klailow
wuterotttlic iMiiht yeslenlay ufttruiKiu The
wrre pulled ihlu dumper nuter by ll > v tui > luit
ernur Mulual and rerguson teslenlu inoro
ing llie life kat rrs tvtin offeied usiiuh < t To
tlitr men ui board tuld thut heither of tht crewk
tttt un the worse lor ilk vxi ri hce h
Streit Ileanlhb l iiariiiient bus emrnged the
ervirek ot tb hapmau rwfcinu 41111
pan us li u feurinl tlukt he di puruntiilft liuuls
will In viiuhie lo get tliewuw i leitr of tht
kUuut Ilit n kins mruiue W h < iiupinah
siarieu for Uixkawitt UM luti e untay
afteriio > ih with the tuttutich uf tirihgini the
kfOWs to tl I 11 lllllu >
The teu gurbugt s < uu > iid the ktake boat
akhorr un the btuch lisu I liuer Park were
lauled off rsterdu > uflcrhuun Tiieyttill IK
tuweu but k to the rutcor strict dump loda
Jlr N r l nut i
Then wu a small blutr lu one of tbr build lues
bdoncLn to tli New urk iutaiit A luiu iicur
Mount VcniM jnl I v uftvruouu Mitu
llumllry llic mairun uf ihe lum wtw unuli
IMUIUU Uotu tur ruut uf tin onttace u blllcin
vrwrted iu l li awi i > uw uxl ai a torime
liou unu In BUM Uir uiarni I In JaUirrr
uu llie pieim ru > ti l n ibi btuWii with
UuLkola r Ui i Mi MaiiIi > u iriuiniiini tu the
Iire Kepurtoie i ot Mod i HI tl al the am
luiu vrut in lire h > Hie t imii lit enim r
ri > cl m biai wu out It uluruxl f OH u rale
Bf in tb u The jo in teor nllieu >
lillil wrili dlaturLwci iu lUc itaiu Tue daw I
I ii v > tl urn uul to f iu J
Highest or all in Leavening Power Latest US Gort Report
J Powder j j
lie MM l e l dlrl en forFormerv IVIiea
Nkrrltr Til Morn A > M > tntrtl Him u Omcr
One of Sheriff lauiMn firt aipointrunt
wa that of llcnrt U Illnmer a prominent
nicmlirr of the UertuMiAturrican Ileform
tnlov Blnmerwss asgnc < l to assist Deputy
Sherifl Jo epli Btrk In gnurdlng prisoners to
ahd from tle drntral Sessions and In taking
them to prison after sentence It was made
public jestrrday that Hlumrr Is himself under
Indictment for torgtry and 1Mlllerty upon his
own recognizance owlhc to the failure of the
prlncliul witness to appear against him In the
Urneral Srrlohs In March lost
Morris Pollack R mauutaf tnrer of braid for
merly llteil at 334 Fist Ninth Hreet but moted
trom there to Ilrooklyn lilnmer rented the
Ninth street house A Mrs Schrarnm also lived
there and signed the lease jointly with him
Pollack w a Injured by an accident and the
VnlUd States Mutna Accident Insurance Com
pany pent a check fur lVf5 by mall to his old
oddres at 34 Kust Ninth ttreet J5Ubnuently
John H Meer who kept afaloonat 52 liond
street cashed this check for Hlutuur It tiore
what purported to lie the endor tmcnt of Pol
lai k The check was returned to Meter lie
cause the endorsement wa a forgery lllumer
arrested and wan Indicted on Xov
On Apii li 1M44 Assistant District A llurney
O II are endorsed uu the indictment that accord
ing to the affidavit of James H DriecoU a sub
tKina server in the District Attorneys office
Meter the principal witness against Hlumer
had dlsapiiearecl Mr OHare thereupon recom
mended that lllumer be discharged un his own
recognizance and lie was releaed It appears
uow ttmt Meyir keep a saloon at 4 Kond street
and that his home is at 5 I Ikmd street and that
he has not hfn away from the clt fur any
length of time
Assistant District Attorney Inger chief clrrk
of thu District Attorneys oflloe apiwared be
fore Kecorder > off jfitrnUj and asked for a
warrant for the commitment of Meyer and
Meter wus brought Into court He gave 500
bail to appear as a witness Then Mr Inger
announced that the jieople were ready to pro
ceed with the prosecution of lilnmer aud asked
that he be called to the bar Clerk Hall called
his name but he did nut appear Itecorder Goff
Issued a bench warrant fur htm He will lie
brought before liecorder dofT today He was
suspended yeslerda b fberiff Tamsen
j > r jv A cm
Probable Fra etnr > of Ike Kkoll or M a
Ixxke4 Ip for lotoxlc ttoi
Thomas W Gilbert an engineer 30 years old
died in a cell in the Eon lfith street pol ce
station about 3 oclock yesterday morninz It Is
believed that an autopsy will reveal a fracture
of the base of the tkull
Gilbert went asleep while going up town In a
Pecottd avenue elevated railroad car on unday
night When he arrived at the ISSth street sta
tion about midnight two of the guards were
obliged to awaken him Polioeman Dlaneyuaw
the guard lead Mm to the street They left him
there and ran back up flalrb Gilbert stood a
moment as if wondering where he was and
then started to climb up tairs acaln
He hod clinibtd up about five step when he
stumbled und slid back to the sidewalk > <
laney hastened to him and finding he had been
drinking arrested him Gilbert w A Iked to the
station and on amvlnc Iheri quarrelled with
Delune for oorchinc him He wot lucked up
on a charge of intoxication
Doorman Daniel Clemens while making his
half hourl round at 1H A M thought Uilliert
was sleeping too heavily even for e drunken
man ana reported to Sergeant Hurlbut who I
was at the desk The sergeant telegraphed Iu the
Harlem Hospital and Dr Garvey arrited in an
ambulance The surceon did not think tlm
prisoner was in need of hospital treatment and I
left him in his cell
At t ocIocK Doorman Clemens found Gflbert j
lireathlng very heavily and notified rgrant
Hnrlbut that he believed he was seriously 1IL
Tlie < erceant again telegraphed to thf H r n
Hospital for an ambulance This time Dr Os
wald came in thambulance A brief examlna
lion showed that the man was dead i
It if beliet ed that Gilbert struck the back of
his head in hi tall down the station steps and
fractured his skull f
Jtatlro B rktmai Ainnlo Marrlace <
Kr l l > Old story
Justice B kman sitting in Supreme Court
decided yesterday that oil the papers lie kept
from the public except the decree In an action
which Anna Marie Council brought for a epa I
ration from J Harvey Conne11 a sugar broxer j
of 110 Front street and living at 140 Pierre i
pont ftreet Brooklyn The Judge dismissed j
the salt and annulled the marriage on the de
fendants counter claim Young Connell an i
nwered the following advertisement and got ac
quatnled with the plaintiff
I > EKSOVAl Toune lady of nobl birth deIre the i
Jt acquaintance uf au honorable BenUemao Addres
In answer to a note be called on theplu ntlff at
9T Ijexlngtou avenue She went bv the name of
Anna Marie MorshuU irlie lutroduced htm to
her alleced bnittier Ernest Victor Msrshall i
w bo said that lut sister could not marry for two
j ear w ithout lo lnc a legacy unless he married
Micrttly > he and C onnell were married kecret
1 > on Feb T IhMX Marshall bucked by Con
nell opened a restaurant at 4hO Third atenuc
but he did not succeed
Although married C ocneJ was not jwrmitt d
to lit e with tis wife until Ihe two years should
be up Meanwhile be llted with he alliged
brother ubont w ho e relations w ith tier L unhell
at length became suspicious
C onnell then wrote to Vienna and sTJegts that
he ascertained that Marshal wa armled Iu
Europe fur swindling men with women uk de
eoj s and that Anna tras not Marshtslls bikttr
The case bus been published belure
TITO SToiuvt OF A swoorzvo
The Barber s It M to t > efca Ilia
If MBd Ifclldle
Tony Garetti an Italian barber of S5 Hartlett
street Wilhamsburgh was held w ithout bail by
Justice Goettluc in the Lee A t enne Police Court i
yesterday for kbooting Thomas Murgun of 1
Spencer street iu the right temple and chnk
tnrly esterday niomlue The nhootmg occurred
in llartletl ureet near Hroudway Morgan kays i
be was going home in couipaliy with William
Pbtlanuf ass Mtnleaveune
liarelti u ho hud Uea ut u rhrUtenicg with
hik ifi and lw > i budren und hit helptr Tun
Kuiia was al o rtluriiiig iiome Acturdini to
jnrctti u iruwil of liooduiui among whoin
w ere Moruun anil Phelun insulted his wifi and
tried lo strike one of his children artIt I drew
H retolter and k > k lhat tit meant to fire uter
their heuds
MorKAb tell aud Phelun rarri d him to Hroad I
wut when a poliietnan kuiumonixl an aiubu
lah e M > iru was inninn ious when hewn
tatil to t utl rmes Hospita
PheUn siud that be ahd Morcna were c ° irg
ptuicftil uUitiiiwntn without unt jirorHHtloL
liurtttl shit at them Kutia wns lieni lh M iiu
bujl us un uicefcvin to the shouting Al the
hospital i wu siud latl ultfl t ihul Morgan
coiidilion wus critical
iBsjutlle by the Claud Jurlra
The General K ion Griuil Jury cob ider <
ckiriilu > iiluplaliits uf elei tlou fniud w lici
were tiuljiuitttC tu ihe Distrtit Attorni ouat i
uniu b > luwer U J Okie reprthtitmir tl e
Cltt riub
I hi lijer und Terminer Grand Jur It it un
dervtuodlKgunril lutisiisullon of Uieditan
tire for Kurnjir ut Augustu Thurow Mr
Ilmovi ir titVt4 liefore I he iiratid Jur und
other withi i inri said In 1 utt U n Luwer
I iiiiiiuii iimns l for txVtiliit i iipi iKihiit i
and L er uldort PI P
A furtlua r the Attaulle lloik Iruirrtr
Iu lie iulU
At a mtHnin f the mnniuia r of Ue At
Uhtic lK k proiiert in llruoktn isUrd the
director were iinpovsi rwl tu sell ah pan of tle
property tht thought hw > t It understood I
I hut on v u kUiull ln ut the prutiert will bt
When EaUy ves Mil rrr = Tr t r Car rla
Vbn tv wa a CtlK Ib e rri d for Caxtwll
When lie casie Mu si e 4uac to Castona
Who ihe Lad Jrvo kbe 11 > r tliuc Crtark
ltlltLEH Kit Ill 11AHK SCSXtlAI
nirertor llerolilc Ile r r A ho til niaek
mall Nol Uooct l ottch for Ihe < lr d tltrgi
Petir It Gatens counsel for thodrpifltflri of
the llarltn IIHir Hank akei ttrcordrrGoff
jiMtnlay lu allow him to examine tliminutes
of the Grand Jury of December which refutd
to Indict the officers of the tank Mr Oatens
said that he wanted to put In additional etl
dence He said that be represented Henry
Ieettch of I0 East 114th street one of the d
posltor who applied fur the appointment of A
In his petition Galen says thatpnrt of > h
evidence tubutcd to tti District Atlnrney waa
that of John Iterold otwtif theitlnctoriof thv
bank Herold said that nu ofUclal of the bank
had taken a part of the assets of the bank art
oil painting of the nominal value of 10000 to
Paris lo sell It for the benefit of the bank Ha
returned from ParK but without the painting
and no money from the solo uf tho palhlliiE wa
paid In Ilerold further averred that a certain
pr on had for a long period demanded and re
celted weekly teruth sums of money from the
fund nf the bulk whitb urns were lu the na
ture of blackmail aud tvere paid to prevent thsj
dlsclcwure of certain ulletcil tlolatlons of th
law on the tiort uf luiiie onicUl or oQIclala of 111
bank Ulrccuirsot the bank had alvi ndvancnd
about t4UMK > uf its money cm a lot of oil paint
ings belonging tu Art Dealer Oppenhelmer and
these paintings eru tied up in litigation and
were in fact almost valueless
In reply Mi lawyer Galens s iiant District
Attorne lUllfe said that the Decemtr < Jrand
Jury hod mode a thorough and exhaustive in
vesticatlon of the failure of the bat k arid were
atisned that no crime hail been committed by
any officer of the bank in connection with Ui
1 all ore In the law Mr Gatens had ho Mandln
in court because be did not rrpnsent any of th
implicated lu the charges made to the
Grand Jury
liecorder off Ald that he could not grant
Mr Gateft s motion properly but If the deposi
tors cf the bunk presented to th i onrt any ad
ditional information that would tend to incrim
innuan offlcial IncnnnfClion with tb affair
of the bank or its failure he w ouid grant a uio
tion to resubmit the matter
Assiuvat District Attorney Dsvls aid that
the charge made bj Hirold were utterly valae
e as rridenc before the Grand Jury ti caus
they were hated entlrelyupon hear aynnd there
wa no reason given to beliet a that theywenr
The Firm or D H Morc Ko A AHek
A lBT MrTr l Owed to n k
BrrrALo Jan 2KThe extensive house far
nlthincs and carpel lore of D E Morgan Son < b
Allen cloed Us doors this morning and a card
was attached announcing that A P Allen and
in Third National Hank nod taken rwslon
a mortgagees At the ame time there was
flld in the County Clerks office a cLsltcl mort
cace git en bt D E Mosan Son A Allen to A
It Allen of New York city a brother of L 11
Allen of the firm hurtly after this another
chattel mortgage to the Third National Hank
for upward of 1 OOd ami two other mort
gages one to the Third National and the oth T
toiheKatiKof Buffalo as general security for
itidebt < lnes owing to the bunks were filed tho
total amounting tu iT7ni V2 From tl e aitor
neyt fo the mortgaew it w learned that th
morucitcet ctven w ere for ruone s luauc to tha
tlrm and used in tbtir business
The present firm was organized In 1MI1 It
was generally considers stronc as U was un
derstood lo bait the bxcktnc ot Moan the mil
lionaire carjiel man of New oik
Dn luei Trouble
Jay E PhilllJ and George R I > owns Phllllpi
A I > owa Importtrs and jobbers in fur and
straw hats at Washington place made an as
signment yesterday to Mierman B HalL ririns
a preference to the Empire StateBank for 5000
on a discounted nute Liabilities about tUS000
andahtets SSOOO or < iOOO
Mrs Theresa Owens dealer in shoes at
Seventh avenue and ISMh nre t tnade an as
signment yesterdav to John P Kelly giving
preference to Edward Owens h < rAusband
300 tn Ellen Uucn nf PhlladclphTx 00
and to Mary A MozHa 1U5 Mie WAS for
manv yean a buyrr for Lord 4 Tuylor Tho
liabllitics are 810000 and the assets about tha
Patrick riark a dealer in shoes at TO3 Eighth
avenue has given a bill of rale to Henrietta
Clark for 1140
Iputy herlff McGlvnev Las received an exe
cution against Victor France who kept a liquor
saloon at 4TO lith avenue bat Ik informed that
t rancei had Kold crat to Louis Mathot France
wa formerly wine man at the Hotel Bruns
The Sheriff has received an execution against
the Woodstock Hoitul of the city of New
York304 East lltth nrett for JJ7t in favor of
Kalph Greenliaum for provision and cm a note X
of tiie concern
Herman JoMph obtained an order from Judge
McCarthy of the City Conn ywterday aptwlui <
ing t arl Callmann rtceivtr for any property j
debts xjuttable interests richt and things in
action Ac of J Lichtentein A Soni drj good
merchants of 4 and U8 West Twentythird
Ktreet in supplementary procuedlngs brought for
Charles Simon Son credllon of the Crux
The Holla Thomas spice < k > mpan of 175
Franklin utreet confe ed judgment yesterday
for S3ti > > b in favor of Jane B Tliuaias for money
Jlje la the II d > ofm Keeetver
Vicechancellor Bird yesterday appointed Law
yer Geurge = HUlou of Patenon N J receiver
of the 7 uliuual Kier Manufacturing Company
of PtnTidenre 1 J The company wa in
coporatcd tn Vttr J > e with a capital of
1VtiOuoCK and engaged lu the Lliarhlnc and
dyeing of Ik Ihe enterirl < did nut prove a
rifcims and Jacob U Blautlt of Paterbon on
uf the sloe kholder applied for a receiver Mr
Hlllou gave 10000 bund
Grand Juror l eTji > lie Kviiltted
Pecorder Goff rcmittcd esterduy the tae of
30 imposed ou Friday upon Grand Jutor
Ernauuel M Levy w ho atmi > t d himself from
the bvtikiuus uf the Grand Jury wlihoul notice
PHcirdvr Go tald to Mr Let
The grand jcror havu requested me to re
mil the tine imposed upon you 1 do not with to i
rrlranone word us to the luiprtiprety of your
course A croud juror Is nuuiuro exempt trotn
jieualty for failure tu perform his dtit than a
fill juror is 1 am horrj for your postlion nor
dulwiehhuw iu cause jou ium o uilhd ur
trouble I tit lew ot the cr uinstauce of the
cut uud ut the earnest re > jue i uf tiia grand
juror 1 am prtparwl to rttnit the tine
Theu Iteionler itott exeus l Mr Ltvy frota
further strt it < e duritig tbt irrm
Jlaclvr luuda 1
The fllOOO nf tbr Brookln exclke funds a
which was t < > have bern ditided union the
tanuua ihantu > il lUkUluliun u Mul in the city
ireuaurj UK ing to the tlt > put uter the clause in
tin in i instttuUun in reference tu ruth ap
propriations t uriMirutiuh c uuiikel Mcl hk4d
lias IIKW tuti ati ojuiikun tuat thu prut isiuhkof
Ihr t uus 1 uuui n tt r lu hrostmctlt e and hut a
reir iui uti uiuruliot uiicl the liisttiutluns will
hv krt Ihvu tariuuk tu v ui iht luuhe
For all the ailmtnts of Throat i
and Lungs there is no cure 50
quuk and permanent as Scotts
Emulbton of Codlner Oil It is I
palatable easy on the most deli 1
tate btomach and efitctive
btimulates the appetite aids the
digest n of other focxls cures
Coughs und Colds Sore Throat
Bronchi s and ptves vital
btrength bfMffs I It t ai no equal
s n > J Kirrt f r Ji is and
Childn T v Lr to ut t thrive and
Any Condition of Wasting
SfmJfr mfkUt H isltl mlium frit
fcarttfcCom Y alirxwjtiiU flDcatisa
t ill

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