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l fPJ4W 9t Jli VfRS W w > fVi3Wtr
IF yoU SEE rr IN I I
Wbe < < Ii 1s UU W It Iun For New York and lit Vicinity
Local showers winds shilling to north i
I ITS SO y 1 I erly cooler
i1LK11DUa i I
Defender Covers the
Course Alone
He Wanted the Oommittee to
Guarantee a Clear Way
Disappointed Excursionists Hoot
and Joer Valkyrie
1 IInroH rrt11m or Lord Dray Action
bj Krr > r entatlTe tmrlcaa Yacht raea
CttoniiMOilore James D Smith BayS
hut the fondue of the Head of the llrlt
lh Sjndlcate Vim VaJu tl0abU that
the tnp ommltteei Action and DI
n Were Ealacatly Fair Mr Herbert
I heed Decraa the Contact of Lord
Dnnfivea an Innnlt Not Oily to
the Remit Committee bat to the
tmt rleaM People lie Uitlart that
the Irlah Karl I No Hporta Lord
Dnnratrsi Snj lie Took Valkyrie to the
Uulttiiilp lor TITO Iurpo > e i to Await
an Anawer flom the Commute to Ills i
Qntatloa la Hegitrd to a Clear Conne
and to Cross the Line eo the Defender
Mlclll Wl 1 and the Coaleata De Settled
The British cutter Valkyrie III that camo to
lll ruuntry as a challenger for the Americas
Csp I ri < l the Yankee sloop Defender chosen by
the Americas Cup Committee of the New York
YacU Club to defend the cup have now met
three time nnd ie hare had as n result a fin
ish a foul and a Hzilc We had the flzxle yes
ttnliy wlun thu Valkyrie after the Urine of
the run on the KeuMti Committees boat to start
the race tailed ovr the line half clothed and
then turned nbiui and abandoned the race
Tu properly place this e extraordinary fact
this unprecedented act of Lord Dunraven be
futa the potpie who are lntert l In Interna
tional yacht rae It Is I neceswy to Introduce
Itre two Utter I Which the owner of the Valky
rs sent to the Cup Committee Curing the pMt
few day Ingither with the reply he received
from the committee and a talk which he had
11th a Six lerorter last nljtht
In the tint pace I appears that on Tuesday
bight after the fooled race Lord Dunraven
seat a letter to the Cup Committed protesting
arainit tho iiterfrrcncd of the excursion fleet
ttit letter vai IA follow
GzsTlcurx It li I with great rclnctance that
write to Inform you that I decline to nail thu
Vsliyrto l any more under the nrcumtances
tilt have prevailed In the lost I two races and
lor tho foil wing reasons
Firstlo attempt to start two each large
rnsrclt In such cmnmd space and among mot
Iinteambals and tugboats is I In m > opinion
ixncdlngly danerou and I will no further
oak the IUPI of mr men or the shlo
t nrd I At tins HHrt of thu tint taro the
trpTitln sae nn great that we could not eec > the
Walk lont nnil toned rot tea when newere
Bur lIe sine nnl w o wrru lunch hampered by
rtimlmu pcvtally on tie race home
TW < y oi tle rend homo eltlit or nine
> OItJot were ti > the windward me and
Lat tnn worse n iilnck of steamboats wera
rui u kxl l with mo and < cloc under iny Ice
Iitkd nenihythe I whole dUtnntu In turitli > f
lrtlii Hater In the htuvj wa hof thessateum
l bias
To rare ender these condltloni li In my
tl mn ill iinl mill 1 decline U submit myself
tu hrra amn
IwiuiS I remind your committee that fore
seat tint tru tlt l lfc might occur I urged
upon tam the < IlrLIIII of Killing olf r Marblo
lent or tome lixillty other than New York
Bar amt they refutvd to do i u At the tam
LIma I wond tettlfy to my full txllef that your
eonmltt ban done everything In their power
to irtivent overcrowding
The fact It I that when a content between the
nprtJCHUlUet of two yacht clubs excites ao
much jpular Interest and attract sutU crowds
itwple If the races are sailed In the lmm
Late nrlckborhood of a great city and the dates
if tho race and time of starting are known
ud a < U ertbcd It to I impossible to keep a course
tree from cUe of exceplloiial danger and
elta rnoiiKh to assure the probability that the
halt oC 0 much II III IIu decided acrurdlnu to
the relative merlin of the competing vessels
lhatetbe honor to remain your obedient
Itflant VC LtAvtN
The Americas Cup Committee
MJ tCAitcirr or nuLLKTigf
There wit > ome Mich In tho livery of this
letter tilt niiicari further on aid Lord Dun
flieD not Immliirnf the delay felt Irritated
vote he did not receive Immediately a
I rime reply to the letter The cxtuiit of
tbL Irritation does not appear In evidence
tit It tat prnbiibly not great In any
tnt bunruMrn and the committee got
trout r on Vdnewlar night and talked
Walter over very fully and tho result of
15 I II conf renc was the oral offer of the com
° lttte to xiitpflnc the rare that was > et for yes
ttrtjj iTlmrsdayi tar such a lencth of time as
wml4 Ix tircetnary to clear the ea of excur
ass loan In order 10 give the racers a fair
bnc for 4 start sad there the conference
Teat the committee did ao postpone the race
and tbal their patrol I > boat did cleAr the field Is I
hOlfn to all w Iu Teeut to LIII coupe to seethe
1I ltnr on returning tohln temporary horn
cn rUth Avenue Wfdnoiday night Lord
butrurtn ilL down and wrote another let
Jr lathe ipniulttee and this was posted on
II s IIUllelin board of the yacht club last night
1U i > FllTII AVKNBr Sept 11 180S
Ili III IIL cXMriRuit 1 t 1 have just received
lour apr j regret to have been engaged at
the tlII you and Mr husk were kind enough
10 rull at tie Waldorf I could not then give a
vijeu ante er to the projwsltlon made Incur
Start m OllltroAllon
t bate ainco
consluerrd the matter carefully
veer uo loiae tJ
L p0toole thu tart until we
lIe IUniclellL l roan meet only one out of more
Urlou t 1I fflculHes mentioned III my hotter of
IL +
JIII aLrt If no Miluilou can bo found to
tLow a dlmttayes 1 must adhere to my decision
ae teri in thai letter
La I 111I I convince that the committee
h 4 1 iit tould III 10 morrow aU In tbelr
is mY pamaremrsd I but under exist
to j emus net lte are IlOwerua As I
+ 100014 Hil 1 If the tommitle could
isret up l + n i ilwrpiwiu
Ic lu declare the
race ru
ifro lull H f ta theirjudiavutcUUcr l
were interfered with by steamers and tugboats I
I regret that you are unable to agree to that
I regret also that tho race fixed for tomorrow I
could not bo postponed In order to give tho
ejiumlttee ample time to consider my former
letter and I am sorry my letter was not deliv
ered to you ooner
As 1 explained to you 1 was under the Im
prulon that the Cup Committee heard the pro
test and pending a decision I did not think It
right to place the letter In their hands
When I heard this morning that the CnpCom
mltUe bad nothing to do with the protest I re I
quested Mr Kersey to whom I bad intrusted
the letter to hand It to you
Incase yon do not receive this tonight I
shall take Valkyrie to Bandy Hook Lightship to
morrow morning and n 111 cross tho line to Rive
Defender a start
view of his position aa stated In his letter to the
Cup Committee
I understand that there has been some criti
cism of Lord l Dnnravcnn action In firing tho I
New York Yacht Clubs pennant after with
drawing from the race but tho action wo
prompted only liy courtesy to tho club
Having withdrawn from the racing and
being In the home waters of the club of which
he Is a member Lord Dunraven believed It the
most courteous thing to fly the clubs flag
As to Oen Taylors offer lied I Dunrnvtn
I can only say now that he considers It a most
generous and sportsmanlike one and that he
will give It careful consideration Ha has not
had time yet to give It the consideration which
it demand but will do so at tho earllodt pos
slble opportunity
Would Lord Dunraven race the Valkyrlo In
would be > laid off Sandy Hook and that the fleet
would bo there Ho knew how ranch or how little
It would retard his boat Having gone on wIth
his second challenge knowing all this and hav
ing arranged the details of these three races
after Ills arrival here knowing that tho fleet
would bo there can his Lordship now with per
fect grace abandon the race because of the
fleet r
And it must be kept steadily In mind that I
while the presence of excursion boats led In a
way to the unfortunate accident Tuesday
the Defender would have been very much too
far In advance for any such fouling had she
not been cut oft by an excursion boat the In
terference tho fleet on tho whole has teen
lens this year than It was two years ago and
less then when Mr Watson Thistle came
seeking the cup
7 f41
I L s
m t t
p I Ip 1 I
f l 0 t Dl t
c iJPL
r =
< 7
s = = i
= c
= = = 1
t I S ° 33 9b
II rid J 95
I ct > clo > e copy of letter I have written to
Mr laelin and aodrensed to the New York
Yacht Club Yours very truly
Immediately below this letter was pasted a
ruply of the committee dying their position In
the matter and this was as follows
All the projKmltlons of the above letter were
discussed between Lord Dunraven and the
members of the Cup Committee at 0 clock last
Wednesday evening The answer given to these
conditions was as follows
First That It was Impossible at so short a
notice to postpone toe race fixed for today
Sept IS
t ondTha the race would not be started
until a clear space for manoeuvring was se
Third That the committee could not assume
the responsibility of agreeing to declare the race
void If either vessel suffered from the accom
panying steamers
The committee regret that they were unable
to send an answer this morning
However as their reply would have been the
same as that conveyed verbally last night the
fact of no answer baring been made Is I unlm
Signed for the committee
JAil D Burnt
Lord Dunraven dined last evening at the
Itacquet Club with Mr II Maitland Kersey
Lord Dunraven preferred to speak to THK SUN =
reporter through Mr Kersey who fuldi
The withdrawal of Valkyrie from further
racing for the Americas Cup was In no way
due to the protest made by Mr Iielln or the
action of the curniulllto upon 1U It was due
solely to the Interference of the excursion boat
and steamers following the races and to the
mpotslblllty of securing a fair race under such
Lord Dunravens letter to the Cup Com
mittee explains his position tnoroughly That
letter was written Tuesday night long before
the protest was decided or before there had
been a bearing on It
Up to the time of starling the race today
we haul received no reply from the committee
nor no assurance of noninterference so that
we might have a fair race
We went tll the lightship this morning with
two purposes In mind One was to await any
reply from the committee the other was to
start lit the race and then withdraw to that
Defender might win and the tup contests be
We were prepared to answer Yes to a
signal from the committee tug asking If we
fomented to a postponement until tomorrow
and would have taken such a signal to mean an
answer to Lord Dunravens litter and chance
to give us the assurances we asked
tlecelvlUK no such signal we took the only
course left open to us and crossed tho line and
then withdrew Uaviiig the race to the De
This seemed to Lord Dunraven the best
I L thing lo do under the cUconiilaiicee aad In
other matches with the Defender Does he
wish for any more racing win asked
I cannot say definitely now replied Mr
Although he would not say so distinctly Mr
Kersey gave the impression that his lordship
would be much governed In his future move
test for the cup because of the proximity to the
I racers of the great excursion fleet Ho does not
complain of the decision of the committee In
awarding the race nf Tuesday to the Defender
on the ground that the Valkyrie fouled the
Yankee Ho simply wouldnt race In the pres
ence of the excursion fleet rind his determina
tion In this matter was reached he says before
he know what that decision would be
IIl1fhlll given Lord Dunravon tho full benefit
of all that he has written and of all that his
Intimate friend hat said nt his request and In
hte pretence It Is now worth saying that
Lord Dunrnvrn could not complain of
time decision of the committee In giving I
Tuesdays raco to the Defender because Mr
Iielln after tho decision had been made In his
favor wrote to Lord Dnnrnven and offered to I
wale his right under the decision and Bull tho
The fleet never did keep so far away as on
Tuesday after the race wan started while at
the time the gun sounded for the start pester
d < V thu field for the rrellminary manojuvren
was tho clearest ever seen eon In trial races
for choosing a defender On this point we have
the testimony of Dunravens friend Mr Glenn
C 53
monts by matter now under consideration by i
the Cup Committee
The whole TOM can be stated In a few word I
Lord Dunraven suys he withdrew from the con
Possibly You Already Haiok It
admiral el r iu Ispure nIL hrglilij J Jit
Keen eurul diver cine Tbs diw rIWk lCu
Only one ceatXlu
race ovor but Lord Dnnraven declined to ac
cept the proportion
As to tin position ho I took In regard to the ex
cursion luot It Is necessary to a full under
standing of the matter that tho reader recall the
fact that this In not Lord Uunnivons lint visit
to America as a challenger for the Americas
Cup He came here with Valkyrie nln U03
when he met the Vigilant under conditions that
were fur toe must pai tdluUlod by hi DIM If He
I also met the great deut covered over wltu en
thnslaitlo Yankees of which he now complains
That Is I to say Is it > knew all about that fleet
I when he iletiTiutneU to I uiiallfnge once mute fur
the AintrlcaACup Ho knew that the course
JatrotUu ham u < lu > itlt Wear Kuos baG rands
br AmmaULLCY Mehl 1Iuaidd
l7wuICA14 WWUOIWtllo1r i
L f
Mr Olennle was asked It Lord Dunravrn had
not found the course clear at the start He re
I piled i
pliedCertalalyy I but bow about all the rest of the
I 1 rare and the finish We did not want to go and
wallow over the course It 1s not fair for one
boat or the other
The course was clear at the start but they
would not sail lest something happen before the
As said we have bad one raco to a finish one
race on a foul and one fizzle Tim Defender
sailed over the course alone yesterday but
when ready to crors the ilue lit the end I Mr
Iiellu declined to do so until he had naked 1 If Ibo
committee wanted him to cross lit I order that
the committed might have a chance to call the
race off If any reason for doing so had arisen
during the rail over the course
With all the facts In haul sportsmen every
where will be able to decide for themselves If
there bo any blame anywhere fur the flnmoo
yesterday and where the blame If any llue
monr OF run nrziK
A Light Air and u Clear PIty When the
Vnlkyrle Drew OutTlie Walkover
Among the th Grande who went down to the
sea In ships yesterday to sec a race there was I
for once when the throngs got together along
shore ono topic of conversation more Interest
Ing than the weather As they hurried down
the waterfront streets as they sat In the water
front restaurants eating hasty breakfasts as
they gathered on the ends of piers and beneath
the fluttering bunting that covered with gor
geous sheens the huge passengercarrying
steamers the people with one voice regretted
that the proper Interpretation the rules had
not permitted the awarding of the race
of Tuesday to the Valkyrie Ton Bun re
porters were at some pains to learn what
people were saying on the subject and It
is a fact that even the longshoremen loiter
ing about the piers with balehooks In their
belts were saying that Valkyrie should at least
have a chance for another race of it If only for
the pleasure It would give the jingoes to see her
licked again
But when all this bad been said again and
again the sallormen of the crowds turned to
take a severe look around at the weather and
what they saw was something to enliven the
heart of the moat persistent growler The thick
mask of haze that brooded over land and
water was frayed out above until only the
thinnest of cirrus clouds could be seen In the
zenith And through the murk below came a
southwest breeze that roughened rather than
wrinkled the surface of the bay and where a
smart tug was seen ploughing end on Into It one
could almost become enthusiastic over the
Certainly on neither of tho preceding days had
10 fair a promise of a fine day been made to the
spectators who were crowding on board the
great excuslon fleet lying at the piers Ana
when the leaders of this fleet got away and the
wider view afforded by the lower bay was react
ed the conditions of air and water were simply
beyond criticism The breeze had a fair show
there and It didnt merely wrlnKlo or ruuuheu
tho water It harried and lashed It till the waves
fled and fell sprawling and picked themselves
up and fled again only to have their crests torn
off and tossed away In tiny splashes of spoon
drift by the triumphant gals Tho talllnc craft
oyster and tlahtng sloops > and schooners and
Jersey pilot boat J weut skurrylng along like
racers Moreover It was an off shore breeze
There wan nothing In It to kick up a semi that
would retard tho giant sloops that worn to meet
as every ono believed for their final contest
f The swellest portions of the excursion fleet
the steam yachtt followed dose utter tie news
paper ore In the rundown and when the point
of the liook came In sight a great flock of gallns
sailing yachts could be seen reaching out lo the
staring point In the wake of the Valkyrie
which with jib up and boom well off to port
was driving along at a pace to wake the old
timer smile Kveii the handsome Machlaa brig
antine Ascot with everything from forlolli to
ro round and smooth was turning a neat
while boue over and our lu her jawa j all SU
The Ucaoa Valkyrie Lost
Cause It eua lo luL Admiral eifMtlte eolll4 grr
poIJau oaUow to WIatI1I
hoW nsortq ExtrMU took tbe gold medal st
th o XWlIIur 1tdn l
> v
mingled with the more aristocratic but lees use
ful craft
I Uunnlng through the channel on the bar Tng
Stlsii tug was ml ill ril by the tug ftnrbucL and
afterward a crowd on the big lighter Lizzie M
Conklln were In like fashion cordial The
Conklln had 11 big sheet of canvas spread across
the pilot house and on this wag painted n very
excellent picture of a yellow don with the dntci
IMAllHfi at opposite omit of thu cantos the
whole being a very appropriate > rrcogiittlon of
the rnlcre of the yellow pup which has I been
such iin efficient member of the Defenders crew
When TUB SuNa till ranged tip alonunMu the
Vnlkyrln In crossing tho bur the Enellshmnn
had only tualntnll and Jib spread lint his stay
sail win up In stops The fact of tho starred
being tip In stops wits a reminder of the treat
change that hn been made In the handling of
the SAM of Kngllsh hoots since the days when f
tho Ocnrsta and liihitca came hero setting tJ r
their Jlhs flying distend of on a stay and scorn
ing to send I up canvas In stopn liven the Val j
kyrie that was b nlcn by the Vigilant net her
spinnaker In the memorable rim home In ths
last nice vtllhout first stretching It In stops and
so lost time nail and the race i
It was not encournRlne to tho yachtsmen fit
this point to notice that the breeze hat I had It
promised so well war dying out Tim huge If
malnoall of the Valkjrlo flopped about hike the
skirt of drib an she nodded over the low
dead swell tint Is always found on the bar and
I t
not nepoonlul of foam could bo seen on the u
crests of the wrinkling waves save only as the I t
iiteamtTd ruptured them Certiilnly here was a i
third day of gentle breezes such as Mr Walfia
had expected to find when ho was designing Ills
challenger It seemed to bu luck for Mr Wat I
son but not prannnt for those who had hoped It
for ono live race
The Defender was found reaching to and fro I
near tho old < red lightship with everything 1 t
except her jib top all She hAil aloft the filmy
white topsail that had excited the admiration ill
the yachtsmen In previous races and she would t
have been a perfect picture of nautical grace
but for the puckers In the mainsail just above I
the sheet blocks However when the gallant > 1
old salts saw the ships charming mascot Mrs iJ J
leelln In a sailor bat a pink waist and a white
skirt on the quarter deck they forgot all about ti
the mainsail Uosldes the sail was good enough r
Meantime the committee till had been crul l
Inlt around with a signal set Indicate that +
the course would be straight away for j
fifteen miles and back A little later the t I
signals giving the course as cast by t It
south were sent up Later still she was an f
chored at the usual distance and north by In
west of the red lightship It appeared that the fi f
wind was west by north and the yacht were to
be sent away before It and further that It had
lanled north while it had been growing lighter
Meantime the big excursion boats bad begun
to arrive the threestory floating tenements
with all three stories crowded u full aa a sweat
shop They found tho tugs and yaclats that had
come before them scattered about at wide In
tervals and at long distances as a rule from
the line So they too hove to a lone way off
and at 1050 oclock there was an open field for w
a start such as has not been seen In recent
vachtlnr contest Not only was tho water Im
mediately behind west of the line free but F
there was a plenty of open water north and I f
south of the space Immediately behind the line II
However the start was not made then Doth
racers were at that time cruising about east of +
the line but by no means clove together The 1
Valkyrie was keeping well down to the south tij
of the aId LJghUhlnand the Defender well to 4
the north of the committee tug 1 Ii
But while the Defender was dressed for a nan
tical reception the Valkyrie was still loafing it j
about with no more than corset and skim on
ao to speak V
In the opinion of the yachtsmen who had read 1
Lord Dnnravens statement that he would not i Z
race without a perfectly clear field the starting Ji
ground was not yet in a condition to meet the i
views of his lordship The committee and the
skippers of the patrol yachts seemed to Inter t
pret the drees of the Valkyrie In like manner il
too for the patrols were sent dashing about to 1 I
snub even the least obtrusive of those who had
come to sea a race The snubbing was taken In ijJJ
the utmost good nature Bells to reverse or go rlt
ahead were heard in about every steamer pres
ent and there were at least a hundred there ti
by 11 oclockand in five minutes or so the fi
clear space for jockeying was widened twofold r1
Even in the first meet of the Defender and the sec
Vigilant such free water was not seen for the l +
preliminary work
At length at 1055 a run was fired on ths
committee boat and Old Glory was run np to
the fore truck This was the signal to announce t
the postponing of the starting time The com F0 J
mlttee bad determined to give the patrols plenty
of time to accomplish their work and there was tf
still more snubbing done Still nothing was 1lj
done In the way of making sail on the Valkyrie H
and that rather mystified everybody who WM r4 l
looking on J i
About this time the Defender came about and r f
reached back toward the line and the Valkyrie
aid the same Doth boats sliced along very t1 t
beautifully and tho spectator concluded that rlil
the Englishman was at last satisfied and would y t s I
now get up his topsail and make a try The
people ou the Defender seemed to think so too Ott
for she was sent well up to the west and her +
stayrall was taken down u It to substitute ft to e
balloon I t
Rut no sooner hail the Valkyrie got behind the i
starting line than she turned about and in her 1
scant clothes again ran out to sea The yachts
men said then they were no longer mystified f
they were disgusted Ill lordship was sulk 1
tug ti
However at llllO the gun on the oommtttoe j
boat was fired and the usual rod ball and blue tN I
peter were sent aloft to warn the yachts that t
ho starting time would expire In just ten min
utes from the gun 1 >
The Defender was at this time well over to the 1 a <
northwest from the lliui and merely hanging la f < > ifi1
he wind while the Valkyrie was out beyond r j
the red lightship The Defender came around Ill
after the gun and running down to within a II
Barter of a mile ot the line headed to ttie tl
outh dropped her spinnaker boom and sent up tr
her spinnaker In stops f
The Vulkyrleas I soon as the gun was fired Z t
ran out to sea auuln and for live minutes of the J
preparatory Interval reached alunir without ll
abiding anything to her canvas That nettled
the matter In the minds of the old sale There t
Has not enough time left to get up I her topsail
and come around to maku a start however il
she spread her I > staysail at about that time and tit I
reached bark to the weather side ut the line and 1 I 1
here hunt In the wind until two minutes be
fore the expiration the ten minutes Interval I t1 I
Then when the Defender had squared aiaf jl
and with bellying < sells was heading for the line 1 J1
the Valkyrie eared slouly ulT Then the gun f H I
jiomed fur the rrosulnc and twentyfour sues I
nude after the Deluder f Itoatcd away across > the J
slur with grace and beauty In every move The IJ
Valkrle slowly followed and just one second
before expiration of the twominute limit I t
sh drlf Id over the line 1 Iq
Passing the lightship she rounded to on the Tt T
I starboard tack with her bead to the south and 1 t k
then came back to the weather side of the light t
ship bhe had given up the race s
s her tiller wa > shoved over to throw her out J + t
nf the race the skipper of a steamer that bad ft it
siren whistle threw open the valve I i
Yeeowl Weeowl Yahyahyahyanhhl f
1 said the siren an eldrlob screech and a dins I 1 f
lire laugh in one that was rather unkind M l
his lordship but It I mad everybody laugh U
unison with It jua that WU about Iktwr

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