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J nxcrAJtATiott ov TJIVST IlEJAnn
l ixa TIII noriHxa or rIlE xnornr
llrwtrn 11110 C W WetMom of tho Knee
1 t Committee Anil Arept by tkii du
< > > < n to Y ehtn HetnpeH 15 Kurt 86 Feet
j MaeUBltnBthlleilThrceliiFlveHiieesi I
1 The BeawanhakaCorlnthlan Yacht Cub hns
Just accepted n declaration of trust governing
the clubs challenge cup for small yachts which
I a drawn up by C W Wetmoreof Its Kara
Committee As nearly i hundred halfraters
i are building In various parts ut the country
t for the itofence of this trophy the condition
iiinler which thin cup 11 I I I Ig hell will un
t 1 doubtedly prove of Interest to yacliUmcu gen
t emily
I t The drctaratlnn or deed of trust after recit
ing that the Htnwntihaka Club has offered
I an International challenge cup for tho ur
I I of promoting Si al yacht racing and develop
ing tho Corinthian spirit among jachUmcn
i I herb ecU forth and declarer tho urn and
rondltlons which vlIl govern tho tenure of tho
catd cup and the competitions therefor ai
t follovrsi
Article IThe I nip nhall Le I known at the Sea
wanhnka Inlernnttonal Challenge Cup for mal
rht ami shall Im I preserved n a perpetual
challenge cup for friendly romp tlllon between
foreign countries Tho term foreign u u d
I In thin Inurnment thall bo no coiulrued at to per
mit content for HIP cup between any country ami
It eolnnlp nml dependencies and between such
colonies or depcndonclc Iheinaclvc
L Article IAIuy organised 0chl club In tool
standlnx ot any country forrlKU to the country of
4 the yacht club In hoe rimtody the nip may lx
bal always haw the right to chattengo for the nip
r and to nail a match therefor provided that such
challenge shall be I made nnd luch match be tailed
f h In accordance nllh the Irmt l ami provision of
t thli Inatruuieut
Article IllMalchns fo the cup hal b limit
I e to yachtii propelled by I salt only wliote racing
measurement or ilie dial not exceed limo maximum
limit of tliu 10 called twcutyflvufoot racing
length clan or fall below the minimum limit or
the socalled fifteen foot racing length clasi of
tbe Bcawanhaka Club a such claiilflcatlon cxlils
at Ibo date of this Instrument or uboie racing
I measurement or clue according to Iho rules of Iho
f club having at the time of challenge the ciutcxly
of the cup fall within limit of sice 1 substantially
corn ipondlng to the limit abova specified
I t Article lVAll matchei shall be nailed between
a ilnglo yacht on behalf of tho ciwllenglug club and
J a tingle yacht on behalf of the challenged club
Neither club bal b rcqulred to name its retire
senlatlvo yacht In advance of the mace but the
I match shall bo tailed to a concluilun between the
l yachts leloctcd for or lalllug the flrit race thereof
and no luhOltutlon of one yacht for another shall
t be permltteil after thx preparatory signal of Ibl
flrit raco ban I beta nlUU
r Article VA match hal be constituted of not
less than three or rnro than fUn race and ihall
b awarded to I the club whone represeutatlv yacht
lull win a majority of such racci
Article VL Tho repreieutathu yachts of the
challenging and clialleiiKwl clubs must b con
structed In the remnutlio countries of such clubi
ceirel > oariU or platei or sliding keels shall always
b permlllcd In conhtrnrtlon all no restriction
shall bo placed upon their ute All ballut muni Ixt
Article HAl challenges shall b In writing
signed by Iho proper ofllccr or officers of the clint >
kengtng club and shall bo l delivered at least 1 >
Tnonlha prior to the date propowxt for the flrit race
of tho matchi a telegram duly confirmed bal ha
deemed to IM a writing Ihll the uieanlnjcof tbli
article Uulesa the challenged club hal have pro
vlouxly announced the clasi In which challenges
will I r be received I Hi provided lu I Article IX of this
Inurnment the challenge shall slate the maximum
ra lug length or alee which tlo rwpreveutatlve
jracht of lollh challenger shall mint exceed and which
I shall fall within the limits herejubofore In ArtkU
III specified I As between two or morn challenge
mado In couiplunco with the terms of t11 Initiu
ment In other reitpects equally entitled to conild
ilooII g t
eratlon the one r received shall be accepted
Artlclo ViilTio club having the custody of tho
cup shall not be obligated to sail a match except
during Ita Uftual venting season whlob for clubs
J bG
situated 1 In the 1ulted states Canada Ureat Brit
ain and Continental Europe shall be deemed to
embrace the period from tbe first day of June tu
the first day of October
1 Article ILThe club having the custody 0 the
cup may for any yachting season apeclfy the cbus
or HmM of flr within the limit nertfnlxfora I In
Article HI flxod In or within which challenges for
hat season will bu accepted provided that uotlce
ofx sucn speclflcatlou eliull bo given not less than
six months before tbo beginning I such yachting
season and for the aol next succeeding the dale
of inch notice Such notice must be given In writIng
In t the Seawanhaka Club and to one or more of
thi rcprenmiUUlTO clubs lu each of lIme following
countries the United state Canada treat Ilrllaln
taco and Clarinauy or by publlcallon In yacht
trTes Ing journals of general circulation In such couu
In COM tha club I II having I time custody of the cup
shall flx a clan or limits of sine I for challenge a
In Ill article provided HI own repreu itatlvo
yacht hal bo within Ihe MIIIIO clan or limits or
e When no clan or limits of sue have been an
t fixed Ibo racing length or nine of Ihe representative
yacht o time challenged club shall not exceed tha
m racing length or aloe of Ibo representative yacht of
r Lbs challenging l club as designated In IU challenge
Artlclo XThe buluitmuu nailing the representa
tive yacht In the match must b amateurs and
muit bo rvildenti of the couutrlci of their
I Ilu1 o rlrlll coullric 1lr reipec
live club Time challenging and challenged clulM
M rrec
i i must name In writing ha to the other rU lo
I their respective repreaetilallve at leo twenty
four hour before the day appointed for the firit
race the hulmimen who will nail their representa
tive yacht and such helmimcii shall sail such
yacht lu all the races elmli match unleis pre
vented by illnen or other aubitauttal cause In
which event lubitltutcs will In allowed
Article XL Tho 111Iowet challenged
cloth may by mutual agreement d > anil decide all
the terms and conditions of the match whether
relating to ales count rules of measurement
sailing regulallomi notices or any other matter
Whatsoever pertaining to the match or preliminary
thereto and may ala > by mutual agreement walvu
for such match suet of tho provlilon l of this In
strument O would otherwise govern the match or
tho preliminaries thereof provided however that
the limlla I nt time J racing I length or IID of time com
peting yachts shall In no event eiLiied the mail
mum limit as establIshed by this Instrument In
Article Ill thereof uulvu the consent In writing
of the Ueawunhaka Club to so lucreailng such
4 limit hal firit have been obtained luerealnl uel
ArtIcle XIlIn case tbo challenging and chal
len ed club shall fall to agree upon a modifica
tion thereof thu match khall bu
lon mllrh oh1 governed by thu
I provisions o thu Initrument hereinbefore set
forth and by the following additional regulation
a Thero shall bu tire races to o hulled aa far
ai praitkablo I on succeeding I days unlit three
races have al IHIUII won by one yacht Thu date of the
first race khall b Unit by Ibo challenged club and
hal fall vvtthln thu week next lucceedlng thu date
of expiration of ill months from the receipt of limo
alice b Tie races shall be soiled without time allow
a anooO preparatory The alert algual shall b a one gun flying start with
di Hhlftlng ballast shall not b allowed Weight
ed centreboard shall bo considered ai flied ballast
te No outrigger or other mechanical dovlcu for
carrying live ballait outboard hal o lowed
t The courses shell IHJ so follows For the flrit
race to windward and leeward unit return for limo
second race an equilateral triangle for the third
race to windward or leeward and return for time
fourth race an equilateral triangle for the fifth
race to ulndwanl or leuwant and return Courim
Immay ho l old over twice or lore and their length
shall IM determined by the challenged club with duo
regard to tho alto of tho competing yachts
IS All courses shall o l laid out In waters of suit
I able depth for tbe competing > acbts and of siam
dent expanse to permit oC euub leg of each course
I being not isO I than three mllci In length
hI Time racing rule and rules of meaiurement
Jelb W Ht leurmeol
of the challenged club ihall I govern
ti I nl other matters iivrlalulug lo time match and
I l
not herclnlieforo illlcally I pruvliU1 for I shah he
controlled and I ilerided by I he ehalleugwl club or
IU authorized ofllieri lommttUe or rtpr uuiit
Article XIlIIn race I shall hereafter ieem de
sirable lime lernu of thu Iniirument may bo modi
fled by the biauanljtku Club nblln lar cup mol I II
I Its pouekilon and wiitm not la lii Mii e > iIon
may Iw modllle1 b > agreement between Iho
Heawauhaku Club and lime club having cui
tody of the cup provided however that uo
modification thall be madu during the pendency of
any challenge unless conieulod lo by Ibo chal
Article XlThle Inilrumeut shah be exscutid
In duullcalu I original I oni uf which ihall I bu lire I
irvci in the archltci of the Scawunhuku Club and
I Ihu other khall accompany and bo delivered with
the cup whenever won and transferred nud any
climb winning i Iho cup ihull upon receiving time
11 fcellII 110
I nine duly execute aunt dellter lo Iho club from
which lie seine 1 reel an ackuuwledgmenl
J Artlclo XV In case limo club having the I custody
of thn cup nhull IM Ulikolved I t > r tease I to exlit IOI time t
rup shall theroiiiuin revert to the Htawanhaka Club
I and shall continue lo o lubjecl to tha term Cul
iirovliloni of this liMtriimeul The Beavvanhaka
Club may however In any men event deilgnain
tome other club of Ihe lame nation ai the club
dissolved or ceasing lo exIst to receive and bold
the cup lu III tiara and Head aul holl
Urn Ueault In Ibe flare for the Ilennall cad
Uoelet Cup OtrCauaca
CANNES March 0ln theCannes regatta In
I day the uup given by James jordon Dennett
and Ovden Uunlet was cuntested for this being
time second event for that trophy since It was
donated Last year the racu for the Cup was
declared air ns only two acbts appeared at the
blurting lute the conditions required three
tlrlr Three boats started today but as lass
scar only under different circumstances there
v I no result
lime 1 Allm llrjlannla and Satanlta uot oil In a
light I wind all becamu bucalnied t uiiiliT the lea
of the Uilercl Mountains and they vvure unable
to Untati Ibo courlo before bundnwn Thellrltun
mile was In Ihu loud durlne tbo whole of limo tint
L and part of the second round but the Allan after
ward wen ahead and maintained a position far
In adranca of lime jrlnce of Wales7 boat until
the Inle limit eiplrfxl Tbe race will probably
14 rivalled nrU woek rao wi
Libittai nGa D a M
ooRttAtr nlJlATI rrlnOl
Tba fourth Ward nor Attkonsih Over
powered ta Game to the End
That Idle Plerceo friends In the Fourth
ward are still loyal to him despite the fact that
his performance In the ring of late have not
been up to his rildllme form waiclenrly prorixl
last tilglit by the large crowd which turned out
to witness his essay nitnlnst Johnny Gorman
I the stocky lIght weight of Ilrooklyn
The pair fought ten stirring runndi before
the Nonpareil Cln tho clubs rom on Oliver
street 1lerco VIM kntne to tIme end anil In tho
face of heavy mid kept the hopes of his ml
loiters from descending by spirited rallies limo
men faced rarli other nt cnlrli weight nnd to
011 11 n
all appearances were In One ehnpr
tjorinan rushed things from thu start nnd lilt
Pierce on tho no e lirlngltiK time blood I l Tiered
was wry slow The third and lo fourth run nils
were In favor nf Inrtnnu The latter cut
IMdlos eye with 1 vigorous swlnir IMurce 1011
the mark In thn fifth round seemingly bent on
turning the table Ho nmilieil lurinan tin
the Jaw and followed this up with a couple
more In nnt wind which iniulo tho Ilrook
lyn boxer wabble Ilvrco fought back In
his oldtime form In tho next two
rounds hut fJurman was not hurt very
much fierce tried his usually effective luck
In thi eighth round but Ooriiiiin let him with
n hard one on the jaw ionnan rushed him
against tho ropes delivering a volley nf blows
until Ilorco went down The latter rame up
Ilorco the next round antI Uormnnsoon
baa him aroggy but could not flnlsh him
KilJIc took sum severo punishment anti bin
face wn covpred with blood 1lcrco was very
groggy In the tenth round and lortiian lilt him
IfllY Thtf jailer bcratac careless fvml allowed
1lerco many chances lortnan received lev
traf rlehihnndors on the jaw whloh nearly set
tled him The referee however found no
tniubie lu awarding tbo decision tu lorinan
Ileforo tho OormanIlerce mut Andy Cunen
and Mike Martin tort In an clcht round go
cunen knocked Martin out In the third round
Tim eightround affair betwron Jerry Hell and
IJarby McOowan A fact and furious Iteldy
had McOoivan nearly out In tho seventh ehlr
I was declared n draw
WOllUNO Tita non sl A LZrrLE
No flaovr on the Trnelm bJ the Benflay
Hampton nt Hbeepahaail hay
Time trainers nt Uratcsend and flhtcptheuit
Hay tracks were agreeably surprised yesterday
morning to Ilntl that the snow had entirely
disappeared from both trunks At Ornvescnd
Hardy Cnmplxll rnt lion Itrttih and Tom
Cromwell the circuit of the track at a two
minute flip Harry Herd sae rent a mile on
the rood nt a smart flip Ho look In flue
shape Shelly luttln roertd 1 six furlongs In
1 1 lk Henry Mcllaiilels worked Charles I
SinlthM two jcnrolils at racing pill MeDan
llraxesond for VaslilnKtonnn Monday
Ida h inei Iralescnll WoohllOlol > 11 lol
day wllh Incite horses Inrliulliig Icarl BOll
the brother to Counter Tenor Hinry Har
ris ttue J t K i McDonalds 1 horses tlrontf work
At the llrluliton llraih track William Lake
land did flue work with limo horse In his
charge Tlmy wpro galloped Ktrouglv to tho
Xoik road on tin t Inrloviiy I and return Nltlc
Ihandler i has worked Iho I horsii of tho brio
Htnbln every day allan thn mow full nn tho
mini at llrluliton llcurli There Is bulf 1 mllo
btrnlghtiiuuy which U i utmost r < iual ton track
A t Hliecilieiul Day I her wn eomo excel
lent work done limo track was harrowed
early and tho strong March wind soon dried
It out Albert Cooper pent hlcplion Jt Itoso
dale and Aurvllan acorklbtc good mile Halvn
rca and tho Culxadni jotmgstcr did 1 quarter
of n mllo In U7 Fccnndn ii Irs Kcrnochanri
lay Hampton by Merry Hampton arrived
nt footiors Mhrcpsliend liny stalilo yrnteniur
from I I olllcrl Ilo I la I 1 itrnntl looking race
hiilfo etmimidi 111 nliout If liiunls i Inrlies Ho
is u rich bay < In color anil li powerfully built
He I has grand luck and shouldem wIth nn In
telligent I head 1111 l fact ho Is I 1 typical I KliRllsh
thoroughbred 111 looks Mm Krrnochan de
clared him out of tho Great Metropolitan Hal
Jlrnti iou cue wmts nut mtHfled with hla Impost
Matt llyrne vlslleil time Shreprhead Hay
track Inlles to inspect lila stable and to
eeo that It la put In blmpo to receive his horses
which eek will coniu from Monmrmth Pak next
wekInlf Ilrecd the property of Henry Wohr
Imtin died 1 1 at the Irllhlol Ileiieli track yes
tenliiy of pneumonia Ho was 1 floycnrold
by Inntlaobaiibrctte Ho I was ono of limo
fastest hour In tho country bcliig credited
wllh run 0 lug mix 1 and cimMmlf furlongs In
1 yo iiinl u quarter of 1 mllo In SlJii seconds
One fiivorlle In Front mt New Orlae
Hhcrrcr JUde Three Winners
NEW OiitBAM March SO The races at the
Fair grounds today were rather tame the class
of horses contending being on the whole on the
flllnscln nrder Thero was only one favor
ite to u In thIs being Light foot In the handicap
She Ins at oddson anil won In a gallop by
three lengths from Hubert Iutlu Three second
choice and two outsiders captured tho other
event Huiiinmrlen
lint Itaceone mile and a furlong selling Buck
more 102 IIOM 7 to I gnU Dr Iarlte lull her
rer IItt 1 second Uncle Jim lOt tan 7 to
r 1 third Time i nn
Second ItaceMr furlonu celllnir Lorraine 107
iliuun 110 1 I woui m Hilly Klnmi I 107 I lila berry I 111
lo I itcond Thullaiikcr 110 tllanu U lo0lhird
Time 111 1 l 4
Third HaceSeven furlong Van Ilrunt lOll Slier
rer 11 lo I won llooze lOt Ham 10 to I 1 second
Irlncelniperlal 1 loir I i b < reventhlnl Time 1304
Kotirlh Ilace Ono mile and 1 ilxUMtnth handicap
MghtfiKit Idl Itinurrer 7 lo If 10 nun Hubert latla
lid elsa ti mmo 7to I vennd Dutch Arrow UU Dor
icy 10 In I third Time I CM I i
oCMilllO ttuce six furlongi I telling Tradesman 113
Dclong I2lo I won Illackimlfh 107lClayton 11
to imI7t I second Uaria Ill Hart 7 to o third Tim
SIxth I ilace Six furlong IMia lOft Rherrer II to
5 i m Roy Lcichlel Ilo I I C Freeman 111 second
Campania 100 Hum 4 lo 1 third Time 110
A Large Crowd Her the lllnulnKhanl Racea
IliiiMiNoiiiM AlA Blurch 20The ground and grand
Hand of the raco truck were fairly alive ulth people
today Conservative estimate place limo number I
prcAcnt at 10000 1lunicer went up against the
Inioks nla great ntiaue hilling Iliem right IJII left
Uertralnl vvlnnnr of the fourth raco ai forced up by
time Kurgo itablefrom UUO to 11 Arthur his owner
plying teeny for hio winning Tie meeting will con
tinue another week Summary nf the races today
Flrit Hare One mile name liny 85 narretl 4 to
t won Ie I U 101 lTa > ion If to I necond Pea
nut 54 tllrende u to I third Time 1 filM
r eelia 10 jlj ull J
Beeond Hnie Half a mile Dr Newman 100 nor
tilt O i toK won llelle of Mlei 103 Morsel 7 to n
lacond qutrjilf lOa Maltucwi 3 to I thIrd
Time 08 t
Third Ilaee Five and one half furlong Tranby UQ
MurDhyllltoV I won Unjoin lbS oTatthewii il to
I second Hurley Loa V3 Uarrett a lo I third
Time 1113
lourth KaceFlvo I furlongs Dertrand 01 New
com 3 lo 1 won fnm Farmer 103 1 rtt Murphy 9 to 1
second TrlxterHO Flarrelt I lo I third Time t r
Ilfth ltaee4Cix furlong Until host 108 Corder
nf f riI3G 1 80
4 lo 0 wont Queen lies 103 tMorie M to 0 lecondl
May Alhby bll iWcben l Ou to 1 third Time 11 SX
WInners at St Touls
Rr toni March 90The following rl the result
of limo races hero to day
First ItaceFour a half furlong S S 4 t 1
and I I to a won Hold lau ato 3 place second il iay
L third Time 1 l4l4
Second Hace Threiijuarten of a mile Poor Ab1
to I and even won Owen Golden 7 to 0 place 0
oml lloyal Lady third Time 1 JWI
tln f
Third Itaio Four and i a ff furlong I Oorella I to
o and 4 lo S wail Ilzjlo ILIto i 1 place second Ka
tie Flynn thlnL Time I U14
Fourth Hace Fiveeighth of a mile Geverton n to
and I too won Arapahoe even place lecond Too
llKh third Time IttOH
Fifth Itace Three < iuarteri of a mile Moses Solo
mon 4 10 1 and 7 lo A won Kxtr 4 to 1 place sec
ond Watch Charm third Time Irii I
Mr W D Hlokea 1 la Knld Ifu IIoaEht
the Full Sister to Jleutettn
IKlivGTOi March 20The Draifleld auction sale of
trotting clock closed hero today There wera 833
hordes disposed of for upward of t SOOO I Is I
understood lhat 31 lri W U blokes of Iscw York cot
Hoinrta A ibo two year od itlsler lo Iiouretla that
ua knocked down lo lirook Curry yesterday for
S2UOO honu of the borne iIi ttMlay were
hennut fllly 2 tiy Junemont all by happy
Traveller John King Colunibtu o 230
Day John tllly King 2 by Junemont dam by lied Wilkes 280
Florence IK I b I in bv tVmmntider I dam bv Jam
brlnolo > W I McDonald Philadelphia 200
MU Itandolph br 11 i by Washington dam by
JohnDillard J W H MiDuliald 315
Jewell cli ir Ii by fureka dam by black l K < inlr
reli 1 L Di > ntey itiUvllltf 200
liay tllly li > Wllkia Hot Annlo Meillum John F
ITiher Hurls Ky 880
Ferlda I li l m 0 by Hourhon Wllkea Mary l Tur
ner John Iteamer Philadelphia I 2 50
KlnnLegrande br a H by liar I Ltgranddam by
King William C Hchwtfer Dayton 0 303
ilount Kcho Denmark b I n 4 by Cheater Dar
dam by Mattov Diamond 11 McholiLexington BOO
New from the llurae World
thu Hyron hOn McClelland says ho will not race In the East
Newark Several of Iho chestnuts have wblte
marking jlto a more exact description
Dr Illco it I being J Jorfced I over the Hand road at the
roller farm and fit kiitd lo lie Well along In his work
zio fiymploni of leg trouble having devuluped
Walter I U Vosburgh handlrauper to the Jockey
Club hai accepied the li Invliatlon 1 of the Country I Club
of Drookllntj to act ai handicapper at their meeting
Maroui Dala Ttntern string will haY Hnon as
trainer and Fred Tnrul ai jockey TIme eviern string
will Ira trained by John K Campbell I and Tubervllle
and Duffy 111 IMI time jookeyi I
P 1 Feleln is I nl C I flllloeks stud In I Tennes
see Yearling Illllea from Ihe mares HIM Plait
Hrlghton Peach and rinnMta are registered at the
Jockey club 2 Matt hymn rIIorod I
A alerting machine will Im 1 lot > In place at Holmitel
farm In onler to C uccu tom Urn I horses lo iho new
method of mining HhleliDatld I llhlton I thinks will
be generally adopted at the tack Dili mason
llariiea file hay lions > t by Imp HlllotMurcedeiilleil
on the farm of o o 1arke Uyle lea on 3arch I
lie was foiled lu IKIII and at a Iwii and Ihres year
old naril with leorgo amI l and ills Woodford
time winning hmo for limo Dn era
1tiriiMO March 2uThe Hlchmond Hiding nnd
Driving club maJu arrangeinenu tonlgbt fore spring
libel rb1 orgalilzallou was one of lime utancnett
enemtei or thu Maupln 1 Millrace track pool bell
lug bill but they baa accepted lime Inevllabl and
Passed riKoluiloni condiininlug the ctTorn of the S
Ao h and AlJuinitur Uland iHtopie fur attempting to
evade i the Maiipln I rcl Thuiluiei fixed for the iirlntf
races aru lay i lo 7 InclUkUtt with cluhl 1 running anu
eight trolling roe for pUrat i nggregailng JUou
Itllry Iranuan will rest at Hot Niirlngi until the
racing staion ouuni at IIIHu Itock Hu I II ha had a ills
aniroui iea on at ban KrunLUco according to the fol
lowing Kialement In I a dtiiiaicti from California
The newspaper hae had mn broku lurea number
of tlmei but my lolul lobss ilo I not eiuixid HOOfino
ami ai for my llnauclal Handing I have only lo refer
to any Iwttlng man In iho I ring Four weeks ago 1
had loit 9730UO 1 aent back to the Eat tobavumino I
arrangeinenu mado bt my agent rl Initrucllni him to
tn 1eb
end me 23100 Pending In arrival r made a few
bet on credit and hA stories got nut that I was
broka I pall up every one and waited till 1 got my
Calm before Intime any more I I caD In time and
I muit regretfully admit that 1 has none JUKI where
all his balunea of I went and 1 have concluded that
have had enough
Itlveraldo thin Club Hhaot
linn lisa March 20the Itlvrrtlds ann Club ihot
taday at lye plgeoni The opening event was the
club handicap at suvun blrdi the scores being as fol
lowl 1 II Cooper 011 W llCouklln 7 William Con
over and Henry White 0 Edmund Throckmorloo E
1rolxt 1i Eugene Magee and W Autonldcs 81 J I
liergen4 Frank lIe > r a
Four Ililki and oulk resulted ai fotlown
First Whliu all 1 Cooper Sj Magee CI James
Couper li I liergen and Probt I
Heoond JOIItlel > White and Antonld II
Irolxi and liergen t I Mageeo I
Ihlrd Janice Ciimr II Uhlte Prohit Antonldti
and t lusrgen U Miueuanl I Conklln t
FourihProbii and While 4i Conklln I Ante
nldes U
Tbe Intrepid Oft on Her Loam Cruise
Iloyd IhiBnlxs fine auxiliary yacht Intrepid
which vas delayed by Thurndays storm
started on her Mediterranean trip yesterday
morning patslna juarantlno at 1030 oclock
The Intrepid will stop at 1ortreda Monroe and
on Wednesday will b headed for Gibraltar
when her long voyage will begin In earnest
roll IHbralUr Ibo Intrepid will proceed to
Nut where she should arrive about Mar 1
lbcn sue ulll KU tu vnlcs ruturnlne by lay If
Madeira I all goes well sbe should get back
to this port In September
Mr Iliuinlx I who by he way commands his
own craft will be accompanied by Cut JHcliuy
Oretuleulx ler Crosby WUItney Warren and Leon t1
ron ATltUSa 10DAY
Princeton University nd the Boetom A A
Eqnnllr Ke r senledTr ck Had Field
Kxperts Mnk Vr Ne Oomhl ntloa
Eight at the most envied amateur athl tes in I
America wilt Mart thl morning at oclock
on an enterprise altogether unique In the
annals of modern tn and field sport Their
destination Is Athens and their ambition Is I to
annex al many golden wreaths a potslble nt the
grand rerlval of the Olympia gamrs which open
on April 0 Under ordinary circumstance
critics might be Inclined to find fault and put
teams on paper which would flgur hlghrlt
the scale of excellence Indicated by the record
tables but statistics are side tracked In Ibo
present Instance Tho primary fact Is I that
Irluciton University and the llustun A A are
the only two organizations to step Into the
breach and endeavor to nrsort Americas pres
tlge In the most historic tournament of the ago
The dates chosen from Amerl
dat were badly choln an Amel
can standpoint or there might hare been many
more Hlchmonds In tho field but as I Is paIn
otic sportsmen look forward enthusiastically If
not hopefully to bearing clucrful news of the
two little combinations which sail today on the
steamship Fulda The extent of the onion
which 111 eight chosen ones have to face can
not bo accurately gauged at present but this
rery uncertainty only Intensifies the Interest
and sympathy which the plucky venture Is
Assuming that tho trying trip by sea and land
will be compassed without serious los of
form tho problem of the actual compe
tition Is still without ak Until the
entries are disclosed the anxious eub
j1I Z7
mAte and countrymen of the enterprising
eight will b In a ferment of uncertainty
With England and Ireland strongly represented
he outlook for our men would b unsafe to
bank on but If only Continental cracks have to
b reckoned with the famous tiger stripes and
tags head may b seen In the van with gratt
tying frequency There has been considerable
inofficial talk of a muster of Utltlshers for the
big onimipn bit the latest English eicliansco
are silent on the subject and It would appear
bat little opposition Is i to be feared from the
athletic Islander Indeed the last Issue of the
iVId to hand says
In iplio of what It laid to the contrary w consider
ml very probable that these games will be subjected to
poitponomtnt for the very effective reason bat
here are no entries to speak of This will surprise
aoJ lit
oe one ron bow badly the affair has been LOver
Tbe American teams will arrive at Athens
bout April II 1 The games will begin April 0
and last until April 15 lame section of the pro
ramme In which Americans are chiefly Inter
sted Includes
Foot races at 100 400 COO and 1800 metres hurdle
ace I 10 metre running broad and high jump pole
vault putting tbe shot and dIscus anti long distance
uafrora Atntni la Marathon over a course of forty
eIght kllomatrea I
The Princeton quartet will be captained b
Robert Garrett Jr of Baltimore Md The
other three men are Francis A Lane 07 Frank
1I 4
i C
nOt Albert 1 Tyler 07 Wyoming O and
lB Jamison > 07 Veorlik Ill At the eat mo
nent Jamison was substituted for Col felt I I
built parent objected to the Jong journey
I Is expeotM that t Uarrett will muck avery floe
showing In tb < e v nts In which b Is I entered
ndespiclally In the shotput forwhloh his rec
ord 1 40 feet I inches II will also compel
In the broad jtimp and discus throwing Trlr
who is I entered for the pole vault hM a recon
of 1 feet i2j Inches whlrh is I good reol t
win In any < jompany nine times outof ton LaQ
hits been enlend onlr In the 100 metre run lIe
I a speedy sprinter but huts yet to how chant
ploniblp form In Public Jamison hat been en
v l
V i
tercd In tho 100 metro and i 10 moIre runs HH
record fur tho IUU yards la 1 15 nnd fur the
440 61 seconds
Athletln Director ieoreo blue and Trainer
Tack McMaitcrs havn Ihe men In finu condition
limo baseball coca hns been lined Induntrlotinly
for thin put three weeks Colt tiarrclt has
mado arianKement wltu the North herman
Ilovd Company no that the Platt can bci
kopt up on board olilp Trnlncr JlcMa ter is I
afraid Hint tho men will not beat their best
after such along Journey with so little time tu
become ucd I united Uu claims liotvevpr that
the Ireck cllnmlo will not bu as hard on tbe
men as the Knitllsh climate wm on the Cornell
athletes last summer The only objection In
regard t the trip that li I prevalent among the
undergraduate I that it may affect Princetons
prospects In i he coming contests with Yale and
Columbia Although tbo men will return In
time for the tramcs II Is thought that time louir
Journey will demoraltro thorn The absence of
Capt IntroIt will ale n bo greatly fell
I lie Jloaionlan comblnntlon consist nf 1 K
Hurko Arthur lllakc Kllery I Clark and 11
Curtis Hurko M I by lone odd tho highest class
performer of lie hot Ho has already national
and International honors to his I credit for the
quarter mile and In I almost Invincible nt tills
distance when In form He can boll sprint and
metres stay and Is entered for all thu runs PII duo
lilake Is I a distance runner with a biff Now
England reputation He can reel off 1 mile In
good time and utayofo well that he prouoses try
lug for tho lone event from Athens to MnmUioti
He Is also entered for time lnnu and 1IHJO metro
runs but without I largo Mice of luck his victory
In either will bo
tory l 1 startling surprise to stu
dents of International torl
Clark Is a harvard fchnlarshlp IAn who Is as
good all round In time Held as In thu examina
tion hall Ho Is entered for tho Jumps and baa
a promising record In this department of port
ravine cleared closo to 0 feet In the running
lilizhi and 2J feet In tIme running broad jump
Jurtlsthe fourth mal 10 comparative novice
In athletics but of uucli exceptional calibre that
lie Is I taunted on to Sle Tlio NCI Englander
will be In charge of John Jralmm the clever
athletic manager of tlioIJooton A A
Another Off Dny for the > Nut York The
Team May Extend I Mluy In the Nouth
JACKSONVILLE March SO 1 Is possible that
the New York Club may prolong Us toy In the
sunny South In coming here Manager IrwIn
and his charges sought good warm weather In
which to get Into proper shape for the coming
baseball season but up to the present time they
have spent about half of their time trying to
keep warm and to stave oil lame arms and
Charles horses
Todava hurricane In addition to the
one that found IU way here yesterday made
thing decidedly uncomfortable outdoors
Manager Irwin made no effort to get his men
upon thin field but In the afternoon all bands
bundled up In big sweaters and heavy coats
were sent out for a long run Thus far the play
cm havo hnd no chance at all to speak of In
wliloli to practise team work and unless there
Is a big chance In the weather it U I probable that
Manlier Irwin will ask that mntof the exlil
iltlon games scheduled at home prior to the
opening of the season tie cancelled and will
keep the boys down here for a few days longer
koeplhe the exception of 1foffer most of the
players are In fairly good shape physically The
second baseman however docs not seem to he
gaining strength as rapidly as be might Man
ager Jrwin will not give out his feelings In
regard to Fred but It Is plainly evident that he
II I not oversangulne regarding Ms ability to
land the pace Irwln has offered to bet that
iln team will have batting this
earn v 0 bettor lalJJl1 average 1la
year than lImo Ililliulelniilim ito says that time
auditIon of jleaion Harry Davis and Con
naughton to the team will strengthen It greatly
and that when the tam gets to hitting and
running together there U I no club lu the League
that has any llcento t beat them
No Work for the lirooklrn
CIUILOTTK March 20Tho game which the Brook
lyns expected to ply today did not materlallia the
weather was too cold A stilt wind prevailed all day
and thu tcmperaliira was Arcticlike At Itt oclock
the sign Haseball at 310on tlm street cars was
taken off Uanagor Fonts cut on heavy flannels
three sweater and his overcoat and took n spin out
to the grounds nt 10 I I A M lodlsiover Just how cold It
was fie walked limit I but took the tint car hack and
paid extra for 1 risurvnd scat on the electric healer
all time way lhl4 h ifternoon Ibo weather icerned a
degree warmer and the hos rode out on wheels and
bad a ihorl practice I The uhlverlng men In the gar
lens all 1 on the percbei voted tinantmotuly that iSis
oretlon I was ills letter I part of valor and the diamond 1
wa oon clear Grim arrived last eight and will play
tomorrow them being a chance o mba father mod
erating and of the game toklnc place Manager Foutx
will play with the colls He lays tbeydo not lay they
will beat the regulars but will make them play
to win tl
Iluaebull Notes
JI nAprll 81 I wlih tile Ihlladelphlai
Ilradley HullU U Kbbols botruloiy of Ihe Brook
lit Club
The CriMlcnda A O list a few open date left and
wlilic lo I arrange KUIIIUH with team wbone players
average 15 year old AililrniB k I Knobloch mere
lory 07 East Ulth street New York city
The Howard A C would Im pleated lo bear from
all flrnl clus team lo play on lIe ground Tha
Howard will play hiimluy gamci out of town
Addruii J lyon munager bJl Hancock street
TIll Wetwtcr n II C of tbo annexed dlitrlct
would llku In I arrange gnme wlih I club of pluen
averaging I ID I jcum old fur Sunday or holiday c
r311117 i W
AildrcM James lluilam 7SI lr Kant 17ulh 1 aired I New
York thy
The 1nwnees would like lo I bear from all Ian
with pla > er averaging ill I > emre old They havo
all Sattirdii In lisy June and I July ojien Ad
urea U F I llriuler Jr IIII Uoit tilxt seventh
sreet New York city
Tho Wllletta Point Iluieball Club hat limo follow Ing
open date to nil with first viasi club May 17
CII ItllnrIa 1j nIJ
111 July II I ol 12 I IU I and Ku The only guarantee
offcrid IIy thU club is I H good game Adilreu Leo
McKonagh Wlllctti Ioliit New turk harbor
Tho Eureka Ilnmball Club of llnvkljn li now
fully organized mid 1 wuhe to hear from reiponnl
bin club In I or lImit of town Kit lug tullable Kimrm
teei Via 0CC must nveriK I H2 ear > old Adilreu I
U M Banner secretary V7i Warren aIred
IteachiOfnvial llataballduldafor INOA has juit been
publUhed It I coal ai 115 Iho record of all I leagues to
gether with tie plciurotof time leading halimen and
r f ed 1 r
a Hit I of ihn moat hIm 015111 baiebull Incident of last
uratim Tile leagues pluylug rule aud average
uiuko It complete
It li rumoretl that llrelKniteln I tb celebrated BU
Iouis I pin her nai tieen sold ill either lioilou or New
York The lloiton ClUb has teen willing to pay call
for hll release and It I U ntld thai Ilin tew York Club
bai alan ilvnlned I I I a wllllugnoii to oxcbang lluilo fee
the star left handtr
Tho Clermout II I 11 0 has May BO A X and I1
31 and Kepi 7 A M and I M l open to all clubs
JV ria m 1I0
with player averaging IN cur old out of town
club orfvrlug is nulUhlc guarantee preferred I This
Clermonl al I > buvu i > vtrul open huturda and
Hundayi In May June Jill I and August Addrei
11 Million lUUU 1 llu Kulb avcuuu l1 tlltddro
Manager BernIe of tile lIarltortl Club of the Atlantis
League arrived In limn 3esteriay lie sail Im did
not all ud tba meollng of limo minor leagues lu
Waihlnglon became uf Important 1 rer onal business
that kent him In Hartford lie wired Ted Hulllvan lu
allolld time 11I0111101 In tils place but for some reaioii
itulilSali dl1 lIut shOw III liirulv lies i > ure1 excel
lent ground for its lIarllorli Club and say ho will
bav a fal leant his season
To Tint EDITOR 01 THY Hm mn I would like
lo arrange game In August with club In Now
Jersey and III New tork aisle flout 1 to New York
ell M Iy club Kx4 houlh uu April J to plai all Iba
club In lh VlrglnUhlaiu I Uugue 1 Tlm make up of
rtllIJ Jhr mis follow salur ruplaln and lint
lose I Omen fcuiond base Mile third bate Mapp
short I kioo Mlchcal l rUht I Coil Kaufman ueulra
Held Klerhirl Ift fell VIUon eatcberi White I
hill pitcher bluveiu pitcher Kraft plloberi ld
draw iiltchiri bchu > ilir utility man For lam
ad9reu W J King manager lUjou U II V 003
V 1eI Franklin street Ualtuuor
Amerttsi Cnoll Hertula New York Con
ell No I II y OO Iies
The most Important of the three games rolled at the
Csntral Opera HOIIM allays last nlgbt wa between
the Amerlcus Council and New York Council No B
It mulled In another victory for the flritnamed
team this seorssi
nnn nAua
saw YOU rot1lCtI so U AlifaIcts MIMI
nlchd if 1 l1Ioti Johnme1r r U 1 11 I1 lOS
hoInarno r U IIf l nnrAIr1I I iso
ilclmmouier9 4 4 A 4 Ail
lrirrIQ S Ii Jjllullertlls4 l 5 4 lOll
JrI 1 r 14 lOll U tl hloolljerl j 0 A I
totals 81626 115111 l Totals 101090 lOS
510050 lUI
allu CITY COItU XXIUocaXII rolXrtl
I I cira S II Score
nrlal t 2 1Wi1flrhllnttmant 5 1 lOS
artrldr8 4 1 HO Yermnilge C G hIll
Knorr 8 1 1 liD I Villi II 11I11 8 S It
h4augls Ii A I 156 lraigsr I II II liii
Kuubsi I t 7 5 106
ii 4
Total i ii 4liI
TotaiLhiI2Ol It 717
uw TOjI covvci xo I germs CITY rolCII
5 II II Scor I Sc1a Score
Richard t 4 II III I nrslslM 2 H 0 JKW I
lirlmam 11 u 0 JIIU jarirldge 2 8 6 1B
Ootroelsr2 l a a JIIO Knurr J 4 lilt
lloblt I I H iUNauigle 9 8 II J6l
Beg S II a l I KouwlO ft II Idu
TotaiL8lVllV 0341 Totals 7u7 7 m
Two games were rolled lest night between the t
lIt1 ncONltn t
Grant A S ner or fnliimbla Club of Ilobnkrn at
tha hang A C club IIOUM lii winning both tamtt
tha Ortnio A C are the rhamplimt of luo Morrlt and
IUMX Uowllog Leaiu 1b I scored i
Final IUMK
Orante A OMrown 101t 111 > lot 1BO Codey
1H4 Wood I70 Vnnnm INS Total HOI
Columbia JliitiMiiriii Milt Wlllfm lOll Tram
mel 1711 Klmball IDli bawjir 107 lTot > lMtf
Oranin A CHrown INCh Ilabrock llOi t Code
110 Wood Milt 1 Vanni > m J1S Total H10
Columbia ClnliHtornti IHli I Wllllin I44i I I From
mel 144i Ulmball 114 tialYlrIUJI Total 777
With the games rolled at IteM alley last night
Die Metropolitan Amuulailou nt CycllnKCIubi brought
their tournament to a cloiu lime ncoren
Manhattan Illcycln ilubIviln fiiii Meyer 140
MoKarland e 171i Von Hrhnckinann lUUl liuuuch itt
Tnlal 11111
Jersey city Cluli WhovimnenIoekwneul 188i Star
rrti ID7 lay ito Houdiler HK WadleKh 1US
Total HU1
srcn n OAME
Catholic Club Whrelmonllrockii I7B floraL DA
borfull > IIOj KoiwtiwIiunK los Illordan m Total
AtalantaWhprtmrnIludd 174 Halitr lot Ulllar
lush Turball l4m Olozava I hi14 Total f10llllllar
Tiimu uiMr
Jersey City Club Wheelmen Locktrood 1B7 Star
ret lie lay 124m Bcudiler 1801 Wadlelch 18tf
Total t
AfnlantaWhfolmenIliMd ll RaIse 1110 Mil
lar IBS Torbell IUJ UHuaga 147 Total 7v7
The Prospect team received an unexpected setback
I In Knleri oak Hall tourney JJrooklyn last night
The score
HI18T 01ME
Iroapect Schaefer 184i K Bpahn 100 Olblett
128 iHpahn 14J Illtcluork li I > Total783 l
Unl er lluval 174 Van Wjrck IBM J McCor
mack lOll MaudorIT lou T HcCormack 18X To
tal BIO
tncoMi OAMC
CnlverialDuvdl ISO Von Wjok ZOOl 3 McCor
mark leo Siatiuortr ICil j T McCormack 1112 To
lai MOO
CentralKrnnrdr 104 Ollanlon IHSi tledlcus
138 Uollo lita OConnor 172 Total 78V
Tills OAMK
Central 171 Ollanlon 14A Medlcui ISO nolen
202 OConnor IHV lotai 1 ttftl
Iroipiet Schatfer lull Hall 102 Olblett ISO
O bpunn 171 li l Bpahn 111 Total bit
The champion Echo team was easily I vanquished
gl nafI
yy thttO ceola and Uaverly teams el In the Carruthers
national tourney In Brooklyn last night The scores
KchoSellen ISO Brand 147 Smith 153 Water
bury ION J Louuiberr 113 Total 717
avrrlviieaton nltl Kkiiulrol 185 Urlnflton
147 lixkliardt ISO harrison 1UI Total B4B
O o olaRiiir 110 hobble IOu Van Tassel 14B
oltii OjIJ ollmVaa
Dogar 1SU Cooper I4U Total 7117
l > h < > S ller > iSiS Ilrand 14M Smith 109 Water
bury 114 J houuburr 14U Total 711
WaerlySeaton 1211 Eaqulrot 1411 LIYllllllon
1411 lkharlI hiSS 1I0rrlulI 10 Total 721
ocoOlalIult 1117 Dobbl IMI Vn Tassel 11111
DOller InS Cooper lJ3Tutal 707
Time Salamander won two garnet by low scores la
Sheas Casino tourney In Brooklyn last night Tb
NasianJ C Wilson 14U Gray 182 J O Wilson
12H lougntrty 1117 hughes Ice Total 1112
UeliiHukti > u IiMe > tb lOS Carter 89 lleailey
109 Itoche 1UJ Uuenk 148 Total 010
Salamandtr Powell 107 H Schaefer 89 Henry
144 1 Dowuet 114 Huh 178 Total OUO
Hrlneckefio X Hoehe 1112 Carter 139 Heuler
14U Meyer US Uuerk 140 Total 074
Xs auJC WIlson 180 Uray 11 7i J O Wilson
103 Dougherty HI Uunhei lOll Total 088
balamander Powell 177 Schaefer 13V Henry
1J Uownes 140 Ruth lu Total 733
RAIlwAY March 20Thl postponed games In the
A oclat d Crcllng elate of the New Jersey tourna
merit were rolled here to night Tho scores
Uolon County Roednters Howard 170 Martin
leo blater 121 lilies ItA lilacS I hit Total Tli
liscgsn county Wbeolmenlllll 137 Meierole 181
Brewiter IK 1ilKb 132 Wright i1 bLJ Total oti r11
Union County RoaditeriIloward 169 Martin
178 Blller ISO Dllu 1SJ Illaok 183 Total MO7
Brewiter Bergen ConiC 162 1ugb WheelmenHill 1HII Maierola 124 148 Wright Total 788 142
The Cables broke their string of defeats In the Har
em league by defeating that norokeei atThnm and
rr lro
Cahldorfs I Harlem I alleys lait night Tbe scores
Empire Schmltt 173 Wllllamion 103 NUsen
los Ia lue140 SolO in7 Total r 0411
CharoknaIlanley ISIS Meaicher PlO Axt 140
Kelly tUB GUlllaum lib total 7S7
CablaMndsn 101 VrledunlN > rg 177 Low lOCI
Paulliky I 191 limbo 18U Total 7Si
Cheroke < Ilanley lOll Meigher 100 Art leo
Kelly 125 I Uulllauine UOI Total 770
CabinLinden 108 Frlelenlxrr iff Low 178
Paulliky I 182 GrIm 12B Total 1 778
EnipiroWilllamion I7l Nlioen 104 Eleppa181
La Uu a8 Boblnoi Total U01
The Excelsior won a double victory In the Brooklyn
national tournament last night Tbe scores
ExoalilorWlttman 204 Schault IBS Lang 188
Winnie 178 Hub ino Total HI7
Htar Konnanarher 1H8 Vamlerwal i 188 Rennert
130 Lau 01an 181 lotil im34
Scrmiii lAMb
Star Nonnanaeher 188 Vanderwal IDS Rennert
BlsLandman 233 Total 700
Elllolloll lOOm Veils bii GutsIer 138 BtOllll 1211
Rader 12H Total 031
Tinnn OAMC
Eieelslor Wlltman lOll Bohaull lOll Lang 149
Winnie 142 Hub limo I Total 78S
nilteMoll 121 Veils lUll bidet 111 Btoml
4tj Itader 120 Total 052
Time ctoilnt series of games In the De Kalb tourna
ment last I night leaves teveral 1 tleiwhlch wilt be rolled
off on Friday night of unit week The scores
Thor John ion ISO lilckman 07 Dromon 14Bi
AlKxander IIi I Illlleii 143 I Total B38
DJ Kalb8lmon 13 llaurlbaan lot Schaefer
U4iHlmun 110 Allen 112 lotalBOO
Thor Johnion IBIt lllrktuan ial 148 Dronson 187i
Alexander I 118 Olllen 1711 Tolal Jsrooon
lluihwlnk Ka Woriintr Ih2 Emit 141 At
wood 141 Faubender UK lUljr 11 IBU Total 740
Camarno Doyle 191 Louniberry 118 Walters
lOIm Hall 142 I > ageii 170 Total 7a
hU3 No VZullor mi llamm I4U Lehman 1121
Bcbl lUll Itberon 103 Total 7411
Iloullae O mea Tonight
Wholesale Drug Trade Aiiorlallon IY 1 ant
II Tarrunt tt Co Colgate On I and Whllall la
inn K Co i slit > i a sIll 4 Max Ztllvr Uiiunau
ltimip ant heabury A Johiuon
Central Hall Namelem No I n tnuner Luitlg
bhaugbneiiys Keating Melroio and Manhattan
lenlbera of the Uecsjut nnd TeHltl Club
to 1luy on lluaillr i Trriiii
Having satUfaetorlly ilevlilnl Ihathamplonihlpiln
the two branches of sport to which they give jreee
deuce memberi of the Itaciiuet and Tennis Club are
now ripe to enjoy the ntlmr coni > etltla llemiun the
season card I The tennis men hat e hail theIr InnIngs
semi the racquet ellefis are again to the front with
a handicap icrlis which promliei etcelltut sport
Your da i uf no 1 1 woelt will bu lUiotud to the prelluv
nary round of his tint class tournament and when
an U u0li reached lie iuoiul class dlvUlon Mill try
Fur tie tourney which opens on Holiday afternoon
Slier < an < eIght euurii > Iniluilliif V II Hall winner if
he recent cttainptcnUilp sill l other ixpirl HUI
igured pruiuluiuily I III I that nrrlei Hall li sC a bU
task ai haliraiml nvrn higher thin MTHIIII luliiit
inimUnl halt a ham for luklng lln lull honor
OIIIK or Ihu iiiautimt alms am inirrt lormliUblii I than
Icy look on pii > r A platvr rrvilvlmc < > iie hand is
entitled to follow on lutteadot ret gales liliiervice
lii Dm ordinary way Iho 1 hall hum eonnllrallon
nllllei every oninhetltor meeting Hall to play Inn
lamli every teionil Hum ls got lu in term The
drew u as fnllow
Unroll 2J11 H 1aton two aces vs V U Henry
one lisiml
tfarcti 23K A Thomson ma hand and two arcs
vs K II Uliumurv Jr Ilvu aces
Marrh 27 V II llall Ihainplon penalUeit half a
land vs Maurlii 14 Xontagne two au
March HiiK W Javaii one hainl and two area rs
dward tCeii3r 005 hand and live aces
The london portiiuj IAa states limist tiierels a pro
peel of a iiiatcli between isnnlous ililiy bimitls
cud loii iuieesu 01 Australia who lately arrived in
lrmglani liU4gaui whose ragagnieel with Tad
Pritchard lisa raileim Ihrnughtias ulfored to boa Smith
for lOO or 4500 aild snO pure oilqrii by the Na
lionai 131orllug Club iinuitn has now been iuatelsd
LUaud before the National Sporting
w vc °
portmnhz SooAtt
nI the Many
Good Points in
The easy running qualities of aiy blojrott
depend In iv great monstlro on the out of tb
sprocket anti time Ill of the chain Hpnldlnp
aprookota will hi
found to run wall
In combination
with tho Spal
ding chain tot
they ft Doth
front and teat
iiprooket ars
readily detach
able the front
sprocket without remnvlnn time cranks It bud
firmly fastened by four friction bolts to the
uprocket Hang the latter bolnif pinned an4
brazed to the axle
Tho Hpnldlnu has many other aood polnli
not found In other bicycles
raihlohahlB ltldln School lessens by apyiota
ment floilern nulln taught Moil eomplet
KhiHil In the city Uptown branch UW8IH
West 424 it
San that the Chrlnlv Anatomloal 8addS l
Is fitted to your bloole l
1111 lai Xiisiau Street I I
Bpaldlngllldivoll Co 99 31 01 Welt 42d St
1 Ilrooklyn 001 Fulton at
Agenclee jtr < CJ City 094 CoinmiinlpawaT 4
vCiTEMiit < Mi sio TO a4 >
PtirchaieM at our Annual Rnrlng Kale of BicycleS
will tin taiiitht free In our acideiny our assortmsni
of second hand wheel comprise a Waverly Lint
hunts Nterllngi HartforUi Columblas Crawford
CresCents SM
The Metropolitan nieycllnic Co
Western Iloiilevurd und OOtll
Inmeat KetKll Illcycl Concern U Ski
World Small ITofll yulck hairs our rnott
Term Cash Various make ladle or nwnsbicy
ole 1rloes 29134 BU 42119 flu 554 50 sacS
Quantity leVond1 hand Columbia VTclori Warwick
etc Ito in 25 eeoC Call and be convinced
rurtl flow llleyele Co tB lark How
DIPVPI CCflOO second hand all makes 7 lit SI IB
DlulULCO 511 tu Uu enclil 200U mans an4
ladle new and fully guaranteed regular ITS anil
f loo hit 5911 to tin Inipertlon Invited
HUUnKl 114 Nasesu 51 near Ann
Old wheels taken lii nxchniiK and for sale
UUKANT HoIKAN A CO UOtf llroaaway
ooitiju tL1tCrUIJCIUeittIi
NflV Tonic alonE Broadway and Bedford eve
cBMr KltUn it and hIatljusii eve
Cult 0ltS It ant
Qreenpolnt A tlanhattan aYes
Uorps a very Toppy Top Coat
for 15 mtulo from tloinostio COY
ertcloth sorgolinid Hatiu sloovo
liuiiiK Btrnp Boains alIt all the
other htylofiving qualitioa Put
it on a dressy man anti youd never
gtiona it didut coat doublo
Evorything in Top fonts this
sido of JoO Spring Suits ready
too S12 to 10
ShrIne DC rbi all than 3
liiiporld Siiwkiiiliiiiri 510 512 anti 15
Itiriimg liveries ilesti
lilci r bull 3io ii
10 you know our Boo NeckwearT
Fancy snlrt I niikual Vaiua 51110
bpeclal attention gli eu to out oftowo ordsra
ThIrd Uny or tbe Cobweb Onn Club Tout
nnment at Uuychesttr
Tho weather was more farorable for the men
who shoot live birds at the Cobweb Gun Club
rounds yesterday than that which erected the
target smashers of the day previous Indeed s
batter day for pigeon shooting could hardly bo
looked for at this time of the year Several of
the target shooters tried their bands at the
pigeon and they faired well Among tbe now
arrivals were Charles WaRner of Fulton C W
Tuttlo and J C Corning of Auburn C A
Likely of Xewburgh Capt II W Money of
Oakland N J J A It Klllott of Kansas City
W O 1 Clark of Altoona Ia and George Ring
and M V Llndaley of Cincinnati Tbo horn
club also turned out In larger numbers than on
tho previous days pigeon shooting being witk
them a greater favorite than breaking target
After n few preliminary owcopstakca miss anS
out In which pome of the early comers engaged
and In which time honors were mostly with J
Elliott of 1ellmmvllle the programme wa hi >
gun followed by two sweepstakes Tbe soared
Contest iSo IFlee live blrU entrance ISi clas
ihoollnif threw money 50 JO and uo per o ntl V4
yards rise W 1 Clark I L I Train J 1 Elliott tl K r
Urlerr and K 1 Tnlford S J SloKenn 4 H A hart
tail J II Brady 8 lioler W 1 flonitehly and O A
WnolrurT II i illlrrrlngton tf
Contest No 1 Buven live bIrds entrance 7i clam
shooting three inline fto an aud ao per cent at
yards rise Kiilford llerrlnglon Clark u lover and
Train 7 Ilendrlck Ijroy uud llartletl fl I McKeoo
J Kllloit Irkff lurker futile and Dickey a Wood
ruff Wagner and Donnelly 4
Contit No l Ten live hinds entrnnre 56i five
high gum in win M bards rise Clark Fulf ord
Olover and tlrlerr mi Dickey iii Hendrlek 8 Thai
rest rutlred In thu following onler after milling two
jlnli J Flllull I on time nlnin round ilaKeon on the
eighth Train and Hrad on the seventh Herrlugtoa
leroy l and Tarner on UIH sixth
Content No 4soven live iiirdi entrance Co nira
extra class ihontlng three miiiiyi CO iiuand VO per
cent tu yard rise Clark Leroy Fulford Money
and J A li Ellloit 7 fllofer llartlcll and J Elliott
1 IleUii Vilu IimUlry Mine Wagner II rart r
Likely hIckey HnrTmann and Parker 9 MerTflX I
ornlng ilerrlngum nml Train 4 llonnelly I
Darker 2 lUudrlck HcKeon sad Uoodrult with
CiintealVo fiFlvn live blrdi entrance 3 divided
I0uavi IS nod 10 per cent to limo five high guns 2a
a anSi riw llnKeou Hood Donnelly and Nichols 01
apt Money Train Fulfurd and Ltmlsley Au Mellon
lieu dm1 J tlllou t II i Cnrnlng 1
Contest No oMmse I and out 3 entrance 88 yard
rise Corning and UiiiMey divided time purse on the
hlnl round Cain Money and Kerker 12 McKeoo
Train and Fulford 1 Nlcuola and Iricif 0
The tournament wilt bo continued today the
irlnctpal event being the Cobweb Handicap
rom J > to ii yards 13 entrance birds extra
TIme club guarantees USO In this contest
Nhoot of the Downtown Gun Club
At Chart Wlsiells Illdgewood lark yesterday after
noon the Downtown Oman Club held the first of III
regular monthly live bird ihooti for the year Owing
to a iiiUunilerslandliig only eight members put In an
appearanco to shoot for the club medal As ther
was no shout for a medal the eight members
present nhot for a urine This wa won by II F Mllbs
5 vlth II Lang and II J Iloblmann tied rnr second 4
vieptake followed wlih I alx inlrle1 at four bird
piece II Fajen and II F Mllh lied wilt three
and dlvlilml Ihen followed u series of iwo >
1 Inl hvveop between H F lilies and II Lanfr
tang won the first with two itralght Tile second
third and fourth were tIed but on thu list round
ltUiiS killed hit last Iwo bIrds ualnit tangs one
hereby winning lie series
Previous tu thli a swv pitakei for 995 a side al
three bird vva shot iHtwcen II Fan and tttlhs I
Itlhi won with two Aug hIoetc < the resident of the <
tub Hated that on account of a mliundemandlnf
a regular cluli rhoot for a medal would be held next
month Arior the shoot nil band were Invited to I
mrtlrlpau In n hot lunch prepared for tbe club at
which it wai unanimously voted to than c Tug HUN
Although no club mednf uiIe nt > iaki 1 > inierday the
Scars wero Kilo I conilderlng Ihu velocity of lbs i
wind Tint iworiHi
rim Inint First regular club nhnot at ten tire
blrdi W looti 211 yards A II I Mllh 28 yards tl l
II yihn VH jnriii 4m c II btencken VS yards 6g IL
1Munn ayardii nt II lnu 2t vnrd 7 A Oootx aj
yuriU i 7m II J llolhniann VI > ardri ft
birund Kvent Hwcepitak < ii at limit birds 95 yard
A iioau 2 i II Fajen 3 i II F I Slums a II JllobW
boson I j II Iang 1 II lain n
Third Eveutbaiue conditions IL F llllhi 3 O
Fagan 0
lourih KvnntII F huh 1 0 2 S 37 II LaBf
S 0 V J Oi
1imiifROil March 8D The first game nf the pool
match for u purie of f 50D and tV9U a sit between
William H Cienrwaler of jhl clly and Jerome n
Kungh of Reruiiton woe puvpd hrr lit tIme Ureat
Northern hlllmrd ball lust night and riultoil In a
cure of Ulii i for Cburwatir lo 1XM I fur Keogh
Three Damn of VJOO points each urn to bo played
Three foxier Smut JMIaht the New
AJunbilllnu A t > rrmt > rr >
There were throe boxing bouts In the gym
nasium of the Now Manhattan A C lost night
tu which member only were admitted free of
charge lames J Frawley was the referee Dr
Arthur OSbea was tbe bol ringer and John
Hart lie master of ceremonies
The first affair was on tlio curds for sir rounds
at catch weights and was between Jim Hums
and Tom Itrody local lights In the first round
Brady knocked hIs opponent down three times
Ilrady wont to work at the bend and body and
landed when he pleased Hums wo very slow
and his blows were by no means strong In
the second round Ilrady forced tbo lighting and
after fortyfive second of hard punching he
sent Hums to the floor Tom got up only to bo
toppled over again and this time he concluded
that It was safer to He upon the carpet Bo
Brady got the verdict
lime second battle did not last much longer
than time first It wn at catch weight between
Tommy Carr of Long island City and Jack
Hannan of Ilrooklyn From the atari It was a
sluggIng match both men being staggered with
band awing that landed on the jaw Hannan
was on the point of taking a short nap when the
bell saved Mm Carr cut looo in the second
round and coon punched his antagonist to a
standstill Finally a righthander on the jaw
cent Hannan down and the referee then Inter
fered before a knockout could be scored Carr
of course was tile victor
A ilxround go that went the limit between
George Justus of this city and Jimmy Clare of
Long Island City was most satisfactory to the
spectators The boys met at catch weights and
fought hard from time sound of the first bell U
was an even thing for three rounds but In the
fourth Justus had a shade the better of the ur
Rument by lawllnga number of good straight
lefts on the mouth and swinging bin right to the
body In the fifth and sixth rounds however
Clare let himself out and with a series nf heavy
upper cuts and swings he soon had Justus on
the run Clare got thedeclslon to which he had
a clear title
Blllr Brady Offer lo Frank 8lavin
Prom tht London Sjwrtlng LIfe
Tee Australian jsiterdny received a long let
ter from Manager William A Brady Inviting
him to come out to the States and assuring him
of a tidy bagful of dollars as the principal cities
are just now awaiting the advent of n man with
Hlavlna name reputation and capabilities
Blavln who H starring nnrt npnrrlng with Jem
Mace at Glasgow this weak expressed himself
to the effect that It seemed good business
worthy of consideration and be entertained It
Gossip or the ICInsE
Joseph Elliott New York Address Prof Thomas
Dare 85 West Thirtyfourth street
Kid McCoy ad Joe Cbo Inikl meet at the Grand
Central Palace tp night In a six round bout
Steve ODonnell will leave for England this morn
Ing to meet Owen bulllvan with whom ha Is I matched
Pet r Maher Informs a friend In Dili city that be
will depart for Lngland soon and try and convince
some of time boxen across the water that bo still can
I Lean Hampton Roads Va Marihall was not
knocked out When line was up for the eighth round
to begin Marshall claimed that ills lags bad gone back
Otilliul and be refused to continue
George Hatfen of this clly Inform Ding Sfx by mall
that he would like to box either Charles McVeigh
John Fry or Clue Schulz before lome reputable ctuU
JIITn li only 17 year old and weighs 120 pouudi
Jo Dates the Englishman whose success In this
country over American bantams was Romewbat un
usual ai far an foreign boxers are concerned met de
feat recently at the National Sporting Club at the
hands of lllka Small Gates SOil Bmati were booked
to box twenty rounds lu the fifth round however
Small knocked Dates out
The Criks lienla Iructlee at Newtest
BOSTON March 20Tile first appearance of
the lawn tennis cracks for this season wo made
bisafternoon t in the Newton Winter Tennis
Club covered court at Newton Centre Kx
Champion Hob Wrenn and W A learned failed
to put In an appearance but Malcolm Cbnco and
Arthur Foote both came up from Yalo and
played against Champion Fred Hovey There
were two matches In the afternoon Hovey first
beating Foote easily and then being beaten by
disco In an Interesting match The Hovey
Clmce match aroused a good deal of enthusi
asm CJiaco showed that he wo badly out of
practice and said he had not played since the
Intercollegiate championship He began badly
and made flvo double faults In the first two
game that he served Hovey took things very
easily and passed lime Intercollegiate clmmplon
quIto regularly Char kept on milling up to
tIme net on hU service and volleyed well but the
champion took the first set by ii I
The piny wait much faster In the second set
Chace Improved rapidly In his strokes and
Hovey found It more illlllenlt to pans him at the
net Ho volleyed well and smashed what few
lobs Hovey tossed up Hut the champion bu
practised regularly on the Newton court all
winter and Is In nlruoot perfect shape This
Save him a decided advantage BI tbo back
stops are too close to the base lines and Hovay
has practised half olleylnu to linndlo balls lost
strike deep In tile court willie Cluiro frequently
run back of Hieln and then found ha had not
room enough to play them
hove got a good lead In tbo second set and
Jonkeil liko an easy S Inner but again slackened
elf in his nlay and lilac pulled up steadily I I to
five all llovey continued bin careless style of
iIaYiimg antI Chuaco ran out thosetnt7 5 In time
third set llnvey started out its though It were
easy for him to win but soon found his mis
take Chace came to the net repeatedly with
success and the champion could not get the
balls past him Chace got a lead of II 1 ant
kept It to tho end winning by 0 4 after nnln
ellectual brace by llovay In the last few gaines
Time afternoon scores
llovey heat Foote a4 fl4 hare bent Hovey S0
7 5114
Play was continued In the evening before a
larger crowd than In the afternoon Clmce met
roote and beat him ruther badly In the fIrst
set rooto made a good tIght and stood off
his fellow collegian to a dcucu set but
In the second It wai a slmplo walkoter for
Chace who dd not allow Iiiote a single game
This was followed by an exhibition match
In doubles lu which llovey and 1uret
were opposed by tbe crack Yale team
about tired out kept up his clever smashing
iliac and Footem who hold thIn In
tercoeglate championship Ibace though
and the play was fast and frequently applauded
llovey and 1nret won the deciding net by II 4
after the ale pair had pulled tin from four love
Cilnst them In I 4 Ii i uud f 1 > 4 The evening
scores Chacn brut Funfe 7 5 tl0 Hoey
and Iarct bcatCfaace and Foots 3 a 0U 4
Irlaetlon unit Yule Omn > ale tOMpele
lm ciTOj March 20 Time third annual gysaaaalum
meet of lha Yale and Princeton leaini KSI held i e
night In lime llonncr llymntilum Iltcauie it a rule
liiMl by lIme faculty no judge were appointed and
declilou rendered but It was clearly evident that
tL0 Princeton athletes vv ere much superior to this vie
lion Turner Brown snd 1crr inase a remarkable
exhibition on lie trlt > le borlconial ban ana Turner
double soinersalult from time fllng trap was time
realure of the whole performance Iltymer and
lllackmorngavecleverIlUlblllnnon IhekUHonary
Irapeie The Yale gylnnssls were at their twit on tin
single horlioulal and Hi Ing rIngs Ixwnili gave a
fins e5iiibllloii mifrlubswlimalng After Ihaaxhlhlllou
this members of both teams enjoyed a swim In the
new Orokav IenIorlat tank after which ihty were
tendsrcd a anijuet l by Ibo members of toe Princeton
tealz I

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