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t ¼ WW f vi 1T 4
I 77 r
t It JITtn re rIPtI11 piyr rOv
THE SUN MONDAY JULY 15 1805 > 5 j
E rov inn ixnr
rrttntriK f
rues rAncufATiit
Tr1 rl
rluIRnnd Jopl Tnk tl Rid
waIY f 1nd All or TI Siuiitd to
1IerA7 AlnMo or tho Izpri
1r1 I Ofr W0S1 IiAV In the float
tS Iat 1e
In at Coney Island on the Hea leah
Coming 11
thing one ices Is I A lofty 1Iaiform
route tlii owtilnjj Into ft long IOIX > B nniuua
tit 1110
rlfhl I
tin I
the r
CD rl1 opnllf lewis to e big
In torn
IIITAtt which II leds bIl
wrtof tan Ilalr whih
toboggftfl slide rlpplw a
d twli I llnwnthptobofsan elde
FU flnvTMrcam 101 ot water bubblliiB Into little
hlII I I which I le I
tettte I And Iurlnl Into tho I pool I C I
rbout eighty > rli In diameter From time to
Jims 11 a long dark objoi appears nt the top of
time ihillde H flits I with lfople rln U top
forward Into
7 verge shunts forlfl
d plea ° erll
shrleks flue theatr
wiiIlC lf lllheAlr
j the itretfl helrhrol
strikes the water
fhei down th long 81M ller
concussion bounds roo
tremendous cuncusalol bunI
with a Irr1 when the bllndlm
bound bound again 111 bln111
cleared away appears to the astound
luu I alIY nlvnr
W r lS trlrcl
til rr amazement of the untiphltlcatcd floating
along at the far end of Ihe pool while
fn IIUII torn water bolls and iwlrlslna
In its wake tor bl
thousand eddies
That U the great Coney Island chute His
f reproduce faithfully nil the tenta
warranted to rr f IICe tnllhtuly ni
precipice being car
lions v t tumbling donna precIpie bll
ned over haitara Foils and encountering a
waterspout headon for the modest sum of ten
ctnw alpUI first Impression that ono let from
cenl It i It 1 that It Is I Iho Invention of a misanthrope
managed by murderers for the benefit of
maoal of suicidal Intent Then as one
load of shriek
Jtes load after boat
gets boat bat lol
tot t humanity Co whlzzlnz down that
1 iwfut couno and como out alive one feels a
jrcnlEif desno to get nearer and see how Itl M
prln admits ou to the enclosure
don Ceo cents Bhlll jou t ocI08ur
whole thing plainly from
where you can see the Iholo thnr
I beginning her to end and hear the band play In a
will meant but futile endeavor to drown out
el chnters A sign Informs
the shrieks and yells of the chnler
on can do It
forms you that for ten cents more you
M Ha ba you laugh scornfully to your own
personality Not If there was a premium ot
J10 for very descent Life Is still sweet I
Bat this is only I a pretence Deep within your
hurt you know you will end on that slide end
definitely and probably forever you think AH
around you are hundreds of other people who
bays succumbed Some one near by fays
hat luccumL I
I said Id j never do It In the world but I did
And all the way down I thought I Id ever got
u oat alive how good Id be and now Im going
to do II all over again
This adds to your Impulse Perhaps you have
tome time when standing on 0 high building
h felt the possession of wild desire to throw your
self off This is 1 the samo thing only much
more violent 1 occurs to you that tho result
would Lo similar Iti each case Never
theless you find yourself In the stream i
that wends toward tim ticket once Von
4 tav your ticket with 0 eurety that
jour doom Is sealed hut you couldnt
arswback If the grave yawned visibly the foot
of tai chute Ills some comfort t know that
thEe are other people going tho same way
Alt matter of fact 20000 went down ycstcr
diy and all of them survived You dent know
that however and tho fact that yon have seen
onoloiU of figures go down without apparent
mortality Is stripped of all comfort by the t sus
picion that they were dummies Intended to re
wore a reluctant public hlle these things are
paln through jour mind you are passing
through a lurnstlle
RIght ibis way Step lively now cries an
attendant In tones more sprightly than an exe
cutioner ought lo use and you find jourelf
In able cur which presently Is i hauled by cable
upsa Incline sickeningly strep when you con
iloer that yon are presently going to descend it
At the top the crowd crosses the platform
You follow mechanically Far down be
low lies the earth It Is ninety feet
u a matter of fact but it looks to
tteOOO In front stretches the slanting stream
of water at an angle which Is I simply n icran <
to geometry At A guess the chute might be
about two miles long viewed from bore ns I
mater of fact II I I fifty yards A low rumbling
announces the coming of the car It Is shaped <
like a dory furnished with four teatp for two
J each and bra handrails
let a good grip on tho rail advises the
official vv ho passes you Into the front Cent
Of course IIS bad to be the front You e110
hat rail to steadfastly that your finger mills
hue marks on the brAs A fellow being takes
he teat beside you You would like to AMk him
It he dies a Christian too but the words get
angled In jour larynx ns the car changes Us
r bate and start down the course It is I not a
rtadnally increasing epedd latlier It Is I like
Mine shot out of a gun The rate at the start Is I
about aa great as Iln Is at any time Probably
heili tent takes two seconds lhat brief tluie
li filled with a horrible ncnse of the blackness of
the pool below und dismal wondering us to
whit has become < jour breath You huddlo
ynnnslf Into I bunch and then the boat cOle
down level and strikes the water A brief flash
of f what you have heard of peoples I thoughts at
Ih moment of dying conies across your mind
Yonr past doesnt rise up before you Nothing
> uta old bank of spray rises up before jou
rat jour hat rl es uu behind yon and Is gone
into space
At the same Instant you rise no yourself
hither higher higher you go until you fear
that the vault of space will bo too confined for
Jour soaring That plant fountain ot sprat
that sprang at you like a thing Instinct eprr
lift Is left far below You and jour brass hand
rill are close among tho shlnlna stars of heaven
Hot not for long Pre ntly tho horrible
Descent romeo Kvorythlng seems sinking
sway from you and you seem sinking away
mm yourself
Thnd I Dull and sIckening doesnt begin to
Jipress I You have arrivedyou and your
faithful handrail The fact that you are reel
tal Il
ing over Into the lap of the Individual back of
Ton and that your neighbor has his shoes In
your shirt front doesnt matter much for In a
Irsctloti of a second you are boarinc heaven
ward ag aln with mind foul alI IIBClu Set 10
theduty of cllnflmc to that handrail
Bang This 1 the second arrival This time
II i II too that have landed on jour neighbor
ynereb you stoles Inconvenienced thanatthn
pruntiock butyou have no time to congratti
labIle ours r Up t ou to again not quite so far
this time It seems but quite fivr enough
PS Ihomp Duck to earth again and the scat
Wears not to have coftened to any
pprecliblo extent hy former contact You
and the handrail are still flicking to the
Itl tekln
ship and the shin Is now scudding over tho
yaterltiaserlesof mudlHcd leafs Almost be
fore you know It 1 man with 1 boat hook hauls
you In tu land and you get out feeling dazed
tbak ° f you glitters and shines the rippling
Chute and between the whole extent of dark
itretcliei Evidently you are over You cough
lad lour throat feels strained and Ired eoujh
ho itruea you that you may have emitted a jell or
01 b wanlt II jul J lovely nays the girl who
il in I arear teat Im going to do It right over
AI flat amazemenl See yoU that any
cna Should otly In the face of Providence after
ach au Itrlence Then a second
fi is rlelce Ibel amazement
bola hecaust sou feel the some wo j You
kit J another ticket and your doom Is sealed
I In < rOle dom sellcd
ou are brome a hopeless lctlm of
the bUbll l habit Your second Url will
8Sttil horrifying Vo WU be frightened
b wi l
but that is nil ltv the fourth
sne4 VI al ly le ulrlh you are a hard
Iran wllh
rnJwJuhoknowlo V born 1 of CI
lint l K that the second seat Is better o the
n because
lujSi u0u Uunlt lei any of the spray
If Y uti also notico that the
il course
u1 t notlo
the I ijo coure
llov1 this slide Ie
bat dowl 11Ile on
steel I rails and tiiiit there Is
th rall BnJ lulI n man in
t t stern wl ho Jnp violently up anti
houit violenty
after lbsa It 10 make lows the down boat sufficiently leap and tn who Ira steers Kteered It
t leap It > are surprising In four of them
b1 j hldl take the boat almost clear of the
ti bt alnDI I
Water more luau IOU test of Iplce ii I covered
01 1111 o fatclnatliigns the chute has yet
APPeared st oney lsltti hiesido it the roller
R hlali II
0 lrldl I
i > Ultl the are Ile Iho huts 1 thin fIrst one
lllln lall Then was one at tho Worlds
i A WorlIa
Sf It > ana nearly ever apllal In Europe has one
flnmir nl > iieat the tonry Inlniuf chute on
from dsys i V n ia Irol 8010 to 1000 I antI on hotldnj i
I f5hnn 10 < MioS8nno t Al day jMlirday there
tlosnj or spectators Cf ding the en
ehutf Ure e Wei Ibo thousands that shot the
10 People nt Bocknwny Ileneb
Flty thousand pleasure seekers went to lock
rf IIny i beach Jesterda I was the blgtest
eFw4 I far this eAI From Seaside station
to ii
tborQugitrares I hlsmuttels the crowl ewarmed In the
llou hflr situ resorts ivertitiutg wu
Llb bp Opent null hI full awing Several thoutand
Ir 5rsIlUflgcti about in tB surf ullllu 1 hum <
it ii e eiiiwnter In Jamaica
S hay 1 IIelllwlllr balbl II Jamall
ho ln I a trains werocrondvd There was
Ibeing 1111 II Iho resorts and Mo 1 show aud
IIUiU s dicl a fcxkl btisiiitss <
14th54 a Htk linn
lol Vp fur Ilruabenasss
JWeli Austin T j Illedlnger a ileiorator living at
Scenue and Julian street Vllllamsbrldge
OB JUly of arDlelyln 1 lie Jloui > Vernon Hospital
feli lie WCMt tu 1 Vernon the day l > dOe and
f1 train hi chair In hchvtaht rcaiiiirant A
IHcIllon hill 1 him and locked him up II I Ito
Jai thtnki
V4kt1 ig he Wi drunk Aa Inquest ro
Ih 1 u ouf hU death
o llrlilner a tie Ili yenta iuhul Us vvasCapt
leer I Ohttpthy I l rlflrMflU New 1 ork all
iML IOe t M Iot ommander of ritelnwchr
Ql ue itdt M 1 wife nod leo ifruvt n chlldreu
irnfcit oFrnK8TKAK8tir Msxtao
Further ruHlcnUM er lEap 1151 U Iha 1
Mtralln of Belle Isle
MoxrnrM July 24Tue steamship Mexico
of the ElderDempster line of London which
alletl fmtn Montreal abotit ten days ago for
nrlitol Is a total wreck In the RrnlH of Relle
Isle Tho agents of the vessel In Montreal ro
celved n despatch from Cnpt Daly confirming
the news of thedltaster to thoveiiHond saying
that iho was 1 total wreck
The Mexico was A SOOOton vessel of modern
build and one of tho best steamers of the
KdcrIcmp line Hho was commanded by
tVpt Dalr an experienced seaman and had a
Crew of fottythreo men The vcssd It I Mon
trenl some days ago bound for Bristol wltlin
large general carl
Tho vessel had been specially fitted upnt great
expense under the direction of Prof Robertson
of tho Canadian Agricultural Department to
carry the first consignment of Canadian butter
In cold storage The accident occurred on Hun
day evening July 7 tho vessel rnnnlnir ashore
during A thick fog on the shoals of Belle Isle
Capt Daly nnd seven of hh men remained by
the steamer while the balance of the crewwas
picked up by tho steamship Assayo bonnd for
Montreal Thcro were no passengers on board
1 Is feared that the vessel and cargo will b a
total loss Tho cargo was very Urge Including
over A thousand head of cattle AM sheep b
sides A large quantity of butter and provisions
The following message was received hero to
night by the agents from Capt halt <
Mexico total wreck two mi northwest
Hello Isle Llihthouse r PI Sunday last In
focgy weather With fine weather nnd dim
duty might save part cargo Between decks
nil sea damaged After part submerged ten
feet All hands eared Capt Daly and seven
men remain by the steamer Tho others In
eluding tho cattlemen aro coming In on the
steamer Assav c comlll
The steamship Dominion CApt Cross rf the
r tle
ere Hue which arrived here tonight reports
that she encountered very heavy fogs In the
Straits Ile Isle
AMnrnsTnFno Ont July HTbe steamer
Majestic ore laden bound down went aground
last night four mllen of the
nllh mlR east Dummy Light
house The tugs SaginAw and Wales have gone
to her Assistance
HTAJtttFD Ills BrUrC70R
A DrnkeMna Rayed a Trnmpa rlf and Is
MortBlly Wounded far Ilolo Bo
rtTTsncnon July H Charles C Keetley
aged US 1 living on the south side and employed
asaflagninn on tho Pittsburgh Virginia and
Charleston Road WAS probably mortally stabbed I
by an ungrateful tramp early this morning The I
tramp was asleep on the bumpers of 1 car about I
to bo moved saved his life
0 move Keotley le by pulling I
him from under the wheels Keetley put down
his lantern t get the man olT He stooped
down to pick the lantern up and felt a heavy
weight drop upon his back At tho same time
two sharp pains shot through the buck below
hIs shoulders HR succeeded In hurling his assailant
sailant off but before he could fully recover his
balance the man was in front of him with up
Illted arm The arm descended and the knife
blade waS plunged into his breast puncturing
the right lung As Keetley fell his assailant ran
a the top darkness speed down tho track and disappeared
Cloy managed t crawl to the end of his
train where he told his story to members of
another trains engine crew and then fainted
from loss of blood The surgeon thinks he will
die Ills assailant was pursued but lost In the
darkness but a mal nnsvvvrlng to hlsdescrlptlon
Is reported to have been arrcnted In Duquetne
Keetley Is married and his wife Is ill
A heck from August Hcltnont for 10
Arrived ma Hour After Ills Death
Pat Roper tho young jockey who was ruled
air some months ngo for pulling the horse
Chesapeake was burled In Calvary Cemetery
yesterday At tho time lingers was ruled off he
was riding for J 1 McDonald
After that ho went to Chicago He began to
grow and thinking he might be reinstated ho
began to diet himself to keep down his weight
1 he process was something like starvation and
consumption developed
Four months ago ho was brought to this city
hy his brntlur John J a stable boy They
lived In heati rooms a 120 taI 103d street
They had little money
flielr condition was madr known to members
of tho JorVey Club On Friday ROle died
An hour after his death A check for 100 cam
from August Belmont
A Bull from ItUekwellB Island Almost
Esihe a Ua IB Long Inland CIty
A bullet crashed through the plateglass win
dow of Ferdinand Hershela saloon at the cor
ner of Vernon and Rogers avenues in the Ha
venswood section of Long Island City last night
1 grazed Hershcls left leg and embedded It
Felf In the woodwork back of the bar I was
cnllbrs dug out and proved to be a rifle bullet of 48
The police were notified and mado an loves
tlimtion The found that tlie prison guards on
Illackwells Inland were In the habit of firing
urrosH the East Illver at a fence In Long Island
City by way of practice They will try to have
the practice stopped
AD Attempt Made to Kill the Families of
Tito lien IB Their Teal
STm Eutl 0 July 14An alterant was
made lust night to kill John J Jones and Wil
liam Junes of this city all their families In
their camp at Athena Mrs William Jones was
awakened during the night hy the burning of
the commissary tent and when everybody
rushed out to save their goods and provisions
an explosion took plum In I the living tent that
blew the campcra 1lae dB In eviry direction It
was found that the bomb had been made of
powder wrapped In 0 gunnysack and rammed
Crops Eaten Up In an Indiana County
OnrrNntiio Ind July HThe farmers for
miles around this town will harvest no crops
this year First camn the hessian fly early In
the spring which did great damage Then
came a peculiar hug which literally destroyed
the heat and corn crops
Sow there has appeared a strange bug retem
hllng very much the Colorado potato bug which
Is I eallnii up all the tlmoth There are millions
of them In every grass spot In the county
They spot eat up all vegetation before leaving the
Gen llarrlsona Sunday at Dodd Camp
Oin romiK N V July 1 Gen Harrison
spent 1 very quiet Sunll at Doddn Camp He
was al breakfast early and after nurd venl out
on the veranda and Hat thero until late In the
evening 1 of the ntnmer which run on the
lake were crowded with passengers today and
stopped lit the landing at Dodds Camp None
talked with Cien < Harrison Iwo of Warner
Millers tons were hero today but did not call
on the exPreMdrnt
3155 Film WArd Commits Bulrlde
MOUNT VEIINON July 14Mrs Kllxa Ward
10 ell old of aai South Sixth avenue com
mitted suicide last night by cutting her throat
with A carving knife lo make death sure she
doted the doors and windows of her room and
< <
turned on the gas Jets rtrgeant Ileckwlth A
called In thin morning and found the woman
clled touch In belroom She had evidently
body on a IIueh 1 room 11 <
dently been dead fur several hours
Sir Hlcvenson lice u Kelapse
nlnomsnns HI July 14Mrs Adlul K
Stevenson hail a relapse at noon today and
physicians were again summoned She seems
however lobe rallying again and It Is I thought
shun will I bo much h better by morning
I wl lull Cnlhoun itt New York city a
kinsman of Mrs Stnven on and Judge vv I
hvving of Chicago Mrs stevennonHcuuiilii have
been here for two days but left tonight
A films Body Iound In this i Bay
The crew of the tugboat J J McCarty found
the body of drowned I lan In the bay jester
dna and towed It to the foot of Van Brunt
street llrookln The man was about 18 years
old ft feet I Inches tn heightwore black striped
waistcoat truuters a bUck and white coal and black
A Ilntbcr Drowsed
Peter Homalncn ycarsoldof Sin Fortflfth
street I rook hl was drowned yesterday morn
ing while bathing lit the foot of Kiltythird
street Ills body was covered
Where Yesterdays Urea Were
M U 20 I UTUrot fwcntj nlnlbilreet Bllreiler
Erhtcit lainngeio
I M U vu IKI Third avenue Mr Mary llughet
ihiusge tlnlll I lit 44 Cirtuie streI Ones Iu
utah J aa 1 1 C rO Ut Itl Sorsytursl street
Eqtiutatuta uI t0iZil5 II iItti55 S7uuv lu Iv tU1
8utului aveotia Joiepi antin damage shightu l 40
is Urud lrOCI Vvl enr dauuac 1IUlr t
WILl nKMAjfo ma 7iKJiro7Mrro
J err Wil aM I Oolnic North Today
hisS Will Return to the Kiag in I Hie
TranbUTh Ymptntn asfl EmPress
rica for lie HuMmer fllmtsIiit
AUvThe Hafcllm Parla FailS < o Fr
for t ha nit Grin 0 tie Jlnrdnneltei
IlKiitiM July 14flio latest news from the
m eror at Stockholm Is I that ho will leave
thero tomorrow morning for the north of Bnc
den and Intends to meet Kins 1 Oscar again on
his King to the
return The relations of the 1nl
majority In the Btorthlne are again menacing
Karly lu this week the northing will be called
upon to vole tlo annual allowances the King
Mid the Crown Irlnce Two j curs ago the ma
jority showed their hostility to the King by re
ducing his annual allowance from IlflOOdl to
210000 kroner and the allowance of tho Crown
1rlnco from 00000 to ilOOOO kroner
Tho King through his Ministers now de
mands tho old giftntof no1000 and contends
that It was a violation of the Constitution to
rcduco the royal grant Thero Is I little like
lihood that the Norwegian Had Ia will admit
the validity of tho Kings argument unless ho
assent to their view of tho Constitution In re
spect of the consular and diplomatic represen
tation of Norway Premier Plane has tele
graphed again to the King asking him to re
construct the Cabinet and the King before he
again Been the Herman Emperor Is I likely to go
to Chrlstlanla and make another attempt to
form 0 coalition Ministry
The Emperor upon leaving Stockholm will
I probably on tho Hohonzollern to leflewhcre
he will land lie will proceell tollnrnosand
and thcnco to Wlsby and Ilorgholm Tho offi
cers of the Hohonzollern say that after visiting
Ilorgholm the Emperor Intends to return t
herman waters The Kmpres had arranged to
go to Snunltz on the Island of Itucgcn on July
w with the youngest four princes and the little
princess but she changed her plans and left
1otsdnni for Sassnltz on Wednesday The Km
peror will visit tho Kmprcss nt Sassnltz before
going to Cowes 10 see the regatta Tho influx
of that
Ucrmnn tourists at Itnegcn Is fa great
tho degree of quiet which tho Empress ctpc
daIly desires Is likely to be broken
The castle at Dasldcn which tho Kaiser has
rented has been so enclosed that the Empress
can drive for miles on tho grounds without
being seen by the public The castle stands on
a cliff overlooking the tea three miles from
Sassnltr Abe rooms are large ali pleasant
There ls private access from tile cURs to the
sea and extensive woods of beech und fir In
crease the seclusion of the place Tho lease of
the castle was secured bj the Emperor In 1H04
after he learned how the Impress was aimnoycul 1
durIng her last visit to Huegcn by 0 mob of
curious visitors
After the Covves regatta the Emperor will pass
M week in grciiife shooting In Scotland and will
return to Berlin in time to lay the foundation
stone of the National monument to his grand
father on Ang 1H the anniversary of the battle
of llrave ni All or the heads of the iernuau
Federal Governments and tho chief dlgnltnrlis
of the empire will b present and It Is l expected
that the Emperor will deliver an oration glorl
flng the results of the war of 1870 Uhecsle
bruuthtn of the twentyfifth Redan hay nil tet
1 will be general I his will be followed by the
ceremony of thn Emperors unveiling of the
statue of his father Emperor Fiederlck at
Wrth Al both col britlons tho herman
will lauorn the populn delusions about the
growth of French good feeling toward elermar
Ihe Socialist organlatlons have adopted reso
lutions declaring that they will take no part In
the celebrations
Two representatives of the French Illmetalllc
League Deputy lourpelrol ViceLhnlmmn of
the Leagiir alI M ihcry the Secretary of that
organization passed several lays In Iterlln last
week and hail conferences with Herr Von Knr
lorff Count Mirboch and Dr Arcndt Their
mission was to prepare the way for an interna
tional rn mon conference anti fl irsull Ir
their discussion point to the convoking nf a con
ference within a short time Herr von KIII
lorfl and Count Mlrhuch express confidence
that Chancellor llohtnlohn will fullll his
iiromlse to call such a conference before the
ItelchstHi acan assemble but thn Gay
ernmeut otllclals outside the bimetallic
circle do not bellee he will be ito
reaily to act vv hen the time comes The chirr
difficulty will be to tint bases for a conference
which will be acceptable to the German federal
btatos but the difficulty will not be removed
when such bases are obtained for many of tle
considerations which would have to h put
forth to meet the wishes of the German state
would Involve long ntgntlat ions with tluo foreign
W I U nl
Kiwers If Prince Uohcnlohe fall to meet the
lopes of the bimetallism tliev will 11 meet
ing In Berlin In th hams of the iernmn III
uetalllc League The French and LnglUh
leagues hate promised to send delegates
Irlnce Ferdinand of Bulgaria hiss reappeared
at Carlsbad This 1 regarded us Indicating an
Important change in the administration at So
11 la It is I one ot the peculiarities of Ferdinand
hat when ho Is about to alter anything In the
Juliarian Government he gets out of the Coon
try leaving his Ministers to face the popular
llipleiuure It Is reported that he hns author
zed Bishop Clement the head of the Bulgarian
mission now In St Petersburg to Inform the
Czar that he Is I ready to make any sacrifice
even to his religion In order to obtain
a reconciliation with Husa Irlnce 1lh not
the Husslan Forrien Minister received bite
mission on FrIday an1 the tit 1eti rsburg uu
ihorllin have permitted the Rtatetnent that
Prince LobanofT asked Itishop Clement If there
vo any danger that ex1remler siambulofT
would return to power mid the Hlshop replied
hat there was and would bo us long as Itussla
and Bulgaria remained unreconciled Irlnce
xibanoff 1 reported to have responded that ho
was In favor of a policy of reconciliation and I
hat the Crar had no personal feeling against
rlnce Frdlaand The Iluluarian mission will
be received < by the Czar on Wednesday I
A marriage has been arranged between Prince
Maximilian of Iladen the drand luke heir
and Princess Victoria of SchlnswlgHolstcln
laughter of Prince Christian Tho pair met at
Windsor recently and the gucen gave her asSent
Sent to the betrothal
Tho ship which was sunk In the Baltic canal
yesterday lies on her aide near the right bank of
thin waterway Canal pilots are notified that the
passage of the canal is open but extreme care
must be observed
Chancellor Prince Hohenlnhe has declined to
accept the resignation of Dr von Itottenberg
who Is I In HI health and has given him a pro
onged leave of absence
flue Archbishop of Irelhurg hlsl Issuid a clr
ular to the icrinan Illshops calling upou all
Catholics to assist In the establishment of 1
mlvernlty at FrelburK In the IlreltKau Iho
university will be thu only lurCh Catholic institution
of tho kind In
tltutlon uriimny although
hero are several that have Catholic faulti s In
heology hhio I Pope his given his hearty np
pmnl to thus plan The studies tho unlver
shy will Include theology philology sociology
civ II and canon law natural science historical
I <
sciences und Dhllocoph
Tho Turkish lovernment has failed to pay
ho arrears duo to the Krupps for guns supplied
In tho forts In the Dardanelles I until tho gun
makers have refused to Mipply any more under
the contract I hey hav itoked tho tjovurnmrnt I
to Intervene diplomatically to compel l I settle
fho lawn tennis tournament between the
army and navy ofilcrrs will open tomorrow at
lamburir under the patronage of the Kmperor
Tlnce Albert of hehlcswlgllolsteln tutU Vice
Admiral Valois Thu Kmperor has ordered tlio
construction of A covered court a Potfdnm so
the Iam ran be ltiaycti In winter
Among the many Americans In HomhurK are
11 I Iontler wife nnd daughters Tstlllnnin antifamily
1 II0Ue <
family W K Pyle and wife 01 Weliner and
wife Mr Kitsam and ICe11 of Sen York <
O W Wurts formerly secretary of the
American furmerly limbing J It
Sutler of New York and K h W Morgan all
Archie Coolidge of Boston are here
Archbishop Wulali AgaInst Pollllenl Work
In Church
DiniMN July Archbishop Walsh of Hub
hit has sent a circular letter to hue clergy of
hIs dIocese protesting agaInst the dissensions
SuTton g public men In Inland I and reminding I I
1M clergy that I Improper for them to deal
with politics In the iburchts
CrUbrntlna the Fall of lie Hostile
PUt July HTho lOillh anniversary of the
all of the llaitllo was celebrated toda more
itnerally than In many curs All the publlo
buiitliiugs antI many private houses weruiltui
ated Many piirmlans went In larnagis or In
ilCcles to Ixingchainps In thus aftrriioiui to pen
thuo review uf troops In the evening thu city
wan illuminated
fafluad and Italy KicbnnBe Courteslrs
IOSIMII July n i King Humbsrl In reply
10 thn message tent him by cjucen Victoria ix
pressing her pleasure nt thiti visit to Kngland uf
his llnll n llvot has sent her Mnjol nil rn
huiiustlc despatch thanking her for the itccp
ion necordnl the srjuadroti by the ilrltlsh navul
ifllicrsuud people
An Enpioulon In I a Iovvder luaruxlur
HCISII July HAr eiploilon occurred toda
In a IIwder magazine at Tlvoll > eighteen milts
lorthcast of thIs ilty tie persons wire killed
and koveral lujurrd The causcot the rilloiion
I s unkuuwu
wttt HAticoanr KRTXRKI
1 f nnU that Ha Will Time Unit rolltlea tar A
IONDOS July 11Sir Wllltam Vernon liar
court exChancellor of tho nselieqtier who
wits defeated yesterday In the election Derby
had many engagements to pAk a political
meetings In thu Midland counties this week Ho
has cancelled all of them and this afternoon ho
returned to London It Is I reported that ho will
temporarily retire from politics
The defeat of Blr William ernon Itarcmlrt
WM an entire surprise tn the Liberals and dis
heartens the party I Is ascribed tl the el
Ireme prominence he gave to the ocal l Veto
bill which was unpopular with worklngtnrn
The Tories ate jubilant over Sir Williams re
jection by the electors The news of his defeat
has caused n sensation in clubdom
The 5iiii T 1 I OConnors paper commenting
upon the elections and Air Wlllams defeat laid
today t
Wo hive begun very badly The result
will keenly disappoint the Liberals
The IMIu ACUK this Liberal organ ascribes
the Liberal defeats In Manchester ali the
neighborhood to the electors selfish view of the
Indian cotton duties The paper admits that
culol Ilutes 1lpr t11
the defeat of Hlr William VcrnonHarcourt Is a
great disaster and ascribe It to the prominence
he gave local veto
Thu MiiniMdf Conservative says 1 Never
has 1 general election opened more propitiously
for hue Unionists
ThoCituJilde ascribes tho Liberal defeats In
tho north to Mr Chamberlains unscrupulous
tactics three months ago In raising tho question
of tutu Indian cotton duties
Here tire further election returns
IIKISTIII Two seals II Hroidhurst Lib
eral UTII3 W Hazel IIeral7Nlt J P I L
Itollcston Unionist TUSH J llurgess Labor
Illh Ilurlpao
4011 Messrs llroadhurst and Hazel were the
pr vlou Incumbents of tho seats Mr Broad
nrsts Tote shows 1 gain of Mil and Mr 11
ells n gain of iiil4 Messrs Itolleston and tiny
gess were candidates at the last election
1 The following were elected to Parliament un
oppuced t
litrtl 1 George Hamilton Secretary of State for
India Eating division of Middlesex I C
Stephens LnlonlHt llornsov division of Middlesex
111 1 <
11lhon lnlunlt 10rnov
dlesex Col K Stuney iilonlst Newport di
vision of Shropshire I Jasper Moore Cnlou
It lndlow dlv islon of Shropshire W Ht John
iirotlrIck Unionist lulldford division of Surrey
He In MovlBE for a Itapld and Feaeeabla
Settlement of the Question
LONDON July HThe 1mt tomorrow will
ray It leo that Irlmo Minister Salisbury Is
about to lend tho Armenian negotiations Into a
channel which will neither compromise tho In
afford Kussla occasion to
tegrlt of Turkey nor alor Iuosln ocAsion
effect her designs
The Sdiniliiiif publishes I despatch from Con
stantinople saying that In consequence of con
ciliatory Instructions that Sir Phillip Currie
tnu British Ambassador has received from
Lord Salisbury the Armenian question Is likely
t he shortly concluded Iho Porle granting
most of tle reforms demanded by Great
BritaIn Russia and Germany
n t Ialmera Generosity
SofTHAMPTOf July HH Snydnm Palmer
owner of the schooner yacht Ynmpa which cap
shred In tho dry dock at lays yard here on last
Friday killing one man and Injuring others has
subscribed iOO to a fund that has bitch started
for the relief of the families of the victims
RusSia bends War Ships to the Orient
VirVA Julv 14 The Inl ilffhr forrffpnTi
ilrm has a H Petersburg despatch stating that
four llr tcla s Ironclads will bn sent by Russia
to join her squadron in tho far hast
HOUSES acAisij > jn isicrciisis
Mengers U ages IK Hnmnlird Against a
Jrt und He In Picked Ip Stunned
Nathan Sencer an undertaker of Fiftieth
street und Ninth avenue was driving with a
friencll the west drive In Central Park yester
day morning
Opposite lOfith street the horses took fright al
I party of blccll ts and got away from Senger
They ran out of the Park nt 110th street and up
Seventh avenue
At lllth street Mounted Policeman McGee
tried to catch tho runaways They shied and I
slammed the lon against a tree smashing
I Singer was thrown against the curb His
friend landed on him Scugcr was picked up
incotibclous He recovered and was taken
home McGee finally caught the horses I
Tit Itedhendrd Man owed Away When
the lloa Got on
While Louis Kolmhelm IT years old of 1077
First avenue and Arthur Schwartz 18 years
old of 104J Second avenue wero rowing In the
East River yesterday n redheaded man ap
leared oi I mid scow which lay off Seventy
first street with a pall In his band He said be
ranted to go ushorn to It some beer When
the bnyu had rowed him ashore ho asked them
to get out first
On their quittIng tho boot he rowed away with
1 t Thei boys wlien they reported the case to
lie police rild they had given security for the
boat when they hired It at a boat house at tho
out of East llth street
Arrival of Micr OConncll
Mgr Denis OConnell who It Is Dialed has
resigned thv rectorship of the American College
iii Rome arrived on the Xorraandle yesterday
Ho left the steamer Immediately after she was
locked and wont away In company with half a
O7cn other clergymen who came over on tho
nine steamer Many the Montlgnnri friends
upon i hearing his arrival went down to the
French liners pier to see him but were disap
Flue Monslcnnrs friends were anxious to know
whether it was true ns reported that hn was to
bo made coadjutor with the rlaht of succession
10 I Amerli 1111 Archblihop He is a son of cx
Judge M 1 OConnell of South Carolina
Bicyclist Itaced with a Trolley Car and Got
Harry Dehoff J0 rlr old of COO Summit
avenue Jersey City wont out yesterday after
noon lor I spin on his bicycle Going through
Montlcello avenue a trolley car came along and
HliofT started to have a brush with It The
vhenlman easily passed the ear 1111 was cross
log over in front of It when his wheel caught In
atwltcli and the car struck It iehofj was
thrown 10 the pnvemcnl and was seriously In
ured The wheel was wrecked
Cronded Trolley Car Ileralled at Hed
Car 11 of thu Inlon trolley line carrying 105
passengers was thrown from the track at 17Dd
street nnd 10 lon avenue at 7 oclock last night
Iy reason of 1 stone which had been placed on
lie truck
The car was going so fast that I bounced
clear over the rails of the parallel track Hun
Ireils of people coming In tOll the country
were delayed an hour and tel minutes No
one was hurt though many were scared
lace Each Other Mortally with Knives
LfcxiNciTir Ivy l July 24Isaac Huffman and
Marshall Garner young farmers of Shelby
county engaged In a fight jestenluy They
Ircw long knives and hacked each other until
hey were so exhausted by the loss of blood that
t lucy wcro phslcully unable lo i clo u their
lInger over thu handles of tlllr knit uo Iloth
Inler die hey vvnrn sober Iho light was a
result of A long mlsundurstandlng
The Montgomery Arrives nt Key West
Krv WrtT Fla July 14 The Unlteil htntes
earner Montgomery having on board tho
members > of tho Nlcarnguan f anal Commission
urrlv cd hero tutiluht and Is lying at the ijuaran
Inc station
JOJTIOI Ann IT rorrv I
The ltututii pain til I > of a manrlothid II a III
IrmU ililrt stuti lilxrk striped trousers floaUil ailiorv
al iovernor Ulaud yeilrrila
Ihsbodr 1 of ths wnmaii found floatlni In the tut
Itliiral hue fsu of Jerrer ii sired un iaiurdsy was
l < tl lenline I < l yrilrrdiv at Mix Xorgus ai Nolllo Smith JO
yeses uldlf WU Ultliluu shed
An aiuopiy iiurfornifd ynlrnliy im thus body of
the itoil lri I lall iiMinil In i the r MI ulcer at lbs fool nCr
1ikfl Ktreclini balurilay whit ittUiuis t on the legs
anti arias ihonriil mat nl allenijit bad been roads lo
dlimeiiiber lits body ale death
151 iics Jttor TIIK TELE < llttlll
TIt leather ilrmloc mills ot John Q AIais i li I
OHN t mn N 5 were burI elofl Lu uliuut
I 0oltt
thud lice Wayland BDauiillnf ban resigned the iss I
loCate tuf ri the eJuuKr < uliuual Chun in btttiitiuscpsu is
tiiMOterii a tall from Into usw eburcb forming at ark
mil lu llie auucxtd lUsUlcl south uf I oaktr
They Cot About StO Vorlh or rinnder
unit Kattrcd Several Ittildenet fleaiilrs
lllovrlnic Opus ike Paul < imc HrUd
n Kfpnut Lader n Tree nt lti light
llAtiTronis July HA gang ot rnbbrr lire
lumably the same that visited Norfolk hit
week look possession of Houthflcld on Friday
night Tho not result of their work was the
crucklnRot two safes and the robbery of four
residences I there rtfja four In the Rang as
at Norfolk the night before they made about
10 each for the nights I work
houthfleld Is 1 pleasant hill village ten miles
north of Norfolk It is l perched on ono of tho
numerous rldunt of ground that art the foot
hills of the Ire Mountain ranccnnd Isanulet
summer resort Buyers Vnlo iiroheurs hate
euinmcr resiliences there rite Postmaster of
outhiiort Is Arthur C ClocVwood who ki cjia a
central store
Thirty or forty lintcs aicominodate thus peo
plant tliu tonn and tho store mid Post Office Is
the rendezvous of the region around about
Sir Lockwood has always kept his stamps and
monoy In a little oldfashioned safn back of tho
Post Ollke ciinntcr On Friday however after
hearing about tho Norfolk hr said
hearlnl Iholl robbery hI to
his fnmlb i
I aint golu electric bell to ring me out of
bed If burglars monkey round my cafe In the
store nn I guess Ill bring the velt et nn stamps
to the house tonlcht
He did so hiding the box In which he took
thorn In a info place In lila bedroom About
midnight thcro was a blow a the Hazard
villa powder makers put I and Lock
woods Rafo won blown Into a doznn
pieces > The robbers It U I supposed had nun on
guard to hold up any Intruders Two strange
men irene seen about tho street early In tho
evening The explosion was lout and waked up
several people who lived nearby out uiono of
them stirred Olt Said one of them
I want agoln to have my head blown off or
nn airhole put through my heart for all the
Post OQlci cafes In the county
The safe crackers did not make money enough
by their explosion to pay for their pun dor or
dynamite Tho ruined safe jleldid nothing but
on searching the money till they secured just
20 cents
The robbers waited some time to find out If
any one was Inclined to dispute their ownership
of the town No ono appeared on tho streets
and tho safe crackers then forced nn entrance
In Turners jewelry store A lao with a gone
look about him had been looking hungrily a
some trujs of matches in Mr Turners show
window the day before and Turner also us u
mere matter of precaution had carried homo
conic of his valuables The burglars drilled a
hole In Mr Tinners cafe and soon there was
another explosion
Still tinbod stirred and tho robbers took
their time In picking out 5 l worth of jewelry
and then left They Imo begun operations
shortly before midnight and It un Mill
far from mnrnlne so tlo < bund turned
their attention to private residences
Perhaps also they hud not out nf djiiaiulle
They certainly felt the enawlncs of lumper and
set out to get n feat Theso arl then iilenoes
which they forcibly entered Htnry Palmers
I M rooks Prof George K I lieerss of Yale I
and J A Turners I
At Mr Cooks tim Inmates were aroused and
the burglars frightened anay At every other I
place something was secured gold rings a watch
or two half 1 dozen pocket knives two neck
laces and nrlniis kinds of eatables
lonard morning thin burglars knocked off
work to prepme Inc a teal They spread
lrell <
their stolen tablecloths under nn old wide
spreading tree a little wayoutnf the vlllnre It
had crown light enough to see without the aid
of thai k lanterns
1 he Mil of faro onslsted nf bolted fowl lee of
mutton ham cold I roust beef lobster MUnd
doughnuts chamuapno halfdoen quart
coda one dozen bottles cold pudding apple
and blackberry pie clears cigarettes
After this repast the burglars scattered or
took to the mountains One arrest was made
now CUT on aturdo > morning In New Marl
boro bj Constable J r Moron of that town
The man gave tho name of George Maher and
mallae lorio
lie so satisfactorily antwercd questions that h
IS allowed to uo After ho had gone the
constable wihell > l no had not been M nasty In
IhinkliiR the man Innocent and looked him up
again Uy good luck he found him Maher
comes from Now Haven where he has a police
record His wife works for Prof Ileirs
A few days ago he wrote his wife that ho
would be In ton n soon and ho came fun Friday
inorulng Ills right arm wax In inline and he
raid ho had liroKen 1 I He wns put lit work in 1
tho barn nail during tho day was oreo grooming
horse with his broken arm When he haw he
was being watched he hurriedly got his arm
bark In the sling <
Maher was taken t Great BarrliiEtonyo ter
day afternoon tint tried before Judgu 1 Ton nscnd
in tho District Court Ho was charged with
vagrancy and In default of bill wtis taken
to the wkiit Another hcarlm wilt
bi held tomorrow and meantime the ofllclals
Are working up the evidence ugalnt him To
day Deputy Sheriff OConnelliif Norfolk drove
to Ural Harrington to try to Identity Maher ns
one of thci rubbers who held up Norfolk on
hUJsday I night Ho thinks Maher Is one of the
men who vlslud that place
1 he western Part nf tho State I much dis
turbed at tho frequency of the burglaries
There have been no lees than twenty In three
sltttii thus mid not a burglar boa been caught
The Norfolk and bonthfield robberies recall this
fact that several years ago out In thin same
flowgoine community a felonious assault was
committed and the Indignant psoplo act out In
pursuit of the olToniler
Thvv followed him close and brought him
hack dead Peeing his capture was Ine liable
the inuu had stolen a halter and hanged him
B II Woods residence In New Britain was
entered by burglars early this morning and a
jenol ease containing valuable jewelry stolen
The burglars escaped by the side door ns Mr
wood who had been out lute was going In by
the front door
A Little Light OB the Motive und Method
of the IlarBlar Who Struck Her
ATLANTIC CITY July 14Miss Ioulre G
Davis the young woman who was assaulted
murderously by a burglar at her brothers home
Saturday night Is still Inn critical condition
Dr Van Iennep the Philadelphia burgeon who
was telegraphed for and has been constant at
her bedside has almost despaired of her life
Her brother who grappled with tho burglar
and receh ol n blow on the head from an Iron
bar Is recovering slowly but Is not yet out of
danger The jiolico are snakIng ever effort to
capture the burglar and are keeping a strict
watch at the railroad stations revcnil men
have been arrested
It Is not believed that the crime was the work
of u professional burglar as the lathico say pro
fessionals do not carry nucli cumbeigomo arti
cles as Iron bars 1 he bar that was lined Is now
In the bauds of the inllcc and is I similar to thoM
used In the construction of the online Com
panys plant of which Mr Davis Is maiuigor
On the bureau In Miss DuUtTn room aura
valuable diamonds which were left untouched
showing that the burglar was biirprlnd before
he had time to if iirch tho room It in thought
the burglars main object was to rccurn money
which ho thouvht Mr Davis had In the hoUse tu
pay nlscmplojces
Fait Unit on the Walmiu System
ST Imric July 14The Wabash Hallway to
day started a fast mall service between Kansas
City furnishing the much desired lick In the
trunscontlnclut chain nf mall service Cast
hound liun I train will leave Kannafl It y atll yo
P M connectlnu with the Ilaltliuore and Ohio
writtcrn for titbturii polnis nni with thulnui I
Mountain ant mal for Suuuit huuu est From
MoLxrly to M louls the new train will innke
the fa trsl time wot nf the thiuIspitl 1IH
miles In three hours nnd fortylhu iiiinuti
CSTvo KTfi i 807
Thibe CAst
At 79 cents per yard
LMU Illtullh HIiiN
IlllCb A MlIII buSh
rumtlnrr lusrn rnii hind the Blrate
sh us her I I I I I iiuul CA
ilssh ur lii 111
lot iOu AN ii lusH IIT urn 1
> rur aib uv
nitCXIUIlN Hlliltt i
iLATHlMU At MLalt itITON t > T
Alizarine Dyed
Royal SergeSuits
A good serge suit is one that
will stunt ucttinp set Stailti
Caring luirtl every clay and lien
look just ns well ns ever
Youll roklom find such a iiit
n this unless you pay u high
pi ice for it
Tilt1 New Alizuine dyed suits
an evceptions Theyre not high
priced yet they stand till kinds
of wear and the color and looks
never change a particle
SulU with tllk lining n
hulls with Uln lining Si i > o
Some odd sizes and small lots
in suits are reduced to 850
they were 12 i 50 and 15
Six dollar trousers reduced to
250 to clear
245 Broadway
Opposite City Hill Park Corner Murray St fg
The Iliinrcr nnd tIer Woman Abrltnr Ar
rcstedllirlr Man Companion Not Held
All open conch In which wero two young
women and a middleaged man drove down
Ilroadwnv at midnight on ntnrday imtll they
reached 1ortyflrst street tho young woolen
contented themselves with singing and shout
log After that point vas pns cd oneof the
women junipul on the back Kent and began lie
cuiichcecouchcc dance whIle tho other woman
and the man eat on the front beat Once In n
while the man tried to pull thin dancer from thin
back scatbut ho was always unsuccessfulas
the other woman held him back
A crowd quickly begun to follow the carriage
Uy the time lie carriage reached hlrtleth
street n moli surrounded It that chceted the girl
who was dancing
lhnt other woman became older when the
crowd ehecred und began to chant thu song lo
which the eouilitr coucheo li h danced
Ihn mini r < monnlrnud with both tho women
but they paid no attention to u t htm When tho
larilnKU reached lwcntlltth street 1ollte
maui lienrdon of thin Tenderloin preclncl pushed
through thn crowd anti Jumped up on the scat
beil tIle driver Hn grabbed tIle reins and
whipped up Ihr horsvt Ho turneil Into Sixth
avenue and then drove to the Wct ihlrtiuh
Street station houc The two women and their
companion did not notice tho policemans pres
ence and did not diseumver that tltey were under
nrrcti until thu carriage slopped in frontof tho
atitlon house
Iloth the ouris women were under hue influ
ence of liijtiir but their companion was sober
He told thu Sergeant that he was not responsi
ble for the nctlouH of thu women omit that ho
had tried t > > get them to stop their disorderly
conduct The man nns discharged and he left
the station house without giving his name
iiiodb Will jelled one of the women
after him
1 hey were both locked up They said they
wcic flay Foster 3U sears old and Clara Far
icy 20 years old of JUl West TweutytUIrd
Neither ono of them had any money when ar
raigned In Iclfenon Market Court yesterday
morning The > vveru fined S3 each
She Will Not Tell the Name or the Men
Wiio Ordered the Poison She Drunk
The elderly man who was with Nellie Wright
Just before she poisoned herself with laudanum
Saturday night lu Anthony Papauschecksdruz
store ut 104 Manhattan avenue Ureenpolnt
has not been found The girl Is in St Cather
laos Hospital and the chance are in favor of
her recovery Dr William Olirlen thu house
Burgeon tried In vain yesterday to got the girl to
tell him something of her life since Elm has been
In Drooklyn When the Doctor n kcd her about
tho man who was with her on Friday she de
clined to give his mine When her family was
mentioned she lurned her face toward that wall
and tears tilled her eyes
From what I hav o been able tr glean from
hnr said the I Doctor she was a stenographer
anti typewrIter and lost her place I judge tiiuo
has been dlsnipatlrnj lately yet her manticra In
dicate that she is I highly educated
A Colorril lUnhop KxtnU the TreatmCBt
Sporting Mrn UUe Ills Ilace
BOSTON July HIllshop B AV Arnctt of
Vllberforco Ohio know as the colored ora
tor of the West In a sermon this morning In
the African Methodist Episcopal Church In the
west end salt
If tho Christian Church will treat the negro
as tIme negro Is treated in tho sporting world we
will hive no cause to complain ihuc I spotting
world gIves Jackson and Dixon a fair chance In
the plivnlcal comb and thn man exhibiting
the greater amount of oklll and power Is de
clared the victor whether AngloSaxon or
negro Wo auk the Christians ishien they say
their prairs to pray for us
Concremnmn Uemann Dead
VAMIALIA Ill July 14Tho Hon Frederick
Itemnnn Congressman from the Klghteenth
Illinois district died at his homo In this city
this morning at 135 oclock after nu Illness of
more than brett month Ills death wan the re
sult of a implication of dUcanes t he < hlef one
belni nervouH uroi > tration Col llenmnn was
born In Knyxttr count > III In 1H4T and at tho
age of IT enlisted In thiiiirni Silica the war
ho lips been ctiRaged In commercial buMne
He had been an enthusiastic Kepuhllt and In
IbTO was a member of the State Legislature
Actor Golden Klek In Albany
AIIIANV hull > HIt was reported here to
night that diehard lolden thin footlight ctlb
rite who originated tho character of Old Jul
Jrouitfl was il lying Inr hri correspondent
found iolden In a thirdrate hotel without
nionev and silk
tjoldin i nine to town last weik and had
plenty of mone He went to Iroinnd when
lie returned to this ci Uy I on Saturday night ho
was Mdml broke antI wan cnmpellcd to rUea
cabman a ring at net utlt > for his fare
llu I I was sick and the services of it phjsiclan
was needed He Is In very bail bhapv
The Wenthrr
Tlie depressIon nhl < h on Smunlar corf re I Die ft
Ijtwrcnco Valley unit ztittie nouthwiird along thud
mttlillaniid north Atlantie tuiati t baa been dUplatid i
bv mi cures of Muli bvrouii Irl > pn satur and gemuirtilly
fair Heather 1 I he pHM > of Ilio norm lu tilt > lieu Itt
nf Nev York blat wj atluid < d by remarkalilo and
well hfluui tornadle Rlnrnuovfr its cull in iMiiitlirait
qtuuutirsuti tuetnitig harts C New JfrnejSew ork
and eoniifitleul Tli nth it of ilUturluium ui
leu mil on llie grnrral lorm marked Ihn I vortical I
ti flu rs of iruratK IIIK liiilrrnil I < nt ilnrnn ii hlrh
went vmcrntid In the upper nil unpirro ly tin
moling > r outhw sst a lnrl 5 an ltliee < ol Ilutuiult Cit
wliiilttlitl bleu frumonar u if tiljh prenura nn
tralurt tlie moil
llie eatlifrlu thl city jeiterdsy was t1C5 Illth
rlurliUI luui ralurr7 u lontttfii wind iiorlli
vf st t itura u > cliii I > M I nillrt p I r hour uttrimo
humllll rat > tsr IKIU luroimiir inrrwud to riuil
lu it4s itt ii nA M alt > iu > i llM I MUi
Tb I riiniiiieteral itt IVrr > a lurmai thus lullldliii
rtionlul tliu U eiulitrsnurr ysbtrtu7 ui rollo a
Ss i i lilt fl j
S A 51 1 it u4 I 30 I 51 1 1h2 I 7s
I J > i Jil hl IV 11 I M 71 l
I A M M I SI ui I > l 7s 1I
M Jl W UJIII 7J 70
tirtfiit ov
MTJOII Jill It u s IUI i U11
I j iuiii HI M > T thOu uoxit >
fin ti ln < j < iil I l 1111 I iiini 4tvu l < ni irlu
cfiMty miitdii H lItll I IHIV Mfirrft
lor I CDt t lit rmnolt inlj Netu Jinuj mid l > ea
wan pjrll I 11 1 > ml > luntialiljr fnllnm il by r llll tiu
ila > iiieiil Karnrr ouilirlr ii iris
Iir h 11 nit f I iiluinlila clii I > l ar > lin < l fair ami
wkriticr luuia proiai > foltuntdli > shout is 3iuil
da > iifciit oiiruru wliili
tin was irn lvnii < lvanti and vtctlTii Nen I art
partly cloud > probably follow nl 17 showers lontisr
algbt warmer sautbcrlj wludt
this War llepartment Meriting Icrbrmatioa
Which Wnnld lie of Value In the Eveal
of Aanlber War with Hreat Hrltnla
° AdIltNGTiN July 14The Snrheparhnnen
Is about to make n third nttenpt to loam Home
thing ot the topographical and geographical
situation In Canada with a view of preparing to
meet certain situations whIch may bo presented
should Ireat Ilrllntn attempt to Invade the
United States fiom the Cattahisn frontier If
tho two countries ever como to war Canada will
bo hue mont probablo base ot operations for the
llrllMi troops nnd It Is proposed to gather data
showing this exact strategical Importance of
certain points In I tho I Dominion which would be >
srleuled by Great llrltiiln M tho bases of opera
Three months ago thn Hocrotaryof War de
tailed an ofllccr to go lo Canada for this pur
pose and lie hid just begun to gather valuable
Information u Inn nn old Admiral 1 In I the t navy
whose daughtir he lint married gave no ay the if
fact that nn ofllccr was In Canada on n Govern
inent mlMlnn nnd then suit vv as that the officer
tAn reruilleil for four of his Identlt beIng known
to I hue Co tinil inn tfllciiuls Lnir I n second detail
vvn made ivtid thli ofllccr was promutb frus
trait In his efforts through some friend who
mentluncd the fact that ho had been chosen to
stud tho formications and military strength of
Canada The War Department has now de
tailed n third ofllcer who will shortly be on hi
way toCnnoda and It Is belIeved that he will
succeed In reaching there without the Intent of
his visit being known This oflicer will travel
Incognito and no ono outldo tho nr Depart
milit ofllclulii w Ill know tin purpose of his visit
1 he rentilt of his luvi stlgatlons will lis reported
to thn department and Ills I expected that full
particulars wilt received of the real military
tdtuntlon which would be presumed on thin
northern frontier should the I tilted States and
Irei I > l Ilrltaln iignlti i unit to blows
It is tim rmrpoe of the War Department to
ureatlylncruihe Ihu valun of ihe Bureau of In
rnriuntlou In other direction I Mllltnryattaches i
nbrond uri lo bo Instructed lo bo more alert and
lo keen the authorities here Informed of every
thing rflatlvu lo progress in military mutters
drcnter ciiutfon Is to bt > obcrvi in preventing
attaches to the rutted Stall from securing In
formation regarding the proposed strength of
the principal cnastu Ise cities and tho location of
the main I butteries aid subnmrtno mines For
> iMiifnl nenrlj every Important mortar or run
test at Mmdy HOOK representatives of for
eign ioviirnmcnls havo niched every trial
nnd hiivu icportcd results lo their horn
OovcrnmiMits lit l Is understood here tint
practical every Kuropcnn I jovernment known
of thu proponed sites for Hubinarlno mines to
bio kacici channels to I lie t lending cIt liii oh the
coast and have much other valuable data bear l
iitr on our nm t defences and fortifications
I nuiual fDcllllies have tuio ieen given naval
nttiuhc toktiji thdr liovernmentn advised of
every advance miidn hero In armor manufac
turing antI In ship construction Until recently1
ever > armor trial nl Indian llcad was attended
hty 1 mint repreiintutlvu of a fouicn power but
within hue last ttv month SeTelarv Herbert
bus lMieil Itmti IK lions that hereaf U r no one ez
i cpl I hued states ofllceistdiiill be present when
tho hiitvy armor plates nro tested
Foreign attnchertnt Washington have but lit
tle trouble I in finding out nil I that Is going on
relative mllltnr and naval matters but It 1
onh after the greatest dllJIculty that the United
ft itcs uttnchlH abroad secure Information
which is of nny real value They are seldom
Invited tu abhor tcitis or trials of great Runs
and have no means of finding out the nature or
the hind fortllli atlons while hero everything U
nracllcitlly open lo thus inspection of foreigners
Ihe War Department proposes to bo more
particular hirmfler n conceuling Its plans
relative to hnrlordefcnces and II Is doubt
ful If military attaches will tn the
future obtain any data which will be of
much real value to their Government Theds
frnccs of this city are being carefully guarded
from public notice No ono Is permitted to land
at the new formications tuvo icAornmentofn
errs bubmnrlue mines have been established
but no one knows exactly where except those
connected with the War Department Tha v
samu will apply to hand Hook anti ihe court >
BKS hereafter extended to military attaoh4aw
will bo scant com pared to the liberal treatment
they have heretofore received
cTvi js JVOT BUYING WAR suira
Nor tun She at Present Oo to the Eapens
orUcurunnlilnc Her Army and Javy
WASHINGTON July 14 It Is learned from
official sources that the despatches from San MIJ
Francisco the effect that Capt Webber who
Is well known on the Iaclllc coast had been
commissioned to purchase war vessels for
China and was also Intrusted with the reor
ganization of the Chinese navy nro without
foundation Capt Wobber is m high favor at
1ekln During the recent hostilities with Japan
lie rendered valuable services to China being
lit command otis fast lightdraught vcsicl which
gave much annoyance to the Japanese war fleet
us owing to her construction shn could run up
shallow rivers and bajs where the heavy gun
boats of the enemy could not follow As an
expression of the appreciation entertained by
the Chinese ofllclnls of the value of his services
the Emperor decorated him with the order of
the Double Dragon giving him a medal of the
higher grade
bile It Is probable that at the earliest oppor
tunity China will seek to improve both her mil
itary and naval forci putting them upon a
modern footing in all respects the has dons
nothing as vet in that direction She Is not In a
condition at present It Is said to enter into any
lore expenditure of money such as would he
required by thn oulldlng of a navy and tho
organization und equipment of nn army upon
the basis of modern appliances and achieve
ments That Is u matter for the future to
Norton S Townsend cmerltlus Professor of
Agrlculturo In the State University of Ohio
died at his residence on tho University grounds
In Columbus ve tcrdi > i aged nearly 80 years
He was born lh Northamptonshire hng In De
cember 1H1K In the antebellum da > s he was an
Important factor In Ohio politics Ho was a
member of Jeneral Assembly in 1H48 and
with two other Free Soil Whigs joined with the
Demoi ratio mlnorlt mid sent salmon Chase to
the nltcd I Mivtcs Senate Ho was regarded as
the father of the Mate University having hold
n profiBHomhlpiu Unit Institution ever sine it
was established Four children survive him
one f cm and thiee daughters
James O Ilulc onu of the best known mining
men on the riicitlu coast died on Saturday nt
san Francisco ill cars old rIte discovery of
the bonanza 111 California Virginia took plaoa
when Huli wax foreman of the mine and he
subsuiucntty managed hue I property
Dr Fdwln C Ilixter II I I S n prominent
Albanian and formerly Tresldent ot the Mal
Dental I Xielctv ii huh III I Albany I lust nhrhU He I
ituit 1 been ill riven dnjs with typhoid fever Dr
llailtr was a cousin of the lute burgcouOea
eral Halter United Mutes arm
The Nrvv IlElithoilir at l ape Charles
ssiiiMiTON July H A new llgntbouse
hns Just been completed at I ale Charles on the
northern entrance to the mouth of Chesapeake
Has nnd on Aug 15 will display IU great light
Ion the first time The new structure will re
place thn pn scnt light vv hlch stands nearer the
lea and for xnrs has blinked every few second
lit Cuuc < Henry Iluht on the south side of th
lm > twelve milfs distant Iho new Uchthouse
Isronstructisl ou tIle hkrleton plan and looks
v > < ry much like tlcoso necn off the lorlda roast
lit grunt rovolvlng ktis l stands 1HI feet high
und t kllanhi1 of light at lull I I rvals visible
hi a mini standing I on tho thick of ii vessel l
twcnt I miles at MM Iho I old lighthouse will
iiititlniiD txixtiiml and will I servo its A d av manic
tar vuals bound iilone the coast ilie 1 new
light I Illumines I thn cntuo huujri ion und will i shot
a crnuiiof four Hiid a yniuuul hit live u hlle flashes
cytiny Iliirtv KHConds thug four llashns and a
dnrk Inlirvul I I of about I lime eeconds live
lliurH kdark Interval of tlxlnc tsectiniuis
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