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q P Jrjl t fO rv c L J A I t h 17 h Ho <
I p c
THE SUN MONDAY JULY 15 1895 un w 9 cI
nClIJlo1tr 4 > > ATJANTlor OUrIJ
flop 1 Ile Rua I o JId flock ssppIemet4
Hul HU or IvR
1 terdal 1
TIr Mil to MorrU fo eOld K o
teI Illu
JI AwT fl oJ the Fri Im I the
IlreeMOr Nw Loe
North wet r1y
tn TO4FA Jll Becs Tomorrow
14Th the combined
July em lne
Mrtr 1 Atlantic and Larchmonl Ynoht
the Lrclulunt
rrulw of AtMlllo
I no one Cn
Club fleets b sure li be a lucces cIn
trl Saturday rcat run
wltnrsslnit rn
rtter l 1IIIPsslli
doubt I atle laclmonttr lllck Book On Saturday
from Illumination of the fleet
llo fcet
cnlthet n Illmllallon
rCWOk alil dAlcul t aY nothing of a rccet I
trclorkp by Fleet
tendered to the visiting yachtsmen
ton I lellerllo
CM tain all Mrs T U I Watson the Corinthian
day The citizen
1 pretty cltzenl
passed a lvely
alors rn
Inlors of Mack Hock
and the cottagers Iack
of iiridoiKrt nld collers
p never Irld uh > a fleet < before Ale thnt they ap
r reclalfil theiompllmcnt paid to their pretty
by the presence of hundreds
l arbor M shown prsence
shoro and stood for
who lined the alod
of lslit 1 eers Inllhe
watching the Illumination of the fleet
hours chnrmlIg incident In connection with the
reception Ihnrmlnl Watsons homo was the distribution
r tPlon tho members and
tribution of boutonnll to ae
Irlbulon uHoii the boats of tho fleet by Miss Watson I
anil Mies hclloKg Ihe Atlantic boss received
ab 1s lclo l
white flowers whllo tho Larchmont
ml and whie IIwrs hlo I
members got blue and white lowers emblematic
clubs Later In
nlors of their respective
of tin1 Or > ctVo
the evening en Watson accompanied by his
band iud Vice Commodore Adams paid a rlslt
to Comroo lore Ollllg on the Ramona and eua
jiadtd the tlng hll > This so delighted Horatio
Jlarp that he played the bones for three hours
without moving a muscle of his face while Com
modorc Ollllg sang a Japanese song and F L
Vat eaxo onii of his chevalier Imitations
From hero the Oenerals band visited Com
mander Hermanns steamer Fra Dlavolo where
810 bills Into thousands
tho profc w > r changed bli
ami Inclilcntallj performed some of his marve
lous tllght of hand trlrks I
After Saturday nights sport It was late be
fore tho majority of the tired yachtsmen
this morning There was little for
arose nurnlnl IIte
ar them t do and on tho whole they
pajsed a rather quiet day In tho morn
pcl held the Ilev
lot i Divine bcrvlco was on
William It Moors steam yacht Kamapaka
which was quite largely attended Among
those present were Commodore I M Gllllg and
Fleet Captain Georgo A Cormack of the Larch
monts VIcoCommodDre F T Adams and Fleet
Captain T L I Watson of the Atlanttcs Mr and
MM U Frank Sutton Mr and Mrs JII Hanan
I Major J 1 Fred Ackerman Howard Coat Miss
Watson Col David KAusten William Murray
Miss Louise btolpp Miss Walker r W E
Bpowers Miss bpowers John L Bliss Hazcn
Morse Thomas L Arnold Miss Moore and
George A Church The services were brief and
simple and consisted of prayer singing nnd a
abort address by the Rev William C Roberts
of Elizabeth Fleet Captain Cormack and
Commodore Ollllg led tho second division In
singing a little behind the organ Later a col
lection was taken up for the fresh air tund and
goodly sum was realized
After dinner the majority of the yachts got
and sailed Morris
UDder way and snlel Informally to
Cove New Haven Harbor There was splendid
northwesterly breeze and the yachts covered
the seventeen miles In a little less than two
hours The Ramona making It In one hour and
thirtytwo minutesand the Hachem in one hour
1 and forty minutes While there was no racing
any number of Impromptu scraps were Indulged
in on the way over The old Ramona ran away
from the Emerald In the reaching breeze while
the Awa bat tie Choctaw The tachem and
Amorita also had a neck and neck finish while
the others had lots of quiet fun among them
selves After anchoring at amonl Cove
Commodore Ollllg issued orders for the
fleet to dress ship and the yachts made a
pretty picture with several acres of particolored
lags snapping in the breeze and covering
the jachtd from item t stern Today
the combined squadron will race to New Lon
don a distance of thirtyeight miles and on
i Tuesday tho big race of the cruise will occur off
llartletls Reef Lightship The race which Is
1 for bcll > ers and slops will correspond to the
Uoelet Cup races of the New York Yacht Club
> during their cruise While It Is not known
w hat single stickers will take part In Tuesdays
race there will be a great fleet of schooners in
eluding the Emerald Amorita and Klbemarle
Anelfort is I being made to have the Lasca take
rt and If she can bo got ready In time she
will surely start The Lasca and Emerald have
not met In two years when the former used to
capture all the prizes Last year the Emerald
showed great improvement while the Lasca
WAS In Europe A great race therefore Is ex
peeted when they meet
Any number of wellknown New Yorker are
on tho trulbc and the sleeping accommodations
of all the yachts are taxed to their utmost
rapacity Commodore Harry M Gllllg of tho
Ijirchinont Yacht Club has a large party on the
Hamona including J F Lovejov Horatio Har
per T Rich F I rngerJ K Hart Dr Charles
Itiioerts and Fleet Captain George A Cormack
A IceCommodore K1 Adams eif the Atlantic
at lit Cluh has as guests on tho Sachem Fleet
Captain homas i L Watson John L Ullsd and
H Jdlclow 1 On hoal of the cutter Mlnervu
are lear I ommodore and Mrs 1 W lnnu
naIl harks Knohlaugh of the Ilonnio Kute
tins as guests 1 I Uooth and F J Well lear
Commodore W A Hazard of the Atlantic
Ysrbt Club though not on the cruise I repre
sented bj his pretty little schooner jacht
Jtnella with Willis Tun U 1 Houtultng Jr
Ir lUtuoi dtutrras and David Hicon on board
Mr 1 mil Mrs I Thomas L I Arnold are entertaining
a small party on their Heel fortyfooterChoc
Willie on the schooner Loyal are Mr all Mrs
I Frank button Mian Louise btolpp and Ml s
tloisln sutton Howard C Coates Is a guest of
L hucuin L I llusche on tho schooner Clochette
While Major J Fred Ackerman entertains on
Ills now awl Mdelln Col David K Austen
llaztn Morse and George Church
Th Ieople Sport Itrclded on Old Penn
Grounds hiutnrdny
IHII DH4 UK July H The peoplei athletic sports
ilih were arrangil to taku plac In Falrmount
Lark t J IMI July t iinilf the auspkes I of City Councils
i > ui niri I > tst tpiiiiril t 1 aiTinmiut rain wire ilprlilnl 1
lrrIIY I I rank liii bit M tin I aililftlo grounds
Cr ntII I Iii v ri ty Ilo lennousnla lllo thleeinlla
Ientln i un mitii In an iin < aiurni I torv i banner Tliu
J i rJ inz i il ws nlihlrlil until next V < flnv < laiwhen
tiMna1m1rlMitirtT I > t the IIIeetIu i vii1 I dU10 I I
the enat I c r UIII
I iii > loiidrl junt 1h l > Novice 4 S v livi ester
11 I Ulan A i nrKt 1IIIam varlftte Ibllaililuhla
II i A fnl l ierjt C1 lia I thletie Club ot
1I lil i Ild1 t m klrmI lli I I totals i
I C I unlit tii tecni ml lash
UIII1 11111 Ilah
J 111lrl 1 itt fI Ir 1 lanlralC
I 12 fat eoit VlIlIarn It lrntIs lark A C
VInlt cii lel j rert lrl ni Tttie I 2 MCttds
0 re 3 1IIr0el 4 1IIlnltol Ill I i Y M II A 2
Ji 01 1 nllh11 t hint IUI aa 1IIIIId for fouling 1
IKII hlllrl aniPieht I sti lien llundicaV
Jias <
Jai J I I IIUI ftI attic nrtt 1 II
Ii I
nt it loris lhltllll I t it I srds
e ii I J0 It t hlljI C M Jarda third
iIni I
Jr I T11 WL landliupWMfml I Ketterman
r I r I t st uais 1 first t T L Mellow A A
i Il i lh7 t ml 1 louis 1Ih ldJwl I I 4 C
orn h I hlr I lctierstan i actual time was 7 niln
WI Iln
uii t 11 <
dci 1 tie tulle < HUl Ilnlllc1l > wlllli ni I MorrIs Ihlla
Hlhu1 II i I eraIth first I ij lsret A I S
N ci i ft n1 t Vnrtiiwilt I
nt I
I I s tl 1 1 K Vila hinn Nnlhwrl V
11j h 111 I < 111 bU Jorlo Ihlr I Til I hut
t tiuir hqiui r i stat frt arui has lfaatiiiar
10 I rI Ulula > I 2f aris IUII J W
l I I u oni I 01 l i A 1 Kerauu A A
uIis tiirl 1 I ituic I i II 2
Ta unit I ittI ts hit tird Ii unIte IP iIsnlI
1 Ilnl
rtp I A A t 10 I t sri nrol uIIrlu
A lake1111 I IIrIIMI I I la I t lrI 11 It 01 n I I Ale
Thrr 4 11 i 1 alllll drn J urJuhl A H
u i fIrI hurry l ltritenrt liuitadei
I4i I V i ili I luitul I W I r I t iutuiI Iii I
lhuI in 1 t 111 Thi ri I 1111 not plIhl
lIuctt ito h115ir j rl tonIyu arJ totk Itaeo 1 I r
V I r stal A t first I J W Inttg A
i ut 1 1111 T Itiws Vest I
lo I t luirl TII I Ilt CII
A stilt llaiuiiaitl T llniliholi U of P n1
I H A Im V rot l h nrtJohii HmiKr reseept A I
11u15 I l i 11 i ouni V AlWrl Stt art r of Ia 1 and
feet 7L ieIliuI 1 hes y 31 1 t u A I htwhts hurl HelKhtlU I
ladiity IliinH u Fast Quarter the West
hlilo A Games
Tin rrguhr noiilhly gal of lh Vest l bMo A C
rre leM on Hi luulj Krund Vest Iffy fourth
I Ilot I 1 rda niiintliiK All ths eveuu i ero keenly
iasIr ullhr1 gztJlnt Staurt O n ltoi
rn titi r r Ih Iot iis AI rate a lull xhlhltnu 101 n
hllll rUI nlj I UID e itu Iwo taut Ut
It uc lulu will aald pull Ilda at
1 1 0111 I Sttiittarv Iuln
Slfl aol hlllar
di hY s ri Itattu Iil5tditatV0t1 by J Itil
7 sri I h IhIIh Ala yard second b iliY
a 1ala b 1
I hiaf lh1 i 11111011 I
WII IIUI for Not iCe I Wou h1 31 Whep H
it I 0 Ar COtI4 r A ldenuD third lle IIIDUI
Ial 11 Walk lancaSWol IIy J Layer
t II i ut berlshhetug seconds setotttti 3t
I i 7 third jloe 4 ttiztulrs I r I etond
Ly 17 u lr1 011 fortTyari ilut luIII atu WUI
AA I trli I J 1ul scratch eetflhI
r alIlhlrd TI secouii
5 Ul Riit ilatatic pVuui iy J
Iit 13llhIWul Iralan
lrO A tuierttt loll 1urI mll V hlkle
11 111 11111e I uld
4 wi su high h Jlli 1lkpWon by J Iudr
h e i a Wlh an aCtual Jul 01 fel I
I t J tasrciisjl 4 hcbe JUII with 1 c I
I UI ut 0 te He IDCIj I Mclnto 0 inches
LA rN XBltJtlB
Inac unit Other Creeks TIII Meet M
Nrnbrlaht Till Week
Tbe eyes of tho tennis enthusiast will be
turned toward Bcnbrlght this week Lamed
hat had the Beabrlght Cup for two years and 1
big effort wilt b made by the various cracks to
keep him from carrying It away for good The
list of his opponents contains the names of
nearly I the active playen of any strength to
speak of Hobart and Hovey are now almost
on the retired lst and will probably not com
pete Hovey has never appeared In any of the
tournament near New York and hall not expected
pected to break the rule tlJ year I ls to
early In the reason for Wrenn to turn out so that
Chace Howlanrt Stevens and others will bo
the strongest opponents of the Huinmlt crack
I Chaco plays through the tourney ho may re
peat Ins victory at Tuxedo The Tuxedo contest
fst however Is played on cinder courts while
the grass courts at Heabrlght are special favor
ites of Lamed Qhs Rochester Tennis Club
also holds an open tournament which may at
tract ome of OEen delegation of American play
ers now returning homeward from thoCauadlan
champloiishlpd Fischer will cutter and FrlU I
W nrd will no longer have hlsannual picnic with
tbe Rochester players
On local courts there will b plenty of tennis
Tho Crescent Cs handicap Is still dragging
along The Urals In class II singles r still un
played A are the lass A doubles Ilieso
matches with Interclasscontests will pruba
< wi
bly take all week
Inc Lenox and Fifth Avenue clubs have plen
ty of matches to decide The Lenox Club tour
ney would have beets finished by this time but
for the fact that the court are below the level
of tho street and am flooded byevery rain Ibis
flops play for a day or so every time ali
the courts hao to undergo repairs before
play can bo resumed the Fifth Avenue
Club hlo reslmr moro tuatrhcs on their
schedule which Is arranged so that nlay shall
end on Popt 1 Hey wood and Bryan lead In tho
Lenox tourney and Jones heads the list of tho
Fifth Avennu pla > ers
Tho Staten Island Cricket Club begins today
a tournament which will last until Christmas
If precedent KOI s for anything Il U a members
contest and defaults are seldom claimed oven
by the most cranky nlayrs so that games are
played In a Koasjouplease fashion I
Ilie UBUIU Saturday afternoon contests will
take placo In tho Morris and lox Tennis
League At Orange tho Orange lentils Club
will have a match In singles on July ao with a
team from the Hlllsldo Tennis Club of Plain
field llero wilt ho four men on each side The
Orangn teal will selected fiom the fallowing
list E Lyuian C A Gould R M Miles Jr
Holcombo Nard Ueorge H Miles and Frank 1
Hague These players have been ruquested by
tournament committee to hold a tourna
ment among themselves to decide who shall
form the quartet to meet Plalnlleld
The vacation season has put a little more life
Into Central Park tennis Mlllctt Fischer
Pare Townsend Uostw Ick and others seem to
hav deserted the old stand on tho lower courts
for good Their defection killed tho usual
spring tournaments In the Park but the players
there seem to have got together at last as a
Junior tournament was successfully held lat
week and an open tournament htti been begun
It U I expected that some of the older players will
help things along later on when the big tourna
ments are over A new championship cup will
have to b subscribed for a Fischer won the
old one three times In succession
Tho fifth annual tournament of tbe Longwood i
Cricket Club begins 011 Monday July 22 This
Is I the second tennis event In Importance New
port alone outranking It In the estimation of tho
cranks As usual only men singles and a con
solation contest will b played as the matches
are three seta out of five and the number of
entries usually exceeds fifty Palmer E 1res
brey will manage tho contest Entries can b
sent t him at Pot Ofllce box Ui7 Boston
until Saturday July JO The entrance ten
Is S3 The committee In charge consists
of A L Rlplev 1 E Presbrey F I hove
n Wrenn Leo E Ware F f Mansfield W
II Barnes and W D Dextr Dr Dwluhl will
b the referee Wrenn will make his first ap
pearance of the season at this tournament and
it Is expected that hardly a player of promi l
nence mC be absent Lamed will defend the
Longwood Cup which he won from horny last
year Hovey captured it In 1802 and 03 E
hall being the first winner In 1801
Expert Hn > y at the Court at Urooklym
and Jcr ey City
With the double object of Inquiring about
cbamnlon Caseys trip to Ireland and booming
the game In his absence handball players mus
tered in force at the Brooklyn court on club
day They learned with satisfaction of the
arrival town and then
Umbrlas safe arrlval at Queenstown and
went for the little sphere in style Tne Jersey
City regulars and many visitors made things
lively at the pretty Mercer street court and
Tho the days Burgh scores players also did some tall scoring
Prof Cogglns i 81 21 3163
J Vaugban I 4 Ulii
It Lartley ant J Vauchan 21 21 2101
It Ansbro nutS J Manning IB JO 1057
JVuuxhan 2t
llLadlc IS
J3ianaingaudjVsughitn2i 2143
K Ladley and J Anibro t 1UU
J Monahan 20 21 2IU4
Maor rarmmly 21 I I 20 no
Major Carrnody 21 21 U31
Capt W Hose 10 14 8141
1 Ladlej and J IloMnnon 14 21 21ca
T Oalllgan and J rangley 21 17 1034
M Cullum and J Clillum 21 21 2163
Ii 1 OConnellandJ leddy It IV 14Si
J lnl and T Oalllgan 21 2142
M oDonncll aoU J J i ODrlen 1U 2031
W ODonnell 21 21 ItfBl
J Lanrty and T Oalllgan 10 111 2130
Wfnnls IS 21 2160
F Wallace til 10 2060
F Dunn and P OMnra 21 14 2150
T Lannan anil J u ilara 1U 21 111
J Finn and T lannan 21 IS 21AO
T Fimilmerty and J L > on > la 21 I 1093
J Herein and r Sol2 14 10 21 11
1FormleauUVEgan19 21 21 1778
J llaggs and M I gan 21 Ct 21 15lit
T Hniieriy and t licks 1 IS IV 21un
1 Scott and W Ilmhamt 21 1 21VI
1 Illalimy and J lluggn 18 21 19IS
KJ Hums 21 11140
J J Ollrten 1 213
M Whelan 2t IS 21M
J luulkner la 21 1760
T Dapm 21 14 21SA
M g
V Husbands IV 21 hOSO
J Ruby and J Fgan 21 IN 21110
1 L gg
J Lyons anui H Connor IU 21 1858
0 Kelly and J JlcClcllan 21 1 I 21 1366
J Iluby and J lyons IV 11 IS 2170
J MeKarlane and I > Morris 21 21 146
J Muilanu anil I liropliy IU 17 21B7
J Harper and I ileKeown 21 21 lfi37
il lr n gr
M Hill audit lireslln ID 14 21St
F Itrnwnand M Iallahan l IK 1110
1 > liroderli and 1 tilllriplo 1 VI IH31
T i arney and IMtogan 21 HI I IHHn
I > yitgpatruck anti u Cuniff 19 17 1 1it I
MHmlth il 21 1MI1I t I
J Jarinalne MO ID IHni
J Smith 21 21 I lllSS
I Meiloverln IM 17 21311
T Madlgan 21 21 1137 1
Ddrllibm IU IM 213J
J Jladlenn 21 21 2101
F llrllihin 11 11 1 I 16nu
K Lawlor and J rarr 14 21 21 1071 I
K tlahon and I SicQoveriht21 I 13 21111 I
J Creamer nll Stitlowan21 IU 21111
W 1awhor and 1 Murphy IU 21 I 173t
I lawloraml I lIsbon21 21 IH 21 1413
T laiiKanaml 1olonrloIG I 14 21 IV 21lIt
V Ijiwlor 21 Ill 21ftH
J Clark IU 21 1SM
lie HUB Into the Hlrcet Had ted nn
UnoOVudlDK Woman
Haphael Illdlo a crazy Italian of 205 North
Second street Wllllamsburgh got drunk yester
da > and last night sot out with a razor for re
vciitcu on Imaginary foes Half a dozen women
vcro bitting on tho front toop of the house
when llhllo appeared with tho open razor in his
and All gut away except Mrs I Mora bcipllo
10ear old Illdlo brought blue razor down on
her houd and burled thu blade 1 deep that It
v I at broken off and time piece remained sticking
In time skull
Illdlo then slashed the womans right car Her
creams brought Matthew Murray nf iiit North
hecond Street When he tried tn lake the razor
rom Illdlo the latter brought It down on Mur
rays right te rio anil severed I Mnull artti
half a dnzen men kicked Illdlo nnd then held
llm until Detectives Campbell antI Hayes lame
ip and took Illdlu In the Bedford uv emiu station
house herehn I became HO violent that four nun
asuult tad to hold him Hu was locked up for felonious
An ambulance waS called for Mrs Sclplloand
vhlle Mirkeon Maher of the lK tern District
JhoilIIhtah was cling the wound In her heail nnu
of hli fingers cal In contact with the broken
piece ot razor blade and wu l ely cut
struck IEIS llrolkciMnLow vtllli n a Axr
Alfred Mason of UU North KMhth bluet WI
lamsburKli and huts brotherinlaw John hut ke
who lives tn the same house tIer drinking to
gether on Saturday evening got Into an alterea
Ion at U oclock yesterday mornlnit In Burkes
room nver the time of nmht lurk tiled to
1 < eject Ma > nn and wItch the latter resisted
lurkegot HII axHund I struck hU brothcrliilaw
oil Ills 10t fracturing tils hltull Mason wits
Hkeu lo the fructurlnl I District Kottplul and
lurke WM locked up In lbt Bedford nvcuuo yule
Bce station
CODE or TIIK soviinrasT
IIInatrKtrrt by Home Iaconstere that An
Htlll K membor 4Tlie BnlletlMirrt
MimnmcBtltta Ala > t n tolr <
Otero Unfinished Genus or lUIIUrd
Vom Iht SI Loch alobtDtmomt
SANTA KS N M f July 7In the centre of the
plaza of Uanta Fo Is one of the first monument
erected In this country to commemorate tho roo
suit of the civil war It was put there by tin
patriotic Legislature of a Territory which wax
pledged statehood by tho nation In solemn treaty
fortyseven rents ago and Is still denied tho en
abllng act The marblo panels of the broad
base recite the battles and the valor by whIch
loyal New Mexicans turned back the Con
federate movement which was aimed to
cleave th Union along the Rocky Mountain
line Above tho sentiment May the Union lie
Perpetual a rough disfiguring gash Is I seen In
the corner of the sandstone shaft It was made
by rifle bullet It serves as a reminder of a
duel fought under an unwritten code R clearly
defined as were the rules for the meetings In the
South before thj war and yet entirely different
from them
The story of Clay Allisons dnel with Mace
Bowman was recently revived A generation
or perhaps two or three generations ago a the
sands of life ran rapidly with the desperate men
of this region In the 70s Allison hnd great fame
In New Mexico as a killer Mace Bowman
was a deputy Sheriff He was thought by his
friends t b the quickest man with a pistol
In Colfaz county These two men met In
Clmarron one day and In front of Lamberts
bar soon arrived at on understanding that be
fore night the man who was the slowest with
his gun must die All that afternoon Clay
Allison and lace Ilowman watched each other
playing for the advantage of the llrst shot The
frontier duelist of those days recognized Itaian
axiom that the first shot was no advantage un
less It could be delivered in time to kill before
the return tire And so both Allison and
first each know
Ilowman hesitated to draw fut
lug I the certain death which must b the sequel
t the first hostile motion They drank together
they Joked they laughed gleefully Each wax
ready to kill the other Neither wanted to die
And so the day ended without either having
found an opportunity Mutual friends then de
clared the duel off The principals backed out
of the room and left Clmarron by roads leading
In opposite direction
But that la not the story the bullet wound In
the Santa F6 soldiers monument Inspires Here
In the middle of a bright afternoon with the
streets full of people was touch a duel which Il
lustrates better than the meeting of Clay Allison
and Mace Bowman tho fine points of the frontier
coo its It once existed more effective than any
law on the statute books Joe Stlnson and Van
Smith were the principals In tho plaza meeting
They were gambler Each was Interested
In a saloon Stlnson bad come t Santa F5
with the record of at least one killing In tho
northern part of the Territory He was a large
man a couple of Inches over 6 feet and built
powerfully His manner was aggreslve and his
tongue ready Smith 8 the small quIet
gentlemanly gambler the Oak hurst of the min
ing camp romance of few words and without
a record as u shot or a killer
One night In 1870 these two types of gam
blers met In a poker game which resulted dis
astrously for btlnson 1 he next day both were
drinking They came together in a saloon
Smith made some remark about a bluff before
which btltson hail lost his nerve the night
previous Tho big man said I was a lie
The small man quietly repeated the In
sinuation In five minutes It was Bottled
ted first that Santa Fo was not largo
enough for these two men second that
neither was ready to leave The logical conclu
sion was an agreement to fight In 1 business
like way the preliminaries were arranged The
plaza was to b the field of honor bach man I
and shoot
was to have his choice of weapons to
as long as he pleased The time was fixed It
was arranged that the duel tme fought within
twenty minutes from the completion of the
terms hen occurred one of tho strangest fea
tures of the affair
Smith said htlnson Ill bet you 5 you
wont meet me on the plaza within the twenty
Ill go you said Smith
The money was put In the hands of a stake
holder The men parted each going direct
to Ids saloon with the perfect under
btandlng that thcv were to meet on the
plaza Ir twenty minutes and try to kill
each other The plaza Is the lung of Santa
Fe It is I one city block with the chief busi
ness houses fronting upon it I has lawn and
shade and walks and seats At the time of this
duel a picket fence surrounded It and the gates
which opened Into It were swung In place by
weight The life of the ancient city centres
about the plaza
Sttnson entered from the west side of the
square before tho time was up Ho had got his
sixshooter his favorite weapon and had start
ed at once for the appointed place Ho walked
e the centre of the piazza and stopped with
the monument between him and the direction
from which Smith must conic Smith
was not so familiar with the pistol Ho
preferred the Winchester One minute
before tho time wits up bmltli cause
out of his saloon crossed the street and entered
the east gate of thin plua 1 He carried the re
pentlng rifle with thu barrel tn the hollow of his
left hand his right hand just back of tho lock
and his finger on tho trigger As smith pushed
open tho gate btlnson reached around the side
of the monument and fired Thin dlstaneu was
fifty yards The bullet went through Smiths
left arm and Into his hip Thu arm dropped
and the weight of the gate swung against
the wounded mans leg Smith scarcely halted
from the shock but kent steadily on toward tho
monument AH he left the gate ho threw up
tho rifle with onu bund alt fired A chip of
bundstono whizzed by btlnsons head but thu
ball was deflected
bal Wl
Stlnson from the shelter of the monument
fired away until his pistol was euzipty He dared
not expose more than I i hand and an eye nod
not another of his hot took effect Smith
moved tip slowly peering on ono sid and then
the other tr > Ing to put n glimpse of Mlnnon
The latter waited until he stea he had ex
hausted his uutrldge Then ho bilked down
the walk to the west keeping the monument
between htm nnd Smith Before Smith dis
covered that the other wan at his mercy btln
son had reached tile western gate Unsprung
out and across the street and Into the shelter of
his faloon just as Smith cant aroitod to the
west ride of the monument With t lie streets
and stores full nf people not a bullet hurt any
body except Smith Ole shot entered the bot
tom of the sash of a show window Immediately
behind which a jeweller sat mending a u awl
considered have vindicated
Both men were COlalderclllo vlndlcaltll
Inlh of the frontier satisfied
their courage lhe 1 code vip
lied A reconciliation took place promiutly and
when Van smiths arm and leg got well tho
duel i on tho plaza became a rcuitnl eence with
the gusli In tliu monument for Its solo ricord
Slliuon was a win of 1 minister Maine He had
served In tho war and drifted West lie Is now
In the California Soldiers Home Smith was a
reticent IIornh No ono knew his hIstory and
alter the plaza Incident no one asked him im
pcrlitient question lie Is I now In Kl 1abo
Ill the early davs there took place at Santa F d
one of these dellberato frontier duels which
possessed extraordinary features Two bad
men let In the metropolis of tho Territory
They were kllleis bv profession and with
reputations tn sustain Each hud heard of the
rIIIUoU order to settle before thin community
the question of their relative merits they de I
cided to go out nnd shoot at each other Tho
determination was reached on Saturday That
the whole lr might witness thin test the duel
wnnuutoll until rutid tty
WI untlllu
Ibis event occurred before the days of metal
lie cartridges Iho pistols were landed with
powder all ball and ole tlmo wan required to
complete all of I tutu arrangements Sunday
morning mine Ihu principals and their
friends with the whole city following
walked out to Furl Marcy on a high
bill nvirliiiiXIng Santa K Not thu flight
est III feeling WIS Ialtu manifested on either
side hue duel was sImply to test which wui
t the but tier I mill 1 hednelllbta i hail no tecond
1 hey Iniixsurod olf 1 certain distant I hey
look their plncm at this distance with their t
backs tiiwunl each ollni At a signal by tho
terms of tlm agreement betvvn thiMii they
wi ni to hrfi and advance firing nt will I Ihn
Burecininl further provided that If neither was
klllul I wlll Ilrtlr I plMols wero empty the Ilnisli
would lie with I tm I knives
Ihe populncu divided In two great hilve
< di nut libel nn I tin hl t but Era out of
raugo at either end of thu Held r I I iiiu sUnul was
give with Ilu dulbcrUol llio men wheeled
nnd walked toward csltI other with plitoln tire
tented Onu find lusluntl and mUxed The
oIlier tried 1 to lira Ilstlnll tamo tlmu llio
hummer mupped hit t lie pistol didnt
to oIl The limn who hud filed nut Tatmctd
le 111 <
atuti tired again limo 1 oIlier l Mopped and
examined hit weapon Lverybudv saw
there wan 11 wcalll maier with it llio
hammer wouldnt luck i After IWO ur three at
I ciii Pit to work hue I nuclunlMii with thumb anil
tlngii tliu duuillkt stopped and putting the
barrel I of the pistol between Ids kneia jerked at
the hammer several Hints This was all a mut
ter II I tel biconds but It reemcd I long tlmo
10 thin people ttaudmu there for the other man
naaxtlll walking loivvurd aiming and firing at
the bent figure in front of him
In these days of Improved vveapons and quick
ihnotlng such A scene would be Impossible An
lemugimlHl would haiti > lee n killed or tho putol
would have been pumped empl In Illbe days
theo was no duiiulo action Uettlng lime
drop was au expression that had not thu force
it acquired afterward to It happened that the
lucllitt wltbtho disabled vyvapou looked up Into
the fare of his enemy not ten feet away Just In
lime In stop the last fro by appealing
For Uos sake dont kill a fellow without
giving him n chance My gun wont work
Tho other Mtonped where he was with Up
raised pistol anti waited There was a little
parley The thirst of tho crowd fur excltemeni
hail I been satisfied 1ubllo sentiment decreed
that both were bad men I that neither wai
worse than the other and that each was too
good to lie that day The pistols were put
away Principals and people walked down the
hill to the plaza and In the language of the
oldtimer who told tile story cor > body got
gloriously drunk A a conclusion to the enter
Santa F < t knew a day of thrilling excitement
over ole of these frontier duels when the fines
pistol shot In the Territory caught unawares
wllhoCt tils weapon looked calmly along
the sights from tho wrong end of tin
barrel and waited for what seemed to be certain
death Joe Htlnson the gambler was one prill
clpal In this duel Pago Otero tho deput
United States marshal was the other Stlnfun
had had a run nf bad luck Ho hud played agaliihl
a visiting professional all the afternoon and
until late a nlitlit He had tried faro and poker
and monto and everything else hut with each
succeeding game his roll bad diminished
There had been some drinking with I all The
visiting spurt grew hilarious and Sttnson was
corrcsnoiidlnRly ugly
Ill tell you what Ill do ald Stlnson suddenly
11lel 01 fl Btnson
denly as he caught nluht of Page Otero patstna
along time street Ill back that I man to play
you a game of billiards for 500 a side
The stranger promptly accepted item WM
stranler prompty
called In Ihe sumo steadiness or nerve which
enable I man to confront the most desperate
situations without a tremor stands him In good
stead along tho rail of a table lo
Page Heros proficiency at billiards was only
second to his efficiency with the pistol The
terms of the bet were explained and Stlnson
nuked tho deputy marshal I ho would play
Hero goodnaturedly Bald he would
Sttnson How long do ou want to get ready 7 asked
Stnol enough to chalk a cue replied Otero
and at It they went
To promote freedom cf action Otero took off
his belt and pistol and passed them over the bar
I was I threebull gunio Otero gut tho string
and made t run of thirtyeight Leaving the
table for tho other layer the deputy marshal
turned timnrd tIme door and stood looking Into
the street The striuiKer on somo pretext followed
l nJItro J Ils ctext
lowed Otero and In an undertone said
Ill give you fJOO t let me win this same
Youre mistaken In lour manr replied
Otero I dont play that Kind of billiards If
you win It will be because you beat me fairly
Then he went back picked up the chalk and
as he rubbed the end of the cue ho looked at
the table ali saw that the bal had been left
In a position requiring a most difficult shot If
It missed the balls would IK In a very favorable
position for bin opponent While studying what
he hud better do Otero felt u thrust In the small
of his back dOi e glanced over his shoulder
There stood btlnson with a cocked sixshooter
the inuzle pushed against the deputy
You make that shot or Ill kill you whis
pered btlnson hoarsely
Time gambler had been drinking enough t
make hll suspicious Had he been sober he
would have thought nothing of the conversa
tion at the door knowing Uteri as he did Ihe
deputy thinking thin gun play was only 1
joke reached back his left hand and
pushed the pistol to one tide btlnson
1Ile Ilewl
stepped oil two or three feet and raising the
cocked pistol brought It down slowly un
til the barrel rested in his loft hand directly In
range of Oteras body He repeated this menac
ing mocmcnt several times Then the deputy
realized that the gambler was In earnest all
that he was taco to face with a crisis With that
threatening look on his face btlnson walked t
time other side of the table and stood facing
Otero the pistol still presented anti cocked
fie di puty marshal thought quickly He
looked fixedly thu gambler He levelled time
cue over the table mechanically Ho gave the
bal a push He stood up without for second
having removed that nteudy magnetic look Into
Sthnsons eyes
ttnsons ov what are you going to do I asked
I hhe gambler made no answer He and the
officer stood there In silence the one armed and
drunk the other unarmed and sobr arme by
step Uteri walked buckward to tho bar readied
over got his pistol and strapped on his belt
never for u moment relaxing tnat cold steely
look Into btlnbuns eyes
The gambler still holding his pistol moved
slow I around the tablo to the other end of tho
bar and laid down the weapon Until the gray
dan of 11 winter morning appeared abe the
mountain thin Iwo men stood in front of that
bar drinking together occasionally and talking
about various thines but cncji all of the time
watchingecry muiement of the otner
Why didnt btlnson kill Otero as ho had killed
men before when he stood with pitted levelled
across tutu billiard table Were tho muscles
his forefinger In Rome way paralyzed by the
steady fearless gaze from the eyesof theofilcer
Had ho oencu enough left In his mud
dled brain to realize what would sure
ly I follow the murder of the unarmed
officer To this day it Is something
of a mystery in Santa F6 how that night passed
without u tragedy After ho got his pistol
Otero could have killed btlnsim easily but it
was In the unwritten code of those days that tho
representative of law and order must be sure
time personification of violence and disorder was
going to shoot before he used tils weapon
Otero walked out of the saloon and slowly
honewsrd with the knowledge that at the next
meeting with Stlnbon one of them must quail or
die Just belore he reached hU room tie stopped
and thought over what had passed In thlscoun
try more pirtlculorly In those days a deputy
Inited States inarshnlrt courage was hlscnpltnl
When to fenrlesbiuss was added practice with
the pistol 1 the qualifications were nearly com
plete Tho more ho thought of tho events of the
night the less the deputy felt like sleeping on
them He turned and walked back to the
btlnson relieved of the peculiar influence of
Otcro8 presence hnd begun to bluster and
threaten When he saw thn officer enter ho de
clared that unh a duel would satisfy him
carrd hate to shoot at you said Hero coolly
measuring with a contemptuous glnnce the
towering figure of tho gambler A bullet
couldnt mihs you any more than 1 it could the
side of a barn
For another hour Otero waIted to eee If btlnson
really hind any idea of ahoollni Hu wanted the
account of the night balanced and time store set
lied before the sun roe If possible But the
Ciimbleronly talked and threatened
limo officer not homo to bed When ho got
out on tho Street a few hours tutor all Santa Fri
knew th it Sllnsim humid sworn to kill Otero that
day Friends camo to tho deputy and urged
him to keep out of the way until the drunken
fit had passed off thin gambler Ho shook his
limit amid waited Tho United States Marshal
found him ami said
Pace you are not required to give more of
time 1lle milk In this town than the law allows
but you are not to nock trouble
Otero nodded and walked about the streets
bordering on the plaza wil tin I for btlnson tn
appear ifl10 I day u ore tin Business was very
dull In Sun I a K6 that afternoon Men teemed
to have nothing do but to stand on the cor
ners talk in low tones and look at the 1 door of
btlnsons saloon About M oclock tho United
Stutts Marshal came tn Otern who was walk
Ing slowly up and down the pavement
Pall he said btlnson has belt word he
wants tn see you
All right said the young man
Straight In time saloon ounl Into It went the
deputy without a momentu hesitation Ho
struck thin Ingtngdoor with his left hand and
8ruck swlnglnldoor handland
as the blind nwurie open it revealed HI noon
sitting and hal reclining on a umnto table The
door hud nut Marled tn wlng hack until Oteroa
right hand hail reached his hip and the Pistol
was flashing In front of him
wa Stop Bhoutcd btiniion throwing up both
hands all jumping from the table
Im sober now he continued rapidly I
was drunk lust night Ive no arms seeV
And Io lout prPII hIm hands and drew up his
coat above his hips
Time strain wan over A bottle popped at tbe
liar A cork hit tho ceiling Five minutes later
the crowds on the cornors wero slowly dis
persing sunny course Life In Santa Fo hud resumed calm
RIED Aiit TO nvnr aia CUILD
Owed lor nil cir Funeral and die VB
dertukrr Wouldnt Trust Him KBln
Franklin Brunner a cabinetmaker of 13
Rcholcs street Wllllamsburgh went to the
Mate street polleo statlnn yesterday and asked
for assistance In burying bbs youngest child a
girl nine months old who died of pneumonia
early yesterday morning
Hu lint been In hard luck stnca he had the
grip eighteen months ago During his Illness
his wife cared for him until sue took sick her
self hero 1 were four chljilrcn A month ago
M 1 rs Brunner died and a neighbor bought a grave
In I Impress Hills cmetery for her After her
ill ath llrunnur put I ii rio t > f the children In the
Industrial Home I vthero they got hue measles
tcgctler with iibuut forty oIlier children Ihe
S jiiunueiit child took sick tatter the mother died
and eitorlii Inoinlng It also ilieil
AH llrunner was ton poor to pay the under
taker for hit wlfex funeral thus undertakur yes
teirdny relufil to take clmrge of the rhlhrs
funurul tint Ii he got mine nf the money due him
Then llriuiifr WUH referred to time polite who
dlivcted him to tliu Charities Coimilssioiieri
A Lad of 14 A iiull u 7iruralil ChillS
Henry Leopold Jr tho Hearold son of a
wholesale baker residing at 6ui Ninth avenue
was charged In the York vI Court yesterday
with assaulting on Friday the yearolil daugh
ter of F Ilirlstlan Happier a barber at 0114
Jnth avenue The childs condition Is con
The paientiof both children were In court
Mr Kuppler until
llr I 111ler sooner havn lost every cent Im
worth than to Imvo had thli hnipen
Maglstruto Molt iimintttrd younu Leoiwld
< IUUI >
Into hue custody tho Jerry society pending
the result nf time thildh Injuries
Gee C Flint to M Mnauruciurrr quote
prices OB bias steel > iyli h ud aumliln Fur
nllur hrrrtolvre thuuulit ImyuHlbU AA
West a 1 j
John It Butllff of the city of Albany by de
cree of the Supreme Court dated June 101803
R Forever Enjoined and Itestralned from sell
Ing or exposing for sale liquids In bottles
marked t Bass tIc Cos Pale Ale or any liquid
in bottles bearing the name or label of Bass ic
C or any colorable Imitation thereof
We hereby caution all persons against the Bell
ing of any ale or beer as Bass Ale which Is i not
the product of Bass Hatcllff Clrctton Ltd as
any Infringement on the rights of liass Itatcllff
Grctton Ltd will bo vigorously prosecuted
Mayhap Die One Week llayb O
Month Die Alls hams
toim the rhilaikljMn Timtt
Los ANGELES July 1A heathen died 9000
miles from home tn Lou Angeles the other
morning Although he was no far away from
his native land h was tended In hit dying
hours by some of his cousins for In China the
cousin U any member the same family no mat
ter how remote the kinship and the manner of
his death was us would have been If ho had died
at home Ills name was Hong Tol lie had just
been taken away from Santa Ana to die In this
city According to a certain Chinese supersti
tion It Is unlucky to allow a man to die In the
same house where ho lived Consequently as
soon aa the attending physician pronounces the
case hopeless a room elsewhere Is hired for him
to die In an was done In this case
Hong Tot was born In GuangTungFoo In
1807 and came to America when he was SO
years of ago Like so many of his countrymen
when he arrived here he Bought employment In
a laundry and Bet himself to make a fortune
Ills savings after a time were large enouxhto
enable him to buy an Interest In a grocery and
before ho died he had laid op COOOO Ills hopes
and plans however all perished with htm
Four months ago ho contracted an Illness
common among the people of his race Ho
coughed grew thin and Ion his appetite The
American physician whom he emt > loeil at first
pronounced the trouble malaria but his treat
ment did the patient little good A Chinese
doctor was consulted later and he declared the
trouble to be pneumonia This turned out to be
correct and the disease soon proved fatal
Within the last two weeks of his life he
was never left alone His friends and
cousins relieved one another In the pious
task of cheering the dying man and min
istering in their heathen fashion to his
spiritual as well as his phi steal wants
They read long passages to hIm from their na
tional books such a < the works of Cnnfuclusand
Menclui the Triplteka of Ituddlia and the
verses of Lao Tnzeu and other famous poets
They fed him with the strange delicate dainties
nhlch the Chlni so only can concoct and talked
of lioino wliiti he uns strong enough tn listen
Then as the end tamo nearer they brought
out and f > pr < ad around him numerous queer
looklng objei ts such at hind been familiar lo
huh in childhood evidently Kckinir as they
might amuse a tired child tu bring annie pleas
ant memory or happy thought Into his mind
while yet life might hi made a little brighter
Ttiey spread out little squares of sugar candy
looking not unlike butter scotch American
children like Mo well Queer cakoj were laid
around on tables and chairs itnl even on the
lied borne with fruits and some ulth spices In
them some with meats and tome with unfa
miliar tngndlents to the Caucasian very few
of them MTU alike then they brought even
dolls fashioned as nearly after tho baby
hood of China as the pictures of their native
artists aro like nnturesrotosiiuc quaint
and richly garbed odd and pretty from
he ceilIng tiny hung kites and queer urn
Drellits nnd tome of the decant fantastic
piipcr lanterns that asthotes delight In
A snub would nnietimes come over his
H asted features hut for the most of the time
his taco was cairn and grave as Is the wont of
hlimmcn It Is n look not unlike that of
Kibies wise be > ond thetr days who look nt all
things with a quiet attention that seems to
speak a tolerant naif approval
Illi bed use a narrow bunk covered with
white matting and tho pillow WLTII long nar
row boxcx lovered with upholtery They
iHiked not unlike the font rest In an old Kng
lti church Around time walls hung silken
banner of vivId scarlet nnd rich embroidery
tracing the hieroglyphics that stood for verses
from the port Ovet the mantelpiece were
religious pictures not unlike tliou that
hung over time altiiri In this Chinese
temples In tho eetitro was a repre
sentation of 11 oil as thin Chlniso pic
ture Him Bailed on a tlirono nf barbaric
nmicnllliiiice while on either hand were
pictures the being horn they supposed to
personify time powers of dohtructlnn uiid repara
tion On time opposite wntl hung ttie words of
the Christian hjrun Nearer My Oral to
lute On the inuntolplceu underneath the
religIous picture were a doen or moro urtlitlo
photographs of ballet girls in the extreme nuilo
nen1 of the modrrn stage
In one corner was 11 bamboo table on which
were pots of coal kept constantly burning and
oftci kept always hot Other smaller tables
supported brotue vanes pome of them very
cottly and artistic bnmzo bowls of clean white
and In which were stuck Jos sticks to he
turned to from time lo billIe In devotional exer
cises nnd sonic forty or titty volumes of the
writings of Chlneo noets The e were nuge
nnd cumbrous but of tare workmanship nut
must have been expcnslvo pun liuis
1 tin sick mans ciibtumo was a simple houin
dress somewhat reembllng tho pajumns that
have grown Into popular favor In America
wllhln tho last few jears Ho wore blouse
loot and without any approach to a fit mudo
of yellow muslin and u pair of trotixers of the
hntno material italy teaching to the ankle and
on his nttkeel feet aeru a hair of loose slippers
Tilts wan In Ills Boston home A few day ago
Ids physician having pronounced ills case hope
less he was removed to this city as stated above
Ho eonfrnnted death with all tIme aim courage
of the true fatalist evidently in full possession
of alibis mental faculties ami llrni In msOrlu
tal faith There was not the faintest evidence
of any fear In his manner or lilt words nor did
there seem to be army longing for life or desire to
supplicate for It To un American whom he
knew well nut horn he had learned to regard
as a good friend he said as he grasped his hand
lime day b fore he died
Mm hup die one week maybe one month
die olio sumo No holly in j self All light hoi
1 my mothee my inutne
To one of his Chinese friends he said only n
few hours before he breathed his last slid w hen
IIK was almost unable to articulate l think I
see the dragons Unas tile last he said Soon
after ho Hank Into what seemed a peaceful sleet
anti save for his labored breathing he gave mi
further Idenee nf suffering Howl and more
slowly he breathid until with a long gasping
sigh he gavn up the struggle and rented
There wax nn lamentation nor an evidence
of grief though It was plain enough that to
many of his rlunds his going was n n at sorrow
Five or six of these friends were In the room
when he pushed lLtS ay and as soon as they saw
that he was dead they began the preparations
for his lined disposal
A CollUloa on the Ocean IIoulev r < t
While Frederick IoelTelof ll Worth avenue
Ilrookhn was driving homo from Coney Island
on the Ocean Iloulcvard jeiterdn afternoon
his wagon collided with a cart driven by Mrs
Corn Koeh of Wit Tenth street ItiiKiklyii Mrs
Maimer hIt ail Mespioleistriet was In I lie wagon
with Mrs Koih Mm Koch was thrown out
and her right arm was broken Mm was at
tended h > tho Mirgion of tho Coney Island
ambulance anil w as tent home
Court C lrmlnr Thin liny
Rimmi i ui UT iifMiiu Ti its Kiifim ciiixnriil
Shot oil ale Iuiiuu C etilit at 11 I A M MiKrui I Unit
Iurul I II I I anil III I I I Vdjiiuniid fur tin term
Cunt IT I in IU Iarul I IL III I and U Adjourneil
for Ills term
itutHitTtm I OIM TKiii THIMAiljoiiriiiil for hue
ti nn Ill tMiit us No dav alrndnni Inr Inhale
S lit or l cuing A I nidi r h leholai U Itu hi n llaniiali
y l I HolhriHik hider II lliipkln ut 111 iiil t M
Oiorxu SI I atipiiei ll i Jlon llrllclbu h at V I M
< OMMIIS Il t 55 KkM IUI TtHH Sltjlllirilfll Illllll
Thurxliiy AUK Ji IMia rvuirliKM I iljnurnrd
for the trlii bill Itt h IEIIJloilim TKiti IMIH I
1arUI II I I and III I I b adjournul fur the ti nil
butiiioui u KT iitsHui Ti htaAil lourniI for thn
term hurni IfllH Nua IUH lOis 1 gl T llkM
Ailjourniil fur hue 11011 TIIUI fruit Ianilll I and
III I All lluUrllull fur tin It rm
CITY rm iiTilitiit i 1 tu tiM Adjniirntd nine die
Bitiut TI tOt Motion Tnui TKIIH PurUl I 11III
amid lv l AUourni l for blue lentil
IllUMH Orrlefh I AVE M 1N Hu ATfU AT
to JUST iitvrii ST
A Nil
1EL1i W ilL
rlrrt ° L
at Hide
1 ftTrf ST 84 RA1T largi > cool room well rue
Aw iiKnedf ampin cloietsi every convenience ex
cetlent Innnll inoilernte
1 WlMTttll > MT
fl teet family lioune SiullIs mul ulnuli rooms wit
bath md toilet at niivlrrale rates Irantleutafa t
8 1 lice dsy Table iHianl 7 Per week
JOD HT 107 WMTtlantliioinely furnTihml parlor
JAJ noon other ilmlrablo rooms excellent French
cooklniti labln iMinnh refrrenien
t1ctt onrdroo1u1n
COIUMIIIA ItKlillITS 144rtpitantlyrurnlihri
I rnmnii dlnliiK room on parlor floor with view f
bayi mIle bridge and ferried excellenthoinecookltm
Liust hide
I Tit AV 874 Iarie airy well furntihed roomi
U all linprovrinentiii prltnte famllyi summer priori
I iTit HTT 1U EAST Tier 6lh end JIudlohKVB
4J Cool room convenient to principal hotels
clubn bath viilet ftltendanco
Qrh1 81242fit iASTKleg rooms tl totS
0 if weeklyl Kinillf men or quiet couples ihoutekcep
lUKII u trnliKlellli actonioilillcil
Q ltThi ST W VASTlMte airy front roornTKamT
OlJuomily tiirnlihids all Iniprovfnientm nc rL
station anil Central lark e entrance private American
famtl > I reference reiutreil
QTII sfT IBM KAST KlfRnnlly furnished rooms
cj t > aUo rtarlori liuproveiiunliit Keuttftmcn 01
couple bretikfnnti piano reaiionalite
1 1 KT ST iOO KAHT 1 nrui1 comfortably fur
I I nlKhe l room alt conveniences ainr unfur
nlHhed tirlvatit family reasonable references
vet Hide
11 TTI ST 818 WESTNlcily furnlnhed lanr room
J usiths hot and cold running nattr In private fain
m terms very moderuto to permanent party Illui
Woodward bell J
1 OTII ST 40 WfSTV OneTaire and one small room
Lj In quirt comfortable house references
1 7111 KT iJT viSTr Large rooins well for
LI nhncd running water good accommodations
board optional private houne
21 TH ST 401 W KITljirgo and small rooms neat
I ly h furnished all modern conveniences board if I
desired moderate
Soil ST 1117 WEMTflack parlor bandiomely fur
11 nlsheil all Iniprnvcinvntei hot and cold water
just vaiated by ph > Klclnn exoeileut board optional
private house rerereneeti
t l ST Ill h WFSTNicety furnished rooms to let
iju l and upward
38 1TII ST 209 VFhT irrlvate family will let two or
5 thrcerooms toK ntlemen reference exe hanged
83 > M Ill WEST Elegantly furnished rooms to
5 jet private house
125 TH sf x i 5 WtjiTT Furniiheif rooms gentle
1 man or couple
1 sTH ST I23 WEsrlJiriieT nliely furnlsrieii
I front room southern exposure usoof bath
8T 184 WF8T Furnished two large
1j rooms cabinet finish furnUhed and nnfur
nlKheili running wnter ery desirable location con
venient tu table board
nntl giprtmctttu Ea rt
TLATS ANI APA1tTtENTS unfurnlshod and fur
ji nlihrd In all parts of the city
FOlSOM IIHOTHHHS 8213 llroadway cor 18th st
hAr15231t 1 to till 3 and 4 rooms un
equalled light Iniulrejn shoe store
OOTII ST IIKU I WEST Six rooms halls heated I
Zo iJtn j7
IniTIt hT 3U4 WtST Three and four rooms 4 to
7 Mi ST 420 EAST Threo and four rooms 69 to 13
LKXIMITON AV 14701477 the rooms and bath
halls heated 17 ol
Kilt sr lit VFSTSix and seven rooms sad bath
tram heat 40 to S4
O1UMIUM AV bsabS9 Six rooms and bath steam
hear S 25 tu S 35
ll5Tlt 1 1 hi I1V117 WFSTFout six rooms and
bath steam heat hot s ater < 2i to JO
1V7TI ST a < 727tt VEST Hve rooms and bath
tram heat n to 24
184TI1 ST 1UV1U7 WRSTSIx rooms and bath
team heat hot water f5 to KH
Apply to Innllorson premises or
l 44 IMnc Ht
COD ST Sis TO 5SltlST liptween 10th and llth
tJO avait and 4 ronum cheap 8 lo 812 per month
Apply janltrem or W WALLACE DETRICK real Cs
tate 42 Sct 30th st
125 TlT ST 24sTAST Apartmentrrot three and
iu four roomi all light roomi cheap rent
I I 01 hT Vila WEST near 7th avFlvo rooms
143 bath 15 and tilt BA11iETT I Fast 1Vih cc
wtIUllfl OU t to ttQtt
ThESIRAPiE HOUSES furnished and unfurnshed
tj In all parts of the rity
roLHUM UHOTIIKRH HUB Broadway cor 18th at
Co get for uinr
New York City
Suitable for light hi inVin ptirpORri plenty of light
mul air wide lialU and stairways with modern Im
Inn tneiuiuI na rffcanlH sanitary iilumhtng electrIc
umigilme for inotlerai hnUihiK air ehsft tauk on roof
nsurlng a full uppt > of water al alt times
Halls ami front thoroiiRlily overhauled kalsomlned
and IQliilcd liiIeiemlfiiC nlRn prlMlrtcpa allowed
outnldf on each floor Fur furl tier particular apply
to or address
19 I tvlnzf ton tt Ilrooklyn L I
orltlClfARn K SIOSIEV Architect 10 Vett
Min Kt iew iork ettor im thopremtneB to W n
Imklow Manager for ttlley llrolhers llradford
lurks England
May to matte iltlble front fronts or ream of offIce
buildings In iKliborlux il anti to thousands ten
ant anil caller ut the ntm American Tract Solely
Imlldlui anti also from tile New York and IJrooklyn
A UAKhllY AND HXTUItKH Inlet Inquire
A t OUltllN 188 IVest 85th L
iJUIIIHMis Morii lofts omce studios to let In
1 > deKlrable loeillon
Htl MlM UKUTIItllS 820 Hroadwaycormhit
nicE13 at H lo 15 inonlli In ill and 21 Dtekman
OrllCbb UUIAM ft MUTIMlolteeknianst
Iteal Kstate lunurauce cur TIcket Agents
Desk room on Ilruadway or nth av to let
Apply on preinUet lWS llroadwar
1OLF ur eliiuble slur corner UUth st anil lazIng >
tiuiav Ill Kexli UHtanttiBtbit
OD AV OUOttholehulldluilo let
0 IIUIAND A U1IITlsu 6 lleekman it
01 STbT I 17 KAST 1ourntor liasement and eel
tJ lar hint loop itonr front 22 fret wide suits
bio for business luimeitlate tmiiiieiilon
M CLAY A IA IhS 44 Pine It
ST 10 FAST tuiir torj liaiement and r T
3OD ar hUh utoiip atomic front 2J fret wide suits >
bio for busIness luosslon Aiu 1
tn Qtatc or nIcrtv crej
A T IASSAIC N J A new cottage of nine roomii
AT furuHhed In Hie IKKI nilutilmrluioil Payment
t m inoMlhlj A htl I It Irmldent 1UMale N J
riiENVrijY NilIUnilMiuw villa plots for sale
1 II WKuillllllY ft CO 271 llruadut si
S I MM ILlit A 6iern firm covered with wood
ti lw In aiiutherii New Jersey close to railroad
tlue t marketn In the world rniilally adapted for
binall fruit iHiullrj teKvlahleii ittm Mull and dry
tieallhv n < lKtil irliiiiil m i > oiil rm Itmtalltutnti of II
ihmnundSi per uetk tithe Iniiirfil htn for par
tleulari II I I HISLIA 211 N luth bt 1hlla Is I
h200 ASH Sill MONTH
hA lull I N 2 tulnll house all InipnuoinenH IS
roonn tnn I lialhi hiatern ranitei uiieimiiid luralloni i
ilaii uUtit ihiorii Iron u ncen Aoj price 94300 seen
inlii J tu 3 ownur hitS rurnella > t
Gjst 41ov
v lslil t t ToN mitt11
hit lfnur plot I tuulit 1mg ill unniu < k Hay admirably
ula lUI for l hi enitlon of i lit luuiti for win at very
moilerute prKev dlupn ami full I putt liuicr from
MAtlAY it HVIIS 44 Pino it
I tIhhup I I U lot JuItHl ill iiiinule from
HVSlti wnlir KOO I ruil frmuinl traltu ftiut
lor l 2 hut ICiiuiiull liillinmilwiiy t
tctc1trtcr tfo Sroiicvtij or alr
J 1 Mill AIL i an ohiiihi ihroiiiili n ii desirable acre
I ugh fur suieli bisl e S U5llu IuIttII lit
Siurtale ttartwlali VMim Ilaliin awl Kenitio one
iileiuarcud > urn il mul limp lied fur tutu thcap
tor HnUI nu on fail vuuuurgt ulni
ANdll lt5 4tnav
C lOfi TiSloiil bll fliutIMsuilmi lots lualamict a
S I IJli iirmi ii lounor Vet t i hiniir < lih Hunt
ID Lillur II rut Vntlikiu Auentunproiu rt > ev
nt daj aflr < tt Ill k lilKAMlS lIlt tIer hIll tkiaefy
Ltri1 ttBtC
OMjrlt Hill ICIAMI IAKi N t
a fetu inuee lil 5 whKli liiul IMJ 5111 luuuiitiUds
rrrtuin lraiif < 4 < tloii Irloei ftfiullftu ho reason
shiv Kruit rrJet Uil llifcVtJ rollll It hUAIN
Attorney dS Ulitrt IU lW York ell
cnt tnte nt Auction
PETER F MEYER Auctioneer
At Public Auction on SATUR
DAY July 20 18I5 tit 2 P M on
tho rrrouiulH 100 llesitlaiico Sitos in
tho beautiful Hollywood Pnrk tho
ostuto of tho Into John llory
Knch unreel coutuiim from ten to twenty
city loU fncliig broml nvontica and stir
routuleil by tho hielily linprovcil properties
of the Hollywood Hotels and Cottages Nor
wood Park and tho West Km
No other scnililo Innds near New York
coinparo with these lit tho ntlvnntngos of
acccHslhlllty alttmtlou nud Hiirroundlnfrs
For terms nf Kato maps nntl printed do
tolled description of tho property apply to
Manhattan Life Building 66 Broadway
or lit the Auctloiierri Office lit llvvay
HOT HSIITII fc CO Auctioneer
Bd Ward long Inland City
will sell at auction
At IU oclock noon
on thi < premises
SItuated In thn most deslrahlo purl of theltavniw o4
nectlonof loii l Ulaml thy iillnotly opposIte 55th
it > ww York on which then arc four ilwelllnffo
the whole lo 1ui alnnlutclv wild lu huts lo settle the
citato uf John J llui kel tliituaiii
Time IIroprty has an rxtniHlvu f Ironing on Vernon
av nhlch In pavtMl nirtil Ar gas and water
nialnalald and afieMmentii paid rlfetrlc can con
nocl at alt liners with frrrn In New York James
slip llllh and lul Btrfptu In Iv mlnutrs
lilly 60 PITII ui cash reiiutrid Title perfect
MapR and pnrtlculnri of linn A r 1AYNE attor
nrj for the duals nuvlnii Hank hulldlnitLong Island
City coil Huh II SMITH tt CO lM union av
Long island City ami 41 Siisiuu nt New York
IIY OllUfclt OF
Trustee for the creditors of Krastus Wlman
Will sill on
140 iBcrnjiDiiixrG LU I o
ou tIme premises at
Special boats at 1J 30 and 1 1 M on day of sale
Kastes on applleallon to
John IF Uriiiineck I41 East OSth stresS
ta1 ttntc itlctntcn fnn4
nUT A LOT at Lawrim Iark the moot beautiful
1 spot on htuUMi Inland hIre jour children can
get fresh air and be hualth > I or map tickets and
partlcular call on IU lciN < K It KKIlll lOiEast
Jlllth it few York ciiy
llbUC jottrc
Should be read DAILY by all mteretted as chance
may occur at any time
ForeIgn nialU for the week ending July 20 wilt doss
rlKMlTLY It alt entice at ihls utile a foliowsi
bteamahlp llcauula letters must directed
tier VMleaniila
TUFSDAYAI 4 AM for FlIUiFK per steamship
Ijihn via Southtimptnn and Bremen
WUINhaDAY 8 AM supplementary 10 A H
forhtiKOPEperiteamnhlu hi lotus via S utn
mutoD at 10 A M for III UI1U5I dlreCtVs
steamShIp Noordland via Antnerp letters nil
tue directed tier Noordlund l at It A 3L sup
plemcutary 11 Jti A H for KUHOlK per steam
ship nrltannle la jnernstown letters must ba
dlreetnl tier Brltanillu I
TnullMDAV b A M l unmlemrntary 930 AM
for KU KOIK IHT Meanumm > ormauula via Cher
Ixiurit hnulhaiiijtou aud HainburK
and IWITlhn INDIA per steamihlp La Norman
die sla llavrii al 6 A il for ItKKMANY per
steatiishlp uida via Itroiuen letters for other
parts of KuroiM via Southampton and Bremen
mint lw directed per Ilihlii at 7 A U for
OEXOA per steamship Kalsir A vvilhelm II letter
mum be directed tier Kaiser Vlllielni II t atll
A M for NoKVVAY illrcct tier i steamshIp Thing
aIlft lettermu tw directed per ThlnKvall
at 11 AM for NLriltKLANDH direct per steam
ship Ohdam via Kotterdam I letters must bedl
retted perObdaini at IS M supplementary
I HO P M for tailOPi per steamship Ktrurla
via Queenstown
WKHT iNlirrs tu
per steamer from North Hiuiuy
iinl GUATbMALA tier ainshlp utlllwater from
lOw orleiim auip M for VMA1UA per steam
ship Uorustahle from Itoston
TULM1AY At I P M tupph mcntary Ito P Mi for
per meaniKblp Hanlniw at 8 P M for COSTA
RICA la Union pr steamship Hlnpanl from
New Orhainat i PM for lUCAS Dhl TOKO
per Hteamshlp Suldal from Mobile at 3 PM for
IA PLATA COUN ridEs direct per steamship Im
perial Prince
1OIIAI1O and PAItAMAlllllO tier steamship lira
wanilv at 19111 I P M l omupfeiuiiitary 1 P 31
lIAlOES per leamshiji Mttdlana Betters for
Ureniiila Trinidad and liinaffn must 1w directed
Itr Maillana 1 1 at 1 P M supplementary 1311
Iier for NASSAU N P per steamshIp Antllla
letters must be dlr oud per Antllla al 1
1 M for el HA per st auuhrp Saratga via Ha
vana at U PM for 1OIU ANTONIO per steam
ship Kthelred from lloitim
TIILKSIAt At III A M isupplementarr 1080 A > L
for FotTLSll ISIAVH stud HAITI her steamship
Andes all I P M suiiplt ineniary 1 30 P M for
NASSAU N 1 ala nANTiAGO CUIIA per steam
ship Niagara
utrauiihlp Colombia from Molllp
per suamshlp llellanleli from Halltmoro lelt rt
fur other parts of IJrazfl and La Plata countries
via Pcrnamlitico and lllo Janeiro mull lx directed
per llellurdin I atftAil for IIKAZIL and LA
IlJlT l ill N rulEs per steuimhlp Uallleo via
Ieriiaiuhuco lialdu aud ItliiJanelro Heifers far
North llrarllmu t ho dlrrcteit tier tialilet i at
P so A M mipplenu ntary IU un A M for
COLON and PANAMA pr itramihlti Alll
ants tIdIer inuit Im directed per Lilt
BUI a I I at in I I A M tiilpphiuentarT 111 I 1 BO A
LA and CAK1IIAC1KVA hIt ktfam liti AlIas let
ters for oilier parts of CnlomhU and Cmta flies
Is Union mum heillneltd per Allan 1 at 10
A M lupplenmntar 11 I A MI 1 fur CKNTBAL
AMKIUUA except Costa Illcaland SOf HI PAC1FIO
1UIIIH tier steamihlp tiu port via Colon letter
for llualeinala mutt he illrfeted tar elv tortl
O TUXVAM and YUCATAN tier uleamnhlp ateos
ra letters for other parts of Mexico and for Cuba
muitlHidirected I per iwflei41 at II M A M
forPllMIKISi pr ntfiiiiihlp C I Londal letter
for other partaof Mexico must b directed per
c Condal I
TItANSlAChiiti StAlLS Ao
Mali for China ami Japan tar steamship Oaell
from San KraneUcoi citlat lore dally up to July
17at IIJUP M Midlifnr tutralla except those
for XVexi Australia Hlili h urn forwarded via Ku
repel New Zealniud Hawaii FIJI and Samoa
Island per tuttauimiiiittl Alaiueda from San Fran
clKoicliii I < uert ilimliy Cli to J lily > lu l atll 111 PJl
lor I on arrival al Nuts lurk lt steamship Cam
panla wlih HrltUh malli for Australia MalUfor
llmHiK let IIanIn Iii d shIp lily of Purpeiil from
Suit oiilovi here dally up to July SO a
rt 10 P M Mails for Hawaii per steamship Alit
trails from ban rauclini rloM here daily
up to July J8 al U 1411 P I M Malts fur
Inlna ami Japan tsr iltaiiinlilp Id mval from
Tutiiuai iKm > tiers tall up to July 25 al 130 P
1 Matin for Ctilnn and Japan ISIHII lally addressed
only pFrnteaniithlptiuprisi of India from Vaiv
rouviri ilo > o hi ru dally up lo Jnly Uat B 80 f
11 l Ulallii for AllflrnllH Hiiept Wft Australia
lisa mull anti VtJi islatmit Mr teainihlp arrlmof
from VaimtIlultri elimo hero dally utter July IP I
mul up tiiAUK > U al llto P M ilulls fur New
foundlaiul b > rail to Halifax and thence by
sttytmr silo at this office dally HI H10 PM
tlatu for MliUHloti by rail tu Hnston anti
thutee h > Meaim clot at this ofllc dally al
1Imu P I il Nails for tuba chose at this
niieilully al 7 A M for fnrwardlun by steamer
salllUL MundaiH and fnuraila i from Port
i UIMII Hu Malls fur Mexlio nvrrland unless
ililall aildrrxrd for ile pauh ity l uleameriloM
at thus fllue utaily at 7 A M
Trans I ui lllo hilailli are for uriteil to port of tailing
dall and ties hediile of iloliu iu arranged on tb
prrouiiiptiiin of tin Ir uninterrupted ovi rluud transit
KL UII rid mat tlii alii P M l on iris I luIis uiay
Af n r IHu clodnn of the huppu mi nl ir Tranutlautii
Shills tikinrd MIVI > alllllonul stippli wniarv nialli
are opened on the 111Cm itt lilt Amerlian roglUU
r rent h and ii < nnan liiiiitrs inul rrnuiln ithuen until
within Tf n Mliiuien nt tin hour nf HIIIIIK nf uteamrr
IIIAItllNW IiiTiiS roMiiiMtir
Pint Office New Vuinli N V Jul > IV 1 Mia
VllvllK tllVK IIHJMt TVTK It IO S5 Dread
gt Ma > null aly iiAtint mul suit Invnitloiu all couu
tries eiiurl nr liC l lowt i lmrki LUt Jutcu
tliilua aulul uniml I HII K
fiTVST it tnieiilliini pncur l proinptlvi low
rule 1101158 A 5111251 2 b2 Susassu ci V
Fd 1131
etor itlC
< VIhIIITHus iJirj l > itS k rtiitaU 3511
I kept n palrivl free uiuilliiv tilpieil auvwhcrii
privllau lo riiiuilne all riiCUoii nuiruulred tile
pIsouc ciflluechii1

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