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j If
ixor rJlE ciirriAtna NAT IUTI
A vitA xtii TO iriv
ITIml U Hpaldlnar Hny or the Itniehnll
Hllttnllot4i It Iffrn Complimented on
the Ientrne HchrdeelrH l eHi4f e t lir New
Tork Clnb CmiUel Ne alt IfThr jr JJ Not
1Vinl HintWork or the Ioesnl Club
The Western clubs of tbe National League
will wind up their last lerlofi In the Kost for
thin year tomorrow Then they iro homo for a
final tussle among tlietiiKlvc ho struggle
I for supremacy beitweon Dnttlrioro ami Clove
laml together with the wonderful brace of the
I rhlliielilplilas to nvcrlinul them Is causing
widespread Interest cspet tally A the final out
famo In I 8111 In doubt I Iho Clevr lands stir
prltrel the barebnll world nn Hnturday by dn
frntlng Ihe champions Tebcans men are
cchediilrd to piny nt lialllmoro Alain today nml
tomorrow and ai there li I a postponed en me to
b plnyed too It may b doubled up with ono
of the regular lontcits or plaj ed on Veelntwlay
I by any chance and 1 stranger things have
happened tho Llovclaiuls shoiilel win nil three
camei at Ilaltlrnorc they would Icni e for homo
iu tlio Icu With n nplrndld chance for the pen
nant Should they win only tine more Imo
from the clinmploiu they would nlll bo formi
dable for they liato some eounmrntlvely easy
games to play In the West The ItaUlmorc
mranwhllr will halo to tncklo the Hostone
melnwhl I
IhlladelphlAn Itrooklyns and New York and
re certain to receive several setbacks The
Cleveland go from lialtlmoro to 6t Louis
where they play four straight games with Von
der Abe mel whllo the champions will have
the Drooklyns to polish oft In three games at
Baltimore Consequently by next Saturday
night the public should have n much batter Idea
of how the race will result lon nt prencnt
The New Vork will liae plenty tn dl this
J week to keep ansnd of the rtltflmriilii nml Cin
cinnati They will meet tlio latter at the lolo
grounds for the last time toeluy and must win
tn remain In sixth place Tomorrow they nlll
t tilay a double header for ono admission with
the Chicago and on t neltar Tnurielny
and Saturday the Ilontonn nlll bo here for three
hot buttle The Brooklyn will tackle the
Ihlenll today the Cincinnati liitnorrow
mnl then go to llaltlmoro Tlio Ihllmlelphlas
flioulil materially Increase their percentage thin
Week UH they have ono more triune with Lniits
vllle and four straight with the Washlngtoni
A U bpaldlng In oonrritntlon with TIIK MiN
reporter on Saturday raid that this years race
hint been the mod Interesting In his recollection
j I understand that all of thei club lmo done
well financially raid he for baseball ban
taken a big Jump In popular favor I seem a
pity though that the pennant cant be won bj
New York 1hllndcltihla or Chicago for these
are great baseball cities anti the gamei are most
liberally palronlrd Something should be
done to bolslcrup the New Yeirksbefnrennotlur
nion A flritclan manager would tome In
J very handy Hie I C hie leuo appear tn hove lon
I to pleees but Alison know his business I guess
ad ulll be much higher up next year
Wrhavc had a great deal of adrurso crltl
erlfm shouereel upon ut In Chicago but there Is I
com le oC getting 1ml under the collar My
policy to let the paper roast thu Chicago Club
a much as they lIean nnd thereby keep It be
fore the public li I I good one for if tho news
papers didnt mention baseball wherewould the
Itftllejnl Lecgun be Its n nllclu to mlnno
Dire reporters berau nf harsh criticism for
It they are all honest In their convlctloni and
r have a right In ray and s A rib what they nleasc
1 C H thyme lint the Inugh on thnit Wuttrrn
j fnaenatifi who claimed last spring that they had
been thrown down on thin aehedule Ho fa Id to
5 Ml I IS reporter the either dun
When the fchreltilr was adopted there was a
i re t howl of Indignation The Cincinnati and
treat dub were cupsclolly put out over the
arrangement of the dates but recently both
Ilrueli AIn Hoblson hne Informed mo that the
present schedulu is I about the belt the Lrngua
cverudnptert They lily they have made barrels
eof money aid for thiet matter every club In the
Icacue will finish ahend of thr game If the
Eastern clubs were In the West now they
nottldnt be drawing flies nherras with the op
i iltenrraiikelnent 111 force the Wrutern club
arc Inklnu big money out of all tho Eastern
CltlfS I
Secretary Inlllan of the InuisIIIe Club was
in lon rnterdny and said that although the
eat her VII threatening nl Ihllailelphla em
faturday aftcrncon ho nan pild former KIOOO
Mr onn Tlie Louisville dun doesnt owe a
dollar tnld be and will wake a little into
the biirgaln
M It may be well to make nn addition to the
t Kelea story ptibllnhrd In TIll SUN a week ago
The Hofton manager teilill IIKJMS reporter that
in case President rrreelinnn still adhered tl his
tl dIN not to otTend tho Ihloll Club by engaging
Krlec liilly Naih the callable and energetic
captain eif the rxchnmnlonK could be secured
to manage the New York Club Nafli It in every
1 respect a baseball neral and n man who roull
ruecessfully mnnniro any of the big Ieagun
tennis Hence the New York Club has two goad
chances for a manncer Instead of one
I The I luittlng and tieldlng axeragei of the New
York Club dropped back lat week Their op
pnnrnts now lead in both departments of the
jl game Daxls gained seven points In batting
while Tlerimn dropped ono and Van Haltrrn
three points Ilurrell Corcoran and Dailry
t mode the best gains In batting among the
I Ilrookl > ii plajeri Shlndle Daly nml Cor
f coran are the only players who fell off lu field
log The records up to date follow
1 Frr
1 ieL GONICaAI5 11 n > n in nnKTtsncmi
i favu I no S r H1HJ H4 H 8 UV 3 all
n m t
pi Ternsn 101 1 ilsil3l4t 21 18 il 2 j isr
aallaltrenl I 44H Wi ItS ID I 14 II 2 7 til
ti Doylr all Jin 41 H7 14 21 W 313
llunm 211 II < 17 21 4 2 I 7 I 14
StUAlrClark U 14H 11 i 42 a I t 1 U 952
1 s Clark 4 US 10 24 II 2 0 1 I 271
J Jlannn11I IlfU 2t aS 4 I U 20 4 V71
Farrrll4 2WH nu hi is H I la tu 2104
t MaRnrd int 411 I I ni M7 II a1 110 2 90th
j Mrrkln 2r KH 15 22 I II 1 0 1 2GO
it luke 11 lea n 27 I I 0 0 1 210
I i 11 limo M 2011 VII 411 U 0 0 II II V41
Orrooll 21 79 1 I J7 1 tt 0 I I VII
m fuilVr 107 SIt 71 i H7 14 I II I JI I II 1 VII
hc Slurphy49 171 3d as 030 6 2 IU7
NEW veiitK riEiniNo
Xamn Oami ufout I AultlM Ermrt JVrd
r w Clark 2 l 214 IB 7 IICK
i 4 r 21 7 41 9 altI
I 1 oyiiV nil finn hi Sit VM
IInooll11 117 13 II Mill
I Ttrrnan 101 UH 13te 10 111
It jiucle 41 20 84 II M44
hrrII114 5745 117 III Ull
VHfton fti 275 ni 21 120
m 111
I Iiavm vn 217 inn 3H 14941
1 Inrke Ill II 41 3HA VI4
Il liurna 11 W 4 4 uri
It HatTord IM 221 thiS r1 ni Ia
ullrr107 221 2117 111 hm I
> lurihy 41 714 111 III > so
hrrkln vn 10 41 7 M71I
1 Ualtrtnl1l1 ZO 2 II 81 t7u
At Nil Itttu Ease mil feret
J tpW York8t043 vn IISH JM
OppooenllIOl1 721 1171 2110
1 TEAM rillIIINri
r 7ul nut Afitit Frroro Ferrt
Krw York21162 I4UJ 3n1 921
VpJuuhIoit l 2173 I 401 llO 1445
H niioouivv 111
I nr
Aamf lams Ali n lit til HI IIII Sll 8H rv i
Ft Cronin a 2 1 I O I U II II Soil
r OniHiert Vtt Ni 21 lt 4 0 I II 0 362
Kinieil 11 liil 12 I JI II II I 1 WH
j Orlftlll 1111 U71I7I4I I I T4 r 4211 n l2a
I Ijctiului Kill 4HI I > rd 111120 I 6 117 II 1121
Vilill 21 I 711 1 211 t II I 1 ins
I t Jly nil all 77 tutu I 11 II 8 21 7 vim
Andrrbon HO 1UU Ss UI 7 II M 2t 0 2 > 8
Sliili 41 11141 1 41 H II II J 24
ore i 1011001 I 411111114 1 u I 2l 12 977
i Brln VH mil I I 21 2 n I 973
MilnillK HI 4i n 71 I1U I in II IH fl J70
llrlin 7rt VI1U 41 72 II I I U 7 M VI14
I Trerdway hr 1 alh 61 H 11 4 7 II I 21
I Jnill l Ill I 17 7 14 I 1 0 0 U a n I 1
allry 14111 till 17 tin II 1 a I 11 2211
II liurrrll li Ui 7 r I > u u 0 I II II VI7
AUx 4 II I 1 U U 0 U 117
t I tirtmf ttnnirj futmtl I Atttttt ftrort Vrer
Allirr 4 II 4 It 1001
ti Liu hance lCD 1121 41 IR 11 I
fttin 2 U 4iTil j td11 i
Imili 31 I t1 1 1 fll I 1114
4 IIrlnlllII 1 1 101 21 I III mi j
ii Keniiidy II 1 ro I ti UIII
I elrlni 711 212 hi It ini
I Humbert 2 J 12 I III 4 141
Ialy iii SiT SKt 17 111t1 1
Con nran IIH Ml 4IS I 41 III
Mioll 44 71 01 t II lU
hell In 4 43 I Ivy i
I AnIt rtuin IsH ill 43II 17 111
Trdla3 IS 111 I 7 IM iinj i
r Hillmio 117 ll 214 17 VIII
iiilt < 21 40 a i 1 I7H
Im nil u I VII n 1 Kill
Cruulu J II u U UUII
i Atlal Jr Uaseh1 IPr rl
IinvAlin IIIIIH 7111 112 9s2
4 UIPueut142011 I Gjll IUI 21J
II TIII u gisItl tn
11 nur 4 0 Frrart Her
OpiuiiPnta VMU 14211 171 U2U
INiltloniil lruceie llrcord
s II i I li I fir fl > IQI
r r s t rlii I
01 CIt1 sM S3 I I 3
J 11
I II r 1 I H I
lultlmore 3 5 3 4 ft I 1071
CletrUml t 7 Ia I U 1 4 31 6 V 11 I VII I
litlndclula 116 II 7 6 I K 0 2t 7 H7
j riMiklyii 11 31 3 14 Vi 1 41 II I SI Hill IU
illatll t l 1 > I ell I i llI1 1 I 5 J 5 14 34
4 XCI t0tk t I1 I 3 7 I r IrI3
illiimnth II 01 4 AlI A 8 1 b 1 I TJ
riiicluiutl 4 II II I 1 I D N 61514
10 I 4 6 el > 1i Z 6 S V 7 S M
WeailllgtOflIi 1 3 33 i 7413 J j elI
auIills 1 6 I 613 > ll I 1 vl I i t g lM
1Im I l I < I I 9 3 J1 I 3
Oimra lust 1jIUU l > IOJ 51 W M lIjU
1 = yr tV = 1 4
rIte Cincinnati nTe na rAil Tint with
the Iromelilea
NiwiiwBfpt aNearly 8000 trions wthIron
AIM fall liefon the Clnclnnath this afternoon
Pitcher Dowel of the IroIII hall hanoI arm before
the game Ihe result of pltxbln two etaraei on labor
Dar The LSRUIM went Inn try him out and the
remit was Hint 11011 ree l ilblj groul1 iwutiellng
of the year The moro
niKroar it lreroAr I
Dwyrr I r1 n 0 o OAhttue3 I 1 1 III
lly e I 11 0 U lcrrlIIIO I II n II
IIlIr vI tli 2 I 2 01h1 ttss 2111 1 0 2 I
ll V
Iitrrtt Ilt 12 hi I I t YttIrI I I I 16 I
oAlhIIII Iil II I I 1 Ihlttc3Ih8 0 4 II II
llhIr rf I 2 0 anrlrotlhl 0 4 II 0
Ihinilhi L 0 V I 4 II I lttuuf 14 r VU I 0 II II
lluy I I r I 1I1Ik rlbeO II I II I II
oremanil 0 1 2 1 lI1uWi p U 1 0 0
ToInI14 tti zf M 111 i TuIbO 7iS4 IV MM ID
Cincinnati 4 j d I n I n n o r 14 l
n n 3 3
Iroluliles i i u n n o i o o li
Karntdrnnarincliinatl I 4i ItmuMcl I Ii I lint Imaa
Ie I
nn erroriCincinnati I Hi I ninlilrii s Hr t tale 1111
tetls0f leirrinaii 4ieifr I Linwil II Struck mIr
leireinau 4 I IfI by Ihmel I lrfl ctl InWMClnclnnull F
7i lron ll > II HacrimnlillMiirrhMil Rioirn loses
liwycr liny 14tIhte I I ray A Itotlifux J llntlifu
llomr rnnMclhre Thrrr ba r hli4Iloy Mlllir J
n r
nniiifiwii Two lia I e nun i llor Mclhor A IjotlifiiM I
lionlilnplayWrlmliackrr anil Uinnr Wild Iltch
Dowd lilt Ity iilieherlwjrrJKeilhfu Ill Lm
plro lloiikliia Ihnr 1149
Loriitiu Ul raTriuoi II
rATHirai Brpt 8Fuliy ftOOO Ion saw lbs
paint brtnrrn Ihe Louhrlllrie and the Itttriuiiii nt
Wlllanl Iark today Corn illched a nonilrftil
KOflI and should hare won eaull tint for the rutfcil
aiplmrthrrreelTrd Hr kept lilt hlto well ncaltrre
Mi akin tens knockt 1 out kr lbs but III 1 the AlIt In
nlnitanil JlcKnrlanil rcllccitlilin Theacorci
rUFnlt1 luroAr nlnroA r
rarllnSdb1 4 a 14 o Onrlrn dr b I t I a A
JUyrr r a I 0 I 74 Ilolme r f4 a o I II 0
Touhry hi I bO 1111 o I 1 c1kr I f1 i a u II
IMtZtiftfu 11 It 1 0 llauamer lbi Iia o I
Coe n i l l 0 v o I colliu > He hl v I 4 u
HI bi l i a nlshnit ri a IU o 0 n 0
liradlry I fl I 1 a 0 OiWrlcht c f 0 170V
BhmoJ I o 1 I X o olMruklnp 0 Il l 0 0 o
UOrlruc 1 4 0 VfMctarlrindpo 0 0 I 0
Warnere V 1 8 1 1
Tolal11 lt2t1 11 10Total
I Total Ill 10HO 14 B
Two mm out when winning run war scored
Patrnon 3 noloiinoo 011
loullllIeu 0 a 0 I it 0 I 1 0 112
Kernel rimsPalrneon D Ioulnvlllr t left nu
bane 1Mterion H Uiulxillle B Tivolmi hllOCOo
iran and Leonard Doillilr plnyl onarel anti Touhry
birnck outlir Cocaii 1 Ul 1 tiy McFurlanil f 3 rirnt I tia > >
on hallOrT I Ib nklu Si off Mcfnrlaiulni Covan il
Btolrn banes Clarke I2 > Warner Ilennamer COKHII
Hrdlry PIII hacrlflc hitfonliey 121 lronard
llradlrv Hit bv pluhrd bnll llannainer Ollrlen
lialkilrakln Ianied ballnO Krlen V Warutr 2
Uiuplroliurni Tlnir2iv
CfBii onrr Iflj ntcitiUTtoi P
The Cuban Client had rrrrythlnE their own way
at Ilrcrratlon Parkjrttrnlay baIling Chars formerly
of the Southern Iallne out of the box In the fourth
Inning In the wTrnlh Innln Miller of the Cuban
Olantu hit a bull to right rlrld 1 which Wood liasfonl
and Coonan utartrd for CiKinan and Wood collided
tin latter bring knocked ln I > en > lli > r and had te > lx
carried nil hip lOud lIt revived a few mluutei after
ward The score
teals oiiiTS I ureTHiATiox
lnra i I ItIPOA I r
OJackion IfJ 2 4 li lPelfordrrI l I 1 o 0
WJacknrf 2 I I I Mnineisdb1 I II I I
AJock > onll > 3 li V 0 ueiNelle 0 I 0 10 1 0
Wllllam e a 1 a I I WoolVd I bO 1 4 3 o
t III g
llrnnt 2d b1 I il 2 olJour ft V 8 0 fl 0
tMon p16 1 2 I Oillrlll lat bOo I 2 H I I
Nelfiou lstbI I 7 1 OConzan r ri 1100
Terllll na S 2 1 1 0 Kn III I f2h II I a SI 1
Jlller f 0 I I II 0 VCIarrtiLfO 0 II 0 I
Juptllerp0 out Olrlikn p 1 V 0 I 0
Total 10 III7 ti iil Total VII2714 4
Ulan Olants SOOBiiaoo 0tn
Itecrratlein 000000180 1
Earned rum Ilecreatlnn 8 Cuban llant I FIrst
ba ry erroriHerfttlon 4nlim Olantn I let lt
m lialeiUecrrallon 8t Cllhan than > 7 Klnt taut
on ImllieiiT Clare vrr Inns 21 nil slilnn lnir
Jupiter 2 Struekoutlly Clare I liy Irlixpi 2 uy
Nfieton ft i by Jnpiirr I 1 Hume ruuslran A Jack
min Three tiase hlhA Jackson o I Jackieon JoneA
WixKl Mome Two ban hlmIll irnril Jonen t >
Jat bOil Hit by pltchrr Kelnath IIIlAni la Atil
baliUieIl UmpireJew Horuunic Time 130
Kaatern T ncne
AT nocnEjrtrit
iochr trr 1821 R n 1 8 511
Scranton 1 u n II I 0 9 0 I 412
Base hllie Roctir trr Ifl Seranton 14 lrror
Itoehriter n I Scrnnton i Katlcrlei Hewitt and
IkrKer Jlranry and Stulth
AT iitrrrAU
flnlTalo 40100904 II
Wilkenbarru 5 II 0 0 2 0 0 0 nlo
HUM lilui DutTalo IT VMUkUini 12 Lrrrj
Ilkeflbarrr 4 flatterleaadtworth and UriU
hart Keenan CoakU ami Iiejlnf
I = r 1 1
i I Ig a H
a r I 2
CLt1IL e I I I
nl I I h h
i U 1 i I 1 h r
lIrlngnII IO1111014h3 U
I rsIlcnet CI V 5 II 7IG II I
SUllipaberre ftl It 1 jl 7 R tIll 71 M
Cyracuse 8 9 IL 10111 6 l 71 U 1
IIl1tTlo 61 a i j l Iii 14f1t
traInn 2 4 I 1 A 9 A 4
Itosbester 4 I A 9 SF 9 II
TorOlilo 3 4 II A l 3 7111I I 3J
Omr toiL 311 1 1 1 tt77ISn7
Long Inlatel A A IDO
At Atlantic A C Park Atlantic A C ID tVoodalde
AtblyrapIeAC FifldOlyinplc AC HI Perrleia
AtiiauntleM A C Iark Dauntlru A C 17 Ham
ilton A e 13
At liny Mew 1 A Clart1Ia1 View C 12 EmpIre
At lIuhkk A C KlrhlIluiliwlck A c 14 New
lown A r 5
At ItidKiiviooil A C FleldIlliljewood A C 13
Glendale A C 17
irrmnonf OAMKS
At Wmxlslde A C ParkWexxldde A C 10 Allan
tieAC IS I
At irerleu A C Flrlel Paerlrsi A C Us Olympic
AA Hamilton A C Pork Hamilton A C 10 Daunt
hesA 11
Alfcmplra A C ParkEmpire A c 10 Bay View
A c lo
Atiilendaln A C Parkniendale A C IH Ridge
w cod A C 14 I
At hew town A C Field Sewtown A CX 1A Iluih
wick J C 11
Other Oamrc
Istateniiland1 0 I I 2 I 0 4 0 t10
lirooklyu 1CIIlb1I V 2 0 0 1 u II 0 I J
Ilase hllahtaten Iilaml n Hrnnklyn Field Huh
15 Krrorn Niatin Ialinl 0 IIronkl n Heliicluli n
lIalterI Murphy anti Hindi Fliclicr and Ii Mur
AT rArcnxnx
alsaryaIyreimS 1 3 II 2 0 0 0 n 010
X t lir Deaf Mulei u V u 4 1 u I I 2 0 h
floss bilk St Marys Itrrum UIXx > lcr Iiraf
Mute 4 Errrsht tarya Icreini M XavIer Iieaf
Jilutes t HatKrlet eirubcr and Carroll Jackioii
and llailn
Wllllamshunh A C a n a I I a I 0 031
III haul Cihege I II II U 0 U 0 II 0 7
At Voodhaven Htmlllou Orange U Montaiik
ItlilKowoodAlrrt A C IRt FiUltahle A C 0
At Fatt Sew S ork Louqucrnra ubrintnole A C11
At l Hay Itldic Illnrlana A C Ill Hrlvlilrrn 14 1 H
At Iniinli Al I Iirk outli brooklyn thu nix A
C Ill I 1 drlentsl A I lt
At van Ilriint A C Iark Kouth Tlrooklyn Van
Ilnint A 4 1St Newark A A II
TIAII N rtt tfMi1
At Muith i llrookun A C uriiuirlt bulb Itrcoklyn
A C 17 I IhnaiA t II
At Naman i t tirnimilN rrookfynDeftJndcr J a
Ih Uatwinlurileut LeanUQK 14
Nntlnnnl Trnxao IJnmm Today
New York in clnrlmiail at tIP 1010 ground
lirookDn I VS I hleatii at r atsrn Park
Killliinr I Lji laud nt lialtlinorr
notion V4 14l 1 lnnU Ilo4ton
Inllaililplilati I Niubtllle ul lMlsIHpMn l l
IKHburiili vs 5 ti4l Inciiin nt riisuuruu
Itulrliilll NoliB
Van llallrrn maIls five rriors In the lint four gamri
Tlernan hItS not mle all irror in I the last aevcnleen
Of thi lat eighteen Rimrs playc1 by the Prnokly
tliey won lourieen
Krnnrdy uinl Fouls mulo Ihflr flrit atseriflee bill of
I the srutoil last wrel
Tin IonIC kra > on of llir ledford Ortminsr tohool
I I liiuiliill 1 cKur w ill e net tml y
IK I e nlv emi of the U t fnioteeii Lames bat Bhoch of
tlni llrook iu fallril hit airily
AnrtiTnou nt Ih lireokijns li I Called In matt at
Ira4l tine lilt I II tnrtil inoifunui I
Miner joliiliiE Ilia Nsw Vorks Tom lIon has played
tOil balnrs without lilAkhiK at leet1 nue InL
la liane II acaln hlltlut I tlir hal i In hIts last trn
ly fur gani 4 lit haH hit nufi ly In ult exee pt tnrrr
I n > li I Uiei I stole thlrltilx liifs In Ilie TI rat sixty
MII III 11114 ha 1 > only pillereel three buii I Wb1 had
me biy lIre gsiius
ChI1I1I1l Uiaml mlillo A > ncl > tlni liatrball tour
nieniernt iinleit jeiterdty The eiimJalu I A t wem
xllhllio AtlanlliiA C second anti Ills Uooililila J c
third I
Trap Mlioollxi riilure for the Week
TiiCMlj North bids Kixl aol I dun Club monthly
liuot at MTV lOrds and ntcustaka rum at Pester
rilniMla larkway 1 HM and Ouu Club monthly
llir hint l he Ji > at lleillor I kall
TnuraJa > Inknoiin Koil und Ouu Club inontlily
lite bird 11134 unit haudiiap inrviiitnki race al
Uiiiir I fur
Iridjy tlldnrwexHl hOst ami Una Clout lIve bird
ran for monthly price aim I ivMepiUku races ul
ltlltteift > M l Iaik
Saiur toy ttiverpttake race 4 of thn Saw Ulrnht I
Ilol ami lou Club al lltnblriltil 1 Wo lntn lark
Iruvncnd rruun llnl lIlt tluut t lob inoutlily lila
bird Iark raci anti baudIcci III Ceptuke ra cn at Holier
llaielill Eaalrra Iark 4 I Toitnr
I Uruoklyn vs Cblcanu Adniltleiu > 0o and C44v
lla > tl > ull Iolo Grounds Hi 13 I1 M Today
t I Cincinnati u Nrw yore
I bltitv Iouwrrew44u
r T
II nlurvCJ
What the Temporary netnutntrrnent of
Tltiii Inhnnne anti Murphy Mnnu
Thn action of the Itaclnc Iloarel of the I A
W In HID pern Inn C JI I Mnrphr1 lJ Cnimiine
nUll P Tlttn the clasi II men from tho track
pending Investigation Into some nllcifd Ills
Proper rltllnlf at Ht Louis cntiiid cotislilcrabln
nlarm among Iho racing contingent Thin Inler
action of the Hoard however In temporarily re
Intnlln t the mcn seems likely to raiSe consul
crnhto disturbance In the future vljustnicntof
racing mailers When J fl Johnton WRIt
chartfd with lolnllng HID amateur rules ho
was at once sti pemled from nit train competi
tion nnd refuftit n sanction to race until
hli raO ssas illipoced of Why any partic
ular favor should bo shown to Titus Calmnno
and Murphy Is not apparent anti In Iho future
any innn nispctiiliil will have the privilege nf
racing until a Html vnto Is taken tiioti tho
charge iKnlntt him AVhoreterTltui Calitnne
and Murphy I compete the t > osltloiisof the fourth l
ninl tilth I men anil hH5i ill ho tilth ulll havo
to hu taken at tin Ill 1511 ot exen race mnl nil
tlrlzeo withheld until the Haclinr llemrel elecldei
whether tho men are guIlty ot tlio alleged
cll It iteefim unlikely that lleorKo Hanker the
only American rn Unit limn who cunit > cltil in tlio
ItiUrnatlonal thaiimliinnlilps nt olognu 101 I I I
ruontli nml who entered a preitest against Iro I
tln I the Belgium lieler wlm tint caiui him will
get any satlnlactlnu I ho I A U illd lilt 14Ltld
amateur rldors aliroail no that Hanker wa
only ellgibio to rcpretont this tounliy III thei
professional events
In tho ononiil race flanker finished rrconel to
Irottn bUI lodKl a eomllltlnl thai tho IklElan
> ns Ineligible It was attteed to run the ills
puteel rIsen over hut it now elevtlopti that Pro
tIn retuneK to ride Hanker In a letter to his
brother ulllttburKh says among other thlnrt
IJ Hy a peculiar colnclilenei Irotln 111 Store the
1r f ryIr
two tallest IklElaun antI I drew places 111 the ume
he nt teivlni the alow er men for hiS oilier heat rue
management wan very pour and after a rOOd eleal of
aricuiiiK anil eonttnuliirf we WCCC toil to mount our
vh < el lI Informed I that the race would lie a Hymn
start Unit null second men 10 have a place III ttii
final At the lust Inn I Jumped and upeiritd for all 1
va north to wllliln twenty yards lit i nuinr slum I
diKovFrcil ua at 101st litre vhrel lnctlmahead of
tilt next man and pat tip inlllngoitr lie I lane two
1I l iigtna uhvail I of Hunt ami tnreu i Iliad eif Prolln
The Una ssus slow 2411 Then V l learnee i that tne
eiinejal4 liait maiKta i inlmake Iho ntort proum have
been Rtaneliin aieonllliK to tile rude
IhlKaiit IntuIt a bane I and he Inslsleit that as
there hail hie n a lnl II taLei lie luiull lie alliHiello
start In the flna H nr elni the heat n < iuhl lie I run over
Ill I luiiKllnie union th itfOIlls wamonie ttilniaerul
i g I
anti I II tally uIOf I ulI i not ni lit lIlt I Hunt al all un
lit It a a 0 run an It ulienll I IM I he creiwil 5esfl III
UA at onculf I wa afraid of rrtitlil and In iKfp ra
linn 1 wiMil out ti thet track for the start The nanl
turk 1 nl 1 lien eluitiK iht preiltiti4 two tie Utre
V rita hustle me mure nertuua man usual antI by this
little I sus Miixilteil list I wan ibakln like a leaf
client 1 finally inonnteil ray wheel it was eilitint
Iron the Mart that the two Ilelnlans Hunt anil Pre >
10 IVCFC In thu Kanite tnilefeat me Vu the last lap
hi lure tiirneil lutu the stiuli three lengths ahead eir
me DII Piiitin V11 right tirhluil me overhauled I
lluret hal Hay duwu the stretch and tnntluuril
fipnriliiK until 1 thought I hail 1rnMd the taDe wnrii
t at nil 1 hal Iliad a nilatakv thnuirh and hail quit
ten unl 10 his MHiii Il itiwi ien 3 anl Irotlncou ut
lIe anel nulfthiil about nix Iliihes head
Thu results of the principal events at Cologne
One 31 He Worlds ProfrulonalChamplouihlp 1Inal
heat U ITtin llelgluni fIrst II I Danker Alner
lea I iimul K Inirrt leUleiin third Tune 2 uilnutej
Mi 1 A tviindie i Ino eiuarier Jti 1 neTemdn
one Mile 5 orlilV Amateur Chaintiuniihlp > lnal
heat Juai njen Holiaiut tint I Ieteraeu lieu
nurK Kitnnil J Sihunr llrrnian thlrel lime K
Inlnuie 2n 45 neieiliel > > last lai 2U J fi ncconelii
one Huuilreil Kilometre tibIa Alnat nr Chan
phiiifthlpMCiirilani Holland 11111 C SVutle 1 eel
InOlinilnmunil I U 1 DIMIIC horveay third I Time I 1
hours 21 minute 44 26 ac mid
MoplIiL professional bicycle racing at Man
hattan Beach Is I regarded by tuanvns tho btei
lilni stone for tho nbandunmuit of ttiU branch
of the port In this country rl tie leading profes
sional riders raced at Manhattan lleae li tile
nmimuers alTered liberal purses anti the con
tests were lint class hut In tplte of thin StIll
little Intereit uns manifested that thu llnanilal
returns did nut arrant the continuing of thu
Ihu System of puttIng pacemakers In com
retitlM race waa InnuKiirated In this country
this year While lIe recorels have liniroeil
tho rntinir min are uenerallyeli satl > lloei with
the liritillce lhie i sum cubteim is I In MI UU
In Kn land nnd the Knelish railiiR folks lniu
decided tint iiactumktiiL Is unfair hicliim I
We fear that pacing In competitive events has al
mml hail its ill > ami 1 that I uu ball haie In Imik fur
ti trt either nieiin I uf pre Lriln < publIc mtrrmt In
irau h rae The puhlle Imre Ueiin lo ueary nf Im
ip < rtaele l of wild rukhlni at tin I start of a me fill
hiwert I liy the ptMly aMemlaie of m me rliler uh I >
hy l xlnic further and fOrth r away Iron his tlihl
mlIO the rate eif lu chief charm If pacIng is I 10 Uo
I 1 re erie < l a4 a ra Ing metliiHi tn paeera w in hal I to
lie I Imparelal rlilern The e oniplltin will I lisle lo IM I
of tin liigh it laillire antI to lost ell1 raced raeis
nlll hale to IM IniltatUin eve nta At prev nl pat CII
rae s are merely anntlirr me leirutleinpta on ret urit
martu rrlm irlli lu lie lutemtsuf thei tiinlc em tthleh
they an ridden
Ill Arlon Bicycle Hub will hold their tlrst
run lo rceporl em next Sunday mortilii start
ing from Broadway nnd Mjrtlo avenue llniok
h 1 II lit T oclock The majority the mem hers
tire Mini of thu meunl > ors of the Arlon Mlnlni
tocletl anil their headeiuarters art nt Arou
Hall Charles lielnhof Is I captain of tho club
flanker Who a Qrttnd Prlxo nl Purl
IAIIIX fept 4At Iho Velodrome du Seine
today Banker the American bicyclist won the
Cirand Prix of the Inloi Veloclpedlejue which
Is worth SOO The prize was won h > Xtmmir
111en llil year
In a IHciityfourhour bIcycle race at llnr
deaut which wat fliilflnd today lluret eu v 0
ernl 1151 kilometres Hjli metros llinnm tho
Iorltport Vheetinen Have Sport
LocKiottr > lIITh Ixnkport heelmcn scored
a steccas 3 tlrlay Inthewa if allrnrtancj and In
lermllna racIng The I ftun nide roail rue toenhcr l
with th time trI wax aim ity l > K I Lenuert of Bill I
fain In I 41 I 193 i Th IIIr the day voi tie hull a
mil race eit > rn nhleh wi Mem IS I Uerl Icof PufTjIo
3lllli1lHot TOil al uda teconil Tr hly ttomlman tew
ort third Tim 1111 I 1 he oneMnfle met II lea A
inn w n 4 Won by lnmlman lea S ark Urrkk
luiilnlo second IIiiKhei Itocheiter third Time
2 2J 4 S
TryIng to Arrange n Fluht Itrtwroii JIm
my Hurry laud 1cdlur 1alnirr
On last Sulunla night Joe Venillgof the nor
IdaAland I arson Davies hud a long nnd
earnest talk at the illsey House about arrang
Ing a contest between Pedlar Palmer thug
lanel anti Jimmy Harry of Chicago Vendlg
w hihos to bring the battle oil nt Dalian Tex iu
conjunction > with tho other contests to lw dee lel
eii there during October and November Ven
dig 1 has I received word from hiiglnnd that
Palmer I wants to tight Harry lund Is I tirepiercd I
visit this country and make a match ut ion
poii nil
Davits told the Florida A Rs reoresentatlvo
that Harry wa willing to fight anyone at 10H
pounds and iiddeel thai If i Vendlg l eould Induce
Palmer lo tlghl HaNy he would cheerfully ar
range a match Something more definite alKiul
tho prospective mill will be made known before
thu week Is out
nrlRoi flIght IliiBil Injured
Young iiiffn Is I evidently having n streak of
III luck The recent Impromptu light which h
ell Lllgtui 111I I I wi Iii Mmdow ill ther the Austru
llan weller eight nt alley Island may hem
ieirlous thing for him m tho t ernl When tirllTn I
hit lh a her uiitl put him nut he und Ids right I
hand Ihit I e nine in I eoiitnct with M IIIhrlI teeth
wlm h em ft drIll mzisli ThUiliil not give drllln I
mi tumble at the lime 111111 he I thought nn
Illicit eif It However III the eitija ltulheii I thu
hatnl I 1111 to hilt ii him and he I hud it hiunhiged
Ill 1111 tlmtatutl nppeiriiiceti It li I gcllug biiltur
bill II Ii I still piuiilul and Orlllu doesui Iulllv I
win in tmiiukt lit It lit Informed n reporter of
111I 1 M Ii thai lie I eixpee teel II would be all right
In u lew itiis and that It wnuld In no manner
Interfere I w ith lIla contemplated mill with Kid
lavlgne h Hu InltmlH to hav a physician ex
niulne and dress the Injured hand todiiy
MIke llnlroy Knock lint tiiilj JobnMton
After several months of Inactivity Mlko Mul
roy till llrlrihtun Cyclone loeinttrvd the ring
on r > nturda night at a I I 1 I > i ti 1 resort In a
tjpeclal bout to H nnltili w ih I HI el I gloves Hi I i
niiiHinrnt Ira Andy John i eif Now York
MlKi I I vvanled 1 male It ijiiuk i job of It In the
llr > i tvtei reiiiiiili hut lohnIIIII 1 wn too fUll lor
him niitl punched hard Mike was us caiiiu an I I 1
ever hnwiiver und continued to sIt hilt fitsi und
flu rilolli In I thn fuiirtienlh I round utter Cry
hnnl llzhtlng I Inhiitilnn win knocked out II I It
right hand onliu which landed on thu chin
rime v1 I minute iiM Bitiimiii l alroy sea a im
nieilKlel mitiched Inert Wally Cook beforu
the new Ianaric A i on next Monday night
The Ii oo A A Irani are anxIous to hear from all
tcnmavrraimiK I4U to 14ft pouiiil AdlreM itanrlca
w Huud captaIn ljnj etxliixlon aveuur J iw Vork
The Torte lilaml Alhlello Aixvlallon will at one
onranieafooibelllrairiir lu play In tlio second an
nun tounmtnrnt h for lie I cliauipieieishlp ptiiiant now
held I liytheiAllaiiileAr
The I Kill foolliall tom of Pelleilllf N j bate re
nrnanUtnl with tbeo piau IL I btnllh goal I William
Keiidrlik rlsbl I halfback J Ncliurr COnICal K hmltli
HI half bw it J Nortou guI 71 HeCartby mt vvnui i
W llunuiiii And Y HouKlnr rih1 wIngs
The funtball player and hUrlers of the tlaello A A
oirueil tbilrchaniplouitilp I seric I at llUjswixxl
r ry llh r IW111 f II tiI mlf
tirda Ihr fexilball inalin wss htnrru tutu hashes
e > r lirifiinalnt mnl the hanOobti of Kllirbethi > rl
The eiaelie pla > eMi a dahluTiraiii > and at Itie cud of
lie llrti half lad one ioT and six siini I lo Ihelr
credit nlII ncr rlvalirtforutiail l netted unthla
In I iiI Meoud balf Ills lArklUldi fcor d two polut
hut the irfenpoint < morn UiiiiuiT4t thIs rally by
tcorlnc tbrie flii fInal score WA by ODD tioal and
lilur IMIIUU fur the Uttf Ilia lu Iwo points for the bar
fltl IIlg
llrlili lie burMiu mnieh 1 betwreu the tllichrl ami
ilarryoweiu V51 niarnil by a Ulipule which puts
top J tn > Uy after trn iniuuti of tbu irronit bnlf The
Idle then stood two point i tu one lu farcrot the
I ttllUl11ll
ciirrottn WIIT rito2itnrr HE A
ItT < nxlw ov UHIJvUrlJU
Ir llrnry of Nnvnrre CllffBrrt omlno and
Itey lit H nln Anita Hmrt the line
Hhotild He of the AVIilrlwImlOrderTlier
Are tlie Crack or the American Tnrr
rIle Flnthnuli HtHkei Tomorronr isIhi
UrIbe Obi the Steal ortho Twojrenrold
ThU t the Iasl Seek Hlieepabrnd
Although CHfTord WM n very sore horse yen
terdny mornhm after Ids griiolllng race with
SIr Walter for lint honors In the Omnium Han
illrap on Hattirdny thero li I every probAblllty
that Mr Itoo nlll iiiinio till sterlltm on > of
llrnmblcnnd Dtuhcxi fir tIme hie nwcepstakes
to In run nn Vilncday mid for which Henry
of Nnvnrrc Domino and hey Kl 1 Hantu Anita
have nlnndy lcen entered Cliffords nmny ad
mlrero j e tcitlny were not olow in I expre slng tho
opinion Hint tho fleyearold would defeat tho
great trio of fotirycarolils thoutd ho In to tho
pout ai gnnd a hors nn ho was oil Saturday
hue Omnium lInllcllwM t pol en of yetcr
day wherever liorsemrn congregated nnotmof
the most hrlllnnt rarpi of the year nnd CIIIToril
tIlls the he roof the hour Trainer lingers 1011I0
In for n lot nf praise for the hnro looked re
murk ably well mid carried a lot of Millcl sub
ttnntlnl tlenli Orlando Jones and others who
watch titers closely say that they never nw n
horse run thirougil thvstrelchat the llnlsh faster
thin Clifford did on Sntunlay Ho fairly Tew
when Sims called upon him and hue fact that
ClIITord gave n hor o of Hlr Wnlter8 calibre
ten pounds and a beating Is undeniable
proof of his greatness The followers of
Sir Walter were up In arm jcstcrday They
Sal and with justice thai ho Is I nn extremely
lightbodied wnaliy kind of a hone and that
the flesh melts olT him In the warm weather
amid nolut to the records to nustaln their claim
that his best races lat jenr Wert run In the
autumn No Secret was niadu of tho fact that
Doggctt pulled the hone up 111 tho Ocean Handi
cap when he raw that he could get no part of
tho money and It was general Information that
Sir Walter worked n mile and a quarter over
the deep nandy course at llrliditon Bench In
ti10 some feW das agn The sutblo following
mndo no etort to disguIse thl nor did they
scruple to tell what they thought of their
horsoH chance for the Omnium The horses
race on Saturday considering his looks nnd his
form In the Ocean Handicap was certainly such
as to put most of the talent at sea
If nothliiL goes wrong between now nnd
Wednesday with any of the candidates for the
big sweepstakes ard the track should be III gnod 1 I
condition the race of tlio year will bcdcddid
at blieepihcad Hay It ha taken two weeks of I
the most persistent diplomacy to bring thu
champions together and now that matter are I
clinched the uromoters of tho affair arc exceed
ingly hal IY Of course every one of the gentle
men making a nomination think they hate
named the winner U took KJ Baldwin a
long time to come to the scratch and the
Me I pr heeno I held out for a race aln mil until I
tIny cuss then was no chance for them to gain
their point and hurts they Bcoulo ced For this I
the I cud ii it nubile owe them and in fact all I of
the gentlimen Interested in tin rice a deep I
debt of gratitude for this race should I b < ftill
the Iir of the KI m1 the horses are til and I
well 01 Wednesday I
A new track ri cord at one mile and a furlong I
toss be one of tIle reo lilt oC till big race When I I
Clifford can slay al the post half an hour get I 1
stay In I tho I rock run around a loll fli Id of I
IIOICH and then fInIsh within onetlfth of n sic j j I
nnd of Term Coltas ihamplon mark he should i
he I eapaole still greater things with only two i >
or three rntnprtltnri mini coniparatlnly no leo i I
My at the start I 11111 inn will see to It that the
palo will IM > all that could he desired for II ha t
txen dellllllll rat iii that the haek cliampioii I
likes I to go to tin I front and make ills own run
ning without being choked up andjankid 1 alt
hIs trlde Dnmlno ran put in the II rt mile
better than llll Will the olhiri ho al > le to
clime nn1 Hike him t Wedmsday will tell tho
talc I
trescendo Is I cite i moro hailed a king of the
tuiijearild1 V tiit David Ililenti I the itunir
nf I ltiilltal t dm v Inner of thn I I uturit > I lii it k
it the callfoi nlan giant Is hown by 1111 utTer it I
Sill 000 inuilr for the pride of Mr Hurkeri
Mrlng Mr llnrki belli ve that hu ha > the II
kingpin of tiie ear and hajs that a Mvire
spell of nlekiuont ChlniKci alone robbed Cn t
ei lido of an nw > l victor for the Ill ttu ri t y Nu
itril I nutty auhinu lit would liulnci him to part wltn i
Ihr ton of KlamlHau Thru me I rninei
i > l Judce eif tie npiufon tint One I i
r Love Iul ThomtisonB filly b > Mint
ing out of The Apple can trim resiend I
Itiqnllil I and i llaiiiltiiirlng I I wIt liniu t much I
troubli 1 > he has nrkr threequarlir aroiinii
tie turn ill theipthrad lIr I In I I J4j < and III t iti
the kind of It lvrfurmei calculatid to make I
owners and tral Hers throw upb < iih haiidnand
whistle She will hrvoaihuieo 1omorrox In I
show huw fho can andle I the cults If she 1 goes to
the post for the t tlitlillh M ike > at Mven fur I
lonj Tills rate has always been regarded at
the I Riipremei ti t of suuirlnrity I utiKHig two I I
yierbii 1 and silo ninv wear II I Ill CItlIS n If I h I
all make the young gallant Mam down and I I
out win n she parades llnndHprlng Iteiiuital
I ncendo Hen Iir th Silver I II I I Hasting I i und I
routlrr I are all naiiird for the Flatliucli I
but I MandsjirlriL and llaifngi I will IrnIhI lit
bo alTntiei although Mr h ilnjer I will Iii bo i
Llml if Hanover nun vuiulil be readv to I run It
vviiHiiioit iinfiirtunatu that thIs good 1 mil rr
girded uv manv as IhH I IHII of lie I vear atoll lii
W IU It i f I i llr W
he apacltated I I at such u crItical time I Mr l
Dwjers buck Isin a par with I I the 111 I fortune
which at present appear to hover over thn
Itlemton Manle I Lust tugs being temporarily I
thrown I out of training lining InnieneHK Ihn >
wlniicr of the nutbuli lakes lies ginerally 1
hien Flue brat tluee t > iarold or the fol
lowing year There aroither Inleretlng event
on F lit elrl for ti harrow Im Wedncsdav in
aildltlon to the lug sq > tiikeH at one mile I and
a furlong the crack t Ilirirjearolil will inert
In thei iptemher Maki at one Itt liii and Ihnu t I
furlong The I Hj Ing Dutchman Hey del Cai
fOrce IHHIUT Ienor Monaco salvation and
ConnoUseur are a few of thoi I that ate ilhl
be to stall For Ihursday Flit twnveurolds
are iifKid to run nven furlongs on the gnu
Iho I I 1 utbileit UIH Make having among itt tiiiinl I
lijit Ian all of the clinkers u 1 Saturday the irent I I
Kaitirn Handicap over the Kulurlty ourso
should bring out a nick llrld 1 of i joiiuuMeri
Oil thn same slav and a fitting I Mulsh lor I lie
meeting mines thn Autumn Cup for two ear
nhls and minard at one 10 lie ahil threeiUar I I
ten Henry of Navarre Hey Kl Janta AnIta 1
llatlmmpton Sir Walter lyIng I Dutchman
Counter Tenor Sir Kxiess IfcilsklTi aragotsa I I
and oilier prime Ha ers are In the list i i
The elnmhake givm > iHenlay afternoon at 1
hheepshend Hay hy 5lessrs Vlllep gue Chirk
and I Ian Iths was n great Miccens ilirt were
sev crust liumlreil giust > iiiiil VtryI thing liittli nil
niiiiotnl fnini tbu moineiil tin avui > mnund i
was unenvirid until the t waterineloii hrlkndo < I
made their iilipcariiue I he Held of baltln
wan mriwii with I lie il tail and a Illieirul i i reward I 1
was nlferrd Inr tin I man vvoinan or chihl nhei
left tin grounds hungt
11151 hllutr
Klfteen of the seve e nbul i council reprfrnteil In iht >
ltnat 1 ron hum lnss hug Jjasnu ef IirrHikln I hint
ilflegnte present ftt tie liiirllnir held At SVliis
Hall IlreioUyn on lat Siltuiln tight The > 0 rent
follnwii l oiu Ulnnil Ii 1 ill tiiiHein and I liorku Mnif
lir lie iitcilnlonll I K I vulnn Killim t 1or4o h I
4 lulnnamlliK I Lovcll Philadelphia KJ Allan a and I I
J Marknrll eilllerl II S UBIIIT und W A lrimth
Itei rot W II iuatey anl IT U I Spelr lirimkhnK I
Urmplou nnd William C Vllil VunMnglim Irvine I
K Ianiplcll and 1 lonilelii ie Ninnau Kilwaril HIM
Mnl IV c M iintt He 10111 1 I II 5 aite nnd Ullllum
Jin r or Ahrt p I J M hi Hand II P I > Ii lilly lii > n I
wuket 1 I kulmr ami Prrinan KnitT Iurt I limn
iliuro Itnl Cloth r < llnril HlwanlJ Pailnr and 7
XV Iriinkllu I Miillantla 1 N ilinri flu liul 41 I
In nton
Ihe tonimlttio on Irtffie rir > ntid ai fiillnnm
Pries to I ierntiiei ilMrnt f tie ltsIiuI tlnhhlni nrit
am tnun I lahil i IIIHII tn mil at Irani tiielvniiain 4
ll ti rleie Id UN tvii lilbhe liulivlilin1 won r I i
thu lie liaitln an riie ne u nml to lli lun I 10 > i m
making the IIMII ininil r or shrs 1 iiinilllleu
nltii iIii5IhitiliilII multI no plar e > hmi il 1 riivti t
n cie ih m nnei prlz Ihe prle ulll ikt 4111 ei 4
K ijnlnu Ma eleetul Pronli J II Mlielie
Irrtiileni lilHanl Ii 1 trinur SOil Il b Ill KIT
Ilnulliii susIe
Joe Thum U aullmrliy ICr Ihu tiienint that thti
IlrieliaIi gain 1511 l aain I e In > CliP in the Amrrl
cull alleiuu lut till litCIt I the mili K a llUn
Ihellonnlnf > lanujrr of Ihe I urruthrra National
UowlliiK Inurouiiirut 1 I Ill 111111 a 111cC I lug liinurriw
nlvhleilM oelexL lo make prraiutli 04 lor Ills SItU
lug season
The hateS howlIng Cluti nf llnmklyn hate roriian
lirel for Ihu evraion Tltt halt rleeleil Ih fnlinWiniT
nnicvrm U Iliirlou P1 I siltl lit II llohriCa lain U
bchro > lcrtmrelar > aud Johu Prekerr Ireuturer
Tie fiilluwiiig eimirn liars len flitlfil by Ills
Onom Howling Club Hulnrl K Newman1rtulilint
U Ilium A Ixliuriirr Mir Preitileol u Thiiiiiu c
lIaII lPretilr hsrI I 5113 V 1 colorer VhI
Ham b WIUou liaptulii
The first mertlnir of tin xaion hehl by the reormm
ItM Mercury hiiwbhug Club rrtaillrd lu the elce Hem nf
IhefnlloHluxeiilleira J K I Hrtrell lri4ldriit lli
loan > rHkertar > Henry VIrillulan Treasurer
II U llrlnckmnu apialn TIll i lub will I tiiiwl I at ihrlr
old quar leri Central Hall 217 Court ilrntlirookljn
FIghtIng Notf
KitS mlaitdrnnf lriM > klii alul I Jimmy Harry of Chi
Cab Will COllie luuelliir nu Momlay nluht Kvpt IH
rnli < r the lluitxin Ieiunl Aim luieland Hint
Jersey City InaMltDtltluixnllilllnn of tlfiiem rounl
to still Incbautani HelKhtchaniilnnihlui An rrlia
Iladdea is the pr alnoull tIme IUJ iwuiul lads I In his
vIcinity Wile Marry Iieiul4 the < Mint dtittuulon In I j
180 uet Ho liu umr been Jie l A
How Kncllnh ninl Amrrlenn Methods Vsrr
on Important Points
With two International nthletlo meetings to
como fliT here In the near future tliedKTerenoes
In the Ktmllih and American Silica of tomprtl
than nro nttrncllm rcnened nttetitlon dipt
lodfrey Shnw of tin London A C team Is
Knglands champIon hurdler hut thesn races
Arc run on the Infield turf abroad while hrro
the obstacles nro generally placed on the arti
ficial track There Is therefore much diversity
of opinion ns to how thoclianito will ailed tho
Ilrltlsh crack In his coming races The methods
of tneaMirltiK thu broad jump are also saul to
be at variance anti oven tIle Important matter
of time keeping li n subject of controversy
The IjiiKlnn Ycld of Aug 11 comments on these
matters as follows
Allliouuli KhKljnl nnd America adopt sImIlar pro
Braiinnis tIll praotko of athlelles In Amrla itlfTcrs
In unmc ih lulls from tliit In I 1 vo > iu < In I Knglaml anil a
coiKlileriitlon or the > aiie may not ha miln < trucivo
In Amiria It U tIm tlIflltllll pratlce to rim the lutlr
die 1 meet on the I null palb I over htirtllo that are not
lUcit hut I krlit hi IKHlllon liy ineani of a block of
WIHJI I nt the flat iii racli iiprlgit Hie Aiiierliaii ala
tfin In of niur nnien In favor of fisher tlinwllrst
tireaiiMi nn 5511 pith It fuler thnn I turf auth l smnnei
lieeniHi the moral fleet of a lilt in liunlli vthiih
frill i1mn ItMtiiiil of trliiphiK tin runner emil tinltmi
Mm out of tin raii IK tr < i < tlently till la I nn Annr ean
binll run It it I ni iitiiiiiiiinin tliliu for a niiriller in
hnvintiallnf liurille uii tlnKriiiiinl ishittuil linn To
our tnlnkliii I the e net of a nuril e flit euiialtl lu
tin l pn Mmi < nf rlulil iitmtiulri that iiiKelolir > ur
n ilnt I theeoMif a fall tel Ill In not tIe citse In
the 11111 ralltv nf AnterleAii hnnlti nuts The tart
Hint trill rao IK inn on thu haItI S I of ronrie mainly
111155 iritliln for the I I hnrillis in uc for tin pith nmihl
tin nucleus for flat roilug after hurdles hail betn litest
ear senreely prrr rrd In arjii that turf Is the
only hTiiher riiil ill for Iiuird hug Iliouirh tnnn Kiull b
man It Ill lilt M > em in anil nrointbly It wonlil I be uaclos
totletrei lu Ann rl < a that turf onl ly KhonM Iii eluiptoy
ill fir I Fulr time frtrn Hwar I thfiii VMI rave iver >
wli l re limit I tm > itntlfnl The dim n 111 e of praettov
sums dm1 Iy aiioiints for the aster buttes tutor moilrt
111 Ann rlili Thu I sit of I II Mmn lo al liurk IH
tliirrfore IntrKiiiiK for liv his s IKPII IrnlnliiK I upon
all ash Kith nn I It In In unjITiileilliy the tlmnitc his
running Hhoulil go far hiss art I Mttlux t I I hIts nmtti at
rent Noine twenry ftie 3 lan or minuo u hlinll rlea
555a run on tin tmlli at ellher lOfunl or Cmnlirldiie
iKvninitiof tlui siMlilpii nuture nf tne turf nod In thieF
rate piif noineinil lime WHS lit triheh
In lot i Jumping tht Amen in lusiln notturmlt
tin p i K Jumper to i limb hi pule U lure lit lilse i
tin I I upper 1 IIMIII on thn pil l lIre It lilt t rtinuln
and HIM lontr land tnn > not lit Oh I era aol iiluc il
niMivelt The lilea U to i impel the li I up r I eir the
lar I by ininnn Ill n vault uml not 1t5 l > u puecilmtilnK
IM rronimnee uiil Ia our a av nf tlilnkln tIe Am > rl
lOll has e mm n lemon I on lilt I sIde Tlie iilteratton
In the I iulniloiH uis mailo afir the I vUlt ofT lljv
vhni e clhnlilni Tent wtri n enmpetu revilntlon to
A liii rIca SM Iltg list eonhierably more than II 1 I
feet linn lieen eleiirtil In I the merleiin tle It N l ti >
nllilelliul bail Mil litv I not lion lilt ret we IIIOIIM
tins IK en lirnti ii In our oMn ii > le lol Juinnln 14 I
MI I little trail lleil In iIugluiI however that linlliler
em i prevnlU as to Imw it liiioiiituctitl
Ovi r ttu lnn < Juniii hhtrt t lift IetI I MIIIIII lOll Iris ir <
M arulngo it of illiTerlng me It HS eif tiiu urement
AK ull tliul tilt liiinHlirirt hate lotto Is In I melAUru
frnmthi Iitltug lIE IIIH in tie iiiaml mark to It
nrndi b > the I juinner loot It mu t em at rugc hat
an > illfleri net should urIc In Amerli the ll wirevt
murk on the lanillm pIt li I ritrlili ly nilliereit to but la I
KnifUml there I an menurerH AIO ttrmlt t tiieintihis l
an exi rclm I iif JiiJ iiiint Hinlenilfaviir toil I ITri utlatu
lM > twe > n H be iir9 unit a fiellim attity of tte earth
th remilt of IIIIICIISKIOII Ineri I enn IM I IHiilonbt thtt
I I the lutenllon 01 the A A V rtulHtl in l > tiat the
ni arent visible timrk to tin taking off Inn fthtll Is l in
I ken anil any cleviMion front tills isvri njf It litciatmeil
I that whirotlK I I earth In the pit li ilr > anil frlnljlf
I there 14 a eertttln amount of falllnt awa > belilail the
I jumper heel mark I tila falling anay s ary tIE In
rxtint acinrilltifc 10 I the mtlireof IIIH I anil To this
i mm iiiiin it It iu > M rrulv that dry ami frlahlx
artli aiou < l not lf UCII urd m eil not IH no 11113 HA a
few inni of wablnro uTallable and No that II Is
iuli < tieyorid tln IOn II of tIllS humnnl I eiiuttideeide
nfl cc a jump ban btrn mAde what reinu proportion
nf a boh In ineground OtIs LMen mcdi by the jumper 5
foot und wbat proportion to the eoniUflon of bt Is
ilrop In nml lui luasurllcuihs V1 01101 hsvu
iletiiiltriie s UI a Marling iiolnt but here we has the
In time krrplm the American Insist upon three
I val < hn nnd It lm nlwnys lent elalmed that this
inethoi b I upi nor < Uionc la whleti one ualeli iinl > U 1
I Ike 5 i are not eon lnred of till is IftheTer
dirt of 150 wati lies dirferlnt from a third IK taken
wrm i > tlll I ureirnir I xiKid at Kiipir i tall Ihn I
Anierli an mi Oil fi uuuta tile Iretler h t > ut the time cOllie
when 14 meritnnd It rmsrlves hail to OIl halt Iti fuel till
lt > uHn to the wrsknfM nf linmin nnture This
A < all lCd tOiistI 5 In llmekii I lt vv lu tOll mncb form
ifeluriiter itnltlm until Another Urn ket IMT wlti
more eontldiuci ID mmrclt unnoumea the tlrn
hoMii tIn hi is ntoh Ibis I prmtMllme I well known
In mrlimt and ats pronoiintid did It Leittme In
AlnrrliA tlml nti a uutanlL lilt lnll the plan wi
ntlopted of gi lug each of the thrcu Itu I e
kreper ft lask wllh erforntid laces 1 1nili
l > oot was n adr of n dut rent eolored pi
IM r find tlu tlmikiepirs 55 rot Ito 5 Ii wuh
out eiii ullrflton ullh I I one anothr the times
rioun on tneir Is aitua thehavtK I eln I torn out
nt d I I HII eil to the referee wIlls Announced the result
Thii4 wait tli s nlem whli n lal I la eli taunuil as M >
nutwrlort tin rim Mi a Illuiitlt to lIe a lailnre ilnr
ov Ii linpreRloa Is that one reliable tlmcke per MhonUI
1 > riplivul as I dom nt ejeltni at whlrhKport
lltn ke I ig I in lout inner IsCfl t f hvat < l ton I rtne art
In I I Cli are wn tllnlc It wnuld lir eonvrulunt wh n
Amerli in atlilrti4 eonlemplate brinrftinc atioiit alit
laati rlnl etaiui In t ii eMiiflu t of any branch nf ath
ion ii sttrh If I iis w re to Itrst l confer with thus I iu
list h ntlhtl ntitnorltlil who might br Inclined I to
ac > Ulir Ill thuS nln rillon rhuiall mliuu liTtaml
lui and frktlon would Ui av a dd
Only Hpecliil VIsItor fn wee the C mhrlilce
Mm Irish
Xnw hAvEN Sept S The Interest In the
training of the Cambridge track team has be
come so great In this eity that the members of
the team have requested that the gates of the
Vale FIeld be hereafter close 1 to spectators cx
riIit t Imuoc te Ito un nil In it ti by specIal ICrifll
51411 hit itt ClrI SUtle ittith I lay I mi ale nuan
uilers limo firP5flti it hteerby Ans wrins
estertia t rsthnr ii ivcuimiecrtesl t hi iettiu 11g
melt V ito seibl thu littl beiIiles lirnberng uu for
nreien iiurein i
Tnela tin Uaiuhridgtt men were very quiet
riutit of them iiitindinc t ihurch and part of
them making a trip don tithe harbor In thu Yale
lflhumishirgh A A Point CompetItion I
The Hiint kameV of the u IMiatnbtirKi A A
wiro tOflttlt mill 3 elrrilnv on the n iKla1lou
KroundK Jai t ou sIr t mint Klulaud avenue The
fenturt of the uhy was lIe hattrrln of th aasta
I lull reenrd In Ibr h xU vault hi Capt Iukr II Ict
ard who liroUe Its fiirnur irinrd I of ts feet 0 Inches I
held h > 1 K erlcve i y out In h siiinin irlei
Hft > 3 rliIih l Ilnn leepUon tO isuntim A Wai
hers Mratib IU rard 1 iriHi is ln SI iitih vi rond
Jonii II UrownroirdK I ti Inl lime oi I A betondu
1 titling th 4lu uvn iKiund shot Han Ib ip 55 on by
aru V II I t rir crateb S lIlt si > feet n lfl9 he u i
5 llKit 4 Kluniliiii I y fett v Ifli has ioml withti
Let u Oil ii Itleliard I1 KHMliMi 4 lit mini wit Ii
25 lee t > alit a
Three hundred jnrd Pa5h Handicap Vtt n tty Itlch
aol 1 IIIHMIW In 1 ivanU imuil i Waller M rateb
n > conl h Albert B llaudrail a ard third Time Uh
all iuiutt4
i li Vault for llchiht llandlinp Won by 1 nice It
Inknrd nTKicli with n lifi 7 Inihi lIirt N
Haudrau 1 fevit II Im lot Hteoiul vlni 1 11 fei t ii I Ilehes
hniainlA Waitern I toot il niche Until wlthNtrit i
u if Maiidiiu ilili tiltuitl llanileai Won tty ltiLu
D rackard n ralcn wllh < leetl I lieiu I CUIiurd I
t 1111115 Itt J Im h 4 n iond wtl 3 1 flit lu inches
Allxrt S 4 Ijiidrau 4 m hen third with 3 feet H
tm I lien
Txomllr IbIs ItahluhiCal Voni > John l < mmrt
11l alibi 4 tUnis 1 eeney l lu ynrd Pvi hut I ItUliarit
J < oodwln Jon > ard tblnl Time 1 1 minute
MX hundred vnrd Hun llAnilUap Won bv ssmuel
A Unlli r M nu h Alliert h llmulrau iO rlsse <
ond lam s leenry 1 0 3ar > 1ii tiled lime 1 mluuta
i 5 u id i
Standing IIop Step nnd Jump Ilnnitlcap Won br
Jotm II hells n ft feet w Ills 91 fe t 1114 i Inehefc lioeiirt
1 lliuilMln U fi rl KiiODd vvllli V4 fi el ll Inrhis VI
len S HauUrau I V feet u lfltlu4 third with 24 feel 4
IVent Hlilr A 4 imur
The rather conditions > rn favorable for the eg
lmhisr hliOill lily gainisor the SVt Sluii 5 O held itt the
club Kroiitids W ert Ifty I fuurlli airct ntrday
inorntng IIi cii r hat SIs unnnuall burg and tin
i rowd ire9nt i novtl I tin I I au pi rl J tnlrs Vit I 1011
I 5lnrd rail a la1 II at iii I 4 a s CII hIs p virll
bOlt ill the rtttl itT tul IrVtiit a eu lit 111110
IlItil or Ill uillit iiiilha Itdtt ssIhiu hltr euuis 11
lmll 51 tOt UC allis i 1 I Ini flesh su Ill
lii I 1111 J 4ufliuuslu iitlI 1 Iii PIstil J I kr
wexii I tiiiril I 15 1 p lIlt I iminiar > if efiinla > H
cciil ennly IHf yinl I ali Won Its J tneerweiil C I
55 anl oil I 14 Anil loam illr I Inn 1 h w midf I
1 oihlnl I oamlic W nk oii In J Iarr II
fltrl illiIitig > l ace mid P 1 Sniilun IMrl lime I 4 i
nilllllllK d il I MllllIlK
1 iitillllllttIrt 1 3 aol Ilurlln lIst Won It > P I II
tin Icy I A Mciniu1 me imil lime I I iiniiinl
eine lhiuninil arl Hun Won bi 1Ilsl le i y P I t i
Crrl > iieiiiid J I arrj IIi nh lime 4 iiilnuiKlt
ai eeilutH
ltuiiii I is lhrrod JumIitS utl by 4 ttitursrotl 5 lIlt
It Iret I litIi II tilIrluill uthie a coat a tIll III
f 5 hitITSlthl I Ii 11th I it Is I 7 tort i I lllIhieu
C uric titi liii I htii tSVtu ly 1 t1ukuy II
llcaga hi Ii lihuI I I tisirl iiIIicI mg hurl Tillie 7
llsUiilht5 25 a I Cut 4
I rlekrt
fho New Jersy 5 > are now a llo with the Mm
hill lana for uriii il p ace In the Metr iKilllan UUtiUt i
liitkel UafiiiilMinpliiiK I Ipruu I I The > miibilweiii t
hiit u iHinnd ami NeW ork next I hatnriu will i
wind up tile fce lit f
Theri l a mUiinileratanillng lictmcn Ihn New r
ter > iy Ar 5 and Harlem I C r for the < ihaniplnn > ilpur I
Iii 714iY Sort null I AiMiclmiun Alllniuih Ihu niv
sochO leo heitule celled fnr tho Rieino beiweiii Ito i
two I < lut tob lila at at lierKmi Piliit Ihn lUrliinj
oiiected In lily ul ChOral Park an Ihu lait malih
ta4 platd vn the Jersey heimn wIcket Th New
Jerseys hIss ninl a claim a llh Bnrrury llske alit
the etptet tie mateh tu be awarded tn them on the
Krniiud that the Harlrim falleil to turn up This
r iurili
xtTKorouriie DUTIUCT CBICKET uuut
Jr I Ie
Clulit iron l < ntt crt Club Wim Let rent
Hiat < ii lild A V 714 llristkln4 a J3
llauhalian 4 II 171 Hew York i 0 VbJ
NJeryAC4 4 371i
lirawn UamriSlinhattun It Kew Jerxy A C I
mw TOKK cHicurT iKiorninu
Ialerinn U 0 lfloo Columbia I A 4ln
NJ A C II 2 7IH M IIKS V OJ U 1111
lltilem fi 4 Uelropollfn 1 7 IV3
UlniulM S 4 6OI
lirawulluniri Iatrrton li New Jersey A F 81
Klniti County I Columbia 1 i bt jcorge A C 1 1
UclriipolltMii i
B ARGAINS elal WO0PIlUItV3 boap al allY Ya I
rice U a barEalu e
II pure 101 aUIIIII liitt cake uuti UU I
lay IIr any glbu pr14661a16 eiU IU r
1 oUi
Another Hrlrctlon of nmf tironl the nne
Unit Cnnurf
101l0lnar Is I another ncloctlon of games its
piMehl hut the earlier rouniU of the liastinita
liitrrnntlonnl chest tourunnieiiti
KIMlll hA 4 lilt IIDlltNrll
T14cltIlrnnIs UlllrOIT Tcuuurnftl WUIIIO
II hm 1110k Whit IIlrk
I 11 1 < 4 rK 4 10 I IIII 2 It x I
I lKIt I I Il h I 117 K ItS II 111
Ie I tl J Uxlt I I I stt lH 1II I C lllt3 I 1
I r OJ I I frI 11I 1 i I 4 1119
II lxi 1tR hIll lIllhllelt CII
7110 ittleS 34 111111 1 i IIK a
lit lh13 ltt I III I I OJ 114 JI lCt4
KI III IJ KI 11 11 I Kr <
III l 3 ftI lit 1111111 4 11111
r1 11111 I J II 44 1i1h I ii j 4
U hCt S hIht 1 d1 2 Kh 6
13 it 3 it I 0 I 11 4 h 1t I
2 Im f II
t I htt 1 1 I I III1 1 I a 1 I 5 It h a I
11 I 111 9 1 IIII Ill l I I Xi I
III t It t flic I I 4It 7 ItIl
g liill
1 I I 11t1J I It t k I i 49 K hlt 11 IIH A
1M l I x II l It 41 1 t I ii I ell
hI I Kl I 1 I II I 44 K KI 4 hlQ2
2 I 11111 I I III I 4r t1 Ht II I
21 1t l ft Ill I Il 4 1 14 Is
1 tl
IU IHxf ra lJ
22 Il h4 ltxjht 1 111 ItK thU
1 II II x 11 eIJ1 J 1 14 I II eh KKt
114 II x 14 I a II I 411 I1K I I 7 1lJ 1
25 ilK U 111 i lIIJKI 8 ell VrAWn
QtalxM nMOIT 11ItNn
11551 rr I rnlll TII CT uftOur
111011 I IttI I I I1ffr 1IIJr
HiH4 rt4 II I ltxs la qi lil
V Itt 1 tIM C 1slI 4
I 11 11 II II ItI 11 III 11 5 1111 2
ItLI II 1 It 4 113 211 ii 7 II 14t I
II 117
tp jNIlliINla I 21 It x Kt II I iCt J
IIK 2 Iaollo IV11l1l P x P
I ftitI Nt 3 21 ii I tli a
I Ill
Ktl r 1 = i11 4 I 94 iJ 1l J I li
I iK II aOJ lit 121 1111 n 1
II n Ix I KI X I tgj IK p K 1 IIII
II lufl KtkC RIO 12711114 P Kill
13 I 2 IQ 4 2 I 1 11 1 I 2111211 11t
4 II 45 lJK 1 h IIII eI I 111
U I II 1I1 I KIq II IlII I u y OJ I x J
III 1118 lil16 132 IIJ 11IlglI
814CKIICR1I wAlnnn ruArxatasg WURnoDT
lIhll IIr hlV1 JJ lock
I 1Ic 4 Ili 4 IIII x I 11 it
II IC 2 lIt q II 3 211 KtK 111 Pli It
Ii III n
FtghI3 ltKIuJ 21 4KS lXP
11 I II lQl I 22K11 IIII
1 II I x I KI 211 hit IIII 4
II ahIcq II K 2 I 111K ItIt II
KuIl II l Ice I ItK KI 1i 11ell
KK 1 K II 4 211 KtIl 4 I K II
I OZI a 1 IJ x KI 117 11111 1ut2
Iii lulu 1 K 1 54 1 1IfcD 1
InI Jkl
II It a KI I a It I i K 4 IllIlt
12KIIIII I 1 11111 lIlt 1 Kt IJl 3
I 111 111 11 Ii III e t la 4 II x 11
I I Ph a II HJ II lin fI h 7 J118
It UI b =
IA NI h I 1 31 QK I VI
III 111 4 K l II 84 I h a III 11 x It P
h7PNiiJ l aG lteclutna
18 QK2
Blnekburn nnd 11IIIHay played th 11110
hog iniunc against Tochllorlll alllllehllTtIO and
party cutbultlnl M all olfday at III1tlol1
QIIF1 tlAlIIIT 1141 lINE
111111 7thl tShe RI ark
I 5ti 4 < 4 211 II x la II x I
21 1t1 la Q a VII I x I IIIJ
NKt143 I KIG 2 HYIKlliK
4 P x P ii z Nt 24 It t 4 t ftK D
r II l x I u x 1 21 111 S lil 4
II lk II 1 I I J 10 111 4 JIIIII 4
7K TIJ 1Ktit 11 IIx la Pill
11 IltI 2 IIxKI 12Hlar SIx Ift P
1 Pill KKIK2 1 iixqP HIf 7
11111 1 I UI II I aII It It lIlxDP
I I It 4 it itc Nt 85 it 1 11 ch Kit 2
1 tit 1 1 n t
n II h 2 a s 2 It x it P eli KNt a
III itNt it 11 4 117 IIK 4 eb Iht 3
14 IK 114 IHI IS Its II lIz R
1r1K 5 IQIIS 34 PIt 5 H1o 7
10 Hu KI KIu 4 1411 IIII 11 ell KIt II
17 IIII I I IH 1 I 41 I HII 7 ch t
te 11K II 0Nt II ltqleh
i1 pit
W H 1
It 9 I a 14 4ltx tP K
90 IIr I t IK 114 H 1111 H xk P
21 1KltB Ku X K II I 41 ItKINCh KK
22 1 x I PIt S lIt J 11 IlIt 2
J 2P I
2 lKt II KuK 2 41 KK 2 l114
24 itKit IK2KII IS I Kl4ltsnhlSVhItewinL
Expert Sprnd n Lively liny ut the Tlrook
ltii and llllnmibiirtU Courts
Hot service sharp returns and rapid scoring
wero the features nt the principal local courts
during the club day matinee The experts
were out In full force and delighted the many
onlnokrrs with thidah anti accuracyof their
plaj Thcdajs scores were
W I Jones H 21 2lr2
M Cuhtii 21 I Snt
C H ClnTiinllt 2t 21 V1iU I
John Jlurplo IS 11 elSi I
W I JomianitJ KcMahon 21 111 21152
J imiin 11 15 HOS1 j I
M Connor and M Unnon lr 21 VI tO j
J 7 I inilitra soil T liallUan 21 13 KeiSel l
w t lone 21 uS a i 20Q 1
IL Ladle 1 til IU UllliS
IL IjidVv 21 21 21tVt
James lliMv 17 Ih TD2S
J Ilronoldi and M llnzhrs VI 21 2111 i
t Kelly nnd I Hilillllinni IU 17 IfllSH
Jt Hjnnanl 1 Quaii 21 21 21iu I
U JIcMaliiu anti 2 I lIen IV IN tjia
I Shelly 21 Bt 21IU i
M lonnrllandJ ullnni a 7 1011 I
TealllknnrildJ V Iddy SI 10 21S2
M lljun and W IJonr tO 21 lislAl I
IT Smith and J < re Mrilrhon 17 21 21Sll
1h1 Latu3 and W I Jone > 21 111 lliVi
le I te I unmll and E Sttily 21 2142 I I
SLeil uinellarit Miilalon 13 IHu i
K I SulMvan 21 214
J llrlnklnKboek 17 1312
AT Tit vviu nMsiifnon coitrr
j Hi I mi si 2142
I Vuriane 17 lrtJ1
J e hpi neil r I Morn 21 is t 21 IlI
r Prrsliu and J Council 16 21 IlIs i
J liver 21 2142
II Iialpm ll 17BO
J Uolan 21 IH 21M I
M tirney IS 21 11151 I
M 51 b formclt ami T Jladlgan 21 21 titItA
ll tilt lu auilJ Horn 17 IS IHIO
J ShlriesamlT Cioavin 21 21 IMtM I
J Maditau antI O Kelly let U > 216et I
J Hail tIll 21 21 21tfl
T llrlbtilll 1 I 17M I I i
I > Mrelovrrlll 21 2142
ltsuiian 17 I Illill 1
1 icee iserln mil V Liwlor 17 H 21SW
J 1 Creamer anil T Ijiiuan 21 IS 1 1tI13
I i
GossIp of the Ioiirln
Tug SIlk e ODonnell sate Jerry McMahon and him
self are reaile lei play Mime New Yort paIr 1 L > nam
mid 31 M liurl Illii rut U
The Jersey fit court will Iw the vine nf a match
nn rpf I a Ihlt I li allrcitliir much Mtellllri Tim I
prlmlpalx win li Turn I lilum nf tin I liinii court
umlJ 1 lurSIn < > Vanhattamlte Ine uivtown nxit
ers tn eonndrut tint their man can winmnleon
iliterable nuint IS iked lti the einteonie j
llamlhall was a mere aide lieu at the Ilrnokljn
11111s cOUrt OIl eluhilay the prominent menilxri I
K line i ill w rapine J up lu the outcome of the 3 aClut race j
Tit wrrcMr > inUih tneilihnc I on the Iron sitan
l ai Aonle lu Situnli ami list i roai tInt Tlini I
who went alnnir nn haturila are now known as i
JI ehnns tame humlrrd
W e > Ioi Bell the llrnokljn hamlhall enthudant
hail nu RRirrralilt ciperli lie at the eiiltlint iif the
l arrliv Slake ri elulld rise nil The uroirraniine at
North Iliad Ineltnleil a harp > ionier iompiinon I
three nliiili ach nn Ihe IMI I funl rnllK He stored Ull
nul nf a pnMhlr net lull carried nlT tIe honors vnlch
Im Huh il a anilieinu I tiohl meiUI uulta Sly eliiirared I
Prnniniiiii nr hamlliall nt the long liland City I
court arn lot Uh rllits i l pnpirinz an attrjeilie I r ll I
liiKninililP A it ruts lit sleial in ileh w II 1 I open m
Sepi 11 with a innteit in win n St l liiml ami U
Null w Ill luilt bouts 1 hhig4 u nl Walter Cuuneirs
for Ilu IIMII Anek tatr lorn llahert Hud K
> 1e key nr J lraiv > llv w 111 Itny elleatou and 11 ley of
InliR Malnl fur a ilmllar puru
Slut i mi informed J li rr McMihnn nxfntl that i
W Cnhman of Man utiuin lie withes In ine lhlin In
ahn anl Iminc nuich l a > lilt ilnlr lIsts and
an nn mMrrt Its cul tur I pinm > nIle does In
lieir > s m il MI priKlUiil 1 ill em Hnl an i > ponrnt n
tlinn latiiir ranks Mel tthtk le weml I lute achame
with Jnin liinaeJr nnd I ser anxlnut in Hint
111MIUnir Hriiikiju engirt toru uliahle irnph and
the amateur e hamiilun II
SciiiteVicpt t4 rreihlrdaniiiial regalIa of lbs
ivraiiioii PrM I bill wa4 In Id > e tenla > nn Lake
Arh I liiilielnlrrnndite ilnui IIMIIII ri the Vts
p r IIClilli nf llnlilphln cra nd p t > lhe I ilirll
iif hit e > nel > trl Its lli te lull of lit mini 5 break
liiKiiiriiliiiilfiurfili t the hit Ih CS 5cr >
ill MI illllitl At II t 1 dl t I if tin ra < I 1Uii r i
eli In Liinlhi i rnweilner tin e r > 1111 hIts
litiuiill ttlinti I I il acre mitih ilifist I i u ehu 4eie
tlltll r hllillliCi I
IfiMiiti Inuriiiiiil 1 > ill > Inollttlc llnt riuh of
NIW i k Ill i IKIII liwlnu i m nr liirxuin ununl I
4Iusr liinifliii li > m niii ihlil limeii I si
illinn I hiial s mi r I 11111 > 151k Ihiililphla
rlriit > l J UIUH rn Sei S iirl ii inl Tmi rlnaei
l > riiilii inlrd I l > Iluiliw liuriiiifclrtii S 1
fiurt i I i iinrii i MII lifih II a llughoa
llIiiullli lila ill lu I llll h Ilni 1 I 11 I A
Inlt ii < lml I I u l iluIlCiIhilhesa liat Clilli
Sew N i rk Oral en ik i l ll > linal Ilnli Itiltiiilrtphla
M mi i irlluit null hula slltit4itlId
J m T Ioulil Nule Dim Keinliu IluhInronli I I
line S il I C t e iu I Palljiileli ti ieolnl Mt Ira I
iniiliiiu Unwind i luii Nrw art hurl IntlHiitr nt I
3t wan lit nut Iliiun Hue I lu iniu
lit i n II le elitgk Kiiill ll I lilliiru Jr Phil
fuel I i tlrl S aiur no IkilMl Sew nrk M nit I
Ill 1 Niv S ri thlrei A J llDir liuln illailel i
phil tiiurih J Jininirn Ntwailiifih limell 1 I I in
is nin IvuUi hinlli Siaplr llnat flnh riillalel
phla llrnt I lianntli I Mnalillih Neev iink uenuil
iMiir LU Hanru I tub PtiliailMlphla third lime
IntiVniillnnal I nur iiunt Shnts mper Ikut nub
Ilillii piluMr1 l ilar liutllm I riiiniltli memul
Time HI Il
KOIln hliule FculU Kroilrrikxr Nrixr Hunt Club
PhllAil Iphtu Dim Wl Ham N Ainann It i nili 5C5
eiml tiimetie > u nr Inrmrn hurl Jamr II love
nul I OhS liuiU liurjv tlilli Ihllailrlplila fiiurih
I inn In I V
Hrnlor tour nnnd lilT4 I 1 lIeu rotuililall ItnwInK Inb
Sew York lirsI P h lino Uuiil > liar u I lub Iblladel
piila tecoiul flnie u 1u
1 bts VUIUIIIIN rinul IHplna
The final Cs slits of tie alinuil rfttotlaiif lbs Varuna
host I lub nf Hn > oilii I d elilid ua Ihe club hiu < >
fmileif Hflvilillli lrit Itrneiklyn ynteidii morn
in r Sitheit lii tiihbu is
4lxuareI Iisre htuce lulfl by crew No 3 as ii
howo Vt 5 4I 11CC tiW U 55 hIther 2 1 liOttliti I
It 11 I Icke4 I tlisrlr isrllts a 1 Iiouas 14a
lI nui SI rus l Ihiuraui clls ti CIII hI lChtiItlIItih
linus II Sorris 9 1 Ilalt r Ii I lunlrry 4 Il II
Sleds S II J 4 bOlt Ihuw truk aitI 4 l 1 tburpluy
niiswaiii nnitmcei iiienui
ISl Unmliui Hac ti ratcli conleilanli lol Ie dressed
In a full null of street clotbeslVuU by M SteIn J
I ouithllu Miond
iaior rnurnirrd OI lta final brat Won by
Crsw Niiiiai follow 55 U hltncr law u TnwimDu
1 C W Nil lit J u J Is UDowlln stroke E Moran
CAN AKOTK IMWKil 311 ft 5M flIc
UI 1 10 A mail 11 U I M i 1 M
A Orrnt Frrffhrnll liner itt Intilitlll
Til Id WreUi III I UMell A ntr Klliinll
anti llrllMtlii Will atrflt Itrelite Men U
lVr lcin Trnt lints Mrrtlnni IUrcli
Tliosottlio knew Arota In Inllfnriiluufivrt
llio nmmtnnth son > of VlilH tnnilo Ills tntrit
upon the Irnttlnir ttirf my that lio Is n irrn
vclBlilptillw IIII4 there Is I now renotrtil uiie
ntimit h ii OIling Mm to a i 1ilifh > n heel milk as4
stnrtlnff him on nn tlllplltHl track agaInst us
record of J084 mado nt Cleveland by Mnul ti
In IMfi
Talk of tills sort lIsa been lirnrel meryyur
since tin tmetmiUlo sulky raiiio Into Use In
ISO nlut one or two nolnlitn attempts liete
been rnnil eclipse the nrrforminte of Mr
Ilontieia nuiaus marc but the itllilcel lioncilm
with IU Inscription Mmid S aOMj still
haniM nbore tlio entrance to tlio < ilcnlll
course a reminder that no trotting rinre IM
ever equalled the record under SImIlar inn
ilicre It ao much difference of opinion lemon
competent horsemen as to whether Is ehn ut
seen ii faster trotter than Stnud r > nil the
qtuvstion usa to tiio number of lecontls Bftlneit In
trotting Bj > ced by the iwlvcnt of thu tuodirii
rnclni machine U of such Iruportanco that
trIal of i > ecel under oldtime cond II Ions b > iti
acknowledRtd fastest trotter on tlio turf nouU
be one of tlio most Intercntlnz vent90f thicarn
pnlgn At present thero U no standard by
which thus trottIng records of today can la
coaucarcd Shill tie records made before tha
pneumatic sulky Appeared
A7oto Is commonly believed to Lu faster than
either MIx or Nancy Hanks although he hut
yet to beat their records and his enormous Size
and poncr together with his peculIarly eay
gait fit him to handle tho heavy vibratIng M
style sulky with lea sdra baclc than almnl ay
oilier horse that could Lu named If mr Ilia
trotter lived that could do the trick tzte
should Le that hone and If he cannot do it Trw
horsemen nlll belli vr that either the loj
etrlillui easily ellsturbtel little Allx or tin ill
smaller less substantIal mare Nancy Hanks
could have accomplished the feat In bet Utt
doF Cleveland Is to have an autumn meeting
during the first week In October It would U
particularly Interesting to see the crack trotter
of the Salisbury stable make the talkeelof at
tempt on the track where Maud S trotted to
lice uncuallcd iccord
Mote Klamath and Uenietta are expected
to meet again this neck In the freeforall at
Loulivlllf hut the fouryearold Is not just
rIght I and the chances are thai her new trainer
Orrln Hlckok will not Start her prior to tbs
Lexington meeting In October If ho starts I r
at all this season Hulda IllcLoks other free
forall trotter who forced Azote out In y OHi
at the Cleveland Grand Circuit meetltisr anti
who sine separately timed a half In 1 it14 m
this race Is likely to be prominent from thIs
time forward In the open clos The day
WIlkes mare caught cold and was out of form for
tIme after the Cleveland race but the is I row
said to be herself again and It li rciiortwl that
ilie recently trotted a half In 101 in her nottl
Many horsemen belIeve the will gIve Aute a
stubborn argument the next time they com to
gether Louisville is to hao the three guest
pacers Itobcri J Joe Iatchen and John 11
Gentry this week but the race has been rohbel
of a good part of Its Interest In advance by tLo
hippodrome of last Wednesday at Belmont
hark Philadelphia wherein Joe Patches wi
apparently not driven to win by Jack Curry
The Philadelphia affaIr throws a new light
upon tie Si 000 freeforall at Kieetwoud
and upon Joe 1oUhtns unaccountably
jvxir performance In that race What puwei
for rlumsy incompetent driving on tho part of
Curry is I now believed by souse observers to
him been about the game port of work thtt
kept IMlUuli from echoing at Bilmont lark
ui til Curry vim taken out and John Uickinua
put up in lila stead
Joe Patchen necT made a break In Currys
liundi list > car aId Ie lir3 slinuii hlmelf tnls
freH on in lisa to races at L le eland and Hullaio
to be one nt the Itiost reliable harness ractrs eer
cccli un thr turl iif er lent rig his trlce with
mil good ruiM Icrlupi the bi race at Fleet
VMMIU tIlls un Its iiiirlt An > liar ii is very
ilciul tful hether tie stallIon rtiuId have beaten
tIe geldIng good IIA the latter was that day but
the Phliadeliihlii hippodrome lasts a shUntr
upon te Nen Vurk iouK61 which it will not IIC
mi to drive utIlity
1 V Knox who recently returne from the
est after ha lug oM tub young horse Artnv
l1t for iiiimu M > 5 that unnthtT 5 ir vul
rte a Kniit reiluttion In the numbrr and impor
tinue of olcrn trotting lnreliiik5 eierul
okeruiiibitiou ilubaanil track miuaseriato
deftultid there tts l fea on and a grri nistiy
it hers liti 5 5 ltlt inont on their mtvn i s Mr
Knov thinks that few or these track ii ua
upon next year or If uieeliiigi tin hLu Thty
will lie of minor Importance with small ruriJ
In placiOf the blu sImIles which lini lxri al
teuipted heretolure I His Male of affarn Ito
cajs will npcrati 10 brIng the best tortes to tIle
last and to make Eastern harness ructng ciura
aurtf sful than for m itiy > eam past
Dial toine of the smill FoIsts in the Vs est
have been iiajiug it bud Kamc and a ln lng o 4
eivrslmi HIP uud boom In trott ng hires an 1
trotting races set in tern or eight jeirs BRO s
wellkuoun At one limn the i ompvtiti U LA
nuen rial tracks in their etlort to el ibi
tracks WILe cnrrlitl M > far that mih ruin u
Monroe falltburx C J 1 llamlln 1 I lohn A do 4
until Urrin Hlckok ana uilien who liii
hturn In lleir subli could frtHiuiLt f
Mart thc > lr horses sslt bout I having in tuy
any entrance fee umlicr and at itrtii
liquIds In IMfJ I ion I leiihera anU Ill
us3iniiUi hung up a pure of 5IOUUU eniram
tree to nil talllllll cMuitle to nimpi te Ibry
coil hi td on hilnt 4 Allerton Aitel I ialo I 14 Hi
Nelson nnil other ch uipon for Martirs but
when it cause to tlio raie rone of the uu > i
> vra Put tlh ulO appearance and AUm uon t II
inone from a hit of eoond aterb in the pn
cnce of a Miiatl crowd forcing tuoahoi allot to I
sclthe thud horse owmrn claims nth due build
Illtend of asli
liimnrrow U the date set for the first of the
niatih race made list wintir between ltiks
Iliirkennd Andrew Millur iif the litre log cluB
of Xeiv York liurko bet Miller S 3oO tliit IS
ImrKe I title rant I could beat KiugKool stt
another > 50l that tlu < green loIre FutIle A
timid beat tho noted trotior t ciiha 2 11 v
Wit the FleetwoiMl rIce Artlelet sver nfgned
and placed with John Kudil the stakeholde
bin the monet ha > not > et liven put up 11511 l it
Is not likely tha either rice will take tilnce
llortlIlI1 03 o oils
Coin iieiiang today wo will sell
tl Iehlt3 huh AVouiins tliit liivo
booii in use onlv a short V hillS m
thn Mailisou biuaro l moll lUd
I171 Aciuliiiv
1111 111 m SOW turtJhll SS or
lii ciiisrin sn1 in I I I H HI si nDARD
HUH IB I t t tinifi 1 Mikiiis 1
Call early atitl noloct your bicycle
at pt tel that havo inner boiora
boon IUM 1 nf I ugh h griila bicf
los jiructitiillv given away
Madison Square Cardon
11 11115 I tolrrll lttitil I III Ill
liii I stl5 ilIli 1 Itlls 5lIle1 a IU
Iii I 1111 b 1 lIu 111ler t clot a I 1144 11
I III I MIs I I I 11 luerztll Cl a Ill
1 I I nll tl1 j t
Ill 1111 i fl I it 14pII tPlI
LI o lII 01111 lrrIII I 11111I fit VIW
21 111 I 1iIrI 1k 131 II srwl 1 fll 5 1 1 J
11111 I I I 10 I 1IIh inly 14 I I XUIOI r I
N htVI tile hEll I JiltylIt p I 1
S S t tI Vielon < HlHirilin i 4li I eiliiai
213 l i raiiimlei > 34 IUIUh 91 I 5 al ivl I >
Ijivellalu l i lIiriI I II her trot tel uu iill 5 iia otI
I unll I I I iMif IIr I U 11 I l li vt III riinr I f
llleicln t It Irloe 4 n M Inr I r1I
Cha l iil I hiU ei IIIMicitci i il Iu I > in uiuka
lir > 11 caili tsefiuirHIH Kiirrlul I
Eht lltf
roNKY IKIASH nn unv nj if
CONES iMitNu 101 hit I iuu

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