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rrr HOLD rUB PAT TRAIN nsconn
XITllrn IrA 1
Tliere Wn Conraslon In TestenlKjn Fin
Correction Lves V Abend
nrfP but tIe Corrtlo < enve tAbd
Ulietker the Htop Are Counted or Not
There baa been a great deal ot figuring over
the reports ot the time made by the New York
Centrals racing trnln rssterday and this hat
tttn hampered by confusion In the reports tfle
jrsphed 1 trot Iluffalo Ills now said that the
tine limo of arrival In East Iluffalo 430Vf mile
from the Irand Central Station was la oclock
ml 12 minutes and 20 seconds Instead of
3in4a7 as was telegraphed to the newspapers
The table ot tho running time should therefore
read as follows as tt Is I calculated by TUJ Buss
mathematician i
c zftnuft Second
few York to Albany ISt 2
Albjnjrtosrriietiw I
to Uttffalo J
lijrtcu 1 ulalo
TottI 407 4t
4wi liiliesYu 40741 minutes OlaO allesau
It Is I understood that the railway officials havo
made Q corrections but still figure their result
as before at I I > i mites per hour Tber was a
stoppage ot 15 seconds at Albany and another
of 145 seconds at ryrasuse These two com
bined make 40 feconJs or 4 minutes I theso
are Included lln the running time tho result Is I n
run of 4JUtj miles In 41141 minutes an
at ere running time of 0300 miles per hour
It Is understood at the Grand Central Station
that the ngiIti excluded tholr stoppage time
but tl English newspapers In TUB Sex co
O the record as the time between the start
moments Ifwe Include the
anal < tho finishing moment I we tncndo
toppsrei we bent them 41100 or practically
half a mile nn hour
Mr linrnttonU general agent her of the
Northwestern Caledonian and other British
roods sends to TUB Sex an Interesting contrl
the subject follows
sullon on ubJect a
I havo pernsed with much Interest the report
ot the Nsw York Central and Hudson lllver
Railroad ipecial train run Nsw York to East
Hafliilo Pl 1 With the OOICtAI figures be
tore tne of the running by the West Coast Lon
don and Northwestern and Caledonian rail
way train from London Euslon Station to
Aberdeen Aug 33 hul I would like you to
plate them beside the tlmo made by the New
York Central train published In this mornings
edition of your paper
MN > w Ynrfctn Eau Dutfaln exclusiveof tops43fltt
I I s In 401 tnlnuttB4 miles per hour New
ott to East Butfaln iloclutlT of ilop > 436 > t mile
la 4141 1 7 minutesOJ1U 4 mile pe hour
London fEnaton to Aberdeen exclusive of stops
ecu nil In S03 lutnutrs 041S raltrs pr bnur
Lodn Ka ton to Atwrtlrcn Incliulrcof stops 340
silln lu 313 minutes BJfcU miles per hour Ip
By comparison you will perceive that the
tlgbest rate per mile Including stops must
tc accnrded the West Coast train and cxcln
IveofitoM t the New York Central train In
the case of thu West Coast train the distance
b further by over 100 miles and that time Is I
taken from dead position at London Knston
Station to dead stop at Aberdeen The Ute of
the NUT York Central train I understand
trom published announcements 1s tram dtad
Nultlnn at Grand Central Depot to paislng
tact Uutlalo Again the West Coast train
travelled between the hours of 8 P M and
432 nut mcrnlnir while the New York Cen
tral train trip was made In broad daylight and
contrary tUttle assertions made that the West
fcajt route Is I comparatively on an even grade
lain I compelled to state that the gradients on
him eltns ot the rat are very severe and
for a dtitance of abut sixty miles vary from
1 In 13 to 1 in 100
As yet I have no particulars of the weight of
rim ad power of engines of the West Coast
train but the enriae that hauled the train from
I rewe to Carlisle is I called the Hardwlck No
7l > 0 H feet t Inch driving and trailing wheel
coupled It Is I this engine which we claim has
chieted the record in the nm from Crewe to
Carlisle 141M miles In 14 minutes an average
irted of t3i per hour Th engineer I at the
urcitlo i cn thIs cccui wi flea Itublncou ot
Crewe the same ecctne who was in charge of
t IJnecnKmpress which hauled the HrHlsli
iccUl train ncr the Lake Shore and MichIgan
Southern and New York Central railroads In
Noemb rIeceraber isail en route from tlio
World Columbian Exposition Chicago to
In conclnston I bee t say thc the run made
on Aug 33 by tha West Coosl railway mao cm
ixnles was necessitated bY ron of service
between competitive lines and not with any In
tenton of claiming nn international record of
Jr Bat twnla error seems to be that he has
cot the wrong figures for the total time He
mikes It 41437 The correct total Inclusive of
Hop 1141141
Georua II Daniels the general pajsencT
agent of the New York Central said yesterday
tint tc lat run was not what ho would have
Uid it to b It beat the English but
notencafrh TIey he a free clear headway
from the start on all their roads with no level
crating or cities t bother them But on Wed
tesday the flying racer had to slow up over the
Sew work nt Splyten Dunn and t hold Lack
la passing several cities 1 had a wet track for
100 wile and a stiff head wind the rest of th
way or it would have made ten minutes better
record I It had run with two cr s as to
eiih what tie English racers weigh It would
bare mao an average of seventy miles an hour
Tie men who managed tho run on Wednes
hy formed an Interesting group The foremost
iwof enursi was Mr II Walter Webb the
IWU S loeIrcsidunt of the New York Centrals
Bi bit been su conspicuous and active since he
nale 1 his Low to the world by firmly resisting a
treat strike In 1300 that already the public r
Strds him a a veteran railroad man The fact
btbat he had but Just taken hold of railroad
nscaKement I Sir Dcpews assistant when
that itrll broke upon him I Is not many
years aco that he was known In town as a pra
tising lacier aed as such he remained eight
Tears Then ha went Into Wall street for a
le and abcut 1887 took hold of the
WaznerIeepunc Car Company Tluitcompacy
ComPny rmpCT
WL s then a crude concen itli compared with
What e maro ft It In three year compare Ater bo
belred 10 late I hid at the road itself and It la
tlrf htn bat tor yecre he ran up and riown
tetwpn iew York and IuutTaio rown
MIIM III4IU investigating
r fry frrfcht yard and cattle corral and shed
cr4 siil ne until be would have been able to I
rilT a map 01
n7a any pot In the 400 nnd odd
Illj lie is l only 42 years old today and Is I a
eli groolncd l quiet with
tblroo < alhhtnlre man a
loll ° rt twartl all over his face and with a
flner Iwttr calm and always confident
iii I I ft finalities are boldness conlilelt
rjSR safe ono who knows him very well
kiitie tniik noel railway men he l Is not to con
Goorge I Olnll the general paseenger
Sfttt istet hut lithe further back than Mr
41 a omer ot the road lie was In ChI
etluse I tCl hRlrman of the Central Traffic
Aittati10 II lsh when liecnmo to th rand
c3mistation lie Is perhaps thn mot popu
le mOt
Sv t 1K mn n that business which sets gocsl
tawiti1 i > altu everything gittlng 10o
uiin Ilttn
iork2 tol Ito rondo vet ho neither drinks nor
Ir3ttei tlrti lie I rnust b readr at an Instants no
lHwo rthii system with visitors and ha
1 a4inttskei Iltl ticket agents In threo tall
etIt I aall t Saratoga when ho was called
tIa to juan the others nlwnrd the racing
I Anuoq MncUlr tho editor of the
I Utitetiie ttiuirier Is I I middleaxed Scot who
sent1 l uteimiiiye on Ito Caledonian road
Ji tlttft5y4fl I and who has since stimled all
treat ri taaa of tho world In Inlkilr
ldUh rare anlnt time on Wednesday ho
Ui i i t really fat running Is I a new thing In
CtiVThB test flat trains were run only
Si l t years ego Jt 1 is I true that the
tebt irlnz oteltman Is a train psrhana
tld on tiiC old tnt In the first years U only
ill llilrtyelghi miles an hour It I
hho It Ihlryeflbl
mi I
U u kit ol or itit years that the true
b Illht ur
frn lt aYe Ucn run In Lioth England and this
lQser chllln the superintendent ot mol
r WtihiIl Ujiat credit is given fur making
tlite Oaklnl
PI 1el our a blclcnt < In III rummy lies
a i eld iiii the I unal forty yrars Ueu I I
010 nun 01 tho todd unit the
HlJii JJitht ru > u 11 > tthe Is tine of
PJanni and ilu11rogreittlvenf them I Ha
trufriVri111 InKllo 000 with tie sevcnfont
rl 1 lingo rcTjox Ho found that quick
team tf luU of itOH wilt alone product the
IU I at I0drive a heavy train like light
lZ iui a Ik lht
vtrJiS dllhrll enormous firebox and u
ace loif iullUr holier which has a great ural
f lr ZOCtj to the llro lll < has
neVwi Iro
ny locomotive
al rof mil eu iii Its makeup A large nun
tb l1 lfin hue u hiso Just ben urdered tie
Mil I a ft I anti Nusthiwrftenn Itallroaif
h milan Ihe engIneer who trtli t
theeraln I I lii hiurhiarion brother Asked II
11r eLsIttt M a iieriu5 mn or at oil Ur I
fuilUL I Iar raid Sn hu couldnt b oil
tJ11Oit t I lie was lie added hint when Ibo
onl I all right engineer would
Ib Tinak V al any ellllnu
101 itlrmihi 1k sit runs than slow ones They
I on IT enX11 work quicker and are Ironer
r P aliJ engine II lby nCI get no man pay than for
CIr ufe the railway expert who
otor if a timer of Ibo fait run Is tilt In
ioj an tt i rnr built for automatically detect
1 outs LnJtrlng faults In a roadood un
Ia U I aL rrn rails arid every other defect
koo11 l l52 Jf enf1 demand because of his
b 111
laiiJimn the itrahnbeirlng rapacity of
tel auirn Itraloburlnl
tol of nl Jrn aur Vi0 f Uracterlllcs lind quail
I IClonIII and 1al else that goes Into the con
IClon Ual railway 1 I i namloC the rails
ItU buy and approves or condemn
al C also ezamiuc the condition ot
t a trta Ir ldIIDe i < liii cano ILaD
a i 1
cur 7114 tIM vnotsn Zn7
Eranri Ia a Blotter Mar Rasnll a
Chance AxaUst Him
Tho recent trouble between the police of tho
East HlxtyMventli street station and tho Cher
okee Club cnmo up for investigation yesterday
In the trial before Commissioner 1arkcr of
Huundnnan John Buckley charged with falling
to execute special orders on Sept 1
Capt Strtum said ho sent Die roundsman with
six policemen to Seventyninth street and First
avenue to prevent any display of fireworks dur
Ing tho Cherokee parade Ho ell ho Issued tho
orders In compliance with Instructions received
from Acting Chief Conlln The orders wore
given to tho roundsman b Acting Sergeant
Hammond The following day the round sman
told thn witness that tho acting Sergeant had
sent him to Eightysixth street which Is tn tho
East Elghtyclghth street precinct Crossex
amine by lawyer Jrant tho Captain denied
that ha ocreonnlly gave tho roundsman any In
strnctlons to E to Eightysixth street and Host
River to meet tho Cherokee Club
Tho lawyer requested that Capt Straus b
sworn This was done
lie was asked It bo did not seo the roundsman
In tho station after ho was sent to Seventy
ninth street Ho aid ho did not but later admitted
Ilreot not a
mitted that he told the run man that night
to take down tho pay roll to Headquarters the
next morning
After further questions Lawyer Ort called
for the Station honso blotter Capt Strauss
produced one but It was not the one desired
prouce the blotter explained Lawyer
Grant because I expect to show that erasures
have been made In It regarding this affair Ine
charges were made against thus roundsman
chlrle mae llammond called Ho
Acting Sergeant llwmold nn coled Jo
aid ha sent the defendant and policemen to
Hevcntynlnth street nnd First avenue near
where the Cherokee Club house located Ho
did not tell uny of them togotoKlRbtyilxth
street The roundsman returned unsaid and
asked about the Instructions regarding tho
ke abut IDstructon rlnrlol tl
parade He repeated the first orders given
The roundsman returned a second time accord
Inic to the witness anti said he had been relieved
by the Captain of the other precinct Hammond
said he lent tho roundsman back to Seventy
ninth street
Wltneis denied that tho blotter had been
scratched Into the night nf the parade but nd
milled that It had onco been scratched He said
be did It but not by tho direction of any person
The accused roundsman then took the stand
He said Capt tilransa sent him with six police
men to Eightysixth street and first avenue
I tie next morning rio raw the Captain In tho
latters room In the station I house 1 The Captain
read a report stating that be had sent lluckley
and five policemen to Seventyninth street and
llrst avenue said the report was wrong
said the witness amt I told Capt Strauss that
theordcrshould read 1 rent Itoundsman lluckley
and six policemen to Eightysixth street and
First avenue The Captain then threw down
the report and exclaimed I dont know what
I can do noW
The witness said he asked Acting Sergeant
Hammond It he would acknowledge having
sent him to Elehtyilxth street and First avenue
Hammond said no would not Six policemen
from the Host Sixtyseventh street station testi
fied In the rand mn behalf that they were
sent to Eightysixth street The station hon
blotter was then produced In evidence
Toshorten matters said the Commissioner
t Mr Grant 1 will have It placed In evidence
stating for your benefit that there ha been an
erasure made It Is I plain that Eightysixth
street ba been erased and Seventyninth
street substituted 0 fat hirer has also been
erased and First avenue written over II The
case Is clnjed
The Pollc Commissioners said Lawyer
Grant cannot help but make cbarces against
Strauss slid Hammond and place then on trial
They have stated under oath that no crnMirrs
were ever mae In th blotter except one nAme
that was changed
The Commissioners are > expected t take Im
mediate action In the case of Capt Strauss and
Acting Sergeant Hammond
A Tary Promptly Frnaoaacet the Former
Police Court Clerk Innocent
The trial of Thomas P DIne u former police
court clerk accused of bribing voters In the
Second Assembly district at the last election
was concluded before Judge Fitzgerald in the
General Sessions yesterday After three min
utes deliberation the jury brought In a verdict
acquitting Dlneen The court room was
crowded with friends of the prisoner and they
started t cheer when the verdict was an
nounced Judge Fitzgerald threatened to look
the enthusiasts up for contempt and ore was
J Murray Mitchell who I 1 contesting the
election of James J Walsh as Congressman In
the Eighth district was active in the prosecu
tion of Dlneen It was at one of the hearings In
the contest that the testimony against Dlneen
was first brought out Mr Mitchell was very
much disappointed at the result of the trial
Assistant District Attorneys Lewis and Lau
terbach conducted the prosecution Mr Lewis
wrangled with Mr Lautcrbach and Mr Mitch
ell and became excited He threatened to have
Air Mitchell ejected from tho court mom and
flared up at a sueeestloii from Mr Lauterbach
Mr Lewis said afterward that he lost his tem
per but denied that ha lied made use of offen
sive language attributed tn him
Abrahim Nathan continued 1 In the witness
chair yesterday He repeated the story pub
lished as to the bribery Lawyer Levy brought
ont all the details of Nathans visit to Lawyer
Kawdoni ofnce In Pin street andjrot Nathau
tn tell hmv ho and his lodglnKnnuro com
panions wrru entertained ulth Ilnuors I and
by Mr Mitchell counsel They I
clKars Iy lltcheld liiy wire
man taken to Ner London by Lawyer Itawdnn
Nathan declined to Identify Dlneen nn this
ground that It would tend lo Incriminate him
self Peter J Grant and Henry Parmrlee testified
for the people Grant swore that he saw I
Dineen Induce men to go into the voting booth
to fold blots for other men but neither he
nor Parmelee would swear that they saw any
money paid
mOley took the stand for the defence He
made a general denial of all the charges
Ifadect Policemen May ne Proooted
Before Commissioner Parker yesterday 10
Icemen Jeremiah Maglln and John J OBrien
of the West IffCd street station were charged by
Inspector McCnllagh with falling to report at
the station house acts of bravery performed by
hem liistend of receiving punishment the two
policemen may b promoted for their bravery
A PaC Professional Woman League
Despite the Intense heat yesterday afternoon
the Professional Womans League was out In
full force to witness the little character sketch
Raspberry Bhrub Fee which was given for
Sarah McVlcker and Miss
their benefit Miss lclckr 1S
Alice Hall Kllby of the Sporting Duchess
company took the parts of tim New rnglnnl
spinsters and Mils Sarah Converse and Miss
fhslmers acted the pretty niece and her lover
respectIvely Miss Chalniirs made an extremely
oodlnoklntr man and the realistic actinic of
the oldmaid spinsters elicited much applause
1 lie committee had Imprm lied n very tolerable
ptnolnll thr entertainment WHS a cheeps for
which much credit Is I due Mrs Inlm llendln
mlle nine acting Chairman of tho Dramatic COin
Death eta Little fljfr 1rlneeaa
The Ienflcld irypjy tribe nnw camping In the
woods near thn Iludion Ititer anti 313lh street
Is mourning the Ion of an Infant prlnresi of tho
tribe Tho name of the gypsy prlneen was
Patience 1enlleld who died In the arms of her
afternoon The aypslei
mother on Wednesday rnlon fle
will rigidly toil until the baby Is I burled Ihie I
dead princess was three t months old fhl trlo
own a plot In ireenwood Cemetery but the
burial will probably b at West Farms
Whiskey llotllca on lbs Church Htcp
The sexton of the Westminster Presbyterian
Church at Summit and Magnolia avenues lrr I
soy City was nraazixl yesterday morning by
Indlng nineteen whiskey bottles on the front
stoop ut the church TIm bottles were arranged
h n rows They were empty but tho odor ut the
liquor eliitiit to them still the noxtnn notltUii
Police Captain New ton nt the Oakland avenue
tatlon and In churL will bo mado to discover
tbu perpetrators of the J < k
Could Not Par Carl Veutk Halarr
The resignation of Carl Veuth as leader of the
EUrpo Society orohetra In Brooklyn was ex
ilnlncd yraterday Tim society was unable to
lay for Mr Veuths services us director The
irgauliatlon nlrcadr owes him bis halnry for
1 HU4 and he did not care to risk another joir
without pay It Is Is I said Unit C Mnrttinor
wihJit who wee I formerly the musical director
Of the society will rtuunio bis old place
Hidden Death of a Hur Planter
George Parlange a Frenchman 00 years old
a sugar planter In Cuba tiled suddenly at the
Hotel l Orltlou 10 West Math street yesterday
morning He arrived on tb steamship Havana
front Cuba at 1 oclock and was met at the pier
frol by a frlud On the way to the hotel In a cab
arlangu complaint of feeling II und was In a
emlconiclous condition when the cab reached
ellconaco lie died a few mlnutia Inter Dep
uty Coroner Hulwr decided that dull lied
Len caused by Jol
xirs rorica Aitovr TOITX
niley Graunan who Is reported t bar won
00000 on Henry Navnrr and with I capita
of 30 t hare piled up 135000 In winnings at
the Saratoga meet li I the most phenomena
plunger who has appeared on the American
turf In the last twenty years lug winnings Iro
not a novelty with Ornnnan He was rtportct
to havo won 00000 a year ago In one day on
the Saratoga track To look at Itllcy U Iranna
one might easily mistake him for a Roodnaturei
boy He Is I about 27 years old but despite the
excitement of the betting ring he doesnt hook
his ago within halt a dozen years be
e on tho track that ha has no sys
tern and that ho trusts to luck I bo
has a rule of life It 1st Think bt and dont
talk and tho sentence Indicates lilt cbarac
terlillcs Kow Yorkers first heard of this young
man In the West threo years ago when begin
ning with next to nothing ho won by a series ot
daring ventured romothlng llkn 10000 lie
lost this A quickly as he gained It 11t begin
nine neW Tie came East In 1813 l > i and was on the
block at Hheepshead with something like SlOP
000 at his bock Ho had not been here twenty
four hours when one of the cleverest book
makers summed up his coolness by saying
Crystallite thole In the North Pole Into a
piece I bug at I pea and you have ran lnn
Urannan resembles Pittsburgh Phil Inasmuch
ns both are > extremely young lonklnir but they
art widely illlTer nt In the methods they pursu
In quest of fortune Orannnn was born In Ken
tucky and h boa spent most of his life nrnuni
hot Them Is I nothing in Ills IP arAnco to
surcest 1 professional follower the races HIs
Is slight In figure He dresses plainly lie line
the nose and iroodhtimored tumuli of a elt unit
his parents are Irish Ills nose Hot the snub
variety and It I elves Its owner the appearance of
betncwlde nnake all tho tlmt Ills eyes are
gray and they are never still Orannsns per
sonal habits are exemplary enough for 1 Quak
rr lie does lot smoke or drink or stay out
Into with the boys Ilettlncr and the study of
horses are alike his work and nlruoit sole amuse
menu lilt reputation with the bookmakers is I
above reproach anil his word would probably
bo good fur any amount that he cared t bt
From Philadelphia comes a story that will
Interest Xrw Jersey A young man in the
Quaker City who has been sadly mangled by
mosquitoes whenever he has visited his boathouse
house down the river claims to have discovers
n simple plantar keeping tho pests out ot tIm
house Screens wero of no avail in hla bat
house Tho Philadelphia mosquitoes are of as
sorted sizes and the small ones can work theIr
way through any screen that ho ever been con
structcd This boating man discovered that an
old woman who lived In the neighborhood hadnt
been bothered by mosquitoes for several years
bn discarded all screens and kept h windows
wlilK open at nlcht Across the open space of each
wIndoW he stretched a red ribbon about two
Inches wide She told tho boating man that the
natives of India used red ribbons to keep nil
mosquitoes and that It worked to perfection
there She wu unable to give any explanation i
of tho redribbon defence but she knew that It I
was a good one The boating man tried It and
he also alleges that not a mosquito crossed bis
ribbons He was able to sleep comfortably In
le Wi ap
his boat house with the windows open No
names go with this tory and It Is probably
another form of the theory not lone ago pop
aloe with somo Adirondack guides The
writer heard an old guide say that he
wore a red flannel shirt to keep the mosquitoes
off He raid It with a wink Hint left the hearer
01 le
free to accept his statement or not There are
other advantaee In wearing a red Mme shirt
in the woods and not th leart of them is I tho
fart that It lessens the liability of the wearers
being mistaken for I deer and becoming the
target for au Inexperienced hunter The asset
thin that a red shirt kept off mosquitoes was
too that guides delighted to make but they
seldom bal faith enough In their efficacy to
leave behind their tar oil or whatever else they
had been In the habit of using as a protection
against mosquitoes The Philadelphia redrib
bon schema is I not therefore altogether now
nor has It as yet been proved reliable
Limes havo played I star part In summer
drinks this season and Just lt present there Is
a corner In the market The price has been advanced
vanced and iu the smaller and lowerprlcet
brrm 1lcro gin and whiskey rickeys were
sold during the summer the barxeepera refuse
to mix these drinks
h What a gin rlckey at this time of the year 7
said a bartender In an uptown cafiS when called
upon for one Certainly not LIme nro nec
essary for gin rtckeyo and they are now out ot
season You couldnt let a good lime now and
then he offered to mix a rlckey with a lemon In
ten of a lime That combination Is t neither a
gun 1 nor a gin rickey and It I not 11ell to
bevnmepunuUr There Is I a musty little twang
tn the Time that makes the rlckey what It is I
There ar limes enough In town to finish out
the Kin ticket seaum but they cost lore than
they did a month IWO Until lnit summer there
were few buns In this town equipped with limes
which were about as dlfllcult to find as In good
mint now Tho demand for them this j tar has
exucedoU expectation
John Jacob Astor has learned that the Ameri
can Surety Companys new building at Pine
street and Broadway trespasses COO feet above
the around on the Schermirhorn building
which Is several stories lower 1 Is I nllrged that
the Hurety buildings cornices project over Mr
Astora property and unless a compromise can
be effected they must bo removed In tho coun
try actions of this sort for trespass arc not in
frequent but the alleged trespass Is much nearer
the ground Usually It is I a neighbors eaves
that project and shunt water on the other mans
ll If this cuzo for high buildings cnntlnnes
said an architect yesterday I trust that some
one will mako a test tnsoof another kind of
trespass I I have erected a five or six story
building I have a reasonable claim for my share
of light and air Some one comes along and
erects ft fifteenstory bnlldln on one side an
other man puts up an equally high building on
tho other und my Ilkht is shut oil I might ni
well be In the bottom of n well Of course land
II valuable In this city and It Is natural that a
landholder should get as much ont of his prop
erty a ho possibly can but thero are features
about these very high buildings that are serious
drawbacks and apparently there I no limit to
the height that they may be run up
I cannot understand why any one should
care to travel on a railway train at a greater
rate of speed than sixty miles an hour said a
Western business ran yesterday In talking
about the wonderful record made by a New
York Central train on Wednesday I make a
trip to New York three or four times a year
and while I have a much dislike t slow travel
line ns anybody I always make the journey on
a train scheduled to run at a speed considerably
less I than a mile a minute pc takes nut 1 few
hours longer tn cover the distance than It
would upon ono of the there but there
Is a feeling of greater comfort and a
sense of security that Is I lacking on the
LlKhtnlng Limited I have mlle several
trip upon the fast trains and my experience
hun always been tho name From the time the
train Hurt until it reaches Itidcittnatlon every
passenger seems to be under A nervous strain
At every principal station watches urn pulled
out and llio limo latin U I consulted to see if slut
train nt I making rchedulo time If lie train
comes to a slop on account of mime obstruction
on the altoI ilackt ns Its speed nt any point
the passengers display nn Irritability that Is
almost childish 11 have seti staid business men
tilting lear the car window with watches In
hand noting tho time btwren mile posts
nnd In n state of high nen mis tension wonder
ing whether tho engineer will be able to make
up tin the minutes lost on tim last section of
thn road hcforn the next station Is I reached I
rememlieron on o calol whn coming East on
th Limited I t belnir awakened during tlm night
just in the train stopped nt a station lulnncnl I
out nf the window mid reading the slcnhonrd
on the platform nf the stntlou coniullod my
watch all found that the train was nearly six
minutes Into Fur snine reason there was a de
ny In getting under wny again and In thn mean
limn I had worked myself Into such a restless
condition of mind that when the train finally
itarted 1 found that further sleep was Implssi
hie 1 was only when wa reached the next sta
tion with minute to spare that I was able to
lon my sleep That was the last time I ever
travtlled on u llyer overnight
The number things that Joseph Jefferson
tho veteran actor can do well surprises all but
lila friends The latter declare that he writes
as well ns be acts and that ho can fish with
moro skill than ho can do either One of hit
henries about bringing up boys Is I that they
should be taught tn Hill aid tell the truth Mr
JslToranu ha Peat bnldlnu his own as a usher
nan at Uuiaril hay this summer I Is not
tuieriilly known that as an alt with the
muli ho Is I something better than art amateur
Tlie Lotus Club lies a large oil painting repre
n ntlne u woodland scone that teas June by Mr
Jflflronlnl 1nUni the Union League Club has an
other Many of Mr Jeffersons friends havo
erelvcd paintings from him and some of them
lave been exhibited
Tho season for straw lint Is supposed t end
on Sept 1 but by general consent they are play
lag 1 supplementary season this year Men who
aro punctilious about those things now say that
the limit for straw hats should b Sept IS As
a matter of fuel New York has for several
I i ears pat suffered snore from beat in Heptvm
her than In August Tho fall season doe not
enlly begin hero until October People who
lave the mousy And the leisure to spend their
summer out of ton eco nlte September as a
summer month that is most delightful tn the
country The ono humorous custom of smash
lug straw hats that appeared on tbo street or In
Warm the exchanges Scpteubur has gone out It was killed by
lRINfl1lS xvntnrEn IOOETIIKH
avTifonoDT asniovsLr uvnr
The Hnrltek Wm Turned Too Bora the
Chain unit Conrllne Ilrtikr and the
MiKoker Vfmm Throw Over os Uo Hid
The proverbial look of the Brooklyn Elevated
Railroad Com pn which has A network ot
routri to East New York Hay Ridge llldce
wood and WlllUmsburah was with It
wo Wllalburah 1llh 1 yester
day morning when the smoking car of I Fifth
avenue and liar Ridge train on Its way to the
bridge was overturned on the track Although
hurt ho car seriously was filled with passengers nobody was
The accident occurred about 300 feet from the
bridge terminus of tho road There are throe
stands at tho bridge station on Sands street one
for tho lat Now York trains another for tho
trains on tho Fifth avenue or Hay Uldgo
branch and a third for relays As tho cars
turn from Adams street Into Hands street a
switchman Blurts tlio train Into Us proper
siding prlor
Lawrence Ppellman was the switchman on
duty yesterday morning When the Fifth av
enue train approached fpollman n I oclock ho
set tho switch properly and the eticlno and
three cars panted safely over Chen bo tlrow
over his lever and us he did so tho fourth car
hlch sins the imnkcr ran oil n 1 tangent < m
another line The chains and coupling Miapnod
Tho ear rocked and fell over on its duo just its
It reiuhud tho doitintchcrii IIDX li iatclnr
DTiiH1 who was on duty WM writing I report
w livn lie rnv n shiulow on tils paper and tho
next minute his nillci seas shakrn by 1 heavy
shock 1 he car had fallenagalntt tho xtructurr
which the woodwork lied smashed In tho liidovs and part of
llio men In the car were thrown hlealeilr
plggledy In a etrurillttg muss acnlnst tho side
and for two or tliroa seroiidx there wax great
confusion as everybody thought the car was
falling Into the street Almoit tho moment tho
car stopped lioncer tho pas enecrs regained
their cumiKiHurc They rrrambled out to the
tracks and node their way to the station None
of them hid received more lerlmn Injuries than
slight scratches and bruises The car was nut
bAdly dninaKeil but Its position on tho trAck
caused n blockade which lasted an hour The
City Hull trains from Fat New York were
switched to tho ferry truck but tho Fifth ave
nun trains could not pass
Much Inconvenience was occasioned to pu
Congo on tilt Bay lildjrc branch but the wreck
was cleared ally rapidly and the road run on
Its regular schedule The ofllclals of the line
are making an Investigation
Cars Collide on the Iloboken Elevated
Two trolley cars collided at 013 oclock lost
evening on the elevated railroad of the North
Hudson County Hallway Company In HoboKen
Hudolph Hcnlrku motorman was hurt severely
In the nbdumvn and lees and unt removed to
St Marys Hospital llornard Huollgvr a tins
nenKor of 408 PalIsade avenue Jersey City
Heights was cut In toe face and was taken
home Both cars were tilled with passengers
The nev John A Edmund bHld to He
Near Death la ArllnsUon N J
The Hev John A Edmonds Arlington N J
Is said to be dying from the effects of shock re
ceived on Labor Day In the wreck on tho Sea
Beach Ilallroad Friends of Mr Edmonds In
Ilrooklyn last night received word that his at
tending physician had given up hope and de
clared that his death was a matter a few days
at longest
Mr Edmonds Is 84 years old Ho was on the
train which was struck by the runaway engine
on the Sea UliCh road on Monday evening Sept
2 He was known at the time to l > e much af
fected by the shock but the surgeons at the
MctliodK Hospital to which ho was taken
could discover no Injury and he was assisted to
his homo by friends He was taken ill almost
Immediately afterward
Mr Edmund Is I a native of England and
came to ibIs country fiftysix yuan sen Ho
brim a mvinhor of the ianis Street MfUtful
In Church In Ilrooklvn studied for tin minis
try and was licensed Ita n preacher He was
pastor of the Asbnry Methodist CLurch In
this city for several years lie retired from the
ministry KHIIO time Si 10 Since his retirement
he has lived In Arlington where he owns
ALLS AXIS 1icxics JllOHllfITED
St Vlneent de Paul NoeUtr > la lot KmlM
MUDCT > r Their Jr ni
TIe Convention of too St t Vincent dc Pml So
ciety was resumed yesterday mornIng At tho
Mission of tho Immaculate Virgin at Iufijctto
place and Onnt Jones Street A nction of tho
programme which fet forth that It must bo
dIstinctly understood that no objectionable
means of collecting funds hbAll be resorted to
V iti > among tin tlilnt Ulscussiil
What H meant by ubjectlonnblr means
akeil Delitfate Daniel A 1I00ro lialtlmirr
Oh bnlla plcnlrs and the like replied
President Kttrpatrlck
Delegate Hugh Ciayton said ha wanted to flnd
out from tho resident as to whether or not
the picnics Wero forbidden by the society
Picnics said President Kltypatrirk are
forbidden to members of the Kt Vincent dA
Paul Society More sorrow and tremble and
tribulation have orKon from picnics BOIHO of
them conducted under the auspices of tho
Church than In he Imagined
In the iifternoon the delegates proceeded to
Mount loretto Mission htnten Island where
they were entertained Father Doherty
AM Exetttnc Chase After a Pickpocket IB t
the Tendrrlola
Tbeophlle TrlponeL a printer of 141 West
Twentyfltth street was standing on the corner
of Sixth avenue and Twentysixth street yester
day afternoon when some one tapped him on
the shoulder lie turned and the next instant
he felt a tug at his watch pocket and saw a young
man start to run down Twentysixth street Trl
penal started after the thief spectator
Joined In the chase They wire rapidly gaining
on the thief when he stopped suddenly and
threw the stolen watch at Its owner Trlponid
caught It Policeman Wilbur of the Tenderloin
precinct joined In the pursuit and caught tho
thief In an alley on boventli avenue
At tho West Thirtieth street station house ho
gave hIs name II Inicpli Culbert 3d years old
of l4i Knit Fortieth street He was Inter taken
to Jefferson Market Court and rcmnndtd until
today to give the police a chance to arrest thu
roung man who tapped Trlponel on the shoul
der In the court oAlcers recognized Culbert as
one of two young men who were arrested cm the
excursion of St Josephs II C Church ubuut a
month ago as pickpockets
itEcmrrn ron irjr joiiixo jt co
They Were Hherlff Auctioneer Itefore
Irving W Bambergcr has been appointed re
ceiver In supplcuieutary proceedings for the
firm of Win Topping Co formerly dry goods
auctioneers at 03 Walker street on tho appli
cation of Illumenstlcl di HIrsch representing
Arnold Rchlff Si Co creditors of the firm The
deesrs Topping announced A mouth ago that
they had given up business and had been sue
enled by A It hazier At Co
They were hherltf auctioneers for a number
ot years until the election of SherllT Tauiten
The business was establlsbcd by their father
Vm Topping In IH44 He admitted Ms two
olla Win A and Henry H Topping to part
nership In 1H77 and they Hiuifcdld to the
mslness after his death lit 1RN3
Two years ago they wCro reputed to be worth
IBOOOO and their friends now attribute their
nlsfortuno to Invrstlnic largely In n pine prod 1
let company In North Carolina of which thin
late rihcrllt Unrinan nan Vicepresident and
Vm A Topping 1renldent
Two Troubled Women Ivldentlr Demented
In the ork1lIIo court yesterday MagIstrate
lammer committed Mrs Julia Connolly and
Mrs Anna riteltner for examination AS to lhelr
sanity Mrs Connolly a widow who said she
lived at HH3 WeitHevcntecnth street was found
wandering In Central Park about 1 oclock yet
erdny morning At the Arsenal she said she
was a seamstress tlmt designing women were
persecutIng tier und that she had nut eaten for
forly hours
Mrs riteltner of 224 Last J Vnrtyfirst street
was arrested on a warrant procured by her hus
band Itmlolpli tilts has repeatedly thcrged
bat lilt family trying to poison her Yuitur
day when an officer of the court squad went to
the Steltners home to execute the warrant Mrs
iteltnsr tried 10 jump out of a window
JUMPS from a Train mad Lost a Foot
As a southbound train of the New York and
New Haven Railroad was pouting the station at
USth street at 0 oclock yesterday morning at
the rate of about thirty milts an hour John C
toven a clerk 34 j ears old of BS West Thirty
third street jumped from the train to the sta
lion platform He was thrown from the plat
form and under the wheels of tlin cars and his
eft foot was cut off He was taken to the Har
em Hoipltal Htoven said that he bad often
jumped from trains at the tame place under
similar clrcuiuitauun und escaped > unhurt
Had eV Not the Terrier Bit Oae stud
Mnirh Two Pereo
A small Skye terrier created a lot ot excite
ment In Broadway yesterday morning It wa
a very little dog but an eleptmnt dashIng
through the thoroughfare could not have caused
moro hubbub According to tho police the
terrier was mad Ha Is dead now
Hhortly after 0 oclock the terrier put In hits
appearance at the corner of Thlrtyseconi
street and Fifth avenue A mall boy saw him
standing on the corner and the ned mInute
both were going under full sail down the avo
nile and Into Thirtyfirst street toward Broad
nay Tho boy was ahead and tha dog was
making frantlo efforts to grab him by the heel
Pedestrians who heard the noise turned to see
what was the trouble The terrier turned out
to snap at a man who had retreated to
the curbstone nnd a score or more of person
joined tho boy who hnd gained a quarter of a
block on tlio Cog Another crowd headed by
two policemen fell In lion In the rear anti
people who lived In Thirtyfirst street raw the
unusual sight nf n hundred or moro oxcltm
men and boys going nt a 340 gait through tho
centre of tho street to the front and rear of a
small dog
II > this time the dog hued worked himself Into
the spirit of the race and loped along snapping
right and left His Jaws were flaked with
froth and from time to time he let ont an angry
snarl which incite the crowd In front run all the
fn lur An old negro who got In his way re
cvlved n bite In the leg and nnonllng to tho
pollru three other persons were bitten or grazed
by tin animals teeth
When tho cried turned Into Broadway All
hands tnnile n break fortho nearest doorways
lhr siilcautlkus were crowded with women amid
children who shrieked I I when they HOW the dog l
II fllb u rll h oc tfr
amid tumbled over isle another In their endeavor
to alt out of harms way
Dlnctly In front of the IHJou Theatre Samuel
Ilosentbal 111 years old of 3H Attorney street
was selling pipers When ho saw tho dill com
Ing he drew back and attempted to kick It as it 1
iliishvd last HB mlssctl liy hnlf An Inch and
tho dog turning suddenly selrcdMlosenthara
foot Hoscntluil drojimd his papers and yelled
Iollccinnn Hear dim of the West Thirtieth street
station ran around tho corner revolver In hand
1 hi dog held on to trio newsboys foot but the
policeman rent the brute Into the middle of the
street bi a kick In this ribs Then he levcllw
his revolver at the fallen animal shouting to
till crowd to get out nf the wny It scattered In
ever direction and this policeman blared 1 away
Theilogelped I and strucgleil to hIs feet The
tt GF ol lIi 8
policeman retreated Ixhlnd a billboard 1 and
fired again this thin tho bullet hitting the dog
In tho held and muling Its career
lloietithal Has taken to tho Now York lbs
pltal where the doctors cautcrlred wounds on
tbreo of his tues and pent him home
tins ctrcv Irs STinnxo
Living In tic HlrreH with Her Children
Fainted und Sn > Arrested us Drunk
Mrs Sarah Clegir a young married woman
was deserted by her husband nn electrician
about a month ago and a week afterward she
and her three children were dispossessed from
tho rooms they had at 73 Taylor streot WI1
llnmsburgh Tho woman had no place to go to
and with her children has slept in wagons and
Early yesterday morning Policeman Nichols
of the Clymcr street station found Mrs ClcKK
In a stupor at Wytho avenue and Howes street
The children wore crying Nichols summoned
a patrol wagon and took tho woman and chil
dren to the station house It was thought that
the woman was drunk and a charge of Intoxi
cation was made against her She was taken to
the Herbert street police station where there li
a matron and Io ked up The children were
held as vagrants and afterward sent to the
rooms of the Society for tho Prevention of Cru
elly to Children
Mr Clrgc groaned all night In her cell and
nobody made nn oflort to Hnd out what ailed
her Wlien tho cell viss unlocked at H oclock
slit was so steak that she fell lleforu she tni
taken to I the Lew Avenue Police Court sho
fainted twit e and nn till way to court III n
patrol wagon n policeman had to hold her so
thct hue wouldnt full She ira Insensible
when the court was rewhcd and She was carried
Into the corridor of the prisoners I pen I
Court Policeman I Muldoounns satisfied that
suit was Mole and not drunk lie summoned an
umhulitnto and when doctor from the Kastern
District hospital examined Mn ClfKg he de
clared It an outrage that she hnd bvon locked
no III said that sho was sulTcrlng for the want
of proper nourishment anti wn not addicted to
drink Mia revised under thin doctors treat
ment and when she wax questioned she said
that fhe hail never tasted liquor In all her life
and that her Illnriss was brought on from sror
rlment over her nnfotunaie lot and a fear that
her I children would e tart < >
Miewns tikeil to thu hospital where she was
rppnrtid to he In n serious condition last night
Nothing Is known of her hnsliundn where
nixMii W hen ho left her he look along about
sup which she hnd saved
Dr Burnett Ilriind the World Htory IliaC
lie HUH Hepuratrd from IIU IVIIe
WASHINOTOM Sept 13Ir S M Ilurnett
husband of Mrs Truncls Hodgson llurtieit pub
Hchis In a Wafhlnston newspaper the following
rffectlo denial of n story originating In tho
New York IlorW that ho had separated from
his wife preparatory to suing for a divorce
I can only say that It U a fake out of the
whole cloth and one that Is I nn unwnrrnntabio
imitation or a mans family privacy 1 dont
know who originated tho story hut 1 know that
tthoeterilld attempted to sell It u several repu
tnbln papers whit sent men hero to the liou o to
see inn und finding what sort of fiction It was
refused to have anything to Ho with It Tho
mini rhi wrote thin story never saw inr nnd
there Is no more truth In this alleged Interview
with mo titan theist Is In the rest of It As to
Mrs llurnrtta return to this country I cannot
say HIT work may keen her abroad all winter
or sIte may come bock before cold weather sets
In She has her work that she has to follow up
abroad just on I havo to attend to mine here
That Is all there Is to this matter
1LAT flIp irtr rnoni OKLAHOMA
JL ITnnairar floe Father nay I Dont
Went Him
Edwanl MetJcer 15 ton of Simon Metzgcr
wIns runs n clothing store In NowKlrk Okla
homa was committed by Maylstrate Ilamnier
In Ynrkvlllo Court yesterday to the House ot
lie fuipte
Young Metrgrrrnn away from home six weeks
ago and beat his way to New York on freight
trains Ho had S3 antI n silver watch when he
left h tine Some tramps stole his watch and
Ms money was soon exhausted He was arrested
In PhllndPlphln but managed to escape and
tnado his wny to this city
A citizen took him t ii the lorry society rooms
Agent Wilson telegraphed to the lads father
und received this reply
Iliiu ohio to take cure of himself dont want
IMwnnllsa lirleht boy and says bos going
to hum to buiisillor
vor Kirriiu nr A SIOSQVITO KITE
Valler Itennett Ilenth nosed hr Ery
lixluo llevulllnB from llrlilllty
The will of Walter U Dennett n commercial
trncller was filed for probatn yesterday In the
Surrogates nOire TIm estate valued at about
1600 M loft to tho ci lilacs Acnes II liounott
of 131 End Klglit ninth street
U lied lipin reported hut tIm cnttinof Mr
lleniicttK death uns cryslpeln reiuUInu from
n iniieuiulti hue Mr hue tho father of Mrs
llcnnett said yesterday afternoon that Ills non
lnlaw > death was due lo eryelielan the result
of u debilitated condition brought about by
Mr Hall Calnei Iropostd Vlilt < o Canada
OTTAWA Ontario Sept 13 With reference
to the proposed visit lo Canada of Hall Calne
author as thortprcsentatlTo of the Society of
llrllUli Authors to discuss with the Canailian
incrnmitit tho copyright question tho Minis
ter of IiistUo says that personally he would be
find lo f en Mr Inliio and listen tip any state
meat he liiliiht desire to make but as In lull
iiuestloii lie t Government nlmply rsprc ents the
unnniuioiH voice of Parlluiuent It would bo
quito Improper for him in discuss with Mr
I nine the Mlsdnm or unwisdom of the hegisis
tlon putsed by thin Dominion That subject nf
dlscti loi > could bo bad only with tho British
Hay They Couldnt Get Properly Insured
fleece of Their Name
Tnor Sept 3County Judge Griffith to
day grunted an order In the application of
My or and Iron Kallnsky of this city changing
the last Pam of the applicants to Franklin
The uppllcanti In their petition said that they
desired the change nf name because Insurance
companies refuted tu accept them as risks or to
Insure their property on account ot their name
ending In sky
Moro Wafer for Ilrooklja
Plant have been prepared for the construction
of an addition to the water conduit which sup
plies Brooklyn and thus to give the city a dally
Increase of 60000000 gallons Already con
tracts have b cn awarded for maui that will
supply the Thirtieth and Eighth wards ot the
city si tilt an abundance of water
raiL rAsarxo or KAWKKK DICK
Or the Sudden rtnmlllntloB or the Terror
crib Kate Valley
Van f hC Knntat Cllti TSmtt
Ho arrived In tho city fnttinlay morning and
spent the entire day parading about the Union
depot U > the Intense amusement nf tho older
people and to the Itidcflnabto terror of the
chIldren He was man below thu medium
height and very slender His features were
prominent under the crimson blush which only
ha Indiscriminate uw of bad whiskey can bring
tu thug rhooks and nose Ho unru KcnUol
diamonds In fight
clothe nml horn I stern nn
but In a belt lint wits strnppod around his small
liody were several long bowlo knivesal least
thats what men who linvu pern nnd handled
such weapons wild they store antI tan or thirco
big rernlnr llio Ptcel of which glittered likim
diamonds II Is f aco was sleuni shriven ccpt fur
a long savngo liHiklna tniu tuclia whldi
adorned the upper lip Ills brad nuts ntlrhici by
nn itnnntural growl Ii nf baiter Mark lnlr
which hung liolniv his utonHl KhnuliIoM unit
from under Ito brutal wimbruro IOu llttlo eus
jicviHHl out UIKIII the vnrld
ThIs Individual evidently know eaton of the
travellers nt tho doled miiccreul clear of him mind
that they store afrulil of him Ho know they
worn tbo children Ho tried several tlmi to
frighten the growmu pvupli but they would nut
bo scared Ho wits gruff In hit cunt creation
and ho ordered tho tenders nf list turloui
stands In tho depot to wait nn him with n tint
vndo that Mns niuuslng Kviry titan ho would
rain o UiHd his hand would gn tn the hilt of u
minnie knife and ho would nliro savagely at tIm
little nno No ondcr tho I child would run nt
his Approach and tremblingly Biitiftcla up tu 1H
parent fur protect Ion
I nm Kawkoo hIck said tItuS Individual tn
those who n kexl his inline and they my Im
the terror of the Knw Valley
limit KawkiHj Dick lost his terrorlrlnc Iden
tity Saturdny night Immedlntily after tho Santa
F6 train snouts In from KannH points An
elderly Kcntlcnmri alighted friiiu tho train nnd
there seats anxiety upon hilts face nx ho Klnlinil
hurriedly al nit Kaukco Dick hut u In hltilil
and tho elderly erntlrmitti raw him At tho
sumo mnincnt Kuwkeo Dick saw thin vhlrrly
Kontloinnn Thn nxoaiiltlon was mutual kitty
keo Dlok turned alHiiit nnd Marled nut < if tho
dijxjt on tlio run Flue elderly trenllcmiui took
after htm and rnught him just outldi u
You rascal unld huts elderly Kentlcmnn
tuko that silt anti with Ills own bands Raw
kw Dick unbuckled lie belt oninnil hU nulst
end meekly hundcd It over to ito cldurly gets
Then followed n lightning anti most remark
able trausforuiutloii of Kuwktu Dicks aiipvur
aneo With one tug nt tlir lone hair the elderly pen
tlctnun rollewd Ken ksu Dicks henil of It Viin
tiers utioii wonders It was n wlxl I With nn
other jerk the old gentleman cot possession of
ICnwkeo Dicks savuKolookluu moustache H
evils false also
Tills trimming left standing before the elderly
centlemnn not Kawkfo Dick but a trimbltni
youth nf nlmut 18 ears
ThlB U mv son said the elderly gentleman
to tho amused spectators Ho ran uivay from
homo ansi I hno Just located him Now
young man said the old gentleman to the boy
this Is thus third into you hate pluvcd this trick
ou inc You come with me and If yon attempt
any more pranks Ill thrash you until your
Mdo raises nnd Ito humiliated terror of the
Raw Valley disappeared up the street with the
elderly gentleman
YE4N8Poir4xIox zv FLORIDA
A Paeknae Shipped a Produce Iteaehesj Its
Dectlnnllon as llve Stock
Vw > te Cincinnati TrUiunt
Cal M M To ip rt of Whitley county Ky
was biro Saturday having Just returned from
Jacksonville Flu Said bo
The most wonderful thing I hao ever seen
I witnessed thn day before I loft Jacksonvlllo In
the office of hue Southern Express Company
The day preUiiu to lie one referred to a crate
of eggs shipped from homo point In North
Carolina was received by tIm company nt Its
offleo Tho eggs were lacked l In cottnn ec < l
and had been thlpi > cd just seven days pro Ion
to their arrival at JackwimUIo
Tim next lunrnlnK when Mike Daniel n
clerk lu tho txuurcs companys ofllco wtnt
to work ho was mrprlmd to hear tim chirp of
young rhukens in tIm romn Mnklnv an In
ostliathiii he found hat thn chins ciuio from
tlit irate < if viZtf liirtcil lie utiiii utfifri
OKnlnK llio irate tho dlscmcrr wus nuda
that < iulto a numlxr nf the xcs hal lmtrhe
whllo many imiro wern l in plpi > eil by the
ynunK chicks In ldi nil that tIm w hoti crate
of OBKS eyes lu process of trinforniatl into
a crate of chiekiiin IVttl p etl let ensue
from dozens of CKKS us thn unnaturally
liktehrd youuzxtcrs cried for liberation from
their shell prisons
DanloU tisk the chickens already Imtrhed
from thi crate and iilncvd tlienvon the tutor
nt tho otllcc nhoru lucy nt mice sveut In I work
to pick up tile grains and crumbs lyiuiu 1 uounil
Dm cithers wcro left In the eittonet d imcklin
and us they brisk thor shell tlny inn weni
phrtcd on thuit floor They wre if nil cnlnrsj
black white llnw striped < SLc nnd irado
u most unique rollrctlmi
Thin butehltu was nn doubt dun to tho I
gemration of hent by lie t cottnnrcd which
Mas used for packing but whn would havo
th utht nf a crate nf iw traelllnit hundrr Is
nf mile In a rniuh jolting car hacliliii out
a crate of chickens
The Hallohurr Dlunionil
Iom f he rMltulcljhfti El tntny Ttlfgraph
Iovnov Auc 10 Politicians anti collectors
arc nllkc Interested In tho underfill dlnmnml
recently discovered and buucht by Mcasr
Strveter of hood street hUh is sold tn hear a
very strong reseinoanre to the Prime Mlnlsr
and which has In ronieijueno been chrlstLiioii
tin Salisbury diamond
I believe this U hit first known Instance nf
thiMllsomery of a dmnu nil which In its much
state resembles llio shape of u intuits head for
that tha Mono docs this there U no ilnuht
although a goiitl many who have ttn It full tn
trace Ito likeness to tlm Lord of Ilattlelcl I
mvo not seen tho actual atnno myself but I
liaise Its photogrnph nnd I must cmn I rnuld
not trace lie cmblunre but no doubt I limit
stunting In perception for Inm I told lint tho
members of Lord > nll bnryH family as well us
ninny devout followers of his political faith are
mmensely struck with it It li proposed that
nlonlsts from tho uttermost parts of Ito lint
sh empire shall celebrate thn triumph of Lord
Salisbury by uniting In a subscription tn pur
chiaso the Salisburydiamond and by present
nglt as nn heirloom to the Cecil family n me
mento of the recent electoral victory The list
of subscribers Is already opened
Os Hypnotic Experiment
To vita EDITUH or TuiC Suitr In the rmMlilifr
reports of the meeting of the MedlcoLeffat Confer
enee heUl oa Sept II Hit statement occurs that Dr
toward by means of hypnotic suggestion eaubetl AII
honest man to commit theft ant 1 that afterward
when the stolen property was fount upon th nun
be teii into a cataleptic condition that Dr Howard
In his account imluly adilal I Hint tha mans brain
wa he belleveil pernisnenlly Injured
The subjtetor pnotlsm li I 10 frequently before its
public smut yet Its slung is are sn little nallteil by tha
majority ttat no opportunity ouitht to he lost to put
tue matter in a clear hldiit I therefore ask you lo In
ert this teller for this ptirpn
Tlio iiueNtloim liimiMlittely present Ihemselrest
Vho wan reMHillflhl for lint I Iliiftir Vln > W iOl re
SIWultbtO l fur the Injury in the mind of tin iuymiutotiol
nan I IKMSIIIO t H > rooti respntiftlhlo for Died I iiiiilln
Juicy enmuir within HIP reaennt thu law 7 li It I I JUKI J nr
mUlti from a legii lantltHiliit nr n meilUnl mm lot
alnno tie tanilpulnt nf miuurniity unl Hit willare nf
I h iutuifluiitiit < rthemr t > nn tulu lirstu in fa 111
> unl tieil C If tlm latter qiii shun Is niunereil hi Itio
nirinntlie I what afeifituril tint alit nun uh > > U i niuun
o be Anvettd lirhjptinllo lUtfL tlnH > 1 luirrenlfkt
aut orltle un this kiiltjfet agree Ihct only u slush
rcrniagnnr not so llalilo
It I mav ho argus 1 Dint I In the IntereiUnf nrlcnee
hess uit rhneiitfi one rhtlit nn 1 fur mis god < nr nm
ninniunll U In other esor In Unit t II H xnnlile t >
clue isojilH in commit crlim nuit l ti lnjiiieittn rj
lunuily and morally If uul > tile lnteriil uf a i Icma
are trni strved
Fortunately the mnjnrlly nf peopv rertnlmv of
ho AmerUaii pfi ile ullliioer I lout iirln titus s mew l
anti In mite iiaitu nf himianlt I prniti inrxiit t
llthnilew llll I naive inllfriiliill aill Iledei t i nd i 1
etermliiatlnn to Ink inure ar In I the I future iln int
ai > ller ilin fact ami 1 ustert tlmt the mimi tr uiClit tu
lists tint lulle InveslKatiun del puliiiiii All niin
innor Ihnnu I alto liiiii neldeveil l Aiuiitiih In vetiiie
ml DixelaUy In medlal nUuer hut II I I will lu l > euii
cvii day whin the iiilitlt ituaii jeruitit eleiuu tn lay
Ids I he Innate iiinial law HU I for tln suite if it t mar
itnt In tO unIt ttio mural rojiutibihllliy nf uioi her
Nsw VCUKbept II JoiLrii II LCeU
The New Wimuin
To THE rnrrcm OF Tile tvvSlrt I went to a ptiU
lIe scitoiti tldi morning In fnltr nm nf inychlllnn I
who hail nocr hem In I Hliocl hire Ihero were
many parinls there on the sanm tntitOiu nnd I as
surpilicd In find us many father ai niuthert When
ever tflitlg wa ready It was nnnnuieed ihnt Ihniren
tleiiivu wiuilii IMI nthinliil ti mint i hits iiitu OtiS hiii
In K < > In hn lieis 1 ills it lIeu in mo I i i t nu er
istutiblo anti reesotuslitu usrruuuLc mint even Ihniuh I it
diii Pius its vriill iiin llrit ii ml Ilii I nrn ntteuilid
lulu Unit order but them ii in i n iiumbir nf Iulles
rrti nt who irotet5 attlvuul lhiiii > ihe iHejiue
the > > had iota itubusities tind ASlotutu
ltv Vuu bept V
A Ilut Dweller Hucsenllnu lo Inventor
To THE FDITOB OK TIIK hisMr Vliiiun r I go
near my kitchen t bear tiut step shalt sap of tho ele
vator ropes Agahllt iiuuu lllu of liii suit faemsln
inn thats a sort nf n primitive I si ayof tin iiuu e thlnei I
upto haul sal huiil nu n low tier an lumi
ndaof dumUwaller In uo now with lli criaiU
ncreued number uf Hat ami allan muiui luiuf iiiil I
should think there wailieri u Lhaiici fnrlln Pius ruitiuti
of sown slmplt rhfsii oDteiitiiit an I rrfet > o
aisles sit op utlu < ii ilumbwalltr H LAC UVMLLHK
Cblekens Hatched by it Keuluekr Nnuke
Iron l lie lisselS Trlbvnr
Squire John lloleman of K ote 1 ll > rty Owen
couutjr sa > s be found tha oilier day Ihul a black
nakvoo his place Lad haUhcil out leelsu l bicus sacs
ml wbea tie niaUv hU dIscovery the snake was carlos
for lbs brood with motlif rly love lt lays Ito tnak
would coil itself about the chicks upon thu auprvacb
of any out
ciTAnrrr nnjtMoyn it rrint otn
SMOOTH JlIMSKLt Jff III 11 limit
00 Hud niiohvyed III Mother and IllsJ
Father Had Tlireatenmt lo Pnnlili lllinj
Ills Ilsd Tnrnril with Dime Novel nn4
an Account ora Western Stays Malelde
Charley Itedmnnd 11 years old of 331 South
Third street Wllllamjburg attempted sulcldq
last night by uliootlnc himself over Ito rlizhk
eye with a revolver Ho lias read dime novels
for n year antI some time ngo ho raw In a news
paper on account ot a Wnatorn boy hnrigln
himself because Ills father threatened to boat
Iledmond repeatedly spoke to his mother off
thIs Western boy nnd often asked her why per
suits killed themselves When ha returned from
school yctlcrday afternoon his mother ordered
him to stay at homo while sIte went shopping
Mrs Iledmond hnd hardly gono before he joined
friend In thd street Ho left all Ito doors of buli
mothers rooms open When Mr ltcdmoil
cntno homo from work and found nobody In the
house ho was angry Soon thu boy appeared
and was asked whore lie bad been After tell
Ing his father how ho hail been directed to stay
at homo by his mother he begged for forgive
ness Mr Itcdmoud told him that he was gotur1 t
its punish him for dlsobodlsnco as soon as lust I
mother returned The boy simply said All
right papa
Tha boy loft the room nnd wont to his mothers
bedroom on tlio third floor Ho climbed up to
shelf and got bin fathers UculIbro revolver
Then ho shot himself antI staggered Into a hall
just as his mother returned She heard the shoK
and lund just asked her husband what had hap
pened when tha buy fell In the ball
Mrs llodmond ran up tile stairs and found
her son lying on his face with the blood oozIng
from the wound Tho boy told his mother that
be bad tried to kill himself because his father
was going to beat him Mrs Iledmond4
screams brought her husband nnd he called at
ambulance Tho boy was taken to tile Eastern
District Hospital The physicians said late lastf
evening that bo might die
Sun rises 083 i hun eU 0 131 I Moon rlsetBonkf
moil ieATttitTUll MY
Sandy Hook 2 11 IGovblamL 2 331 I hell Oats 414
Arrived TUCSUAT Sept 18
8s AmrleA Pearce London SI
M Kaffir PrInce Ojdltcti llio Janeiro
8s Kl Mar limnt New Orkana
ci Falntta KoptT Hamburg
Hi Antonio Zambraia KroliK nanUM
6a old Doralnlou Couch UlromoiKl
SI 1L F Ulmnck Coleman lln ton
Stark issUe ChrUtcnien Buenos Ayres I
Hark Ixittlfl Moore Walts BarbaUoos P
Bark havana Rica Uarona
tor later arrivals see First Pat
Lu ItSMarhusetts from New York at London P
Ba Prussia from Now York at Hamburg
ti John w Garrett from New York at Daltimon
so El Bud from New York at Xew Orleans
Bs Herman Winter from ilew York at Boston
8 < llerncbel from New York at Ilaltlmore
baLieuI Uendcnun from How York at Pbfls14
Ei Obdam from Rotterdam for Sew York paisxl
the Isle of Wljtbt 5i
8s Auguita Victoria from New York for namburg
on Scllly
auizn coon FORKOX roars
Ss Kaler Wllhelm from Genoa for New York
5I Crefleld from lirenwrhaven fur New Yorr
Rn ciermanlc from Que nstown for New York
M Mobile from London for Now York
mitTD ribs DOMESTIC roars
Fanny Cadwallader from Baltimore for Kr ii
otroor ETEAazri
Sail Tvdtiv
JIaU CTose r > u t c ru
Snlnnl rhsrl < ton a oj r > t
State of Texas IJruuswlck yuj p H
anti lbmorrow
LueanU Liverpool B00 A U 1200
la Tourfttnf Havre 700 AM 1000 t St
JierltnbouthamDUm 800 A M 1100 AM
ulila Irvimn 6OUAM M 09 AM 5
Amntenlxm UottenUm 11 00 A M 1 OOP M
VtateotSebraskiiOlaxrow llHUAM
TlinKala Chrl tlan ana 1100 A JL 1 OOP M
irsia Uaintun 1 OOP M
Ihlnplu ulaaow llUO A 31 1 OJ P IL s
Missis lit London
City of Waihlnston Ha
10ta A1L 1OOPt
enuxtteI lui luaSnaltiOi A M 1 On I Jt
rnlrrlilcp llthln w HO AM Kl 30 A M
lnn KllunUneks Uaytl loin A M I nil i P JL
Allis Kingston lonOA M 12 00 M
betaaaruCspu Hnjll 10J1 Jt a oo P K
fheUu liitlii Ou z ua H Jt
KntekiTlilf r No r < Iam aoo PM it
btratuirla Cape lotii 2 OUT M 4OOP M
racoxiso srmianulmPl i
Due Today It
ntllot Bermuda Sept 5
Pntiama Pordenux AUK 21
ffalitAtun Sept 5 1
London gli
Iai Suuttiampton S pt 7
KuiTt ithitmirebihluunubtur Sept 3 1
Menu Chntttiunsaoitur ni
Iiaeooihce Sept 10
Due Saturday Stft 14
Flirts Liverpool Sept T
la Havre Sept A 101
Iostcin I TtV < UHnft < a Auff 31
Antwerp Alic SI
Cherokee Jacksonville Sept it
ueSunint Stpt IS
rurusewisClsMnw Sept n
Clbralur Knpt t
drlnooo Bermuda Sept la
Kl Monte New Orleans Sept II
Due Hanttav tft Id iL
Km Hrrmen 6 pt 7
ilnhavrk London Sept n
Taune liverivil Fept rt
ltnrtMam Knttvrdam 3 pt O
Martollo 4 Hull Sept I It
OrUaba llavuna Sept 1 ift
lire Wlnnlnwn SoothIng Svnip for ohllrlr s >
teetninir sof tens ilia gnu imrwlucei Intlammatlnnallaya 11
pain curls wind colic dlurrtuia 21c a bottle
A thing of Bench unit a Joy for a season CiJJ
KeCAnun liats Alwomtely correct styles iioney i
saieiL 1210 Itnvvry ueir Spring it MiV
ANIirrtTHXKNAriOn Wednesday Pops
II IfUS lit tlu liar tIn I r O IMnlei Katherin
Illialirth ilniiKtiler of Peter 13 Knapo to Hubert J 4 a
Anilertnii huSh of this rlly
MAVHlIKIU TLTTIli At Nnrrasametl
Pier It I on Sept IV by fie Hev H E Csnnetl
assisted iu l < y iho lIce Jit Coolidge I I sun the t
Rev J 11 Tutlle D U Ilnwanl MansIUU nnd 5 i
Ndllo oolMic Tultleiljujhlerot tao late gluten
J Toll
3DX2I5 3D F
nitlinilPIiin8uiMenly Tuesday S > pt It
Ann J 1 llri niilUL lu her t3th year 1jl
Funorat vrvki > nt her Into residence Flinrre place
near Vroipecl av Irnnonton SAtunlny AUB It
at t oebwk Hlatlrra and frlendi lnlto l Car
riages lu wailIng at 3d av elevated elatIon 177lh
St until IV 13
tONMilAt nirahethtoirn Adlrondseks na
SPit II I Hewlett rjiUtonlonneU son nf Japan S
and Mariunt N Cniincll lu his 23tii year ttt1
rilatinn and frloniU nf the family alto memhers ot
Lnhnnhla CnlU KT rchnnl nf Mines clans nf HO are tt
Invllrd to atteml thn funeral services at hit late
iMdLme Hd Ilerrvpont it llreokljucu FrMay
K > it 11 nt U nclock In the afternoon Interment u
Ill ItlVASIn london I ntUnl on the 101k
inst t lui nU iti lllvil nf thlt city ace < l UI years
dvulitor uf the Ute Hamon F and Coucepcloa d
lucas of Cuta
Havana pipers pleue ropy
JlMlHNMIIVHspt II Henry Llndenrneyii
In tie II Ul year of hliugi r
Fumril services 1 rlUay Sept IS S p I Mat Ml lit
rtrldiuii ft i Citt 1SIU it luterniont liciests
KlnJH nnllt Iluworn C
irAINIIItnii tiept 13 after a shnrt illness I
Ikrnturd ucla edhuttianl of tlsrlha Ualmsr la
tlm lit l > fur nf liii ae
Futiiral pert his ulll lusts plies ci his restdenci
0 I li t multi it to Rundiv kept 13at 10 A U
Klcnlly QUIlt ltOieCFs
4 Wool it VN CTMITrtlY
A 111 Ill i so IT nn KT
oonjw Kr miv JTU wvuu jr
CITElV IIOIHi OMCTiltV Tarrylown N Y
n liurean at tufunratUm s Vtiuuis nut av N V city
pcriid 3oUccii
IU1411tNhJPi tAILll > i cis i
rnur nut prtiiiiuia nn > MU iiuardid in re inui
In tutf tulu klid tllittlir > 1 < I tjlii I r ni34incla
Jurulu only m bottles II rutisu n 1 triK mu f
1rw UtiUtfltOili
41Ithie meshing turuiMun itrHipaii r LOud perlixll
It eels fur ii b > llio liurriulluiial Srw l Out 1
W cud 03 lmaue st 5 t I 005 iavr sill 4 ilrvtioaj J

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