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itoir nn nnuuonn tEAM rn4cgn
AM xAthr nvn DO nit
Two nr lila HlnR HlnR Aeqnnluti ee RhId
imeil liy the Neeret rlen MenOne
teit Them nt lnnt < o the l npd
< onnterlVllernTe mporitry Headquarters
Clile t W 1 1 llaien anil the secret service It
trcllvcs rested yesterday after their arduous
Vnrk In Ratherlng In tho membe of the Itrock
wlrnMorl gang of counterfeiters on Satur
day Homo of tho detect had not slept tor
three days before the armts worn mlle The
department Is deeply gratified over the recap
celllmcnt Orlando K 1 Itradfird the leadlnit
member of the gnnc and the one who furnished
Ihc rmmcy for Iln plates and the oullt uf tho
The arrests nr regarded 1 II among the most
made and the om
Important of the kind every Inlr Inllho
crs were none too quick In rapturlnu tlieennc
blcli was ready to Hood the country with thou
Minis of WI rounlerfclt 5100 II Ir > llraeUorcl II I
lmlge1 lit In Ltidlow street Jnll while James 1
Ilrooklyns Carl
Courtney of no Second trect Iroklyn
COlrlne I
Ilcntlry of 63 I Est IMlh street ami John Nlion
leIU In the Oak
nf 1748 Ilrft avenue arc conlltud
stret police Million They rrro committed to
the station on unity nlnlt ty Commissioner
SI Irlils who Ins more faith apparently In tho
ability < if the rnrv In hold mi to prloners than
lie lm in Sheriff lamwns men All our of the
prisoner will bn l > arralgnid before either Com
nilulnnt Milild or Alcjandcr this morning
Chlf Haicn aId tcrday that he did not
xjxct to make any more arro ta during the
day but he nas exceedingly guarded In the
Dimmer In illicit lie talked about the matter
that ho It I satisfied that has
nd I It Is I v > dent IhA ftslr he
not tinned the hole gang as yet The discovery
of tho 100 Lincoln certificate plate has given
the Imprilun that there was more than one
epcnivcrat work and Sidney Smith evidently
tint flstints
The 1 ron ilracy to rnnnterfelt this money
y0 to nil appearances formed when Dr Drad
Urn kway and Courtn at 81n
ford Ur 1 v a Courtney were Sing
Slrufnld I hlef Hizen They vcr In com
munication with each other dally and Nixon
who 1 n a jirlvm keeper at the time formed a
frMiilslifp with thini Thiy were extremely
careful in thilr plan end the rears of expe
i t rience which lirockway and Courtney had en
abled them to keep the secret service detec
tives In I the dark Dr Bradford who
tail finely furnished dental rooms at G14
Third avenue was ostinslbly carrying
r rn a legitimate business and while ho
a under surveillance for a long while did not
elve the detectives any clue tn the conspiracy
The 1 attimpl to muke this counterfeit money
waaCrt niadu known to the Trmsury Depart
rent through an anonymous letter from Farm
Inkton Me which la 1 Dr Hradfordi old home I
uiidtriUad he ha tO brothers both of whom
are reputable business men One ts t located In
rrmnilon and the t her In Illinois Dr Itrad
font loM ur since his arrest that he had souie
en rules among his relatives
Jut how V discovered the house In Hob
ken and Brockways connection with the eanc
I < of course a department secret I felt sure
that I bad the whole gang when Bradford was
arrI ted In hlx hou e a mouth ago Ills escape
however wn a hard blow and all tho omcers of
the department felt It tiLe lawyer called on me
mice his escape and made overtures toward
fcraprorulslnn the matter by offering to surren
der some plates and counterfeiting materials
tut I told hm that I Intended I to set itradford
tail DOW we have got him When he got away
from his Lou he had only ten cents In his
pocket and It was reasonable to suppose that he
would try and e some ot his friends Bentley
the ruungett of the Ian who naa arrested is
an Intimate friend of Bradfords The Doctor
U an ardent bicyclist aa is young Bentlty The
latter hud Dr Bradfords bicycle
lietectlve Bagg Is KometLIng of a bicyclist
h m elr and he shadowed Bentley on his wheel
C crY time the young man went out for a ride
It was expected that he would meet Dr Brad
ford Montr or later Detective Esqulrell In the
meanwhile nlmiluweJ former Keeper Nixon
i to who working ue switchman on the Broad
way cable road at Union square Nixon it was
leurned was very friendly to Bradford when t1
latter was couflned In sins Sing for performing
a criminal operation Nixon lost his Job
h Mng Sing aftir Dr Bradford was re
kiiej ana their friendship continued the
II K tor evidently Uniting him a bandy man te
1 k hmlne Ksqulrell followed Nixon to Bra
crds temporary refuge a 101 at 105th
Ktet and they r both arrested and the I
rujs for counm eltlnir J100 bllln nbre paper j
elk and Inks were found The plates were
mid from the genuine S 100 bill series of 1HSO
found in the potaeesion of Brockway He had I
cut out the lunette of Lincoln and cut the re
mainder of the bill Into two sections The en I
tracer apparently only engraved one section at
ttinie Tne plain wa1 joined In three sections
nblch could be discerned with the naked ere I
lrrckiMiy pasted the 100 bill together
ate Lrokny nll plted bi tOletber again I I
A1 Nixon had to say when arrested was that
It Hradfnrd waj a friend of his and he was
dnlri ai mu h ai he could for him Inatesuf I
Ir tit eUdtnie to convict all the gang and nil
Lot n tun my lni In turn States evidence
Ur Jrilford replied that he had nothing to
MI Ii IT repono tu all question yesterday
Ating Cactain ThnmD of tho Oak street
t > 1lcr KtaMtin lad Courtney Nixon and Bent
Ir l locked up In neparnt rells Courtney who
111 olrlne
li I faid Ii l Ul physician nlthough he has served 1
s tin in n MIII for furgery I the most re
f Ie i < imiitina of 21e lot He hai snouHhltn
Ie le Inowwbln
luir I aril H cray mnutnrhe and clear blue eyes
IcnnpUmtfl that he suffered from asthma
in wanted tn be I placed in u tell up Hairs with
iTin nd Iviitley but this I ant Thompson
5 in I not atiow Jr < Cnurme alt ui the
Ock treet ration vntrrduy anil rskeil to see
ler tu > > and lIPt1 I I hompon told her that she
cinll nut siP ti cti ackcd why he bid been
Jiiinm ttd to thOak street ytatlon when the
In t tul I tatei utuuiivcnninetl Its nrUoneM In
tbs Ludlow tnct Jai Micwm itt that priv
fner unmetimei nalkel out of tho Jai She
tn vseI tl nt lier liuitwilid sias Innocent of any
crcie l I hirf IIt7en nut t jeHturdiv lliit lie was
rot itij irnl 111 Iel I tlifeldpnci he had airalnut
I UIII I or Hentle They will IK charged 1 with
tnif rn j lifufii Is aj I an old lie denied
ttJit ii 1 e hnd ever M nr1 a tel I in Nng nhnc and
> n that 11 i nrret w its an rrnr hon U also
Sery art H protesting hU Innocence
Itslriil Inhnr Vnlon to Hear a Coin Flana
chat School Leetare
The Central Labor Lnlon listened yesterday
toi liter from Hugo Benedict Director of
Colas chool of Finance which said that Its
writer aa wllllnc to furnish free an Illustrated
lecture nn International Bimetallism If the O
L I t I aarpled iiie I hal
Monei In the life of the nation the letter
hid and Its finance should be
lnd 1 Ilnnc1 b clearly un
dT5tyd 1 the life biQ d of the body i
the litter incused tlu 1 > uewnpaper press of b
osilnu I Rio people more and more rn the money
illesIliji Then It referred to the C L t as
Ttpttftrtflc ili tiight typo of Intelligence
ni5 h V 7 11111 labor Intoll
11I I iiley i I I clrlcll orlrl
n s r st 111 nn Ioku II favor ot a
UtIn 1i H I 1 la11 II the letter but when a
111 I 0 ti I In rrc h e tho letter anti ilacu
t leter
a fl 0
f 1111 il Ii 1
I Ut h I 11 tat even this would ie
tttkIa emIrhtlT t lrly ti blnwlalhu I dont
I ly w a Ilu this
hds 1111 It Wu hail lIe lertulO ulller
1 esi I f Ih I I Pail rlegato
t nf I Iii WI ht Jdino
I arr wo is 111
t oUel6 to hlmetlor ur anything
I AIr anr dlvulnn It was leciuipd that
Ptfr IIccllrd tlt
tlIHtcre 4 I Iho Irtlrn should ho Icceled Ir
ttLF is Pru olel len Surndsy evening In
Ilul Ifer Iho rulnr nneetiri ut
frrhl I I nm tat hCnl ti and uturs
tL La Ivilul to lomo unddlsouib the sub
r Irr of Klcbl > Mer
Iolron v1 years old caller on Lawyer
JoI J i <
iltj larr lfv7 Eftt I ijrn > vljWRy jester
titti sftrnic 11 n anti umsnid 3l which aim hail
i rItltttcr In lawsuit In which
O hg5 h ilnilT rite lawsuit tilul not turn
Ott ii tk luti 1 expected It would and she
H ii t Kr1 h er 111Iek i > H rr11 fed to alvo
115 luau Ie I119 Iimh that he kIcked her
tii CICI 11 nler that lohlccman Urlm
tnti I latin CCIII It 1 n c 0 wlt tho matter Wll Shin I
54 ii IIIIer erlollt which haul occurred hut
I ej not lit I wile of Ito lel1 alit
j Cuth 1 or II his duty 10 arrest HarrIs
111 it I t un tn I I iii teruru r arrl
11 I I a ellet r I 1r d last elenln thai ahf wai
larlot heihh Itnn but that site bore no
h l1uIaIng H 1loHrry lloldup
In tte
frDO larkcI lnlrt > itprday Joseph E
eMuld WI held l In 51500 for
eUlllniOI 01 a i hIo ut highway robbery
lan ot IUlzlidnatit Itrook 0111 him was II J ore
Irwk avenue a negro who alleged
liLt 1 lell alele
tha Ilu j
II 51 1 jllk on tl51 6 last ho was held
rihlati WI
IbM rlhI tni he Inwn by Uelllli
1111 tt
rh4rc rettcII 01 Saturday OD e
151ri hti II i lltburterIy conduct Ild when
riifumi ireiia115 gild chaIn and key check
a he On ihiji Ilfdeniwl the charge und
la Apri litsi i Nnv wlllfe e Iot Foreman5 chain
I oe nnnl < s ns unabe to furnish bl and was
Heat Rodrlqnea Horn TTtaer I Im Kal I4
lie llled of Colon of the Brnln
The Coroner was notldcd yesterday by Solo
mon Irancs an exInternal revenue deputy ot
the death of lila brotherinlaw David Hod
rlqus flJ years old nf 345 West Thlrlyfourtl
street Mr leases said that his brothvrlntaw
had died from Injuries caused by the carelessness
ness of William K l Otlsa driver of 1710 Second
avenue and asked that tho police b requested 1
to arrest him
ltodrluiics who was employed a a switchman
by tin iortysecond street railway company
Mm knocked down while attending to his
S Itch nt Seventyfirst street and tho lloulovan
by a milk wagon drhun by Otis on Butunln
morning Ho was dragged Dearly two blocks
before the hone could bo stopped Ha was
taken to llooscvelt Hospital In an ambulance
aciomnanled by his eon After remaining In
the hospital for half an hour the doctors de
cided that llodrlnues was only suffering from
shock anti advised his son to take him home
In tho mal time Otis who had been arrested
wan taken to tho Yorkvllle Police Court but
was dlschirged
When Itodrliiue reacncd home he becatno
violently lit and tho family physician Dr M 1
I Blockwas summoned Dr Block discovered
It Is said that the switchman was sulTurliiH
from concussion of the brain He died shortly
after 4 oclock yesterday morning sbort
Otis wan rearresstcd 1 and brought before Cor
oner KltzpHtrlck late yesterday Policeman
Wolf stated that HodrlQUes was trying to stop
tho runaway horse when he wa knocked down
and run over Otis was Placed under SlOUO
ball to await thu result of the Inquest to b held
on Sept 0
Dr Field attended to Rodrlques at Roosevelt
Ilosnltnl I examined him as did also others
In the emergency room said Dr FIeld esler
day We found contusions of the lower part
of the abdomen the left foot and left elbow
though he was not seriously hurt and was well
able to BO home
Dr Field was much surprised when told that
Iodrquen was dead and declared that he had
no concussion while at the hospital and that he
did not complain of pains In the head or have
any wounds nn his head Dr Field furnished
the certificate at tollodrloiiess condition which
was tiiKcn to the Yorkvllle Police Court
Why Mr llodrlques was hardly able to get
to a street car with the assistance of his son
when be left the hospital said Mr Isaac
yesterday afternoon and It took two and part
of the way four men to assist him the rest of the
nay home Wo did not want him to leave the
hospital but the doctor there said there was no
reason why he should stay
ills juauLAit rear err
Two role In a Drnnkca Fight TVhteh
leaded to Harder
Anton Kalprlkowsky a stalwart Polish
laborer 20 yean old was murdered a 1240
oclock yesterday morning In front of a saloon
at Twentyfirst and Meadow streets Bayonne
by Frank Supsley I Is I said that the murder
was the result of a drunken row and an old
Several Umes on Saturday night the men met
but the Interference of friends prevented the
trouble between them from reaching a climax
boon after midnight they got together to settle
their differences During the scuttle Supsley
drew either a very sharp knife or a razor and
severed Kalprlkowskys Jugular vein with a
quick slash With the blood spurting from the
gash Kalprlkowsky sought t clutch his assail
ant but be fell to the street The few spectators
were too astonished t Intercept Supaley who
Immediately fled
Dr Alexander Dallas was called t Kalprl
kowsky but the man a beyond help and soon
bled to death The police bad the body removed
to OBriens morgue at Bergen Point where It
was viewed yesterday by County Physician
Charles B Converse who made
I ConveMe mae arrangements
for an autopsy today
The murdered man boarded at 27 East Eigh I
teenth street Bayonne and his murderer I
boarded In a neighboring house Kalprikowsky
was a single man and had no relatives living In
this country except a brother Ir Pittsburgh
fupsley Is a single man with few relathesin
The police were notified at once of the mur
der and they looked for the fugitive through
the entire 1ollth settlement but were unable to
find him The murdered mans friends organ
ized a searching party and all yesterday were
looking Point through Conitable Hook and Bergen
Most of Ibo Poles and Hungarians who are
employed In the chemical works and In the oil
yard llv In cheap tenement houses and
shanties along the shore Every tenement
house and shanty was visited by h searching
party which gradually Increased In size as It
made Ita way through the town No trace of
Supsley could b found I wan lortunate for
him that he was not caught as tIe crowd was
In a temper to make short work of him
The police telephoned and telegraphed to all
the neighboring cities and the ferries were
watched closely bat without success
ji xaxosopmsTs VIEW OF LIFE
ttmm Ie the neal of IIU Own Preexist
eDeeNo Much ThlnK mm Chance
Ernest T Hargrove the English Theosophist
lectured before the HI P I B Theosophical Society
at US West ISSth street last evening His sub
i I Ject was The Brothers of the Flaming Heart
I In leading up to tbe subject of his lecture he
said In part
I Conditions In life are not accidents hut
effects There Is no such thing a chance Re
birth reincarnation Is tbo law of human devel
I opment you come again and attain Into the
world In order tn gaIn experience that you may
Improve advance toward perfection Ktcry
i thing depends upon the man himself he cannot
I bo looked upon at u dare hut only as the result
I of hi own past and he must sue to It that he be
mauler r > his own future
I Mr Hargrove Mid that such men as Christ
were thixe who hail reached perfection and
that the Brother of the Flaming Heart to
tiM Irothe tlamlnl lout some
I extent have realized the Divinity They teach
j the heart doctrine not the head and Intellect
thelos alone They anti opposed to any dogmatism or
I freed forms must die Time will destroy
them If man does not
Invtlllnc or a Tablet J Nt Ambrose
Church Which lie Founded
The bronze tablet set up near the baptismal
font In tbe Church of tit Ambrose De Kalb
and Tom pi In avenues Brooklyn In memory
of the late Rev Father Daniel J heel who
organized the parish about ten years agonas
unveiled last evening The church was crowded
Among tbe visiting clergymen were Vicar
General McNamara who has just become a
loIAh nor and the Rev Father Mitchell the
chancellor of the diocese
The taMit wits fomented to the church by
Postmaster Andrew T 1 Sullivan Chairman of
the commllteti which has hail It In charge and
the speech lt auveptaniCC wits made by the llev
1iithrrM 1 I Carey who has Iwen acting ltnr
Incu the tenth tif Father I Shiwhy The I llev
John M 1 Klely spoke on the life and services
of Father Mieiln
lte 1 tablet Is l I feet R Inches long and 1 feet 11 I
Inches wide 1 Ihte late r btor It I represented es
addressing thn congregation with the breviary
In Ills left hand At the top there is l thin In
stI II lit Wn liso loud him In life let in
not forget him In Ith There I another inscription
scription at the bottom uUInK thu name and
ace nf the prlust Tho tablet Is the wurk of J
Arrested ror Hlartlnz the ItuCTaln Academy
of Altisla rirr
BurrAto Relt H Another arrest In cnnnea
ton with the recent burning of the Academy of
Musto nn roadn lain last nlLlit when Prank
Spring for itneral > ear it an employee of the
academy was taken Into custody on the charge
of starting the blaze hprlng made a partial
conf < 8tnnsa Ing that hn helped lughan antI
Parker to preparu the Imllnriimabla material
but denied thai lift applied the mutch The po
lice ray tIt Iarker nan thorns time In an English
prison tutu Hint limy loire reason to believe
that cloud Vouglian left the name country under a
A Hrewery Uurned
AMiTKiiruu N V Kept iLThe brewery of
Harry K Bowler was burned at an early hour
this morning together with barn and sheds
Tho loss Is I estimated at about SOOOOO The
Insurance h ginouOO Valuable machinery was
burned Including a device for manufacturing
lee whiCh eat vultud lit S0000 A storehouse
owned by llantn llrothere nhodily manulac
Hirers t must liurned Inns 10000 Insured
The brewery took lira from a spark from K
CentralHudson Raltroud engine IIrl
raid 81000 ror lr Murray AOTcetlaBe
TopEKA Ran I Sept bTho 30000 damage
suit which Bernard Murray of Colorado
brought against exCongressman W A Harris
for alienating the affections of his wife has been
settled uy the payment to Murrii of 11uUO suit
tilt nmon by Mr llarrlnof I attorney
fee Mr Harris wss attentive Mrs Murray
and when his trite dIed u your ego lie marrltj
menu her the time latter having tccurrd a divorce In the
lnHLxJ flAir I nix
nt Bright Intellect Honornna Voice Keen
Memory und Physicist l ndnrnnee < llber
Impression Muile Upon the Cardinal
lUtTlMour Kept HCardlnal Gibbons talKed
to 1 large conirrogatlnn today at the cathedral
of his recent European trip The first subject
which naturally occurs to me saId the Cardi
nal regards my several visits 1 to the 1opo
Represent to yourselves I man In his eighty
sIxth year palo and emaciated with a pallor
nlinoit of death upon him His body Is more
bent than It was claht or ten years sio Hut
his eye N bright and penetrating lili ulre Is
strong and his Intellect Is remarkably
Itrol IId sonorous i h Inllcet ImarkRbly
clear and luminous his memory Is I most te
nacious Ho has alro an astonishing power of
DhyMcal endurance which enables him to hold
audiences for several consecutive hour treat
Ing on most Important subjects with Cardinals
nnd foreign representative as well 09 with pri
vate Individuals and passing with ease anti
elasticity of mind from one subject to another
He Is I remarkably familiar with the public
events of tho day
The Holy Father naturally rejoices at the
religious progress of the United Itt and
takes K deep Interest In our political and social I
Institutions and admires our republic where I
we havo authority without despotism and lib
erty without license and where our strength
lies In the Intelligence and patriotism of the
people For eighteen yean the 1ope ha
lve within tho walls of the Vatican except
when he takes some recreation In the Vatican
gardens He sometimes retires to those gar
dens and resides In the summer house during
the heated term
In speaking especially of the condition of the
Catholic Church In France the Cardinal all
If compare the relations the dovern
ment of that country and of our own Govern
ment to tho Catholic Church In particular the
result will b on the whole In our favor Tho
Bishops and clergy are not permitted build I
church or a schoolhonse or a presbytery or an
asylum or n hospital without the previous per
mission of the Government They cannot even
mal Ploy repairs without the civil sanction I
once was tlie guest of a Bishop In Franco who
occupied a palatial mansion He was honored
with a military guard who paced up and down
outside his palace I congratulated tho Bishop
on his splendid appointments and the honor
pad to him He shook his head In reply ana
said to me Monslgnnnr all Is not gold that
glitters I cannot construct even a sacristy
without the previous permission of the civil
authorities who glvu the plans and superintend
the building I a Clergyman exercises his pus
pel tree by crlticlning the conduct of the
Government he Is I Ilablu to have his salary
withdrawn or to b fined and Imprisoned or b
subjected Ui other pains and penalties
Thank God we enjoy In this country the
amplest liberty of worship and freedom of con
science Wu have a fair field and no for We
can build churches and schools anil I parsonages
and hospitals and a lums without askIng the
permission of the Goernraent The only re
striction Imposed upon us Is I the limit or our
purses The Uovernment holds over us the
aglsoflta protection without Interfering with
our Uodgieu liberties or Intermeddling In
Church matters We are quite content with
this state ot things For If the Goternmvnt
undertook to build our churches and tn subsi
dize our clergy It might soon dictate to us what
doctrines of religion we should preach I
Speaking of the enormously bevy taxation of
the people ot Europe for tho supp < > rtof the great
standing armies the Cardinal mild
AH the powers no doubt are most anxious
for a general disarmament but none of anxou I
disposed to take the Initiative Whatever com
plaints may b mode abouttaxatlon among us
the burden Is I proportionately light In compari
son with the countries of Europe We han < no
large standing armies unless we consider us
such ourgraml army ot pensioner hose tlalll
fur their patriotic sorvlco wilt expire tome time
lu the next century Jlanplly for ns we hay flo
entangling alliances JIIPly no formidable
or threatening neighbors atourdoors The day
that a monarch would be established In close
proximity to us on the American continent
would b the beginning of our troubles
In the towns and villages and country dis
tricts of Europe the Cardinal raid he found tho
people comfortably clothed hal anl con
tented The people of the agricultural districts
a not yet Infected with the fever that burns In
tha breast of our farn > rsof hurrying from
the country to the city and hastening to get
rich This he said Is a serious misfortune
with as
Another cause of the contentment of the
people he continued His In the religious
Faith which they profess la every village and I
hamlet through which I passed you can see the
church occupying a central position with Its
cross ascending to the skies In that church
people are taught to b content with their con I
dition of life Ihey learn there that the king
dom of God Is not meat and drink but juttlce
pence and Joy In the Holy pirlt
In making these comparisons between our
European brethren and ourselves It cannot h
denied that we hate some evils to b redressed
some abuses to correct and that there lire some
vulnerable spot in our political and social
armor Hut after making the admbtlons we
have reason t be prnud nt our nations past and
hopeful of our nations future
TlearGeaeral Kennedy Invested mm Mois
Icnor I
STUACUSB Sept 14The Very Rev John J
Kennedy VicarGeneral of the Catholic Diocese
of Syracuse wu formally Invested at a Mon
signor today The offlce carries with It the
innorof membership In tho Popes household
The ceremony nis performed by Illshop 1 Lud
den many distinguished priests from other
citIes being p risen U
Hr Waken sad Mr Iauterbach
To THI EDIToR nr Tin Svi SIr I see by Tmtr Srt
that Mr Edward Iauterharh seeks to secure an In
dictment aoalnit me uy the Irani Jury for criminal
libel In JuitlcoloMr t Iulfrlwch I big to icy that I
lave not ant do nut charge him with forgery
MEW roue M IbUJ Wan K Wagutx
rw OR bptt Ila WILll WUD
Openlnc or the Festival In Aid or ale
KoiculU Monument
There was an entertainment at Terrace Garden
lat evening the proceeds of which will go t
swell the lull Kossuth Monument fund Al
though It had been announced that tho singing
and festivities would begin at I oclock In the
afternoon It was after I before the entertain
nent got under way By that hour thin large
mil was crowded with Hungarians and their
friend A good many of thu men wore the
Hungarian peasant cotnmi consisting of a
IghtllltIng white Jacket ultli nurmols sleeves
H skirt of the sumo color that reached 1 to the
knee and fancy colored stockings A cap Mir
mounted by u Honing feiitltL added to the pie
flirt sqitentes of their costume Tim young
Ilnllrll 1 I women looked iixceiMlncly I prntty
linn wax to have lueii dancing at Hi oclock
all a great many persuim were present tn tee
the I lit niiiirlan national I daice but It I was mid
night befuro this proprimimn waiitniin through
with ami then every one wan 10 tired lIar
further exorilon
TII I 1 wiI I bo tho gala night All the Hun
garian ouig men unit women wil com < ar
rncil l In their national toMumcs and the etrn
hut will tin I Chen over In i tbn I actlucnf short
plcL portrayIng semen In llunitarluu lifo and
thu I dancing of the O Magyar cjirdus
jturcnKiia TO MKIT rv BUFFALo
A tonpnny May lie Formed lo Fight the
Uetlrrn Inekerm
A special train left over the West Shore Rail
road last evening at I I oclock conveying dele
gates from Now York Brookl > Mantachu
lo Rhode Island and Connecticut to the an
nual Convention of the Butchers National Pro
tective Association which Is held this year In
UutTato and begins there today
HI Is understood that the Iowa delegation will
put forward a scheme to form a company made
tin of butchers In the organisation for the pur
p ise of erecting n monster abattoir and packing
f house to ci tu million dollars whlih will i I It Is
expected ollsit tha growing Irilluunce of the
large Weilerii puckers who now practically
control the American meat market
Delegates from almost every mat In the
I nloii will be present and aonminndallon has
been provided for over 1000 visitors William
FIeld of iniblln thu butcher member of the
English Parliament was specially Invited but
at the last moment cabled huts regrets
Dlebop WhIUbenil nt the Church of ti
Nts tivIty
Bishop Whitehead of Pittsburgh preached
yesterday at thI P 1 K Church of the Nativity
In 13ilth street near Ienox avenue In the
course of his sermon he h said
in the history of the Church we see that
schism has always been productive of evil con
sequence Iliougli schlmmtlcpersonsliasenflun I
been nf admirable chnrui ler the IrnleMant
Church as I whole thould bear this lu wild
Having our new Full line of Fnrnltnro
rcmly we will he pleased t nhnw the Mme
Intending purcbnscrs should see thU exten
sive line before lnclnl theIr orders because
tho price lira very low and the styles so
attractive Workmanship bearing our
guarantee must prove satisfactory
47 4 49 West J4th St
One Thousand Men nnil SOO Girl Sleet at
IVnllmlliv Hull
The strike of tho Knee Pants Makers Union
which wan ordered on Saturday nfteruoon went
Into effect yesterday morning About 1000
mel and LOO girls Instead of going to work re
ported nt room 1 on the top floor of Wnlhalla
Hall which will be the headquarters of tho
Aliotit 400 members of the union were still at
tl a
work In shops which had rot been located by
the Hlrlko Committee These shopii will bo
visited today and tho workers called Olt The
Strike Committee consists of Max Ieln 111D
man I Frcedman T Aulbert S Xloclilnn and
M I Iicssnrr with Walking Dclegato Itosonthal
as an exofllclo member
fie girls weru among the first arrive at the
hall They appeared In the highest spirits
Ninio ThOr said that striking won tho best
kind of fun When n speaker at tbe meeting
which followed adjured the audience several
times to stick lotrclher like mono of the girls
shouted who becim to think her sex was being Ignored I
And like women to
Of course said the speaker and like
women too Theyre the best strikers of all
The girls applauded while the men cheered
In regard to thu cause of this strike nil acknowledged
knowledged lhat the contractors were wflllni to
Krint thin advance of wanes demanded what
ever It might have been but were nut wllllnir to
give the curl asked binding tel to keep I
contract fur a year The leaders said that the
advance rear enable t he knee pnl
makers to earn 3n to 810 a week by working ten
hours a day on piece work while formerly they
bad to work twelve or fourteen hours n duy to
earn as much
Tho security asked Is I S30 In rash on200 In
bonds from each contractor Several
bllis trol contrac
tors came to sign contracts and give security
yesterday but as no legal contract can lie en
tered Into on Scnday they were told lo coma
again today
The trlke Committee will appoint pickets to
day to watch the shops
The First ninrkcmUhn VisIon In I New York
started Ienterdnj
A meeting was held In Military Hal at 103
Bowery last evening to organize the first union
of blacksmiths ever formed In New York
Blacksmiths from Brooklyn and Jersey City
were present The meeting was called by the
National Brotherhood of Blacksmiths Gcorgo
Hell of Chicago general organizer of the
tlrotherhood for the East and several delegates
from the Central Labor Union I addrc cd the
The said that the 1000 blacksmiths In New
York boil no uniform ratu of wave some
earning 5 tint some 1 a day A number of
tOe shunt weru In cellars and haseuif nts
The Brooklyn and termer City blacksmiths
who were nt the meeting onjecltd joining a
New York blacksmiths1 union saying they
wanted unions of their own The New Yofc
men present promised 1 to join a union If enoiiKh I
others enrolled to make It of some SilO A meut
11i of the New York men will b hell next
Friday to enroll members and appoint oflliers I
Meetings for the same purpose will he held In
Brooklyn and Jersey Cit > 1lrp > aturday I
fovani triTit IIIK ITA LIA vs
Two lien Hurt 1 the Annnnl Online or
the I > run Club
The Drum Association composed of young
men living In the Fifth and Eighth ward had
their third annual outing yesterday at Idle Wild
Grove near Whltesloce There aro a number
of Italians living near tho picnic grounds and
soot ot these were hired to remove the beer and
refreshments trim the barges to the grove
The oxcurloulsis had n pleasant lime until
about t oclock when some of the party got
Into I a dispute with that Italians Alight began
and bottles knle and pistols were used I
James Hughes a bartender 4J far 011 nf 44J
Hudsoi street waa stabljed In the right breast
hty the Italians and Harry Long o 1 > cars old
tit MS Vnt Ihlid trectwiu hit In tho heal
whrn It I trout to lunches I < tMsimcn Tltepiitlra
bent Iatrnl landiil at thin grove and hrouuht
the wounded men lo the Hellevno llnopiinl
dock Hugheaa Injuries are not serious but
Loncs skull was txisMbly fractured
Mrs II nrletli riliuhelti He hart Who
tiny Mke h 106 True Oll
A spry grayhaired colored woman who said
she was Henrietta Kllralieth De Hart boarded
a New Jersey and New York train nt llacken
sack eslerdav morning Intending to get out at
Carlstadt Mio was curried tin to Jcr ey City
She told Conductor Samuel Johnson that sIt
was 100 years old and had no home She was
on her way to Carlladi I to visit some negro
children who wrr III i I I and 1 ii ild nit hear the t con I
dui tor call out the name of Cite station Mm I
aid she had len trailMine about the country
all n > jiurie and d > ctnr for nepmeM for many
jrars tie slept at the homes of her patients
1hl old unman said t she did nut kin where
shewaH born but thin she was turn she was a
girl about II I h yenri old in isol Stir said slit
Conn had been told that nhu was born In Hartford
Ill XVhlpped III Mittthrr and the Lnttrr
ir enl to lill
Charles Kyrltz 22 year > old of HIS Eat lOd
street n a prisoner In the Harlem Court yes
terday morning charged with assaulting his
stepfather William T Nestor 00 years old On
SiituriKy nlrht the neighbors called In Officer
Xorn of the East 104th street station and ho
found the two men flthtlnir Ho arrested Kyrllz
for nsiiult and SIr for Icing rlnK rest
YiBterdny nt llnrleni Court Kjrlu exulnlned
In ii it icist raiD Si tnt tint tat bis iUpfnllier had
cornu hiimidrunk mid bad iMgun In bint his
wif > Kyrits mother KnlU all this was his
vxiuse for the nsnult
Mnglslrnln Hlimns dlsi haried the young man
roil lined to jail 1 Ncbtor 10 He couldnt pay I Indwelt
Tlie Hehonl Hhlp Ml > fnrye nt Home
The school ship MU Maryswhlch left this port
I her annual cruise four months ago docked at
the foot of last uulyellhlb street yeilerdny
afternoon Iho trip wise uneventful Hho car
ried sIxty boys Sin loft New London on June
I for M Milhauls Uhboii and Mincbal I anti
then startKl in her return trip Thi nwas nn
Me ltHK mi iKiird and thu UDS wiie all i ss Ill
lie hiaviti lit t bii > < I aye let I ho ship fur their
ncntlonand 1 Cite t Maryf goes out of commis
sion until Jai 1
A lioutuies Sum llrenU Iitto Market Htnll
Joseph Gllmnn H years old n truck driver
who admits that he has no homo was held In
1000 bull at Harlem Court I yesterday for
hreaklnl Into stall 1H n111 nt llnrlem Mar
ket early on baturdav iimrnlnir Oilman was
nrreMtd on tlio le umntiy of rrank Osthlnof
alll Hast i lllld street who iuew I I l I I I lan tCcii lug
ititlust Oct from thin unlit I 55 hill an luised lt iy
leilui Whlsiwl a pio > UIin duiilir Ollmun U
charged and garden with truck I stealing u quantity of putatou
lir NKtn CuiiKlit the llnrclar
Thomas Cnnnavan 4i jears old of 1071
Union street enternl tho apatments nf Mrs
Mary Steen at 331 Bergen street Brooklyn on
riaturda > by cllmbint up th lire tmapo and
opening ono nf the window Ho was suiurltcxl
by Mrs hleen while ho WHS bundling up hooks
amid clothing and WIIH buhl I prisoner by her
until 1nlli email Mnnd was culled Tlie burglar
was taken t thu Bergen street station
A Chicago Man Fell OITit Trolley Vmr
M Marcnse a commercial traveller of 3030
Vlncennea avenue Chicago HI was riding on
the rear platform of a Ienox avenue under
ground trolley car ao It turned tho corner of
Columbus utcnuu nnd lOlUh street jeMerduy
nftiriixn Die IUlcl I t of tho t cur In i turning
throw him oil und ho fell on hU side nu the
Hone pavement Three of lute rib wire brokcn
and I received Inlirnul Injuilcs flu WI tden
I tu Manhattan Jlujultid
t I
Nlur ElSU8 oorjiitxonsitii
A Reuetlon Among Repnhllenne In Hie
Invoi drills Chnneen Injured bJ iLls
Vnpoptilnrlty Among the Oermnn Voter
Chancellor Melllll end Ancustue 1Y
Cutler Favorite Demoerntle Cnndldntee
TIIEVIOV Sept 0The elections of delegates
to the Republican State Convention will be held
In several counties during the latter part of this
week but most of them will tko place early
next week There has been a change In senti
ment since the stampede of the Mercer county
lenders to Grlggs ton days ago KxCnngrcss
man Kcnns managers wont quickly to work
and now thcro Is I a decided change In the condi
tions Thu stampede has been checked and the
Indications are that Mr Kean will b tho nomi
nee The fight will bo between him and
Olht wi helvcen all Orlggs
Tho friends of Kilns 8 Ward of Kstcx Senator
Vonrhicsof Union anti brnator Rogers of Cam
den ndmlt thin but their favorites remain In tlio
light In the hope that the struggle will become
so fierce that a compromise will b forced This
hope however Is not likely to be realized
Orlggsd temporary lead was duo to the story
his supporters tprcnd that Kean was unpopular
neil lull not run well Since then there has
been an overhauling of tho diction returns
which show that Mr Kean got some 3000 more
votes than Gen Harrison received In 1HII2 and
that Gov WcrUs plurality over Kean was only
about half of Abbetts over Grubb In 1800 and
less than Gov Greens over llowey In 1880
The Grlggs men have been accusing Keans I
friends also of trying to buy UI Essex county
but Major Carl Ientr thin Chairman of the
Kssox Republican Committee has disproved
thIs ellrlo and has manic a statement giving
the reasons for thin cipposltlon toUrlfSsIn Kssox
Major lcntr cays that Grlggs Is distasteful
to the Germans Lecuuo of his course In
tho Senate regarding tho local option law
passed by the Republicans In 18H8 At
that time thu Major eats Senator Grlgcs went
out nf his way to slur Cite Germans and they
wilt square the account this year Major Lentz
rays llrlggss nomination not only would lUlu
the Republicans tha Governorship but also all
the otllics In Kssvx county and for that reason
hi Isoppimed I to Grlirg nomination
These 1 btatementH and cnunterslalementshave
Injected conslderablu bitterness Into the can
VOSH and tha contest Is I likely to grow dully
tept1 moru bitter until the Convention meets on
Mr Keans friends say tho toasts of the
GrlgEs men that they will I get sold delegations
from Chit northern tier of counties are untrue
There Is I n strong Kean sentiment In Morris
Wnrrnn Huiiterdon Middlesex Monmouth
and Ocean tounlles In the large counties of
Hudson und ounte Kenn will gel a majority of
thin delegates whim In Mercer and Burllnvrton
bet will bold his own at least In southern New
Jersey there will be but few Miles for anybody
ele Both thu leading candidates have Len
making elTorts to get the support of Gen Sets ell
thin knowliilful Republican leader In New
Jersej hut the General steadfastly declines to
Interfere standing by his declaration mado
early In Clue spring that all the candidates are
good men and that I would bo unfair and Inir
IKillilc for him to lake part In the contest Gen
Seweli however makes no secret of the fact
that exCongressman Kean Is I his personal choice
because ho consented to accept the nomination
thu years ago when thu conditions were un
ravorabtp tn Ittnuhliran success
The Democrats will name their candidate on
lt 211 a week after tho Republican Conven
tion Thi < Democratic leaders are playing a
waiting game ready to take advantage of any
mistakes made by their political enemies
Chancellor Mdilll and exCongressman Augus
tus W Cutler lure the favorite candidates with
ihrtdllTrrenre between them that the Chnncel
br Is lot t > eckirg thin nomination while utler
la working to let it Cutler it making a jar
atonal cunas and has circulated 1 petitions for
signers with a Mew to getting bis niuno nn the
oRlclal ballots whether he hal b nominated
or not lids It is believed will girt
wil Ilv
hint a considerable advantage In the Conven
tion He I i is I the choice of mot of tho t
Mniiller t ountlu Chairman Allen T I McDcr
mott of the stat oimnitteu favors tin
nomination of Attorne Ijenernl John 1 I Mock
ton VNMIeMr Mockton t I mid to be unwilling
toaecepl thin nomination he refutes to cay any I
thing for publication and till is I taken to Indl
Jito mat he may b prevailed upon tn run
Urtlci Job IIpplncott and Senator William I I
Daly of Hudson county Judge Clifford Stanley
Mmnjif Ilurllngtnn and Judgo Howard Carrow
of Caruden r also among the possible candi
< 0
On ept 17 the Liquor Dealers Association of
New Jersey ulll hold a Convention In Iatersoi
The aftoclattnq boasts a membership of HOOO
One I of thu matterii lo he cnnsldered Is I what
course the association will take In lh coming
cnmnnlgn The > iiect Ire County Jndlrlarv law
Is I regarded 1 by thu saloon keepers at Inimical to
tlielr liitorests sluice under It Judges might bo
elected who would refute to grant len e 5 The
< irant
deliberations of the liquor dealer may have
much C tiC Ions Intlueucu on the action ot both Stale ConS I
UK HIT THE xlrRcrrrE
A Neuro ITiiteher Kept Weltaftliler Out of
u Hulnnn
Shortly before S oclock yesterday morning
Detective Wcltzfelder of the Wett Ihirty
scventh Street ctatlon attempted to gain en
trance by means of the side door toth saloon
of William R Nelson at 100 Seventh avenue
but was refused admittance by the watcher
William Daniels a negro of 232 West Forty
sixth street In the otrugglo which followed
the negro bit tho left forellnger of the di tec live
WellMiter broke hl is uinlinllu over Ihn lie
Enis head nnd ss Itn the asaist alice nf t f I iLtect Ito
MIIMIII marched i iii ii lilt tn I i tliu t station hciu e
On their way the > were inlerferid with by
another necro named AlexamU r Brlggi who
dlsiii eirtil down a cellar n hen they attempt d
to arrest him After jilv tug I liii ida In the
siatlon hnux Deleitive Weltfelder returnetl
thnuigh Vut hlriyseventh I street here he
acaln oncounterod Brlggs and arreitcMl him
U inn arrilchiil helm I e MiiuMralc l Cornell I In
Jefferson Market Court jeMerdu both prison
ers dinlid tho t rharves iigalnst them Itrlzus
was lined JIand Danlcis wits held In 1000
ball for trial
Drug Clerk Feertrrlek Held but Not
horsed with Attempting Hiilelde
Albert Fredericks thus drug clerk who took
cyanide of piitiiDslum on Satuntay morning af
ter his arrest by Iollcoman Mnjckel nf the East
rUth street station for felling whiskey to a
ruHomer was arraigned at Chit Harlem Court
yesterday morning und hi Id In 100 ball for
Fndcrlcks whu on Saturday cave his nameas
Joseph llvrthnlemew stas not rliargeil w Ith at
tern hit el milclile as U stats tindcretDod ho had
taken thu drug to brace his nerves and had
taken nn merilnsc
liilUeppu liahuclnnf not 1 tout h 104th street was
held In I Siuil 1 bv Aiteg 11 rate Si tti flue fur trial for
violating the Kxclso mv
barged nllh Helllnic Ilqunr After hour
John Conefry of 413 ist Fiftysixth street
who Is emplii > ed as bartender In Cashlns saloon
at ATI Klghth avinuu HUH held In I S 100 I ball by
Magistrate Cornell yesterday at thn Jcflerion
Market Court In ansner to tin charge of violat
ing I th licln I law U I WIIH rlalmed bat t on Irl
da > nlghlHflei i t houis t Itt sIi n gluts ci f beer to
iiciirge I trliuof I 41J 1 1 r > evimih 5 uveiiue wliii wat
nctingiu > stool plgion lor Chit S i lThlrtysev
unit ii ti reel pnlliii Cnnefry ss a arresttil on
Saturday evening un a warrant
Michael Slcven proprietor of a naloonatDS t
Varlck strict and his lirtuutsiur William Kent
hog wet is also held In i 100 I hull tnnnknrr I u toa
suit liii r charge They us rio arristiui for keeping
open after 1 oc loek on Miturday nlglit
MunntnUo Fhaiti titer liad only two excise
caua hi l fore htm in I thu i uirk yule Court yeslur
dnv William I Dilnnny I nf f hilt i hmiind avenue
admitted giving u ilrlnk tn Policeman1 I lianms
IIDojIe I h I at cit using time I fin Saturday night
Hi 1 was held tue othir ease that of James 1
Mcllvanev nf 71li Second avenue was dismissed
Inc luck of evidence
rollermnn Htieu Clubbert Collln
Iollceman Slice of the Madison street elation
while enforcing the Excise law In the saloon of
John McMahnn at JJ77 Division street was an
kuullvd by Jeremiah Collins of IIOil East Broad
way Hheu ttriick Collins on Cite hi ml with his
billy lulllctlng a scull wound Collins I was
taken to Gouvorneur Hospital sheas Injuries
Wynn slight
Hllver Conference In Alabama
DinuiNnilAU Ala Sept htCol S W John
who was a delegate to tho silver conference lu
Washington recently his Issued a call for n
State conference of silver Democrats tu meet
here on next Tuesday Ihu conference will be
held in compliance with bugguslloiin niiulu by
thin Washington confi rent u and Senators Mor
gall and Iugh and t atttrecatimfttl i > N heeler
llinklicud Robblns I nhbuiid Slid ii tugs Nearly
all these nun will atlend thu confcreiicu
Thn dflK fr of ri INTN FINK Fun
MTllli must lie Mnielleill n > well as ur
llxllv < huve Beillca up Iii 0 clock they have
this 11 5 West KUd et
Soil Ihrotuhenl the world cal ir cltllr by Knrtlik nt
Amvrtesn chtmlm 1 alt th 1 r 1r Hrttlita dtpoti
r Niwunr us i I XIng r linden form
DUG UI CHI C05p ttohJotaittostos U H A
RUMZJCTH lit JR nostr niatiTS
Magistrate Crane Olijeet Ia Repented Be
nneetH to JCrmand
Detective Sergeant McAulcy of the Central
Offlce asked Magistrate Crane In the Tombs
Court yesterday to again remand the three al
leged United States mall robbers William
Hamilton alias Wilson Morgan John Gray
and Frank Grlflln
I J McMnnns who appeared for the prison
ers objected to a further remand The law
allows but two remands said he and these
mon have been remanded three times
I certainly wont hold them said Magis
trate Crane to Detective McAulcy You just
tell Capt OBrien that Ill do all I can to aid
him but that I cant hold anybody In violation
of their rights
Hamilton was then discharged A United
States Deputy Marshal had a warrant for him
on complaint of having a mall box key In his
possession when arrested Ho will be arraigned
oday before United States Commissioner
Magistrate Crane said he would discharge the
other two unless MoAuley had evidence against
Ill make affidavit on Information and be
hot said the detective He then snore that
Dray Issued a worthless check by which the No
tional Cash Register Company of Dayton O
suffered He couldnt state thin sum He swore
Clint Mr Holmes nf that company fully Identi
fleet Gray and that ho bad Information that
Griffin was In collusion with Gray
This Is simply n subterfuge said McManns
to have the men remanded till tomorrow
But Ill have the complainant bore tomor
row said McAuley
But why not have him here today 7 said
Magistrate Crane Im sure ho could be here
and If It wasnt convenient for him to be here
thats no reason why the prisoners should
1 triad yesterday to send a telegram to get a
lawyer firinin hero put In I tried to give it
to thu messenger but they pushed him from
me Detective McAuley said he could not give the
sources of Information for his belief that Grlffln
was In collusion with Gray and Grlffln was then
disc hnrged
Gray was held till this morning and was
locked up in the Tombs
Waiter CahnnEh ay He Was Grossly
Abnied nt the Onk ritrtet Station
William T Cubnagh a waiter at 231 Broad
way who lives at 35 Bowery got Into trouble
on Saturday evening whllo gazing upon two
little wooden boats riding at anchor after a
days sail In quest of unrefrlgeratcd redhot
nchtlngnews William quit work shortly be
fore 0 oclock and joined the throng on Park
row Whllo standing In front of a newspaper
office a man In citizens clothes who proved to
ito > Policeman James H McCroryof the Oak
treet station grasped him by the arm Cab
iagh says the ofllcer pulled him roughly across
the street In the direction of the bridge telling
ilm ho was wanted
Cabnagh protested but to no avail He says
that when he asked what he was wanted for his
captor said Thais all right Im on to yon
Ill dx you
Before reaching tho bridge so Cabnagb states
hey were Joined by another man In citizens
clothes who proved to be Officer Henry Towsma
alw of the Oak Street squad At the station house
the officers churned Cabnagh with being a sus
picious cliaricter and Insisted lhat he was trying
to hick a womariii pocket when arrested W hen
he protested his Innocence the prisoner say
the utflicir broke out in a torrent of foul and
nliiislvo language antI struck him with their
IMs tune times in the mouth and head and
kicked htm In the side According to Cnbnazh
all this t happened In t front of the desl k In full
view nf Acting Captain Walter I Thompson
unit others who were In the room Tho prisoner
vas tliPii locked up In ibotil half nut hour ho
says the cell door was unlocked and he was
permitted logo He sa > s he heard Acting Cap
tain ihompsun tell the elek Sergeant that
there was no evidence on which the prisoner
could ho held
Cabnach states that as he left the station
house McCrory and Towsma renewed their
Uridti of nliulio language and told him tn
sneak lively or the would cavp his face In
When Cnlmagh went to Iollce Headquarters
yesterday morning to tell his story bo was told
to call again In a day or two At the Oak
street station thn Sergeant admitted that Cab
nagh had lieen looked up for a few minutes
but denied that he was struck or abused In any
Cabnagh Is spoken of as a quiet Industrious
man by his landlord who says he has known
tuba for nearly live years
Tie Slnster of CVremoulen Nlrleken While
Dnnelng with the undo
Jacob Kstes 3 yearn old of COO Packman
street Brooklyn who sold Jewelry through the
country on commotion came back from the
West a few clays ago to attend the wedding of
Miss Dora Schwlckcy and Samuel IIcbman
which took place on last Saturday night at the
home of the brides parents In Livonia street
hear Sacktusn Ml sSchwlckey Is popular In the
Brownsv district mini there acre many guests
at the reception Thin dancing continued far
tilt the night
Young K lrs trea the master of ceremonies and
at thn t suppiir loutcd tho bride and groom
Eitrly itt tie morning waltzing with the bride
lie suddi uly turned w bite threw up Ills hands
fell to the floor and died almost Instantly I In
tbn excitement nf the moment threo women
fainted The danro was stopped and the guests
departed nt once u
Mr Ksles Inn ninny friends In East New York
Ho wn unmnrrled and Mipiioitd his aged
lather and mother Tim doctors said thimtt heart
disease was thu causo of death
Nnil Fnetory Keilurlnic its Force
AniiriiinN imi Sept H American Wire
Nail Company operating thelargent plant In the
Unltid Status t jeitndiy posted notice that It
would cut Its force In tho > sIte nail ilipartment
nnelialf beginning with Monday Hits means
that It U tumble to nlniu all I the nulls being
made 1 I ho company e mitOhuiyaltJOl l persons
Tho Weulhrr
The pressure was Rinerully at loe the norms tn the
middle Atlantic and New HiKlmnl States vesterday
tnt httii the weather clear and warm Show in fell
over the south Atlvilli Stats nnd In Kmikai Mln
nesois and fsouth liiiknlo An aria of tow Iressiuro >
was over the Strtiwet dean liu warm weather
northward from Ina Ihofriiilnj I weather elIcIt
wet o > er tlio uipI < r31lulitlppl Mutts has In en disol l
pan it 1
In ihi city the ihisy ws fair not wnrmeri hlchesi
oflliUI liiniKruIuin HI Itie nit Ilttt wind weit
aversze vi iO1 ll > eUlit lithe an hour average hiiniM
Ity us percent liimmucr lornvtid tu real lo sea
ItMl lit HAM Lulu 1 1 M hilll
The lli minimm r it l Il rrV pharmacyHi K hulMInf
rtroritedtlieteiiii < ruliiriie > lir > t iui follow i
liii it ILi III
ii A t 71 70 i io i p3t
Ii t TI iu i I si sit
Ii 5 Si 4 t it I II s 71
12 Au It iih 7ta
Cttrsu nie eit 11 1101
55 ttttlII Ittcssr roll StOSittY
Fur New Iitghntm airt lib sariaiie whtuuis
warmer Iti irttsunit
ur raakrse ew Eurk ftlr ttit wish iJTing to
lurratterurenniilvanla fair southeaiterly wludat
warmer In central pnrllnu
tor Delaware and 5uw t Jersey falri llfht Tarl
able w intli
for thus Dlitrlct of Coliiinlla and Maryland fair
but partly cloudy with s lsiiriy shifting to southerly
winds illgut ihinei In temperature
Fur Vcst Virginia ssustrrn New York wfctUm
riunijlianU suj oblu Ulr si uiintr ivluji ililflug
to loulbciljr
r 4
p j
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jtviixn CLAHRIA BJ51OMI1lLJf
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rnneii on ChlneieNuMeetii In ThU Country
WATKRTOWIT N V Sept 11The Hon John
W Foster delivered an address tonight In the
FIrst Presbyterian Church of this city of which
his soninlaw the Rev A M Dulles Is pastor
In the course of his address ho made the foU
lowing references to the recent Chlncto riots
I Tho opinion formed by inc after careful ln
qulry and observation Is that the mass of the
population In China
particularly tlio common
people are not specially hostile to the mlfslon
aries anti their work
They have beon per
mitted to ponolrnto every part of that vast 4
empire with as little disturbance aa tlie
Chinese laborers have spread themselves over 1hl
the United States and In case of danger the 4 I f
authorities have usually exerted themselves 14
for their protection Occasionally riots have
taken place but they are almost Invariably
traced to tIme literati or prospective ofllce
holders and the ruling classes Those are often
bigoted and conceited to the highest dcgre and
regard tho teachings of the missionaries isa
tending to overthrow the exl tlng order of gov I
ernment and society which they look upon as
perfect system and sanctified by great antinul
ty The war with Japan which resulted In a
humiliating peace and thin toss of territory baa i
greatly weakened the Imperial authority and i hi
the disbandment of several hundred thousand
Croons mostly without receiving the pay dnw
them has added very much to the prevailing
discontent and disorder Under such clrcnmJ fl
stances It Is not strange that riot should occur
and that tho widespread missions should be the f
chlsf sulTcrem These riots have been mostly
confined to pillaging and destruction of prop
erty the chief exception being the Kuohena t
massacre which has Justly horrlflcd the civil1
izeil world w r
Hut wo In America should be chary of one
condemnation when wo recall the many out i
rages which have been Inflicted orxm Chines
subjects In Clue United States and remember i
that the Hook Springs Wy riot a few years
ago was equally cruel and fatal In Ita results lii
and reflected more severely upon our authori u
ties Although only a few weeks have elapsed
since the Kucbeng massacre the telegraph In
forms us that near a score of participants hay
already been condemned to death more than a > T
liundred are In prison awaiting trial and the
Imperial Government Is I already arranging to
fully compensate the mlistona for all their
loses In contrast with this summary admin l
istration of Justice by the Chinese authorities w j
stands tho fact that no punishment followed tha
Rock Springs massacre compensation was de
hayed for three years and then accompanied by cc
legislation against the Chinese which was pro
nounced by our Supreme Court u In violation
of treaty but without remedy u
I am however tn full sympathy with tha
provallmgdemand In the United States that the
Chinese Government should be held to a strict
kcconntablllty for these outrages But In do
ng this care should be exercised by our Gov
ernment that It does not lend Itself to advance
the sinister projects of European Governments
which arc on the alert to turn the Internal
troubles of China to their own benefit The
United States Is strong enough to act Indepen
dently of European combinations and China
has liever yet failed to comply with Ita just de
mands There seems to be In a part of the publlo i
press of our country a misconception of the LI
ground upon which our dovernment bases ita i44
nterventlon on account of these riots U Is not
because we are a Christian country and are ui
seeking to support a Christian prona
gandism in China It Is simply because the
leonlo In whose behalf our Uovernment
ntervenes are American citizens pursuing
a vocation guaranteed by treaty and per
mitted by Chinese law H should aUo
je borne In mind that the Imperial Government
has repeatedly recognized thu salutary liiKu
coca of Christian missions In their moral ten
leticles their educational and medical work
and their charities The American missionary
his thai nme right to go Into all parts of the
Chinese empire and preach and teach In the
name of his Maker aa the American merchant
lap to carry on his trade with South America
or the islands of thn Pacific and he has the
fame right to Invoke the nroieclluii of his Gov
ernment when his lawful vocation Is unduly oo
structed or UU life or property put In peril
Central Labor Union Htnrte BnbMrtptle4S r
for the Victim
At tho meeting of the Central Labor Union
yesterday Delegate Fancy of the Hexagon
abor Club referred to the West Third street I
building disaster He said that the courts C
seemed to be apathetic about It i
Wo find ho added that the Grand Jury
after seven weeks have elapsed has laid the
matter over The city has not even started is u
subscriptIon for the widows ana orphans of the 5
victims When another and different political i
action hued control of matters there were no
such delays 4 I
After some discussion It was decided that the
C L I I should open subscription lists for the is
widows and children of those killed In the col j s
ap < e A committee consisting of Delegate f
arley Lenahan McGlll Hoadley Wold era 4o
Mitchell Gunn and Carroll was appointed to 1
act In tho matter 4 4
s1 1
Bishop Vlcier fusses a Mew arohia
A new parochial school building connected
with St Nicholass Catholic Church In Ferry sf
street near Central avenue Jersey City wee
bleed yesterday afternoon by Bishop Wlgger tvf
Many priests assisted In the ceremony and mJ tf
large crowd looked on The Hev Father Wey 4j I
and the rector ot the church manairtd tual
rlalr The Key Father Harpes SJ Presldocl
of St Peters College delivered an address The
building U of brick with terra cotta lrimmlngst
and cot 40000
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Children Cry for
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