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I I 2
J thins the yachtsmen found to laugh nt In aU
Mm iliilnccnf tin diiy
I II lu < el i h11 Idiiiiif t tlio croslng was follows
I Defender II0t4
Valkjrlu lIH U
llMirrrH 10 A UrAlKOVKII
t The moment It win seen that the Valkyrie
bad abandoned the race the lugs ot the even
Ing newspapers made a dash for Ilia llrltlsh
loaU and a half a hundred yacht mid big pas
senger carriers did the same The majority of
the fleet held fast for a time a If undecided
r hat to do
Five minute are rounding the lightship
however the Valkyrie took a tow line from her
tender en route for the bar and then the fleet
began to trtfll anar In the ak of the Yankee
t fljcr There wu t b no race but then the
r people were out for an excursion and they were
going to pee the walkover
L The tory of this walkover li quickly told
The brefto held light throughout lleforo more
than a third of the route was covered the wind
i shifted no much t the south that the spinnaker
t was taken la i Meantime the balloon jib had
been lt of course and for ten miles or so the
Yankee drifted on with only that balloon for
ward Then within a mile or so of the turn the
ordinary jib and staysail were lit and there
after the balloon jib was noticeable chiefly for
its shivering
I Certainly It was a very pleasant sail not s
I Interesting as a trip t the fishing banks when
4 the black flshare biting freely I nor so entertain
ing as a plcnlo excursion up the Hudson but It
was pleasant and moreover there was no end
to the refreshments on the excursion let alI
r the refreshments were kept on Ice and had lot
of else in them
As the turn mark came In view the most of
the excursion fleet ran on ahead and gathered
t near thu stakeboat The Yankee came drift
s Ing down with easy grace The band on the
I steamers with one accord began to play patri
1 otic or jig music A length away tho Defender
tarted her big jib down the stay And then all
I bands and the steam whistles began to shout
The official time at the turn was
Defender 1 15
As on another notable occasion In the hatr
St the Americas Cup there was no second
The run out was slow but all that could have
been hoped for from the wind It took 2 bour
C minutes and 34 seconds The yachtsmen sail
I It waa a great pity the Englishmen had not
tried his especlallydcslgnedforllghtalrs boat
for the light airs had proved lighter than In
t the preceding and from
diner of Ireelng races judging trm
what the Valkyrie had done In the fonrkno
t breeze of the first hour of the frt race shi
would have had an even chance for winning
By snlklag his lordship threw away this even
I chance
I Before the vaporous uproar had subsided the
i luffed In her balloon
Defender Inle up to gather he blon
i jib topsail As she swung around the outer
mark her whitejackets hauled down her vo
luminous head calico carelessly after the man
ner of sure winner that It was caught by a
puff and the foot of It dragged In the s I
there had been a rival ahead or Jut astern to
Inspire the Yankee sailors they might have
1 acted with their usual catlike celerity and had
1 the balloon clawed Inboard In a jiffy Without
1 Incentive they were almost a sluggish a the
t seamen of a German bark i
Three minutes after she rounded she set her
I little jib topsail The wind had shifted t south
West and It looked for while if the
t wet loke a whe as peerless
sloop might b able to make the hoe mark In
C few long adB short lea
t Blr
z Later It was seen that she would have a dead
towind ward struggle t the finish Bho was
closehauled on the port tack with tho
b larger cart of the excursion fleet far
t1 to eeurdon 1et to
leeward Their port rails were so crowd
ed with admiring spectators that guards
1 were nearly under and port wheels Invisible
The starboard paddles fanned the air and so
deeply did the port paddles dip In the gently
swelling seas that fountains of foamy water
I gushed from the Interstices of the paddle boxes
There was a band on the City of Lowell and It
played the Star Spangled Banner with a
fervor perhaps largely from Teutonic luns
that stirred the patriot t enthusiastic cheering
The invisible hands at the aerial bellows were
working with more energy now and the blue 1
hulled American slipped through the swells like i
the mere ghost of herself She passed the I
tbreefnnnelled HamburgAmerican liner Nor
I mannla bound out with pennants of lowlying
emoke steaming astern leI port rails were
black with passengers who doubtless wondered
why only one of the racing yachts was visible
The Defender sailing at her bst went about
j on the starboard tack at 201 standing to the
southward She was looking mighty pretty
and the whistles of the neetaent
whlstas sent her discordant
encouragement at frequent Intervals
On some of the steam yachts sidewheelers
f I and tugs brooms were raised The tug Maria
i e Hoffman had two brooms on the after end of her
4 pilot house adorned with flags bearing a blue
American eagle and the shield of the United
I The horizon seaward had assumed a dark
I misty aspect This was partly due to the smoke
I from the fleet pressed down by the hot and
humid air
For a time the procession of sldewheelers and
propellers trailing in the wake of the Bristol
model seemed to those a few miles
moel aemed mlea ahead like
1 dim Images of ships There was plenty beer
aboard many of the tugs and the passengers
found some solace In toasting one another and
the handsome sloop on the way home
It was recorded In purely perfunctory tech
I Ion that the Defender went about on the star
board tack at 245 that she tacked again at
816 and again at 337 She came about on
the port tack at 348 The wind had faded to a
lephyr and she glided Indolently through thb
I softly heaving sea There was silence on every
t I vessel that had gathered about the lightship
r The churning of propeller and the pounding of
I paddles had ceased The fleet was In a slum
I brous a mood a the aea
At last the sleek yacht went about on the
I Itai bard tack and headed for the line
She might have crossed on that tack but Mr
Iselln the representative of her syndicate of
owners had something to sey t the committee
before finishing As she approached the line
she lulled up within 200 feet of the comulttees
tug Spectators on several boats nearest t her
broke Into a cheer
Mr Istflln appeared In the waist of the ship
with an enormous megaphone The men aft
wand their hands towarcUhe cheerers t com
loom silence Before the vocal enthusiasm was
quenched Mr leclln had made several Ineffectual
effort to be heiird In
I elorl herd a moment was
h stillness over nil the fleet Then there came
I inanely through the iMtobo rd trumpet the
1 question
1 Do you want us to cross the line
I From the committee boat this response rang
dwn thee wind
Thu graceful sloop wheeled about on the star
board tack and cnmeit the Hue
I Lrk In1 cro o6t Ile at 40430
I Then the pentup emotion of the disappointed
thousands found vent In salvos of cheers In the
uproar of tl ordunt whistles und the bang and
i I biKiru of mimic and real artillery
I Tim steam yacht lUrracouta
Ilelm lrracoula gave Defender
j I the most obstreperous greeting She bad a rapid
C I Cro gun mounted 1 forward and a saliorman
t IluWI iy turned the crank sending forth a report
the Ilk of which never was heard at the finish
of any other International race I was a boom
like that of a big oldfashioned brass
tM 1 bll olfuhlol1 brl cannon
und to tire talutrs In times before the war
T > Unrracoiita also had l a siren whistle and on
< hU her skipper lnyd In mournful fa hloa
t v sli l suited tn the nvcusluii tU air of Home
I Uifeet lon
Thnatrnui I Rrct cnmitril Hi on tho 1 Iff order
I iIi > LoundMl ivi not hvr aitUiornue at liny
jut nh Ah II 0 new sik American nag tn
fcir liini 1 wm firiul list niMlimt thu
isds s hit ISHH I by I Ihu I fnohenlng I wind and
t apdsJ CA It i unit nct u eai fibric hut a
Wld I tralion of a winter A fet moment
I lain Iww sisltcct4 iwlluriutu were seen aloft I
J 1 A
I I attaching flugi similar to tho one at the tot t
t ends lt tlipttarboard spreader These Rags
represented the Defenders victories
Although tho tugboat Wallace I Flint took
the Defender In tow the towing was a mere
formality until the rest sloop was well Inside
the Hook I The line I did lot pull a pound ns the
Defender was mnkin splendid progress under
her mainsail jib and club topsail Kvery now
and then one of the vessels of the fleet ran
alongside of the cup protector and gave her a
whistle while all hands on oar yelled and
Many of the excursion fleet stopped at Day
Ridge on the way up t the ely t give the excursionists
their sentiments
cursionists a chance to express lentments
about the Valkyrie which was lying at anchor
off the Atlantic Yacht Club house Lord Dun
dohore they
raven and his friends had gone Ihore or
might have been muoh chagrined From almost
every steamer there came a perfect tornado of
hoot and jeers which the sallormon were un
able t stand They all went Mow
Herbert C Led Hityn Dare I No
After the lace THE RUN tug ran up alongside
of the Defender t find out If any one knew the
reason for the Valkyries withdrawal In response
sponse t n query Mr Leeds shouted back
Wo dont know do you t
Some one shouted I guess It was a case of
heart failure Mr Leeds laughed and said
1 guess that was II
Immediately after the Defender dropped an
chor off Hay Ridge a SUN reporter boarded her I
Every one on board seemed pleased at winning
but they were all exceedingly angry at the dis
courteous way they had been treated through
the Valkyries wllhdrlwal
Mr Iselln when asked If he knew tho cause
of tho Valkyries withdrawal said emphati
I do not I wrote Lord Dnnraven a letter
yesterday In w > I told him I was willing to
cal Tuesdays rat n spite of the commit
tees decision and nftet In sail It over airaln
This Has after the rniiiinlttee decided In my fa
vrr Lord Duuraven wrote declining to sail th
race over
These letters I will not make public now I
was just as much surprise at his turning back
today a any one and all that I know about
his reasons for refusing to raco today Is what I
have read In the afternoon papers which I
havo just received I have no comment to
make on his action
Wo were told by the Regatta Committee
thai we had won the three races Now I am
through so far as the Cup races are concerned
The Defender will be taken In tow at 10
oclock tomorrow morning for Now Itocbelle
and I have made no decision a yet what I shall
do with her
I am glad we won the races and saved the
Cup but wo had hoped at least to have a race
for the trophy
Mr and Mrs Iselln then stepped on board a
naphtha launch and went over t the steam
yacht Neckan for supper
Nat Uerreshoff the famous designer of De
fender when congratulated on the American
yachts victory said
I am la we won tho three races but 1
dont think It was a fair thing for Lord Dun
raven to refuse t sail today His talk about
the excursion steamers Is u flimsy excuse There
a no crowding today
Mr Herreshoff said thnt the Defenders new
topmast worked ail right and added that he aid
not know If there would bo any more races
Capt Haft who was found etttliik his supper
on the HattIe Palmer said
I cant understand Lord Dunravens talk
about the excursion steamers Certainly he
could not have had a fairer chance than he had
today al the Mart here wen no boats In the
way and he had a dead beat back all tho way I
I am glad the whole thing Is over but I would
like t have a fair chance to race the Valkyrie
before she goes back Id show him
I told Mr Vanderbilt today that I was a
pr man but that I would put up 500 toward
making a match for 5000 a side to sail the
Valkyrie twenty miles to windward and back
NVel I think they have been used fairly
Mr helm offered to resell Tuesdays race
I dont know whats the
matter with them un
less they were a bit sore at the action of the
committee In sustaining our protest The com
mittees action was perfectly fair and ninety
nine out of a hundred yachtsmen will endorse
the committees verdict
When asked what he thought when he saw
the Valkyrie withdraw Capt Haft said
Well I thought they expected the wind to
haul t the sonthard and thinking It would b
a rah both ways that Ia a broad reach out
and a close one home they did not care to face
sure defeat and co withdrew
Tnat Is to say Captain they knew they
stood no chance with you
Thats II was the reply but n It turned
lOUt the wind was west by north onethird of tho
way out and then It hauled to the south when
we took In our spinnaker making It a broad
rah After we got to the mark the wind
hauled back again and we had a dead beat
Herbert C Leeds who was on the Defender
The Valkyries withdrawal was very unfor
innate and I think Lord Dunraveus action was
anything but complimentary to the Itegatta
Committee and cast a slur on the New York
Yacht Club and the American people
I understand roughly that the Vnlkvrlcs
withdrawal was caused by the crowding of ex
cursion steamers I saw no overcrowding aud
I understand tlat the waters oil Sandy Hook
we a public highway und 1 dont see how wo
can compel people to keep away The road was
clear at all times and I saw no Interference
Its an Insult to the American people Lord
Dunraven Is no sportsman I knew thai two
rears ago
In response t a warning admonition to b
careful what hu said Mr Leeds exclaimed
YesI I dont care If I do say It Its 01
Woodbury Kane said Well wo won but I
thInk Lord Dunravenn action Is anything but
Latham A KUk a prominent member of the
Americas Cup Committee and who represented
the New York Yacht Club on the Valkyrie
yesterday was seen at tho Atlantic Yacht Club
house last evenlnc When asked If he knew
the reason for Lord Dunravens withdrawal ho
I only know that Lord Dunraven sent a
letter to the committee What Its contents
were I do not know and under the circum
stances you must excuse me If I decline to din
cuss tho matter tt present
Dare Eilqaette Comraenilcd bat HU
Hpnrlimundilp Doubted
The bottom dropped out of the yacht race as a
popular ixcltcment with the refusal of the Val
kyrie to sail The hotel lobbies assumed their
regular appearance the talking yachtsmen hav
ing all disappeared
There were only a few members at the NeW
York Yacht Club In the aftetuoon From one
group came the exclamation the stentorian
tones of Commodore W L Brooks
Its mighty small I
I was the consensus of the club
0 It looks very childish said K T Robinson
I was very close to the mark and will swear
that the course was clear Anyway tlc Val
kyrie sailed with and Urn topsail was not IP
evidence that I start was tint Intended With
this In mind Duiirnvtn did the proper thing In
crossing the lines nnd In hoisting the Now York
Yacht Club Hag after the withdrawal I was
an admission that the races were over and ho
did the right thing to nettle It up
I Is I unfortunate tho second race was settled
on a technicality but all li I ended now Jsulln
has very gamely offered to resell the race but as
the muunKiment of the match li i entirely vested
In Situ Amrilcas Cup Committee It ii I uiUc
tll If io na pfrsimally the right to reopen nB
series 110111 I Ihlnl the New York Yachi flub
will cliiinuo the louisu from IU home waters
although It ban Ue > right tn tb 10 sit Thu Marble
head course Mill be l just A crowded al the New
I York one I Is 1 dbtlnrily Kngllnh Idea to
anti f that our excursion steamers would nut
f r
follow the boats t Halifax I necessary t sto
rommodate the public
A I Junes WM all smiles I I think It all
very funny the manner or this withdrawal
he said I never saw a clearer course and
there was no excuse for dropping out on the
score of crowding Dunraven showed from the
first that he had decided t give up and the etiquette
quette of tho proceeding was perfect I think
he Is very lorry over Valkyries defeat
Nlel Olsen A bustling about In a jovial
mood Well It I gives us the cup by a raoe a
judgment and a walkover was his reply toe
question I have seen every contest since the
first In 51 when we won the trophy but never
saw a race decided like this Instead of the
hard battle we expected things havo been quite
different V
I the withdrawal of Dunraven Is I a test of
true sportsmanship I dont want to be a sports
man said Secretary Olsen He had a bow of
red white and blue In his buttonhole and
was seemingly glad t know that the cup was
safe on any terms
Later on at 740 Commodore Smith Chair
man of the Cup Committee rushed Into the
club He seemed full of business
Will you have anything to give out asked
the reporter
WiI I You just wait until our meeting t
With this hasty statement the Commodore
went Into the library where he met A Cass
Cnnflcld and a whispered conclave was started
Cheater flrlswold of the Itegatta Committee
arrived next with John H husk They called
up B Nicholson Kane and arranged for both
committees to dine at the Knickerbocker Club
and to meet at the yacht club later
Two hours later nt 10 oclock the committeemen
marched Into the club house In a
men murhe Int II pr
cession that was unintentionally quite im
pressive Commodore Kane and Irving Grin
nell marched In front and then came the others
two by two A Can Canfleld who had not
dined aL the Knickerbocker arrived a few mo
ments later The two committees were now
complete and tho men went up stairs t the
library for their deliberations
The committees were still In session at J
oclock when Mr COliver Iselln drove up t
the club In a carriage with 1ra Iselln Com
modore James D Smith made the following
statement soon after Mr Iselln had joined the
Thero Is no condition of the agreement a t
sailing tho cup races that has not been strictly
lived up to by the Regatta Committee
of tho New York Yacht Club The
endeavor to Interpose now conditions a
few hours before an appointed race by
Lord Dunraven should have hardly been
attempted certainly not Insisted upon to tho
extent of Imposing now terms which If not ac
ceded to might result In his withdrawing from
tho rare If ho so decidedBatter reaching and
going over the line
There was no course left but t start the
yachts by the committee nor could any course
be taken but to have the Defender sail over the
course This under the rules made her the win
ner today Mr Ifelln offered to Ball the raceof
SspU 10 over thus making I no race which
Lord Dunraven declined today by letter
I can enter Into no discussion of the reasons
actual I UK Lord Dunraven In declining to co on
with the races He is a far better Judge than I
ns to the course he should pursue and If ho Is
satisfied I certainly must b
After talking with the committees for a half
hour Mr Iselln left He stopped lone enough In
the lobby to say that Mr Smith had correctly
stated the fact
A few minutes before midnight Irving Grin
nell said thnt the Kegntta Committee would
make no public report fey had reported De
fender the winner of the series to the Americas
Cup Committee which In turn would report to
I the club TiiO couimlttrciutu dixjaed soon
The Committee Propose Further He si
for a Cup mmd Nwrcp tkr
There were abont 050 souls on board the At
lantic Yacht Clubs bat Gay Head and a more
disappointed crowd of yovhtlnc enthusiasts
never returned to tho city It was certainly a
setback the day could b called an Ideal one
The crowd set up awall when the Kncllsh yacht
came about after crossing the line and some of
the comments made by those aboard did not reflect
Sect any credit on Lord Dunraven
The yaehty ones had everything arranged A
brIndle bulldog sat on thnstrlngpleceof the dock
just previous to tho hOI departure Borne me
ventured t remark that he thought Lord Dun
raven would carry off a victory today This
remark wan no sooner made than a splash was
heard The excitement rau high for a minute
or two and finally the bulldog was fished out of
the river 1 was he who had caused the excite
ment and It really looked a though the dog
had become disgusted at the remark and tried
to take his life The animal was brought aboard
and was to have acted as a mascot but be lost a
After the Defender had covered more than
half the distance TUB SUN reporter overheard a
conversation between two of the French wait
ers which nearly ended In a row
one Zee Defender lee now In front remarked
No eet Iss Monsieur Dunravens vessel
spounted the other
They would probably have Issued challenges
fora duel on the spot had not friends stepped In
and explained to them that there was only one
boat In It Doth looked surprised
Tho member of the Atlantic Yacht Club were
very much aroused over the action of the Eng
lisbmen und asugxeitlon was made to raise I
purse of from ten to twenty thousand dollars
and t challenge the English bout to u series of
races with the Defender The
ruces suggestion met
with approval and dozen or more members
expressed their willingness t contribute sums
toward the puree there and then In the party
were lien Thornai L Watson Fleet Captain of
tho Atlantic Yacht Club Col I K Austen
Jefferson Hogan J L Bllm J J Ihclpa F A
Itch and Thomas W rcartall
The question was then carried to the Atlantic
Yacht Clubs Itexatta Committee who were on
board and the lattc body went Into session
They were authorized to Issue a challenge for a
Usl between thu Defender and Valkyrie to sail
ono or three races as the owners may decide
Itoth Mr Iselln nnd Lord Dunraven will he com
munlcated with at the earliest moment The
committee will Issue a challenge for a weep
stake but tie club will offer a cup to the value
of not less I than 1000
Thu challenge will cal for a race anywhere
between fcandy Hook anti larblehead under the
rules of either the New York Atlantic or
Lirchmont Yacht Club
4pang those who watched the walkover from
tha decks of the lay Head were len and
Mrs T I L I Watson Col David K Austen Col
all Mrs William Urosvenor den Bchwertzer
and son len A I Ketcham Dr and Mrs II
llarkelow Oeorgo I llllsx and Miss Ethel
Bliss Mr and MM J L I Bliss J L I Church
Mrs Howard lould Col J 1 C Ilohertson Capt
JJ Phelps I Manley Crosby Major George
WMcNnlty A 1 Von Hrunt Mr and Mrs
C Oliver Hilton llrako I Smith 1 Drake Smithand Robert
Over 40000 Irroon Paid from B to H
Apiece lu Hee the Fiasco
Irobably the most Indignant person among
the thrones of excursionists which followed the
Defender yesterday was an Englishman on
board the Now York Yacht Clubs steamer St
Johns The visitor who Is I said to be a em
ber of Parliament arrived on the Majestic yes
terday morning having come hero purjwoely to
see the last of the yacht races He Immediately
started hustling for n ticket nit the Ht Johns
and at H45 oclock lit let n minutes beforo the
steamer Ml her dock at the foot of Hector
street got DUO Hu was considerably flustered
hel he finally got on board and sat down In a
corner and begun mopping the perspiration i
from his face 1
Hy Had sir he remarked to the man next
to him think of oniing 3000 miles to see this
ra > e and then nearly gutting loft
During tho trip out to the starling point tho
fiiiiru Liuuttioia emjbodj that would listen to
l L LJ
him abut his long journey to sea the race and
how near he came t missing I lie was so
happy however over getting A ticket that
couldnt contain himself When the Valkyle
crossed the line under a jib and a mainsail and
those on board the boat began to howl ns they
realised what It meant the Englishmans face
was a study
ly gad sin ho exclaimed Is I It possible
the ca dodging It Then a the Valkyrie
turned back and there was no longer any doubt
of her Intentions he cried out
This Is I the way yon represent England
It Ob you shall answer t tho English people
for this you shall answer
For nearly an hour the Englishman kept up
below hit tirade of abuse and then ho disappeared
ILI Is doubtful If a more disappointed lot of
persons ever came Into New York than the I
thousands of excursionists who returned from
following tho Defender over the course yester
day Over 60000 persons paid from 2 to tfi
apiece to see the race Lord Dunraveus atti
tude was a mystery They couldnt understand
why he declined t sail after going out to the
starting point unless It was because he thought
the excursion boats would Interfere with him
There seemed t b no reason for this fear a
far a anybody could see because the boats took
Particular pains to keep out of tho way of tim
English yacht Then again It was evident to
moat of the excursionists that the Valkyrie had
no Intention of sailing any way for she Ia
noeuvred around an hour before the race with
only her mainsail and two Jib aot
As the time for tho race approached and no
further preparations were made ou tho English
boat the excursionists howled In derision
When the preparatory gun was fred and still
no attempt was mode to set the topsail or to run
out the spinnaker boom tho spectators were
convinced that Lord Dunraveu did not Intend
to race No ono was surprised when the Valky
rie turned back after crossing the line but
every one was angry The people yelled and
howled the boats blow shrill blasts on their
whistles while one little steam launch pos
sessed of that and down
a sleutn pipe ran uu Ind
tho scale like a circus calllono tooted In u fasli
n Hn nun tote
Ion which sounded much like a derisive laugh
and wound up by whistling the first few bars of
Home Sweet Home
Very few bat followed the English yacht on
her retreat but all went sailing after the De
fender It was poor kind of sport watching a
boat Indulge In a walkover but the excursion
ists amused themselves by cheering the Ameri
can boat about every five minutes While
many believed that Lord Dunraven had ground
for refusing to race many condemned him for
not announcing his Intensions beforehand
On the New York Yacht Clubs steamer
everybody seemed to b disgusted over the
fiasco Among those on board were Fred Geb
bard Capt Frank IjincUon Hart Lyman tho
Hev Dr Wassen Mr and Mrs J V y Oddle
E I Appleton S E Morse Col and Mrs Do
Lancey Kane Robert Held Fred Olcott Adrian
Iselln Adrian Iselln Jr W A Coffin Edward
Simmons A L Collins T F Clarke Dr and
Mrs J C Barren Dwight Urainau and E N
A malI Mima In the Cna lne Iloom Ctmsti
Son KxcltcM
The police boat Patrol left Pier A North
River u few minutes after U oclock yesterday
morning for the race Actlnc Inspector Me
Cullairu had charge The Inspector couldnt
find his sea legs and as n result the trip was not
a pleasant one for him Dr Cook President of
the Hoard of Police Surgeons and Surgeons
Mark Williams alt Mcttovern were aboard
Major Hipp Chief Clerk ot the Police Department
ment was also there
Aciioinc the guests wer CoL Appleton of
tho Seventh Kcclmeiit Col Green of the
Seventyfirst Hcirlmcnt Police Captain luck
bolt of the Stage street station Brooklyn Ed
ward Center of the New York Yacht Club Mrs
Robert Center Secretary Hell and Clerk Dobbs
of the Police Civil Service Hoard On the trip
down to tho Sandy Hook Llcbuhlp u small
blare In the engine room caused some little ex
citement Ono of the policemen left a blouse
and some old clothes hanging behind the smoke
stack and they caught fire The engineer threw
them on the deck and dashed several buckets
of water over them
Cornelius Vnnderbllfs yacht Conqueror
steamed alongside of the Patrol In the lower
bay and the boats kept abreast of each other
for about a mile The Conqueror than forged
ahead The Patrol reached the starting line on
time to hear the first gun fred In the committee
boat at 11 10 oclock Those on board noticed
lat while the Defender was In racing trim
with her sails set the Valkyrie was railing
about under jib and mainsail All hands won
dered why the Brush boat did not raise her
club topsail I was then within a few minutes
of etartlmr time ant the opinion was freely ex
pressed that the Valkyrie did not Intend to race
I Lord I Dunraven knows hes
guess out
classed said Col Appleton Its a clear case
of weakening remarked Major Klpp
Tho Patrol followed the Defender over the
course The large fleet of excursion boats kept
well away from tho racer The Patrol reached
the turning flag abut a quarter of an hour b
fore the Defender
On the return trip an Interesting Incident occurred
curred Policemen Durkln and Klute who
were on the upper deck caught Ilm1 bird In
one of tho lifeboats The llttln thing was
greatly exhausted After drinking mine water
and eating a lot of bread crumbs it became
more lively Carl Iluckhol said It was a
young thrush Others thought It was 1 mock
ingbird It Is supposed that II flew off an e
curslon boat The the boat said It
curslol but men on iid was
a mascot and It was christened Defender The
crew are going to keep the bird on the boat
A Prominent YneMimnn Think He Preju
diced Iord llmirnvrn
One of the most prominent members of the
New York Yacht Club and I man who Is
nearer to the Defender syndicate than anyone
else said last evening
1 am quite certain thnt theje would not have
been a much trouble over the cup races this
year as there has been had Ixird Dunraxen
acted solely on his own notions of true sport
and fair play As n matter of face Mr Arthur
llennln hA been rather the power behind the
throne He Is I believe If the truth were
known here the personal representative
as lenolu1 relresentuLvo of
the other members of the syndicate who built
the Valkyrie
I I am correctly Informed Mr Gtennle has
lost no opportunity to Impress upon the mind of
Lord Dunravrn the fact that the Yankees are
fond of sharp practice ant do not hesitate to
resort to It on all occasions Ills constant ef
forts tu prejudice the Earls mind have made
his Lordship much more Inclined to bicker than
he otherwise would be We have all noticed that
his Lordship has not met us quite In the same
spirit that he did two yearn ago ana we believe
that Mr Glennle boa been the disturbing olu
mont this year
They laellae tn the View that Ior4 Dna
ravel HH llecii llnrcllr feed
LONDON Sept 12Thr St JIIWMH ClotttU In
Its comment on the decision of the New York
HegatU Committee upon thin protest of the De
fender against the Valkyrie says It refuses t
believe that there Is I any truth In the cablegrams
received here affirming that Lord Dunnven
threatened before the committees decision was
announced that he would not allow his boat t
start In any more races If the decision should b
against the Valkyrie The committees
award the Uatttte says ought to b received
In a sportsmanlike kplrlU Mr leellna offer to
sail the mast sportsmanlike and
11 race over was roat lrrhranUko Ind
exceedingly gratifying
The Pull Jfiiil Jatttte says Nobody coming
Into contact with Lord Dunraven can question
his being a thorough sportsman Thai being
the case one Is I Inclined to speculate as to why
the committees decision Mum to him unjust
I h possible that hlIrutut > merely means that
unless ho excursion boat nuisance can bo
clucked lie will not ra u iuln li he will nut
fees uo other Uugllaluunu tt ill care lu bulicnc
ic 18U5 J t
for the cup for many a Jong year to come at
least until the history Jot the Americas Cup Is l
The lr > tmlntter latrite iy the committees
decision will certainly put the bad feellnit ex
Mtlng between the English and American sports
men ton Severn test
GfAsxinw HopI 1The Glasgow Orrtlil to
morrow will say I Ho ends one of the greatest
fiascos In the annals of sport Wo can hardly
believe that the result of the contests Is more
satisfactory to honorahlu American sportsmen
than It Is I to ours There has been uo fair trial
of the merits of the two yachts
IleRardliiK the action of Lord Dunraven In re
turning after having crn n < rt tho starting line In
todays nice the HrmM will say i I must ho
saiti that hIs Lordship Ink hilt reputation In
his haut hue on tho whole we think Mn action
amply jUKtlfltd If only by the statement of Mr
Ji Frederic Tains that llrltlsli jnchtMiien must
give up theIdea of again contesting for tim ios
Minn of the cup
Tim Hallu VluimMr will say tomorrow re
garding the Americas Cup contest nf today
that It thinks the Valkvilu m Hitlil In < not
risking herself and her crew among the pltHes
swarm of boats In lower New York Day and
that It was better for her to too tho mark nnd
then contemptuously give tip the rontvst Con
tinuing tho Chronicle will say
So we suppose there Is an end to the rather
ghastly farce culled IIH > International inchl
rare ot 1 RUB and probably 011 AiiRlnAmcrl
can yacht rnclns on tin other llo lit the At
lantic Lord Dunraven will probably come home
Oi totnnrrnu Cunnrdcr He ulll have tho
sympathy of every Englishman We calm boost
antique Mowwilled race Ihoueh we bo that we
can show our Anieriian fi I lends how to conduct
order a Strut sportlni uxetit with decent und 111 good
IisctiuhuuihiriI will rn 1 li I not International
interference tlmt t Imil I Dunrunn complains nf
but tim Iniiwslblllty nf a lulr contest under
such condition I t III likely bo a very long
tI hilt he tore lint ishi jnclitfinrn I i nice Hitain fur
tho cup when I ho lomlltlnni arc such as to ren
der the result a mere matttrof cloture
hue Mulli UraiiMr it II 11 i On u On bntli cities nf
the Atlantic tho utmost sympathy will ho l fell
with Lord Dunraviii it ho ha ncted with much
dignity under trying rlruiniMiiiices The I
American piwiesslnn of the clip will lot again
be challenced until tho authorities there ur
ranea for a properly clear cour e
ranro IkHlu ltir will say It Is a most
melancholy llnsui and icurptlahln m betond
measure hut Lord Dunraven It I mint In I al
lowed Is I thn best judge uf what Is I fair play fur
hilt boat Hu foresaw danger when hu nrked
the Regatta Committee to hold the content lu
IIMi viuwded tater < They did not comely
with tlu > request and they will not e cnie the
CelusUre of thou American public It eCIle I pity
that the nlkyrlii should leiivo American wa
tell without having had one fair trial of her
Could not tin AVwi nks a race bo sailed
for 10vO far train the rauillllni crowd of New
York 1
The Ifilltj Trlnraph will Bay If the Ameri
can public will tint submit to the dlctatin f
oot order and selfrestraint which elsewhere
arc stronger than any police thcy I cannot blum >
an Knidlsli gcnllciiian for rcfulnif to risk hN
crew and vessel In the hubbub of nidi I Mfme
Thu Ttmti will say I I ulll I I I hu KI nerully held
that the weighty renwmi urgi d liy Lord Dunrn
ten Justify J I him In ndnntinir i t the iou mo he has
taken Time persons chlelly to blame are thu Cat
tails of the excursion uteumern nnd time sight
seers who Insisted upon crowding thin yacht
The American anortRiiien rorhl huve he
haxed with J the J fairness and sense of honor wo
should have expected of them
If the committee would consent to holding
the races In clear water wu do not doubt that
either Lord Dunraven or commit other Hrltlfh
challenger would tprtdlly tot the power of
American builders and jachtMnen oncexvaln
I he committee cannot OMCHIIP norm shame of the
blame for what hM happened hey 1 attempted
on Impossible tusk when they undertook to eon
Irol the mob of excursionist without Hdeqtiatu i
means and cleiulte I fair warning the conu
quonce has been the complete failure of a inert I
lag on which hich hopes were fliNt on both
sides of the Atlantic I
Jury Ringed snd Heat flume Lord Dim
raven Leaven for NluieurM
The Valkyrie it was said lost evening by one
who professed t know Lord Dunravens plans
will b taken to Erlo Itasln this morning
stripped and JuryrlKfted for her voyage home
which will b betffcn within a week or so Lord
Dunraveu and hIs daughters will leave for
Niagara aIl at once
Friendship flrtwc Two Countess WItS lie
Htrlnd Owl to the Itrlult of the Hurt
TOIIONTO Sept 12The Krtning Star In an
editorial on the yacht races sayn
The action of the Defender people In contin
uing the race today after the ValkyrIe true to
Dunravens plain Intimation had withdrawn at
the tart makes It very certain that the pint
of honorable sport Is wholly aent from Mr
helm and his companions In the ownership of
the boat
Todays fiasco prove what hns been said
that the Americans were determined to retain
the cup at any cst They will probably b t
In undisputed possession of the trophy No
Briton will ever ask for another race and
Americans In all ranches ut sport and athletics
will find It difficult to Induce Kndlbhnirn to
Mlcmt trut them sufficiently to play either afleld or
Worse than that If I plln A Co claim to
day s race and the American public dn not
sharply repudiate the whole business the friend
ship between the two countries will b severely
strained and the cause of an loAmerlcan
alliance for thn preservation of pac will be set
back a hundred years
An Offer or It flVOOO Trophy to llt > Hnllrd
for bJ Defender and Vnlkjrlr 1 III
BOBTOJT Sept 12Tho Boston Globe will say
tomorrow morning
Gen Charles U Taylor editor of the Globe
ha made nn offer to C Oliver leelln and to
Lord Dunraven which will not only nlcaso every
true yachtsman but all this lovers of fair
play In sports In the world Ho has
offered a 3000 cup as a trophy to be
contested for over the Marblehead course
by the Defender nnd Valkyrie III and thus de
termine which If I the helter of the two boats
The following tuletrram tent by ieii Taylor
last rteiiintr to Mr Iselln and Lord Dunraven
explains Itself
Owing to the unsatisfactory conditions
which action t exist off New York fora contest
of mch magnitude as > 1 are eniWKod In I
hereby otter a 5000 International uhnllunge
cup in Jw ealled ro by the Defender and V 11 l
kvrlo ill oil Marblehrnd cnn to be I called the
Massachusetts nay Cup In case of acceptance
conditions can bu arranged nt once
how Conlil Thin He HoC
JCrtroctA Lord Ixinniirni letter to She Cup Corn
Today on the reach home a flock of iteam1 > oats
were steaming level I I with me and close under mv lee I
I tailed nearly the whole ilutance lu tumbling broken
water In the heavy wash of these steamboats I
I there anv sallo In New York who can ex
plain how any steamer thai was uilotel with
a ninetyfoot yacht and even so close alee as
100 yards away could project her wash far
enough the yacht forward her beam to Interfere with
A Deceiver for tile Kqullnble Mntnnl
LouIs l S lUeienar vat appointed yesterday
rerehernf the KitnltsibluMutual Fire Insurance
Corporation Now York whoso offices are at
ISO Droadway by Judge Dugro of the Superior
Court on Ihe application of Leopold VSchlosner
who obtaineda Judgment ouJuly Ifiugaliiat the
company for tlUtrj I
eOllny JiidKMuiiitu have been entered recentlv
against tlieuompunywhlch has turin In hot water
for six months past 11mm May last application was
made for the appolntmmilnf a receiver In the
Court of Common Ilean but the motion Mai
denied A Judgment for JvMlMwas obtained
against the company yesterday In favor of th
Planters Cotton Seed Criuhiiii Company of
Qreenvllle Miss for Ore lots
Orlonvle 11 a fre on March W
Sorry Summer
Thatll what Ive lied rtmmrked n lady
lately mid its because I did not Mick to
Hoods Snmaparillft last Hrlnl lint was
induced by lilnh Hoitndlni nilvertbc
menttt t experiment with mi untried
remedy I tolled to give 1 me tha health
and strenKtu 1 have always grimed from
hoods harspnrllln and 1vo Iud n sorry
uniiucr So now I propn to stick to
In Foil Winter Sprint nnrt Summer
whenever I need medicine and I know
it will never fall me Do 1 likewise
HoocTs Pills si hiammolotnsly luavrlli with
The Largest and Choicest Collection
Broadway 22d St and 5th Av
Valuable Property Iletlrvril to Have lea
Htoten round In I Ktttt
Special DC tec the Ouniou of the Kait Sixty
seventh street nation han umnrthcd what ha
belies es to IIP a giHidslcd fence tlmt con
tains all sorts of goods the proceeds he thinks
of many robberies He maths thin discovery
through Mrs Abraham Dondney the widow ol
the late 1 Congressman of I East Seventyfifth
Mrs Dowdney returned from the country on
Sept U Shin found that Mrs Maggie Hamilton
a widow of U3U East Sixtysixth street who
had ben left In charge of her house was gone
SItu at once called at Mrs Hamiltons house t
learn why she had deserted her charge While
there the noticed a bit of Florentine mosaic
that had roI her husband 100 In Italy
Shot hurried home and took iin Inventory of
but effects tlndlni that about fJO worth of
inr brlcVbrnc Juwelry lace and silks wa miss
Ildlce Captain StraUss of tho Kant Sixtysev
cut h pt reeL Mutton unsigned Detective tiinson
to hue lice Hit liitttr located most of Mrs
Doudueys missing property at the Hamilton
Yesterday afternoon iunson placed the Ham
ilton ncmian under arrest and took her t York
vlllo Court where Magistrate Flammrr re
inundid her tn enable the detective 1 t find own
ers for tmiie of the property
Cart btruuM obtained a search warrant and
In Lompniiy with Detective Uuneou went to the
apartments of Mr Hamilton where they
found Mrs Ihuwtlmiys eltects Capt Strauss
secured a moving van and last night two loads
ot htulT were remocd to the station house I his
morning another load ti ill tie removed from thin
coal bin In thin cellar There are at present four
or five packing roses and three trunks and a
few barrels packed with stuff which the police
have not yet opened
Among the goods taken to the station house
last night air four barrel nf fine china and
glassware three lame trunks containing rugs
a large case of knit e > forks and n > nons three
sacks which contained sealskin muffs a couple
of rolls of silk two or threr Astrakhan
capes several silk i umbrellas two lace
puniKds and some nhtiwls There nero
about aOO books 1SR picture among
them n number of tine etchings three
bronze statues a large quantity of bricabrac
fifteen costly lutiipi several bitquo figures and
other articles mole nr let costly A enmiry
bird in a funcy rage a handsome fox trrrier
and a Malte cat were amotiK the things which
were Kcizrd under tho warrant
Early In the evening Thomas Hamilton tIme
prisoner husband was arraigned before
Sergeant Hume on the charge of being con
cerned In a rubbery Hr denied having any
knowledge of the majority of the goods which
hid neon el7wl Hamilton said that he
was married four years ago at the Little
Church Around the Corner and a marriage
certllkate bore out his KtHtcment Ho said that
his wife had a great many pictures and fancy
articles at thin time he married her and that he
also had n few tiling at that time and both hail
accumulated by purchase other articles of that
nature He Ohio said that he had been to Mrs
DoMrdneys house but twice while his wife had
charge there
Hamilton Is 03 years old smooth shaven and
Is employed In Mcdraths livery stable In Sixty
third street Defective lunron asked Hamil
ton where a lot of charauli skins came from
which were found In the apartments He re
plied that he had brought them from Arvernr
bytbeSea where he had been employed during
a portion of the summei
Further questioning brought out from Ham
ilton a statement that lie had worked fof
Charles Grace and I L Thebaud The latter
he said lived In Seventythird street but ho
had forgotten the address of the other mm
He WHS locked up end will be brought to the
Yorkvllle Court this morning
Hrrretiiry Marten issues nn imporaat
Irilrr Regarding I t a Inspection
Collector Kllbreth received from Secretary J
Sterling Morton of the Department of Acrlctil
turn yesterday an Important order concerning
the exportation of meat The letter was turned
over to Deputy Collector Hawthnrno of the first
division and promulgated by him unions ul
steamship men The order Is an follows
Whereas section J of tho act of Congress
apprmed March 3 INlil as amended In the act
approved March 2 18115 provides as follows
That the Secretary of Agriculture shall
also cause to lw made a careful Inspection of all
live cattle the meat of which fresh salted
canned corned packed cured or otherwise
prepared Is Intended forexponatton to army for
eign country at such times and places amid In
such manner as he muv think proper with a view
to ascertain whether said cattle are free trnm
ditca and their meat son nh imiiui wholesome
and may appoint Itihiiectors I wlunhall Iwauthor
ised to give an iitllcial certificate clearly statlnir
thou condition In which such rattlt und meat ar
found and noclenranco shall I I ht < klvrli to any
vessel hut IIIB on board any f rc h failed canned
corned or lucked beef being the meat uf cattle
killed alter the luisaap uf this act for nx
Iortatlon to and Bale in I u foreign country from
any port In the Inlted StairS until the owner or
shipper Khali obtain from an Inspector appoint
ed under thv proUdonauf this act a certificate
that mid rattle mien > free from disease and that
their meat U HI i mil and whoUtninc
Ills I t ordered that f rum and after Sept in
IHDA all liref offered for transportationwhether
fresh salted canned corned packed shall be
accompanied by a cerllllcatr show tog Hint tho
cattle from which It was produced wer free
from disease and the I meat Miiind and whole
some by an Inspector I of thlsilrparlmrnt And
In i order that It may lie icl erini tied whether all
beef exported IIIIH biien so tiifictcd and taiinii
tibu ulinltMimr It I t Is fuithrr ordered thmt time
meat of nil other i < cleof unlmalt which for
amuy rcamiium I lies mint hear I hme I mmiiictiniml S ags amid
stuimmi I cit S file ieliil rt umietit I ho tumu keii in
hmiurreis clots cur tithmtmn which are
iiKldy markeu in I riirn manner in to clearly In
client thu S stierlrn nf animal from which thn
meat was nrodurfd Mint which I mil BO
nun kcHl and which U nut MI uiconipatiled by a
certificate if Inspection will I hu clawed ns unin
spected beef und will not he allowed exports
lion Notice In horeby given to exporters of meat
whether salt meat Is freih naltid I canued
corned packed I or othurulm prepared and lo
owner and ainntu ol vessels upon which mid
local IK exported Ihtt I noclnirniHe can lie given
to HIIV mch vessel having on board said ment
until thu provisions of this order are compiled
MAS IT lll > ROllloniAT
Frnnk Thr iSle Hln Week After lltlnsc
Itlttru by H lion
XBW lliitTXRWirK Sept ISVKrnnk Ther the
tcnyearold son of Alexander Thcr of lll
Nellton street New Brunswick returned from
school yesterday afternoon coiiiuhilnlnK of being
III lie wits put tim beul l wimetu lit was coons In
aimniuy > Dr Alton L Flnnilrimif Helkvuc Hos
fcx new s turk Wit lit lllB thin I Ilacu of Dr
I Sl I mllUM iv hmiii time lit l ci rlsiii his vmteut
1HT1 ag callfil I I wan mint tied by Hit
symptoms until ho Imriieil thnt I ho IHIV hiitii
been blttu bya dogJntMx wvrksugu In n fen
hours thu hoi bman fithlna I at thou mniiili and
snapped itt t iuit V Ito i m c1 I ii bolt him Th
mt Iturkeii like it ilog and sa ly List usemnimug hu
died iii great agmm
The Ciinnmle Jtulo ut lu Court
1 herj was an urKUliunt before Jiinllce iien
liithuSunrtiiie I S Ciiurl HrLokhn > r tril sy mutt
uu application for an Injuiiiimn in rettrHlii the
llruoklyn and Rot k its liv lintel lltiiroad I torn
puny from closing thu fiouuiU at iuiinr ie Tliu
auplicitioii wan iiinU hy imii bchielleln n
htuui el I kcler U is thii < iluiiiienrtbv i t war U
twecn time nil CaiinMlBraiUiiidand time fiyseim
trolley load wliiiin iuiik i to aimrslo Mr Peir
sail romitel fur the eld romiiaiiyisked for an
acljourninthi and In order to iicur It agrruuS
tutu for limo present the trait hould nnt lw
closed I lie livening was f atpone4 J until ilou
day next
Fifty Tears it flencvnmn In the CpleeopM
ChurchIll IVrullnr Experience ig I
uhlnntOD Muring the V rIIU Ae
tlvltv In Pullllrn end III Popularity
Tho Itev Dr Charles H Hall rector of Holy
Trinity Church In Brooklyn died nt lljl
oclock last evenIng at his home 157 Montagu
street His wife his daughter Dr Illcrwlrth
his physlclau and a few Intimate friends were
at din bedside He had been III a long time
Dr Hall was born In Augusta Ou on Nov 7
180 Ills mother was a 1rexliytcTlan and hs
was brought up In her Church but he became a
stanch Episcopalian while a student in Yale
College He received his preliminary education
In Phllllpss Academy at Andovcr Mam ar4
entered Yale In his clchtccntli year He was
graduated with high honors in the class of 184
He nt once took up the preparatory work of th
Episcopal Church and became a divinity stu
dent in time General Episcopal Theological Semi
nary In this city In ItUuhewanordalncdatFalr
Haven Conn His first pastoral charge was St
Johns Church at lluntlngtnn L I In a few
years ho became rector of the Church of the
Holy Sacrament at West Irlnt mind also chap
lain of thou Military Acndernv
Upon leaving West Iolnt Dr Hall went South
and took charge of St Johns Church on John
Island SC In 181l ho accepted a call to the
Church of the Epiphany at Washington and
reniHlncd lu rector during the exciting perlil
of time uir President Lincoln mid Mcre
tary Stnnton often heard him preach Jefler
Mill Davis was a member of tho Epiphany
hurth before he assumed the Iresldenrynf
the Southern Confederacy His pew in tin
church was occupied sub ° eiUentlr by Secretary
Stanton After hostilitlei biitan thn hum is
plate ou th new was removed one night und
never was recovered
It wu supposed In the early period of the war
hat Dr Hall was not In active sympathy with
time I nlon caue audit was said hunt at one
line there was sonic talk of confining him in
Fort arren ills loyalty however was
emonstrated awl Secretary Stanton placed a
desk In his office at hue disposal here he could
attend to matters relating to his work for tha
relief uf prisoners On Easter Sunday the se
oral iiuy after President Lincolns nssa < lnution
lu delivered a notewnrtht eulogy on the inartj r
resident Dr halts church was used as a
hospital during the war
After thirteen years ministerial service In
arhlnKton Dr Hall accepted a call l tn the
1lci VlrJntts Church in Umoklvn succeeding
the Ulght lies A N Llttlejohn who on Jar
27 ISOti had been consecreted the fIrst
Mifecctpal Ili hoD of the Long Island diocese
Next tn the HIMop he hail been ever luce the
most conspicuous Eplinpal minister In the
diocese Hr had hrrn well known alo for the
general Interest he took in public affairs He
had long been C nitlrinun of the Stundini Com
mittee of thu diocese and the chancellor of the
rathidral at Harden City since its foundation
H was always a close friend of Henry Ward
lieecher and he delivered the principal acldrrM
at his funeral He was aim C Imirman of the
Cominltttje on the Erection of the Ilcecher
Dr Hall was regarded as a representative low
church man in tImed nomination but hu c hurch
always Itd the reit In the superior quality of
the music HP ublinhed a collection iif h > mns
and oilier works Including Notes on the dot
IHI In two volumes The Church of the
Household Spine Chrlstl and alley of
the Mifdow He received the degree of li D
from Hoburt Columbia and St Jauitss col
leges lie took an active part In politics from
time to time and In State and national affair
almost itnariably remained a loyal Democrnt
He frequently appeared on the platform of the
Academy of Music at great Democratic LatV
erlngs and on many occasions made iiollticftl
addrrises but such action on his part nexerd
turhed hU harmonious relations with his con
For several years Dr Hall was one of the
Democratic members of time Civil Service Com
mission and was also on the Iark CommlsMor
lie was very liberal in hit religIous view and
numbered among his close friends leading mm
Istcrs In almost all the other denominations lu
spite of the general shifting of the population
from the Heights to the uptown district holy
Trtmilty rStlnr < 1 a heree congregation all thnrnun
l > r Halls nrolonee l rectorship He Inatcs a
widow and three daughters
Obituary Note
Charles Cavarpc for many years the best
Known banker In New Orleans died there on
rdnesday aged 87 He was a native nt Au
BUlieuc France went to Louisiana In IS 111 and
started In the wine business The wine houn
of Charles Cavaroo Co soon became the burg
tl In New Orleans In IMilit he wa elected
1rettdont of thu Dank of America He organ
ied the hew Orleans Insurance Association of
which hu was President the htarh Aim tins
iinipany was elected President of the Simsuigli
ter House Comiiany anti was head of one of the
largest cotton bu > log houses In the city From
laths to lM7i he was rrKHrdesl ns the wealthiest
citizen of New Orleans In tIn panic of isri
he went down HK tmnk his firm und nearly
all I his companies failed During hIs nftlunnce
he wits liberal In his gifts to all public enter
prlsrs a natron of art and iicnvroiin to the ag
ricultural lnterel of the State particularly the
sugar planting Industry
Hcrnlmnl Mulnzer of the firm of UallgarUn A
Co died yesterday after an Illness nf three
necks Ihe I Immediate cause of death was
pneumonia which bet In about ten clays aim
two days after a surgical operation which hint
jeen succes fullv t an ntnulUhtH M Mnii I
u rllll lf lllllilr
was born at Mannheim In linden in ims n d
hail a common chool ediicatloti there Allei t u a
brief liublnossexpurlciicu he cam to New N t rk
aimmi was first emplojed lucre in thn Nat nnl
lurk Hank For thirty years lit has brim n
necled with the firm of which he stasis nuiiilnT
al the time of his death He leaves n w ul w
and three children Sir Mnlnyrr in a tUrin
tier of the Harmony Club the Llrderknuuso l i
lely and vnrlnuu charitable ciutUs
Abram H Meyrlck of Klrgslnn N J died
here on Tuesday night llewasbnrn slxty
years ago He received n KOMI common reboot
education but never fiilrrul rnllgv lie sPeiit
non of his life on bin farm at Kllikton but
became known Ihroughout the I Mat tie almee of
tire attention hi paid In timttirs perlalntnif to
time State He wan appointed a meinbel of the
rl ou tommlmloa and illda i treat dial of work
in polluting out nettled refunnb In politics he
was a Munch lUpubllcati Ho was a member of
time Presbyterian Church lie was a great
rlend of the buss mit the Mute Reform School
and often visited them
Mrs Elizabeth Ilunttlnic Johnson widow of
Stephen L I Johnson of Jamaica died jeflerday
at the home nf her daughter Mr rink I
iehle Ht Nnrthport Shr was a nutlve > if
fimlthtnwn and iHiluneud tuoneof ihi < olde l
ainlllrsor that iilacc SItu teas a enter of the
late Justice John S Iliinttlnu
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Ii ils brother nimponlnif t lie IIrm nf Si liluttinver
irothrrs printers at 174 intro iiicet 1 were
teld for exutrul lust juuti by MuuUtrute titw < > rili
i II thnTiunho t Court > eiterliiy on the I clntti f
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ien lluriutt whom hu rut ctttb uurnul u I < 1
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> chli I xlncer Thu plalu l for the t ti ket I S ii
ale l ii iiinluiid Tliu hciileisliuir l i d m h >
irlnted LImo tukets In Limo rrmitr older < f
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A Tent Ciln fnilrr Vurln llrJr
Knrtmitu Neately l of She Mrent Irinlni its
Vartnifiil xitirilay canted the urrut of Morrtt
Snellberunf i Eases blruel on tin i harki of
cut CtIilimi dirt frnni ihu iduialk to tl t i
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drnird the I iimsru and aim din iir t 4
Children Cry for
Pitchers Cactoria

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