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broken limb and oolh the broken head M
we did youd pull out your lint dollar In the
kca < In the keft In the kft And the dollar
rolled In I wish I could give o more lid
one woman Its all I can spare lai another
11 good thing punh It atom itld a third
catching the iplrlt of the occasion
I BAO ntrr xo ottATon
Acrot the strrnst and further up WA a bus
lalt to a telegraph ple It wa lace there
by the Wood haven Hank The vliltors who es
caped thn kec brought up In front of the bal
1 ho bag had no orator t back It hit the wide I
mouth appealed for aid and money went In rap
Idly Tho kea Idea ipreod At two or three
l places beer kegs were et up and orAtor ap
f pealed eloquently for aid Then Ui re were
boxes nailed up on posts and fences and shout
ers yelling Help tho little box Help the little
f bnxthe along box the boil Help the sufferers
needed ono to rebuild U wrecked house at
Dank wfllhim Chairman T Wyckoff President Woodh r n
T U Wood cashier Woodhaven HAnk Becre
laJ if Cnrwln D A Jon F K > elce Father
t mn W K Clarn T M fean Walk tlrlt
I McFarland Ur Hall Dr Met Ur IXtvoe K
Clrosjean A J Cordkr J I Wyckoft K V
Allyn W O Platt llobert Scott the Hev Wll
llam Iloss Platt Caiuldy John D McConk
I K Delcvnn F Haymond J I liarrody
William II Hlood I A Olllliple thn Itev F A
Whrat Chale Schuster John Eckert Henry
familen Jacob A IUIn Charles Dunning John
I Merrill William Hurkloy D 1 Hatfleld
Jacob JULY Hchlnsr H 11 De Itonde committee
The money collectext In the keg was counted
Mr Merrills keg was brim ful I contained
li8IO There A I couple of hundred dol
lars lore nnd It was turned nvr to Mr
WickofT The committed welt right t work
finding out the losses and hunting up and pro
viding for the people who wore aitually suffer
ing 1 hoy attended t tho wants of the sick
I fly non tho crowd swarmed over everything
Tho ruins couldnt be seen except those of the
houses that were cut off above the first floor
ucb a the schoolhouee Tho walls of that
r building furnished thu best evidence of tho
power of tho MarI They were cut oil clean
half way between thc second floor nnd the rot
f From tho ntnet In front of tho houxoatnrt of
thu roof could seen in the top of n tree half 1
mile away and another part of It could bn seen
I quarter of I mile off in another direction
Ihonoeo that tho did
no cm nt queer things storm
furnished plentj of sights that tho crowd
wanted to see Wegot our muneo worth
n one lao put It who had chipped In
Hero was n house moved ST feet off Its foun
dation nnd otherwise uninjured Tho founda
tion OA ouo silo of another house was torn out
It wnsamyater how the wind got hold of tho
foundation and nothing else here were seve
I ral peaLedruofed houns on which the brick
chlmnejs had been blonn over and laid In per
t fect form on tho roe hlle the lower part of
the bouses looked as If they had had ben riddled
with bullets One house hid 1 single blind
mashed to flinders and not another thing
T v s S c > V > xiii ru i s isps t rV3iT JtJ
m yL z3 tfritt = = 4
ciiMiur nttr s j AS IT LOOKED ox SUNDAY
Other houses had their root taken off to
1 cleanly that it couldnt be eeen from the street
t that they were damaged at all In another
1 house where the windows were open when the
f tornado came every particle of furniture was
blown oer and It was heavy furniture to I
as on exhibition At other houses tho front
stoops hael ben cut oft s cleanly that It looked
t s If H had been done with an axo In some
places largo tree were Ijlng torn up by the
f toot In others the storm had cut tho upper
tmrt of tho trunk off and left tho lower part with
the branches nnd even the leaves undisturbed
In another place an Iron fence was torn down
Itwas made of thin strips of Iron that furnished
no hold for the wind
William llcuss stood in front of his grocery
Itore and toll how the wind bad cutoff his
I how windows and hud then pushed his delivery
wagon from In front of the store around the cor
I ner alt sent It racing up the street like a steam
engine never lifting It frnm tlio ground until it
nit a flag pole and was smashed II hundred
pieces These weruJust a few of thcstrangu
things Thero 1 wore hundreds of otlitra
A great many in tlu > crowd of visitors made
trught for tho hole where Mrb Petroekan
WAS killed Iliey expected to see tlmt demol
ished Hutltwaslmnll damaged Ihu door
had bell smashed and tho two planks tint hail
hit the woman vvero In the ard here was n
i hole In the Hide of tho hOI < u hal way up 0
had ben mado by a mlle of somu ort that
had 1 gone clear through tho wall thu room and
the upposltu wall outdoors again
As the afternoon wore on and the money kept
eomlng Into the various kegs the leading cltl
tcnsof the town got together and talked about
what should be done Mr Merrill stopped talk
ing to the < rowel litiif enough to suggest a citi
zensconimlttee Mr Wood ugnid and notices
wcro sent out at once to tlilrttlvu mun asking
tUem I tnmoet In the rulnxof the > I schnriliousent
7 oclock Ibl 1 WUH vnglnceriHl by Mr Jacob A
lllls who lives at Itlehinonel Hill
liiVAita oKn uriiKf MINUS
Iloforo the meeting was held word i amo to
thu managers of thn principal keg that a kef
WAV being run by fukors lear the railroad
track aud Mr Merrill blurted for It The kig
turned out to bo all right I WUH In the hands
nf homo Inlon rournn mel Mr Merrill told
110 Inlnn
them to brine to the BChoulhouso at 7 oclock <
r Some of tli Union Courtera objected to that
r Thuygot ugly about It Ono hit fellow Lruihid
up to Mr Merrill and shouted Youre al I
way looking for I scrap Youre right
lid Merrill lam 1 came hero for
one I want ono now Snumbod struck
at him Hu WIIDIM around nnd banged one
r mal on tho head with I picket Ilu was just
l n be nit to hit another when hu flipped Half n
iliueu Union Couriers wire almost on him
when I big Wnodhavener hauled otf and
Ktrmidiiil tho biggest man III tho erowd In the
I month with ole flit nnd jammed hit hat over
hlx CJIH with another It looked liked 1 free
light fur 1 moment Ilienn lot nf constables
Kit In and Htoipid Iho fun ThukegdURppinrrel
in nnioiiiHtit niul thu 1nlimCourtert swoo It
thntild never go to thu bchonllioubc
Tho muellng a the Hchoolhoimu was calleel at
7 oclock Ihpkrgnoiiftlduniiroall brought In
and a crowd numbering nurhnps ADUO guthcred
In the street In front William F Wi knlT the
Prenldeiit of thn bank W H choteu Chairman
anil T L I Wooel the raihlur was Surrinry
1 here weru one or two shut cpee dies and thru
tbe following appeal wan adopted i
I Ilk Allt M HHI AlI
1 > tkt JVim i > A u orl Itrwi in < iirul FUewhtrt
A fearful calamity has befallen the village of
Wootlhaven A tornaelo jimterday afternoon
wrecknl the hiiiiiu of I number nf our fellow
cltUeiin 1If teen houses aru demolished and
twentyllvoorthlrb otherswnre hull > ditmngul
The > are all tho honuteuls of tmnr wnrklimmeii
ull thuy have In the world they are nut only
homeless bulhelpliss Die resonrcisof oui vll
luf c do not av nil to put nil on Uwlr feet We atiiu I M i
to our fellow eltUeni 01 New York HrooKlyn
and eUewhuro to help In this eiraergenc Ai a
meeting of citizens tonight In the wrecked
lehuulhouf a representatlvo relief committee
was appointed to canvass tbe situation ana reo
reive funds The Woouh veirlUuk will rec lve
aiy donation for tbe sutterers
A couservatlv estimate fix tho amount
n frlt They were all dolnc well and had
had medical attendance There wal one death
during the day
Johnny Klob the fiveyearold bojr who was
caught In the street by the tornado picked up
and thrown down nnd then hit in the back with I
n timber died of his Injuries shortly after 2
oclock In Cypress Hill where he was taken
after the storm Ho died In Dr Mclarlands
The crowd stayed In Woodhaven until long
after dark last night The saloons dle unt rush I
ing business hero was an occasional row that
livened matters
A lltllrr Committee Collect BLOOD
Crowd lit the Heene of Destruction
Tho desolation nt Cherry Hill N J fourteen
mils out on the New Jersey and New York
Railroad Is I comuletc Three dead seven seri
ous Injured ono of whom will probably die
nnd about fifteen families homeless nnd penni
less Is tho result of mtiirdaja tornado The
dead aro Conrad Friedman tho hotel keeper
John Worstnl ono of August Munds laborer
nnd William H Ahrenss eightmonths
baby Seven persons were taken to the Hack I
ensack Hospital but two have since ben dis
charged Edgar Chinnock the decorative
artist whoso skull was fractured while ho at
tempted to save his brother Franks horses
Is still In I critical condition Hewasnbletc
recognize his mother this afternoon but bis re
covery Is doubtful
Of tho sixty houses which made up the place
barely half a dozen escaped damage and over a
hundred pcoplovvere left without shelter Ciops
were dcstro ed horses and cows killed poultrj
jnrcis broken up and the feathered occupant
scattered over tho surrounding country The
occupAnt of houses which were left vvlth 1
much as ono rom undamaged considered
I themselves fortunate and by comparison with
their neighbors they were for nearly all the
dwellings were reduced to Kindling woo or ren
I dered practically useless for any other purpose
The people of Hackensnck and other places
within I few miles were prompt In rendering
assistance to tho sufferers Houses were thrown
open to the homeless without question and uutll
the people ran build anew they will b care for
by the citizens of adjoining villages
Ihe Cherry IIill Relief Fund WA formed at
Hackensack esterday with Jacob It I Yanbus
kirk as President K M Sturm as VlceProsl
tent A R Hoatly Secretary and John O
Urodo Treasurer Cigar boxes wero displayed
on the principal thoroughfares and collections
taken at Cherry Hill all the afternoon from th
mass of visitors About 1000 was collected In
Cherry Hill and Hackensack
rll V
I 0 1
rO r w tTEO
r U1 l 1
c1Wf I
UONIV von umiiiv inn HUtBIEI8
Toiilvht a mass meeting will bo held In the
Hacketnack Opera House to dovlso meant of
estahllihlngu fund for the relief of the sufferer
1 ho member of all the churches have promised
to combine in tho work lent wero speedily
forthcoming from Hackensack and neighboring
town and were at once placed at the disposal
of the rooit needy In the various churches
appeal I ere mao yesterday for donation of
food clothing and money to b Bent lo thl
Hack n ack committee
The ZabrUkle estate vv hlch own about hal
of tho borough will b tbl heaviest loser but
aereral famllleo lost all their possession The
property loss U estimated at abut J7SOOO and
no tornado iniaranc wa carried Wm U
Ahrent whose Infant child was killed say that
whtcb demollibed bll home left
the tornado damolibe houle ltt
t iC <
him abfolntely destitute He II I clerk at ISO
Greenwich street tlili city
Th Her Abram Duryea pastor of the New
Dutch Reformed Church at Cherry Hill which
WA blown from Its foundations held openair
letvices yesterday afternoon fully 3000 per
son attending 1 he damage t the church edi
fice la abut S3000 Tho wall and roof are
standing but there are leveral gaping hole In
the former made by flying debrl One eigh
teenfoot am mae frm the Friedman Hotel w hlch
ltd across the road was carried by the tor
nado over ISO feet and crashed through the
sldoof the church Friedmans place WAI ut
terly ruined but one rom on the ground four
remaining Intact Ill this room the body of
Friedman lay yesterday awaiting burial Dur
ing the day somebody rigged up I flngpolo tu
the ruins of tho hotel and tho blur and K tripes
were unturled
Tlie New Jersey and Now Vork Railroad run
six regular trains out to Cherry Hill on Hun
days but yesterday several specials vvero neces
sary to accommodate Iho crowds who visited
the SCtnn ot the disaster Hundreds of other
wont out on bicycle and thuimands In carriages
and tho roads wero choked with vehicles Alto
gether at least liiOOO sightseers went to Cherry
Hill during tho day
11 durlll
The members of the Tonally Hoso company
and Merger Hook and Ladder lOU romrRny
eninck who policed tho village all du had
their hands full keeping souvenir hunters from
carrying things away They were also kept busy
ejecting swindlers from the lioiougli limit
Dozen I of men procured cigar boxes and cut
ting slots In them went around collecting money
tua the alleged benefit of the homeless Iho
fnklrs when detected wrro harshly treated
Two were soundly thrashed and Iho money they
bud collided was taken from them
John Duvoe the weather prophet of Cherry
Hill who claims to have predicted tho tornado
said to a NUN reporter
I predicted last week that a cyclone would
strike Xew Jersey on tinturday I bused my
prediction on n cloudburst which occurred In
Malmlast month because cloudbursts nlwajs
> recudi cclones If I had known exactly where
mcI cloudburst occurred rc I could r have I flv fl with
exactness the place where thl rclone would
Thern cloudburst at Illock Island
etrlke rn was 0 riludburt lock 1IIInd
on July 10111 from thnt I predict that I heavy
blow and possibly 0 tornado will lilt southern
New Jersey on July I or HO Pennsylvania
will also getacyclono between Aug 10 and 1
William Hudson emploeel In the statistical
department of the Fidelity and Casualty Com
pany In Now York was rowing on the Ilurken
sack River near Cherry Hill when tho tornado
struck the place cfrry got out of tho boat and
attempted to reach the outskirts of the woods
but n falling tree struck him and severity In
jured his spine nnd hind Friends put hm Into
n boat and rowed him to Hackensack where ho
XORXDOS iruttic AT nznoEirooD
A BIB Windmill Whirled Over Hoaietop
Vnlunble Orehnrdi Knitted
HtDOEwooD N J July 14 Although no
lives wero lost lu this section b Saturdays tor
nado the damage to propert w as verI heavy
Two handsome estates occupied by Frederick
Palmer and J E Martin respectively were
completely shorn of their beauty
Tno Palmer property boasted of tho hand
somest ornamental and fruit trees In the
country great oaks of nearly 0 centurys
growth stately firs and pints and n home of
Immense dimensions Seventyeight trees were
destroyed and In the apple orchard every atom
of fruit was blown from the trees where tho
trees were spared In the younger orchard
every tree was laid low and the pines and firs
w ero torn out br the rots with tons of earth
A young lady was blown from I phaeton Into
an open field boond over ono hundred feet
and was picked up unconscious The phaeton
was wrecked and the horse fatally Injured
I Henr Hales expected to gather about twenty
tons of grape and now not n vino miirku the
site of Krll vlncard Mr Hales also lamenu
the ruin of all hi crops
Andrews Fuller who reIdes directly oppo
site the Home of the Incurables lost many val
uable trees Hero tho btorm phied ouecr
fueaks I took In ono row of oung apple trees
In a large orchard whipped 0111 out by tho
roots Jumped a hedge and mado whips of a
nursery of oung chiMnut
After tho storm Mr Fuller found that the
great windmill belonging to the Homo opposite
ll II lnt JI
had been cnrrled Irom the field vv hero it mood I
one hundred irds nvvnv clear OIr bis lioute
nnd Into hi kitchen gnrcitn ihls mill weighed
beveral hundred pounds
The Watson Van Vnlkenburgh place on Ridge
wood avenuo was completely stripped of trees
t lh kteaIr
v hen tho storm struck the forest between
Rldgewood and Hohokus at a Holland settle
ment cal plkerlio ird It cut n clean swath of
tree a mile and n half through I ceal lug every
C hestnut trees larger than a mans body were
torn out by the roots on thu grounds of A D
hmlth but no ouo was Injured and tho house
remains Intact
Ihe Hohokus Valley Tennis Club was all
ready for Its tegular Saturday afternoon tel
Iho tent was tho ladies in their
up llc placesand
the plovers about to begin In ton minutes every
piece of china had been destroved the ti nt torn
into ribbons nnd the court trown vvlth
branchesnnc < twigs
Ml Tna Winkle Driven Into Fatal HT
terl by the rltorra
PLAixriEtu N J July HTho most serious
result of the hailstorm jesterday was tho death
of Miss Susan It Van Vlnklo only daughter of
Mr and Mrs Jacob Van Winkle of 10 btrcet
Just before the storm she nnd Mr Leonard
Smith of New York wero addressing Invita
tions to their wedding which YRS to take place
on next Thursday afternoon Miss Van Winkle
at theappronch of the storm wa helped with
hysterics and It was with dimculty that Mr
Smith succeeded In holding her Mio gradually
grew worse and not withstanding prompt medi
morning cal aid Miss v an Winkle died alo oclock this
hhe and her Intended hail expected to spend
thor hone moon In tho Adirondack Mountains
hiiilth with relatives who hod gone there for their
Miss Van Winkle was a member of Trinity Rc
formed Minn h and of Its various societies and
vviwa fuvorltoamungn largo Ircle of friends
rho 1 funeral will bit held I iiosdayafternoonand
I the ItevI W RUhnrdson who hud expected
to marry thorn will onli late
Erratic Cone of the Ntorm New hr
hOMLiivn ir N J July Hfho storm so
far as can bo learned first manifested Itself at
Lake Hopatcong hero there was no hall but
a heav y downpour of rale I track the north
ern section of tho Rarltan Valley at abut 3
oclock From Annaudnle to North Branch tho
bal damanid corn and pressed standing grain
to tho earth From North llranoii tbo course
of the storm was erratic It struck tho northern
part of the village run thenco south around
the town of Somervlllu and followed the Wat
kung Mountain to the lowur part of the county
where It I Increased a It I descended to that part
of the valley near Plalufluld <
A Nhowir of Dead Hi rrow Im the Park
Although the northern end of Central Park
lay directly In the path of ono of Saturdays
storms the damage done theo t tree and
shrubbery was small Thu wind seemed to pas
over rather than through the Park and the
birds weio the greatest sufferers After the
storm hail passed itiarrow lay In hundreds on
the ground struck down by the hal Hoy noon
gathered and picked up the birds many of them
being merely ntunned Several took them home
nur ed merey back to life and liberated them
acaln yesterday home of th taller tre s lou
their huh branches
llarlcn Kepulr the Da BK
Harlem epent much of the time yesterday re
covering from the storm There had only ben
n temporary patching up of broken window
skylights and signs Saturday night but yester
day worker worked overtime and were well
paid Carpenter were hammering sawing and
nailing all day late la the afternoon the upper
part the ttorm of the city baa to look M I bad bfor
The Department of Street Cleaning tent men
out to gang to climb trol and MW off dangling
limb which then carted along with
1mb wor cart aar wih
the dust leave and twig itrewn by the wind
of Batnrday jlr non nearly all of the obstruc
tions to travel find been removed
Doren of men r kept move bil up the
wreckage along Washington Height HU Nicho
las avenue and all thn main western thorough
fares a well a In the annexed district
The florists and truck Burdens suffered mot
by Saturday storm and glaziers were kept
busy yesterday replacing broken gluts m the
hot houses while the florist wer at work In
side trimming the damaged plant and the
farmer were flgurtnc up thlr losses
dependent rllorw with H pn > < Tracks
rietnr of the WodhnvcM Specimen
According to the mateorologlcal lore of thn
uptodate experts the whirling wind clouds
that wrought destruction In this neighbor
hood on Saturday wore Ie pAra Ie and dis
tinct tornadoes and not an erratic law
less blngle one Ignoring all tho rule that
tornadoes follow Ucut John P
tornnoC tolol Ieut Flnley of the
Ninth United States Infantry who spent n good
many years studying tornadoes while he was
connoted with the signal corps says of these
I J r f
t 1 i
UJjlj JE Jh
= =
= ±
The tracks of tornadoes are never more
than I few hundred j arils wide and their
forces tiro usually exhausted by the time they
have travelled I course of forty or fifty miles
although some have been traced by their
linos of devastation IHO miles Their rotary
motion which Is greatest toward tho centre
sometimes reaches tho enormous rate of ODD I
miles an hour while their forward movement
aluuiit from mmlhurtt ti > malluaul ordinarily
does not exceed forty or fifty miles
There Is I n curious relationship between the tor
nado and tho general storm centre the tornado
alas oc urrlng simthcastwnrdly from It and
at distances of from one to six hundred miles I
Tho visits of the tornado arc commonly I
between U and I oclock In the afternoon The I
conditions that aru favorable to Its crea
tion are present when I cool try current
rent of air meets 1 warm
current bringing wldo extremes of tempera I
ture and humldit Into proximity It alwnvs
hIs itx hluh In the upper air It llrnt visible
manifestation bell the ominous fnnneltlmpo
cloud whoso pemdunt trunk Is I In form not un
llki that of nu elephant I
Iho requisiteconditions were nil present on
Saturdn Ihe re win the storm contru some
where lear Luke Ontario and tills region W
on the southeast quadrant of that btorm Warm
winds from the southwest let cool and damp
easterlv wild and btartcd tho whirls in the
upper air
since theso whirls travel from southwest to
northeast thu whirl that reached Cncrr Hill in
New Ji r p olnlouslj did not movo southeast
across Harlem and tumbledown the houses of
Wood haven
I hree separate tornadoe were apparently at
work In tho three dltricts and there were
other apparently outolde their triple path S
tar northwest as huffern and as far east as
Klverliead nnd Hartford
At Woodhnv en ai cording to the most reliable
accounts the elephant trunk cloud wasnt vlsl
blu until It hue pawed The tornado moved
unt Pe
forward a straight nsn die whbliiK around nt
n terrific rile nnd with the roar of half I
doon railroad trains rrnsslng a bridge
School Commissioner Merrill who was Sergt
Dunns predecessor In the enther Hureau in
Now York saw the whole thing from n field Icsi
than n block from the path of tho storm
Ho was hlnl l on his stomaoh making observa
tions He hid Investigated fort torridnci
before but never one under such favor
able auspices Mr Merrill saw tno v hole thing
He stopped work at the subscription keg yes
7 1 h = tZ r
r v T r
l 1 11l
= fI 2
= g k3
fIf <
terdoy long enough to accompany Titr Stv
reporter Into thn nchnolhouse and draw pic
tures of thudouds as ther were jut before the
tornado eanic down ns they appeared when Ihu
tornnelo got down to bu lness nnd as the r ap
peared after It had patsod and the elephant
trunk became visible THE SUNS pictures uro I
taken from these
When thu tornado was first forming Mr
Merrill suld It was shaped Ilka n bag Itwas
vvlilto and almost transpircnt Tho lino win
clearl fnrmid I seemed to hnng a hundred
foci below tho other clouds hero I wire no
black clouds around at all except very
high over tho bag The bag moved
rapidly up from thn southwest toward t
Woodhnvcn a Imas t It I dwefo clouds
at tho top on cither fide fecmed driven to tiiu
edge aid then down Into the bug whlclikipt
getting low eras It nrnreil us I iecmed to be
about hnlf amllo nwny when 1 de cended rll
Idl and tlio bottom of tho bag touched the
earth nlmutn quarter nfn mile nwny The sun
was shining In the west The hOI cnuld be seen
revolving with greater rapidity than those elec
C cT J
rrr d
l = JI
= 4 = J 1 I
= 1
1 i
trio fans that are usid In offlies It seemed to
be UO tNt In diameter at the baso nnd ui
ended almost vertically I did not look viry
much larger ut the top than at tho bottom Thu
clouds at the top wciu still being drlvin Into
It with great speed The eoursn was directly
northeast nnd It moved I should bay at
the rnlo ut tKtweel thlrtho niil fort miles
an hour Ihls bagnliapu or rather huge while
pillar shape was maintained until tho tornado
hail posstd through tho town and hilt n mllo
beond Then tho uiiper clouds mcmul to rise
and from onociTrnerthere apiicsrecltheelcphant
trunk Of cotirsu such things cant bv meamired
hut to tbo nuked e > n the upper part of the
trunk seemed to he from 1J to f ill rtt l t In
diameter a the top and only two tNt nt the
bottom Ihe tol ctirlid like an ilcphunta
trunk The tip w us about 30 nrllDO feet nlxive
the uirth all tho trunk meined lo bo about
you fiot long I was in bight perhupx a min
ute and then the trunk Heemed Inbreak IOOMI
from the main i loud I and Itslnwl dU lpateil
Ten inlnntc Intur tho white clouds came rush
Ing back from thu northeast making a magulll
cent dlplo
MrMerrill describe the formation of the
ball storm that preceded thu tornado Ho mid
The loner strata of clouds were rain Ioahl
and were warm Ihorlouda ulxivo them were
cold 1 heir tempvrnlur must have been be
tween S and IU ubovo 7ero Thei hot air from
below ascended displacing thn cold air and tho
rotary motion was begun 1 he vapor turned to
now The pressure of nlr from below was too
great t permit 1 the HIIOVV to fall Thu hal wag
formed and It wai held up uutll the conglom
erate stones became at sufficient ilze to fall
Then they tel In grujit inawu Tho precipita
tion of the rold air that came with them
Into the warm air below disturbed
the whole atmosphere Ihe air rushed In and I
down from every side and the rotary motion In
the began lower cloud that finally became the tornado
There ls no question but that the tornados
that occurred on Saturday were separate affair
The Illustration lu THE SUN yesterday showing
bow the torra In the lt Lawrence region trav
elled and hflw the little whirl were caunsd on
the edge or the big ore explained tht tornado
better than word can do It trnO
Oondiiufdrom First Pone
defended them when they were arraigned befon
Magistrate Mott In the Vorkvllln Police Court
The law permit tho tnlo of article of too
your Honor said the lawjcr
Hut these clams were neslgntd for bait
Admitting that dot It alter the charactei
of the article sold 1
Discharged was Magistrate Mott laconic
Patrolmen Dayton and Atcblson of the pollci
boat 1atrolwero detailed on the excursion ot
tho Fox Association which left tho foot ill
Seventh street Hohoken on the barges Warren
nnd Vntiderbllt in tow of n tug The excursion
drew nenr tho Nnivinrk shore nnd when UK
policemen thought It was In New York watcrt
they arrested James Sexton uy ears old ami
Owen < oxH yearnld both of Hoboken for
clllngbcer alI llcnior vlllnmt a license The
prlsoni l l rs wore brought nnhoro and wcro locked
up In tho hutch street police station
Icter htraitney a Ilohnmlaii who keeps n
saloon at 1141 Avenuo A called at the hast
Hlxtyseventh street station housulastnlghtand
complnltiied that t two pollcemin had broken Into
home his saloon while he nnd his wlfnvvuro away from
Ho was accompanied by former Ward Man
Cntnpbnll nlid half ndiuun f11 Ins whom he
had picked upon his wnv to the station hnusc
Wldio ho vvns omtihiltilng to Cupt Strauss
Iollcimnn dooney In plain clothes entered the
station Ho raw btrastiicv and told tho
Captain that It was piobibly he and
Iollceman lunson Strusttiey was talk
Ing nlKiut Iooncy said they had lHcn
watching tho saloon for two liouis and finally
caught Airs Strastncy handing a woman a can
of bier from her sidedoor which linds to tho
kltrlun They burst Into the kite him bcforu
thu door could bo closed but suddenly the gas
light was turned out vhcnlheyrcllt tho iis
theY i nuld nit flnd an body In tho
kitchen or pnloon The then wint out on tho
street nnd leurnid lnotiy mud that Mtrastney
had got out and made for the station houxe
Two weeks no Ptristney compalpeil I tn Copt
Strnuss that Policeman t rouo was trlnl to rot
Into his plain
Tho Captain paid no heed to him Iollceman
Looney will nppl In thu Yorkvlllo court toclny
for n wnrrnnt for Mis btrastnuys arrest for
violating the law
Policeman Walsh of Ilia Mulberry street sta
tion entered tho ji welry storoof Samuel lluch
cnhollr nt IHil Howcr nnd asked to reoromo
rings Kuclicnholtr thowed him 0 tray of rings
Walsh tile kid up one nnd asked tho price
him liuchciiholtz told him and Walsh then arrested
In thu Tomb Police Court liutnrnhnlr said
ho had Ids front door locked hut that his wife
was tndiued to o en II bv Vnlli He said ho
I did not Inn ml to ulel nnv thing he thought tho
liollceniiin WUH held for Klmply tilnl wiinted to pritu tlio ring He
Policeman Hefit man of tho Merci street sta
tion enti rid Henr HoltcreiuH Iree ilil
Hndon street cMintnv morning and thu bar
tender bredirlek Voiie1 Mild lilm n glass or
iwda water Hctfumnti nrreMiil ogil 1 and ho
was held for trial tn thifi I ITrronMarket ourt
At 1 oclocic jeiterdav morning Acting C ip I
tntn Demi of the Knst Kightclhhth street ntn
tlon noticed that the I hiilmin kept hI Patru k
10R 10tce <
Oiirh u nt Eightllflll strict and 1 hlrd avenuo
was doing business 1olleetnrn Iovvall and
Inppen weru with thn Ciptnln nnd when tie
sidu door opentd nil threumadn a rush The
man behind tiiodoor threw hlmxlf against It
out nnd caught the leg of I customer who was going
oUIThe customers eric attrv tod Pat rick Hanlon
a bar r who ran down stairs Tho door was
opened 11 clllulon nnd Ibucustomerllmped
otf while Hanlon ntd Capt DC in wire knocked
down There were thrumm before tho bnr
Ollrlen wuHiirrusiid Hoi lalmiil thntthumen
were all boarder of his Hi was held in thu
Harlem Police Court for trial
Kilt IIV ISO 111nt AW AT
Alois Hronner who owns tho tnlon Park on
the bontliern Boulevard v < as nirested niraln
> ebterday for letting plcniikers drink what
the wnntid for nothing from I barrel of beer
which ho kept on lap in the Inse incut of his
dancing pavilion The charge against him was
violation of tin Kxclsi law
Ono of the bartenders In Milzcrs Harlem River
Park at Second nv < nue nrd ITth street was
arrested for violation of the Enhe law The
police did not Interfere with tho dancing
plc CuptSchmlttbergir8 bailiwick nt Klngs
brldgo Irfiilis Mich iclhon bartender of BIckrl
Hotel Ulln avenuewas arrested for filling a
glass of hoda nnd Hns GroBs who keeps I
Krocury and on cigarettes pu ti n Duvll road for nelling tobacco
The police of tho Hlghbrldge station Capt
Itan ft Is I said were instruct to arrest drug
gists caught lulling will water Patrolman
Plerson of thnt mntlnti In citizens clothes
went Into n drugstore kipt hI Charles Ieitfuss
at a Dock htreet Morris Heights and asked
for 1 glass of soda
Leltfuis Imd lead In the papers that the soda
water part of tiniundlv 1vvv was to b waived
aud hu promptly served tho bicrng There
upon the amared druggist WHS ledovcrtotho
lon houso nnd locked up Ho was bal cd
out nn hour Inter
Tho weit side wns not nlto itlu r nn arid
waste The sect Ion that Hiilli rid most si verel
from drought had Itx southern boundar at
ourteenth street Below that point thei wist
ildu was a compnrntivo oasis Iji town lie who
ivould have liiuld rifrohnii nts nns ns 1 rule
DbllLcd to pa the price of n meal In addition to
Lhat of n drink
Downtown an acquaintance with the man
who peeped from behind the curtain at the Ile
loor wax nil that was mcdful Along MxtU
iveime between West Houston and Highlit
truts tin re wero 1 number of saloons w hure
tlif bartender busy
hlrlenler were kept Iu
One filee nt fMxth avenuo nnd Wnvirley
place did I a lushing huslnesb hut thu customer
and to bo known togit in Tlie bootblack who
him his Mand undi r the vvvnlng of thesaloon at
the corner had hU wiather eiout for any ono
who npinoiched Thu pronriitor lilnihclf pa
trolled Wnvuiley plni e just east of thu side
loor nnd give the signal of nent
3r disapproval r1 the man who sat with his
linnd on tho latch Insidu the dnni If theappll
ant for adinipdou vvns known or could ho
winched for by I patron of thu plai p he rot In
Win n hi1 amo out thu hopeless wear look had
lof fan
At 1H Mxth avenuo Is I n saloon kept by Inrko
lirothir Itvvn open a week ago vistirdn
Abolt J 11 ocloi k ant Monday morning Ofllccr
illllgan of thu Mercer Mrccl Htntlon gat Into
hiinloon and nrrestid one of thu proprli tors
ivho thereuiKiu assaulted thu ollli er Inrko
discharged In Jefferson
vas Ibcllre next nay Irerson
vlurket Court Then he threatened to
irlnc suit ugalnst Ollllgnn for false
mprlsonment Yuterday thi mloon was open
igaln nndOlllcorsMi Nallvnnd McfJrnutof I Olen I
steamboat squad who had been detailed to the
ktrrcci btnot priclnct for peclalexclsuduty
iuccee < led In getting into the place T hey found
i number of niiiitluro nnd two or three schoon
er of beer on the bar
1 hey placed Trancls Pnrke one of the orn
prlctors under nrn st 1arkn Jumped from be
hind the bar and grabhul OOlcer Mcliracf liy
thu throat After nbtrnggle Inrko was taken
to the station house When one of thoonicers
started to search tho prisoner Capt Fnklns toll
him that he neednt bother ns thu prisoner was
perfectly of taking of his
property cnpable tukllg cure own
lit Captain said tho officer the mIl hRs
a knife
Will replleeHaUns I suppose you must
tale thu knlfn nnd n pistol If hu has one but
leave nvcrj thing else
v hen I reporter nskod the Sergennt at the
desk for a report of tll ase Capt Kaklns Intur
posixj an nhlectlon Niver mind taking that
case he bald I didnt amount to un > thlng
There was10 trouble ubiuit It Jut an ordinary
vIolMInn of tlo KxclMi 1 liivv
I Il total numbet of ixilse arrests ret rlloy
da was 112 as against 1011 on tho preceding buu
c r u WITH Till IILVKS
It Iolltlclaa ttuut lt It Kar Word
Arfiilnst Ilry HunUaj
When tho Central Labor Union met yesterday
Delegate Willow of tho Vnrnlnhers Ialnn w ho
was sat upon for Introduelni the subject tho
Sunday before said
I see that In addition to cloning the saloons
on Uundan Judge McAdam fays soft nrinks
cannot be loll on Sunday I suppose the next
thing will be to prohibit tho drinking ot Croton
water on Snndajs Must wo sit hero like MinD
Sunday after hundiiT ali take nu ai tlon I
caut see why we should remain quiet
A dozen delegates bprang tn their feet at once
and the section of tho 0 Ii I 1 which supportid
tho Heform party tried tn drown over thing
with burnt of barcaitlc laughter Several Pro
lilhliionlsts said they vv ere glad to learn that the
hunday laY wcro being carried out all were
sorrv they were lot stronger
Give It to thiml Hood boyl I shouted sev
Hot Days
Tnko the life out of the
Blood and wonkon
Tho wbolo System
Gives the blood vitality
Makes it pure and
Sustains health aud strength
A soap recommended fot
both the laundry and the
toilet Is best for neither
Toilet Soaps
eral delegates to Willow but ho was hovvleel
down all tho same
I few months ugo said a delegate I was
thofashloii KiahUholammnny Hull Noiv > ou
have tho reformers and I hope you like them
Applause Jeem nnd Intighter followed
Delegate Ieavlttof thu Mieetiinci Ito Hln s
WorkerUnion lhl I think hit the work
men should not allow their rights to bc Ink n
nwny plercininl without 0 protest They h
Illy Sunday for recreation While I was ulltlnc
here last Hnnday my hrniso wn robhedund I
nskiil a pollceinaii Thun I 1 nent homo to look fr
1 I
IIUleenlul I
the thluves Hi inld I hu hadnt time hut ho
tr walch Ihe saloons
had tltnutn Illel I hI Ma1KI
Icorge K llnjcl dilegato nf the Tin and
Hheotlron J uiknrs Ililoii said tho working
men had thimsclvcs lo blame for the preHiut
state of affairs The I allow pit outsider to lioml I
nato cnndldates at election tltnu nnd then wont
and voted for them
I mnvr that Pnsldent Hoosovollsaction be
endorsed said Deleirnte Williams of theAtlan
tio Coast oatnens Inlon
to Iolmen ni howls followed and tho motion
was foconitecl
1 Presldint oo evelt Is not entitled tn any
creillt I forrarrvlngiiut tho laws raid Dnlccato
el fII
HoUMh I of r tho I ood urvernrmoii I On tho
lontrarj lie Isopin to ciiisur for not iarr > lng
them out nimpleli Iv ns ha Is paid for doing I
opposu the motion
HIUIM h bald the rural legislators were ritsjion
slblo for the laws lhe 1 C 1 I could do nolh
Ine Iho best wn > lnsild would hototrj to
gi I the unions In rural towns such as ater
town to Inllucncn their loral representatives
The P Ji f t hn concluded cnciendorsed
a bill for more liberal Sunday laws but It was
tefat we to din of thirst In the meantime
said Delegate Willow while wo arc waiting CIr
the legislature to meet I prnporxt that wo
IllIlturo prol
petition Oov Morton to call a special session to
w Ipe out this ohnoxlout law
wlm I Know n better plan all Delegate McCtlll
of tlni IlnslcrerB Xnlon I nil the nalonn
keei cm w nuld kcop I open on Sunday nnd get ar
rmtid It would boon bring matter to a Umax
WhldoiMil PreKideiit Hon eelt close the
hirnt tlio Inlon Icnguu ClubVsald Delegate
Cnlhinan The people toi can be Keen
Ilnlal II milk punchis through tho don of the
idnian clubs In Hftvninth street Let him
closithe bar of Ihu Metropolitan Club Ifsndn
w nter cant ie cold nn Sundnjs thn Ice crenm
WAKo should be driven from Fifth avenue on
111 her delegates spoke and motions ana
counter motions followed The reformors
moved to table the whole mat r There was
violent opposition but the reformers won
TIe More fs > loon Are Cloned the Better the
W C T V Ilke It
A meeting In the Interest of the Sunday clos
ing of saloons a held In the Chelsea M E
Church nai West Thirtieth street last evening
under tho auspices of the New York county
branch of tho W C T 1 Ir E Francis Lord
of tho branch preside
Mrs K I Irannls superintendent of the So
ciety for the Promotion of Social Purity waa
the first speaker Mrs Grannls said there was
Ito reason to hope tlmt the Republican party
would permanently slop the Sunday sale of
liquor She advocated more effective organiza
tion for the promotion of Christian temperance
MrsJT Kills Secrctar of the New Jersey
branch and national superintendent of legisla
tion for the W C I I followed Mrs firnnnls
Shi eulogied Commlihloner Hoosevelt for the
tre tlvo work ho had done In doming tho sa
loons on the Lords da >
Mi > slulln folcman superintendent of litera
ture and narcotics of the local organization ad
oeatidtheiduintlonof the oung In church
and bchool iws to tho harmful cfTects of alcohol
upon the system
At the clo e of the meeting a rising vote was
taken In favor of notifying Commissioner
Hoosevelt of the meeting and offering him the
hearty support of the W C T U
jvo jtnr siOT zv BKOOKLYX
tJndKe WrAdiraA Decision nnd Mr RooBe
vrltx Uxumple 1 Ithnnt Effect
Judge McAdams antisodawater decision hat
no force whatever on the other side of the bride
yesterday for tho Hroe 1 > n druggists and con
fcctloners dispensed their light drinks as usua
without Interference from the police author
Commlsiloner Roosevelts stern determination
to make New Vork the drycst city on the contl
nent has not elicited an > response from Hrooklyn
Police Commissioner Welless policy Is to allow
excise matters to drift along In the stjlowhlcl
chnracterlzcd the prev ious Democratic ndmlnls
tratlons As long ns tho saloonkeepers keep
their window shades down and shov
a formal regard for Sunday observance
they need have no apprehension tlia
tho sldodoor hospitalities they extend to
the thirsty wajfurers will be Interfered
with Many saloons oven In the downtown
districts wiro thronged w 1th visitors ycstcrcla
nnd in the out 1 > Ing brewery gardens and nthe
favorite Sunday resorts the popular biveraje
flowed In unchecked t reams As far as couli
In learned therowuti not a single druggist o
soda w ati r dealer In HrooklK ho refmed t
pervuueustomei Just what tho Law Kn force
ment Miciely intends to do under thu clrctim
btujiceh hub nut been disclosed For a month or
moro that organization bus been under n dark
cloud on ing to the blunder of Its officers In
publishing n list of alleged disreputable houses
which was full of errors and which led to the
Indictment of President Ueorge F Klllottane
Attornu Kugene V Hrewster Mr Klllott l li
Kurope aud tne entire management of tho soci
ety now bceina to have devolved on thu Ituv
A C Dlxon pastor of the Hanson Place Haptlbt
Church Iho Itev Mr Dlxon sa > s ho is nni
wurrlid In the least over Law > er Ilreweterd
JHIOOO libel Hull ngalnst him and that the w ork
of tlie focletv will noun be vigorous renewed
Ho was ilninfouncUd lejterday when he leauieil
through the agiints of the bocfetj of the al 11103 1
universal v iol itlon of tho Sunday Kxcise law
Ourbolelj he said was never stronger
than It Is today Our work will he pushed for
ward until vviinnkeouromclalsenforce the law
us Ibdonu In Niw York We have men In the
roclct > with hot h money and bnckhono who will
me us through
lhellev1 FCarson pastor of the Central
Pre bvlirhin Chinch neortil tho HrooKlyn nu
Ihorltks > eMerda > for their laxity In lilssir
inoii etcnlay moriilug heHuld Let Commit
filmier lluo i < vcli know that the moral aud
Christian lentluientof New York Is bi hind him
applauding him for hl manhood and commend
ing his courni Let ever other official know
that defiance of law will not bo tolerated In this
Mm i lean republic Ihe man whoridliulcx the
enfnrcemi nt of law and dcnouiucs Iho official
who tries to meuro It l unlit for ofllei in Dili
conntri If I was Major or Iollco Commlx
bloner of this ct > 1 would want to irecplnto
coinu Miiill 1 ide out of tlio sight of tin people
1 his citv of churches has beiouio thu barroom
of Ni w York I cannot imdirstmd thu morals
of thu men who commend tho inforeement of
the lit vv In New Vnrk and d niitit m tho attempt
toinfone tliKsamu law In llrnnkl > n I ho only
ground I can explain It on Is tlmt they have he
lonii HIILI wai m friends of Iho xaloin kcipers
lhit the > nihocnie thu i losing up in Ncwork
for tho purpose of henellllng tin in
Ilohnkcn Snliion Km > < irn House
1 hou uiidi of thlr > l Niw orki r went to
Hobiilten and North Hudson jtrtrrilnv and tho
tnlooti Kiepiri vviru Inippj Iverj loin on the
Ilvnlaj hrlKlophii unit rmiiliontli btnet
linn carried lurgui rowdunn eui h trip nnd Ihu
vailcitiHllncsof tiolliv iiiiHof lh N irth Hud
sou ouuly llallwaj bjstem wuru taxnl lo I elr
utmost lo inrrj thi paseiigeis who l IHd
tnloii Hill West Hobokili udiawken mid
All thn mlnons wure open and doing hil lne
although ft fiw hud tlulr frnrit door ilnad
heriwa no dllllc lt > however ill obtaining
mlmmnlnii llunugh Ihu bldn doorn No Intro
duellnii wis nrcebJBrj and noguiirds vvein otn
tlolifil tn puss upon thosu vvhovvtru 111 nucst of
r frcahnnnt
PcdJIrr Arrr teil In Ihe 1urk
A raid was male istirda > on the huengo
peddUrn of lent rill Iark by thu Park police
with tho result that nlnellell bo spent hut
night In the i aro of thu n rry toch tj Tint
look It ma Joku When loeked up together III
the Arsinal thc y promptl prciluceil n number
nf dleo and bivan their fnvorllo gnmo of
craps I hesn weri < taken from them and
thi > had to ronlenl themnelves with pitching
and matching iwniilei wnlih the iinurdlat ly
proietded to ilu with so nine h zest that all the
pun n In vverx soon iKUveiked by u few nf the
older bojs Once they Iwcame n nol that the
sergeant wa compelled tn administer chastise
ment with a tane but they ave him three
cheer when they were driven off In a wagon to
These were not Snndy law arrest The Park
police make tnem any d y
riro KILLED wnicn AUK rnouoni
TV I C l r Found Them Nenr < he Klac
bridge Hand nnd 811th Mlrcct Wiier
Nlmllnrllne Vn Kllleil LnntZPiillllniit
mnii lltvnntuplnrtili MlnkU nn relPot
Aneinbroroo wnshouted last night Inn
cooler nt the house of W I Calverof 7 Kail
113th street A mink nnd two snakes captured
on Mauliiltnn Island In onn dr nnd thatth
ilr > ost In thnniinnl of the metropolises not
bad rciord for u I > eglnnlii3
New Vork Hlnnilmilanu among treat titles ai
tlio hniintnf tlio jiiilm in inm and lair of tli
trfyiiiiwciiitliic orniifWunlin nmbirtrli oilier
wise tliu luluk nnd tlio copperhead simkv
Mr Culver found them yesterday morning
nboilt 11 oclock In a Held to Itio eastward iftf
Kltigshrldge roml marly opposite tlio lto of th
old twelfth milestone tlmt nmrkrd tli tnalt
route to AI Imny He crushd their heads with
his heel and one of them gave up tlie reptilian
ghost as the Kim went down Imt the oilier re
talncd the tplrltof evil nnd f r Into the evening
continued uliun disturbed to dart warning
from between Ills flattened Jaws
THE itifK Ann AIIFOED corrEiiiiEAus
Mr Culver who ho spent a good deal of tlm
In roaming over the northern part of Manhattan
Island and locating the sites of tho British regi
mental camps during thu War of Independence
found on ono of his excursions met fall when
ho was hunting for mushrooms a snake
that ho took for a copperhead The snake
had been killed by a previous passerby but
Mr Calver burprlxed to flnd such a on
on the Utand carried the body to a naturalist
The scientist doubted Its being a copperhead
and was skeptical as to the presence of that va
riety of serpent In the viclnlt but he yvertho
less spent an hour with Mr Calver learchlni
for another snake They found none Mr Cal
ver however believed that there must be more
where tho one came from and decided to mak
rearch for them Yesterday with a country boy
who la visiting htm he set out for tho place of
the serpent and began a closelhunt for more of
thn kind
The thirteenth milestone on the Klngsbrldg
road stood beside the big hotel at Klngsbrldge
The twelfth milestone used to stand at tho cor
ner of Hawthorne street but It was recently
taken up and set In the stone gatepost of the old
Isham place In Klngsbrldgo roue about on a
line with llth strict
A score of paces below tho Isham residence an
ancient boundary made up of Mnglo largo whlta
stones runs eastward tor bevi ral liunelre d yards
through u Held Along this line nf limestones
tbe snake hunters prosecuted their sinn h nnd
near to the place where the dim snake wns
found In lieu of mushrooms inii till the w
two livu hiiaes oiiu on ono bidt i the hiim uiry
stones and tin other on thu othu sidi Tiny
were about thirl paces fnnn thu hlghwii and
near to a clump of hcrr bushes
Thu huntera captured tlie qtiarr nnd made
haste for the nearest photographer vv hu vv is In
Hirdham to ct the sun to rceird thilr find
MrCalver tied thu biiakes lo a walking ticlc
anil was poon at the Harlem shore where he
hailed a rlvernmn to fern him over to Ford
Itcalllng the Importance of m > capture I
was In a hurr > to get over Mihl Mr ealver
and told theboatmati of in errnnd Hu wu
Thomas Hcv an hut was m uUrpi Ise to h iv
him inform mo that he too hid made a find
earlier lu the morning and that If
1 would come along to his rctrigera
tor w lun we got aslori he vouldv
show it to mo When wo landed I went with
lilm to his ice box and he drew forth n mink
lievaii bets eel pots evui night nnd this morn
ing vv hen ho die w up tbe pot hu vvas astonUhHl
to find within It a strange animal that Bhovred
fight He called his neighbor mid the finally
decided that tho Mranger was a mink and li Is
llivnn killed It and put U on let U lien I cams
along w lib m pair of snakes he told me to take i
tho mink too ai ono of the curios of a do bun f
da I have bent word to tho assistant director
of tho American Museum of Natural Illolorj
nnd Ill go down there tomorrow to seo juu
what tlio snakes are I think they aru venom
ous and they look like copperheads
Tho copperhead is a commnn venomous
pnakoof the Lnltid Mates nnd Is described ni
small and of a dull pale < hestnut or hazel color
with Yshuixd hloti IIIH There Is also tho water
moccudn oriinrMiiHliiri iilsciinnu howeverIn
thu southern part of the United States and an
other viirit ty tlie highland or upland moccasin
known also ns thu tottoumouth thnt belong to
the same genus ns the copperhead Of these only
the watt r moocasln Is aquatic nnd in snakes
were found upward of COO urds from the
water Then there Is a snake that resemblt
both of these the hognose or as It Is somolimes
called the adder flathead or viper which
look pose s and moves like the venomous snnkc
geiiornll but It cannot Injure anj one Yet il
docs jmt fleet perhaps l muso it is a blulTcr and
ileiiends uH > n Us resemhlnme to vcnomoUaMir
IxiiW to frighten people for It mimicu th
dangerous ones hipping Its tall among dry
leaves to make u sound like a rnttlir This I
get from such works ns I happen to have at bund
Charles CAbbott In The Naturalisft Itamhlis
About Home says An uncommon variety
of this snnko is nearly or qullo lilac k
and being somewhat more vicious In appear
ance has tho reputation of being even morn
dangerous than lu mottled black and jclhnr
companion T ho allblack npeclmens Ive eon
have been very large and otherwine liiivn
boomed to bo old M opinion Is that thev aru
mcrel aged Individuals and not a distinct va
riety or subsuecli s of the hog nose
Of the two snakes I found one Is larger than
tho other and the larger Is thu more blhck and
answers generally to thr description of this npft
nose given by Mr Abbott so I want to i xamlni
further to Uhcertnln Just what thev are hut they
si cm to mu to bu i oppe rheaclv and Ive been
copperheads and killed some further up th
I eople who live In snaky communities
would express themselves with less of IIIH
tir bo far s thu difference belveiu
tho two terpints found b Mr Culver I
concrrnid and would be well I > IUMH If
they lived mar tho sieno of tho capture
and hu visited thelrlioUM that hu had got two
nnakrh InMeml of one The would feel Ie
aplirehenslon when walking on thilr lawns
Mr alter exnittid to call on tinCounty
Clerk with thn tnllof thu mnles niul the tall of
the mink and Inquireabout the bounty for tlm
mink He wis that at ono time there was
bounty on minks
Cow Kllli Uulo In tlicht
lUnNrsviiir OJuly M A desperate strag
gle between a row and a mule took place on th
farm of luorgn DougluxH mar this place yes
terday Rlihard Douglass turned his team of
mult a Into n pasture vv hero the cow vv as gnulng
with n i lf at hi r side One of thu mules I tgan
ehnslng thn calf iiboul th Hold and finally
tilt und kicked it toduith I hoenw then charted
iipnn tho mule with In r horns kmxklng the
he mulu dow i Ihe iivulu ricnliud his feet
v Oltt itilntG
jr 71 i fl e l1 It cot
U e T
Jn Secomlhantl
l rtorlrw ami Cabriolet
ICTOHA green doh by QUINBY 4 CO
MCTOiUA and CABRIOLET green morocco
by nntWSTt R CO
HIGH HACK CABRIOLET blue morocco by
UCT01IA green morocco by STIVERS
T0 tery liqht CABRIOLETS In green suit
abe lor one horse
THREE exlenslcn lop CABRIOLETS In green
TWO SPIDER PHAETONS one In green and
the other In blLie cloth
All the above art In perfect ordsr and will b
laid at very low prlcos

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