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U 1
nicittnn jtAXvtiKtn NOT TO
VIJL itIi nixrric
HrnnkUnK New Thrnlrc to Oi ii na fo
i r Olvmpl to lie Menily for
OprnlaR on Nor 1EnlIMh ouupe l a
Ulcliaril MansfleMs Illness Is real nntl serious
3 lit will not act nt the tarrlck until midwinter
AUizuftu Thomas Is busily engaged In lmi > rov
I Ing The Capitol at the titantlartl Davltl
0 Hdaco k I directing rehearsals of Heart of
l Jlnrylsntt nt tho Herald Square Paul Iotlir
U snItortl from London that Trilby In well
d tturtcil there ami will be let goIng I In Iarls
oon Marcus Meyer la expected from Europe
ii toliny In blow triimuels for Icorglana von
Jnnuschovriky the Vnnnerlan singer whom he
Is to Import Mabel Abcr ix i spiritualistic me
II dium tells Tilt SuMlmt the deceased Hartley
0 Curaobell hm dictated a i new drama to her and
that when It li prnducrtl within i month
a uplrlt forms will bo t mnterlatlzed In some
of IU cents Charles It Uoyt wrote the
verses of the popular runs In the flowery
but the tune was an old ine the copyright of
f which Is 1 still protective m Kngland A curious
consequence Is that while his words are belnc
4 unu In London with ItrUihton substituted for
1 the flowerY hewn tletamd from Introducing
the air Into a London version of A Trip to
Chinatown Kdwnrd W Townend Is to make
n play out of hU Clihnmle Kadden sketches
4 from TilE siux anil > l Charts Hopper may enact
niaMlt S > f Hwdwli Is to be exploited by n
Dramatist Club dinner The author of VII
w lon the Vagabond which OtU Skinner has
rs liriNluced In the West turn out to be his
brother Charles M Skinner The piece In which
Ii Thomas Q Seabrookc passes from comic opera
4 comedy A World of Trouble provides for
him tho character of an Irreproachable husband
fnlsely accused of gallantries Ada Kenan and
0 Oenrgla Iayvan were Idllnir in Paris at last oc
o tnunt Sol Smith Kussells play by Miss Mer
r rlnetnn present him In the guise of a bank
riuhler who to save the bank from ruin figures
far a while as n dissipated man contrary to his
reputation and Instincts William H Crane
I BIVJ that the new piece which he will produce
at the Fifth Avenue In January Is typically
American and contains a character to his ilk
Inc Knptlsh companies will bo brought over
Ps i for The Shop Girl at Polmeri and Hansel
and irrtel nt Dalys Lincoln J Carters
The Defaulter proves to be a dramatl
rition of Manvllle Fenns This Man
Mifr Lois Fuller who went away from 111
< irher ldrd and among but cot celebrity In
put is as the first ot the serpentine dancer
will return next winter and exhibit some new
r dunce 4 Wilmer Hushes In a fellow who
cacti frindulently represents him as connected
a with THE SUN and who sometimes gets free
o adml ion to the theatres but not often be
0 cause the managers have been urgently request
Ut td to turn away every person who under any
a possible circumstances asks for amusement on
ii THE SUNS account
I The adapter and the translator are to be
lt ebierved now In New York under circumstances
which throw no light on the question as to
which of the two Is less of an evil when It comes
Cl to outline a foreign work Into English Curl
eusly enough they are both concerned In a work
bj the some author Mr Meltzer has performed
admirably what he was called upon to do A
translation of the play was wanted and when
be finished his work as well aa It could
I have been done his responsibility for Le
I Collier de la Relne ended Deconreelle was
presented to an American audience In
quite the same form In which he cad
appeared at the Porte St Martin The treat
lent at GtKOlette wu quite the reverse
trenrge R Sims went at her with a club and
pounded her Into City of Pleasure With one
of the plays there was too little adaptation and
with the other too much If the plan of their
treatment bad been reversed the results would
V have been more satisfactory Le Collier de la
a Iteliie a French historical play crowded with
he irrelevant Incident that appealed tn no au
b diences that could find Interest tn its associa
tion plainly required to be gotten Into a shape
o whicU would throw forward its dramatic ele
so ments and fret the pageant and the Incident
7 Into the background It needed adaptation If
or ever a French play did The melodrama
t the Empire which is I thoroughly a
ek play of action and of powerful Interest
nd bc action for the greater part needed
of complete readjustment tn make It successful
as her Doubtless there were parts of It that
5 would never have been acceptable to Broadway
audIences as the drama stood in the French
original But that wa no excuse for dracginz
us ttthrcmtrh slough of British dulnesa In humor
to tail bluliher in sentiment Mr Sims did both
a these things with Ulcolette and thes statfe
managers are busy eradicating him at the Kra
pire v fast as they can The play is greatly Im
ca pmved under the process and with the eicre
04 nce of Mr Sims gradually Appearlnir Its
Ia own merit Is showing more distinctly through
The play oilers another Instance nf the mi
55 directed labors of the adapter and If Ie
Collier de la Heine were not In view to
to show what a French play may be when
in the adapter keeps his hands off lint the result
o doe not really ob curf the situation The his
tories play an nbvtouMy needed a great deal nf
ke adaptation and tha Empire piece a very little
that it it hard to sec under misunderstand
1 S ing they were rn variously treated But The
to Cltyof Ilea urc Is crowd ed enough with sturdy
1e melodramatic Interest to make It appeal with
II BBflnnhted success to audiences that are morn
Z inclined to enjoy Its kind than the patron of
or the Empire are It has plenty atmospnere
In otne of Its urenei and Interest In all of them
Is Vgth Mr Sinn expunged as much as possible
it ll will take on new strength
tee On no portion nf Hammerstelns Olympia that
aS TUI hold an active workman Is the workman
D lacking and so though at a carnal examination
re the new resort seems to be far from completion
ad d Mr Hammerstelns aSsertion that the catab
OS llihment will be ready In all parts for opcnlnic
en Nov 18 la not unreasonable He ought to
knorr fur he Is on the scene constantly In and
cat below nnd aloft At present the concert
till the central portion of the building Is
fsrthMt advanced and here the Interior deco
rators are at wurk on walls and calling
TII > floor Is strewn with big ornamental
Iaiter t casts among which workmen carry
lean and Iron girders that If drooped
Siiii4 < damage the ornaments badly As
the Interior fittings are done and all
rtiulir tiiiij in when the building Is prepared to
V ItcelCe too the work of completion Is sure to
leipfnly The theatre tn the south corner Is
Mtvft roofed and the rinse space Is tilled with
s UMm inxlne i boiler and hoisting apparatus
i lit thu proscenium arch Is clearly outlined and
s the auditorium the floor beams are laid no
Is hat tlii lout of the floor ran 1w rerullly fol
Mis n Theriace of tho miilc hall the north
ra and Inrgist if the three dlvUInn Is fllliil In
Pinch Ui iime way that the thitttrea mate In
it a a H holf iS I more nenrly dune UN roof Is
I WMV in i iilfa anti thu t decorations can be
vio legiin while the Klnkri that will support
the fto bilciinlin and tiers of boies are how
tine ir D Vhrn this I Iron fnuuuwork Is In
Jf it is Mr llHmtncritelno Intention to
JJJmel > c iBht work and kwp It up till the
< in Brooklyn tni filnns Montauk is l about
ami Ill opening Is nit for next Monday
iciin wIth tni Taviiry Onra Cnnipany Its
2j < nurdniriitnin < rung from male green to
mionfrtlui ccllliii I nt tin4 t luidltorttini the
Siiintuin ttrLh l1 I of ri darker ahade and a
untie pink relleviil hv gail shows ur m the
irniiy rrnut Then the finish nf the rlda
l cm i m nitulon nr tiipctr > Over the lawn
S iKVB I rur ls i a hamlsome sounding Ixiiird
tr nice liiindioitu decorative panda and
iJr ths lIke flur paneli aluiuear In the middle nf
1 ceiluIf ilK eetlig rapacity of the theatre
ram i MliO I hut the chairs are roomy and
thS Ir un1 the comfort of visitors is fur
thieb cnn5lgierei l fn the vrnlllatlng apparatus
tuthIntina ts finprehenilvfj and capable nf dii
I chjl4 I lhruuuui thu Ihfatro uithe warm or
i as thu iweut hotlY be
Ilt > J1fl
III by a fniilnK IMuiik and Tlilnk
I People TUrutv lMunk1 ut HIM
is i i1 lhlu i an Ironworker 40 years old of
43 2 > Uit
d cst Flftyixtii street was take to the
re be psvulixi at JleIieuo Hospital On Sept 0
u7 H ai1 W r truck on the licaU by a faillnit plank
tue Wt tftnCI unucuuu54lctu or twelve hours lie
in 1 tuke0 tu the iiuuulbou Street Iiopituii ccii
4 it iit s iIIsetusr Siticti that Iluuto huu 1usd
qnueeri iiupIuiirutti ttuist
iliti hr A1njg laut a Ititti truttui hue iOhiS
luiuujuitnig Vrterulay tutorning iui wife
Tteulntor iiuiocect1t ilopttai lii be exauuiincui
iip butt t w cciii they wouuut ientl uiiu to lielie
rtie lhhui uyeitnl aaylng that he would
o hoe > home aialt1 The l doctors refuted
Ii it L4udIkl lint to dischsrg ° r keep hint and he was
an balance and Uken to the
7 P Iiiun
75 sp aruuu
ill U ITs tu uiw samples of roVIFIt
14 i HelUlile t Jr eta Ilionw uer
b uL e4tiis ujru 41 suiel sad
The JCxA MMrmai Trisu to flay the
Mayor Hlop the Jlnmnce Hutt
When exA tublyman Edward Tunis Me
Lauuhlln of Jersey City read In the newspapers
yesterday morning that Mayor Wanier had In
structrd his lawyers to bring suit against him
for 160000 damages he hastened to the Mayors
office to explain mutter
Mayor Wanter did not reach his office until
10 oclock Ilefore that time MoLnughlln had
been at the Mayors house and at his business
onicu In Montgomery street lie was anxious to
explain to the Mayor that a wrong Interpreta
tion had been put upon the remarks he madn at
the Hoard of Trado meeting on Monday night to
protest aaalnit the award of a water contract to
time Jersey City Water Company Mr Me
Lnughlln declared at the meeting that Mayor
Wanner had influenced the Street and Water
Hoard to award the contract and the Hoard of
Finance to concnr In It Dr julmhy asked him
what Influenced Mayor Wanser and Mclaugh
fin unhesitatingly answered Money 1 ° shout
Ing It nut with all the power nf his lungs
When McLaughlln was ushered Into the May
ors pretence by Private Secretary Ncvln yester
day ho was meek and penitent He assured the
Mayor that he ilitlnt mean anything by what
he said nnd that anyhow his meaning was
What did you soy It for asked tim Mayor
I didnt mean It In thin senso that you hud
been bribed answered Mclaughlin What I
meant was that you were actuated by a motive
of raving the city money
That was too mnch fur tho Mayor Turning
to his desk ho tried to dismiss McLuughlln with
the remark
You will have to see my lawyers but Mr
McLaughlln was not to beillsmUsud so easily
He pleaded with the Mayor not to prosecute tho
suit You know Mayor Wanser he said that I
always admired you and believe that you are
clolnit everything for the citys good You must
not think that I hud any Intention of Injuring
your reputation
The Mayor firmly resisted MeLanghllns ap
peals and referred him t < i fits lawyers If the
MaYor Is i finally persuaded to withdraw the suit
McLaughlin will be required to make an ample
public apology
Tonb OOlecr lilt While Arreetlnc Biz
Six Chinamen were arraigned In the Tombs
Court yesterday on the charge of burglary They
are Ung Loy Foolc 40 yean old of FortyUrst
street and First avenue Jersey City Cbu On31
years a storekeeper at 11 Pell street Lon You
35 years of U3 Chatham square Len Ken Sing
H years of IS Pell street Lung Yu of Twenty
first street and Eighth avenue Jersey City Lai
Sing 20 Pall street
Thoy were arrested yesterday morning by Po
licemen English McCormick Ollellly and
Palmer of the Tombs Court squad after a strug
gle In which two of the policemen received
Injuries The alleged burglary took place on
Aug It In a Chinese lodge which meets on the
fourth Moor of 14 Molt street
The court policemen were accompanied yes
terday by Ah ijuong of 22 Mott street who
pointed out the men wanted Lai Sing dashed
through Chatham square half drra ed ran to
thereof No Ll and broke through the scuttle
only to run Into the arm of Policeman English
All Qnonic tin n nointeil out lon Kee Sine Mnifs
friend Iec Hal Mat a KAmblitruf V4 Icll street
promptly struck Quone In the face Juung and
Ma belong to illrTemnt lodges and In a short
time a large number on both sides were engaged
in a small riot Policemen English and Palmer
held on to Sing and In making their way
through thecrowd English received three lumps
on his head while Pnlinera hand was cut
English however arrested Lee Hal Mel
The six alleged burglars wen held for exam
ination and Leo Hal Mal was fined 10 for dis
orderly conduct
irno sTADitED JOhN MIY
DaarouIy Wounded He Reduce to Name
III Aaallant
John May a truck driver 40 yean old of 17I
XlBducn street wa taken to UiO Hud ou Street
Hospital early yesterday morning suiTerlnc
from a dangerous stab wound Shortly before
midnight he walked Into the saloon at the cor
ner of Hudson and Deabrossea streets and stag
gered up against the bar Bystander raw that
he was fainting from loss of blood and an am
bulance was summoned When questioned aa
to how be had received the wounds May rufuned
to talk about It Its all right said he Pm
not going to din and I dont propose to eat anr
Otis into troubleon account or a little knife cut
The cut extended for an Inch along the groin
and had cut Iny an artery Yesterday the
Coroner was called to take the wounded
mans antemortem statement When Coroner
OMeaitber want to the hospital May laugh at
him He raid that he wasnt frightened so
easily as that and that be didnt propose to die
Yesterday afternoon his condition had Improved
Late In the afternoon Sergeant Westervelt of
the Leonard street station arrested Michael
Churchill ail years old a driver of 181 Vest
street on suspicion of being Implicated In the
Churchill bears the marks of having been In a
recent encounter and Sergeant VesterveIt said
that Churchill was seen in company with May
shortly before May entered the alnin Churchill
will be brought ui at the Tombs Court this
morning and remanded back to the Leonard
street station
Brooklyn Salooc Keeper ComplulB of a
Church Wine Trade
Saloon keepers In the vicinity of the Church
of the most holy Trinity In Graham avenue
WUHamsburgh have complained recently to
Internal Revenue Collector Kelley protesting
against the action of the sisters of St Dommlck
In selling wine In this cellar of their convent at
iraham and Montrose avenues without a
license The Dominican order lisa a largo vine
yard In California and for nearly seven years
much of Its wine ha been sent to the branch In
WIlllamsburKh The Holy Trinity Church has
a membership of more than 10000 persons and
most of the wine was sold to Its parishioners
On festive occasion there was a great demand
for wine and although Its sale was Injurious to
the wine sellers and saloon keepers In the
neighborhood none of them cured to complain
while the pastor nf the church VicarGeneral
May was alive He died last February Some
time ago a large stock of wine was received
from California and then the saloon keepers
began to complain
Inspector James Qulnnof the Internal Reve
nue Department went to the convent yesterday
and found that the Sisters had a revenue
license but no city license The Sisters dnnled
that they sold much of the wine to parishioners
and said they needed no city license
Part of the his Old Fortifications Found
In UlKKloa n Hewer
MEW Onrr 55i1 Sept 1Cln digging the new
sewers for New Orleans the sewerage company
today struck the old stockade or walls of the
city nt HI James and Rampart streets which
havo hren burled fornvera century Very little
was known on the subject beyond the fact thai
under the French and Spanlih Dominicans
New Orleans or what Is known now as tho
Vleux Carre the old city covering an area of it
by II squares or a tulle long by half a bib win
Wks urntfited by walls tutu live fiirts > tile walls
running alonir what are now Hum part Ksiila
nail and Canal streets rite workmen todiy
funnel some heavy lienms and logs anil n careful
rxninlliiitliill PMved them to be thenM stock
sits or wall and of tar heavier proportions
than wn thought
Ihu Blockade was of hewn cypress twenty
Incite to I two feet In thickness hold In iKiililmi
with heavy braces rciured by live husk prut
The timburs were liiirlKl seven feet In the
Kround and exliTiiltil to a height of twenty feet
above Part I of I I Ii IH top had lieu cut sift when it
hiM eulynt won laid nn the sired almnu a cen
tury ego Tho timbers were In n stood l state of
iireservHtloii Nunn itt lime tony writers of
IoiililuiiH ulve HIIV nrrniint nf this stockade
Hiul toUtti Ii d civfiy conveyi tln first In thins
lion of Itt magnitude and stability
Content to Ioss Him sand l eep Ills llust
Ernest Oreile a resUurant keeper at lid
Hlver street Hobokcn left his wife yesterday
and with Urn SUOU which he hml accumu
lated In hits hu inri detMrted for Ocrmany on
the llrvmen ulrauithlp Lalin Mm Ureilu U
liotdkh krlenfd > hitm says atio Is contented In
carry on the tiusitss wiilmui her husluud a
bu frenuently quarrelled with her
The Delay of Hie boutuvrark
Health Dfllcer Doty say Unit the delay In the
clearing of thu SoulliMitrk on Wcdni > dav morn
Ing snag duo Ill his duputyn Inability lo IInd her
Captain when his signature to thu payers was
needed atsi there were other vessels wnltlni
for clearance the deputy hud no lime to lose
He went away aud cliareil the Neck r Here
returned In half an hour and the Southwards
Captain tinned the papers Thu vesSel then
proceeded to her pier
ITS AN EASY iuraiktlloil I c r iii us tOuui1
WOOIILUUV i < > rvtuus treaties Ian llvnl
uetsc 1 Wess dsLZi aU Ds wrIl
4 4
unit fiSMtxa rzKAnit
TtircaKh Her Connect Hhe Declare That
Hue I InpaecntofUnrder
Mary Alice Almont rlemlng who was In
dicted en Wednesday for murder In the first
degree on the suspicion nf having administered
the poison rom which It It alleged her mother
Evelina M Illlss died on Auif 10 was nr
ralgned befortf Jndge Flttgerald In the leneral
Sessions yesterday to plead The prisoner
entered the room smiling She shook hands
with her countcl Charles W llrooke and
smiled at Lawyers Shaw and Nathan who are
associated with Mr llrooke In the defence
When the court clerk asked her how the pleaded
Lawyer Ilrooko stepped forward and said
a Your Honor will remember wo have made a
demand for a copy ci the Indictment and you
ordered time District Attorney to provide us with
one We havo not received It as yet5t
Assistant District Attorney Weeks said a
copy would bo furnished the defence In tho
afternoon Lawyer Itrooko then said
ii Wo plead not guilty with the privilege of
withdrawing that plea and substituting any
proper plea wo see fit or pnttlneln n demurrer
If we set proper We would like our motion
heard on the Ilrst Monday of thu next term
Mr Nveeks asked that the argument ha fixed
for Sept lb IO anil this was finally ncreed to
I want In give notice to tho District Attor
ney now continued Law > cr llrooke that that
defence demands a copy of the minutes nf tIle
proceedings nf that Irani Jury which returned
tho Indictment I wnnt > i reasonably tlino to ex
amine the minutes and so prepare fur our mo
tion Mr Weeks said the District Attorney would
require that fortyeight hours notice of motion
be given In thn usual manner Mr Brook i said
lio would maku this motion on Monday next
Mrs Fleming was then taken back to the
irno oirxs THE LINEN
A Visit to n I nrk Row Pawn Hhop Re
Bulled In Arrest
C F Ilayllis a private detective saw a well
dressed young fellow enter a pawn shop on
Park row shortly before noon yesterday with a
large bundle lln followed him The young
man opened the bundle displaying fortyone
yards of fine linen damask on which he wanted
to borrow i0
The pawnbroker was willing to advance the
money but demanded a guarantee The young
fellow who said he was Oscar Hooker of 231
East Ninetysixth street said he would get a
receipt at the unction rooms where he bought
the goods Leaving thn linen on the counter
he went out Haylls followed him ti > thin Hrand
Central Station and saw hint buy a ticket for
Spuyten Duyvll
At the same moment Hacker recognlred the
detective as the man he had seen In the pawn
shop and he hurried from the building flay
has summoned Policeman Owen Conovan nf tho
Twentythird substation who arrested the tel
low In Vanderbilt avenue
The prisoner told many conflicting stories
about the linen He said his father Theodora
Hacker was a very wealthy man at present
stopping at Inwond Magistrate Flammer In
Yorkvllle Court yesterday afternoon held the
young man to give the police an opportunity to
InveMigate the case
Ural 5 > tate oralc JIlua
JQr Johnson Jft
5aturdacSepY I4
lteceltIohI 1 to 6 1 > M
at Morris Park to the liundrcds of
purchasers on this property and to 1
all earliest homcscckord In order
to make Saturday Sept 14
Complimentary Passes
is uld by order or Wm Zheglr Eq Is only two
nhues heyonI ltrooklyn and I rcacht by ui ilhtrer
eat rchuti iranlt huu Tbru r cPuuurtuu whools
stores snul hunuireuhi of huuue or ni Irprt ilelf
Morris Park Is thu ninsi tueuuuhltuh cnh heel 4eviuiopd
of all nuetrupoihian tibUfta TItleS tnurt
Map free passe and alt particular from
no Liberty IL N Y ant let Montague llruokljt
M KrvriitilPToN IIIAI II
lt U IMAM >
Halfacre plotifrontlntcon vuatitui k lUy admirably
adapted for thai erection or cottaRr fr alc at very
moderate priCes Matit and full iiartlcular from
MALIAY t 1 > VUS 44 IlneU
AIIANSOMibrlck man lon with fine liable and i
5 acre of land In lawn and garden at Iollena
Point L I overlooking the Sound will tell at your
price Addret U I u box VUV
Ural Estate orlrjroohIin
IN t Hare soil tlx In two weckt > lueit two
twoand analf and threeitory artistic stone dwell
Intct tn thehuhet and most h althr part of the city
one block from 1ropect 1ark fifteen minute from
bridle all modern linproteiiieiiti lot 1MI feet derp
TheM houet hould I H eeiu to lif appreciated Yoa
will look no further O > en dally Hum t Incinleil I
Park place between Vondrrbtlt and Umhliutou are
AltOMNii Twutlnry oatement cellar frame
1 home arranxed for two famtllrti is h room all
lmirorement new row of Iii 3 old examine
alwaytot 3lurah3O > quarterly interest Out
terst near Albany av
J 7lNK tivi > tory and baerment hiuuuu 43th ifZ
alxjre Alh av for two famlliH elegant neighbor
horsi for talg cheap alto great bargains In coruen
corner plot atil flat
CHAIUEH HEIIKKN 191 fltltav Brooklyn
S foSKSTOIlKSTai very reaonabl prlcct
The folio wliin house Norlhea corner VNth st
and Itch av nortnweii svd it aud 2d at and inn ith
ar between lath and lollittt are full size double
illogic ttoretfliT id av B73 lit av I3 > J Av I be
tween Klh and loll CtS
Inquire or reipectlre Janitor on premwe
hI4O lluy liet built new boils In HrookTyns
story ana cellar all hnproveinetn neir elevated
stilt ti Only t SfM > cash tmagiuli Tetu purr ViOL
SATu < lay tuuiiug front
Atlantic und Vuu Hlclen isv
Open Sunday
Sk > UMfl ISOOfMSll tuhanut on your own iurnust
5 iOVl onifcfamlly new frame houi > conialn
liiff I > erin riiom all 1 liiii < rnremnl < inanUl mlrroi 5
gLs fixture furnnc In icltar title guaranteed near
I stat iuuu ott sleet uui gus r u Uit cut
ItUIIKUT K l itAlic Atlantic aud Van Slcleu art
lral estate tot ale CouncrtUut
One of the mo t dcitrahle placet tultablu for a prIvate
liomnfor iiiiiiiner ito l or club houe vl rtu null SI
coiuiilet l > furnl iiil In Hood order nothing larkltiiC
or needed bgt tlu t rlsht urly tui Imy rich t < oop Jiuu j
my land on either ills there I live acres of ground
KIKMI lame baru Ice houte lit nuery and outbulldlnxt
all things alucuit lulace its line ordirl IShoali woodcut
for tuut summer a story chit a half well painted
tenHI eili l Wlih ii sell ttuliChIy ails er protnptlr all
the wok IVSou mortgage can remain If wished
Iltix 1SS bun Uptown Oltlee
IJOO llroailway
C1II tIatr or llt1CW 4JCI CJ
i1oR SALEOnly 8110 for a 6acr farm covered
ji with auul l near Atlantic City clnn lo rallroadii
Illicit land lu New Jeney for reguiablei unall fruits
Poultry c lilxh alit dry good water htalthy
iicUnUirhiNHl told on loitallmtmtt of 41 downanj
II per meek II I HIMEV Sll B lOtll tt fhlla
lEX AFIY N tJnttsnuts0ute villa piuuta for sis
L Il WlIV IIIKKIIV I t CO V7f Hroailway
JWtIttIIfl O1I r to et
If you really Intend leasing a flue fouritory house
W foot oiDcJ tij aa eilatei SJOOOi In the conceded
finest block In New York city West Stlh iU Call oa
IVWEIl corner Mih IU and Columbut av
TAKTntAllli I llolbtH furnUhed and unfurnUhed
U 11 dVlrabh location rent I luu lo snuou
FULSUM IIUtirilEllS oil BriMdway cor I5llh M
JOTII 8f ie KASt Sow threolory high Hoop
tO private rnldcnceunitary pluinblim in tjluk sit
private residence rent Itluu icen at sOy lime
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Select family noue Miltcn and inxle ronmt with
lialhi and toilet at modirAte rates IrmulcuU SJ to
8J tier day TaMobiwnl l > er week
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t f nther desirable rtKimt ad Improvementi ex
cellint boaril optional referenifK
it ST 323 WEST Well furnished drslrabla
tO rooms mill conneniencess i icell utU > ard table
board private house
utntizi aont pnrtment to rt
1at tilde
A PRIVATE KAHILY occupying entire house SPtb
Al it near LeitnKton cv L station in the rornpr
will rent ontlrs iscoisi Boor tu sulic fully urnUluil
tficltlKlre bath with board If desired rraM > Dablo
teruuts to ultahl parties
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other dMlrnhM Thorns all Iniprortmenti tarsus
rrasmnsile private house
l KXINUTON AV M4 near Btlth it Nicely fur
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private titUuie
OI > AV flJhIall counts nicely furnished lultabla
i for twii Ennilfinriiiony J a tsk
1 TH KF 344V KASTslnileauit double rooms
41Tit ST 129 EAST tfanitaoniiTy furnlhi l
MOrnntn parlor to fult chjtlclan haled luiDrove
niintt prltatc huiup reformer
J ITH ST wl KAJ > T Newly ami well furnlih
Vkl rixiins all couvtfulcncet for llfitit housekeeping
crusts reasonable
O TU ST I7 KASTLarKi and small room
OU hamltomrlj furaliilmt latent Improvements
private Atn rlcan ratnlly reffnuort
imt SIde
T > RIVATE HOrE En tulle or Insly convenient
I cart eirV4t nl near Colutllal Club Suit Anitter
darn cv three iliK > r i at
ill ST ST itsi WK1T Itooin evrrr couvcnleucu
L quiet house Kintlrrniiti relernen
Ol ST ST 140 WEtTFumhabcd rauus to let
a 1 I TH ST 3U VT Wlwren Mth av ami troa < l
i v > ny Furnished rouuii Iamo and imall to
rent miKlrratf ilflrahle tuususe
t till ST iiW SVESTNlce room bath hot and
k cIt wat r rissie boutc its nur refer cc
ST 2J 7 WESTWell ftirnKliMt rooms large
s and mail all inipruverornUi eictlent board
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1 I 7T1I ST ion WKSf Nleely furnl hfl large ana
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1 1 < Tlt sT K1 W ySr lnroalway 15ii ant iP
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furnished ooms Co ct
NAfAV ST llltl BTioOKLYS Tn let for Iliht
tiruCHilnc a minute friMii Hrldrfe rvnt cheat >
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JAM ST5OS AND si Slnttl wsrd flat lo let sIx
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seen in buS uipreclaut nut toni tit tu fJrL Apply
ti VVKIl on uremia
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I iuri ate hall nteam healed roinbliiatfon ranrfa
aOl I gas alive rent rmi < lrae JAM roll 4K tl l l av
VICTOUIA FLATS tlth I at let 5lh and
flth an nen > in ndbjtft hall redecorated hiv
rentt Jtnltnratlenlance W DoWNKS 114 rttti av
i42 Ulnulnnnr corner BM tt healthiest IOTA
lion In New York city rtor 7 lanf light room hand
soCiety deror ted rent from 5t i1 tn 4V 4inlyto
lanltir nu rim < e nr AllTUUK 1UUSOII
l 44U < lii > cubic nfl sL
Fire conchs miami bull hot and COM water rents
reluwt to S14 SI3 girt i Apply in atiltor In tae
ii < ntr MtrlllU OvJltsClf 1444 Jd cv
i7i KANT icau ST
Fire extra IaTi e riMim latn hot and cold water
h < atit hill remit rnluce ut l to 117 anti li Apply tu
Janitor in Lawumuemut or
Jjn AiTflThl noiBT 1414 3d av
Swlll ei llf > l 13 1AST Six room hall
he it I S mlii
auTII n1SUii W FXT Three and four rooma
so to U
VcusT AZO HTThree and four rooms
oii liii
KlVxlNOTilN AV 147 l477Flr roomt
an lain halt h itit 1 < i > frM
SOlID NT Oil iT lila and teven roumt
and tith st r l > at 7 olnfn
tOllMnlS A aii ro mtatssix rooms anti
bath > i > am li at ca n l
11STII MT IIVI17 vrMT Four roomt and
bath lam hut wa er 41 t and si
I1ITII HT IOV1O7 VKMTMx mobil ana
bain team meat hot i tier i lo M
Apply to Janitors on nniniwor l
MAI iV 5 IIAVIES 4i Pine U
C tOllSEK AlAltTMKNrSaienllllcly nrcproof
2A1 Kat HMIi at 1 Wil hutdl > u
five and six room hauil ontih tlecorate1
team heat ail Improvement mils Sli < > to STSn
Firm U J CAKPESTKU ilsi Mar 41 LIberty U
liEIIANTiIumlt iirnotii anl Uilli flat private halls
IJ near Cetilrat Iark a gtal l n llvluif In country
frooiStto < < at 17 l to iit last until it near 3th
av alnat 7i Kuit KHh t corner Park av 7 roomt
amt lath alnzl flats t at nt Katt iioih aL ussr Mail
touav9JM ami S4ft 4 rooms and bath btn at ami
Park av tin to din at iiilt to un 1 Weti ivntlnt
near M Nlcmilrt av 9 room ami bath dlnlnir room
Is I 4 Iii t22 accmllile front iMT whi re look at these
these am new lmiie
FltAMIN J BCHNUfiO 71 r llt llflth St
1IKIIANT I nix nn t Cien room flat iteam hvateil
i al law lIght roomi lK LhY 1771 I lltdUonuv
ILATH ANts AlAltrMtNTS uururulhed and fur
i nlmutl lu I 0si cable Imallon I rent MU to IMiuo
Mil I tlM 111101 II I Ill hJrt Ilrol ln uly cur 1 th tL
MltSTtl ASS apirtnietit n I tn ti light rooms ant
1 ttath all inMern liiuirDviMiientM Apply on pretn
lies TIlE AlKUIHi Iark av cur III h IU
8TH AV 110 anti 112 I f I heipel nlOt flats run the
netide several aparltiutit of four ruins anti
twttk Sill up new cnrift prlnn slid lalutlotf
baif innnUi free Inquire on premlte
1 ftn ST VJt AND 245 WhST Beveral plraant
I U Halt of 4 room private lenn liralrl ball
quiet tieluhluirliood rent reasonable oiioliatf tiiuutu
free Jnnllnr
1OTII HT iiaST iIi il7 U h bet ttt antI Kit ava Its T
a > dureil rent elegant flat n rnonit bath dec
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sTht ST N W corner Till av llaniliuini lists 0
M I mntins antI bttm sleuiratsit awnings < twrii > uiei
aud 3 roomt with ImiirovemrQU lugiilrenmcH VU3
W XJIIil hear Tlliav lilCKMANN
a J 1 ST ST ills EAST llround Hat 5 urge Iliht
> J riioini Si0 mudrrn linproreiufnta ti oft fur
O1U ST ain WKSTTChoke drcuruted Mats ron
OM tittim nf four riMint unit liath all Improve
menu rriluvnl rentals tn mll fanillle lanllor
OOD HT 14 V > hf KIVi Ill ils AND IIATIll
AM > IUTII OWMK t is I hhuflYSi
3 ITH I ST ana WKsfrlrttilata sinxle tteatn
I I liratfd II lupalu air ruuitis SKO upirard
al l tl8T h all < WKSTKlr four private house four
I Uro Unlit ruins reel tW with gas
U ITH M HU KANT lnni > and tmall rnonn for
Oi irentltin u or limit nouii kp pint from 1120 up
ward i all convtttli mti IM > cldlilreu
OOTI1 ST 41 AND 11 srSew flrtlclau e
iO room itcamlienlnl Hats J7 In 110
1 Or Tit ST VI MSI partment or three and
i tj four mimi all hullS roomt cheap rent
IOHTII ST DIH KST near lit avTo let iplon
1 OdiU lIst flvii rrxrnj each modern Improve
nmnlti very low rent lii < iiiroof Janitor
1 i ntlf HTT ftSO EAST near H4 avBln la and
I 1U double Halt remain Apply
lcs KKJAY Janltrmt
Co Stt for guitar gurpot
BUILDINdS stores lofts offlcri and studio to let
1 In deilratile Iricailont
bolJtM tiltthTiiEIli HiO Ilroadway eAr 13th tt
OUSTUS ST itll l EAbTLaruo store and cellar
n Iuiuim first t flour
IUCTH TO LET tu stilt any demand 11UIAND
14 WlllTINi a Heeiiuun 1
tliltc Chaurr
OlIl MINE new coo > erallvi plan Invelmentt
S 1 net Iiuti piTCCIII fIrst rr write for pnuuectut
Addftti 1 ft IULL Secretary lUtou Sew Meiko
UESfAUUANT Tt > LbT Threetory Perfect urUers
I fcntre of his SI UCui one iloir from Viiltou 1
lirnoklrn Hraniliatl ra t < > 1145cr Steam laid lc
lnun aid nan i us tu lurnUDrd reaU > lot Ludnria
Aff 7J ULOUU usC
tC8I tntc 4cr fllcoitttg
Lot HALKFrtilt farm on Htidion Hirer 100 surest
1 Root house shout iinoo tree < end for rartlcu
harm IU II HMYTJIE 44 PriKluce ExcrVanKe
Slrrtion 11otLcr
1ALL ytilt AN ASgMIuIY his rlthcTcoNvENrIos
I 111th 1QIE3IIILY hilBTitlcT
The Dmucrutlc electors vii the yhit Assembly ntis
trlut sri reJuentttl ii Inset In am Af0uE3lhhhi titus
TltlCT CON VKN flON for the Fifth Aemtily dIstrIct
of the city and county of New York lu be held at No
J Wt tIth Street Pn time 20th clay I or September
IHMatTiMoa I ock P M for the purpoie of select
Itif Ihm tteleKalM and three alfrnatet to the State
Ciinvcnllon heiil tinder and lu puruanceof the call
of thin Democratic lleputjllcan Mule Central Commit
tee which Convention will meet at Hyracuv un lh
limb day of Hupteuiber IHOS at I V oclock noon
iriiiarr eiicuoni will be hell at the following
named place In each election dlttrlrt for the purpnia
of deeming iron each of tald dlstrleuthneileleaites
to the Htth Aswmbly DIstrIct Conventioncm Wednes
day the mm day at September 1SU3 between the
bout of Hand oclock PM
yyUrln st ltf34 UniversIty place
2lJt Thompson tu KOII4 nth ave
ilill Wett Ifouiton su sitan Clinton place
4IB3 Wooiter eU 12lcil nth ave
bill Macdoutal it 8IMil HIM are
flAc DownlnK it p4gfl Wett lath 5
7SH lleilford tu 3a 7th ave
593 Mcdouzal It XBo Went lath tt
liav We t ill at X71RU West lath lit
10 IH7nieecxenu HHV04 We > t lUth iu
I 1217 Sullivan it 2UVI > Writ llltll tU
147i South Washington OO2u4 Wet 13th IU
aiiuare JIKin Mil are
Illus Kat 4th It I2I4 Went hIlls at
1413 Kail luthtt illil2ui Mhnve
iAl43 till are 54225 Weil lstbit
litus N 4th ave uai40 7th ave
17 7 Clinton place 3al04 Welt 19th IU
lb 01 UniversIty nUce
tilairnist Bhatriet Committee
PETE11 t P11ENIEltliAtil
Iterretary Dlahrlct Committee
rowSSfllBTlAVlS Zilitrict Convention 1884
E1VAIIIJ hi liAyiM i
THOMAS McKEEVEIt Secretaries
flAiL Folt y
TWEN ryrtiliti ASiSEM1iLV DlSrhtlCT
Tb Democratic doctors of the Twentythird Amen
bly dltrlct are renueied to mm In an ASSEMBLY
DISTRICT CONVENTION for the TKeulJtlilrd Astern
bly district of tbeclty and county or New York to I
hold itt outIa rat corner Inih it and Columbu ave
on tha xuih day itt Ser > ieinlr IMG at 7ao oclock
r JI forth purpotnof lelectlnit Three Deleicateii and
Tnrro Alternates to the btnto Couvrntlon held under
ami In pnnuancc or the call nf the Iemrxratlclte >
publican Sttte Central Com millie which convention
will ttut > t At Syracuse ou the 2 llh day of September
1iv 3 at ti I oclock noon
rnm ry elettlons will ha held at the following
named ttlar iu fmll eittrtlondllrut for the purx > e
nf electing frof i earn of aultI iIIIrlcuu fire lUletrate
to the Twentythird Aiucnlbly DNtrlct roniriitlmunn
etlnrtday tie Ptui l duy of September laU bo
Iween the hour of M anti II oclrvt V 1 31
ictti Ialihattati ave 2V XSvi7 hth ur
2lS9iht and lloulevard VI 14tt > t ami t3ih ave
3llOiI West Ilthu mi Went 141th L
V t l9lhu at 2 vest liat it
nat Manhatuu st vl 2uu WeSt 144th V
it tutu Weft UlHMt L7 MJ l Wrst UTjIh tU
74D1I Wut tilth nu ZHHil Wet UStb t
bN W corner IVDthlt ill 1710 Amsterdam ave
anti Cnlumbii ave HO 17H7 Amterdnm are
l > acf M Mhola < ale ilItuli Amlcntam ave
10N K > or iwutn tt and ajlsu Amttenlam ate
Amlenlam ave aa 3N W cur 147th St
linuilway bet KIOUl and tha e
and l3iet St t 31a ftor I flti ave and
IeOI Welt taUnt at 113d it
l32 7 Writ IlUt it 31 3111 Wet IMllit
14 ii rin < ent Hill iis luui Amtenlam ave
t32tie Sib ave 37V044 Amstrntam ave
utC 7N 7 th HT i 2175 Ar ttrdAlll usue
I7V4II Wett ISBtht 3J173th tt and KlUKi
laN W cur lUAth at bridire road
and 7thare 40ISMh 51 and Klnit
10S VVet lacihtt brliliie rood
207t Weil I lIst it 41 ttih rt and Klnit
1V60H alh ace brftls rosa
Chuairmnam District Commaltmee
Secotary DIstrIct CoChairman >
Chairman nf the District Convention Ib94
LOUIS F hiShtNitOlZ cv r a
Th I nmarumie t iu t it of the Tlilrli fourth At
temblTdltrlctar4r > eted to meet In an AS4K31
1I1Y IilsrUHT CONV N1ION or the Thlrtjfourta
Aueioblr dttrlrl of thevlt ami rountrof New York
to be held at y4tl 3d l ave on the tilth day of septem
UT la1 at 7 su oclock P M for the purtviv of re I
lectln Thrre Delegate snd Three Altrnnte ti the I
State tonteutlon held und < r and In pursuance of u ho
call of the iioeratlc Itrpubllean sulv S etilral
Committee which Contention will meet at s > rtcuvi I
onthaithilayif Septemlwr IsuVatUuVlork I m m
Irlmary election wIth he heM at the rollonlm t
nanuit plaint In taoh election dltrlct for the purpme I
ufeleitlnc I non each of sad illtrLt n three tlelcKitet
lo the Thirtyfourth Atwinbly Dltrlcl Ccinvriitlon
on 1 l uef > la > the 17thdav or September 1HU5 between
the hour of N smut i oclitck r 31
1Ullln Utare JtSuuthus ror inlth
2 Mill Ri > l hiltS St it and M ltllua are
atr KA t llnthst ti22il 3li ave
Lexington are north 74U1 East 134th it
weit cor 1 liitli ft X ry South IU > ulra
5I 1 hylvm pliu 3157114 KUI iUIH it
lilli Kant iUI It 40 I Hi Wllllare
7iH3 at I2ilth tl 4I1IIU Willlar
Hlt7 Kl t IStlth tu 4V i11 fast ltMh tr
tt tJ lt ave 4iitil Alexander A
luaoi Sit are 44 I7rt I Wllll av
11aiM I East lltllst 41Southiit cor 137th
li liJ7 xlnifton l ave I suit Sn lloulerard
1JNorthmat cir lasM 40200 t tIlls ave
it and Iexlntftoiiarc147 Jilt Wlllit eve
14iul I ash t 12ldU l4hM1 Will are
lVJI J Eat IV > > 1 > U Ml Hoiitheat Uothtt
l6 I V 89 7d i < e i and ltd ave
17 aJUa lit ale 50 Norllieat cor I3Mh It
IS 413 lt ave I nnd Alexander ave
fat I Kll IS itt It lAi2s tletandirave
iOi24 El l KMhtt 3VVSM Wlllla ave
JI VII I fast IVtHift 1 31 141 it it anti Locust
suOi last rllll at I are
Xl tiMi S ant tytuti I fu 34Xrtl Fast 143d at
yi 3nuFa > i IVtht S3 Nortiwe t cor 140th
2 I SI ast 123th I It i It nnd Ulllliaro
Vff VKIIV 14 ave 5us2411 lid isv
VTSlU T IJlk 2d aTtn 37 2111111 M av
nd ISJlli el I5H4U7 tat H4th I it
tVl Isst U7lhlt AUNorlhweilcnrUftllt
2UIi12 iat lilltl tU u anil Vllila ave
HO llt3 l IMrlt are 1PO3H3 llrixjk av
81 Nortfiweat cur I20thHl VMio si tv
Si and ild arc fllliti Willie are
H232 Last iwiih it loaNorthwet ear 125th
3JV01 Iark are i at ned limos are
34irlhwfNt cor 132dlt4 7H < FASt I llth Jt
it ajid Mtdli > on are oilcyni Itch limIt I it
audbu Iloulerarl
Socr tary District Commute
fhairmiiii of the District Contention laps
lillll I MIlCi Secretaries
I J iAlOoil
thL lilt IN ASSVMhlLYilSTltlFC4NViNTlOf
TltlltTV lIFTtt AKilltiltV lllSTltllT
Tlie lielnocMllc electors iif thn Tlilrn fill Atetn
lily hhitrict are remiete1 lo meet tn an ANNKMILY
DIM I Ittn CONVKN 1 ION for the Tllri j llf tit Aaembly
illitrUM of the city unit county of New York tobn held
at I rtuclii 1111 > out > iea4t oriierof I7nth st t mill tt t
ave on tlm tilth hull ofSeplcmlier lMilut7 I iil oclock
r h M fur lb ltiurPuii of < lectin three Ilelegates and
threealtirnaii loihestate Convention held under
emit lu I puriutncr of the call or the i lienukratle I IteiniU
Ik an stale t CCI rat rnnm liter Kbieh Cotit S sm lieu will
meet at STracuneon the 9tthm itS of Kepiemlier 1555
at 1j oclixk noon
IrltiBM eleillont will ie l Hold at the following
named piac i In each election dltrlct for the purpox
sif ehectl lug froiu each of tall I illtrlits three ileleiiates
In time Thirtyttfth A sautuibhv DUIrlet Coniintlon on
Monday Iho lull day of September IPU3 belvicrn
the hours of H aiit Uurlook I M
lN W corner I4htu tt33 N U soc Id aye soul
soil Morrit av liHHIi s1 t
HJK17 id ave mnlini Hotnn are
1lAiith it bet Court u7ltii WsstFuirtmis rest
lamlt and Melruw bbtmiitia i Hall Namler
mot hilt ave ulcer Wen
4 fi4U MorrIs are ml a er a e
of14 Courtlandt are 8W8H8 Tremuiit ave
tlUVtli it ami Fwle4u ITDtn 11 ami Wash
avi liiton ave
7Nuwtont Omce41 N K cor 173th stand
Kltrlnghiurt I Wfbltef is jvu
bb W car Union are l7J1 at antI FJtburu
suit Denman place at
BllRKik are and ISnth 43 jhxk at ant Morris
at I HeUht
JOIlbon 3d are 4411mllhh Halt ISltl
II I 1 mil Isst l3Zdit tt and Morrit ave
12l5l it an I COUrt14ahiIlHi iyer aye
Inndt are 48N W cor 177th it
Illurn Courllandt aye suit litt avul
4AUi rourtlandt aro 47Ikfk Hotel Tremont
15712 uuiltandl are ave Wy Farms
ItlI37lh it and Couit 48 IHTlb tt near Arthur
landt ave I are
ITlMatet grocarv store McKennat Hall 31
15151 it anti itilta ave ami Klngibrliii
IH8 < Courilanuit ave rraul
IV 7n < tKaill3 ihit Bu4vij Mare
80lUJd It sat Wave MMcMaliunt HallKlDjit
21 Katla am and IHStltU brldKi road
pss Wcor Inlituaod Ioehowiuj barber
Fort avtt shop WrUter eve
t3Nii tiDlon ave near Southern lloulte
S4 IUuu rt Park Free vised
time and Ilrlilow ate 33Nolans Hotel ford
235 W cur Home tt barn
and rmipect ave D Connnrt Hall Olive
Sdw K cur 165th l stand ave WIllUtntbrMe
Forest as i b3io Vales Me
175 E cor ItlOIb at anti Cuonibs iL Kluit
11 as bridge
2531 ave antI IBTIhl adWin J Itelllyt Hpuy
lilSaahingtoa aw and teu Duyvll road
loath am STH E cor Hlverdal
aoltallroadaveaua IBM ave and Spur ten Duy
at vll road
iillii Union it taSIibeen e Hotel River
aJs i car imhard sti dale ve and lttclt it
andNfUonnw SUVhrJrdert llutel Jo
hllfljl Kui 151 li ti iom ave
U4 Uitare ami Itlutliit I I
Chairman PUtrlcl Commlltts
BMRICIIivvrrlary DUtrict Committee
Cluirmiunr the Dlilrlcl convtotlou tUVI
JiittN C lid I
1 A Lu3iylsjgJr VIttaiiCi
lccgIon otLcci
The Democratic electors the Twentyninth As
sembly dUtrlct arj reiiucstcil tn meet In an AKSCM
lily DISTRICT CONVENTION for the Twentynlnth
Assembly distrIct of the city and county ut New York
tn be held at No 9 Bait 00th it on tIme XUth day of
0member h0Sat I 7i30 oclock P I M for the pur
Dose of selecting three delegates and three alternate
to the State Convention hell umlcr and In pursuance
of the call of the Democratic Republican Slate Central
Committee which Convention will n e t at Ryracnie
on the Jllh dty of September IHU3 I at I vJ oclocx noon
Primacy flections will IH held nt tin following
named pure m eajh eliftlnn ilKlrlct for the purpo
of electitiR from each nf sail illirict timers ilelealo
to the Tvtint ninth Axemhlv Dltrlct Convention
on the nineteenth day of September 1M3 between
the hours of H anti B clock 1 31
18UH sin ave SD7Ni Park avr
XI71H llroadway SII 1 IK fat 7lllh it
iunM Hth mice ilTl Eat 78th it
4lnll nth ave UJMlu Park ave
flbUt 1 nth ave J4illii Isit Slat at
nna I Vest > Mst 10172 Park ave
7 lMlth are SHV7V Park are
RDS4 nth ave S7IUU Inst 8 diU
W4D Weal fl7th at i7HF t < 3lhlU
lo Bail Madlton ate 99ilhil fust 811th 51
II 427 lark are MDlliVl Park ate
12lmJ bsem 37th It Illnil KattHth iu
155 KailHOth tt 82101 lust HBtliiu
14074 Iark ave hiI414 Eat Hlt IU
13I Is Eset 1111 at lii 1103 Park ave
lSf8 Park are 1131 let Park are
17 IHtlKAAt ninth It tn7l Ea t Bid it
IH4KEn HHthet 17 Iboulheati cot 09th
10100 East 7Ut at dli t it and Sth ave
ueonnn H TOOl
Chairman Dlilrlct Committee
n w nAnixjw
fecretnry Dtttrlct Committee
Chairman of the District Convention 1884
nroiwr n MUSDOBF i
MICHAKI HOCIIE j Secretaries
ib1ic otLrc
Puiilit notice hi herehyglen lust it ha the intention
or tht ommiwl to the turharutlont iii tile Ciii of New
York to uimnuu applleatlom til thu Suprenmu touirt for
tIle sppaulntimueuit of omnuuulsilonmra of Appraisal under
Chnptcr ISV 1 of the Lawn of letci
riuih Aptillcatlou will tm made at a Kriciai Term of
Mi < I Court I in I ii haiti In thrHouitJiilkifll District at
the ourt Motive In UMtr Ilalnn WpMcbMtr r County
on the tilth slay of October im S at IU ocitxlc
In tt forrnoou or no m i on tiiertnfter an coun
eil f l can IM lie nil Tie fbjf t of such attphlcstlon li to
olitunan rrilcrof the ruiirt iiprnlnttiiK three Ulnln
un tM ami roniHttnt frcehohlirs one of whom
shall ro lde In the Count of New York anti the othfr
lws of wlinm hil rtMdi In the County In which thuS
real mate hereinafter tln4Tlbf i is l ltUMtetl or In an
ailjolnluif Ciumnty its ComtnlMlunem of A MI ra ISA to
ci u > < rtaln anti appraHe the font Dhatlon lu IM tnal
to the owner of and all pfrv n InOrrMcU in the real
stzule hprelnaft tiencrJl > < l as propo trl to tw taken
ornitectpil for the rurisuse ni provMinjf for the sent
lacy protection of the sources j of the water supply of
Ui City of New York
The real estate muuht to be taken or affected at
aforexalil In I InrAteil in the towus if New Castle anti
tlfdlnnl > iichMierCnuntT Sew York aini In laM
nut ummil t JniIlcflt on A certain map dated Octubtr 31
18tf4 sgmut1 cud ecrilfied lu j Michael T haIr Commit
sluner sIt INibllc Work anti Utnirxe W HlnliAll Chief
KDRlneerof the frotou Anurdunetitttl Dtpart
rurnt of Tublle Work City of New York amended
map of laud In the Village Mount KlKO towns of
New Castle sit Hedford County of We tcheater find
Mate of Sew York lbs u or condition of which doe
or may Injuriously afTcet th sources of the caIn sup
ply of New u ork City propo tl to t > taken or alTfct
ed liy the Xajor Aldermen and Commouiilly of New
York CIty in provMitiK for the tumltary prut ctlon of
the Mntr ntUlly of mild city uudr the provIsIon of
Chapter liU of the Lawn of lHi 3 which saId map
wa filed lu the uufllee if the Hrglitcr of Ssanchestr
County on the lath day of August 1M > 5 and a copy
or dailteat thereof It now on rile In the office of the
CommlMlnncr of ulilic Work of the City of New
York at No it Ctiumber Street lu saul city
The fnllowInK l H lemrrlptlon of tha real estate
sought tob taLen or affected
All that pertain piece or parcel of land Icing la the
Village of Jlount KIset n Town of Hedfonl VRtcheiter
Co N Y delnnate l nn wild map as Parcel y and 7
bounded and detcrttxd as folio to wit elnnlntc
at the north went erly corner of the parcel hereby rti
srlret l which ssI northwenterlycorner Mformed by
the itit > ri > e > tlon of the easterly Ine of SlaIn Street
Ihlh the foutlirrly line of Carpenter Avenue so
calie l and ruunlug north SW dctrreet an inlu
utr 10 beoonda eat alone the southerly line nf
raid Carpenter Avenue J4V01 feet thence outh
as degree A3 mInutes IO wconils east 123
feet theme north iitf decrees 0 minutes 50 0
ond east 451155 feet thence youth 14 decre
ot minute 4i vond alt liill feet to the norther
ly Hue nfVAtrrMn > ttM > called thence south Jde
sir es li3niliaiti > neftt aion quIt Water Street VOXflD
fret thence South tU dfffni a 44 minute 10 Miotid
wist otlll nlne sell Wnlr stive JSOO feet thrnc
south 73 dfrTfeH S7 minute io etond < wet still
alonrf Kild Water htrect 3 2 HI feet thence noiith Mg
ttegrecy M lhtlUli ltt still aloiu iaI1 Witcratr
hun feet thfniff nnrth li 3 denne ifl ntuuten y <
nvfonds we < t to and alontf the easterly Itle of Main
street iJ34y feet theme north 4ih degrees 20 minute
VO KooQil west Atonff the easterly elite of salt Main
Street lti777 fft 1 to tne jmlni or pfact of r lnnnT
41st all that certain plc or parcel of land sing
In the Waee of Mount Klo Town of lkdftin1Wf
chp ter County N Y d < UnatMl on ald map ci Par
rrli M to IN Inclusive tHJumliM and dc crltwd a <
follovTs Ui wit lUglnnlnv at the northeasterly cor
ncr of the parcel hereby dracrttitil which vaIl north
raitcrly corner U formed bj the intersectIon nf
the tnTitherly line of Moger Avenue 5 called
with the westerly lino rtf Main utretat and run
nine south iO ih > trrcf 47 mlnntoi io tconii wei t
alone tajvl Stager Aroisue UTUi fret the ace
mOth 41 tleKrtr 34 mtuutea Jtn mcnmU wet
ntlll alonk cal 1 Mo cr Aenue 134 25 feet thrncM
south 41 ilcurrci 4 minutes lOMcond west stIll aon
ali Mrtrrr Afnu 01 frt thence south 47 itfurcti
84 mliiuim 311 Mci nil ts et lVlnA feet fhftice ntrtts
4 it decrees U minuter 2tl ti otidi east 4SAS ffft
theiur north 47 OexrotM Itf I minute east i2itim feet
to the westerly line of Slahmi surest thence alone the
isesterlv Hue of wild Main street thefollowlrc coar
and dttAittt North iti drcret l minute 40 second
w t 44 mi fret north 35 fctrrtes 8 mlnutvi p 1 0 sec
> niU west U 45 fret north 33dotrrc Aw rnlnuten iO
iveoniid wt iHVi fiet norlb 3lt dctre t 2 minute
so MHonJn west 1ft UU feet north 34 ileene1 M mln
utiS ill second wett V4 W feat to the uuiherly line
nf xnid Mottrr Aenue and the point or place of be
Ala ill that rrrtaln lilece j or parcel of land lying In
thf Vlliapf or MmiM KITA TOHU uf HeUorrt West
iileter County 5 N V ijlcnaf on sail nmpa < 1ar
tIi UMo its ItHuilrr bounded and deMrUd as fid
lows to n n litttlnilii at the tmuthea terly corner nf
the tercel huril b > dev rUil whlfh salt ftnutlrattorly
corner Is l formed liv tSp Interaction nf me northiry
line of Mgr ATeuut oocallid sn Ith the uett rl > line
of Main Street and running outh Ss ttxite 13 untO
ute HO pcond wet muting silt Moir Atenue tova
feet tierce outh 4X decree AW minute Su MHuml
welt Mill along Mild ituiger Ateuuea I YJfeet theta
north 11 degree 211 miuut lOnvoml I I s cot itfiOT I
fri t tn the ioutherly line of thus lands of the New
York and Ifurlrtn Kalln > ail Company ine nee north
47d > reea 14 mlnut > 4 4flit < ronil east atom lie south
erly Tint nf soil Italln ad Compnv 3MVU feet
theiKe by a dined line to the left wiunse rallu Is i
1 tu3M f fret nmt Mill alone tIe southerly lInt of sell
ItatlroaJ roniiaitj fV7 feet to the uiMtorly line of
Main MrtM tnetic a In tic the westfrty lint of saId
Main Smnet the followmc each emil distances
South 33 itegre 37 umlnut s 54 seronut esst 5tsg
foil ninth ii < 1o7rHf 7 mlnutr i0 nconli rant
lHMiv feet to the northerly imp nf saId Jliyer Avenue
ajil the iHitnt or lilacs of tnKtnnltiR
Alo all thAt certaIn tifcr nr parcel of land lying In
tht Village of Mount KlfHn Ton nn nf Now ttmle and
lied ford We to heater County N Y ImlcniUtM on
saId map as Parcel ftM bound and ilrsiTHO as fol
low in H it lUttlnnlnx at tot outha t rly corner of
lImo parcel hrrvby ilescnitucul t which Saul ftnuturaaierly
corner U formtsi hy II he interaction of the westerly
Hue sr Main Street with the southerly lIne nf Unva
htroot to callS antI runnlnc south W nVgre itt
nhmtra SO secunla st along ih weterly line of
alii Main Btrroi it23 feet thence nuuth U Heurcet
1M Milntitv art cconi4 east still along the wraitrly
ho of saIl StaIn trtet IitM feel ihence south M
degrees AH lalnutr yo pmmila east till along the wp5t
rrly lino of HAM Main Strtst 141 I foot thence north
tO Jritrre fl inlnutf cent > 34U feel thence north Hi
degrees VU inlnutet 10 fcerons fast 1HJH7 feet to the
nouthTly Hue nf aalt l Oren Mreet thence aoutb flS
dour e 33 mlnut4 30 erondt at along the otith >
erly lino of mill Oroon strict iMTl 3 feet then south
Pi iltiirtfI 11 tiiiuitviUi Kerondiiea t still along the
southerly line of aM ureen Street 52 Urt fret thence
outli ri Iu grims V immite lo I aeconils east stilt atonic
tnt mtuiherly I line Of mtil iroeii I I Street HMNI feet to
the witenl > line of ald MaIm Strretaud lbs point or
place of Irrfflnnlnz
A lit all Unit t rtTialn 11se i or parcrl of land lyIng
hut this VIILik < of MountKl town of New ru < ule
cithlrulu t r fount N Y ilnUnateil on taM man
its 1jirteU S to 57 Inclusive toucUeil anti described
as follovMi to wit
nglm1nK itt iionoutheatterly corner of the parcel
hereby diMrrltMd which sail louthfaklorly corner U
formed by th Inttr I ttlon of the northerly Imo of
the hlzhwn hdhmug from IUiinnlvtlle tu Ntw rtutlo
Corinr iviih thetlUlon lliiwl Ietwen the lanU uov
or formerly or Atua U O KUi > d and itm parcel
herehr ilexTlUMl itsuil t running along tho nortnrrly
tIne iii the above nuntlonetl hmlgtuuan the following
cur and ilUtHiicoai Ktulh aft dKre VO
nilnutei An ttfconlt ivest MH91 feet ruth A u > irre < t
ij luau uta is e it I HK Tfet aotllhAI I desire 1 minute
hull atvoiidi sceal h7i feet noutli Aituetiref > i l loin
lute vu elu ontU sc t ttCH frt south n4 dnerec tt
mlnuttM HQ Mfond we t tiiTh feet south > 111 degree
UK tutu IiIs to lot tiiil5 wCt 44IU I fret outl 7U du
trrifi Vi iMlDutt S5at t 7V fool south HI dcgrer 40
iiilnuitt 0 atOmutta > West oiu4 feet north 70 ilrgrovt
41 I mtnuti went iM7 I feel the net tit llg sushI high
w ay an I running mirth 31 J diXri a 5t m tithes lu I eo <
ciuUd si ut Ih i 4A Itt Ihrnco I iiorti U tleKrreit 0 mln
utr iiO Ktfttiiilt 5 cIt W4 0 frtt I tluititt north U d
yrees il niiiaitr wtH IiO I H frl tinlit south at tie
grot 41 I inMitti4 stat HiMUt t trot thrico aim lb
40 ttivrrti f > 7 minuter fl u set omits eSat DVOA1
feet thilico iMiuti 6 f degrrca 41 tiliautt 40
kofoittl us > at ti t M ftvel in land now or
ftnnrrly uf nald Anna U OnaiMxt thtmrt along
thus ittiul U 11tSS or riiirl > nf aul Anna I iuoo l tutu
futtowiii four > and dlitntuv tvmih ill decree fJ
nttnuie3 < MMiuiis HiHt tnUlfert I muth Itt degrees
t 2 umulli lutes Ill MtoiuU Wit ilfi ret outh 4 tie
gn ss 4U intnut iid Mvoud West tAJi ft rt south Al
Sn iirefr > MilnutftUi > i < onda cast t ij itlt feet south
ito tlcrrici VA inluuti M wvonU eat tUVH fret tu the
uorthi rly lint i > f tlie aliovi intitlloutd highway and
tho point nr pUte of uiilnnln
Ala all that rtruin lIme or parcel nf Und lying tn
tIle sills siC Mount KlVn Towiuf Scwca V eat
chistlor Count N V de iifi > atHl on all tunpa far
eel 0D bound tumid iusuirlwti l an fullon t to hit
flklttklnulntf at tho ouhfftft iorncr nf the pnroel
Fiereby iris rllMtl which raid tout lirat rorner It
format iy l the lutori rtloi nf thus itirthvrty Hu nf
IhH tlUUway heading fctutuu li u aiiivini id New Castle
tornrr with the dlvUlon limit bet writ haulS muow or
firiiurly of tieorkCt Vun Klcrck anti hue pared hi rf > > y
do crllHd and runnliiK her I o north 11 1 I slegrsa 0 nun
utos 41 MHond wrwt nlotij smuts now nr formerly nf
aid tlvortte Van Kit rk rtrt Hi feet tlvnre koiitn
HI I degrees 1H niliiutfi t5 el t Still alonit lan < l now or
fornirrly nf Bald lleungc Van Klreclc ylViA fort
thoiirv KJUth tm ilourio Sit nitiutr it ntHind w eat
frill alone land tune or formerly of sail ileorti Van
Ktefftv W 17 Itt t Iheiii MiUlh VrtdfKrur ftA nduuit
UU fttvond isal lUJLitarrvi o the nitrthorl lln uf liis
aboii lueiitlonrd hlxhnuy thenijtttirtliJiItgr 4H
hillsi lICe rant tlotjsf Hit t rorthrrly Hue of tall I milieu
nientlonfdliltfluu 1113 l tut io Un lute or for
inerly if said lleorg Van MitCst and the vwjtut ur
i > Urn nf hetfliinliiir
Alo ad that erie u pieto or pari1 uf laud lying In
Hi illaiut of Mount Kite i Tsumi nof New S oil Ia Vesl t
chester Iounty N V io > uiulr as ran Uinn aCId
map ltuilfil Mild drurlt > rd si follow a to wit
HjuiiiiiT itUn niirtsS it imnmers lie lulnel lucre
luy uiesurliot 5 itl lt sell nurhhuu vat iortusr is fuirumani
l > y lh itutunsect un sit tIn ijierly Into of Main street
m tailed wiin t hut livliuiu Itui I LvtHooit lsuuls l now ur
hate ii It Iittmarluural tile ars harsdy leecritmi
and ruuulnz north fl iiintws Ill liulmiUtes 40 scene is
east slobs the rastsrlf hI iii salt ham Street ltii7
feel tierss lisuimw set Slain btrs l aol rutunlng
south in ulegcses lii miiiaUtsw iii setutts east itS fell
timiluts outh VJ uigrt n 4 I tnlnitvs Ill seninuta
ttil feel Ii the tstuls nuts hr tale of hi V lstsnaeui
Ihnee sti rIb 4slegrv itt tiiifltlIe srt aleitij lu 1
tow ur iale of said it V Ltelaaiul lu lest to ls
public jotIcc
i 0
n trrlr line of said Main Street and the point orpUei
of Iiegmniultig
Atlo all Hint certain plrer or pmH or land lying la
the VllliBc nf Mount Kim l Town of llnllnrd Went
Chester Iuunty N Y ilo irnat < M HS rarer mi In lilt
Inclinltt on said Insp otiiulid l > and sliscrilteil its tot
hm Inwll I llciiliuiliiitnl thus rouihwuitly corner at
tb psrccl licr > Iir ilewrllinl vlilolmM niuthwenterlf
eunuch It rnrtnid by lime Inlrrxvtlon nf the M terlr
llneof Stun lii nest with tint nnriliorlr linn nC Slut i m
hlet tint Aiiiiur Kocsllril and ecu n umlng thenea norm
TilrirrerM itilnutts StSfCimilA UfHt rtlon time Caster >
ly lino of Mid Main sird mt fiiti thenre north 0
degreeS v nilniilps liii srcumU ivnt tlll alive tlm ea < b
erly tins of aid Main Street ISIMT feet Ihcnc
leavIng Mid SUIn Street and runttltnt roulh 71 tie
trenn lit minute 15 uronil east l 47l3l fpeti Ihrmsi
iduth Xil ilrurrei lit mlnut > svet Mod feet to the
northerly tine or sIt Mt i umth ll > Mford tvrnuii theists
slonir the northerly line or saIl soiuli Ilpltcird Avenue
the following tourne stud i > ilMai era North < 17 dun
trees IA niiiuiteii vo cnnd4 wmt htvv feel north 18
rRnirn VIP nilnuln west t nxliimii north hIP degrees
H4 tumult > lit econ > ls west ton Ill I feet lo thus easterly
tide or said Main latest anti the ixiluuir placoof bo
Alto all that certain plrre or pnrcrl of Innd tying I IB i
tho VllliKc of Mount Klirn town of lliirnrd SS eel
chcntrr Countv N Y itednnnifd on ntd i tntp sc liir
eel ins ImUbiMl and d urllvil mfnilimi to win
Ileiclnnthir at the northfAtterljr corner of tlmC oared
heril > dittliwd which saId northeasterly corner Is i
formeil by tile IntersiHtlon of ths wp terly tins oc
Main Street with ihs northerly line nf Klmter Avenun
in rullett and running south 415 ilrnrirs 19 nilnuii s all
secnndt wcitt atotnf the nnrtherlr Mne nf said llnirrr
Avenue tfiifil feet tlteno south 42irxrre4 fill mla
Sates vo rrconili went Hill along the northerly line of
sOd linger Atenuf UU2V4 fret thrnrx north 71
degrees II minutes 40 econU > chat cnxiilni
saId Avenue U8 us feet to thn southerly lInt
thereof thence north 41 degree 4 minutes 10
croud Vus4taIu > lig the southerly lino of said Avenue
05 frrti tlirnrx north 411 deKrtws MI m4iMu3n sw
ntids eat still alnttg t hn southerly line of a i4 Avrnnit
1342 feet IlKnrr north Ml cli utters 47 minutes SI 0
irccmdn east Hill alonit tin rnuthrrly linn of tald
AVMIIIK 67 Ml feet to th vrmtiTly line of Main Htreeti
thence north Srtdeizrirs 24 minute 30 itrcnmt Wi
aioiiK the wMtrrly Hue of Sell Stalls stmt 4V 31 fool
to the northerly linn of said Singer At enne and th
point or iilaccof bfjrltiiilntf
Also nil that certaIn piece or parcel of hand hying is
the Vlllirrj rt Mount Khts tnwmt nf Sew t astta
WoPtchcmer County V V ilrMgnstM ouuilil rnsp
a > Parcel 10U boundpil and dmcrltird aiTiOllows to f
wit It
IleKlnnlnir at a point on the winterly tide of lln pf 1 1
Avenu dltlant 1MB7 feet ftouttierlv from the toutr
rrly llnr of School Blrofl > o called ami running
along HAM tticr At > nutt alit MOIIK itMnpton Ave
HUB than rollowlntf eulmrie and illitMnccs South till
degrees Al minutes VI nrrondi M31 1174S fret Ii
outh m devIce 12 inlnutrs xo reiondu went IHai 3
ftet south Vilf I repR 4t minutes to hfv < mda cast 44H3
feet south 0 degrees 41 inlnutrt West VS30H fret ta
thenre liMvtnfr laId Ldxlnitton Avenue and runnIng f
north i7dfirrevt 54 Immhiulutets east 343A fret thence al
north ilriireiii an mlnuti sii ocoudm est l17i
feet to the easterly line of said Moger As enue and the f
point or place nf txginntn
Aliio an that certain plr i or parrel nf land lying In i r
the VllluKPor Mount KIMO Tonn of Nnw Ca < tle VikU i4 I
Chester County N V UcnUnated on saId mauasFar s i
celtllO lit 1 IWIwuudfdand described at follows
tn wit I
Itilnnlnxat the southeasterly cornernf th parcel l
hfr tjy dtMjrllMHl uhlcli nald ointi > aitterly corner Is
funitd by the Intertrcilon of the vrenUrrly llnu of
Moirrr Avrnue with tlit northerly line nf Loxlnictoa
Armuihs anti runulate north lUvrcei lIt mlnutec 4U
trcomla emi alonx the westerly lIne of talil Mutter l ci
Avinuo 1i1 52 feet thenci Iravlntr tM avenue and
runnIng north 4U degree W mlnuut uo seconds
went V4HD rrrt to tile lands nf the New York fl
and Harlrni Itallronl tompanr thrnoo south 4T
degree 14 I mlnutev 40 fcond5Ufftt along the land of
taid RaIlroad Cotuny ltion feet to tlio northerly line
of tuui LexlD2tou Avenue thtnce along the northerly
line of Mid Uellnirton Avenue the following counsel
and distances Smith 4n drcrret V7 minutes 10 nc 4
ends east M67 feet touth 47drsreet 30 mlnutrn 40
second east UV07 feet south 47 degrees 10 minutes
XO seconds east 11004 feet to the westerly tine of talil
Ilnner Avenue and the point or hluce of begInnIng
Aluo all tint certaIn Iloce or parcel of laiid tyIng be
the Town of Niw Cattle Weitchetter tounty N Y e
drilicnated on said map as 1arcrU hIS amid 114
bounilml and descrllwHl as follow to wit
Ilettlnulnirat a point la the centre of thu highway
laillmc from Kirby to hands Hull about a20 fsvS
toutherljr imm a tmall burying grouud > liuat on thu
easterly sIde of the above mentioned highway and
running along the centre of the ut > ovfl mentioned
hfihvra > the followlne course and i1lHtanc9 NortU
HI dPffrws 49 mlnntrs nn HH4a frrt north Bile f
are ii minute cast 12512 I feet north I iltere BJ
mlaulit east ISIltT feet thence leal In aid high
way and running north M degrees 3 inlnutet weeS
49111 fret thence uortll a drgrrrs 14 mln
ut s cast A2U7 feet thrnce north lit degrees A4
Inlulitea east 2db r0 feet thence north Ml degrees Q7
minutes estt JMQ feet to the centre line of the above
mentloDfrl hIghway thence runnIng along tho centre
of the above mentioned highway tSe followIng courses
and dlstancru Nottli liiknrert 47 minutes west Ifv au
fret north I degrees 3r mllltltrii went 1C0S16 feetl I
north 17 Ufffrcet ti minutes west 2S3 27 feet north 1
degree 22 nuinuteseat Ih484 feet tiorlim a degrees lit
minutes east Id1 ii feet north 11 rtesreen SI minutes I
eat W40 feet north 211 de reeaUSmluutos east H07T
fet tlienceleavinir Raid highway aad running south
fiS il ligrees a7 minute east 5407 feet thence south
0 iereea ta minute weft IBSU7tt feet thence south I
4 < hurt < us 7 mInutes nit 10 P7 feel thence north E9
degree It mlnutrt west 3e34 feet thenre north NO
degrees ft minutes we t 13J01 feet to thecentreof the
atlve mentioned highway and the point or place of
beginning a
Jiitnrtlnitn lncluili > In the prtwwllnjiJnxTlptlon
the parrels of land desIgnated on fcald map as Sum
lier l 7 14 15 in 17 I IV 20 HI VX V1 2423 Zn
si s1 H4 sri i w 07 50 vi fit loo loi IDS icm no 1
Ill 112 itS 114
Kaeh of the above mentioned parcelt It to be ac I
quired In fee except Parcels Nor lit 111 and 11Z en
elisei l within the preen lines on ssld map In whIch
Iirifix Not lln lit 112 the mttrett or estate eel
forth In the ct tcment attached to the map i < lo be u li
acquired Mi Each of the said Hircel Xo Ill Ill
1 u I shall be subjected to ami tiled 10 comply with the
rules and rekiilstlon of me Mute Hoard of Health of
the State of New York as adopted 31nnh IMh 1H W r
and amended Aucruit Ath ISvl aco y of which saId
rules anti reitulatlons Is l attached to laid chap
Tutu citmpii in < e with altO rtks and reznlatlont will
he tOnic a condition rnnnln with the title to the said
pri > eriy emil such rni anti regulations shall be car
rued out And maintained under the direction Inspec
tl < m ind suiNrtlpnn and to the atl fartlon of the 3
CoinmlMlonur of 1ubllc Vorkt of the City of New
York 3
In all caw where streets or hlRhwnyi are acquired
they will tdcrt open for public maid forever and
no change be matte In leciftii u tilth or gristle of tamo
lUfrrenoe I hirehv mads to the said map filed at lI
aforesaid In Hie onice of the ItfkliUr of said county
frr a more detailed description of the real elate to b 1
taken or sfTrcted
Dated New York City Ant lath 1005
Counsel to t i Corioratlon
No K Tryon How Nov York
Shnuld be read DAILY by all latcreited as change
may occur nt any Hint >
toreUn mill ItT the week ending Sept 14 will
dote fUuMITLY In all satcal at this uRtce aa to
ltuea S
bATURDAYV CA M forOEHSIANY persteamshlp 1
lulls via liremcn letter tie other parts of Eu
rope via rMiuihamplua and Bremen mutt tm dl
r ted per tudaliat 7 A M tar FRANC K
KEY KliYlT aul WHITISH INDIA per teamhlD
Ia lournlne I via Ha re at u A M > inppleraentary
1030 A ti for EtIOPK per iteanmliip Lucanla
cIa lJueemsmosst at 11 AM tor NORWAY direct
per Mrainhlp Thluffvala letters must be directed L
fper ihlnKtallai at II A M for NrTlIKR
LANDS dlrrct per toam hlp Ami enlam vIa
Rotterdam letters must lie directed per Amater ie
dami at U A M for SCOTLAND direct per a
tteamhlp hthlopla via Glasgow letters mattel b >
directed tier Klhlopla > at t P > L for CAPS
CliLONY and NTAL per tearahlp ustrallilala I
letters mutt be directed per Strathlla u
After the clotln of the supplementary Transatlan
tic Malls named above utMitlnnal supplementary l
malli are opened on the peri of the American Keg
Hah French and Herman steamers and remain ooen j
until nlthlutru mluutt of the hour of tilling of
steamer t sE
reel IKr itenmslilp 3lllton at t 1 M for 1IA1U 1 l t
HAIMIKs llriM also SlIKTU 1IRA1U via Para
and Manaus her iteamihlp Fluinlneuo ilettert for
other tarts of Uraill float bn directed per Flu tPt
mlueute i at 2 1 31 for MEXICO IHT leinthlp
Haiiiilii letters mut be directed per Habana
BATtIiDAVAt I A M for VKIORIA fr steam
situp llerhe 1 from llaltlmore t letter for other t l
parts uf liraull tia lernauntuumen usnit ltlo Januebo
hnimit lie uIlrtctrl tr iIrmuiuill I at S ill A Si
fir thItZlI and LA Ii41 A eouNrltles p r I 1
tftnitilt lolvrhiige via PrnutuiltticL ItahIa ant
lIla Janeiro ti liitere for Nnrth Ilrarll bust lo I I
direct d per inlerlilce i ai Si 111 A M stipple I
immary lo A M orMT CHOlXandSTTlUiJLS lv
fain hip Cirttilife I Irttirt for Grenada
Irlnldad and Tobn o niuii be illrected per
f ribt > e i at IU A M Ilnulementa
11 31 A 511 for FOUltKE ISLAND JA
SI UUA and COSTA RICA p > T ileamllilp C
Allis at 0tO A M for < 4MPntHE IlllAPAi c
shIp nu of WuhlnKtiiti ilelter for other tarts o
Jtexlco and for Cuba mult h dlrrcted J lee flty of 4
U aliltmton i at luao A M Mr II VTICUMASA
and tAllflANo per teamthlp Print F Ilendrlk J
shelters for other liFts of ueiuela Curacoa
Irlnldad llrlllli aud Dutch tlnlaua must ba t
dlretted per Irln F Ilendrlk at II I A IL
for NKWtOlNDLAND per tteanuhlp Portia at
tl A M tuppleineutry 1130 1 A M for VHN
i7l MA and CLllArOA also VANILLA via
iracoa per dtenmthlp V etiezuuha titers for i I u
utlrr pint of Colombia m he directed per at 4
Velieiuea at 12 St for INAUTA 11IHT IB
PVX vsrir OtIAVE anti AUX tAVFS pertteam ii
filn xnlnwle at IP JI for ISAUlA IAPB
luSTI HONAfVKS hT MUtt and JOKT till ta
PAIX per tramlilp Delaware at 3 P M for
IlLUtKlKLDS per tteamiT from New Orlvant
Mali for Newfoundland by rail to Hallfav and
thrnce by iteamer rlixe at this omre lUlly at H 1
r M Stall for Mlnuelnii by rail tl Ikiion anti i a t
thence liv sleaimiereisiii at this oflli dally al Haa Its
P I Shills for t tuba close at this ortlre dally at T 9
A JI for furwanlliic by tleamen saltIng ISbn LIi
iMjiacd lhurdai Iron Port lamps Ha Malls f
for tli > xen orerUnd lint ai > tially addret e < l
fonleiilch by ateanuer dial al this oflice daily Itt
at 7 A M I
hails for China and Japan ptr teamihlp Taeoma I
I fniiiiTaioina tIlt u here ilall > up to Sept at al
iisn 1 31 Mall for China and Japan ottxclally 1 fifl
u tdreiu > d cuily I tr ttcamhlp Emmultra sit China I
from Vancouver I closu here dad up to seut 5 It
at H 1 111 I ii 1 Mnilt for Auir ila teicept Wett
AuitnlU Uwall and FIJI IUtidt per at auttahip
Uluwrnt i from Vuiimiurer cite hero daily after u
Aim 17 I nml in to Sill > iat l n an I K Mallt fur
Aiitraha e sept thiiM for Wet Australia whlli
sre tire a rtli > u Flint > New 7alarm Hawaii
FIJI and Minoan iUud pr i teamhip 31utinwal
ifrim I > un I ruiels ill pio e here daily imp mis Nelut
It I at it ll I M IT on arrlul at New York
of 1 niuiiji Klrurlu with Itritlli IHHII fir r
Au irill SlalU for China and Japan tar ttetm
t du t Ity I t of lOu Ju ni Itt ifrott u Sjn iTinciuo I
iii I itt tlilIr Up lo Sept 15 tt 53tt I 31 Malls t
for linn all PIT tleuiiiihlu Autrsllt tlnitn San j
lraiirl i n I ilo < eli < ri < dally up to ept ISat I 4 tl a I a5
1 SI tnIis fur tli S ocI leiI t > lsmItlsar htu Triple i
hunt riiini San Knncltoui cluM lure dally up to I I
sept 2 11111 ti iu I 31
Trans Iaclrtc nuls are forwarded In port of talllnt
dulv and ilinnlciluliuf I roli > t It arruiiKi on H >
pre iinipt on of their iinlnterriptel orurUnd Iranlu I t 4
5 Ilsislstereul tmill hoau at U I M preloud lay h
it k htlii4 W DAVTiA sniiater I
Jml iimce Nivi York N Y 5l IV tsiS l
AOI KlifCT ruMMIrtloNEIf i rl Hli 1 E a
NO KMI HK > tlil I WAY f I I
NEW YORK Sept iiulir I i 1013 I i
4 TTESTtnN IS CAIIKD In ine ii ii rtement la
J tillIll > Illcord Xo VCH I lUII N V itt > Of tha I
tJileal puiIli auction on Unlr iay septentber 3
itj5 1 of luiiilluit tarts vf bn illutaa Slitla < teitces
Ac St liilllltJ 5 lmhm ii the iima it i is Uitd tueti by i tie i
fit if V i York for lii csututr iitlm of tlio Jerome 1
Park R ervur near KlnfibriiUe In the Twvatjr
fckrtb Hurd o the city i > f Nec York
UyorilrrofihoViiei omiTs Innrs
nhi I t1f lrealde4L
il > WAll > U AUliN hitf5I7

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