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CASKS ail ALL tlK fftDK
C l BAela OrclI nmd All orth Alleged Bonk
nmkrri hut HlnrnU Dliiciitredllnvr
A Tlirrr Men AVere Apprehndcd n Two
t AViirrnnCn Mr Lawrcaee Paroled a the
I n lnily nr HI Own ConncrlOrlando
lnne IVnpound nnd Exploit Jle
Ie < > llnmlliooU RenamE Yeiterdnr
Th c c5of thin oOciah of the Wcstchostcr
Hnclnc AMoclntlon and the nllvRtxt bookmak
rrs chi wcro arrested In tho raid tnitde on the
MorrH 1nrk rnco track Inst week camo up for
riitmlnnllon before MnRlslmte Crane In the
r ICX Market Iolleo Court yesterday As told
In nil wtN 1 several dnys ago tlio raids wore In
rtlkntrd by Iotcr Do Liter illssruntlcd pool
4 p ooin tiropi lelor who Iia4 publicly Btated that
I L h I Ii nn anti Annn ibm name I n
ilL IIIVUIfl U Ano rn
a long i as ho I can to revenge himself I on them
fu closing up the pool rooms In this city
A peculiar feature of tho raid which hid not
been noticed before cropped out yesterday and
< hud the defendants cnrcd tocompllratematters
they might have taken advantage of It I was
tint Judges Hobert W Simmons and Clarence
K McDowell and Clerk of the Scales C J FILz
eicriild had been arrested on two warrants
calling for tho apprehension of John Doe and
Hiolmrd Hoe The warrants called for two men
el Acting inspector McCullagh In hli an del
I to corral every oftlclal at the track made three
I arrots on them As both Judges and tho clerk
of the joules were discharged from custody
thnrlly after tho proceedings began yesterday
nothing wits said about the matter but when
his error nas pointed out to Inspector McCul
lach ho looked ery much annoyed but declined
to make any explanation
The examination yesterday was set down for
H oclock but long before that time tho stuffy
court room nas crowded with turf men and law
yers n hit are Interested In the outcome of the
pre > seiit raec Tho future of racing In this State
iii 1 > uid very largely on tIm decisions made as a
result of these raids The racing men looked i
I very uncomfortable In tho small court room
and when the case of President Samuel 11 Law
rence of the Westchester Haclng Association
was called there w ui a sigh of relief from all
Lawyers SteinhArdt and Lehmann appeared
fur the prosecution while tho track officials
l ere represented br Lawyers Auerbach nnd
Davlcs KxDistrlct Attorney Nlcoll appeared
4 a for the alleged bookmakers
These were the prisoners who responded when
the cases were ale Samuel 1 Lawrence
W Slmmom Clarence E McDowell
Kobert Rimmoll nco lcDowel C
I J Fitzgerald Isaac Thompson Perch Nagle
John Naglr Orlando Jones Sigmund Ashmann
icorge Kuiuctnau William Snow Alexander
Mclntre Henry Davis Joseph bturgls
Villllam 1 David Henry Stoker Ralph Hart
and ieorcP W Marks
Imrer > < Inliardt opened the proceedings by
ninvlnir thedlmlsal of the ca es against Judges
Mnituois < nd McDowell nnd Clerk of the Scales
Fitzgerald He explained his action by sa Ing
tint although they wero Implicated In the
lottery he diet not wish t proceed against them
at tuc present time Maglstrae Crane there
upon discharged all three men
Lawyer Davies then suggested to the Court
that the best nnd easiest way to settle matters
b vvisto hold President Lawrence und all of the
Mleced bookmakers for examination Lawyer
Melntmrdl opposed this method of raving trou
ble until Mr Nicoll got tip and said that Orlan
do Jones waa willing to admit that he made bets
al Morris Park and that he had made records of
the saIn In a memorandum book This said
Air Nlcoll Mr Jones was willing to do In order
that 0 thorough ten might be made of the orer
Will counsel for Mr I Hwrence admit that
bets were made at Morris Park with his knowledge I
dle and approval asked Mr Steinhardt
Ccrtanly not said Mr Davles Then
turning to the Court he sold that President
Lawrences ease ought to tw disposed of at Oleo
On three of the charges running a lottery wliU
John Doe and Hlchard Pee In violation of sec
tion 323 of the Penal Code registering a bet
with regard to the Withers stakes In violation
bf section Hoi and conducting unlawful races
in tbeclty he said ho would waive examina
tion while on the fourth that of permitting
bookmaking on the grounds of the V estchester
Haclng Association he was readv t proceed at
d anytime As 1 was thought advisable togo
into the cases of the aliened bookmakers Im
J mediately Magistrate Crane paroled Mr Law
lence In the cuUxlv of his counsel
After coniidnrnble wrangling Lawyer Stein
bardt agreed to Mr OnvlcVs scheme to test the
law by holding an examination in the emu of
I lone nail Detective James J liuerln who ar
I rested lonc was called to the stan He was
armed with tho books And bull paraphernalia
I to it don lore sat the time of his arrest and It
nH aLTecl between counsel that his testimony
ihould bcemhollcd In an affidavit which should
form tlm complaint against Jones
liuerln then paid that on the day of the raid
he hdue en Jotes standing In the betting ring
of he 1 Morris Park race track talking to a man
named turgts At tho request of Mr Nlcoll he
cu meed tie term betting ring to space un
der the grind Mand and tho same change was
ordered malt on the record
Hu had watched Jones for about twenty
mlniitK hi aid and had wen two men ap
prnifh nnd ixnk to him len Jones 4urned
and kptike to ttirgls and Sturgls made fh entry
on a honk whlcli liiierln said ho believed to m >
an etitrv on the hook In court which read 40
t 10 henry of Vuvnrre
t iniirinild that ho didnt hear what Jones
I Sturcl or the two men said and then ho left
auvcrSlHinhanlt I rcmurkcd that bo didnt
see how a efte could b made out against Jones
l cu that idince A lunch better one he said
could tm nindu aualnst Sturgis and he thought
It would bo a gncd cheme to put Sturgls In
1 Joness olicc Another long wrangle followed
Rttirtt l 6 lawyer maintaining there was nothing
a to show that hei had made or recorded beta on
thu day uf his arrest Then a book was pro
duced which had been found on Sturgis on Jo
3 lay of the raid and II WAS finally agreed that
I Stnrzls should bo the victim Mr Jones was
then called to the stand by Steinhardt an net
which cauxxl Mr Nlcoll to point out to Mr
Sulnhnrdt that there was no way of compelling
1 Jonei to ppcak antI that on the advice of coun
sel ne would decline to answer any questions
Tho proecutlnr lawyer thereupon read a sec
tion of tho Penal Code which ho said compelled
Jones to testify and as Magistrate Crane up
held him Jones was told to answer all questions
Jones torn took the book and described all the
f gures and records It and explained candidly
what I all meant He read aloud tho names of
his clients
In rrii mso to questions by Lawyer Stein
hardt he I wild that he thought he knew what
bookiuaklng meant On being pressed for I de
tailed explanation of his understanding of the
biijlrenb he said that It meant thin registering
nf Irs I and the exchanging of cards or tokens
for mono Mr Stelnhurdtannnnnced that that
was ma his Idea of tho business at all where
I upon Mr Nlcoll suggested that he call Peter De
IJ cy an an expert Sir Steinhardt said that he
Qldn t think Do Lucy made a book now
A number of cards bearing the names of
horses and tho weIghts assigned 1 to them were
tin n put In evidence Jones testllleil that every
one nn tho track carried these cards for reference
Robert Pmkerton then testified that the law
had Lien obeyed to the lellle Morris Park
and MnuUtrato Crane ended matters by carol
ing Muffin to await the action of tho Grand
Jurv 1 acton
After a consultation between counsel the
fourth i harge ngrilnst President Lawrence was
di mstI and so there will b nocxamluatton at
all In his case wi
laujer Davles asked lawyer htclnhardt
i viiHihir there would bu any more raids on Mor
k T Park nnd that law er replied that as far as
4 1 hi I na concerned there would not be
ln 1 > in tor lrIIh11 i I rtspnnn to the same
J ntie lion said I hat ho couldnt I I I what he n ould
Ho an ho simply acted under the orders of his
Mjpcrnrs slrIY I did not think though he said
that there would bo any more Interference
Itltr Dei IJICVH man made a band book lt the
entrance to III Park How eterday the Ull
HMra vool room being closed for the present
AntbiHly known to Ie IacjH repremntatlvo
fniind notroublo In betting I the money he
db nnntid The police seemed 1 100 blind I In 1 the
o Iellll of 11 Park row
11x1 in jnritiiir ix < JUUKn
llm Iop or III TrlBKer rinar Tnt O Tby
ii Illcycle tbuln
While Kdgnrillhbtt Murphy the wellknown
amiiUnr wing hot all connldered by many the
hit pigiun fchooter in America was cleaning
his bicycle al his home In Hollywood N J on
iNitiirdu night hU right hand caught between
the cliaui md cog which was being revolved
by hit brother Walter and the nail and top of
1H lore Ir I rhner linger on hi right hand was
lilt olf as cleanly I I Inler I It had been doua by a
Mr Murphy accompanied by his brother has
temdlo DrJVtton Broadway lonu llraneli
01 lra II I
car > lug I the upper Irollf Injured linger
1 with hum Dr West ttruseih the Injiind mom
I r bet nni at the sometime Itut effort bvlng made
A jograit I the upmr portion on again I un tier
I tlii one ration wii I bo nmce rul or not will I nut
t iw Kiown lir sonic eels el Mr jurh > vu s
IUt aniiinii loih wI1 nt tuna > liidi > iiiul his
I frhlt rHII I wj also track wini ghot said
that II thought that llm accident would not
permiin ml Interfere with Murph hojtitiS I
Inlrrrro lh htl
ir loulh 1 J la might Rave l to bive it up for P uionlU t j
IJIUN Attn rovxo oar fro
Mpnr Tel Ronnd n t the New I A C
Itnntnm nit hoed
The programme of boxing at the New Man I
hattan A U last night railed hoP of a flstlo
feast which were hardly real I fed The advance
notices led patrons of the port to believe that
In the tenround bout between leorgo Dixon and
Young info they wuild find nOlonly the acme of
slonco but 1 decisive clue as to the relative
merits of the clever pair As n result members
tickets at S3 stud guests tickets at 1 were
snapped up with alacrity and b 8130 oclock
Blapr UI
almost every seat on the main floor and gallery
of the roomy gymnasium had an occupant
All came early so that their appetites might
b sufficiently whetted by thn two preliminary
bouts to do full Justice to tho special dish They
even stood an unexplained delay of half an hour
without a murmur and when the cur
tain raiser developed Into a stirring
contest In which the Issue was In
doubt up to the last blow they rubbed their
hands In delighted anticipation and waited
feverishly the climax Ilut the superiority
between Dixon and young urllro at eaten
weights Is as far from 1 solution as ever
Just before the call of time Tom OUourke
while waiting In Dlxons corner whispered to n
There will be no decision Orlffo Insists on
having a draw or nothing He wont go on If
we dont consent
Even those who did not catch the significant
remark were surprised at the tameness ot tho
opening rounds but as the men warmed up
they captured the onlookers and very one was
moderately satisfied at the end of tho
stipulated ten rounds Then bred Burns
stepped forward and made tho an
nouncement that owing to a previous
arrangement between the two men the only
decision posslbln was that of draw Tom
Oltourko retorted that such might b the
Info end of Ibo story but that his man ha
been willing to box to a decision This gave
< rlTo his cue and tho Australian never back
ward when I comes to speuehmaklnc said
Hlf I decision goes III will fotght him five
rounds more
Amid the whit cheers and wilder criticisms of
the now excited audience both boys returned
to their corners and proceeded to don
the gloves again After a few moments
OKourke stated that Dlxon stood ready to
resume 1 excited Individual said to b young
UrllTos manager charged through the crowd to
the opposite corner and the gloves wore ouickly
taken off the Australian who advanced to the
ropes and tried to explain He was howled
clown unmercifully
10wn unlercful
The opening bout was between Sammy Kelly
of New York and Jimmy Kavcney of Boston
Iho pair nere matched to box eight rounds
a catch weights but there was appar
ently little to choose between them in the
matter of avoirdupois The weight of each
was announced as 115 pounds Kelly
seemed to have a trifling advantage
trlflng aanllKe
in height and reach but lacked the strength
and punching power of his rival Kelly wore
bandages on his wrists which the Boston lad
objected to and they were promptly removed
Kaveney started In briskly and rnove
lightly with left and right twice In succes
sion Kelly then got In two hot ones The
New Yorker forced matters In the second
round and there was some hot infighting and
clinEbJnc Kavenny made play with both hands
and uunlshed his man severely Kelly mixed
matters with good results In the third round
but in the next round Kaveney scored fast and
heavily BCr
Thu Boston lad then tried to rush his rival
but Kelly countered him cleverly and drew first
bloxid in the sixth round From this t the fin
ish the boys scored about equally and put up a
display of science and namenees which took the
audience by storm The referee declared the
bout to be I draw
1 he second go was between Casper Leon of
New York and Pat Haley of Buffalo l was an
Interesting affair until the suoerlor science of
the local man prevailed In the last few rounds
The Buffalo lA made extraordinary grimaces I
and gesture while he tied any steam left In
him and stood ready to mix it up for almost
eight rounds His infighting was vicious and
effective and more than once ho almost turned
the tide with right upper cuts
Hl < ons work was clean cut and well Judged
but his strength was not up to the mark and he
had his hands full trying to wear out his vigor
ous young rival and t earn the decision The
wlnnir was cheered to the echo
Then nlmo before the audience had settled
down UrlfTo slipped quietly Into the ring with 1
shine on his bronrcolored skin that glistened
In the electric light He looked as hard a
nails and stripped big middle weight
nall Ilrlppe as bll R a mildle wellht
Although he looked putTy tnd short of work
he stayed through the ten rounds without hold
Ing out any signals of distress Of course he
nursed himself much more than Dixon who
kept I both hands going like piston rods throughout
FIRST nnryrx Aftr m few cecoodt sparring at long
rJ g
range IHxon got In lightly with hu ftrnJe again
mined but clririo led was in the way The Auitra
Han stood strictly on the defensive but there warn no
Isk 1 of enemy In his countering
SKCOID Hi i n Orlffobro5egrouoi In much more
lively I 1 I fashion Dixon tried with both baud but was
wide clrlfTu responded and a pretty rally took place
Horn retired Without a hair bom tunod
THIRD Koc in Iiixon played a tattoo all round hi
man but could not reach I vulnerable pt Irtrro
11 fir left and right once or twicu soil landed lightly
Mild exchange wound up the round
1oiTtTH lloestx Ulxon was at one Imty with hi
ten I and got In three time over lrlfTo guard The
colored boy ruMied In and showered blows at nhort
ringt but clrlfTo ueadled him with two tralKht le I rta
on ire netS and a roantc In the wind The Auiirallan
followed up well and forced the fltchtlng
HFT1I Kol XD Illxon sailed In a speed and worried
Orllfo considerably The Australian I became tired of
acting on the defennlvo and ruiheel hu man to the
ropes where they were scoring equally In f sharp
rally when the gong ounde
SIXTH HOUND OrlfTn came right to his man In this
round hut howcti no Inclination to work when he
got there Risen was wiiiln mooch but could not
got an opening Neither did any efTis th 1 e work
SrvK pel Itoi M bison pare his man no ret and
he shot in his left on holy and 1 face half I dozen lime
UrllTo kepi away pretty well and showed no anxiety
to mix matter Yl was eidoutly pulllnz hlniMlf It
getter for the final pinch
FIIIIITII Roriti Dixon arlf In to annihilate his
opponent lOt when ihc ruh became tix hot for
tirlrfo he changed his I tactic and went for Dixon with
lr hands He hit I the I colored tail freely but made
no apparent Impreailon on him vitality Whey almot
hemmed In his corner Iiixon let fly a straight left
which caught I Grirfo on the jaw and sent him to the
Nivrii Hot m Uoth were a trifle cautious after the j
fat work of the previous round Hharp exchange
followed In which honor were eaiy Dlzon then
tried with till left 1 and gelling It borne lightly ho
whipped I In bt I rIght on OrllTo heart Dixon kept at
hlo man hoping to tire hIm out but the Australian
was always 1 ready with a itrong defence orn luannnrf
TmTM KOCTD Dixnn made a final effort to set apace
pac which tlrlrr could not tand and blow fell
thick and fat on both hubs Oltourko kept urging
hit man on but OrltTo proved equal to the occasion
and when milieu felt too warm lie simply stood on
guard In the centre where hIs superior weight ena
biiui when him time to expired tail off every rub Honors were easy
Llpschntz opened the third game of the chess
match a the Manhattan Clicks Club yesterday
and selected 1 Ituy Lopez for his attack
Sbowaltermet tho development of the white
pieces by means of M 1 Kt B n The game was
full of Interesting positions and when It stood
adjourned after thirty move the spectators
were of opinion that black had the superior
position I
In the evening twenty moves were added
when Shovvalter after having won the exchange
for a pawn committed a serious error by which
ho lost a rook and eventual thu came The
bcoro of thu game follows
UCI 111 Miirt i ill hlr mack
1 1le 4 1K 4 27 Oll i Q llO
2 KIK 13 Kt0113 JHCjKta hIt 2
1 llgt 3 KlflU 21 QIi 2 11114
4 Ialle P oa 1 XJPKK14 I I I K 5 1111 1
Bly4 I > ni KKI fIJ
iiKlxP I llO I IJilxuP I Ixcj I
13txKt 1 I x Kt h3iixP liaR
H iig i iiKi IiTiixii I t I iiej i
u Ktu Jlla raiti w iiK K ity
11 IK 1 II 4 < 4 31111111 Oll I
Ii iic h HII4 eh I7CJXU ti a I11
I i Kn Ktkta j > > Kin I KII
ii I 0K IIKII I ui > tiRI 4 n IJ14p
I4PKHU KIU3 4Ullxlt HxKtP
13KIKJ i t113 4 Iton Ill I
lit Ill 1 nKI 3 I IU 1 X P llCJ 4
17 I KtKt III4 I 4IKtKl IIlT 9
IK 1 Klll I KI113 1 41 I Itlia ltII itch
III Ii44 IKU 41K1U itt ite
iellV KJ i 5 rMS I 411 KKt 2 llKH
JIlIIJ Kt 01 47IVlin Iit 4
22 < 5 itK KIK1 4SIlii IIK a
alllKI Ilxl I Ulll I II > Ill I
K4 Ktll W I 1C I 4 ISO I x I I IteiUns
gA IlK J lO II 4 110 J n h 63 m a 1 J m
ail I llcj llllj I
Ilpschntz has now won two tames to Showal
ters one
Tomorrow tho fourth game will ho played
Newark Thieve Nlenl live Trolley Wise
Harold AUopp Ilorrowe who U now a dlvlslcn
superintendent for the Consolidated Traction
Company at Newark was In court In the Third
precinct of that elty yesterday to Identify a lot
of old metal which was recently stolen from tho
car shops of the Newark and New York line
Ho raid that the company was having a great
deal of trouble with thieve A rew II > ago
he ali some thieves btolo about iOU feet of
live f coil wire from the turnpike line un the
Hackmisack Meadows This 11 good deal like
stealing a redhot stove
Cure ill liver 1I1I
Sick Headachy
O Biliousness Coa
0 Dizziness
q I LLS SourStom
lrep rcd only by C I
llQodCQLOWeUMa 26e
The Obstacle
to low prices
tho midulomons
profithas boon
dono away with
hero Wo deal
oJ < direct
Blxclow AmmlniUm OlZff t
nFrnme Wilton lUS
Ooblln USe I
HMllh Axml ter Itcs
Hoquette ISe
2 East 14th St
Philadelphia 80V8U Chnlnlittt
The CnnlnK Win Two Contexts Conducted
on o New 1lnn
NrwroiiT Oct 28Tbo torpedo boat Cushing
made two attacks upon tho torpocld station to
night and was successful In both The flr
attack she won according to the rule but a
great battle would have resulted had I been In
actual warfare The second effort ended In a
complete victory for the torpedo boat
Now rules for sham attacks by torpedo boats
were applied and they proved satisfactory ap
parently making thocondltlons as near a possi
ble to those of actual warfare When the boat Is I
discovered those handling the search light lire
a red rocket which Is answered by thoso on the
boat who then have two and a half minutes
during which the beam of light must b kept
upon them I at tho expiration of the time tho
torpedo boat I within 400 yards of the object
sho fires green rockets which means I discharge
charge of torpedoes but I she Cal to get within
torpedoing distance or 400 yards within the
spocltled time she Is defeated and those han
dling the search light tire a green rocket Indi
cating a torpedo from them Ircen
I was very rough tonight tho roll of the
water tending to smother tlm noise of the tor
pedo boat but otherwise the conditions were
against the attacking party for the moon shone
out gloriously There were several barges In
the stream but Ileut Smith commanding the
Combing decided not to take any advantage of
their presence He went out nt U45 oclock
and stole along the Connecticut shore until
Connectclt anll
directly opposite the search light when he
turned sharply and ran straight across for the
All this time tho men with the light were
searching along the barges presently they
threw the beam toward tho north anti It lighted
upon tho scudding craft There was an exciting
struggletoeeewhether the Cushlng could get In
side the torpedoing line She acknowledged with
a red rocket being < picked up and ran In swiftly
Those on shore never lost sight I of her but be
fore the time tho ushlng had
Lme was up hnl won on
her great speed and shown a green rocket Indi
cating the nrlrc of InTO
In his second attack llent Smith came In from
the rear of Rote Island while the search was al
most exclusively In the opposite direction and
the searchers knew nothing of his whereabouts
until they saw his torpedo signal almost under
their noses Had the station been a cruiser she
might have been sunk by the Cushing
Collabeas Body Taken to Cllnlondnle
VThere the Inqneat Will Be Held
PouoHKFKrsir Oct 2The remains of Pat
rick King Callahan the bridge jumper were
removed today from Highland t Cllntondale
Coroner Hasbrouck Impanelled I jut and
viewed the remains this morning The Inquest
will b held at Deans Hotel Highland on Sat
urday at 1 13 and subpcKnaj will b Issued
for all who took part In tho affair Callahan
died alone except for Mr Dean proprietor of
the hotel to which he was removed Mrs Dean
and another stranger r the body not claimed
U will b burl at Mr leans I expense Dr
wi Ixpnse
Iamoree of Highland and Dr freatuii of Mil
ton performed an autopsy this afternoon
Much sympathy Is I expressed here for the un
lucky Callahan Coroner Hasbrouck says he
will consult the District Attorney of Islet
county before determining what line of exam
amlnatlon Ui follow at the Inquest
A man of the name of Nugent a brothorln
law of Callahans and a photographer residing
at 454 Third avenue New York city arrived at
Highland tonight and will take the remains to
Now York nn the 1104 train I tomorrow morn
Ing Nugent said he knew nothing of the pro
posed jump and tho last he saw of Callahan
was on Friday night The funeral will tko
place Wednesday from Nugent s residence In New York on
Skoal aad neO VneoveredIIravy Loe >
In the Freight Truffle
CnirAOO Oct 2Tho water of the lakes
which has been extremely low all the season
has fallen within the lost fortnight to Ue low
est point In the history of the latter dvy marine
Tnecffect has been disastrous to shipping and
heavy losses have resulted from tho long de
lays In the connecting waters between the great
lakes ho serious have the delaS become that
the boom In freight rates Is largely overcome
The troubles on account of low water have been
aggravated by tho continued drought The
fluctuations caused by changes of winds have
uncovered dangerous shoals and reefs which
vessels bavu passed over In safety on Govern
ment ranges for years lola are frequently
from two to live clays longer than usual In mak
ing the run from Butlalo The insurance holMes
exceed for tho last 120000 too weeks on account of low water
One of the llutbaate Claimant Dead
Matilda Bathgato Carter wife of Charles
Carter lied of Inflammation of the stomach on
Sunday morning nt her home at 170th street
and Third avenue She was 27 learn old the
eldest of seven children who have figured In
court claiming to bei hlldrenof the lain Alex
ander Bathgate and Delia Malloj Matilda and
her sister Charlotte were contesting the will of
Charles Bathgate Beck who became possessed
of most of Alexander llathgates property It Is I
raid lotte that Matilda assigned her claim to Char
Cnlon ole Expelled rrom tile fntereol
leclnte Athletic Anoclntlon
CIrSFU Oct S8 At a meeting of the
Executive Board of the Intercollegiate Athletic
Association of America held at the Fifth Ave
nue Hotel New York on last Saturday Inlon
College was expelled from the association by I
unanimous vote of the Hoard This action has
been pending since February 1NH4 I was to
havo been decided at I meeting held last Febru
ary but wits again postponed until last Satur
day I was not finally decided whether Union
would ho allowed to compete next spring or not
but was left to be be considered at I future
meeting As It Is however tho athletes that
represented Lnlon last t spring cannot compete
This bars out Kllpatrtck the champion half
toiler ONeill who ran In the 220yard dash
Tnlfonl whdenlered In thin hurdles and broad
jump and Hurtle the bicyclist
At the time of the lAt meet bands Inlons
other sprinter was laid up with a sprained
ankle so that ho will represent the college if
Inlon Ii not barred out at the next mi HI The
former charge against the college anti the one
fur nhlch It wan expelleil 1 from the association
was that Kllpatrlck according tn the rulus was
not qualified to enter The rule In I that a repre
entattve limit bo In college on Out I I precml
January log tlm meet preceding and Kllpstrtck did not enter until
Tho I action of tin Kxecutivo Hoard has caused
a great deal of nxrlteinunion the Hill Kveu If
Inlon Is Pennine to compete next year about
all her chances nrugono If Kllpatrlck cannot
run 1rof J L I Patterson the representative
of the Advisory Ilo trd of the Inlon College As
relation was present a the New York meeting
FIghting Gossip
America Johnny Irani wishes to meet any 122 pounder
W I smith New iorkses the pair met and Eul
llv 411 was the winner
unrallAii Hilly Murphy Ji now at Cincinnati
teaching tludealu how to box
Mniilon Abbott told a reporter of Tnr SlA tint hell I
ready lo fight any lUht weight In America for a purse
Harry Fisher the adroit Hrooklynlte who came
near blailhnl Jimmy Handler reputation a tow
we ki ago would like to try hi fiowcii aifalnut elihwr
Illllv trust or Handler Miner although not uniuu
Hlly cleirrr is I xc amlililolis slid sturdy boxer and can
punch bard
Ted Ale 1 > xaniUr who has Jerry Marihall of Auitralla I
lu charge says that hu U I lurprlieU at I urn o Hourk
allcDC ln rexard lo Marshall e de lrttlo get on a Mgo
with leorgu Ulioo Alexander stales that ha will
pott a forfeit If nete ary to how Dial he lia backing
to the txlciit of I4SUU Munhall Will fight plxon at
In I pounds wulgh In at Ibo rlli tide
A a ell know n iporllnx man u lio arrived In thin city
from Ixjndon I on last saturday says that I while I abroad
lie met rctvr Jikfcm u era time Ielrr is lilt
UUilpMliiKa much its he uci lr In call 1 Pie portliu
limn but he II u inn uknucreor himself liy any
lilt iiuiL I aikeil him wui hit ttioiiidil I of the eoIiiIu
eoutekt I ctvvten rlUHlnnnoiii uud CorUMi HoitM
list I would tie a nm maMi oiuof It iii end I poitl
bly rudurauci Hu thinkinrtail I I liuttr tint lIver
I llII
lain Hi 1 u rlu vrlll inrrtialaucu I Psis b > nl r < mulnir abll I
liui IVttrlikoluz tooiwa H vutille uuuiv tail hu
l lil
f 1 lu
ata ° iik ring orttvtr aQI
fuU f u
VIHITORH nrcoME nuTERn trim
wu NTAvn flY TIIK ciormx AVI
245 295 395
Kama price al t both itores
fU f
T onrlNUT Hr
Moth Htore
Do1 all mxTH AVK
10 More Drn orthe lntn Chlr
WITHOUT PAIN by our lale nclentino method ap
plied to tbonurast no Ipepiro1Uetng I agent
Our priori are reasonable I anil all work guaranteed
Nona hut KrndnnteN employed
Wn tell > uu exactly what It will coat to do your
work by A fret examination lentlcntanly operator
for each depurtment llour s tort Hund r Kilo4
84 U f ST BBIJ HT Tuke Flevolor
Fort to Hell Them Iiind nnd Persuade
Them to Net Up homes
Somebody has thought It worth while to Issue
a circular In French proclaiming the charms of
life In tho suburbs and the value of suburban
corner lots Doubtless It Is a good time to urge
this matter upon tho attention of the French
folk In New York now that they are abandon
Ing their old loved quarter for they are not i
likely to form so deep an attachment for the I
new quarter of their race The little French
colony at Wllllamsbrldge Includes some men
that do business In New York The colony Is
not so old as that of New Hochelle and has not
lost tho French tongue as the later has t u
great degree The Parisian with his modest
competence made from a little hop loves sub
urban life In summer time and his brethren In
New York havo doubtless brought hither tho
same taste
Tho dermans have a like fondness for the
country and sums have gone Into the suburbs
for permanent hornet J while others summer In
the country The suburban home of a prosper
ous Herman Is I known by Its abundance of now
ers and Its excellent kitchen garden There If I
lonely old German vv ho went t a suburban vii
bag only 1 few tears ago built I little house
and settled down to enjoy his old age with tils
son The latter however met I violent
death alter the change of residence and the
bowed old man now shares his little house with
strangers The whole Illiiue knows his story
hero has been a aIming effort t attract Ital
ians to tho suburbs lu parts of 111111 Inland
where they have been urged t Invest their sav
ings In land They swarm in all the villages
where public works have recently been in oier I
atlon They scent work as hunting doW Kcelt
game No class of Immigrants llvo so cheaply
In the country as the Italians for they crowd bl
the score Into small houses and scour the fields
and woods for food and fuel A house owner In
Mount ernon ported a tolet notice not long
ago with tho supplement Italians prifirrcil
Swedes to have taken t tho suburbs Some
manage to make farming pay while cithern PlY
mechanical trades or do day labor though the
Held Italians pretty thoroughly occupy the latter
About the oddest attempt at n suburban home
was made by n Spaniard In the eastern part of
tho old annexed district His great gaunt house
looms large across the nasta between tho South
ern Boulevard and the Sound The trolley cur
conductor points It out to the traveller with the
assurance that it has u thousand rooms Tbo 1
builder If I xnld never to havo occupied it and It
is now In tho hands of caretakers
Wan fleet Rnrk Aevlnt 1 the Controller
Sloe soS I Ilkclr to SHe
Ice A Hcrvey of 1SH Montclalr avenue New
ark nas seriously hurt last evening upon the
rear platform of a trolley car of the Orange i
street lino in Newark Tho car was crowded
and ho wa leaning against the controller box
when another car of the Broad street line ran
Into tho Orange car an It rounded thn corner of
Orange street The force of the collision threw
three or four tversons against oting Ilerveynnd
ho was bent sliarpl backward over the eelgouf
the controller box Ho nas rendered Henvdeis
and was cArried to a neighboring store from
whence ho n as sent to tho C Ity Hospital
1 he physicians said last nlehtlhat he wan suf
fering great palms and both of hIs arms wero pur
azed and they could not hold out any hopei of
Hcrvey InI I years old and Is I the eldest son of
Daniel K l Herv oy a writer and musical critic
Hnddea Dentb or lather Nledemnyer of
The Hev George AY NIedcmayor pastor of
81 Augustines iloman Catholic Church at Nor
folk street and South Orange avenue NewarK
dropped dead just before midnight last night In
High street near bt Benedicts Abbey adjoin
ing St Mans Church where Ito hail been lt
tendln an entertainment given by members of
his own congregation in St Marys school lie
was walking homo after the performance with
August Hnebler when ho staircered and 1
lie sas carrieti Into tho abbey and a physi
cian was called hit the priest was probably
dead when laid upon the floor ut the reception
room 110 I doctor attributed hlsdeath to heart
failure consequent upon drops Father Nlede
ma er was born In Ul aria and ordained In Germany
and had been in charge at St
many bR bll chrflt 1t Augustines
Church for eight years Formerly he had a
charge In Jersey City
AntiToxin llldnt Cure Iorkjiw
Joseph Itevere tho twelve carold stepson of
Joseph Geyerof 18 Metropolitan avenue WII
llam bnrjli who developed lockjaw front a
horses kick and In whose case antitoxin was
tried died ebterdny
N V Yncbt Undue Aoclntlon MeetIng
A meeting of the Sen York Yacht Itaclnr Auocla
lon will be hell on Friday evening at ONelUi The
retort or the Itceatla Committee on Labor Day > Ito
rr rvnIa allll
gatta will bu received and prltci won ul the regalia
wIlt b delivered
Where YtNlerdnyii Flees Were
A Ml VO 12 East Twenty firm street M Flat
terer damage trilling I 43 II4U Vcst Thirl nevenlli
met damage I Jii 3 IU Jill tall lldrlyicxond
Street Hernard Uonohne no damage 4 21 WIt
Hftv seventh Street JOMI ph n I Cummlng damatro
stud I u lull I I udloH I itriet Iiiaac 3tnrkoHllzdan
ugi ru s iu mi Audi utroei horn ToloHtk dam
aH dl IOi I no ul l tret i i Mncly II fourth street Jo
eph Vlahonev niiiliimaue
orh M 111 I isui I wet lo t suly third itrcitlieorge Fin
Ker dainuRH 120 liO 44 Wol l hortvuliih mrfii
Sanh rrlnidainaguirining J JO uuchiUtlotreet 1
harah InK damiKelluo 1 MI last 11 I i ilh Street
Sllniilii Hiiinilll ilamKu 12 1 t a uo Hnlily ilKhth
strict iMtiveen laI and rlfth I avenuei Ale a A
Jurdan damaui IIOi I I lip < o n Kant Meirrntv third
street Mm hherldin danmtin S3 I III i3 1 Sicond
avenue Henrietta Humbiimrr lUniMgM tiot I 110 un
Mil liroadway I damage i irtninK lei 20 kI Veit
Twenty illiiht ninth itrefCt Alargarct Callatian damagu
ESTel fTIJi7 1801
< RTlf1
rvHllTrl TllrVAIlh vVH I WOV > V vM > TON
ASH Ulll hTAMl rill WKvIl AM TKAH
A VAST VAititn or htiKiuoii FURNITURE
tHI ua tRll1E
101 IOO AM 1O1 W KHP 14T1I HT
0Th AVi
Nttir nent AUK TIll snov oint I
Axn sAi or A Nlfllr
A nnrleiqne at llrafr with a Company
from Ijondoni nnil n Meltodrnmtt it the
IeopleM AUo from the Ilrlllli Capital
The Opentmc or the tonrteentli Hlrect
Theatre WIlls PlAY nnd VnudeTllle
One more lot of frisky burlrxiuer from
London the latest In I succession that began
with Lydia Thompson over a quarter uf it con
tury aKG divulged Itself at Inlmcrn Theatre
last night It had como from the luletr
and had brouuht along Tho Shop Girl In
which piece most of the member had been
employed at ole I wits especially well
equipped with comic nimcdlanr men of much
real talent In absurdity All these save Soy
mour lUcks were strangers to the audlencr
hit thoro were ions of George Oroumlth and
George honey whoso Inherited names recom
mended them Mr hicks danced with as much
of acrobatic grotodqufrln ox ever and had
some ditties to sing Mr Urosmnlth fonny
In a caricature of an Innocent gullible
town rounder and ho became a favorite before
the evening was halt over Bo did Uertle
Wrliilit a pry and droll little fellow who
played the part of a store floor walker with
great activity of humor Half a dozen other
actors capable of definite characterization were I
The actresses were less positive In their
merits Hut they were I Roodlooklug set of
young women and among them were several
remarkable dancers such as wo would be dis
appointed not to see In every Gaiety company
that comes over Adelaide Astor a sister of
Letty Llnd was more nimble than all but
hardly as graceful Marie Kaucott a
fourandahalf footer In stature and
as lively I stepper as though she stood
at least four and a hat feet In that
number of stocking was another dancer who
triumphed Ethel Sydney was a third and she
was 1 good deal of a soubrette too something
of a singer and treated tho leading role very
well Dorothy Douglass was a solo dancer
whoso single effort was first rote Hy long
odds tho best actress of them all was
Connlo Kdlss too fat to dance at all but about
as clever a low comedian as conld bo named of
her sex In a cockney character Taking len
and women all together It was nn assemblage
of commendable dealers In foolery and a fair I
proportion of Its Individuals will become New
York pets I
In o far as the Tho Shop JliTH I a play It
Illustrates the story of I lost heiress plaT a
strawberry murk on her let shoulder She Is a
salesgirl In a big department store She Is sus
pected of being gay out nights but not of being
the Inheritor of wealth hose who are In search
nf a strawberry murk find one on an ugly girl
In the nnmf establishment and the proprietor
marrlesiier precipitately while persecuting the
prize beauty unawares This hlKlily deslra
tile foundling has a trim lover of course and he
doesnt know or care I tiling obout bar pater
nity until the truth Is I discovered that her
fathers will enriches her ho much of a story
as that finds Us way with htiells of being lost
and found among the Irrelevant diversion of
the performuncu JIm author U II J W lam
and having ben until lately an American news
faDer writer hU work U naturally less soggy
thnn Is uvmlly found In burlesques which find
frtvur In London It Is indeed rather Inclined
to bo jotow In an American manner but with
nono too much nllneiuent and Its slang and
colloquialism are several years behind the
tlmiu u though Mr Dam gave to London the
verbalIsm of that fort current hero when ho
snOt to England The original portions of the
muolu are by Ivan Car U
1 ihe piece 1 Is a musical farce rather than I bur
le 1 itic and comes nearer to what wo call vau
derllln fare than anything else that lies been
brouKht from Kngland Iho first act is I at the
store whcrx the shoo girls eat and sleep as well
as it ork Tb 1 second la at I charity fair Doth
thin nod the
scenes are bright costumes xlimvy
entire exhibition full of life and commotion
Tho second of Frank Hnrve s new melo
dramas to be produced here this winter came at
the IVoples last evening Its title was Sins
of the Night and foul of Its live acts were
located In England the fifth coming In the
silver mines of Mexico It had Its hero tho
son of a wealthy Englishman marred
secretly to a circus rider herself a gentle
woman by birth On disclosing the fact of
his marrlugn to his father he was cast off
hl lrrlalo ol
and tin n took an assumed name and a position
111 Mrxlcn During his absence his father died
ltaing his property ton niece and nephew on
tho condition that the son did not return to his
homo within a year Ills return was within
that period and then the plotting was directed
toward keeping him from his Inheritance The
schemes ti > cheat him finally became so desper
ate that his life was sought To that end he
was lured at night to the cellar of a deserted
house which the title filled when It rose Here
he was visited by the villain who disclosed Ms
plans offering to eao him If lie would sign
away his property and making the other al
ternative the norse by assuring him that his
wife was being brought to thin same spot
to die with him Iho offer of life
and liberty vats refused and tho wife
wits admitted Soon after the two were alono
In the cellar the water began to come In and as
It rtachcd the shoulders of the pair rescuers
appeared at the back of the cellar The
noun shattcrtd thin brick nail and low
ered u rope to the sufferers below At
the Html curtain the hero was clinging to
the rnpo will one hand anil supporting
his wife with his other arm The men above
pulled away steadily at the rope which the hero
aanteadll let slip through his fingers He and
his fainting burden were not lifted an Inch out
of the stilti uuivas flood but the scene counted
svs a rescue was effected
There had been l scene of Intensity before this
In one and within the snaco of ten minutes the
Paine villain that railed down the pale green
tide was credited with killing two persons One
was a auto whoso liquor ho poUnned but this
victim recovered sulllclenlly to assist i at pulling
on the rope to which the persecuted Innocents
clung and the other was a girl whom ho
blabbed to death but shims was easily tee
ugnUablo later as another character Further
more In the second guise this person ran a knife
through the villains ltalsand evened flattens
tip to u ratlffylmt degree At this moment too
she i claimed a share In the mentioned damp de
liverance but xv hat her sharo was was not clear
because the cellar was so dark that the heavers
at the ropu could not be distinguished anti the
playwrights wajs were confusingly devious
Altogether there I was not more of gloom than a
redheaded Irish servant with a singing volcii
could dispel He broke all cauon of mulo
rama however In ono respect Ho came on
In a street scene and wing while every ono that
had rend thin playbill knew hut I the stage hands
went busy utttug thu dump cellar and gutting
the huso pipes ready He carried u haskit
which he ilVpoMttd In thu wings as tlio or
thifctrn rtruik up his llrnt air So fur all was
in accordance with accepted utiago and his
Mini about picture No rU In the ltogue Gal
lery WHS highly appreciated ho vvero the
jokes and the ceconil UUInd which ho sang after
making an exit from the oppusildo ride of the
singe from whiteR he had left the bubkoi limit
ad to nay n hell hu llni hed nnd went off to
slay he airaln passed otl by the other sldu
leaving that > ooruiriilrof woven willow dostrteul
in the linilon ulriet Frank Harrington Louis
dlovcr lohu Irlco hilts ONull nnd llrntrtru
Plover acted iiueptabl Mule Vlllls had a
part that would have nulled Cora Tanner and
played It quite unlike that actress
boon after noon yesterday the Fourteenth
Street opened under new tninugemetit and
commenced Its first programme which was not
romuleted until eleven oclock ut night In that
respect It was not different fiom the pro
grammes that are to follow for this theatre has
now become a continuous performance chow
house but the cnteitiilnincnt It offered Is a de
parture from tin usual bill of this lingth
After four or live xpeclultlts A Celebrutid
Cafe was begun and nas pluid by a stuck
rompaii that will give u different play earh
week Tho version used was A It Ciuaruns
adaptation of the I original French nork b DKn I I
lien and tornmn und wut In four nets mid n
prnlogur Us story U a romantic one having u
father oonv Ictnl nn the testimony nf his live
earold dnnghtHr of thu murder of hlsnlfi
and llieniidien I yearn hater bringing daughter
ami panlit together the ono adopted Into it
noblu famlU the other u lonvUt livin alter
the two betomei Known to each other It Is I n
illlllcult titk for tho oung girl to prove her
fathers Innucviue but tliat Clue finally does In
tlieiend I lie play nangiten in full length ens
that no marring occurrw from shorn nlng and
was iscicil b neouip trntompuny To William
11 lylull Slits noluned the role of llm Irltli
Horgeant who having Ills life kuveil by his
lioblo Colnnel believed that lila eavior ihould
buu father to him over after and though em
Ilo > e < l ax a servant In his otllier a hou nold
< onilnel misuiiderbtocKl hilt real tltuHtiuu
lleurj J Duggu was u handsome and earnest
hero and Eleanor Merron an entirely accept
ubloheroine A child part that lastwl through
one act was well done by ilads Laird During
sacs wait between luU there came K Wscl llx
I Arrangements havonowbeen perfected
enabled to offer to young women and
f young men free scholarships in any or I
i all of the courses at the Pratt Insti
i tute of Brooklyn Not a penny of ex i
i pense is attached to these scholarships FURTHER INFORMA i
they are offered without cbarge to all TION CAN BE HAD BY
I i
and after the play was over nsuccosslonof them
and then the play was given again tim days
programme being thus made up of two parts
ono a repetition of the other
lille the play nas done so well us to surprise
any who were prepared for carelessness the
variety features were not behind The acrobats
were Lisa Judge brothers whose skill keeps them
well In the front rank The vociferous soloist
war Nellie Waters who Is equal to both negro
and Irish airs The woman to whom a dozen
musical Instruments were as an open book wan
Theo Lawrence Harrington were the Imi
tators of Ilowery ty > es and the show of trained
animals In this case Including dogs and mon
keys was Macarte Other numbers were con
tributed by Heusted and foyer John W World
Kmmonds Kmorion and Etnmonds and Nehmon
and Mlllcdgu The combination of drama and
variety performance Is now hereabouts and will
doubtless bo appreciated It certainly started
The Jefftrdon IoTlac Cap Frcientntloii
The Executive Committee friends of Joseph
Jefferson who are arranging for the presenta
tion of a loving cup to him met yesterday and
completed the programme of exercises attend
ant upon tho affair The cup will be presented
to the veteran actor In the Garden Theatre at
130 oclock on the afternoon of Friday Nov
8 Daniel Frohman will deliver a greeting to
be followed by an address by A At Palmer
An ode written by William Winter will b
read by Agnes Ilooth The presentation speech
will bo made by Frank Mayo The Invitations
will bo limited almost strictly to members of
the profession and the Intimate friends of Mr
Tho cup Is two feet high The handles are
fashioned Into figures representing the charac
ters In which Mr leftorsou achieved his great
est successes
Club Iloune Keeper and LIquor Seller of
Lone Ilrilneh to the Mar
FnEEiioi Oct 28 The Monmouth county
court room was crowded this morning with the
proprietors of wellknown resorts at Long
Branch Asbury Park Pleasure Bay and other
places In Monmouth county They had como to
plead to the Indictments found against them
last August by the Grand Jury
The cases before the court Included those of
the Lenox Club run by Johnson Kelly the
Senator conducted by McCarthy AT Kane the
New York Hotel run by Samuel Moses and the
fashionable resorts known as the Long Branch
conducted by John Daly of New sonIc the
Pennsylvania flub of which Phil Daly Is pro
prietor the Ocean Club conducted by Dr
Mater of Baltimore and the New York Club
run bv Fitzgerald A Murray The principal
count In the Indictments against tho men was
allowing Rambling on the premises
Then them were the cases of hotel keeners
from Long Branch and Pleasure Day who were
recently Indicted bv the Grand Jury for selling
liquor on Sunday To the surprise of most per
sons who were present they all pleaded not
guilty before Judge Conover nt the advice of
their counsel C I K h Jattcron Their trials
were set for from Nov UO to S7 The men who
nero called upon to plead were J F It Brown
J II Warded K h II Prico of Pleasure Bay
Chnric Lgenhoffer Thomas Johnson William
Kelly Patrick McCarth Samuel Iasco Harry
Cooper Christopher Murray Joseph Manning
John McCarth Thomas Lawley Bernard
Kane andorn Hendrlckson Henry Hertz
Philip Fritz John Moane Martin RatTerty
August liohbeck and Michael Dorsey of Long
Branch Nearly the whole day was consumed
In court In taking ball for the accused mon
Got Four Truck and Two Iron hiram
Inspector Keller of the Street Cleaning De
partment and a squad of employees went hunt
Ing trucks on the west side last night They
got four trucks and two Iron beams forty feet
long belonging to the Cornell Iron SVorks
Tncntseventh street and Eleventh avenue
A R V Ilraneu In Urooklyn
About two hundred railroad employees from
the elevated and Street steam and electric rail
roach or Brookln have orginlcd as a branch
of thin American hallway Union
Toil I Henderson large taw mill at near lAke N
Yon the iarthaKc anut Adirondack Itallroml wee
humI on Sunday night ltisui f 3000 a llh no In
Ireilerlrk Trouiv 47 years old who kept the While
Houm rrHniir t at 144 llroiiii rei an I ll ci nl 17
JI rlnie rec t Newnrk wiu found iltail in a chopin jes
tunics niorulnfz at hl > home Hueomplatmil of heart
trouble bunday night
IiMli llarvixr 215 year old of Pail East Soventv
third Street New Vurk saw a team or IIOMCH utruic
plln In Iha canal ut Iort lirvln itetriay nfur 110111
Ho Juinrwel In and taeiHl them front drowniuK Thn
ownir farmer hans l of Pint iddt nave Harclwr
nfl > cent Die leans was valued nt 400
The Her leorKe E llllliiile for live yean pastor of
a UriK > hln hureh has accepted oral totheiafitorato
of the First Irisbvirrlan fhureh of Port Jvrvl ant
will enter on his tiiinies on tits 1 Ht M a ton of the
11ev lir tlllllHple Secretary of tho Hoard ot Foreign
Mlulont of this rrcjujrurlaii Church of the United
gittle Cozins of Itonetutale Pit was stagestriuck
5s lien tii Zero omii ts ny phsel lii I lie Piers
linus 1st that lutaco till Frldy crmiing She applIed
for a place was iuicepted Ini weiit ssiih the irtuislue
I Cmrtsumiuiaie The girls fatter eUeuI tin niaiagr
or lii cuinihuany to ruuuase gluti from her emigsgeusent
xliii took her hcunuuon atiirday
4etrgo htnters a tOyrisr old boy of llowlle Depot
Oranfu Lotimut v was taki to itustiemi jail yester
day charged with rnbiiiuiuc the Erie ltatiwsy tIcket
onic at hat place Tht oflico was oIertuI liept lii
iiiiil tweiity tiikits stolen On Tiutumsuisy Itogers
btAriiitl a train and used omit nfihoi stolen tlmkci
l otit Iv iwirc put on lilt track anti lie it its arrested
vi mtt > nlBV
Surrogatn VWioit nf Ilrookl his denied the appll
cation of viarj Vim Irutl lor the I removal of loaluli J
Whit as aelinlal > lrulor of the estate of hlndevvaxd
1ollce Servant Snip of Ihet tiaeoms avenue station
In HriMikljii i foui nil Iolleinian Jolui el Jinklm lying
Inn ilruiiKn tuior In tin riarromii or a lliuiir nlorn
itt ITMl I > o Kid I nrenui on h limn uhtn net should
has e leels lulrolllnc Jinkln uai iuirchitti oIl In the
station loiue lie ha beLn tiibleiilci
Luzerne I Munson 67 rears old died at his
home In Waterbury Conn yesterday morning
Ho was born In Walllngford In 1838 Ha was
ono of the original members of the Connecticut
Pharmaceutical Association for several year
the Chairman of Its Executive Committee and
for one year Its President Ho was also a mem
ber of the American Pharmaceutical Associa
tion Mr Munson was B party leader and worker
and served for year as a member of tho Board
of Fire Commissioners Assessors anti member
of the Board of Sower Commissioners Twice
ho was the candidate of the Republican party
for Mayor and In 18S5 and 188U was State
Comptroller Ho was a member of the Water
bury Cluli and tho Republican League of New
Haven His wife and two daughters survivor
Henry Van Carapen the President of the
New York O K Model Bakery died of pneu
monia on Sunday at his home S4S Bedford ave
nue Wllllamsburgh He was IB years old and
was a member of the Young Mens Christian
Association and of tho Hanover Club Ho wa
also a trustee of the Evangelical Lutheran
Church of the Itedeemer His wife who hail
been Ill at the Hotel bavoy In this city for sev
eral week returned home yesterday but ntia
had not been told of his death It was Intended
to break the news to her with care but when
she reached tho house sho discovered the em
blems of mourning upon It and guessed tha
truth Sho fainted as she entered the house
but recovered afterward Mr Van Campen wilL
be burled today
Lucius E Clark a retired Now York business
man aged 81 years died at his home on Locust
Hill avenue Yonkers on Sunday night In 1HT1
Mr Clark entered into partnership with Wil
liam Q Vc1ster n on ot Dr Noah Webster In
the publication and sale of dictionaries Both
accumulated fortunes At that time Mr Clark
lived In Brooklyn where ho was a deacon In the
Pilgrims Church In 1HOH he moved to Yon
kers and joined the First Presbyterian Church
in which lie had been an elder for tim past
twelve years
Parsons B Cogswell died at his home In School
street Concord N II yesterdayof pneumonia
Hen as OT years old In 1847 he learned the
printing trade and In May 1804 In company
with IS II Murtevant established thin Con
cord iMilti Mnntlnr the first permanent daily
paper published there lie was a member of the
leglidaturc 187271 public printer In 1881H5
frilled States Immigrant Inspector In 181111
and Mayor of Concord In 18U304 He loft a
Capt W W Purrlngton of the American
ship Challenger which arrived yesterday from
Hong Kong died of heart disease on Sept Uil
and was burled at sea He apparently had been
In good health the night before he was found
dead in his berth Capt Purrlngton was born
In Itlc limond Me on Oct K 1S4II He had Col
bowed the sea thirty years and had been a mas
ter twentyfive years He had been two years
skipper of the Challenger
Franklin M Jones who had been for the last
fifteen years the partner of Commodore lames
I Smith In the banking business In all street
died at his home In Noroton Conn on Sunday
night at the age of 45 He was taken HI about
n week ago with pneumonia and nas sick a day
or two before calling a doctor Then Dr dels
ofstimford was culled and subsequently Dr
Janenay of New York
Dr James E Garretson dean of the Phila
delphia Dental College and an operator and
writer on diseases of the mouth died on bun
day at his home In this city Dr Oarretson was
a native of Delaware and was 17 years of age
Dr Fish a conspicuous surgeon and physician
In Ambers died yesterday morning In that
town He was a surgeon In the army nt one
time and for enrs usa Hampshire countys
medical examiner
Capt 11 A C Daniels late of the British
army died at his borne near Cntletts Station
Fauquier count Va on Sunday Ho was a
noted Virginia fox hunter nnd was well known
Col JJ Williams the veteran editor of the
Srntind in Grenada Miss died on Sundae
Hu had been Identified with the press of the
Mate fifty years or more
Thomas Ford formerly and for many year
lioneral Travelling Agent of the Grand Trunk
Railroad died In Tbronto yesterday at the age
of SO ears
Ine llKntlnE Mr Ward DUappenrnnee
LtviNfiiTOV MANOR X Y Oct i8 District
Attorney Hill of Sullivan county arrived here
this morning and Is Investigating the myteri
ousdlapiHaranco of Mrs Ward A thorough
pe nrch wits made of the premises and several
blood stains were found on the cellar lloor Tho
District Attorney had the boards taken up and
took charge of them
Judgment of ab olute divorce were granted yeller
dnytiv Jiids Illlderileove to Matilda Itenoiil front
Arthur He nouf arid to tub Kaller from Joc ph Keller
The tnlted state Circuit Court of Appeals for the
itoutherii dlilrlit eif Nework will ojuumi today for
the Uctntier term Jul e Wallace ijuomle and
hhlpman will tie 1 on the bench
While Mr Ilrldset Hrennan aged 10 years wa at
tpnintlnc to nut out a liontlrei whiCh no 5 had made m
iront of her nldeniu In Nun burgh lint nlulil her
clothing caught lire and she na fatally burned
There appeared In suistunisyi paper n statement
that Judire lattcr > on had grantiel leave to Attorney
tlineral llaneiKk to brlint an ai lion fur dl oliiiion
aialn tthe > ev tark Mutual lire Insurance Com
palm The nanin of the eompuiiy shunl I have been
Ihu New Vork State Mutuul hire Insurance eori > o
ru lion
Illlam Hamilton alias William Morgan who wsa
chargct whit Iiartiuy Kelly ani Wlllmmll heeler
w iih lm > lni In huts setlOU a ko for Hie purpo of
oiietiiiig end rthihlmug tsiali bsuxes pienuleul iiiiity ye
tirnaY tuftuli Jtiuie ilroivfl its tilt IlliCit Mali if
cult court hiuttuilion was remanded editH tVethuie
dii > for sentence
At use aministi tieetin of the tetemans or this
tevn th Itegifliemut 1151 nhitiit thu hid luwiuc lielil sitS
naIT oflictrs wrs cletteul Our 150 eliiiiiig year
loreno 5 Windlittie lleutCuui J Prt4 Pierson
tuljt ldvarl Earl t4uarttrimlssiei Wiihlnmn ie iiaF
hug AwiSlisflt Piurieuii I iS Audi hnspeetuns or tluo
huh iitgl ileisry I Inmqitmiul hsul AJruiimiutJmU
ilnecker Jiiilaui P010500 aunt ti i ri lug leiirol ii
Tim Medical Soclely of Hie County of New iirj
lirlil lt nlnriiHiuh unuuil HIM Hint lail nlfht and
ciusttl Ike uliutviiig utTIeer4 fur thc emitiiimig ytars
Inideiit Pitweni I hisiur ilrJt lttlreeileust
Irwlerhuk lcitnuin ihiciimii it lsuCbleuit J henry
lrultuibnhit gdcrctar tharle Ii Aver t AitlstiitiS
huyresry SSIui t iiuihrl TriasUrur Juiil 5 Wir
censors il IaruiiiiiuirUrmis Efbert Ii urahiuilo
Arthur ii JasobuI Seneca U loweii amid Lharhes L
J Only a Headache
I Jil i = NOTII1NC MORE Suppose an engine
I VIltl rOlndlnlalharpcurvualar fleg violently
t waved and said only a red Hag nothing
II t 4 f more nnd a minute later found 10 110 that
ild f I t ho had caused I terrible wreck with hundreds
I > 1 l maimed for life or dead
I I hi I r I I I I Would he bo concerned Ho would b
r jj II I prosecuted
I I Ii Kvcry hmdaclio It a danger signal that
tY r = nature U I holding out to warn you uf diper
l 0 trouble within Some poison toe tmpurit Is
acting In your blood
Clean It out cleanse I purify It and avert
Ihe wreck nf your health by utliig
Dr Hobbs Sparagus Kidney Pills 5
and dont wait until It Is t 0 late Nature gels tired wavliu the Hag sometimes
20 cent all Druggists or direct from the
Hobbs Medicine Co IIIUA ° ° MI AS HIANCIMO
I 4

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