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For New York and Its Vicinity
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Aattritn 70 nr ritz COXFERKEH AB
Mo Doubt that the House Will Accept
ThcnA Kcport from Havana that a
flrlllih MnnnCWnr Iln ftnnlt the Der
mndn ilnntn IIop ftil or Good New
WASIIINOTOS March OTbe conferees on
the Cuban resolutions after ft hort session Itili
afternoon agrsed to the resolution as they
originally passed the Senate Tills rctult wns
practically reached yesterday I shut oft all
further debate In the Senate where there was
the evidence of a spirit of antagonism that the
committee believed would be exercised t the
ultimata defeat of any and alt resolutions The
House It Is believed will agree to the report
without delay In tho form thui
wihout as agreed t
tho resolution aro as follows
Rttolitd by le Ktnali Iht Hounitf np
llrti r f neMn That In the opinion of Con
gress a condition of public war ezliu between the
Government of Spain and th Government pro
S clslmoJ and fof some time maintained by force of
arms by the peopeof Cubai and that the United
Mutes of AmerlcaVinnld maintain a Uriel neatrllly
between the contending powers according to each all
tee rlblof belllcertnls In the ports and territory of
the United States
lltmtvct further That the friendly office of the
United Slatrg should b oftrred hy the President to
the Spanish Oorernment for the recognition of the
Independence of Cuba
The action of the fire conferees was unani
mous Senator Lodge of Massachusetts the
sixth member of the committee being absent
I hits not ben doubted from the first that the
Ilonee conferee would ngrro to tho Senate res
olution since It was known that the systematic
course of filibustering which has already been
pursued In the Senate would b continued there
I the effort to pass the House resolutions were
maintained At the meeting today the Scnnto
conferees reaffirmed the statement to this
effect that were made by them yesterday
although averting that could the House
resolutions be brought to a rote it would bn
found that twothirds nf tho Senate would
favor their adoption The House conferees
v ho have held nut strongly for their own reso
lotIon naw the futility of further nrcumentnnd
by consenting to accept tho Senate resolutions
brought the thrc days conference realutone
Mr Illtt thin Chairman of the House Foreign
Affairs Committee will at the first opDnrtunfiy
cull up tho conference report and ask Its I con
sideration It will probably Rnl followed hy
adopted Borne ilxbatc but It Is not doubted that It will be
A Rumor la Havana that Hbe the Urea
Hnnk by a IlrltUU War Ship
1 MADRID March OA despatch to the 7m
1 f > irclat from Havana says a rumor Is I current In
I > that city t the effect that the British steamer
Dermuda Capt OHrlen which sailed from
New York ostensibly for Vera Crnz but which
I hail on board war material for the use of the
Cuban Insurgents has been fired upon and sunk
by a British war ship
Despatches published In this city yesterday
from Havana said that the Bermuda had landed
the arm and ammunition she carried and that
Uex Callxto Garcia and the men with him had
lafely joined the Insurgent
The Junta Is t etlll waIting for direct confirma
tion of the report of the arrival of the steamer
Bermuda In Cuba I Is generally believed
nmonir the patriots New York that the land
Ing did not occur at the port of Monet a re
ported in one Table despatch from Havana
Eofior Palma lee not discredit the news hut
has advised the Cuban newspapers here not t
assert that Gen Garcia has landed until he re
ceives confirmation of the report I is hoped
that this will come before Saturday from the
frt port reached by the Bermuda after stop
ping at Cuba
Among the men who sailed on the Bermuda
V Is Gen Avellno Ttnsa a nntlvo of Colombia
Some years ago In South America he made the
acquaintance of the Cuban General Antonio
Maceo vhen ho was exiled from Cuba after his
tempt In 1802 t break the Spanish yoke
I Hot as became very much Interested In Cuban
I affairs and derided to light for thn liberty of
thn Greater Antilles as soon as M arils prepara
tlnns were made
He was In Xew York when he received a latter
from his friend Macen rsklng him to join the
Insurgent rank and offering Mm a General
shin Gen ln < as presented himself nt once tn
tho Junta and was appointed leader of one of
the croups In Gen Cnllxtn Gnrcinn expedition
lie was on board nf the Hawkins when that
etemner was wrecked nnd Inter wrote nn Inter
l r tlng pamphlet In which hn highly praised the
rnnlness nod bravery of tho Cubnn passengers
on that unhnpoy day Tho pamphlet Is printed
and will he circulated when the Junta receives
official confirmation of the safe landing of Gen
OnrrlaV party
Gen flona has great reputation In South
America ns n hard tighter In INTO In tho civil
nr In Colombia he coalman led one part of the
Liberal forces against thin Conservative In
JP7f without orders from his Government and
tn punish nn attack on his troops ha Invaded
Jc undnr with I n fnidl army and compelled that
renithile tn I LrlvMKAibtfnrtlnn tn Pnlnmnln
The prominent Cuban Dr upblo Hernandez
a nliynlclnn of high standing In Havana was
also on the Ilermuda Edwnrdo and Joso La
b < ir < li are on the staff nf Gin Garcia One rea
son why they hate Spain I because one of their I
brothers was shot In IHTj by the Spanish volnn
tTt In the uanton hutcieryof the students In
bo University nf havana Vicente Carrlllo
1rnther of Urn Francisco Corrlll Chief of the
Department of Cnmacuey nnd Nlralasili Car
dena eon nf the Cubnn representative in Ieru
ar AO In larcUs party
With the three lam expeditions commanded
or Gene Garcia and Cnllazn and Major 1efla
the Cuban armY has received from the imtrlnts
In the United States 1000000 cartridges JOOO
rlflea four cannon BOO pounds of dynamite
and a large quantity ot machetes and mol
cine Tlieno were the real cargoes of the steam
er Bermuda Commodore and Three Friend
lint besides that the following expeditions
have landed safely In the Island since the be
ginning of the war
The expedition of the Maceos Antonio and
JosA and Flor Crombet arrived on the eastern
coast anl Baracoa on March III 1893 I was
composed of few arms and munitions and few
men among them Gen Aguptln Cebreeo and
the young American Frank Agrnmonte cap
tured some nay after bin landing and 1m
prUoned at the Cabafia fnrlrest In Havana I
The expedition of Maximo Gomel end Joe
Marll arrived early In the month of April of
thn same year In the province of Santiago do
< Cuba It carried alto few war milerliils as
the aim of both laCer wasonly to join the rebel
forces and take possession Gomez nf the mil
S tary command nf the array and Marti of the
Presidency of the new republic Game and
Marti as well as the Maceos went on schooners
from Jamaica
Th expedition of Dolor ferann Sanchez and
JosA Maria ItodrlKUez composed of 340 men
1000 repeating rlllos AOOOUO cartridge and
many boxes of dynamite ansi medicines They
landed on tho north coant of the province of las l
Villas near the city of Sanctlgplritus about
six months aico A coon as they arrived the
whole province rose In arms nimlnst Spain
The expedition of FrancIsco Sanchez Kchever
Tie which landed In the province of Santiago de
Cuba near Uaracoaa month later I WM com
posed of 7 Praeoa i60 rifles and 80000 car
t The expedition of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes
i Quesada composed of 107 men 000 rifles
I 400000 cartridges ten boxes of dynamite and
SSO machetes I landed on Oct SO 1603 In
J the eastern part of the Island
II The expedition nf Gen Francisco Carlllo
I landed also In tne east and composed of 10 men
100 rifles and 10000 cartridges It arrived
about the same time as Jns6 Maria Aguirre
expedition composed of 1ZU men a cannon
Coo rifles 414000 cartridges and I boxes of
machete This Is I tin expedition reported to
have gone on the steamer forest
The expedition aeamor MurUno Torres from
Jamaica composed of ton men 200 rifles and
100000 cartridges
tieildoa these mentioned many small bat
loaded with Ilaton landed I on the Island
since last December and more are arriving con
I tinually Two or three men go carrying about
a don rifles with ammunition on each such
ut P
3TO A 31 i it on ov U
A Fulflot IInDil Mnrcb Into the Clty or
HAVANA March 20It hu I officially reported
that a combination of Insurgent bands taking
advantage of the fact that only a small force of
Bpauish troops was stationed la the city of
Izit CUrs marched upon that placa on the
t I
wtt 3 H 0
night of March S3 and nenotrated to the centre
of the town where Ibty made an attcntpt to
capture tho arsenal len Batan In command
nf the troops of the city accompanied only by
lid staff personally Inspected the points of
lanKer and disposed tli garrison as to save
the city The Insurgent leader Lennclo I VII
was killed In front of the arsenal opposite th
pi ia and his body remained on the ground
exposed to public view In the morning for sev
eral hour The total losses ai tho result of the
fight are not known
Tho Spanish column tinder Col Scgtirn has
captured a largo Insurgent camp at Slguanea In
tho province of Santa Glarft He reports that
tho capture of the Insurgent stronghold was ac
complished only after several engagements
wero fought resulting In use killing of fourteen
of the enemy and wounding n large number
Col Segura destroyed the camp und caotnred
tho Insurgent hospital which contained ISA
wounded Insurgents among thom being the
leader llegn A latin quantity of medicine
antI a number docnmenti were also captured
Tl o plantation on which the callus wn all
ted wasdonlatfd and Ihovnlley which the In
surgents believed to ho impregnable Is occupied
by tho Government troops
Col Iavlo report having had an encounter
of liv hour durlon wllh tho Insurgent lender
Lacret at thn head of 1000 men In which thin
patriots Inst thirteen killed and many wounded
The Spanish had one soldier wounded
Two prisoners who were condemned tn death
for the crime of rebellion against tho Govern
ment were shot in Ibo Cabanas fortress this
Gen Ilulz reports that he has had an encoun
ter with 300 Insurgents at a plaeo half nlenguo
a 1
from San Felipe province of Havana Thu In
surgent Felfe Mid to have Veen twentyono
killed anti several wounded Tho troops sus
tained no loss
A train has arrived hero bringing sixtythree
troops who wero wounded In the recent en
counter In tho province of Ilnar dot Itlo
It Is tinnmcially reported that 10 Sanchez
Kclmvarrln has captured Insurgent camp nenr
Insn heal and thAt thn patriots lost fitly killed
The troops destroyed gnnds valued at SSOOOOO
CnptnlnGcneral Woyler has ordered that all
the political prlioners detained hy Oen Inmlo
In snntn Clarn except three bn liberated on ac
count nf the lack of evident against I them
Mr KIbert Kappleve a ala York toporter
called for New York today on tlio steamer
Yucatan Weyler In obedience to an order Issued by Gen
Extermination at Anr Cnt or flood tbe
Only Hnllltlnn In Curia
A copy of La Atalaya 1 newspaper of Snntan
tier Spain has been received In this city In It
Is an article urging the Spanish Government to
hurry the end of the Cuban revolution After
assailing the olutlontsts and also the United
States Congress It concludes with this
Conlras concudes wlh paragraph
graph which will probably surprise Senators
Halo and Hoar who cannot bo persuaded tu be
llcvo that the Spaniards really practise the
cruelties which have been reported about them
Extermination this Is the only solution of
the war In Cuba Let the romantic North
Americans hypocrite defenders of the Cuban
Insurgents say what they wish let America
as it likes the moment has arrived for shon Ing
ourselves cruet and Inflexible alI bloody If
necessary Let It cost what It may public opin
ion In the wholu country demands that the
rebellion should bo drowned In lakes of blood
Do not let one suspect live let them know that
tho country belongs to us and If wo require for
tho foundation of future peace heaps of sacri
ficed flesh let us build those foundalonsquick I
Landing of ho Commodore expedition
CllAHtESTOv S C March 20 Edward
Owens late fireman on the alleged filibustering
steamer Commodore went before the Spanish
Consul her today and made a jitaternent re
garding the muchtalked of trip of tbo Com
m lnro
He told the Consul today that the Commo
dore went straight to Cuba when she left horn
on March in tshn tried to land nt night and
falling came boldly up to the Cuban coast and
put her men and arms ashore There were
thirtytwo men he auld among whom were
Gen De Sotn and six bo it loads of rllles
machetes and ammunition
Ho said the landing was made just around n
cape which was ho thought In tho province of
Santa Anna The men did not drill while on
boar the Commodore but when they landed
they all put on caps with Cuban Hags on them
Metropolitan Traction Companr Htenl a
March on Property Holder
Early yesterday morning the Metropolitan
Traction Company began tearing up tho asphalt
in lOtllh street between Amsterdam and
Columbus avenues nreoaratory to laying tracks
In tho street As soon as tho property owner
on tho block learned what was going on thoy
flocked to tho street and entered vigorous but
unavailing protests Nearly 100 workmen and
drivers with carts to carry off the debris were
at work and hey orked briskly
Bicyclers from Ulversldo and Central parks
entrances to both of which open on lOUtti
street got off their heel hoping to see a row
but nothing disturbed the labors of the work
It was proposed during the afternoon to get
trucks carriages and anything else that had
wheels stud prevent work liy keeping a solid
procession of vehicles parading the thorough
fare ThUall ended In talk and by s oclock
the workmen had torn up the street for tho
width of a single track to within some fifty feet
of Am tenlam avenue At that hour orders
came from the railroad company to quit work
lisa I opposing property owners say that the
order must have boen preceded by nil Injunc
tion as thero Is a law against laying tracks on
streets lending directly tn park entrance
Ulchnrd lamli nf ill Wet 100th street
Charles E Lange of 121 Mr Deatsli and Mm
Cundetin sire among the most vigorous objectors
to thu scheme of laving tracks the street
Contractor 11 1 I rlumll by whom the work
Is I being donu for the Metropolitan Traction
Company said last evening
The work Is being done under a permit
granted by the IlouroT of Aldermen In March
JHUS and renewed recently A bill which has
been passed during this cessIon of the Legisla
ture prohibits the construction of a street railroad
road on any street leading tn a park entrance I
This would prevent thu building of a road
through lOtlth street hud not the permit been
granted prior to the paxnme of the bill
11 hi understand I1Ie li I considerable ob
jection on tho purl of proporty ouiers to tho
building of thu roail and although there has
been no Injunction IfHied by thu courts wo
have cltohle1 to delav matters for a few tau ao
as tn be on the safe Hide
Tho new section of tails math will run
through lOtlth street to Amsterdam avenue > to
UMth street to thin Boulevard to 130th strict
to Fort Leo fon y oreet
MAJtnirn in ACTOJI UrFrL
Charlotte Ilehrenii Divorced One flu1 and
AViMldrd the Next
CHICAGO March 27 hubert Mantel the
actor and Mrs Uhnrlotto Huhn were married
at noun today by Bishop Fallows Mrs IIuliu
who Is known the stage us Charlotte Hehreiis
obtained 1 divorce yesterday from Ed ward F
Huhn a theatrical manager Site lias been Mr
Mantells leading lady for several yat Mr
MnnUll former wife secured a divorce from
him several years ago Mrs IIuuu being named
a the core Iondelt
Edward K Huhn who Is I living In the Happy
Home Hotel hmuth Bench 81 I received 1 yestur
day n telegram fruui Chicago Informing him
thnt isis wile hud taut marrUd tn Hubert Man
tell Huhu wits once maiiHgerof Ttii Spider
and the Fly a burlesque company During tile
pot year however I ha I lies been Ill all ha
bfiii living ut bouih lunch
The marital troubles of Huhn and of the for
mer Mrs Mantel baSe been txplollul In thu
newspapers TUrvo years ago tho then Mrs
Mantrll who wits In lluhn company under
the name 01 Marie bheldun secured 1 divorce
from tier uutbaml naming Mrs Huhn as co
respondent Thereupon Huhn began 1 suit for
fVOOOO damage against Mantel but It was
never premed Shortly afterward Mr Huhn
began ulvorcv proceedings agulnst her husband
alltKlng desertion this suit wa pressed In
various parts of thu inuutry without success
In Cincinnati om > > ear BCD Huhn challenged
Mantel talk to a duel but tim nlfalr oed In cheap
Mr VnndtrblltB Tarty In Iulirornlu
LoffAHOKlES Cal March 20 The special
train bearing Mr Cornelius Yanderbllt Mr
Clituncey SI 1 Dpew Mr John Hone and Mr
Omrce It Fearing of Newport H I arrlvid
hero last ntgbt and after a brief slop proceeded
t g uu Monica llroeclcd i
5 4M
THE nni jAnsES TIIK AsumtnrT
wiThy ur 4 u X1MZiZZ
The Vote Wn Ol to CO nnd VTaa Not on
Inrly Itner4lxtrlliree llcpabtlean
nail SH Democrat Voted for II and nn
ItepulilUnninnd lA Democrat AEnlnitlt
AMIANV March 20Tho Greater New York
bill which passed the Senate two weeks ago
passed this Assembly today by a vote of 01 loG
The division was not on party lines Sixty
three Republicans and 38 Democrats voted In
favor of tho bill and 38 Republicans and 18
Democrats voted ngalnst IU Twentyone of tho
U8 Democrats who voted for Ibo bill nero am
man len
The only Tnmmanyltes who voted against It
were Dclmour Kempner and Goodman Three
HrookHn Democrats voted fO the bill Cain
Kbbots and Newman Twelve of the thirty
eight Republicans who voted against the bill
wire from Brooklyn
They wero supported by the counties which
acted with thorn in tho recent State Conven
tion when they sought t oppose llatt by
favoring McKinley Five of the eleven
Erlo members And threo from Chautauqua
and Catturnugus voted In the negative
So did Cromwell of Queens and Post
and Storm of Suffolk wio were Incensed be
cause the towns of Flushing Jamaica and
HcmpUead were put back into the bi alter the
Republican boss of their counties had gone to
the trouble of having them eliminated In spite
of thin popular mandate The In full
Iopular vote ful was
as follows
ATU MrMrs Ablett Adltr Allds Anderson If T
Andrew Ip L Andrew Armstrong I Austin barr
Ilnrth Kates Ileiloll Ilriiuii E Iron II I Ir llrown
llrownell lludd purr Uultl Cain J Clark c C Coin
M N Cole Corrlnsu CoXello Cutler IISTld
pin J A Donnelly T K Donnelly Downs
Dueller Kulwtn lady EMrldje I lion Fltigcr
all Frltc aalligsn Olrdhlll loodiell Oorlmm
urnres Ureen regorr Ilnnna liarS Hobble Hoff
man lluxiil lve Ki enhoti > Kelly Keller Kern
Lfonaro t Ixiuntbury 3IseCabn Msekey MeCoy Ma
Draw MeNniiKhtnn Mentor T K Trl Nit > l
imchl Newman Nixon OOrady llnters A D Fan
lets 11 i I I Htiunders tvtierer K 1 Schmidt Bcliulurn
Cesres bhUitun C I Hmlth sprlnzcr Rtalil Stewart
Hweet Taylor Tralnor l Tripper vVimier Weed
VeMs 01 A C WIlson Whine WIlier and the Speaker
Snn3Ie Audett Ilnbcoek Dondy Drennnn
Corll le C J 5 Cark CoiiEhlln Cromwell Cullen U
nraw Delmotir Embley Enters lorrester French
JoolniQii dray iiildir Harrison Hill Ilonnlnier
Itorion hughes Keinnntr Klnne Hotter almhuer
lennon llvinKiton Marshall l Matteson Mcnellnn
McKeown O W Meyer Miller Murphy Norton
leters Perkins Pmt Knbblnt Knlllid Hudil K
Schnild e Smith pprlnffneller Ststichflfld hteele
filrluer bturni Wnititarr Waldo 0 W lion pele
fnermnn and ZUFILitl
Atuent Ulalsdell and Van Keuren Republicans
and Malone Democrat
The Greater New York bill a passed was for
warded to Mayor Strong of New York Mayor
Wurster of Drooklyn and Mayor Gleason of
Long Island City this afternoon I will proba
bly reach then tomorrow and hearings will be
bdd In saris nf the threo cities
Thin Mavttra have fifteen dar In which to aD
prov or disapprove the bill I Is expected that
It will be disapproved ITt least one of them
and In that case will have to b repassod by
both Houioi before It goes to the Governor
I Is therefore not likely to reach the Execu
tive before the third week of April He lias ten
slays In whlcluto act ripen it anti In case tho
Legislature adjourns before the ten days expire
It w 111 become a thirtyday bill and the Gover
nor may hold It for a month without acting
The Greater Now York bill was the special
order when the Assembly met at 10 oclock this
Mr Robbing Rep Allegheny maoe a strong
speech against It He dwelt particularly upon
the danger to the country districts that legisla I
tion would hereafter be controlled by the Greater
city of New York and he also went Into the
legal complications which would follow the
consolidation and which he regarded a In
superable objections The Legislature had
power to create and abolish cities but It could
nut abolish counties
Each of the counties within the consolidated
territory maintain Iti own autonomy and might
bond Itself up to the constitutional limit In
addition to the Indebtedness Incurred by tho city
The Hoard of Supervisors for lisa five counties
would be revived after their abolition had been
accomplished In New York and King by a
ilght extending over thirty years I wa hy no
certan that tho Commission
means new Commlslol would
prpare a charter for the greater city In time to
be acted upon by tim Legislature next year
Commissioners had been at work for years antI
the outcome was this one bill
Within the next twenty years If the Greater
New York bill passed ho wild them was no
question but that seated around the AssemUy
circle vcould be eighty or ninety As embl > men
from Greater New York Not 1 village charter
could be amended without their consent and on
joint ballot such n Legislature could elect two
United SHteB Senators
I speak for tho rural population of New York
State said Mr Robblns In closing What are
the rural members thinking of when they sit
here and votn for legislation which will cut
tholr own throats I has been said that the
names of thom who vote for this bill will
I down to history but I claim thai when
the voice of prejudice nnd the clamor of purtl
snshiip din away In the everlasting fdlence of
the past the men who vote against tlih measure
and refuse to sanction this gigantic wrong will
be esteemed and known ai heroes wronl
Mr Marshall Rep Kings 1 offered a referen
dum hill as a Mibstituto for the Consolidation
bill It differed from the bill of Senator Wry
only In fixing tho ditto of tho referendum vote
In INIlli Instead of 1807 Mr Cnrllale lien
Weitchester Mr Forrester Rep Kings Mr
Perkins iliep Kings Mr Rounds Rep
Cuyuga atid Air Waldo Rep Kings spoke
against consolidation
Mr Storm Hep Suffolk offered an amend
ment to exempt the towns of Flushing I and Ja
Mr Austin Chairman of tha Cities Cmmltt
tee pjioko at length In favor of the bill If
the Legislature did not pass t he
said It would stultify Itself for It bad
allowed the matter to be onco nre ented to the
people nnd hud agreed to accept the vote as an
Indication of their wishes
Mr Khhets Dem Kings also spoke In favor
of tho bill
Mr Stanchflcld Dem Chemung the minor
ity leader argued against the hilt on lines simi
lar to those followed hy Mr Robblns Ho ap
pealed to the rural members to vote against I
bill which meant tholr political annihilation
Mr UGrady lieu Monroe the majority
lender replied Ho said the vote of 1W1I4 obligated
gated 1 the Legislature to effect consolidation It
should have bAn dono last year Thero was I
renton why It should lot bn stone this year
Hn movid a call of the House which was or
di red and begun at half past 2 After all the
absentees had been brought in a vote was taken
on Mr Stormss amendment to exempt Flushing
and Jamaica I was hiI without a division
all roll ss n Ihvl I called 1 on Mr l Marshalls
motion to suhstltuUt die Referendum bill and
passed It w us lostAU to H7 Tha original bill was then
Proposed New Police Fire Health end
Public 011 JlrpurlmontB
When Mayor Strong heard that the Greater
New York bill had passed the Assembly ho
chuckled mid said
So tboyvo passed It eh 7 Well thoy do
things so fast up theru that I dont get much of
a chance to keep up with em I suppose theyll
send the bill down here soon and then we will
have some fun with It
Legislation for the Greater New York Is e
peeled In delay the final adjournment of tIm
Legislature far beyond April SI tho data
named In this concurrent resolution already
adopted by the Assembly
Tho Greater New York bill is expected to
reach the Mayors uf New Vork Ilrocklju and
loll Island City today Thereafter Mayors
Strong and Wurster and Mayor Gleason and
the Hoard of Aldermen of Long Island City will
bate fifteen day In which to grant hearings on
this hill and either accept or reject It A rejec
tion by out of the municipalities Involved will
necessitate tho repossage of the measure by the
Legislature before the Governors signature can
make I law As the rejection of the bill by one
or lore of tie cities may be depended on there
Isllttlo probability of the bill becoming a law I
before April 14 at tbe earliest Then the Gov
erRor must appoint the Commission provided
for by the bill that Cuitimlestous munt organize
and It will probably be I week or ten da > a before
I ell pretent an > thing In the way of prupostd
legislation aCectlng the new city
It expected I that the Commission will recom
mend the passsg by the Legislature at Its
rc > ent session of bills creating for toe consoll
dat c territory 1olUf Health and Fire De
partments which will supsrstd th present
upnt oralt
local department Another bill which It Is t
al leo believed 1 will bo recommended b > the Coin
istissitfli will provIde tur a 1ubllo Work De
ltel for the grtatsr city TM mtjaro
4e i t r
would legislate Gen Collls of thlsclty and Theo
dore U Willis of Rrnnklyn out of office These
gentlemen control a lot of patronage which has
been flied agaInst the regular Republican machine
These four bills will probably bn tho sum
total ot legislation supplemental to thn Greater
New York law which will bo offered at tho
present session All of those hills If they are
pasiod by the Legislature will have to bo sub
mitted to the three cities for their acceptance
and If they are rejected they will have to be
repaired To pass them over thin municipal
veto the Legislature will have In hold lunlrlr1
a lain a the middle of May The programme
Is I said to be to take a recess afler passing tlio
supplemental bills ant rensseutblo to repans
them If thoy aro rejected
iiVRNrs roil iiiAD rnucuttAN
Thomat Byrne the exHuperlntendent nf
Iollce who tiai been sojourning of Intc nt lint
Springs Ark Rrrr having Inspected Riirnpp I
has now coma hack to New York nntl is at tho
IUra Hotel Lawyer Kennesnn I of thin lark
hurst Societys Kxecutlvn Committee wni
minted yesterday D expreslngn Misplclnn thnt
Ilyrnes Is to be put nt the bend of the new Mot
ropolltnn Iollce Department
I Is expected that Mayor Wurstor of Drool
lyn will dl flpt > rovnnf the bill Ho was confined
ye terdav tn nl is home with a had cnld and ho
refused to see thin I reporters One of his rltxo
friends however said that tIters wn nn doubt
whatever that ho would scud a ringing veto
message to Albany
irovin iiAiiiizsuy ACCEPT
Bald to have Written using Drafted nnd
t Volunteering Am Illffrrrnt slattern
INDIANAPOLIS Ind March 20 One of Gen I
Harrisons most Influential friends among the
Indiana politicians was authority todny for
a statement of much llgnlflcanco Just now
In tho political world Ho uald a letter had
been written t the General recently by leading
Republicans of Indiana asking him If ho would
accept in case the St Louis Convention nomi
nated him In reply to this letter Gen Har
rison is saul In have remarked that being
drafted and volunteering aru two different
The exPresident will leave here on Tuesday
next for New York and will bo married to Mrs
Dlmmlck on April I Danlul Ransdcll ox
Marshal of the District of Columbia will
Iarlal Dllrlct wi ac
company him 1 Is not known hero whether
any one cIao has been invited but It Is certain
that thin list of Invitations Is not largo
Am Explosion floe FIrst Avrnne to
Wagon nt Twentythird Street
With a loud report thin inholo at tho south
east corner of Twentythird street and First
avenue was blown high in the nlr last night A
shiest of flame shot up Immediately afterward
At the same moment the sewer plates at the
southeast corner and the paving stones for
twelve feet around were thrown high In the air
rhe street was fount children and passers by at
the time but no ono was Injured
Policeman Corr of the East Twentysecond
street station closed the street to wagons as
the paving stones were so torn up that tho street
was rendered Impassible to all vehicles but
horse ears
Tbe State Convention Elected AllIson nnd
Heed l > rl Bnle FlnnnaKnn Agate
AUSTIN Tex March OThe publican
Convention reassembled at 10 oclock this
morning but tho Credentials Commlttoo not
being ready to report tho Convention nd
journed until 1 oclock When the Conven
tion reassembled at 1 10 P M the Committee
on Credentials reported throwing out McKlft
Icy prod from forty or fifty counties Both
delegations from Orl son county were seated
each haviuir half 1 vote A minority report
by the McKinley faction was ruled out of
order by Chairman Cuncy because It was not
prepared in the committee room Webb Fan
naean amid terrific uproar offered n substi
tute for the majority report but ho to was
ruled out of order
Amid great confusion tho majority report
was agreed to and thin election of delegates to
the St Loult Convention was proceedivl 1 with
Chairman Curry announced that himself and
Ferguson colored who favor Alllon and
Mnkcinwrn nnd Terrell white Reed men hart
been elected 1 lie unnoumcment uuifc tho
vvlldett excitement nnd the McKinley Ill
attempted to capture the plntform A row
followed In which chI Flunn Kan was
struck on the head and knocked down hit thus
row was finally quelled without further se
rious results
Thin Convention was declared adjourned slno
die amid great uproar and the McKlnli > lie
took rofserslcn of the hall Thoy organized
with Ol delegate of horn over onethird wero
colored A npgrn was eluded Chairman and
thin meeting was harmonious A sound money
and protection platform was adopted Tho I
following McKlnle dtlegates to the National
Convention Ire elected
Frank Ilnmlln of Austin R F Hmlth col
ored of Colorado citinty Dr W DnvKof Fort
Worth and Chairman John Grant of tho htnto
Executive Committee This Convention then
adjourned slno die Each Convention tehctcd
two electors from tho Mate at large
SOT JiAinita ohiO von MOHTOX
den Krrwln Hick nt Home and llark
Iluunn Mlnlnlormed
Marcus Ashtabula Hanna was quoted In the
Jleralit yesterday as stating at Cleveland on
Wednesday In justification ot tbe McKInley In
vasion of New York that Mr Plat had sent
hi right bower Gen Michael Kcrwln l Into
Ohio where he Is now trying to get delegates
for Morton Mr Plait received 1 note from
Gen Kerwln yesterday morningdated at his
home 4HA Vest 1tflth street saying that hn
baa seen Mr IImums statement and wan sorry
I was Hot true Hu would like to bo hustling
for Morton but ho hat been confined to the
house by Ins for ten days
irO IS 311CHAET OKrl
A New Yorker Nnld to Ifuve Jleen Mnr
derrd In Indlunii
JerFLnHONViuK Ind March 0 Charles
Scannell who was found I murdered on the
banks of the river hero several weeks ago has
been positively Identified AS Mlchuel GKlef of
Now York city His wlfo and parents reside
there SannUI or OKlef was for years an
official of the Western tnlon Telegraph Com
pany representing them In South America Thin
police think he was murdered 4 for hU money
At Ihe once ot the Weolrl Union Ctnupany
yelerdIY It ms M said that no usth iluutrs it
Ollf I l wits klon tr Also eons lists i huts rust lS
ono retrtolnlliit hut South IIrlel ullluover
use hI its buotne with lust continent beitug
Iontlen bllll
carried Oi tlt rout cii other eOlpllea In h thn t
operathli dealment herl lrcen rear Iln
there tests 1 OUII telcijrititis operator nalll
Oleefe 10W blt I the eomlUY knowa othlnl of
j ir j > vyioif II Cud IO CD
Ill Alleged Appropriation or the Huburti
sit lavotmtnt Co Money Not IVoTnl
Frederick W Dunton Austin Corbins
nephew who was arrested on the complaint of
George K Hagerinan his partner for appro
priating 5l80747 the proceeds often 1000
notes of the New York and Drooklyn Suburban
Investment Conspauiy which ho had discounted
wan discharged from custody by Magistrate
Crane leHerday
Tho decision was to have hon rendered the
Ceutru Street Court but its loll tn Cruno J
silting nt Jelferson Market thu papers In the
o u score forwarded to him and ha signed Dun
toils release there nel
In so doing he aid there was not sufficient
evidence on which tu hold him
The Ilemncrutle Htnte Convention Will Be
Held sit Harnloga la dune
All agitation on the part of Tammany Hall in
favor of holding the State Convention In this
city has ceased since It became known that
Senator Hill and the majority of Lhe Mute Com
mitt have determined It tall the Convention
to b held torn time In Junu ut Ile Cooventon I
Now for Vaughans ttxili 16 htsceiayst 9 U10 I
tree Volcswctiprntrwlthabputh U10tv
lUleicnle IVrunifle la I Convention I I
Hut Ilati > nd suitS Ilait mm all 1 stri > lint Inkers I I
Expetursnl cLi44i li lliv only Easy Lcu or a bad cou b I
o < 1
llurnrll linrncl of Vaulllst I
Mia Imiaru 5 tui < crtarutllcc7eif Oaveir TrlI use IL 1 I
f t
llJC novns iitintntATiofr
Rapt lleverr Taken to the TombsA Humor
the lory Nlnnd 10 tn 9 for Acquittal I
The Defendant Tecttfle In III Own
IleliairCorrotmratlnB for III AlIbi
At 120 oclock this morning the jury In the
case of Police Captain William 1 Descry who
has been on trial since Monday In tha Supreme
Court chat god with pxtortlon In obtaining
3100 from Rullder 1rnncli W Sengrlst
on May I t IHIll were lucked up for the
night They hail been out nearly three hours
Justice Smy th eoiit Capt Lynch of the Court
squad Into tin jury room nt midnight with In
structions to find out what llio chnucea were of
tho jury arriving at n verdict within a icasona
his time
Capt Lynchs report was evidently unfavora
ble for Immediately upon his return Clerk
Vulsh came from the Justices room and an
nounced that court was adjourned until 1030
oclock this morning
Capt Dovery was taken to tho Tombs by
Deputy Sheriff Daniel Kelly antI locked up for
the night
The rumor at the tlmo of adjournment was
that the jury stood 10 to S for acuulttal
At tho morning session Thomas f Foley a
liquor dealer formerly of ISH South street was
called to completo Capt Dov crys alibi Ho Bald
that ho saw Capt Dov ery at tho Clyde dock tire
on the afternoon of May I I 1814
It was a 4UO oclock said the witness
and I saw him coming through tho fire lines
I stopped and talked with him about twenty
five minutes He seas about to leave me when a
friend of mine camo along and nskcd us to come
all tako a drink I was willing to go hut the
Captain declined saving that he was not drink
Foley was sure about tho hour because ho had
an engagement In Brooklyn with his sister that
afternoon stud after leaving tho Captain went
to thn ferry and caught the 45a boat
Tha prosecution not examine Foley Ser
geant Hamilton testified that Scugrlst did not
D Sungrlut had testified call at tho Old slip sta
tion on tho morning of May I and ask to ECO tho
Captain Hamilton was on the desk tlmt morn
ing and no one allod to sea the Captaln
The defence then called Cnnt Devcry himself
Ho testified that he has been 1 resident of New
York forty i ears is married and his had ten
children two of whom tire living Until the
Pnrkhurnt society brought charges against him
In lSU hue I had been called before tho Commis
sioners only four times In eighteen yearn of
service each Lime for some petty olTence After
pur nlelc Afer
acquittal nn his criminal trial for neglect of
duty hoobtalntd I twenty days leavii of ab
sence and went to Chicago returning to New
York on tho afternoon of May 4 1NII4 While
he wns away Sergeant llogun commanded the I
precinct liter witness frs heard on May 7 of
the nuisance Seagrlst wns making in tearing
down buldlngs at frnl war and fine street
and ho Immediately ordered the sergeant to
clmngo the men on post and see that tbo nul
cancer wa abated Ho lemembored the letter
of complaint from Angus Mclntobii of 1 Pino
street He sent Dclectlvo Madden to tee Sea
crlst and Madden reported that he hind dOle
e Morn complaints followed and then ho
sent ilennon up to see heagrl ant tell him
thit the nuisance mutt atop This a on
May 1
Cnpt Dover then went on and dented all of
Sencristx testimony He never met Seagrlst
whun he was with O lennon nnd he had never
fent for him to coins to the elation house or
threatened to stat Isis worse on the buildings
la I Mr beugrUlB testimony that ho gave yon
I Slot bill on thus step nf jour umbn housooa
tuo afternoon of May I trOd or untrue i
It In untrue
Did you ever get any money from Mr Bea
grist V
Never I never lS milch as laid mr eyes on
day him until I saw him on tho witness stand ester
She witness then n en ton to say that on the
afternoon of May II I he was ul thus fro from it
little after oclock until about ft At thnt Limo
he btnrtcd back to the station house reaching
there between u0 and S40 Ho did not linger
on tile < tops nt all but went straight lu
On sexumlnnlion Capt Ilevery trail that
he hud know Glrnnnn twentyfive ienrs They
went to school together and had lean intimate
friends a one two He had asked for Glen
lions transfer to his precinct once when ho
changed precincts but only once lie did lot
know how It was that Ilennon had follow qd
him front precinct to precinct It was ii fact
I Wa1
but the Iollcu Commissioners and not he were
leuponslblu for thu mans assignments to duty
In May IHU I did you ever walk by the Pile
street building nskcd Mr Itolllns
Just once replied dipt Dei ery that W
on May 7 anti I wit alone I can recall tlmt I
workmen woro tearliigdown the structure but
11 sure I did not see Scngrist there
Francis Furrell who said ho owned c stable
of race horses testified that he formerly kept d
fahion In thu First precinct Un the afternoon
of la1 I lie called at tho station House to get
Cnpt Devery to Intercede for him in getting 1
liquor license for n hotel at Fiftysecond street
nnd Third avenue He heard from thin Sergeant
that Cnpt Devery was nt the fire and followed
him them He walked part of the way back to
the station with tho Cnptnln and it wns nearly
fiiO oclock when lie left him No third person
joined them or spoke to tho Captain while they
were 10lel her
At a i oclock Col James began summing up
for the defence An alibi had been aholutely
proven he said and even If It hid not the testi
mony of Ilullder Seaerlst was uncorroborated
He referred to the testimony IM being of a flimsy
nature nnd asked the jUt If they would send
an innnunt man to prison on It
During this upcech Inrkhurst Agent Whitney
fell nsleep In the rear of thin court room His
sonorous mores attracted the attention of n
couit oflicer all he was unceremoniously putout
outCol Fellows In summing up for the people
mndu 1 point of tile lack of motive SeugrlKt
could Imvu for perjuring himself The mans
Morj was true lie mid Tho jury must believe
ono sitter or tho other and the motive nf Devcry
for denying thin crime wits obvious After diii
liar Justice Suisythi barged the jury and they
retired at 0 5 oclock
A flnib of Authority an to Whether II I
In Alniku or Cimudn
OTTAWA Ont March Pt U The Joint report of
the International Boundary Commissioners ap
pointed to ascertain the facts and data neces
sary to the permanent delimitation of the
boundary line between Alaska and Canada has
been presented to Parliament Tha report
shown that thu surveyors of the two countries
agree approximately 111 their observations The
summit of Mount Su Ellis In found to bo v41
stulillo miles east of the Hint meridian that is
to ciiy In Canadian territory
WAHiiiMiTur > March iil i Mount St Ella Is
not In Canadian territory todnyM report from
Ottawa to Hie contrary notwithstanding Uen
K Dutlleld I Miperlntenilent o if C thu Coast nnd
deodetlx Murrey and thin represenlatlvo uf this
rnllcsl States on the Joint lluundarv Commis
sion who e report hits been prevented to ussr
I nnndhm 1arllameiit I Mils that w Ii lie It Is true
that I ito mouiiiiiin K I II statute miles etttt of
the HlBtmtrldiuilllsfurthcrimirecrrinlii I that
IU highest elevation Is exactly ten marlnu
ItugiieH from the const mil thmufnro it Is l ono
of thu chief boundary monuments between
the American nnd llrlllsli po ue slnns lh
records of tin ofllclul nurvejors establish this
beyond question
U has beets known for ome tlmo that the sum
mit of Mount M t LIla U east of the 141st
meridian but the fact that It Is l exactly ten
marine lenpue from the sea must Imvu been
dUcmered by the latent hiirve If this Is true
thu Hiiuiuit exactly ou thin boundary tutu
Wont Hear of is SI3OOOO Hpeednuy Con
tract Vltbuut 1nlille Iellluu
Park Commissioner McMillan called on Major
Strong yetturdty and just us ho was departing
the Mayor called him back and saldi
liy tIm way I want to talk to you about that
letter you sent to the Hoard of Aldermen last
week asking permission to let without public
bidding a 110000 contract for repairs to the
1 vras no party to It said Commissioner Me
Allright responded thin Major and I
welts > ou 10 underntand that i am opposed to u
iuo t positively and 1 want > on tu tell > our peu
pl so Vn have n law iriiiirdlng that sort of
thing and we mutt live up to It
Two Men Lose Their five and Two
Other Ilarilr Ilurned
The DlckertonSpenco Grenso ExtractIng
Company hits n twostory train factory Aye
flue I L In Newark and In It wero stored several
tanks of naphtha Just bcforo U t oclock last
evening one of thin tanks exploded and wrecked
the building At the name Instant flumes burst
out and thin entire rtriicture seemed to take fire
at once James tinIer the superintendent and
Charles Ucchler an employee n ho stern on the
lower floor wero thrown across thin room by thin
concussion At the ramo time they were
sprinkled with blazing naphtha Tortunatelv
they Were thrown toward tha door and they
managed to got outside whero they tore oft
their burning clothing but not before they were
severely burned about the face nock and body
Thero wore two men up stairs Whether they
were kilted by the explosion or wero burned tn
death will never be known They vrcro Albert
Ehcreuth of lip Houston street and IMwnrd
Gallagher of Ferry and Madison streets When
the ire was extinguished their charred remains
were found
It Is not known what caused the explosion
The damngo to the building was about 23000
Eherouth was 22 years old and was married
only two weeks ago
Relieve III Children Have n Itlnlit to At
tend tha Hehool In His Dlitrlct
JAMAICA L L 1 March ail Samuel Cisco a
colored man who objected to sending his chili
siren a mile out of their way to n school BO t aside
fur negroes Is now confined In the Queens
county Jail In Long Island City Justice D F
Wood fined him S5 under tbo Compulsory Edu
cation act for not sending hU children to school
This took place yesterday Cisco argued his
own case He told thin Court that his children
were stint out from school although he pays
taxes as a property owner The school his chil
dren were ordered to attend was not he said In
thin district he resided In anti tonttcnd It would
compel his children to walk a mllo out of their
way to say nothing of receiving Instructional
thu hands of inferior teachers
He protested that the education of his chil
drums was not being neglected for he had ar
ranged with his sixteenyearold daughter
Amelia to leads the ounger members of the
family Upon bearing tho finding of the Court
Cisco said
I will not pay the line I will go to jail for
I believe that my children have a right to
attend the school of the district In which they
The Ooartceol Ministry Ha M CIoe Call
on a Vote of Confidence
PAIIIS March SO After a close struggle the
Chamber of Deputies today accepted thin prin
ciple of the Income tax Prime Minister Bour
geois raised a question of confidence against an
amendment offered by M Guillemot and this
amendment was rejected by a vote of 288 tn 272
AI Doumer Minister of Finance then de
manded n vote on M Drone resolution of
confidence and on the principle of the In
come tax Tha
confidence paragraph was
adopted by a vote of 207 to 241 Finally
an amendment offered by M Pourquery de
Uolsserln which was similar to that of
M Dron but leaving tha settlement of the most
strongly opposed dctalia of the Income Tax bill
to the Budget Committee was carried tho vote
standing 280 to 270 the Government accepting
the amendment
One Dead and Another May Die Mistook a
Hoot They Found for Horse Itndlih
HOUND BIIOOK N J March 20Four school
children were poisoned In South Bound Brook
today One of them Is dead and another 1s
not expected to live In company with other
children Ilesslo and Willie Matthews and
Leon and Anna Van Nest left school at noon
to go homo to dinner On their way they
found and tasted some roots which they mis
took for horso radish After dinner Bessie
who was six years old was taken with convul
sion and tho died before medical attendance
could be procured
The doctors sits that the roots eaten were
either wild parsnips or wild artichokes Anna
Van Nest four ears old ia so ill that site Is
not expected to live Th others will prob
ably recover
Little Hosle Vogel Hteps Out from Behind a
tracon to Her Death
foam Vogel the bixyearold daughter of
Christoph Vogel of 404 Spring street West
Hobokun was playing In front of her homo
early last evening Her mother sent her sis
ter Luna to call her Hoslo wa on the oppo
site side of the street behind a grocery wagon
When her sister called to her from the door
way of their house she did not notice that a
trolley car was approaching but ran out from
behind the wagon just In time to be struck and
killed by the car
1ollco Sergeant Vtdier arrested Motorman
Valentine Smith anti Conductor Sanford Heed
They were paroled until tOday Witnesses of
the accident say that the wagon prevented the
motorman from seeing the child until she had
stepped directly In front of thus car
It I Probated In a llonton Court at This
Late Day
BOSTON March 20This will of Benjamin
Franklin was allowed lu the Suffolk County
Probate Court toduy by Judge Grant on peti
tion of Major Qulncy as a foreign will having
been probated about a century ago lu the
Orphans Court In Philadelphia The probateof
the will here its l deemed necesssry lu view of a
lugul disposition of the Franklin Fund whlcn
was created by the will of Franklin and now
amounts to several hundred thousand dollars
There was no opposition to the probate
Chanted with nt hisihsying the American
Fluic is Krifillrrd by Lusts
CHAMIAION III March 90 The c ImmpMgn
county Grand Jury today Indicted joy John P I
Altgeld and the entlio Hoard of Trustees of thin
University of Illinois for not complying with the
State law requiring that thus American lag be
displayed over thin Stats Inlvemity building
Isaac Hleol lind Mm ilennle Wold Ar
rsld lu SI Lout
ST LOLMS March ipj Isaac Megel and Mrs
Jtnnle Wald each about 3 years old went ar
rested hem today charged v > Ith being fugitives
from justice A seek ngu the eloped Irom New
York taking with them floil belonging to Mor
ris Vald the womans husband
A Lona Island Market CJurdener Heverely
Frederick Kllnker UO years old a marke
gurdeiier nf mat Neck 1 L I while gdiu
down I liltil nvoiuu hut night 5m ilk a InaJid
truck wai run intu b > u oinlbound cable cur
at IliiHytlitrd Uriel and hU wagon up < et
Kilnker wu vbrortii tu the ground and
s veiol Ililuied lid wus taken to llcllevuu
lioeplul Grtpmau escaped arrest
Tin ULToitT cnxntiMKn AT TVS
Hut Mnvrnyenl Itev Hit Nat Ysi
Jleeu Onelnlly NollllelOnr Onlclal
Attitude viltli Iteicurd to Outrage
Vpon Turkeia Arnienlnn Mulifrl
CoNSTAMlxnrli Maids yilIlio report
that Mavm > oiil Hoy Inrklsh Minister to the
Lnlled States tins hern leculled Is lonflrmed
by Information ohUilnrd nt the Foreign Oiflcs
WASlllNdTov vMnnh 21iNo conflrmatlom
ran bu obtained hero of thus cabin dcsputcll p
front Ciriistivntltioplo that the Tnrllsh Minis
ter til WiisilliKton has been reeiiHed If the
report that Mivvrojonl Hey hut bien lecullssl
Is verified It I I will lie Important cli icily ns show
ing thus resell tlnent of thus furkisli GoverD
ment against thn United States for Its inter
vention In tho matter of the Armenian out
rages through thin medium of Congress resolu
tion of sympathy nnd denunciation The rs >
latlons of Mnvrucnl Hey with the Hlnto Us
pnrtmotit have never been tmrticulnrly clow
and he would not IH seriously mlsied In dlplo
iniltln citrio ahthiouiizhi na it ttstrisn ftoa
In Wushluutoii life his absence will bo noted
and regretted by certaIn elements of society
Tho Turkish Minister linn for ttuvural your
been very prominent In the social gnvctlesnt tba
city und was ono of the first aiiioiig tho foreign
colonies to adopt the fad of hlcjclo riding in
tIm days when this nowpopular sport was Jess
fashionable than nt present His attempts to
master Lists wheel under tho Instruction of a
colored attendant offered great amusement to
the crowds that gathered each afternoon 111
the White Lot to witness the performance It
has been the custom of this Turkish Minister
also to give once n year n large theatre party
anil supper afterward nnd by tliln means pay
off the social obligations for the beason lie
Is very popular with tin ladles of all classes
of Washington society
Ha has rarely been seen at thin Capitol lis
tening to thin debates us many of tha foreigners
are and as his legation has had llttlo business
to transact at thu State Department ho does not
go there oTtcn Ho called at tho State Depart
ment this morning and hud a long chat with
Secretary Olncy In his private room hut as
this was the regular diplomatic day there was
no special significance In isis visit and neither
ho nor Secretary Gluey would admit that ho
bind been asked Ui resign or that ha had been
Hut ut was raid of another distinguished
man In the diplomatic service If he clots take
iU departure hunt Wnshlnirton ho never will
be iiilasud
The Congress record upon tho Armenian
question Is this
Ou Dec I lout the Senate passed n resolution
asking tho President with thin usual tiunlltlcn
titus If not Incompatible with the public In
terest to communicate nny Information in
his possession as to nllegcd cruelties commit
ted on Armenians In Turkey and whether
these cruelties hind been l committed on pcrvins
who hnd declared their Intention of Ixtomlng
Amcrh an cItizen or because nf their hiss t
tog Chtlstlans Tho 1ieshleiit uaj siio asked
to inform tlio Senate whether tho United
htateo had expostulated with Turkey In re
gard to these matturd or proioauil to act In
concert with other Christian powers reprirdlna
thin Hume
On Dec 11 the President sent n response
which Included a report from Mr Grevliam
then Secretary of Mate in which It was suit
that no Information had been rereived as to
cruelties committed upon citizens or declad
citizens of thin United States and that COIIKC S
auently no expostulations liad boon nd
dressed to Turkey Secretary Greslmm fur
bet said that the Ililled State hnri ilprllnnil Tl
a proposition to participate In nn Investiga
Lion of lie alleged cruelties by n Turktsli
commission for thin reason Hint thin United
States was not ft party to tha Berlin treaty of
1H78 which crovldiB ns part of what Is known
as the European concert ns follows
The Sublluiu Porte undertake to carry out
without further delay thin Improvements and
ryfnrms demanded by l local requirements In 6
the provinces Inhabited liy tho Armenians
nnd to guarantee their cocttrlty agaInst the
ClrcasHlans and Kurds It will periodically
make known thin steps taken to this effect to
the powers which will superintend their appli
After soma dhcusslon tho house > and Sen
ate adopted moro than n month ago thin fol
low Ing concurrent lusolutlon on thin subject
upon which as far as known tho President V
has taken no action >
ftwolmJ Uy tho Senate of the United <
States the House of Hcprosentatlvcs concur
ring that It Is nn imperative auty in thin In
terest of humanity to express the earnest hope
thnt the European concert brought within
thn treaty rofurrcd to may epcedlly bo given
te lust effect in such decisive manner us Mini
stay the liana of fanaticism and laule3 violence
and as shall secure to thin nnofTeudlng Chris
tians of the Turkish empire nil the rights
belonging to them both us men and Chris
tiana and as beneficiaries uf thin explicit pro
visions of the treaty above recited
Ilrnolinl Tlmt thus President be requested
to communicate tune lesolutlonn to thin Gov
ernments of ircat Britain Germany Franc
Italy and ltus < dn I
fsolifd Further that the Senate of the
United States tho House of Representatives
concurring will support the President lu th
most vigorous action he may take for the pro 5
tection awl security of American citizens In
Turkey and to obtain redress for injuries com
mitted upon the persons or property of such
American MissIonaries Prevented to
Ilellevlnie lie Needy
LONDOV March 2t1Tho JUbrnfnfr Post will
tomorrow publish a despatch from Constanti
nople saying that tho officials at Illtlls are pre
venting the American missionaries from reliev
ing the needy The despatch adds that Sir
Ihlllp Currle thus British Ambassador has vis
lied TenIlk Iasba Minister of Foreign Aflaln
In regard to thin matter
Even tlm liner of the Free Htate and CnM
Colony Are Arming
LONDON March 20 Thu Vmiro will say to
morrow that a despatch dated March 23 from
a wellinformed source In Pretoria capital of
this South African Itrpuhllc confirms the re
ports of n serious politic situation there
President Kruger has concluded a new offen
sive and definslve alliance with thin Orang
Free State The hoer of thus Free State and of
Cape Colon arts nrmlng There has been a Inrge
Influx of Germans Into the police and artillery
o the Transvaal
Dr Luydc tlio Secretary tate of the re
public encouraged Immediately bv Germany is
using a large amount of secret pirvlcu money
For these rea mm thus Tiuimvuul considers lu
poitltloa to be u very strong one
aiAtuuiii itrrorT
People In the Tnvvnw Art iectlns Di
lrn s tiiiihiivl I em
CAt Towx March itl liiforiniitlon has been
received liero that I tin 5 Matubele of tlm Itnniza I
and FlliibustldiktrUlH havuiiivultud t nud tour
dored ninny of thu vvhliu settlers there Largo
numbers of wisites sire llucktiii to lltilmvuyo for
Vrotectlon I
Tho people of thu towns In i Mulivbeieland i are
erie I Its U e fetuss tci S lintel thiniuivcb ajnliuv
thu iiaUeo and vuluiiUert uru litIitg irclled J
Armed forces Iuvo been ilc < Jitched to the dl
turned illitrlctH
I 111IJIS1 It I I 1sUItDS
A Iteporl hut Hlin Ilii Iurcliimed the uses
Alllvun 5 Im I lioni i Inrlnuul
I IOMXIN p s Murih I i ii Tliu I In niiile tomorrow
will publish tu der unrvi a rip < Ullt I I lirmt
llrlluiii Its I iunl I > id I II it a Hay l V
Altiii fn in tin Iu n u I i r t u Luld
rcirdln In I i he r 1 i IJtl
lli 1 I I r ttc ira Itioc tIC s UL ouutr bs >
twven the putlt A 1 reSts Keiuuli I i und ika
South IndKii I I letS St frimi An i 0 5 iuO in tl > a
IllllK o V r r I ivirilur of tL4
UrllUli eoulU Altiv tuujyau
j J WsWffV

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