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amtintr citAitorti AOAimtr A
Hf Ii Ordered tn Appear Before the OOT
rrnlae 1 Committee on H ept 33 to KnplnU
Chnrsce of Iteraovlnic HIaahar from
the nk of Five 1000 lloiuII I
Also Accused lllspolnii ofThene Mr
riirltlec Thereafter a e Clean 1 nonO
The members of tho tetock nicuabce l were
astounded yesterday wlirn they ascertained
that one of their number must appear before
the Governing fommlllca nn Sept S3 and explain
against him John
plain a very grave charge lllnst
H Manning Is I one of the bent known nieinuer
of the Exchange llli offices ru at 1 V VIt
street He Is t abut 03 years old and he Joined
slreet the Exchange May 8 1811 Tho Gorernlnl
Committee Investigated I preliminary tne
meit yesterday to the effect tht a coin
bad been mad e against Mr Man
plnlnt <
the alteration of
nlnr and H i concerned
Iln < of the Missouri
1000 MIBour
flve Ont mortgage bnds
IBCino Railroad Company These bond arc
Iclo glltedged security and are a Itt
centered a lrurlr
above < er par At KltrJo Irst friend of 11 Manning
would scarcely brllore that he could b en
tangled In incli a mes but no Us a person
than the President of the Stock Exchange
Frauds L fame told his friends that the
Jraucls against Manning had been made The
charge alalnt lanntl mae
members of the lovermng Committee refused
made the complaint
to tell who compllnt
The Information Iri the hands of the author
tin of the Mock Exchange Is to the effect that
at I t cent auction tale of miscellaneous ae
mrltlcs on the Heal Estate Exchange at 111
Manning bought the five bonds
llremdnay Mr bulbt fv boda
going further It should
question Before loln any
be aid that there Is difference In the value of
clean and unclean bonds In Wall street
A clean bond has no names on the bock It
l fresh from the printing press An unclean
bund has any number of name on the back
telling of the various owners and very often
bonds are stolen Folks In that etreet of millions
lions pay on an average from 3 to 4 per cent
more fur a clean bond for the reason that
they know that the transaction Is straight from
beginulng tn end In tbe case of an unclean
bond very often It Is necessary to Investigate
the various channels through which the bond
has passed
As soon as the complaint was lodged with the
Gov trnlng Committee of the Stock Exchange an
effort w a made t trace the flve bonds that Mr
Manning boughtal the Heal Estate Exchange
Asa result the Governing Committee has before
It a charge that these bonds when sold on the
Heal Estate Exchange were unclean and ba
a number of namu on the bk The person
who received the bonds from Mr Manning or
rather the person to whom Mr Manning sold
the bonds ba told the Governing Committee
that when thy were delivered to him they were
clean bond and that there were no names
en the back Tbe statement was made that the
names on tbe back of tbe bonds had been effaced
faced by chemicals Mr Manning Is a rich
man said to b worth f000000 and his
friends on the Exchange could scarcely believe
that he would engage In a transaction of such a
The value of the bonds all told is only a little
over 3001 and the profit t Mr Manning by
the alleged alteration would be a little short of
SOO But the fact remains that the complaint
has been made against him and If It can b
prove he will b expelled by the Governing
Committee and turned over to the regular au
Ibontlei on a charge uf forgery
Mr Manning H fully are of the complaint
made about aaln It last t nlehi him and this I I all he had to say
The bonds are payable to bearer and are In
the hand if Innocent nrtle I think lean I
prove that the charcti against me Is not true
The first 1art ot thU Maument waa consid
ered more or lisft remarkable
Mr Mannlie fir more than thirty Tears b
en a large dealer In bank stork and In other
investment securities He has been a regular
attendant at the auction tales of the Heal I Estate
Exchange and ht haa alwayi purchased on
tthuse occasion tbe brightest securities offered
life has been a free purcbaMr Chemical Rank
Mock which In I rated at 4500 a harp Ho Is
non In W 1 treet as a person of peculiar
temperament lie I thrifty t the hlghestile
gree and hlo economical habits Involved him in
a quarrel with his family
Mr I Planning nome ror a long lime was at
134 Went Thirtyfourth street I was there
and at Arverne where the Manning family
summered In the season of 1803 that Camll
leced o riles occurred which eventually brought
Mr Manning Into notoriety Some of the
slleged scenes occurred alo at the West End
Hotel In Long Mrauch where the family spent
the Summer ot ihfKJ The alleged scenes at last
resulted ou Nov It 1K94 In an action brought
ayatnsl Minnlnz by his wife Mary for a sep
aration nn the ground nf cruelty and ep
pro ide for ber suitably The papers were pre
sented tn Justice Barrett of the Supreme Court
Mrs Mannings daughter Agnes It appeared
In the papers had for two years before the suit
was brought kept detailed memoranda In
which she refers to her father as Gov men
lie the Uorernnr Jjtee Barrett allowed a
eunsrl te of 3300 anl 100 a month alimony
renUIng the trial Manning and his wife were
with In very moderate circumstances as be ei
fhlned I when they were married on Sept 2f
IMl They have seven children Joseph J
SI I years old Mary8 Katharine 2 Agnes
Si John Stnavld21 and Frank 21
In griming the motion for counsel fee and all
mnv Justice Barren said 1
In KM nf ths unfortunate character the Coon not
lrfrvientl > reeonmienrts a reconciliation but afir
rnnirrle < e panem I fear the situation Is quite
tin The iiei > leD dIet I tilmwlf of
ent n fanml nxlt Inherent In humble origin
Tv M ii i > aril iahltt are lnbre1 end thee been nut
I it1 n < eItl i ly I prnn rttr Uron the other band
> It runrn lurn i nnturillv aclrnncel lt their unclitl i
tin and IIM now f nl I lrlcnm to submit to what
1 y < tenet usrlDiialle rei n rem nts upon lh > lr
fail r a ron he Court cannot Affect a eln or
heart upon either Mile Thr rHnpt iire better anir
AI all erfrji a itrlma fatle cnse for le sl separation I
ealv niie l nit It 14 I CtIHI that IK defendant was
I ttntoljutff sod renorte1 to violence
Vntnlnif in 11 nnHvcr said thnt he lived In
psre a nl oiitHnt with his wife and fam
Iv until SO He added that the mother
ntrrt laru mmnof noney Imt drn the inns
extravaranllv The mother sided acalnit him
wl In he i viancnl thu children to work He had
sin n ipn illlnt to nrnvldn suitably for
them lln tnld thn lnrlnl one dlmrulh with
mfiu i 1011 hlk I children struck him In the
fe en i n Mom of crokeev nnd he still tl
ti1 ie liicv j IIJIVP 1m iliclivred l > eii 1 < re
11 1 I I nlirc him lovirnnr nnd they
> v lien a vinc i tlut they would make the
iiiierii nl linflrcp The mother aid 1 their son
oI n ti hid the fat her has inure than SWOOO
0th < i leir of all llalllltlt Mannlnc did not
I I I It lieoiTnsbut heilcclarcd that he was lln
M er i ooooo and In the past two years IRS
0 ilfi0O i
lh Mnnntnc illvnrcn suit wn < nnt tried and
tur i u tho ncrd hhOv It Is I still pending
11111 4 XI rCONCIOUSn
A tttrungrr Probati v DruKKed mad Htrippqd
lie laIbt
Pfliremnn John fummeia of the steamboat
Pnjsi founi nn unconscious man on Pier an
l1 t IT nor shortly after D oclock eatery
H a ilrrsiril only In his underclothing
blfh was nf rrort ItO I material No one
lenpl to lniw who hu RO the policeman
100 Inni to the Oak street station Kurgron
Ittol n if I 11 I nil on Html Hospital decided
11 l 1 I e still nticnmclnus man was only Intoxi
UllI1 ii iii lint I mke him to the I hospital
Aloii iniock I In the aflernnon the same
J ii I oil l 4Iii > ecn fin Park row somewhat un
r r l nIIII of liquor by nn Oak street of
I voro then I o suit of good olcthos and
cnrriii I I vtrllnilei cilpsack none of which
Ii I I V I lf iii I vvlili I him liy Policeman Hummer
nf J i hl tlhlt he may have been a victim
C i kJIIII and thnt he uasentlcrd to
lil lpil 1 l r of the ctjdo line pier where he
n Ill I s lrl I Pti fhls outer clothing
I je l ci Iull 1 trt 10 Inches tell with sandy
m 11 loulh I fnr nrrlpha about 18S
i 181
l uiilk I and is i nlmitt 11 years 11Qh but
Tl flSntiII frolrnli Miner
I PnnTlmnlhyICampbell has A tact I flle1
r 1 asalnst the stntlng of ConKrrssiuan
t I Henrj c Miner hull Is eolnir to fight him
ar In I Hie end The has
te IIK exCongrrssman ha
L1 II I I lrnlulni todo this ever since the Ieo
I I Vf fll Ieolle Ihollht he raly
1111 se II t llnlnlr Itrh who lefr Unerl l
I fn lettiol n iitiiti yesterday toni Ibo
tie liiti oC itcpreiisntative telling
I Ii r Icpenllv L111
I fIPI of ILe and informing
pnlcre au
c l II 1 1 11 y ire o nfrr his Inspection The 1
b i HIip 1 vr > aid lit t nil lii Il to Washington
I l k a d I ec vvhut the lion Timothy basts
lon jwothi
1uUH i UI
III linno ShioSs 1 lm rir Drntl
I I 1 I Ur iiiiviii I Newart
at i oiikt hilitIiiilfl
I r 1 pllnlln formerly of JsVvv
Ci ireil Ia IJI at uk Iu
I O0 Itnr I i toe I
10 PKOlLK KtlTtKlt
A Terrible HnrthnnnU nt Tagiielgalps
MealenIoii sfloono I
TrouciOAtrA Sept 1gAn earthquake has
occurred here Three hundred people aro killed
The property loss Is 700000
Enrthqnnk In Knot Teseesup
KXOXVIUK Tenn Sept lAn earthquake
lasting ten seconds was felt In lower East
Tennessee along the North Carolina line this
morning at 5 oclock
inn orEJiTAxtsn jus THROAT
Chairman Mitchell of the Htoek Exclinaice
Melzed with a IIcmorrlinKe
Only a few yearn ago VlcoPrcsldcnt Hill of
the New York Block Exchange r fell dead on the
rostrum Yeiterdsy James Mitchell Chairman
of the Exchange for twentyone years just after
he pounded his gavel and bad closed the busi
ness of the day stepped from the rostrum and
Immediately fell on the steps He was attacked
by Iner and sudden hemorrhages and the
brokers who clustered about him believed for a
moment that a second tragedy was t over
shadow the Exchange Mr Mitchell was as
sisted to the doorway on New street and Wilt
lam McClure Assistant Chairman sent up t
the office of Vermtlye Co In Nassau
street for Dr Hewitt Dr Hewitt can usually
b found In Vermllye Cos offices and he was
Immediately on the scene On his advice Mr
Mitchell was taken t the smoking room of the
Exchange where the Doctor diagnosed the case
and th Information was elicited that Mr
Mitchell was suffering from hemorrhages of the
throat I was some time before 11 Mitchell
was In a condition to b taken t bli homo In
Madison NJ
The Stock Exchange has been a turbulent
body for several months or rather since the
bull movement was Inaugurated Mr Mitchells
duties have been onerous As Chairman of the
Exchange he has been compelled t use his
throat to a very marked degree and on many
occasions throe or four hundred throats have
been In opposition to the single one that be has
used from the rostrum for Iwentyone years
It Is not believed that Mr Mitchells affliction
la I dangerous
Searcher Enter the Oeal Mime to Ilnnt
far the Victim
CALOMKT Mich Sept 12 Itwasdecldedthat
the flre which started In the Osceola mine on
lat Saturday must be out and at I oclock last
night No 4 haft where the lIre began wa
opne and loft open all night A search
ing party went down this shaft early this morn
Ing and at noon twentythree bodies had been
found and the searcher had only gone down a
far as the fourteenth level On account of the
bad air It had been necessary t change the
searching parties frequently
The first body was found on tbe fourth level
The searchers descended t the tenth level b
fore finding any moro bodies Then two more
were found The fourth was found In the shaft
at the eleventh level and three additional
bodies were stumbled on just above the twelfth
level It was In the neighborhood nf the four
teenth level that the greatest number of bodies
was discovered All have been identified ex
cept one which that of an Austrian
Firtr Men YVh Are TcBlUa New Rmtlon
Unit Htnnd Their Pangs Two Days Loa r
DENVER Sept 1Tbe troops at fort Logan
made the Unit test of the new
nave mae tbelntrt emergency ration
tion prescribed by theWarDepartmenu One com
pany went out for three days of forced march
Ing In the foothills near Denver loaded with
coffee tablets and compressed soup that I
opposed t contain all the advantages of the
favorite bard tack and coffee
hast night the medical officer who I I charged
with weighing and watching the men rod Into
Morrison for assistance Ha reported that
thirtysix out of the fifty men rep with
griping pains reenlting toni the nonuslmlla
ion of the scientific ration The order could
not b revoked and the men In the ore In
formed that they would have to remain on the
march for two dan longer
1 the Metropolitan Traction ton Bond
to He Knn by ITndercround Trolley
The first practicable underground trolley has
been In operation on Lenox avenue the greater
part of tho summer It was built as an experi
ment and has proved to successful that the
Metropolitan Traction Company bos decided to
Immediately transform the Ttventythlrv street
road Into an underground trnllny and begin
ning next spring all Its other brie car roads In
description the city will b converted Into rule ut this
11l yr HTOR3I Off 0VO ISlASO
A Man Nearly Killed by MchtnlnK nnd a
Home Pertly Wrecked
NOHTII A TIN Sept 12 During thunder
shower at about sundown the country house of
Frederick H Townsend occupied this season by
C F Frothlngham of the New York Stock Ex
change was struck by lightning The holt bits
chimney on the northeast side of thn house tore
down the bricks and passing Into the Interior
of the house wrecked thin walls and raised
han generally The bricks from the chimney
rolled off the roof and cranheil Into iht conservatory
servatory Mrs KrnlhlnKham and several other
members of the family were frightened badly
but t were not injurid Thu lluhtning set fire to I
the flooring In the attic but the flames war ex
HAYVIIIK Sent 12 One of the most Rover
thunder storms ever known In this iliirlct
massed over the south Mile of Long Island lain
tiiii afternoon Lightning struck In several
laces readouts Seymour llurr I llorlit In
akdiile wit struck by lightning I ld WHS badly
If nut morUllv hurt He wm at work in Ills
rarden when the bolt hit him The flesh on his
Ilrdel tl
back wan burned and his clothing sac scorched
lie is partly pnralyyid and einlcunKCloU >
Aside from knovklng down telephone wires thin
slortu did little damage to property In this
UVHriit Hvv Sept J2T P JoneV house
and barn MI Cove Neck near East Norwich
were struck by lightning during 1 thunder
storm late till afternoon Two hoe were
killed arid the liulldlncx vern damaged badlv
A pile driver wax struck hy lightning coil fv
ertil trees were splintered I Is I reported that
10 rain caused a slight wanhout on the Ionv
Locust island Itnllroul Vale tracks between Him place unit
A RecordHrenklnc Hepl IS
Yesterday Weather Prophet Dunn says was
a recordbreaking Septt mbcr day for beat The
thermometer In his observatory al tin top of the
Manhattan Life building reached ii at 4
oclock In the afternoon which he say Is 10
higher than on Sept IS IHhS thin previous
record holder for that day In the munlli of sep
ember The humidity A HU per tent In the
Loved Him but Took IIU Notre ror the
fe Mary Henn I washerwoman of 103 Fit
eenth street brought milt yesterday Injustice
Neils mint in Hnoklyn to recover 111105
ent tu Prof S tablan Do Velosco teacher of
angiiHges She was Infatuated with ibm 110
eMsur and believing that livr iitti etlon ii a re
turned lent him vthen he hnaiiltul with I her
small atnounu of miney airurtirutltig the sum
for which she brought suit He nit nut marry
ler and she began suit on the notes which thu
liad hor
irofebsor ha given
A Keclue Killed by 1lallnl
Mrs Juliet Albert u widow 10 years old who
red alone In 1 small cottage nn High Inland
near City Island Will slriiuk by lightning and
ntlantly klllod during the Storm which passed
over the llainl ut 7 uclutk last night Slnie I
ho death of her liuilmml nearly fuur vnrs turn
Irs Albert had lived the life of a hermit anti
was lttliiK at the collate ilKir knitting vrhun I
illled A straw bonnet which the wore at lime
Imo was coniumed und liar head was badly
lurned leI body vvn discovered by James
Allcatas and William Van Colt who hud row ent
over from City Island They Informed the
Vetlchesier police who nolttlcd the Coruner
Locked Up In I Ludlnw HIt for Alleged
nenjaraln Bhane was arrested yesterday at
lit home at rJ Haul 101st slrei on an older IC
arrist granted bj Judge Ingnihain lad March
ihso order for hU aitot un leunl 1 in n null
agaliKl him fu Ihu nit iit cry of Hiil3fi
irougli by the lie > Shoe C < iiiiuinv of Harris
burg PH In which Ihro are chit gen of Iruuu
Hhano II Mid to Imve Lrl hUt iii the wuy iin
U h yrHrrday In dvfuullof lull Lo was Iccked
up In Ludluvv Ilreet 111
nnnIFIC irjvi ANn BLIWrnIC1
tiioitar IN NoitTntsntt xicir roitit
The KnllroBd Depot Hi Cni Tlneent
Hmniheri In cad ElKhte leros IB
Jured Two Deed and Three Other DUll
ceroiiKlr Hurt The Tornado Preceded
for Two Hour b7 Oontlauone Flmheaof
1Iahtlllc und a llownpoar or ICaln
Damage Den I Wntertnwn und
is < Ien > rio > and t Lawrence Counties
WATKIITOWK N Y Sept 12A terrific
storm swept over this part of the State at about
I I oclock last evening causing much damage to
property Generally and culminating In a se
rious disaster ut Capo Vincent at thu foot of i
Lake Ontario The depot In which about 200 II
persons had sought shelter from the storm wan
partly blown down and many wero Injured
Thomas Amid and Ooorge Godfrey of Cape
Vincent have since died from Internal Injuries I
Olhtn were Intured as follows
n folowal
J X AaDiuo Nsw York city tractors at the base
of the bralm In a critical condition
Miss I tuuna WAUHS Kingston Oat severe scalp
IIIn LHJJI WILSON Cape Vincent fractured cia
Icltlira Jon Ami Hamilton Oat fractured limb and
Internal Injuries may die
DAVID AHDIUH Ilerrepont Manor band eul
Mrs Kfout rmoKRiLbor Cape Vincent severely
Injured Internally and may die
Miss AUDIK PEXNUIOX of Cap Vincent
WILUI Itivsas of Cape Vincent
FRED Hrnoiuof Cape Vincent
IOu AUDIT DDiiluM of Cape Vincent
Hl b i ADKLZ Srrnoun of Cap Vincent
lilts Ltmr McUowiK of Cave Vincent
Mitt Itooc STtmrr of Cape Vincent
HIM ilaACK Afotmii ofCaDe Vincent
EfiiiiF HlTximiAli > of Cape Vincent
STKtE Orulir of Cape Vincent
Though i continued only a few minute Hwas
the most severe wind storm that has vlttcd this
region since Its settlement by the white The
rain came as If from a cloudburst antI con
tinued half nn hour but the wind which wrought
the destruction was like 1 tremendous gust
coming so suddenly and paslnR so swiftly that
1 seemed not to have lasted more than a minute
and yet In that brief time showing a power b
fore which almost everything movable gave
way The depot at Cape Vincent which was
recked was an Immense shed capable of
sheltering great crowds of excursionists t
the Thnusand Islands and Canadian points
It seemed like a straw under the force of
the wind A large hay storage barn belonging
to the Home Watertown and Ogdcnsburg
Railroad Company was smashed Into kindling
wood and piled up on the tracks The round
house R knocked down damaging an engine
A lumber yard was emptied of Its contents and
the boards scattered throughout tho town In
In the streets on the roofs and on the lake and
river Two men who were driving In I carriage
were struck hy the flying boards their carriage
eap lzed and one man was knocked Insensible
finding himself In I lot when be recovered
Boards and sticks of timber were ehot through
the windows of houses and In one Instance at
least through the clapboards and plaster Into a
The number of victims of the accident at
Cape Vincent Is small compared to what might
reasonably have been expected from such a
wreck The evening train had just arrived
with about 200 people on board for Kingston
Ont The boat succeeded gelling away from
the dock with mot of her passengers With
hardly no warning the depot was fairly smashed
tn but luckily for those Inside the windward side
raised and titus many were saved from serious
Injury As boon us the building had collapsed
the call for assistance wan given and In a ery
few nilnulea medical aid wan there
The storm was preceded and accompanied by
a remarkable electric storm As night nu
pnmUied after a very sultry afternoon thu
clouds gathered ominously and flashes of light
ning glimmered along the horizon In different
directions As night closed 1 In mitnlfvilallons
of electricity Inerrised and by tiaif past 7 the
whole heaven huig with leaden clouds were
continuous glare unit for hours
one Illre two or more
It would hare been elisy tm i reiogul7u au ac
quaintance un the Street a tiny inslant so heady
uninterrupted was the illumination by thusllent
flashes nf lightning Kreiiitnt inutterlngs and
rumblings ueru heard in thu distance and oc
mutually n serious sharp explosion until atnbnut
8110 the olrl broke Accompanying tills HIM
coplnu ruin a continuance of the electric dls
clmrgi 5 cud a rumble and roar as continuous a
tin IIhtoll flashes
In zt L Lawrence county particularly in the
vicinity of ionverneur the Corm took the form
of a Mood accompanied by the terrifying elec
tric display everal Ire nr reported In which
farm Irs were struck by lightning and har
dened crop and stock destroyed
Iteport from various parts of Tufterson
cnuntv show that prolaUy a hundred barns
went unroofed and pool blown down The lif
fervm County Fair Is I In priwresa this week
with a great iiiimher uC tented uttractlnnH The
grounds presented MBcenu of chant this morn
loin nearly every tent bvlni fliitteneil mitt much
of the canvas being torn to khrcds The build
ings Hero not damaged
LINA KIIIAHU i > ei > l IS A terrlllo wind and
rain Mnrm accomiiunled with thunder and
llchtnlnir tuwsed over this section last night
Darns l and trees woru blown dnuniind houtm
unroofed I Much damage was done to huh yards
and fruit trees Telegraph and telcuhuna 1 Irts
are don In all direction
HOMK N Y Sept IAt atniit 10 oclock
last night An electric storm iiccompanlid liy a
very high wind rwept over thin city The
storm wits of short iliiratlon and no Nerlnu
damage was dlnl here At Vermin elclit miles
fist uf her the residence and farm mildlne
of Ilullp Wel erwer struck by lightning at
about oclock and burned with their ohtlra
cnnfute insurance exerpllng Jloooo live stock boss 15000
Great DiinuiKc Ilnate nt Klnmtnn CoSine
Mill Wrecked
KIN08TON Ont Sept I1A cyclone and
electric storm did grist darting here today
Hundreds of trees were levelled to the round
chimneys were knocked down windows were
I abe and telephone and telegraph wires
1 ere prostrated Several houses In thu course of
construction wcredemnlUhed Fortunately theru
was no loss of life The big car shupa flare badly
damaged and many earn wrecked l The cotton
mill was budly wrecked und Ilia repairs will
cost 7oooo Twentytlve hundred fen of roof
crashed Into the working room wrecking I inon
clii liii Ins Thr liter pines hursi tlnodlmr the I
mill und ruining much I ditllntni mmlnncry
I Ivvr I OU rmplntecs V III he ihrnnn out of work
fur several week Kenrtof barns and lmu oi
In tin1 cnuntrv HerounriMifed Many btricta In
the I city an lmlia l ktd llh I lid lull trets t
1 liui 1 Kiinrhlon Flild liuttery iHinped nn
Ilti nI ieiieltl Cutii iii tin reed s iii I lie lull I I inrre nf
the Mnrin < A hitrini l < number of tenth were de
Iroyid harneKHnud eiiiipiininls I lilown nil i nver
lie tim ill Ii nnd ilbil nUTlxd from the iiilddlu
of the commons IKTOIB to lion Miiiinry College
groumh lisa htea will reach 15UUU
cJ1 ILl HIIASKS fltlXl ItrAI
Two Monen lad H Mnn Ai rented fur Her
nionMiNniiAtis lud i4mipt lTh Park
county tirand Jury 1 lii nil gut In I uu Imlictmcut
ye tonlHyntnlnslliuiiil lu clot his wlto Nuncy
all sister mhitrga rut slut rgiitg them I ulth the I
murder nf Clara hhanl itt Wolf Creek rail cm
July I I On that mia 1 > CUrn hluiiikn Ihu eighteen
veHrnld iiiititi lila r nt I1 rederlck > lii nk IMnu I
near Orange Uomer lull her hime mid IUT
tidy wd fun In Wolf Creek Iullt Ihu iext
Illuming For tlvoweoka itieiualiifii nLiuuiilrtu
three lrnI heeler It hen nuspUlon led to tha urrot uf tho
ft IMH u Hr uriiu llm anitury wnl cleaner
19 N tt Vj 1 lilnllUCUnl Cltnuj bejutinei
VlblUfHl ciii ilUinfitu UPset putt 1111g wall
ftjlfl n fl W TO puper ul ninnliii AC making
ALlS luuiii luuk I rjli u1 < l eiiunuiueH
WDrtlUsViv IHUI I not I jiin tic inuc ICIM Is
tInt name ca eiiMinf rrdee 1 ruling luke I c uls
per Icu e 1 ii ohm > > coin
pr Jlim ort 4i ir male Sri
TUT H1 t ltV WIt lfiAMU
I ml1l5t
14 VFJiTUIU Pit xiV i 10IIK
buaiMiitimrtectiur tvnaiu p iVurfcuvuv ousbort
Bailee kUJ all work gUkr uloed J i
± 1 a > e
Pimples blotches blackheads red
rough and oily skin prevented by Cu
tlcurn Soap the most effective skin
purifying and beautifying soap in the
world as well as purest and sweetest
for toilet and The I
tOlet nursery only pre
ventive of pimples because the only
preventive of inflammation of the pores
Pl4t1iirniKeuIthield 1 Rrlllili ii poti f NlwltlT 1
Joss I KIm1 Mo 01 1 I Jrth rerTI Dare ass Caim
Cur 1IpI tl
Policeman Craves llrnverr Prevented In
Jury to TheMreuoeru
Policeman Craven of the West Thirtieth
street station stopped a runaway team of tore
at llroadway and Thirtieth street last night
Had It not been for his net many people would
have been Injured for at tho Limo llroadway
was throUEcd with vehicles and with pedestrians
coming from the theatres
The horses attached to a landau had run from
the stand at Limo Imperial Hotel ami were mak
ing for a crowd upon the sidewalk opposite Pal
niers Theatre Policeman Craven saw the
horses dnshliii down Ilroadnayand he rushed
Into the street and as they rounded a cable
car and headud directly for thu sidewalk
he seized ono of them by tho bridle changed
their course to the street all ran them up
against a lamp pot on the northeast corner I
where he held them until several other odlcers
came to his aid Policeman Craven sustained a
spralned wrist and hand
After tho team had been stopped the landau
which waa badly wrecked was backed up In
front of Palmers Theatre Just then a han
som driven by Timothy Ryan a coachman at the
Brunswick Hotel was coming up Ilroad
way on Its way to the Imperial with
Col Henry I Kuhn of the staff of
llov heating of Pennsylvania I and a
lady The driver tried to get between the
wrecked landau and table car No IfiU which
was standing In front of the theatre The car
started and the wheels of the hansom became
locked < with one of tho win els of the landau
and tho front platform of the cable car
Just then the cable car started and the han
som wan overturned throwing the Colonel his
companion and the driver into the wrecked
landau To make mutters worse thu horns
attached to the hansom started to run away
Half ario7en policemen dragged the Colontl
and his companion who were both much shaken
UP from the wreck
Policeman Held concluded that the accident
was due to the carelessness o Driver Itynn ant
placed 1 him under arrest and at the West Thir
tieth street station he was charged with reckless
driving and was locked up
The Law ttlTlie Veteran the Preference
for Competitive Appointment
NKWHtiHon Sept 12lu General Term of
the Supreme Court In session here Judge
Charles V Drown presiding the law of April 1
1 HI j known as the civil service aid for old sol 1
diers chapter 044 was pronounced unconstitu
tional all the Judires concurring The case was
that of George Kaymer who applied 1 for a place
In Brooklyn 14 mesienKcr claiming the right
under the law he belli a tnlon veteran Judne
Onynor granted 1 order tiimpelllng tho Civil
Service Commission to certify Kaymer for tie
Dlace The order nasapueuletl from and Is I now
reversed l The hold that xoidler
rever < court thlt must
take examination for competitive appoint
ments but once having posted they mutt have
the preference
An Advance In I Price by the HeadlBK sad
Iehlicb Valley Companies
IfltlAllEiilli Sept lTh Heading Rail
road Company today announced an advance of
from 10 to 15 cents a ton on all Ive of anthra
cite coal except pea coal Tula applies only to
line and city trails nnd not to hilt war trade
The action baa been followed by the Iehlch
Valley Coiuuan ami ulll nrnsumuhly alo be
followed b > the Iehigh Coal and I Navlcatliu
Company und the Pennsylvania I tail niamt I OU
pany An iifllclal o the lleadini lompan > salit
today that the condition < > f trade warranlvd the
advaiicv and that the tuuxement hud len
anticipated < rice Sept I I I li I all that un
atlvnlee Is customary at this scaon of the year
Officials of the anthracite coal road In this
city say that there hits lon an lmirntement In
the demand for toni In this umrkil since etit
1 and Unit ale lica I urn nlreaily scarce Flit 1
advame In prieoi lias not been great but the
market is much firmer
Ather nerlnlon Concerning the Tett
monjr of Railroad Ufllrlnt
WASHINOTON hept 12 ThelntcrState Com
merce Commission claims that tInt verdict ren
dered yesterday In the habeas corpus proceed
ings taken by Auditor Drown of the Allegheny
Valley Ilallrond Company In the United Mates
rtIMIJ lr tl III
Circuit Court tor the Western IMMrlrt of Penn
sjivnula is I n victory for tho Commission Tho
ease linohfil the right of 1 wliuvio before 1
iruudlury to rtfite to testify on the ground
hat his testimony mlnht tend I tolnrrlminate I
it ilmself I Ilio refusal of Auditor Ilrimu to I I ma
llfv Mfore the llrand Jury at Pittsburgh fur
nlslird an opportunity 1 for toiling thu question
and tin ilecMon of III court has I resulted I i In i a
reversal the dm trine asnunouncrd by Judge
1 iro fcup In a pretious inve It H I probable that
in nppi al will be taktli on behalf of Me I llrown
to thin Supreme Court of thu Unllecl I blatn
New England flood MoelUKCfl of 17
BOSTON Sent 12 I Tho largest mortgage
which the ofllchih of thin Hegiatry of Deeds of
Suffolk county member to liavo eer recorded
won entered on this hioiiks of thoofCce this morn
lug The amount of hu t mortgage was 11 Ti0
outS unit thn purlle to It wire the New Eng
land ltmti I riled Coniiiauy and t lie Maiihnltan l
Trust Cotupany of New Vllrk sit > Tho mort
gage was tiiiereti as security for bnnds uhch
the New Kuglutid Itnllroad romrnnv the KIlO
ensorof tin I New York und New EiiKland Ii mimi
road Company wus outhurled br the last
Legislature to Issue
To Fight l ihu ii Hoekerellrr
lliMmi Sipi 12 I TliH Merrlttsof this city
assisted by all thn Independent mine on nersof
the Mesalu range have uiken lie I lint formal
Kteps In I their I llghl I agiti list Inhn I I Itockufelliir
flin i charter ot the new iiillrimd companj was
tiled here i cit r ru as The namuof thfiimdls t
the Dulnth I nnd Vteinnnd It at arts wlthu
paid In capital of 51110001 I The new road will
lap Ihu tcry heart of thin Iron district and
branches will hu budt nn fast n lsiiiiiiit i Into
the pine districts llululu I will bn thu terminus
and th liiiidiiuarlerx w ill I i I ho loiuled hIll 5 The
bUrt U ptuulliMll I iinpleteil
lleuver iiitil ICio llrondt Earning
Drsvrii bcpt I Ihn i report of thu Denver
and Km Uiiimln I I It ii rail fur lie > eur ending
Junellllbhnws gross iifelplHof u llIUiHIl nn
ncreii > u of SlIOiini S 1 S Ilirrat i lug expciiiex in I
reused only f isilil i the toinl InI In iill
UJI I llu liinisnet iiunliiKxif f SliiiilM an
Inereasi of btlSilil oer lut > eiir Current I
lalulltleii inert leducoil during tie y < nr from
SlTilVIIOM lnSt4IVrll Thw I fiiUht I receipts
HKIII i4M4KiU mid from ut > seiigi < r tialllii
Sllhllii I I from i > uii ti mallx an I niNce
liininUk till lliilt nn Incria of UIHH I iii
i rente of freight mid Iitb UOT4
The Iriliimoil N W Tr file Agreme5
A preliminary mil has hern Issued for ii meet
I nguf f tlm IreridentsoMhi I niuiU In thn Trunk
llno und Central Tradli1 iifnchitlnn In con
blder titte HUM Ira 111 c iiitiiiienl leconiiiiendul
lit ih IlepowIngulls lominltiet1 If a suDI
lently liriv ill 5mimI itit inn be I nhamcil tile
ueetlni will I I it l < > held In t llU city uu trlduy
heiit UU
HU > H tin ciiv lln iviii 5110 tils71S
Tht1 Dick Iliwril lust u ted hi u secretary O
8 IVrr icaturitit lei notify the Yiiiral llill
roiil Comiau of Nv Jersey thu Iliinnjlvanla
limit Ito iii Iuiipanv I IcUr Charl > ami I I New
York Nutt i limen I iinl l h i mint ini liuilroad I l I Cum
muy thai dir li I I Ihu I viulllil le tlial
Lit emit > li I i ocil > S > iiiiire Cut Cu II 1 1 uti <
ami r water nl I irn pier itit I ltni I lias
lee I > rent iii mire iii tIn for I ceriui > uiu eli h I
jiir Mr lirr lit llurcil u 1 iin anil nn hl I
t < coniltitlon Ihu I IH I l Ily ha ui it i uMifi i
IUr > llg III IUIU tll < bit 1 t hHtU I III TIl I
hmaiu I t < 1 Km t foi LuiuUa uqIUI row I
nn loUlUtn Ian J
The Inleetlon Thn Fnr In I Entirely Co I
used to the Native Iouutatlon Was
Introdneed bv Chlnene Immigrant nM
the IlelRleTliei Authorities Taking
Vlcoroaa Measure Check Its Hpfenil
BAN KIIANCISCO Hept 18Information re
celred this aflernnon from the United
Press cnrrpt > nndent at Honolulu liy the
steamer Australia shows that thin cholera
situation Is much worse than WAS sup
iKised all entirely disproves tho alleged
Auckland despatch sent out by the Chicago
Associated Irpn yo tenny saying that the
deaths attributed to chnlern luid been traced t
poisoned food Thu llrnl letter dated Aug 20
Is us follows
Nlncn Aug 1H tlirrn deaths have occurred In
this city believed to be from Asiatic cholera
The last Ole was on the Mth Thru deaths also
occurred prior to the IHth among Chinese Im
migrants per Ilclslc o the quarantine Island
A I the cases were thoroughly Isolated and
disinfected There Is no epidemic and no panic
Tho only person scared lias been tho Captain of
tliu ship Muuowal who wan In such panic that
he ran away without taking the mulls or even a
scrap of writing to tell the actual facts
Another letter says that William O Htnlth of
tno Hawaiian uoard or health considered these
llelglo cases cholera morbus The quarantine
Is upon a low Inland of thirty acres half I mile
west of the harbor It Is separated 1 from the
point of Iwllel by half I mllo width of shoal
Five cases occurred at Iwllel all being
Hawaiian natives On the Ulst an
other native a man from Iwllel was at
tacked and died last night Two more
cases occurred on tho IMlh One was In Iwllel
a native man who Is I convalescing The other
was a native laborer near the novcrnment
building he died that night tree deaths in
all In I hi city
The city CMOS presented all the usual symp
toms of Asiatic cholera Careful bacterlolog
leal examination were II re and tho bacilli
were found The doctors are nearly unanimous
In the opinion that It Is Asiatic cholera
This authorities are acting upon the prnumo
tloti that iholera Is present No passengers have
been allowed to leave for thus other Island al 1
though freight Is still shipped
Ikiorous measures have been employed for
the thorough sanitation nf the city One hun
dred men are at work cleaning all disinfecting
under medical direction An extremely unsaBl
tary condition exist In the Chinese quarters
Alboull fiOUO deaths from cholera have oc
curred In all Japan during the past two months
Yokohama where the Ilclgio last called was
not rated nn Infected port The special ses
sion uf the Iccltdalure clord on the IHth
The correspondent writes later The attack
of hulera his much lncreued It II I Milt con
fined almost entirely to the native Hawaiian
Ill to noon nf Sept r there hail been In all
ttilrlt eight case and thirtytwo deaths In the
city including the previous four ca > cs and three
deaths of Chlnei In quarantine All the cases
were natUu hawaiian except one a white sea
man on the United btuus gunboat Bennlngton
Il ls probable that infection from the Island
In tome way reached tho Iwllel I shore One
theory h I that crabs penetrated the bodies
burled the sand und afterward crossed to the
Iwllel all and were there gathered and eaten
A cholera hospital wait established at Knkaa
ko on the 0th near the marine railway The
native nro mo tly averse to going there Per
haps 1 half of them bcliee a fttnry that the doc
tors tbere piUun them I have verified this 000
hit u ttintiug Their kahunas have long
taught them to fear foreign doctors
Most of the eases are not reported to the au
thorities until too far advanced for remedy
hence the excessive fatality and tno failure to
secure timely disinfection to prevent spread of
the pestilence In most cases death comes from
six to eighteen hours utter seizure
The Board of Health nnd I large corps
of physician have been working with
energy uud efficiency for over three weeks
to arrest the PeStilence and with much
success Kcry Place where a CIO occurred
ban been dlxinfccted nnd quarantined
No ceo having occurred for ten days at Iwllul
the district first attacked that section Is now out
of quarantine Kajuukolo a section of several
acres teuwarti of King street Is now quarantined
will a mllharj patrol lot McLeans militia
are actively employed In the work there and la
other biTUonn iJiere has been I complete em
bi > rgi > of freight and ansenger t the other
Islands for two weeks lelleU
V large parly of tourists arriving per Aus
tralia on thu third stayed aboard Hint 1 were
transferred to the Ktetuier W I i Hall to visit
the volcano where they can get sulphur steam
bath since none hut natives thus tar take tho
chilcrn the friends I of tlieso tourists need feel
anxiety I hey avili have ui contact with the
In feet IOU
The trlctlon of the ilietma to the natives
onefourth nt the 0000 people of this city Is a
strange phenomenon
I is rillv actounted for by the diet and
general labits of the miatit es Raw flth In
n favoritu diet and taken from the con
taminated 1 waters of the harbor and
ftnam hero conveyed the bacilli Into
the Mnmachs of the people Many of
them have also wa hiil their dishes and cloth
log In th tainted stream Ca well as lathed
there The constantly gather moss In the
stream and on the ieu MinuK eatlnv It raw
Tho Lhlnese I who continue exempt nntwltli
staiuling this lllthiness of their premises eat
their fOIl mostly hit anti drink only boiled water
nnd hn tea lapamedo much the mine The
lilnese are exhibiting much renlennets under
the huveru sanitary rules of the Hoard of Health
They also lmu superstitions which come into
conflict with the regulations An adverse pub
lic opinion In M > Mrong among the natives as t
greatly obstruct the efforts of the Hoard
I Drag ItH Hlotv I Ieneth Alone and Very
Little llii Yet Keen Done
BAN rinsriMo Sept 12Six weeks and
three da B had been consumed up to this morn
log with tho Durrani trial and tliu fact of the
victim death U 1 that I has been established
All tho additional Information orought out
would point ti any one clto n well an to Durrant
being thu murderer
a 11lnl mlrlenr
It Is expected that In the next six WI ka this I
entire tnry will luive but tnld nid a verdict
readied Tint prosecution shy It Is I confident
iliaC the t i mnrii itt will I I flx on llurrant i tin1 t crime
of iiiurdur Tha ilefendanls attorney rny It
will make him a 1 fret mIl
Not Hi I lot riin irlalih of thin things con
nected with th rn e I tilt licence of every
mdy cnnnecled with Durranis stilt lt I With
one eviptlon nul ten an ikllng I of
t tie proitrniunu1 of the defence has been
given Tin exception Is the I statement that I Diir I
tints itttnrni ys would show that another than
urraut a coiinumeI llliinchn lamnnt to tin I
ehlr h Oil the fiunldav Though the I in forma
Ion mine from tho ii iiaiiie > DiirruitH I 1 allorncjs I
heniMl > esrefuo tiirnrrnlHiritn I and shy they
kitimas nf no Miih manor Incident I I hero Is I
I urn us chisel which was utril In an ut
> nipt to open th I fry door I and was taken
front I box 11 Iarson S ilbmnttstiuls and strap
Ktipiiosid In IIHM been found across the elrll
with Ulani In1 lain < ints iiaiin nn I and of
iviiithi llliinhc rhilUcs know nothing Tlinrx
In iu i < iHMii 1 alo Ill isi critut hints i us tn the I hand
willing of thn Hcv Mr Olhsnii What these
mean mlii lint Ml 1 lii I mien conjectured
Anew tilt lies for Ilio I I irlnsliut lOll ii I In A
Dfilen Mrs i Oitdiii visited I ii lr Nobles homo
In company v ilh Mis Caroline IeaV anon nftiT
Ih I iniirdir m mid Mr Ogdnn mys Mr leiik I
Ii ohl Mr Ni bin situ could he iisund that I Dur
Ian t WH I lie murderer nf Blanche
Itlrlinrd Cliarltmi griMrr wis tin I first wit
iixsniliid III the Diiriini trial llm morning
lln itllftibi tlnit his slur tcia ri iite the ni U
d leieof Mi > Xobli1 mint nf tininuidi t red girl
lie hid weighed lis < Iamont thru 11111 t lhe I
ast limn I I 1111111 Oil i rnlHiut l1rlli M Ihe girl
welilnd 11 I I fti iioundh
II 1 rdi iitinnnt rnndnctor on this Slitter
ftreit rsllrnnd tisiltled Unit i I I liii I had known t lie
lead girl h > Itht Ililwicn Mir 1oJ t mill AIM II
a I Kill1 had been a m 1 enver mi his car about
Ii Ktien tiiue I > on I April II 1 I ho day of her ill ii
aniienruiirr MlM liuiuml licnrded his car at
HftJ A M l Ilirrnnt I with with her emil Mills
suggest Inn bnlh gut on the dlllnnu They luok
i rniifersnt Siittrrnnd Iok I st ret ii I In I crns
eijmliuUlou i wit II C5i silil that the1 I wire nbout
I H enly I IHTHOIIS on tho car ut the I fine
tHAWCH lllll > Tin CVHTtlX
He Ileuew Kin sierra V r AgaInst llm
tlmlilii l uis uti nt
The trout u hi twccu Miilcil 11 color Nalmn
Ir h inkn mid Manuuer lii S ru V luimi inter o the
Casino broKii out ii trash hit it nluhl when lie I
fonnir Ni ent ti tin1 C isitioto rt riUpon lederiir
miliiira In u civ 11 nctloti I u tivo intti rngtuiil
iii a wnr < H hnfr and but for I n1 Interference I
of blots muchis of tile huu > j Viouln Imvv ciuuu to j
fltr serving the papers on LnlrriT Krnnko
nbtnliird I mlmlslon I In I the hou > e und ihrre
hanuifiieil the orhetira I Tin1 I null vtut it I I in
tin1 rurlitiii unit un ihrMmnini I iii of an hiuir
late anil the sInge rrformancu was nut con
cluileil until neuro innliil lii
I Uet tielne Intelligence
A r tO Irimmlla I i iliI cTilain S m iiirtlsm
Children Cry for
Pitchers Castorla
Tho crowning prtrt of mans nt
tire is his hnt mid i needs iiror ally
pool on to givo tlioxiiocossary fin
ishing touch
Weve tho mimo block saino
rnntorml saino finish f us the lash
ionnblo hattor mid two gUt
ndvnuttiiros over him
Youro obliged to buy IUH OHO
block or nothing So Hero you
Imvp everybodys block worth
having at 3
Prince and nroailwsy
Wnrren and Hroatlniiy
ajd and tlroaclway
He as Thoeoonlilr Disapprove of III
raetitlllmil ni Eser
Ijosnov Kept 12Mr Uladstonp has written
a letter to Sir George Ieel Secretary uf the
Iota Standard Defence Association In which
he says that his unmixed disapproval of bi
metallism Is unaltered
Tho exIremler also say he would bo warmer
than he actually Is I If It were not for the fact
that he regards all efforts toward bimetallism
as passing humors of the hour doomed to nul
lity He regards with pleasure ho says tho at
titude of the city of London upon thh subject
all the more because he Is convinced that If It
stands firm no power which bimetallism com
mands will be found to overcome It
Am Army Led bjr the Emperor rltcrmc and
Captures Bp renfeHe Height
STrTTlw Sept 12The military manoeuvres
were renewed this morning The Northern
Army commanded by the Emperor In person
stormed and captured Sjmrcnfclde Height The
Third Army Corps were checked from out
flanking the Second Corps by the strong en
trenchments of the latter
During the operations a captive balloon hurst
at an elevation of 000 metres about lIuO feet
and fell swiftly to the ground The officer who
was cupylng the balloon for the purpose of
nbsrr Ing the movement of the troop had his
leg broken and was otherwise Injured by the full
At the conclusion of toda > s mamiuvrcs the
Emperor ordered the troops to march past Em
peror Franc Joseph of Austria and afterward
led his regiment of hussars past the Kaiser
The Austrian Emperor later expressed his BU
preme satisfaction nt the selection of the ground
for this manoeuvres and thin contention and de
velopment of the military operation He said
that on the march the German troops were
Faultless and that even the privates xhowtd
knowledge of how to make ute of every possible
resource to coer their movements
The Austrian Kaiser bestowed nearly 900
decorations upon German officers Three I rench
officers In civilian dro s were present as spec
tator of the mannruvres
The Kaiser accompanied Emperor Francis
Joseph to the railway station when the Aus
trian Kmperor started on huts return to Vienna
and bode htm a most cordial farewell The
King of Saxony later started for Dresden Km
peror William then went aboard the irllle and
irooeeiled ihir Swliiemiinde where he arrived
at TUO oclock this evening In a heavy rain
His Majesty Immediately boarded the Im
perial yacht Hobenrollern which with the
Cmperor on board will start at 1 oclock to
morrow morning to join the mameuvrlng
The Knler has appointed Gnu Count von
Waldersee General twist of Cavalry
it Arrives in Good Condition and la Ex
pected to Bring Illeh 1rUe
Losnov Hopt 12The consignment of Call
ornla fruit brought over by the steamer St
outs consisting of SUHO boxes of pears 1MO
boxes of peaches and 140 boxes of plums ar
rived nt the Covent Garden Market too late for
ale today anti the auctioneering of the fruit
was necessarily deferred until tomorrow The
average condition of the fruit is I better than that
of any yet consigned dctpite the fact thut It
ujtnfned some damage through the shifting of
he cargo of the St Louts during a cyclone on
Sunday last when Cant Handle commanding
he steamer was badly cut about the head by
liming thrown down
Harry Wood tout for the California Fruit
Coaip ny here expresses confidence thnt tho
onsignuient will fetch big prices In addition
tip the fruits mentioned thcconslirnmcnt also in
ludes twenty sample boes nf apples which are
a month ahead uf tile English and French crop
These were brought over as an experiment and
will bo offered for sale tomorrow
A dale that Lulled Two Daytapt
Handle Hurt
SOUTHAMPTON Sept 12The American line
steamer St Louis which arrived hero from
Sew York yettcrda > encountered severe north
westerly gales on Saturday which lasted forty
eight hours A heavy beam swell was expert
need but the vpyagcrodld not appreciate the
e l lolvncu of the storm until they saw from
time to tulle hlg ships hoe to In order tu ride
limit tIme gale Mindny night nt tin height of
hu norm IRiil Handle wan thrown from his
bed amid sustained a soero scull wound HP
tent hack to Ills heith and did not appear on
deck for tho lemainder of the voyage He is I
littler now nnd entirely out of danger
No other noteworthy Iwldents occurred ex >
epttlmt the boxes of California fruit which
were stacked apart from the other perishable
relght In the air spaces were thrown about the
oldroom and Mime of them were damaged
Thi < main cargo of Slit biat did not shift The
paslemigers > are unanimous tn declaring that tOe
St Louts U a wonderfully stanch ship
A IJrttUb fonaiil AllueUed Obntraellae
tbe Kuehenc luqulrjr
ItmnoN Hept ITho Italia t7ironfl print
a despatch from Shanghai Miylng that a native
nob recently attacked the Drillh Consul at
Venrhnw In the province of CheKlang poll
ImIC him WIth stnncn am other uulsiira
The name despatch ays that tIn hlncse ofll
laU hrndeil by the Viceroy urn obstructing In
very possible way the inijimIr Imlti this Kucheng
utraues and are doiiiu all h In their t power to I tt
nerale lie I iii naomi now In i custody for coniiec
Ion with the outrages In the face of the must
umnluu tutIuuiiy
Two ullruriitlllteii iierle
DimlN tpi 1 The ileci hut to till the
arllameniary sent for Ilmerlck cUr motto
aiiint by the cuncollitlin ut Iho I election of
J ohn llih I Iarnilllte I now unilergolng a semi
iiiieof penal M rxltudi1 in tiiiiicetlnn with tho
ii tliHiiillufiinoiilraiy I of lMKtuok I I place > cater
ay tutu iiHiiliul I III tlu > elinlii1 of Mr K I A
I 1 iifli m > iinllIiiinelllt i i Mr ilKeefe I received
I hlil vntrhanil Mr l Nolan Iirnelllte I I lfi
I n On1 last eUitlun Daly I vui elected wlthuut
I he Vvst Vaterford nent made vnoant by
I lit nignot bin iii Mr Allnul i I Webb wi its hIlt ii
ly tb t election yesierday of Mr Khec en Ii
I uriiilllte uilhout opiHililon I
Mr Itulli1 Unity iuunil Afler live Years
hoN hills fepi I1 I 2 A despatch to the Central I
Notit from Trent In the Auitrlnn Tyrol fitys
hat n hkeloton has been lound uu Vlonnt
Adainnlln in tin Iiillaii Tyiol wiilch has Inci
Idi ntlrtnl aII at of uu Ainuiciiii named Itulli
a iliniilf ppeiirii ii In lSin S > rtu WHS made iir
linn at the I Inn but without getting thutllgtit
01 I rite nf linn
11 lure Von II lunlolir I ayes Itlisso
Kr Ic i riiikiu in elih i rni ilolrni
InheKllllingrfurit Clianceliur of lln1 t llurnmn
Kmplrv ulii nriUrd lieru on Tuesday lust
rlmrged by Cmiieio Vllinin u l > siii with a
iomnu liMi In fiiMiully invite hit Cnr In i lt
the I liirumn I i ii 111 itt nix t e un mig s to flu I hit
tvcnlnji n liii return to Ilrlln
Trviixnt tunic Hiepruisr lEnSes
tlEmi imi ml i Mpi 1 ni lie Cuiiunl I tlalnt Iii it
Ceiliiany unneiunev fiat ti i i ratei foi aim ti mmn
lkiiagalii Mu ilia i axe Iw n Hx il at t ihm < I
amid ii 11s an I alit iiiimrni te lilt hit that Uu
rtdiieil rinwiy isles to imiurklntf jmris base
beau abolished i
ELKCTtllC IiailT iriltE1 laifJTM
2411i iff uu cRtrAtt
The HmnUe Ascend tn Stun Tntver as4
Crenlen u liinle Amnnn the fui loiree
A Ciirrennnnrteitt of n Ilillndelphlat > j
Iliuee When Neurlv Hiifriealeil Throw rl
Out it hair ntth ills CiifT nn Vhlek
iis XVrltlen nn Aiinrnl lor Help At
tneheilThe Ilra Hid WtOOO Ditmnao
1nrk Iolkcmin Vllllain Wurren saw smoke
nt lUiUA oclock last night coming from the
doom Of thn Vu > M building nt Iark row and
Frankfort strrtl t llu I ran Into thin building
whutu about IUO pcrioiis were ut work most of
them on the Until HOT and the floors above
Ni OhiO 10 thu bulldliiB knew of tile Ire which
rauicd thin Btnnki1 until VSarruii gave the alarm
Ill tho distributing oflicrn on thin lint floor
Iljfor1 word ciuitl bo sent up stairs tho amok
wits uscnndlng tint corridors nnd halls In the
tower The smuko grow thicker rapidly and
within u minute after Warren had reached th
building thu hulls were Impassable
Two alarms was nt once rung Engine 12 of
William street atits nt the building at 1008
oclock anil Cupt White took charge of the fire
until Deputy Chief Itllcy appeared fly this
time the tunth eleventh and twelfth floors
wore tilled with oinnke anti the wholu upper
part of the bulldliii appeared tu bo un fire This
peoplo there wero In i a piiulc
The Ire hoivcxer win In the first cellar Two
cleetrie light wires In the paper room becamo
crossed and thu marks had ignited I a pile of
loose papers lhe h Unities were iiimmunlcated
to the pools if white paper stored under Lie
south I sidu of lilt t building and thesii tact ti burn
log fiercely Thn suiokn poured uu th maui
Fhifland pcnetriileil every halt uf that building
tthnvu Hie t tenth I lloor
Tho editorial room and composing room were
tilled ttitii emplioee and seveial of the olHcel iJ
on thi tut < tli flnnr were occuplid Inn passan
per elevator hud stopped running at II oclock
nnd there van no way fur the occupants of tue s
building to escape c ept dillon hut freight ele
vator In the I rear In lace h most of them t were r
afraid to contld1 Ihuinfedvcs hue 1 windows and
balcony on the elpetiili door werucrowclud with
men howling fur belli
In Friend house t rosmans office on the
tenth floor was Martin liillnn business innn
ager for Kltsliuniotis tho pugilist Tlu > smoke
becaniH thick In tho room and Julian 1rlend
and Orihinati ntnrted lot the iliKir Mr muse
man tried to return to h Is ofllco to get a half
smoked elgar His friends were obllged to fore
him down stairs j 1
Mr Kckelshelmer than correspondent of the J
FMlaihliiliin Kiuiutrer had nnofllceon the tenth
floor hltsrmomn Onetime tilled with smoke and
he was in duiigerof biHTocallon He wrote a J
raesiaxe on hi ctirT tied bis culT tn a chair and j t
threw thci chair out of a front window
The rhulr lame down with a rush
and nearly hit a woman and a man who
atert Ktantlirim tin this pavement The message
on the curt was read nnd an itiumpt wan mad
to reach Mr KukcHhelmer by scaling ladder
but the corn ices 01 the h building rendered this
Impossible A llrcnmn wan sent up the stairs
He battered In tl c door and ajslnted Mr Eckels
beimer m to theulghth I fliKir
lhe water trnni a dozen anti more lines of i
hose had bten ilu > lni un the lire for half an
hour before it was Hliallv overcome and fifteen m
mlnutrs more iiapsl l before the flumes avers
entirely extlnirulMhed
in the editorial room tho smoke wa particu
lady thick mid there was Miuicthlngof a panic
The windows were burst oueti In ome of the
room and after a short time the air was
cleared The fe irs of the reporter and com
lusitors a ore eititeil at one time by the report
that another llr hid been discovered on Lbs
tenth door but this moved tn bn untrue
The fIre was eonflned entirely to the paper 4
room where it originated Two hundred rolls
of paper ecre charred and ruined intolvlng a
loss of Jlooo The water ronked the cellar
and the belt of the dna lug engine waa rendered
uselers by wetting The felt blankets on the m
Wg newsjmper presses were soaked and swelled i
up and ll was taid that the machines could not
be used
Mr George K Eggle t < n chief of the World m
editorial statTiinnouieed that tilL other news
papers had offered the tiu of their press i 1
omposlnir robot and atere it > pln dcDartmenta
hut lie thought that the OIler could be lasuod
from ItHonn muuhincj wlitoit trouble j
lhe water poured Into the incne pit and IN
when the chief of thin stereotyping department
iainkcd if Ste could Uv his machines be said I
tie could if power WHS forthcoming
Twenty minutes before the Ire was discovered m
the eli ctrlc lights in Perrys drue store and the
llnril paper room went out The electrician s
was Informed and started to investigate Before
ho reached the room where the wires were
crossed the tldtInes bad sured
The heat from the hire canted the Iron frame
of the manhoU enters in the sldewnlk in front i
of the building to expand and the gUsse wars
forced out Tho covers were also broken bjr 1
the firemen
A number of tales of thrilling escapes were tO
old but most of them rettel on the magma
iois of the bystanders A tmall boy who wa I
n the basement wits overcome by smoke and
had to be carried out Several occupants of th
ipperstorleswererendered famtund dizzy from
inhaling mite smoke i
Tho front axle of Hook and Ladder Truck No tat
1 i broko just when the machine reached th
fire The wile box dropped off but the ap
paratus was near enough to be used
IOflE Fiannxu zv CUBA
Insurgents Attempt to Plum ai Brida TT <
stilt IBA M Severe C nfllet
Delegate Ialma of the Cuban party received ft
report last night of an encounter on Sept 2 between
ween the men under Gen Pedro Perez and a
tctachment of Spanish troops The Insurgents
who numbered almost 2000 men made an
attempt to burn a large railroad bridge at j
lamon de Yngas when the Spanish soldier i
nppraretl A severe tight ensued but the de
alls which Seflor IaJuia ha received are so
neiigrei that It U not yet known what losses
each side suffered
Hamon de Vugaa the scene of the battle ii I
between Santiago anti Crlsto Earlier la the i
revolution several Important encounter took
pinto there fl
Other advices dated Sept 2 state that Gen
Antonio Maceo U within one mile of Santiago Ja
vhich ha caused great excitement among the a
inhabitants amid apprehension on the part of the
authorities HI hu almost QOOO men with him P
From Spanish sources it Is learned that th
mrpoMi of tile Spaniards In massing their
troop is I to hem the Insurgents In and weaken
hem by Isolation 5
HAVANA Sept 12A band of rebels under
the insurgent leader Nune mad an attack on
iept 0 UIHIU 11 Civil Guard pont eighteen men
in the Trinidad district After a sharp battle
the rebel wero repulsed leaving fire killed on
the Meld and carrying off a numtier of wounded h
be rebels burned keveral liouies before ri
Mora float for the Cabaa Patrol
Two small steam yachts were being hoisted ex
the steamer Ardandhue last night at the foot of
South Ninth street VIlllatnsbnrghThe yachts t
are the Hustle formerly owned by Richmond
uasuof the Iark Theatre and the Artecwhlch
lelouiied to Thomas Ward a shipbuilder of
Astoria They were bought by the Spanish
ioi < nunent for patrol duty In Cuban water
hu Hnnlle Isa dllfoot boat and the Aztec
feet Each draw less than four feel of water
The Weather
The thermometer at Perrys pharmacy 8tni butMInft
ecorded the temptratureytiterday as followsi
IH l 5 101 till
1 A M h U 78 BIOP M7J us i
ii A II l 67 74 ol P U nil H4
tl A M BU 77 ttl1 M BV m
KM its bIttliiiIiti113 77 °
Average ttf
A > ITIK < I Sept 11 IHU4 tV
WAtiusaroN rurtruiT ron ramtr
ror afeed Nit York parfi elowly rrathtrwtlJl
mil tluiwri ifindJiMrlngfo tiorOcrly mid eooif
Tlio Avon Co of Ilultlmore bavin
ben eujolned and restrained hy the 011 Ii
cult Court of the United States for te
DllrUt of Maryland from printing 01 t
iiblmjiiii label vylilcli Is I 1 facslmlle or a
coloruhln Imitation of the lied Triangle
label ot Ilo I Kutclltf < t Jrctton Ltd
nud to pay tu lints Itntclltf < V Uretton
111 all mills und iluinujt resultlnjj
from sUch iinlanful use ui
Wi < hereby caution alt persons Against s
tlii < niuf any countrrlelt trademark label
if Him lluelHT I irttton Ltd I tb t
fillln of siui ale or beer us Hats Ale I which
Is I not thi product of iltiss lUtdilT t tlret
lon Itll us any such fraul or Infringe
iniiit of their rlhl mill privileges will b
a igtiluUiy IrlcuII
llrNII T NHMOfx v CO
AH ItltllAU hT N Tn 1
GIS 11 m I nrfi r rim ill Ii 1 I
I Mliil nlTI I > lIE I

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