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r mUtt For New York and Its Vlclnltyt 1
ml e Utt I j LT UU Clearing and colder high north I
r 4 ITS SO T westerly winds
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iriTir inn r turin vVD
The Triple Alliance Agree to the Vs of
I Ihe Knyptlaa Fund Tor the Hondan Lam
palan Franen Ia Ontepnken In Opposition
will raaeeaad Runla Provoke a War
Spedat l Cat It tXumlttt lo THE Sun
LOND0Zc March 19 Ths question of the hour
U I has Oreat Britain joined tho Triple I Alllanco
The British Government has endeavored In
several ways to obvious to b mistaken to
orate tho Improslon within a few days that
this great political combination Is on the point
of being consummated The Nile expedition
Into the Soudan has been undertaken with the
admitted objeot of helping Italy as well 1 extending
tending tho Egyptian frontier Mr Curron In
his official statement in Parliament on Monday
described stanchally The
dt < rlbCI Italy as our nl
Queen yesterday conferred upon the Austrian
In the British
Emperor an honorary Colonelcy Drlth
army Tho German Emperor ha announced
hlfl prompt and cordial consent t tho use of the
Egyptian fund for tho expenses of the Soudan
campaign Frances rising Indignation against
tho English aggressive policy In Egypt has been
Ignored In this country Furthermore the sud
den chaR In tho whole Salisbury policy of the
past six months which has been ono of scuttle
whenever determined resistance has been en
countered suggests that he has at last gained
from some source that overwhelming support
which alone makes him courageous
The belief undoubtedly exllts now In the
Government circles of Parts and probably St
1ntorsburg that England has reached some
sort of an understanding or alliance with the
central powers This fear has within tbo pan
twentyfour hours made a marked change In
thu French attitude toward the Egyptian situation
notification of her Nile
ation Englands first 10tncaton Nlo
plans called forth an official warning from the
French Foreign Office in language which under
diplomatic Interpretation WW a distinct threat
of war The French Government now withes
to be understood that no such threat was In
tended I Is now even possible that France
may mako a virtue of necessity and give her
consent on certain terms to the use of the
lgyptlan surplus fund for the expenses of the
Soudan expedition
Great Britain today notified the powers that
this fund would probably be Insumolent for
carrying out her plans in the Soudan There Is I
good reasou to believe that France will en
deavor to extract a promise of the British evac
uation of Egypt on a fixed dale as the price of
her consent to the use of the Egyptian surplus
fund for the Soudan expedition I
I Is likewise probable that Great Britain will
refuse re such a guarantee It will then
L remain for nance and Russia t decide whether
v to content themselves with a protest or Inter
fere by force of arms Russia will in this as in
ul 1 other questions which have arisen affecting
alliance decide according
the FrancoRussian altanoe I
to her own sweet will and France will b com
pelled to acquiesce If It be true that Great
Britain Is in combination with the central
powers there is little reason to fear thai Russia
will be willing to plunge all Europe into a war
over these Egyptian plans
The French Ambassador hurried back t Lon
don today and has already demanded in the
name of his Government a further explanation
of the British Intentions In Egypt especially wIth
p regard to tho time of remaining In occupation
M Berth I tJbl French Minister of Foreign
Affairs Informed the Chamber of Deputies In
todays session that be had definitely refused
to consent t the use of the Egyptian funds for a
military expedition He argued that the unan
imous consent of all tho European signatory
powers which are represented on the Egyptian
International Debt Commission Is necessary be
fore a penny can be used for the Soudan Inva
sion He declared that the French Government
bad refused to assent for both financial and
political reasons
pol tcal
The Paris correspondent of TiE SUN tele
graphs that this attitude of the Government
commands the unanlmoub support of the Cham
ber although no vote ha been taken The
uiillKnollsh feeling In Paris political circles to
night it 1 extremely bitter
announced In Parliament tonight
S Mr Balfour Parllment to
night that consent had been obtained from
Germany Austria and Italy No reply bad
been received from Russia
The attempt by Mr Labouchore t draw an
explanation from Mr Curzon of his language
describing Italy as Englands ally failed In lu
purpose There Is another motive In addition
to the obvious ones for Englands sudden move
into the Soudan at the most unfavorable season
of the year There is reason to believe that
the advance ot the French and Belgian
expeditions from the southwest toward the equa
torial waters nf the Nile Is gelling uncomfort
ably close There has been llltln public Intelli
genre from these expedition for a long time but
the English Cabinet ha good reason for placing
British troops within measurable distance of
Khartoum before other foreign flags get too
near The situation is dally Increasing In im
portance according both to the English and
Continental estimation I will probably as
sume a new phase within a few days for Euro
pean crises are now of almost regular weekly
fine Deed Not Accede to England Iteqneet
J for JBOOOOOO from tbaEnyptlaB Fund
FAult March 10In the Chamber of Depu
S ties today M Berthelot Minister of Foreign
Affairs said that there were serious objec
tions both financial and political t the Brit
ish expedition against Dongola and that rep
resentations had been made by France t the
Government of England and negotiations
were now proceeding
The Qaulati discussing the French attitude
situation The Cabi
on the Egyptian Iltuatol says
net ought to have modified their langugo and
S not lout themselves t an incident the result
of which will cement the Drelbund anew and
afford Germany occasion t draw closer to
Great Britain
I Lt Journal thinks that occasion baa been af
forded t the Foreign Office t take revenge
for the recent numerous rebuffs it has experienced
M Bertbolot added that France had declined
to accede to Great Britains request to take
000000 from the Egyptian reserve to meet the
expenses of the expedition The expedition was I
lot I defensive but an offensive aot
Lovitoy March 10In the House of Com
ment today Mr Labouohere referring to the
C British expedition t Dongola asked the Gov
ernment if any alliance existed between Great
Britain and Italy
Mr Ourzon said there existed no alliance
0 agreement of any kind between the two
countries but the circumstances in which
they were placed pointed to the expediency of I
a friendly cooperation tween the Govern I
ments la defence of their common Interests
Mr Curson also announced that M Berthe
lot French Minister of Foreign Affairs had
informed Lord Dufferln the British Ambassa
dor to France that he repudiated all responsi
bility for the statements made in reporting the
I purport of the Interview between the Minis
ter and the Ambassador on Tuesday in which
r the former U represented as having demanded
to know the reasons for the British expedition
up the Nile and a having pointed out the
gravity of the consequence of he move
ment Such ilutemcnu M 1 Berthelot hud bald
mutt have been published by misinformed
France Mr Curson said had been informed
of the Intended plans of Great Britain In the
tu Valley but the French Government hud
not tu jet mado any reply fhe Italian Gov
ernment had Informed England Hint Italy
would not cvftcnato Knsiala unless the mili
tary authorities there should find it Impossi I
ble to hold tho place
MrtDsifourtFlrst Lord of thn Treasury and
the Government loro the House said that
the British Ambassadors to Paris Berlin Ion
na Rome I and St Petersburg hud beon In
structed to communicate to thn rcspectli Gov I
ernments t which they were accredited the
grounds upon which the English advance I up the
Nile Valley haiUbeen innde and iilsoto point out
the fact that in order to meet too expenditure
required it oror b nccemury tl use I larger
sum than was at thn disposal of tho Egyptian
Treasury and that tho Government liotied that
the Commission of tho Egyptian Illbllo 1 Debt
would assent to the expenditure of 000000
from 000 tho reserve fund which was now JtV600
000The Governments Germany Italy and
Austria hat given replies assenting to this
but Russia and France had lint answered As
the operations were lu the Interest of Egypt
Mr Balfoiir said the costs should naturally
b defrayed from tho reserve fund I was not
POSSIble 1 ho said to form an exact estimate of
Die at present
axpeneoat preont
In tho House of Lords today Lord Salisbury
in from Lord Iloscbory
reply to I question Lor 10cbery
said the Italian Government hud not learned
of tho fall of KasMala which they regarded as
extremely Improbable
Pout will dospalch from
The Vornini I publish a pltch frot
Paris saying that the Chamber of Deputies Is
satisfied with M Berlinhits statement which
1 regarded as having been patriotic although
Roue March 10The Italia commenting
on the attitude of Great Britain toward tho
Soudan dwells upon the long friendship which
has existed between Great BrIUvIn and Italy
and says Tho Brlllsh advance to DongoU
will b of great advantage t Italy but of
rather a moral than material character while
Italy renders a great service to Great Britain
In affording her a pretext for showing Europe
evacuating that tho time Egypt has not yet come t speak of
K25O ror n TUB Captain to Pay for Talking
About u Uunal Hoot Girl
Grace U Sharrot 28 years old obtained I
verdict of WO before Justice Glcgcrtch of the
Supreme Court yesterday against James Mon
arty Captain of tbo steam tug Champion for
defamation of character The verdict Is the
culmination of a little canal boat romance
Mrs Helen Duyharsh was the owner of two
canal boats plying between Buffalo and Ho
boken in May 1804 Hhe was not living with
her husband but she maintained her two
daughters Grace and Ida both of whom were
In court yesterday dressed alike and looking
much like twins Mrs Dayharsb toward the
ond of May started with one canal boat for Buf
falo to be gone about six weeks She left her
two daughters In charge of the other boat
Morlarty and Thomas Flannery a pilot bocamo
acquainted wllh the girls and in the month of
June used t visit them on Ihe deck of the canal
boat which was rigged up to serve as a par
lor Morlarty and Grace also went dances
together while the Captain n paylmrh
was away Meanwhile the girls at the reques
of their mother were trying to sell tho cunal
boat They succeeded and then came ashore t
live Ida married Flannery and Grace got a
place In Childs restaurant About a year ago
she married Edward Sharrot but she separated
from her husband about six months later be
cause he was out of worK and returned to
tbe restaurant In the suit tried yesterday
Grace claimed that Moriarty had dammed her
to Flannery uy Buying that she had gone on all
night cruise wIth him on his steam tug Cham
pion She asked for 1000 damages Morlarty
ungallantly setup m bis answer that hu had
told the truth He called some of his umuloyuus
ou the Champion who corroborated him
Graco wai very nervous on thecrosnexaml
nation yesterday bhe admitted going to the
Champion ut night but she laid that a number
of her friends were there and that she returned
to her canal boat early One night she had gone
to a dance with Moriarly and when they re
turned to her canal boat she said oho found It
bad slipped away from Its moorings In the
awarap1 at Hoboken having no place to go
she would not go to n hotel as Moriarty sug
gested but she walke the streets with Morlarty
until fi oclock in the morning when tho bout
was found 4 it t S >
WT witness broke out crying while giving
this evidence saying sbu was nervous and ns
she left the Maud she fell forward in a faint on
tho counsel table The case bad to be adjourned
uutil she recovered When the jury brought lu
a verdict In her favor she fainted again
Three Horn on the Trip from Qneenilotsrn
Two Died Tno Marriages
The manifest of steerage passengers which
Purser Russell of the Teutonic made out tho
day after the big liner left Queenstown on the
voyage which ended at this portjon Wednesday
contained the names of Madeline Maltland
Dane John C Johnson Bavarian Ellen Hal
gren Swede Claus Ryder German and Ellen
Crlmmlns and Bernard Cam English There
wore throe additions to the list when the pas
sengers were transferred to Ellis Island yester
day but only one passenger to represent them
Tie additions were the names of babies born on
the voyage Madeline Maltland was the mother
of the first which was born on the third day out
from Queenstown Madeline told the ships sur
geon that Johnson was the childs father and
Johnson admitted It
Tho next day that baby died and twomore
were born day Halgren was their mother
and Claus Ryder their father Ono of the cwlns
a girl died the next day but tho other thrived
Yesterday while tho Immigration olllclals were
arranging for the marriage of Johnson nnd
Ryder to the mothers of their children lon
Crlmmlns gave birth to a baby In the detention
pen Bernard Carr says she Is I his niece and
that he Is taking her to his home In Cleveland
to be his housekeeper She would not say who
was the father of the child The officials will
hold her and Carr for further examination and
have will permit taken the place others to land when the weddings
BpanUh Governor Hay I Vent Meant
tor Him but It Just SIIn ed Him
Felix Tausslg of the firm of N o W Tausslg t
Coof 111 Wall street who returned from Porto
Rico to thin city yesterday on steamship South
Cambria gives some details of what hu thinks
was a deliberate attempt on the life of United
States Consul J 1 Hall by a Spanish soldier at
Ban Juan Porto Rloo on March 4 Consul
Halls house Is on a terrace above I street
which Is on another terrace overlooking the
Spanish prison Passers on the street are pro
hibited from looking overtime prison fence Mr
Hall was sitting 01 the veranda of his home in
the afternoon when he heard the reporl of a nib
and a bullet lodged in tho wall 11 few feet from
tits bead Ho went to GovernorGeneral Marln
and complained against thu soldier Murlu tald
the soldier bad fired at u woman who hud stop
ped In the street to look down Into the prison
Mr Hal told 11 Tausslg that II had never be I
fore heard nf a soldier HrlnLat anybody who
had stopped near the prison epic Before the
shooting there was an attempt made to get up a
demonstration against American blue of
the attitude of the Unltud States Mimito on the
Cuban question MrTauiiiilg says lhat Mr Hull
had sent u letter which arrived on the South
Cambria to the Stuto Department suggesting
that Spam shall Hive a moro satlifticlur ex
planation of tho nhnotlug than GnvvrnorGrn
anal Marlu vouchsafed time Consul I
THU aioxTJiHAL riisrn
Mr blur Promoter of the Exposition Dm
uppear from View 1
MONTIIEAU March 10A sensation has been
produced here by the sudden departure uf
Joseph II Stiles piomoter of the defunct Brit I
tsh Empire Exposition scheme Hlncc the col
lapse of tho project tHIs has been besieged by
creditors and not being able tu meet them lie
quietly left the city on route for Englumi Con
slderable sums of money had been IClil l to fillies
and his agents on account of conceptions and
contracts of various kinds but those sums are
far rum representing the actual losses O
Gaston Akonn of Ntiw York Is said to
have paid 91000 tn t < Mllui for the prlvi
kge of honing tho MrieUnf Cairo at time
proposed exhibition Akoim has a large con
slgnment uf uunrls donkeys and Arabian
holt here ali entylivo uicu und vvuiuen
nutlven of Algeria are now on their way across
the Atlantlu to Mr Akoun who had to pay the
French Government lOOO francs depolt mi
each meuibrr of lime troupe an n guarantee for
their laro return George C lluttuiuyer A Co
who are creditors for about Sx0OuO for paint
ing today made an assignment
Illustrated Icctur ellis Civil Wiir
I by Usjor Urneral Thos I iiuiicr Confederate Army
it Cblckcrlnt lltll frW Jttrcli XO m S1 MJUI
The Lafayette PUo Ilaths
I Turkish Hud Kuulin IH Lafayette plum i po Itlv l J
cure JJw fur cold rneuiuttUm lout and kidney fruUbls
Uan tttruek Dead for ITliBl
Drug clerk up town who saul tidal tome other rem I
edy UpwiaraaLidti for a cough oe cold was N just as good A tku
Tbe Mew York Herald tinder Number
ruhllitieJ next bOnds the W4 iuu twll muiili in
aililllluo lo sit lli CoOs a mmnlLuiut Art beciioiiuf
SI iKMuilfully I illuiiritwl pai in colors nn < t luilf
touts It will aUu cuoiatu lu Itttaittt Iouo tI Inise I I
stern by Edger IltN A Itc > ui ure ut Oil Itow
York unseen br Ilt niln uce Caijiusi UllijlHjiu
UUtiuptlect bMltrlraof thlBituu anil Ir Savifu
of lioilou Enter rtthloni from Iurli icni itotlc
sad a inultlluU of other attractive fealurts
Irks Liei Of Ut Duol lulu lU lIi Ur
ci tier nr vi a o piNs 1on SIBIIICA
A ItCTOlt In IlalllnKton Iloothn Army In
Which the IVomrn Ketabllih Their In
alienable JtlRht to Look an Pretty as
They anArml Nome to lie hanged
A revolt lias occurred among Gods Amen
can Volunteers I didnt last long but thure
was a lively time at Commander Booths head
quarters wlillo It dlil last Tho revolt WM
planned by Horacti and carried out by women
and It Wfti suocesful
Tho trouble was over tho color of the uni
form of tho 1Aes I A largo number of tho
now Volunteers nro young women Many
of thorn are very good looking All of thorn
bnvo a certain rcgtrd fur tho booomlutrncas of
their attire When they read In the ropers
tho other day that It had been decided that
brown should bo the color of tho womens mil
tom mum they concluded that they didnt like the
They got together Infoniially about a
dozen of them and talked the matter over
The longer they talked the moro vehement was
their denunciation of the brown uniform
Why exclaimed n young exCaptain In
tho Salvation Army Its the worst color that
could possibly have bean selected I Drown Is
sure In brown to fn < o and beside I look like a fright
Of course Itll fade said another And
It shown dirt and It spots How would our
uniforms look utter marching just once
through muddy streets in tho rain They
wouldnt L It to be scent Oftentimes too
well hare to kneel down In the streets Ev
ery time we knelt down a spot vould b left
on our gowns Wed never b able to let
those spots out I think tho bonnets are just
too cuto anything though Dout you
Staff Captain
The Staff Captain appealed to was a little
woman with a willowy figure big brown eyes
cml a dark olive complexion She smiled at
the question and replied
Yea I think tho bonnets are vary pretty
and I dont to much object to the brown uni
form Im not uo much Interested In what
kind of 1 uniform wo wear as what kind of
work we do Its tho souls we save thats 1m
Well aid the young Captain who had
opened the discussion I think we can Rave
just as many souls in any other color oa we can
to brown I know one thing I can do mON
good In a dress that looks halfway decent upon
mo than I can In something that looks posi
tively ugly 1 just wont wear brown and
theres all there Is of it
Now listen said tho little Staff Captain
we wont et excited about tills Its a very
little matter about any it way Lots go t the Commander
The suggestion was accepted and It was de
cided to meet at the Volunteers headquarters
3 esterday morning Not fur from 10 oclock the
revellers began t assemble on the sixth floor of
tho Hlblo HOUBO It was not long before what
would make I fairsized post had assembled
The little Staff Captain was made the spokes
Ile and they went into Commander
Booths private oftlce
Af tho young women kept filing In he looked
UI In surprise
Well ladies to what am I Indebted for
this rail he nSKed
cal a moments hesitation the lltllo Staff
Captain said
Commander we came In to talk about the
uniforms Some of us think that brow not
n good color We fear It wont b serviceable
lirown spots very eatlly and consequently
mud stains will collect upon the uniform quick
ly We thought perhaps the color might b
This surprises mo replied Commander
Booth I thought Tou were delighted wlt
tile 10 However you must taut to Mrs
Boolh her about that Uo along In there and see
herTho delegation went Into the next room and
hml a long talk with Irs Booth The upshot
of the mailer 8 that It was decided to ohuugo
tho color of tho wnulens uniform from brown
to cartel blue Th color and trimmings of
the bonnet will be changed to conform
Another change In the now organization
will affect Its 1 name c m erf fla said
vejtcrday that a large number of his friends
have suggested to him that American Volun
teen would have been a better mime than
Gods American Volunteers There arc ob
JeatoiiB they ald to bringing tho name of the
Deity into the name of the organization He
has considered the suggestions and has decided
to make a change in the name It is very
probable he said the organization will he
known Volunteers In the future simply as the American
Two mor desertions were reported from tho
Salvation Army yesterday One was that of
Adit Washington Blaokhurst of Chlcagowho
has come on to Now York and asked to 0 as
signed to duty by Commander Booth The
other < is Capt Charles OUrlen who has been
the janitor of the Fourteenth street headquarters
He Tells a Plntnfleld Audience About the
Principles of the Volunteer
PLAINFIELD March Commander Hal
llngton Booth addressed a large audience In
Music Hall this evening on Gods American
Volunteers The meeting was well attended
Capt Mlinraa who Is In charge of the seceding
members of the local corps of the Army pre
sided Tho Commanders address nas almost
entirely along religious lines and only at Us
close tiid lie refer to the new movement and
then only to speak of Its general principles
However he said that the bass drum cornet
tambourines and uniforms would b used to
attract to the meetings those who would not go
to churches A defenders league was organ
ized with large membership
Mr and Mr ISoothTucker frill IHall To
LONDON March 10 Commissioner Booth
Tucker who has been appointed to the com
mand of the Balvatlon Army In the United
States and his wife will sail from Southampton
Louis for New on York Saturday on the American line steamer 8t
Tile Cyclone 1entro Pawnee 10 Inland
Join North
The Celestial Street Cleaning Department
helped Col Waring to let rid of the snow
yesterday Col J 1lnvlus turned on the spigot
early in the morning and let It flow Inter
mittently all day I wasnt much of a storm
locally compare with two others that pro
dded I but It created a southeast wind that
blow at 3110 I M at sixtysix miles Sun
shlno streamed across the bay making a
shadowgraph of Liberty an hour before the
Governors Island sunset guu boomed and
painted u brilliant rainbow on the darkened
nky to this eastward Col Pluvlus sent dmvn
according to Col Dunn only half an Inuh of
rain up to dark but he sent It so swiftly that
the drops looked like streams
Tim attune ntuitcd from the extreme louth
vftat threw days ago On Wednesday morn
1111 It wan central In the lower Mississippi Vul
icy and travelling uurilieMt Its Cut no rtaCiieii
Weal Virginia yesterday morning aad at 01 1 I
M was over Washington At 4 I PM 1 tho eon
Ire was close to this city and a little vvoal of It
During Its passage nurth sunshine and heavy
tliowura were Intermittent and tIme wind began
to blow from the south The Washington
Weather Bureau ordered hurricane signals
along the const north from Phlludutphltt The
w Unlit rose I to sixty and seventy miles un hour
all along the middle Atlantic and New England
coasts blowing fromthuesstand southeast until
lime centr pasted Heavy rain tel over nil unti
Mates east IIIIe l MlssU > lui III > l south of the
lakes and the New England Stales but over time
morning lakes and Now England States snow foil lu the
A Bllssard Op the Mint
lOT Hvuot N V March 10A blizzard
struck this town last night and still continues
The fall of snow Is I the heaviest of the season
bell over a foot Hoads are drifted full and
busiiiess U at a sluudstlll
liYONS N Y March 10 A blizzard Is raging
all over Wan county At II I oclock this morn <
Ing fourteen Inches of snow had fallen Traffic
Ins I l Impeded on time t veal railroads centring
here At Iljde i lime snowfall U two ret Coun
try tel Impassable Telephone and el 1cc
trldlght wires are broken In many place I
atKtstir j i iriifi INIHAXA
Practically All lot Two District Declare
for Him
INDIANAPOMR March 10The Ropubllcani
of Indiana today held their CoiiRnm District
Conventions to elect delegates and alternates to
the National Convention and nominate candi
dates for Congress
William McKlnlevs name seat well received
at nit time conventions lu the thirteen districts
Time Second District Convention was divided be
tween Allison and McKinley and tho delega
tion uulnstriictcd
tlol was lulnstrlotel
Tho Seventh district practically sent McKln
Icy delegates Harry 0 Now of Indianapolis
who lined tu bo a Harrison man said that ho
would vote for McKlnley If the conditions re
mained a they were at present The other dele
gate Is n McKluleyllo
Resolutions endorsing McKlnley wero
adopted In tho First Third Fourth Fifth
Eighth Ninth Tenth Eleventh and Twelfth
district and delegates S < Instructed Tho
Thirteenth declared for him but did not 8
Instruct their dolegates
Most of the endorsements were carried
through without opposition The Second dis
trict renomluated tho lon A M Hardy of
Davies county for Congress Marcus R Suitor
of Madison was nominated In the Fourth Con
gressman J N Weighty was ronotnlnalcd In the
Twelfth and Congressman Jatoss A Hcmonway I
In the First
A Compromise That Mollifies Mnndersoa
and Hull the McKinley Man
OMAHA March 10The Unlit between the
McKinley and Mandcreon Republicans Is at an
end terms of a compromise having been agreed
upon this oienlng at n conference of time
leaders Senator Thnrston hum recognized
head of tho McKinley boom In Nobnmka
accepted the general terms of tho compromise
yesterday but lien Manderson who Is In Wash
ington held out until today for a delegation to I
time St Louis Convention Instructed for him
Tonight he wired that he would bo guided by
what his friends In Nebraska thonght best
The compromise provides that the State dele
gation shall be for McKinley but Mandersons
name will be formally presented to the Conven
tion unless It Is apparent that tho Ohio mans
nomination Is assured
nomInaton I Bure
All District Conventions aro Instructed to
abide by the agreement and the Manderson
people have Senator Thurstons word for it that
the terms will be carried out
Couldnt Hear the Disgrace of Being Put
Hack In u Lower das
A general alarm was sent out from Police
Headquarter last night giving a description of
three Morrlsanla schoolgirls who ran away
from their homes yesterday because they wore
put back In a lower class In school All the
girls are described M pretty They are
Rosabel Burkhardt 15 ear old of 030
Mutt avenue Eileen Wilson 14 years old who
lived with her aunt Miss Meaney at 475 Vest
145th street and Agnes Maher 16 years old
who lived with her mother and two brothers at
640 East 148th street
The aunt of the Wilson girl Is I a teacher In
the public school at Edgecombo avenue and
148th street The three girls attended the
school and were In the seventh grade They had
not ben attentive t their studies and yester
day morning when they arrived at the school
they found that they had been pp bmk a ohMs
At the 1 oclock reoesTihej hell an IndKn
tlon meeting and decided that they would never
never appear again In the eighth grade classroom
room One of the teachers heard them
planning to run away and go t work
rather than submit t the disgrace She over
heard one of the girls say that they could easily
get employment In the Paterson silk mills The
teacher ordered the girls t go back t their
class rooms
At noon the girls left the school to go home
for luncn Only ono of them reached home
She was Agnes Maber who went up to her
brothers room and broko open a strong
box In which her brother bad placed
t She pocketed the money and after
dinner went away to join the other two girls
None of the girls returned t school for the af
ternoon session and they were last seen at
Eighth avenue and lath street apparently
starting for tbo wilds of Jersey Two of the
girls carried black satchels with them
When nono of them returned home last night
the police were notified The police of Jersey
City and Iateruon were asked particularly to
keep a sharp lookout for the runaways
The Prisoner Who Had BIn Hart b a
al Couldnt Leave III Carriage
Magistrate Wentworth adjourned for a time
the Centre Street Police Court shortly after
U oclock yesterday morning and leaving the
bench went to tho Franklin street entrance of
the Criminal Court building accompanied by
two or three policemen of the court squad
There lu a carriage drawn close to the ourb
the Magistrate again opened court and Police
man Healey of the Old slip station arraigned
before him August Kelnhardt 70 years old of
utl Warren street Brooklyn
The charge against tho Brooklyn man was
Intoxication Policeman Healey found him at
time foot of the elevated railway station stairs at
South Ferry on Wednesday night Hchad fallen
down the stairs while drunk and three ribs had
been broken by tho fall Me sIlent the night at
the Hudson btrnet Hospital An u charge of In
toxication had been maclo against him he was
brought to court As hu was unable to leave the
carriage the Magistrate consented to convene
court In the street
After hearing the policemans story all of
which the prisoner admitted was true the Jus
tice discharged enough him saying he had been punished
fourteen Yearn Old Hut a Terror to Jer
sey City Mhopkeepera
Oscar Wilkins who says he I 14 years old
and who has 1 meek uppeuranou and mild man
ner such as might be expected In a Sunday
school boy was caught yesterday In tho act of
prying open a showcase In front of iilmore
OKcefes dry goods store 1711 Newark avenue
Jersey City and stealing laces The police mr
that the boy is a nervy burglar COl plaint
have been made to the police by shopkeepers
all Newark that their showcases
al along avenue thtr ohnwcIes
have been forced open with a small jimmy or a
chisel and valuable goods stolen Time work has
always been Ion In daylight when the street
lias ten thronged Policemen In uniform and
In cltUenh clothed and deittttlven have been
looking for time hold thief but he escaped until
yesterday The youthful prisoner was not
abashed when ho mmmms arraigned before Police
Justice Potts charged with breaking entering
and larceny He wascoiiimlttud for trial Sev
eral additional charges mmiii bu miiJe against
him He Is I 1 imtlvti uf Belgium and lives with
Ills parents at 40 York street
DIed from Vnderntnlh by a PolKeman
Hater Hne Waa Hurt
Miss Knnnla Stilling aged 18 years of 402
Fat 133d street bad occasion to cross laltn
street at Thlid avenue at 2s30 oclock yester
day afternoon Knoumb < red by an umbrella
she did not notco the approach of a cable car
bound wet until the car was upon her She
was knocked down and the platform of lbs car
pasted over her
Before tho fender III front of tin wheels hid
reached her Policeman Urorge lisa sprang
forward grabbed her by the shoulders and
dragged hrr from under tie car Beyond a few
slight bruises Miss Stilling was uninjured but
her clothing was ruined
o A scusain ron UNITING nits TWO
Pennsylvania Mannfneturerc led the He
publlean Mllver Hrnntnrx In Meervt Con
ferrnee and l > lneu the Question An
other Conference Hoon to He Held
WASHINGTON March 10At tho Hotel Iago
conference hold tonlitht between
an Important was tolllht be
tween the sllvorHupubllcun Senators who voted
against tho consideration of the Tariff bill In
the Senate and I large number of repre
sentative manufacturers of Philadelphia
vho favor the linking together of pro
tection and bimetallism The authorito
tlvo statement Issued by the conference
after Its secret session Is looked upon by
politicians the first note of warning or time
part of the Republican Senators from Western
States against the adoption of a single gold
standard plank In time St I Louis platform Toe
conference wai the result of a correspondence
between Mr William Wlthclm a prominent
attorney of Pottsvtlle Pa and tho six Repub
lican silver Senators
Senators Teller Dubols Mantle Carter Can
non and Jones of Nevada were present at the
conference as were also Congressmen Hartman
of Montana Allen of Utah and Wilson of Ida
ho and tho following named representatives of
manufacturing Interests Jamos Dobson man
ufacturer of carpets George Campbell wool
lens Jams Pollock carpets 8 B Vrooman
lumber Frank Caven silk C 1 Hardln
yarns George W Klklns street railways
Alex Crow carpets Henry A Fro gro
ceries Henry Holmes carpets n W
Scott knit goods James Brown woollens
Howland Croft worsteds Charles M Mcleod
yarns James Dlcfonderfcr jams John Flslor
wire Robert Dawnman carpets llobert W
Scott knit goods Charles Heber Clark surgical
appliances Theodore U Miller upholstery
Richard Canstmion yarns Joseph flnoniley rugs
Joseph R James woollens Joseph Foster dyes
James Phillips worsteds C D Firestone
buggies and R E Dlcfcndcrfer electrical ap
The conference was organized by choosing
Senator DuLls as Chairman and Mr Wllhelm
of Pennsylvania as Secretory For three
hours and a half behind closed doors the conference
ference discussed the plan of uniting free silver
and protection as a national Issue President
Dornan of the Manufacturers Club of Phila
delphia expressed the opinion that tariff duties
could not b made high enough t protect our
manufacturers If our country remained on a gold
basis Mr James Dobson the great carpet manufacturer
for free coin
ufacturer came out unqualifiedly
age by international agreement If possible
otherwise by Independent action Hn believed
that Independent action would induce Interna
I tional action Free coinage might create tem
porary disturbances but it was the quickest way
to permanent relief from tho ills from which
the country is now suffering
Henry A Fryo of Philadelphia Bald that the
sooner we took Independent action for bi
metallism the better It would be Ho declared
for protection and bimetallism
Charles Heber Clark editor of the Viinuar
furr of Philadelphia said ho had labored In
season and out of season to convince the manu
facturers that protection would only prove efficacious
cacious In conjunction with the restoration of
silver He was now happy to have so many
representatives of the Industrial Interests of the
country present t meet the Senators ruohad
voted Against the Dlngley bill and to personally
verify imis declaration
Richard Campion declared himself in favor
of the restoration of silver but thought that
the csu eof bimetallism was not advanced by
the defeat of the revenue measure
Several opinions were expressed of regret at
the loss or the Dlneley measure but no opinion
antagonistIc to the restoration of silver was
uttered The Senators present defined their
position In such manner us to make It I plain to
the manufacturers that there could be no protective
tective tariff legislation either at tills nesalon of
Congress or the next without the rehabilitation
of silver Iud that bimetallism and protection
constituted an Indivisible Issue before the
Some of the manufacturers themselves en
dorsed this position as belne limo I logic of the
countrys necessities and political conditions
The lisue was clearly defined but no attempt at
oruanlrollnn was matte
Charles Ileber Clark Invited the Senators to a
meeting to be held at the Manufacturers Club
Philadelphia at an early date Many trong
letters In harmony with the purposes of tbo
meeting were received from manufacturers
throughout the country who were unable to bo
present at this particular meeting The Inci
dental mention of the name of J Donald Cam
eron for the I nomination for the Presidency met
with cordial approval
1th corIal allroval
A Delegation orltlckapon rrom Oklahoma
Cull on the Great Father
WASHINGTON March I 10 There was I pic
turesque gathering In the Presidents office In
the White House this morning when a delega
tion of Ktckapoo Indians from Oklahoma Ter
ritory had an Interview with Mr Cleveland
about the Severally law They were attired In
full Klckapoo regalia all their faces were
daubed with paint The only Incongruous thing
about their costume was that nearly all wore
ordinary rubber overshoes over their moccasins
lhiii venerable Chief White Wtter explained
through an Interpreter that his people mIcro dis
satisfied with tho law dividing their land In sev
erally They hud obtained the land from tho
Great Spirit ht < nalcl nnd ulohfil to preserve
their tribal relation and not bu obliged to take
UI separate farm aud bucouio dvllled They
had therefore come to Washington to seethe
Grout Father to secure redress
Time President replied In kindly tones that the
Severally act was a law nf the land and hn wan
obliged to curry It 01t The white man hud en
deavored to Improve his condition and limo
Indian should do lhoiinm He hoped the Icka
i poon would really I time wisdom of this and ad
vised 1 them to abide by time law and become ll
I civilized
Hecretary Morton Yield to the Mandatory
Act of Co
W March llKecretary of Agri
culture Morton bun aracofully yielded to time
I mandatory act of Coiigiess which President
Cleveland permitted to become a law without
his signature and hits advertised for bids for
10U5000 packages of garden seeds and 1000
otto packages of tlowor bet UOO puckuues to
the pound The entire purchase will weigh
about ilOO tons and time eiiln limit be ilulhurecl
M once so as lu be In tlmu for uprlng pluming
Each of the ninety Senulnri each of the I37
members of tho Home of Itcprcsrntutivui and
tiich nf the three Territorial delegates will have
KiOOn packages
There are to be 1010000 packages of beet
seed 1000000 tmeknceH of cahlmu I000K
packages nf Intlnci 1Oouoo 1 jiuckuxis of
rndUli I nloOoo package uf union tnuoim
pnckugcn fiieli nf cucumber cantaloupe and
watermelon ieeil with other varieties In
wjterm wih otlr vlrltlos pro
portion and Unclu Ntui loots the bill
Mr Honeett Kesciiud uy u Negro Who
P < lilted it llant with n IliiMrd
Catharine Uosiett became despondent because
her husbands InlclllBencu olllca a UU Wimt
UJth street didnt do u good business so at r
oclock yesterday morning she went tu time foot
of East U4th street and jumped Into tho river
Charles Jones u colored nnlclunnn In Mrerut
lumber yard hcmd the tiplush and 0 iw thu
woman Boating down blreuiu iirithlilng up u
boinl for a paddle hu Jumlel into a boat at
Killings flout and mid alter thu drnwiilng
vf omuu lie overtook ier lear Ilil I Street and
drugged hum Into time bout pollcemsn julck
helped Jones lulu the wouldbe uluhte timid oho
was remuved M limo 11 lloiptil
Oov Morton NIBn the French Hill Vhleh
Prevent Its Acceptance
AtnAvv March 10 boy Morton late this
afternoon signed limo French bill rotating to the
acceptance and erection of monuments and
memorials In the city of Now York I re
quires that they shall bo passed upon hv ex
perts before they Cal bo accepted This llnully
disposes of the remarkable attempt of Alder
man Goodman and his associates to foist upon
the city tho Heine monument after It had been
rejected by the Park Commissioners and wilt
prevent similar attempts In the future
Arrested In the Htreet and Locked Up In a
llolioken Police Oil
A wolldroised young woman Is In a cell In
Police Headquarters Hobokon charged with
drunkenness She was arrested yesterday
morning by Detective K Fenton who found
her helpless In Washington street Later In
time day after slot grew sober she said abe was
Emily E Martin M years old of Chicago She
said that she arrived In Jersey City on last
Saturday but refused to stalo whore sho had
been slopying Tho police questioned her but
she would give no further Information other
than thai she thought she had boon drugged
In a small satchel which sbo carried were soy
oral letters hearing this printed heading The
Kings Daughters Central Legion Umlly IX
Martin Trees
The letters were signed by Emily Kames Hal
lenbeck President of the Legion and they au
thorized Mien Martin to collect subscriptions
from Kings Daughters At tho bottom of one
of limo letters was time nntai The Kings
Daughters S250 No money was found on her
She will bo arraigned before Recorder Mc
Donough this morning
Curlonft Jxperlraent hy College ProfcBMOrsi
In Htuiljlnu Food Product
MrDDrETOWN Comm March 10 Profs At
water Rosa aud Wood are conducting a aeries
of experiments to learn tho value of food prod
ucts They have constructed an airtight room
tea feet cube in which a student Is confined
Fresh air Is pumped in and food cooked under
the direction of the professors is conveyed
through an airtight tube The room is lighted
by electricity and equipped with electricity
The temperature of the student U taken and
condition noticed at frequent Intervals All
food and all waste are weighed the object being
to learn the exact certain kinds of foods that
make bone flesh and blood
The student will remain six days So far he is
doing well eating heartily sleeping well and
devoting much time to study The results of
the experiment will be sent to Washington for
scientific use
Tare Train Stopped While He Was
Urine Extricated
PATERSON March 10A horse attached to n
wagon belonging tu C Stomgrln a baker living
In Arlington ran away from thecorner of Essex
and Vine streets In Paterson at 0 oclock this
evening and at 7 was found with time wagon
Bllll undamaged halfway across limo Susque
hanna Railroad bridge which spans the Pas
sate River at Dundee Its legs had slipped be
tween the ties An eastbound express was ap
proaching but several persons with lanterns
jthjnajled thojanghicer to stop Twpniote tijilns
wore held up and after a half hours hard
work the horse was rescued little the worse
for the runaway
Dung that Other Central American He
publics Will He Drawn Into It
WASHINGTON March 10 Private informa
tion received from Nicaragua Indicates that the
revolution In that republic is much more seri
ous than has been represented in Ihe press and
that it may bo continued far many months
There Is a danger also that the neighboring re
publics may be drawn Into It and a fear lost the
trouble may extend throughout all of Central
America An embargo has been placed upon
the telegraph wires and despatches In cipher
or containing news concerning the outbreak are
allowed to bo sent out of the country Minister
Baker anticipating trouble cabled for a man
ofwar to4 > rotect American citizens some weeks
He lie lCOO Itulluni Captive Among Hie
ROME March 10 Private despatches from
Massowah say that Major Salsa who was sent
from the Italian headquarters to obtain from
King Menolek permission to bury the Italians
killed In the battle atAdua and to succor the
wounded has returned to the Italian camp He
nays that the Abysslnlans hold fifteen hundred
Italians prisoners
Ills Wife and Children Haffer While He
11cc In lull
William E Keen who was ones a constable
In Jersey City and while holding that ofllca
took part In the ballotbox frauds of 1889 has
been In the county jail for eight months and It
was learned yesterday that his wife end three
children are on time verge of starvation They
would have been evicted from their rooms at
Dir Newark avenue yesterday but for the
severe storm
Been wan convicted with the other ballotbox
stulTcrs and was centenced to eluhteen months
In Stale prixnn Ho had some money al that
lime and look Ibo cast up to tho Court of
Errors on appeal Xo decision hat been given
iteen was out on JIOOO ball HU iHiiidDiunu
died eight months ego and as he was unable
to teem n anotherhu wux obliged to go to jail
K unoof IIn friends umiivused him thai ho might
better go topilMin and servo his term bum he
thought dltfermilly Ho fiels very bitter about
the political leaders who he says mod a cats
paw of him ami now permit him to lie in jail
while his Vtlfu and children starve
Sheriff In the fioTrrnnrn Room on Max
Gombosi laSso
Deputy Sheriff Butler levied yesterday on two
paintings In the Joerrnrs room at the City Hall
to cover two elalmn aualnl time rlly for SI41
In favor of Max iomhossy Ho selected time
pnlntniH of rinxK Muririn and Hunt mi which
time levy wai made Ihe uxucullons wcro ob
tained aunlnu thu city sninn tlnm ago and
Dunilly I htrirt llutler railed at tint t Com p i
roller ii ullltu several lunu to collect the
amount hut coo iii net no patUfuvllon I ther
m Iho P lid Ii rca wurii levied upon as n lust I
reort It U several i curs simnu > n lov has been
made In the Gnvornorx room but It ined tu bu
a familiar proceeding
dumei Uordiui llvunetta Autraln Win a
lilt lur e
Nice March 10 Jamex Gordon Jenn tls
Amerlian trotting muni ts utiuln I 1114 1 by
Princeton dam hy ti kim Ion ion of cu > Iur
won thu I liitiTimtml harness came of
i0ioi rummies iii thu Var truck near thU city
toitny lime v lint r 5 > ii driven h > Mr i lien
netta Ainrlcaii S rat nor llnnuid I I Phillips of
Williumspurt Pa
1rof Thoniu to Come tu Columbia
ANN AiiitMi Mkh March HI Tim announce
ment t that Prof I Ihuimii vvhu ht biiii at the t
head nf tin t I iHTiiiHii diinrliiHnt In the Imvcr
fliycf MiihiiiMn Kai n i pptid mi nITei fr < > in
I inuinbiu Uk u > U I riiillrmed Mlchliiivnuas
Utmblo lo trlvw thu eater ofturud by LoluuiUla
Kruritern Irlnum
PIIKTOHIA March 10 The preliminary ex
amination of the memberi of the Johannesburg
Reform Committee who are charged with se
dition was concluded today All the accused
Lilac reserved their defeoct
rovxjt > ix A iixorr mANiC trttnnm
iiii UREVUtiLfl urxNJotrs
Hotel Mnnnuer and u Doctor King Up tha
llniinn Next Iloor to Oct Him and Find
Him ITnhlirtHnll to Slave 11 ten PnM
tlnlaic is n Cable Urlnmnn on Ilroadirajt
Intnoi S Drinker of 201 West Flftyslitb
street next door to time Hotel Grenoble wag
aroused about lt10 oclock on Wednesday
morning by the violent ringing of his doorbell
Hn sleeps on the first floor and was at
time dour before his callers got through
yanking the bell They were Manager
Johnson of the Hotel Irnnobln and a surgeon
Mr Johnson said that ono of hU guests had
fallen from on upper window Into Mr Drinkers
hack yard nnd ho feared that the guest had
bean seriously Injured
Mr Drinker admitted Mr Johnson and th
surgeon nnd conducted them through time hall
to time yard Them boy found n smoothshaven
milan apparently about 40 years ohm lying on ej
snow heap Ho was Mr W H Vamlorbllft
Allen the artist who has lived at th
Grenoble Intervals for about a year Mr
Allen was atnlstcd to his feet lie we nppa4
cutty not much hurt In bin flight from
the window overlooking Mr Drinkers yanl
ho had struck on a clothes linn whtca
broke his fall and then hn had lighted
on a hillock of soft snow Ha walked out of the
house Into time hotel between Mr Johnson and
the surgeon Uo did not require their assist
Manager Johnson said last night that time re
port that Mr Allan had fullun out of the hotel
window was fabricated by himself and several
of his friends who wanted to havo u llttlo JokeJ
on Mr Allen Mr Drinker does not regard ths
early morning cull as a joke
Mr Allen Mr Johnson says was until ro
cently a grlpman on thin Itrnadway road gate
ting upet C AM and working continuously
living ou simple fare until U P M Ha gave up
his job a week or so ago
Ho is groatgrandson of CommodoreVander
hilt and has an allowance which Is largeenouglj
to live on but creditors will bather him with
supplementary proceeding now and then
Mr Drinker objects having guests from thj
Grenoble fall Into his yard He says that th4 j
hotel encroaches on his air and light space
and that ho and his lodgers are annoyed
by things that occur In the hotel 114
will he declares build a big fence to shut out
the hotel unless his rights are more respected
He has put the case Into time hands of his law
yers Stuyvesant Mlllard of 09 Nassau street
The Maeonlo Temple nurned llalldlns
Wrecked Completely
Pnovmcm March 19Fire was discovered
In the Masonlo building on Pine street shortly
after 4 oclock this morning It destroyed that
building besides canning damage to adjacent
buildings in the rear of the structure The fire
bad gained a big start and before any stream
could be directed upon the structure tb
flames were leaping from the upper part of
the building The entire apparatus of the
Fire Department was called but In a short
time It became evident that the temple was
doomed Time Interior woodwork and stock of
the stores on the first and second floors and the
furnishings of the Masonic halls were like tin
der to the lire
In kai than btlJ an hour from the time the
blaze yes discovered the central and roar parts
of the building comprising the halls and lodge
rooms of tha Mnonlo lodges were In flatu s
and the bare walls formed a chimney for tua
column of flames The walls soon foil and darn
ger to other property ceased The loss is esti
mated at 500000
It Protests Aealnct the Effort to Ham H
Called Waldorf
HIORBVIME L I March 19A petition was
sent to Washington today urging the Post ON
flee Department not to change the towns name
It bears the signature of nearly every citizen
The effort to change the name to Waldorf was
fathered by John J Pollock summer resident
who obtained William Waldorf Astors permis
sion to use his middle name
The vllluce was named In honor of Kilns
Illcks founder of the IllckHVlllo branch of the
Society of Friends The Hicks fumlly one uf
this oldest on Long Island settled on the Island
in lot John Hicks being an early resident of
Flushing and later moving to the town of
Hempsteud John Hicks left an only son
Thomas Hicks who was the first Judge of
Queues county and riled at thu aye of 100 la
1741 leaving children grandchildren great
grandchildren and greatgreat grnndchllilreii
to limo number of 100 among whom nu3 Kliai
Four Ueturen the Age nC 1O uud 13 Ar
remed In JCoch ter They ConfeHB
RncilKirEii March IDFour little girls
wearing Turn o Shunters ware before Judge
Ernst this morning charged with being pick
pockets They all attend No 3 school and
their names are Maggie Sedgwlck 10 yearn of
ago Klttlo Watson 12 years old Mary Creed
13 years and Koala Creed U years They all
confessed to having been In the business
several months Their plan was to visit large
stores pick out a rlehly drented woman locate
her pocket cimuwti about her nnd nienl time tilurse
Out of the girls In explain how they opeiated
UKud the matron at tho pnllcu hlutlon nun sub
ject picking a piirsn from lierdre skirt pocket
beforo iue knew It Time girls said that their
parent timid knowledge uf their sUiillng
He AdvertlneH n Ilrnrllt Prrlornmnee with
Ti Hnclety Heller UM HUlrt JIuncerB
PaiOllKKKlMi March 1U A blue poster
placed lu a number of store wludons at Wap
plngers Fullu andlthlH city bin caused conster
nation among somu uf the beatknow n penplo In
time two places limo pouter says that on March
20 a performance will be given at Farrell
Opera house for the hmofltof Sure Mike and
Dwlglit Van Vourhlc who wire Injured lu ft
railroad accident bevel il is ei kM ago
The mngraimnp brlngit 111 I Urn names of ome
highly relm Ifil ic liii nf WniiMiierM I rails I
and euii tlmt Mn Miud litsmuL and MM Jnl y
1irkliiH I i two nellknuwn society belles will ap
peer ai skirt dnncirs
1 lie lmles of tho I concert was concclvid In the
bruin of Ired lii milder wlin uLont three years
lime mm iii x irid in I thu liirimlllver I I htHte
Hinpltul I I Hiid wet releafi an KIOII an ho hi sit
siifili lelitlr recovertd lie Mill uwulu bo coin
omitted to the hospital
Jlubltd V1 ll u c > In ISu ton
lldsrov March l lli rlis H t Steele who
fur a year or M > has 11 un employid In the cilllce
nf IMnnrd lventl Halus purloillculH Icntt a
Il iuil lif I I < u miniumf j mill m Cii arrested last
lime lit i Imigrd with m I burglar
lie melts iiiuiclit juil its hid wiit leaving the
pawnnlioiiof liiiii I is 1 initeln m 1 Ileaount street
msimurm lie niiit to ili > i > e ut aoim > illvcrvura
uliilvn from a liuk I lay imuc V hen arrested
he iumm fusil that I ho hml in till roblmd twenty
live imousci In iht < lluck hey mid Kuibiiry du >
rms n Kiirinm Ilulil it lluul
lri > AiMT Muruh IPA duel with sabres
was lumi cht thU morning Intwin 1arui I Ja lkn
riprrtcntiithu of lle Imperial Cabinet In the
IlmikMrliin l uunill nf MlnNtern unl Huron
lutimetmmerg l in which thu lutUr wui murlnlly
Hiiiindul inn lULl grew uut of it inter i limit
lt hid b > liirmi h ii b t I erg rtilUii t I I m upuu
lluiuu J oat o di wh i hi4UL rigid thu I ruler
Niw IVIeptiuuc llillilln
Plans teen rfcunl i nuulut b > tho p lild
Itig jriuiliueni is huh I mil fm llu it till ut n
Uleen > inr > biik iinv ini in at 1 l 1 i mud
1 Hey street U > thHML > rl > t 1 fpliuiiuitiiil
Tikgripu C ml k u b I ii i ii i rut Hlniul
JUIUOOti Ihu i pi tvnt tel pt iu tuiUllnit Is
dlrrcil In thom rrar of il imruutul uric Kiil u
is prvtumed is ill bo luuimiixl with tu aew

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