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r r7 I
I i t filE lH pthAAiAIsJULYJ Ib 1HU5 II 3 1 It
= TIlE Sr 11LJ1 nXUlSI LAW
Opinions About Its Enforcement
and Its Amendment
JyIIOt ror this CollB Cptp Mel
t Htur HIM How Mr Root Muly
lolt th Inw wIth ItniilHr Mr
rit d Other Rbl Chtla
Word on the HulOect
get d to Lt er ul tle Hlee
IHU it the keynoto of the coming
amparll jnalor In l lw York city In hlr letter t
llenjamln Hoffman and Theore
Alamblyman lenJalln lofman
I A lloche Iresldenl of the Young Mens Demo
i M Hohe In regard to tho Sunday blue
crtIO tnlon II rClarl
crato f senator Illll was In town lat week torul
ihort time Helator anil aid tint oil ho had to add t
that Presl
the fact
his lttcrs WM to emphasize Ireal
dent Itnosevelt the Republican head of the
the lair on technical
Police Ilosr1 Is I enrorcllK tohnlca
troumls loarl that his construction of the lair
IrUn and Is
directly a alnBt tho poor man
beers alallit
fvorable dlrcty tl the rich and Iowerful Senator
Illll enlled attention to section 32 of the Excise
111 elerl alcltII do with Illegal salts
la l w of 1M9 wlikh lute lelallal
t ltd or withoUt a license The section ears
A7 perwn ho S hethrr halnK a license oe nt
phI eIl I or i fferor expose 1 for sale or give away any
moo or plritueu liquors wine ale or beer on Sun
diy 11 i tic Mint nf a inlidemetanor
Tlitu Prislilent Roosevelt at his I home or at
hljclnb malT coniinlt a misdemeanor under the
Excise law Mil yet be In no clangor of arrest
Heluware iivin the views of many citizens
Including public ofllclnls and preachers upon
the fcl question I
Mr Flail null the RcpablleaBi Hllmli Beat
I orriiln lleitmnd Home Kale
Tbe vigorous utterances of Senator Hill on the
idle question are In contrast with the silence
of bin Republican adversary Thomas C PlatU
When Mr Ilatt was asked yesterday for an ex
pression of vleo on the Excise law a adminis
tered by Ire Ilent Roosevelt the Republican
chieftaIn eald
lies ve ns ou dont expect me t talk on that
subject do you 1
So Mr Plait would not utter a word but her
jIM told his friends privately that President
r Roosevelt course has already estranged thou
sands of voters In Now York city from the Re
publican ticket
l Ir lilent hard Lauterbach of the Repub
lican County Committee also refused t utter a
word He Is I round by the oOlce he holds not to
peak un tills subject he o ayo and 0 neither I
the Republican chieftain of tho State nor the I
Republican President of tbe County Committee
could be cit to utter a word on this most en
trussing subject fluE SUN reporter requested
the views of other Republicans but moat of
them wished to be excused Thus all that ex
Police C cinmlsiloner and exCollector of the
Port Joel U Krlmrdt would say was
All laws should bo enforced
Gen James S Clnrkson of Iowa exChairman
of tbe Republican atonal Committee was an
exception among men of his party In this r
He said
lpt lual <
Mr Roomvelt Is with unusual zeal enforcing
t law In this city which at least eighty or ninety
percent of the people are opposed t and which
has for a number of years been more or less a
dead letter I refer to the Excite law and the
Sunday closing of saloons Mr Roosevelt found
these laws upon the statute books and be Is try
ing t enforce them with his usual energy and
vigor I do not know what tho people up tho
SIMs think about tho Sunday closing question
1 tat I venture to say that some clgbty per
f cent of the people hero are against Its
strict enforcement I am stopping down
at Long Branch and every day I come
to the city on the bat On thee trips
I meet many young men especially those who
have parents of foreign birth and they com
plain loudly because they are deprived of their
beer on Sunday I have often heard them say
they regret that they voted the Republican
I ticket last fall Not a few stated that their
fathers urged them not t vote the Republican
ticket because the Republicans If successful
would revive and put In force all of the Puri
tanical laws They say that they have been in
the habit of drinking beer seven days In the
week and now they have t take water on Sun
day The Hon William F FSheehap ex Lieutenant I
Governor tbo State said that his sentiments
Were voiced by Senator Hill
ExMayor Thomas F Ollroy said I believe
that them should be certain hours
tht b certin bour on Sunday
when beer should b sold to the poor man
There Is a law on the statute books against
wearing on bunday Whv doesnt President
Kootevelt enforce that The Republicans In
mt that Mr Roosevelt Is only carrying out an
Excise Ian passed by a Democratic Legislature
Democratc elllaturl
Je falls to say that this Is the best law that the
Republican senators and Assemblymen would
rhe the Democrats
The lion Jacob A Cantor Democratic leader
of the tenate said Democratc leaer
JVVlay closing law Is not the creation
DC the Democratic brain or of tho Democratio
party us tile Republicans contend lemolrato
supremel ridiculous forthem claim that it is I
originated In 1i47 when the cities of the State
ba nut cosmopolitan life that they possess
tOday and that Is evident from some at the silly
Provisions which tho old law contained It waa
talle wa
J found that the act of 1H57 became too narrow
an bigoted in Its I operation for the principal
e tie of tie Mate and hence from time to time
lmo tme
Democratic efforts were made In the Legislature
to rh bies make the necessary modifications and
It cal bo safely said and the records will
corroborMo tuo statement that the Republican
Legislaturi which continuously held sway In
AlUn refused to modify or change the law so
M t make It uniform to the growth of popula 0
IUD In IIP mflou cities It was not until 1HKU
iii f 10111 by message and speeches and
tUbe Democratic party through Its platform at
the varlou stttte Conventions hail vigorously
Urged Ile HttKB of a uniform < excise law
that ri an effort was made by tbe Republican
tarty to make the much needed changes and
fun > that tlmo down to 1812 when the Demo <
Critic tlo puny lame Ilto power at Albany legWa
1011p thl OII1JCCt was fragmentary and It
was utterly Impossible to ascertain what the law
was ° illH to Interpret it I or to enforce Its provl
I ihnHiY ni Iformityon the part of the nu
toriti or lt t tho courts Wu kept
to orlo Ir thVcolrt our pledge
t b flls by the passage of a ventral excise
bill k V Ieh Wile I fI1 Ideation of all the existing
ehL 01 t I f subject with such additional
tbingeo as the Iro th of tbo State and the re
vvirenieutsof the Mopledeninnded all
ve vrrunaVl ° tocliaiigothe Sunday clos
Ini toehalllo
beci10 ing law 1m lull I has so well expressed I
bcaue of tilt llltrruw majority that the Demo
Halc p11 Ilul In thl Senate I remember
very yell the elToits ralle by the lenders of tho
taVn ani ilernocratle Senators nnd Assembly
Oleb f rP e IT York to cluuige tbe law but wo
result could not Miure lIllY Republican hell and the
able i 1 that one Democratic benator was
to indent ll > e carrying out of our wishes
a IK Ihel
annn the t sUbject BJ thus w
we were compelled
to < compele <
rfnc the 1blcUI Sunday closing tea
uro of the clle law
It will llu Jembered that throughout nil
thet 1010elbre < thrOliholt al
ue Hau the PUbllcaiia
elon II make the cilange and doat1
when the time
r alll
cam chlll wbel
Ci1fl0 tme
tOMliW a nle P bflian vote WW needed
on putlt roulh hit tucasUle we ould not find
Ike sIll lulll TOte > with us SInce that time
ffioffi l Ierall nurt endravorrd to get the law
I I hut Ihnilt
after th IUIHt succeHH Last winter
and r tb tht subJect had been agitated In this city
ii fay Kmr11 ilemand hod gone up to Albany
till5 iavo of loiul option III excise matters for
the t cIty i ie samc right that U I enjoyed bv nil i
rur4t > l al
ulrll oiiirimnltics Itepliblicalis again
hlulrll unan
ilil001ly oIIIIltplblkallallln Inln
hl r rrflel 1 to loprato with tile 1eriu
cral c reirtemIutlves lnl
1 rrllItvt i
r < 1ureiUii the Senatoa bill which would
lOin L55iwrnl t It tcli the t people of bi cIty to oull
14 sold the Mlsnext fall whether IiIUOrslllllIl
refused un uIIY or nut but time Republicans
f Putt < t tu IJwrt the bill from tile COl
WiKi1 l tll th t < > responsibility mu t bo
I rraololbll
trutt el llI4li Ul7 directly They rcjuwl 1 tei
Slivt the Iloof this i city Im coves i them
fltlr ICC l butters a they refused us tile
1 wc he cltlzenn here pretty
Wra111 Illullhd l rher can be no possible
ncil Al1 leoploexpre lng their prefer
II a upon thli subject U would put an f ml Hi
b1 tauol lUe > ertlp result hnppeAed to
WthuJ1 says truly that this question will
PeoolV IlOlle thli fall imuti tat It U I folly fur thu
Kuirs to hunk to tL Iil
remLl Iii I act as wo desire buch a
c meT can Inly come througb Demo
tc IUI s r I ballot generally In tho
eilforcenflt U of the laws H Is iiueitionable
MSI li Ither a law obnoxious to the cltl
hatSL a great inunlcirallty and which they
r VreMniHUrei1 thave repealed through their
should be rigidly enforced Vs
b 11111
wt 4os vwy thing In our power to Influwjo
the country members t gIve us the rlitlit t lix
this question as we desire toil It lias been II
nittlus Ih every ntuei city of any Importance
ottlt cll 1
thrcUHhout the State which tho Republicans
control or where ntformers are In authority the
KxoltH law has not b In enforced On tho con
trait In at least two of the principal cities of
the elate the saloons on Sunilny have been
opened wide tn the public tho same as on weeK
haTe all the Republicans of those cities both
In Donate and Assembly have repeatedly voted
against any change In the Sunday law
Fhe issue of the tutnpalgu should be homo
rule oni these tUlpall1 1 tho majority of
the ultlona determine what It any sumituary
laws IhlJhl govern them
KxSenator Fredfrlk M Olbns Republican
leader In tho Sixteenth Henali District was floe
of the few members of his party who was not nt
all backward iiboul taking a stand
Lot the saloons be open on Sunday said he
live the people everything they want they
don t ask for anything thnt Is I wrong The ma
jorlty can never bo wrong lot ronl IIIIVB tho
saloons open and hare n cosmopolitan city such
as Sun Francisco Mayor Strong nnd hlslollco
Commissioners have places tho Republican
party In this city In such a position that there
doesnt seem to h anything that cnn save us
from defeat by Tammany Halt next fall by 76
000 majority I they keep us In It much
longer the odds will bo In favor of the Demo
crate earning the State and capturing the
Corporation Counsel Francis M Scott said
I have seen the Sunday liquor law work In
London and I think that something of the sort
would do for New York city Such a law would
be favored by me Let the liquor places ho
open for certain hours on Sunday and then en
force the prohibition against sales during tho
other hours with absolute rigidity hero
should bo reasonable restrictions on Sunday
selling but they should 0 such a the nubIle
generally eu force would respect Then they could b
I do not suppose that tho Legislature could
b got t pass a general Sunday liquor law ap
plicable to the entire State here are commu
nities where there Is no demand for Sunday
opnlnl but such communities should not at
tempt to force their views upon other commu
nities who demald theirSunduy beer I hellcvo
this question might ver properly bo relegated
by the Legislature to certain communities
which require Sunday opening for them to deal
with I should favor though thin placing of
certain general restrictions on Sunday selling
ray for instance Hint no liquor bo permitted to
bo sold until after Ii nr1111rlrer I J
should Ira made In deference t the church feel
ing Then there should be no unnecessary
flaunting of the traflc In tho face of arr
people Ihe law might require that shades
should be kept up at the windows or ev < n that
front doors of saloons should not bo opened
When ho
lsen Seth Low was Major of Brooklyn
knew that Honor was being sold on Sunday in
violation of the law but It was done quietly and
by way of side door entrances He said to lute
that he believed that possibly the best solution
of the dlftlculty wonld be to require Sundmty sell
Ing to bo conducted with the front doors of
saloons closed
County Clerk Henry n Purroy Is a thorough
believer in home rule which means local option
In the matter of excise
In all maters properly belonging to the
local Government said he the will of a
majority of the citizens < of a locality affected
should always prevail In my opinion the pres
ent ExcIse law I and tlio harsh measures resorted
to bv the police for three Sundays In un unsuc
cessful effort enforce It are equally repugnant
to a majorlt of New Vorxs citizen The last
Legislature ailed in its duty In not making an
honest effort to amend the present illiberal Ex
clxelavv For one I would like to see the voters
choose the olej Legislature with an especial
view to this neglected work If there Is I miny
doubt as to the sentiment of the people
on this sublect let us have un expris
sion of that sentiment at the polls
All laws should be evenly enforced but our
present nonpartisan rulers lire lot dealing out
equal justice Tuiy discriminate to please
nbld fanatics and neglect serious public duties
Has the wiping out of pocket picking and the
arrest and detention of housebreakers suddenly
become less Important to the public welfare
than the prevention of Sunday beer drinking
I trust not yet the public prints contain fre
quent references to an Increaseof crimes against
person and property while these reformers are
devoting their energies to the harsh and un
equal enforcement of an obnoxious Kxclse law
Why doesnt reform work tho same noy lu
Brooklyn that I does In New York I In Brook
lyn the poor win can get his Sunday beer
Port Warden nl ahl H Gunner Give us Sun
day beer Let us be as liberal In this regard as
are Christian countries like England and Ger
Acting Mayor John Jcroloman stand on
this matter just where the late Dr Crosby did
just where exMa or Hewitt did lliey believed
I Sunday selling under certain restrictions as
to hours and eXllo5lirot tho bar I told my
liquor dealer when DrTi Croiby was agitating
this question that tho saloon keepers ought to
get aboard the Doctors team for they would
never get anything more liberal than Ills plan
from the Legislature
ten C H T Collls Republican Deputy Com
missioner of Iublic Works and member of the
Into unlamented Seventy I cant glee on
my views 1 01 Sunday selling You know wh1
Because I have no views 1 havent studied the
matter or given It any thought whatever I
know that a man never succeeds in politics w ho
Is I not ready to express hImelf on such political
subjects but I really have nothing to say
because I have given no thought to the matter
I will say though that Im a firm believer In
the maxim that tho best way to secure the re
peal of the obnoxious law Is to enforce it
William F Grote arid Ashcmbl man Jacob
Kunzenmann two disinterested Grace Democ
racy statesmen had some for them rather
peculiar views on the subject of Sunday selling
Im only speaking for the peonle now said
Orotow a preliminary Personally 101 like to
have a day off on Sunday 1 Is tho poor mans
day off mind most poor men spend It at homo
where they get their one little treat of the day
out of the growler Im willing to keep my
place open on Sunday for the benefit of the o
poor fellows I dont want to keep It wide open
though Im with Seth Low on that point I
think everybody ought to be made to to to the
fide door on bundnv The feelings of the Sab
b JI r h 3
batarians ought to be considered I
Im with Fatty said Assembljman bun
zenmunn Inst keep the side doors open for
the benefit of the people und make no dlspla of i
the business thats tho saloon keepers view of
the case Youve got to keep open The people
demand It Thero should simply be some rea
sonable regulation of the business on Sundays
William 1 I Mitchell Tammany leader In the
Seventh Assembly district who has had practical
Ical experience as President of the Hoard of Ex
cise has this to say
The hxclio law und Its rigid enforcement Is I
a subject of grave consider itlon A city with a
population of two million Ihe first In Impor
tance from a commercial standpoint anti des
tined to be If It In I lot now the first city of the
world cannot be governed like a Now Kngland
town With a voting force of over 100000
surely local government bliould prevail Our
Police Department which notwithstanding mill
Investigations Is acknowledged to be the
most perfect organlution for efficiency I
against crime and lawlessness of ever
description admits that the enforcement I
of the present law as to Sunday closing Is an im
possibility I was the duty of the lat Legisla
ture Instead of pandering to all iso Ilht reform
measures to enact u plain and liberal Excise
law to give our people local option to say to
IIOOOOO voters you are entitled loan Kxclsn
law In accordance with the wishes of the best
citizen the honest Industrious law abiding busi
ness man mechanic all working peoplo
general I think that one of thin Is
sues at tho next election will ho a
liberal Excise law and local option us
against time present lumberHomo New lnglund
blu law and I assure you that If I Know lIsts
people of this oclal liberty city tile inn itcnr
loonier good government alleged nonpnrti
san politicians will bo snowed under hy over
100000 majority mid that thereafter the min
ister of religion can return to his flock und
minister to their spiritual wants while the
police will attend to murderers thieves nnd nil
wi atell lurleroro
lawbreakers expecting to secure promotion by
merit and cltUen not by watching a sldo door of 1 respectable
Commissioner of Publlo Works William
Rrooktlcld looked up Innocent with tim air
of tile club man who Is never bothered by tho
question of whether there Is a friendly side door
which will open for him on Sunday when ho
rae asked for his views on Sunday liquor sell
I havent any really he replied I never
thought of the matter
Janus J Martin exPresident of the Police
Hoard and Chairman of the lummaiiy Hall
Executive Committee said he was averse t
talking on time subject either of the ExcIse law
or Its rnforeement
ls I do not wish to be tnt In the position of
criticising the Police Commissioners ton invere
lvhu explalneHl I will say though that I
think too much attention In being pall just now
to the enforcement of one law I m lleve one of
the ralliimiz tries of the opposition loluiiimuii
lull nsillscrluiliiiitl m1 Quito ns serious I
charge cal tu made iigalnsl use other fellows
now As to I poslblt chHiire In the Excise law
In Its I relation to bunda 1 m sl Illi I think u ills
Mission laler of the I question would < IIe mine profitable
lXPollee Commissioner John f Sheehan
I am In favor of a liberal hunda law I wont
say u word about the manner tim which lIsa Io
use Hoard Isenforilug I the I piotdit law
State senator Charles L I Uuy Uamman
Hull I oft better luws wo must lure u but
ter Legislature 1lerl 1 H no nicd In I cull lor I uu
i lira sibfion of lists prieint Legislature If It
would not pass u liberal Kxclsu law ut its rrnu
lar beobton It certain will not at impulHl Boston
Subway Coniinlaslnner Thomas L Hamilton
recently appointed 1 Mal nr btrong I dont
see why I saloon kcuper should carry on bin
busIness humlaj amiy more ihiiu i should my
building biihlnrn
EXlUgUltr John Itolll Let in have a law
which 11 boa law for list lusr i who 1110 Isi get
t lelr ill itiki at the saloons us well us fur Iho
I lili rumors who arc < > rvid with a lyle at their
claims An extra eslun ouUl to bit laUd and
such a law demanded uI
hxUuaranllne Comiultaloncr t harles F I Al
len The law should permit saloons to b
> >
open afttr church IIOUM As thentorce
mtntof the Sunday Jaw think I that as nn
effort WAS made to rigidly enforce It until quite
recently Iho Police romml lonM could well
nflord to i Iolco that lenle il course I be
love It was the Majors Idea that they should
do so at first
Comptroller FilchAny views 1 mlftil ex
pleas on the subject of Sunday selling would
hal e little weight as the fact would IM pointed
out that I have been the counsel of tho Drew
ers Association for years
Mayor Secretary HcdgesI have opinions
on many subjects but nm not expressing any
Register Ferdinand Levy My opinion leenrd
log tho xlll nLlte l law Is that I believe a
more just nnil rqvltnblo law should tko its
Plate When n law deprives the poor of their
rights It should IHI set aside Legislation for the
rich does not meet the am of those In n dIffer
ent station A law should be pu cd permitting
saloons to be open for n certain number
of hours on Sunday and Imposing a pen
ally for exceeding tho limit In that I >
It seeing to me tho problem should iso
solved for It U n dlfllcull tacit to
enforce stringent laws allot thn habits and
desires of tho people 1 iso RI eel city of Now
York has I cosmopolitan population composed
of people of every nationality and creed all
consequent the ways of living differ vciy ma
terlally from those of n New ntiland town or
village I doubt If there Is any one who has
minuled with the masses of peoplo of all no
tlotiulltles In this city so much us 1 and conse
quently I claim to be able to sneak of their
actual conditions and habits Ihe personal
rights of a cltlicn together with his personal
liberty should always bo respected und should
never bo Jeoparded It Is I to bo hoped that H
liberal and consistent law will bo enacted by
the next Legislature so that this great metrop
olis may enjoy the same privileges as are enjoyed
ois snle prhltlU
joyed by the people of tho great cities of
President Darker of the Tax Commission
It Is I law It should enforced Hut as to tho
justice of tho law I have nothing to say
Alderman W M 1 K Olcutt Mv I district the
Twentythird probably contains moro of tho
wealthier people than any other not excepting
theIwcntyflrst I believe I have a greater pro
portion of the church going element lu my dis
trict than there I in ally other und I greater
proportion of tho socalled Puritanical or law
andorder people 1 Is I undoubtedly true that a
large number of the people In my district ate In
favor of tho New Lngland babbnth A largo
proportion are In favor of the present Kx
else law and of Its I strict enforcement On
the other hand there are large numbers who
while pemonali they would prefer to barn sa
loons C rlnaly bmulu ore strong belloverx In
personal rights Them are many more who
hum their I tastes demand that saloons be open
ed during certain hours on bunday and a very
small number I believe who ask that saloons
beopen alt day I should say that In my ills
trkt tho numlKT of people who demand tho
continuance ot the pnsent Excise luw nre In
the decided mlnorlt A large majority for tbe
reasons I have indicated are In favor of amore
more liberal law rpnnally I believe that any
mal who wishes to do so has the right to go
bv himself or with his fall of a Sunday
afternoon and drink beer In a public place
rite question to my mind said Acting Dis
trict Attorney vcrnon M Davl < should b
settled by allowing tho people In each city to
regulate tho law themselves In other words
the best law possible should b passed by the
Legislature and then sent referendum to the
locality affected The Prohibitionists of the
country districts should not Interfere with tho
rights of tho citIzens of Now York I see no
should formulate
reason why country legislators fol1
late our Inns any more than they should our
corporation ordinances
Aiwlstant District Attorney John F Mcintyre
had tills to say I am in favor of tho Legisla
ture enacting n law permitting saloons to keep
open on Sundays after church hours If It I Is
found that thero is n I demand from the majority
of our citizens for such I luw 1 do not meal
by this that the saloons should b open as they
are every day In the week but In a mnnner
that would enable every person who wants to
get n class of peer to do so Some of the Inter
pretations of tlio laws concerning the sale of
articles on Sunday as advanced bj the executive
officers of the cIty Government arc too Illiberal
Idont belO e It was the Intent of the legislators
to frame the law ns It Is I now being enforced
This city Is too cosmopolitan to tolerate tho
enforcement of laws having a Puritanical ori
gin I would be much better If we could sepa
rate New York Wtchea Kings Queens
Suffolk and Richmond counties from the other
counties In the Mate and by practically estab
lishing a new State onftif them thus secure
a more liberal legislative body ansi Inns made
by people who have a common Interest with
the people of the city of New York The city
cannot live under laws made by people
living 11 Ht Lawrence Cattaraugus Niagara
and counties bordering on the St Law
renee Geographical they nre too far
lemrate GeOllalhlrall < l can know nothing
or the wants of tho mnsces here M experience
us a member of the Legislature showed me that
Mil percent of the people llv Ing north of Albanv
never taw the city of Nosy York and know
nothlnl about It e pay from 50 t 00 per
cent ot the common school tax und between
nnd 44 per cent of the general State tax and
ought therefore to bo permitted to have more
to say hIlI i eonriment of our city than the
Legislature allows us The cities of Nen York
aid 1 Brook 1n practically support tho entire
Slats and they are always being plucked by the
hm seeders
Coroner hdwnrd T 1 Fitpntrlck who was for
meriy nn Kxclsu Commissioner also believes In
tin log the saloons open on bundays I b
lle v said hi I that they should be
restricted to certain hour say from 1
oelock In the afternoon to 10 oclock at
night and only the side doors should bo
open then I nm decidedly opposed t all
nlgbt houses and believe that no place should
b licensed for all night except In the neighbor
hood of Printing Houce square and at certain
points In est street where longshoremen
have to work In tho holds of vessels at night
Some Like the Present Law While Oilier
Url Limited Stinduy HlllnB
The strict enforcement of the Excise law on
the last few Sundays has provoked nowhere a
more earnest discussion of the Sunday opening
question than among church people The
opinions expressed differ widely While the
saloon men aro agitating for a more liberal law
strict church people are congratulating them
selves that the statute has been proved to b
equal to their beat hopes liberal church people
are discussing tbe prospect of securing n moro
equable law now that It Is seen that any law
can be enforced and the conservatives are re
fraining from expressing opinions So much
appeared In conversations which SUN reporters
had with preacher and laymen and women of
tho churches last week
I feel that It I Is unfortunate that the subject
Is being agitated In this way just now when the
pastors are away from their people and man
of the church people mire away too said the
Rev W F Anderson of the Washington Square
Methodist Kplscopal Church I think that
every moral teacher should make It his duty at
such a time to further the cause of morality and
good order by speaking out In favor of the
course Police Commissioner Roosevelt hus
taken regarding tho Sunday Excise law I
think he Is I entitled to the highest commenda
tion for demonstrating that the law can bo en
forced and for his determination to have
It enforced I believe In cloning every
saloon nil day Sunday and topping
the sale of liquor on thnt day absolutely and I
think the good people of the city should mike
It their business to let Mr Roosevelt know hat
he has their cordial support I hope he will
continue the work W suppose he will and I
should expect to see It made the subject of dis
courses In all the pulpits throughout the city In
the all the moro no If the liquor men under
take tn mulii the stringency of his measures
the excuse for reeking to get n law such as they
want The Commissioners action has tbrowit
the responsibility for the maintenance of the
present law onto the church s or the antiliquor
people and they understand 1 I although they
lay not be wholly awake to the fact
I believe canvass of the congregation of
my church would not show one member In
favor of modlflng the Inw or permitting the
saloons to open on Sunda No sober person
will deny that they are a great cause of evil
ansI why any ono should urge that privileges
should be granted to them that are not granted
to dry goods tores 1 cannot sec the cry that
tho Mior man should have an opportunity to
buy his beer on hiiinlay seems to me a flimsy
pretext for ho rould bus It nn Saturday it
tirtntui Is I cheaper to buy It In bottles or
cans than by the fhus an I Is I bought nnd
I drunk over the bar nnd us for not being nbln 11
kids boor II an ojin rtciutnlilu over night I
should KU thlt ii maim nlio U too lor i tn buy
beer In bottles ought not to spend nity monev
for heel at all Chic Mehodtt liurch bus taken
n high tund on tlio tent Iserniust I question al11 I
believe the MethmlUt clergy of the cly will iso I
found nno all 1 working for the continuance
time law If the
of present und Us Iliforcunint
matter Is madu an issue l next fall
Tho Rev A W Halscy of titus old Spring
Street Inabjlerian Church which for eighty
years has I mtnlkterttd to the souls of Urecnwlch
Village takes I radically dimrent view of the
Sunday liquor question lie Is opposed to sa
loons and 1 the use of liquor at nil jet he Is In
favor of I Ian that will enable tbo ale of beer
and the lighter alcoholic beverages under rO
ll rlctlcns daring certain hours on Bundarr
Mr Ualae1 has been In many cities and his
work In the Spring street church has made him
familiar with n neighborhood where the liquor
traffic Is of Importance Ills observations have
convinced him that the place of liquor In the
personal and household economy Is I something
that has got to b thought over carefully by a
minister who seeks to retain Influence over a
cosmopolitan community
5 1 U ngnlnst the saloons together I he said
but 1 recognize that It Is a human appetite wo
are fighting and that ten thousand laws would
not stop the liquor < traffic and I nm In favor of 1
law that will permit the pale of tho lighter
liquors on certain hours on I4unslnys I should
say that 1 couple of hours would be enough and
my Idea would be to sell only for homo use tho
liquor not to be drunk on the premlcs any more
than meat would be eaten at 1 butchers shop I
want to do away with tho saloon a I
loungluc place Many a tau goes to I saloon
on Sunday and spends all his wages there
because ho can sit around vvhllctf he could only
get beer to tako away ho would not do himself
much To bo could take
so mich harm sure men coul Ilko
beer home or to one anothers rooms nnd there
get drunk but noIse or quarrels would brine
the police or the neighbors would complain If
there was disorder and that sort of thing would
soon play out There might bo some drunken
ness on Saturday nights for 1 while too but
matters would gradually shape themselves and
dry Sundays meaning closed saloons on Sun
days would be better for all
But In I cosmopolitan community like New
York people have got to think of their neighbors
and It cannot be said to be fair to deprive one
man of what he regards as necessary because
another man thjnks that to cell liquor Is wrong
while the necessaries or luxuries of the other
man are on stile nt every hand We allow
candy nnd tobacco t be sold yet we forbid the
vale of beer which meal to 1 great many peo
ple what tobacco or candy means to others or
what tea or coffee means to the average native
citizen of this cruntry I have for Instance In
my congregation a German an excellent man
who thought of taking his family away because
of the fight on tho Sunday saloons that the
church was making He and his family re
garded their beer a being an much of a neces i
sary and regular part of their dally meal
as we do milk These peoplo regard our I
laws a discriminating I against them and
the liquor dealers who are engaged In a
legalized business consider the laws as discrim
inating against them Moro than all this there i
Is I very large contingent of the population I
one knows how many among tho nondrinkers
who also believe that the laws discriminate
against tho liquor dealers merchants like
others and against classes or masses of their
own fellow citizens iuch peoplo believe that
this discrimination Is unfair and unjust and
ought not to be continued Thcrcforo the wide
spread feeling arose that I Is just as well If the
laws are not enforced I think If a law doing
away with what is regarded as unjust dtcrtm
Inatlon were passed tho people would b ready
to Insist on the strict enforcement of rigid laws
governing tho truffle It Is I proper that the laws
should discriminate against the liquor dealers
for the community takes 1 rlskyln permitting
them to conduct their business but the dis
crimination should not b such that the com
munity would regard It as unjust The city
licenses the liquor dealers charging them for
the license because tho hi Bird < l to tbe peace
of the community that their business entails
but as they are licensed they havo some rights
They see that tobacco stores are allowed to keep
open nnd that several other articles are allowed
to b sold which are not reckoned so much as
necessaries as their goods are to many peo
ple and they denounce the laws and trample
on them They have done this and run things
largely to sqlt themselves for to long lat we
have been practically at their mercy They
have defied us Thnt Is all wrong I want to
see laws passed tbnt will do away with the feel
Ing tbnt the liquor dealers nre not fairly treated
and then I want stringent lans controlling their
business laws backed up by the sober senso of
the people laws that the peoplo wIll Insist upon
having enforced a the present law Is I being en
forced now
I have suggested that the saloons be al
lowest to keep open for two hours on Sunday
After that the curtains should go up the pro
prietor should be compelled to illuminate the
places at night and the police should have the
right of entry without warrant wherever the
laws mIre not complied with That Is practically
the law In England I do not believe the police
should have to do this underhand work that
they aro required to do now Tho other Sun
day a detective had to disguise himself a a
longshoreman and stumble Into a saloon after
dark I think that such work should be re
quired only In the direct extremity
I believe such n law could b passed In a
rural Legislature when time members had been
made to see that a large part of the community
who wink at nonenforcement of theI present
law do so because they think tho luw makes un
just discriminations I do not believe that the
people of this city wanfr to eee New York like
Chicago ad I dont think they want to see
everything wldo open I believe they vould
compel tho enforcement of a strict law after the
Inequalities of the preseat one were done away
Ono of the greatest evils I have to complain
about under the present law Is tho practice of
selling liquor to minors One Sunda evening
my wife aw a little girl clad In the sumo dress
in which she attended bundny school como out
of 1 saloon with a pitcher of beer which she
took homo for herself und her mother The
childs father was then In n consumptives bed
In a hospital where wo had sent him nnd where
vvo were providing for his maintenance A
friend told moot going Into a saloon In Hurt
I Fon street nnd seeing there a little girl who
pasred n bottle over the bar and put clown ten
cents The 1 bartender took the money tilled the
bottle with whiskey smut put It dowi on thus har
1 lie girl look I drank u swig and put It I down
11111 I 5 ansI the bnitender then ill led tlm bottle
to Clue neck again put the cork in handed the
t <
bottle to the child and she went out My ac
quaintance nsked < the bartender If that was the
usual way of doing biittlmss and the reply was
said that If he did
yes The barkeeper 51hl 111 not
allow the child her drink eho would go else
where the next time site vvns tent for liquor
The swig was her commission I want I law
that will pri vent that sort of thing We have
n good deal tocontf nil with lieiiaboutH m tOo
wuuy of the sale of liquor to minors nndthevlo
lutlnn of tho Siindav Ian here 1 art joiinc
men out from 1 oclock bunday inornlnu until
11 oclock Sunday night uncovering this Illegal
bimlniBs for us and tejortlng violations to the
police hut It is vary hard work
I believe this city might b the best gov
erned city In the world If every citizen vvould do
hula duty In ulidruvorlng to get good laws and
see that they were enforced I do lot preach on
this subject bceiiuse 1 do lot earn such mater
to the pulpit but 1 am working for thy bitter
mont of the condition of our hurch people und
the community nnd I am ready to work for
such a law as I itayu outihlimed I suppose I shall
Ixi cailed a horitlo for making such statements
but they come from study and work among the
Poplo Rev Mr JuiUon of tho Judnon Memorial
Church In Washington square all he had been
so mill hengaged lln trying I to lunch people not
to drink at all ansi to Improve the onilltlons of
life immediately surrounding him that he had
lot had tlmn to form an opinion a to the Sun
day ale of liquor
Iay That subject would require study and
thought and involve considerations nf philoso
phy mid sociology and I nm not prepared to
speak on It ho oal anl If we got the saloons
closed on bunday w < might walt them elided < 1
on Moimaj mid raturdu too I nm not In
favor nf saloons Ht I but there hal beets a
saloon right uqspuseitt In timi church always and
1 have never dons nn > tnllli I about I
Ihe Rev Ilr i I I I I ems 11 tOi of the I t hurcli of the
Trnnitlgurutlou subject mud I havo no opinion on tho
Till 0 null muE 10011 MbN
The Rev William I iHrlh of bt Geirgos
Church mid that ho thought tin C onl > Just Inn
would bo one that nllonul tlm poor man tho
tume prlvlligus tiit thl rli li and that t If I titus rich
man loilld get llquoi I ut n Hoti I the t pour mal
should be urmittid i to get It ill u saloon bo tar 5
HI ho lould Judge ni present II thought the
enluons should rot iuel bu open on Mimlu S than t
that all I pluses for the sue is 111 Honor sbonlil bo
lotted up tight Mr liuith la the only one of
thn four assistants a bt H Purge 54 who agrees
with the rector the lies W t Kalnafnrd In
his poormanslner Ideas
The Rev A I Simpson of I tho ioipeljaber
naileln iigh C It 1 utIle SIC ill
I nm tiiicninpromlslngl In favor of the uj
da of I huts HUil and Ihu eli II law and I HI
glad to fee that New ork I ut last npproil
ing the condition of a proper observance of tlm
day New York has Irupt city ol llcensie and
we have been drifting further und further from
the American ttandards of a century ie Wi
have a wide franchise lid hare encouraged an
Influx of foreigners whom tendencies am Irre
ligious and Immoral and wo have been allow
Ing them tn propsitato their Did World Ideas
here Instead of Impresilni upon them ouriiwn
standards and forcing them to conform to
t ttstol ItiollS of Iur Ir ami our 11 I try I be
lieve that titus hope of the nation Is 111 strict ob
servant of the Ssbbnlh nnd that the day of rest
lends to physical mental nnd niornl rmclctic
I think nil business ansI work should lucu stopped
rite ton n of Toronto In Canmla lil I think the
mode town of 5 America In the matter of city
government nndbtindnv observance I covers a
tract of six m lies but them Is not a street ear run
1111 oil Htmhl nnd no goods cnn ho purchased
Ihe result Is tlut the city Is I prosperous and
niornl 1 how hole of Cnnndn Is In faetI I believe
fur beyond us In the inntter of tniinlclpnl gov
eminent and partly I for thnt renson Canada has
n litter class nf Immigrants tbnn we have I
have just returned from n trip through Cn mln
and ever win re I found niornl communities i ansi
ennuI tlnims much moritommeiidnble than lucre
1 llto better class of people prefer to live In such
places and If wo would Impress our standards
on the foreigners who come here Instead of al
lowing them to ill pare our methods by their
own we should haven better class com Ing here
I bcllevr III tinoliiu lIst Kitlonns ansI nil stores
throughout the entire day on Stincln
The le1 I W Anderson ut Ihe Hrst 1 United
Prcsbrtcrlnti Church In Writ Tlilrtfourth
street said i
I believe Sunday Is the Lords ansi that I wo
have no business with I and I llrmly belIeve
that the Political party which seeks to plate us
tinder the control the taloon element next full
will be hurler under lists votes of the refonneni
Kverywhero 1 Imvc heard favorable comments
on thn present enforcement of the sunila Inn
mind I think I hue decent people nro prepares
to fight vlgorcmly for the continuance of
It and In opposition to sissy effort of thin
saloon men to have Iho 0 law changcil I
think that the agitation for n more liberal law
as It Is ca I Ini Is the work nf the brewers ansi
others Interested In Iho Main of liquor nnd thnt
the cry about the worklngmnn Is almost wholly
humbug IOn bartender Is is mticli entitled to
hundny rest as lIsa brewer I know clerks who
have to work on Sunday mornings tn grocer
stores ansI they nre cry restless mmtisher It I be
lieve that If the worklngmin stern to vote unln
flncnrrci bv Interested persons on the question
of closing the Baloons anti nil stores on bundny
they would vote < overwhelmingly In favor of do
Ing so Onr Mimlny Is nn American Institution
and the fort Ignrrn have come lucre nnd tried to
destroy It and replace It with nays of their
countries I nm willing to allow them the tamo
llbert es I allow myself antI I think If they como
to this country It should be to conform to the
ways of the country not to oppose them
The Work of the American Bible Society
for the Pant Tear
The seventyninth annual report of the Ameri
can Bible Society which covers the work of
that organization In printing and circulating
the Scriptures during the past year has just
been published The society has distributed more
volumes In China during the year than In any
preceding year since It began Its operations
there In Japan too the Bible Committee has
been able to accomplish a great deal of
work among tile soldiers of the Japanese
army More than 1600000 lilblcs Testaments
and Integral portions of the Bible were printed
by the society within the year and over 1000
000 of them were printed on the presses In the
Bible House and more than 500000 were
printed In foreign lands Through purchases
additional volumes the total number printed
and procured by the society amounted to 1018
074 copies Of these 047103 volumes wcro
issued from the Bible House and 034025 in
foreign lands Of the volumes Issued from the
Bible House 101100 copies were sent to foreign
lands and are not counted among the Issues In
foreign countries
Of the issues of 147103 volumes from the
Bible House 845007 have been for the home
supply On account of the falling off of the re
ceipts the society was compelled to restrict Its
colportage work to a considerable extent Only
twent < even colporteurs have been employed
for the whole or a part of the year in twelve
States and two Territories The colporteurs
visited 71071 families and found lLUi4 with
out the Scrlnture Ihe number of families vis
ited by tho Amirknn Bible SocIety and its
auxiliaries wn fill7li of which 1HVM4 were
found to bu w Itbout 4be Scriptures Destitute
families were supplied to the number of 14Jim
and Individuals in addition to the number of
III 18
Of the distribution of time Bible In foreign
lands the I report continues
As usual edlstributcrsof the Book have
encountered man and great obstacles Ihey
have been confronted with povert Illlterac
and prejudice tliou work has lei i pnrnlyed
by pestilence und eurthqunkes burners buve
txen thrown In the way of travel financial de
pression has Impoverishd the communities
where thuey expected to sell tlucy have suffered
from aloe necusations nnd endured arrest and
Imprlscmmi for thu truths sake the antag
onl m of other religions has been mislense and dim
astroux uprisings among the people hnve caused
them to be absorbed with other things and tlio
outbreak of war In China and Inpun and Corea
has brought nbout n new condition of affairs
w hlcli has unexpected in Japan at least been
rather for the furtherance of the Gospel In
that country one of tlie most remarkable dc
v elopmi ntH ev er know is I the recent removal of
all harriers to the introduction of the Scriptures
Into the arm anil navy ansi their distribution
to the troops with the express sanction of tho
highest officers of list empire Special editions
have been prepared for thus purpose and
thousands and thousands of copies of the Gospel
by St John In a email and altractlv form have
been freely given to soldiers and seamen or
distributed In hospitals and prisons
Hermon In Various < harvhet and Halt > by
VisIting Prfncher
BOSTON July 14No meetings of the
Christian Endeavor Convention were held to
day but the Kndcavorers cronded the city
churches Trinity Church was thronged In the
morning to hear Canon J II Richardson of
London Ont on Church Inlt The Rev Mr
Knight of London preached to a congregation
which filled Music Hall at Clue morning service
of the Tremont Temple Society His subject
was Liberty In ChrIstian Service Through the
Power of time Holy SPIrIt Dudley Street Bap
tist Church was packed long before the morn
Ing service began The sermon was preached
by thin Rev Dr Henry IMcEnewof New York
He took for his text the parable of the house
built upon the Hand
Rithnp bamucl Fellows of Chicago preached
In the Tremont Street Methodist Churcli upon
sanctllli atlon Dr Arthur Little of Dorchester
presided nt n meeting upon Sabbath observance
this afternoon nt Park street church Dr S P I
Ithocles of Montreal compared the strict bab
hath observance In Toronto with looser ob
svrvancu In Uuebeo and Boston W H H
Smith of Washington said that Ivlng around the
house was not keeping the Sabbaths Although
Clue Washington bubbnth wits nut Ideal dm nil
people hnd taken bold of the matter and in wa
papers could not be sold during church hours
and It was act rj city
Dr Pagu of luive worth Eats pleaded for
the 1urltan babbath In thu est where lie said
Sunda nas n liolldn Man bnbbuth brink
em store from families formerly worshipping In
Park street i linn b He spoke against renders
of bundav papers but not the issuers them
selves Iho Ilev John Pollock of Glasgow
beotlund denounced bundii cart
The First Ilantlst Church cuts filled to thus
doors this ovtnlng when the Ilei Dr Wylnnd
Hoyt of Minneapolis preached upon the mining
of the willows sun
It Occurred In Jersey City nnd SVas a Sur
prise Im Her Family
Chester Clark Ilojnton was married to Miss
Marie Lentllhon of this cIty hut FrIday blue
ceremony was performed by the Rev Kdnard
L btoddnrd of bt Johns Kplsopat Church
Jersey City at his residence nnd ants witnessed
by Mrs btoddnrd Ihu announcement of Clue
marriage was n surprise to thn members nf both
families as the did not know that there was
more than a lorinal ucquulntnnre between Mr
Boynton and Miss Lentllhon Mr Iloyntnn Is a
son of tliu late John H Ho nton ansi ho lives In
West beienteenth strict lli > Isengngisl In tOo
rent estate hiiHlmsH Miss Lentllhon I is
the youngist daughter of Inniiti 1 11 million I I
civil epgi lies vvlm lives nt mi Wist hluventh
street 115 n Ii I rtrmi rliinfroni u riient oprri
tlon for upprndirltlt C und hi I daugbti r ha I lit en
caring sIr lilm llnFildii she lift tin bniim
siDliig that Hlu vins going fchnpping Ill tiust
that her famil bend I Irimi I Inr wiu n let lii
written from Philadelphia nnnouiiilng bei
marriage Mr Leiitlllion wild that nonbJuetlon
to Ilieinatih haul b < en rnUid li > either fumll
and that he knew of no reason win th oung
couple should hussy Items marrlud i nei rill I a II I Ic
thinks thuir action win diiu lu tome hsmvcts
IrKceil Flllien Icrt Il 11 Trulliy C nr
Klftornienrolil Morris hotter of 77 Ralph
avenue IlrooUjn sins struck by trolley car ln
of the Ilroidwuy and hast New Vuumk llmijca
turda shire issic vlilln pluytnu In llrnudwn
near Iliiileii street Ibe I fender drugged him
along fur fifteen f if t a nil lut bin fun
A Uopnnrtrnt llookkccpcr MiIsg l
Charles Booth 10 yeurs old u bookkeeper of
H Lee avenue V Illiauinburgh hut len miss
lug since Vrdnetda He loi his Job In an In
I I4rance company a few weeks ago aud got de
I I spooduut
WAJfIJfI ttonioN ro HKnn OUT A
It TV neeldeil that thnt Wouldnt I > n
pied the Rrptilillcnn Hint Muehtne I to
l > rl e Home lOon or I4tpnddleMasiy
Thousand Volm Admitted to lie leO
The tlepuollcati leadern from Oov Morton
and T I C tlatt down are thlnklne hard over
the possible results In this falls inmiuilsn of
the partial enforcement of tho blue laws In tills
metropolis toy Morton and Mr Ilatt have
communicated with each other on this subject
and Kdnard Iuuterbacli 1rtMdent of tliu lit
imhllcnn County Committee line hnd hits say
1 IOn upshot of all the talk as ascertained lit the
Oriental Hotel yesterday Is that the Hepuull
cans expect to lose thousands on thousands
Mr Ilatt and Mr Lnuterbach are not In ac
cord on this excite question Mf Ilatt believes
that the uucountry Republicans will come out
nil the stronger for apart that IB nquolchlng
nickel New York Mr Lnutirbnch believes
that thn I loss In Republican votes In New York
lounty will moro than offset any gain In the
country districts
ThecxcUe laws under tho Republicans In Al
bany Vlllhim Ilnrniss town Utica Charles
W Hackctts bailiwick Hochester time stamp
log gnuuisel of iiordo V Aldrlilce Syracuse
tho home of Mayor Amos und Leader rrands
llcndrlcks and lllnuhnmtim under Senator
Edmund OConnor tiro not enforced of course
Jhey one not enforced In Klncs Hut nil Hit
rural Itepuhllenn cities smnrk tin Ir hiss over the
nforcemint of the IHW In slnf il Ness York IK
inusv New Y irk ilovxnt unlit II enforced mid Is
a IMnoirallL city Demorrnts MIS that there Is
undoubted t In the IjackKround wnue idea that
mmimuy take Mia i > i > yet of tins l5l Illlilt the city to
bit Its I May out of the t ruin Isle Wi Itli I initroiiake
loi titi tel pollllelnns t and an offer of local op
tion on terms iimountlni to blackmail would
surprise nnbody
At one time within the last fortvelRht hours
a number of Hcpuullenns thought of appealing
to toy Morton ansI asking him as the osten
sible head of Ills port to isstiu an nddre cal
culated to offset the ilaniauiiiK elteuts of Sen
ator Hills letters on this xnbjett After reflec
tion however It was thought ndvlsablo to let
the subject alone and especially not at this
time to net Into n brush with Senator Hill This
course was deemed advisable because the ma
jority of all KopnblluuiM believe that Cite vast
majority of the people of New York Count are
with H nator Illll on this subtect 1hr > Repub
licans w ho liavu talked over the matter deemed
that It would bo better to have any utterances
como from the State Committee which Is to
meet at the Fifth Avenue Until ou or about
July SO 1 hey may try and frame some sort of
pious straddle or the straddle may bo left to
the Republican Stnto Convention which meets
at Haratonti on Sent 1 0 or thereabouts
Meantime neither Joy Morton T C Platt
Mr Lautcrboch nor anybody else can get
the bit out of Itoorevells teeth
One or two Republican Mate Committeemen
IIBTC said In personal conversation that they
would get even with fccnaUii Hill by charg
ing that Hill advIses the Icnec ration of the
babhath lhteu Mate Conunlttei men como
from the Republican cities mentioned above
where rum Is on tap on Sundavs lice Demo
crats propo to force the Usue as laid flow by
Senator Illll The Republicans frankly ad
mitted yesterda tbsat already the German vote
is lost to thorn In New York county und that
President Roosevelts course will ratio ruction
In Brooklyn even though Mayor bchleron li not
enforcing the Excise laws there ansi further
more that the sympathetic voteaeilnst the Re
publicans will be oveiwbclmlni lu buffalo and
even la Rochester
The Crowd Drove lllm to Ills Dugout und
Helped the GIrl Home
Stroelillnz 21 years old of 100 Graham ave
nue Brooklyn boards at tho Islutzky Cottage
In Surf avenue At about noon today she
started to walk from Hammers to Sea Side
While passing through the clump of low trees
known as The Cedars she noticed wild black
berries and flowers a short distance from the
road She entered the brush and was bending
over to pick tile berries when she received on
the head a blow that felled her to the ground
Her assailant was Francisco Blsello also
known as Frank Conway Ho Is about 40 years
old and muscular He lives In a rude dugout In
The Cedars After knocking CIte woman down
Blsello struck her In the face several times and
then attempted to stifle her screams by
thrusting a cloth Into her mouth hut her
cries hail been heard on the Boulevard and
llllam Parker of 1152 hart street and Joseph
J McCormick of 108 South nlrd I street Brook
lyn broke through the brush Time Italian
sprang to his feet and made n clash toward his
dugout The shouts of Parker and McCormlck
broueht other pedestrians from t e lioulevurd
The Italian had taken refuge In his ducotit und
there he was held a prisoner until help arrived
from Sen Siilu Ho was dragged out then and
taken to Sea Side followed bj an angry crowd
Miss htroehllng was partly unconclous She
was eared for by the crowd nnd was assisted to
her boarding house where her Injuries were
dressed She had a bad cut in the back of thus
head and her fat e was bruised und swollen
Blaello was taken before Justice Smith and
the court room was soon crowded with Miss
Mroehllngs rescuers In broken KngllHh the
Italian partly admitted and pirtl denied his
guilt After he was locked up Miss troehllng
was taken to the station to complete the Identi
fication On catching sight ot Illsello she ex
claimed Thats thn man and fainted in tho
policemans arms Blsello was held for further
examination tomorrow
An hIstorIcal Drama to Be Given nt a
FestIval or New Jemey German
A four days festival under the auspices of
time General German Festival Society of New
Jersey began at SchUtzen Park Union Hill
yesterday Iho society Includes sixty smaller
societies with a membership of H500 and the
proceeds of tho festival are to be devoted to a
fund for the erection of n German hospital at
SchUtzen Park
The great day of time festival will be tomor
row when a representation of the battle of
Sedan will be given rise details of the battle
are to be faithfully depleted Among the famous
persons to bo shown In thou drama ire King Wll
Person I the Crown Prince Irtderlck Prime
Bismarck liens Von Moltko und Von lllninen
thaI anti Napoleon III I surrendering hU ssesrti
At the end of the tnlmle battle the conquering
army will blng The Wati h on the Rhine
Then an ox will be killed nnd roasted us was
done on the battlefield Tliu lormiin VeUranV
Union of New Jersey nil participate In the bit
tie riuey Mill be assinted tiy the First 1 Battery
of this ells under the command of Capt Louis
W ndel
More than 1000 In prizes will be given Clue
vUltors In hhootlng and bow ling clint cots Tin ito
will be a German market a Swedish wnlillni
and singing by rtoo members of the Alainnm
dOor several biiiiln nventyllrii llhtr pla
ers ami n t rust p of atrobiits amured tliu t cross ul
jesierdaj Indny there will bn u parndu In
which all tho societies w 111 take 0 part
UK iniiLD mi cniii > nrN
TIseis KlrUril Tailor Hihulntr Ho llndlr
that lie tU > tile
One of the i Its ilil rcit of Rubin ScIi timer a
tilloi tv ito hitss ins tho tenemenlut 1H t Forylh
street wis slupptd on the fucoe tcrdii morn
IIIK lsy the chlldien of olf anas tal lou and
narlesKpjteln box milker wlm list nextdotr
Schtt I ncr went t tn l the S citI huts lescm and slap
ped t lie other children nho tan cijtng toiheir
sanns nnd llpstiln I ncnt up lu i Schwlners I
room and ilnmKlni him out kliked him un
merclfull > lie I I wits rei uul wit is dlrllcillt I In I
Polleinmn Vhllmuti ami sent In I idiOt erilsusr
Hohpltal I I In h an ambulance vnrn It I is n touml I
that lib Injuries were to mrlous i hiut l ho iiilkhl
dlr I SUIIUH nnd Fpstiln Mtio nrrioted ami
locked up r 111 the IMrllMtlnei I iiohto sCat loll
lllHliop Mluuir IMJ a A 4 ornrr Slone
Tim Cornier Mino of 5 f this Ucnmm 0 I lUtlm lo
t hurch nf Out Lad hells usC C limuum ul u
Nen orU si sis Inld i < itirU aftiinoon > I
Ills isop W KKir I lie iiuss chits rehi blandaonlli I i
cuulhmr I of I wi nUcth and Lil ir sluiMi I tin1 I iugiu >
esi inliit In listS ssstuuiis t H vMll iii > thu I lint
t sit iusuiiu ehnrili nriiiul In west New iirK unit
will bi coiniiitid In III I tuber
Iliiiilr I Miilllt I scsis d inllni Iliiilli
limit Milllwm iSni S old a lalnlri i of iim
Mrtli < nvuiiu llrinlliii hi > down on tile
kitiliin Ioor i irl > a istiida imn ilng 151 sits P
II I I aw as di id ii hit is hlsuni Illlnuitr I ul I limit t I C e
him at T iiiloi k iuuliss ass hud bun in bmii
liialth the polli i iiulllled t orniiil Iriftnu as iso
ordered an autop
lllluui llriirt llxumliintlon loday
1 liu exuinliiution in I thei as4h sit Vh llllam llmr I I >
who U atiunl n f the inurdir of his father
Miter tlmrles II lluiry will bu held tuda In
fore Police Justice Ilngumy In tho Myrtle Art
nue Court In Bruoklui IOu iiollee uuihorltict
are conndent iliac WllllftU will bo livid lot tutu
Grand Jury
te Told In gli lnurn lean Llhh jc
Famous New Novel When Ills ioe
4Jrcv oidl5 Creates a Menu
OIanA Ming Minjuer
lii a Htnrtllni
Opinion iI i I
Young gay Impulsive possessed uf fatal
lioauty nlonu In tliu world with no ono to guld
her imi men iintl women of tOo world worldly
wonder Unit flnbrlolli Clue licnilno In this book
whlc li has created sueh nm mutton among novel
renders mid who Is lotniiso still I more of linen
mitlon when pnrtrnyul upon ho I stage should
plunge slob II sernCel Into I tlio I ntrinin which led
in In tIr whirlpool tlio wnrldn great ocean P
Clinic women gs ou their Wily from the I crmllo to
tliu grave without ii miniulim tIns lives of
nthci uiiintn me fated to iso full of them l silo
tin nppuir to be burn to meet u In rltnRonf wise
nnil cnrr u cro s which lit limes wrni unbent
nhlc ltltrnci Is full of pitfalls Into which
Half I dot stumble its tlindnruni lifes night
Mind htvdliiM wnini n us Ouhrlclle sure moths
sil hit flutter arounil llm llainr u Itlinut giving the
mutter n thoulit I of u hat lie t mil In to I br McB
are only too cMicor to cncnuriigo whoro they
should nuld ulonf from nnil cnntlcmn Bach
ptors who bun rend tho linnk with curiosity de
clare Ah no It Is I nut Mr I It I I In th other ft now S
Jon know who should profit by the experience 4
of Rutherford Vsouuieui nil over the country
have gone wild with delight over ill ono rending
of thIn book duel not satIsfy them they iro over
It ugulti and again llnilliiK new bounty and
depth of thoimht with inch perusal Every one
JIM always bellowed that the depth of Imnglao
tlon of Mnki snenro could never ho cqiinllcd It
has taken Ohs I world over four hundred year to
pruishitcsi n work cnunl to It One has to read the
ookWhcn Ils Love drew Cold to realize
the profound grimlcnrof this wonderful study
of hiironn nature Miss Llhbcy la to lx > con
Kratulatid slit has certainly proven conclu
sively IliaC bhakcspeare has been rivalled at
ImuatI 1 id
A Garrison lrnpon for Alnskn Troopt
In Itlol DullNew Regulations
WASHINGTON July 11There Is a revival
just now of the proposition to station n garrison
In Alaska len bchollcld in the course of his
prolonged summer tour nt the West limes beau
ns far as that Territory nnd the people arena
doubt encouraged to believe that they may have
a fort erected there and garrisoned
When Russian America was bought by the
Government In 18U7 troops were promptly
sent there They arrived in tOo latter part of
that year and that garrison If memory servos
was not withdrawn until June 1077 since
which time It has never been replaced The ex
perience of these years showed that thero was
little for the army to do and Indeed little that
It could do There was need of better civil gov
ernment and of an adequate judicial system
with marshals and other officers to enforce time
law But so far ns the military power was con
cerned there were few occasions for exercise
There wore no good roads In Alaska and the
lack of roads Is one of the marked features
of the Territory today The usual metlics1cb
of getting about from settlejnent to settle
ment along the const and among its Islands 7
was by vessel suggesting a naval force and the > ft
Ilnta linn therefore beeil stationed for years at i
Sitkn and bus represented tha authority of the
Government In addition revenue cutters ate f
every year despatched to Alaskan waters HlV i Vi
therefore doubtful whether with the present i 1111 fl
small size of the army there will boa force de
tached to garrison Alaska Certainly the mere
fact that the Lluutennntcicutrnl Included
Alaska lu his Itinerary counts for nothing It Is
not iinliki1 that the day will como w hi n with
the growth of Alaka n garrison may be sOt
tlnned at Mmie post designed to bo tim nucleus
of u defem for the territory Hut for tho pres
ent reliance will perhaps continue to be placed
on the possibility of despatching troops north
irom Vancouver Barracks should the necessity
for them arise as it never has yet
With thin return of Secretary Lament to the
War Department theist Is likely to bu nrtlnal de 3
cision on what shall bo dono regarding new
posts Ini hiding tlioo proposed In North Dakota
ansi on Puget Sound and nlso In regard to Inter
changes of stations for troops The groat draw
back to setting apart monej for new posts U the
email nppioprintlon waste by Congress which
cnn be used both nor that purpose und for Im
proving the existing posts
Among the iH > ints In the new Army Heguln
tlons to which attention has been directed Is tbe
one relating to Cite Use of troops In civil dis
turbance In reality however the new regu
lations substantial repeat what was published
Ir orders haut year Thin army cnnnot bo used as
a Isoss eirmltfitiM except lIt the cases specified by
the Constitution eir hue laws In those cases nn
officer may net before use receipt of Instruc
tions provided titers is an emergency such as a
idilen Invasion or an attempted robber or in
turruptlonof the malls But troops cnnnot be
put nnili r the orders of n mnrsbul or e tvil ofllcer
and tin Ir commanding officer Is responsible to
his mllitnr superior He also must decide
u Don how to use his force Ill general It Is de C
clared that troops must not lire until timely
warning has bean given to tin Innocent win
may be mingled with the mob ansi that the
luivonot ulonn should bo lined against mixed
crowds In thu first stages of revolt the regula
tions on Ibis subject un thoH which averts eui
xslss cit during last summern riots and ssrs care
tully sirawn It Is worth noting that tile troops 4
mire directed to ccasu tOo destruction of life
when resistance Hloiunlnro punishment does
not belong to them but to tha courts
Onus of thin mutters on which new regulntlons
are to unprepared It Is said Is I that of the post
exrhiingu The revision will affect espeilull It
Is thouKht t the duties arid aiithorit of tho coun
cil this aiithorit being somewhat enlarged
while If I I situm dlllerpnco I in lisil icy should arIse
bclwiim th eonnull and the post lomiiinnder
it could bu referred to the department com
rannder Mill another set of regulations under
revision sire ttnun relating to nrmy cnoUnir and
one featnro which will possess un Interest be
yond armv limits Is that which inulitntes the
kind of ration which would bo serviccnblo to
btntc militia during their camps
ini n A 111 at out 0 ft PER 11 HOME
The New Cruiser Oljiupla In He the Flag
1111 on the Anlutlr StatIon
WASHINITOV July II llw Navy Depart
ment has issued onions for the departure of the
lmpla from ban Framlco to relieve thou fleg
khlu llnltlmoro on tho Aslutlo station by the
middle of August the latter returning homo
lifter an abse nee of over two years for nccensary
repalii to hull und mnchlner Admiral Car
hooter has protested aualnbt Clue withdrawal of
thu Baltimore and liclleves that the station
should ho Increased by Chits addition of some
nthei vessels Ihe Baltimore howeVer has
been abroad since the nnv ul review and the terms
of man of her I nun having expired they wish
to return home flie 1 olympia > l will undoubtedly
b i its finest lliushlp ver teen In Cblnma
I Ii StIes So 5 war stilts sf Uivst llrltaln or RUH
usis I It Is nnl has isbn boess ultnched to thus
stufoii winch iiiinl the lllinpln ether In
slierdor guneiiil elllllilli Uf tOil crussr type l
I slie is l ash isilttes I uI all I naval txpcrta to bnulieacl
I of anything nf her i In unil will i I I provu the most
h erutl lluii > hi > the I nlud States lint hud III
i liliun svuctsuui
HI fon tin I 5sssi of the fitlininvr It is ei > ectod
tniitiiiu C iIiS d I isuius hsli two C ot C ll Ie t t mU on tie
Million u ill lu unkreil home fur overhauliiitf
Mn t JMril lias I nun this hi u lull for it hUlls
liu in cur mil still i nun in MUI rninolfcci Isur
a letS niiinllit uhiio lliw toninrd is s isles slates5
His id list Iniiiiii ultrs IMIII It U mil Ide
purni rt himmtr ol tin Nni III I ui IIIK til sS
iliiriitMi tin tnlllh nf tha t ntn t ui riuiiu
ih ii U I Uhrud that alliili In tlml
I lid of Ihu unrld willn iiliiuit 1 C 1 r < main In sIt
uimiliil I sill C ut a nuinliir I 5sf jmu Ihrtn 1
1 Lililloiils lull mild list Ihlf mil on lire low
InuUIlik it Sinpori NHV ii anil ii lnn simiussis
I sissuuesl ill I 5 iitSllliSsiIsittlI t5C55i 1 ts Cliii elutti
I lln hush iniliurs iitiiin 55 ill n > lilli wid lii l her
ii Uiinuni to ti I is iaiuit smSttili t u tin 5 uliif of
tin Ihll iUI > huns llaislusi Hi I Ih I tnir isml
n nnu uiiilrriiumi tlsil r it Miri lilund I
Onr Trnile vtllli i t Kuriiiui i
VAmohtlSlTUN July H In view of 110 Jsn
aruosu itioaof lerttiueU Mr Jiniigin our
I uiiMiliiiirral nt bhungli has sent to the
btute Diinriiuui I t It report ol Ihu I trneluiifInm
i mil Ihi iniii i ipal Carl of tin I Itlainl Ml Jerni
gun ittllaiutim I Jii to lh h tin I l tli it our Irmli In
I I kerosene oil iirurly douUed diiiin Ill 114us I
I YoUl and ino t of this tea uf turuut ms gQ
L suwvd lit Ilsu L1u1o4 taIAII

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