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be iItzn b e For New York anJ Us Vicinity
ITS SO Generally fair j winds shifting northerly
I She Beats Valkyrie in the
First Race for the Cup
Won by Eight Minutes and
Fortynine Seconds
Valkyrie Was Not In It Either In
Beating or Running
At Tint TVha tha triad Vfnm Merely S
Zphjr the Dafeader Appeared to Jle
LIgTke Patriot Writ BlMouraa4
flll the Valkyrie Made an t7n > aeee s
hi Effort to Crosa Oar Big Sloop Bow
nee ITe Yelled mad Chswral ft r It
Won H e that the Yaakc Had Asmwwl
Ito I dIm tho 15 Bill of VTUdwmrd
STork tho Defender Beat tbs Valkyrie a
Mlaatci and 81 Seconds Hoaalas Ilomo
with the Breexo itaar < er1nB the De
ftidcr iVeI A Minutes and S3 Se
eodI Better Than tho Brltlih Cat
ttr A KeipUadeat Fleet of Hteam
his hie Sldewheeler ud Pl o
ar Crafs 0PD7 the Bjteoro
Fdtdemoalaai at the Flsl h Fulee Re
ports bJ the Chleoco AMotlated Pre
Created nn ImprcMlim I e the Vet and
Abroad that tha Valkyrie Ha4 Woo
Ths first race of a aeries of three beat In flra
bttu the IlrlUsh yacht Valkyrie III nnd the
tuix e > acht Defender for the America Cup
tht token of the championship of tho world was
ute yciterday outside of Sandy Hook and re
sted n a rioter for the Defender that was In
one retpects the most notablo known In the
Ion j history of English attempts to build a bet
ter Toc4L than the Americans could do To
fully appreciate how great tUU victory was
It oust be remembered that the challenge
bf yscht was especially designed and con
iuucted tor uso In the light weather that hu
usually prevailed daring the International race
ef modern times Further than that ihe wna
lb product of the brain of a man who twice bo
fart came to America with the beat he could
Dike to carry away the cup and failed
TUt lie had profited by what he had seen In
fo r race need not be > ald to those who hare
seen his latest chip under sail Last of all it i
mutt bo known that the very weather which h
Ud Hen en former occasion preralled yester
day The wind never fur an hour was awlfter
L ihia Uhi Luota la tha watch tower of the Gov
ernment observer at Bandy Hook And yet in
iI iplt of all this the Defender that was designed
u in allaround ship and not as a special light
wftiher machine was the winner by the Brut
Biriin of 8 minutes and 40 seconds
Ai a race there was never one more satisfac
tory to patriotic Americans As a pageant
pmde of the American people who are Inter
otcd In the glory of the old Bc on the high
uuthcre was never anything more imposing
And for thrillIng Interest there was never any
snot In yacht racing to equal that of the mo
Beat when the Valkyrie believing she
todd cross the Yankees bows tacked
Round to try It and found that tho De
fender would cross hers instead and so made
1 lute to turn tail and run away The yell that
blOke from the tens of thousands of spectators
who were btandlng on tip too to watch the cross
txns I something the like of which has never
IMS heard off Sand Hook It was a yell that
should have been heard around the world
Batltfaclory as all this Is I to every patriot
I American the day was Dot wholly devoid of
matter that wore at least unfortunate Be
esute of circumstances that will be explained
further on It happened that when the racers
lot away over the liDO at the start they found
before them a mass of tugs yachts and tower
lag paddlewheel steamer as Impenetrable as a
block of tenements That these excursionists
made haste to get away scarce need be said but
they never should have been In the way It Is a
consolation considering the result of the race
to know that this eager heedless mob damaged
U > < American boat that had the weather gauge
even more than the foreigner
Another matter kindred Interest was the
I extraordinary manner In which a new or
I IMlzallon tho Chicago Associated Press and
rj lually the Renter Company falsified the story
M what was done That the Valkyrie which
M beaten before even tho outer mark had been
lighted should have been reported not only In
the Interior the United States but among
hr friends In London as rounding the outer
auk In advance of the Yankee Is something
that tetmi beyond explanation
Ill II duo to the owner of the defeated yacht to
Icy that she WM not only bandied with true
British kill but that when beatingand reach
ut bout In legitimate Jockeying Sofa start
aod M all
times there was no Indication
of MT itlimpt to take any undue advantage
TLe dirt ot rrolllnB and the Insisting on the
r 1 iterloiitid of the spirit of the rule are gone
onii Ard u tot Iho crow ° r the Defender need
on 1 JM that for the first tlmo a Yankee
Isitryhfto v L < en won by > a Yankee crew as well
sa hnkt whip from the brain
ruin of a Yankee
I destjje Mi Wt > IOa > not call ourselTi In port
r While Jel t no are outside the headlands and havo
11 twornoru Lan 10 cross but wovo got the range
I It In i View aol the lead saa were on sound
ltg4 It the ea sl l Isnt
IB n 10reamlOl yet hes nil
1 1
W a wio
whoMHr the racethe spectators who
eu nUIIILeel hy lens of thousandsncre
I Itir 1IIIIIu
earllet hours of the morning Tho
k3lt taclt Ih41 ln I1 < lf culartbo o who maao
E of lia inelwn loll the Intornatloual races
I 1 tot I reeriL Uro ere tn I huto l to get away down
far Pier WlcrB the shippIng lay that was to
rtrry Ihern
to the
asi race course
1 1
U IIero liurrlal toilet aplenty among
u Ilbu Uro tltere and
batty snatches at
tGtTCo 1 < 11
lola III lIell of a breaktaot with
ttaM an
11 looks at Iho ky meantime to ceo
weather WM tu be If we mIght make a
LOs ao lie
10 Veatlr lIurau
Ail u had done
ii lit Iuly coil In two and threes and at
eIUIDI and
Itciog hurrying groups we came
01 IOtii Ibo streets rarely lilted by most
tie t t thft I Iller froM on both the Ellat and
Irt rth roDIflled l rlnu lllro WB found the shippIng
OCMI1 steamers broad whlto
t4d4lUhrekt1 1 1
1 Sound and
lla barber beat and
brl UcoTri all fairly altVe Wllh bunting of
U bre rolurl that flpod in merry fashion In
I rtorld le hlle band of mn with bralln and
Uao InllrUllIellt1 road I wusle to cheer or
trlporiitu i
104 = the Spectator j > accoNlal to tire band
nliDi to tho
k 1 Iu some of us who bad tOMO early
Ollt breakfast Uppe4 Into the lone
shore restaurants for bite to eat and so It blip
pened that we etared with Interest at novel If
not always attractive surroundings while no
were at once objects of curiosity and of acme
oilier mental processes among the young men
and tho young women accustomed to serve
longshore employees only
Once on our ships wo sat down with a feeling
of relief for there was no longer danger of get
ting left ashore and none of missing a good sent
from which to view the race And to we turned
once more to look at tho weather and to ask tho
nautical sharps for their pplntons
The view was on the whole satisfactory for
there was a breeze and It came from the north
The Weather Bureau had promised southeast
erly winds and the harr > s who had seen tho
last race between the Defender and the Vigil
ant recalled the fact that a northerly breeze In
the early hours at the piers bad turned to one
a bit south of cast when they reached Sandy
Hook Lightship nut the Weather Bureau had
foretold fair weather and here was a sky not
only overcast with clouds but sifting down a
thin fine spray of rain just enough to mako
tho delicate ones among us put on mackin
toshes and wonder why wo had left our um
brellas at homo That was not so pleasant as
the hope of a breeze of which the sharps talked
so freely but thon no one grumbled very much
ixcur lo Hull IC lonlolllc Kr
Out saiounnI 1 of lbs t A It auuu4l I ciatiseinlion lbf > n
anal U il II V lll cell llieuril llik u II lxut illl I
Kr mat return for all teems eept 1110 ID lucliultt
val riiuruinit until ifl I
UlurIIDI New York will be 1IT34 sad cons
tpII I low from olcz ttattuos Mr fr
said that the breeze was Valkyrie but the
sea was Defender and 1 there was a fair stand
oft between the two I
And that was just what the sportsmen afloat
the men who had rejoiced to find the time al
lowance between the two boats less than halt a
mluulo had been hoping for
During the time of tho run down thn lower
bay the picture of the fleet Increased Interest
In the narrow channel the ships that had spread
all over the upper bay were forced Into ono
great procesilona procession that reached un
broken from the point of Sandy Hook away
through tho Bwasli Channel and up tn where tho
mists closed off tho vlowat tho Narrows If It was
a picture to attract attention earlier In tho day
It had now become remarkable to a degree hith
erto unknown And what Is more the proces
sion Instead of thinning out on Its way to sea
was constantly filling In on the right for no end
of sailing vesseURchnonors and sloops wore
found there vessels loaded with passengers that
hod started at daylight nnd even the nUht be
fore that they might go cruising about tho
home lino and see tho start and tho finish If no
more Certainly none of us had ever soon such
a spectacle as this
Then we camo to the open eon black and
Htbarfcr1 lUfr flrtNo Necond
aiithf rulMlou id all wu navu Ileal It DoUr I
Cleat iHeCcI Sloan 1r rlIk iv auu hUt iljUJt I
< 4
while the Valkyrie WM heading to the north
and at some distance to tho north of that hulk
so that It was Impossible for tire spectators to I
make a very close comparison of the two boats
However everybody could sea that tho Vnlkyrlo
had a white hull and the Defender a blue one
Then the cloths In the mainsail of the English
man ran up and down the sail while thono of
the Defender wore about parallel with the
As has already been said the Defender had a
snowy club topsail and 1 there are about all the
differences that ordinary spectators could ills
cover Naturally about everybody objected to
bluo as a color for tho Yankco boat on the
theory that tho other fellow was the ono to get
Tho growth of the excursion fleet about tho
old Hod Lightship once tho boats began ar
riving was something wonderful They came
by dozens and cores until tho surface for a mile
square about tho lightship seemed so thickly
covered as to hardly afford room for any ono of
them to turn around There vrm an Incostant
tooting of horns from vessels bat wished to
change posllbm and had to notify others that
were In the Vtlet and fromthe new arrivals that
wanted to work te1r way in and all this with
the shifting of the vessels and tho rolling and
totting the waves gave everybody made a con
fusion not seen near New York harbor since the
day of the naval parade
At 1045 oclock there were ninetyfive steam
ers various classes about the lightship be
sides the tailing vessels of many sizes This by
actual count and omitting the big liner the
Travo and the freighter Manitoba that hap
pened to pass just then bound to sen
In tho midst of this muss of vcsiels the tug
boat on which the judges of the race were to
be found made but a mall show Not ono In a
thousand of the spectators aw her at all but
whllo tho Valkyrie was reaching slowly along
to the north of the lightship nnd the Defender
to the south a tiny elcnnl was displayed by the
committee which announced a change of the
starting point
Tho winO was not by south The course
could loo 11111 from the lightship but there was
such a tremendous Riot of excursion boats
around It that no room could bo made for
handling tho yacht during the preliminary
At the display of the shnlll l the Defender held
her way and tho Valuyrio cainu around and fol
lowed her to tho south As that wan nothing
unusual tho excursion fleet not seeing or not
knowing tho meaning of tliu signal held Its
place Kven l when both yachts were a mile
1 W
K W HjJawasso I W
E A oe > LutaiU collar < tJn
that and the line WM formed A little Inter
three tiny signals fluttered Up in a vertical line
billiards stretched to tho horizontal stay be
tween the main and the toroID alt Tho yacht
sharps with their Iallea read theso and said I
The course Is cast by south
The Defender had just before that cast loose
from her tender nnd was heading off to the
south of the judges boat The Valkyrie was
still In tow but she soon came down near tho
line and < v little later the Defender having
worn around and jim Valkyrlu cast looso also
tho two bouts crossed each other for tho first
time It l was a pretty sight but whether tho
one or the other moved more easily In the wator
none could tell
Tho more gallant of the sallnrmcn however
obeerved l that Mrs Inolln timrinlnjfnscvcr In a
suit of blue with n wldo whlto sailor collar and
a > sailor hat was on the quarterdeck of tho De
fender whim Lord Dunravona daughters
Alleen and Itnchel graced tho poop dock of the
doughty Hrltlihor
The committee made haute to get the signals
set for starting tho race but three signal guns
wore now necessary before the start since tho
starting point had been changed
Accordingly at 1155 the committee fired a
gun and hoisted the American flag to the fore of
rs I
I 1
I Y 1 W4 <
I I i
r I I ti
ij f s
i I 7 II
l c r c s
sr 7
2 j
iV q V JL
r =
to be satisfied with tho nialntall and tlio great
jib soon followed II was inure easily set to suit
and then a club topsail WM liolntixla 1 new
fabrIc that she had never used before In a race
It II common tmprak uf rails ns show whlto
anil 1 milk whIte but tiers was a club tOPinll that
was really white annul foruifd ntrlklnccnntintt I
to Her duiky main and hood sails U win union I
beautiful plucu of canvas anil the old salts
lucked At It I n Ill delimit Appurently the talent
on the Yankee yacht wro nut cxpocllnic much
of un increase In the brvzzo which hut dwln
dlMl almost to a zeph r
lly the time the Defender had her topsail uI
the Valkyrla wan selling her jib lu llbcrate
fashion and she followed bysumllng up a club
topsail of Ihu ordinary color Tine curious snec
tator nutlciil that n men went I aloft nil
lathed tho heel cif the club topsails calf lo tha I
matt on each Wit after thu sail bad len I
Al till timo thu DofrmUr was I reaching alone I
at some dlitMiiru nouth lit the oi4 l Ili4 Llull lilu I
away llI a few nowspaucr tug were found
following thfui lint when imlng to thu
llvhtneis uf the uiiid both yachts
rullnl their tcndurs nlonetlile and touk
tow lines aboard tine skbtir uf tile Ilvvt
saw the turn uf attaint nnd away the
grout Hock came tnutliUHiid bellowing to ouch
like n nlghuimru llnck uf wild font they illd
nut Inliiid lo ICu tine view uf the start by any
suih iluliuM and thoy didnt The lycctnclu of
that rosin Iuwn 1 < lao I couth nn itfllulilful I to
o If ono were out far nauru scenery but It I was
not enruuraijluu tu taunt nhu wanleil a race In
clear water
rouuiso TUB LINE
Off the little Bihlng vlllaga called Nazareth
below the anIDk lligUliind tine Haoe Com
unities Inchond a tiny tugboat and holilcd I
red bull to n siuy ttioUhnl from her smoke
slack 101 Jury mast abaft the house Thl n as
In bo tine north end of ino I turt tin g line I Then
HID cominttUVi Inag uns anchored at the usuul
dutanivtay tnocablvs langlhs the Iuulh ut
their tug This was lo announce thnt In fifteen
minutes moro the signal for preliminary Jockey
trig woulil be fired And at Unit the boot with
the turning stake went steaming off to tho East
Hut tho lam skippers did not wait for the
fifteen minutes to pats before l getting a weather
eye on each other and laying luw fur a choice of
positions The eamanihli that was displayed
thereafter and tine speed and nnd grace of the
two boats were something as Quo as overseen In
thee waters
When the gun was fired the Defender was to
tho north and east cast being tho weather side
of the line of the northern line boat Tine al
ky io wus about east of the southern Rtakeboat
and both were heading In the north When the
gun sounded CaptllafT put up his helm and
wore the Defender around until she was head
ing about southwest across the line Tho Val
kyries skipper held fast for a minute all then
lie to wuro around and headed down across
the Defenders Urvs
llnlh held their courses for a time but the
Volki being before the wind had lo make
way for Defender anal so she luffed around and
headed at tine Defender did and then found
herself fairly on Ibo Defenders weather bow
At that tine Defender lulled up mlcrn of tho
Valkyrie whereat Ihe Valkyrie miffed a bit too
but the Defender took n position fair tn tno Val
kyrlon unku nnd ono length astern So they
reached to tlo south on tine port Ink till tine
Vulkyrluhad puiseil Ihu JuilceY bunt when Halt
put Ihe Defenders letsmn I yp n little omit
kllcril down through the ValLyrlus lue ITe
Valkyrlu bruko out her itnyiall nt this but the
Dofuniler went by Ilku u pull of muuke Th In
experienced speftntorslhourfht thaLianAt n grand
exhibit uf thu DefiiiUrs I UI hOt > rlty I ami were
slntcdnrcordlncU but Ihoiild lulu thuuuhl It
butler 1 < wait n bit
time Defender ramu around ufltr a lime and
to did the VnUyrle both going back tn tins
north The V lUru went to tine windward of
line judpusUiuund Drfundcr tu the lee Val
kjrlubrnUrniilallny jib tupmll llt had Ion
up In stops and IKfvnder broke out 1 lirger
one Then tlu < y tuth uent Ihrouch precisely
Iho movements they had Just midv llto lie
feiulur from the north nnd vtst of lbs tUJ A the
north ond of tIne lino ort round Md htuled
down Iii llii koulh et across tine line and
tine Blkyrlo from upu llon off to the
eat of the JtilftV boat came duwu
across o rivals bows Toe Dsfendcr
once wore luffed up a leuglh astern of tha a
kyrlo and passing her tacked up to the east
ward white tine Valkyrie luffed Into time wind
held fast there a moment nnd then larked as
If to round the judges boat until she headed to
tho north and had the Defender hanging on her
weather quarter about five or six lengths away I
Well there Hank has time best of him as i
youll nee saint Capt t ale of Tnr SUKS tug
U M I Wlnslow anal so the event proved
The signal announcing tho beginning of tha
tonmlnuto limit for jockeying had been flrcc
meantime and tine ten ml mi ten hud nliout
expired Tho Vnlkyrlo headed Into tho leo of
the judges boat In order to coma up nnd pnlnl
away on the starboard tack for the outer mark
Tho Defender from her wcnlharly position
shot down on tine Valkyries quarter nnd then
luffed up between her and the flagship Tine
Valkyrie crossed the line just ahead of the De
fender but Ihs Defender had tho weather
It was not a mart that had any great dash or
splutter about It but It Is not often thnt boats
are ns cleverly handled and timed as these were
The official times at the start were 1
Defender IS SO BO I I
Valkyrlo 13 20 40
To fully appreciate what followed one must
sab L
i 41
r J
v iotr
a S
i a 4ti
a 4
5 fk
C i
= th
Then th fleet began t leave the piers the
tags with the newspaper men being the first
and these were followed by the handsome yachts
whose owners rejoiced In the opportunity to
take choice friends down to see the greatest 1
nautical event of this year or any other year
and last of all the big sldewheelers whose
owners were 1 glad to make room for a few I
more people that the first arrivals on board I
grew hot under the collar with Impatience lest
they arrive too late to sea the start of the raco
Once we were ploughing up the dark waters of
the apoer bay all signs of breere A It seemed to
Imo of us were gone entirely but those who
thought so were wrong they were deceived by
the motion of the vessel running away before
the wind about as fast as the wind was coming
and so creating a calm on the deck The old
sharps of course called attention to the further
fact whloh we all could see that a gentle gale
was dragging Itself over the bay and rolling up
the surface Into frowning wrinkled swells of
which some tripped on the inflowing tide and
with whitened laughing faces went sprawling
away before all
Tnnouort cunriiNS or TOO
The mist had crown thinner meantime
leaving nothing but murk and fog that cur
tained off the scenery entirely a few miles away
and let the islands of the bay and the shipping
and the buildings of the nearby shore floating In
a emoky haze that was Illumined hero and
there where unseen rifts In the clouds above let
the sunshine through I was a beautiful pic
ture that wo saw so beautiful that some of us
could not help thinking about those on shore
and feeling sorry that they could not be along
to enjoy It
As we ploughed along Into the Narrows we
began t get a slight Idea of the Interest the
race had excited among the people of the me
tropolis I tho breeze had stirred the water
Into life there wero enough steam vessels afloat
to make It boll Never In the history of the out
side races bad the old salts seen 1 many vessels
eels bound down the bay at once Even when
the newspaper tugs entered the Narrows there
were fortythree yachts and other pleasure
craft headed for Sandy look and they were ac
companied by a number sailing yachts In
tow Naturally since all were bound to see a
race the steamer skipper couldnt help show
log they were men of sporting blood Bo here
and there one and another opened the speaking
tube and bawled down to the engineer to tell
That fool on the Mary Ann over there thinks
he can keep up with us Iluhl Just give us a
little moro steam
And he got the steam every time and some
times the Mary Ann got loft and sometimes she
Further down the bay the wind wan found
canting to eastward as tho sharps had said it
would do but hether It was holding Its own or
not In weight was hard to tell because tho waler
of the channel was so cut up by the steamer
that there was no judging of the effect of the
wind on It The mist and the fog scomrd thicker
at times The weather Is coining In spoil
was tho way tine sailors put It
At best It was alight breeze however for the
jig Yankee schooner Charmer bound out well
loaded down was merely drifting along Kven
her new white mlzzen topsail a pretty spread
of light canvas that was fit to catch a zephyr
bagged nod fluttered as tha waves from Iho
steamers rocked her about And when the
nautical sharps saw that they turned to ono
another and laid emphatically
This Is I a Valkyrie day Hhe was modelled
for a light weather boat and she has got what
her designer was looking for
Hut with the light air was found another
factor As we turned Into tine buutli Channel
we found ourselves rolling ami rising and full
log over a pretty a swell as ever sent a land
lubber reeling lu anguish to a lee rail 1 the
Valkyrie was modelled for light airs she was
not so tit for a rolling sea as a ship of narrower
mode so the sharps figured the matter up and
ominous from heavy clouds away in the south
I but with a field of light here and there where
the sun sowed its thin rays on tho waves TIne
ewell was long and heavy over the bara swell
that mode the tiny boats of the lleet roll and
Blunge and the unaccustomed spectator white
faced and
tac weary
I was a swelL though that mad most of the
patriots grin because It was still more in the
Defenders favor than they had enucleated
They calculated that tine Defender nas going to
have a fair show sure enough and with that
assured they had no doubt about hero Ihu
fickle goddess of fortune would be found n hen
the race was over Moreover the breeze WAS
not too b I was easterly and there was
bone that It would hold white In strength it
was sufficient to roughen the bocks of the long
swells into little tumble And no all of us who
wero at all nccnulomed lo tIne a arrived at
tho starting point In a most comortable frame
of mlod
Once there we found tha racers already on tho
ground They hud towed out with nmlnialls up
end the newspaper llwt found them reaching to
and fro near the old IUd Lightship and sweat
ing up on their halliards to get the lost Inch of
them and set tho sails ai flat a breadths of
boilerplate The Defenders skipper wan tho first
keep In mind that during all this time the wind
I was from east by south and that It bad been so
far as any one could see steady I was breeze
that usually filled the lighter sails of the two
racers as they look It In over tie bows but there
was a lone dead swell coursing under the
breeze and when that made Ibo boats jump the
ails flarjped In cheerless fashion
l wits not a while cap breeze The Govern
ment observer on Sandy Hook measured the
breeze and It was blowing at Just six miles
an hour I was a said just the day the Val
kyries designer had calculated on and It I was
for that he had put 130U7U3 feet of canvas
Into the sail area of his boat They were to have
notexactly a drifting match but the next thing
to it at the start Moreover it should be said
that while the Defenders jib topsail was tho
larger the Vaikyrle spread a fore staysail that
moro than made up fur any lack In canvas aloft
Her staysail was really a reaching sail accord
ing to Yankee Ideas but If It had been cut to fit
more nearly the hole It was lu It would mayo
been remarkably effective
They were having in all respects an equal
chance at the dart but that I not to ray that
I just they then had a fair chow for making a good race
nrcKirss ExcrusioNisTS
Tho monster excursion fleet had como flying
don n from the north In a wide procession and
tho o that came last went sprawling out to tho
eastward and then stopped as If they supposed
the racers were going to run steamer fashion
I rlgbt Into the winds eye So It happened that
when the racers crossed the line heading say
northeast they pointed straight into a wing of
the fleet where steamers and tugs were massed
four deep and actually overlapping each other
Of course there was n skurrylng to get out of
the way and neither yacht did actually hit an
excursion boat but there was a disgraceful condition
mutton of affairs and what Is more tho Defender
being the weather boat got the worst of It
To get the excursion fleet In order was n her
culean task Tine yacht club had
cuhln lo cub appointed a
number uf small yachts as patrols Each car
ried a blue fine having the word Iatrol ou It
In whllo letters The fairminded yachtsmen
looked on In sorrow a these little fellows spurt
ed about and touted and screamed Everybody
was sorry because such small yachts had been
chosen but while they looked their sorrow
turned to congratulation
The hnnnVorne little tlycr Embla had a com
mander who could make up In daring what lie
larked In size Standing at tine helm nlth the
whlfclle cord In ono hnnd nnd tho wheel In tine
other ho drove his craft to and fro rlcht under
the noses of moro than n hundred steamers that
ton em nhuvt < him like tenements over a shanty
lu the goal ilUlrM Hpeclalors looked on In
amazement especially those who knew some
thing about tliedaniierof Ihovlnl a ach under
such buno hulks
flat tine work of Ihe patrols began to ho el c
llvo from tInt moment the Kinblt started In
They cut open tIne front of tine fleet and spread
It ell 1111 n vast credent a Crescent say a
110 anti morn across Iho horn limo horn lu
soulhwnrd livIng thin In1 straggling tho one to
the north substantial and overlapping while
the body uf tIne crescent wan canto great labS of
vessels cery sort
iinis niche the t patrols took positions nt Inter
I ml lust ullhln the cIrcle of t tho irrtci nt stud
j there nmlnlnlned by fretuont snubbing and
I tooting n pretty fair condition of order In elite
of Ihu tucks thai were afterward made
rniiiT CIEAII vinw op TUB IIIVUB
Having a sumuwliat clear fetal about tine
jnchi line old alts turned lu bee hutv they
tru Mlln > on rita 1 view they Ktnai lot
dinvuuraiflng Tine Defender uai holding up
well mid was guliig luiitiilrrlni tliuuliidnnd
tine ts mVts at wlinlueiueil lu Ihu nharpJ tin l lo
a UUCH Ieu but line ValUrlu not only nuvil
through line neater moro kvutlly I but vuulll to
pulut higher as mil
Steadily iu every tine could fee the water
I oprnsj out bftwteii hvr and tine Yatikuu rival I
I The iinmirur uh i > hud rojnlml when Iho I Iu
I cinder had uncoil llunuh line tliiri ice before
I lint trt looked ou in a > liiiii menl aunt tho I
HRailiuafi Hpruk a Mile rod Clear
1 fur yulil ilock 1 or ilt intr l > ml IKIUM II Aluinl
awn 310 lluuuiU XCu7i > kMllaudsUk > VJJj
sully old JhiBOM soltlcd down and lighted cigars
antI tiulfcd meditatively They were fain to ad
mit to thcniBelves that tho hurst of mxeil In tie
Defender hail encouraged them somow lint aim
I inn Valkyrie ivfti calnlnc to far mum IIY tune
could BOO and yet thcro wit no amy of ncronnt
Ina for It except on tho theory Hint her design
cr hnd ntlast found a uncurl better fur 1 light a
wind limn nnylhlng tine Ynnkeci Inuw of
And yet when thu sharps looked nt tine two 4
bOlt critically they noticed Hint the eplailt Ihe
Valkyrlo wni making fti shr plunged over tacit
WaVe ali Into the next n greater limn the
Defender mado under like drcutnstnncci The
Defender might touch 1 wavo under her how
with tine end uf her Imnnnrlt but tho Valkyrie
plunged hers clear out of slitht repeatedly
The wake too of the Vnlkyrlo In a bit more
noticeable than tIne Defender though neither J
In that air left much ota wake
With these points In mind how could It b
that the Valkyrlo was healing tho Yankee In
such I depressing way 7 One nflor another the i
jlntrocs relapsed Into silence and the more
frank began to say they honed tho next race
would not ha In such weather as that
At a tel second before 1U40 oclock tho De
fender went about SIne had been heading up
euy northeast nnd now being on the port tack
headed down to the southard and out to Ia
The Valkyrie was after her In no time and she W
still continued to open out the water And yot
Defender was the quicker in stays It looked
for all the world as did the last race between 1
the Vigilant and Valkyrie II when the Eng
lishman gained so notably In the thrash out
but here It was being done In a mere breath of 1ji
wind There was something wholly unac j
countable In all this kh
Then at lilt oclock the Vaikyrle went back
t the starboard tack heading to tho northeast I111 ji i i
and she was followed by the Defender and it4j
again the Defender turned moro quickly Tht
sea was coming In from tine south of east and n
the Valkyrie seemed to get along easier In the i
roll of It than when plunging Into It And on L
this tack the racers drove on and on with the
green sea widening between them and the Val
kyrlo constantly going ahead i
There was but one otbor change noled In th
situation and that wax soon after the tack was
mae The Valkyrie for minute after the turn
wan able to lay up to the wind In a way that J 4
made the old salts groan Tho Defender was
soon pointing as high but no matter the Val
kyrie had the best of the puff for there al ifii
a change In the wind of perhaps two points and
the Valkyrie cot Itlflrst Moreover the irreza
began lo freshen slowly from thnt moment
grew to eight knots according t the observer Jj3
on tandy Honk and the sharp saw that Val aiT1
kyries sails filled out round and firm fist She wu a
had gotten tho best of that to I 4j
nrrnNnEii STOCK mscs tf
And then came u move that thrilled the fleet a
as such a crowd has not bon thrilled since tine t
day of tine first mea between the Mayflower and
the Galatea Tho Valkyries cruw wore plainly
feeling goal They were looking over their I
shoulders R the Yankee yacht and talking t
to ono another lu animated fashion t
And while the close observers wero making nut t
of this the crew Jumped from their places 4i
amidships and ran to tho ben sheets Iowa
went tine tiller and up came the non of thai j I
Ilrltlsher A moment moro and she was around
heading to cross the Yankee bow ig
The moment the excursion fleet noted this
moro than 20000 good patriotic souls turned C I j <
t gaze on the scene Never In thu history of > Bj
modern International races bad tine sporting s
people of the metropolis seen a English kail
flash across tho tae of the Yankee yacht
The racers had femcd to be making fn Wf
speed fur that wind before but now so Brent J L
was tho anxiety uf tho spectator p they hardly
seemed to crnnl Up and down bowed tho Val
kyrie over tho ualuu and down noted the eat
Defender Tho Yankee would hold fast and
tako whatever was to be gicn him Up and s
down up and down over tho waves closer cud f
closer they draw until icarco a length seemed t
to Intervene and then down went tho Viol 1 t4
kyrles helm and there was ono wild yell froni p
ten thousand throat
A hundred sporting kippers cawed the air In
hale to clutch their whistle ulrlnzspawed
and for a time failed because they were of the 1
ten thousand jingo who wore yelling ana I
they danced as they yelled and so could not find
tho string But they cot a good hold ii
at last and then if tho clouds didnt
tremble with the vibrations from tho brazen
throats I was tine fault of no one In that teet j
Hut the ono feature of the race that will standout t
out In the memory of all who had oar was the
spontaneous yell that preceded thu tornado
The proud Briton had thought to cross the JIfI
Yankees bow and had found that though the
Defender was eccmlnnly I intern sho was really
right up on tIne weather bout Sine had gained ii
time four seconds no more by which tho Val
cyrlo had led Ito way over the line
When tIne old jingo had shouted till there
werent any moro shouts In them they told the w
youngsters of that other race that lied had
much the same sort of a thrill In Itthe race i t l
that started before a mob of boats off Owls t4
lead In tine upper bay in tine presence of a great lm
fleet The Mayflower and tho Ualatea wore Pt
struggling fur 1 lead down the Narrows tacking m
to and fru when 11 I was seen amid brealhless sl 1 t
once that the Yankee could cross tho British
bow and then Iho skipper of a tiny lug grabbed a1p A
its whlslle cord and made tho steam sayt Lt
Toot toot toottoot tootl The shout and
the noise that followed were like unto that
heard at yesterdays race but In volume they I
were as a popgun beside 1 Winchester rifle I
As tho steam floated away from tine whistles
of tha excursion fleet Defender went about to U F
time port tack and that I r the two heading f
away from each other the Valkyrie bell al
ready on the starboard tack fcoocrvboay full
to speculating in to which would get tho wind lM l
moro favorably a they separated Hut we
were not left long to speculate so It was at
lain > oclock that the VaUyrlo gave up her at
tempt to cross tine Yankee s bun a and mat a
minute later when Ibo Defender split tacks
with her 4
At 1311 tho Valkyrie came about to follow on n
be Dcfcndrruiiuurter and 1 hnlf minutu later 8
tii Defender canine about Tho Yunktu was now a 1
the one tn try to see u hit cimld ii 1 done In the m ° i4
vay of crossing banns Hut theru was no ttraln 51
on the nero of the jingo Dili time They hud 31a j
regained all their Ion conllI In Ihrlr phlJ
unl they looked on with enthusiasm only And
tint events Jmtlllod their ccnllduncu
Yery eMI now the two rarer stood up
10lunl end other until nlmon togctlu mil
hen tine Vtlkyrlc S ent uUmt to nat naid the M H 4
Defender fnlr tnthuluil t S
nnltahlc The letelulrr ss ass h11
anti would have oronsed her hOI In tuo or three I
econdu more As It wa tine Defender tnckeil J si i
10 nearly on tho Valkyries niather bow thnt i
umo cxpeotit lo feu her tnki < tine Ynlkjrlus J
vind whllu line MunnuT nUppur bruLo forth
with another wliiillu lurnadu
Ilrtvltisr r pllf 1 tnels npaln nt 11 1 mA 7 nt lock tine p4 4
too yarht flood npurl until ut oclock sharp t
vheu line Defender imi unite cam lu ham tar rj
loanl livok and thus tine t annie held uu until
all to round Ihu lurnlng stake rjM
Then lliu old diarpi hud lime lo consider why M I
lie Vulk rlo had Uomcd tu bo gaining no much
when In fuel the was nut uheuj ut line test Ja J
Aid II tnmaniid rat mat t ilurln t muse inlntitei that 4ta i
teruMi 55 lti ry In thii t j i magmas tlii i Kfiiiiler lanai
ci ined to lone biTuUo Ihu VuUyrl win run I
Hint freer nnd sad > > 01 nhlu I to uulfiut
her It h I not unlikely lhat whllu lla
brcuu rimalncd at sit Limit Ihe Vilk > rm
had r lllileii I n > UnnUgo < if ler null I I but t lao ruth r
iVnlmI l > PI to l ii > hul rthui s s3ia 1 an I lnit P4
h I luiliu I Hu I ulininui inuin id las el 1 1111I a I
him mnke irons > > ill t MU thai iiUiMuurugiiig I
toiler frUiiU ami If VVaUoii nlule Ukiug t 0
team of the old skiiumlai dish fur uU new W

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