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If tmr frlnili vfin finr iu HIA mnntwcrlnli for
I I imtllnillon uM I la I hate rtlrdnl arllrlrt rttvnnt
i larv miul n d nun ed Xamp for Adlj > tirpMS
i tvAt NiwsThe tltv and Siiniitlisn News hiretn
I f the BfiTri ImuJi iiiI < l JK YflR K AMocutr1
liiMil h I nl ill I in VI 11 street All Information ami
ilr imieMli Mr public us Instantly disseminated lo I
I the press uf the wholeuuuulrjr I
I I IN I n Dentil Kontciico
term as Senator will expire ono year from
jl next March Tim Klsliituro thnt will
choose his successor Is I to lis elected at n
1 limn when the linn ITTIFW STANIEV
QlMY8 power In the Stnte organization Is
i almost absolute
It itsid 1 to bo CASIIUOS mill Qlvv In the
Idpublican polltlci I t of Pennsylvania tar
I uvirnl years It I has IKCII ytAY mil CAM
mos Whether this channels duo toper
mmnl Imliflcrince on tho part of tho senior
Senator ami a ruxrliiK disinclination to
exert lilniMlf itt I tho practice of the arts of
political manipulation or merely to supe
rior ski and energy on thu part of tho
I junior docs not matter much 1 no fact or
1 Itnportnnce Is that It Is QUAY mid CAI
Ij I EIIOS today rather than CAMEUOX and
QUAY and the question of Importance Is
I whether tomorrow It will b QUAY and
Somebody Else
Tliiso considerations Impart unusual In
I terest to tho letter concerning Mr QUAYS
I present attitude toward his colleague writ
ten by n trustworthy correspondent In Phil
adelphia and printed on this plo of fiE
Sm Senator QUAY feels that ho owes no
political gratitude to Senator Cuitnox lie
has won the recent battle alone Ills pres
ent supremacy Is in no way duo t CAM
I 1 rnoNs help The time Is not distant when
Senator CAMBIUM will need Senator QUAYS
i assistance badly providing the former cares
t to retain upon the roll of the Senate the flue
will have stood
f I I old Scotch name which wi stoOI
there uninterruptedly ly for thirty years with
t the prefix SIMON during ten years and
I j JAMS DONALD during twenty
l Does QUAY intend tocompass the political
downfall of CAMEHON f Will JAMES DONALD
l CAMKUON the son of SIMON bow to the de
m cree and yield without a struggle t
i Tim Deepening of the Canals
Last year an amendment to tho Const
J I tution of the State of New York author
r I hdl the Legislature to Improve the canals
S wan adopted by I majority of 115343
i votes which was a majority 32000 larger
I t T than any other amendment received at that
c time The Legislature accordingly by 83
n yets against 31 nays iu the House and SO
I against 4 in the Senate passe 1 bill at
t 4 thu lat session which provides for the Issue
of seventeenyear four per cent bonds t
I the extent of 0000000 for canal im
J If I provement and it was signed by the Gov
If I ernor Since acts creating a debt exceed
j ing SI000000 must b approved by popu
U lir vote iu order to take effect this canal
r measure must b submitted to ballot at
t 1 the next election
The llrst inquiry therefore is as to what
t Is I to U done with the money The answer
I I Is I that it will h laid out in deepening tho
p Krio < mat which runs 32 miles from
11 HufTiilu to Albany connecting Lake Erie
I with the Hudson the Oswego 88 miles
J from Oswego to Syracuse joining Lake On
t 1 tario with tho Erie Canal and the Cham
plain 01 miles from Whitehall to West
Troy joining the Champlain nnd Hudson
1 L 1 Thu two former canals are each seventy
1 I p i feet wide on the surface fiftysix feet on the
i bottom and seven feet deep theChamploin
P Canal Is fifty feet on the surface thirtyflve
1 on the bottom and live feet deep For over
thirty years little has been done to Improve
the Erie and Oswego canals except doubling
the length of some locks on the Erie and
Mltand sediment have s collected that they
are not considered good for boats drawing
more than six feet while the Champlain
Canal accommodates boats drawing four
feet eight inches
The locks on all three canals are 110 J feet
1 long by 18 wide thus accommodating boats
i feet by 17 and such boats Oi the Erie
and Oswego can carry loads of 240 tons
I each The plan to bo voted upon is t excavate
I cavate these canals ono foot and t raise the
JI banks another foot using the material
taken out where this is possible This will
i make the Erie and Oswego canals nine feet
deep throughout except at the locks cul
verts nnd other costly structures and there
thu foundations will not b disturbed but
tho banks will be raised one foot making
the total depth there eight feet Tho Cham
plain Canal will hu made seven feet deep
throughout by excavations
This then Is what It Is proposed to spend
the money for nnd tho cost has been estimated
mated at between 8000000 and 0000
000 perhaps ninetenths of It going t
Jnlmrcrs and masons along tho routes
Twenty years ago Governor TILDKV recom
mended a somewhat similar plan but less
extensive to tho Legislature and even eight
1 years earlier ho had thus described It In tho
Constitutional Convention of 18U7
WIiI she Erlo Canal want Is J niece witer la the I
i I prIm more water In the waterway A great deal or
II la t nut much moro than > lx foci and botti draw
I alni ur a little kliii of water wluriasltoiiKht to
ha e s luI l of wstr larger and deeper wen Ibau
c was lull nilid In the original project Ilrn I up 10
seven led hOI left n feel n1 1 mi I the lordi
1 I herelr jon run bottom I OUI Throw the excava
tion upon It liankR Increase wren feet toward
eight fret ai j ou i 511 tlu 001 rmfrenlvHy ant < l ecoutmv <
Ittlly You may aUo take out Uiu Uiicb well
I Indeed OH long before as the Convention
of 1811 I MrTiMiCN i In closing his speech on
I I the canuls dcclucd thafwu would make
Xiw York tho carrier tho merchant and
I the banker of thu Xew World
Hit while these antI other facts are set
forth by the organization called time Kxecu
i tire Canal Committee It miibt b noted
I that the project mi which tho people are to
Mill has many opponents Some of them
i nru Interested In railroads and the
Ilterlted II ralrolls Ind assertion
t of that committee that the proposed Im
1 provement would reduce by fully anethlnl
I m inly canal night but tho freight on
1 tIn railroad In tho State alarms them
Mr Alni lIT FINK nu authority on tho
uestononre ttstllliil that thu Erie Canal
nuulntrs time freight rates uu all tho rail
roads cast of the MUslaslppI Hlvor not only
i ou the roads v > hosu tracks run parallel
with thu canal but upon UIOMJ which
run In an opposite direction
Still tlteo opponents might take cum fort
friiin the bpuvh nmdo nine Jriiis ago by l
lr lnusuv Uinw thu broaiWiulmled
Irtsldtiit uf t thu railroad with vthlch the
IJnu I Citiml mutt competes I am In favor
of C Cit toils Thu canals In their connection
with the great lakes thc u inland scan of
our country compel the coiiiiuercu which
floats upon thine Mas to llml thu port 1 of
llullalo in the hK of getting through the
ciilinl to tlie I Nenlxiinl Thu tt ri its sv lnch
the canal annul urn conies to thu rail
J e
roods and the prosperity which the canal
and tho lakes give t the fat of Now York
In the promotion of their buslncs conies In
turn to the railway
Other opponents of the project ttrgo thnt
there Is no reason why the State should b
taxed for helping tho grain of tho Wet to
bo carried still moro abundantly to Europe
over Its free waterways Yet that transpor
tation clearly helps the terminal points nt
Murrain anil NoW York and the moro of tho
State tax that Is put on the commercial
tho less Is tho
cities from their prosperity les
share of It levied on the farmers
It Is sometimes said that this project Is A
mere makeshift and practically throwing
of because what U really
aWAY money UclIKO II rell
needed by tho Vest Is n tlcepwater canal
able to accommodate grainladen InkejwIiiK
nnd even oceangoing ships As to that It
Congress chooses t build such I canal nt
nu appalling cost It Is another matter
Certainly New York would not furnish It
free for grain ships big enough to go to
Kuropo without using thu present terminal
and transfer facilities nt Xcw York Yet
perhaps tho less expensive Improvement now
proposed might forestall the enormously
costlier project and by bringing tho canals
up to the demands of modern times M the
railroads I have been brought up might make
the deep waterway needless
Betting tlio Itcpubllcnn Pace
According t tho Hon THOMAS CoLLIElt
PLATT thu State Convention
Republican League Stto COl
vention which wits hold nt Itlnghnmton
lost week was t set the plo for the State
Convention One paco which It set Is
worth recording Mr AIKUKD H CONK
LIMO of this city a sympathizer with tho
reform wing of the Republicans Introduced
this resolution
Urtoltfit That the delegates to this Convention
faror the principle of local option by counties for the
olot liquors on KuniU and where a county eon
talni a city the questIon ihould Ie submitted sep
arately to the voters of such city and to those of the
remainder of the county
The lon SAM Monilis of Troy called local
option a suicidal policy Leave HoSE
VELT and STRONG to the Democrats said
11 an American Sunday Is whnt wo all
want After much discussion the matter
was referred to a committee which per
pended for n time and then produced tho
Hublolned resolution
Wu heartily commend the action of the police
authorities or New York city In closing the lon on
Sunday and note with plraiure that the Ilijuordealers
la taking official action by whlcbtheypromlM t obey
the law ala assist In Its enforcement have shown
mere good senio and honesty than the newspapers
and the men wbo bare counselled acslost obedience t
law and order by Inveighing againSt public officials
for doing their sworn duty The Question of open
saloons on Bundsj Is not political question but Is
one the determination of which will to a large ex
tent measure the moral tone or the Empire State
We believe In the American Sunday and that the
traditions o the hepubllcan party favor the preser
Tatlon of all those conditions calculated lo bring
peace prosperity and happiness to the masse s of the
We should have supposed that the Repub
lican party as a great moral party would
have been particularly anxious to settle tho
question of opening the saloons on Sundays
It that was a moral question but the Re
publican Leaguers did not rare Jn tnke it
up They seem to have thought that there
were more Republican votes in the Ameri
can Sunday and in the beautiful but some
what vague promise Implied In the preser
vation of all those conditions calculated to
bring peace l prosperity and happiness to
the masses of the people Will the
mnlses pople V1 Repub
lican Stat Convention b a bravo and a
definite this
defnit as f
Why should It not b f The rural Repub
licans do not see any reason why Sunday In
New York should b different from Sunday
In West Hurlev Long hypocrisy In regard
gard to tho excise laws has made it pretty
nearly Impossible for the New York Re
publicans to say what their real intentions
and beliefs about them are Local option
might win here but then It might lose In
the country districts and any way It would
b an application of the hated Democratic
doctrine of homo
dotrlno rule The preservation
of all those conditions calculated to bring
neoce prosperity and happiness t the
masses of the people Is I much safer ground
for the Republicans to take
te RelJblcns t tke
An English Layman on tho Prospect
of tbo Iapacy
I Is some years since uu article In any
English periodical baa attracted more atten
tion than the paper on the position and alms
of the Papa contributed t a late number
of the Furtnlahtlu Ilcvlcw by Capt J W
GAMUIEU of the British navy The subject
of the essay Is the fact not less remarkable
than unexpected that In our day there
ihould h an unmistakable renewal of
strength and vitality in the CaLhoun
Church I fact all the moro striking becausa
the substrata both moral and material on
which rested the power of Rome had ap
parently been so completely swept away A
t render Improbable such I resurrection
The former foundations of the Papal au
thority were three materially the temporal
power morally a world more or less ac
cepting dogmatic teaching and lastly the
almost universal Ignorance as t tho sanc
tion upon which tho Papal claims were
based Within tho memory of men now
living all these foundations have seemed to
b annihilated Nevertheless after the lapse
of a few years we behold to our astonish
ment the Church of Rome making
great strides to the recovery of all
that had been lost The recuperative
process Is going on at I nato which I
continued must within n measurable space
of time tend considerably to change tho
existing state of affairs not only In Europe
but In the United States and the South
American republics Whether the energy I
behind this process comes as thu Roman I
Church believes from tho silent coil Irre
sistible power of the teaching of the Gall
lean accompanied by I fresh sitU direct
guidance from above Is I not a matter which
Capt GAMIUKIt assumes t discuss Ills
endeavor Is to ascertain thu
acertln mun
dane causes nt work and conspicu
ously among them one of which the
Catholic Church Itself takes cognizance
Wu refer to the fact that thousands of
right thinking men loathe the general de
moralization which must follow socialism
anarchism and all other lams which
instil the doctrine of public plunder fly
their exumplo and their precepts these
men are leavening the masses which U loft
to themselves would enforce tho doctrine
of rapine with the knife and bomb
To control this movement tutu
eUltrol thll moemeltl nlmof the
Catholic Church and Its representatives
hold that they are in a better position to do
this than the btaUMimii who U
tlll Ihl btltfSmll always
moro or less the puppet of faction or than
thu member of I legislature national or
local who Is paid l for his services and
IB therefore no longer a free agent
It Is patent Indeed to any ole who reads
tho dally papers that thu Vatican U
becoming more and more a factor in uro
prau jajlltlcu not alone In mutters of general
policy hut In all social I and religious ijius
tions that It i beginning to lui > e a hand m
IJ I jatra
the making and unmaking of governments
that It Influences elections t tho extent In
Homo countries nnd certain localities of con
trolling thorn altogether that It takes Its
part In the burning question of tho educa
tion of the people and that in tho now
worlds which nre being brought under colo
nizing Influences It is l destined to play nu
important rOle
Hut what lirvs this English Inymnn t say
with regard to tho crucial question of tho
Popes temporal power P Capt GAMHIKH
believes that nil schemes for establishing a
temporal power In Malta Cyprus or any
where else outsldo of the Eternal City will
b scouted for neither this Pope nor the
next nor any successor will relinquish tho
Idea of again reigning In HOle lhls In
his opinion his become an srtlclo of faith
n dogma which no bull could strengthen I
and ct aside But how
al1 no Popo can let Ishll
from the view point of practical politics
can tho relstabllshmcnt of tho temporal
power In Homo bo brought about f Tho
answer given to this question Is thnt tho
unity or cohesion of Italy has been greatly
Imperilled during thom last few years by in
numerable disintegrating processes which
no legislation can avert by Its deplorably
had government and by the poverty nnd
misery of tho people crushed by taxation
The peace and contentment of the old days
are gone Tho Italian peoplo believe that
they are robbed and plundered In a word
Italy In tho estimation of those most vital
ly I concerned Is rotten t tho core a totter
ing State destined to collapse at tho first
clash of European armies
Tho Vatican waits then for what 1 I
bides Its time until the bubble bursts Till
the great war comes HO long foretold when
Europe will resolve Itself Into Its natural
elements When Italy leaning upon Eng
land which shall once again prove a broken
reed will have ceased to 0 anything but 1
geographical expression when Franco shall
have extended her frontiers along the Marl
time Alps to Genoa when Venice shall
be once moro Austrian with Lombard
thrown in to compensate for the loss
of Bosnia Incorporated In a new State
with Hungary all when King HUM
IIKIIT shall have been relegated t reign In
his ancestral Turin Then tho rest of Italy
may form somo kind of n republic with Its
capital at Florence leaving Home and 1
possible twenty or thirty miles radius of
tho Campagna for the Pope Here such Is
tho forecast tho head of the Roman
Catholic Church may reign as nn Inde
pendent sovereign over 1 neutral State
This small spot of earth dedicated to
tho service of GOD would according to the
hypothesis h under tho guarantee of nil
tho powers would require no lines of cir
cumvallation soldiers and and
cumalaton no oltler no ships 111
Rome would become what It hail been with
1 brief Interval for nearly seventeen hun
dred years the home of the head of the
Church Catholic
Is this a dream 1 I It be one It Is strange
that it should have been seriously discussed
by every diplomatist In Europe To stu
dents of history It is I well known that even
stranger things have happened in the age
long record of the Papacy
There must surely b an error in the de
spatch from Saratoga printed by our con
temporary the Timer about the address
mOo before the American Social Science
Association by Prof FKASCIS WAYLAND
Dean of the Yale Law School We quote a
sentence from the despatch I
Ills address referred to habitual criminal about
8000000 of whom be said were at Isriw In tblscoun
try outlaw who were lull or such crimes a < high
way robbery train robbery and train wrecking
Without doubt the figures here given
are far away from the facts In the case
We believe that onetenth of the num
ber of criminal outlaws of the kind here
spoken of would be ten or twenty or
thirty times lore than the total lum
ber of them In the United States The
whole vote of tho country at the last Presi I
dential election was 12000000 which con
stituted over DO per cent of tho able
bodied population anti it Ir an Intoler
able exaggeration to say that onefourth
of that number of men belonged in tho
category Indicated In the report of ProC
WAVLAXD8 address I we had 3000000
of outlawed criminals among us society
would b In 1 state of anarchy and no
mans life or property would b worth uu
hours purchase There would be neither
law nor order neither liberty nor industry
That favorite sentence of some newspapers
Crime Is rampant would have a signifi
cance that it never yet had in any part of
the United States
There are no statistics of tho number of
criminal outlaws the census contains no
report upon them no existing document
furnishes Information about them When
any man says how laDY there are ho can
but make a guess and if ho Is not a
thoughtful man ho Is more than likely t
make a very wild guess
Take for example the State of New
York which contains nearly one eventh of I
the population of tho country have wo I
hero 428000 criminal outlaws which
would bo our proportion of the I100000 f
Have wo even 1000 of them t Have wo
onefifth of a thousand t
Exaggeration is I defined by WKIISTKII
as representation beyond tim truth I
II a bnl thing It Is l Immoral It II danger
OUSt it Is injurious it is a sign
of mental degeneration
Wo have a great deal of It In recent
years wu have often heard of the millions of
tramps tho millions out of work and tho
starving millions or pauperized millions
Let the men who talk thus cut down the
number by nlnotenths nnd they will h so
much nearer tho truth Wo never had any
where near a million tramps In this country
Prof FUANCIS A LAND toll the Amer
ican Social Science Association that all the
criminal outlaws ought to bo subjected t
perputual Imprisonment That would truly
b the proper disposition of men of the
kind Hut where are tho prison
Ilt lre accommo
dations for 8000000 of them t
Mr THOMAS GltAiinitlNIi was sensible In
so far as ho believed In facts
Accommodating Democrats
There are sOle very accommodating Dem
ocrats in Nebraska They have hold l Con
volition and manufactured whnt they call a
platform Hero Is a piece of it t
We endorse the national Democratic platform or
18tt t and the Interpretation placed thertort by tin
Which is to say We are In favor of a
tariff for revenue only and a tariff for pro
tection principally and we endorse thu In
come tax Icrhnps I would havo been
better to put the declaration Iu this form i
Many of us are otllceholdcrs all more of
us hope to b Therefore we regard the
Hon GnovEit CLEVELAND with unusual
veneration Hu can dono wrong until after
March 4 1807 and then he can go t thun
der It Is due to theso accommodating
Nebraska Democrats to nay that they are
only a faction tho Administration faction
t >
necessarily a minority Yet they liars great
men the lon TOUIA8 CASInO for example
and tho lion STKHMNO MOUTHS
Homo more as accommodating Democrats
ire situated In Pennsylvania I We rellfflrnt
tho platform of tho lost National alt State
Conventions Mid these accommodating
Pennsylvania Democrats and wo further
unanimity of
especially declare tho perfect utlnlmity
tho Democracy of Pennsylvania In favor of
tariff reform and sound money as recom
mended anti enforced by our Democratic
Administration11 In plainer words Wo
In favor of everything we lire against
It becomes moro and moro evident that
platforms are growing moro and moro
worthless Tho cxnmplo set by Mr ClKVI >
LAD In 180a Is too generally followed
Ono I Now for Two The eyes of seventy I
millions of Americans are on Iho yellow tiog
Our contemporary the Ifuints Horn I re
llclons period leal of Chicago prints an article
on Madngacar which seems to justify Its In
troductory remark that the Island Is hit little
known In Its description of Antananarivo the
capital the It ims Hunt sayss
From tbe sea It presents an appearance Iwth Krnnd
and sliiKUtnr AprunchlnK the shore the Ira y col
oral iialacn seems to dominate all
Kor months n Krcntli army after landing on
the west roost 1ms been slowly I and painfully
picking 1 > Its way toward this Inland city Fun
army has not reached Antananarivo ret East
of the city scores of miles of almost unbroken
forest separate the capital from the coat
Through this forest passes the shorter route to
tho sea but tho dlfllcultles It presents to a
marching army arc so formidable that tho
French preferred the longer western route
t appears to us particularly Inconsistent that
a journal which vehemently Inculcates the prac
tice of truthfulness and all the other cardinal
virtues Hhould Imperil Us reputation for s craclty
by advert 111 tho labltal uf Madagascar as n
seacoast town
There Isnoexcitso for such ii aeolrahlcll mlf
statement when tvry book of reference and
over map give the facts as they are
We have observed n statement that tho
society known us the Ladles of the Urand Army
of the Ilepubllc Intend at this weeks en
camnment of the Grand Army t Insist that I
the cnlln ot alt boats EnliK up or don the
Hudson shall either causa a salute lobe firedor
colors to be dipped when passlnc ben UIIAVTB
tomb at Itlverslde Iho propond action Is I
bar on a custom said to be observed by Po
toumc Itlter boats In passing the tomb of WASH
INGTON Hut inluht not this custom become
something of a nuisance to bat runnlne by
Itlvcrsldo Park several times a day and thus
cause tho memory of GUAM to provoko any
thing but reverential emotions among the
skippers Mount Vernon after all U I some
what less bustling In Its maritime activities
than New York and the 1otomac than the
North River Ilesldes there Is but one WASH
IMITOX all honors once reserved for him us
peculiar become most effective when kept for
his memory alone Voluntary acts of the kind
proposed may 0 graceful yet lot the ladles nt
Louisville think twice before Insisting on the I
Hudson River homage
I It Is true that the Marblehcnds orders
t proceed forthwith to Asia Minor have been
revoked It may perhaps b surmised that the
prevalence of the cholera In the Levant has
some Influence on tie decision The Tarsus j I
affair which caused the ship to b ordered
thither remains still obscure On the ono
hand it I uxrerlej tt 1t thu wliolo utTiilr
was a petty quarrel with a servant ou the
other tnt It was a serious attack by a
mob The point tolerably clear detms to Iw
that there Is I no daiiEer now to the American
school there and po sbty It may lie concluded
Unit the claim for Indemnity whatever It be
will keep until the ub ldenco of the cholera
allows a safer Invt station Hut the Marble
bead Is likely to stay In the Mediterranean
President Mimus of Brazil is I man of
judicial mind and eictllent spirit but he Inc
that trait known as decb < lon of character He
has suffered on this account over since hN elec
tion to the Presidency last year and more espe
cially In his dialings with the national Con
Krr s and with recalcitrant politician nml with
presumptuous military leaders A few days
agohe publicly announced that ho would resign
his oOlce I a small Kroupof Deputies offered
further opposition to a meaaur In which he Is
Interested 1a an unfortunate announce
ment 1 sign of weakness 1 threat which
boll never have been uttered It created an
Impression of the Instability of the Govern
mitil and of Ibo uncertainty of a steady admin
istration of public affairs Above other things
Brazil needs a firm band at the helm of Iate
1 hand restrained by the Constitution but In
flexible within Its line
Uf the three Irosldcnts that Brazil has hud
during the past six > ear two have been arrogant
gent and dictatorial while the other hut already
shown that lie Is I deficient In qualities that are
essential to the holder ot the ofllc of Chief Kx
ccntlve We had bleb hopes of President
ruuiiir < TK UK MOIIAEM IlAitnosat the time of
his election and we shall not yet surrender
these hopes For many reasons It Is desirable
that ho shall remain In office till the ew of his
term In 18U8
Tho mruuviivres of tho Trench Army of
the Kastern Division which begin this week
will be carried out near the Alsallam frontier
whim the final review h > 1rrsldeiit FAUIIK will
b at Kplnal Thus tim Sixth Seventh and
Eighth Army Corps wU b mobilized whore they
would b In a caw of a real war nnd 1 brluada
of marine Infantry will be milled The two main
forces are under JAMoir anti IB NtuniKii mid
the fact that n good deul of the old war ground
of 1HTO will bo traversed Increases tho In
terest Some reminiscences roused In Franco b >
Germanys recent elohratlonti of her victories
may be bitter but tho troops url under dis
cipline and no anllUorniun demonstrations
among them are to b looked fur
Twenty different shipbuilding firms havo
been supplied wltn tba I nerresary Information
anti papers fur making bids for tlio ciuiitrnctlon I
of the six new composite gunboats Among
them are some that have not only never secured
a contract but never WI believe made 1 bid
The prospect Is a very lively contest and thoiu
may also be new names to add to the lengthen
ing list of builders that tlm Government
Ilg lt blldr Imt ovornlen can
rely upon for additions the
Ipon dlloo ullo navy
The Obey MoTfinrat Is Not u HOOH
Jroii the tprlnafltM iViuMiuin
There Is no boom ss Ihe politicians understand
the word lomakn Itlcliard Oln < y the democratic can
dlitalu for IrotUlint of lie United males Nor Is
thor likely to b hr Olney ls not that kind of a
aura The Klnitlttnn has called atlenllun lo the fact
that the present Hrereliry of fat embodies those
qualities of honesty ability and llrinncss that are ile 1
slrablo In the Chief latlslrate ot Ihu nation Wo
have done Ibis In pursuance of our lontftlnie policy
of trying to keep both parlies up lo tin highest pos
sible standard lo the eml that the republic may be
the gainer
Tho mention of Mr Olney as tbe proper man for the
Now England Democrat to present In the National
Convention of that party isa tailed out a mnarkalila
response leading lo a discussion of his name In this
connection by Ibo newspapers of the rauatry from
ono end of Ibo Union to tile otter This has boon the
most sinking political Incident of this summer and
has srrted lo fix popular atteutlon upon the strong
man who has made his mark Iu the Cabinet of Presl
dent Cleieltnil We obieri o that Joslah ljulncy who
bss won some reputation at a practical poll
tlolan said In hU rictut Interview In Washing
ton that If a New Eiigianit candidate be presented
I will probably be Mr Diner
for a bit of Mugwump idsalUm In a wicked world
this Is doing irtlly well and ISO Itputn IU
Section certainly remains Iliu belt mad to the Demo
cratic piety up lo dale This Is about M far as our
responsibility sitendj
Tbo Illseomatura ilandsoula Editor I
From Ita l1 Ilia gr Mirror l
Whist and liiuy lDs are the evening nlertalmnenu i
at tbs 1liieulx Hold When I tUlled lb > house Mon
day etsmujc tbs ladles were t busy bl I Was iris I
possible to aral their atleuliull tn even atuluutn I l
i n
An Inllmntlon From the Former Thus < hs >
Iollttrnl Career uf the Jntur U Nearly
KndeitNo For Neeil lie XipMted
IliiLADELtMifA Hfpt HThe recent victory
of KonutorCJuay Is likely to result 111 the < otC
of tho lion James Donald Cameron for another
term as Senator I now teems absolutely cer
tain that Henntor Quay will oppose the Selec
tion of Cameron to the Honntu
At no time during tho harultohand contest
Just ended did Cameron Indicate In any man
I ner t any person In Pennsylvania his tlolro to
eco Senator Quay succeed On tlio contrary
Cameron was not only Indifferent but ho ran
away from tho fight not caring whether Quay
came out on top or was overborne and smaihed
by tliu Mairce and Martin combine
This Is I not the first time that Cameron has
run away from 1 contest In which Quay staked
everthing During tho year 1888 Matthew
Stanley Quay determined to rim for State Trees
uicr as a step toward nts election to this United
Htntos Senate Ho consulted Senator Cameron
freely In regard to the plan Cameron strongly
advised against It oven gnlnit so far as to tell
Quay that ho would surely be defeated If he
went before the people
Senator Camerons advise was disregarded
Quay made a most spirited canvass and won on
pretty much the same line as two weeks ago
Throughout the campaign for tho nomination
Cameron doubted the ability of Quay to succeed
nt the general election It would be a great mis
take t nominate Mm as ho expressed It
Tho day following thoConvcntlon which nom
inated Col Quay for State Treasurer Senator
Cameron showed his feoilnif In the matter by
leaving harrisburg for the Iaclllc coast and re
maining there from May of that year until the
day of thu general election In November
I was with Col Quay on the Snturilny follow
ing Ills triumphant election as State Treasurer
and shall never forget the expression of Ids to
n hn asked What Is I the distance between
Los Angeles nnd HnrrlsbureV tpon
UnrrJburl my i
making answer that It was but 3200 miles
Quay followed It up by asking What was
my majority and upon uiy reminding him
that It was about 43000 with look of con
tempt that only Col M S Quay I I capable of
I expressing he said Anil Cameron was 1000
miles away from the Inception to the end of the
contest and bad there been a few hour delay
of his train ho would not have reached home In
time to rote for me
The victorious State Treasurer felt like top
pling tho House of Cameron over at that time
but ho forgave Camerons timidity Again
Cameron takes himself cut of the Suite leav
ing his colleague to fight his battle single
handed This time be will not b forgiven by
Senator Quay I Cameron expects to b re
elected to tbe Senate It must be without anv
belli whatever from Quay Cameron cannot
justly complain If Senator Quay gives him just
the same kind of support as be gave Quay for I
Stale Treasurer In 1883 arid for State Chair
man In 1805
Senator Quay will not go to Los Angeles or
Bar Harbor during the next Senatorial cam
paign In Iennsjhanli but ho maybe fishing
for tarpon among the everglades of Florida Just
about tho time the next Senator 1 voted for by
tire Pennsylvania Legislature
Again I have spent several hour with hen
atm Juav Hinrn bin last Irlllinnh Anil thorn wss
I force nnd significance In his terse remark I If
Cameron Is returned to tho Senate It will be a
the candidate oft he comblnu which tried MI bard
I tn defeat me for State Chairman Ho Is their
i i candidate foil bus been throughout the contest
I nnd they will reCIcct him If they can
The Order rr Mslnit Troop untl Abandon
liii Home Minor IOHI
WASIIINUTO > fept I Ever since the new
fiscal yeir rtplenlbed 1 the transportation funds
of thin army which had run very low II has
been expected that some transfers of companies
from fort tu fort would take pluc especially us
It was supposed that certain posts would 0
given up Hut thn ab enco of bills Secretary
Lament and len ohlreh from Washington on
their summer tours lint postponed the matter
Now hovi ever tho orders have come Fort
llufnrd In the Department of Dakota and Fort
hancock In the Department of Texas are t b
discontinued as po ts The garrison of the
former will ien to Kurt AfcMnlbnlnc and uf three
companies tho Fortysecond Infantry now at
the latter point one will got Fort Harrison and
the other two tu Fort Yules where they will bo
joined by stilt another company of the b
regiment nmv at Fort Kcogb Frmu Fort
Yatea In turn will b shifted three companies
of the Twelfth Intamry to Fort Nlnbriim and
Unit will taCo twocumpaiilesof thu eighth lt
lit the latter point to Fort n I A Hussrll Still
kruping up the movement which may recall
pus In tlio corner or tin shillings In this gsno
of chairs thu three companies of tht Seven
teenth Infantry itiw itt lort 1 I A Russell will
go to Columbus barracks
The cavalry has like shifting Four troops
of the Seventh mmIn Texas will Jnlr the tic I
pa ru liter t nt Colorado t and our troop nr tliu I I
First from tho latter tn Oklahoma and four of
the Thlrl now In Oklahoma to JsfTerson bar
racks Ilto I final nostrIl scents In b the furnish
ing of suitable gurrlsons toCiiluiuhU and lef i
ferioii harrnck fnrmerly recruiting depot
Jefferson barracks which l has been occupied
idnrti IKOri I his had two now birrackannd a sat
nfuflleerx iiuurteis completed for It Tho
1Inrll cnUptot I ex
change of two batterlfii 1 arid I I Second Ar
tillery nt Fort Vurren with two at Fort
Adams bad heel ordered before the recent
niiir sweeping transfer
The viirlnus movement will give chances or
scene and exprlenif In accordance with thin
policy of not > 1 keeping any one garrison too long
ut anlDKla post
Hound llnetrlne About Third Terns
Don thC MJiiJdj MI Ieorit
The public fcelln on Ibo subject uf a third term Is I
very deep and siruiiK No mailer how ardent may Iw
the admiration for a lritldent who has done well
during his first and seond terms It Is aln to eipect
that I will Induce any lang number of the American
people lo desire bis election fora third
1lr Ierlon rlr a term All the
traditions nay the prejudices of Hie electors
Irllon I tbl Ir are op
posed lull Wf may 1111 then any fear that In
the present generation a third torin Is I a > os llillliy
The example of UshhlnKton Isa I iiermanent hulwirk
against any change In the pulley of tut country with
respnt In the 1rnlilenllal Uiiure
AVhilt In lo lleeome or Nexnicennrlnna I
To Tint Kniroii UF Inn 811 Sir No better cvi 1
deny that Tim Rii shines for all could IKad 1
duced than your stendjr advocacy nf the doctrine that
men who bate rcatlml the age of ill are vilualile
Ihe assumption that Ihescxagrnsrlsn Is I so enfci lilol
In hotly suit so weak In Intellect as tu be rndrreil
mint for aetlvn dUll I too absurd for serious ariiu
Iiirit Tno e slit venture on such contentIon
wholly I nornnt of the fails nf bUior which
abounds In Illustrations filling II Th fact re
mains however lliat the husln wi > rlil ins not
biok wllh favor upon the applications I of im n of inn
lure autt for I lt lIt HIIV kind i tu sn r t the I reasons
as lned for this narrow policy i rn not alwavs ired
hauls tu the InMIUmct nf business men The chief
rmllrr nts of this ago are rusu and heapueM very
little iioilie twhiig k ne trustworthiness I vxperl
race and ahllliy These iiimlltlrs that oiiuht
lo he hold In the hlnliest eiieim ar bruihil
away Iu the search for sotnelmdy who talks
and walks fail and I who U I wllllnv iu work for half
price Youmr men whn want tu ict started and
wonien Who desire simply tu I rnakc enouif1 tn I wear
expensive clnilic and 1 show off heller Ilisn they
roiihl If Ihey dtMiuti > tl sold Ir papas iurn 001
with quick einpoyment while hn b > 11 of i family
ulioll dipendint on him for a 11 lag Is I unSet I sni 11 > lu
as itmiiid li it I any vinndir that suCh 1 slmrt
sluhtrd uillcy uu the t lid of emploirrsshould result
si unfitly In htavy Inues tu them soil haty
nights to part ulik oust I of I I tin vho eurnmll crime
tn make up for a small salir J The ride < n business
circle should IK the saute as that laid doHn bv
Thomas rrtrsun IrresiHwili of age U its honrstf
I lie alahlo Is hi faithful I < I inch I rule should
tI followed by bu lniM meu and this pinnywlie and
imuud fooiuu iiollcy Ihey prestli and prat ilco should
Ut rrlmstnl 1 I th rear very mats men now Ho and
In J lie ar rirliti 1 or life Irinu act I ye alert amlitllous I
anti feat vdnervlni would I Cod I Insittrncully I II In sip
porlliK their families and ces > In sri iailst lurk
munhrrs which duos are vastly superior la all re
1 al
street tu tho real aunibtr T C Tt
i asLk
TSB virrtinsujto wAn lnr8
M rtaP iferberl SiSyslie Itni Ordered
Them rushed to Completion
WASIIIXOTON Pfpt Secretary Herbert to
day said that published statements that he had
ordered work on vessels under construction t
bo expedited were entirely correct
° The ships building In the navy yanli have
been Inculng for yearn he raid ron a long
time the delay was for want of nrtnor but
armor Is I aiovr bring furnished promptly The
Texas and the Maine the former of which has
just been put In commission and thin latter of
which will be In a few ilavs realty ought to
have teen In prrvlce months ngo OnifUls at
navy yards naturally desire to keep a regular
force steadily Is
srRlly employed and the disposition
to take workmen from this ships that are build
Ing nnd do repair work with them putting
them back when the repair work Is completed
Nlt only havo the Texas and Maine been de
layed by this practice but nlsii tliu monitors
tbo Terror the Monndnock and tho Ilirltnn
All these ships ought to bu now In communion
and I have ordered that they be
11 pushed to com
Precisely the same reasons which have
otwralcd to delay thn bulldlrnfof ships at lay
yards naturally InKitenrei contractors They
ere sometimes tempted to neglect luverntnent
work and use part of the force on lho Govern
ment ships to I do outside work ns It romrs In
Flue contracts all piovldi iiHiinltlni for I failure
H ciimpiein worn in I tune renames jar uiiay
have fromientlT been linMined upon contractors
by lie I Navy Department hut unfortunately
Congress tins In almost every Instnnce when It
was asked relieved thrum Illlnst these penal
ties The effect of such acts Is I necessarily tie
moralizing Tire department has recently
given orders to liusim I work on releoty
ships and hasnlsn been urging the contractors
to Increased diligence I Is tn be hoped that
penalties Incurred In the future for delay will
b allowed to stand
Theie Is I really nothing about shit building
that now renders It dllllcnlt In the tnllcd
ln lnle1
States Nn pood reubunn can bo given why
shins nulhnrlred by Congress should not be I
complcliil with reasntmbln dlspHtrh nnd I am
lsIIh nl
simply InstdIng l on tirnirfpt compliance with
contract oblliintlons Ve huvo already shown
that we can build ships and guns riiual tn tiny
In hut world itni I I hope Inr IIJ slitp builders
Ille Jlldor
whn are now looking fur contracts abroad will
demontralii to the world that lilps can be built
nut only I n will but n 0 rapidly In I HIK I Co i ted
States f anywhere In thn world ot course I
am IIIHIIII nlunu tht manufacture of ordnance
and everything else at the same time
S TltH JtO LLA It 0 1 Tilt P tlll
HeerMnry Morton Nat hut I n
Eilved OD and from a Gold nI l
WAHIIINOTOV Sept 8 u 1 Is I not generally
known but nevertheless It Is true said Secre
tary Morton that the silver dollar advocated I
by tho free silver men and popularly styled
the dtilitr of the dad < le R evolved on and
from n gold bals According to Irof Sumner
of Yale thin mo < t Important Information con
tained In the Mint Itrport of Alexander Ham
ilton In the year ITtll Is that the actual unit uf
account In America had been M > i grains of fine
gold In the mean time the English standard
had become fine gold The parity of tills Im
nzlnary cold dollar with gold sterling was
onedollar finals M 4id
This quotation Is found nn pages HI and IO
of volume II of The Financier nnd Finanroi
of hit American Hevolutlon On Jan T ITS
Robert Morris propocd that there should bo a
Mint to which Cnngr creed At about that
time It suits itsu cnialnti that his ratio tif comntd
gold and coined silver In the Cnlted Stale was
nearly 1 to 1SU In England It was 1 lo 1371 111
France 1 to 14458 In Spain 1 to 1483 Then
a careful estimate of the coined and uncoined
gold and slUrr In Merling and New York cur
rency was tabulated It was ascertained that
the bust rptclllcatlon of a dollar was U454 i
grain of line gold
The report of 1T80 shows n very much I
closer study says Irof Surantr of the sub
Ject nnd better mastery of It than the report nf
Hamilton on the vanit i subject Ihe I actual
unit during the oliutunary period had beum
244 grains nf Diane gold for n dollar At that
time the ratio In America was annul lo nf silver
to 1 nf gold Therefore multiplying V411 grains
by 11 he eot 371V grains of pure silver for the I
dollar Thus it Is atldint that tbn silver dollar i
was evolved un and from a gold basis
IRIC4 tlrIovs AGA1XST CltOLiitA
BuKKnita from Infeeted Port In China
< lBiMDi and Iliosnll to He Illnlnreeled
WAKIIIMJTOI Sept 8 The Treasury DcpirU
meat has sent nut the following tircular
On account of the officially reported preva
lence of cbrilern tu Hong Kong and Yokohama
ami other Chinese nnd lapaneini pints and In
Honolulu attention Is l called tc Article V of the
Quarantine Regulations Treasury Department
to le I observed at foreign ports Issued April
Vtl 18IH
No special provision having bienrctmrted
from these ports for proper illinfection uf su
peeled baggage It Is bercbv ordered on recom
mendation of the SurgeonGeneral nf tho
Marine Hospital service that nil unlabelled
baggage of stecrnpc passenger Including hand
baggage and nil labelled nigacc t uf said pas
csti errs which In the t opinion uf Iheonarnniinu
ofllcer should ho disinfected ur redUlnfected
arriving from Oriental port Inrlnillnc torts
nf Ilanull at aims tort In the Stale of Oregon
Washington or California shall te I tilInfected
ns provided In Article VIII of the Quarantine
Hegulatlnn for doine tc ports bcfoto Iflng
landed This regulation will aim apply In any
other baggagv which Site quarantine ufllcer
may suspect uf being Infected
THE niKi if A iiiA S rsjr
A Nntilemnn In Whoa Vein Kiinn fbe
llluod or Three lo > iil Fumtllei
The Duke of Alba Is mitklnc his American ac
quaintances another visit Hu arrived here on
Friday on the Lucant with the Intention of
attending the yacht races and spending tome
time tn the fashionable suburbs The Duke Is n
personal friend of James 1 Van Men with
whom he has gunu the roumsof this fnshtonablo
American watering places on former occasions
Ho lies such a lung name thut It li fiild he
cannot remember It all hlmeir HU first name
Is Don anus Maria Stuart Fltzjiimes Iurto
carrero j Ialafo Then be Is I also Duke of
llerwlck Duke of Alba do Tonnes Duke uf
Llrla Dukoof Ollvnrcs hints of IVimrunda and
Dnkeof Ilueocar In addition to whlsh he In
nine times n grandeu of the llrst clcoof spalti
twelve times a Marquis and fourteen times a
Ho Is usually railed the Duke of Alba but he
nlslitM his Intimate i friends tu call I him sri hits
File Duke has In his pins a confusing mix
turn t uf tlio nival blood uf Spain Frunta I
nnd lutg land Hi h I < Is the t nephew of cxKmnrfsi
Kuircnla During I the vecond French implrt tha
Duke was u great favurlli with Niipukum III
lit I nlsii bus In him I Ibu I blood uf the Muitrlii t
The Duke Is ninrrled but the Duchtss seldum
leaves her estate in Spain
NN hen th Duke I of Alba I travels I his household
Is a miniature I court Ills I I head salt looks sifter
his nerrniinl needs und his various nrilers i uia
rarne < l nut by lei > er vnlrts vvhu spill i In i the
head valet Thu held ulel alxu ban u uiitonal
vulet During thu t limlvMt h uf tin I luke tif Alna I
stt u roiintr club near tbo tIty tbii bend vulet
mud lilmelf disliked i by I lie oerviiuib In the I
club beiuustt hu drmumlcd I to tin served alona
und not ut the name time us the other valets
Km n j u Atrxvn iA r vvr
Cltlsena Initmtlent lit ominlnaloner Ilrook
lleldn Itiluy In IteimlrliiK It
Jlercliaula along KUhth avenue from Four
teenth Mroot tu tiftnlnth are wrought up to
ii high pitch of Indignation through I tho t failure
of thr licform administration to carry out Ita
promise made early last t spring to nee that thin
I avenue was rcpuvitl with asphalt rue pave
ment Is filled seitis holes conic RS white as six
feet nnd a half n foot nnd more deep There
Is Marccly a block that U In prc per condition
Miorlb i ufler CoinmUtloiiur ilruoklleld took
uniii h wit ultlrmgul vvllli pet tluns und letters
railing hi attention to iln > imidUlon nf Flisliih
list tiut mid lit amiounurd ulUTnard that I u
It > tit Cal t fur a new favemenv lati I lut n lei and
h iiifnru tin I siitiimer wits nver p it Himld IIP lit Iii
Now tlm Biimmer Is over suit tin nuupavement
teeiuo ni > far tilT as ever Tins hui luund the
merchant t to say very hard things I ahuiii I re
form They ea > H that I milr s thin U ni moro
delay they will olo for Tunmiiny hrreurur
riuBTulk Counljii Oldont Resident
KAST Moniniri L 1 I Kpt KTho uldwl
person In SulTolk county Deacon Vllllaiu It
lloxvrll I lias just I celebrated Ills nincivHixlli c
birthday Thu Dencon I Si its born at Nimliamp I i
ton I L I Ho learned tim trade of hoetiiaklnc
working at Hut Habylon from Nuvimler IdJI
toMa > ISJ Iheru were then but liSa houses
In Huliylnn In I I sol V Iii liutti peiieil a ciism ii try
store ui mithumptuii nnd une > cur later eslal
ll bed a store itt hitst Morlibes He joined the
Irvbyterhtn Church in I8r I and was rleclcd a
deacon in H4h Hu hits been twice married
and u daughter by hU first wife resides In
Ilrunklyn the I Mrs Caroline Oliver anti she
Is TO yearn uld Flro children by Ibu sutomid
wife are living
tzIDrT CLA11K ASItllt Ttt
Htm Intention to Hue thn tint ltialmf
Unartte Amnelntton the I itiir
The troubles In the Soveiityllrst HiKlment
flatette AKSK lallon over Its illHoiehcei stub
Lieut Charles S Clark of Couiininy C lint a is
BUined a critical phase A few evenings sltnc n
meeting of tile ossiHIntlon nus held ut ilia
armory at which nearly all the members vvero
present A motion was nmilo to oxptl lirut
Clark and sumo rather sharp criticism isis
passed upon his attitude toward the nssui mtum
hiiiie days ego thu assuclatlun rrrelvud tiotlia
that the Lieutenant was gulng tu bring suit
sgtultist the associatiots forSSO vvlilch hn mill
5555 turn him as former editor of the liillc
The nsuctitlon asserted that tills clu tn win un
culled fur anti that the Lieutenant in git nij
hlmtilf I In debt to the assoclutlon vvlun tlm
committee which was examining his nLtnunti
had nnlshed Its work Thu motion to cutel
came largely from a feollmt of resviitmeht over
this notice of suit and some uf the me mix ri de
clared that his action was unheard of In tl
course of the discussion It was declared that
Lieut Clark had fold his claim to another p > r
siin antI much Indignation HU Cipriani rt
lilsartlnn It liclmt argue that brfuru tnmii
that step lie should bave piesenlcd n formal
claim Inn regular manner without hnvlhi tin
mutter brought to the courts It was iuuid
that thn bylnvra would not sanction hit is
niiielimi and It wns then moved that u remindn
li ml > tisilrlnt I tuitt rises tti itt lln
ground that lir hail treMrd this soclntlnn vv tu
great discourtesy nnd hnd proved ftiitanntnlio
ui its Interests This uiotlnn WHS uluilcil Wilt
nut n dNsriitlncc volt mid t tint resolution mil
sent to the Lieutenant
Tho Lieutenant on receiving Urn document
was S cry Indlgrmiit and furlbwltli ilrsuili In d
H reply to lie inMiclalion disclaiming uii > u
courtesy and demanding n hearing Jt In under
stood that utile demand will be gritntitl I I n M
ClurkR friends declare that the meeting lui
Klviii him good grounds for requesting n i r liFt
martini of tome of the participants In It as in
addition to several commissioned onirtr tine
were idea pre enl n nniubrr of cnllstid men vv no
wero moot severe In their criticism of the Mi t
teniint their superior iifllcer arid further tun la
remnrku derogatory to him M an officer ti 11 h
It l nvtirrtil IH n violation uf inlllturr Ian Ac
cording tn military rules If an officer ovrtni
hH authority enlisted men hate no right to
criticise him their only course being t < > ltsi1e
it inniiilnliil through thin regular mlltury rim
ncls The urtlim of the aifoclallon Hefuriliit
lo the friend of the Lieutenant Is derogatory
to military discipline as set forth in section 2
of the Stnte Military Code
I lie ifflits of the uMKIntlon are President
Adjutant J 1 IV Dnvrllnu VlcrIreoldcut lleuu
A M i Mchtetikteln hdltor Lltut A U Lla
ton Ilutlncnt Mnnnncr Ilent K HelnJjmiun
t > rrrctury Corporal K l > ClralT nrU Assltnnt
JIanuuer Drum Major 5 H Iatston liis
tncctlne at which the nntlClarlc resnlutlunt
wen oiloiited uiui prcaldrd oer by Ilent Lich
Unuteln tend nil the olliters Here present ex
Csitt Adjutan 1owhing
The Latest Kmull of Miyor Nchlrrtn All
ministration I Itruoklin
The failure of the Brooklyn Board of Esti
mate to appropriate sufficient money lo carrr on
the night chool Is likely to result In the io
liiE of two grammar erode school anti hss
others The Evening School Committee of the
Hoard of Education will iieet tonight todipeuiss
the matter Besides closing wjven schools the
Ikmrd proposes to hold only one session of Dins
uccks Instead of two seeslons as beretrifiro
one of eleven necks and theotberof nine ssecs
or twenty weeks In all
The closing of the schools will shut out from
educational privileges many hanlworkinz per
sonic Mayor Sclilerrc Is not In thorough rm
pathy is itt night nchools and It was mainly
throuch his effort that the approprIation for
the Klkht schools was cut The schools In pre
vine jcurs base t been run at a per capita cost of
S or about Ieveri cents a night for each pupil
Tbe chi > ols which probably will be affected ar
extnlng high cm > ol 1 whch mrets In day
school 111 at South Second and Heap street
nnd another hlch grade grammar school on
ItrM n > enue Th other schools to be closed
ate colortii schoolflT In South HortUnd avenue
schnul TH In East New York school HO In South
llrooklyn and two more which will bcdeslz
natrd innleht The two high grade schools
bud an a > crace of 600 pupils each C
I Commend or tbe Armjr or the Poloma t
While CJrunt Hot a MUt Julep
us the uMns1OK Kltntv Star
The cobbler who mended my shoes was named
high and ho wa nluuvs ralltnl ieneral
which somehow did not quite comport with mf
idea of the cobbler Trur he had been n soldier
during the whole of tin rene lllon hit just what
kind of n nldirr i I did not know True also ho
had lot lila len itt tettyburg but It was a dozen
years after the war in the Accidental upset of A
tiactlnn inme drncclni H thrr hinic mnrhlna
Into the field Still i he was t en Iii ely n i i t its
cnmnim UHrlanie and ono day I asked Lim
a lion i It
Werent you In the array I Inquired
Yi sir luciutists sret proudly and promptly
re much fighting
From April UI InSeptemlxr 05
1 notice that eterybodv rails you OenerV
What wa jour rank Werejuu n Senrral v
1 na In command of tho rinv of the loti It
mac Fir he raid ns truthfully In lone us HI f
nmn I ever heard steak
Oh come I lanchnl I never henr1 of a
len Hlely In command of that army You me
Kit tog mo cuT as the boys cmlv i
Its true as Josiiel he iutslte1
Tell me about It If ItVnll the pants
Well you see it ails th way hi aid prc
glut g anuy at I he shun In 111 lap i and nut hnikli I 7
fQiinrily at me I svistflthit Army of l
jltlQinac when Oen lirant trM > k rharce nnd t
was a sergeant 1 tuael tn know lit denernt
nut In Itilena when he wasnt MI much anil ho
itfs mighty friendly with nit situ made me h < s
orilerly 1 used tn go every place with him
rlilln over tho field and that kind of tIming ami
iimetlim there wa nl nobody hut me and tlm
idlers rldln nround for miles touether AN ell
IOU day up hud rou d6 out alotiK the road and sso
collie 10 ii little place where n man lled Mint
rotild make tho Hne t mint julep In the wln > m
State of VlrKlnny I knoweit almut the pm e
and M > did the S ieneratand 1 when we Cm rue K It I I
could kinder csu hilt mouth waterln fer m nt
juleps didnt crow en trees In them days m
Vlrelnny When wo got opposite the pate lbs
eneriil sorter stopped his Itos amid looked CM r
at me and I shut noun one e > o soft and easy S
Hill fays hi < ho always calletl me Hill la
private Hill will you do inn a favor V
m thine on too of earth General says I P
What MlV i
Will silu bo kind enough to take command
of the army while 1 kn tn hero and gst a mint
JiilenOf I
Of course I will leneral1 says I stralitht
eninc my buck us If 1 hail a ramrod stuck dotv n
it iuid coniln to I a aInto
Thnnk < i > > ny Ue and please hold my ho s
at the t ciuno time c
Then he went In and for about fifteen min
utes I let then on my boss like Napoleon eroiss
In the Kiililciui I nnd ss a < In command of i hi
Army of mitt Colonial and ever since that than
this to > s havi railed me llenernl and 1 didnt
sue uny use of suylm they shouldnt
a A DUIlBKUlKlied Hocus Itneter
Ilsanell known fact In Teas rrnmrkM aKrn
tlcmnn from iliad Hlstv at the HofTnian llou ethat
llnckKIUure eiCoiureoman now Juiln use 110 I
own tho wont horse In his count > ami lie nrvir
ow neil but ono at a time hnily IKHHUII two horses
of suCh quality rouMnt be fuund In tic niltire Mm
Aiualllu > trallonof ihi case let im tell 3011 a liir
Thero bclnff no Jretlon the c i < ntlenun protvc itr t
It seethe > he said lliat a follow hail l > n n CHIIK > I >
wIth a iunrse In I he ruunt ailjoli > lnKii 1 < Ueklui > rrs
county width tie couhI not siptifeu lorlly genii in 1 for
The more he tried to explain liiatlrr I la dei pir into
lbs holo ho went until the eniiur nm uUl th
belt way lo still the dimeull ass to rialu the man is
ul I awsht ilntelopnientt A er few minutes after
this tlrtirinliialion tlio fuueril eorlei a > pri < ai lird
tlio nrareit tree I with IIe man on Hie I nolen horse lo
inaVi It more linprrtilve The arrangement for Hi
filial IIsUU 1 rreioniieted slab tin leulrr ass aln > ui
to hit Ilio hone w Illi hli whip to ilrlie him from in i
tiralh the culprit ubci wui allaclied Iu the llnili of tt II
tree ii a role w hen a couple of men rie t > sad
tto > pe > to no IN ierulriiieiae They kiiW i < 4
leader uf the purly and lie Intlteil Ihem to Kike a
Whjrpsrlalinnl on n If thun Mhalit Iluck Kit l
Curl lmr c Wliere did > i u cume at run It
That I lie him thin thief itoic riillr < t tile
leniler ami Si o IhouiiUl I wod let him hap e hi Iit I
rule on It Anil hi lirKau to lixik his animal > F lii
Are > ou sure Its InukiV he aiked after Ills tun 5
tgsi lull
of tuiin Would anybody else hint that kn I of
a hues
Well1 ailmlllnl the leader I reckon > U P right
kllli u I luiat In took at It t too set wo va lliii n <
hurl uU > ut the murul side uf thu case II lAu in n I J
hips lii
Tin n lie turned to hU followpri 5
hiye he lil tide boss u brunt KMore I I fo
all know scud wo think of a nun In lusts itiO > i S t
ti ui a ho 4 und uu all know a list weiihu > f < C
kind uf hi > m thai llutk Klluore ass iii I i <
name of JmlUe 1 ak jnu If we ought M iiiS i i
man f
> o llret troll ellet tilt Cruud
iiet aught weluiluwllbhimt I ear we i t un
to lake up a eolkcliou and tl lbo lie Mlrr n v
enough and tlmvtnoiuh I tu flit llie titut > Isan l > I f
HID bust All In tutor of that runllon tt A <
And the motion passI l with uclfcrou uuualuili >

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