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t I t 1 I IIit1 1 i IIfl W fl4c > v 9J ti
u IT 0 he i iUfl u bCcflfl I
Bloamertd Wbcelvom of Mature Ytiira
Lund llluililnor NoTlct Alike A art e thnt
tlnl Add to Muacla and nr ln
llrnre the Womiin on Wheel Cnn Turn
Out llelter Ilrend nad setter lle Tim
cl One of the Htnynthomo Hlaterliood
Vheelworuea always crowd tlio cycling
scaJomlci on Saturday no mattor how tlio
tatler bay Invllo ono t a ruu on the ran
the tnlhuslftsU congregate then to arrange
Sunday excursion or to icttlo questions that
couldnt possibly bu loft unsettled until Mon
dy They hail a vcrr large one t handle ye >
lordir and they handled it vigorously A girl
wfirlng a tan bloomer suit I white yacht ni Iat
irid high tan boots strode up t ono coterie and
aid i SKV girls Im not angry and Im noL
rcicd Im mad riproaring mall a and as aho
delivered herself In this lively manner sho
lumped her foot and her eyes snapped in em
What In tlio world ala you 1 serenely qUes
tioned n plain comfortablelooking matron
Its Just IhU a man signing himself J S I
I know his iianio is John gnphead or If I lent
It ought to be ba written u litter to 1t SLN
uylng that wheelwornun aro not adapted to
aatrlruuny and ho even goes no tar as to say
that wo dont want to get married He further
more asserts that fuw who ride wheels can keep
home or ciru fur domestic duties and that wo
dont know how to cook or how to wMh a
aandkerililffaud ho end by saying that young
men looking for wives will not take them oil at
wheels but will marry tlio plain girl who never
rides but who knows how to keep house and
make home agreeable Did you ever hear at
ever 1 fairly roared everybody and denun
ciations of poor Sophend as they called 11m
were at once In order
Finally tho woman Instructor got the floor 1
iho usually does In a talking match Thnt
man doesnt know what ha Is talking about
h protested for seven women old and youug
out of every ten that tko lessons either keep
home or liMi1 nrtnln household duties to per
torn U hen they come Into the academy they
U tat to umiint coin until after the
marketing was done or the house cleaned or a
ulad or cake made and look at them sit
ting aruund with their market books In
their hands Ill venture to ay that the
women who ride wheels can dlfpo of these du
ties more quickly and thoroughly and with m re
satisfaction to themselves ant tho men of tinr
Umllles than a dear llttlo nambfpatnby plain
softuiucled creature who kit In tho house all
< ni
diy reading I reclpo book or lighting dUI
llY oll tcr you exclaimed several and a girl I
In a very short skirt aaul ierybody with
ny seme knows that a whcelwoman could work
op 1 batch of dough better than a nonrider
and that she can stand over a hot range longer
to get a teak done to just tho right turn tor
inch perwns as Air Saphead Tho outdoor ex
errie elves her strength anti endurance for just
inch work To tel tho truth then ny I got my
bed MID by turnlngoff tho maul and doing the
hoaseworK for tho wnirei thnt she received until
I saved up enough money to buy a bicycle Then
I kept working until I earned enough to buy
wheel this suit and all of tho attachments for my
Tor myjiart Im sick and tired of hearing
these people croak about wheelwomen and their
Imaginary Idlosvncracicf llccauso I woman
rides a wheel la no sign that she IB tiny less a
woman than the ono who does not Wo are Jiur J
born women und women oll lie to thu end of
time no matter what ports we Indulge In or
what weighty affairs come up to claim our at
i Untlon
Thais so laid I welldeveloped bloumer
l but all the name Ill tike 0 hundred
wliwlwnmen and let Mr Haphead find a hun
dred of bin plain girls who never ride bicycles
and well have a grdnd cooking match Then
well see If the wheelers cant roast beef 1 a
turn and cook potatoes so that they will melt
I ones month and make pies that can be eaten
srlUtlcMly from the hand which Is just as
audi 1 test of perfect plo ns Is I Maky pastry
You know men aro quite ttusrcptlhlo to good
Cooking alil fancy at tho end of that game
that the gentleman in question would turn over
his solitaire If ho hart ono to I wheel woman
The enthusiasts were very much taken with
tin idea of a cooking competition and every ono
toluntetred to enter and then they lighted on
to the author of tho Utter which had caused so
much wrath and would probably have gone on
ibcilnu him for hour had not an elderly woman
lid I wo are cuing on our second long run
tomorrow wo had better b talking about that
n hire shall WI go >
West Point answered a dozen clrls
Why tho cadets arent there put In n
lucy bloomerite who Is Joust learning I
iboiildnt think It would IN nny fun to go now
Well it i would be Jollier If they 10 there
Mrollttd one girl but HO uro going for tho
cencry alunir the river
ThU club has adopted apian which promises
townrk admirably They appoint a committee
St three from their twenty mimbors to get up 0
Honday run and t arrange all of the details
hid In Ibis way they arranle much friction for
very one gets a tay I sho only I baa I little
t timer
Tel us all about everything now said one
M the members to Ibo ChalrHoman
Well it li fiftylive miles to West Point and
I Itbe road It very hilly after leaving Iceksklll
lad there are many Interesting things along the
fate to be seen weve decided to leave tho Clr
ue at 7 oclock sharp and make an allday trip
timing by train tomorrow night or coming
sown on our wheels on Monday Just as the ma
jority decides Hie l lifnt I 1londay l to LO up Seventh
tenue to 135th street crota thoMaoombs Dam
Inure then and turn to the lull Into the tlrat
PSaul which will take us to Yonkers From thero
le follow the road across 1tnbody Hill which Id
along tough roa and It load directly to Tar
jTtown AtTarrytown 10 tako the road that
turns t tutu left at St 1auls Methodist Church
end 1 down the hill to Sleepy Hollow Corne
Jn As many of the party Imvu not heel
ibtre we will stop to visit Washington Irvlngit
grave and wllop our first rent vo will then
ft on to the picturesque llttlo town 01 Scar
sigh and Just before getting to Sine King
will I cro I bridge over I stream ns clear as
erjital and under
7tl at the sumo time pass
the Crolon Aqueduct If anybody hai
Aqueuel I
nfllclent pull we might attend tho services at
t lie Mate prison and Incidentally catch a
Vllmpte of Warden hagtis star boarder On
Jntnnn ef Sing Sing tags 1 lone bill jut built
recalling but we have to climb 1 kUep one
DIn the north tide to get out anal the roads from
wn In Croton a distance of seven miles aro
er sandy Croton Is no good and wo wont
frth rn rue road runs very near the rail
PW truck and passes through I lot of
tr J arijs Jaslu river Is I bounded
with low hills and tho place seems hat and
ik Stoify Wornws a brldgo over tho mouth of
r be Joton Itlver and once more get Into n
wantlful country The route hikes ua
t rpush several plcturewiue tnwns and the way
Ittlckl U I limit with quaint little farm
ekkl ltte
BMI What wwi once the lice Henry Vard
elro summer retreat IH l right on our way
OUor 1ecksklll and If tho land lies all right
wsil rest there too because there In I a winding
JJ lannerous hill to tw I descended to the north
ci ID e town I jsy dangerous because there
ro two bridges at the bottom over
ACwtlie Creek ana Just beyond the creek the
road Urns to tho left Ui ft teep locky hill a
Wrier ufa mile long At tho top of timid hill
tb tr arc Iwo t roads the left ono leading to tlio
SJ5 ainjimid the right to I iarrlson J wove
PWegoiKltlinewollgiiby loi Hook and see
hm wolll Ioa
tip iauuituiiol l soldiers who took mart II the
Itai bitt 1 laic will be
ffii1 Iialtl Krldity are getting on 1100 wi Ie
a littli of the boys
Irlbtt out of the way but n sight
if t VSunlitUnit will mnko upln II measure
I br he abonc of wil West 1oliiftrs tonline
hack to the top of tho hill wo take to the right
504 CifliC IU as hill or rattier I mountain that
tk 1 11 rnlr
I tmmot climb iiuiut I
trtt 101 HKrt q lat cannot cllb Ihl
I i us into hu Highlands where the country
it ssii 1 linc T upfd but e harming The ills
leo rrUII lIekokl to Harrison U about tune
I anal we Pit 511110 eligant wldrmps lie
Inl II l the old Now Yorker At darr son
nnV ° f I bat terry 11 Wc1 llnl unit Ihut e
Sku visit
fail macadam roaili VIJ
l i mm mid 1 other places of Interest I and buvu
lisle llndy dinner tq I at the hotel > how II hunt for u
pleuiuiaj nnsvMroiln frisky little maiden
Ylih ttoj tteaj i > ro so many old tort that we ian
iSli J < lOg f > i IlY liolhltigof Kosulutkos garduu
fins iiiiwwIk
Ulr n walk Indeed said another
bio 1 IJ wllk
lcrit lonifinptuoiisly I think It would
bolrlh r 10 wacteany hole there at this neasun
tu I M ier hut how dial the oonumittco find
V mi li almiu thu I route to tho loiuu t
e gu siuatu is iucellnvn to take its over It I
rl 11 10 hochlen tl 1
caud ttawuruls hMrnt IttgUtl to paint
utrc Rldl 1lun tl aln
T btui a s or it haul thu I halrlal
itt 10 I e ruislued itt front hue rued and inter
rulLutti with n
lLk II < I ta Imrrelce bT eulalulili
tb 11 4 Ito I just etcn nnu of tho fminli
ibiig5 1 Ive wllnetstd hlmu Ive tnknil to
fluutdc1 Ibillintu mid goodness knows Units saving I
vis ui thu world was IU aokwl the
ar1 felor
don I MI Jl II I cry stout woman lean to take Us
I wliajdil j und you know what a Infl
b ±
theto bond spring up between two Person
lariiin f A1 the Ba10 tlme Situ nally cuutldml
lme 810 InlUy elulId
to mo that Nun was rldlntf to reduce and IIn
to rnifeil her For several weeks Blips been
fsl i lb fail iy imillriH tip anil down his on her new
IU I Innch no < tI V clay o f her friends told berths
sliu looked Juist t the mine nomii declared she was
dcclaretho wa
mueh Ihilner anal one or two were so mulish
ns to lull her that
t tllt she apH > nrcd Mouter This
Inpriilmi wo met on tho lloiiluvard abut sho was
tell hag inn ni I Ihlo I I ticked her why shu didnt
us chili nnd settle the matter and alan 51111 8ho hat
niivcr been able to uot uu tutu rourneu In mount
tha sraips I Jollied her uloriit by telllnu her she
looked Iounibi thiluer mail Ilnally she eoti ontid
to weIl I What do moo think 1 Mir tltpcd tho
beam at seven imundu more than when shu be 1
wniito ride Shun vowed It wail the scales Hiid
Insisted on weIghting at tluce oilier 11005
hut It was the same old storv JI wi
Rot t that last lilac and that unll nine
tioumlsi heavier Tlmt woman fairly spit
lire Site swore with her Trlllni or lit
least attic kicked her wheel about I tloren times
and vowed that aim would give It away I nrvtr
av any Otto so arntrj and us oon ns I multi
calm her down with stories of tho murvelluns
reductions by riding and dieting that had ore
tinder my observation you miiy bo sure that I
mounted my wheel und burned the wind I was
afraid shed brcik out nifnln
Tho thin enthusiasts and moderately plump
ones thniiKht the novIces oxportencaiimusInK
but thnsa who are riding to reduce looked itt
slle each other and smiled 1 sort of elckly helpless
Ileiptta Niimrrnim Temperance Ilrdsei I
Iurxueii Him Ktlll
Hard luck has followed Frank Mundy ever
slnco ho woke up one morning nbout eighteen
months ago at Ids home 153 North Fourth
street Wllllumsbur i and found a strapping
Irish woman In his rortn who told him that they
were married thin night before Mundy Is iJ
years oh and lived with his old father When
Mumlys mother died she left him the house In
North Fourth street
The night before the Irish woman called upon
JIundy ho was at a wake Ho wanted to escort
tho woman homo and sho consented Tho lato
hoc 1 J While the marrjlntr parson of Wll
llamsburgh nmr > led them Mundy always de
clared tlmt lie did not remember tho marriage
nnd that the woman must have drucgtd him
When Hbotold him that ho married her he be
an proceedings to have tho marrIage annulled
Ho lust tint casa and became dlsslnittcd Ills
wife got S 2 000 on I mortgage on his house and
also InduciMl Mundy to give her his bank book
While drunk one day Mundy finned I savings
bank blank all the woman got IO Site took
all lilt Juuulryhu bays and went to Ireland
where silo it mlu
Four months ngo Mundy took thn pledgn He
did not drink a drop for nearly three montliH
Then hu went and arrested Hu
Ihcn welt on a spree nld wnnrrtcl
took tlio pledgn again and was released lie got
drunk ngaln nnd fell Into the hands of the
tmllce A third time ha took the pledge but tel
das ago ho broku It and nearly killed hilt
rather Thai old lan refused to pro < ccutihlm
when he seas iarraigned in the Lee A venul Pulco
Court xo Mundy took tho pledge a fourth time
anal was discharged Hu moved to IS4 Myrtle
at etiuo ou its 10 hu away from his friend FrI
day night ho went buck to Wllllamstmrtrh to
heo them He got drunk anti wns arrrnted
Justice inciting In the LeeAvenup lulice Court
yesterday refused In give him another elmnco to
reform although Mundy uleaded hard Ho was
fined S10 which hu paid
Th Mayor Veto Poscr it StumblIng
llluck to Many Pollllcnl Scheme
I will take moro than a years time probably
for some of the local municipal statesmen to
fully adjust themselves to tho changed condi
tion df affairs established by the recently
amended Constitution From time to time now
wrlnklu nuixur which disconcert the local
oftlcInU and show many of them the mistake
thev made In taking It for granted that the now
Stutn Constitution WOUld When ntnmla I A l
no btrloUM change In tnt ixillUeal currents
which have been carrying them along
Heretofore when a publlu department was to
be created ruorguuUed or abolished In the city
ot New York recourse was had to thn Legisla
ture which except In the case of cans Itullonal
iillccs had complete power A liouid or Com
nKinn mould bu abolished by the Legislature or
tho terms of Its members nhortanod or the ap
pointing power changed by the passage of an
net which In I perfunctory und routine way
secured the assent of tho Governor Hut now
this Is all changed for n bill affecting any
of the city departments U subject to the
approval or rejection of tho Mayor of
the city affected If therefore for In
stance It should have ben proposed to consolidate
date as was proposed a Hliort time ago the
lunrcl of Health with the Police Department or
time Department of Street Cleaning with the
Board of Health all that would have been I
ietes ary wn the passagoof n law by the Legis
lature with tI assent of thu Governor t
OW there IH I tho stumbling block of the Mayors
approval or rejection and ns the Mayor of New
aJIrOal an official beyond tho xiwor of the
Ijcglslaturu ha has a virtual veto oa bU t much of
the aetsof the Legislature n itpplytotno > I city
of Now York
No Pine Yet tor I North Hide POll Office
A rumor has been current to tho elect that a
new central Iost Ofllce has been proposed for
tho north side district and is I to b located at
fordham and that United States Inspectors and
ho Iostmastcr favor the Idea Tho facts are
hut no Fast Ofllce Inspector has Investigated
be subject or recommended anything In rela
Ion to It no central Post Office his Von pro
ton te f suggested for any part of tho north
side district
When thai neiv territory was added to the city
h ly recent legislation the department was so In
formed by that Postmaster and up to thu pres
ent tlmu no action looking toward thin extension
If thu 11 delivery System ill that section has
bun taken When the department does act In
this regard It will probably do so through Post I
Hiiro Inspectors WhnteTur Is done In tho
matter Inlpeclr done after careful survey of the
Interested territory and upon conference with the people I
HrootRtArm HCBIOB After Senator
SergeantatArms Ilenson of the Assembly
Committee on Cities which Is I occupied In Invcs
Igatlng the affairs of the New York and Ilrook
lyn IlrldKO Is on Senator Daniel Urndleys trail
The Investigation Into the bridge utlalrs I the
result of certain vague hut serious charges mndo
igalimtthu management of the bridge by ten
ator htraatley
Senator Hrsdley It Is I said refused to appear
at thu Invetitlgatlon so tho HergeiintntArms
las beau nent to serve a subpoena on him order
ng him to appear forthwith The r > e eantAt
111 through the Adlrondacks
Arms chaxed Hradluy throulh tl Alrnncaeka
but thU not catch him and nuw ha hiu started
for juoKue cath where Mr Ilrudley U said
to be
Justice CulltBi Friend la A Runaway
Public Administrator W 1 Davenport Sam
lei W Iloocock and John I Ilyrno sal Justice
Jdgar M Cullen safely aboard the steamship
Ia Tournlne Friday night and then started
back n In their carriage for llriKiklyn In West
street thin poln strap broke und the horses bu I
Irlct UI <
nmu frightened and ran away Mr Davenport
iiicniHl tile door and lumped ont 10 was fo
owed nuickly by Mr Iloocock Uoth liimled on
heir I feet nnd escaped Injury Mr Ilyrno re
nlned his sent In hue coach until hn driver
topped this horses bv bumping them Into a pile
crutch uf empty barrels Ho also escaped without A
Two Church Hlrcct AwtnEI Torn Down
In accordance with the order Issued on Friday
by Commissioner Ilrookfield Superintendent
enkclof the lurelU ot Encumbrances took a
lenkel nf men jeter < lay and tore down the
tnoden lt awning nf Mrs HlmlfB hal More nt
Church and Fiilloii streets A bay window and
limi cases will U removed tomnrrou
Next to Mrs HImIVs More on Church street Is
company which HUH notlllud hi
local express R
few dabs dXIrel ago remove its n iilng As the com
dowti mny fol filled aUo to do this that awning Has torn
A site fought for nn Ice HUullun Itlok
The ht Nlcliolas Skatlnz and let Company
ion Iho Just concluded the piirchuse of 1 sIlo for I
nodel Ice ikatltig rink on the north stale of West
MlxtybUth reel between Columbus nvrinio
iiui i vniral Park Weitthiuuish Hrokcru Jitnies
tatuui I tluu Irnkcr
Lallenltllnrk I for uafouit JI I aooim Thu plot
HIIllrl I wlileli 110 feet
hulls iou I threu of 110 lt
nmiirlsrH Ilnu
cast iii nIutnilul avenue were bought of Jlmrles
rallr IlulhuIRvenue of August Jkliler the
HXI 1 Hnrnoy two nf John U I Miller and the others of
IVnlked Overboard Whlln Ailccp
Charles Hill a fireman on tho Whlto Star
steamer llrltannlc docked a the foot of West
Irlanllc <
ienlh street fell overboaril ally yesterday
llllh tel Hill sleeping on
iiori ngand was drowned 11 was Icelllnl
I10rlll III 10 alked overboard
OSCI that ho
tIck ami It U suppose walke overbarll
Ilk uileep An nttumpt was Indo to save
whlu aleep Al disappeared Ills body was
recovered dm but Jun l quIckly lsavpared 11 boy
Hm Several llorrltile Detnlli CarefUlly As
nlyceil and lltiflnlned
In these days of athletics every form of sport
seems t develop some variety of disease liaise
ball players become nflltcted with that tnysterl I
ous soiitidlng ailment knonti n clmrley
horse Devotees of tennis acquire tennis el
bow an undrslrnMspcclis of nuncio stiffen
ing Howling makes Its prnctlncrs aruilHiund
and even writing which Isnt 1 so much snort a It
might he ncrnslonnllv Is folloned by writers
cramp Of course thu latest miinla must have
other scientist who stated that the preserving
of equilibrium was purely sn Instinct involving
no strain nnd that If the first limn knew I hlcy
cle from a bucksaw hnd realise It Thcicupon
the first scientist t said that the second had a hi
cycle brain anal hundreds look rides In the ills
mission A prominent hlcy le uuulHtny Instrue
for hero Is I positive that hi hni solved tlu t > seerct
The Ihroo rnmponcnl harts of the atprcsslon ho
ascribes to thn following callers
The lh llnOIOllr thu wild I eyes Is I ncililrei
whllo i learning the art I I Is I runted by u hal nftil
uncertainly whether to look for the nrrlinl ff i
lao hour from In front huh haul or nno side and
mica llxed upon the countenance can never be
Tho nlmhicd lines about the mouth nre due to
5 W
I 44
c qk C
wc j
vthunhq KlNbit 01 rntvct FACE
Its little Ill to bear It company and here It Is
fully PortraYed JI Is tho bicycle face
The bicycle face Is I tho discovery of a doctor
who rides the bicycle with his face as well ns
his feet Ho discovered It first on other people
then on himself and finally came to time conclu
sion that everybody who goes forth on two
wheels acquires the expression to which tho now
term Is applied This expression may bo divided
Into three parts >
a A wide and wildly expectant expression of
tho eyes
M Strained lines about the mouth
Ic A general focussing of all the features to
ward than ttntro
OClcntlstS ku U W III ohu ui wi tm I
vnnc d theories about It Ono learned man sail
tat the bicycle face was the result of I constant I
train to preserve equilibrium Up popped an
now AVOVT THIS COT irAitixat
Brings Yon to Hook and
A Republican Drlna 100k
Mayor hlronu for Kcrplne Yu
An Intluentlnl member of the Hopubllcan
itato Committee paid his respects to Street
Meaning Commissioner Waring yesterday He
also raps Mayor Strong for retaining Col
Waring In ofllce and recalls t the peoplo
Warlngs part In six months of reform This
lepubllcan authority declared
For n decade nt leant the newspapers of New
York the club men who know all about every
ones business except their own tho nonpartisan
Government fellows and all the ragtag of
amateur reformers havo strongly maintained
bat any honest capable man with even a
modicum of executive ability could clean Ibo
streets of New York nnd keep New Yorktt streets
clean for at least onunuurter less money than
was being pnld to somebody for keeping them
notoriously dirty Many good souls weru suro
that onethird of the annual appropriation was
ruled or stolon every year Dr 1arkhurst
a convinced of tills and it served to form a I
part of tho discourses he delivered from time to
time of a Sunday Mayor Strong was so thor
oughly Imbued with the Idea that 10 1 removed
the old Commissioner of Street Cleaning the
first thing ha did and hu nas In such n hurry to
appoint hlssuccessor that he forgot t ask about
ha successors politics or Indeed to niuko any
Inquiries whatever
I VMJ Col lluorgu K i Waring of Newport K I
Has made Street Cleaning Commissioner nnd
he began his performumes > by announcing u few
days alter ho took clbc that hu had dUcoxered
great frauds In tIm tuulu department und hn
was on the lookout for more Tho 11hlh had
been prepared for tills nnd were satisfied A
week Inter he gave out another bulletin letllng
ever tulle know hu hu found fraudulent pay
rolls und fraudulent names on such pay rolls as
were honest and would look for mom the 11
dunce would bu given to the lirnnd Jury in autO
or two and no guilty man should escape Then
ho found dishonest titan and I dishonest time
keepers and he declared aguln he would hnnd
all dishonest mol oer to tho Intuit Jury
Waring wusburo his own honest Inlegrlty ould
save I vast amount to thu tnxpnjera though he
would Mion be forced to how heavy losses to the
city by anothers total depravity
Vocks und monthJ havu rolled by and not
I single one of Warlng charges In January
have been made good In Julyl Not a single
Tammanyolllceholder has been held byaUrnnd
Jury or has been brought bufurc a lirund Jury
It Ias been fonUuah ely shown nlr Iho sal
that a head of tIme Mreet Cleaning Department
has been using vnst sums uf the publics money
without time sllghliMt authority und It Is now I
acknouludgul that the culprit Is Col George K I I
Waring Ho In tlio ell It turns out that the I
person who should Iw I brought before alirund I
Jury in leorgu K I Wurlugi fur this lan bus de I
UlKjrately allowed hitexpensesto exceed his
allowance 1IIW1 month since he has been In
ofllce and It U I now certain the deficiency In bin
department will not b lens thun guuiiuun and
may cuter near threiiquarttrs nf a million I
Hoe reckless IndltTereiien by the Mrect
Commliisinncr to the pinper tonduet of his
ofllcu exhibit any lo Ihu I ihuracterl tleb of an
huneHtiuaiU I t hat is alit iui the people and i the
newspapers of this much nonspapcrgoxerned
town havo laId If bin Dainocrnllu predtcessor
had been Imulul iu buloie tho public with t u I
threonunrtcr million deficiency on bin hands
And how aloes 11or Stronir shlnn forth In I
thin middle of nil thU pother What his hu to
nay In refertilicu to thorlmracternf hts llrct nti
poInter who hats ilono I lunch lo Ihll tile
credit upon hale nil an itt isi lrutumf I t lJaaemars hint I
Itenreo Knarlng tciu iil his predieemnr In
thu lUfiartnient > of milieu und pe tilt hullialaurs
and that hat eltlicr haul gross fileuliooiln nrfbo
lie is I allowing guilty mm In go notfiee Ho
railed against tho vficruns nf tlu < war In an nn
tu > iiily and uutragenus fushinn mid hi bus lint
heel brnuuhl to hUlk for It llu I I cant clian thn t
ftreetH fnrlhu next MX months nf tho leer with
out exceeding I his uppinprlution by over nnu
001 Maor Strung luoms up ai I Mayor
who hah set a preceiii fur appointing lo und
keening In nllleii any man itilil happens in hit
liUfancyno 1 matter whether ho keeps luis to
penilltures wllliln the niprnprlattiin rr his de
partmilit or whether h Illrllrllllln In1 wit liomit
any regard M I Unit innnH generiil I t I auirititi r
And In hind 1 William L I rttlnng mnniU I lao lu I
publlinn pun TLut K will hu forcisl lo bear
lit I 111 ful I I parti uf rrspnnstblllty fur lao I aids of the
penwm vnted fnr by lUAUOU of UK mumbers li
now plainly evident even to a blind iiiun
Edwin Kunwlca May MaaaKa the Park
Justice Oajnor of thu huprcmo Court In
llruoklyn has decided In fuvur uf Kdwlu
Knowles In hU contention with his Ihcutrkul
luartners Al unman and Daniel Frohiiinn
Kirtncrs soil rrnhmun I < tried to luno Mr
Knowles < Iroiluln munagliig tha Turk
Theatro while ho was InlerettcJ ultli them lu
limo mauaicmcnt of the Columbia
anxiety lest the tire should explode Varia
tion In these lines are traceable to tho general
us1 uf chew Ing gum
The general focus of the features Is Indicative
of iixtremo attention illructtd to a snot ulxiut
two yards abend of tin front wheel ibis atten
tion arises from n sti > plclnn that thero U proba
bly a stone bit of glass iiturncd tuck barrel
hoon or otherdiinguroiis article lying In watt
them It Is temporarily lost when the obfttncla
Ii I struck und tha blcjcllntB taco lakes furrows
In the ground but ivnupears with increased In
tensity after every such experience
Another bicycle ailment has been discovered
by this expert I Isn Midden nervous twitch
Ing I of the head around to tho car and Is notice
all only In fsiimle bafc3 chits The basis of it Is I
the burning question Are my bloomers on
straight his i nllmenthas not yet become ery
general Hut time bli jelo face seem unoscapi
lain ns It Is unmlstnkablo Ago cannot wither
cuninitbuVr11 j tl Its Infinite variety Obesity
tlo I < 7 mullifylt71Mi11neF I IlfVttIncrettr6t ti j
A fortune awalU tho man who will Invent
patent blinders to do away wljh I
Mcrcbanla Prtlllon for Sfore Speed Nvr
No < rand Avenua LIar
A petition from tho dry goods merchants In
Fulton street anal also one from tho Merchants
and Traders Exchange will bu presented to the
Brooklyn Board of Aldermen tomorrow ak
ing for a modification In tho lowspeed trolley
ordinance The merchants say that the recent
return to tho old carhorse rate of npceil has
had an Injurious effect on their business and
that In view of Ibo recent Improvements by the
trolley companies the speed of the trolley cars
can b safely Increased
Thou members of tho Exchange say that the
present low rate of speed Is seriously retarding
building I operations In the suburbs and they
t rlmtl
reiomminn that a tenmlloanhour rule bu al
lowed In thunntlylngdlstrlcts
President Hossitvr of thu Heights road ex
pects to have each car In the jstem eimlpped
with a real lifesaving fender within three
At the next meeting of the Bridge Trustees
the report of the special committee recently ap
pointed to consider the matter of giving the
uurfaco trolley Itnus moru facilities at tho ap
proaches to the bridge will hut J presented Major
Mchlrren ha prepared n plan of his own by
Inch the trolley cars will b looped nrnuml tha
plaza and Liberty street without encroaching
nn either The Mayor will strenuously oppose
hiram plan which would allow the railroad com
jinnies tIme privilege of putting their trucks
either on thu plua or Liberty street
Thu loW Noslrandavenuo trolley linn extend
ing from 111 hone street to Fhitbush avenue 0
miles will be the
illKtnnce of two mies wi opened by tlo
Hi Ights Company tomorrow Passengers will
street have the line privilege of transferring to the Fulton
Testimony thnt MunnlnK und Durkln Were
IuBHtuic lind llollara on Wedneaday
Michael Manning John M Durktn John Lin
die Thomas McKenna old Sarah Ian mem
bers uf Ibo Horso Market gang of coin counter
tellers who were arrested In tho raid made a
day or two ago by Agent In Chargu Kagg of the
secret service and his men had a hearing be
fore Lulled States Commissioner Shields yes
terday The court room wan crowded 1 and 1
number of gaudily attired young women wero
cnniiiilcuoub there They shouted comforting
words across thu room to the prisoners
William Huffman nun the first witness He
Is I a barkeeper nt 1A Inlon aquaro Ha testified
that on Wednesday night A man enmo Into thus
mloon and paid for a glass nf beer with a bad
dollar tim bartender refused tho coin and
Ilulnl discussion the brought
utter soma dtcl5lon strmtmmger hrollht
tnrth a nickel and sett led bin account with that
the is utmituab Iduiitlned Durkln on tho man who
hid trlul i to I puss t tho bud dollar
I eur Ilipti I n KnliKin keeper at 1HO Fourth
iivenue textttltil that a bud dollar was passed
nn him that same night Ihu dollar was pro
iliirid In court and Witness IlniTmun I I recng
lilod It as the eamo nno thnt Durkln had tried
in IU 11 him Hn knew It by a lark he had
tihtiTd 1 on I ho said Hippo could not Identify
lit rklu
lewis olin rnnhlerof the Inlon Pqunrn
llolel next aIN tlmt a bad silver dollar had
bull piitird 1 nn him un Wfdneidny night lll
hit cntildut Identify any nno nf the prisoners
Agent KsjulrKlt neit told I t lie stnry of I huts
raid i unit u Ml I lied thai ho had followed Mmmliig
lj 1 lOll I Horn h the M > viit t > tlrnl ttrnt tnt 1 num
her nf tlinen Thu examination wan then t ail
journed until Tuesday morning at 11 oclock
iludKuunl for KIUUI Aflcr a Ione Cuss
tn Hervo the Huiuiauna
KxGuv Itosnrll P Flonrr eutorul judgment
yciterdtt Hgulnst William I htnhlnecker uf
WtslLlie trr ruunty for 4IIOjnu two prumU
usury BitteN mado by Mr fctahlnucker One note
teats dated Ieb Ui I I Nil fur tVillO Iayuhl limo
iluj WI after dnt nnd Ito t oilier was tlatttul 1 ii ails
IK I ISHII for Sinun pnvnblu nndeinnnd Ituuthi l
hIts abluut Mr Flowers utlleu nt r i itt 11 way
il I took n long time t lu m lYe Mr Stahl neekiir with
tilt Kiiniiniins In the I bull nml It Isstnlid I that hn
nan followed for four month In Nol York and
We 0111111 cnumiud bvfnru hue uould be served
lie I was served liimlly at Vhlte Plains lbs
WcslchrMvr iniinty SlvrllTs bill was ai and
Deteetlvn Phelanii fIII III connection with the
birvlceuf thenimmouK
Churlca llund > a hkull Was Frnclured
Tho autopsy In thu race ut Charles Handy the
> uuiig negro who died Friday night sewn after
Iwlng clubbed by tlirea special iKjlli emtn In At
lunik Park In llrcxiklyn revealwl I A fracture of
this skull Handy torceil hUnayto the grounds
without atlcKvt and after hu was caught
time dancing platfuuu ho wa mauled all tho
way back to tha entrance
La Boutiiar Bros V
14 th St
r1nrn cc Iis
Ifrt4t 4ZJ b
Previous to Stock Taking
was will sell for tills week our Me fnnled I 19c
lCai l Kli Jsp silks at i Atu
ntck Hntln lluehesse nil 11101llal69c I
Ity I
Illnek flroeado India self motor reduced I 39c
from ntie lo
P n
Oroal > no o Hunt IACSItlfO T
P I II French Ianets Imimlcrd IVronlehhlrt
In amy S While nml Sts lute yokn lucki now
Ilmtj e 4 at worth J10D to tl Il tli 1 Miluo vtto mil
198 49c 89c
Lnihcs Drawcrv hem tumid ilmlur of l 19c
tucks I
Caml rlo Corset Covers trlmnieil wltbf 1121
mtirolricry j
Mis ii I iiown Mother Hiitbanl and rouml 390
joke cambric rume
Iurnt long aunt Short SII > s t 25c
On Hominy rpnn 1i I
oil oelock Wrap munty trlmet
I itrit In llghi color Kllht loWO 1ltll
ulunTV uul one to emispes great variety
a customer OIIII mas l
39c 49c
Ciilkjrra Soap DC
hanrti 803p Pe
Rwnnloownludt lie
Iou Tooth 1owJer lie
CaMcrnIientlne inc
ulilni Extract her i bottle 4sc
iurray I Iurunun Florida Water 44c
Vllchllaiel pint bottle inc
141 04 owi uiiiuu nij a am Ave
INrA xr L IE xv crxrnAi PAJIK
Itavj lllrtli Itnto In this Ilerr Paddock
A Twoiluyolil Fann Htrtlyii
Flue birth rate In the deer jukdilocks at Central
lark Is rapidly increasing Tlio Bureau of Vital
Statistics of the menagerie tha ofllce uf Dlrec
tor Smith In the Arsenal lias registered nlno
new fawni three red deer one Virginia deer
anal nlnu fallow deer this season Keeper
Inrnn Is very proud of time fourfooted babies
ainul showed them with a lively appreciation of
the cotnpllmcnti bestowed upon their Infantile
beauty Candor however compels the admla
slomu that the beauty Is of n very spidery sort
a fawn In Its callow youth being about nine
mrMcga anal the tenth part a lIttle pucker of
kin on bones with two very lirlaht eyes
Keeper Mnron greeted a SUN reporter with
thie4o cinls
What do you think you mliscd three days
ago ruaatn a confinement Fifteen minutes
after yo were cone the white fallow deer had
tito darkest fawn ever born In thoCentralPark
lie continued 1 told Mr Smith It was a pity
To hadnt stopped longer and he said may bo
yuaal Juntas lu > f not buen here llutlknowed
ye was interested in them little creittura
Tliiii Keeper Mosim pointed out I lie darkest
fawn It li a droll little lirnttt nnd boars no
nmlly resemblance to Its cmtmwlilte mother
Vbenonly two days old the lufant had on ad
unturo lt got lost u
Wlioiiafawn la new born It desires to hide
anal creeps Into any crevice where It can wedK
Its shadowy form Seeking Homo such retreat
the lUorimld mnall unlmiil wlxirled through u
pace about two Inches high umliT tho wins en
Insure of the paddock BU openlnit which looks
like a tianlil squeeze for uynuiiK kitten but Mr
liuttmt i gait throuKli lees and nil There hu found
liiumaiultahtuflo In the wldewldo world so to speak
tilual his svtas feet rented upon nn altouvtliflr un
ktiuwhu substance ureen turf Hu liked It lie
vunt on taking funny nlnpliiK lit tie steps and
cnrvd nlmont out of ills life every tlmu u leaf
luidow trrmlilod nn the gross buisials him Juit
lieu Ketpor Mnsin happenod tu paax that way
tiuil lit splid a diminutive dark brown creature
owrrlnu lifhlnd a bush and rliudderlnir at Ills
footfall ha drew near and titers was the new
buby strayed It would probnbly lasts been
Htolcn nnd quite iwxslbly eaten If ho hadnt
found It before nightfall
The VlrKlnliv cheers fawn Is crowlnit quite
Pratt Hut Its mother In a dlstreiiiiHl luokliiB
invalid rime keeper Nuld hliuaa thujatrlcal
iinlmnl Mm Mid the father of the fnnn per
formed nn thai Btnirn till a little while ago Then
the mule tlliil slid thin female was sent to the
Inrk In an awful condition Iunk nt tho bare
SIstats Ian tier and ono stir most torn elf And
slinwni that weak that for days nhe couldnt
stand up hut thus looking nil right now and
the faun Is tlirlUiiir The red deer raioly docs
xull In colitis iti to Im proud of this lino
Ilium fallow ulcer airs very lllhn graceful little
crrutureH with dutiful uiurkllius Keener
Mnrun nys i thnt the Axis di > er of India Is tlio
only arlely which docs tint rlintiK Its spots
Thry romn Into life pretty plump nnd well
formed nnd In nbout thrue inonilis attain thulr
full titf which Is no larger than u w cllKrnwn
nntilnp The spots tlinv uro burn with eras In
dilllilr whIle those on tile fallow alter chango
with tlniea and ieasuna
nunitxs 1itifATi IOST
It Rivals this WoTernmrin Service its heap
ness und I Ironiulilr
Berlin liia had for some years pait n prlvato
postal company fur thai delivery of letter and
puckiigcs und studenUnf tho postal iiuestlon
are Biimnwliut ustonlahcd to learn that this cur
ren rlvuU this lovernmunt Post Olllco In
vhcnpneFi nnd pays iiiiiiuiil dlvlilvndsof 2 per
cent The vrhntu post carries a letter nf
ordinary weight within the bounds uf the city
at two premmiiie or about S 710 lullr Last
jear tutu prlvnto isist curried ttiutUOO pack
mtgas Thu cuuip > uiy euiplo 1000 men noah
muuy horses i lie prlvatu poit charges less
tlmu the public haul > i fur packiiLcs clnulam arid
tho like mill dm in great deal nf that > work for
binlneiH hnii es that In Now lark is aceoni
plhhrd by rpeclnl delivery ti aLon und inenseii
gel a In I tao tinplixiieiit of luau liun > e homo
biolniis hauusos nive large siinin annually by
IDftUlIK ales iii has private iu4
iitu I cupitni or Ilia concern is I not large for Its
pi per cent dividend was inniii liut year fnnn
nut prutltn nf about fionnuu It itOs been
cuirgeleil that tin great Kuropean capitals
uliuuld have like prlatu iioatu and ietalillth an
International Umnge for Utters nnd puck
mimics In competltlim with the Postal I I tibia
hmmmt the huts nf moat ICuropouii rountrlen like
I thoMint the mulled I bUttes secure to thu Kv
I erutueiits uniunuiKjly of buslnws strictly leustal
ata ElectIon District fur llrookttn
Thullci tlon Commls > loner lii llrooVlyn hay
rwlured time number uf election districts fruin
US1 toOi ronfonuliiK aa clotely as possible to
the rule of having UUU voters In every district
rSi1llhiiI n CrawI r Si n
UNMATCHABlE U is tho fitting word for the valuc3 that will
Ulimn I UrirlDLlC bo found this weekin our 65 Departments
to effect tho necessary clearances before stock taking Thoso presented
below are representative of thousands of others that await you
Ladles and Misses
At lowest prices ever quoted
for equal qualities
Ladies Chambray niul English
Duck Huitfl JtUrtttnnil S29
wore 350 and 123
Fino Lawn Dresses in a choico 8
lortion of colorings 85JHI and
SI9N were 550 and 725
Outing Suits in Navy and Black
Eullsh Serge Covert Cloth and Tweed
sj s and 80U = were 1000
and 1175
Eton and Blazer Suits in fmo Eng
lish Serge Scotch Cheviot Harris Tweed
and Ton and Gray Imperial Serges
grtOH and 811US were
1475 and 81850
Blazor Suits in black and navy dou
blcwarp Serge lined through
out with Bilk 125O for
merly 2175
Tailormudo Drosses in Navy Blue
Urllllnutine Tan Gray and Brown Im
ported Cassimeres lined throughout
with silk 821ON woro 3500
Tailormade Dresses in imperial
Whipcord black nnvy and gray Sicl
lienne Hrilllantine lined throughout
with silk Taffeta 5O8 for
merly 4250
Imported Costumes in silk Crepon
Mohair Grenadine and Fancy
Silks at 008 and 87DOO
formerly 7900 and 14500
tired lirilllnntine lined with Percallne
340 were 8075
LADIES CLOTH CAPES lineal through
out with silk handsomely trimmed
808 and 88 OS were
1098 and 1975
Lathes nnd JllsHos Bathing Suits In
Navy or fray Flannel plain or trimmed
with white braid 108 and 2O8
nrllllantlno Bntlilnj Suits 34O
Misses Blazer and Eton fiiiltfl In fine
English Serge noah Covert Cloth 14 10
and 18 years 808 were 14CO
Ilsws OutIng Hulls In Whit Duck
with large sailor collars ripple back
220 wero SUOS In Pink and Blue
Duck with detachable white Duck col
lars 275 were 575
Misses Twojilcco Lawn Dresses with
large sailor collars of white pique or
ruffles edged with embroidery 14 16
and 18 years 375 I were 1508
Childrens Outing Suits In Flannel and
Serge trimmed with braid 6 t 14
years 308 reduced from 775
Childrens Lawn Dresses In dainty col
orings and effects I I to 14 years 73o
and DISc
A Embroidery Dept
Figured Florentine Drapery Silks ns
Inches wldn In choico colorings anal best
qualities noc yard been retailed at OSc
Double fiilk Head Rests assorted colors
for piazza chairs c 25o each were OOo
Round Chair Cushions silk covered
leather seated 70c each were OSc
Fancy Florentine Silk Lambrequins 8
yards long 119 inches wide tasselled silk
frInge 108 each worth SS4H
tamped Mnuiifi for Vacation Work
Clearing Silo of Doylies Squares c at
Jc each woro liinc 1
AllLinen Centro 1lecea 20x20 medal
lon ilenlmiH and lace braid eltects U5o
I catch were 15c
Ono lot Urownlo Stamped and tinted Ta
hUm Covers yard wjuare 12L1 weru 480
Cntnpleto assortment of all kinds of Km
iroldcry SIlks Linen Kloises c
Kmbrnldiry Instruction Hooks at special
price of 15C each lUibUsucrH price 50c
Summer Jewelry and Fans
RterllnK silver IlloiiMi Hfts rnnslstlm of
lireu Hepiniblw shirt Muds ono pair link
culT buttons and uno collar button at Ho
I per set
PterlliiK sIlver KnaiiiuKd BlouRe Feb
nt OHc rtcrlltiK hllver Itelt Pin at UHc
hnndsomtly engraved 48o
Whltn Metnl and Hlnrk Ktmmeled lieU
Plnn nt Utc
HtcrliiiK inuiiiitcil Manicure articles WII
knlfo iVc nt Wk
titcrlliiK inountud VInaIgrette on cut
Kins nt 118
Jap fnldliiK Fans black rice paper 2e
Japanese Ilins parchment paper UKo
Hatin Palm Fans bamboo Imndlcs lOc
Special hit extra flno Tnpaneso hand
painted tollln awl pocket lanK nt 18o
6th Avenue 19th to 20th St
Halfprice Clearing Sale
Ladies Waists and Negligees
slightly soiled from handling
Tlie seasons accumulation of
broken lots of Imported and
domestic garments if
Shirt Waists alj a
Embracing every style of Waist W U
hnvo carried through the season fa M
Lawns Dimities and Chambray Di
vided Into three lots I
39c 59c 98c f
Imported Costume Waists I
made of Dresden Snttccn
midI Bnttcn
I rn
and fancy Pique 498
Silk Costume Waists
Parisian Creation u
only one of n kind 1500
< I
Silk Costume Waists
in newest colorings our own
manufacture suitable for 1
975 I
promenade or evening wear
Also 5000 Silk Waits 1
in Plain anal Fancy Tap figured and i
striped effects lots in Taffeta Glaco divided
into two
198 and 5375 t
Negligees and Wrappers
In India Silks lace trimmed 5575 i
In Imported flntlstcs hand t t
em brol Jntlts 39
< J
In Linen Lawn trimmed with
lace and embroidery 2 I
In Figured Percale 590 t
Gretohen House Dresses 980 t
Silk Department
General Reduction Sale I
A general induction in prices
will go into effect Monday morn
ing throughout our ontiro Silk De j
partment Many of the seasons t
most desirable Novelties must be
sold no matter what the loss in
volves This offers an opportunity t
to secure bargains which cannot
possibly be obtained later
Attention also directed t the following 1
Special Values
3rOO yards Printed Silks 27 inches I
wide in both light and dark colors I J
sold nt theopenlngof the season OQn
for 100 a yard at OUU I
45OO yards Printed Taffeta Silk in
a large collection of patterns lh I J
colors at formerly 8100 a yard 57e r
OS pieces 27Inch Bilk Crepons woven I
and printed patterns fully 4 On
worth 75o a yard at TuHi a
Trunks and Bags
At Great Reductions
From Former Prices
The famous No 71 Trunk is knnw
no the great staple in this line I cannot
he equalled in quality workmanship and I
finish at the price viz
fi8inch 508 Olllnch 708
BOlnch 8148 518Inch 808
112Inch 008 40 inch 048
84inch 748 412Inch SOOK
The popular FourTray Droks Trunk
muslin lined webbing bottom trays with
traps portable hat box in bottom canvas
covered excelsior locks iron bund
OSInch 1048 I 40Inch 1008
42Inch lAR
a S C At S Cabin Trunks strong
iron clumps and corner excelsior lock
extra heavy hinges hickory silts and full
muMlii lined
8incli J UII8 illInch 8118
lUMnUi i48 ailInch 8 tU8
UMiich 243tH iWlnch 548
Ole lit iraalii CIII lingua leather lineal HOa
ANHiirled lot iladntntui and Climb Ilngt
Ilii lihli griiin leather Imml sewed nnd peg
frames leather and muslin lined UIIH
liathliiK Suit HIIK waterproof OHo
HaciUL and 1lshliiK that uses ilfio
irnlil I dull I Hlk1 st Ith toilet fittings
lentlier lined I uuil llnely liniilud 518
Victoria alln lines with toilet jlttings I I
leather lined brnsi nnd nickel triniitiltmgs l
Kimllnh erniii lenthcr 7l > 8
Drcss Suit Cases solo leather linen litiud
latent shirt pocket in top OOK
silk Belts with fancy buckles U5o
Silk IlelU Nilvur plated hucUlef I He
I Silk HultN KterllnK sIlver buckles TIle
Traveling Flask iKitbcr and inetnl coy
ered all sUe Olroy pjitcnt tops IHi
6th Avenue 19th to 20th St

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