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w I > ricri irr i j + r r
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rna roiTcn noAitn nerorra 4
Adverse CrltleUm or the Part Knforvcment
Of the Huadajr Inw Altnm MOOHIT
n lie Mnkr HtHteMeatAII lie lnn
to He infbreed lie Hiri ad omnl
loner Iarker Hal Ho Too Mlaltler
Mad Good CAovemraent Clob Men Conprat
Illnte the Hoard on It ctoilme < ldd Hun
May Canea In the CII MaKlntratea Court
When President Hoosovcltof the Police Hoard
axv In Ibo newKpapers estcrday morning how
tho men In hIs department hud blimtercd anil
bunitlcd In their Attumpt to enforce parts nf tho
Hunday law ho IIOCTIIIO nnnry nod I like all other
boa11 of dopnrtments In tlio reform udmlnls
trillion when the get nngry ho Iwaed a dtate
1 lrS
melt for publication 1 his Is I what bo ialdi
J No effort direct or Indirect to ctlstract our
atttentlon from Important crimes and from Im
f portant lawbreakers tn unimportant crime all
unimportant lawbreakers wilt succeed Iho
Excise law Is going to bo cnforced tip to tho
4 handle right along and nil tho alltm of cor
i ruption In tho department who Itlnc desirous
t of seeing that cnrruptlun returned and try to
befog the Issue way just ni well abandon thtlr
ort non
The Police Commission wont devlatn one
J lialrs width from the course It his hitherto
I pursued o shall enforce all tho laws so fur
t as our forco will allow mi to Itlnintely I wo
will get them all enforced and meanwhile It In I
J a wmto of time for thu criminal classes and
their alllo to try to provent us from enforcing
the vital laws by ralslugu rhuuor that wo are
Jut enforcing others of less Importance
I should not allow I policeman to neglect
t tho arrest of a burglar on the plea thatlhe was
t preventing n violation uf the Sunday Kxclso I
law and H I wont allow n policeman tho
chanco of permitting tim saloon of some man
with a pull to bo kept open on the plea 1 that ho
1s lookluir after a soda water stand
Wa will enforco all tho laws and I hope that
one effect of our action will bo to mako the
Legislature and the Hoard of Aldmnen under
stand that when the police force Is both honest
and efficient they dont want to put or leave n
law on tho statute hooks If they dont want to
see It enforced The most corrupting and de
S moralizing thing to tho whole community as
well as t the pollco force Is to have laws In the
statute books which are only partly enforced
t that Is I that aro only enforced against the man
without a pull and In tho ell all decent l
tens will boO this no matter how loud for thu
moment may be the clamor of the champions of
disorder and corruption
I dlrdor statement that crimes of lolineoand
disorder have Increased IK n lie pure mid simple
They have decreased I shall soon make publlo
the statistics to show this lam I receiving nit
the time from those best qualified llu speak 1 HIM h
r letters as the following from the Home uf Indus
try 224 West Sixtythird street rho writerS
S nentlons that for the past six montliH there had
laotlons I
been a unusual amount nf lawneiwiiioss In the
neighborhood but that now thanks to tho en
t deavor of the acting Captain of that precinct
Sergeant Chapman the lawlessness N steadily
i disappearing under control and the rough have been put
I get Information like this every day and
the men who try to gho out the contrary Im
i pression are merely traitor to good govern
ment and persons wbo to servo their own auto
purposes wish to cne ourauo lankMneSa in tao
t city Whatever tho opinion tridrv l Idual toru
mla lonciB of this Hoard un tho Exclso law air
S uny of the laws may bo tho toe of order may as
Well recognize once torah that the Hoard 1 Is I a
Unit In Its purpose t enforce the laws that It
1 cuiinnt b pulled oft by any one old that It will
Hot flinch ono particle from tilt stand It has
I S Immediately following the giving out o this
ItateuientMr Iloosovelt Instructed ArtlngChief
i tonlln to hiivn the prcclne commanders pro
Part statistic as to rlmciinf violence and dis
t order In their precinct In the Van few month
r then thu Hoard heard a delegation of ministers
r representing thu American Sabbath Inlon
P which bad called to congratulate tho Pollen
t Commissioner on the way they were enfori Ing
tt tho Excise law Col A S Hacon of IJrooklyn
t Who accompanied the delegation told tile Com
missioners that ho believed that the majority of
SiS fl people wero with them Dont make any
rMtakn about that ho said Tho American
TWutbbtitht Inlon Includes thu Christian Kndeavor
i element of two million young len nlllvor
i tent thu religious moral ana economical peo
plo who are I far thin majority of this nation
llko to attend a good baseball game but I go
t on Saturday Sunday baseball Is i n profanation
5 Thu tolling classes art behind Iho Sunday en
A Sunday In Paris Is I woro than a Sunday
t In Herlln In Herlln It Is a Sunday of toll In
j S Paris It Is I Sunday of debauchc I requires
until m iday noon for thu Parisian to recover
> unlclently from the effects of his debauchery
to resume toll Liquor Is a iiolsoii and It Is a
wellknown fact that ralonns that keep open on
Sunday maku a iIMi per cent of their sales 1 on
i that day We therefore the Interest of tho
very best people In the country glxu IOU our
6 assurance Ken tic men that this Is a Christian
S nation
Tin Hov llr Iglehartcommended tho Hoard
it for Its heroic loyalty nero and conscience
and In conclusion lemiirkcd Hut why the
J punlle press Jumped upon you after It has said
1 that you cannot enforcotho law 1 cannot under
I Hljind uoler
I Iha Itev J I A I Wllon paid Uentlemcn
I you are miking a white spot In the nltno > tnnl
t er < al perjury of oftlceholdcrs In this city Yon
are doing a great work by way of example to tho I
thousands of public servant It I In I u startling
ti thlngwhen you wlio are sincerely trying to keep
S jour out of otllce lire to hu cartooned anet
t treated as fanutlm because you will not consent
to be perjurers Knforcu thu law I It IK I not
approved by the people let them c hange I It is
the constitutional way open to them You are
Gleaning home but not before It Is needed
i Commissioner htoot evult In reply to thu clcr
By men Bald Wo are not looking for our own
advancement but wo want when wo go to
leave the Pollco Depirtment better nnd purer
1 No clamor will have tiny effect on us and wo
will not tllnuh one hulrH breadth from
wl Illeh 11111 brelllh frUu our
5 present course I halo even plenty of base eletn
agoguery In my career but n haserdemagogiiery
than that of theme who protest agalmt our en
forcement of the I Ian I because It Is ugahmt the
a poor lan I never have eel Tho len who
make that plea headed b > a United Slates Sen
ator from this Mate know that we art lighting
the richest and must iH > werfulorganl7atioii that
there Is In thl city I reft r to the brewery In
ilitences and they knuw that vearodolug It In
< the Interest or the pnar IIIIID
t Commissioner Parker naleli I aba
COlml lolt Ilrki I deeply
rratltled hv ciurexpresslons of approval There
3 Is I an Impression that no are enforcing this law
l1 llku I an automaton Imply iMrauKo It Is up < m the
i statute books but no law can h enforced 1 truly
t unless It Is tlnelurcd with conscience We arc
r sneered at hccausci wo are enforcing lawn ulled
s antiquated 1 believe that han President of
the Hoard has expressed himself In aor of
more liberal laws
Mr Itoosevelt Dont say that pleaie allow
> no just 0 word I have carefully abttalncd
j from gating what chnngea Jwouli make They
want us in nnlorco thu laws dishonestly but
we will enforce them honestly
Itesiimlng ConunliMloner arker I said We
need but two additions to the present Sundax
Excise iaiw to make our work vaster und well
nlKliperfcct llret the Interior of ttry raloou
Khoulil tie I open to tile pitbllii uyu and second
I the Interior or I mttoon Hhuuld ho l always acces
lble to u puhllci oiUcer I theConllncntal Sun
day Hhuuld bn I ruimutihiharl tell here nero I wuujel hu
n moral revolution Wowohomi fiinlgnere to
our shames but t let them accept us and our In
S Htlttulon as lacy unit us I Amerlc inn In like
I manner should go to I iermany I and to Saxon
I mid attempt to transplant I our customs they I
i wciuld ix it 111 eta OUI t Ilmllt I I rillglniis mini
In U tar enm I that I belling 10 any eliurrh hit I
want lo pen the moiil I stnsu of n community
rendeied iltwlhe
tnniinlssloiier Parker I then promised to lio
jirejunt at Mr Wllwinit church next Sunday
night and make an address
rolluwlng I Ihl Nmerii an Sabbath Il Ion deli
nation moo attiC iriiin tonal liovirninent I Club
I I with h pi < seiited the Hoard I 1 set of refold
t onii commi ndlng Its cola no tait the h KitUuqiies h
Tho HiiiiiltiNk 111 ulet Ion In I the Ioe of apt
S Kukliiiiii preclnrl t where It Is I sal there were
limn sahioiiH open un Sundii nor was am
mtlein taken In thucanciDf llllt Weatenelt nf
the hast HUth t u titiecit suit hun in whoso precinct
Acllnitl hut toullii found It necessary to ipcnd
several haul at cm Sunday night Morn saloons
were open In the I alt ru puclnct t hut Acting I
Chief a8 than In 1 other precinct In tuwn
and afier his arrival therehi t nuUrid thu I arrest
nf eleven Cxclnutaw lireike
S Charges vlll Iii prclirreel iifculnht 1111
tHtirviIt ittual its a result ut thu m linn of lao t
alooii kieiicrs in I hln pui Inct ctliut Chief
Cnnlii mid thil t I Jiuxt Mindaj the t polke WI It
S have InIH In arrest pri < prlemr < iis will at bar
keepers of hull I hem the law Is lolatiil l
If I I allot get the onnem at I the I time tho I
utTcnru U committed I 1 said Cunlln I I will ur
< OOIIln wllr
r1 thorn on warrant the next nay
liii Hoard I took no action In I I tie as of po
Heemen whn hindu ridiculous or unjustifiable
iiriesls nrof Iheue who while on elut at ahum
door Blood still and watched crimes of violent
and dlnirdur committed under their nines with
nut iimkins I real
f D llqiiur fur NlfKbt l llieiirnlous
Policemen Nolan und Crow ley of thu Stiam
bout buad accompanied tho steamboat Htarln
I a plcnlo tottrday to enforce n now provision
nf the Kxclsn law which II bat no lluuor hal
b told on vxcdrtlonti aftor 8 oclock ibis law
un < imsrd In IHUi and tho police are these
ilajKcuforcIuif It < 11co
i 1
HtraaRe flu Cnncht In the Ton K Callpha
Batabath Ilrac Net
A strange collection of cases confronted the
new City Magistrates rciterdar morning an t
rcsultof the partial enforcement of tlioHunday
law on the preceding day The Instantra of
jiollco stupidity nnd tyranny brought to Unlit
were nlmost as numerous as were those of the
Ingenious method adopted by the sllfln mon to
outwit the Kxclse provision of tho law fovcral
Katoon keepers were held for trial formMing sIft
drinks In their places but the Military druggist
away up in high Hrldgo 1 ho gave I jiotlcemati a
drink of soda water and refused to take tho
money the officer InMstcd on leaving on the
counter was If tan Iho druggist said ha had 1
kept open loncll drugs and medicines only und
had been glvllit nviny Ills soda water lo those
who asked for It Magistrate Cornell iceincd to
believe this story so ha acquitted the prisoner
but ho held for trial n amy l n ho sold toda water
In a Klncshrldito drug store remarking tint he
did so to test the law us to such cares
Another case that Magistrate Cornell decided
to make a test of was that of Alois Drummer
proprietor of nlon t Park on tho Southern
Houlcvnrd Ilrommcr him been trying for n
month to discover a plan hy which ho enl sup
ply his Sunday patrons with beer without vio
lating tin letter 1 of hue Kxclse I law He has Iwcn
iirretded very 11lIY but cjim since he began I
his experiments Ihu exception was Sunday n
eel ago when he left his son In chin He the
nun nasurreMcd that time I and he iii as held t
answer lor lolallng tho Sunelay < huiw ira ullon
Ing elanilliK He wan ulsn charged I with vlo
Intlng the KxcUe law 111 peiinlttlng t tutu dancers
to help themselves tei beer I from a keg left on
tap hit he wasillaclmrgiil 1 on thin I count as It
mild not bo proved that ho was superintending
lust paint ot the programme hcnurrulgniil
jestenlay Hrommer ncnleir said that thin beer
hold at his place lust Sunday hud been bought
In the middle of Ihu week by n club known us
the Tlgom und that only I club mem hers had
11101 of tho beverage hhu I
hen permitted to partake o thl bverlll 10
was hell fOIl trial A woman who sold a policeman
hfrlHtlecrocen In Klngtbrldgo
man tobacco at l rllttelrucer 111lnlhrldlo
within than proscribed hours was acqultled be
cause there was doubt a to ttauexaict tune when
alc made that nefarious sale
When two waiters arrested at the Harlem
Elver Park for selling beer wcio arraigned b
IIer Magistralu Sentweirth In tho Harlem
Court Herman Sulrer tho proprietor of tho
place asked for delay on tho novel giound 1 that
I lie beer Mild wan of n kind brcwed especially I
for Sunday consumption and contained only I1 I t4
per cent of alcohol hiai I h w hu Mild pro I
v lelen that beer must contain at least t per cent
of alcohol to be I classes amniig thu list nf Intox
icant and drinks tho t sain 1 of which Is I governed
bv the I Kxclso law and I walt time t provo
this t Ihe I ease hats postponed Ilt I I Veui ties
duty unit the waiters url released under 8100
bull each
John J 1 Dunne I took dinner on Sunday with
Mr Florence whosu husband
his sister 11 Joseph 1Irelc wlo hl8hlll
keeps a saloon at IHilth street und Amsterdam
avenue I he v a ire at dinner when Policeman I
Hukcrs of the Washington Heights Million
veering rough I window saw Duunocamlng
bottled beer troni the kitchen to tho dining
room for lice at the table He elite rod and ar
rested Dunne I Iho lucr I camu from the family
refrigerator und the saloon was closed Magls
rate vVintworth discharged Dunne
Policeman Hunt of tlio Jefferson Market
Court quad I tried to push his wily into ML
KldnlTn saloon at Kir MVenth avenue on Sun
IIIY Illh His k ole < wan aught i In I thu dour
drew revolver and saictecdetl In et
but Hunt I relollr 111 Irlcedel get
ting Into tho Hul on He arrested 1 MchldutT and
four other mm who weru there Yesterday
Alaiilitruto Mauimer Bitting in Jetfrrsou Mail
ket Court held tho saloon keeper In SIOO hall
for selling liquor on Sunday and lined the lour
others Sa each for miueeltiK tint policemans
leg Henry Knblnson of 1142 Hiraeri sold u
rollar button to Policeman dleuson of tho Mer
cer street found on Sunday anil 1 was arrested I
Magistrate for trial Flamiuer hold Robinson I 100 ball
Aaron Sunlulf who keeps a hat sPire nt loa
Canal street Solomon Snaplro dealer In dry I
K < ode at 78 Canal Street Kmunuol Davis a
dealer In hosiery at Orchard street und
Thomas Kelly who IIUH a hit stole at r How
I lao Ksecx Market
try nero held for trial In the ex MarKe
Court for doing business cm Sunday
Aneelo Il7o who keeps u saloon at 71 Crosby
street was held by Magistrate Hrunn In SIOO
ball for selling liquor on > unda Hlvo told thu
Maclhlralo thut the Joe 1lavla SIM lely met In 0
loom back of his saloon but that the saloon wns
cloned and the thirteen Itallana I t tao police
found drinking In thu back room weru tluvlus
nnd had brought the I beer In with them Ihu
President of the Flavins had a loaded MX
shooter and u knife with I blade eight Inches
ImiK In bin pocket Ho works In Cot I Warlmis
department but this didnt help him for the
Magitruto held him In SUI bal for curry
Ing concealed weapons Tho lubineet
udvanccd by several other
trig pleu was Ilhallud eOlra otr
trunsgrcasiiig saloon keepers but In every caso
It wns rejected and tho men vvuro held for trial
Oeorgo Kramer who keeps I saloon at l4H
Second uvcnuu was arrested In his place by a
policeman In plain clothes for ioluting the Kx
cIo IIIW On the way to the police htutlon he
tried to 1x matters up with the officer anil
slipped a bill Into huts hand Yesterday Magis
trate Mott sittIng the York vlo Court held
Kramer In > 00 ball 1 on a charge of briber
I Kramers Eon who was arrested with ber1
father was held for breaking the Excise law
AIIILJIJ 70 uoosErmT
Iollcemim Said He fnaldnt Get tee
ram W cntvvorCli Hut He Illel
John J Cran nnd Ills brother Cornelius who
keep a liquor store nt Amsterdam uve nuo and
lKd street were arraigned before Magistrate
Wcntvvorlh at tho Harlem Court istenlay
niornlngonivchargo of disorderly conduct pie
fervid by Policemen behiissler and Dosrcy of
thu Wet1 100th street statIon
When tim case was calteul IollccmanSchiissler
paid hunt hu desired prc fer nchareo of assault
aealnitl John J 1 Iral Magistrate Wentvvorth
suIt i that its thin police precinct returns recorded
incrcl a chargu of disorderly conduct ho would
mijourn tho case until tIme afternoon when he I
would hear that charge and If tho evidence
warranted I would entertain a complaint for
Ioliccman rchusbler not being satisfied < with I
tho Magistrates decision went to 1ollre Head
quartern unit complained to President Hoofre
vell that ho could not Kit thu justice that ho
was entitled 101111 Harlem Court 1rebldent
Hoosevelt had a consultation with Actlni In
peclor rooks and ux a rciult Ssergeant Mun
Uln appeared In the court when the cake was
callid In the afternoon for examination From
tao eviuleaucti IIIllcd In i hue t examination It ap
peared that Policemen SchiiHsler and Dorsey
wire detailed for excise duly on bunday
At 7 0cl9ck In thu evcnlug they entered thci
hide door of thu house In which th Crans
Million hit loc uteel and wero ohlerexl out by Cor
nellu Cran who thacy testltled used vulgar
and profane lunuuaun lo them all collected u
crowd John J 1 Cryan who had been out riding i
drove up UL thin juncture and he too they say
ueil abusive
0551 Iluhe laniuauc
Tho I pollci men then arrested tho brothers and
wile taking them to the t police Malion when
IuhlI h Cryuaui assaulted < 1 Policeman HchUDSler
striking I him lu I lao face
Ibent I was much contradictory evidence tn
regard tn the language used < 1 by I ho Crrans and
MnfUtrato I Ventuirth felt eonstralniel to dlit
mUs tint t charicn of dlsnrdcrlv 1 tatnul lint Then
according lo his election In the morning
Muglstrato Went orth entertained < 1 a complaint
of assault agaliiKt John J h Ifal ali held him
In 100 bal hair trial
llcnllh InSclaU Cumplaln nnd On to the
Orund Jury wills She LuBcn I
Tho olllcluUof the Health Hoard complain of
some uf the lieu CIt Muulstrulcs because tIme
latter havo declined t told violators nf tho
unitary code prohibiting tho tale of Impure
milk Attorney Mulncrt uf the Health hoard
raid eslerday Hut Maglbtrates Crane und
Ventworth hud dlscliarueel without giving any
reason two mel who were caught with tnipuro
Ilk lu their possesulon Jr rtelnert said that
they wiru fliiuiunl ciites and thut tho Mugls
rates hall nodUcretlon In the matter but
trale 10 < 1relun II IliOI were
required bv Kntlon t ih IA of than Consolidation
act to hold that violators for trial at bpeclal
r > e iilons
tliorgo lleatnr of mil West 144th street man
aver for r I I > 1n rson meats arresnil nn Julya
lay Health I I IIISIKI I tor Cliisun on I e liamuif hal
I hunt Impure Ilk In his possession When ar
raigned before h a lotat Cranu hu ti ute this
clnirued with tho I icniark that justice j should
butempireel with I mere I traitor Ilndlele1
by the 4 Irani Jury 1 estcrduy
Hubert llniun t I of lliln Third aveniiu who I
was arrested bv hue oune Inspeeloi I and ar I
raigned I before Mugisiruln 1 enlnorth vvaa also I
dlse hartiil I rrcMdrnl Wll > ou iuld that this
tulsa would lie priMnleil to i tint Irand I < Jurv 1 and
MI trBrJIl non Id oilier uses dismissed by thu Mauls I
ntrr r xiu totici llIlJ
Hainan K rirr lOu U > lel > a Oilier Hell I
InK Huuclay rioda > hcB Ha < ual
James Lon who keeps u saloon at the north
east corner of Third avenue lint IVtlth street i
Mild yesterday that he would prefer charges
thin week against the Police Commissioners I
He doe 1 not know Just how he will proceed
His bartender was arrested on hunda July 7
for selling suit drinks and a fvwdavu later Lyon
issued a statement to the effect that he would
bring charges against the Cornmltudonera they
allowed the eodawatar stands and drug tore
to elalvJWJVilai tundr
if emit sib ape
Brookneld Knew It aail Knevr that the
10 Had Taken the fantrnetAnd he
Committee Vn Anxloue for HtranB1
Klectlon HunpucInK thut He Would Keep
Heimo or Him rromhtsesoversvok
Iho fohlowitug reply of Chairman Hnckett to
Commissioner Ilrooklleld was received nt the
1lfth Avenue Hotel tcitcrdnv cut handed out
from lleptihllcnu State lieadnuarlcis u
Sr iMWitKNcn IAHK July 14lr Charles I
W Hue kclt Clinlrman of tho ltemblkan state
ommltlre has been spending conin duya here
and Hiday his attention wns lulled by n corre
euiolati art t It a stiitement byCoininlsslonerof
Piihllo Works llnmkllild III c sterdaH New
Ilhlo papers Itl Mr Hackctt was alleged to
haiti uiltt to I Ilrooklleld whcli tho latter
a keel Clr aasuhstnuuei for the New url county
ticket just before tlectlon huit year Oh trace
In I In controlof I his is holo situation
II llai ketl looked nt Mr Hrookflcldx state
incut and remarked a el I I may hiivo raid
something like Unit t Illl 1 t hue Stat o toil taut
I 0llhll1 IU monev anil 1 not only was It I without
muni but I wan compelled to Incur I a large Indebtedness
debtedness tn imhlo U to meet the ordinary
and ul iilulely necessur expenses of thu cam
paign holutel I It was Impossible tncomply with
II HrooklleldH recincat for asHlMance and hu
knew II And then I knew us every ono eke I
kin w that the count ticket IRS the ticket of
I II Cormi iii Itt Co of Seventy they claimed It us
their ticket then and I thev claimed I as their
ticket after election flue Commute of Sev enty
suIts mndu up of wealthy men and the repre
sentatives of wealth nun they had never
complained of any lack of inline they
had held mi Minus tehu ida land cost
1111 111 Ilellls wll ha mono
they hail udquarlers and were iholaug raIn Ittitlul
lurk which cost monev ltaty had exhausted
every source of campaign conlrlbtillnnn nt u
very curly slake of thu campaign and lei tun h
an extent that tho stale Committee were sorely
crippled Ineveiv I attempt they made 1 lo obtain
funds I for the t 1 ruin tuts Ihis I will Iml bu better nn
dcrslooel and I muio thoroughly appreciated
when It Is I known that at one of Ihu lust meet
ings between lie respective representatives of
thu He I publican party and of the Committeeof I
Seventy the Hepublican icmfcrces were sol
emnly assurml over and over again by the dele
gate from thu Committee of evenly hint tho
Seventy would furnish nil thin monev for tlm
prosecution of the campaign hicy had agreed
111110111 them i ULS so Ihey said thai It I would
bu only fair for them to flu thu nionev for
expenses In return for the voles lo Ito t
furnished by the Ilcpubllcume I Ilure was
no mlsmiilcrstnnding about this and there
could have been none tV hay should Mr llrook
lleld huvneumo lo the State Committee for aid
under the see Ircumstancrs He h hand known the
condition of the state Committee for ears for
hu hud been Its hulrnmn und no one knew
better than he Its povert mail I the financial
straits to which It had been put and the finan
cial I dinie I until 1 wide h nu had tl labored alit
from which It wa suffering at that very mo
nienl He knew all these things and ho must
havo felt that Ills request nt that time nine
very coo to tho lino hero Insult Is I added lo
I his wasnt all Unit Mr Ilrooklleld knew
either Hu h I kniw that t lie men In I thu Committee I
of Sat cut V lila as had plenty of money for
every purpose or any purpose exec pi load I the
partv which must nciessarll provide Ihuvuttt
miijoiltv ufvotcs vi tail I y essential lo the inccci
of the ticket 1 he leaders of the Inlun I lraitue
areable lint ully to keel up their own club In
excclient ntv lu nIthout Impairing their llnunela 1
condition very 8irlousl but I observe that
lately they havo picked up a bankrupt factional
urganlatlon with I debt of thousands of dollars
paid Its debt put It on Ilu legs and < 1 taken t It
over ns an nliliex to the original institution i
It Is I lot more than three or four duvsago sInce
Mr Cornelius N Hllss declared lon published
Interview In the Nun ork nenspajiers that
ho bad nil thu hu lewplr
al II lone led1 to carry
on his light aiuinst the ltcpuiblicaiui tiracatnulzat han
In this Mate and I have no doubt tllll ho told
that truth Ha und bis friends and William
Hrooktlcld claims to bn his best not nearest
friend aluais can llnd 1 plent of cash for such
a campaign us ho is now engaged In but when I
irdprissed State Commute Is doing Its best
for tie t whole Hepiibllcnn part In an uphill
contest the poverty of these uoeir fellows Is slm
I pl appnllliig Whv shouldnt I have requested
Mr Ilrooklleld lo call on the Committee I of
Seventy and Its Inlon League allies when It had
Mich larguhcartc persons among Its members
Ilh < nu Im not goln forget tho Democratic
portion o that honorable body hhuuy I ton we re
pulenl people und at ways had money tn burn
when they fancied they could attract u crond
by lie blaze It made Didnt I they run ala iiuu U I
snapper campaign In this t Mute in IRIIJ that cost
them scores of thousands of dollars and didnt
they havo enough left to enable lucIa to take
scores of thousand more to Chic ago lo
help discomfit David II 11111 They not only
did all this hit In that very eduction hint
fall they were running u bolting candi
date fur iovernor In order to Insure Hills
defeat and It seemed to mo then antI It sec ms
to mo now that the could not huvepluccd their
monev to better advantage than by giving all
they had to give to alt the ticket of IheCoinmil
tee of Suvcnt In New York city Knowing ail
these things und believing what I did believe
could I have done anything hut tidvlsu Mr
Hrooktlcld to go tei the Commltleu of Set only
Yes I see that Mr Hnmktli hays that If
tho Hepubllcaii e anelldatu for ciuvcrnur I and I
Hepubllian lcglluturo hail been elected I and
the union tliket In New York hud be en ele
fen ted the Itcpubllcun Slate limnanement at
lie Fifth Avenue Hotel would Imo been 1 de
lighted I hud lot supposed tint William I I
Hrookfleld was capable of making HU base a
chuigu niMlnst men ho well known lobu u honor
able gentlemen and with whom ho was not only
content but delighted to labor for ytart In I
Ids attempt tei destiny tin m he deatin hi thud f
lukeii ut his word hu i iii ply exhibits himself
us u ercaturu I hut en loved working I with dishon
orable men and for dishonorable len for innny
u car and ouly ceased to work lor them unit
< clsel 111
with them when he was no longer of nny uso
even to them t und when the him put him I out
of their Celia haunt 3 I I U I huidl pos lblu that
William Hriiokllcld veil In his present lit of
midsummer madniss wished to lIlleI hut munich
In I this t position und 10 taku 1 It he has not been
uccurutulv reported Ho that as It may thcro
the tile charge stands and If I hu bu ut all lao I
honorable gentlemaii hu would have Ihu public
believe him to be lit bun dlsuv ow It ut once or
brine forwaid his proofs t sustain It
lvcr wellinformed man understands how
clccplv the Republican Stale management ut
too Fifth Avenue Hotel was oncemid for the
BIII cess of the union ticket Its candidate for
Major was n publican not only u Repub
lican but a Republican whn Had given huts sol
emn pledge to del I fairly with the regular party
or11117101 und I In the picsence of two wit
nesses had deiliied hu would alwas take Iho
udvlcu of tho represe ntutlven of too regular
organisation No representatives of any or
gunlallnn could have asked for more Ill no
candidate I of aaiy party ever promised morel
than this lo men who I had r secured his nomina
tion for him Tho Hepuhllcan Statu orgunUn
luau t ut hue Fifth Avenue Hotel undurstood <
this I tdtuatlon thorough and understanding <
It us t toy did the him every reason In t honor
and In Illetohopu and to lira and lo do what
they could for the success of Unit candidate anti
fur the success of hue other candidates un thut
ticket I take leuvu to say that e one of thu
members of that management I ls iiulto 1 us honorable I
orable u man I its Vi ill iaruu Itrotak IbId i ever was
that no one of them tins vir et len known to
turn and bile tlio band that lid him und that
haul < 1 done him itt rthlcat eat kindnesses und that
everyone of heat gentlemen us eurnetly ele
Iellelel I enrnely
sired the triumph of that t t ticket ai did Iho dis
appointed ul 1111 who Is I now alrlmr his grit v am es
My I old trie nd Is sutTi ring from a severe case
nf overwork It Is I a terrible task to bu cum
PC lied to furnlnh the brains neccxsarv to guldo
the i rnlon Ieagun h Club and Its I Mllhcillundstate
Club annex Ihu occupation alone 1M l morn
lliau nough for one mini even though he be a
ver great man Hut when t him Is I added to
thin huuv loud the arduous duties of I ommls
Hlonci cif Puhllo Woiks < with all their
lurking icy Ins wear elforts to servo
and to placuta ficetraderclvllHervlcc
reformer hut k in on I hum cue hand nnd to
stitihf Iho urgent members of his own n mnl
content faction on the other then one ran begin
tn a ruth iiu wh III t nine gall liat William Ilrook
lleld him broken clown Let him cense hln Mug
wninp stalcfinanidilp smut ids ellorts lo servo
both I itiui kin 1111 bin own political I heelerscomo
up Hero for I fortnight und breathe In I thn de
lightful 070110 of this hoalthglv atmosphere
luau he will go hack toNuw t ork In tlim forllio
fall lampiilun free groin envy anti I 11 tI iinohar
Itabloness more clearheaded and I believe Ill
OVUM Mlllf way u better Inn und a better Itepubll
The llriilt uf theilgtit 1 siith Quay In I
IHcknivuniiu County Pleunc Them
111 I IA laIIIA July it I hero U ore several
conspicuous antiQuay Kcuubllcins In the city
this moriiliig aiming hum t being Chris Mal
of Alleghcny htato halrmau illkeson und
Major Siimuel Iosih of Schuylklll All had a
lonferinio with David Martin Mr Maieeulsa
called niKin Mavor Warwick with whom he
hail iv hhurt Intorvlnw The Allegheny leader
ell talks cnnilelontly of tho result of the con
tOt and mid 1
1 curl only repeal what I have already stated
that wi aro gui tug tu win
Mr Magic oats particularly pleased with this
result of tnci Iarhauiati tee held on hi ilUy 1 and hut
nrday In Laikawanua count Col Illkeson
would not talk cOUlI
At that I Hatting headquarters evmloelr I I was
In EOIK humor over the result of f the primaries
In lacKuwunnaeount It was ald that thu
defeat of the Quay forces lu thu Fourth district
on Friday was particularly important for It I was
there Iho Senator nmde his btronnest light The
maniikerHof the HustiiiKsIllkeson forces denied
that ally thoucht hail hen given to the matter
of a cumpromfse and declared none will bu madv
For Heavy HuKKuh IVtllnK
lrae IIor ror4 > Arid Pho hao
It prrttuoft biatthy artlvlir of weaL or disordered
atomacba that utrct iilraulatfng I met acts ai a lonlo I ou
i utivciaad brala Mi
A fore < nnmm af the Rapobitesa Club
Vutea lop I Bin Hint CUte
Thirty memlten of tin Republican Club me
at thin club honte 450 Fifth avenue but night
and resolved that the bull of representation In I
the Republican State Committee should b
changed and that the committee should b en
larirrd Thirty Is a quorum of the club There
were only twentyflve members ptcsent when
VicePresident C J Dennlson called tho meet
Inc to order and A J Hteele Chairman of Iho
Citmpalirn Committee offered the following
renolutlcitisi I
tlrtnliril That the Itepuhllon Club of the city nt
New York uuteiruahay riioniinfiil to lie next lie
publican State Convention that Ilio StiteLoiainltun
lieenl f > ritret anti that the luinK I I of reprrteniaiioii of
tiia party In the Htate Conmiltlco be l ib imcil Alt ba
It further
lrrnHeil That the l > mp lgn Commltten beiiutlior
leI to Irehelat flu roreKemiic rasoltit lull to the lttuuatn
unit In I tie next State omattaut lout In letieli IIIHIIIIITH
lullinnalil I 1 la cominlttre I may MV 11 iiimmihie I toatlurr
with I lhi arattus plinu of enlarge nentlhat hatebeei
or may ItS l aiiKKeiileil
Abrahnin llrubcr Interposed the objection
that there nut no iHornin Ha was nuslalnee
In tile objection but wIllIe the objection wan be
log Inclined enoiittli members arrived to
tranrnct litulmieiis anti bo resolutions went put
out thvlr passage Mrllrilber objected let lliclr
ellI < rrllol on thu ground that the Itepublleui
flub B I rcprcinntntlve body of more than six
hundred voti re ought not to ho put on record
by that vote of u bare quorum of thirty
lie cited l n legal nnaluity of 1 permm being de 1
prived of hit proper rights vvllhout adciiuato
reprrscntallon and einbhniau Frank I
Iavey turned than laugh cm him by nkln
hose property is the Kepubllcun State
1 ho resolutions were adopted despite Sir Inn
hers mutgitIio taute
Mr Ilattn friends nay that tho resolutions
will I I have as much lorciana Iapal bull aealnst
n comet here are lITOOil Uepublleati voters
In tho State beildes thoie who voteid for tIe
resolutions adopted by thu 10puhlcalllub
lie Nay thai C < iuhlleunii or New York
Are Vetted on Uov norton her IVenldial
WARIIINOTDN July 15 1 Tho familiar form of
exSenator Frank lllscock of New Vork a llltlu
grayer pcrlmss and a trlllo less portly than
forme rl was conspicuous among those lu the
rotunda of hue Arlington Hole I tonluht Mr
lllsciKk asserted that private business had
brought him here and that ho would leave to
morrow A Ililtcd Press reporter asked Mr
Ilisrock I It Is I true that the Republican party
of New York StatIc N I hopelessly divided Into
two contending I factions
lucre arc dleereiices In our ranks said Mr
lllscock I diplomatically but they arc not ma
terial They simply show that honest dliTcr
cmes of opinion exltt IIIIIOIIK us but t lacy will
nut endanger part xncccji at tho imlln
tith the Itepunllcant of New York have a
candidate In thei next 1reHldentlaI convention
liny will I I It I will I he 01 I levll I I I Morton
Are your people a unit for II Morton t
The Arc lie In the universal choice both
fae tiom
ell he b nominatedt
I believe flint ho coma While New Vork Is
not so time h of u pivotal State an In pat ycarat
ttlll the fact that the N I united upon u certain
candidate will klve him treat prcftlcc and I
nom hoielhat Inutloii It will bosulllcienl to secure him hue
hat abut the object Itiru that Mr Morton Is
too old l lii tr amy force In that
I should my not II Morton was never In
hctlcr htallh Holt I mill ainuch onnui r man
than tludntono and capublu of it crcal deal
more hard work
Suppose Mr I Morton falls to secure the nom
ination to whom then will Ihe New York del
CBatlon turn t
We are not 8Uppcisinr 1 thing at tho pres
ent time hit the nomination of Mr Morion Ve
pill pose bringing that about It possible Wo
art considering see und choices
Prcaldent Martin Kauri TTItl Open Tarn
many Headquarter In I flub Room
The Logan Club of tho city of New York
crated to b last nlnht his I organization has
had man political vicissitudes but no clmiiRo
that It hut made In Its existence of seven years
was so radical ns tho one It made lait night
Urltclnally It wits the homo of the small coterie
which followed insiav schurman In the old
Eighth district when John J Ollrlen and his
friends were turned 1 out of the regular Hepubll
can ornanlzatlnn anil > chnrman and his few
friends pretendeil tn reprcscnl luaU Itepubllcans
of r Ian AKMUIlily district
Then John F h H rod I sky Sam and Martin Kneel
and the other of the John T OBrien I Associa I
tion who broke with llarncy OHourke cap
tired the Iul The reappurtloument of imu
came and that ellb name was changed lo tho
John A Logan Clubot the Third Aeolbl diM
rut > am hiikel and some others of the club
went lamnian hail I and 1 tlll others
over tn 11111 111 nl < 11 otrr i
Including Martin Kneel the 1leMilenl were
more tries than 6ti pected of hail rig Tammany leun
Iluan 1 the club changed Its name to u the loan
Club cif the liLy of New York hero 1 was no
KUpKLStlun of Republicanism In this title except
In the nnme louau and there was not much
Itcpubllcanlam In the club for It has worked
accord with the Tammuii oiuanlzatlnn 1 of the
Fifth and Third district tor tho post two ear I
Since the reapportlonmentof the present ear
when hue club I vva I let t in I the middle of the new I
nightli district Martin hngtl the 1renldent of
the club has been looked to to assume the I am I
man leaelerthlp 1 Mis he llnalls concluded to I
do and last night on motion nf Iawcr Henry
1 fl loldftinlth the Lo iin Club I 1 b > unnnlmoua
vote decleleel 1 to dUhand
Henceforth the < dub room at the corner of
rand and Iudlow utreets will be the head
quarters lit tho lamnian Hall oreantzatlcm of
the Klubth Assembly dlstrkt
They Will Hold a Nlute fonvratlon to Talk
Over the Money < lnr tlon
far Louie July lTho Democratic Plate
Committee met at the southern Hotel this I
morning In renponso to a call issued hyChali
mal Maffllt and after two hours of dbuisiion
it was decided tn call a htato Convention to con
sider the llnanelal question Tlio proceedings
wore carried on behind cloned doors but it is a
known that lie committee were almost unani
mous tn favor of I convention halrnian
Manitlmrcnuimslv opposed aconventlon at this
time but one of the eommltliemen insisted un
a vote and It was carried by seven to two In
favor uf u convention Into this afternoon Icr
tie hprlugs wise Mlicttd as Ihe place for holding
the Convention Ihe dale has not jet bicn set
It was decided to hold Limo Convention at Tur
tle springs Mo on Aug It
Will Begin on Thur da > to Hlralehtrn Out
the lleuoerittle Jniiale
The subcnmmltleu of lao Democratic Mate
Committee appointed by Chairman James W
Illnkloytoetralghlen out tho Democratic tan
gum In Monroe county will meet In the 1owers
House Itochestor on ThurceUy morning at 10
oclock Thom subcommlttoo Is headed by Cord
Meyer Inasmuch as both factions believe that
the wrinkles In the county should bo amouthcd
out It was thu opinion hut nlkht that the nub
eorninlllce work will besuecuisfiil
The Democratic Mate Committee will not
meot until after this subcommlttco tins Corn
pleee its labtirs
StateCommltleeman Norman F Mack of Buf
falo was at tho Iloirmnn Hcniso last night and
said that It is hU Intention lo retire from the
lOOO New York Ilultdrnfiiebrri Oo to the
Gaiter In IhlluUrlitlilit
IllltADHpiiu July 15Thu two da > y ple
rule aunt games of the Philadelphia Ilalldciitches
Volksfest Vereln opened hale nfteriioon ut
Washington Turk TueuosUth street and AI
liuluny nvenue by the tecnptlon of ndeleRatlon
comprlbing KUDU I memlMm of hat society Irom
New York iit vhtlturs were escaarteul ii tile City
Hall w hero thaty vent iceelvid Lay Miior Vat
wlck Ihu I Mayor congratulated he vusitorat nn
their appearance and alio upon thu fact that
although a tew iirmuii Hug Irene tarried intv
remlndur of thn rather mil lie noticed that
every man curried un American Hag
Mounted Iullerunn < hoses hurst Thief
Tamil Kelly I4 cars old well know b > tliu
Krooklyn police was arrested at Iarkvllle yes
terday morning by Mounted 1ollceman Iratt of
Coney Inland for bteallng n homo and phaeton
from William U Mauleys stable at Conty
When Stanleys utableman went to tho stable
at 4 oclock ytsieiila morning he found that
It had been brokeu Into und that thou home and
phaeton were gone About U oclock the police
man naw a team in thu Ocean lloulevurd which
ho suupectnd in tue hue t siolen one Ho I uavo
chase but Kelly had the mart and whipped up
late horse Ito was urertakeiiat 1iirkvllle
The Mlarlai hev > Mnlc Fall Dead
Stewardess Cecilia Juc kton uf the steamboat
Laura M Htarin died suddenly at U I oclock last
evening while altcndliig ou sick women who
went to the picnic of tho Andre Kelly Associa
tion yesterday
hen lao boat was opposite Hpuyteq Duyvll
In the North Klvcr the stewardess fell dead la
the cabin Her body was landed at 1ier A
where it i wa taken lo cbirge by lbs police
1 I
1 El
OV V t
A 7M
u C n 1 r j e
uJ rytuislaillMlPclJtsrtlMlttIL
c L aitite aiTMA ClNtu <
a I n
VHHHHtHn < maimiiicasxsi
1 Do not be deceived by Infringe
cttc ments of name package or cigar
near the flee alnille elEuiittiro 01
ou the tiockoci nnel an rneU cigarette
ilohn Kolh Aged IS Kneeiimlis tn Injiirlo
KrcrlTcd In the Illrlulncl
Fifty thousand dollars It Is estimated will
cover tho damage elono til ltropcrty In Wciud
liavcn bythc cyclone TV hie hnuept tiirough Ihcre
on Saturday afternoon ileniolishlng n brick
schoolhouse wrccklmt a doen or more duell
ings and killing ono woman nnd Injuring abou
forty or llfty people llcllef committees hivo
been orgunlrecl and tho work of collecting
funds tn apsis the Injured and ihoso v > ho were
rendered homeless Is being cucrRctlcnlly enrrlcd
In addition to the committee of tvvenlyflvo
named cstcrday to help In the work an ad
ditional subcommittee composed of tho lies
Alovulus Stcffens lao lIes William llnsi T I M
Van Valwe k the llcv 1 rank I Wheat hr X
S Nutt Dr Do I Vtte Dr I It I I I Mm arlind I and
Major D 1 Hatllelil I has bun nr nnlzul A
I laniagc Committee tunscirtiln lie Inellv I i Idual
hos s sustained by tho residents was uilsui iip I
lolntcd The conimltlcu Is composed of Hubert
Siott Charles Daring antI 1 I WckolT They
ropo < o holding a meeting tn the main M hool
iou < e tonight
The comniltties all lint ii tacit headquarters
nt tho Woodlmven Hank here Mibscilptlons
art received Mibsi ilptlon lilnnkH hnvo been
ssneil and n general appeal has been made fur
onlrlbullons Tho conlrlhullonn uiuatl keg iuul
ce lions of Sundnv ncltcel SN and with ester
days stubterhptlons added It was estimated tliit
his amount would IKswelled lo about 2uoo
A list of tlio Contributors of jcstcrday are us
II M Ainu fiii Ainrrlcau Hook I e oiniaii tluO
Mlllllin K I VVekolT tlVI John I UjekolT S IOU
lurlfi Klrhj lo II 31 Illitble sin s II eornrll
I ion I lleorRe I earrenter 10 I Imrlo UUWIIIIIK f JO
VJIcI II10 leorpnniliwlckn Ui UillUin I s
nkKswill IO VJ vViukliiMin i v rninhall
m lo A V tie taraauW l 2tt vvilliiun n I I Wooil sjn K
M I VVOOISIO I A J h unsteleii il > nvir t VV lb tie
sa 1rinKJ Cal iimn 1 Cuiiicri nlinn Klcharl I
In oriulek tail I I tineiii > M vtn I c I I LUM
C In t e K I Ikldpli 1 i hrlenil I I iiriinn Jr
rleinl E 1 UU M edit Ins Soriein fj iuuehu
orlun VI 1
Kurly this morninca force of carpenters amid
alurcrs nor set tu work In the wrecked sec
Ion clcuulni up the Micelt and cittttiK tho
amuLed dwellings I u Into tenaniable condition
I > u one street then was scarcely u hoim wilh a
roof and as Ihey were moMU uf tin tinkers
score busll eiiKuued In repairing tie uluimuigt
A sign tins iHiited up 1 In front of thu i si hool
iou > e warnlm all people aSia fawn tho tot
crlng strut turu
school riistee John II Me rrills paint keg In
uvlatch several hundred dollurH was collected
from smpalhutic ipectutors on Sunday was
iloung duty URiiln yesterthasy and pasitlngslult
seers were entreated by two young mm to con
tribute In tho aid of ibo tuffcrers The keg
bleat worked successfully thai several udven
tuners noUKlit to try Item their own account
the were speedil suppreMCil b the vlllageii
amatl one man was arrested He had collected
Sm4 hi liii keg
Ihu vllhiite aulhorlllcs nnd thn Kcllef Com
mittee anticipate soon having the wrecked por
thou of thai vIllage bauk in c v crda hlmtie uitfde
from lie houses that iii 111 I I huvotci ho rebuilt I iV
Ira I IIOUMJ will have lo ic I placed back on Iho
femndalleitiK from which the were carried by
the whirlwind
Alicia lone a crowd of Inquisitive persons
mini around Pierre D I > elnh uhlte i taut tulge tn I
the line Law a road and Third street vv lair the t
boils of Mrs Louise jc troitilcn wan nualting
burial Tho burial will probably take placu
Another death lie second rcaultlntr from the
tornado occurred Ibis afli moon flue J namu
of tbe victim Is John Kolb u boy aged abeuil
10 years No more cases arc likely lo provo
CIUilIJtI hILL iy ITS itvixs
A Helter Commldec FoimrelAn Appeal
from Mii > or Wtbli
lIiiKiNHAck July li Crowds of curious
people from all bicdonsnf tho eoiintr within
at radius of twunt five miles formed a bleadlly
coming and voliiK procession lodny to view thu
ruins of ClicnyHIII Fuklrtand rcllohunt
Intruded upon those whoso homes were partially
Tho work of practical relief was started at
Cherry Hill this afternoon bv the organlation
of a citizens committee vlth Harrison Hall as
Chairman Joseph X Duvitll Sccictnry and
Cult I Anilereon Xabriakle lieusurer This
committee will have full ehurrfe of all mailers
perlulnliiK to the relief of needy sufferers and
will Issue tomorrow nn appeal lor aid Die
committee has prepare el 11 ichcdule of what Is
believed tube neecbbar It Humes that It will
need for this work tho sum of SIHSO
Ono of tho most lemarlable Incidents of the
storm Is told by Nathaniel II Xabrlskle In
fiontof the ruins of hla big barn Is a duck sit
ting on u nest of eluht eggs Mio icmalned a the re
during tho roar and crash of the tornado and
Btlll remains faithful to her dad Hi purls from
thai northwestern part of the county show that
ninny thousands of dollars worth of damage
has been done to crops JiIir at Middle Ittver
had yejeio square tect of glass broken in his
cri enhouac
A relief meeting was held In thin Opera House
this uvenltiB and measures adiipti to cooperate
with the Cherry Hill lonnnltlce
The following appeal has been addressed to
the editor of liar qt
t Destruction and ruin hive visited our little
boiuugh tho village of Clurrv Hill heIng almost
wiped out of ixlstuini lives have been lust and
many poor families iindercd a homeless losing
their all In thu uenerul destruction bv i ter
cliija lornado Viu nak the asslnanie of all
who will I contribute ton Uev n Mitnuof huts dis
tltutlon ouhscrlptleuis can be Kent tn tho
Mayor John i Webb at this place nnd thu
suitilti trIll bo thankful credited and ucknovvl I
n u
WTH1fl pBlTS
TllRKAlBJf illS 11 Ft
Pollttmaa Iluasey on Trial for Threaten
Ins Him In Ike I now Committee Room
Ho Nays III tIre U Threatened
The trial of Policeman Ambrose W HUMCJT
of the East Twenty > econd street station on
charge of tyranny oppression and perjury
was resumed before CommUMoncr Grunt at
Police Headquarters jeslerday It Is charged
that llusiicy threatened In shoot Norbcrth Pfef
fcr an assistant counsel before the Lexuvr com
mlttec oil Oct 8 18U4 Pfcftcr had been ln trtl
mental In getting evidence against llnnsey for
the Lcxnw committee Pfefiervvhen called to
tho stand and examined bj Lawjcr Mc sof tIme
Parkhnrst society objectnl to answering Rev
rial Important questions
Whydo you not answer V asked Mr Moss
Are J on In fear of any one 1
I am not tti tear of llustcy answered
Whom arc you In fear of V uikeil Sir Moss
Pfeffer stood tip and In a ilranintlo manner
shouted I
Im afraid of the mcmbeis of the l > sex
Market gangMich men ni Max liochstlin Ml
vrr Dollar Smith anti a man named liccnherg
Theres liochstlin now I cried Pfiltcr excitedly
pointing to u man who tat In the court mom
Theres Irecnlwrg too ho exclaimed He
and hue gang have threatened to klllnif 1 itni
afraid of my llfu
Lawyer Moss addressed Cnmmltsloner rant I
shy imig
Ncverboforo In this court room lime I teen
so mntiy fides bearing the Htanip of thugs
Luvver Alter who represented Hussc
jumped to his feet at this and said
I hope Mr Commissioner Hint the state
mint madu by Mr Mots isihl nut go on lie
record Nothing has been proved nuiilnsl any
olio here and until theru Is the are just as
gooel as any one else
My llli hits licrn threatened by this cane
bulcl Mr Moss I havu been Informed tliut u
man wont to the Ksscx Market Court and lutkeil
If It noil Id cost more than 100 should 1 hnvii
nay face sma hiel
The gunir beat mo until I became uncon
scious brokn in Ifclfer
Mr Mos asked to have Ilochstlm stand up to
lit liluitltlcd Ilue I Commissioner ordered Hoch
stun to land up and I I uthast Ian stood tip
hats I him said IfulTcr
Commissioner irant here annnuncid that ho
would not have lawyuia MOMS remarks stricken
fnun thu accord Ilu said hue tilts also of tin
onlnloti thit lucre trite a iuartllooking lot iimoni
the spectators in the courtroom Lawyer Alter
took an exe cplion to tho Commissioner I dcil
hiciu Mr Most asked Witness PfefTer whether
Iaiwyir Allcr had not approached him about
hi i i ase
Dldtit I ho ask MIU to consent lobe pounded
for lliistteyH I I Miker
riflfti I uld Alter had called on him
Ilu I I vvuntcd me lo consent to liaise my char
a < ttr blackened on crimcxanilnntliin 1 did
not c cms III however
Now Mild Lawyer MOM Is It not a fart
Jiat a > tate frejiralor iiskcel on to bulcnibnt
with llus oy
Pfelfer biild he didnt until to answer tint
tttaostioui 1fKtTer continue the tibtlmon hu
Have before tin Lexow t iiiiimlttce relative to
I tlus I iys threat to ihcuit him HtissiVs I I si tinS
he mid were Ill shout ou town like a dot
Isnt It true that you am Interested In houses
of prostitution on the east side t asked Mr
Uter m PfetTerK crossexamination
No it Is nut roplud the witness but I
can bring proof of something against you
With thusu words Ifilfer took tome papers out
itt liix pocket and waved them In tho air
Forced chcckn hi shouted
Ilettcr was foruirrl In liitsyer Alters em
plo Alter volunteered this stileinent
limit are chivk nliltli I reitlved from
clients nhlch proved to be N d I
1fulTer said undir i ro inmlnatlon that
tshaeiu Iluse I I > threatinid lo shoot him ho al
nanil ui be grratl < > xi Iticl
I didnt want touu against Hiissey liecanso
hati hasa wife and HUMn Llilldrcn the it ltness
I ho percon uho Lave eldinie before the
exow lotinilttco against Ilnssiy tics Kllas
Maiidel who kept a restaurant at 141 Delaniey
Street lie alleged that uctneen Nov 7 1MO
and MarcIa 1 lull Hus < > e > thuo was uard man
n thu Dilanci street station demanded SlOt
rom him In consideration of which he HU to
m piruiltted to have EamblliiK In his plaie
Manclel apiicared before thuiommitteu through
lasmiyer rteffcr It w as his btorj whIch aroused
Namuel Man ux a clerk In Lawyer Mosss
oilt lentlned to tho thriats made h > HIIBECJ
rlui trial sirs here adjourned until Trluay at
I 1 oclock
After the adjournment n scene was created
Dylluase lnwjur Moss requested Commls
titimuor Grant to reopen the case fur a few mln
ute arid allow thu stenographer to put on the
ricoril a trnnncrlptof the testimony given lo
hurt the leiou committee iclatUe m to IlUBbui
Die request uas granted Whilo Moss wait dIe
atint thin tpstlmony to the xtenoerapher
llustev I I jumped to his feet and began to object
Hirenuounl Ills lawyer Mark Alter adlicd
him to sit doun but Hussey refused to bo
Alter accordingly told Commissioner Grant
that lie Ithdrcn from the case Commissioner
tirait adxieid thepollreman to confer smith hu
counsel but Iliis er reiii < o < l and asked why
Alter had not hrouehtout IfelTers record while
he was a witness lIe declared that Pfcffer
kept disorderly muouts at one time In the Klev
enth precinct hlumssiy then n out on to make a
rambllni statement to the elTect that Alter was
In a conspiracy with Moss and 1felTer to
donn him and that Alter was Injuring his
case by holding back testimony regarding
Ifeffer 8 character Ho declared that IfelTer
hail been arrested several times Commissioner
Grant said ho would hear rIo mnoroof tho mat
ter until the case was resumed on Friday
The InterNtRte Comrnvrco CommIsIi
Grant n farther Extension of Time
WASIIIVOTOS July 15The InterState Com
merce Commission today decided to grant the
request of tho various railroads and the Master
Car Builders Association to extend tho time
Ithln which the law of 18U3 providIng for the
safety of employees on freight cars used In Inter
state tratlle shall go Into elTect The ruling of
the Commission Is that the time within which
hand holds shall bo put upon earn shall be ex
tended to Dec 1 IHfll and the time within
which all draw bars shall bo changed to a uni
form height shall be extended to Feb IB 1800
To enforce the law the Commission nay
utotultl nude much confufIon In railroad opera
tion and much prejudice to commercial Inter
ests It also appeared that the exercIse of too
great nasto might result In danger to the men
cmplojed and that a greater degree of uni
formity In tho placing of grab Irons or hand
holds world probably ensue from propoicd
conferences between committees of railroad
emplojeea railroad car builders and railroad
A Railroad Restored to tbe Ktorkholilern
Hoi MPAYNBliin Ia July 1CThe Ulalr
County courts this afternoon discharged Hamuel
I Iangdou of Philadelphia and Frank 1 Pat
terson of Altooiitt the two receivers of the
Altoona Ccarlcld and Northern Ilallroad Com
panynnd directed the transferor t ho frunchlcn
and roiling stunk to the t Hoard of DlrretorHof
the corporation Tills compati lauss been In the t
hands or tin roc eltcin for three years pant New
mock him been subicrllied ancl Iii romirermi will
non pay its Indebtedness dollar lor dollar
The Seuhonril Air lInt Sluy Take It
It Is expected that the utnre of thu Macon
and Northern Itullroad will In settled at a con
ference of than landholder to be held this week
President Hpcnrer of tho Kmthern Hallway
Company lifts announced that t his company
docs not want the road He eald yesterday
that hnthoueht I II luatet probable that I It would
he taken by tho sraboaid Air I llne I lo is Ii ida
system it iiatorHll bclonio
Itockawity Viilley ICatlroiiil Sold
RlMSilUVii July 15 l The llockaway Val
hey Itallrcmd was sailtl hero toduv under a de
cree of sale obtained b > the Karmeri Loan und
Trust I onipaii triuten of thu mcirtgncu to
John t and laincM N Pidcock for S luilou
llHlUlonec by the TUB
hiAmtTpimthi Jut > 13 fuller oicnunts of the
danmKii clone hj the halUtorm of baturday af
trrnoon hlion that In iUitenburr alone 100
sIres of tobiiroar ruliud It was iiiliulated
that tho weight of tie hallttonea cAi a fouracre
llelil wan sUttfaur tuns hlae hall wa eath
end from a plot H hi HI feet and weighed H
wax found that the fall was UOO pounds to the
square rod or voou ixiunln to the acre In
1HIO there was a similar hailstorm about the
Ialiie late In IKUiuuatliloruion July 17 did
contlderabla damage In tin saint belghbbrhood
On Jnlr 3118tH K hailstorm did much damage
to be tobacco ad onion crop In Wethtr aeld
and itocky 1II1U
Cool and Refreshing
Violet Water A
I A Tcnspcctiftil In the bath or n few
drops in the begin impart a delightful
I fragrance and refreshment to the water H
Mil ll > fllt JlI HIM
Miaahiuar Mince They r Out lor Coney Sal
Mini on Illlj 2
Lawyer 1 1C h llaukhis and his > iinc ulfe
hate beeui mlinir iii Itirclnl 7 a ly liuu rut that they
have met with foul iihamy or been the viutlmn tat
an accident ciiiMd the fullovtlni notlcn to he
puMlMhed jeilinliiy In amuriiinu macits hither
Any cine k miuitt lug the wheiciiluiuts of Mr
and Mri > 1 K l Haw kin lute of Philadelphia
who have Icen mslntf from the lie > Street
HOIIMI I slncu lulv 1 2 pka > > i tniumunliitu with I
LhailcK J 1 lleiilet iH le slrnt Neut York
Iliiuklns I I haul mi olllii with I i luucr I llluulnt I I
In room 9u 1 In I the Men art hulliilnc 1 I at NO
Ilrniulwii and another I nllcc atVT Walnut
strict Philadelphia lie has not hi en KIUI at
huh Nis orkiilllcciilniuliil I 1 I y lie I and hlsulfe I
had tiecn tiyitug ul tlm I Icy Strict llouo sluice
their nirlMiI fnun Phllndilphln on April H
In tin iiltcriioon of lauly 2 they annnuni Id
their intention ot uolimlot one Islandand lift l
thu hull 1 Intel her I IIHV hao nut MIHO Ineu
heird of lay Ilicll I lrlc I > nd
lliiy look I the kys of their a looms uitli them
and their trunks m aUi and hand calchclh are
Ktlll nt lie hauitiI Kiintlitli I brilnlic < mill oiniln
and nllici tnllel uillclis ueru lilt lichlnd beta
cut I uig un it pcc lid i ituu rat
Ml ss Kinh rlord nf lenUI N 1 vliiisiid
bo liwd IHI n it uoMim s iu I i ilu famll four
months I agn called it th hole I at > H I Icy ut rent
estcrda to Inbuilt for thu I miis > lii > n rMiiift
Mil soul thiil she nail heard thix unri llvli nt
Ull1 Nl nlk a tin Ii Jcle 1 llt I I t > llclKH I I at I lint
ia MUant lot and no MII h number could bn
found un Newark nenne Ml iis Knthi I 1 I rford
raid that tim it children u I Ii > Mr l lliiuklnoa I I llrst
nlfiaic IKInu In Pblhidelpliht Jn charge ol a
gilt crane
liindlind Keiltcr said last night that he fri
nnentlv ashid i cheeks mi a IlilhulilphU trust
iiimpiliv lor i Mr t Ilarklim I I and thai I I tat mm iris
nllhonoied Ml I I nick triMs Loan is iis Inxari i
a bl paid In I msh bx Mr Iliiuklnswhn I I I wint I to I
Philadelphia I I oneucxcr i no we rK at apparently t I
to get the I mnnii golnc and retiirnllur rtin KHIIIO
da Ilie mornine after tier return oho patti
their lioald Mil Stat ouo said that I he was m
ten sted In an estate In Philadelphia us latch win
being settled up
Flue I hawkIuits had no visitor It I l not know n
whether anal litters wire left be hind I explaining I
the mRterioui s it hut uuiuet iratieo of the I coupleus
theIr effuietut have nut been dKtnrlxd and ier >
thlni remains In their rooms Just as they left
Mr lientcr will call upon tho police today to
Intcstlgate the matter an be liellcUH the coupla
tua have been foully dealt with
THE Jiitio jjucL t iizEn
She In SaId ttu Iliixe Alioiird A mm for III
a tttmn liiMiirsiutH
Iho brig Pearl on lied by L I V i P I Arm
strong shipping merchantd has been seized by
United States Marshal hat d > ncif HrooUnon
lomplalnt of agents of tlui Spanish iovcrnmcnt
that she mm its iibout to all for Cubi C with arms
and other supplies tor the InsurKint
Hie brig Is lluig ut the foot of Amlt street
In Hrooklii in chir oof several deputy mar
Hhala She mmis to have Ml I led > csterd vy It Is
salt and the sebuie was inuile a lets hours
bolurc the time I set foi her drpartuic V lucre
tlm arms and other supplies iime fruii la
a mu > star > and It li I said tiat no member of the
crew was ameLia of the n ituro of tlm
cargo or of lie I destination itt t lie Pearl
It la also understood that tin Armstrong
tlrm was hoodwinked In thin matter Mip
posing that thu Pearls eaigo consisted of
agricultural Implement intended for a South
American port L I U Armstrong has mudu an
appeal to hue intirnuuner I anihorllies for lellet
from alit niicin lbillt in the premises anti
Marshal Ha den bus telegraphed hli explana
tion 10 vvashlngtnn
The Pearl reae bed this port from St CroIx ou
July 4 with six passenmrs and a cargo of gen
eral merchandise consigned tn Park Mllburn eVs
Co and has been lying at the lrookln clock
for lit past vieek Ilclecltvui In Ihe craiilo
ment of than Spanish oveminent have beers
keeping a close watch on all tlm vessels along
thei llrooklyn wiitvr front and thtlr intention
was draw to the Pearl on Frlda whin several
suspicions packugus micro hastily deposited In
the hold
The Brooklyn pollco authorities last night de
nled know ledge of the ncltirr and In Marshal
Huydelis absence from the city his subordinates
refused to give any Information 1 ituaat the schz
ore took Plate and that the brig Is under thu
control of the Government authorities comes
from a trustworthy source I
It Is also reported that the headquarters of K
the Cuban Insurgents Is now situated in Brook r
ln a few blocks from the rlveir trout P
Am urur liH Ktertmer on a Rock
GANANOQUK Ontario July 15 The Canadian
steamer America which runs excursions on
Mondays between Alexandria Hay N Y and
IMcton Ontario ran on a rock In the St Law
rence River today The excursionist em board
were removed by steamers bent for that pur
pose The accident was due to shallow water In
thn river The extent of the damage to the
America is not jet know as she Is still on ths
The Trial Conrae OoTernmeat Ship
IOBT JEIFBKHUN U I July 15The coast
survey steamship lUcho has arrived here with a
number of carpenters and a supply of lumber
to be used In erecting signal stations for the
trial course to bo laid out on Long Island toond
for Government ships The Ilacho will remain
here until the work Is comple ted The carpen
ters came from tho llrookl > n Navy Yard
Minuter Iewla Maker Is Here
Among the passengers who arrived here last
night on the Allea from Kingston Jamaica are
tbe lion Lewis Dakar lilted Matea Minister 1
to Central America and bin son
Saved His Life J
by a fortunate dis If I
covery in the nick of
time Hundreds of
persons suffering I
from Shave
rom consumption
have had the pro r
gress of the disease
stopped and have
been brought back to
life and health by the
I Golden Medical
1 Discovery of Dr
S Pierce
Years ago Dr R V Pierce now chief
consulting physician to the Invalids Hotel
and Surgical Institute of Buffalo N Y
recognizing the fact that consumption was
essentially a germ disease and that a rem
edy which would drive the perms < all their
poisons from the blood would cure consump
lon at last found a medicine which an til v i > t
per cent of all cases i taken in the earlier
btagcs of the di < eae
The tissms of the lungs being Irritated by
the germs and poisons in the blood circulat
ing through them the germa find lodgment
there and the lungs begin to break down
Soon the general health begins to fail and
and the person confused feels languid weal faint drowsy
This is the time tn take lr Pierce Gold
en Medical Dibcovcrj i i drives the germs
and poisons from theblood and has a booth
ing elect upon the dry cough In cass of
broticliltlt the I DKovct > i invaluable
Golden Medical Discovery increases the
amount and quality ill i the blood thus invig
orating and fortifying the system against dis
ease and builds tip wholesome tlrsh and i
strength after uniting diseases as event
pneumonia grip jnd other debilitating af
JNO M HITF of 11
tfuboH AuttubtmCv Ai
I toot n severe
nays S
SarM hl ht
cold whUhictllidtin I mv
lung nnd chest and I
suffered intensely with
I I tlird several of
our tied phy lcUn here
anil they gave up all
hopes ot mv recover
anal thought I would
have to die I would
couch anti unit blond
for hour and Iw spale
andwesk Iwn Krmlly
dltcourrged when 1 tx
gintheuseofIhe 1Vis i M QI
cove rjr but I soon irot IITa 1
better I has been lye yean klncc I took it 1 toil
hive hu4 no return cftbittivublciiucW D

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