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< ro d 1 1
I l uf nh n i M if 5 iB I I l 1
i i CZ
t Je U
f I MONDAY f JULY Ifi 180C
fluerIptI ky Mal rri
1 JUIIT fer Month BO M
t t DAILY Per Year nn fl
0 UNDAV Ier I Year o eoo SOC
JAI ANt nCNOAV f Month to
ViFKIY Per Year 10
Joituge lo foreign Countries added
I TUG SUN New Tovketty
If tvr frttnlt Wo ftvnr ii tril matHUcHpti ftr
siMlnilfnn wish fn now nJtfttH arlleln rttvrntd
t Out rntat M a tatu tout tfumjtf far Hint 3rpOaI
LocAt NUTS Tlio City nn1 Auhurhnn Newt Vnreau
IA tstTKD IIIKSS ntid I NRW YoitK As ncuTH
I ln sl t < It H I to m Ann street All Information
and documents for public use Instantly disseminated
t Uiu press of the wholecountr
Consult Springer I
I Wo observe that 1 good l many newspapers
tXMitmo that tho real purpose of CoL lAN
JJUIOSTM Western journey In to sound
public entIrut tit on tho nubject of n third
term I that Is I so wo hope that the Secre
tary will on tin nccmint neglect t procure
an Interview with tho lon WlLUAM 1
I SIUSu1 I ot Illinois I I
A square third term talk with SrilINORR
A 1 particularly desirable because ho la tho
Democratic statesman who Introduced In
tho Fortyfourth Congress tho subjoined
I truly Democratic resolution which was
adopted by 1 vote of 813 to 18
t In the opinion of thlt Home the precedent estab
lished by WASHMOTOI and other Preildenta of the
t United Rfares In retiring from the Presidential offlce
after their second term has become by universal
concurrence a part of our republican system of
government and any departure from thlt time
1 honored custom would bo unwise unpatriotic and
fraujht with peril to our free Institution
r That was a long tIme ago Since then
r BllilvoKi hits IKCII somewhat of 1 Cuckoo
f but wo doubt that twenty years have
t t changed his opinion on this particular ar
t 1 ticle of Democratic faith
I A New Hort of Reformer
1 The report that the currency question hns
l been taken out of the Democratic canvass
f in Kentucky and that there would be no
more talk in favor of silver even from thu
i Hon JOSEPH HLACKIILTN appears to b
i premature Later advices are that Senator
t IlIACKlilTltK refuses to agree to thIs cam
paign and to have his silver tongue tied
t f The plunk he specially desired for silver
cointge free Immediate nnd nt 10 t 1 was
r beaten in the late Convention by tho Na
tional Democratic currency plank of 180a I
sis to which there has been constant disagree
1 ment of interpretations Mr llLACKIitlltv
r t claims the Himo right to Interpret thin
plank In silvers favor that he has heft since
the time when It was first made and in
c tenil of being muzzled lie will talk freely
lu the old style of urgency and command for
livers recoitioafThe CourierJournal has
I 2 reported thatall the Democratic candidates
I linve met tinil agreed to the plan of elimi
y nating silver but evidently this is not with
i approval of Sunntor BLACKnrjIlX
Certain recent events in national politics
r must make this course on the part of Sen
I i ator IILACKIILIIX heroic to every observer
vrhoto Impartiality Is not disturbed by any
degree of conviction against free silver Mr
J3lACKnnx presents the assuring spectacle
of a statesman who at tho of
L Httcsmal beginning H
L t campaign gives notice unmistakable what
r ho considers his party platform to mean all
t indignantly refuses to poo as the hopeful
beneficiary of nn interpretation which in
i t Ills heart he neither believes in nor in
f tends to stand by after he gets elected
r through the pretence of being Its cham
pion Mr UtACKDUliN saw only lately
II after a campaign conducted by the faction
f the Democracy with which he has been l
1 i prominently Identified the tariff reformers
i squarely repudiate the essential principle
of their anteelection professions and make
frauds of themselves by brazenly making a
I t tariff for protection instead of n Constitu
It i t tional turilT for revenue only lie IB sick of
uch humbug and false pretence He will
i 1 redeem bis personal character by now laying
r f 1 bare his intentions like a man however
It I the political fates may seem to have decreed
r against him
1 f Few people may agree with Mr BLACK
fr BUIIX but till must honor him for his hon
esty Is he not the only genuine reformer
If i I the Mugwumplilrd Democracy has evolved f
I I I Tlio DlssatlNllod mill the Deluded
i i Seven organizations six of them lictng of
uncertain and Irregular membership partici
pated miro or less effectively in the elec
I tion of VnLIAM li I STIIOXO as Mayor of
New York less than a year ago The sue
11 cess of the political movement which cul
minated in his election was made possible
by two causes wholly Independent of local
11 f I affairs namely the popular round swell In
I4 favor of the Hepubllcan party and against the
I I Federal Administration throughout tho
h t country and the condition of commercial
J prostration all distress which followed
t t eighteen months of oppressively hard times
I from thousands of unemployed workmen In
this town the largest manufacturing town
i t in the United States
1 t At this years municipal election many
t forces arrayed in favor of Col STIIOXOS
administration a year ago will b against
1 any support endorsement or toleration of
1 t It this year The SfltoNu administration
i has made many enemies among its former
supporters Here are some of the < ne
j t hues taken collectively and not as Indi
viduals which It has made
I t l A t the head of these hostile or neutral forces
tf f f t am to bo l reckoned first the btralghtout
I i and unconditional Republican partisans who
i I have been hoping for muny years to secure
control the city administration through
J 1 the agency of 1 Republican Mayor When
I aftur thirty four years the Hepubllcanshnve
J elected amemburof the Kepubllcun party
Mayor they find tliemselvesconfrontcd with
I responsibility for mi administration which
iJ t neither Democratic nor Republican but
t i multiMugwump 1
Next In tlm uuinlwr of probable back
t lldvrii from the biipporl of the admlnlstra I
t tlon conic tho disgruntled Democrats who
having gotten all the spoils In night
for their betrayal of the Democracy are now
1 I ipurryinic away nun responsibility for an
a which has nothing more to
I ur The representative of two of these
organizations the State or iltACK Democ
rue ull the SHAMUS OHliiKN or Movable
Democracy voted In Uiu Board of Aldermen
will thu Democratic member on Juno 11
t In support of an apportionment which will
jmiUilily cost their former Republican allies
ten scats In the next Albany Assembly
1 Thirdly we have the beer boilers and the
I beer inkers organized under tho gonfalon
of the liberal Sunday laws situ BIle doors
t i wiii lig outward who expected that the
j f pveiilictlon pledge of W K I STUONO now
liayor the boys t t have their beer would
b kept and that In this war they would
profit from a change of administration t
which they were otherwise Indifferent
Added t the malcontent and dissatis
fied Individuals I I 1 largo and respectable
botlr of organized ItalianAmerican citi
zens who almost 1 solidly at last years elec
tion gave their votes for Col STIIOXO and
his associates No such concerted move
ment In Now York city politics among
Italians was ever seen before Vet since
tho election they have been Ignored to such
an extent that In the most public and ex
plicit manner they have disavowed all
political responsibility for Col STIIOXO or
the administration which Is now rrpro
Mlitetl In town by tiurr the grabbers
the ordinance HOE
JKKOLOMAH ordInanc approver lOE
lieu the freak Coroner and DAMSKN the
jnll deliverer with a bunch nf whiskers
Nor arc other elements of thin voting popu
lation now hostile t tho present adminis
tration to b Ignored There are the dis
gruntled Grand Army men numerous lu 1e
publican ranks and the great body of homo
rulers who do not believe In going outside I
of Now York city for municipal officehold I
ers Then too though of probably less Im
portance than any of two named above
arc the Good Government Club men ami tho
AfroAmerican or colored Republicans who
arc In n state of active revolt The Good
Government Club men and tho AfroAmeri
cans occupy ommon ground They object
to discrimination In tho giving out of
patronage tho former because the hated
politicians got too much tho latter because
they didnt got enough themselves
Offsetting these disadvantages t some
extent there Is the fit that the Commit
tee of Seventy has gone out of business
Tho II11 ml Eyo of the Young Caliph
The position of the Police Commissioners
In regard to the Excise law has been that
although the law was In some respects un
desirable it was their duty to have it en
forced until it should b modified or repealed
executive officers anil
pealed They arc 01ccr8 ali
they must see that the laws are enforced
This would bo a logical If not a satisfac
tory defence If the Commissioners tried to
enforce all the laws Notoriously they do
not try They seem to suppose that It II
the one object of the police to enforce this
ole particular law n law that had become
practically obsolete In so far as its most
obnoxious provisions were concerned Now
if by an alteration of conditions a cliange
of public sentiment or any other cause cer
tain laws have Income obsolete it Is I earn
mon sense for the Police Commissioners to
let them sleep and to devote themselves
to the execution ot the lawn which still
correspond with nn actual necessity or
demand of the public nml which hale
BomqthinK more than n merely nominal ax
istence upon the statute book No incon I
siderable part of the law is superfluous and
dormant The Police Commissioners have
themselves recognized that there are laws
which may b allowed to sleep In spite of
the decision of Judge McAliAM they al
lowed the druggists to sell soda wnter yes
terday They deliberately permitted a law
to be violated They deliberately suspended
the action of one law and went on in their
efforts to secure the enforcement of another
They said to tho saloon keepers You shall
not sell on Sunday against the law and to
the druggists You may sell on Sunday
against the law
Mr KOOSKVELT and his associates in offl
ciousncss are taking upon themselves a re
nponsibtllty for which they will b hard put
to it to find warrant They are becoming
at once more and less than mere executive
ofllcers More because they are practically
acting as legislators by reviving sleeping
statutes situ making their own whim the
touchstone of what is and what is not to ho
enforced Less because they wink at plain
violations of laws which are not part of the
code which they have selected nt their own
sweet will They ore nonexecutive rather
than executive ofllcers They suspend or al
low to remain suspended the execution of
many laws in order that they may concen
trate their official energies upon a single
law which offers the greatest opportunities
for continual sensation ali advertising
clude In the powerful oratorical effort with
which ho proposes to crush Senator IIILL
tomorrow an apology or defence of his
refusal to execute all tho laws that require
the attention of the police Will lie ex
plain why If he neglects to enforce all the
laws in regard to Sunday observance ho is
not culpable from a reform point of view
and proper for removal P Will ho make
clear what authority he and his associates
have to discriminate between violators
of the law to nab tho saloon keeper and let
the druggist violate the law unpunished
and unpursued f Will ho show upon what
principle of Justice or common sense ho
proceeds in allowing certain laws t remain
inoperative ali Insisting upon the strictest
enforcement of the Excise law thereby
annoying n great part of the population
and impressing them with the fact that
under the rule of Reform the laws aro un
equally enforced P
Mr HOOSEVELT has not been unduly ret
icent since he has occupied his present
post and he has made his explanations
and declarations of Intention as numer
ous as the perplexing subject tle
maiuled but the public is j still perplexed
Just what Is ho trying to do all how does
ho account forhimself t Henlly ho seems to
lie In a serious position fiercely militant
for one law turning his back cavalierly
on another How can lu < expect that the
police will maintain Its discipline or cher
ish a pro > er respect for law when he
bhows himself impetuous for the en
forcement of one statute complaisant
blind to the violation of another Of what
use Is It for the young Caliph to walk abroad
for tho pur > OM of detecting patrolmen In
the heinous crime of conversation with a
citizen I he never peeps abroad to BCD what
laws are violated f
The only rational explanation of Mr
ROOSEVELTS Inconsistent ferocity In regard
to Sunday closing is that he must have
made 1 wager some time that If ho were I
Police Commissioner ho would shut up
every saloon lu New York on Sumluya lint
reform on this basis Is too narrow nnd If It
can deal with no greater matter than a Sun
day glass of beer Reforms expectation of
life cannot bo long
A Contrast
Less respect U shown for thu law nml the
decorous observance of It In New York nt
present than was shown a year ago or than
there has been shown for deveral years
Within the past week serious offences
murders homicides anti
alil huusubrcaklngs
have been upon the increase More prison
en have escaped front odlclal custody dur
ing the pait live mouths than In any similar
period The residences of two Policu Magis
trates have been robbed by audacious In
truders A man supposed to resemble 1
public oflicer has been mobbed in ono of
the street The proceedings of the new
Police Justice hare been lu several cages
the itibject of jocose rebuka bjr those In at
tendance In the court The police force Is
being demotnllecd by the antics of am
bilious fielffiocklng ofTlcorii who have made
I fake I or pretended arrests antI I fake
or pretended rescue from the docks as a
shorter nnd easier method of securing pro
motion titan hy A faithful discharge of their
lawful ditties
Uy diverting police attention from serious
and Important public matters to those of
minor moment the discipline and efficiency
of the department have Iwon Impaired nnd
them las been n vlilblo decrease Iii that
respect for law all order which has always
been characteristIc of Now York city It Is I
many days In tills town sluice n complalnnnt
In the Tombi prlsuu assumed t lcotur n
Judge or nltico the President of the 1ollco
Hoard took upon himself the duties of n
timekeeper or watchman for policemen of a
subordinate griido
Law In Now York Is brought Into ridicule
In Its enforcement of tho petty minor
ordinance nnd Into contempt by neglect
of moro Important matters under tlio ad
ministration of a Hoard of Police thd mem
bers of which know less than they should
and think they know more than they do
Actual War In Cuba
The conclusions of the Spanish Author
ties as t whet her a war Is going on In Cuba
may not b very easy t ascertain That
they think there Is something going on In
Cuba resembling war may b judged from
tho number of troops they havo found It
necessary to send t the Island and tho num
ber of new gunboats for patrolling waters
which they hare ordered
Whatever lay b the Spanish view that
of our War Department can b surmised
from tho fact that it has under considera
tion tho question of detailing army officers
to witness and report Upon the military
operations In Cuba The plan II to Bend not
only one oflicer as In the case of some wars
but four or one for each division of the
Spanish army Tho idea is I Interesting and
novel as connected with Cuba There would
be no very long journey for the detailed out
cons and some hints for practical campaign
ing might b picked up At all events the
fact that tho plan Is contemplated Indicator
the importance which our military authori
ties attach to the uprising iu the Island
This II practically 1 recognition of the
Cuban revolutionists as Itelllgcrents The
next step should bo their formal recognition
An such by tho United States
Col GrarcsH Service to Literature
We hear some criticism of 01 Toll
TEMIIK GICAVES of Georgia for giving to the
press Mr CLEVELANDS Important letter on
Wrddcd Bliss In which tho President de
scribes himself as one who can testify
with unreserved tenderness to the sanctlfl
tnlerneBs Mnctl
cation which comes to man when heaven
directed love leads the way to marriage
The letter was Intrusted to tho delicacy
and discretion of Col GRAVES The
Colonel had it framed in white and gold and
has kept it hanging for nearly live years in
his parlor where anybody could read it
This practically amounted t publication
Has the fortunate possessor of the manu
script abused the confidence reposed in him
hr l > thu author or in any way violated the
unwritten Ittws of delicacy by placing these
poetically conceived and beautifully ex
pressed sentiments concerning matrimony
where they are at the service of the whole
Englishspeaking race
We reply No most emphatically No
We hold that in tho absence of an express
prohibition from Mr CLEVELAND Col
GIVES ot Georgia would have been guilty
of breach of trust i ho had neglected any
longer to publish the letter Tho senti
ments are so creditable to the President as
a man and a husband as a redeemed and
sanctified old bachelor we may even
Bay that nobody on earth can think
less of him for committing them to
paper in the first place and in the
second place to tho delicacy and discretion
of a Georgia Colonel Furthermore the let
ter was written not in the primal fervor
and more or less irresponsible enthusiasm
of the honeymoon mood but four years ali
1 half alter marriage n period sufficiently
long to allow philosophy tnrcHiimo its sway
The letter was not tliishexl off in n foolish I
moment I bears internal evidence of that
same laborious painstaking deliberation
as to the choice of words and phrases
and the proper balance of sentences which
characterizes Mr CLEVELANDS published
writings and speeches upon the more ordi
nary themes of statesmanship Ho has no
lure cause to Ixj ashamed of It as a liter
ary production than as II manly confession
that up to the ago of fifty he did not half
know what lifo WIll
In seeking for aquotatton with which t
conclude his panegyric the married state
Mr CLEVELAND full happily upon these
tin good tweet maid and let wbo will b eleven
Dutiable 1 thing nut dream them all day loan
And to make life death and that nt forever
One grand tweet tong
That these verses occurred spontaneously
and naturally to tho Presidents mind and
by no artificial process or adventitious aid
there Is reason to believe It is
every rClhOn lleo I 1
curiousclrcumstancethattf Mr CLEVELAND
had depended upon the Index to HAUTLETTS
I Familiar Quotations for a suitable
phrase with which to terminate hU eulogy
of Marriage ho would have found In that
book nothing but cynical unsatisfactory
unausplcloiis and unsanctlfled sentiments
Here is the entire BARTLETT exhibit
I not marriage upen question when It It allrged
from the beginning of the world that such as are la
the Inlllutlou wish t gel ouI and such at are out
wish lo get In I
UsrrUie and hanging go by dettlny
Oh cure of marriage l
JOBX careeN
Marriage Ii a desperate thing
With mirth In funeral and dirge In marrltgt
Let me not to the marriage of Ira mild
Admit Impediments love U I not lore
Which alien when It alteration feds
The funeral baked meats
DM coldly furnlih forth tee marriage tables
The reason why 10 few marriages art happy U I be
cause young laillei tpeiid their time In making let
not In making CirOB
Married la bait we may repent at leisure
When said I would die a bachelor did lot think
I should live till I ivero married
I U to the disgrace l of an otherwise useful
and welledited compilation of selected sen
timents that IIAIITLETTS 1 Familiar Quota
tions I should afford nothing whatever upon
the subject of Wedded llllss not a dingle
generous glowing Inspiring thought sug
gested by a fortunate connubial experience
This astonishing defect surly cannot b
duo to the fact that ou noble English lor
MuTe both prose Mid poetical hu been
until now absolutely destitute of quotable
passages of that character It such Is 1 the
case the excuse exists no longer thanks to
Col JoilK TEMPLE U HAVES of Georgia
No Flag on the Blanket Ballot
At a meeting of the Democrats of the
Fourteenth district tho Thirteenth war
of the city of Brooklyn last week the selec
tion of an emblem for the party ticket next
autumn was discussed and the association
finally adopted a resolution earnestly recom
mending that American flag b chosen a
tho Democratic symbol
The only objection t this choice Is that
tho itew blanket ballot law expressly forbids
the use of the national flag as n party
device upon the new pictorial ballot
It Is 1 very good Idea to read anew statute
before taking any action under It
Such a course Is apt to save some trouble
the waste of brain tissue and considerable
needless talk
A number of other symbols are prohibited
by tho HAIKKS law portraits being among
tho forbidden emblems
Any kind of an animal however Is al
lowed by the law I
How would an elephant do for the G O 1
P and a rooster for the valiant Democracy t
An eagle would 0 a fine emblem but cars
would bo to him differ
b requisite t represent difer
ently from tho eagle on the great Real of tho
United States Tho statute prohibits any
representation of that seal or the seal or
coat of arms of any State
The Hon J SLOAT FASSETT Is reported assaying
Mr 1 Coooniuu baa been In the Senate twelve long
yean and during that time never registered a vote
which he thought or knew to b arID the wishes of
An opinion from the Hon J BLOAT FASSETT
on the fit of ones collar ought to be listened to
with respect He has a right to be heard
There va a time when distinguished
officers of our army attracted the attention of
thcicollezes na persons learned enough In tho
Ian or at leant In some laws to receive tho
degree of 11 n I Harvard for example made
General MEADE a doctor of laws Lately
navy officers seem to be ccttlng their Innings
and this summer whllo Harvard following last
years example of Oxford and Cambridge has
given the degree of M n to Capt MAHAN
Dartmouth has conferred It upon Hear Admiral
HFIKNAI In both cases It has been well be
stowed Cnpt MAIIANS fame Is world wide
and his urgent pleas for tho building un of our
navy anti the annexation of Hawaii show that
the welfare of his own country Is nearest hIs
heart and Dartmouth on her part certainly
chose well in selecting for her honors that
sterling and patriotic eon of New Hampshire
While everybody sympathizes with MARK
TWAIN In his business troubles there Is a sneak
Ing feeling of satisfaction at tho prospect that
tho result may bo to start up his genius on full
time again
A reader of TiE SfN In this town makes
tho subjoined statement and asks the accom
panying question
I hate a ropy of TUB Scs Iud April a 1833 1
that nearly tho oMrit
I the date Is correctly stated It Is some other
Sun than ours The first number of THE SUN
win published on Sept a i 1H33 Several hun
dred thousands of copies of a facsirnlio repro
duction of this earliest Issue were distributed
by us in 1883 on the fiftieth anniversary of the
newspapers birth It Is probably one or these
reprints that our corresnondent possesses
Nearly every week somebody writes ottering to
sell to us at a price ranging from 5 to 5001
copy of this highly Interesting but not pecuni
arily valuable souvenir
A report made by Capt HOOPER who
commands our Hcnrlne Sea patrolling fleet this
year Is dated at St George Island one of the
Prlbylov couplet where lie arrived on June 18
Tho season U I very laIn the Island are covered
with snnw nnd until within a few days have been I
urroundcd hy lee Hut few seals 1 have arrived at
either Uland and there are nol In the water In the I
vicinity of tlm Islands Whether they will remit later
remains to IK I wen There Is I not a sealer and hardly
a seal In the sea
That there should have ben no sealers there
Is all right since pelagic hunting does not be
come lawful again until Aug 1 and tho Vic
toria craft would be foolish to cruise In these
waters six weeks before tao time But the lack
of seals seems to bear out the reports that tho
catch In tho North Pacific has been very poor
this year and that all Indications point to I
great diminution In the herd
The House of Peprtscnlalivej at the last ses
sion of Congress passed under a suspension of
the rules n bill providing for a new rnodiu tl
roitlf to be arranged It possible with Great
Britain lliisblu sari Jnpni In order to give that
protection to the fur seals which the I > arl rules
do not afford It further authorized
aloId aUlhurlzl1 the Secre
tary of tire Treasury unless that modus should
b arranged to take and kill each ant every
fur seal male or female as It lay be found on
the 1rlbylov Inland and to sell the skins The I
Senate did not act on this bill but the Govern
ment asked Urcnt liritaln to make such a tnmlit
rftf mif ali eo fur as we havo heard asked
Great BritaIn In vain
The eeaU have fallen off In numbers toy the
reports and thus far there are no preparations
to stay tho autumn slaughter In Iluhrlng Sen
which Is provided for by the iaria rules We
should say therefore that the chances lire
greatly In favor of a grand roundup of the ani
mal next summer under tho authority of 1
bill like the one just spoken of unless Indeed
JOHN licil can bu aroused to cooperate In lire
venting the extermination of the Prlbylov herd
which we may expect within the next few ers
If Indeed It Is I not already accomplished
Applnuin hat Allowed There on Hunday
lint tun llllila Clan 1 Ilroke the Hole
OCEAN li noVK x J July 14 There was an
uproar on tho camp grounds this afternoon It
occurred a the big Illble class meeting held at
the Auditorium and led I by President Thomas
Haulon of Petinlngton Seminary The lesson
was on Tho Golden Calf A dispute arose
roncttrnlnir Idolatry which drifted Into a not
discussion on Unman Catholicism Dr Hnnlon
Ia I art Irilmmii midn Protestant Vhoii albeIt
chin wax being denounced w jumped to his fret
and with anus cutting the air exclaimed
cuttnl tl
The Ignorant woman who In I faith bows to
an Image In I on safer ground than the supor
hlshur critics who iteeiu to have lott all faith I
thank God for the Cnilinllc Church
Till was greeted with mingled applause and
expressions nf dlxnpiiroballon br lire clasn of
IDUO I The leader wag vliornu ly attneked by
tome of iris associates hen tire iiuMlon box
was opened one query was Wouldnt It be
better If thu leader itt the Ocean I Irnvo llllilo
clHsiverou little Htronger Protestant V 11blo
More iippluune followed tliK lIre Doctor
hunted buck
I want you to understand that I am no nan
rowmliuleil Protestunll I you dont like lOst
why you neednt
The Jllble class Is noted for its hot debate
but todav wai exceptionally warm Applause
Is not allowed In tins place mi Sunday but It
came out today despite the cltorU of President
blokes to quiet the crowd
BoatoVsi Oeaerous IlebnTlor Her Oncit
1 t > m M llatton lurch
Not more than half the stranger attending lb
Christian Endent or Convention accommodated
In the Public krrvlcea anil It teems ai If the let
and the placet public neon were filled with this
lutflllxcnt soil easer people who are a 1 earnest
find out what Is I characteristic of Boston at they arc
la engage lu their duties ut home I was a generou
act to open the Urantry ami King Chapel burial
grounds to lire publlo during tire Convention
The Demand for a JBBO
from thf < 4dami Irrtman
To Hand a ghoul of a chance In the next PresIdentIal
election 1 the Democratic candidate mutt boajlogo
A auld be thau useless
Vtugwuinp w b H lbu ul
ChrU Must Fhi far l > B4er hlt >
PllltADKtpniA July HThe Republicans
Pennsylvania will meet In State Convention at
Harrisburg on August as for the purpose of
nominating six candidates for Appellate Court
Judges a State Treasurer and for the election
of a Chairman of the Hlatn Committee
The Appellate Court was created by the Leg
IsUture which ended Its labors on June 0 This
sevon Judges who comprise tire court six lie
Otiblleans and one Democrat have nil been ap
pointed by the lovernor to hold office until the
first Monday In January 1811 Their successor
are to bo elected In Novcmbci next
Oov Hastings desires the nomination by
the Republican Convention of this nix Ilepubll
can Judge named by him In order to secure
that ho scorns to bo making n most bitter fight
against Senator Quay who hiss announced him
elf n a candidate far State ChaIrman of the
When Senator Quay was last In harrisburg
Oov hastings eallrdnn him nnd Mid t I am <
candidate for Chairman of tho I linoublican Suite
Convention all would heplcutcd to havo your
upport to which Senntor Quay rntdled mot
promptly There will bo no opposition on the
part of my friends to your ramlliWy for Chair
man of the Convention lam a candidate for
Clulrmnn of tire State Committee and would b
pleised to have your support To this the
Oovernnr Is sold to have replied that ho could
not suiiport Senator Quay us he was committed
to II I F 1 Ullkensnn
The light ft I therefore between Senator Quay
and 11 lllkenvon Commlfsloner of Hanklnir
for Clmlrmnn nf the Hlnto Committee and It Is
comluctid under tho direction of Chris Magro
of Plttuburgh In order that Magee may socurn
control of tin party machine with 1 view of
effecting his election to tho rnltcd States Senate
one year from next January
The question therefore simply resolves It
pelf Into this Shall Matthew S Quay or
Christopher Marco be tIre reeoxnlred Itcpub
llean leader of Pennsylvania If Quay lepl I
tented for State Chairman Maeeo will bend the
delegatIon from thlsStato to tin National Con
vention and will njnlro to the rimlrmanshlp of
the National Hepubllcan Committee
Therol Is no flirht against < Iov Uniting for
Chairman of the State Convention or ngnlnit
any of his recently named Appellate Court
Judges on tho part of airy of Seiinlor QuayN
adherents but tbero Is I a mot determined
and unyielding light against Mageos leader
ship of tho party and tinder Quays banner
every friend of Qtiav In tho Commonwealth will
be arrayed agalnM Ma gee wi
Tills Is I the situation In a nutshell
aiit FOSTER Axn TIII 310111 CLAIM
The ExMecrctrry or Stl Nt Responsible
for Niiln Ileluy In lii meet
IViwn the IiHltttnnjHtltA Journal
my return to tho United States I learn that re
cently circulation hns been given to a statement
connecting mo with what Is I known ns lire Mora
claim nnd that tho Joitnml has commented
thereon editorially In a friendly but somewhat
apologetic spirit I esteem too highly tho good
opinion of tho Journal and my own people of
Indiana to quietly allow them to remain under
a misapprehension of the facts
I do not have at hand the text of tho press re
port upon which your editorial of the 211t h ultimo
bacd but It stated that I
was III blt slulcdlhlt as the attorney
of the Spanish Jovcrnmcnt have been respon
sible for the delay In the payment of the Mora
rlnlm In I the first Iii iCt I never s us the attor
ney or ncent of the Spanlith Government In tlm
Mora claim or any other business mr have I
ever been employed by or reeeUed n fee from
thai iovermunt or any ollielil of the tame
Secondly 1 am not rcxponnlblu for any delay i
In the payment nf tl Mura t claim As > 11 itt Iutr
to Spain I uriiil its nettlemeiil und afterward
as Scrretary of Htnte Itt If the
af ecrllr HIII I payment I puh
Ished record Is examined u It will I I I lie found that
tire action of IWI cif our Ministers to Spain
ulevre ltd unrurt und Palmer I did cause delay in
its payment and the reasons they gave for their
action are not discreditable to them I I may re
mark In passing that the chief dehiv In the
mymentnf this claim Iras lieen caused br tlm
elrinurrrsnta l attorneys 5 for if they had consented l
to the acceptance by the Stale Department of
Iho I not unreasonable proposition I of the t Spanish
lovernment the claimant would IBo received
Iris money years ami
low mo to adil that I do not alI legal
ethics ns on elastic Rs to allow nfdiublx
dertli rig ant the part of attorney nor do < I t lblj I
hat any amount of diplomat skill can JiiMlfV I
tire attempt to Ferxe two masters Wlillnf i
lave at various times been honored with the
confluence of foreign Governments I have never
accepted aservlee Inconsistent with my duty a
nn American eltlen or at variance with the In
oritn or honor of my mvn country
Will the Hlcyclltiic Jlnlilen Get the KnRnce
melt IKtnc r
To TiE EDITOR OK Tin SIN Mr The letter from 7
f i I In this mornlnifn Hf > is l hlihly aniiiKlntc to ay
he bait I re l ireiunied that J 1 s I I 1 In I a man hurl llr
ohe betrays that luck of lorfleiinl that alt lity IIIKIMI
eralle from one or to o marl 1 rinses w hlcli an gi niril
lyattrlliutcd I to uomon lli I > > nvs Yiniix men will
marry the plain clrl n ho nver nitre likj eli lint a ho
can make homn aKreeaMn nilI U r a RIHHI hoiiiekocpiT
blnra when have ouiin men luineil rriiblhk > and
cIramiginI 1 their I tllnMumiireil clistniu of nmrr lung a
pretty area taft of blut eyes nr tlu > KIll who un
derstamU how to charm them Irrespective of her
101lc anctnlInIiitiiunr tnt 111 hal th nllUI
nit UI lit I Ihno hlh JI drill I ti I IUl 1 11
tIn it 1llhIIIIIle KIll i s un uluts 1 u1 burr 1 tiort
rlwlrl OIIloln Ilul trnir iii o lh tiii I fu rr niiirr4
artor ut Hln cmii 111 u ti rirtii al 1 11 a
on nlnrnnt Inn tiiliut 1 S I Iii t into iruty itt iii un 1
efllIII lie v IUc I tuinmic tnninui it tin nt
11 iii 11 iltu hlllc itintin 11111111
tiuii 7 a lien Ir tuivrnl inc ts 1h a IHwk I t 11lhdler
Ir Iii lluk unit 111 I IIIU ri hI will dliii rural
IIIY S ufluIi hlh llrrh1 uiii I iingtt wh list in
trntnr I Ih ssinnet
innrruiiy IHI IIIP 1lc
riutnt1uiitiutjiiemur hint tia I I drill In I tient tirrouretu
wniorinuig i The wrlhr 11 kI1 hu rr 3 icr atiii
trio unit our ly uvik ii lilt ut r iricat alu ii
biubtil irr tint trio tnrnrrr tirtaut OJ liiis
Ip roUt I fun i runt trzuw I IH 111 JovII nor
aZiliItZiIn tnrtii mm a 1al iiuiUikilnlini iios iIiri
1 hesi nnirimii W II iiiiuuiinn I tot Jrl cli rut tier fr iii
liarii lug Iii ride a unuir tins 1 Inn ri II tin iirnncii I to
Illprr wih Ir Ill Iii I I tirinit turin 1
Wh 111111 1 nS I mini I titter nuuuij 1 hut rllhM nr
row Irlhc rllw liu II or tie ci tirlle aunt
enlh tiitrir rut 1 71 111 nllnrae 1lr rs 1
Ion lun uatrirg Intl inn uniilrnrrurniui o ntinniuilr rr ttrrinji us
wineeiiig 1 11f 1 trot i III en t i ti t rllII i I a ii
111 nurture 111 sniii trinntr 111 In lrlw tilT tutu
nuiirndagi o rllt nuuri I In In ellhl11 nktrlu
tot nrlol II Iw I iin i di ii ititnin ttiib Ir Ilollni
IHuIUlhh mg ur Ihu Jle lrlh inns in rul11
I itra try Iho t aIIlt or f 1 r I alo u 111 i I get
the Iigaiiruuutmn I rIn I din lieu trout griiuii t In nh I cants
for I lie art ten I f urn 1 i 11 tiiiliiitnI I al 111 I tire I au oe
ai < niifiBiiiiiiiHiur > < Hiii IIIIII t > suit iran lung hurt raIny
taken In tInt wheel yet sign herarlf
UuoOKIYSJuly U As Ow MAne
America Holy In Cutm
To Till EIMTOR or Tit lrcfr I bravo read tutu
editorial article Iu titdnyk Issue of Tin Nrventllleil 1
Why IhullI Wu Not Io fur Culia tVlmt KrimetDili
for Ca 7 soil t feel that II ss tresss tint llnlll or
every true American oa Ih1 question I U I not of
eourne to be expected that t Inmr Cleveland will In
Juror htniHolf lone curry Mirj us luau h In any effort to
nriCt a riuwiitriHliteii race to obtain their freedom
This Is I not In Hccuiiluiuu tllh hid record burt lii
Huuld no doubt b glud or another opportunity to
how his Hklll In attenipthiK to restore wnno dejnifceit
auil ilUcreilltei monarch
ho I far an tho Cuban billleerenl are concerned we
should rccoKHlio them us mill at the tint riarignirtilo > >
opportunity Kery Ameileaii in run appreciates what
liberty Is I will nclcointi the I ant ci bC tif thu Cubans In
theIr present ilrusglc uml n we tire not under ex
traordinary obligations of courtesy tn Spain f can
afford to wink th iitliereyn v hen we lear of oo
carlonal slilpmuntii of arms 0 to parts unknown
The Amerlcaulim ihuwn In the article refrrreit tots
characteristic of TurhCN and Is deeply admired by
lUumsucua ru July 18 I AM hlRIU
ilohnny H iitisine for 1obn
To Tint EDITOR or TntKtN Mr ion tho fonts sake
do Rive up your leaders on Iho Venezuela uenllonl
I John Hull wants Ihu territory ho will take II Your
articles written by sumo rVnlan will not slop John
TheMonro doctrine Is I G 11111 dod I has alwayt
been to when John hut madu up his mind to take a
liquor something good A mug hl1scuniilt
New YORK July la
Four Neiv Vomeis of Old
To TIC KMTOK OK Ine 11Sr 1erhnin InC new
woman H nut sir ery new after all I rather think
Joan or Arc Conitancu nf cecilia halt Iltener and
IhAwoiiian S who phiiinei I ice I Western rfvcreami > ultu
dinnIng hici Ii vui in tern all nuns women
btrtrT N JJuly IU UiarAV Koutt
The Nclenlldo llounewire
fVuwi ffid Chicago AtUf
Give mo a spoon of oleo ma
And thu sodium alkali
Ior Im lining to makn a pie mamma
Im tioiiiK to make a pie
Ion John will bit inntIrCe and tired ma
And hl tissues wilt decompose
60 gin e ItO a Kraiiiiuo of iimMfhata
SAJ ul 1 Ii
Aud the carbon and cellulose
Now Kite me a chunk of casein ma
loshorteu Ihu tlierml ftt I
And baud me the Ins ull t 011 t la ma
AndlookalllKi lilt runnai I
And If Ito rtrtirit cii eus Ii
Just 1 turn I on half an ohm
her I scan to IraTe supper ready
As nouu at John come hume
Now tiasa me the neutral II dope mamma
I mma
AntI rotate tune I lulling machine
DUI gin mo the sterilized water lint
Lout the oleomargarine tr
And tOn nhotpbaiv too for now I think
lh new typewriters quit
And Johu will need moro tuoiphate food
To bclp UU ball a bit
ovn riRBT cottrottra rt
HoW They BllVr A BI Tfsc as > lrt > < i mad
fro s Or Other QsuikoM
WAsniNQTon July 14A comparison between
the details of tho two type of construction la
the six gunboats for which proposals have now I
been Invited furnishes several point of much
Interest They have In common a normal dis
placement ut about 1000 toni and an Indicated
horse power of about 800 giving t each the
extremely moderate speed of twelve knot The
normal draught of each to the bottom of the
keel Is twelve fclt This will allow them t b
used In river scrvlco on foreign stations While
the four vessels of the tingle screw type have a
length of JOB feet on load water lno and an ex
treme beam of DO the twin screw vessels have a
length of 174 and a beam of 34 Again the I
former carry full salt power while tho twin
screw vessels hare steadying calls only and
depend on engine powor The boilers In tho two
types of vessels are of the Imo character each
boat having two singleended Scotch boilers
but of course there Is 1 difference In tho engines I
that of the single crew boats running at 100
revolutions to develop tho required 800 horse
power and the two engines of the twin screw
boats runnlnc at 200 revolutions In developing
tin same power An uncoupling arrangement
used when the single screw boats are going
under sail ulono allows the screw to revolve by
the action of the water and It la I believed thai
little retardation will result
Mill another difference In the two types Is that
the normal coal supply of the single snow boats
will be 100 tons with a total bunker capacity of
> I while that of tlm other typo will b 1UO
tons with a total rapacity of 20 This differ
ence Is duo to the fact that the auxiliary pall
screw power typo will allow areductlonof coal In tire single
If wo compare the now composite vessels with
existing steel gunboats the lMtne Bnd Machine
come nearest to them In displacement twine
1177 tons ali they have a mean draught of 1J
feet Tire llathbullt boats however are 10
fet longer and nearly two feet narrower In
addition they have 1H7U and2llU horse power
respectively or between two and three times
what Is to he supplied to the now vessels It Is
therefore not surprising to find that their speeds
arc In tlie one case UVtiand In the other knots
above what Is expected of the six new vessels
The normal coal supply of the Machine and Cas
tlno Is a llltlti greater but tIne total bunker ca
pacity Is loss In tho batteries there Is also n
Hilda difference Those of the Machlon and
Instlne consist of eight 4Inch guns four 0
poumlcrs two 1pounders and two Catlings
those of tho six new vessels of six 4Inch four
0pounders and two 1pounders
Ihothrcoitunboats building at Newport News
aro moro distinctively light draught than the
six now tn bu built slnco one of them lisa but
11 feet and the other two u feet of mean
draught They differ considerably from the
new vessels In all respects One vessel IsIII
feet longer ninth 2 feet broader with 1171 tons
moro displacement while the two others are
over 70 feet longer 4 feet bmodcr and of Ml
tons more displacement They also have a
larger bunker capacity and about double tire
Indicated horse power and two of them have 1
knot and the third ii knots more speed than tho
newest gunboats
The advantages of composite gunboats In re
quiring less docking and hence In being able to
keen the seas longer were fully set forth when
them vessels were planned It may however
be pointed out that Chief Constructor Hlch
born has for years been a strong advocate of
ulieiithed and composite vessels When the
Newport News gunboats were planned It was
hoped to make one or moro of them coraposlte
but It was found that the language nf the law
s tuUltl not allure this to be done However pre
cautions wero taken In the last naval act to
niter the customary wordlngso as to allow these
new vessels to be comjiosUe It may be observed
that in the nine latest cuntKiats the great aim
has been that of special adaptability to river
anil other service In foreign water such as
those of tire Asiatic and South American sta
tions combined with economy of cruising and
to this result hleh peed has been sacrificed
jtisnov io2Tin AT TUB MISSION
Many Htrnnncr Ilriiun There Yesterday
by IIIn lrrMencv
Illshop Potters first Sunday at tho Cathedral
Mission In Stanton street was a busy one Tire
first service of tire duy was the communion nt
H oclock nnd tlio Hhdiop celebrated It There
eras tIne usual number of communicants and
they were cliiclly tire regular members of the
misslim coiifctreitatlon When IlUhop Potter
came down to tire mission ho mado It known
that ho wanted to study tire normal conditions
that dieted there Fur that reason no special
cITort WHS tIrade to Increase the size of limo con
grecrtt tint itching I Inc Hlslioun visit hut yoster
lily mraiiKiTK attracted by his prisencc muilo
It about t us lci its i i nnllnnry I s size Tine Sunday
ecliool ervlcu Is usually held at hi I oclock but
nsthef es MS mi orillnatlon I at 10110 clock
nith n anotlier celebration of i ire < nmunlon
I UiliopIiittiT read tin mnrnini prayer to tire
ci ii lit I mn u lin I wire ntimit I in rein imtu nd roil In
lumber in iiliro ol I ire usual Sunday school
service at tbit linn
At Iiiit tuur hnrrrp who has been us lunisslon
any on lianiluH I I Nhiinl 1 I was ordnined a deacon
incl hiiirtnp Totter delivered ii Miort nildress in
whiili lo praised the uimlulatuB us tick Mr
Mintp urns formerly ton noel on with another
ProteKtanl ileiioniliiiition and the Illshop Mild
that Iris Krandfatlier having tiien u Bishop In
in tluthurcli of KiiKland It was partlvularly
iippropriatc that Mr i Miari should have joined
the Kplcopal Chtirrh
li > mutt Potter ieiit two hours In I the after
noon nt his house at 10 Washington txiuare
Illhop Potter ntnYlntcd last night at tins
ervlces at the I misIon and the church vas
crowded with worshippers The Bishop
prtached the bcrmon
Nntr or the Jew
A Jewish paper censures those rabbis who glorify
their own nilitour tnt depreciate Christianity
iclsi Commissioner Hnrburgrr of New York Is
irnnd Master the Independent Order Free Sons of
Thu orthodox Tews stOrm that they areas loyal to
the American r < public and Us principles as are the
rcform Jews
Ihoie I ritbbls who rldo on a blc > ole lothe synagogue
hold sert Ices there and then ride homo are censured
by tins JiMrfoi Iuit
Itabbl Kranskopf defines Itcform Judaism as Juda
turn laiiRht I by Amerlean methods the methods that t
are iiecullar lo our own country
Ihe I Leviteit stem to bo numerous In Chicago The
new Chicago city directory contains as many at six
columns under tho I mime of Ievy
Tine Jftrith v niir Is desirous of the organization
of a Hoard of United ConxicKStloiia wllch shall
work In harmony with thus Hoard of Ilnbbla for the
tlrrngthenliiK of New York Israel
The proMisltlon to form a federation of tIre Jewish
clmrlllct In New York and another of thu Jewish
rduialloiml lnrnt it nut buns has tnltrd a Kood deal ut
Interest out I of whlefi something may jet grow
Many rabbis compalu that they often find It i hard
lo collect their frtu for religious services at funerals
and nt weddings one of them I n liii Bull Ieluis IRIII
bilked at thu altar mid at the coffin desires a ruin
Unit Ihu fecit shall Inn paid In advance
Hanoi liInreItjnr Is nun an m nicer of th American
Ileform ribhls for It Is I In spcaklni of them that ha
js The attention of the I piop o Is turned away
from Iho I p I ruinUlal Ignorancit of JcwUh literature
which distinguishes theme humbiiKKcrp
llo I Jewish I coplo Hand Ipghest among the Intel
lectual potttrs of the world In the opinion of the
Jnndi Ktrinr a hlch aj s further Ihut the detractors
of Israel trays naught but Jr Sinus ami narrow
mludedneis on thlch toluso their animosity
A Jewish writer complains that ire I rabbis Sri doing
next to nothing for Jour Ish literature line tv liter t almi
ea > S i They have become so aecustomed to looking
at vs er > thing Juwlsh us Ixiund up with I tine problem
w hether wo should hat H hats off that they hat c u t
all boner of reitinirrs situ literary Perspcclltc
Tho Jewlh pjHr aro plemed tlm Jlajor Strong
hat found so many unices for the Jew Uh citizens of
New York Mr lUrlmrgcr is sit llxclsoCommlnsoner
Mr Iliuleln It I a Io 1 foiumlssloncr 5 Mr hutro Isu
Tax rommlsslouir anl Mr Iehmaler It a Coininls
stunner of AeOoiuiis Ml t In so inflicts err > io < l and fat
i loan reigns cries the IMrtw Jnnru t ncr which
furlher > iys Ion um IIHIK unit burst tticre has Iceu
ioMipsratHecju u In I Uiu houkof UritI I i VVuhearnu
projects niooie for worldretolutioiiltliiK rcfonus
Noblooil iiirdllni proposlilont for the I uprooting of
JiidiUin uiu fiiard Kvcn tho t keiiNatloual radiialt
hatubeiomomiieh moro mild mannered and refrain
from Ito exploitation of allrgod Hurtling novelties
It U I Indeed a season of peace
A writer III theJfiifiMirri t < cxprcfcicsadmiration
for tirnnnut Jetvisli niothrrt who retest lo glue their
daughters tine freedom of the ci > mInus r whlcli
the could go lo thcairct or nmljlilei In UH company
of escort with i I whom Ilieyaru I but slightly arnie atm I
nil nnr ilrituhdt < ln other outlm with male neiUilnl
sine for Ihu purposx of stninn hung thu hlonabla
world hums numerous are hair admirers The Jewish
mother must laku a linen stand auHn smIth tithing
Ihu recent riinpir of tubs suutnmrltng Inn Ihe courts
of New ork IIUKI brought out from thin llrlniia
Journal sonu rttmitrki upon tho subject t It Is
raiue for wonder a bit ti we no thin sinus brOil uhnont tlio
tancllly of bu astir by JewMi law that limO should
1m etiii lire compuratlvily tmall number of our
tieoplu win ceirinhr aim critic of ira arllcuUr > force
and vffici who arts abashet neltner by a court of
Jullee nor by the presence of tho Almighty Invokixl
by thrlr oaln It Is certainly nut a piruiiut topic la
touch upon but It Is not lo be shirked for that reason
It It lo bo deplored that there should be any of our
people vt ho lu a Judicial proceeding are cot bound
by their conscience and who do not titillate to give
sworn toitiuoDv that It false5
A woman ha jntt btxa appointed Assistant Gill
Treasurer of Danger Ma
A large majority of the women who have applied
for pleats In tha various departments of the munici
pal Government within the first half of tint year were
The wheelmen and whMlwomen who KO nnl
rtillng at very early hour of the morning would do
well to take a snack of something before they
mount the wheeL A
One of the lights of New York which Western via f
ton always like to tea U that of a great ocean slesm
thlp starting out nn Mia Toyagn lo Europe The far
Westerners are often lost In wonder as titey vlsw tha
The Interest otthe IrlshAtnerleiin rlllnent nf New
York In the cnmlng Parliamentary elections Is very
warm In almost every group of them the politics
fortunes and prospects of their native country Is very
sure to tie n subject of discussion
Never In city past time hat there bran inch n Innra
demand here for Italian laborers In line erection of
buildings there It this summer VnoomplnlnliiRlT
and stcfcdlly stat soberly the mm of sunny Italy tnlf
for the full number ot hours every day
The worlds record It I claimed by the nirlgo lire
Company Kllsworth Me which tie other day ran
S10 yards to the engine house then itiM yards with the
hose reel coupled tire hose to tire hydrant and the
nosztit to tha how all In 1 mlnuln t seconds
The mosquito hss found enthusiastic friend In
the Sheriff of Ixiwndet county Mist A convict es
cafied from prison there a few days ago and took
refuge In the anamps but was compelled to come out
and give himself up on account of the mosquitoes
In its efforts after the latest things In culture and
civilization the West hat Imported the potter eras
direct from Paris Denver It holding a poster ei
hlblt and the newspaper are using their beat effort
tn explain to tha Inhabitant what the nightmare
all about
Tine word gallant It afavorlta adjective In all
the regiment of the National Guard Thu there ara
the gallant companies of the various regiment and
the gallant Colonels and gallant Captains The
custom of using tin word hers Is derived from the
British army In which It hasalwayt been largely used
Four generations of one family were baptized to
tether at Litchfleld Conn last Sunday There were
K little boy Leonard Merrill hit father and mother
grandfather and grandmother and greatgrandfather
and greatgrandmother the greatgrandfather being
en year old The group entered the water at the
same time
After Aug 1 next any Mfchlgaa girl under
eighteen years of ago wanting to get married will
have to get the written consent of her parent or
hava her Intended husband get It for her A new law
going Into effect on that data require that snob t >
document ba filed with the County Clerk before the
marriage license may ba Issued
A connoisseur ot cigars recently came Into posse
slon of three specimens which he prizes very highly
They are of the original twentyfive which received
tint prize In the London Exposition of 1852 Despite
their fortythree years they are quits spongy having
been kept In a sealed case They are short and black
and the thickness Is the same throughout the cigar
The International Mining and Industrial Exhibi
tion which was to ba held In Denver next summer
and which had been widely advertised has been aban
doned The reason given by ire committee Is lack of
publlo spirit One citizen gave 150000 and about
150000 was to have been appropriated by the city
and county but tine Denver people did not back up
the project Tha most hopeful members of the com
mIllie say the exhibition will doubtless be held sours
time In the near future
It has been remarked that the habit ot beginning
dinner with soup doubtless grew out of the fact that
ailment In this readily digested form soon enters
the blood and rapidly refreshes the hungry man In
two or three minutes after taking n plato of good
warm consomme the feeling of weariness disappears
and the temper Is apt to bo greatly Improved Tine
custom of taking a glass of sherry before dinner Is
spoken of by sir Henry Thompson as a gaslronom
leal and ph > Biological blunder
The Iligct Sound region of Washington Is I prepir
Ing to enter Into art lye competition with southern
California lu supplying the East ru lth fruit Micccsv
ful experiment were mnde In shipping strawberries
to Eastern markets early this reason A week ano
several trial shipments of cherries were made and
plums and prunes are to be sent later Some kind of
superiority 01 ertle southern itronn fruit seems to
beclalrucd In the announcement of the t new produc
tions ns Iliijet froiind unlrrlgilei fruit I
The first hay press ever In Vuiliiiiin county Miss
was set up there a few days ago ThN H m n odd
tiring iii onto of tine rutlest iiKrlcullurnl nv n it of the
country but the out lanstlnii N In the fuel Unit hither
to the land thereabouts us In I many oilier regions of
the Situ h has alwa > i been dcioted solely to Ire i
growing of ruttoii The ail tniltinn syrtnnlr has brought
pretty hard times to Southern farmers of Into jrars
and an era of diversified agriculture hat lately cot In
which promises to bring prosiHTlty bck akaln
A project has been drawn up and Is likely to M
carried out for the holding iut a conference between
as many IKok publishers as can ho got together and
the ofllrers of the National Association of Newsdeal
ers and ftoolcsf Hers The mcmbtTHof the nshoclatlou
complain of thu Inroads made upon their tninst trees nnd
profits by thosu hi department stores In which books
astvcllarf other thlmis are sold at cut prices Tliey
desire that Ihe t book publishers hall refuse lo furnMi ji
supplies to these stores so long as they undersell tire
market P
A new society which has for ours of Its cardinal
principles tin belief In tIne poswlon by animals ot
a soul and In the Immortality of that ioul nml llsao 4
tlvlty In a futllrj stiitt Is belunorganized In lUltlmorn ff
for the protection of animals from cruelty and 111 Jtsi
treatment It N to tie I called the Henry Ikrnh Society 7
The organizers aro women but both sexes will I its
eungitrltu to membership lire establishment of nn
emergency hnnnltal for naturals nn a plan similar it
that rxtiitliiK In Washington latuhuoiio of the flrtt
wurkt of thf soclvly
A wholculu dry roril mrrvlmnt of tints city re
cently gave ft supper to twenty of till frlrniN engaged
In the dry RnniN luslnen in the city Ai one nr the
guest hnii > rufil to ipeuk nf thu htuto In u hlcli ii i > us ui
Lorn the host minim luiiilry Into the nulltlty nf the
dIrer anil It turncil out that tire twenty men us < re
torn In twenty illnYriMit Mnlmof tho tnlon Kho
WITP native of Now innluiil Mines four of Southern
StaIns tnrpn of Miiiet runnliiK from New Jersey In
Ihe ibsts5ttlul i tnoofSiatv lir > > ond tin blocky Moun
tains nut of Nrtirufku unit oun of New York Th
host of the < itn atlon was a Ilarliinllr by birth
An iuntererit lung exhibit to lie ti > nt to I ins Atlanta Ex
position by b Ire I Hciiifii of Cott county tin Is the
ietcbratiil batlleirnrrril cabin from the hnlllenrld
of the K iiiifNiw Mountain 11 Is l n plain log raliln
about twenty fiitmiunriMinil wan glluatcil I Juit be
bind the Colifcdorato breastwork It offtrcMl a good
muik for homuof hiuenmiamrtu hat Untie anil ua > bored n
in in cry part with shells mini l butIeriii l with hiillrts
but ilia not talc < lire Thoro nine im > r thirty rlcnn holes
Ihrnimli Hi walls made by lVctoral alien and ninny
huiiilrrdi of liulhi an > burli d In tIre log 1 I In rnhln
iii l to bu tnkfi down nnd re trill I In I the is pi ltloa
One of the Nov York Rod n nurturers who would
Improve this dlit of mankind I ui put out a proposi
tion for tInt eating of unities aftrr tlity are Krouud
lino llu hoUU lhat under ire t rxltlnu riKliuen Hi
bouiiof I lie inirtnirnn frame are not properly supplied
with thochtiiilcal element nccdid t to keep them In
noundund vlitorou condition and that thmu she
iIiiiit4 rain be most eatlly obtained by consuming Ibre
clii rum ni iituirea tiC tlie I milmaU ordinarily used for
food lIe would sprinkle u slink or chop for exam
ple in lIlt bono dint after tIne manner In which It It
tprlnkltil euitli salt and ppir und hemuliilHliK that
limn the tamo of tutu incut may In great ly liritinin cit
New York linen not want an ordinance like that I
rcerntly adopted In many Wrutrrn vim its by whleb
children are forllddon to lilly In tins trmeIs after a
oclock In the rMnliitt lint It Is I ilcilrablu that parents
here slonlil exereUe more rctlrulul over their t JOIIIIK
children un ho nay out until very loir bourn In many
Hricl II of thin city morn especially In Ihe t crowded
lines humlredi of lo l > t and girls tot recoIl M and 13 I
> enr of nun limy tu I evn romping pliyjui lrcl
and gain s till In oclock In tint night or etui later
when they oiuht to lo In bed err that they could gil
up at ilaylUht In he I iiiornliiK AI thin tttuui itt the
year II U rlnctk by H oclock ami th light Is breaUui
ut 4
liujuliltlve Yankee visitor lo Ihu Annum ram
w nllc lylnx at llifh hibcen niuiMo lo refrain from
meiidlhu with I ins tnnnnemntuninr ut tin KUIII and other
Intf re tliitf piece of mechanism found nbout tIre thlp
ilctpltK tho I but tUrjrU ill nrlng tlinn t lo keep Ihrlr
i linrunti u nIt wih limit oitleern plentifully itrevvrd
ci out lhHU I cud MI r lit order lo ii coura e uch In
vest irsirnrs scvcril of the innrnnlni ties which termed
innmit t lo attract I Iho t liHtiulllut t I weri connected lo a
loveiful I eleilrle toil rj tint I llaiuU HIT sign lx <
Ink of course retained I alt Intuit thu Idea wa put
Into effect tins births company hatA had idiot luu
and tire taltor lavc begun lu ha HI respect for R lit
sonnainte roil nrtt t
Three aliened vmranu wire arrested In PendIV
Ion Or recently ami lockel I tutu over night Next liny
Ihij I Intvatlii before this lleeoruer mat t they were not
Iraiiifuibut iarir cit C on thrill wjy in nil aliening
liieiu In u iiplKhhorlii town and hurt I they I ever titv
liiit money by Walt tug liulead I of travelling i by rill
flier upiKaruuce V an against llilr plea but line
Jude iuld they mltlil pnn U their vase by doing annie
tuiiihbiiKlii court If they ian1 to The Ubi uJ
chair were cleured away and thin Alleged razranli
fare a eryeluteracrobattcrshltillloiioii the floor of
tine court rrtmrr I Inc 3 irdi eforuol iris rlltnlty Clint ll I 1
court oftlccM Ihe circumstaiiiTu of tire tumblers laIn g
there cud all applauded vuornuil uiel kit Honor
yes > o much plfateil with the show that he held cir
cut In court for halt an hour srrd then released lb
men tad chipcnI > lu to a uUcrlvtlou Cur ihclr bcatfll

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