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J1JIIWL I r w < 7 I r
r 1 > I iTj 1 h r 0 I 7
t k SI 1 I
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LEADING SUMMER RESORTS ID U I For New York and Its Vicinity
j LeDNO IB SUN Partly cloudy warmer winds becoming
11 I 11lt THE ttru > I southerly I
vnrXKi IN ArOONl I
r0 oF IJlnU
Yeterday and On
Arrest ttrrdJ
III Eaels Arrtl
V II Lvu Jra11 l TAkln I Apparently bJ
i iilamernk Meate Not > irved t the
GtI nt Hom orThrm Got
HoteK I bat ftl
HoteKT Wanted to nrlU Without
IIOlr Nflfd Jyeltblal KUn
Effort to Keep the Saloon Closed
i I tbl
inrprM ln Fabbath vies
nhoMoar cop
SformlnitMli io iIdIektc47 nIce
B WI Iuo Uecrret our Inful oul lo save
M snd 11lhrh l fIflflI no barbers ihaef
undrawn and IetFd4 l iinmo n display
Ad wr rl
Your boil II cieremp for the Sabbath day
11 lOIt in Lord BUrn
Yeseruiy > s another dry Sunday with the
JlcesMlullUt cur and tho saloon kcop
c M j9llitiit n rnr alc salon
pIlce almost fifrnid to be fccn In the vicinity of
their TI I plaetr rllc mnJorlt of tho saloon keep
Tertali7id tint the police mean to enforce
ersbaVS 71 Ilolco
UI r al
force tbo Kidse Inn to tho letter and they Just
hut I down their places 1 and let their patrons
inffcr Thrro 1 was mi eOlcerle1 etort
to uforco tLo rest of the Sun
tart of the police
dirhwsrd I whIle flicrnnt cases of Sabbath
ilMEii ncri ntlcndcd II t they with few ex
brathl cenllon confined tbeincUcs to the Uxclso law
Tier cpton cnflct to that they have their hands
fall lu allenillni tn that and everything else
will hale to give Wlr 10 It
B 3c1dr5 there VeTO no orders from the Main
Our of Mulberry ulreet ns the Fourth ward
cops call President Hoosevclt to stop the sale of
cp cal and stands A few
tods water a drug stores slands
timid drug store keepers however closed their
tImi place The saloonkeepers who had Intended to
tale the liquors out of their bars and throw the
place wide open for the salo of temperance
drinks changed their mind after reading Judge
JIcAdims decision In tho Quintan caseand then
jlollcs hud no trouble on that score yesterday
The rigid enforcement of the excIse law Is a
soap for the rank and file of the department
The irstero adopted is such that while the pa
trolmen have to put In extra hours of work they
r onli asked to stand In front of saloons that
aresuiDected of doing busUess The patrolmen
are obeying orders now and onco they are
told to stand in front of a place they
t will Dot move for anything All along
Park row I the vicinity of Chatham square
and roustabouts
a number of longshoremen rltbut
1 maybe seen on Sundays lying In doorways and
1 itretched out on the sidewalks sleeping off the
effects of Saturday nights debauch There
were a lot of them there yesterday and at 24
oclock aflfht took place In Park row between
Pearl and Rooievelt streets An old longhore
nin got Into a brawl with a sturdy young fellow
who pummelled the old man all around the
sidewalk and came near pitching him headlong
Iowa basement Whhln twu blokof the fight
there were four policemen stationed in front of
saloons and they just folded their arms and
watched the battle complacently
FASTOB nAisns vianviitcB IOU
The Rev A Woodruff Halser pastor of the
SprIng Street Presbyterian Church who has or
ganized a vigilance league among the mae
members of his congregation eald yesterday
I that tho results of the enforcement of the Ex
f else law were very encouraging He has been
going about with Acting Captain OKeefe of the
r IacdouKal street station on Sundays and as a
H rule they have found all the alone closed Dr
HsJsey has asked the members of his congrega
I I I tfam famines to report to the police all saloons doing
V There has been a vast Improvement In the I
observance of Sunday in the Macdougal street
precinct since the police began t enforce the
law said ho yesterday and wo can make It
much better All the reputable saloon keepers
close up their places entirely and keep us In
formed a t those that dont Now today
with a few exceptions where saloon keepers are
doing a cautious business I can say that all the
saloons In this precinct are closed I would pre
fer a religious Sunday entirely myself but I we
nt have that we must come a near It A pos
The hotels along Broadway observed the law i
both In I letter and spirit There were no special
menus for the day I a man wanted a drink he
ha unless he was a bona tide guest of the
house to order something from the
regular bill of fare Anything on the i
bill was considered meal At the
bl cnldere a Hotel i
Xelherland a drink was served with
a bowl of soup for which a charge of 25 cents I
was made At the HU James a regular guest
could get a drink In the caf without ordering a
meal At the Hoffman House the only require
ment from a bona fide guest wo that he order
a lwlch orer
k The restaurants which under a restaurant
I keepers len have been acoustomed to sell
I I drinks with food on Sunday have found that
to such isle I against the law and they very gen
W erallyrefuied t sell Intoxicants their patrons
i 7tsterda
I The ony excise arrest in the Tenderloin up
1 to 7 clock Ian venlnr was that of Claude
j Stt101 a restaurant keeper at 104 West
Tbtrtythlrd street Officers Heeoh and Min
5 n y of the steamboat squad who were as
1nO todnlT In the Tenderloin were passing
mrtholets place and saw that It was wile open
don rhere 40 not nc the precaution of the side
Irs I arresting Dertholet Beech received rough
lertholet Deeb a rOllh
handling which Madam Uertholet took an no
I e part In Inflicting The arrest was a tugnf
war tlwfen the offlcers and the woman with
Bjrtholet fljuilng as the rope
There was no end of grumbling among the
Plr lot tbo Casino In I Krumblnl Park where
only soft drinks were sold with without food
The drasjglt on the lower east lhout worco
thee nero Acting Capt Sheehan of the Eld
litton rI4e stresS Station hoe precinct ha a ponn
re of S103000 and B saloon for very
twenty families wa p4rticuiariy aggressive
Tbro faliln v wa Iulcularly alurrelvt
In that is Inure rebelion alahlet the Sunday law
jl rrrcnt than In Any other al the rue
only Of the stores and saloons are co1 on
stura arcortlisg to ttiedlettes of the
lit acorI on if tiia MI ittiua us Jewish
rfihflili11 the Proprietors believe they have a
right to keep open on bunday
Cap 6neb ns men swooped down on the
PhODseeps of Canal street and nine of them
Wu Were arrlel < 1 tolnon keepers with a pull do
III pul
inset with any flwor from Capt SheehAn
arm He
ut stationed a policeman yesterday In front
Va Okaloon kmt by a politician who
ilderie ° at onl I nun powerful factor on the east
olbl AUanto nrllen In tho Bowery the rear
I l hlllacol tbustreet from the Kldrldce
I StfeL i acol luJlreel fItrhIIG
the fl IuilU l V ° PtW as Ioed > terday fur
nJt time and the usual cred cunccrl was
sid Abftdonj 1 lire l arden l II the resort or bun
r I of onl lido erman i on hundai s nnd the
llySSf 1111 I i nl t want to run the risk of being
JloeltuK1f0 Seliing I srrf t drinks su ho decided tu
S9 UP Hi guulrii altogether
Tb alojelher
5 a lihrt to reguler fad lt i MlronVf tire piece > Tro aston
leed t closed Tho proprietor Imiiro
11 Miami a crush lin WM In I rtol part of Iho I
tLsSLe41i U soll I Lbie dliOti dinner fin USeuntsj
Ilieru ae nut eOUB prollt m
that to Ilcro 1 CIUUlh
f o i lrrs gas bill frolt
Jedge iaa LII
eln100 Mc IUIl liclslon hud the elfect of
Street r Ul 11 llun of JleiA fIun i at IWh
Irli Jlalll Iierri I avenue whl had IIUIMI keeping
It le sakor0 operr ulII selling sift drink keeplll 1111
rtufrtwll wrote I letter to Mr Ituosoyvlt on
tb4rge5 ormlnl that bn would brlim
Ulli UII1 him I Ire 011 trot In bib lull
Ihl In thu mforcouienl of tho entire Sunday
I si lns 1 place at IlH Park row wns alto 1
It UI on Juluhiis nppllciitlon fur
wj n luluIII l1plclll l flr an
lufri I lol to rttrtiu lire autiruriIle froll > II
1 A I I I t tire nluf oft drinks In his
Uloii that i Juli JlrAdiiin rend > ind Ills dc
Juialin 1111llan was BtHtionri In fiunt of
t buiip I flU J Lsuri1 Jr Lo ecu tbnt bo fult tll not
I e u 11 urt
Th 1 TAIUS ni itrrrv IIANMV
irr satire cases exercised tbo petty
lowe tIrseai irlir I they seem to think the pety
zrrirsring Jut ijjrs the
ItPaflCr Ilrllnl
lnrf J 111lulr lrtl for tl FI1111
vii tin I foul If lust lwelllrlt tlrre
ler4 UOIIr 17 ran 010 1 1 1i EarL
roar trlltl r i hired foil Frank Tfioinai fIt I
b athrii flthrenlernlh at net > ver diilit
IiliVia I AuIhll U selling bait tu tho nhiTtncn
> lrliiSlillle Of 1111 I East Tweiity euin4
fur ViOiti IUU long and urrcnul 1 the Imys
j Jiaurir the Bunduy law Law > cr htclnert
I Uiilliiurci on s P
I 0
Ttoe Colleeilon or W JI Knowe DrXrorsd
bJ fir with llln Kteldenee
DAtTtUoiiR July 14A valuable collection
of paintings and bronzes belonging t Mr Wll
llnm Humphrey Knotrlcs won destroyed when
his house In Ilnltlmoro county burned last
night Mr Knowles anTI that his art treasures
were tho collections of members of his family
for the last 100 years and Included besides
paintings rare tapestries mosaics and curiosi I
ties from various parts of the world It wa Im
possible for him to place f valuation upon
them but the collection had been
bl tlo coltcton bfn roughly esti
mated to be worth from S OOOO to 00000
The house and furniture wero Insured but the
art collection wns not
One of the paintings was an original of Alolne
scenery representing Lake leneva with t
Diane In the distance by the celebrated Italian
artist Kasolvola Tho plcluro was much ad
mired A similar one by the samo artist recent
ly sold In New York for 0000 There was a
wooded ceno by the French master Gustavo
Cuurbet There wero In tho collection a marine
scene by the English artist Hardy Napoleon
at tire Hattie of Austcrlltr by Deride and
a portrait of Imo Du Harry Mr Knowles had
also a portrait of tho celebrated French beauty
Mmo Vernct painted by her husband
Tho loss of two vase which were presented
to Mr KnowlcVa grandfather by Napoleon I
Is most deeply deplored by him He said that
his tapestry and brloabraa collection con
sisted mostly of work executed b nuns
In the fourteenth nnd fifteenth centuries The
most valuable piece of statuary was a copy of
Truth Overcoming Error the original of
which Is at the Vatican
I > aklngr Naphtha from the Equitable
Tanks hunts Into FireDump lleitrored
The plant of tho Equitable Oas Light Compa
ny occupies the three blocks between Thirty I
ninth Ant Fortythird streets First avenue and
the East River On tho First avenue end of the
central block are tho gas reservoirs Behind
them twothirds of the way down the block
and extending to the end of the pier between
Fortieth and Fortylint streets I what
appears to be only a wnllkept grassy
lawn Under the gran and the few feet
of earth aro four large naphtha tanks further
protected by a casing of cement Feed plocs
lead from them to the companys works
Naphtha Is brought to tho works In specially
constructed boats and Is I pumped Into the tanks
from the boats through pipes that run out to
the end of tho pier Thero Is always somo leak
age from the ends of tho pipes and the water of
of the oil river thereabouts usually bears a thin film
At the foot o Fortieth street there Is n private
dump owned by Brown Fleming Uu Satur
day nlclit two scows were moored to the dump
The one on the south fld was the City of Parts
Last night at 7110 oclock Cupt Die Monnoa
of Paris his child
the City or Pari with wlfo and chlI1
were eating supper Capt Henry Thompson o
the other Cow wan smoking on deck and a
small boy was crawling over the cargo of ashes
Thero was a dull explosion and tha next Instant
a sheet of flame spread out on all sides of the
naphtha pier Then tho flames preceded by a
cloud of heavy smoke turned precee
Tho cabin wnero the Monsonn wero A supper
was enveloped in the first puff of flame Mon
son ran with his wlfo and child to the other old
of tire scow ana hoisted them up on the dump
Then he ran back t cast off the moorings Tire
naphtha scum on the water took fro ant he was
enveloped In flame He succeeded In casting
off tire line however and then ran for the dump
f g nOth rh nt i I ed I f
But some one there had cast the aft line loose
and his scow was floating free In a sea of fire
Just then the transport Maryland came up
and throwing a line t Monson towed him and
his fccow out of danger t the Fortythird street
pier Monson who was seriously burned about
the pita1 head and arms was sent t Bcllavue Uos
pla1 blazing oil on the river set Ore t tho
dump Cnpt Thompson on the other scow cast
it adrift linen followed by tho small boy he
jumped Into rowboat and pulled out into the
stream Tho water all about him was covered
with flame
After the first explosion three others of con
siderable force occurred and any number of
little ones during tire two hours that elapsed
before the fire was finally dispersed and extin
Lfore fre fnal dlsprl utn
guished by heavy streams from the fireboat I
Havemeyer The dump was destroyed
The Boston Man Neck IJadlr Cat and SdO
Damage Done
David II Burns a wholesale liquor dealer of
Boston while on his way through Broadway at
oclock and fell
J oclCk yesterday morning tripped
through a plate glass window In the basement
at 1140 Broadway The window was demol
ished ISO north of damage being done and
Burnsa neck was severely cut
Policeman Barry of the West Thirtieth street
elation picked him l up and sent in a burrylcall
na t
for on ambulance When I It arrived Burns was
sent t the Now York Hospital where it was
found that he had narrowly escaped severing
the jugular j vein
TwclT or TIm Come Hack Frees Havana
Vnaeellmated aid Unproiperou
On the steamship Ciudad Condal of the Span
ish line which arrived yesterday from Havana
were twentytwo passengers who had no acclimation
mation certificate They were sent to Hoff
man Island where they will stay until S 111
tnday when they will have been five days from
Havana Twelve of the detained passengers are
ballet girls who left New York two months ago
to join tie Louise Calderon Dramatic Company
which wasnt a success The girls had return
tickets otherwise they might not be here now
Cludnd Condal and the acclimated passengers
came up to the city
Two NcRroei Lynched
CAMDBM Ark July HTwo negro prisoners
were lynched by seventtflve men at midnight
last night at Hampton thirty miles away Two I
weeks ago a white man named Martin was I
killed by three nugroen Two of them wore ar I
rested 1 and confined In jail
A mob gathered several nights before but i
were persuaded tl dell I Lat night seventy
live men demanded of the bhcrltf the delivery
lve < llvery
of the murderers I was useless to resist such
1 force with but a handful of men to summon t
his aid so the burt were delivered to them
Tfle negroes were secured and carried to the
neighboring woods The mob gave them 1 few I
minutes for prayer Then the ropes were ad I
justed and they were hanged
Took Women Out of Jail and Whipped
BOONVIME Ky July 14A mob of armed
men broke down the Jail door here night before 1
last and took three adulteresses from their cells I
and gave each hundred lashes on her bare
back lave
The Of Yen II cr were then returned to jail
where they will await their trials The vie
Hum wern Corn Pace colored Mary Hundley
mid 1ewes Sti wart whites The Ilh also post
I It notkes on all the dorA of supposed offend
em In town telling them that unless they cease
death their unlawful life they would bo whipped to
Illaektmrn Hay lie Will Win
1rXISITOS K i July 14Senator Blackburn
U determined to fight his > n battles regardless
of tho actions of tIre Democratic Commlttie
which adjourned on Thursday at Loulitlllv Ho
nun herr tiiilm
I ahull win this lh said he The gold
moil iunnoi prevent I hard a they are tolng
J bu Unlit hits now imrrortul Itself down trot iveeni
M u I fund I llppubllcau 1 will bo hcnutoror u
llnpulilkan will piicind me I have none some
thirty nominees who aru bound to win
Teaas list a Low to Prohibit Prig Fighting I
AUSTIN July H AttorneyGeneral Crane t
day gave to tho publlo l his opinion nn the law of I
18H1 which prohibits prio I Hunting Inleim
Lire opinion Is handed down nt tire Instance of
the county attorney uf Italia empty In view of
tho proponed light timers lu Koveiulur between
torbett and PluMuiuione The AttorneyIon
eratlvD eral holds that the law of 1UU1 is valid and op
A Countable Kill a Farmer
AliDKilt M Io July 14 Constable James
Jones and Farmer Samuel Johnson were deadly
eneralo und both went armed They met yes
terday near WWI and both Urn Johnson fell
< ea with bullet throngh his heart Jooessur
rendered and pleads sclfdvfonco
Th VlKllaBt Retires Abruptly TV hen
Well AetermIlltle to Choose Den
te Dote In Rnnnlna to IePwnrdIt
reader leaves Her Rival a Farlonc
Astern In Nlxteen Minutes Itenchlna
An Extra Ilrtmh OBT Point JurtlthTlie
Hot Will Have I Out Next Mnlnrday
Nitwronr July 14TIre lonecxpccted trial
between the Defender and tho Vigilant has at
last taken lnco bat It cannot bo raid that thoso
Interested In tho boats areas much wtocr 1 con
cerning their respective abilities us thoy ex
pected to be Fresher Information they cer
tainly have but soma which they confidently
expected to secure Is not nt hand I Is reason
ably certain from the trial for Instance that
the Defender can beat the Vigilant In tire light
weather conditions which prevailed but there
Is I still room for doubt ns to tho amount of
time she could beat her or whether the
Defender showed a light weather speed
which would Inspire confidence In a race
with Valkyrlo III under similar circum
stances Nor I there sufficient Information to
prove Defender heavier weather qualities as
compared with Ylgllnnt An unsatisfac
tory trial would bo tho verdict on the face of
things but still there were many instructive
and Interesting features Tire Defenders
Intorstnl ffentore p
ple looked ta from sorrowful when tho Vigilant
practically gave up the trial with Defender well
ahead and Increasing her lead HoW the VII
lants pooplo lookcd or felt no ono her can say
for after stopping tho trial sbo took a tow from
her tender tho Aeronaut and went to the west
ward Her sudden change of base leads how
ever to 1 fair inference that she had got
enough for a time and that her people preferred
to postpone I decisive Issue until the race at
New York next Saturday
The boats will surely meet oil Sandy Hook on
the day named and both will be In better shnpo
than at present In the mean time it can be
briefly said of todays trial that In a light
northerly air of not over ten miles an hour the
Defender was very Ito better than Vigilant In
a spinnaker run dead to leeward that on I
reach with 1 beam wind the Defender hoe
marked superiority and that In a couple at
tack to windward sho made a material gain
though smaller than that on the rah As the
distance in each of the three classes of work
could be but very roughly estimated neither
the speed mae by the boats nor the time be
tween them could b calculated with any ac
curacy and it is in this respect more than any
other that tho trial n as unsatisfactory No re
liable comparisons with previous racing on
either side of the water can b made but it
o ms Clear that the Defender will be
much faster than the Vigilant In
thln 1lant light
airs and probably In stronger ones Un
til a race between fixed pint and over
measured distances is had timing and incidental
comparisons cannot bo attempted with confi
dence During toda a trial the Sea was smooth
except for a long roll which came heaving In
from the southeastward The scone was tho
stretch of water from Beaver Tall Light and
Hrentons nee Lightship over which so many
Goelct CUD and other memorable races halo
been decided There was a good wind In the
early morning but it weakened at the critical
time and finally came In fresh from the south
westward after the trial was over
The Defender and tire Vigilant lay at anchor
In Bristol harbor all night with tho tug Aquld
neck at band At an early hour this morning
Defender and Colonla were taken In tow by the
tug and brought to an anchorage outside Goat
Island The Vigilant came down later under
sail but accompanied by her tender Shortly
after 10 oclock tho Defenders mainsail was
hoisted and fifteen minutes later her anchor
was tripped and bead sails broken out The big
club topsail was next sent aloft and then the
boat was headed to join Vigilant which was
hove to further down the bay Then side by
side but with main sheets hauled flat and no at
tempt at speed the boats funned slowly along
until about abreast of Beaver Tall Light when
the trial was begun In earnest There were
many steam and sailing yachts out to see tho
trial and the scene was a reminder of regular
race days The HerreshofTs steam yacht Ku
genie was on hand as usual with 1 largo party I
while Commodore Benedicts Oneida the Sul i
tana the Sakonnct tho Judy the Half I
Moon and W K Vanderbllfa big ocean 1
liner Valiant were noted In the fleet I
The schooner Intrepid was the largest of tbo I
sailing fleet but sloops cat un Is and catboats
abounded The Aquldncck and the fast naptha I
launch Jennie C carried parties of newspaper I
men and photographers On the Defender with
Mr Iselln were N U HcrresholT I C Leeds I
Woodbury Kune and Mrs Iselln Capt Hnff
had the wheel On tire Vigilant nlth Mr Wll
lard were Ballmalfcr Sawyer of New York and
1 C Worthingham Cupt Clarify Unrrhad the
wheel It 11 but a tow minute past 1 oclock
when both bouts dropped cplnnnker boom to
starboard Tho Defender was abel and to tho
westward Both were bending nearly due south
At 1110 I the Vlgllants spinnaker wns broken
out The Defender hnd on a balloon jtbtopeall >
Her spinnaker was up in stops hut she did not
break It out being apparently anxious to let the
Vigilant forge up on even term At llilfi the
boats were on about equal terms the splnnnkcr
of the Defender was broken out and the race
was fairly on
Defenders spinnaker was very dark In color
and showed tho cloths running parallel to the
foot Computing the tall plans of the two
boat that of Defender was manifestly tho
highest and her club topsail tire largest At
llyj thu Defenders spinnaker win taken In
and a man sent aloft but the trouble was soon
remedied and a 113 tire big rail nan eot
again Brentons Heef Lightship was abeam at
this time and tire compasi course wns couth by
west The boats were sailing very evenly but
were going slowly lot ncr five or six miles an
hour I was hard to tell which bad I thondvan
tagt > At noon Point Judith Light w A brnad
on the starboard beam Defender was a little
ahead but timing across 110 would hae been
necessary to determine just bow much At
1307 the Vlgllants Fptnnaker was taken In
and a minute Inter tOo Defenders nas
alto hauled Inboard Then tire big poles
nern holitcd and preparations made for 1
reach tunard Point Judith frheets were
trimmed on thu Vigilant and a minute later on
tho Defender and with balloon jib topnil
snelllni round and full to 1 bl whit the
achu ere off to tire westward lire lnllo In
the course put the Defridei a couple lengths 1
iihcud Ior a few moments It I wus uncertain
which Ixiul was cuIng lire faster mi the new
lournr but bj iMilii I Wil 110 clriir thai the Du
fender nun imlllng away Font by loot sire In
created her lend going imnuthl mil easily end
lime lng ror the ii rt hire I her rial I 1111111 s
uulllt 1 ire wind wise elli I light und the boats 1
could not bu > o been going more than clkhl
inlliH an hour At lUia Iho Defenders jib
which bud been I let III stop uis bruken oul ali
the bia > mil I ttl II I cerise the hal Iosrtr nnd Iho t
boit wu soon Jammed on the wind un limo blur
board shore tack beading toward tire Narraguusett
The Vigilant folloued bolt but site wnn more
than an eighth of u milu behind tbo Defender
luivlni pun nut that much nf 1 lead In iho
sIxteeiKtnlnuto rmeh At rH n Imby Jib
toptall nan set on Dclrndrr and It pulled like a
little horse The Vlgllants people 1 evidently
thought to too fur they set 1 Muifhir tall hit H
larger one und both won under nearly
the ine canvas this sucnnd shift brought
the Vigilant nearer the Defender but still well
astern and on her weather quarter And now
came a fair test of wind work In about ns light
an air ns would serve for the finish of n cup rare
within the time limit rue footing Clf tho
Vlgllaat proved the fAster and sbe crnnlpdup up
foot by lout in thin Defpndor though If any
thing she wax not pointing bleb Possibly
both tho footing cud the pointing
could bo recounted nlt by Ibo differ
ence In the size of the Jib tripmtils
Slowly tile Vigilant continued tn gain until sho
was nbcut two lend awny but tberu h si Iud k
Capt ItalY hnd worked the Defender out nrrosn
the Vlgllnnts low until the latter was almot
In her wake and now Im kept her ofT n hit MI
that sire footed Just as fast ns tire Vtirllitnt nhd
In fact bcgnn to reopen the gap Clinrltj llnrr
still lint like tire bank winding lirwas ell
nod nt IMH ho tacked to port Tbo De
fenders pcnplo PIO alive to lila mue and
put their Imnt about en iiulckly that oho
was full on tho port tack Just no coon ns Vigil
ant ansi the adxanURo gamin by 1 niilik
working boat In stays was fully demonstrated
This tnck brought tire fhflnlrrln thu Vigilant
weather bow and about three lengths a ay and
tire light of the previous lack nn rineueil
lire light breeze one In which hits Vlcllant has
always dunn splendid work seemed also to stilt
tho Defender all she slipped along ut 1 great
rate showing a couple of fret of her bionc Dot
torn lo windward suit making scarcely 1 ripple
In tbo natcr Vigilant heeled even less 1 nnd
hour yacht terre splendid pictures of tho modern leIla
Tie ViaitA O1VFH IT vi
And now It nan clear that the Defender bad
cot don to business she woe Lth fuotlng
faster end pointing higher than the Vigilant
tutu was shouliut the way to the U3 champion
In good shapo Tire wind was uronlni lighter
though while off to fiuuthward black cIt
were gathering and Block blanc was getting a
mart lower of rain Ten minutes latir tire
clouds piled up so threateningly with a pros
pect of wind from the soulliwrot that
tire Vigilant was brought around nnd
her jib topsail ann club topsail tnken
In Then he took a tow from her tender rids
sudden ending of tire trial was apparently un
endlnl In
expected by the Defenders oParlnty Half
looked clove and aloft but apparently saw no
reason for such haste in getting rid of his light
canvasoH Ho hung on to them a while but at
length took them In ns Vigilant started west
ward When the expected squall failed to inn
tcrlnll7 a light nlr came In from the nauthncst
arid tire Defender nas put on tire wind and
her working topsail nt Under this can
MIS sine worked out handsomely toward
Inlnt Judith panned tho neil buoy and caiiitht
tho Vigilant it couple of miles beyond It The
latter cast off her lino to tire tender and eet her
working topsails and bend sails anti the boats
undid together for a blip A little later the
Vigilant continued westward while the De
fender returned to this port and dropped her
mud hook nt tire outside anchorage early In the
evenlnic Mio bad not done unite ns well In
the trial AS was expected from her brush
with Colonla 1 week ago But sho
was far nom a disappointment along
side the fast Vigilant and gne promise
of something much better when In firstclass
trim It takes n fast boat to beat the Vigilant
but Defender did It todny anti should do It
when they meot In a race There Is I no reason to
change previous estimates of her except pos
sibly dunn tbo wind when It must be admitted
she did not show the speed indicated from the
Colonta trial
Mr belo and Mr Morgan expressed them
selves as null pleated with the dnyd rail
len fern by a CLN reporter lifter the trIal
Mr fen ale thnt he considered the
day a satisfactory one on thn whole for n teat of
Defenders ability as compared nlth Vigilant 1
for although a brush between tire two boats In
a Itn wind and heavy sea would bo extremely
Interesting he full perfect confidence Hint the
now boat could do relatively IU nell as N Iglluut
Inhfavi weather and having bent her in light
air ho trail no doubts of Defender In any kind
uf weather I With uurnineteenfootdriuuht
and keel ballast at It thn I bottom uf it St raid Mr
Itelln we cannot heel 1 uncomfortably without
pulling out the float Mr Isolln built ho ell
eldereu that Vigilant was belted on every point
except running free under spinnakers On this
point be considered that Vigilant i showed up
about a well as Defender A good test in this
linn was not mad huwexer on account of the
Defenders trouble with her
lefenderl spinnaker
Information was gained from Mr Iselln re
garding the final brush between Defender and I
Vlcllant outside Point Judith which could nut
bu accurately observed from the nteamers that
followed the racers but which wan ono of tie
most satisfactory brushes of the aftcinuon na
the wind was decidedly fresher Dofeider
I overtook Vigilant about two miles beyond Point I
Judith and the latter threw off her ton and I
Blood off with Defender nn a clop
hnulrd reach with the wind fresh hunt the
southwest At tho start Vigilant was In thin i
nentbcr berth antI a few lengths abpad Ihcru i
fresh nineknot brezo In from
was n nlntknot brep70 coming ruin I
Block Island und both boats struck iiK < od imie
Defender cairncl from tbo start footing vlgl I
lain nnd soon bad her overhauled MIP then I
unlkcd through Vigilant lei and InMda of
tncnty minuteil had run away ahead Cro lng I
VlKllants bow she then put about to weather
of tier rival sisntl rmido for Cut E I U I Morgan i
and Herbert Leeds estimated that In tire In 0 I
mile reach Defrndur mini a quarter of n mile to i
the good and this in the freshest breeze tho
day Mr Iselln nas not willing to muko any i
stntimcnt regarding Igllants behavior In Riv I
ing up the race und putting off for New York in
the midst of the bent windward but from the j
remarks he drooped It tsas easy to itntlipr that
bu thought tire n Igllnnt people hind gut ennuch
Ho stati d that the IWo bunts would not meet
ugalu until next Saturdays race Sandy Hook
In speaking of Dofnndcrfl sails Mr Isclln paid
bp is greatly pleased with them and expects
them tu 1 stretch Into guixl shape Ho I did nut
fceemdlnpocd to talk about the proposed in
I crenin In sail plan frojloet I
Jlr Iselln unes Tin SUN the following pro I
Bruminouf his proponed movements nlth De I
femlir omurrow slum win bu taken out at I I >
oclock for a sail outside returning nt noon
when she will sail for Bristol fur n few finishing II j I I
touches nnd I tout of pnlnt Tuesday iu en I
inc she will return to Newport and Vcd
nutday night eho nlll be towed to Now
llucbclle nhvro she will make her bend
iinnrteSH for tire remainder uf the stuson
Mr Iselln MIl thnt from now on the new boat I
will be kept out tuning up every minute turin I
weather and da light will permit and It I Is I Ills
purpose In haui tbo boat in perfect form nnd
her Irow In perfei training before tire time for I I
her Ort nice II defense 01 tine cup lmo Hall
wits also mnch pleased n the result of the days
falllnu and hns great contldvnce In his blup
lie sell It took Just seventeen minutes for tire
Dcfendrr j In IMUI little brush off Point Judith to
work her bow out ahead of the Vigilant and tack across I
And Meyer BoliornOld Will Lead Them
A IIIK Meeting
Delegates of tho Brotherhood of Tailors from
030 shops one from each shop met last night
In Walballu Hall to report tho sentiments of
their fellow workers regarding tho pruposid I
general strike All tire delegates reported that I j
their employers had determined to rcsUt tho I
new agreement and that the workers were In I
fuvor of btrlklng Thu meeting endorsed the
strike and toted unanimous to place the full
mnnngement of It In the hands nf Meyer
bocufiild nnd tire Executive Committed of tire
lliiitberboud oho lfeld paid lust night
Wu are pledged tu renal tu no uno the day
on which the strike nlll begin no that tin Losses
will not intro airy idvantage In fact the tUne
wilt silt bu known until live mlnuti before tire
Hrlke In orilen d bllu thin strike is l for 1 new
agreement with better wages ansi conditions no
thall make it the uppurliinll I ty for wiping the
MTintshop system out uf existence Of t irs s4iitJt
member of the union about 1100 I art nt present
In tenements under the sweatshop
working tlplonla ulcrr IIVnlln si s
Urn We will on no account settle with the em
lila CCI of them people a tire iineatMiop system
would continue if wn did 1 1 We are tin d of waitIng
tog fo tbu factory inspectors tn put un end tn
the loLluw YAlemlnd are going to end it ourselves nt
TliB Ilnlir Wnn Ho bmiill lull luo Fender
Iusved Over let WltUout Touching
Amelia N blbiil the twoearold chili of 1
clgnr manufacturer of fiilh Irnnd street Jersey
t Ity I R mortally Injure esterday afternoon
by trolley car JO of tire OrrenIlle line Tire
chihl tried to run across lire Street In front of
tho car She was so unall that the fender pissed
river her and bhe was crushed by thu gearing
under Iho cnr
JoMph Ilneimm the 1 inotnrmin was arrested 1
ann link i cr1 up In the I t ijiir Ill U 0 i paw avenue sta
tion Tire child nils run lid in her Ironic und
attended by Dr Muttart ohio said that sine
ii iiIi Iii priibuhl y die
llurimrd Ketnun ill 1 1 years old of arepn and
Montcumer street Jersey city was riding In
mi open trolley rite on the Newark line yester
day nllrrnoon and wan thrown oft uhen the cur
turned tins curve al Inlllllt tlUO and llrnnd
street He wits setcril bruited und it was
thought that bin skull wits fractured 4lle was
rciwuixl tl the City Hospital In an ambulance
I W N Vandcrblll Allen llrleaatd from Jail
NEWIDIIT July 11W P Vanderbllt Allen
was released from jail early this morning borne
club friends here wont on his bond He left to
night at 11 oclock for New York Hie Newport
friends regret that he did not allow thtm to
help him and avoid arrest
A rrj DXUVLAT or ntixcn JUS
Smoke nine lute the Mnlofln on TuesdAy
Jyala Tram nn Adjolnlna Cargo Com
liartraent Water 1iimprd In Vnlll the
Hhlp IIKcit then Volunteer filtered
sad Kxllnentuhvil Ihn Itetnnln or the
Flr PniKtitRrrn Nlriit In Ignorance
Kenrann Killed bl n Coiil Ham Itplo > lon
La Nurmandlo of the French line came uti the
bay yesterday nilornrd with bunting that
snapped In tho westerly brcero from signal
halliards on fore all main The tings were
etnbloma of n double rejoicing Cnpt I Dcloticle
his olDccrs nnd crew were glad that tho anni
versary of the fall of the Itnstllle Imd como
again but they were claddcr that their Rood
ship had escaped destruction by Urn In Ill
ocean on last Tuesday evening tlucc days nnd
lore out from lluvro
Tire lire Isnlt rlbutcd by Capt Ueluncle to spon
taneous combustion Homo of the crow believe
there was suino connection between the fire and
nn explosion of gas In one of tire root bunkers
on July 7 two clays before tho fire was discov
ered The explosion cost Frniiols rllem I a
young Ilroton stoker his life Krnn ols was tent
to open tire hunker Hu carried a naked light
ansi as he threw back tho hatch rover n great
volume of gas rushed out and burst Into Dame
with a roar that was heard all over the ship
Jrau ole was instantly killed
The theory of those who connect tho explosion
with tine fire Is that a e11rk got Into tho cargo
compartment amlcUlilps on line starboard side
I feet wide amid 8 1 feet long and that the lIre
nmouldorcd tbcro for two days In a lot of hides
skins nnd CMO goods before It manifested It
self to thosti on board
Ia ormlncle carried SO passengers in the
first cabin i 3 In tIme second cabin nnd LO in
thu steerage The sea was smooth on Tuesday
evening ant nearly everybody went to supper
Sour had finished the meal when tiny puns of
binoko wcro seen coming from crevices in the
woodwork on the starboard side of tho saloon
The passengers looked at one another and
naked questions with their eyes licfore
tho questions could bo put Into words
nn officer entered tire saloon bowed and begged
to Inform mvadamcs and messieurs that there
had been a small fire in some woodwork caused
by I Imperfectly Insulated electrlo light
wire but that the fire had luckily been
promptly extinguished and that the smoke
should not alarm mesdames and messieurs
The emcee and Capt Dclnnclo hnd con
structed tire neat llltlo unIon a moment
utter tlmCnptaln mis told that there wan a Llaro
In the cargo compartment which U on the deck
below the talnun nnd to tho right of It A
steward had fecented the smoke and passed tho
worn that the sMp aton lira until it got to
dipt Delonclc I ho Captnln up to a 3eisr ago
WM a Lieutenant lu the French navy which ho
entered when hu was 10 rear old or In 1H70
According to the average British conception
the proper thing for French tailors to do when
anything serious hnpren aboard ship Is to run
around unhlle get In ono nnotliern way and
finally take to tho boats Capt Deloncles men
didnt dt > theo thing They responded to tho
cull to Urn quarters with much haste hut no
noise rhe I doors of the compartment tliut hAd
been open were closed elm wa turned lllto
the spray pipes but It had little effect on the
lire Ihen theiiihieiinerB herr tire tiruinping of
meant tire pumps and the wise ones know what it
Ciipt Dclnncle let only two passengers know
111 had really happened JAI wero Mgr
OConnell lately of tine American College at
Home and James Campbell of St Louis u
cousin of exCougrrsstnun Campbell Manholes
of tho compartment wtro opened and water
from nine lineS of hose was poured In on the
liurnlns cargo Tinea lines were Cried
In tho alloy or corridor and tire state
rOm JUH above tho lire which were
Kinoklng from the great heat below Tbo
fire lighters narked so sllentK that they might
hnvu > pc > n mistaken for a crew of deaf mutes
Mennuhllc the ship proceeded at thrcuquarters
d and nf tho of
fpei tno t passengers Ignorant
the extent of the tire went to their Mutcrpoma
Ill slept Anho r a volatile Hrltlsli skipper
would mvo cot his boats ready and protlsoncd
thesis The Trench kipper didnt
lnl midnight cataracts rushed down Into
tlie com par mcnt Then the ship town > 1 a
sllht lift for tho water was within three feet
of t ire top Menm and smoke still issued from the
manhole Ihcn ennui A leer Hint tho pressiro
of the water and floating cargo perhaps might
steel 1
start 1 sto partition
liven pulloron lire ship URI on duty at tho
firs apt Drlnncle ordered thepumpi hut oil
nnd then i uddroavcd hli nfllcers anti men Hu
said bo nnted about I doen men to go down
Into the steaming compartment and stamp out
wliatcer fire there nan above the Hood Hn
ask til who would volunteer and every one of
the Inlllc mllcnncn said ho Mould This was
cinbnrra ilng ns thero were ahout forty more
olmiteeri than there were places for them
Second Captain ThleUncl Dupont mAle forty
men unions by selecting HoaiKwivlns Mates
Jacques y lron and Alexandra Gulnnrd Car
penter FrnntoU Charpentler and Seamen
Joachim Carro Jean Louts alt 01 Charles Cor
lotier rrancol larrel Pierre Jeffroy Louis
ItuITit Jcius Mario Uuenarcc and Frangois
Then Second Captain Dupont begged to be
alloncd thudlstlnRiilahed prltllrge of llrrit en
Illna liu onipirtmtnt 1 Iho other volunteers
fob iirweti lire 1 hecnnd Captain emerged tlirnugh
the manhole in fifteen minute looking as If lie
bud fin I I n 11th A vat of lard and been rubbed
dun n null soot nftcrwnnt Tine Captain mjt
he looked greasy enough to eat M I Dupont all
tint It o Its extremely hut In the compartment
unit that lie lout been almost dronned scalded
und tiiiiotln red by hot water Krea o and I
Hteain ll > midnight the Jim nn under con I
trol IliiLkrlsful soonprn from the tool
throuuh which they waded helped tire olun I
trees to rxtliiKilUh the tlrr In tin upper part of
this uirgn lireit 1 the pumps were set goIng I
nunln this I time tis clear the compKrtmrnt Iho I i
sailor nrkid its tire water reinled from the
inrgn and hy noon the next day all tire wiIer
was dill mid thin wa not n verities of tire
When the pn < niters learned what had oc
rurred they npK > lnteil a commlltoo to draft
thiix resiilnllonn
htrtut We tire paiiPOKerf on time nUainkhtp Ia
Norn niiilti In len nf tire nccldrnt by fin mi tire nth
I nr iiiH > m II I I oil r iiuty awl t tin vIlgs In sib smut ierlrco
8inl ss srs lrnbiiiiC l onr ailiuliatlnu at tins ablo mail
nrrln which list ssrmCrr was Suet br Iho Captain om
tree mlcr > v Ilierefora IK It
IirsrnI Tlmt Mt Ilulfr our thanks to rapt p
lone IP and tile mi n for Dm muktcrly nninnir lu whIch
tin T > u iwrniitrntly ruunlit fur in lint rpirupd our Uii
and tile rut rroni sled erich ion lint nt a Ires our
mlmlMtliin fur the i onler duclplmo unil miilrmy
miiiwnntitlipoe < ailnn 1 that Im p henrlll think tho I
5 alIt lRlnlor iris foresight coiirtrir and KPntlPiiianlr
ileartlijI inward lila lii iiiKr < anit hex to assure him
of cii lifelong grit is iIe I lout S copy of lie I rtolu
ttotnlip > t nt In the iifllcH nf ihn Innii nkiile OPIII rnl
Tran > itl iitliui < aiii tire tnlted frcu toiuniltivc for
till liahSellKCUl
Her OCnivujD I Chairman
JCMV Ctmupsvss
OInn llEMiy M Kiiucm
J 1 iifutT
Time ilnmncd to the cargo and ship n ns not cc
tlinntpil by Agunl Forget U probably nlll ex
cecil 0000
An llplodlnu Tlllrr Flit Throilct n Hoof
A terrific explosion shook nil the homes near
Mount Pit nsant avenue nnd Clay street New
ark between A and Ii I oclock last e en Inc Per
sons lu tire nelghboi hood taw an object shoot
up through thin roof of Hutching > V t Cos ice
factory nnd HiiUliluli t In the i air lipii It i fell It
rushed through Ihn roof again It nn the bi
Illtpr lined In i irrtk leg If r It 1 turn out hull Iho I
roof on lit wti up I iind thn rot nn its rui y ihinen
hire filter was nviTcbuued nlth nmnionln Tbo
men r nt w turk In UIH big cinut > tnrv building
ruihcd outside and nono was Injured
Gate Illrlh tn Jiinilriiilel
Pirrnniiifiii HMr lUlialnth ItnnVIn
wife of Hugh Itanklnof tiuyu Llburty avenue
Hn Iron him itir gave birth to four children
tbren I male and one fumule lust nlnlil liii of
t ho bori died 1lii I lUu tor iiroiiouncrd ire I
elnrtflteis sit the idlier Ihicu shil iii ruth exel lain
Mr nail MM Itunkln Imvo been married live
years At I Mrs ltanlln I I heel non ii rrtsmrenmt sine
HUM birth In one child nt lur next tu Its Uris
and at tills her third tu the quadruplets
llr Heuuun found Guilty
IUTIIOIT illcb July 1 J Fire Jury In the Dr
Seaman cute utter being nut all day ached a
verdict about uu I rlwk lust night Judge I Impin
thai out of lire cut aint It was Iilhtitwslbiu > tu
Irani the erdlct uiilll Judge Cbumuert cunia
trite court lit 1 41 A M and received the
verdict ihlih was gullly on the thin fount
Dr heaniun nai tlmrgwl wllhinuslnv tine dcatis
of Kmlly Hull of ingluuc In u hoiultal In this
Vs Osrmaa Iwiuadry Weep It the lint
seuulai UAI colurcj woman oo weappcgAnZv
1 t
JUT i > v A nor AT iuvn ixi > jtBsa
llnrnee ansi Witfftm Hninftfied Sinn nml tiny
Will ltteltunnlnb > O Mile nn Hour
ltlZAniTil t July 14 William Itnbtnson 10
years old and his routine grandoon Isaac
Wlnnn Jr drove In a farm wagon yesterday
afternoon to thin fliuwood station nf the Now
Jeney Central llallroad to get bnggnge belong
ing to rummer boarders nt their home The
vroMlng h tiiiKunntec1 atirl lloblnon drove his
liarics ncro n tine tracks ns soon m a passenger
train from New York hail left tho ftnllon
As the wagon jolted over tho second rail Hob
liifon and tire buy saw tbo Ho at Blue express
moiling toward them at full spcud The train
w in Imnlly 100 I feet away llcfoio oltlier could
Jump tho locotnotUo struck tine horses and
wagon with acrali that was heard two blocks
tilf Itoblnson nnd tbo boy were thrown fifty
foot and they lunded not ten feet from each
other In n clump of btiMics They were uncon
htlous and tIers carried Into the station Doth
lire seriously Injured but will recover
lime horse nero killed Ono was cut In two
and the bead nnd forequarters were carried on
the pilot of thu locomotive until the train was
brought to n standstill The other horse was
mangled almost as badly lire front part of
the locomotive was entirely covered with blood
and horseflesh h The wagon was smashed Into
kindling wood
Several plicci struck tho window nf the cab
breaking time glass and slightly Injuring the en
gineer When the locomotive struck the wagon
tho train WAS running eighty miles an hour the
engineer said lie saw the wagon come on the
track and reversed the lever and put on the
brakes but he could not bring the train to a
stop until It reached Cranford n mile and a quar
ter from the scene of the accident
Tho locomotive is n new one No H85 built for
the Philadelphia and Heading llallroad under
contract that It run from Philadelphia to At
lantic City ninety miles In ninety minutes It
was run over the Blue Line route to get it ready
for the other service
JrI1rdD IllE SOV OF flltE CHI1JF
Two Indian Police Narrowly Escape Heine
linseed at the make
PENDFn Neb July 14Two of Capt Becks
Indian police are In the Thurston county Jail to
answer to the charge of murdering George
Parker son of Fire Chief the last big chief of
the Omahaa The crime occurred last night on
the Omaha reservation near time tribes celebra
tion grounds and the two policemen had a nar
row escape from being burned at the stake by
the 500 Omahans that were near at hand The
policemen are Wlnnebagoes Frank Ewing and
Black Elk
Ewing asserts that the shooting was acci
dental but other reports say that ho rondo the
assertion that he Just wanted to kill an Omaha
The two tribes are very unfriendly People
from the reservation will call attention to this
crime to prove that Becks Indian pollen are not
the proper persons to have fire arms The
Omaha are greatly excited over the murder
The Crop Damaged Onethird In West
Minnesota and Month Dakota
8r PACT July 14 Hcporta from half a dozen
counties of western Minnesota and as many
moro South Dakota border counties are to the
effect that there Is a protracted drought in that
region and wheat has already been damaged at
least 33 per cent In many places which a few
weeks ago promised enormous yields there will
not be more than five to six bushels of wheat to
the acre
Mr Charles A Plllsbury said yesterday that
two weeks ago he placed the wheat yield of
Minnesota and the Dakntas at 140000000
bushels He now places It at not over 125000
000 bushels and paid that he would not be sur
prised if the yield was not more than 115000
000 bushels tho same aa last year Part of
this however be said was due to a shortage In
the acreage Central and southern Minnesota
were visited by a heavy ruin this afternoon ac
companied by a high wind and hall in some
A Small Yacht nnd Three Men Go Down In
liikc Michigan
SOUTH HAVKN Mich July 14The yacht
Arctic built here by Coates btlllson for II S
TlUworth and launched last Tuesday started
for Bnugatuck today with the owner and
builders on board About two miles out
of this harbor the little vessel capsized
ann sank at once with the three men The life
saving crew put out at once on n mission of res
cue but found only cap All three of the men
drowned have families
YOIIIIC JCT Aimed a llullet at aim Heart
but It Miscarried
PmrAiirUiiiA July 14 Benjamin Lea 10
years old shot and probably mortally oundud
hliiuelf In Falrmounl Park today because a
girl ultu whom he was In love hud Jilted him
Lev choin a hpot in the park where he and the
girl had exchanged vows of lot e and lying on
tho ground tried to end a bullet through his
heart Tbn boys nlm wan good but the bullet
struck a rib und pitted round bin body and
Indited in Ills buck On Lay was found a long
letter addressed to Minnie deploring her
On tire way to the hospital Lev recovered
rnn > cloucnrfs nnd repeatedly exprotned regret
that he bad fnllcd to kill hliiinelf At the ho
plUl It was until that bo will probably dip Who
Minnie IH IH not known Lev wits emplojcd
by the Philadelphia Trartlun Comnnny to
superintend tire equipment of Its trolley cars
with fenders und Is mid tn bait > Liven lire In
ventor of the fender the company has adopted
XOT THE rosr orrica THIEVES
Hteamihlp Held lu Flilludrlphla to Hpp If
lilllornn Allen unil Itunoll Were on II
PHILADELPHIA July 14 Actlto search Is
being made here for the Ion Ofllcu thIeves
Killoran Allen and lliuell who ejraped from
Ludlow street jail New York Tho steamship
Henley was lying In the stream today ready to
mil for PirnUS Ireece when n tug cnmo nlnng
ride and tlrre men rnmo nlionrd Ihrey I Him
tiisy there deticthei nun New Yurk city und
hud rincon tn lxlluo thai Klllnrnn Allen unit
Itiiisell urrI ab > ird either ui members of tIre
ciin or prtriclrgpI4
There were numeral passengers on tire ship
mid tlieii nltb tlm I ciuwuire inuncrid on
ilii ci I niul icrullnlitil I by tbo siettct i eec but inc
men they neru loiklni I g lor ueru not uinung
thorn Iho I Henley I Milled shortly braid
SIr Miens Fired and the llurslar Fled
OitAMir July 14 Alfred J fetunc uu up
liolnttnrof OKI firmdnuy New York nnd who
ll ci at 47 North Arlington avenue Knst Orange
wiunttnkcnul at 1 oclock this morning by n
burglar In irIs bedrixun hire inn sirmk u
liniUli tiiit < l held a pUiul later Mr Slums stint Ills
a itt in t mel i bcil I lleirdirul I I Mi Munotogrt t
upnnd hind over his niotii nnd itcb Mum
ans suit nint tn tln I < bureuu but m > teail < l nf
geliliiit I hh shine viit ienlver In I tb I nn in
tlmii I llie I lilt ti Ii iii 1 ri lire out nlonv nrul lu luo
durknerv und tint btirMlnr fled
tint Knclllit Miu > ud tiU llnllrli
I HTIHU1 I I Oklahnmn I July II I 4 John IV Ii test
and hub Morruw fiingbt duel jetterdayat K
Diamond ranch hrecisusPe l of a quarrel opr Die
ownersliipiif ii calf S itilimim teas klmt twuu In
the iege unJ ome In lloumly I I and Morruw re
ccii rat mx bullnls Itolli men are mill ftlUe
lire firing lomimmnl nn signs ami the ills
tuuco inca tniiit picct
Advanrc In Wugt for Many lllarn
illHMlMiiuM Alt July 14The Tennnore
Coal Iron und llnllruiul umpaii has grunted j
tharequeitof all their mine laborers uutildn of i
regular miners uskIng for nn advance in vtugua
of Imi percent About lOUO men will bo direct
is affect d and as other companies will proh
ably also five an advance many otliera will
have their wages ad anced
Fratirnl Oratory and ArpmtlnB Keg
Urine u Flow at Illmrc and Dollars to
the Haotor of tVae < ll > avH Hrrtrm
Citizens Commute Appeals to New
York cad nmoklrn leg Aid Another
Death IB the Wake of the BlormIh
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Yesterday was another eventful day In the
history of Voodhnven Ix > ng Island The tornado
on Saturday afternoon that killed one wounded
forty demolished fifteen houses and partially
wrecked thirty more was followed by the largest
crowd sightseers that over collected In time
town limits here were probably 100000 moro
people there than were over there before at one
time They came chiefly from Brooklyn and
New York The rapid transit rood carried IU
full capacity tire Kings county elevated road
which ends half a tulle from the wreck
carried thousands and hundreds came In car
riages and wagons of all descriptions There
were grocery wagons express wagons trucks
and hay wagons each loaded to tho brim The
homeless people of Woodlmven were mostly on
exhibition at the ruins The charitable people
were begging for money aid for the homeless
The saloons that uero not wrecked were open
Some of those that were wrecked mad beer on
tap and thai crowd drank as fast as the spigot
could be put In the kegs Nobody went thirsty
Altogether It was a great day In the town
The villagers set to work early In the morning
to clear a ny the wreckage repair what darn
age was repairable People who hud merely
lost the roof of a house or an outhouse or a
fence went around looking for thorn There
were four roofs In Sir Allgalers back yard In
Shaw street The biggest one had been carried
four blocks and planted there It was Identified
by Its owner by the green paint on the tin It
was split in six pieces convenient for carrying
home again and the splits were so clean that
It could be put together again Two of the
other roofs were Identified in the morning but
the third was o stranger Mr Allgnlers is a
German Ills own house was badly damaged
but he dldn need aroof
He sent all around to find an owner for this
one and along in the afternoon he succeeded
It had been carried from Snedlker avenue
Gates shutters sections of fences furniture
out houses and miscellaneous articles were de
posited In almost erybodys yard Mr James
II Pinkney found his out house a block away
It had been carried over the top of aoreral two
story houses and let down In n back yard un
damaged There was a mlxup In chickens and
other live stock One woman who never kept
chickens at oil found a dozen In her back yard
Another woman found a cow on her premises
She couldnt tell for the life of her how It got
there The woman with the chickens went all
over the neighborhood Nobody had lost any
that they were not able to account for Hun
dreds of chickens were killed by the storm by
the way and in some Instances the feathers
were plucked out of them How It happened
that the wind would pull feathers out and leave
a dead chicken no one could tell but the plucked
chickens were there as evidence
This hunting around for lost property and for
the owners of property found occupied the
hours until the visitors began to arrive mess
everything was given up to watch the visitors
The women wrecked houses stood lu the ruins
and shook their heads when people asked them
how It had happened One woman with a baby
In her arms sat in a chair on the spot where her
parlor had been The house wan gone stoves
beds bureaus overythlngbutthls one chair that
was left undisturbed by the wind and she sat
there crying Mrs Christian Schamffla sat up
on the second floor of her wrecked house In Sec
ond street The root was gone and the aides
were gone She eat there In a rocking chair tire
sun shining down on her and she received visi
tors who condoled with her The other home
less had no less picturesque poses
There was a generous man In the crowd of
early visitors Uo dropped a bill In the lap of
the woman with the baby That was the first
suggestion that money might bo made from the
crowd to help the sufferers Ten minutes later
village people were running around with but
and tin cans asking for money Anything from
a penny up they said and everybody chipped
in John 13 Merrill and some of the other
School Commissioners saw the possibility of
subscriptions so taken not reaching the
needy people and they organized a relief
fund on the spot Mr Merrill picked a
keg out of the ruins ana stood It on top of a box
by the site of the greatest wreck right on the
roadway Hough signs were painted and stuck
up everywhere They read Donate for the
sufferers Help fill the barrel Subscrip
tions for the cyclone sufferers received tiers
will be accounted for at Woodhaven Batik How
much do you feel sorry for them 1 First aid
to the Injured
Two of the School Commissioners stood down
by the keg nnd Mr Merrill mounted a wrecked
wagon beside It Help them out help them
out ho yelled Give em what you can spare
Put It In the barrel Every little counts but
dont fill It with pennies Help em out help
em out
The crowd caught on and surged up to the
keg Nickels dimes quarters and halves and
some bills were donated
Come on come on come oni yelled Mr
Merrill Wo want this to pay doctors bills
and undertakers bills We want It to mend the
broVen menus and broken arms and broken legs
to relieve tire suffering to buy liniment and
bandages To buy graves Come on come on
lomo onl
The crowd continually changed and the
money kept falling home visitors got by on
th other side of the street A crowd of vil
lagers was rent over there to occupy the space
eMil make the slghtseurs pass through a narrow
lane near the barrel
ruino UP TIIK lIEU
Drive right up and drop U In the barrel
tihoulid the orator Come now contribute
hurry welmvtnt minister here to speak for us
Flraryre all nt prayer meetings thanking God
Hint I Its nil over Youru Clirbtlitu reran and
irebis meml the arnn aim lugs and hrad Never
mind tire pmiierty gentlemen tho wind got
tlrii tome on gentlemen drop lu your
line crowd wint through the lane nml bjr tins
barn I at the rain of fort umluuti Two out
of ecry three stropped something Hour nfttr
hour tire un sag kept up The sir rstnir rye co
Mmmlh refresher liy a butlo of sarsairriila
nnd hed bi vik out fresll rmlillme IUll I > iut
boys ho > llrd Hut thu finest keg > ou
ever blew our inone lit on Cuino 1111 unit Illl
It up Youie spint I our iii vs cinilung kit
till this one la t your becait upon ilu natir
insist get a bakery buck A shun mum ruInIng
unit dropped a 5 bill A mnn fnllmuni hint
dropped a 10 bill
Die 1 Ionl loves a great iuan > ieoiie today
that bo Imdnt snrry particular tilling fni5 lejorf
shoutrd lire orator lUllu I Jun r j > H in > tnt r
pile Till tt aitu a friend nun castle lu the
line We want to bury the dead lii good shape
Oil gentlemen If youd seen the mangled ones
yesterday as we saw em If youd help let the

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