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m For New York anJ Its Vicinity
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He Rnld In Efe d thnt Vr la the Hondnn
VIII Hn Carried on Only If the Her
vlahr Prove IVeok Th < loTernni 0t
line No Definite Plan CampnlainRai
1s 1 Voice Not Yet HenrdMr lluy
ards Deafaee JIM Increased Queen
Vl t rla 1 Not Knjojlc nr Holiday
Inereme or Murder In Hwllnerlnnd
ReitrletlBK the Freedom of the Preai
Sptclat Cabtt tpl 1 to In 8vs
LONDON March 21Even after last nights
long debate In Parliament we are left In doubt
regarding the plans of the Government In Kgypt
and tbn Soudan for thn essential reason that no
definite plant exist In other words the Salis
bury Cabinet U I divide on the subject One
sectIon favora an aggressive campaign which
bal conquer the Soudan no matter what sacri
fice of men and treasure Is I required I Such was
undoubtedly the first Intention of the Govern
ment but this has been materially modified
Ninetenths of Mr Chamberlains speech last
hIM a full of aggression but nt the end he
wndn an astonishing blunder Ho gave the
House to understand that the expedition would
BCJ forward If It met no serious resistance but
the game would b given up If the
power of the Dervishes proved to be for
midable I Is an unprecedented thing I
for a responsible Minister to announce at
this outset of a campaign that war will be car I I
ried on If the adversary proves weak and nban
doned If ho happens lo be strong Military mel
In the HOUBO wero especially Annoyed at what
4 they suppose to have been a actles clip of the
tongue They believe naturally enough that
BUch a declaration of policy holds Kngland up
to the contempt of the military powers of the
Continent I wilt b certain lo be seized upon
and ridiculed by the quick Ilel French press
but b ° ltlos this Itdeprh the advenluro of Its
tnticntalkrdof moral effect If It becomes
known to tho Italians and It may become
ki own even to the Doivlilifs for news travels
far In these days hat the distance to which Iho
expedition will go depends on the amount of re
eltancn It meets
even jeara ago Mr Gladstones Oovornmont
rerolved that In the Interests of civilisation in
general and Egypt In 1arllcular tie military
power of the Mahdl must bo crushed but before
they culd take measures to give effect to that
resolution adinpute aroso In the heart of Cen
tral Asia which for the moment It seemed
I could not bo settlid eavn bv war between
England and Uusla With such Imminent
danger a the door the llrltlth army was hastily
i suthdtavvn from the oudan and Gen Gordon
ha < to this day remained unavenged these
f A fact were for tho diet time narrated ny u
Cabinet Minister to the House of Commons
last night by 11 Chamberlain and 11 William
Hnrcourt confirmed their accuracy and by Im
plication tngvcated that similar danger ex
ist now Tills Incident the mot signifi
cant nf last nights debate has to far passed
Imott unnoticed Sir William Harcuurt
clearly believes that an advance upon
Dnngola and a concurrent dIspute as to the
right to take money to defray the cost thereof
from the Special Egyptian Debt Reserve Fund
Involved the danger of n war with France Mr
Chamberlain evidently shares that belief and
lie may b nainmed to pak for the Cabinet
which brings the matter to this dangerous pass
The leading politicians of all parties who are
Dot members of the actual Mlnlf try amid who
bive been casting about for an explanation of tho
fiov ernmentn forn ard movement In KKJ pt havo
arrived with practical unanimity at the condO
Mini et forth In Tnr StN when the news of the
In iniltd advance to Dnngola was frt an
nounced Thlsconcliidnn Is I hit tho action Is
Intended as an answer tn time Trench movement
contemplated I or commenced upon tho I Upper I
Nile ivlth thr ultlmae design of reaching Khar
toum 1hoMlnlsteriil utterance are not only
liinncluslve but conlrndlclorv but It Iho oh
s jn 11 is I tocheckmile Frincli drstunh tim oOklnl
reticence at the pnsoit moment Is under
standable I
Against this view of the situation must bo set
the fact that I If It be correct the Government
Imie not seen fit to follow precedent and coin
innnlcae the facts to the leaders of the Uppo
fcltiou of Cabinet tank In order tn prevent them i
from making u party question of an Interna
tional danger Sir William Harcourt ami his
cnllrncupa of the late Liberal Ministry have not
blcn taKen Into the conihtiemite ot the Govern
ment otherwise they would not ns they did
terdny inuTp a direct resolution ot censure
upon the Governments Egyptian policy
Therela practically no difference of opinion
trtwerri the late and present Government upon
the effect nf the French advanco from m llrll
Africa upon the Vppcr Nile region Less than a
year ago 11 Fdward drej Lnder Secretary for
Foreign ArTalr declared In the Haute nf Com
mons amid Hineral chenrv that Ilnglnnd would
C regard n French expedition to the Upper Nile as
j Ifl unfriendly act U Is evldont thrrefnro
> y that If Ixird Sali bur > s Cabinet has knowledge
J ot lOch unfriendly action on the part of Franco
at this moment hU bounden duty Is toglvo i
confldoatlal Information on the subject to the
leaders of tlio Opposition III order to avoid scan
dal and danger of an apparent difference of
opinion among llrltlih statesmen
The policy of France regarding tIlt has
been hopeleusly muddled by the estimable ex
pert In chemistry who holds the portfolio of
Foreign Affairs He first protested against the I
Engll expedition In lunguago which fore
boded war Then h lepidttted and practically I
denied all knowledge nf that language As a
matter of fact IU the Ittrls correspondent of
THE HUN telegraphs lhe niloniclul note which
C made IUI1 a sensation was written by Premier
Dourgenls and Foreign Secretary Hertelut In
cnnsullntlnn and Its repudiation must b taken
In n diplomatic nense onlv The Important voice
of Kiissla haM not yet been heard and tho op
positon of France will avail little unlnts the
Car Joins Nlgornu ly In the prnto I t
The disputed point nhelher the con
tent of Iho powers U I necessary to use the hgyp
tan ltc erve Fund will have no effect upon the
procrcsi of the expedition It U well under
Blood that England will pumue her plans at her I
own expense If neces ary Meantime the evi
dence of cooperation between Great Urltaln and I
the Triple Alliance Is a feature of the situation
which all Kurop regards as of paramount In
terest and significance
The vote of censure by the House of Retire
ell Iu upon Ambassador Ua > ard aruunej
little public Intarrst In this country Such
fi newspapers as comment upon It are unanimous
In their allliudeof friendliness to ward the criti
cised diplomatic but every defence nf him In
clude an admission that be has been guilty of
an IndUcreilon to nay the least The point they
make In his favor Is that the rebuke ls I a mere
political move and at all events Is more severe
than hit offending deserves Mr Ilayurd him
self wisely kt M Hence He may soon send t
Ptcretary Obey a Hatement on the sub
Ject which he Intimated In his lat
letter he might make I Is I not probable I that
this ttatemtut will be accompanied by his
0 resignation althouih there In I reason In beiieu
that Mr Hayard would be glad to retire If he
could do so under creditable amplcn Illi In
llrrulty of deafness hu so Increased upon him
that ho fuels that his usefulness at his pruent
post li I seriously Impaired
Queen Victoria Is I not comfortable on the HI
Tier this year and It I Is not unlikely that sh
will eat her visit short Sh had been Informed
Grand IIoUl ClmUx where
before kUlng ttM Of lltla
ph stayed lax yur that the chief views had
been f oS br > big hotel In course of coustrno
tlon but as her landtont lost money by her visit
last > car she out of kindliest decided to repeat
her visit na thli year he had nut to carry nut
the Improvements and alterations which last
season swept away his margin of profit The
Queen did not understand the extent of tho
changes In her surroundings until she arrived
on the spot The new hotel Is UOO feet
long and stands within fifty yards of
the rand Hotel cutting off light as
well as views 1 while lie dust nnd noise
of the building operations penetrate the
royal apartments Tho Queen Is hit a philoso
pher In ouch matters and nobody who knows
her would bo surprised to hear that she had
euddenly moved to tome other part of the
Col Ludlow tho United States attache here
expects payan oftlclal visit to the Manchester
Ship Canal next weeK In concluding his mission
to Imcstlgatc and report upon the waterway of
Europe He will probably bo able to report fa
vorably upnn the canal as a canal for the
trafilc steadily Increases and the docks of Man
chester are full of vessel from the United
States and other rarts of the world but If
financial details conic within the scope of his
mission ho will find a parlous state of things In
connection with this vast undertaking Less
than two years ago after spending 11000000
the canal company found Itself at n stand
still and there would have been n com
ll tl
plcto collapse had not the citizens of Manches
ter authorized the corporation to loan the com
pany another JLflOOO000 nt a low rate of Inter
est Now announced that the coin pant cannot
even pay this Interest and tho corporation met
this week and decided to levy a rate upon the
uiunlnpal tiixpa > ers of fourteen pence In tIme
pound Ill time troublo Is I not likely to end here
limo corporation discussed tho whole matter In
secret f > c sion the other dnjnml It has elmira
been learned that time company n 111 require In
time course of time present year an additional
JLlUOOOOO 1 will bo Impossible to raise this
money In the open market upon any terms amid
the only alternative tn abandoning the canal
will be the finding of the money by Manchester
loxpayers They have had enough to try their
patience In all conscience but If need be they
will probably submit to further sacrifices In
order to make Manchreter a great and prosper
ous port The consideration of the whole ques
tion has been postponed for six months and It
will bo surprising If tho outcome will not bo
the acquisition of the canal by the city ou the
lines of time Mersey Dock Hoard
The etockhodcr of the North German lloyd
I Stenm hlp Company are In a position which It I
Is I asserted enltles them to public sympathy
They had been led to believe there was a good
prospect of earnings last year sufficient to pay a
moet dividend Now It Is I said that tho years
uorlng showed n loB unless the owners of the
steamer Crathle which ran down Limo Elbe In
the North Sea can be Induced to pay the North
German claim The Crathle has already been
adjudged in default but Ill is doubtful whether
her owners are In a position to pay the piper
The claim la for U5000 florins and if It be paid
by the end of this month the North German
Lloyd directors will declare a dividend of 1 > 4
per cent
The alarming Increase In the number of mur
ders In Switzerland bus glvon rise to another
agitation In favor ot the restoration of capital
punishment throughout the confederation and
It Is I not Impossible that the question will soon
be put to popular vote In 1874 the Federal
Constitution abolished tho death penalty but
the cantons retained Individual liberty to re
store It and one of the first to take admntscn
of this option was Lucerne wtiere however
there has since been only two executions each
for peculiarly atrocious crimes of which the
victims wero women Years ago murderers In
Lucerne md to be beheaded with a sword In
the market place but now the guillotine Is used
old executions take place within the prison
Icelands boasted freedom of the press re
celt ed a severe blow In the House of Lords yes
terday when a bill giving power to Judges to
forbid the publication of such evidence as la I
considered Indecent passed the second reading
by 1 vote of 4H to SI In n House having a mem
berhlpof uC more than lOU This dangerous bill
was fitly characterled by Lord Chief Justice
Itusscll who kuoko against It Any person he
paid publishing matter which In the opinion of
a jury was Indecent was now subject to the
criminal law and there was no reason why that
law should not be enforced against any offend
ing newspaper The hill however Intro
din ed n nrw and dangerous principle and
attempted to Introduce a censorship of
time press Tho Judge was to pick out
from the evidence openly given the part
that was not to be published and any man who
published It via to hu I punishable without the
rafeguard of a jury and also practically with
out any appeal he punishment for contempt of
court being a fine or Imprisonment at the Indi
vidual discretion of time Judge The bill more
over would he believed be Ineffectual and un
workable whlln It would not applv a nil In re
I gard to Indecent evidence given before Magis
trates and at the Quarter Sessions
Nothing Known In Chicago or the Young
Woman Arrested tn llohokcn
ChicAno March 21 Members of the KIDS
Daughters of Chicago think that the young
woman who was arrested In an Intoxicated con
dition In Hoboken N J and who gave her
Kmlly Martin and represented herself
name as fml llrln rpresollell
lo he I limit treasurer of the Central Legion of
Klnzn Daughter Is one of the many Impostors
who tndenvor to collect money by i representing
theinielves to him I authorised collectors nf the
Kings Daughters No m suoh organization as the
Central Legion nl the Kings Daughters Is In ex
ist ncp In l hlcaio and no such person as Kmlly
HnllenbiM Is I known by time Chicago Kings
Daughters Mrs Celia Hollenbeck two years
I ago was a worker In that organization but she
knows nothing of the Martin woman
Easy WorkI no All Ordinary Work each
a riMlnB und IMiilrtvnrk and I Would
IHV Ynu to Conn Even Two Hundred
Hllr to lie hare of Helm Well N rved
For teeth without platet It Is worth yonr
while to go any distance you can afford them
Mr rosiTloN
The system of ownwork and bridge work Is
mine but am not limo only practitioner of It I
taught It tn dentists from HI to NX Have
twentyeight patents that make every American
can dentist Coy debtor
rlve thousand of them combine to resist my
patents I nf course atop teaching and sue
Time suit Is I pending
bo much tu explain my position
rownwork U telling a porcelainfront gold I
tooth nn u natural rout My method prevents
decay of the root and makes HIP tooth an icnod I
ns n natural tooth In every respect It I looks like
n natural tooth U equally strung nnd lasts for I
life If properly cared for
Ho I Ill confound crown teeth with nlvottpnth
Ihot teeth have been made for two hundred
111th 101K WO ilk
Hrulgework Is I tilling an empty space or an
almost empty Illnl with teeth as good a
natural petti Sometime four roots are enough
tn bridge a full sat on
liociil hridgowork looks and feels and acts
dnitlilrr like iatiiral teeth It I U the best operation In all
I U mine exclusively
l col should not be considered Ordinary
drnlitlry cannot CM compared with It llinlgg
I work rtsilr > s Ihe I most tklllul workmanship
Hlllr tl
and none but precloiu metal should bo led I
Us I conaruvtiiin
If von want to know nsctlv what proper
crown work nnd bridgework art I will send
you i free a little tmk l with full description and
pictures From that you cal a what I make
bow U acts how It looks and all about II al
most as well La If you were here In my omen
I possible call have an examination mcd > cud
get an opinion and estimate of cost For thu n
charge I T Hutrriitt D M D
SO West 3Sd t Now Vorkuldp
Tb Iafeyott FlM flats
Turklth and Kuulan I a lafayette plaei a poslMv
ear for cotts rtoiunatUm gee sad kl < U y uoubl
Her They da Mk Hot Cke I I
FlB I 1 holtwtter bags 3D Uotl quslll rubber
sbMilnx SB ctf per T < Tw Qiurl fnndula urlnit
oNU JU ale 4aoa pace V i Idkw fcmiury M ap I
kus but ID U world for Udl I w M lit vc per I p
Rtksr GU DI < a44e
I Campions ht < wef 3 end 3 60 are unequalled
Eprlo ab p i 4 VY e l UCluLlea rohq
I Th r < ttti U4 LIck IlnttOB OvDs
an aliuixi ucUv a 4il
I TentODle Kilt ExtrMtths great Vt tOf
1 a a 1U11 au Ifr I
AX oitn IliAXE of urn irAit Anovr
Fifty lannl nnd Thirty 1ollon on Duty In
nnd About the Hospital In Irent the
Jlelnrn of Mlxtcn Insnne Women Pleat
to Wnrdii Iftlitnil tliirlnic the hay
When the dash between the officials nf the
citys Department nf Uharltles and those of time
Manhattan SImile Hospital on Wards Island
resulted on Friday night In tho turning ltiioe
upon the streets of tho city of it lunatic It was
belluved that the crisis had came and
that sOle temporary agreement would
be patched up pending n decision
upon limo State authorities appeal fiom
Justice Mncteans mandamus ordering thum to
reecho Insane patients who hMo not been sup
plied with the t now suit of clothing I which Is the
basis of all the trouble Hut no such agree
tnBiit was reached jesterdny and the situa
tion had even assumed a more grave aspect
During time day the llellnvun Hospital people
sent sixteen Insane women to tho Slate Hos
pital on Wards Island The patients were not
arrayed In new clothes and the Wards Island
officials refused to receive them They wero
left upon the landing wharf most of the day
It I pall and at night were housed In a shed
thercI Inl to alleged threats that limo women
null ho returned Dellevue Hospital was
converted last night Into I ganlion Fifty
picked men guarded all time entrances
and wero pouted about thou grounds to
prevent A repetition of time ODonohtio
Incident of Frlcay night These were re
enforced by thirty re erves from the East
Thirtyfifth street pollen lotion who patrolled
T wentsixth street and First avenue and along
the river front
All the hospital doors were locked and bolted
and no one w as allowed to go In or out of the
Institution without a pass from Superintendent
itiards were po ted at the foot of Eat Thirty
fourth street where the Aurora tho Manhattan
btate Hospital boat lands to see that the In
cane women were not put ashoro there Up to
midnight however no attempt had been mado
to do this
There were sixteen inane women to go to the
Island yesterday All of them were prepared
for time trip earl > In the morning lieu Olleirimo
Commissioner of Charities was at 12ellev at I
oclock tn limos morning nnd he superintended
the preparations for the departure of the wo
men All their clothe had been disinfected
and repaired anti soon after 7 oclock they wero
taken on board the ferryboat Dr F F Hus
cell and several nurses and orderlies also wont
along to care for the patients during time trip
The boat leached time pier at Wards Island
eoon after I oclock all then tho sixteen
patients wire marched down the gangplank
lalenl Inn Jlalk
An the reached the wharf Dr Russell handed
to Dr Dent tho commitment papers Then Dr
Russell hurried back tn the boat antI the lines
were cast off AB the boot started away a man
on the wharf shouted All right well give
em back to you on tho next trip
This remark put time Hellevuo penplo on their
guard and Instead of Mopping at tho Island to
deliver supplies In the afternoon a quantity of
meat such n the ferryboat usually carries was
taken up to the State wharf at tbo foot of East
Thirtyfirst street and left for the State author
ities to care for The Aurora tie lioat emploved >
ns a transport by the asylum authorities took
away meat up on her afternoon trip 1 ar
rived at the asylum late
After the lunatics had been sent to tho Island
the Itellev no authorities began to play a waiting
game limo I > believed that the Stat authorities
would iittemtit tn send the patients C back to lid
IPVUP I and they made preparations to pievent I
I Usually all the entrances to the hispltal
grounds are left open during the da > Yester
day they were eloed and locked mood no one
was allowed to enter without a pass At each
gate two or tl hi ee orderlies wire stationed
The Aurora arrived HI hirwhirf f on her last
regular trip at i18 oclock Twentv minute
befnro Superintendent Murphy had been informed
t Ir1 tl lel IU
formed that time sixteen I woman would I be
brought back to the city nn that trip It was
ted that the State vtoiild
expected tmete authorities 0111 form
the unfortunates In line I i and mart h with t them
to the hospltiil where It was thought that a de
mand would I Le maeli on Superintendent I Mur
phy tn receive them No such thing happened
however The Aurora carried only I if u lur
and laree nf Uollevue
imnseugcrs Ind n larl party 101e10
doctois clerks and employees nho had congre
I gated at the wentysUth 1 street irate In antici
pation of an exciting run In Hero disappointed
Murphy held to tie opinion that the Aurora
would bring time lunatics down on a special trip
particle later on anti he did not let up In his watch a
len Ollelrne loll jeslerday that the i
Charities Commissioners would ionilnuotn send
lunatics to the asvlum In accordance wilti tle
commitments I and elothid in good clean gar
ments They will not h ald subject the city
to the expense of new clothing where It Is I not
deemed necessary The Commissioners rely uu
udio 1 Macleons declsluu to justify them In
their course
Assistant Corporation Counsel Sterling said
yesterday that hn thought thnt the State author
ities I were showing I a disposition to harass the I
city and cause It a needless expense Hn bald
that the State authorities t mid no moro rlghi to
order time Itch Its up Hospital peoplu to hiiv nmv
doming for the lunatics I than they hud to de i
mand that patients tdionld Hal diamonds Tho
Chnrity Iommlsuloner Mr Sterling said would
bans granted ammy reasonable request that time
State authorities I might have made and 0 IDotio I I
hiiBmight have been kept a the Island under
an their arrangement that would not have prejudiced
telr allpll
When ODonohue was taken to Ilellevne
Hospital and pushed Into tho grounds he was
uniler thu control of limo asjlum authorities
said Mr Sterling He had passed out nf time
jurlsillctlnnnf the hospital when he was landed
at Wards Island all he could not legally have
been restrained at Ilnllevue therpufter
John P I ODonohue the lan who Repiired
his liberty on Filday on account of the clash
between the authorities went directly from
IlelUvue Hospital I I to Ills home at o leventh I
street In Ilnbciken His mother and aunt live
there III 1 eonifortahle na ODnnohnn Is I ra >
tlonal on all subjects excvit religion When ho
Is I questioned 1 about that he snjs thai ho Is
Aciam anti tlmt a nrulse on mill Heel proves his
HtatvmPiit It Id I not thought that he will be
cnme violent
Yesterday afternoon Dr A K I MacDonald the
superintendent of the Insane I as > lum on V me rots
Island l went to Iollcn Headquarters I and had an
Interview I with I I hlof lul I I 0 I It I was rumor II
that Dr MacDnnald wanted time police In pro
vent the shipment nf lunatics from Hellevnn
Hospital to time ots horn unless time Lunacy torn
millions rule was compiled with
At nAV Maich SI 1 The State Lunacy Cnm
mission was noillled today that tho Ilidlevuo
Hospital authorities had left sixteen Insane
women with their papers nf admlpslnn tn time
Manhattan l Mule Hospital I I on Wards Island I
this morning I himi roe wa no attempt made It
was said comply with lImo I order of the Irosl l
dent nf the Lunacy Commission In regard tn
providing them with now clothing While a
mandamus wa seciirid against I hiI Cnniml > slon
dei taring the regulation for clothing
IIrlll rliaton new un
reasonable yet the appeal nf the Cnnmiltslon to
the Appellate Division of the Supremo Cnurl I
from this order was held by time ttnrmmm den
erals department to at t M a stay so that the
Commission regards Ha leI clothing regulation
as still operative
lime Manhattan i t hospital I managers communi
cated Immediately I with I I tlm Stae I mmiii Ill lseloon
with the t result I Hint a ii htrmluRIIII was ar
rlvpd at with the nancllon of omnilslun that t
time Commission fC I harltles and Correction I j I
of Now York be notified that the unfortunates I I
C Illnll I Im admitted In t its Manhattan N I atom I I
Hospital but that I t bits hospital managers Mill I
endeavor In protect the Interests nf floe city nf
New York hy giving time women temporary
shelter In i some building I a iou I expense of tlm
city to ho held sublect tn the order of lie city
authorities t until t such time t i Roll comply I with
the order of tho Iresidont of the state Commls I
olon and furnlib time now clothing
A levelaud l HclroH Married Hteretly
Ci KVKIAVP March 31 Miss Daisy Everett
daughter of hylvemerT Everett one of Cleve
lands wealthiest cltUenn was quietly married
on last uesdny I to Adolpn Oppenhelmrr of
llerlin liermany The alfair wns lot mada
public timiti I loday lIme bride Is I an heri to
several millions and a favorite In society The I
bridegroom U said to belong t one of tbe most I
Influential families In Prussia
SHOT Ift A tAnOlt JtlOT
rater Men Wnnnded In a Itntr Iteltveea
Workmen I Indianapolis
iNliiASAitiUs March fl l 1 Nearly a year
ngl limo employee of TiMtnr 8 Clmndlor9
foundry went nut tin n strike and since them
hern has been periodical trouble tho strikers
being determined that lionunion men should
not work In their plates and tbe minugomcut
bolng cctmllj ileleriulbed tn employ no oilier
labor The strikers were wi nggressho that
when nonunion men wero brought hum from
rittsbtirnh l ° amid cither cities time firm wan
compelled to place hunks In tlm shop amid
Ire limo men with their meats Insldo thu
This evening when the men loft time slump for
the day crowd of union tel ndvimted upnn
them from the west a till nt thou same moment
niiohcr i rowd uppumd on thn t cast 1 With n
shout tho I strikers attackrd Iho lion union men
with i clubs slone a moot bricks and a general
light ensued AVhllo Iho t men s ore struggling I
with each other neveril plstnl shots were
tiled i and WIIIII I I Watson Walter I Dnvts
Hooker I Lee and Abbey Slander mm ore fhcit
Leo received tvvn liultuU In time neck but
neither of f time wounds Is I con sloleresi fatal
Watson was shot In t lie thigh I lie IHIUO I being
lmat broil nnd tho t wound mmiuty provo o fatal
Davis I I was hot t throllili iou t heid and was
taken tn his homo In a dying condition Somo
of tho Htnkers wero hurt with striin nnd club
and some were bndly butiited by the tin din
ner buckets In i the bundsnf lh I emplnvee civ
enil of thu emploxcs were also hint with
stones and clubs but t they ciii t tel tt i nnd ran
when tho C platol shots vcrn fired and tho t full
list of tho Injured cunnnt bo secuiod
111111 I m the fight 1 colored man lushed I Into I
holly oI tool IIS nloon pursiul ID I u doen Ir
the strikers who knocked him down th 000 rot
grabbed his revolver and pushed tho rtrlkim I i
aim ay nnd mvoro hu nimbi shoot tho iniin tbit
Btruck Ito i nc4ro iignln At 1 thit moment boo
recognized I tlo victim of Iho niaillt as n la
borer nnd hut etrl keys dcdMed I when Iho fact
vas nolntcd out I limo colorid man liippened
to co no nut nf the tom roil ry with I the I i mplojccs
and vas thus mistaken for one of them
KPT or Kit THI Iuis
Chief Engineer Allen Xulti from n Train
InsBlUK Our u llrldite
LEWISTOS Me March lCiolef Knglneer
William A Allen of time Maine Central Uall
roud was killed hero this afternoon Ho was
on his way to Lew Istnn to Inspect the work of
building a sidewalk In the lower choids of tim
Maine Central Itallrond bridge over Lewiston
Falls and as time train from Portland was pass
Ing into the brldco ho went out on the rear
platform to see how the work was progressing
He WAS ou the north side of time platform and
at tho second pier from thou Auburn end win n I I
his hold 1 struck one of the uprights on the side
of the bridge Workmen saw him tumble for
nard Ilne his hold upon tho railing and fall
clear of the bridge
Time bridge at thin taco Is I fifty feet above tbo
upper fall of tho dam nnd Mr Allen turning
over In his pi mice struck time polo of tbo bridge
twice He fell at the foot of limo upper dam
w here the liter at fremot pitch was foaming
furiously He was not dad ut tho time for
workmen paw him struggle Thau be was
beaten down by the rapids and floated In the
whirlpool toward the principal fall known aa
West Pitch i Time dlttance Is from aoo to fiOO
feet and he was swept on the jagged rocks
Here his hand and arm wero seen protruding
and then ho took tho final plnnge and was seen
no more
Mr Allen was born at Bath Me In 1853 He
was a son of the Itev Charles F Allen of time
Maine Methodist conference a graduiito of this
Maine State College and had been In the em
ploy of time Maine Central for almost twenty
1rohHblllty that the EntIre Keltnation
Will nn for the Ohio Man
MiiOEApnim March 21 Tho Hennepln
county Itepunllcan Convention this afternoon
elected llf delegates to time State Convention
nnd unanimously Instructed them for McKln
Icy Tho deligitos In the County Convention
will form the C ongress Convention nnil will In
struct thedelcgstes to St louis for McKlnloy
The returns from t hi State at large settle time
fact that time State Convention on Tuesday next
will elect four McKinley delegates In1
probability the entire vote of Minnesota wii bo
cast for McKinley on the first ballot at tit Louis I
and as I one ns he Is I in the field
Rrpuhllran Convention In Thin Htate Kn
dorne the Governor Caudlditc
WATPIITOWX March SI The Itepubllcnn
Convention for tho Twentyfourth Congress
dlaricl held here to day elected 1 C Mlcldle I
tom of Wat rtown and John T I Moll nf Os
wego as delegates to tho 5t louts Convention
lUMilutlons declaring Morton tn lie time candi
date nf tho people of this district for the Presi I
dential nomination were unanimously adopted
N rw mitt mom Ii March il The itootmoilul i aims of I
the First dNtrlc nf Orange In cnnvontion here
to da clected the following delegates to time
State Ciiventlon Congressman I I Odell I
Jr William I I Taggart homos I W Hradlev
Joseph M I Dlckej Asgcmhh man Louie I K I
Oooclsell C L I Waring and elih K Strong
Hesolutlons > were adopted endorsing time can
dldaav of Uov Morton for the Ircshlcncj hind I
pledging < iU > pnrt In all honoriblo etfnrta to Bo
cure his nomination and election
MliuiLirrnwM I March 11 The Ihepmml 1 loin it I I
nC time Second Assninbh district of lira m go I
county endorsed Uov Morton for time Prcsl I
dUI nnd UMil as delegates I tn the State t on
ventfon exCongressman Francis Marvin of
Port Jervls ° seinblvnnn Louis lintel I nf I
Ifishui Kol carol I I 1 ioiiupk ins of Middletown
Charles Itlvenbuitt of Woodbttrv JISBK T Diu I I
land nf Warwick and Samuel Haddcn of I
Chaler I
ITO tA March 21 At the nepiilllcan I
Oounty Convention I held hero today I resolu I
tions strongly endor lng lien t Morion as can
little for thn Presidency I se adopted i
1le March SI I I The I op Utoi bun His I
tlct Convention to elect delegate to this State
nnd Cnngrefs Contentions was held In tblvll t I I
Inge Ui day lteeooiml t lout were adopted Instruct i I
llk limo State delegates fin imv Morton nnd
time I ingress delegates for Lieuttiov saxton I
An Innocent Sfnu Wa hnut tn n Hen
Irnccpd to Sheath
WllKliHiiAniiE In March 21Il became
known yesterday that Judge Woodward would
Poole pronounce sentence nf death on time col
ortd man N ci still Miller t whn somu tlmo ago
was cnnvlitid nf being Implicated In the
mountain cutoff murder which occurred Oct
I 1HII4 near this city Four persona were at
the time killed and six Injured by Ibo use of I
d nnUnite t I i
t Frank schafcrcolored who Is In Jail awaiting
trial for the crlni learned of ihlslodannd t tent
fur his aitoriiB S and said that lies ion Id not i I
rest longei until he had mnde a confession that
Miller was innocent Miller bad been convicted I
of murder ID hoe I first degree on time tetimony 1 I
of Schafor alone Schufer was taken befuro n i
notary public and said
0 My teillmony In the Nelson Miller cites was
false alill 1 was Induced to pvrjuro myself nu
the promise of certain dni 1 ctiven ottering me
StOixl i and Immunity I If I I would slick to tint
story the gave me lo 11 Wh n I beard that
he win ID lau sentenced lo death I iiuld no
longer rest and was only ton glad in mil thin
truth and relieve Miller who should lie ell ee
Chief Marring of the InlerHuto drietlv 1
agemicy admilied today that ho know Miller
was liinocei t lie further t1
In a short lima nn will round up the real
murderers among whom ate uomi while people
We will tH ready In a tel days 10 produce lime
murderers Scbafnr Is amonir them haying i
convicted himself on the amonr
Arreat or u Government Kmplotep mil the
JHnenvPry In I Silo tlittinn nt Mnny Vnlil
chile JiioilxTlie Iliclt Mist Asiurrante
anoOUO Stunv flare Arrentn lUppftrd
Lliarlrs I boltnn hIll years ut nv resldlntt nt
llll I Twelfth street loiirf Isliind City was
placed tinder nrre t > c tinlay nftornoon bv
reiTut Svrvlrv Detectives Cduiird T I McDonald
and leorga llunn on Auapliloii nf belni Itnpll
ratrd In I extunslvo tolilicrlcs I at tho tnltpd I I
Stall Pill > 1 iou lures nt Washington and night t
ftriet New York from which rnluabln llll
tirird rlilnuwnro I and furs Mtluid In i nil at
SiU OHO im Rye been stolen limo arrest was tho
remit nf two sticks won on tho pnrt of a corps
til Mrrot urvloi mel Ill It paid that the pnbllo
tores are still unilor siirrelllancu and thu limo
arrest of nt least I ilnsen othnr persons now
unikr ruspli Ion will follow
Thu arrest of loltnn N I tho second In connc
tlnn with tiltS robberies Jniuph 1 1 II iso oC iill
Tenth axonue New York last Wednesilay
liii Ing tim first t Clscn It Is I Raid told I the olllron
that ho gave most of tt e properly to Soltnn and
Implliutcd him In thou thefts Clico wns em
ployed ut ion I publlo stores as an opener and
I bout er his duties being to i get the t goods In i CUlt
diton for ln pictlon nftor uidcli ho replncod
1 them I for t11 UI Y to the i owner Attention t t to
Irregulnr Intel hemS was llrst brought to the I
notice nf the olllclnls through i complaints from
DrIll tn the elfei t that all of tho goods
hilled I to I them were not contained i 1 In i I loom pack
ages turned i rotor trniii I t hoe public lr
I Miltin as empli ed at limo puUli1 star
when he was In I chariu of C the elovitoi Ills I I
term of fcrMi e win nix sears I Is I married
and he occupies tin baeinunt and parlnr Moors
of tho house at 104 I Iwilfth street When thj I
secret ervlio il t ctlus callul at tl n homo nf
tIme prisoner after his arrest a large collrctinnof
limorted china was In plain lUht I the sMchoaid
In the dining room and fancy tables being
loaded clown n llh i t 1 I I With I the detecthes were
Examiners HrllliiR and Varmi who picked tile
Impnrtcd ware and several sealskins 0 In barrels
and baskets m iking I an inventory i and receipt
Ing to Sultans wlfo for the goods Afterward
the goods were taken lo the Second precinct
police station In Fourth street w hero Sultan
was nt time tlmo detnliud t
When Sultan left tIme public stores at a l oclock
vestcrday afternoon ho wxs shadowed by
Detective McDonald and Ilunn Ho croscd
from Xcw York to Long Island City by xxnv of
tho Ihlrtvfotirlh street ferry tho detectives
taking the fame boat Snltan had taken but n
few steps along Horden aventio when ho was
joined by time detective who Invited him
Into tie cnfA of Millers Hotel to join
them In drink and I
a cuinu niicptid I
I us Komi as < Ihu drinks wire had ho
I i was told that ho was under arrest At the Sec
I ond precinct station lioiio Solluuwni barged
I tcchnlcitll with petty larceny apt i i Ilkally of
having In i his postkslon a brass lock bearing
Iho mark I s the same as I it usid on Ktigar
boxes In public Htores and a fancy i hlnacliotn
i late cup lined with lull mad In Coloforil f Kitg
land and bearing limo Irade murk of Oilman
Collaiiioie A Co nf Now YOII
I Soltan SC itS arraigned before Pollen Court
JustiCH 1 I itmhli it mod released In gU > bal fur
nished by G W Williams 1 he examiners
I Idi nulled time goods taken Inim Sollans hOI so
I as the articles deecrlbed b > varfout meri bants
as missing from their pure liases Abe china
ware was all of a costly character limit wok
maihlpanddicoratloiiH toing unusually line
After his release Soltin dlcussed his arrest
and seemed to stand In lilllo fuar of thou conwe
ontncos He said
limit 1 china and sealskins taken from my
homo by time secret service detectives wore
gi room to me by iUoo bIt who nro my friends
souiHof them mere ncixv unpin rd at tho public
stores whlli i i others 0 I mutt i mm 0 irk iii therein I tin
plut and I elthir lefl l voluntarily o Invo been
illiehar ed 1bey lire ail 1 g od fellows and 1
do not intend m t i It I II I I who I loot nro I h id noth
ing to tin with 0 stealing m g and can clear m > self all
Later oi lan I hearing that I Cisco hncl con
fcssed to giv I ng him many of tho artules ad
mlllecl I t It I bin I insisted I that others o had I also
done time came Ihlng I Many of the1 t htna pieces
found ut Sultans iooou too loom m I been taken
from Iho publlo VMtliln lion
stuns iotL
two wepks and thn 1 value of individual
pieces III some use Is I > 1 < l W hen questioned as
In school ho Intendeil doing with tie fur and
ml skins found at Ills houseSultan milntulncd
alienee Uf I these theio t me ore cix I I otiO pieced
When I Exioum lucre II I mo i ling I i I il Ward wore
asked as to II I boot valuu of tho wnroand slcins
found at Sultans 1U I they wore lot troll root
to iin wcr dflliiilnl hut all IhS wer
worth thousands of dnllirs It Is i lime opin
ion 1 of the ttetrml I t cit thai the I publlu I stores
hivo Iteohi robbed u sternal i iotlil i by or
gmied etrott hit that they hxxn rln
down tho principals and will eilectualiy
bieik the gang up I they vvero somi what sur
prised tn llnd UI1 I arrax of coo I mlltioll nll Its
xiitan IIOIMP J him had
ojenly exposed iu s as they 111
an Idea thai the goods were hi iiig lUsuusud of
through n feni >
1 hI CIIIul I Imcnlnti cup found In one of
Sultans tickets at the time nt I his iiinsl Is I
valllid lit JH ibis I 1 Soltali ssld ho load ouned
forllxe vears xxhin as a matter i nf fact Ito
Him now known ns iillman i f nllauioro t Cn
was then k l now n by another mouton
Iho I iximinatioii of > ntnu it I set down for
tomorrow innrning 1 In tho Long Islind City
Pollci II 1 < tco IIrl IIm prisoners father Is I
a Long Islai I d Ily < saloon keeper his tdai o
of hueincb being at time coiner of 1 bird
street and 1ront flreet Sidtans xxife xx as
apparently taken bv suiprlstt xx hen tho dittc
lix ed called at her hnuio with I searc h xx arrant
and stripped the apartments nf its Hnrry In tho
linn of 111 arc She denied anv know lidko
nf coming Into possession of tin articles through
dlsnnnusi methods although tdio seeinul tn an
predate thexalue of the goods 1 anti the I fact that
a man earning time wiges her husband gets
lurl would I noi naturally Indulgo i hlmbdf In I su cit
Ilio 1 articles found l In lonr I Island 1 City con
llx 1 of iil cblnn dlshnri I1 Tilntli y HIH i
sugar Lunlril 1 duen cup dozon Saul ITS I t 0 I i I
plates 7 plichcts 11 I litpiuipsn nrnaiui nt yn
glascs I ciitgla InkMand 1 soup tureen I
fruit knlus 1 piece of beau work r1 religious
ornaments 1 lasket Ill pot trot nf fur bud seal
skln II i pieces nf statuur I V Imnges t I powder
hoot and ah assoi tmiMit of mist ellaneous Koiuls
Joseph 1 Cisi o lImo fort man nf the niiuner < and
packers In the irmkiiy loom of the lnlted
Slates m Appraisers stores t H is called Into I t hot
unite nf Depttl tdleclor I 1 W Ii 1 Williams
cm WedneMlui afternoon and oemrum cool of larceny o
Special treat lb 3 A genis I McDonald I and Mi
lowan searched him and footmmoi 1 a china i up and
Hiiucur two plates and two t hras padloi ks nn
him Hu nas liicKed no fr limo joigiot llo ald
he got the goods tiom I U aid I an examiner
In the Centre Street t Ioluu Cnurt on T burs
day morning ho was dlchirged on thtoliilp
inimt of Inspvilnr Ilurko Ibm Utter said thn
goods tnuiul on Clscn I mt cit ramide and that t he
gao them to him iioo 1 > would tmitto been
throw n away nt I I hi rev leo t Im o is Ml O 0 > riiri aid
and has been twent juir In thn employ of tho I
Invcrimrnt I It I I was o ild at tho tlmo t I of o his
arre t that ts plensof china nero missing In
it consignment ei tiled by him
A WhnlrsnU lliiKlurHi In HrlllnK Ilndlei
HulU tu Stave llren CarrIed nu
Notwth > tandlng the secrecy maintained by
tho I ommi lonurs of hiirlly In relation tn time
reient lufl llgitlon nf tho iiiHiiugoment of
llellevne Hospital tho facts havpleaktd out TV
ganllni their I lImO of Inquiry It I Is elated that
when time chirges IIKMIIIHI Captain White
kieperof the Mnrgup are hrai I a Mnrlllig
condition i I o of nlTulrs will bu mado public
Among time teibogmet looms aid to I hate been In
veSt I cateti Isomi that a wholonalo imlisi moose has
been conducted In hoOt Palo nf bodlcj tn medical
colleges and loris lots practltlciiiPrs Iholntns I
ttfiilion t ritiiiiileil lover u period nf rlghli ei
year during which timoCaiit White hu bent
In i hargo of f t iou Moigue
In I tonnectiim w illi i I Ilia Investigation I nf C the
morgue tieiimrt noon I to the bmosiol too I it was du
VI loped that thiro had been a ysn m of ahm
practitod for innn > > ear hy t New IOK 1 mer
taker I It I was Lee Ii ho ii that t lohn 1 Malonuv tho
dealli MlHs > for who left the I nils I employ nu
t litrd In liar 1101 and boSom t M a month
rent fur hit M > irlliieiiU use imor wu only
S tOil year
It tees alfci teclihieoi that the alarv rut apt
Wulte up to within n Jtir ngo nu I 1 u 5 n
m munth and host he Is moss worth about I t ooott > HI
t One nf the charge made nimlntt Malnner was
that he turned imoislmiess over to till brother who
Is an undertaker with a thuu directly opposite
I Uollevue ilotptul
A torn nit itAixvxitttt SVItIPI
Hotel Keeper Jloc n Frnrpil hint HIP Menu
lire Would blob Ills fltiMlneN
Tor a week nr Inure William Ulnniui pro
hirletoir of the Hotel I Victoria at Smith I lleuch I
Htalen Inland had been dpsnondent Inhlsac
ntlnlhtiincps he declared tlmt tho t tallies bill I I If I
It became n law meant ruin for him HP talked
of I Itt loo il i loo but tbo trnllhle I In I storn for him I
nnil Ids summer place nf business Thp blotch
which has been closed durlntf thn winter Is
In hargo of a caretaker Oloanu whnsn
wife keeps nn eating hotlso at i3 Kint
ronrth sIred this city lled nt OJ
Tast rourth ntreet but smos In time
habit nf tolng to his Soitlli Ileach hotel nvernl
llniPI each week Yesterday evening ho got
there nh nit 7 oclock I In I again eipressid his
dtptil nf Impending dltanlcr through t the work
Ings of time Halites bill and nlioilt lllll oclock
while seated and In conversation with his carp
taker Ulomu drew a MJcnllbrc revolver placed
It I I tn his head and fired n bullet Into I his brain
dying nlmnn Instantly h 1 towns born In Austria
lltlygeveii years ago
wtA vaitiixs CIIA rx ron A HTA r
tllisder Dltlcer it for lrmimetlt1ellN tntin
eel ll > Take Xnthlnc I fur Oninlril
Nrwiu nun I I Mnrrhl 1 Aigument I I ii hoe ems so
cf exIn pectnr Mclanulilln of the Now York
lii lice fun e on a motion I for a stay nf execution
nfnelitelico pending nppial to tho Court of Ai
pials was had hero I today beforo InMlro 1 tv II
Until Dickey In hot supreme Court Chambers
Second Department I t Col Etl mm ii rot C Jnmei
brant I Klkus nnd ldnard fl I McCnll Ap
peared for lime pntltloner and Austin U Iox
and Assistant District I Attorney Ilmlfay op
Hi ed grnnilng m i m the motion Justice t Dlcke l said
t hat ho rntd gist the matter careful consider
ation anil that t counsel should not lake t It for
granted that boo would giant a certificate This
mark was drawn out by a conversation be
tween lomisel nf tn when him case can be argued
before the Court of A uoieooi s
lime court took thou pauers and reserved de
rision which will I probably be handed down In
lirooklj next 1 iiesdny
A Iiinilnn luprr riiiiln Tliut They Are
Ijii lltS InfliicnCA There
IOMWV I March I 1 irniridti amrms that a
curious uhaiigo In London so lety is the gradual
ill Is appearance of tbo on < e allpowerful Ameri
can fcmalo element rime recent marrlago of
the Duke I of Marlbornugh and Miss Consuelo
Viinderbllt slionR hut Ilrltlsh aristocrats are
not yet Indlirerent to the wraith nnd wit of the
Inlted State but the longadinlrtd royalty
honored nnd 1arlsgowned l American beauty
no longer prc nils
I he smart Kngllsh woman today rivals tho
American woman In hillllancy attractiveness
and chic Ihs IrcnHformatiou is not tho sole
cause of the American dicllnu Hip Irlnce of
alos who Is the dictator of society here finds
the gentlo graces nf Kngllsh aristocrats more
agreeable thin tlm laughing loveliness ot the
daughters of the New World
Tiro Hundred Fishermen Find TIlcnlBelvca
Floxllujc Out In Luke ErIe
IlUNKlltK March 21lloie nftcrnoon about 4
oclock hoe ice nn Lako Erie parted near the
ahoro and started toward Canada with about
201 fishermen A stiff south wind was blow
ing and before time men became aware of their
perilous position a quarter of a mile of water
was between them and land liescnlng parties
were quickly organlt and boats launched The
1 oatB overtook tho floating Ice nnd by H oclock
tonight all the fishermen adrift had been res
cued su far as know
In thou meantime another plcceof Ice near
liattery Iolnt broke loose and started tOT with
n number of men on It They wore rescued
without difficulty The Ice Is breaking up rap
Idly In this vicinity
A It or IYIl O 31A XIA O
Ifoune JnrTlo ConfrKsri hoot If Set Nine
lire Vlthlii n Week
HOSTOV March SI Ed n ard A Jarvls a 1S
yearold lid of East Cambridge Is under ar
rest In this city and thou lire Mar ln and police
bulleo him to bo time most dangerous p > roma
nhioever captured here hii was caught Imme
diately after a email fire had hi en put nut tn
an unoccupied dwelling home on Oxford street
When taken before the Fire Marshal he con
fes ed that within a week he had set nine fires
on Summer Kdluboro and Oxford streets and
Harrison avenue Herald that he of ten feels a
burning sensation through his body His
hands and arms tremble and then he must Bee
a lire
srvnxa A FORTIYNr
Clmrl A Irani lEefsp tn Accept the I
urrltnnor III Mother Left
IlniiinFPOUT March SI Charles Ahord
once n wellknown redolent of this city c today
refused aholutely to accept n fortune left him
by his mother anti left here without lea > lng
his address Mm J E I Altorcl died on Wed
np day Slit loft only one eon Charles nail six
grandchildren Charles has been a rover for
many years and wan Imprnxldent and shiftless
Ills mothers estate Is valued nt f 100000 and
half of this slot bequeaths tn him lie Is a re
The Verdict Itecrlvtd swib nn Onl > orst of
WARIIINOICIV March SI Benjamin H Mllll
ken of Tumieitc w hn has been on trial In thin
city on the chargu nf ioot lug entered limo room
of a daughter nf Judge Ihilllps l with criminal
intent was acquitted tocla When time Jury
which had been locked np all night cot mime Into I
court and announced t ime s eroi let of acquittal
tliuru was an utitburrt cif applause from the i
spectators that shook liiecm u ucd nf thn dingy 1 i m
old Court Hntife 1 I The bail I ii rnpped and tried
fornrder but to no mall Amid Ihe t din I and
confusion JmUo i nlonrdercd tho biilHT to ar I
rest the I en thus I astic tieruns w hn were distill I b
Ing limo court Ihe bailiff illS tni mm h con
fused tn single nut hut one peron who was
jtiling I at t ln > lop I if 0 IIH voice Hiidwaxlnir I his i
hat high in the air After a sudlL admonit on
from the t hulKK hi > win rt free
Mr Mlllllten the fimlant left llm I court
riMini and wenl 11 his brothers ollhe where ho
held n reception hlu fntiiiU cm msoi bog In In con
gratulate him
She trill Krirlve V171 OOO Hal of Garrett
fiiriuun Kslitlr i t
Garrett Kurman who died In Ilrnikl > n In
1H4H t lofl ane tat Mlueil at SlOnOUii 1 to his
threti children and > m I IIIIUP I W hirmo tin n grand
child 1101 I legitimacy of the grandi hlld wns
iiiiMttonii 1 a id tho I other hitrs coniestPd boor
right to hert l7uuomn share in the estate Jose ph
A Huir time present < oriioraiion I minimi thu
referi t in thu t c ate I esterlai o t Illiil a remrl t 0110
tnjning toot I legltlmac nf Ihn grofluhoiutumghmter
and her right to oneloi rth of f tin I estuote
SljNterloui IVrivnlnc nl n Jrreeb < ill Ilvr
t lllUm lain ks So o sears old I nf t IT 1 Ninth I
street Jersey Cltj empcifd as a drlrer by hlj
brother u gricur at Irmost I and boo 0 Ibm Pt reels
was ent ut 5 4U M yenlerday to dinner unino
groeerlisnn the lilgboni I Vssic > sun i lung at
bile Itillun i I No J lu ibiMid lime
g nin nhoirr more toft our sard wnn Io
horse and wugun were rrn ot tandlng at the iiead
nf tin I p tl I luno wurkm < I hi in St oiiii rrd what
had lipiomn nf DIP drlvur bout 7 1 oclock
youne Tamkei i001dy MM found In the waUf
near the place whore the tugboat bud laid up
jocomirirrt anrTt ttnAn oy OJT
Jin itiiTtt srrtVKr ctrnrK
One Ilrevv tin Theillrn Itnrrs flown
Tostn hue Other Wi Ittmnlnz Up XIhS
foil In the Wrong Truck Them lnKlMS
Men Hurt mill Ineecoeomcrs Ilitdlr Hlmken
A Sixth nvptinn down p pipss train nn tti
elevated railroad loaded with People bound for
the theitie was run Into > pstcirday afternoon
by n light engine running wildcat just ns It WM
turnlnu time cUre nt 110th I street Into Ninth
Tln > two engines camp togpthpr hptvl on with
a tremendous crash nnil besldps pitching SOO
passengers In the cars nruiinil In n very rough
fashion Injured thin two engineers and n fires
man sn I lluvt i t iooY io aol to t bo suit to I A hospital
lhn I wounded men are hendoro 1 Schroeder of
JPlt Klghth I nventie the t engineer nf lIe t light I
cMiginr 5 ho right html was broken l Daniel
MIt Uriid inglnei r nf the express trosin injured
Internally I and I Mlclncl Slim I Lii llrctnun ot th
light engine Injnriil Internally rime exproe
fireman saved hlmfelf I I hy Jumping i molt thncnb
The plnco hero tin collision occurred lsons >
well known to New Vnrk lghtcip Here the
piovntpd rallrnnil I ruins u limit reverse curve
from Nlntli nvcntio Into Klghlh avenue Mid
the entlrn curve Is over n valley which brings
tliii level nf thn rolls iif tIme rullriuul siruotnra
nliont f l i feet nbnvr till ground
There im thrio tracks over tills part of the
elevated rond nnd It was nn the middle track
tlmt the t collldim took place It proved to be
unfit 10cr of time elevated rniidii lucky nccl
dents It was about at tills cosine spot where
some > oiirs ago n locomotive Jumped tho track
nnil lanilcil nn tlm nidiwalk below Two or
three men went down with tho engine but no
CHIP was killed
Tim Tlientrn Kxprc ° which was In colli
sion yeMerdav was n regular scheduled train
run mi Nitnnlnya for Ibm special ncoommadit
tloii of luTfiona going to tho mutinies It wa
ilrnwn hj Miitlno JJi nnil sas ilnn lit 104th
Htnet At m 07 clock It liml tlm right of way
utitl nn ppcciul orilern or nlunnlft bad been
given to Klilillifer Mclirndy to lend Him
to expect nny lancer Ho lincl come down
tba iniJMr coin nril ties jilt entering
ih haitI tOme runiilnc lilt cn lim nt ubuut twelve
mutt lot nn hour I tv ii alt from i behind a house
S hkb lilclis tIme Ninth mcnup part of the track
from purnona on tliu cnue there rnierncd he
llcbt fiiKliiB iimitiiK ilhpctly for him on th
5011110 truss k limit 1 sits pntclno Il with Bohroo
ill r ut Limo throttle Mhroeilor wan on his way
from Hfl 1 > ninth Ftrect to tho yards ai 135th
Ktiret to lake n train from tlime down lbs
> mill uPIIUU road
llli iinlrin hail rnino from Train Deipatcher
Miuriiuin Mnlthnt Iftnlnlh 1 street nod ho
too had every rcaeoli to believe that tho track
yuto tIoor for him I
trio0 1 nirlHi wero within fifty or ev ntyflv
fret uf citLb otler bulore the lo engineers saw
their ilnniifi liirli cllil limo hst he could toward
tiilipiiiK lilt HiiKiiu but II MILS too late the
tot o lociiinottviM I cot too toRetlivr ond then this
Hultfht of the train behind eti lno ii2A bumped
th light tHittnr hack for ist i ent > feet or more
Moth fimiiuH 0 utru ilfciiblfil mid the forward
truck of ciiuiiu 2 XTi ss ai thrown off the rails
tie cfcnio ilt > of tho express engine wM
thniun tupelo ami the roar of the liberated
Mrani II cost lotoh time rids of fright which com
from tlui cars full i I of paioniirs
Amonir ihe ti hnoiger wn Icillmnnn nob rt
11 lllbbiinl of limo W ott lOIHIi street Hallon
hit ales on his S uy to 1ollco headquarters II
aa throvMi tIns n nnil obliged to part with the
dlniipr hfl had jimt eaten Ho scrambled up and
AH huon u1 hn was able jot out to stralithtvn tip
matters He went aloim the tracks to the lOltU
rttriui Mtatlon and cciii omIt an ambulance call
anil thru wont bai k tn help the wounded men
iimese 1 were nl1 nble to walk to the station where
an itmbnhiiKu mot them and took them to th
Munhattnn Iloipltnl I hey I were sent home later
Vino of tho pavieniterH was enough Injured to
m Id attention Tho two main track wars not
blocked by limos m i Idcnt An extra engine wo
pent for from up the roadand when that arrived
thou express train was pulled back to 110th street
swlti bed user to Lion < lo numn track and icnl
on lt uai
Dnrlnii the delay time train hands had conch
rrablo troublp In quieting time fears of the pas
hrnurn and keeping them from heaving tb
train anil nnlklni tn the nearest stations It
otvormil hour before the two disabled en
glues worn KOI ou of the way and the tnlddls
track cleared for bimsimmess
Ill tot Explosion orDrnnmlto on a Bondsld
In lHrylaod
n itcoTTCiTVMd March 21Lee Williams
n colored man employed on the grading work of
the 1 channelton AMIHUB atonsvllle and Kill
colt City Klectrlu Itnllroad this morning placed
thlrtisix sticks of ilynamlto near an open fire
to soften tho fuses preparatory to blasting nn
ho I cut near the tirmlnun of the railroad The
fiif Icnltfd anil the whole thirtysix slicks ex
ploded 5 1th a ileafenlng i rmeio
Williams nan thrown twosmoty feet Doth leg
were torn oir above hoe knee and one Bide of
bin head stoic lairratpil bun II Claegett ex
Tax Collector of Howard county was nn hit
M icy too Vliouumtt ity and had paused a moment
tn rein irk on the dnngrrof risking the powerful
eiploMNc so near a bhiye HP had just uttered
bin mm arnilik SI hen ho uai thrown some die
tunro and Iznorkfil I miooiicloiin Ills 1 I left Irgc
tanbutlyrhattprriland Im WOOS Also seriously
Injiirrd about the bend and mdj I Philip Morn
tnstilar Iniifth Joiutt and Cliarles Ilt7el who
Mire pii < itiiK along tho I road tiny yardii away
were throun to the uround and fo badly
Htunned as to ri ndir tliirn unabln to walk for
MMIIO llttlotlme I I I i Mr Claggntt I I din this after
noon at Kllicott City and Leo IIIIanis died
while on lh nay In tim Maryland InlverKltjr
Hospltnl In ISnltlinore Wllllamaa home walla
harlcftown V VB
< 0
The llend of the American Theoinptileal
William Juan Judge President of the Amer
ican Thoosophlcal Society died last night of lung
dlieasent his resldencoln this city Ills twoala
ten wore with him Mr Judge was born In Dub
lin on April HI IHil Ills father was a prom
Inent Freo Mason lime family cam to
this country in IKOI I Time jounger Judge
studied law nnd In lM2 was admit
ted to limos lur In 1HTI I hn married
Mi i 0c4 Llhi M Smith of IlrooUin It was
In this year that ho beinmn Interested In
Blrllualm and soon afti rward he met Mme
liluxatsky I I tin foul I der of r thor hi rot 1 heosophtcal
Soilet In this I oiintr Mr Judge was one nf
tho orulnal luoiIiu tore nf ml sin icly and syag
i ii rot sei alit ry lime I soul lety I was founded at
time anartmeiits of Mine l HUviitsky nt
in Ire 010k phup on sept T IK7R with
about forty members I nl lllcott I I wes made
I lialiinnn lnrlv In I9 l ii I SIr Indue w hn WHI
then VI iPn ldent of lImo hcnsnphlcal I Ho
deiy hud a fall ng out with Col limIt and
Mri Anm ° ot nf tliu London society allot
hi woos incused uf having been guilty of
msii < n of timis names and h nnd H riling
of time Mahntm HI was no tried because
this would hnxp iittuolt oil a dmlaratlon on the
part of Ihesnclitx i as in lime iiUlenni or flOUt
exlsteiiii of Mahalmas xvbich declaration the
sculpts did not wish lo make Mr Judge de
that otuh his loss Ii belief In them at the time
A strained r la i must ip I gnxv up between
the parent society HI London and the
Aiiurliaii m out leiy and In i hurl i nf last year at
the iiniual iiiipm g IM Id In llHtnn the Amnrl
toll soiliix w tlclrew frciu thn International
Snciil am Mi m Jndgo vvas Plecied President Of
the Mneiii in su ity for life with power to ap
point hs sin PSt Mr Jiidgns health bfl
g n tn fall sum niontns ago nnd be took ai
U stern trip fur Us l ioumoiul He returned to
this I I o i II I i > liit I mnnth IIoo 1 American headquar
ters of IIP s inly is at Arjixn Hall 144 Madison
I iixenue and sore ti es over the Unly of Mr Judge
0 xx mU iso hidil them at tiooll nn Monday The
presonl sis FrIary nf limit nncielr I laude Falls
U right will iTidinbly net as its chief until the
aiinuiil i 0 0010 pout loOt which will bo held In Chi
iMgu next luunth
At cr lad or Eloise audiss Kkicla Wreeked
PutiiliKuroliM March SI A peculiar sect
dent b ppt ned nu the Hudson Hirer Railroad
ut Uhliinbeck at NU5 this evenlntr The West
ern express which makes Ihe run from 1ough
hsiot l to Albany without ttlnps struck a car
Invl uf tlour hlch was utanllngnn a aiding
and smuh u Into fritrfminis wrecking the
englno Nobnily wa < hurt but a wricking crow
was sent np from Ibis city ti clear thus flour
away Flue north bound track was blocked for N
an hour It Is supposed the car worked down t
until the corner of It projoctd aver thus mala I
track 1

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