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IF 1 7 rM N W t Y lj J rtt i1i W Ji t
rovn OF Ttiiar WILl TCI JMJJT
Xmperor IVIIIInm Intend In Mnk the Fete
4 + of WorldWide lnterttTIe Counte
g Valdn Glelehen n Qrnadnleen or Queen
Victoria Wilt do on the Hlnare to Hlnpc
DcntlN April iil TIio Iprmnn Govern
mcnt has tel informal that the United
Btates will rend tin rrilserii New York Co
4 lumhln Han Krnncl co mid Mnrblchcad to
take part In ho iinvA1 iltmnnitrntlon a the
i opening of tho North Sea and llaltlo Canal
Tho celebration nt Kiel now bids fair L ex
L cent In lu and splendor all previous expecta
tion for with tier passing week tho pro I
tt gramme grows loniter and morn ulaborato It
has been settled that tho Kinpressnnd her eldest
four tons will accompany Die Impuror to Kiel
z but Itl Ic I nut known yet Jnt how many other
a I royal persons wll L present
I Tho question of prccmlenco bus inndo iiomo
L trouble among tho sovereign princes s of the em
i I pire but hits beets nettled satlfactorlly Prince
Regent Lultpnld of Bavaria refused to go to
i Kiel unless usmired Hint ho should he ranked
next 10 the Kmporar Hut as actual sovereigns
j i tho Kliie ot Saxony mil tilt Klne of Wurteui
berg claimed for themselves a moro conspicuous
vIncI than the Itegonls The Itcgent held how
4 rver that as 110 would represent tho crazy King
I Otto und Iln nrln was the largest power lu Icr
mnnvnttcr Prntslt hocould not > leld prece I
thence tho Prussian King Ho I
t to nnybody except Irlsslnn lD
reminded tho Imueror finally of the etiquette
observed at 1uipcror Fredericks and the old
t Emperors fiimniK where Bavarias frs placo
among tim small Stales wan undisputed
t t Tho Ktiipcror then wrote to the King of
I c Wnrtenibcrii nnd Saxony asking that they
git o tho KtgcntH ilrmunds 1 their friendly con
t Idcrutlon lintli ncculrd gratefully and scut
L Munich cordlil letters granting the Justice of
the KtBents claim
Emperor William Is i Intent upon making the
KltlfCtesa I display of worldw Ide interest lie
tbercforo has directed that every possible facil
ity be given to the press It will b out of the
question L allow all thu companies of the mer
chant marine to take part In tho parade through
the canal although the fine steamers of the
North German Ilojil tho HamburgAmerican
i and othor big ishlppers will b permitted to fall
i behind the Gorman warships Dr Ton Bot
i I tlcher Secretary of the Interior will appoint
t Jrlvy Councillor Loewo President of tho canal
Inquiries nt tho Imperial Yacht Club In Kiel
r i han elicited the statement that the list of en
b trleR for tho Kiel regatta In Juno Is titlll Incom
pleto rliu 1 list wilt tie held open until June
4 Among the jaohtB already entered are the Imf
perors Meteor the Prince of tchaumhurg
t Llppes Yaruna Prince Henrys Irene and the
Lui Mucke and Carlna In tim second class
the entries Include Emperor William new
4 Watson host Vlneta Krelherr von Zcdlltzs
Isolde and Count Douglass Ellen
Tim Armenian agitation has been started hure
nod eflorts aro making to open tho public purse
tor the hoiit lit of the Christians In Asia Minor
I i The results are ery meaere The stories of
t bloodcurdlini outrages a published week In
and week out by the British press are accepted
unly with a largo quantity of salt In Germany
The London newspapers which are tho soln
sources of Information at present arc supposed
f to bo manipulating the Armenian news to null
I KnglaiHls political almsmost notably t stir
f up Kuropo against thc Porto While not str
f lug that some outrages tny hare occurred the
4 Orman editors agree that Judgment hould be
4 fr4 usucDded They also warn the Government t
I 3 watch closely the British game which they
i mispect Is i t cooperate with Hussla or to please
her by bullying the lore Independently
The Mnnlch Alloeiatlne 7ritung published on
Tuesday an article on Oman BeT a conspicuous
A Turkish ofllclal who Uhwl to lay before the
f German public the Iortes rlews of the Arme
I titan trouble Toe argument Is that tbe Arme
i nians noTr were an Independent people like the
4 t Jroeke or Rouminlana or bervlnna They aro
only I minority hu nays In the country called
tj 11 Armenia being far outnumbered by the Kurds
I would be Impossible ho thinks t grant them
autonomy without sending them a urmy to
WI A hold the Kurds In subjection No Armenian
i 1 State could bo constituted on tho basis of ma
jority rule J he HSJITIS unlsss the Uusslau and
nmu < nwn I PIU 0 JHOeman 00
added t the territory noir under the Turkish
r J empire Osrmn Bey blame the AngloArmenian
committee In London for fostering revolution In
Armenia and Inciting both Turks and Armeni
ans t atrocities merely for the purpose of mak
I Ine political capital puro ma
k Tho nuarrul over the sacccsslon t the throne
w of LlppeDetwold has grown more Interesting
I since 1 ItH origin boa been mode known L the
1 public The Count of Ltpptlilestorfeld who
I disputes the regency of Prince Adolf was re
ticent with his grievances at tnt but he IH I now
inclined L take all Germany Into his confidence
with a 101 to obtaining Its support He has a
long list of grievances He charges Prince
Adolf In gsnvral with seizing Illegally the J
cency and the rich estates going with It Al
though the Princo know of tne Counts claim
I it Is ald he never communicated to him
the fact of Prince AValdemars death and
ho caused the Princess Walderaar to re
refusoadmUdon t tho Counts delegates Hu
also entered the Court Marshal to remove
Counts liernard and Frederick from the front
rank lu thu funeral procession and I declined t
c admit them to the family meeting These In
dignities so angered the members of tho Diet
t that the Deputies requested the Counts to walk
at the head of the parliamentary procession to
tho chapel belore the openlngof the session The
r facts show that Prince Adolf relying upon tho
i Emperors support treated the members of tho
lilosterfnld brunch In tho rudest and most
c ecornful manner und thus drove most of tho
4 neople to side with the claimants Ills high
r handed performance has weakened him in
J 4 Berlin evidently for the Emperor has ordered
the genealogists to report on thc line of succes
sion and has asked several Jurists for opinions
r to b laid before tho Federal Council I was
l understood that both jurists nod genealogists
f had considered tho rights of succession at great
C length before Prince Adolf was appointed
0 It irent applott
The Empres has recovered from her cold but
Emfre ncnre lut
y t Is still a little weak During her lllnins the
Kmpernr went nlcnu on bin dally walks and
1 drives in the 1 Irunowald I Before starting for
Wasungen on Thursday to visit theUrnnd hike 1
of hate Weimar ho was entertained luncheon
by Count von Wedel the former Prussian Min
ister In btockholm who recently married a rich
z U edlsh widow society has had much to say
1 of tho splendor of tho Kmperors reception
s Count von Wcdcl displayed a ruasslvo gold
L service Interspersed with enormous silver
dishes in which were piled hothouse strawber
t I 1 ries und other costly fruits The special punch
3 brewed for tho Kmperur H i something new here
f It Is called violet champagne and Is pronounced
I t flellcloUK prooounco
Carl hailer the commercial nttocho of the
t German Consulate In Chicago Is I giving a series
dc i of lectures on the commercial needs of Uermany
and America
i X The I Countess Vnldn Qlclchen will BO on the
stage MOM us a professional singer hue Is the
daughter of Prlnre Victor of Hohenlohe better
10henlohe beter
biumn as Count Ololchen by a morganatic mar
r i riage wIth the Baroness Bronn As Prince Vlo
i Vor Is I Queen Victorias nephew the Countess
> Valda is her grandniece Tho Queen has no ob
i jections to seeing tho Countess Valda on the
f stage but tho Countesss family In Uermany
linvo trlod vainly to alter her purpose
Upon Dr bchnanlneers advice the Bismarck
i > birthday deputation from Prussian raxony has
4 deferred Whitsuntide its visit In Friedrichsruh taxoly unll after
V Mine ModJesLa the Polish actrsss who was
t f expelled from ItusMa recently Is In Berlin
rrelty I erl I
taj the has apptaled to Ambassador ItuiiTtm to
1I intervene tn her behalf Shesupposestthat she
I was expelled rm account of I a speech in favor of
t r the Poles which she made In Chicago She
41 entered Itussla with her full company she says
j5 I under contract to play In Warsaw Moscow saSa
t q Odessa As required she deposited tM00
te roubles surety with the Warsaw authorities
o and potted her bills Then she received notice to
I 1 < lote t
quit Russia within twelve hours No reason
1 was riven and the deposit was not returned
r her Mrao story Modjeska sobbed hysterically in tolling
The Berlin Art Inhibition will open on May 1
Among the Americans In Iurls who have sent
no pictures are Harrison Steward aud McEuen
I i r iizsrtitCKs jiuar BUNDA r
U tm Protected from Ifdshakera but
1 1 Talk to tie CXivdi
BERLIN April SI Princo Bismarck received
4 two deputations in FrUdrlchtruh today The
I Unit was composed of unlversltyirradnates I rep
resenting between DOOO and 10000 members ot
a aluinul societies The graduates assured him
1 that they would concentrate their efforts upon
tho preservation and solidifIcation of opn
t empire The 1rluce replied that they could do
4 BO wore his own aim had been the same 10
A deputation from Dpssau presented a bronze
1 group showing I victorious stag so placed as to
etlo I
f lace the castle gate Bismarck told the Desunu
1 ers that they were especially welcome because
claly welcome bCIOS
i I Dessau although once a hothouse of stale
i rights lu adapted Itself willingly to the carnal
tlous of thu new empire Such a course hi all
t il was proof that pomelhUik moro Ideal than par
it r tlculurNin existed In Cierman hearts Tim I
t nmnrthlng was the natonal feeling The na
tional Ktuitluirnt now glimmered uudm allies
but I would soon bluzu up Into a roarlnj Ire
i 1 Pointing miick mid wills 1 laiiLU to tho bronze stag Ills
1 t I eliol eil as delimit ns that even when
J s ui Cliuu Ulor
n Ir tMh onltiKer woe nt the Princes side
C throucluiit tHiih reorptluns and iirotetteil him
i fiiiin the otloitf of lice enthusiastIc crowd hint
irtu > < loroard coiuuntly t hale his hand
t t I i1 to 7
IAr Jl 1nDB nIlxAXZD
Hprlnc UIenl nn View In Central Park
Man nf the paraders who displayed their
I islcr garments on Fifth avenue a week ago
transferred I themselves to Central Park ycitor
day This repetition of tho Easter parade hal
n much more appropriate setting than the
original for Instead of tho narrow over
crowded west sidewalk of Fifth avenue the
iwople had the broad Mall and tho winding
walks of the Park to display themselves In
while hundreds of equipages of nil kinds from
a baby carriage to a mall coach eavo gaycty to
tho scene
Tho big lake was tho centre point of intert
Dufore the morning was half over there nero
many boats out and In the afternoon naviga
tion was risky for any but skilful oarsmen on
account of the crowd Hundreds of people
gathered at tho end of the Mall overlooking tho
lake or strolled about the ttnlks that surmount
tho banks along the edge while the roadways In
tho vicinity were swarming with carriages
driving slowly abut so that the occupants could
enjoy the aquatic scene The omnibuses and
coaches which made regular trips through tho
Park did a thriving business all dnyand hansom
cabs werent to lx had except through the
exercise of great strategic ability or physical
agility As soon Mono of these vehicles depos
ited the Darting passenger on tho sidewalk at
the termination of tho journey there wcro a I
dorcn applicants for tho vacant place While
they were clamoring In assertion each of his
own claim home active Individual vaulted Into
tho cab and was driven away Another method
frequently crowned with success was to watch
for a returning cabman and catch his eye with
a coin conspicuously displayed D an earnest of
good Intentions
All the livery stables around the parks had
everything out that would run on wheels nt
prices which would liuvu uwakuULd derision
In the souls of the velilclcasplrlug public and
prevented custom on any day that want as I
bright and exhilarating as yesterday But
those who want to driving Sunday
togo on Iuodny usually
travel In pairs and a youth Isnt In a position to
haggle much over rates when ho has promised
to take his best girl out driving on the first fIne
Bunday particularly since the clfci ot Sun
days sunshine on tho average liveryman Is to
render him exceedingly proud and haughty
Ho has a clncb and ho knows It An Instance of
this l was experienced by young man who went
to n stable XJi one of the side streets off Colum
bus avenue at a reasonably early hour with a
view to getting an open carriage
Give you a Victoria saId tho man nt the
desk carelessly Everything else Is out
What do you charge for I victoria in
quired the young man
To KO through Hlversldo Park three dollars
and a halt
But I dont want to go through Hhersldo
Park said the prospective customer Cant
I Ret It by the lrspctyO
No dont hlro cm that way returned the
1 wanted to go up Hlverslde drive a few
blocks and then down L Fiftyninth street byway
waI Four I dollars and a half
By way of Central Park going
Six dollars
drive GoIng across tho Park and down on tho east
driveKlght dollars snorted the liveryman and
tho visitor escaped
The same methods held good In other places
any mention of Central Park had a ni > slerlous
elevating Inlluenco on prices In the
elovatnllnlueoco 01 prlcs II upper part
of the Park were to bo found the line horses
and the sporting element who nero easily dis
tinguishable by their clothes and cigars
and the highly professional manner of their
driving Many open carriages laudaus und
lcLoiliis mostly occnpltd by women were to b
Been In the upper regions of the Park
The bridle path was hardly as well patronized
as on work dIY leading to tho supposition
either that the riding part of the population ob
serve Sunday moro strictly than those who af
feet carriages or that thoro Is a dltlerence be
tween riding and driving in tho matter of
Darting In and out on the crowded roadways
among the many vehicles were hundreds of bi
cycles nearly nil spinning northward und the
picturesque costumes of the cyclists added much
to the stirring bunday scene
They Are Dae to Flood Famine und the
BuryIng or Hoarded Coin
SHANGHAI March 22 From all par of North
China como reports of bard times and great suf
fering among the poor people In some cases
this Is the result of floods which have washed
out valleys and spoiled the seed corn u well as
the stock of provisions bother districts there
have been droughts which have prevented the
sowing of millet and other grains To add to
these hardships few districts have escaped the
exactions of bands of soldiers marching to tho
front Though ample appropriations have been
made for tho support of these soldiers tho
greedy ouUlals Burlrt absorbed most of the
money and tho result Is that the troops levy on
the country
At Lencbow near Tientsin an ofllclal an
nounced a distribution of copper cash lll cash
to each child and Uu to each adult People came
from fifty miles away but the mipoly of cash
ran out before half had been relieved ali the
remainder bad to walk home A foreigner who
paw these halfstarved wrrtchc declared that
hnlfof them would die before reaching their
At Wuslch there Is I great complaint of lack of
money and food The banks und many of the
large rico warehouses are closed mainly be
cause of the failure of the millionaire rico
dealer Yang VongSun It seems that Yang was
coining money by supplying rice to the Japanese
but hIs brother who feared the Japanese would
not pay reported the matter to the authorities
1ian I local r 1 lila onto slezed 111 the rico I
Yang lied on hand and he to avoid arrest l and
sure punishment lied t Japan He had bought
largely on credit so that ho left debts of over
S4UOUO behind him All who have money havo
drawn It from the banks and burled I a Ibo
only measure of safety In case of n Japanese In
vasion The result Is a great dearth of coin for
ordinary business transactions
Farther ExpremlouoT Opinion tnt Europe
Wont Couient to Them
PAnS April 11ho Debatx says In a leader I
on the situation in the Orient llio Japanese
occupation of IlaoTong Is n menace to both
Pekin and Cores If Japan expects Bimslatn
renounce her policy toward Corea she probably
has mao a great mistake Moreover Franco
will not leave Russia l Isolated In the Host and
Germany It not disposed t regard Indifferently
Japans encroachments Indller oly
Japans conditions of peace are Immoderate
Her ambitions ought to he brought dowl ut
unco England will Incur a grave responMbllltv
if sue separates herself from the test of Europe
ut this decisive moment Prior to tho excitative
of tho ratifications Japan ought to see that n re
UsUm voluntarily of the treaty is necessary und effect it
LONDON April 1 ThoStamford will say to
morrow In I leader on tho treaty of peace b
teen China and Japan Except In a com
mercial n none of the European powers
hivo n common Interest in tho East hence the
strength of Japans position
MAIIIIIII April lIn view of thu cession of
Formosa to Japan much anxiety Is I felt regard
hag the defence of hnalns possessions In tho far
East Tho War Minister will announce to the I
Cortes tomorrow that Gen Blanco has tukid
and obtained permission t form two regiments
of natives in tho Philippine Islands und that
the Spanish offIcers for the regiments will start
soon for Manila
Fifteen hundred Slauser rifles wllr follow
them nnd modern guns of large calibre will re
place the obsolet small arms now In uoe wi the
Islands The cruisers Omiendo and Ylon > t
and pines others have been ordered to thu Philip
The Prince or Wales Yacht Lace Nome
Copper Hbeuthlng OT Her Port noW
IjONiiov April IThe Prince of Waless
yacht Britannia arrived at Cowes from the 111
vlera last evening She mode good progress
until she reached the Bay of Biscay where sho
ran Into a northeast gale and lost u portion of
the copper sheathing olf her port Ixiw
Probably her hull acid spars will be altered
i b ulerll
beforo she calls In the 1 Thames match on May 17
Cholera Spreadlnc OB tie fled Sea
CAIRO April JlTho cholera Is I spreading
rapidly In the quarantine lazaretto at Keineran
on tho Red Sea There have been sixty deaths
among the Mecca pilgrims landed by the steam
ers Mohaaimadl and Juhsda The filth In the
outbreak lazaretto Is regarded as the main cause of tho
xIleatt Ilnnna Also Htrlcken
INDIANAPOLIS April 1 KxIleutfiov
Thomas llanna who was tiny Porters run
IIIK mato In 1H80 had an attack of vertigo in
lie County Treasurers ofllcn jestcrdaj that
was otmllttr to the attack which prostrated Mr
Porter on Friday evenlug Mr henna ices un >
conscious thirty minutes Both exliov Porter
and eilleullov lau are expected t re
cover lu a few dar
f I
Kdlcon Maya Inthnm Device I Old and
Premium to Bent t
An exhibition of what Edison considers a
klneUocopo so arranged as to throw tho
pictures enlarged upon I screen was given
yesterday afternoon at 05 Frankfort street
by Woodvllla Latham lie calls Ms ar
rangement the Pantoptlkon The Illustration
gives a very good Idea of what It looks like The
continuous film of photographic pictures with
slots cut In tho edges to catch tho teeth of I
sprocket that keep It from slipping Is i reeled In
patent on bis apparatus which thus enables the
exhibitor to show klnetoscope effects t n large
audience at one time
A Sus reporter saw Mr Fdlson last evening
and described the Intham machine to him
llrnrlng that description Mr Kdlson said
That Is 1 the klnrtotcopc This strip of film
with the pictures which you laity here is made
exactly as the film I use Thin boles In It ore for
tho spokes ot the sprocket which I devised
The throwing nf tho pictures on I screen
was the very first thing I did with tho klneto
scope I didnt think much of that because tho
pictures were crude and there ccetnrd to mo to
machine bo no commercial value In that feature of the
In two or throe month however wo wilt
have the klnetophone perfected and then wo
will show you screen pictures lice IJut tlrn will i
f p 1 1
E 1 i I
front of tho electric light of n sort of moglo
lantern and so the pictures nre thrown succes i
sively on the screen with sufllclcnt rapidity to
produce the wellknown klnotoscopo or 7oetropo
effect of animated pIctures
Tho pictures shown yesterday portrayed the
antics of some hovs at Ill In a park They
resiled jumped fmmht und tumbled over
ono another tar whicas the boo wet romp
ing a man pat rending n paper und smoking a
pipe Even the puffs of smoke could be plainly
seen a could also thu mans movements hen
he took ulinndkrrchlpf unto his pocket The
w holu picture on thin sereen yesterday WIO about
the size of I standard window cash but the sio
Is I matter of expense nnd adjustment Mr
Lathams camera will take forty pictures n sec
ond and It can b set up anywhere in the street
or on the top of a house
Mr atham says that ho will try to obtain a
bt ilnrlliolomeivn Knitter Collection to lie
Added to the Bureaus Cnpltul
Thc Easter collection In 8t Bartholomews
Church amounted L over 13000 This largo
sum was given by the members of the congre
gation of St Bartholomews at thin request of
the rector tho Hev David 1 Orcer who told
his people two Sundays before that he wished
that amount for a special object connected with
the work which Is being carried on In the parish I
house in Host Fortjsecond street I
The object to which the Easter offering of I
15000 will bo devoted will b tho increasing I
of tho capital of tho loan bureau which has
bean for a year In operation in tho parish house
co that its usefulness can be enlarged Accord
Ing to the experience of the past year the loan
bureau the amount of capital of which is I Sfi
000 could perform n still more beneficent work
had It more money n Its disposal to lend to
those who are In need This fact became apparent
parent to the manager James A MacKnlghu
und In presenting his report of the operations of
lion thus bureau for 1HIM he made this recommenda
tuo I would urge the Importance of perpetual
ing and increasing tills lund us I regard it one
of tho beneficent discovered
lt most belfr I means set
for aiding those who are embarrassed to the
verge lt becomlnc objects of charity and Jet
whom charity should not be permitted to reach
It Is I I blessed thing for I upright man or
woman to obtain prompt relief such as this
bureau afford without the loss of
blr alllronls wlhllt selfrespect
and without the humiliation of bell done to
death by un extort loner
The pond uccompliihcd by this bureau bus
been practlcall incalculable It has dUI lice
part of hlrt aid to the Injured supplying in I lie
nick of time Indispensable means to honest
Ilmll fnr hOrI 1111 lrnL rrricir fur their
sicknnd sav Ing Insurance u hlch would lapse and i
become n total loss after all the sacrifices made
to carry It It has saved scores of families from
being turned Into tho streets homeless under
distress for rent has rescued others from tho
clutches of merciless extortioners saved tics
effects of families which would have been sold
for btorncc and in an endless variety of circum
stances has given people thc power to help
themsulvvs when they wero on the verge of
During tho eight months covered by the re
port tho bureau loaned SJlo 40 to TON html
lies At tho present time the amount of l al
a thu cull of the bureau would not permit the
loan of any sum larger than 50 hit it Is lIkely
that with the Increase of available funds this
limit of the loan may be raised 1 his will be In
lini < with the recommendation of the report
which says that the expense on a great number
of small loans Is almost equal to thu return from
them To Increase thu revenues therefore and
put the bureau on a profitable basis a fair pro
portion of loans mutt be made upon snitch h there
is n net financial profit his Ill IH I urged cnn
b done by raising tin limit to S100 and mak
ing on smaller tho ralu loan for expcnies the same aochaiEed
nn jiuciiAJfA HTITI itoprs
The Governor to lie Appealed to Again
1rtfpurutlonfi tot the Kxrcutlon
KINO SING April 21Dr Buchanan Is bearing
up remarkably well Ho still hopes that tho
Governor may do something in his case War
den Sage called at Biichununs cell nt Hl >
oclock this morning and found him
murnlni 0111 tount hln181eeplnl
soundly Ho did not awake until after 0 I oclock
Ho ate a hearty breakfast Warden ago called
on him shortly after he IlnWitd breakfast and
Informed him of the tfovcrnors action He
Fcenn d disappointed but not discouraged
BuchannnV wife called ut the prison today
nnd had I long talk with him He gave her In
structions in regard to the new matter which is
tn bo presented to the Governor tomorrow Hu
nUnitrnt a number nf telegrams to his lawyers
aud friends In Newurkln Ictrelf 10 his CI e
Warden iage does not think then Is any
chance for tho condemned ran The Invitations
to the execution will probably bo sect out to
morrow find I will take place on Thursday or
Irldaj unless tile ioveinor should Interfere
A oildway Innip HmABhrr
A portly man wearing a vvellbrushed silk hat
and earning a heavy cano sauntered down
lirotidwny at II s oclock on Hnnduy morning
When he arrived at tho Plympton res
taurant opposite the Coleman House ho stopped
In front of the four lamp globes of the
restaurant After looking at them about two
minutes he ralfd his rune deliberately and hit
one of the globes u blow that shuttered It Tho
noise startled him and hu looked about nerv
onsly Seeing no one ho passed on to the next
globe and w nt In tho act 01 raising his cane for
another blow when John Mallon porter of the
Murlevnnt House who was standing on the
sidewalk a block away veiled Police Un
this the stranger set oil down Broadway at a
brink walk
He was overtaken at Tvventyslxth street and
arrestvd I but at the > H thirtieth street Clii
thin Mallon aid the prisoner was not the
smasher and he was released
An riectrle Hlioek funned III Death
The autopsy on tie body of William Ohm t
lio clerk In a cigar store on Cortlandt street
who died after attempting to unfurl a display
banner supended from a pole outside the store
was held in the undertakers shop at US Green
wich street > ei > tcrdv
I showed that Ohmers had died from the
affects of n shock of electricity An electric
light wire wni ttrnni near the polo from which
the banner wnstmspendrd
Tired Fee ing
Is I sjmptom which thmit < us changer un
less It Is Hpetctlly > oVLicoine It indicate nn
inipovcrUlieil condition of tho blood which
vv hen pure und full of vitality carries life
mil vigor to the muscles nnd organs of the
hOI Purify II enrich lao blood with
Hoods rNirhiparilla niul that tired feelIng
will disappear nnd tlckness vv 111 bo averted
Hoods Sarsaparilla
Is the Only
True Blood Purifier
Prominently In tho public eye today
Hoods Pills act harmoniously with
llo tarapula 3o
tl rt
be life size and tho sound of tho voice can bo
heard ns tho movements of tho figures are seen
If Mr Latham ran produce llfusUo pictures
now as wo will do with tho klnetophone thats
a different matter
When Latham says ho can set tip his klneto
graph anywhere ami take the pictures for his
mat hlne he means that ho has simply u iwrt
able klnetogrupli h
W huv t hind nun of those for six month
The reason that our pictures nil had to ho taken
here at Ilrst U that our klnetogrnph was un
lelI they exhibit this machine Improve on
what I bay done and call It a klncleeope
thats all right I will Ice glad of whatever im
provements Sir Latham mav lake
I they carry the machine around tho coun
try callIng It hiy eomeotlicrimtuc thats fraud
and I shall prosccuto Whoever toes It Ive
applied for patents long ago
ex to t PnulH Itll the Oldest r I
Church Edifice In Town
St Marks Church nt tcconJ avenue and
Tenth street celebrated yesterday the one liiin
dretlth anniversary of the laying of Its cornor
stone The services In tho morning woe undo
appropriate to tho occasion by suitable lessons
and psalms and n sermon by the rector the Hev
Dr Itylance which was devoted L tbo history
of the church and thc parish
Bt Marks was tho fourth Protestant Episco
pal church erected In this city 1 was preceded
by Trinity Pt Georges anti Ht Paul in the
order named Iho original Trinity und bt
Georges hav Ine been burned or rebuilt on a dif
ferent site I is now the second oldest church
edifice of Hint denomination bt Pauls being
tile oldest It was bullion the site of a chapel
erected In tbo second half of the seventeenth
century by Peter fctuyvesant near his country
home then far out of the city limits Hero It
was that the stout Dutchman was burled and
his body Is now In tho same vault below the
pastern wall of tho church In which It nan
placed at his death together with that of tiny I I
Mauchter who wits creMcd Governor by Klne
William III In loon
The little rlinuel built by PtU vcsant stood for
over 1 hundred years rlhn ton which hail
originally clustered about the Hatter eradually
crew larger until tbo chapel wan In lie city
proper It bad been ullonid to go to rack and
rek ald
ruin but In ITlli a great KianiNonof tue UO
truer who was 1 member of Trinity corpora
than proposed ihatlrlnitv erect n a church oct thu
site of the old Dutch chapel l and offered tim land
and a subscription nf
Ild subcrlplml iKUU The mutttr was
allowed to drag until Ian 10 iTIifl when the
vestry of Trlnltv incepted the 1711 and I voted
AMUOI for tho UUildlllir of lllB rlmrrli fin t
Marks day April S S i of that > it tho corner J
mono was laid I lie church tnklnt Its inline frum
the clay and lIce rdlllcu was oiibCLrited on May
ft I Hev 17IIU Samuel by the Provost hbop I of tin diocese thu Itlght
The church at that time was not in Its Present
shape tho nave only having been built Tha
tplro was lull in IHXitho schoolrooms In 1 Har
and the first organ u under in Its day was put
iu in 1MVJ
Tbo first rector of the church wi s the Hev
John t allahan who took otllcn in
1HUU He woi mnrtullv injund lilt
lIOO 1 Wn mortll jljurlt liilnclrivlnt 1
fen months later und was succedod by the
Hev Dr Crelj hton Ttio othttr rectors of thl t
church were Ir Antlion and Dr Vlntun and
the present rector Dr llylance lincaina to the
church from Chicago In 1HT1 All through Ice
Al throulh
century of 1W existence ht Marks In thn I
Uowcriens It was called hits iJn Inltsciin I
creitatlnn many of the wealthiest and oliliot
wcul anl nlIt
I families of Now York and evict toda > whrn
al < VI
the wealthy hav u moved to far up thiaci thire
are wellknonn
many Knickerbocker
DIIY welknowl r mines
upon its roll of membership nI
hat perhaps brought i t Marks Into the
greatest notorltty was vvhtn the bodi of AT 1
Mewart was stolen from its rault in the hmrh
cm Nov 8 1K7H Korjruis diteftht I earLbed
for tho body anti It Is ullcccd that I sects Ilnnllj
found and Intirred In Jurdeu ity wallll I I
lien to this has always been moro or less I doubt us
Temporary Injunction Granted liy IndRe
GuflT AculuMt Houtli Curollna fun
CoifsilHA SC April JUr Sampson Popo
and J F J Culdnell appearing before Judge
fioil of the United States Circuit
Unie Slncs Court at
Clarksburg W Vn have secured a temporary
Injunction In tho case of Danbar net
tho Mate Hoard of Control und F M
MiJson Commissioner which If made perma
nent practically destroys tho effect of tho I
pcnsarv law Tbo order restrains all Mate au
thorities from Interfering In tiny manner with
tbi rommrreo belvveen the States wlh
The rule to dhow cause Is mado returnahlo be
Snreiccdge Golf here on May mnlo On the mice of
thin tfinporarj order of injunction any ole can
onltr liiiuoi shipped hero to him
hitS 111 said tolilchl
All the Quirk and dammons hare tried their
hands on tno dispensary and now the little
Snaps have taken charge of Hand are attempt
lug to attack There Is I only one point In lie
and that Is I
case When docs liquor arrive In
tho Mate
Juilire Ooffs Injunction will not be regarded
by Ins Tn unysen of tho word It make no
difference what papers ho serves we will 10
info t seize every gallon of whiskey that ar
rives within this State and I conMrun the word
arrivo I to mean when It gets withiimi tlio I lior
dersof the State and w lfe continue to so ron I
xtruo It till tho United Mates Supreme Court
lioldi otherwise
No One Hn Yet Iilrnttneil tie Man Hun
Over tin the llrooklju Illrviiteil
The man who fell from lie platform t thin
tracks uf tho elevated railroad at the ferry ter
minus Ilroadway Kent avenue Wllllatns
burgh Into on Saturday night and was run
over and killed by 1 train hud not been identi
fied lust night
An eyewItness of tho accident told the police
yesterday that the man was walking to and tro
on the platform waiting for an Incoming train
coil seemed to be drunk Juktbrforii the train
arrived he went over to the iiunrd rail on th
edge of the putform nnd noted Ills head on his
hand When the train got to within tell feet of him
ho eIther fell elf the platform or was seIzed with
an epileptic tit 1 ho online timid two cars pnssid
wcr him The body vv n taken to tho Hedford
avenue pollen station where fHOi was found in
thelM > okets but nothing by which hu could be
I C01IMrrVING xor IlI
American Clinrelien lf u HOOOO IJnllou or
Alcoholic Wlnev Vuuilall
At the regular weekly nl ctnl under the di
rection of tho American Temperance Union In
bickering Hall > ot rda > John Woollcy of
Cllcnto said The communion of the Chris
tian churches of this country today U nut Slits
for you or for me I ought tii be swept away
A Lou I liUOUIl gallons of alcoholic wine are
annually dispensed In tho churches In this coun
trrA man who recently returned from this Holy
Land reported that hu had found oven barkeep
era In Nazareth the bltthpluco of our Suvloui
Maennerohor1 Hllver Jubilee
The silver jubilee of the Now York Mnenner
cbor was celebrated last en t nlng nt the node s
hall nt 207 East I Ilftvnlntli street with a con
cert and banquet which were attended by over
yui members ibis I concert room nrd banquet
hal were decorated with lings bunting towers
and evergreens Most of the Kiidlng German
I celebration elrc the city were represented at the I j
I J s4 I
i al 1 < 1
laundry Soap
Colgate Co
1 31118 WaiSK IX Tilt IE3ISrATtritE
Imi > oinnt New York tIt I1IIU Tlint VIII
Cnme VII for Action
AInAN Audi 91This promised I L be ono
of thin busiest nnd most Important vvcoks of this
session of the State Legislature It Is generally
xpicted thut the IOKUlature will adjourn sine
din on Frlduv May I 10 and 1 for this reason an
chart ulll be miuloilurlnd the next fen days t
pars the more Important municipal reform
measures to Unit tho Majors II citIes may havo
nruplo opportunity to approve or UKpprovo of
Mich bills before 1 thud LegIslature adjourns sino
lit There are omo members who tblnU that
the tetlslituro Will not adjourn until the week
follow liiRMnylU
Tho annual appropriation bill Is 1 n ppoctnl
order In the Senatu for Monday night The
lexovv New York CIty Illpartisan Police bill
and the A Insw orth bill Increasing tim poor of
tho Chluf of 1ollco of New York city and hold
Inc him r resjmnslblo for the dlslpllne of the
force wilt tome up In the Assembly this week
Odrndvs New York City Police Iteorcanlra
lon DIM I which was lot CIl 10110 tbo Senate h >
Ml for Tin leou sduy li I a special order In thu Assembly
Tho JiPiitcr New York bill will iome up In
tint Srnntu this week in Committee of tho
ThuJudiclal 1 Sates nnd the New York Pollco
Muglstmtcs bills are still In tlmbenuto Judiciary
Committtv though bnth halO passed thin AH I
CecIl icly I I Is I txpected that tho I Police Magia
tlnts bill which ubollsbus Iho Now York city I
Pollco Justices will bu renortcd favorablvto I
tho Senate on aesday or Wednesday
Iho homes llliinkit liallot bill which has
pasi < cd tho Viittte will It Is expected come up
In the Afcemblj thlsurck
Another attempt will bu made In this Senate
toionsldur tho Conkllng bill which provides
that ImnatiH of lodging houses In New York
city llrookljn nnd Itiillulo shall bo registered
her a certain period previous to elections Tho
bill Is mm In the ScMiiitt Cities Committee
An Important bill which will tonnui in I the
Astinblj this week on the order of second read
Ing Is that of Axsumbh man VVray which pro
vides for it gradual reduction annually of the
price ot gas mimI electricity In the cities of New
York Brooklj and Hiiffalo
Them will bu 1 hearing on Tuesday afternoon
before Iho llallroad Committee of each House
on the bill allowing street surface railroads on
Filth avenue In New York city below Twenty
fourth street
The Avscmbly will take a vote on Thursday on
the application of the cnnicHtants of the I scats
now held by Afsemblj men lllnke of New York
und McKcown of Kings
ihie I calendars in each House are heavily
Indtn with bills mnsllr local ones This la tho
Mrit session for many years when night sessions
u ere held only nn Mondnis Usually the Lag
Ilaturo has held night Cessions on Mondays
Tucid > s anti Ihursdnj during March and
April The present Legislature however gen
eralli cleiis Its calendars dally and night srs
sliiiiH havu not us jet tieen found necessary
Ibu legislative ommlttec3 have about finished
their work
Kentucky B Selintor Make That nn Issue
In III Iteelerllon CnmimlEU
Iotwviii April Ll Pcnator Joseph C
Klackburn huts thrown down the gauntlet to
those who dehlre to contest hU rcClcctlou to the
Inlled Status Senate and Iwldly Invites a cnn
mss upun the curicncy Issue The Senators
position on the silver question has been known
but as ho hud refused to express his views
through tin public lire t > s of that State the Im
pression hud gnu forth that he was dodging the
Issue In an iiitrivlow hire yesterday be ex
pressed his continued devotion to lie cause of
rca coinage of silver
I nm ut a los to understand said Sir
Blackburn how any one especially In Ken
tucky can remain in Ignorance as to my senti
ments upon the liver question For the lust
twenty yeirn in Coigrcxs and on tho stump
anywhere und iverywlacre I have earnestly nnd
j cifcMintl Insisted upon the restoration of all
ser metal to that pluce In the mnonetiiry system
of thocountr whit hit had always held prior to
the paMgu of that cllistrous acm of demonc
tiatlon put cd in 18TI tpon this subject I
have never hold un opinion nor mado in utter
riiii t bat 1 liiive h In thu I cl llKbtcst dcgicu altered
or modllitd in all the > e > ears
1 am 111 favor ill ope nine the mints of this
countr to tilt I unlimited tohmgo of the silver
mttnl I on un i xact eiiuiility ulth gold 1 am op
picd to gold monomi tull lici und just j as ninth
ippned to ei I sr cnotcoccietctl II tic without i rLser
vutlili or evasion I am a bluielalllM I l a I want
and menu to continue to Inslit upon tbu ics of
bntb gold unrl silver on even ti rms ns tbt t > rc
deiniitlon moni cut this country 1 would bo
glad to FCC this reult I luoUKht about by t lie ac
tion I of nn I cit rccttomial conference but I um
opposed to this t I Jovcri I ment waiting i for any
biieb onturLiice to act Our experience with
biieh iigeni Its has not haiti MII h an to givu us
eIther eincdilenco or hucupti fortbe ittnimuent of
this piirpo
I am In favor of the restoration of the silver
metal nt Hut ratloof sixteen to one believing In
the light of unexperleme tbut covers century
ciich ratio will establish I und maintain permu
niittlytbo l tmrlty hetwee i be two t moialt I
jellwve that V C should take I thin action nt the
arllifct duv possible independfiitof thu pullces
or vliMHof other nations
Now if thorn bo nun upon tbo list of an
noic tutu cundliKitrs of t llio Honnto who will I
uvim himself an oppotiucit cit silver coinage anti
ndvociitou nlngl gold Minidaid 1 vIil ak antI
large every intuit nf i mine I In Ki ntuc ky holdlni
those views anti who In ipite < of that fact Is
now supporting me to withdraw his summit
from icie unit give it to the candidate who has
been bold enough to make such u declaration
Hut t I apprehend that no ono of theiio worthy
Kintli men will make em h un avowal unless he
couples with It an announcement of his with
driwal from than canvass
Mr Iarioni Kuvnnnab Mtrert Railroad
SAVANNAH Gu April iO Judge Spcer of
the United States Court has placed the City and
Suburban Knllwify of Savannah In lie hands
of Cot JobnHcrevlnaa receiver Thu road In
cludes seventeen miles of electrio railway In
and outfdo tho city The stock of the road Is
practically entirely owned by George Parsons
und 1 N Harrlmnn of New York city Mr
Ilircnn Is hue wellknown street railway pro
prltoi Ihe property Is hoiidfd for SJOOOOU
A Tiimessmi bondholder on whose hill the re
reiver was nppolntvd barges that Air Parsons
Is wrecking tho load
f5169 1807
A1 rl
visor sus
IT IVIH HAicn onoii 1OUTVse
wiiiru iiRoioirr VH Tiirxn FINK
TAi rsTKY imr iMis CAKPKTH
WITh oit WITHOUT nonnnH TO
58 cents per yard
101 loa VN1 101 WEsT 1ATII ST
o ilSiJi ru w ttfln
DtiooKFitsrD jtrnjv Aorr VAST
srnoxo TO juixorji JIJ T
They Cons Get Aar Offlee Ont of Him mid
They Wttomethe O A R Eplnodo nun
Lever to Prr Him Ont With Tha
Ktreet Cleaner Object lo White Deck
The Drookflcld Republicans want to force Cal
George G Waring Jr out of the Street Clean
ing Department He has been Independent of
than organization In lie appointment of subordi
nates and ban not card whether the Hrooltfield
faction was benefited or not It Is charged that
the good places In his gift have gone to personal
friends and acquaintances who In most cases
were like the Colonel nonresidents of New
York city
On top of this complaint bill Is I put Col War
Ings quarrel with the Grand Army of tho He
public Thin Urookflclcl people have seized on
this to make a case against tho Street Cleaning
Commissioner It has been suggested by come
of them to the Major that It would be well for
his administration If ho could Induce Cot War
lug to resign It U I time hope ot the Drookflold
men to get one of their own friends Into the
Street Cleaning Department so that Its patron
age can bo manipulated for tho benefit of tho
Until yesterday all the efforts looking to the
superseding of Col Waring by the Hrookfleld
leaders had been conducted quietly Then
Oen Charles H T Collls Mr Hrookflclda dep
uty In lie Public Works Department did a
bold thlncw rota Col Waring a letter This Is
the letter
Col ffniro E IPnrfna Jr
lirttt Sot I hate just rend In an afternoon paper a
statement under your signature In whIch you Inform
lice public that you regard the Urand Army of the Ilo
nubile nt a lot nf twtmlnnra liuinninrfi soil you add
these words Toarold the necessity of recurring to
thU Mibject I may as well say that my statement con
cerning the Grand Army of the Republic was deliber
ately made That organization has In my Judgment
sold It v If for cash to this lalm alien tsot Washington
I cannot permit this deliberate statement to save
von the necessity of recurring to It again Your Ian
KUMII Is nn Insult to the livilig and to the memory of
the cleail V ou own to both an apology
1 ecu hardly realize that this sentiment proceeds
from a innu who took any very active part In the war
uf the rilwlllnn At all events It comes with a bath
grace from one who once wore shoulder straps to as
sail at this Into day the tolillrrs whose work thirty
years ao saved the land from dismemberment ami
made us what we am There arc plenty of people
now afl hues nero then to dUpurnKU the soldiers of
tho union but It has nmained for you to reduce
them and you may ronurutuliito j ourslf that you do
thli wheu Uen Urant and old 1 < tumfh bherman are
no more lion cobl they Ilouuul refute such whole
nale charge against nn organization uf which they
Wire so pro tid
I havebad the honor to ho n member of the irand
Armj of the Kepublle since Us foundation and hers
never known It UM das you arraign Its funds un
ostentatloul have supported thousands of widows
acid orphaned children Its tiietntcvra haru raised the
American Hag over nearly every schoolhouse In the
They are now devoting their energies to the Intro
duction uC military cdi catluu In the public schools
In and by when their plnn are forniulausl they
will make tliemstltes relt upon the subject of the em
igration lawh anti thousntid of them never applied
for pensions although entltkd thereto
I must soy that 1 knuw front tong experience that
veterans In the pulille servIce perform their duties
with great fidelity crIb very discipline these old tad
dlerauiulredlii their emmtrjs ier lee ha equipped
them the better for the successful fultllnient of elvle
dillies I prefer them without regard to any statutes
w hi n not dlKitiallflt bv isgit or other 1m upaclty aud
I have had more experience lu thcHoniaitcrri than > ou
will ever lOire I am yours CHAKLPS II T OOLUS
Sumner Judson Kllpatrlrk K D Morgan
and Naval Post U A H will mitt In this city
tonight and all arc expected to adopt resolu
tions denunciatory of Col Waring
Delegate Mceilll of th Plasterers Union In
formed the Central Labor Union yesterday that
he wanted to know what tho Street Cleaning
Commissioner meant by proposing lo uniform
the Sticit sweepers In white dicck
1 wear green overalls myself herald but
I do It because I want to do It
Hell bo wnntlngusto wear red neckties and
chosanthemutns said a delegate of the Street
Cleaners Inlon
How can men who have to earn their living
and have families to support consent to be inada
look like hot tamale tcienr said a delegate
near the door
My belief Is that he Is I not mentally sound
saId Delegate Lloyd of thu Tin anti hhett Iron
Workers He has wheels lu his head
It was decided after all this not to do any
thing to Col Waring at present but to wait
until tbo U A U gets through with him
A IIlRCln Man Vote for Him and lie Hay
Iris Friend Will Sliced by Him
Dovi Del April ill Addickss followers In
tho Legislature are highly elated over tIcs gain
of ono vote in yesterdays lulloulng for United
Mates Senator Once more blx votes tire placed
In his column and his claims are that tIme total
will bu Ptlll further Increased when tho final
breakup of the Ilitrglns forces occurs Yester
day Hepreeentatlve Money a hitherto Higgins
man went to Addlcks
When Mr Money voted for Addlcks there was
a long drawn murmur front the crowd that
filled thu lobby Mr Money hurried away from
the House Immediately fur the luljournmtnt
of the I joint fCislon Addlcks Is now practically
thin lender the Henubllcnn candidates lu an
Interview yesterday Adill > kHsald
My friends In the Legls ature Including
presentutlvo Morgan who 1 now voting for
MnsseiI nro Imprcgtinlilv Intrenched in their
determination of voting for nobody but me dur
log the life of this glslature even facing the
possibility of no election of a > enntor
flit 1 Senate ustcrdiiy adopted a resolution
providing for final adjournment on Thursdaj
May ii I and lie Home concurred
Deadlock In the Ten Ieellaturr
AtSTiv Tex April 21Ilue lower House of
the Legislnturu has ben tied
up two days on a
leo bill which provides for fixed salaries for
ounij and district oltlcluls to betaken out of
the fees iccelved by the ofllce TIm surplus If
any titter pa Ing salaries U to go to Ice Treas
dry of the Mute Amlnorltj of II hose pre
vented tho ingiossmcntof the bill by breaking
the quorum
< o McKlnlejH Mother ElictityHlx
CVMOV O April si Cjov McKinley and
vi Ifu tumo lucre last night to cclebrato tile
eightysixth birthday of the Governors mother
on Monday Mrs McKlnley senior walked to
church this morning on the arm of the Gov
New Jersey Central Htopc the Batldlae of
a Trolley
SoviFUViMK N J April 21Ths New York
and Philadelphia Traction Company has run
against a snag In laying ltn tracks between this
place and Hound Hrook and In consequence
no work line been done on tho line for over a
About six weeks ago the company began put
ting down Its track two miles from Hound
Ilrnok and said that tbo road would bo finished
through to Harltnn by April Ifi This work pro
greased rapidly and a week ago tics south rails
wcro laid ton point ono mile from here near
I ben the work was Mopped owing to the serv
ing of a writ of tertlorari on the trolley company
by tbo Central Hall road of New Jeixuy through
Its counsel John L mover
This writ whlth calls for the review of the
grant of right of way through the limn by the
lloaid of Commissioners Is returnable on June
1 U and as It acts as u supercedens not a stroke
of work can he done until a decision Is given
In case tIn diclslim Is advciso to the trolley
company then they will be without permission
to go through tho town nor ran they obtain
RUth permission until tho Legislature gives it
to them
Stile of the Ann Arbor Road tonflrinetl
TolKlio April 01Judge I Hicks yesterday
filed an order with the Clerk nf the United
States Court confirming the sale of tbo lull do
Ann Arbor mine Michigan Itnltrnad property to
It C Martin for S00000 eubject to thu lien nt
the irotuic frcr acid houthiantein Hallroid I Com I
pan which uguregnieH SJHiHOOd lIce Icilil lou
tornnllrm this sale was nmdo by thu Kurmero
Loan and Trust Company nf New York 1 bu
court allow eleven days after hervlee
nf notice during which time tbo stork
holdtrs may tile protests against tbo order of
Tno Cblliireu Kldnupped In IVahlaclnn
WABIIIMITO April 21At about noon to
day whim the streets were filled with
people two children Nettle Fran aged 13
and Stewart Franz I aged M were seized at thn
cornor of Eighth anti II streets N W thrust
Into a closed carriage nnd drlvrn rapidly iuIt
of the t city In the direction of Haltlmoto It I is i
supposed that the kidnapping wnsdniii 11 1 t
at the Instance of their father Churli 1 1
Fran a bookbinder at tbo iovernmenv Inn
Jug 111cc
hranr and his wIts havo separated and a Mil
for divorce Upending The children n sri lit ft
in the mother cuftoily and It
in thought Ibu t t
lather took this method uf securing their l > s I
Cession No clue has jet lieeu found as to their I
t tac
20 to 40
For Suits
4toxo I
For Trousers
I Custom 1
I Tailoring Only
771 Broadway
145147 Bowery
r rlt Qurrh1ot t
Spring l here and the horse market he I booming t eexw
seuentiy I hove made tie necessary arrangements to
meet all demand at current low prices New butlneu
methods Inaugurated Jail 14 a pronounced success
duo to tbt > appreciation ft t io endeavor nr
ole tomorrow line a selection or the different
trades It not a liner selection than I hare jet otrervd
ut any of niriteinl weekly sales Coach hon trot
ters tano < trllne hrary draught ezprew dellrerj
and general purpose horses couManed by
The best and choicest combination of consignment
yet received for aiy one Bale I In addition a number
of coach home trotters and fancy driving bore b
lon lng 10 private parties drlVlul b
Bale beulns at 10 A II sharp
Dotter tn IHI I howl to ImrueM nt I PM
Kur full particulars nee lonlayi Herald
I hce leive to eall attention tom SECOND GRAND
roMlilNATION bALK ot the highest class ORAN
liortes irottem and pacers obtainable ra This eO1
triKH place WEDNESDAY 5IAYM Catalogue now
l > i llKeoin > lleil lalalol8
lMry eniluavor him ben made to surpass my first
roniMnatlnn mile Electric tight ezhlbltloa will be
lurid lueada eenlnK April 80 I will show nn that
occasion aK flUe a lot of horses as has ever been shown
U 1110 IIKMM
Ftillerpartltulars later on Catalogues will b ready
prompt April 27 atteiitlun Applications for the same will receive I
noitsi a ARE CitEA1iiuy a bunch and ship I to It
Jl > ndou for WJ rI lieail Icy I rondu fast I
Kteamer America Plrr Mil North Illver salllni Katur if
dajaTth April F W I IIUHST la Whltehalls
tie I Arrcted In Montana o > m Chare i
lifTTE Mon April 21The arrest of E U
Spaldlni a Salvation Army leader on the
charge of counterfeiting has resulted In the
discover of an extenslvecouutorfeitlngaobem
The testimony upon which Scalding was ar
rested was given by a young man named Hald
low who Immediately disappeared Haldlowi
statment was that Spalding was one of the
men who pit LIce stuff In circulation and that
the counterfeiting Is done in a tunnel near the
city by n gang of ten men
The 1 oiNcurH think Haldlow has been mad
away with by the counterfeiters He told the
otllcerH n lot of counterfeit dollars could be
found In the chimney of nn old variety theatre
The stuff was found there yesterday Several
arrests have recently been made on testimony
furnished by him and In each case counterfeit
inoue w as found on the parsons arrested
Th 1lngreo Plan tor helping the Poor to
lie Tried In FlnhliiK
KIUSIIIMI L L April 21The Single Tax
Club of Flushing has adopted the Detroit plan
tor the relief of poverty Twentyfour minim
proved lots havo already been transferred to the
club temporarily and the club Intends to allow
deserving persons without means or employ
ment to take possession of ono acre each for
cultivation Necessary Implements will be fur
nished by lie club ana the products of tho land
are to be the property of Its occupant
A Hranll Hoy lies Over by M IVacoa suisl
Fatally Injured 1
Klvcj earold Carl Lautenberc of 44 Butlor
strttt Brooklyn whll playing la the strwt In
front of his aunts borne lu Fourth street Ho
bokun yesterday was knocked down by a team
of horses driven by Charles Berth of 6H < First
street The wheels of the wagon passed over
tho lads body Indicting fatal injuries Berth
who Is employed by Councilman Tlmktu was
I ny Brown
Miss Catharine Wolfe Bruce Brown daBghUr
of Mrs George Bruce Brown was married on
Saturday at thom homo of her aunt Miss Cath
arine Wolfe Bruce Fifth avenue and Sixty
third street Ui Allen I Lonuy son of Mr and
Mrs William A Loney of 102 West Ilftjhev
tnth Street 1 I be Rev Dr hutlerlee nt idvury
Church iihlcltstiti Thu hrMe wu given HWay
by tier brother Oeorifi Mclv Iii ide llrnun
llenr I > II Lonuy the brother ol the t brldigroom
wiif the brst man hue Inlu Mlfcs I iithirlne
Lorillard I I Wolfe wasa conm tlonuftlio t brlrtis
family and tlm bride will Inherit MIIIIO property
from her estate
Actor Hklnner Unrrlen Ills Ieadl K Iady
CoiiMNti N V April Ul Otis Skinner lie
actor wnsinnrriid cit hrist episcopal Church
in this city this t morning to I MUs Maud Durban
of Hi I liver Col lie I lending i liidy of Iii cotnpstiy
Ibu hiv III I I omciw nf Ilobart I I College Uea
eta ollkialid
utlCltc j
Purifies and Beautifies the
Skin by restoring healthy I
activity the CLOQQHD IRRI
Cats etcher thin Ih rotnUntd uln ot tn atar kln n I
omi4 < xlon rft held lmiihnut Ihe wont Irlct t
jrlhdpoh iIOewsesrIOilgIs4Edo4t herbS
USA 1U C uJl tuja lissas t I Vr
i t

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