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I t
o nUCBIJ lV THE AllSE3Iltlr
It lt dueea the fleenae for the Hule of Ale
nd lifer lo Onphxir the Itritnlnr
IlnleIU Pnainae llrprndi on the Atti
tude or tho Repnhllesm Hint Machine
AIIIAMT March OTho supplemental bill
to amend thn Hnlnca bill by aulhorlrltiz the
Issuo of special llcenie for the sale of ale and
beer alone wn Introduced In the Assembly to
day by Mr flonly of Hyraouso It was not expected
pected tn make ha appearance until the Hal ties
bill hid become a law but Mr Hondy wns so
certain that lov Morton would tlgn the Italncs
hill that he labelled lit ta bill An act t amend
chapter ot the law of 1815 and dropped
It In the box
Tha supplemental I bill Is I drawn on the line
htretofora luggestcd and fun the rates for
special licenses at onehalf the regular rate
except In the smallest plnces whore the mini
mum Is 100 It also makes tho presence of
spirituous llnuor upon the premises of a saloon
conducted under the reduced llcenso evidence
of Intent to violate the law and provide that a
revocation of the license and all the other pains
an1 penalties named In the Halnes bill shall
The passage or failure of the bill will depend
almost entirely upon the attitude of the Kuptib
llcan State machine which Is as et undeter
mined Senator Raines lion declared that he
M 111 oppose any attempt t modify his master
piece In any respect Many of tho other leader
In tho Legislature however are disposed to
favor tho concession to tho Germans and tho
C ant
brewing Interests and to regard It a a good
political move for the party tn make
As ha been pointed out In these despatched
there are enough llepubllcan Senators who have
at all times urged this amendment to the Halnes
bill t put It thnrach with the aid of the Demo
cratic Votec I they fall to do eo It will bo bo
panne they havo been 1 called down by the State
machlnu In the Assembly the Fonttment In
favor of tho change Is I believed to bo still
Rtrongcr and It Is I said that Joy Morton would
gladly sign the supplemental bill If It passes
Uolh Houses
henators enough to pass bill were not present
today and tho Senate went on to transact
routine business A number of unimportant
leading bills wero advanced In general orders to third
Senator higgins announced that on Wednes
day next At H45 A epeclal train for members
of the Leglxlnturo would leave Sw York city
for Albany arriving a 114S Senator Higgins
added At the usual rate of fare
The following bills wore reported favorably In
the Senate
senator Sullivans requiring railroads In Now York
city to enrry tinmen and policemen trre anil giving I
II I gUn
these onicurs the uso uf telephones lra telegraph
lire fro
Senator Ruin authorlln tho appointment of a
Commission tu hear claims for worK done and ma
terials furnished on the new Croton Aqunluct <
Senator llrushsauthorizing the appointment of a
IHiputy Auditor In Itrookljn
Also authorizing thu appointment on Janet 1806
or a Couitiilsiiloiirr ot Juror anlarv I 3OUU a year for
a U > rmot six learn for Kings i ounly c
Also authorising lirooklyn to borrow 30000 t pay
debts or thii former town of iravesend
Also relative to Ibo transfer of unexpended bat
ancnuof lirooklyn departments
Also authorizing lironklvn to horrow money to pay
debts of lhn former town or New Utrecht
< Also authorizing lirooklyn to appropriate 10000
for the use ot the Civil Service Commission
The substitute New York School bill
Hills Introduced In the Senate
Senator Bheppards authorizing the ala of ale or
beer on the premUes of tho SoIltereand Bailors Uomn
at Hilli the uruceevlJ to go lo the library and reading
full of the hOI 10
Senator Mulllns providing that lelegates political t
1 U
f b
suiivcntlons shall rb elected I prior I to 11 publication
of the regular cal for such convention
Senator CogireshaHs I providing I that American
Mieese shall be furnished prisoners I anil members of
the National Uuard while on duly at the btute Cut
at 1exksklll as a part of their f i od raton
Senator Wrays Incorporating the American Title
Insurance and Trust Company with a capital of 1100
lioo 1 which a1l be Increased to 120IIU 000 with
David Nettleton Alex Van Cott Ernest I d Hay
John K Frsklne Jr and U W Scott Incorporators
The following bills were reported favorably In
t the Assembly
Mr Kellys authorizing Albany to Incur an expense
t remove Union College to Albany
Benator GUY establishing a publlo park In tho
T cstr thIrS ward cr New York city al > u brovialng
for an addition I to xtbnt building I I In Crotona lark Mew
York oily at an expense of tlOOOOO
Mr Austin authorizing New York city to Issue
u000000 new school bond ala providing that
Htrgranu of pollen In New York be selected from
patrolmen assigned as Detective Sergeants aln au
thorizing the Now York city rommlsloner or Publlo
mal Work c ipunrt 11000000 for additional water
Mr DutUs establishing nose mil place In the
Twenlyfourth ward New York city
Tr Austins providing that the new East niver
brIdge may be located between Iter I 57 near Broome
street and Pier SB near Pelnneey street on the New
York side also providing for the establishment ota
police signal 1 system In New York city at an expense
of IKJo
Mr tllrbtes for Improving the Wallabout Market
lands In Brooklyn
at Marshall Increasing to f 160000 the amount
t b spent on Brooklyn City Hall I
iir Forrestrre nrovldlng for the appointment of
three Commissioners of Records In Klnm county
alto creating a Hoard of Physicians and Surgeons for
Brooklyn and abolliUlug thu lirooklyn Department or
Burgeons <
blyMr Thn following bills were passed In the Astern
Mr Armstrongs filing the salary of the attendants
of the Appellate Division ot the Supreme Court
Ifoc lho
tJ r lr r Ifo
senator llurnnH authorizing I Yonkers to UM the pro
Nod 01 certain bondtt ldued for the purpose of
erecting public building
Mr scherer appropriating t 400000 to continue
work upon the Capitol
> lr CouKhlln pruildlnu I that the Ilallroad Com
mission may modify rules established I I I as to rate of
si iof surface can which have bon established by
loral authorities
Mr IlughesV amending chapter IB of the Cole of
Civil rrwoilure 10 far n > It relates to the courts of
Justices ot the Vraco ol lirooklyn
llr Corrlgans allowlnit Havings banks to Invest
Uhty five initoail or sixty per cent of deposit In
unlneumhered real estate
Mr Frenehs ccmiielllmr nreCommlB lonerlnNew
York city to hold psr 1 n competltlva examinations for
positions In the Ore service
Mr Andrew authorizing tho Hoard of Education
or New York to select a principal and viceprincipal
of schools
Hills Introduced In the sembly
Mr btorms providing that aeosor In towns of
Queens county shall receive lvoo salary
Mr Arimiromtii providing for the Issuance of
Icrnsrs to honorably dUMiuriced soldiers and sailors
forhaviklnx and peildllliK
Mr forrlnnns provldliu for a Commissioner at a
salary of f iUOO a ho shall have full charge of nil lt the
gas iViitlntf j I UI In New York city and bn appointed I hy
the lnrlor He Is I to hale full charge of Inipeotln
Poe meters The expense of his ofllcol is I to 00 borue
Eas thegnsentilDtnls
Mr Austins the Now York City Rapid Transit law
Anonymoim Letter About I Sent to Ilnrber
May Keiult Ia l un Arrest
Coroner Hoeber appeared In tho Yorkvllle Po
lice Court yesterdaY iifternoon as a witness a
hearing before Magistrate Flammer which at
tho request of Lawyer J Asplnwall Hodge was
held behind closed doors The hearing was to
determine whether or not 1 warrant should b
Issued for tho arrest of a certain person sus
pectml of having written anonymous letters
concerning tho death of Mrs Nettle Ilunnett
whose hot was found In the area of Albert A
Nellls a real estate agent of PAL West Seventy
sixth street Mr Nollls was arrested In latin
cry on tbu charge of having caused her death
but was declared Innocent by a Coroner Jury
Ever since tho case closed Coroner Hoeber has
been In receipt of typewritten letters referring
to some of the persons concerned It Is I all
that the hearing yesterday was to determine
b whether sullli lent evidence could be obtained to
connect a person whose name was withheld
with the writing of thu letters I Among those
who appeared as witnesses at the hearing wor
l Ines
three women one of whom I l a typewriter and
stenographer Iho other witness beside Coroner
Hoeber was llr 1 I Parmly Hown of Klftysev
fc ith street and Seventh avenue ExSurrogate
Hansom was also present at the hearing because
eau so ha Informed Magistrate Klammer he
had reason to believe 1 that one of his clients
might ultimately be mixed up In the alTalr
Lawyer Hodge appeared In behalf of the person
who desire to bring charges against the writer
of the anonymous letters
After lemaintng closeted for nearly an hour
with Chief aunt Stenographer Nugent tho
witnesses the Court lou the hearing hav
Ing been adjourned until a future date by
S Magistrate Flamuier
CIIUCBa1 CoDimllteo or Five HlvldedAa
other Hearing Next Friday
There Is I n divergence of opinion among the
Citizens Committee of Five 1 appointed by
Mayor Strong to suggest n elto for the proposed
W park on the east side In the district south of
Fourth street cast of the Hone and north if
Catharine street Tho majority of limo coinnuit
tee have reported In favor of the two blocks
IxjUndcd bv llnutton I I Sian lou Pitt I and Sheriff
streets Chuti romeo In 11 I IeIns I bins u i park
here would wipe out UUI alley in Wlllett street
Inc a number of tlum umments i
lr Klmlier who Ilk hut minority rcmrt
says that tile blocks bounded bj MantohHU
Inglon I Norfolk and LIliu lull MrouU would In
hl > opinion baa better ails being In the heart
of a inori thickly populated 1 ii let rimt lloidn
he coulcndH that I the rrsiuienls if I the leI t
Miggetted by the malorll ar near I orlrars
Hook Park and Toinpkini Iark s lute Hie
look have no brrathliiK space at all Ilia site
Is iuor < expvnilvB than the other however
There will be a hearing In the matter before
the I Hoard of Street Opening At lime Mayors
Iflccat 1 clock ucn Vrliiay lucriilntf
me II troitLD in TIll nascvn
Vthrn A Kindred Hplrtt Ila Thin Foils Into
the Hand or the role
A pupil of the Pulitzer academy of crime
recognizing n kindred spirit In Harry 1 1
Hliionir whom the police had arrested on sus
picion as n pal of Itiut Lorrlmer alias Lorraine
Induced Magistrate llrann on Thursday to
parole tho prisoner anti proceeded t publish
three columns about the outrage of his
arrest This described him as n promInent
Ohio boy smirched by police kept In a eel
forty hours on no charge and photographed
I a rogue
On haturday heat apt I OHrlchs men mndoa
hint Ull West Ihlrtyllrst street on a flat occupied
cupied by Lorrlmer or Lorraine There they
foHid a great lot of tloleli goods llieroiicro
toots and materials stolen from it dentist natnnl
Wilcox a typewriter stolen from Albert Turner
nf HO East Fourteenth street and a Itt of cell
bid bows anti strips stolen on Feb Ill from 10
llait Fifteenth street When Lorrlmer was
arrested 1 ho said tho stolen goods had
been brought to his place by Hlssong He had
In his pockets u number of letters from llls
snug When lllssong wan arrested later let
ters were found In his pockets from Lorrlmer
Oln t of these related to a way In which Lorrlmer
was tirouoslmt to sell the stolen celluloid bows
Theso ate about H4 Inches long made of i Inch
strips of celluloid and held together with a
common pin which Is I then bent over to form a
ntkk luwI pin Thu letter regarding them I 1 a lot
New YORK I 7 ito
Mr linn PittrsD lUnitvt I will sent you full par
ticulars nl havo a cuuple of huudred r faJi
those linn Jiur knots 1 waul you lo advertise l In the
I Noi i lor re i
different papers In your neighborhood In which you
think people 111J1 Tile circular I stud you I
hun In printed form It Is I sent to those that send for
particulars ThEN 1IIKY Ill tK Advertise like thlsi
U1KLH and liOYX soul for IUU LEA I EAH KNU
Infinite enjoyment for holh nexes send for n set of
tbein Enclose ten cents In sllvor to cover expenses
Address tOllllnU are coming to New York If
tot toll them I to mention which paper they saw the
ad In undyou will get the royally OUR ROYALTY
will ba aboUt 1100 per day t
However advertlsa and send me the clippings Ton
Y1 rrtI r < E fto
can AD to your own taste You know Lest how to
catch tie KAHMKKI In your town I send you a set
of the Knots I havo every color there Is I I nope you
will understand this thoroughly I expect to mako
f20 a day soon < Tho morn you ad I the more there la I
In I b do your work well or don do II at all
Youri truly PETE
1aul C Lorrlmer
Illssongs letters to Lorrlmer are not print
able because of their references t women as a
means of support but theeo uro extract
I got I letter from Nolan the other day and
I watt so glad to hear from him It seemed like I
was In old N Y again and I wish I was I
hao several swell iMrM who are dead crazy to
go but I aU a little leary of bringing them
there as they might not bu up to time and then
1 would be In I hell of a fix and then I would
have to dump them and 1 would not want to do
that you know Hut I may bring a couple at
that I I can let the one I am after now 1 will
come sure for this one Is I a winner She Is I an
old rounder and genie as any you ever see
She has a fellow on her stall that has all
kind of coin and she dont hike him at
I and 1 am trying get her togeta hunch of
his coin and then to the city wo go and I think
bho will do It for she Is I In love with me as tho
other day I n as down to Toledo to see her and I
got brokl and 1 didnt got a thing of her only
SSO and she said 1 didnt have t worry myself
about paying It back as there were plenty moro
whore that came from elll guess she U l
there how about It
Bl Well I wish you were colnc to be here next
week as there will bo more fun here than on
the Bowery as thorn Is going to b a big street
fair I am colnt to get a piece of the dough
too as I have one of tho slickest side men with
me that yon ever heard of and he Is I capable of
getting the green at any stage
11111 I it chance to go to Atlanta fa last
week but I did not like tho game I was to work
on the outside of the green board and stood all
tie chance of getting my head punched at all
times and you know that I always did like
lighting on time complexion I toll you It bad on tho eyes and hard
What Is i Al doing now Still working tho
street fake or has he dropped Into something
else since IIr I these pans t I only wish I was
bai k again 1 bet I would get 1 job at some
thing What Is Dovinu doing now and what
does Nolan do I bet the natnnold Rang Is I still
together on 14th street Well hero Is I one of
the gang that wishes hlmbolf back good and
bard laDg EOOt anl
bardPete I will be In N Y some time In Decem
ber sure that Is I if I have t job or IOt as I have
u little fellow who wants to tee the place and I
will make him stand the expenses and I will
have the ladles go on ahead and then I will
have you be there to meet them and locate them
some place till I get rid of this fellow who Is
coming me
Well Send the Sunday irorM
Next time you arodown In Chinatown I wish
you would get wo a dollars worth of dope
Well whats the prospect of my getting a
female I wish you would cop one out for me
as I want to stay In the city and you know it
costs like hell
Hlssong the llorlI Informs Its readers has an
Income of 5000 a year and Is I sole heir to a
fortune of SLoOOOU Ills picture has been
printed In the llorlil already and he has de
manded of Capt hirlen that It shall not be put
In the Hofiuet Gallery
June Iteekrnnn ICeTpvp to Mnndaa the
Comptroller Tho 10 Per Cent llld Good
With Inferences which tho Court drew from
tho fabulous bidding last October for the railroad
road franchises above tho Harlem Justice
Beok mal ot the Supreme Court yesterday dis
missed the action of the Southern Boulevard
Railroad Company for an Injunction to restrain
the Comptroller from proceeding with the bid
ling and to compel the Comptroller to award
tho franchises to the plaintiff company on Its
bid ot 3W per cent of tho gross receipts Tho
Peoples Traction Companys motion to compel l
the Comptroller t award It tie franchises on
Its bid of 100 per cent of the cross receipts
came nearer success but went by the board be
cause the city was not made 0 party to the
These franchises were for the operation of
railroads nn twenty and a half miles of streets
in the Twentythird and entyfourth wards
The Peoples Traction Company bad obtained
tho content of the Common Council tn Its use of
these streets but time franchises had to be sold I
at auction to tho bidder who will agree to give
to the city the largest percentage of tbo gross
receipts per annnm The sale came off on Oct
0 IHIin Tho Southern Boulevard Railroad
Company which with the North New York
City Traction Company is I said to be a creature
of tho old huckleberry railroad stopped
when It had bid l6 per cent Time
Peoples Traction Company aid time North
Now York City Traction Company ran against
each other up to 1 I per cent and a trac
tion which was bid by tho latter com
pany and then limo Peoples Traction Company
Jumped to 17 per cent for the first five years
and US per tent thereafter which with the
statutory tax of M per cent for the first five
years lull per cent thereafter made the bid
exactly Ihe whde of the uross receipts The
Peoples Traction Company contended that this
was tho hlghimt bid that thn law allowed The
bidding between these two companies however
went murrlly forward until 0176 nnd 11 tub
per cent was hid Further proceedings were
atopped by I temporary Injunction Thin Judge
sayx the plalntltls ias falls because It did not
make the highest legitimate bid
Within the limits of tho gross receipts
sate the Judge further tho bidding Is free und
unrestricted by the statute and It therefore
cannot he said that a hid of the entire gross re
rrlptsis without statutory sanction In fact It
wnlil hu Ilpolbll for either the Comptroller
or the court to assume to define I limit Inside of
the maximum of time statute beyond which no
liiddlng should go
Any bill above the gross receipts he Intimates
would be Illegal I his leaves the Comptroller
with an Illegal hlghc bid on his hands Inc
wih lot per cent bid Declared legal to cipher
out for himself what to do about It
A 13YVAK OIlt lOJOrn
Oerlrudit Taylor onreaa that Hho Tried
to Kill the Taylor Faintly
= Sr JosriMi March 0 Gertrude Taylor the
thirteencaridi daughter nf Dillon II Ta > lor
of Craig Mo esterduy confessed to the poison
lug of her parent and brothers and sisters on
March 10 It was ascertained that she had
bought the poKon and when confronted > ester
day with all tho circumstantial evidence against
her e hut broke dnnn She hated her brothers
wife I bitterly shot said and sought satisfaction
Hubert Inylor tlm unit lien has died ami llolr
members of the tuinlli m liutliii hut I Ito father
lire riioxerlng but thus I from the rllecu of
time rtrude Taylor arrested
polMin llrlrull was yes
lirduy and had her Ititillimi nary hearing Her I i
bond vas llxid lit StOJ I which units glen Icr
lime imm Ilr fnniil Unmof i the best In I rile
Ii nit the I graimml larent of time ll I nn the mot lmtirs
itldn mire rich llio > say the > will do all In their
iower to tau liettrudo from the penltenllar
Air Hrllile lo Hir k to Ilileneoi Labor
hug leoir
C nn M CI ManIt 20 secretary Carlisle will
hliti r a mmpartitan addriM btforo the labor
lug iwople of I lclll tin pn 13 thin Secre
nij nas originally Invited tasp ak hero last
full but ollluul tMituvuncuu presented lila uc
eptancc lImo Imitation was rent b > Hear h
llohblns President of tIme I Honest Money League
of Illinois in rripoiue 10 the request of reme
tentative of alt the chief local trade uiion relle
cor ittomoN tnOIM rlpVTCISSTY
ron JrlFOltJC
In a Hpfclil Mfnnniie to the KUIntnre
lie Appeal I Bar the Inoonan or the Ia
irj lllll Which AbolUhe the Trnitee
AtnANV March SOOor Morton today sent
the foilowingepecial message to the Legislature
To tht lalilaturn
S For n nnnibar of years there has been A
strung and constantly growing sentiment In
time city of New York In favor > of I reform
In the public school vstem of tlmt city
I 1m been conceded by all persons who are
familiar with time subject that tho laws lelallng
thereto were In need of revision While there
halo been frequent amendments time general
schema bat romnlncd unchanged though It was
adopted when practically the whole city lay bo
low Fourteenth street anti tho tipper portion
wain spiricly settled nnd almost rural com
munlty The law divider limo rispom lblllty for
tho educational nyntctn between tho liner nf
Education appointed by the Mayor from thin
city at largo an twentyfoilr local Hoards of
School Trustees appointed by tho Hoard of lid
uiutlon from each nf the wattle In tho city tho
trustees being charged with the employment of
ii The flan wa not an unusual one In the cities
of the Plate at time time of Its adoption but has
lone since been discarded by thin other cities
while strange to say It I retained In tho metropolis
tropolis to the needs and conditions of which It
Is more Illy adapted than perhaps to any com
munity Iho attention of tho Legislature has
for several years been called to tho subject hit
for one reason and another no practical results
have been achieved Tho people of our first city
are entitled to primacy In the great bulwaik of
our Institutions this common nchoot A subject
sO close to thu citizen as thu education of hit
ctzon ucaton
children demands tho patriotic and clouted
consideration of the lawmaking power
A comprehensive bill entering the admin
istration of tlio public schools In the city of New
York has been Introduciit retaining with
somewhat limited powers tho trustees another
bill proposing nothing new for this sstiMn ex
cept tho abolition of this trustees tins ben
offered Tho Senate Committee on itles hay
ing these bills In charge has reported to Hint
House a bill containing tim provision of tho
tnt mentioned hill hut abolishing tho triiR
tees and investing their powers and dutIes In
the Hoard of Education I
Tho committee bill A met with general
approbation including thu earnest support of
tho metropolitan press of a large number of
thoughtful women anti men and of cducatori
vvlio e experience and qualifications make their
Judgment valuable No opposition as fur as I
am aware has developed except that otTorcd bv
persons directly or Indirectly connected with
tbo present system
The existing law Is antiquated and wholly
Inadequate The division of duty leads to con
fusion and Uncertainty In administration and
renders It dlfllcnlt to fix rc pon lblllty I Is i
respectfully suggested that any measure that
retains tho ward trustee plan must fail of ac
complishing I the ends desired
1 appeal to the Legislature t promptly
enact a law abolishing tho trustee h glom and
making enlightened provision for the tfllcicnt
government of time public schools on limos In
keeping with the most approved methods and
modern thought on this vital question Iho
importance of this subject and tim advanced I
sole of the session constrain mo to communi
cate my views In this manner to the IoKistaturo
IEVi P MonroN
When the message was read In tho Assembly
It was ordered tabled and printed without do
bate A discussion followed Its reading in the
printed Senate but It was finally tabled and ordered
This Is rather an unusual document paid
Senator Cantor when the message had been
read I suggest that the Cities Committee and
the society of ladles who have Interested them
selves so ranch In this matter 20 to see theliov I
ernor and havo him frame the bill he desires
Perhaps tho Governor has tho right to scud In t
message on legislation but to tend In a menage
declaring what a bill should bo Is trespassing on
the prerogatives of tho Legislature
Senator Loxow Interruptlngl Is the Senator
debating the Uovcrnor6 mos nge 7
Senator Cantor Iho message Is before the
benator Lexow I movn that the mossaep lie
on the table There Is nothing I beforo time Senate I
senator Cantor crr tl oor The Jovirn
or has no right to suggest just what bills should
be passed The Legislature has to determine
the measures to ho passed and their provisions
When the bills react tho Governor ho may ask
that be recalled for amendment hi I
they rcllld amentlenl or > may
exercise his privilege of veto I Is I thought to
coerce the Legislature Not only Is I tho message
not fair to the Legislature but Is unwarranted
and Impertinent
Senator Stranahan I am amazed at thin re
marks of the Senator fiom tho Twentieth fan
tor knowing his usual fine cense of propriety I
urn amazed at his l criticism of the Executive
Had the Senator rellectrd before ho spoke he
would rever have openly made tho ciltklm
Like action has often hen taken hydnvernors I
of the State Precedents and practice hays
given him authority and control nls action 1
know of many Instances of the Ixecutivo send
ing In messages suggesting tho enactment of
specific legislation
Senator Cantor Give us an instance i
Senator Stranahan n Jov Hill Kent In a message
suggesting specific Worlds Hair legislation and
alto Intimated that tho legislation outlined In
his message wtuld I ho approved by him I
Senator Cantor The Legislature I was dead
locked on that measure then Tho measurew as
a vitally Important one
Senator btranahan No more vitally Important
than this measure concerning the schools of
New York city 1 movo that the message lie
on the table and be printed
The motion to table was adopted without
further debate or objection
The Pavoy bill which the Governor advocates
was reported favorably this morning by tho
Senate Cities Committee
nnODWAY LltA I EXirysioxs
TJnconUltlonnl tonnent hy the Aldermen
Unlnen lllll Talk In the Heard
There was some Italncs bill talk at the meet
ing of tho Aldermen jesterday Alderman
Goodman offered a resolution condemning the
bill and urging the Governor to veto It lime
resolution was passed unanimously the Repub
licans not knowing what they voted for Aa
soon as It had been passed Alderman Olcott
asked unanimous consent for a reconsideration
This was granted
Mr Olcott then said he was In favor of the
bill but understood that a supplementary bill
was now ready for presentation to the Leglslu I
tlro nnd therefore he thought It unwise for thus
Hoard to act now Mr Olcott said that hu
could not give moro Information about tho bill
but said that ha understood great pressure was
being brought to bear In Its favor On recon
siderntlon tho resolution was lumasedi to 4
Aldermen School Handall Olcott nnd Parker
voting In the negative
The I 1ark Hoard asked tho Hoard of Aldermen
to consent that U shall lei contracts for rep ilrn
to tIme speedway without publlo bidding to tho t
amount of 100001 Under the rules this was
laid over for a week
A L J J 1 Hojiiolds of OUR Greenwich street
asked the Hoard to Impose a tax on all wagon
from other cities delivering goods In New I or
on the ground that New York delivery waeonn
am taxed In llrookljn Jerbey < Clt Hoboken
West Hoboken nnd tnlon I nut request was
referred to the Committed on Markets
The lUllroail Commlttiu presruled Us two re
ports on granting extensions to time Melrnpoll
tan Hallway Company from Hrnome street and
Hroadway through Hroome street to Greene
street through Third ali Puiith streets hu
twcoii Vooster street and Ilnmdwn and
through Corthindt Hirer from Hnmdwny to
West street Ihe majority report fmmvurmi thin
granting of time extensions without any uimll
tlons Thu minority report favored thu grunt
Ing of the extensions on condition that him I
Hoard of Aldermen served tho < right to order
the company to Hsun transfers on all the con
necting lines The majority report was adopted
Alderman Marshall Introduced a resolution
Imposing a line of Situ on any ono sweeping limo
Mdewalx 1 after H oclock In tho morning between
the months of March and August Htferiid lo
the lea I Committee Alderman I loodimin
called up the report of the Kxcise onmilltev on
Minda opening and moved th it It ito rc ul
mcndid us a su ipltlmmuui tan IIHIMIIO m time
Italncs hill It was passed uimnlmounlv
Alderman Parker offered a resolution urn
hlhltlnir vans U licks and express wagons from
using Fifth I nvenue for trnfllu save for one block
and thit the block ninrcsl their destination
Referred to time Law Committee The lluaut
adjourned to March iml I
Hlr LOOK TOOK J n lf per
Ir George I lox tho stieclalUt who was
rommls loncd by the Health Hoard to dlagnoso
the use of Long Tong tIluti has heoii nun II tied
oh > n Norlh ii rot imer l Tund as a leper repurttd
I Jistenlay that lung wax bullerlng Irom grn
time irprusy It Two luiHho jilijeiclariij hud disputed
MC It licadiielie bail tale
tire li hlldlllw Ilcl
IIho I inotilh I cimtol toil tme
Um m time ktonmcli thhJt I S
mil hlll ton Do tot weal
en hit havo tonic utTert t5 rents Tho 1
ouly IllU to take with llootl sarllurVI
Misses Childrens
Fancy Reefers
size < to n years
325 550 > 650
Imported Capes
C for boys or girls blue lined with rod
Lord Taylor
Broadway 20th St
RELIABLE txamlu this smock of Arm
CARPETS DUn lIege at llaacrea Prlcvi
lOA Weil IAUI Wreul
1 t
i 1i 1
A Ltu i
1j 1 j
aIuo riIii
s rl Ii 1
as the Sun
The Welsbach Incandescent Gas Light represents tho i
beginning of a brighter era Its invention will bo
marked by 20th century people as one of the greatest
steps of igth century science No discovery of modern j
times has added more to the comfort and convenience of
the people than the Improved Welsbach Light See
it at the retail department
For Sale at 1362 Broadway 121 W J25th Street i
2659 3rd Avenue 734 Cooper Union
I 217 Amsterdam Avenue
I Kflinni AR n malUaru mad 8 hv a
MllKF OLD vmmuilis l lianliiiirr
I lYlUnC ULU IhinK rl u > JOHN L 1
I II I VV MlliritY u i uplds 011 UI iiti TL
I i < lmt > lvi tt W Vi 124 ItX t I e V j
L r
Flints Pile Fimiituro ii
Fcn maniificttirln prkcs now
crcatly reduced 1
Three Hundred and Heventr Pocketbook
= ot less than Two Costs Eneh
There cai plenty of opportunity for rendln
character at tho sale of unclaimed packages left
In tho cars of time Manhattan Elevated Railroad
vvhldh held In George Hill auction
wh wns leMln Ooro 111e nucton rooms
40 Eighth nvtnuc yesterday Over 5000
parcels were 1slo cd of and they Included al
most every Imaginable article uf vtrnrlng lP
lard as well as bundles that hail been forgotten
by people on shopping expeditions and some
would hardly find In
things thnt one expect to Ind
nn elevated railroad coach Umbrella took the
lend In tho list of lost articles There were
1010 of thorn of every hue mind In every stage
A close second to tho umbrellas In point of
number was tho collection of handbags and
lockctbonks most ot them womens pocket
books In fact to judge from the preponder
ance of womens property In yesterdays pile
men art not as usually supposed the most for
getful creatures In tho world KicrithliiK was
sold In lots estcrdny and the purchasers weru
not allowed to examine the parcels until they
had been removed from tho premise This rule
has been found necessary occntno the buyers
on examining their purchases frequently found
that thev wero not worth moving nnd refused
to have nnv thing to do with them Now mos
of thin buyers want to hurry their things away
as quickly ns possible to eee If they have made
a good haul
The people who attend time sale form an Inter
rstini ul > jtcl for study Most of them HTO men
Ntne suggest the junk shop and others nre
secondhum dealers of nn unmistakable He
braic cast nf countenance Then there arc odd
characters who only In auction
are teen nlclon rooms
They are the hopeless victims of tho bargain
huntlng habit A few of these are known to
every auctioneer When the man who wielded
tho hummer at yesterdays Bale entered he
looked about carefully le
Isnt Green here ho asked anxiously
Here I sin said a voice and Jreen won dis
covered wedged Into the very front row Nobody
seeIng to know who Green Is or what he does be
sides unending auction sales He hover misses
n sale of unclaimed property and yesterday ho
untight several hundred dollars worth of stuff
Yeitordny a barrel of 240 books was sold for
Sl lt5 t a barrel of forty hats ranging from
Bhlny beavers to rouich caps went for eIghty
Iho cents a gondlooklnc woman got A barrel
of oyprsil for ninety rent Lot 007 clmouteml
time auctioneer M70 pocketbooks how mitch
limo I ollert I There was a tempting sound
about the olTcr of I70 tiotkcthooks and the
bidding was brisk until tho lot wan finally
Knocked down to a oung man for Sl A few
minutes later tho young mans partner entered
time room bay I got a pRrtner the pur
chaser of pocketbooks Three buudred and
seventy pocketlxjoks A len two cents apiece
holly gee responded the other with fine
scorn 1 tot you knowed moron dat them
womens nockithonks aa you wont find a red
In nary ono of em
The miscellaneous collection Included pocket
flasks nprons corsets rubber tires for bicycles
dummy mechanics tools and a lonely and very battered
It must have been the most forgetful man In
New York that left this said the clothes
dealer who bought the dummy for thirty cell
as ho bore his prlzo away
Eminent Counsel Argue due Mutter Heroes
the Hnprrue Court
Argument was heard yesterday In the Appel
late DIv Islon of the Supreme Court JustIce Van
Brunt presiding In two cases brought to test
tho constitutionality of the GrayPercy Racing
law They were the cases against Samuel
H Lawrence President of tho Westchester Hae
Ing Association and Joseph Sturgis who was
arrested on Oct 21 last nt the Morris Park race
track accused of registering bets Time canes
wero argued together Consel for the racing as
sochllon Included Klllm Hoot John M Dowers
Joseph Auerbach Ill Do Lancey Nlcoll
Against them were Assistant Phtrict Attorney
John D Lindsay exJudge Noah Davis anti
Benjamin Mclnbardtof tho Antipool Selling
Amendment Committee
The case was argued on an appeal taken by
the District Attorney from tho decision of Joe
tlco Ingraham sustaining writs of habeas corpus
and certiorari nnd discharging tho defendants
Time argument was begun by Judge Davis who
took exception to Justlco Itigrahams decision
thRt 1 horse race Is I not nucliemo for the ills
trlbtitlon of proucrty by chance hv persons who
have paid n valimhlo consideration for the
chance lie explained the technicalities of
pool selling and declared that tol Lawlence
WH propurly charged with conducting and I
drawing n lottery
bet he said Is I < lottery whenever It U
to bi determiued by chance or where practice
skill or lirulni I IRI he thwarted by h chance A
bet on a hnrsn race Is clearly such a chance
As to tho question nf pool selling ho said If
the racetrack manager or any person under
any pretext receives money for tools or records
lielH whether tho pool be Makes or bold so lone
us tho distribution N I determined by tho t result
of time horse rate hiI Is guilty of pool 1 selling and
book inuik log
Mr llndviy said It wa mere quibbling to say
that gammu ill flu HIM not an easemui tat part of tho
business carried on by tho vVestUicster Haclng
AsviLlutliin Mr Auerbach bigan by sittIng
that In1 I was grieved to HI eludgn Davis whom
JI hal iilwavs highly inteeme < l soclated with
Mr Mein luirdt who Is nothing but the paid
routiil of Peter Do larv
On bohalf of sttirgU Mr Nlcoll reviewed the
testimony In tIme case nnd said that there wit
no proof of public hetttnir The law forbade
that hit thero was no provision against private
betting m St ii rich had inireh reuirded home
private IxMs for his friend Orlando A lone
Mr Roil irltlclsid Judge Davis rather
severclv Iln turned toward him and snldi
h You art engaged In nn attempt to break down
tlm restrictions which have been
proper retrlotono wllch haI pro
vldul hy the liLlnlaturP to guard a sport In
which mnn > giiitlrmunof the highest character
takian Interest You nrotngagodln ftirtlierlng
tho purpoxo of mm hired by I icamhler who
vtlahesto rrlstabllsh his nefarious business of
running pool room
Hero Judge Ilavls Interrupted Mr Root and
ald lime aiHOclatlon by which I am retained
represents twothirds of the clerguiienof thU
city and of tlio SImile und > ou have no right to
a per e my motives
Mr Hoot Interrupting Jndgo Davis said I
rope u thit vou nr tuigiigoil with counsel who
VVHK ninvlitid by thelouri I of Common 1leas I
of nn lUtiinpt to Impose n collusIve case upon
that c nun
lh remainder of Mr Roots argument was
taken up with dii mining tho law Decision
slits of course tesetvei i l
Nut U twit Hurl by u Three lorr Fall
llenrv McKinna stood on a window ledge
thruo storlii above tho sidewalk yesterday
afleriionn when trying to drive I staple In limo
wiill In liming sign on at iniH Third avenue I
hllon irowd stood below watchlni him lie
dropped hi i a hammer nnd Instinctively tried t to
cathli liainniiT Hu I lUll his balance nnd followed time
llii turned two complete somersault in
falling I and alighted I bin shoulders on the
lavement llo was badly bruised but Is bo
levId 1 to have em aprd serious injury lie 1 wni
mined Ui I Ui lent Hi > plUil He I 11 ears WI
Did and use at JH Vurlck street
xnti rnixcE iff < iiKtfnr lris
A tLJtr TtltV 1 Ill 0 11
Some ort Itenrilnir untie Hhnkeisprnrtnn
TexlLnrlenliirr or Cleveland and llr
PnrkhtirHlTwo InlrrcntltiK HneelullnH
In the fight at Shrewsbury R tie Tubers pro
lent this baltlo In Henry IV I JMiifc lull is I
shorn nf hilt glory In time play R It has rotnt
down to us from Shakespeare here Is a iccno In
tho battln In which 11111 i Itrnrii rajs I
prythcc Harry withdraw thyself lion blccdst
too much Hut tho Prince has no Idea of re
tiring Ills only response Is to urge the King his
father to return to thin front nnd n moment
later Lull pressed to retire ho exclaims I
And lleavin forbid a shallow raleh should dries
The Irlneo of Wales from such a nell as this
Thcso and several other linos show the Prlncn
In I thn thick of tho battle wounded bleed
n lt llo lltl IIHlllecl bleeding
and often out of breath jet alwaH lighting
Not only are too little passages omitted In tIme
acting In tho abridgment of tho piny but at
thu critical moment when tho twn Jfiirrfs meet
faco to face and point to point tIme little Prince
In the person of Julia Marlowo Tabcr comes on
time since unstained unwearied unnarllke
seeming for all time vtnrhl despite his clean and
unused armor llko Limo curtain lord wrath
fully described b l > llnttiiiu i In tutu first lt as
neat trimly drcssul fresh us I bridegroom
folsjnir on Iho contrary as Mr Taber lists
time role appears In a ten I Iblo condition of ex
haustlon lie I I has lost his helmet and has only
a cowl ilf chain mall over his lelill his face Is I
profusely bltecllng ho Is I so tired and so weak
from loss of blood that be can stnrcelr
stand his Knees bend and his whole body sinks
down upou Itself us I tho man were at deaths
door IIU 1 visibly l djlng as hu staggers and
wavers In hll wretched 11 foeblencs Ills head
falls forward his arms hang listless his
hands can hardly grip I tho hilt nf hlj
big sword Thus he talks with the Prince
who ell with limo whill and wind of lilt yet
unsmlrnhod sword mtuht ant the collapsed
letci over and play with him without elfort
When lliittiiur makes a lltial endeavor to ewlna
his blade OICO moro It Is I I pitiful attempt all
tho little Prince easily makes an atemp him
after a few violent strokes of sword on sword
As the great Ire completes the tiring which
hn had manifestly begun before he met tho
Prince the later stands by still fresh uuion
concerned unfutlguod and as clean as a
whistle nf tho soil nf battla lie or she
Is a very pretty thing to look upon
but tho teirlHo I handtohand conflicts
of this oldstjlo battle tIme frequent rusblngs of
packed troops of armed men across the back of
the stage time grand talk nf the mighty war
riors and time slaying I of some In full view are
lg Ion lbe L lm ne nl fl
not very real at the best to audiences of this
day and thu failure to Impart any actual senso
of conflict and exertion to limo Princes triumph
ovor tho valiant rebel reduces the lino spectacu
lar Intention of the battle to I farcical aspect
Meritorious as tho production Is It leaves our
valiant Irttire lull without a vusttgo of the
glory with which bhnkcspeiro has clothed him
Both tIme lines and time words of Shakespeare
are often stumbling blocks to actors and causes
of offence to their audiences as the actors use
them Even time most Intelligent and scholarly
actors arc apt to fall foul of the meanings of
their lines If they have only their cues to guide
them and no suro directing mind to control
their Intonations la their responses tn one an
other Error In tho way of speaking the lines Is 1
so common that probably no Shakespearean
production since time phrases of Shake
speare passed out of our common conterga
lion has been wholly free of it Time ad
mlrablo staging of the first part of King
Henry IV by time Tabors despite Intelligent
and excellent personations In It has this defect
A simple example of macro misreading occurs
In time conversation between limn Percy
and lila wife 10111 < Ifrcn is trying to perxuado
llntintr to tell what taken him away on time eve
of his departure for nctlvu war against time
King Part of the talk runs thus
iiiJtf Itrcu I far my brotlar Mortimer doth stir
About tits title and hath sent for you
lo line his intcrprlkc Uutlfougo
Uottjntr Sofar afoot 1 shall bo weary lose
Mr Tuber quite miss time running connec
tion of the lines he does not appear to Inter
rupt Ml is mu > isi ward 111 tho mfdVt of her sen
tence and ho beems to stop his own phrase at
afoot and to begin anew sentence with I
shall Hits looks 11LO a rather stupid blunder
Time value of a now tag to ail old specialty Is
well Illustrated by one nf the current performers
at the Olympia Muslo Hall Ho Is Amann and
Is given to Impersonating such types of mankind
as the hypocrite the miser and time man of con
tented mind following them with representa
tions of men whose looks are known tIme world
oicr thin copies being attained by means of a
mobile face and a largo outfit of wigs and
whiskers Theres nothing new in this because
for years w e have hail views of celebrities that
nil looked a good deal llko tho Impersonator
HIstnarck having French features or Napoleon
a Teutonic cast of countenance according as time
entertainer balled from Paris or Ilerlln Hut
title Imitator after csii > lnir Gladstone I em
Irant and Lee and th two tok fawirltos
Illsmarck arid apolcun and thawing all
to have a marked family resemblance
and a strain nf Herman blood turns to carica
tures of President 1meland and llr Parkhurst
Hoth of them uro announced beforehand and
wisely for time first at least would hardly be
recngnled After posing for a moment In
counterfeit of Mr CIi > eland the mimic dons a
lwoUnred cloth cap and raises a fowling
plecm to his shoulder At that Instant n shot Is
Klece from limo winiM and a propert duck Is
titsi ed l in nn limo Dtage Ihe likeness of Dr
Parkhurst is better and hu poses for n half
minute with a bttru frown buddenly the or
chestra strikes up time cnucheeroucheo
dunce and the frown becomes sterner anti is
nroompanlcd by gestures of expostulation Hut
after a few strains his features relax n know
Ing wink and grin nucceed limo xprenHlon of
severity and tlm performer walk nit with
twins act legs mnlug In tlmo with tIme music
Three tpcclallstsnf unusual uleportoment are In
their first week of continuous show employ
ment at Keiths Union Square One of those Is
Arthur K i Miller a baritone who clogs such
stock pieces as Paltns and thin Yeomans Wed
ding Song as earnestly and carefully as If he
score being tested as a candidate for grand opera
honors Ills singing Is 1 well liked though the
manner of tho listeners suggcits that If ho
would turn hs attention lo lou critutivo songs
something with a fiorohciirted mamma a for
lorn daughter or a palsied pap1 In It ho would
brim his talents to a better market Tho same
Is true In lessor degree of George II
Wilder a flautist Ills Instrument Is quite
as thlnv as that nt tho htrongustlunged
woman cornetlst that ever rent tho air
with brassy tones but from time god stand
Iiiiiilt It Is I open to the tmme criticism that the
ventucky Colonel had for lager Its right
slick hut not sullKlently sarchln lime trills
that keep the playorH llngom mulng rapidly
from one und of the lntininrnt to the other aro
proof of his command of It and lIe vtitely con
cludes his llrnt selection with I xlruins cmploj Ing
enough Femlquaxirs lo blacken an entire page
of music That brings him nn opportunity tn
jilnv Loves Mtcut Song le a Bhimily and It
goex straight to the mark IlilUiwIni tutu
IhitilUt Is Jcsslei Cnuthul who U straight
from the lyeauin uitertainlni g or her mnn
her belles her Three pongs of Imitation
and two recitations mitts up her offer
Ings In the nlnglug she copies amateur1
rendering of n mvro ballad nn IrNh comic
King mm ashrlll tenor with Htnnanof mawkish
MluUniiit In I them nn ill viuuitmtgm Iii taken of
I hmo pnli > llstn llcenan for txaKguratiiin limo
nf tho citations glorifies Yniikcu characteris
tics comically and Is ilm safest and Hiirrt of
material lbs other Is I a long and serious story
nf a man returning i tu his hniiif after six 1 jiars
In prison for killing a rival It Is tIme first Item
nf time npi dully and If It Is ssIo to put till hen
liked thing last ax HO ninny perfoi inert think It
is tbmeiu thIs recitation should bo reserved for
the cuttIng
J1lJIEStit cm ntxa omrr
Convicted of Glvlnc a IMny OB Hiliulu Ills
Theatre llccu Forlrlted
Chu Kong the manager nf the Chinese tin atre
atfiDoicrs street was convicted yiwtcrdiij uf
ternouii before Judge Illrgerald In time donrrul
rcsslons of violating limo Sihbutli Ian lIe wan
charged with presenting a drama su i I ii mmttmu ruled
actor on time night nf t i tutu rut July 1 II 1 I llo I
gave bull I tu t nppeur next cii tmetlmit for scum
trite Ills lontUlliih will forftlt his theatro
license and hu > allii nn tlie I MUMII In Ih I after
noon with Icu Ouitl I and lliiu eo In gel u new
license Ilio Minor hud uouo In I IliU I idlplui
nnd Clerk I Itt rroms 4 sail hue riuuil not gUn I n
license I until lie Major irtiirneil t nn Mmda
Hut the thralre will rniiaiu niiii until dual
judgment j In tho ciie t hu Hits its will I I I appial
tAilna Hunt li Ihnt drrll uK I urtiiln
This Appellate hulvisiort > rf tim Supremo Court
In an opinion written In Justice 1 YiltIiuiia du
clUed jeslerduy that I unary A Ledertr lessees
ot lie I Casino iii lust liitiu I u I In I their i thiatroitm I
gil ytm t hit mill curtain I desltinil and controlled ry
Kdinond liver tummh lltnri I Mnuqum Iederer
raid the adMrtin I liHlit mm tim > > ubjiCtlnniiUi i
The Justices cml > thai literate nothing objection
able In Itieni and that limo practice uf using
theatre drop scenes for udvmUing is not un
known In llratclai theatres In this country and
in Kurcii
The Cause of Iliildu fu ienlon Ilamll
ton Gold Ilrlck n lllock orllruHH
TIme action of the National Haclng Hoard of
time L A W In suspending Edward C Hald the
champion class H I rider pending an Investiga
tion has caused surprise nnd excitement among
racing men who were In class H last year and
who expect to rldo as professionals this year
The charge against Bald Is that he has disposed
of some of his prizes won last year
A prominent wheelman informed TIIR Strv
reporter > estcrday that ha understands the
Haclng Hoard Is likely to ruspcm Hald for thrua
months Such a step will prevent him from
racing until about July 1 his wheelman who Is
conversant with L A W racing matters claims
that Ilald Is entirely to bliiino for his suspen
sion fur stub he Intends to race as u profes
sional this year ho has taken no steps to resign
from the L A W or request Chairman Gideon
to transfer hum to the professional ranks Hclng
itlll In the amateur ranks the evidence against
lilm left no alternative for the Hoard excopt to
suspend him
It Is said that Chairman Gideon has decided
to look Into the cases of other racers who are In
n similar position tu Hild Thero are a number
of men who Iwvodecided to ride as profession
als this year and are now disposing of their
tirires They have not taken the precaution
however to notify the Itnclng Hoard nf their
desire to bo transferred It Is ell that Charley
Murphy lirooklyn has disposed of the ma
jority of his prizes
A Denser despatch to the Chicago Tlmw
1Tiifd sa > s
Wheelmen are greatly agitated over the report that
a gold brick ottered bv a Chicago firm for the lest
record limb with thuI Ir tires ilurluif 1 the past year had
turned out to he uothlnif more than a block of Itraif
A test was made bj Hamilton who received the brltk
as a prIze and who was then asked to return It on a
decision of limo judges that n nilntuko had bien mado
and tint I he was not entitled lo It lliTiru lartlnu
with time trophy Hamilton tried It with aiim ant de
dare thai It fulli d to stand tie lest for Bold llo I toil
no longer any desire to kemp tho trophy and after
writing a caustic letter to time tlrm bblppcd thu brick
to htcago No tet was mucus at the time of receipt
and as the brick hits been touring the country nt cii
iheejclo stifle there Is moro thnn a poRlhlllt tint
rhe real brick vas stolnn and a lotus one substituted
The last exhibition wu at M I out and limo prlu
canio buck by cxprrhs nppralsid at 700
limo gold brick was exhibited nt the cycle
show held In this city lust January and rv
cited great admiration U was presented to W
W Hamilton for his performances nn time track
last season by n prominent tlrm who has dis
tributed prizes in the fnimnf mall gold nug
gets at all the leading meets Jso dissatisfac
tion has ecrbccn found with any of time prize
and It Is assumed that somu clever thief has
substituted a bogus brick for the genuine ar
Several wheelmen who were at Albany on
Wednesday at the hearing of thu Armstrong
Hlcyclu llaggngu bill returned to this city > en
terdny and expressed confidence of the ultimate
pasage nf the measure
The largest slilpmchtof bicycles ever received
In tills city came over the New York Cential
jeslordny from the West Ihern wero nearly
4000 wheels In limo lot It took slxtrthrcn
trucks to transport the crates down town and
the procession whlchcnntalned a consignment
of blcjchs that representd over 100000 ex
cited great Interest among pedestrians alone
Hroadw ay
limo Nassau Wheelmen of Brooklyn havo
elected the follow officer President A 1 >
Smack S ieePresldent J J 1 Hrenium Seiru
tart F J Mehrllng treasurer L I S Van Val
kenburgh Itoad Committee It Mieldcr Ji
K II Harris J 1 J Hughes Governors 1 K K
HlalHdell and J Davis
Tho committee selected to nrcnnle lorol L
A W organizations In this city will meet on
next Tuesday night
lime Kings County Wheelmen presented mile
aue medals tn this follow lug members at tho an
nual meeting OUT 41101 unties 1 C t Knowles
K A Lawn L I W Heaslr T I J 1 Hall Jr C t A
I lichdernon F Shelden W C Yutinir und 1 I
Moorubouso SdOO iuuilcal F W Illainelt F h
I thaw C T I Earl P I J drahikm 1 M
llarnurd F II I I Hedge W i KIpp II I i Murray
F II t I Moli > imlil C A Martin II A Needlumi
K Palmer L T 1 Perk ham J A Pecnrd F i
Iret A II I Itcliea eorgeStelcr Fi I L Wads
worth W H Wells and1 C llanloii I I
lime 1 Liberty I V hutch uuuti of lirooklyn will mnvn
Into n IIKW club Imoim ti till Putnam I avenue near
lledfnrd avenue on May i J
Henry I iioodmunof t h Hartford I I tho L 1 A of
ficial hnndUapper for Now Knirlaml was in
tnnn exterday Ho IMS been in a lour through
limit Went and repnriH tlmt there IH I increased
Interest In orllnu In every city ho visited
T I L I WIlKonuf the Kings I I utility Wheelmen u
will primIll a perpetual ilinllengt > trophy to hl
club to hue lompeled fur eai h liar by the nirin
hers under Mich cnuditlona as the Hoard I of Ouv
ernnrH shall prei ribo
Time folhwlng club runs hiv been arranted
fnrniVt month Inpeord I Wheelmen April I
iratitn lomhi 12 1 Freeport I 111 Coney C IMind
2m1 Hutch I I Farms lln I 1 oiid lirelmen April
f > Coney Island I 1 Pliilnlleld I 11 ii Tuttiitivllle
Ill Coney Island
berg Iliuiktr the I American professional Is
reported tn bn very III at Nleu with DPinld I
fever Ilimalled for Knglund beverul neuks ago
to race tn France1
i lysttrlous Hilly Hniltb Fouled In Eng
i M striloui Hilly Hnillli I musts 1 his how In a oudon I
SIM lulling on Man h 3 It I ls undertook In itfitI tlireo
nun lii one lilmillI Tit Imnlnii i1rtt y life amm
Three iiien tmllsmei > Hnillh tail en iiln sit l Him
nf time Mnth 1 oniers Jack Iliysn nnd Arthur Mortli I
Tlio first tun wire ilDpoiidof Inline lhil lf afttr tim
lel w is iii Itici i I but turn < uinot U i onkratiiUieil
upon hit mule of tritium It It was not iumit III
gruntly hill briitnl1 foul lulledn m e nut ed him
C ri it lilt ft vie poor limit I uiitii I tutu tr > lo I acia hs
frlp oil > e fti It lie > rtll > uli i i i i ol tin ttii I the p i u
I In I win eheirfl til I 1 ulliMli rireii ntutle llin I
stir u itiltjiilon vui vei > tmuiiuriuttts unl not h
nn i innn if nn inn In ImriiHiii with iir I a t l
InillHli li > eif fair lisY lr i IHMV ell iii > l < j hlu
am rout fur i nn Mini uf In i illltli i u am n luli
Ihat Morn > iiii > l iitoiie fr his iin TtMimiiik o
ilutl I lit In Hi nm IIIIU d I n i smith sum I Utflltl
v in tr itisl t i to il iF I hpluv < u t i < i 111 r
lllll > ll b I XII u M itt I Mllllil riH > eI l Hilt HI
Hu I lert Vie t Ilk lo tlln Mm in ifur 1111 Ii l
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sItu multi U I i I < 411 IO till irfcl tlullh hal I
di I u Mhlcli ci IM tier foitf > lltli li t an n It ii li n d 1
1rlneetonM Olndlntoris Perk InnplrmtloH
Slow H toots Hunt Indtt
The Princeton athletes who are to strive for
glory In the Olympic games at Athens and a
body guard of studentn and graduate were
among tIme visitors at time Sportsmen Show
Yesterday lime Princeton men gazed long and
fondly at the dliplay of trophies exhibited by
their fellow collegians and If their earnest
manner was read aright the sight will Inspire
them to do mighty deeds that will add many
bauble to tim array of emblems
Olio of tim csona ecnpcd nun his chain after
tho show had closed on Thursday night He
hud a morrj time chewing up time stuffed bird
and animals but an evil fate brought him to the
nook where Diana time Madison Square Oarden
cat nestles with her family of kltuna Diana
nut up a gallant fight but was vanquished at
last The noise brought the watchmen nut and
when they rcachi limo spot the coon bad killed
two of lImo kittens A snap shot from one of the
watchmen who thought the coon was a huge
rat sent n revolver bullet Into the animal
head Dianas hiss was avenged and there wa
a coon missing from the roof of the log cabin
It is a wonderful show for contrasts In the
dlsplnvs of the taxidermists for Instance there
are all sorts and size from mootu bear and
eagles down to antelope squirrels and sand
snipe In the shadow of time rumbling powder
mill where the hugo metal wheels grInd imita
tion powder into tine tliihl Is a case filled with
little tins showing the different Boris of powder
T limo giants among lImo boats are the thirtyfoot
motor launches and the fullrigKed Ethelwynn
model and the dwarfs are the pneumatic shoot
ing sort that havo bootlegs for a keel and tha
canvas skiffs that fold up ana can bo carried In
n valise
Thin great and time small InTlcstructlve tool
are endlcis In variety Ihoru are Hotchklss
rilled cannon that will tend a projectile through
n sixInch steel plain like a knife through
cheese hlngleshot rllles tn carry the HOcallbra
army and this Uflticallbru navy cartridges
There N I nn longer any demand for dainty vest
pocket revolvers time mailed now made being
tlcullhre and iipinctlcublo pocket weapon lu
tlmo of need
Hods for bait fishing Include thick elghtfnot
ones for tarpon and striped bass lUhlng In the
surf to tIme light ones used off Fort Hamilton
for weakllsu lImo I largest fly rods are for salmon
fishing clue fifteen feet long and weighing
twenty ounces bclnc this heaviest although
they tire inndu larger thus umaUent lit rods
weigh only m ounces A loyalty In reels for
bait fishing when long casts must be made is 1
a multiplier with a ballbeiirlng movetnuut
lie nefeutM T 1 Citlrnrs Tor thc Itueqnet
find IVnnlB Clnli Clinniittonalilp
Lovers of court tennis onjojed a rare treat at
limo Hacquot and Tennis C lub yesterday after
noon limo attraction wits tIme final match nf
the series for the club championship and those
who lluured on n keen htrugglu found their
Judgment fully justified Although Thomson
vion time coveted title In straight sets time rival
trn splendidly matched nn direct scoring the
margin ngnlnst Calrncs biduu chiefly duo to his
misses out of nurt and h Into his t nut
K A Thomson time winner was trained to
thu hour alit had the further advantage of
familiarity with m this i nurt Ho I I Is a pupil of In I
ptrm tor Alfredlonipklns and In tlm opinion
nf I ii itt expert phivid I t lhi > match nf hl I career
t alrms IH n non > ri > idKiit ihd learned the game
friimlnlu Peltlt nf Klistntl Iliiwnrrlid hits silt
eesmui nppntient niinldernhl hi hiiiklnud
half Millc > 3 proving Ion mucli for 1 liiimpson
ropfntnll < iiirtn liiipnuid us he sm ilit alonu
and plnji MI du < hlngl in Out third SrI that
IhouiHonH admin i rs were kept un thu anxious
tent UP tn tin i urnki
A1110111 g tlm membi ts Ito wnlched tho t splrltia
coniest w ere
1 II lUrrliimn II I Mortimer I T Jlalliew V
II IlliHinore Jr I In I V iilnyni Jr I I Ilumirt It
U Mm inn h I IllitiiUn Ir mV A iituumfl U II
C I ood I Jr r 5 V It ili > I M l Miall niiuh Inhii ITHIV
Jim < hlmnnlilui I Suit ti f r 1 iuiu Us Miller
1 li MiSiel 1 ti ruiiti ii M lirm k < K II Hulklty
M S I Ialun SV U I tilli r aid II I I streLtluh
1 l homson St tim t for tin honors in i a deter I
mined stjlefrom tln I > II rat He I I lonk the I two
npenlnt giiiius in lively itsimium i but I ulriies
iiiuitllcd lImIterS b > liking tit third and
fourth IhiiiiiMiii then ml lofno and scored
four stialirlit tames whining thu nt II li lie
followed mi lti In I livelj and looked Ilk lunnlng
out A lose eel I until I I I alnis I ilnvtrl broke time
sequent ii b > IUttniL in fur Hie third trami lime
latter tdnvir fiillid in lilt rtaio hIs scon
ultho Uh linpaved up pltliklDand homton 1
took the mil 1
Ihe third act wns a clnsi I and rxflllnu i i fclruit
rio throughout rhniiinini look a fnrmldiiMa
liiid nf I lint iltithithit cimimts but I airnes then
atrmmiMl tutu till and mind twin hit made a
gnllait i Tort tu follow up hum luhaiitiwr ninl
the lactic uf tIme sixth tainu hum i i Ilm liilanca
until liinmsoit slut mnl m inviiiu hN ilval t a i
illmi lit k wlni h set und him it lead nf 4 to
i IhlH 1 wan rttMnlid met t1 u irliicul tumult of
the imilrh us I mnn vv > s thought by ninny to
havn strti k n wlnnlni i alt until his urrer wa
BOdtrlKtlnUflV hi ked
limo CCtitti n M net > only u I siemed tn sti lit ullate
Cnlrnes t gutuur i xertlmi iiml ufli r li > < lng time
Iirxt two tiitiiis li I pullid liniilf neither
pnlflldnlli for n tun nf three I whi h bimight
him tin level term s I i I ii n on live gamm
nil iiilini i in i < d 1 a liiuriy mui eli IA tlm
KlrnkiWhi vn < i nil I t Ith uriiin u brilliant 4
ntiirtiM I ii f Ii I i f tI In tiimliour Althnugli
tleiirli inix I nil i I oil in I nivrr lnt I m liti form
iihd lmc uiitt I mi iini hi i pliirlng the i next
IWIIL inn < iiud ituilmm t the 5t T i Ibis left
him winnci of thu llrili h and hunplohhlp by
U li 1 7 i
A Hlrn > Iliniilnj 1luron Tnimd
TI m > 11 I iii it i > I it > > m MH > i ullndly
print Hi i > lit i i i Un > iru it i j of your
iEir k bin I I lUOii vulli > 71inn 114
lui I nl mm mt i i i I > n r 111 I ui i r > Mll r I rite u
If ml n S at lit I in I p I Mll
I i III t Ail e i N I M t i li i
n Li

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