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r W 7 c7 P 7S AT
11 4 4 ThN1 MONDAY JULY 1G 1OE 5e b
utr iroMKit nnovanr XT ASOVT
Exlmoritlnary EanlsK that One Hanat
3 ed BrondnnirTho Wo Ostpaied the
Inbblesi Itoreotted unit IllnckUat 1Tav n
the Womeaa Aanoelallom stepped In
ad Now Publlo Itncka Ara > Bstnlihed
1 In tho wako ot reform at Saratoga havo coma
many changes of Importance The village char
ter tins bon revised gambling houses have been
closed and the village has become as good A
Now York on I Sunday when Roosevelt Is ram
pant Jut tim latest and moot Important of the
dinners In Saratoga Is tho clearlngnf llroadway
from the hackmen Saratoglans of the better
rla s have for jears been striving to bring this
topnts I but In vain until their wives and daugh
t ters took It up Then It I was dono und doijo for
etrr To Its women Saratoga gladly gives the
c honor of the accomplishment of the deed
Ilroadway It i the great show street of Sara
toga I la a breed smoothly patcil boulevard
shaded by majestic rim that arch Itcompletcly
over In many place All tho groat lintels most
of tim Important business concerns and many
of the finest rc ld nroi are on this street
Thero havo also been ou It until very recently a
Hundred 1 puhllo vehicles whoa drivers
few Ilnllr 11110 vohlelcl wlo drIvr
halo come to consider It their own private
property All along tho splendid thoroughfare
thou cab and carriages have been accustomed
to lake their stations not only Impairing the
beauty of the street but greatly narrowing tho I
available driving space From Troy and Al
bany and Coliocs ant Schenectady and other
neighboring towns they come to reap the
harvest of fares In the sumtnsrtldo of custom
in the village of springs The volcea of the
I hackmen raised on high were as tho clamor
of many strango animals In chorus at
a menagerie Compared to thelrdlsooidsnt ell
tho vociferation of the cabbies at the Grand
Central Station hero Is lllco the undertone of a
lullaby There were howlers yowlers growlers
snarlcn yellers yawpcrs shrlekers beUowera
thunderera wallets barkirn
roarers screamers tblndorer walee brk r
snorters calliope whoopers and earsplltterj In
every variety of voice tenor countertenor bass
double bass alo soprano meuosoprano and
falsetto When they raised their glad voices In
unison tho leaves on the tees curled up and tho
little birds dropped dead whllo the new arrival
In town not yet accustomed to the onslaught
upon his eardrums was fain to flee to the dim
re corses of the hotel court yards and stuff his
r with cotton
In appearance tho vehicles were what might
be expected 1 from the nature of the drivers
Bomo were coup s from Troy finished In splin
ts r 3 and upholstered In bngglnir There were
coaches from Albany which by long travel ovar
the mountainrange pavements of that city hat
ben jolted out of plumb and overhung the
pawerhy like grim and threatening precipices
Thoro were antediluvian ab from Cohoos on
barrelhoop spring and broughams from
Schenectady with shingled roofs and cushions
made of excelsior and lost but not least there
ware the tuncent expresses commonly known
in town as the toncent distresses
The tencent distresses were tim Invention ot
a rich ali eccentric citizen named Carpenter
whose motto In life was that 1 man must keep
his shape up even It he hasnt got 1 cent In
pursuance of this admirable principle bo used to
buy 1 new suit and go abroad every year or so
and o one of these trips he became Imbued
with tho Idea of tarnishing Saratoga with 1
species of vehicle that should supply tho need
of horse cars and carry persons or bundles b
tween any two points for ten cent He started
It wlK two rigs Within a fortnight tho thing
hjkff l become such 1 success that both of the
horses died of overwork and every owner of a
4 brokendown skate and a disreputable rig of
any kind In Saratoga had hitched the two
together and gone Into business on his
own hook In the tencent distress line
Never has there been seen fathered together
such a collection of conveyance as dually mad
t up the working outfit of the company 1 he one
J horto ahoy would have been a model of mon
elegance placed lu the midst of them When
the experienced Hnnuoglan Jut Into one of them
ho seized his hair with one hand and secured a
firm grip on his teeth with the otbr to secure
himself from premature baldness nnd the ne
cessity of Inventing In false teeth A
IncHIII II fll e story was
current In Saratoga that I gentleman who had
been In tho habit of patronizing these vehicles
and who went to the Orient not long ago got
mixed up in nn earthquake there which de
stroyed much property and many lives The
Saratoglan wal asleep when the shock came
t and turning over on his pillow shouted sleepily
I dm or Confound you go a little loWer
1 cant your
Such wero tho vehicles that disputed with the
outoftown wheel monstrosities for the advan
tageous positions on Broadway Far back In
1 tho age 1 ordinance hal been passed prohib
I lUng public vehicles from otandlug still on
Uroadtray except In let patrons In and out but
this hail bccomo a dead letter The seed of the
Ort revolt was sown by Frank Dl the fa
mous horbemnn of this city who drove his beau
tiful animals In Saratoga every summer One
day ho tamu to his hotel thoroughly disgusted
and going to thu uninigor said dlltuste
Iook here this hack haalnets Is getting to
be an Infernal nuisance I ought to b stopped
Hroaduay Is simply blocked with dismal old
ark that arent nt to roll down hill Into a 011
lire Theres no pleasure < driving there any
more Ive heard many complaint about It
from horse owners and oull find that youll
n1t 011
I loso business hero It something Isnt done r011
going to stop turning here l for oue and you will
llml others doing tho same
Alarm fell upon time hotel men when this re
port nan circulated Kceltni that toinethlnc
should bo done they got together In a meeting
the r result of nhlch win a petition put into Ir
common arums iiiai tim village trustees roo
t mow tho hackmnn from IJroadway Ilefore
any ono realized It this question had crown to
Rljnnllo proportions and lied become lie principal
cipal lusiio of the vlllagn flection Among the
luneriof the petition > v eru IJr Ueorge F liars
v s y I prominent meniocr of the Congrecu
l tonal Church and Deacon John W Lruinn of
i l tbe Kir ft Presbyterian Church who were
very trong on hack reform As In other
I places the candidates were expected to fur
i f nloh conveyances to carry tho lame halt
I I and blind to tho polling places Deacon
Iymuu went to I livery I stable to netlire
rome rarrlnues TIme livery people saId they
j didnt have any to let At another stable and
a third and I fourth nod I fifth thn result
was he I name Tim Deacon couldnt hire n rig
hro I
anywhere Even tho imported rattletraps wero
not fur him and when tn despair hi turned to
the tncent distresses another refusal met him
I Xaw fold one of the drivers n lien appealed
tr youse Is I Hkhtln us an youneli get 11 tim
light yousu kin put up wld Dry aint l no rig lu
the vii iugelt hlr to yutme
Filled is Ilk clmerln Deacon Iyinan went tn
Dr Harvey anti they consulted I was Ioldo
that they hould ISO their own carriages all <
1 drum UI un many us they could from their
t friends When election day eaton tho carriages
j wont out but they heratnn unaccountably mixed
I up In collisions nith the publlo hacks and mie
coachmen txcamo buttle icnrred veterans In
short order Then too It Iclrre
ihor orler I was unpleasant for
the families who owned the eiiulpAgen Fur In
t stance Mrs harvey having occasion to
1Ie Mra 11 haJnl oceolon go
down town on election diY was obliged to walk
On Iho way down she was pjtucd 1 by her lrrllo
In It was a mossy tramp the ensconced by vir
1 tue of his right of uflrnue Illsmudencaswl
boots were oulstroiohtxl upon tho seat H black
IJliho blal
f bottle projected rout him K > cket and from his
C countenance n clay pipe whirl ho presently
I rtmoved knocking the smouldering ashes out
1 upon thn side cushion and Mrs Harvey
mourned because itmn had not fnrnlhrd her
carriage with cuipldnrs After all Dr
nrrlale rlophlo Afer al Harvey
wat beaten beaten out of slant bo was lea >
I Con lyman So were all thu hacU reformers
from top to bottom the hackmuti reomer
L complete victory and they celebrated that night
I by Ue drunkest imrwlu that ever wound a
I corkscrew course through limo streets of Sara
t toga It nos seriously alleged that oven the
c homes wore Irllk
Thus rndiHl the llrst revolt against the hack
ml Hut timer merit results Kv ry nitrvhant
I In tOm who feigned that petition waa black
c latcd and buycotlrd by the cabbies One of time
t victims was the tncrtible ali corpulent head
of hanlwitrn tlrm who had the
a hnrllIrt Irl not algnvil pe I
tition himself hit whose junior partner had
A time hardwnru man came up on a late train ana
11 010
I carriage nluht shortly alter election and started for a
I Ver cant get lu there said tho driver
m lbllllaleur 1
l The merchant wont on to the next
1 I aint riiiiiln tonight Im going home
t mi said time IWlor
1 along limo line Ito met with refusals until
I he became angry und lUumndcd an explanation
A thorui of aircattn uas the reply Votu
ngln ua an then hire our rigs will > er Dot
> er Iertlllon ivld yerr Uu hire uwheeltir
rer buy 1 bicycle Aint yer legs good
rnoiigli to carry > cr r
Way Mr 1 1 take gee homo cried one
man llniilly but lImo luerclmnt was suspicious
and mlrd what the charge would be
Ten dollarV stud tho man an the surplus
goes Into tho Icctlou tunmlt
r That night tha men haul walked home So
for ninny nights theroafter did many S
respectablu citizen of baratoira Desire for ro
I vengu teased great within their mild and they
I hunted up the old ordlnancoand demandetl that
I U L b nfurcul uid ths tb tiiwiU hp 014
Mil I i t moT abont Tot Jwo day it was m
fortid and thoao t two day WM Nlra
of terror Staid citizens itailopM madl
from curb t curb dodging darting and
ieaplBir until curb bad reached tt goal
headed off harried and pursued bv demoniacally
moniacally bal hackmen WlldVeyed
business men stood on street corner and tor
thalrhalr because they Were late for appoint
Mont yt dared not oroes throngb the mase at
lent controlled J cr roolb Abbln llac
the old crJInsncs bVsn enforced a few days
longer all the tiaratoslans that had not 10neo
tha hospitals wo ld have been fugitive or
manlaca The antihack party acknowledged
complete defeat anthlk the election and In the
subsequent fray Merchants who bad fet the
rigors of the boycott and other citizens who lied
been compelled t walk after signing time hack
reform petition wero glad to have peace at any
prior Their courage was gone
I was then that the woman came to the front
They wonsn1 afraid of hack driver or any ono
else they said and they formed tho Womens
Association whose object
of NatBtoga Hprlngs
11101 Hprlnl
wait reform In general and hack reform lu
particular One of tha leaders In the movement
was tllas Augusta Wiggins a prominent snout
her of the llergh society whose Interest In the
work was chiefly on behalf of the cab homes R
she considered their b lng compelled to slant
In the streets nil day cruel to them Other
prominent Indira Interested In the movement
both on the humane and the leithrtlo l side were
Mr Murray Hhocmaker all Mrs Mary I
Iayn daughters James M Marvin one of tho
owners of the United Utatea Hotel Alias Anna
M Jones Iresldentof the Women Association I
Mrs C 1 Iesterwlfeof Judge Letter and Miss
Anna M I bpence On hearing of this move
ment the haekmen undertook to boycott time
woman too but soon found out that this wasnt
14 easy Ono of the leaders of the cabbies was
dozing on his cab when threo ladles of the asso
ciation ono an officer went to his carriage and
told him they wished to be driven home Ito I
woko up but on seeing who It was that had
balled him pretended tu go to sleep again Thin
pretence was dissipated 10 I determined prod
ufllcor from a parasol In tho hands of the asiochuluu
I cant take oleo people caul the Jehu
sulkily Youo belong lo the association
lulkl can take 11 and you must Insisted tho
lady Wo pay our fare tho sumo as any on
Well I wont take youso then retorted the
fellow Impudently <
Very well was the reply I know our
name and I shall have your llcenno revoked I
snail also sue you for damage and your horse
and carrlngfl will 0 attached ant damages
Hei is I A legal decision In a similar case I you
wish to ace It
Hut cabby didnt wait Down he hopped and
opened cabby for time trl When time last ot
Com got out nt hr home cabby who had
arnmv somewnat recovered from his alarm said
Fiv I dollar maam
BoventyUvecentJ said the lady wc tly
offering the amount
Seventyfive notliln I want Ave dollars
a I wont tko a cent less <
A policeman chanced to 0 passing and the
lady called him over He upheld her anti as
she paid cabby her 73 cents she said to the discomfited
Just tell time other huokmcn that this will be
done In every case We propose to b allowed
to rldo It we have to bring suit agalnstovery
thlng on wheels that runs In Saratoga
Two or three other unsuccessful attempts t
bluff tho determined members of tho associa
tion convinced the hackmen that they hud met
thulr match Iurlutpi tho Increaxa of tbo bl
cycle habit helped to break their haugnty spirit
to a It largely diminished their business At
any rate they were quite prepared for time result
of the spring election that overwhelmed them
as ll dlr Calm Mitchell time sport u ho was swept
out of the Presidency ot time vllhigo A newer
dinanca was pas > cd providing hack stands on
the slda streets and prohibiting necks from
standing on Broadway or driving thero except
lu the regular course of business limo cabbies
acknowledged their defeat and said that It was
due solely to the pluck ot time women The rneu
tiny Mild could never have beaten them Thus
I Is that for the first time In years Saratogas
Uroadway is free of hacks
Capt Terry Will floW Hervlce or Hon
ThrounUou Thin Wroh
In the woods north of the camp said to b unli I
censed was burned to the ground between 1 and I
S oclock this morning Tho ofllccr of tho day
and a detail from tho guard were the drat from
ant t 111 unrt trst
the to reach tbD They
cnlUllo toene were Joined
soon by nearly all the Third flattery detail who
thought llrst that the llamas came from tho
stables where tho horses are kept and by Capt
Tburstan Capt Maidhoff UeutvGol MeCca
key liutt and Dr Fred Iouzhran Nothing
could bo dono to save the building Tho cause
of tho are is I unknown
At 1 oclock this mornlna Capt M Terry
chaplain of tho Twelfth preached to the real
inept and the provisional battalion under tho
trees aul the blur near Oen McAlptns tent
where church services are usually hold This
evening the chaplain conducted services In the
V MC f A tout Throughout tho week Capt
Terry says he will hold 1 short service of tong
a few minutes before tattoo
Ion Henrys condition continues to Improve
Gen McAlpln said today that hI thought the
tho n week ral would b out again by the middle o
The ofllcer of the day was Capt E C Smith
Company A officers uf the guard First Lieut
Joseph P I Mulfnrd Twentythird Keglment de
tailed tn the Kleventh Separate Company and
Second Llout I H Trowbrldgeof Company K
Th Trial or the Princeton Near Collies
Will n Bln la TrTDtnn Tomorrow
TnEKTON July 14 Prosecutor Bayard Stock
ton received a letter yesterday from Garret
Cochran tho Princeton College student who
was wounded on June 8 by John S Collins tho
colored man who Is charged with tbe murder
Fred Obi Tbe letter states that Cochran will
bo trial hero next Tuesday morning to testify at tbD
Cochran Is anxious to give his testimony In
behalf of the late but the defence hare strong
hopes that In the croaoexainlnatlon they will
show I hat Collins wan obliged to defend himself
by using his revolver
Tho lawyers who will defend Collins are
Channrey H lleasley ami J 1 U I Conrad of this
city and sonulor William I Daly of hudson
county Time prosecutor will bo assisted by W I
Holt Apgar Collins does not appear to worry
uleep much over well the approaching trial He worr I
A Stun Who ICnriv lice In Arreitcd Pend
tag IivrMlBittlon
ST IAUI July 14Mn Rosa Gardner I
handsome woman of 22 yean who camo to this
city a stranger on July 7 took morphine at lImo
Hampton house this morning and died before a
doctor could reach her Her husband
dotor reah bnd sent her
here from Demarsvlllo Mon to visit relatives
hut she seems to have failed t dad relatve
hecomlnu despondent took her life Charles
M I Khepurd who knew time woman was arrest
rd ami placed In time Central Motion pending on
Investigation by the Coroner eaton pldlni
C I V Committee to Meet Col Grant
At tho meeting of the Central Labor Union
yesterday 0 letter was read from Police Com
missioner Grant In reply to a complaint that
Mr Grant was trying to bring Philadelphia
architects and contractors hero build
archllect conlrators to lulhl1oleo
station hnuxes with cheap labor Mr Grant
said Ito would b happy to west a committee of
I cmmitee
time union on the subject
Wo may possibly talk over matters which
may bo unetul to your union he concluded
I was decided tn appoint such a commute
and lro Iplelnle Kdwards Ollrlen and Haunch
Held Hervlee Round a Uomflre
PATCIIOQUK July HTho Tpworth Leaguers
at Point 0 Woods were to have a regular
meeting In the Auditorium tonight but thin
management forgot to provide lights rime min
ister In chargo at oncu adjourned the muetlng
tothe ocean bench where he said they would
build a rousing bonfire which would give light
enough for reading time hyrann To the bench
tho crowd went and all hands began collecting
sticks lumber tnd boxes which they made
Inton held bonfire The regular exercises wero then
A VrclBbt llrukeansm Ioaei an Ana
Thomas J Kulllvan a freight brakeman on
the Pennsylvania I I I rod fell between two
cars In the yard at Ireene street Jersey City
yesterday afternoon and hat his left arm out
off He was removed to thu City hospital
Sullivan Is 23 years old and lives at iM7
Atlantic avenue brooklyn Ho Is enuugtd In bo
married and the I wedding was fixed for tomorrow
A Hrooklj 1alleemnn Nuddrn Death
Policeman Frank Dewey 33 years old who
was attached to the Urccnpolut station In
brooklyn and had ben on tho forco for six
years died 1 suddenly last night of heart dlseaio
at his hOle In Manhattan uenue lie hud
been on patrol duty during time 1eluo day lu fad
Arrested o C VII ef EiubeiilcmtaU
Max Gobler 174 llluirod street Brooklyn
was arrested early yesterday morning by Lo
lectlv Sergeant Kelly on a warrant Issued by
Police Justice Hsrrlman on a charge of erabex
element 1 Is alleged thut while acting as Sec
retary of the Peter Cooper Club ho purloined
HOO oflts lundJ
k >
SJ Col Totals On How They May
help Tbra MlveBTher I Plenty or
Water but n Iprate lllnh Pressure
Uwpiml lv WonlU K TreaveadOHalv Cat
Gen C I T Collls Deputy CommIssioner of
PublIc Works has prepared the following art
vie abont the citys water supply and the system
distributing It giving the reasons why tall
buildings down town are not likely to secure
from the city I pressure sufficient to carry water
to thlr upper storlcsi
t tlIlr Iloreal
There Is really nothing In the water supply
question to exolto tho least alarm Btrlp the
agitation of tho encouragement It receive from
those who control largo bodies of water within
a radius of fifty miles of us for which they are
seekIng a make and nothing Is loft of It
Tho problem which confronts us Is one of dis
tribution not of supply and oven this though
serious Is In no way alarming
The present average dally consumption Is I I
little less than SOO millions of gallons yet the
supply on band In the several storage and other
reservoirs Is 18000 millions of gallons In
other words wo havo ninety days supply on
The Increase In dally consumption during the
past five years has been 1 millions so that In
1UOO wo will be using 230 millions a day by
which time the darns lt Carmel and Atnawalk
will lie completed giving tom a volume of J170QO
millions additional gallons making a total of
93000 millions
Five years later at the furthest the great dam
at Cornell will bo finished Increasing the sup
ply by 20000 millions making a grand total of
00000 millions of gallons of pure water well
protected against contamination to furnish a
demand of nt tho utmost 400 millions aday
And back of all this aro tho waters of Lakes
George alt Champlaln ant the vast acres of
Adirondack lakes
Perhaps this Is I going far enough Into tho
future and yet Iaka 1rlo Is left to us ono of
those great fresh water seas which Clod created
for sonic wiser purpose than navigation After
that tho deluge
So much for tho question of supply
I confess that the sfttcm of distribution I
not so satisfactory and that It In I ono which
should receiveas Ills I receiving tho attention
It deserves Those who havo given tho subject
no thought ant jot speak of It as glibly as they
do upon every other subject which they take
for granted they know all about arc demand
ing moro pressure Incrented pressure to reach
time upper floors of tim Immense lasers of
offices piled fifteen or twenty deep In lImo vicin
ity of Wall street Increased pre uro for time
upper stories of dwellings erected above the
water supply level and Inceased pressure to
meet the demands of serious conflagrations
1 am Informed that there has bwn no well
grounded complaint of lack of water at I lire In
i ears nor Is I there likely to to for some years to
Tho pressure necessary to forco water to the
opof thu tall buildings now being erected would
play havoc with the plumbing of tho buildings
down town which were erected I quarter of a
century ago for water will refuse to climb until
It has exhausted every other effort to escape
Surely the pcoplowho are thus in leopnrdynro
entitled to some consideration I ho plumbing
referred to uuu gauged when now to resist a
> resuroof 40 pound to time MIHUVO inch Tho
iresent downtown pressure Is 15 pounds Indiiy
time and 25 pounds at night Increase It 10 or
15 pounds which mlvht carry U to an elevation
of Jundl at Wall street carrJ something would
have to Rlvu war I un announcement wa
made today that the pressure would be In
creased to 40 oreen 03 pounds on the let of
January next all tho plumbers in New York
could not get tho hotels olllco biilhlingH apart
utmt houses anil tenement houses and tho
homes of small consumers in condition to mucet
the change I would b a great season for
plumbers but bow the landlords would howl
I II hardly to bo credited but yet U IH I true that
builders erect bulldinga on the outskirts of thu
city where no water mulnshnvo been laid perfect
heir interior plumbing and then In Limo rule of
liuied taxpayer demand that water pines
ahalb laid immediately to meet I wall n hlch
hey have anticipated perhaps by < cveral years
So I Is with the corporations which are now
reeling buildings with time object of getting 1
maximum rental from inlmmum area of land
I they nave gone attend without seriously con
IderlnK tho water question they have only
themes to blame They aro ut 01
erect cisterns on their upper Moors and
mmp up all limo water they need provided
hey pay tor It at It registers Itself In
the muter but the tlmo Is almost here
when this pumping must b dune at
certain hours and under certain restriction
else those who tap tho Stow nearest Its nourco
may divert the current from thosu lower down
and In case of flru may worK serious Injury
Many years ago the largest brewing estahlldh
bent In the world located on time south side of
hoThnmo to sudden lack ot
Tbnloo camo a sltdln stop for
voter Its artesian well having refused to tlow
Investigation showed that a similar concern
upon time opposite bank of tIme river had tapped
the same subterranean I stream Of cour < > thls I
led to a litigation but tlio Master ot limo ItolK
with I Solomons wl dom decreed that eel
night have twelve hours out of Ibo tmcimty
four and for aught I know the decree Is I still in
In regard to dwelling houses In elevated por
tons of tho uptown district the cistern must
bo availed of until the new pumplni tntloii ut
Ugh Bridge is I completed In canto localities
theoe cisterns will fill during the aught time in
thers time ordinary can pump attached to the
service plpo I not n very expensive luxury for
a good citizen who hits faith that uo arc doing
our best for his relief I find some few people
irejndlced final list time use nf I cistern whereas
he fact U I that lImo water so stored having time
collie Is much purer than that which tlnws
Irectly from time main tn tho faucet Inder
any circumstances I prefer for my own house
water that his gone through this filtering
The real present need of this city for all put
poets is 130 million Latluna u day In othor
words 23 per celt of time distribution Is winte
lhmtmi Is being remedied UH dlslrbutul I possible
Although braver twenty yearn the law Imas re
ulred a meter t bo located In every building
xceptlng thoio uul exclusively tiC dwellings
liere are today only 31000 inntcpt In le
One advnntaKOof the meter Is that I Indicates
the existence nf leak and thu owner hastens to
repair hit plumbing Mv InvestluattonR satisfy
me that political and other Influences Imvo re
lee thousand uf persons frimimi limo pAvmcntof
a Just v ater tax by excusing them from time uneof
water meters and that time records made by
meters In use have been tampered with for the
same reaxoii I InHove 1 time revenue of the
Water Hurean Ial bu Immediately Increased 28
per cent and the waste decreased In the same
proportion et
Upon limo subject of a better distribution to
meet now exigencies such UN extraordlnaryaltl
tildes tho fact should hu l remembered that
municipalities I rarely 1001111 I time emerecncy
Is upon them t antI then thoy I urn of ton do tIme
work with 1 profllcary which the impiiluril
mnnd for It too readily excuses All large cities
havo had their scandals about tutu mm ewers
resnrvolrii court homes nnd thu like but time
Job would mover have been conceited had the
Government gone about It ns a business ran
would eularice his plant to meet un Increasing
bUKlnctn yet to come
Ilnns ought to Ito maturing now for such a
distribution < if the writer supply as will secure
to posterity for at leant half actmtury I thor
oughly well regulated I easily controlled and
satisfactory water Mipply Few cities In tho
unrld afford better natural facilities for such a
system barrlnsnnu or Iwo diniciiltles which no
doubt the ck III of f the t engineer will surmount
llroadway and Fifth avenue from Canal street
to I Ninetieth Istlie I llneof divide of the peninsula
Itlscompurutlvely free f rum conduits tnt and
west of It we Hnd easy RradeH lo the North and
Kast Itlvers lime luw Imt water throuuh an
uqueduct on tub uvmiuo and its lateral brunches
would almost regulate Itself but with tho or
dinary mechanism of pities time I current could
not only lm I controlled iil diverted to localities
making Hidden demands upon It or to lot ulllks
reiiutrliiR moro or lesa I ntcr ut certain bourn of
Ibo slay ami regulating ncr dot permanently In
those localities wherw tho population Increased
or decreased Fortunately tiltpernicious system
of granting tu Indh MnaU the rlaht to construct
vaults beneath the publlu hltli ays has beep
checked by the present ndmlnUtruiliin thouuh
such mischief hai already weii donu lu this
direction us to render any tilconceived plan
Iunre1el 1101
of water distribution problematical until tlie > o
encroachment are ktirrcnderrd Ills compara
lively fair sailing until we reach Canal Street
and then we terms confronted tutu 1 pnihlem
Mhlch ll II I limit emisy to solve At this point tlio I
street level Is I only loll feet above low water
mark Nuwnslliacoxverareuiilreuplteh of
lUI Illho 60werl rllllre ulllirh at
least four feet from Canal street to the river
thoy urn only four frI below limo I I tie at
Canal street and liroudway und ull
1llalUrct anllrol < way 11 connecting
accrues aCe upon time semIte level Al io theo
soners Is I I doubletrack cabin rullnuy and
11111 ohIo or theniuiu iiiunbera of f uulis UII 11t
vuled by uliiitling proper imners niul ii cute
fuiul network or uitur pipes gin umlns und
electric conduits
And It la I from below anal strict that the
legitimate fur better service reaches
1IIIInlle apjienl betcr nlo nachll
Itls nut of time iiuesllon Ki lay ludupomlent high
nrcMsuro mains dim n llroudwsr for Ito reikwns
just stated to which may bu ndtled the additional
einbarrassinent of time proiKutrd undcrgroiind
railway Prrlmp the solution may L time con
structlon of a loop connecting Cal I street mend
running westerly by way say of Church street
and easterly byway say of the lower flowery
and Pearl street to time flattery and th erection
of a high pressure station at some downtown
point for such service as Is not supplied by
This suggestion Is I of course crude and
doubtless I defective lu many respects but oy
I TOur
Our collar and cuffbusiness ia
described in a jiffy we keep tho
best shapes of tho two loading
makers and soil at tho prices they
You got no advantage of prico
by buying of us j all you got ia n
big variety to chooso from and our
promise that everything shall bo
Your money back i you want it
Prince and nro way
Warren and llroadwaj
3W J
DIM and Lroadwar
system which will meet the wants of the com
mercial district as to health comfort and se
curity will 111vnlvo a vast expenditure of money
While municipal Indebtedness la one of limo
serious economic problems the day wo may
console ourselves tliat this wonld bean mar
Itnre which posterity would not only cheerfully
concede was for their benefit but they would
owe us a debt of Eratitude for saving them a
much larger outlay If thIs generation delayed It
I immerse such great filth in the Intelligence und
civic pride nf those whose duly It Is I to consider
this menu other grave quentlonn which present
themselves that I have no fear of the outcome
It Is Important for time citizens to underntaiul
that time watcrnupply of Now York city deliv
ered by eravltv Into time reservoirs of Central
Park waadridgncd tn furnish water at the press
ure that the altitude of those reservoirs would
produce when full Outside nt existing high
service that Ire lre when distributed equally
throughout the city Is ample for tire protection
and for all general requirements In time way ot
domestic nr manufacturing uses Tho problem
of fire protection for tha vertical growth ot
the city In liluh buildings which aro loom
ing up nt different points and frequent
ly In Isolated localities Is I a separate
question Thy must not expect to lm I provided
furr far as pressure la I concerned A separate
circulation for hluh pressure for their special
protection would bo so costly a to lx < prohibi
tive therefore the reasonable way to dispose of
this matter belongs to tho owners thnnikelveo
and to thin water lifting nnd throning ap
paratus of time Fire Department viz portable I
water towers and steam tire engines 1 bong
115 the city pipes are sufficient to supply thran
engines critic reasonable pressure say twenty to
thirty pounds the square Inch protection for
times high buildings is I provided for ant the
city does It part rims owners of such buildings
might now speedily protect themselves by
having pipes placed on the ontslda of their
buildings to which the fireengine hose could
b attached Tliefw would answer tho purpose
of a high portable lower for each bulldlnuand
Its neighborhood the pipe remaining empty
save In the case of lire Provided with this
lre < tlt
simple lire aland pipe on each hush building
tho pumping power located within or In u
neighboring building if I tho bunilnic building
was not available could be an ronneeled us to
supplement time Fire Department apparatus
Thins the citys responsibility would He In fur
nlfhlnff the requisite quantity of writer Instead
of this excess of pressnrn and In 1 fliiallilng
the distribution that at nny and all times smut
den demands would be met
There Is a subject In connection with the water
supplv which gives mo mor serious thought
than that of quantity or distribution It applies
to all fultvvliter clues but more especially tu
New York Hero are 2000000 of soim Ibo
hutch dependent upon u bar of supply nearly
forty mia distant from HIM held or consump
lIon the line of communication being I an aque
duct sufficiently veil guarded perhsps in time
or lIre but In CIO of war or Insurrection morn
tempting to an enemy than a poorly defended
harbor lako cities and those built iiiwn the
bank of Inland rivers aro In no such Jeopardy
hit thn protactlon of the water supply of all sea
coist cities U In my opinion grave I question
for the consideration of the national Govern
navies ment as tho construction of harbor defences or
That What the Central Labor Federation
full Tumaea New Vurtlen
The Central tabor Federation discussed
yesterday Sheriff Tamten and the appointment
of Paperhanger lamen P Archibald who Ian
member of the Central Labor Union as Warden
of Ludlow street jail The result was limo fol
lowing resolutions which were passed unani
mousllrsl That wa congratulate tho Central
Labor Inlun on the appointment of Its 1 chief
labor fakir and political jmperhanKor James 1 I
Archibald as Warden of tho Ludlow street jail
That such a glorious victory for the causa ot
labor reflects duo credit on the practical work
laos nnd final alms of tbe said C L U
That whllo we are opposed to capital pun
ishment wo deplore the substitution of tho
electrIc chair for the gallows In that It requires
tclentlrin knowledge which debars the averl o
labor fakir from asplrlnc to the noble office It
fxeuiitloner for which he would otherwise bo
Settee fitted than for the meaner ono of turn
key but as matters stnnd f fully recognize
that next to being a Jail idrd to bo I Jailer U
the fittest employment for a labor fakir
That for the information of the public at
large we hereby gleefully certify ti > time cor
rectness of sheriff Tamsens statement that thu
tald James 1 I Archllmhl never wits I Socialist
hit always was n true blue labor fakir from
hi ad to foot and naturally Imbued with sleep
hatred f or an > thluK or anybody socialistic
Xo direct referenoe to Archibalds appoint 1
ment was made at the Control Labor Unions
meeting yesterday The nearest reference was
when aaUcnsstnn arose over a paracruph In time
organ of tim Socialist labor party which referred
totlia Central Labor Inlon delegates as corrupt
and looking I after political snap
Several I delegates said time matter was beneath
their notice Others wanted lo pass I resolution
corruptness iiaklnv the paper to point out any Instances of
Delegate Icilbl of tho Plasterers Fnion do
clariil base slander that tbo purngraph was all Insult and 0
You all scrip In b hnndllnir time matter In I
gingerly way cold Delegate K > nn of the Pho
Uientravers1 fnlon 1 crrlalnly believe tho
paper ubomu hI b ailed what the slander meixna
Tills has all como about because ono of our dole
ofllco gmetts hI received an appointment fur a public
Tho mater was finally tabled
The Polo lDip < rlonhlp In nrookljp Uay
Uo to u Democrat
I I expected that within a few days PoleD
Commissioner Welles ot Brooklyn will appoint
a successor to tIme late Inspector Itullly The
selection will b made from tho captains and
without Situ formality of I civil service exam
ination Two of the present three Inspectors are
Ilepiibllrnns and a > Inspector Itellly was a
Democrat there Is I antlmpreeslon that Cotnmls
mlsulouer Welless selection will be uf the came
political faith
Them Is a sharp scramble between Capts
Ilrennan lluckholtx and Clayton tor time place
and each has strong Republican backing It Is
laid I that J nlJ frP Wellm Intends II lolcnore I
the t politicians and that hu has almost inude up
his mind to promotu Capt Jamea Kenny of the
tnt precinct to tho vacant Inspectorship
Its First Celebration by the Central Labor
red re home
The Central Labor Federation celebrated the
first Socialist Memorial Day jestenlay after
noon In tho Labor Lyceum at 04 East Fourth
street The hal was decorated with strips of
while ant black cloth ant picture of Ferdinand
Ijiiallo and Karl Marx hung over the platform
On the platform was H pillar On this pillar
wire two tablets with time nuuies of mmb ra
of unions who have died
Krnest Hohm iSecrutary of the C L F mail
I speech In which he Hld that while rich men
had their iiamea recorded on their tombstones
vvorkliiEinentif merit and worth wore forgotten
Other speaker followed
It was decided 1 that the Socialist Memorial
Day Is to b celebrated In u similar way 011 every
July U hereafter
A Hmnll flay Full from u Brldss
f1 Eightyearold Heorg Shannon of 7J
Douglass street Drooklyn tel from tho Douglass
street bridire to the llrlghton Ilwich Railroad
tciilp track wound last erenlnv and neaped with I slight
loau VII Nat U ce Alula This Year
IONimv July 14 It will be offldally an
nounced tomorrow that Diana Montauk and j
True Blue have been scratched Monlaul their
racing cngnr ffitn q fur J6VJ t
6 y
7HZ to vxrtBXTOQX sum 80811
BID or ataona cAttfAxeir
Why bald the flUle C stltt Hy
Added It P aaiea < e the Dollars fVa 1
MusketS to O st Out a OMalal Vfcjily
he Chare of Bad FitlthMr Werees
EoaAor Tent League Waktma
The Uon William DrookOsld Mayor Strongs
Commissioner of Publla works hiss raised a
breeze his associates the Republican
blCZO among be alolatelon nopublcan
Stat Committee Mr Brookflelds statement I
that the Republican State Committee refused
last fall to contribute money to help Mayor
tUrongs campaIgn Is not nsw Thats been
printed a dozen time Hut the following addi
tion by Mr llrnok field rankled In the hearts of
State Committeeman Barnes and others who
consulted with Mr Platt at the Oriental Hotel
I believe that If the Republican rauilldtte for Oem
ernorhul bout flectnl the Laflilstiir carried and
the union ticket In IbU county defeated lait fall the
llfpulllcon ststo manstenieat at limo Fifth Av nue
Hotel would liars heels delighted
Undo Charley Flocked Chairman of the com
mittee proposes to gut after Mr Ilrookfleld and
It may be also that others iumlllar with time
workings of the Fifth Avenue Hotel head
quarters last fall may have something to say
Mr Hockett Is I expected In town seine lime this
week and his friends at tho Fifth Avenue Hotel
last night said that he would havo something
ofliclat anti hot In reply to Mr Urookflelds
It will bo recalled that Mayor Strong was
nominated only after tho solemn assurance that
the Commute of Seventy would pay the bills
The seventy were In politics up to their necks
and all had long purxen Tbey were to pay all
of tho expenses of the entire mongrel ticket
and great was time yelping a few nlchts before
election day when tho boodle wan distribut
ed TIme Itojmbllcan County Committee of
whlrh Mr Hrookfleld was then President
looked squint eyod because the Grace
Democrats tIme ODrlenltcs the heroes
and that on tilt were provided with baga
of the long green In lImo scramble to elect
the reform Mayor thrra was a Una old racket
over time TOn boodle but those In charge of the
Fifth avenue headquarters said they couldnt
do anything In the first place the TO had
Hlireed to provide the swag and time Republican
State machine had all It could do to get funds
for Its end of time light Clov Morton did not
como down as handsomely as was expected An
evidence of this was when exSenotor Fassett
telrprnphtMl to Mr Morton at HIilneclitT on the
Friday night before election saying
lusty duiapptiumted Itrpulillcan County Chairmen
Alit atratii Puma exporuemmeo ol tile Uuvciiburt ettiuiialjeu
IH to IH rrpratiHl
Ira Davenports friends have always Insisted
that If he hud lint up 810000 more In his Unlit
against Hill In IHHJ ho could heave won
That Is what Mr Fasiett meant In Ills telegram
to Mr Morton Mr Suxton was Poor i and the
Republican HI ate nmuhlno couldnt get any
thing out of him In fait Mr Suxton on his
last visit to New York roni > hilind tiout Cole
trarv to hlafXpectatloiiH hv lead been assessed
J1UO fur membenhlp In time State Club Ho
suld ho could not alTnrd to meet such an assess
ment So the Republican State muchlnlitii nay
that they were powerless to aid Mr Hrookfluld
Hut for that matter they relied absolutely on
the promises of the TO of which they said
yesterday Mr llrooklleld uns fully aware
Hut Chairman Hackett it wa mild will answer
Mr HrookQeld In thouumo of thu Republican
State Commit tee
A delegation of Chomnnir Republicans head
eO by xPo9tnmiiter Henry Hood of Klmlra
called on Mr Platt to speak of the situation In
their t nunty H wag their opinion that Mr Fits
felt cannot go us u delegate from the county to
the Republican State Convention In fact they
said that Fainctt kndws already that he la
beaten and only thive years nero he was nomi
nated at Rochester for llovernor
From time reports received yesterday from
Wa > ne and Ontario which comprise the Forty
second Senate district John Raines Is to be rc
nominated IloutUov Sniton is for Raines
bvcuiibe the Repuhllean leaders of tho two coun
ties Insist upon Rainess nomination and Mr
Saxton doesnt wlnh to make rnemletilii his Son
ate district for the reason that he wishes to be
nominated twit relic to succeed iov Morton
blatii Committeeman Heroes said that ho was
glad to be alive As editor of the Albany
Evening Join mil he hums said some pretty lard
things about Cornelius X llllss PrvnUlent non
Wilbur Wakeinan Secretary of the American
Protective Tariff League In West Twentythird
Street who Imvo brvn running time big Klato
Committee movement Mr Ilarnes came
down from Alluny Saturday evening strolled
Into the Fifth Avenue Hotel hcfore going to the
Oriental I and run plump into Mr Uakeinuii
Mr VVakeuian was In me blaze of auger M soon
as lit net eyes on Mr llartica Jhey uru of the
canoe uigu < > nd weight and they flung
language at each other In great shnpn Hut
I Husnt Koine to got Into a row In limo Fifth
Avenue Hotel nld i Mr llnrnos yesterday
Uakiinans schema la frightful from my
stnnilpoliit as a Republican Under It New
York with tlilrtylhu AMemlilv district
K hugs with I tueniyone Hlehmond one Voit
chestrr three Queens tbreu and ErIe eight
lull llemocratlc slrontholds would como
within live votes of controlling time publcan
State Coinmlltro Thats line Repuhllean mill
tics t and where notild bo the countrrmcn who
give the big llepublliun mJorltlrsir Wakcuian
bust bu crazy Any way 1m I auto
Hiiy lie floes Nat Wnnt n RrsionilnallOB
nnd t oiilil Not Get It If lie SlId
Once moro Mayor Pchleren of Ilrooclyn has
como out with an announcement thit hols not
a candldato for another term
When I took this office ho said I took It
for the purpose of serving only ono term and
then retiring to my private business My ambi
tion has been to leave It as honorable a man as
when I entered It I have endeavored to give
time people of llrooklyn an honorable and effi
cient government How far I Intro succeeded
they ran judge I am not a candidate and I
couldnt get tIme nomination If I wanted It
Mr Schleren has nntagonlrcd cxPcnntor
Worth Sheriff lluttllni and all the other ma
chine leaders to such a degree that were he to
become a candidate ho would bo hopelessly
beaten In tIme city Convention Vet there are a
few conspicuous Republican statesmen who be
lieve that political matters may ro Miapo them
felvM In this next three month ni to force Mr
elm irromes renoinlnntlnii und compel his aup
istrt l by uven lImo nmchlnu mammon It Is uc
euled ncnernlly IIOUUMT thut Mrhchlcrun U
In I receive no further mtul It heal honors and
uUciidy several hutdlnc llrpubllfans are laying
plaiiK lor i lie nonilnutloii ti rim ConimUiloicr
Irid V WtirHir la the most furmldablo cundl
date ito far named ami It so ret < Io rome before
this oievrntiemm The friends of Gen Stewart
L Vixidfnrd und of CL A Moora are also mar
or lest active but at present there It no question
thnt Mr winner hat the loudest call
The 1 DemiHrallo situation hna not changed
during the week limo imimlmet ronlldenre Is ex
preyed hy men who are thoroughly informed
of what Ucolntf on thnt tin regulars and imp
ardltes wilt ii l found marchtne to the polls un
der the same standard and that harmony will
prevail In all the nominations There1 is equal
confidence In the rank antI file of limo party thut
Mr Sohlerens successor will be a Dvtuuerat
A CbaaiK Cornea over tht Name of fleb
liege Club on Its VICBle
A big llepubllcan organization had an outing
at Dexter Park U I I yetiorilay undor th
name of tIme John K Mllholland Association
but when It returned to lImo city last evening It
had changed Us name and will henceforth bo
known as limo T C Plutt Association of the
Twelfth Assembly District John Stlebllng Is a
prominent Republican In the Corlears Hook
section Ho organized time opposition to the
Union League Committee of Thirty plau
of organUiUlon In the old Fifth din
trltt and Hilled hlmsolf with the
Mllholland movement lie formid a big ijub
there which h msllvd time John K Mllholland
Association Indvr this name the cluhadter
Used us outlni for several month Meantime
Mr Mllhollaml for whom the club was naniud
unit Mr Htleblliijt who controls It not at polltl
cal otlml ttiolhimmg dIsh not want to Injure time
prospects nt lieu outing and walled until tlio
club was pot tnirither lit Dexlrr Park yesterday
when on hit motion It Was unanImously drnjiled
tu clungo time milieu to lime T C Platt Association
irises of Vales Pleased with Ike llrltaaaU
LONDON July H The Prince of Wales Is evi
dently much please J with tho performances of
time lirilaunk In her contests In the northern
regattas lie has sent a message totapt Carter
rnnuratulatlng him upon his successful sailing
tuf this yacht
h t y
r Y r
Nettle Rash
Prickly Heat
Successfully curod by Physi
cians having 20 years experi
ence in all akin diseases
Charges moderate Book on IJeauty and
Dermatology for a stamp
Dirniniotogtenl TiuHltilf
lit Wttt 4Jd Kl Xetp York
Uronshcsi notion Phlla Chicago Bt Louis
John I Woodbury Is tbe Inventor of Woo
burrs Facial Soup for the skin scalp and com
plexion For sale everywhere
The nevrinrenee n tToodnan on Christian
BcTclullonA letter from Her Halolll
PLATwnunoit N V July 14Th second
week of theCathollo Summer School of America
opened today with solemn high mass at St
Johns Churclv the item W II OConnsll of
Boston being tlie celebrant The sermon was
by thee Item Clarence K Woodman Ph D C
8 P b of New York on Christian Revelation
Among other things ho said
In doallugwlth this subject we have to do
not with an abstract theory not with a more
system of philosophy but with a present fact
and a fact without parallel In the worlds his
tory This fact requires to bo accounted for
Will chance account for It Hy no means
Does chance account for the Gulf Stream that
strange river In the great deep flowing con
stantly In the same direction sInce Immortal
time The Christian faith has been as It were
a moral Gulf Streama steady uniform cur
rent of faith and devotion never ceasing never
changing for nearly SOOO years Its existence
cannot now bo explained on the theory that It
merely happened so Does IniDosturo account
for It This Is still more preposterous If our
Lord was an Impostor time spread of Ills revela
tions would have been marvellous more ex
traordluary than If It had been propagated by
divine powers The Gospels give us a full ac
count of time Revelation of Christ How should
wo regard them As mere human historical
documents they have all tIme marks of veracity
We read In them of the establishment of n new
religious system with definite doctrines Insti
tutions and laws Wo look around over the
world today and we see that same system In
active operation and those Identical doctrines
Institution and laws believed In practised auo
enforced In not this time strongest of argument
for time truth of the Oorpel record Tho annual
celebration of the Fourth of July for Instance Is
a conclusive proof of tho fact of uur national In
dependence and of the truth of historical records
of It Ho Is the annual keeping of Easter a proof
no less convincing of the truth at time Gospel
testimony to the fuel of the resurrection of our
blessed Lord An unbroken line of tradition
makes a historical chain as irrefragable in the
one case as In the other The acceptance of Limo
simple truth of the Gospel history solves every
difficulty the rejection of It strikes at the
foundation of all historical proof of whatever
kind resting on human evidence
The Itev Mr Woodman also preached In the
evening on the Evidences of Christianity
The Rev Dr Conaty today received the fol
lowing letter
Vssmliiovov P C July H > 1805
fci TkomniJ Cunafy YrfMciif ciTfAc Cathollo Sum
imeir Scwof of Atutrforl
lirinKM > swim > KAiilHHTOK After returning from
IlalUburgh nil Kxrvlleucy Mgr salolll directed me lo
write you arm u > Dial waite It was u grist uiurac
llon to him last year to urr > ent no you a letter from
tho Holy KatlKir Leo XIII his pleasure hai tier n re
newed and Initeed cnhanrwl thli y ar Ijy iMlnn nrcxiiit
In prraou at the solemn opening of the Catholic bum
mer School of MimetIc Hi ailudred ho I location and
coiuldf rol U wii < laptr < l fur every ailamae pliyil
Cal as welt as Intellritual ornne mimi punclum qul
nilteult utllfl dulet ilgr Satolll wants ma to state
uartlrularlr thai according In Mi Judgment the Mum
met Kchool now In esIon its Patttburgh In tiC hleh
esc degree drierve the emeeni anil the eoiitldcnce of
itCh U has nut nnlj reached but haa even nurpawrd
the moat langulue oipeclatlons The clerical and
lay niunilwri of the Directive and Admlnimratlta
Beanie by their Intelligence In Instruction and
inanagrmrnt well know n for tnelr ilrvotlon to the
iDturtnti or rrllRlnu and eUurallon The Inrturira
have bweii ohnvn from the most competent scholar
la every branch of Irarulne Tliu programme mates
up as U Is I of aubjrcK mo > t imerrstinfc discusses very
practlrallv queslluns In tho Held of religion philoso
phy literal in history anti science and Is all that
fnuld W iKtslrrd It nns with great pleasure that
Mgr Salolll saw the concourse of people who
had com from distant places as well as
from the neighborhood to follow the course
ot Irelurcn Ills uppermost wish Is that the
number may go on fwreasiug from > ear to year
Ills a pleasure as well misaim honor for mo very rev
erend and dear Uoctor to express to yon the entire
satisfaction and high apprwlatlonof hums Kxeelleney
the Apostolic Delegate for you and the Important
work over which you preside so ably and BO suc
cessfully and to thu I bee l to offer my best wishes
Yours roipecif ully and truly In Christ A CiRms
President Conaty sent a telegram to tho
Western tummer school which opened at Mftdl
ton Sis today extending the congratulations
and best wishes of the Cathollo Sunnnor School
of America
The proitramm for this week Includes lec
tures by the Rev James F Jxinghllu U ii
Chancellor of the diocese of Philadelphia tin
The International Development of the Early
Church by the Rev Hugh Henry on Tlio lie
glnnlngs of Karly Literature and by lirother
Jlaldwin on Physiology llesldes these there
Is a special course in cooking by Mrs Gesime
Lemcke of the Cooking College ot Brooklyn
Columbian Catholic Summer Hchool
MADISON WIs July 14The Columbian
Catholic Summer School began this morning
with the celebration of the pontifical high mans
In two of the Catholic churches of time city
Archbishop Fuehan of Chicago celebrated mass
at St Raphaels Church and Illshop Messmer
of Jreenbav celebrated at St Patricks Church
Mgr Hatolll has promised spend a short Unto
In Madlxon rho lust reception will take place
tomorrow evening Senator Vilus will preside
toy Upham Mayor Alforil President Adams
of the Unlvctnlty ot Wisconsin and tIns Itov K l
11pd I ke of the Congregational Church all
Protestants wilt deliver short addresses
Made to Point Out It Alleged Hiding
Place slid Th < n Hhot
Xrw MAIIKET Ala July 14Nat Powell a
wellknown citizen was arrested hers yekter
day on a warrant sworn out by William Morris
a negro charging shooting with Intent to kill
Tho negro says that several months ago he ills
covered In a cave near New Market a lot of
coins left by a convict and that hilts brother
who Is a professor In a normal college at Hunts
vlllv took the coins to Gsdnlrii undent 000
In notes for them After giving ills brother
slot ho buried the balance except JOU
1owell wanted to borrow time tOO without Klv
lug a note A few mmhijiit ago Iowcll and two
nuiirosa called Morris out sit his imotlie and at
point of pIstols bade him lead the way to time
rave The negro went to the i > Iaco and told lieu
white man tho money was under a clone which
ho pointed nut While search wits IHIIIC inado
he ran off Powell he says shot him minute and
under proiiilienf snimrlng that thu shut was
Sired brcauif he Mnrrlxl win stealing t lilckens
tho Injured man won curried iinniu lime negro
will die Powell denies time uriettle Btory and
the hncrirr will go to the raw toiunrrow to see
If ime can verify time ncgrus tuli
Georgia Honlliern and florlda llrorcualcn
lUlTlJldiiK July 14 The Maryland Trust
Company Is said to be at the head of a syndicate
which U buying limo certificate nf limo Georgia
Southern and Florida Iliillroad Company to mix
change them for the new five percent fiftyyear
gold bonds to bo lulled about limo middle uf
August under the plan of rrorganlmlun Timer
has keen n rnther Irregular advance In throa
certificates ulnre Houlhrrn llallnayniinlred
u controlling Interest In flit railroad the but vri
expecting that the new tenrltlrn in ifl i Micd
will occupy a Pin n like thine nf time lenrjl
Parltlc I Columbia and Greenville t 1 and VeMern
North i iiroltnu railroad nil of which road mire
nwned by the Houthern Itnilwur subject to time
mortgage bonds
tu trl of > Canr < aauiuti Ornliuiu
The funeral of the late exCongressman John
H Graham of lirookhu nu Iuld Ian nluhtln
the Puritan Congregational Church of which ha
was an officer The church was crowded is lth
the friends of Mr Graham Including tlelega
tions from George C hlrong Post G A JU and
the Loyal Legion The services were conducted
by the Rev Dr K P Terhuue assisted by the
lIly Dr Louis K Foot Th Intormvnt will be
la urHowvoa Cemetery this moinlng
rax lAXion wxita AKKIIA vnoit
ZAWYZ fcnaJni
Wbesi the lvr > TT Bt to the CttjrItKll t
act Married the Acting Mayor ATmnl
Thr Bror Sabilllata Was Found
r rrnri fled Them Arrcitcil by UeaUr
lug the Girl Nat Old Knotich a Wed
An Italian love tory was tolil In Harlem
Court yesterday Amelia Marie Marino the
heroine lived with lior parents at 100 Moll
stieet When aho came to America n rear SRO
Posqualo Joseph ApMo promptly renewed on
acquaintance which began In Italy when both
were children
Paiqualo Is a young tailor who works at 173
Elm street1 lie earns fll per vcck an > l six
month ago ha got work far A moll In the snm
hon nt 000 per week While this nave Pas5
quabe many opportunities to press Ills suit It i
also gave time girl father an additional roaton
for not wanting his daughter to marry lie pre
ferred that her earnings should ka kept In th
lam thy
P It Ftrrarl who Is i la the land office of It
Race at 25 Chambers street who boarded with
the Morlnoe was anxious to marry Amelia and
If she married At nil her father Giuseppe Mo
titus preferred embryo lawyer for a sonin
law Giuseppe told his daughter last week that she
never should marry Apollo and urged the suit
of time young lawyer
1 Ill never marry him never Amelia said
an she hurried off to work
When sho reached the shop she told her lover
what her father had said
I am just miserable and Ill kill myself
rather than stand It any longer sho said la
And what would I do then I Apollo asked
her No youll not kill yourself Wo will to
antI get married without asking any ones nor
mission he added and Amelia consented
When the days work was done Apollo fijpicl
shelter for Amelia at the house of a friend la
110th street and on Saturday morning they
went to the City Hall to have the acting Mayor
unite them Hut the acting Mayor was aol
there and on Saturday evening before they
found any ono else to marry thins Giuseppe and
Ferrari traced them to 110th etreotjsjid had
them both arrested
The girl In I not yet 10 years old sja Apello
haii abducted her Ferrari told Policeman
Sharkey of the East 101th street station and as
Uluseppe corroborated this the policeman ar
rested the young couple
wbenUiev wero taken to Harlem OsWt y ester
daY thuglrl said
I am 17 years and 4 months old Apsllo Is
good be will not abuse me My father does
because ho wants mo to marry Ferrari
Ferrari said that Lawyer Kace had been en
gaged by the father and that he represented
aim This man Apollo Is I bad He abandoned a
wife and child In italy ho added
That Is a lie I never was married and I
have nu child cried Atoll
lb ouily says so because he wants to marry
mo hlniKclf find I dont believe a word of his
story said Amelia
Uo you want to marry Apollo J Magistrate
Wentworth asked
I do else why should I leave homo
Amelia replied
Then the law will not Interfere with you
and you are both discharged said the Magls
In an Instant the girl had rushed over to
Apollo and threw her arms about him They
kIssed each ether while time spectators ap
Giuseppe stalked out of court threatening
Never mind wo will bo married today at
once then let him or anyone else Interfere
with you If they dare Buld her lover and they
walked oat of court arm In arm
Tho gIrl wore In court a white muslin gown
which she had donned as a bridal dress
It Wna Foiiiht Hetnrcen Ntiidrnta nnd
Gravestone Record the Trniccdy
OTTAWA July 13Travellers on the Intro
quent boats that puss up and down time nideaa
Canal see a lowlying bit of pasture land near
the town of Perth Ontario where the last duel
fought In Canada took place A timeworn V
stone In an old graveyard In 1crth boars record
of the affair In the following Inscription
In memory of Hubert Ljon student at law
who fell In mortal combat Juno la 1HUU In the
20th year of his age
Tho surviving combatant John Wilson and
Ilia second gao themselves up justice over
Imprisoned and afterward released They were
both law students of good families and manly
connected They achieved considerable emi
nence In their profession one becoming Queen
Counsel the other a Chief Justice In Canadian
Their recent deaths have permitted the re
vival of this reminiscence of their youth The
duel was fought over time fair name of a young
and beautiful girl who Is still living but who Is
now a helplessly Infirm old woman residing la
W C Lloyd a workingmnn living
at Xo 00 i Whlto avIn the eighteenth
an Cleveland 0 fIrst bought Kl
jmns Tubules of lienfleld tho drug
gist In an interview ball with him
on the 8th of May 1805 by reporter
named A D Calhoun residing at I
1747 East Madison av Cleveland
Mr Lloyd said that ho was at present I
out of a job but expected t go to
work next week at the BrIdge work
it Anyway I have the promise of a job
there were his words He bad bCD
out of employment since last fall
We will let him tell hIs story in his
own words Work was a little alack
and I was feeling BO bad that I con
cluded to lay oil for I ew days and
when I returned my place was filled
so Ive been out ever since I dont
care much tliouch Iro liccn paining
right 1101 by my rent anil treatment
Last full I went to I doctor who
was recommended to me as a Rood
one ali with finite a reputation no
gavo mo mnedici teems of all kinds for
nearly six weeks all I got no bene
fit thnt I could sett In fact I dont
believe he knows what IH time
mutter with me A friend of min
called one evening Ant told ma ho
bad been using Hi pans Tatnilei for a
short time and bud never found
anything that lielpfd lila Htomacli
antI liver troubles an much as they
dll lie Imndcd mo a circular nbou
them which I rend and concluded 4
that they were just what I needed
anil uoiild lit my case exactly I
droppeil Dr at once went over
to the drug fctoro stud got I 50ccnt
box of them out of which I took two
A day for n while and within three I
dOt noticed and ftlt much Improve
ment t That was about time middle
of IKcemlier Last IVbrimry I got
ItnotluT Niiiall IMIV of tbe Tubules
ami took part of them t only us I was
fccllu bomnrli letter that I didnt
think I I uifcled any moru The rest o
tliii IMIX I guo to John C the
other day I I hud heinl of them at
tlif time I stopped work I could have
Hived my doctor bill and letter than
nil piolubly kept right on with my
wnrk But I tlo not begrudge limo
time bet nor limo doctor bill an I feel
I am well paid for Imving learned of
tbe Tubules I now feel no palu
whatever In my stomach liver anti
bow cis active nnd reynlur and cat
liken well man should ml I
RIpAiis Tabulrs are old by druggists or by
nail It tho prlco I 60 cants I box Is soul to Th
lpaiis tUieiiitcal Company No 10 Bpruc ii U
sew i VgU tUwpU vial W UIU a

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