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For New York and Us Vlclaltjn
Wbe I Un b e ttm
Pttn tight wind ihining to coutheaster
7II1flt UXPA r vicxtc trim itnnt
POLITICS AI > vnai IllLn
Wonnd IN Own
Every Aemlly UIMrlet I
Hand Ktlnrl
inI I th
jTismfl 10
tn l Wlnml T
lion from 1 HPeKcr tt1
lon Herman Tlk
aether sind Vote 1 a
IBS t About fill 10 I h Tnitinmujr huh
The festival ot the 1eulrhI
IMormIlunilln HIT umKtho IMrooplc
t irwr 1rk on
nictook IM 11 III 1lnr lrk
fltatYeeflI 111 wer r rl lke wntr on
eviimr can cot It at whole
Sunday nnd the Cum Iot
1undl Itinn advance ticket at
ale price by ilmpv hIlnz nInle
the box office The farco Ilcnlo waa Intended
It nut tii bo a cclal evriit but as tho project
Ittaflt they decldwl rtn making
crew on the man trr
jrV vent and that vn s what It was
11 n noliKm i nnl
I The programme had grwn uivcrs decorated
Father Knickerbocker was rep
with pictures
hU back surrounded by a
twninI as Cat on hi blck
hryesworimentof blnl reptile and Insect
protected from their usaulta by nn
flu uuiU vrullld trm auault
rM lde L < l iirrmin I with a club lhre waft a
iutkc labelled corruption Police Commls
Ilin cvclt vns pictured a a Gixi Goo
r nner 1 Ilcurell 1
llnl 00 a limb of a tree An American mule I
a labelled A P I A Something evidently tn
teniled t irncartoonof Drlarkhursttntbvform I
eta trtr nlpe was hovering around In the air
It II 1 ilKlled Intolerance Tbe rett ot tho I
clersjtien were llciurcd I at an owl upa trie
Thf owl wa Iainlied iniM > f > ritiin which nieuna
t i lit the mimo as hypocrite Altogether
nil ild 1 German In the pltur was having hla
hYl Ii I full nnd Father Knickerbocker Icoked I
11 I are to death
ne inrocs want to Ulm r Park by boat
Two stewmers began running at 1114 oclock In
the mcrnlng and kept It npalldav They ht
tars on the lower decks Most of tbe room I
down there wai taken np with kegs ot beer I
The ru rnien nn the boat TUB SfN reporter
ent down on didnt see any rcaton why a keg
rhouMnt b tapl I ed the moment they were I
abonrJ and they raided a great howl when the
bartender pointed to the policemen on share
Whn the lines were east oft a keg was out up
en each end of the bar and a splcot and mall > t
were laid bnlde each The pa envers crowdud
up Not ret said the bartender Walt
till we tia I H the line
The line It turned ont later was Liberty
1Iaxd Aa the steamer cot nrifer and nearer
the Hand the excitement crew The crowd I
which at the start too > l four or ftvu deep hc
cirao twenty deep on all ldes and yIP for
drink Finally the man who had the bir nrlvt
101 l climbed upon the bar with a pair ot opera I
glue and looked toward the Jerey bore I
et ready ar ang out Each bar I
lender vrlzed n pleot and a mallet and stood
lndrr The man with tOe glasses kept hi eyea
r r unl on the bore His right had roe slowly
K ry eye in the crowd MO milt Let her
I CO1 hM tailed and tho hand dropped Each
prender mht l tho Plot into tne keg with
I a Wow Th beer spurted In every direction
anl he wlole crowd yelled liravol BrnToI
an hrvretl and howled
The min with the elves jnmped dow b
hrd the bar The bartender alredy had two
f In each hand He grabbed two more
anil tho cook wa n never turned off Hlj
IP one man ar < ha rrabtied tha first HX
ci rj on the bar and drank rmo after the
Ilrer The rut mlnnte he narrowly encapert
hchne The crowd called flog lloirr np
innn bhlnd Mm grubbed him by the back of
Iho neck and struitEled to lt at the lat ot the
t x irlatFS Another man klcVrd ltm In the
et h tj Then two mere caJKh hoM of him and
Lu I js > rnked clear of the crowd and whirled
it fr in I I corner Ke taj eil thei
T flmer Park It he l a fortyfl emlnnteiu ail
fi tn New York and It took all of that time to
f n ih beer round the crowd on that butt
thn times They were still emoting fur more
I Wr 1 Iran the lat tied nj at the pier Iltaer
4tk tuiting ot of trr > lb rcwui K ftvn
r TKxh hoblr district and a cxH burin I
tfi number ta tacked on Under each head
cjrt rj triP was a kex c oeer with a crowd of I
Ourrwvs In the rtanclni pavilion there was a
bflI purcheil np In I callery
Ttp political part nf the show ben at about
oclock Sheriff Tannen President H A C
Amleon HnrT Oros the Internal retentie
collector and a lot of the leaders J bad been hb
nobbn for wran time The hand stopped rlay
Ir i ind the Sheriff mounted a chair toil brean
a soh The crowd In the pavilion gathered
t nd the chair The Sheriff bean t tell about
the picnic Then he tackled the tide
QTMtfon and demanded reform Us wanted
the mlrxina closed Sunday mornmtr and
Iud la the afternoon and evening Hruvo
Brovn yelled the crowd The bard took It as
a ulenal and lard off The Sheriff wasnt
through Half a dozen men egan yelllni at
the Land The bandmaster lmalo to the
plarers The Dlayers grew red In the face as
they put on rouTe tteam Nelr t Xein shouted
the men down stain danclrz up and down In
n eHnd hakln their nuts Ul crowd took It
op and everybody yelled Nfln
The leader l of the band gotlcnlite < franti
cally at his playact Their cheeks bulged fur
ther and their eyes seemeil rend to np out 03
I they put on another spurt rArJ Nelns b
fame a roar that floated out over the bay The
la4r l of the band danced np and down In front
of the Iren They seemed ready to drop
r from exhaustion but they played reay the leas
r down stairs tore their hair
Tie leader of the hand a last turned toward
the crowd and shook his head hopelessly and
ihrusrgtd hl > shoulders as a signal tnat It was
1Uo trying to stop them o dozen mon made
dab for the stairway und went u It three
tUpi at a time They yelled and howled In
iiermsn and shook their fists but the band
ChIN on until the piece was finished Then
try man with the bligest Instrument said
> od U I Id 01 vand us do blay 7
fMrttt Tanuen went on with his speech Tt
f the duty of the Oermo he said to stand
timber as they stood In 1S70 Stand together
ard rote toeether The Germans didnt wnt
ant thine but euat rights and Sunday opening
E o cild anti If they voted together no party
wonld laueh at them
IlMro yelled the crowd again There
Wire half a dozen other spdties and several In
wrrititions the band Then
rr by bo1 the npeechraak
Ir In the Aisembly district headquarters hi
call Every one wo visited The burden of
eiCyfrtWae Stand together and vote as I
crmans siand as you stood In IHjO The
pecle and beer towed the hand played and I
tbe rcmng Oar In the crowd danced until lain I
Jtnlitht There were prize bowline and prize
bs4ng The blueest sign In the place said
holnaie beer tickets t sold hero at the rate of
f 1 ao fc There wai a great deal of talk dur
Inc the day about the possibility of a union with
Ttaoany Hall this fall
A Btnirkable Hlatrment by Tonn Chrlsw
that Ileek uti to Her Affldnvlt
Tlilrtenyear Christina Heck whose pa
ttteIIve at 101 Uoenim street WllllamsburBh
ottof two girls 00 whouo amdavlla Principal I
WIlL10 1 Hidcnour of Public Hchool 4i In I
Ecertun street has been suspended She Is a I
it 3ht > r of Andrew Heck who Is attached t
the 1 > i iut of t Drooklyn and the wan for
° trl a IUDI in Miss I Hauptmana class She U
tw n i pllc I uliDol In Maujer street Ac
4n rfli i it r > a ttntuiiiriit made by the itlrl yestcr
41 ie WM invited to a party at the house of
1 i I I lxultmun 93i Hutledge street on
Vt011 > > ihs cm there she iftjrs she was taken
t C rjllln hero a man who afterward told
ii ir wtt a reporter asked her If Irinct
t hi I i l r hAl ever klrd her There was
wt 1 i I l Ioini tui the lrl Woe toll there
I 10 to t in tlu mmi that when she was
I t I > I rnopnl lililviioiir three rr
J 111our Ilre years
St I eu o in aeth Is other girls nod that
m i i Brl ta > s that Tiller > lllold the
a > I t I a paper irons nil poiket aul
td er tu u her lllm8 t11 heo sert
u a u i ii hi t refuatU to sign the paper tho
Uri t f f1 tola of her IIu and compelled
I < ler lun to It
otKi h rn dnt aiitroin ot the Brooklyn Board
th > on 110ut Ir town Ipn I hll return
If Mr 1 itiujeruniur ill tuave a tuearIn
et r 1 < clour I lve henrlnl
n 1 Ttuwliere Committee A llltn
i p hurt lerbr rrlt InK tu IIL
d h I charltr will hO IIIre II evi
iiip hleultnuueu roubl not br found lut
hi I I I 0 I I nlo tuunL
L e I 11 IVII II the hout had not
S I r such ocuenfl ao the Ilrl Io
lb 1rll e r i 0 tor Ilemnt They did lot lne
two Jhou rtaiiy Hur bynnE pr Tr U
Jdtpi4 hell ae4 1 7 anti Anthony Lawrence
t4 ut ot f anl Lawrnce
b 5 Third street Jersey City ewr
ItaIlrcaj dumb to tL wp ot the Penusylvanla
Shldg < tlbankment at First street aid were
retch tag wi lib ulhor boys tret the < Looi
lhrncl Tn ea prea train em along and struck
aact They wCs throw down the embank
tri mbnl
tnt received
Ige4 reelnL murtal Uoplt IIJnrl They wee
C 4 >
Tealerilny the Close of the Republican Hen
side Poltttenl Hon
The Inst I of the Ilepnbllcan political nnlrn
tigq to tire Oriental at Manhattan lltooi oc
ctirrnl 1 jcstinlay rite hotel will ckwortt Tues
day and the lion Thomas U Platt the cnnfeof
all the pllerlmnge will return to hi Jmme ftt
the fifth Avrniiw Hold In this city Chief uf
the rllkrlnii yesterday were State Treasurer
Cniviii nnL Plate Engineer Campbell W Adams
Mr Ciilvln and Mr Adam will retire from
ofllco at the dote of their present terms on
Jan 1 unless they should b reflected Of
course It Is necessary to h rcnomlnated before
they can b reflected Of course too they
didnt ono to see the exsenator on any bud l
nets connected with their renomlnitlon They
Jut needed iv breath of the ocean breeze that
bUms In on the bench The vlilt to the ox
Senator was f Ill nn Incident Mr Colvln
u R accompanied by Del Putter Saratoga
Tho Hun Hamilton fish wa another man
who came after the ocean breezes The Sena
torial Convention in Mr Hslit I district lake
jUco on Saturday He n accompanied by
Edward Itoehr his secretary nnd he spnt the
whole forenoon out on the platza In the after
noon he went out on thn bay And tried his skill at
rowing and then he drove down to tn lou
llo told tha exSenator about It when he got
Tho Jon William Arkell and Mr Hobert
Irum of Schoharlr ame alo I and they brought
n Ink of noe from up the country Mr Krum U I
I n candidate for tl nomination for Senator In
luiioiinty and Mr Ali 1 wuit him to get It
Mr Matturd MoahiraNo wants the nomination
and Fulton and Hamilton county which U a
Ine hart l > of time SciiHtorlal district ba a
criiidldata In the pervm of Assemblyman
Philip Keck TUo AsoblUif didnt like
Mr PIt loot year HP was with ex
Sneaker Malby III the luttera Hunt to beat Mr
loIr 1h the Spwakcnhlp and he foucbt hard
Mr Malby lias now returned to the camp how
ever and Mr Kecli Cattle with him The Hon I
Warner Miller Is supposed to favor Mr Keiha i
candidacy Mr Mosher U I cashier nf tbo I
Fort P urn National lank Ha wit librarian In
C IMnate In the alot Senator Wagner The
Convention take place at Amsteidatn and the
mailer na nil explained to the exvnator
toe Lomuilttecman llarnrs from Albany
waa another the pilgrim He lot Into a
tihrnitophic mood toward evening and discussed
uei < amid thing
Now hv told what a man think and what
iv mal says and what man does aru three very
dlflervnt thlmn There no question about thai
They are 8 widely wparmtM a the pole l Now
in polltlca you munt puy uuy atuutlon to what
iv I man says What he says dont cut luiy fleuru
want What to he watch thinks and what he doe are what you
He tilted his chair back and proceeded I
dont know much about chemistry but I know
thl much Yon lake one net of moleCI and
put em with another set and yon get a certain
I result 0W jou add a third set and you get
another certain result Well its Jnnt like that
In politics A certain xt of conditions always
brlnn about a certain alt
I blnt If these molecule wa were talking
about had mouths and could peak ana
thy declared that when they mixed un
with the other molecule they wouldnt turn red
or green or whatever color they ought t torn
I but theY turn something dci that uonldnt
make a hit of difference when they met the
other molecule theyd give the proper rewulu
I nouldnt they 1 I kow that much about chem
istry Now If a politician thinks one way and
talks another way I dont cut any figure at all
I with the result He puce up to the polls aud
nuts In hut vote the way the political conditions
dictate and Iti that rote that count I dont
see why yon should put any faith In what any
politician condition says pt I conforms with the political
conditon relapsed Into silence and Senator
Platt smiled I knoulngly
The lon Lemuel Elv Onlir and John Sablne
Smith were a couple of the other pilgrims at the
I hotel but they both protested that they merely
came down to bathe They wore not political
I pilgrim Mr Smith iiorted out with the
I BcooVfleld faction at tIn Republican party In
I New York but he Itnt I with It any mo
Ue ad Mr Jam Auten ot th < new Vitr
I inh aroMirt t M partoenhlp In a nat u >
I beat Mr Pavy i wants the urcninrUloa foe
Senator send alo to down the wicked Job
Hrditet who Is carrying ihlnxt with a high
ban In the district Mr Aulen haiti Hedges
end of the contract and Mr Smith tie Pavy
Them IK also a rumor that no Ieee I a prsonra
than Mr Solomon Berliner H I after Mr Mntth
place on the State Committee Mr Berliner It I
omethlngof an acrobat In politic He was a
member of all three parties last a and at
last accounts wa hobnobbing with Tammany
Alfred R Conkltn waa the last nf the pil
grim of Irniiortance to visit the hotel Mr
Conkllng Is I a duo Goo and t bathe wa posi
I tively the pilgrimage the only thing that induced him t make
Thlrtrlv Man Ulaalna at llonchton
Mich nnd All UlKbC Have Eaeuped
HotoiiTOH Mich Sept 8It is I now known
that thlrtyflve men entombed 10 the OIola
mine with no possibility of escape until the flee
Is I extinguished They are doubtless all dead
The fire may lut for several months
It la the opinion of tome of the officials of the
mine that the flro WL the worK of a Incen
diary They ay there is 1 no other explanation
why the fire started In that part of the mine u
no all waste or rubbIsh I accumulated there
and the timber work I out of reach of the lamp
en the miners hate
Allot tbe miner mlgnt have escaped had
they heeded warnings Capt Edwards who
was the tnt t detect the fire sent messenger
to every slope where the miner wee known to
b ever slop the mine ii I not heavily tim
bered except In the shaft the Idea of serious
danger was scouted By going through a round
about way all the mAn wbo were In the lower
level 1 of No 4 shaft might have escaped but
the preferred the shorter route of ascent by
that khuft and when they got up to time
eighteenth level they found themselves cat off
Some pained Into lateral drift expecting t
reach other shafts
Capt V hits descended with Anton Ecysk
who said he hod left nit father In a lower level
but Ecytk lost his head and finding him un
manageable Capt White abandoned him to lute
fate purhed toward the south workings of the
pule twar
mine and reached thu surface In safetytbe
only one of tie party In No 4 haft t escape
Twenty of the thirtyfive men are marie and
most of them have large famlllc
Fat or a Maa Who Victory In it Bat
Bankrupted an Idaho Co
ST AwTHONT Idaho Sept 7Ne ha ben
received here from Nacolla laying that John
Brandon of whose famous foot race at this
place TUB SUN told a story the othr dar bad
been shot to death It will b remembered
that In the race Brandon a pitted against
a professional sprinter of the name of
Clark whom everybody In this region backed
tn win one man named hullivnn putting
op a band of ilOO horsst a awujer and that
Itrandnn won and bankrupted the county
After the race Sullivan was hot while hunting
for Clark by a constable It appears that bill
1d II fl
Itvano friends I have had It In pt the unto
dons ever since as the saying Is here when I
feud Is In proureit and people believe that John
Brandon was murdered Brandon relative
WI mUrrrI lrndo relatvM
ay that John shot himself accidentally le
a currying the mall from DubuU lo Nacolla
and wnen trying to pull a Winchester back Into
the wagon as It wa filling out Its hammer
caught and the weapon was discharged the but
let filtering his hip and pasting up through his
abdomen People do not belluvr thin because
Jnlin timed well accustomed to firearms and know
better than to pull a gun toward himself under
such rlrcumntanco Ihey think tin Brandon
family tin not care to have the facts made publlo
becanse time fact would Interfere with the pri
vate raven tho Brandon will surely take If
John wan dune for by foul mean Tha body of
the went del man was taken to halt Lake for Inter
The Woman llildg Jumper Him la the
Mrs Clara MoArlhur who jumped 1 from the
Brooklyn Bridge about i oclock on Saturday
morning I still 1 at the Hudson Street hospital
She was to have appeared In the Tomb Court
yesterdaY morning bui uad not sufllciently re
covered from her haklng up She huftcrtd no
severe Injuries and It Is expected that he will
be able to a anL Ir court this morning She
has bon t Lea see no callers even her bus
band not being allowed t Interview her
Exeurvlon Ilalc to IxmUvllleKjr
On account ol time O J K annual couvtnllon the B
and aout wllltfll exourtlon tickets to Louisville
l By rtUrOing 11 return until for all ct trains Sept 11 10 liicluili
gun Tb ratS troul New Yorl will t 11734 and cores
pudSlr ow from outer stahiun44U
jusrjrv TitAsriLn oinitEX AT
The Plenle Tnrn In loa > r fnfairettea
lllrtlidnr and the Irlh < Am rlenn ol
nnteera Were the Guest or the Iafar
cite UunrJa Antonp the Ileeornltone
In the rark Were Three Itrlllah Fla >
They All Mhnred he Hum fate
The lAfayette Guards a French social and
military organization decided to hold 1 celebra
tion on Saturday night In commemoration ot the
birth of Lafayette They hired Lion Park nt
Columbus avenue and lOUtli street for tho oo
cnslon To make tho celebration lively they
Invited tie member of the IrishAmerican
Volunteer of this city to attend The olun
tocs isent seventylive strong under the lead
ership Major George K McQundc
There waa a big crowd at the park len the I
Irishmen arrived The dancing pavilion was
gayly decorated with all kinds of flags the
color of the French republic predominating
As I mark of respect to their invited guests the
guards had given a prominent place t the Irish
Thlx pleased the Irishmen greatly and their
glee was presently enhanced by the gift of an
American flag from the Lafayette Ouards The
gift was unexpected but Major Mcjuade ac
cepted It on behalf of liii men who showed
their appreciation by loud cheering
Vive U France shouted a Vrenchman
What1 the matter with Ireland V yelled n
Shes all right answered the crowd In
There was more cheering for both countries
Then some one suggested three cheers for
America They were given with a will several
After the excitement attending the presenta
tion of the flag bad subsided dancing began
again Every uue seemed to b loaded with
patriotism and every few minutes the dancers
cheered France and Ireland alternately
The Irish volunteers acre Intensely patriotic
and when one of them finally iltsoitnred a
Union Jack on the east wall of the pavilion It
had the same effect en the guests of the Lusts > etto
Guards as a red rag held Fou ront of a bull
Tear down that rag hal a dozen yelled u
they ru hed across the room
The Frenchmen disconcerted at first
n were dlconcered nrt as
they seemed to bo headIng for the French flag
which eme large one and partly obscured the
Kngllsh emblem The Irishmen I stopped short
when they reached the wall as they could not
reach either flag The dancers ceased l dancing
and when they learned what was uP they ho
gan t cheer
lao Get a ladder said one of the volunteers
While they were walling for the ladder to ar
rive an elderly man was lifted on the eboul < n
I at two stocklly built men He managed to
grasp the end of the UrltHh flag and the crowd I
cheered and clapped thiir bands The band
had stopped playing dance music and had start
I ed In on America forgetting that It was time
air of Go Save tie Queen
The elderly man tugged at the flag which
was tacked pretty tight lib face was flushed
and he wan greatly excited At lat he Jerked
I the flag down and tore It In halt He threw the
pieces In different directions The croad
scrambled on them They were picked up and
torn In many smaller pieces
Theres two others tome one veiled The
crowd looked In the direction Indicated Then
there was another rush a null that would
have put a football team to shame Men were
lifted In the I air and they grasped at the two
Inlon Jacks ar 1 the while there were loud
cheers and when the tar were finally pulled
down they were torn to pieces and afterward
trampled on The Frenchmen and their guest
were no badly mixed up I a hard to tell
which were the more anxious U wreck the
British ensign They both certainly exerted a
good deal of lung power In yelling
DoTB nIb thu UltUhJlag I
fter i > two rvntie ltnaebvXboen tern doa
It became quitter because II lane were no more
English flag in sight When the band alan
began to play dance maalo the episode w u for
Major George E McQnade said after th cele
bration was over
I taw those flag hauled down and to me It
was a most enjoyable Iht Conrldrrlnc that
this is the birthday of Lafayette whote French
force contributed 1 very materially to the
victory of Yorktown In time Revolution and the
routing of the last trace of British domlnatlnn In
this country no such flags ought t be exhibited
here today It Is t an absolute Insult to the
memory of lAfayette I and the French who did
a much t lead us t victor over the English
The British flags were apparently on the walls
I of the pavilion merely a a decoration and had
no national significance
Frtnoner foplnlll PereannUd One or the
Path Cart Gang
Gnstav Coptulll of 67 Oliver itreet was ar
rested on Saturday night by Policeman Michael
J 1 tialvln of the Oak street stationon complaint
of James Pasquolt of 74 Cherry street Pas
quoit say Coptulll stabbed him six month ago
after robbing him of 1109 Contain went t
Troy and tho police bad been on the lookout for
him since
Calvin took Coptulll to the Tombs Court yes
terday and placed him in the prisoner pen
while he made complaint against three other
Policeman William J Cunningham of the
Oak street station at the same time called twen
I ty prisoner out of the pen t arraign thim on
the charge of violating corporation ordinances
They were push cart men When Magistrate
Crane heard that they hud been locked up since
Saturday he discharged 1 of them
A customary Magistrate Crano called out the
names of each and tho name of Emanuel
Daikun was promptly answered to The alleged
Dackus wa then passed out with nineteen
others by Pollceuikn Cunningham
When Galvln ImikeU In the pen for Coptulll
he couldnt find him Then It waadUcovered
that Coptulll had been raised out by taking the
name of imckua Dacku was still I Inside the
prisoners railing Magistrate Crane discharged
him and the policeman burned to the Oak
street station t Mid out n general alarm for
Coptu ill
Cunningham wa at tult1 said Sergeant
Langan of the court < iad though te most
careful men might blunder likewise
Sergaant Lagan said he would have to mak
a complaint against Cunningham at Headquar
ter Cunningham said that DacKu and CoplulII
looked very much alike
Twenty men ba said all of whom but
one are Greeks and Italian are pretty bard to
distinguish from one another Coptulll didnt
hesitate a moment about uiwrlng to Dackusi
name That also threw me off my guard
HI > e Nickel Hltel Torpedo Beat JDe
Iroyer link OO I 0 Haota
The first torpedo boat destroyer ever built of
nickel tnl the Bokol ordered by the Russian
Oovernment wa recently launched from Yar
row Je Cos yard at Poplar On her trial for
peed a day later with a preiaura of lOC pound
of steam carrying US tons of Lot Iht
aims made on the measured mil UHQ7 knot
against the tide and iroo knot with a mean
01 > iH5 knotn the greatest speed vet developed
In a beat of this class Thu horse power used
vvnatOUO wlille It look 4HUOhorse power with
2Mm poundi pressure to drive the lour 20Ul
knot the record for the British destroyer
The Hokol Is I 100 fuel long by IhH feet beam
she has twinscrewtriple expansion engine of
4000 horsepower Kith steam supplied by eight
Yarrow patent watertube boilers with straight
tubes Phe was launched with all the machinery
on hOAr fires lighted ami steam m > In tour of
the boiler In the four urogresilve trials of her
engines with 17 pound uf steam a mean of
57H knots wan obtained with 14U pounds
2780 knots with ION pounds 2liia knot which
exceeded the guaranteed speed and finally
with 113 pound tie record wan broken with a
mean speed of 10VH5 knots The air pressure
wan K < In the first trial ant only 1J Inches
In tho lout
A Nova Ncotla Town Alaoal Wiped Out by
Fire 1
Livriiioou N B Sept 8Thl town was
almost wiped out by fire which began between
1 and 4 oclock thl morning and raged nearly
all day The lost will b between 830000 and
f76ouo The Ore blrne from the water edge
up through the business portion of the town
All the principal buildings are In ashes
Wbo he the Tenth linn I
I The other nine smoke Admiral iljtmtr Air
lalrI horn iolutrbei Wrar Kno bal mail
by Aurrlcaa wcrklnjnwe4dt I
i 1 l
A KlOT 111 COllOXA
CUIitae Cal Oul t Sewn the HsitltTiH
AeeoeUtlaaFIre Belle Raag
ConoKA L pt 8 > About three hundred
J Stilllvan Association
member of the Michael Snlvan Asolaton
of Illlssvllle L I came to William Scbaefer
park at this place on a chowder party today
They begun a game of baseball which soon
developed Into a free fight Baseball bats
atones and bricks were the weapons SOT
crab deputy bulla from thu village jumped
among the fighter and used thalr club and
amonl nlhln oo anl
pistol until the member of the association
turned upon them
After receiving rough treatment the deputy
sheriffs fled to the village for assistance The
quickest way t get the ethan out wo die
cussed and somebody suggested ringing the I
church bell It bad no sooner been suggested I
than two men ran to the Methodist church
while others went to the tnlon church Tho two
church bells began to ring vigorously The
people rln 11 nell mel down and up the streets
The member of the Volunteer Hire Department
tinned out In full uniform ate hurried tn time
engine house Other ran to the churches
thinking that the building had caught fire
The deputy Khertl xIalncd matter and
about COO men armed with various weapon
in hurried progress to the park where th tluhtlng was still
I When the members nf the Michael J Sullivan
Association caw the crowd approaching they
dispersed an hastily In directions that noar
recta could bo made
During the partya journey t eon William
HayKertv a member of time association was
killed The journey was made In three stage
coaches which labored solieavlly In the sand
near the park that the oCII alabe use
Kirtys seat was 00 tap ut chIt coach When
no attempted to board the coach again the
horses were on a gallop A cloud of dust en
veloped him and as It cleared Hagirerty wa
seen to Tttairuei Companiens run to his assist
Mice nnd he was placed 1 on the gres
In the party I nero John Haggerty a Long I
Island policeman Maltli < r Haggerty a Long I
Island City fireman and Charles iiagcerty all
brother of the Injured man Messengers were
tent In all directions to get a physician and a
priest ni Whltcotnb rAid Father Michael O
Flannsry pastor of tie Church of Our Laity of
Sorrow arrived on the scene at about the same
moment The Doctor sAid the Injured man
could not live more the ten minutes The
mor tn
party with uncovered h aH stood round while
the priest administered the last rites ot the
Church Tile body born no marks but the cloth
ing showed that the wheel had passed over it
In the region of the heart
SAp ZI fnou THE ju < r jir A Glitz
311 Mary Bennett of Bay Ridge Rescues
a Woman from Drownlas
A young woman caused ensatton yesterday
afternoon at the fool uf Eightyseventh street
Brooklyn by walking deliberately Into the Bay
without removing a atltcu of her clothing She
seemed t b bent on suicide Slie wo almost
beyond her depth and wuti already In the gra < i >
of the strong tide when JIb Mary Bennett the
18yearold daughter of Charles Bennett of
Eightyseventh street and the Shore road who
TV as on tie beach with frltads rushed Into time
water and catching the woman round the
watt dragged her ashore
The uonian wu much sxhausled She waa
attended by two del and was removed In an
ambulance t the Norwegian lioMntal She will
recover She Is t about 21 yates old and of dark
complexion bits was neaUr dretr l and looks
like a Jewess r told I time doctor that she was
Annie Arnold and lived al 04 Henry street but
nothing is known of her at that address Atthe
hospital the gave several other fictitious ad
dresiet SIms refused to give any explanation
I for her act
I Miss Bennett Is an expert swimmer She
paved another woman frm drowning a few
Weeks aim
Mary Wells a colored woman of CT rear
living at 400 Tenth street attempted suicide
In tropwt Park last evening by swallowing
IoIn rpt herself Into the lake She
was rescued by two park polcemen and was re
moved to the Seney HooiiUal She explained
that she hail been dnIvr lr n Sty her lovor
4 hl > > vlrr 1 < l i uir a anise utmar
tie end hd 11c athlr 1
Several Pae Kera lajnred and Platforms
Motor 53 of the Consolidated Traction Com
cants Jersey City and Bayonne line dashed
e try afternoon at full speed Into the rear
of trolley car 14 of the same line at the Inter
section of Avenue C and West Tenth street
Bayonne The crash was heard six blocks away
and brought a crowd t toe cent several pas
sengers were thrown from end t Into the
roadway A J Aramonl of this city had hi
left arm broken Miss Brady of Nwburgh N
Vn who is i visiting relative in Twelfth street
Jiroey City was cut under the chin Miss
Itachel Manuel of 4r Orand street this city wa
badly brul rd and shocked
Dr Fred M Corwln of the Bayonne Hospital
attended the victIm who were made com fort
able In the neighboring bouse Tho sheet Iron
guard and front ulatform of motor p23 was
wrncked The rear platform of car 14 wa not
badly damuueil but the footboard wa spun
trruI When the accident occurred car 14 was
standing on time West Tenth street end of the
curve lo permit some posenger to gel off An
othor motor was about to round the curve on
the other track and time view of the motorman
on Aa i wan cut off tn that he did not see ca 14
until too late to prevent CKllUmn
Have In a Ilqoor Store Window thy
Whleh rilea Are Primarily Heapoaalble
A large gray cat owned by Joseph Eckert
dealer In wines and liquor at 38 South street
caused considerable excitement shortly before
3 oclock yesterday afUiruoon Mr Eckert
locked Ibe cat In the eturu a usual on Saturday
night before leaving for home All yesterday
morning Tom as he is I called lay peacefully
leetilnir In the show window of the tore which
always I kept filled with bottles attractively
arranged Time filet finally disturbed bis slum
Irult he mail a leap at those nearest
Ills leap knocked a bottle from the top of a
series of shelves with which the storowlndow I
filled up and this In falling dislodged fully
thirty more which fell with a loud crash
Policeman Joseph llentngrr of the Oak street
station started for the more on a run from imis
post at Dover Ct ret while several of the steam
boat Miuad approached on doublequick from
the opposite direction They expected to find
bnrglar at work but arrived on the scene just
In time to tee 1 streak of gray disappear over
the go fixtures
A large crw1 soon collected and the mixed
liquor which soon began to drip through the
caiemint uf tie window was carefully caught
by eagerly outstretched hands and conveyed to
the parched tips of the longshoremen h
frequent time district
B Con to the Aallane ef a
Touaic M ° bt lTOman
Mrs Mtffln a pretty young woman about S3
year old and who said she lived at 408 Vest
Fiftyseventh street fell off her bicycle 110th
street and Rivnide Drive yesterday afternoon
and dislocated her elbow A park policeman
sent In n hurry call for an ambulance from
the Manhattan Joint Hospital Dr Hill came and reset
lAwson N Fuller was driving by when the
Doctor finished dressing tbs sprain He
asked Ir MIIMn If she wanted t go to the
hospital No clue In I said t to have replied Mr
Fuller then invited her to ride home In his car
rlave Mrs Mlftln accepted and with the faliyrle
on ibm tuck of the rig the two rrx off while
the Park policeman and tbe ambnlnnce doctor
looked on In envy
nen arcovn uxvn CLO > MeN
Pelleemen Und Purehaa nnd Then Made
Five Arrests
The pollceof the WestTwentlelh street station
were active > etlerday morning In arresting
second hand clothing dealer for violating the
Sunday law Policeman llobrlg bought a pair
of suspender from Fred Krau of 107 Eighth
avenue 1ollteiunn Shaffer mad th same art
of imrchato frnni H 1 Gulstadt of 1HT Eighth
avenue Pollcemaii Kruckel bought a nvvktl
Irom Charles tardi of vai Eighth avenue Pa I
trulmau llrnnimn bought a hanULerchlvf from
Thomas Inllnnof 107 > lghthavnu and Aunt
hall Pa > ch rof 111 tlohth avenue old PolIce
men Itutlfdge a hat
All time prliwinort were taken befar Magistrate
Crn1 in the JetTerson Market Court and held I
in 100 fur trial In Special rietalons
II he tTp 10 Hate
Tlitv 1w You t I riMlt tip 10 ulsie I gets there every I I
lLiia itootuuuaies54e c
n e J S > kvi A
OJTX xizxxn AND rtrimrrntx nun
The Zing Hell Broke aI the Tp f m
Bsep BUI the Uare Daehed Of sad
the Ck Inrehe4 Over TsisihllsiK
Thirty Men cad Bar In a Heap In the
Xoft4Dleaelroa r dU or the Tim
lihr J foUr Aeeaelntloite OatlasI
est Btat Ilad Teeterdnr Ann
A tallyho coach drawn by six horess and
carrying between thlrtyBve and for member
ot the Timothy V Foley Association of 23
Washington street was tippet while coming
down the hill at Vanderbilt avenue near Clif
ton B I at U oclock last evening One boy
wa killed a man received injuries thought to
bo mortal and twentyfire men and boy were
Injured let seriously
The boy who wa killed was John Lynch 1
yen old son of Dennl Lynch of 77 Washing
ton street
The man who is I expected to die II I Jeremiah
Shannon of 11 Washington street who Is I suffsr
Inir from concussion of the braIn The other
Injured are
roAicx OLTHH 11 year oil of 8 Washington itreeti
knee cut and sprained braised
Jon Ltrman of St Washington street legs braised
and cut
Ecwiao IUHrrr 4 years 014 of M Washington
street nose brokeni Injured Internally
Ciuaus VuiDMtnKBU of 44 Hector strettt le bro
ken brulud about body
Tiiotu iloaiv 10 years old of I Patter place
elbow dislocated
Jouru ItSTioLDS dratted by horses 800 festi badly
Eowaao bassos of 831 East fortyfirst strssti leg
yaa I Cirosrro of I Washington street both
Ip l broksni back Injured badly bruUedi may die
Wiijjix CftTir of I UMorrlton street lets I brit
Dt niL Dauwii of 8 Washington street arm broken
and legs bruited
TKOIUS IxiUD of Sackslt street Brooklyn elbow
Joist LtrntaiK of 81 Washington sUMIt fort
bead cut
All of these were taken to the Marine Hospital
in Stapleton or t Smiths Infirmary There
were besides ten person more or lea l braised
cut or otherwise hurt Lost night It was ex
pected that Esposlto would die and Shanahan
dead at midnight
was reported dea mldolKbt
The Timothy J Foley Association la a social
organization of young people living near h
Inton street and Battery place It Is I made up
of bunt seventyfive young men and every year
since 18U1 a picnic bun held at a resort near
the city This rear Boehn Houthfleld pavilion
near New Burp 8 L wo elected a the picnic
The sale of tickets began two week ago and
yesterday morning about forty men and twenty
girl left the club rom at 23 Washington
street for the pavilion A tallybo coach
capable of eating twelve person Inside and
thirty outside an open carriage a surrey and
four buggies were engaged t transport the party
from the ferry landing at 8t George to New
The coach was provided by the Metropolitan
Van Company of 202 and 204 Mercer street
and was driven by a man named Johnson
While the conch was In Washington street b
fore the start somebody told the driver he
ought to oil the hind wheels He said he thought
they were all right
The party reached Boehne at about non
touch srse4s4 various cnuteats
101 was r Ttn Cltet war I
imetmi 1 Everybody lid a good time wd At stout
j H oclock In the evening the coach nnd car
rlares were 1c > ded and the party started for
home The drive t Clifton occupied about tW
houn I
The coach led the way and the six bone I
drew It at a smart gait On the front teat with
Driver Johnson was Joseph Keynolds the See
geantatArms of the club On the outsIde
there were twelve seat six I facing forward and
six toward the rear Every stat was occupied
there being about thirty men and boys on the
outside Insldu were six I girls
n hlnd the coach a a buggy driven by
George Kelly of 22 Washington turret thu
President of the cub Tho other carriages were
behind Kelly
As the coach reached the crest of the steep
hill on Vanderbllt avenue just out of Clifton
from the axle He
Kelly saw a spark fly frlu rear oso
called to the driver but the singing of those on
the coach drovvn his voice Neither back
wheel a turning and the coach waa swaying
from side to side
The hones crossed the crest nf the hill and
began the descent The brakes were set on the
coach wheels
Suddenly the coach body lurched over toward
the left The jerk snapped the king bolt al 1
ready weakened by the swaying of the body
The front wheels slipped out and the coach
pitched forward hurling the occupant of the
outside eat down fifteen feet to the ground
The thirty or more men fell In a heap Little
John Lynch lay at the bottom and was crushed
Twenty of the men were unconscious and livst
evening It I was Impossible t get a full list of the
When the coach fell forward the six girls In
side were thrown against the left door Not one
of them was Injured They all were lifted out
through the right door
The horse were struck on the hind legs by the
whiflletrees and ran down the hill Johnson
the driver was either dragged by the reins or
he fell from his Peat Reynolds who sat beside
him wan dragged Each was bully Injured
The horses ran Into Ktapleton Ole of them
fell and wan dragged by Its I mate and two
others were hurt
At time time of the accident it was pitch dark
and the work of relieving the Injured was slow
Nothing could be seen and the members at the
club who were In the other conveyances were
to much startled to accomplish anything for
ome time Finally a lantern wa brought and
the carriage wire turned Into ambulance
Sews of the accident was edit lii the Marine
Hospital and Smiths Infirmary and ambulances
with surgeon from those Inttltutlona uere noon
at the scene The I member of limo association
say that the physician In the neighborhood re
fused t treat the Injured unless a foe of t 3wa
111 people residing near the place where the
roach iipnrt were call til upon fur mild Theyilld
everything they could In hell tho sufferer <
The uninjured iiiembnm of limit axsoclatlon be
gun to arrive at their home ut 11 oclock Mr
Foley waited until the last boat care up o
eral members jiaajod the night near the scene
of the wreck
Thecoich metes wrenched and rbI Hail
It fallen on tho occupana Instuad of throwing
them away from It the Injuries would hare
been worse
IHSI nUht no list of those who attended the
picnic conll bo obtained
On otlime party said 1 I
Thorn were abut < thirty men ana boys on
ton of the couch It reached the crest of the
hill I all rlirrit and started on the down
grade with the < hordes going at us
brink nol Pinion Hulllvn a member of
the club and the only mii > lclan nn
the cub Dialing an accordion and the
boys were singing and hurrahing when It was
seen that the brake wouldnt work HlthoiiKlt
th driver was exerting all his nlmiulli to make
It do tle The uoach was beyond control
limo velocity of our dewent wits no great
that the heat of the hind axle let tire to t the
rear of the roach uddinly the king loll
parted and the for whexls shot out from under
the lH > ly nf the coach Time horses itartuddovvii
the hill at a great rate
One full and wits dragged nearly half a mile
Then time leud hor > en rrriilcHUslnu tIme aIo
to striken tree nearly uprooting 1 lime horts
wrro thrown dOwn I was told later Unit two
Uliles the une which was dragged to far were
ki The front part of tho coach ploughed np the
road for several 1 > ards Ixfore turning over 11 The
driver had bU legs broken tin dlu his best t to
stop the conch and was helped by his assistant
but the brake was not powerful enough to check
the speed
lleanphane Hpenk a llllr Loud Dear
For rtrbl ilrek or itesmtr pllnl house II Alumi
num IO VunDcllCo7diorliuist N y 4mb U
1 S
Tfc r War ma Indian Aaent to Vatente lbs
Aceaer Treore Not M Hand
CnxuBinLAtn H D Sept 8he Sioux at
Roiebnd Actncy under the leadership of Hol
low Horn Bear a powerful and Influential chief
have warned Indian Agent Wright and his em
I ployees t Tat the agency within twentyone
day They threaten t burn tho agency build
ings A determination on the part of the
agency t reduce rates paid Indian for hauling
freight from Valentine Neb to the agency
from fifty to twentyfive cent a hundred is I the
The Indian took mortal offence and runner
lent to distant camp brought to the agency
about 3000 angry and excited Indian Their
wrath wa partly appealed by a promise to pay
35 enta per XOO Crow Dog the layer of Spot
ted Tall ha been lodged In the agency jail for
the part he took In the present difficulty
Fort Nlobrara la the nearest military poet bni
the troops are absent on the regular summer
field exercises Information from Valentine
lay that settler adjacent to the reservation
are becoming uneasy at the attitude of the In
He Announce the Sort of Government Re
Will Approve In Armenia
COP5AtTlNOPLi Sept fiJihe Sultan note
acquainting the power with the concession fee
Is willing to make In the administration ot Ar
menia ha been Issued The Sultan says that
no Christian vail will be appointed but that
other official will be chosen In proportion to
the Mohammedan and Christian population
Christian officers will be admitted to the gen
darmerle and a rural police force will be cre
ated The dragoman of the British French
and Russian embassies will be entitled to com
munlcate directly with the President of the
Turkish Committee of Control which will lt
as a Porte
The Steamer Oarlock Lost and Six Screen
on Board Drowned
BROWKITVILLE Tex Sept 8A report has
just reached Tier that the steamer Oarlock of
Lake Charles La wa wrecked fifteen mile
from the month of the Rio Grande on Ang 20
Her cargo of lumber Capt B Terasara a crew
of four men and one passenger Joseph Simon
Jr of Port Isabel were lost
It Is Said There An 1000 Danthe n Day
In Pekln from the Disease
BT PrrgKSBCKO Sept 8The Vladivostok
correspondent of the AotxM Trsmva say that
cholera la raging In China and that there are
dolly 2000 death from the disease In Pekln
Him Wen Upset lathe North tvr and Tw
are Drowned
The Hoboken ferryboat Nethrrland of the
Barclay street line lost night ran down a cat
boat containing sir men Gustavo Oldenberg
Herman Meyer steward of the North German
Lloyd steamship Iahn Henry Hlldebrand of
724 Amsterdam avenue this city Arthur Mat
thles William Utldbrand of Hoboken and
William Me er
The accident occurred opposite the Delaware
Lackawanna and Western cool docks There
wo no light on the aailboat amid Capt Vanell
40 ittutnot are bev iirtIl It was too Ute toarold
collision Time KctharlaoU struck the boat
amidships and th occupant were thrown into
the water
Four of them wero polled up to the deck of the
ferryboat The other Uuttave Oldentwrg and
Herman Meyer were drowned The tugboat
irwin picked mm the catboat and towed it over
to one of the coal docks
iIlGJT irtxn jv KASHAS
Entporin HnDTere Heverelf Tn Dnsnaffe
Aucntented by Rain
EUIORIA Kan Sept 8A destructive wind
and rain storm passed over Emporla this after
noon As far ss can be learned no lives were
lost The worst damage was done at the Stale
Normal School the new east wing which cost
530000 being reduced to a mass of ruins The
north gable end was blown In and the roof
rolled np like paper and carried half a block
The entire Inside of Albert Taylor Hall Is i open
to the storm otraln which still continues The
damage Is estimated at f 10000 and It Is feared
that the wind muy blow the other walls out
Down town Clarks wholesale furniture More
was partially unroofed and his stock of good
damaged Basement throughout the city are
flooded Four Inches of water fell In less than
two hour
Meagre report have been received from the
surrcundlas country where tt 13 feared ths
damage ha been great
At Hartford twelve mile away several
houses are reported blown down Miss Bessie
Henry Is I dangerously Injured
At Neosho KsDiils a church several dwelling
and a livery stable are reported destroyed A
bantaFe bridge with 1100 feet of track is
also washed away near Heading
iinor Amir JTXV wIry ais wins
Chaste Fries Cause Mm Frlece Escort
to Flee Over the State Line
FlEiHWOTOS N J Sept S Charlra Price a
liveryman In IambvrUivlllr met his wife and
William Clark walking In Union street
Iambertavllle last evening He at once de
manded to know why they weretogether Mrs
Price told her husband that site had been visit
ing a friend and In returning had met Clark
who as n friend v on accompanying her home
Price appeared dla attfled with her statement
and turning to young Clark told him to ex
plain matters more plausibly Clark attempted
to retreat Price then drew a revolver and nre > l
at Clark who ran for hi life The bullet went
wlfleof its mark lark wu followed closely
by Price woo fired three more shots Clark
however outran Ilk purnurer He escaped and
crossed thr river Into New Hope Pa where he
remained all night He returned thin morning
and canned Prices arrest Price was released
In AOO ball
Mrs Price Is young and pretty
Victim ofa Drnnmlle Kiplatlon
DrutQUE la Sept 8Five person were
killed and three seriously Injured today by an
explosion of dynamite at Kpocta Ferry a point
on the MlsiUslppt ten miles above here where
thuGovermncnt It ngged In the construction
ofwlng dams
Twenty men eept In barns l and tents on the
hillside went and the dynamite used In their
operations five boxes nf twentyfive pound
such was atoned In a shanty While the men
were leaving the shanty this morning Hay List
haw it years cml was shooting at a pnil nltli
a rifle The boy mlsned his aim and fired Into
time dynemnute
A terrible vxploslon took place The men
rtmhixl back to time demollhwl shanty and
found Mrs lM lmw hying deed In the ruins At
her motbert feet Mab < l lllmw lay uncnn
clous Kdward llencli and Matt Fabor work
men were lying near In and the bodies nf lay
latshaw and liana UJornMon were found near
the shantv Matt LatMiaw wa blown through
the treetops and his UMy waa found thirty
feet away
Hpantan Warships Celnst to Araentlna
MADHIU Kept iVThe iuvernment ha de
cided to send n naval squadron tn Uuenos Ares
to protect Kpnnlurds tlcre who by their de lr
to Resin SIMIU In iuelllng the Insurrection In
Cuba liavu Incurred the wrath nf limo papultv
lion of Buenos Acres who are deeply In sym
pathy with the Cuban revolutionists
1 ChIne Oaiablsr Arrt
Hop lee of ill Bowery and twenty other
lmitmattuen were arruiled for vmbllnj at nl
BOH fry lout night b > lime iwllce of lime Elizabeth
Street station
1 Tie German Ljinndry Heap Ita the fleeS
TIsi > ulD 1 4C < Jlor a omtooo wrapper 4 <
hVO 4LlZflArJozq lIt IIPVNDJfR3
Both Taebts nt the Erie Resist tVtertay
MomlnjrAn KnthnlntleClreellnto
Blval or Bay Hide In the Arternnon
Both Yaebl Wilt Have Trial rlplne
TvdayTh They Will Oe to the Horse
shoe Where Th y Will Anchor Until
line at the Line ftp Tonorrovra Knee
Hay Rldire where the Defender and Valkyrie
wire towed Saturday night after their great
marine battle off Bandy Hook wa the Mecca
for hundred of yachtsmen yesterday while
thousands of spectators who mad no pretense
at being experts v ene there too anxious to see is 4
time rival raoer at anchor and Incidentally to sf
cheer their respective Captain and crews g
Whit a regular ferry was established from It t
Bay Illdge to the yacht enabling the enthnsl t1
asia to get a close view of the two champion by i
far the greater portion of the crowd contented
thcmsslves with a longrange view from bore JVjfi
The whole beach and the mailer bluff at t
Fiftieth street to say nothing of the dock and
terrace lining the water front from Bay Rldgei
to Owl Head formed a good vantage ground
and thousand of spectators were enabled to get
a good view of both the Valkyrie and Defender
without leaving the shore
Other thousands however wanted a cloMM
look at the beat and for their benefit a clarionJ
voiced shouter wo stationed at FlftyflfUx f
street who not only guaranteed a good view of
the Defender and Valkyrie bat also auared
prospective panger that he would howl t 4m
them Lord Dunraven and hi two daughter aaj
This usually settled the question with th < lt
feminine portion of the spectators M whibe4 a
they did not care very much about thyacbtat t 1 i
they willingly paid their quarter to s ee th > J
Earl daughter It la almost onntoeuarr to < 4
stats that they were disappointed ae neither I
Lady Alleen nor Lady Ilachel WyndhamQuloj
wo on board either the Valkyrie or her tendsrj
the City of Bridgeport
While yesterday was literally a day of rest tofi 1
the officers and crew ot both yacht still om j q
little work wa done
Lord Dunraven It eeema wa dissatisfied wltbJ
the retail of the measurement the other day
and Incidentally wished to have the Defender1 i
water line marked distinctly on her hull and be
demanded a remeainremect Asthiswas quite
within the Irish Earl poweritiencedleu I to
nay his request wo granted Mr Iselln who
did not see the Valkyrie spar plan measured
lat Friday also requested a remeaanrement of H
the British cutter so both yacht were towed to
the Erie BasIn shortly after 0 oclock yesterday ° 1
morning and remeaaured by John Hyilop tha 1m
official measurer of the New York Yacht Club p
Later In the day It wa denied on the Val m
kyne that Lord Dunraven took the initiative
and It was stated that the remeasurement was
ordered by the Amirlcai Cup Committee but
just why they should want the yacht re
measured unless they were requested to no one l
seemed to know Measurer Hyslop was seen on 11
the Valkyrl late yesterday afternoon and
asked If the remeaanremunt would alter the r
time of twentynine seconds which the Valkyrl 71
ha to allow the Defender said 71m
Obno there la hardly any difference la m
either boat measurement and the change If j
any In the time allowance ii too inllnttesalmal i 1
to mention
It wa afterward l omc < l from at nnaQtlal Ji
source that the Defender raeosurud ono Inch In mfJ flJ
or the water line while the Valkyrie was found I
to be onequarter of an Inch mare than on Fri t 7
At the New York Yacht Chub last night the
following official notice of the remeoiuremcnt
wo posted on the bulletin board
At the request of the Earl of Dunraven and
with the ocquleence of Mr Iselln the measurer j
of the New York Yacht Club marked the yacht Lf
Valkyrie and Defender at each end of the load ii
water line When this wa done at the Erie t
Basin today the measurer at the request of
the America Cup Committee verified the SL
measurements taken on Friday lost which were t4
confirmed by the measurement taken today j4
The Valkyrie In tow of the tug Howard and
accompanied by the City of Bridgeport with
Lord Dunraven Designer Watson Arthur Glen II
ate II Mallland Kersey and Sallraaker Bauer
on board started for the Erie Basin about B
oclock yesterday morning The Defender soon 11
followed In tow of the Wallace II Flint and by u
10 oclock Measurer Hyslop again commenced
his tedious task of finding the Valkyrie correct
water line nj t
Both yacht were completely strIpped for the m
operation and bcycnd the officers and crew ro
a superfluous ounce of stuff was left on board 4
Lord Dunraven who was In hi shirt aleevea
smoking a short briar mot pipe watched tha 4I
Defender being measured from the upper deck P
of the City of Bridgeport while Designer Wet
ton and Herresholf accompanied Measurer1
Hyslop on his voyage of discovery tn a flat bot
tomed skiff Th rival designers seemed to m
fraternize well and when not canning Mr aim
Hyslops notebook chatted away to each other
In the most friendly manner
By 1 oclock Mr Hyslop had finished ths
wnterllne measurement of both yachts and ihms j
rival chnmpUm were again towed to Bar S8
Ridge where they anchored for limo night It
was In the afternoon alter the yachts hail beet
measured that the majority of the spectator
saw the rivals find for three nr four lour 11
their shapely hull were almost hidden froru
view by a warm ot rowboats cats and small
naphtha launches Any number of fishing
parties either outward or homeward bound or a
tug to say nothing of Innumerable excursion
steamers loaded to the guards cheered them f
selves hoarse as they passed the rival racers
The crews of both yacht got tired of aniwcrlnof
salute and the men on the Defender finally
gave UD all hope of answering the shouts of ap 4
proval which were showered upon them lime j
hattie Palmer Captain however answered all I
whtttUt and cheers with great Impartially and 4J fltf
won himself iota of friend by his goodnatured
amid enthusiastic patriotism 1 i t4
Home of the excursion steamer ran up null J
close to the Valkyrie while their band plnyed Lj
patriotic melodies and one crowd saluted th
Karl of Dunrav with the following chorus
Only ons yacht In the rams for me
Only ono vachl to beat the Yalkj rla j
Bh U to very pretty a faster liott cant lie
Defender Is the imljT yacht In the race for me 9
Lord Dunraven wlm waion the City of Bridge tt
port smiled good naturedly at the singing but gi 3f
apparently did not approve of the sentiment oo K
according to one Irreverent spectator j hiti re
tired to time seclusion that a cabin grants along
with Mr Oliimlc and his Pajania pants
m C Oliver helm after watching time early por t
tion of the measurement left Nat Herrrahnffto
look after his Interests stud about A ocluckl
started with Mrs Iielln on time steam yacht tI
Neckan fur New Ilochelle Capt Hull limed lit
I Ito tO alti to what he said raturday plht cx
I cent that everything wits all right on the De i S
fender that sIn hail carried nothing awn Miid f
that she would ba tried down the bay loday c > 4
Capt hail then hurried uses muy It catch a train 1
for lmls home In blip Laid Ttrry had little ur 4
nothing to say about balurditv race ext n5 itt
that he vras glad every clue thuusht limO us >
fender was well handled When nuked i lee
thought the I slut ft limJ ot I Im I v nnl u to the HH li I 1Ji
nn I hud helped the Defender he uit 1 I ti m t
It did H little
tapl IKinUr Jeffrey nf tlit > sfhiiulier jmllt Sar 7
CnlumhU liu hdtuxl Hurt rm tltn iinn
abruttd vtasnn the Puleiidit V Uui utkol ft r
lilt opinion Ill Haliirday iiici > lietalj
wind favorud the VaU > riv at the utart
ifterwaru when It li iilnl H lltii t the south
ard U hilptd h IJefsiiJtr iiuJ U vUM Voio

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