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YAII iinin jtnirx hIM
The Wpeaker Vrocrumme ChnaKed liy
araalted Hepnhllenii Alrtid by Item
tI Midst ilaa Inr Hn A < tnnr
meat on May 1C llkrly In On lirnuch
WAmitNUTOx Mm rli 77 To ilnjV notion of
the Houso of Heprfsemlntlvci In tIe upsetting
thu programme ut 4 Hakur Heed ChAirmAn
tu rolrAllO I
Cannon of the Appro Hut Inn Committee Ant
oilier ltou I > n lenders wi I hu nereptcd undoubt
edly by tlc lblr A q rplmKiilo t thflendershli t
of the t ltoue I > niiil tho t oocnlur gun i In tliu t war
fare of tlm im tnbera who win the floodgates
of legislation iiinnrit nenlnM 1 prikcr Heed anti
his donothing tNIIy of Vgislntloii
Cknlrmnii Cnnnnn moved that tlir Ilem n pro
ceed to tlio consideration nf tho Smutty Civil
Appropriation l Mil which luil Juit eoimi from
l the printer Friday uolni pHvnt Mil dnj
many members wero strongly In favor of let
I ting ttie Sundry CIIl bill 1n for u day while
1 they should hMO a tlmtiru to enti I up various
tills in which their iniiflltitintHuern Interested I
The Speaker mado no pnrtlrulnr tort tr brink I
down tim upjmf Itlon but thn tcadir uf tlio
Iou o Mr Dlngloy clM what ho could In pro
tect the Appropriation bill In In right of wn
The HopuliUcnn members In favor of observ
ing prhnto bill div were jolrinl by n tow intI
Iteed and MrKlnlo Republicans who wero
Knxlons only to etlrtiu a llttlo mischief nnd
by the Democrats who desire to let n chance
a t tim prtvntti calendar
The coinbliintliiti won nrd the Sundry Chit
Appropriation bill wan sidetracked Hpeaker
need took bli defeat goodnaturedly nnd paid
t a member nftcr ho bad descended from the
Wen now theyve not It and I wonder what
they nOldn with It
They did nothing or nt least very little
Indeed their victory was very shortlived 1
for In nocoptlng thn mipport cif the Democrats
they iiI rciunteil without their host The
llonse pnooeedee1 to lAke up the cases on the
calendar It being the Intention of the Hell
Ions to skip over war claims and bills of n
like nnturo In the interest of pension c ICS hut
their Democratic allies at ono objected to this
little game and Insisted that he calendar
should b considered In regular order It win
necessary to delate ut length each bill that
cane Up and 8 the day was wasted only three
pills receiving favorable action
There bos wen much criticism of Speaker
Heed policy of economy and do nothlnglsm
especially an regards his alleged untngmlim to
pension legislation In fact the Speaker bus
pM0 to the of
not bn opposed pussugo pension
blllf Ench Friday nights cession In si t npart
for the consideration of private nonnlon bills
and I Is not the fault of tho Speaker If the ma
j jority of the members refute to attend the sea
lions He his arranged moreover to glvn
the Pensions Committee I whole day next week
for bills npon which hey hare made favorable
reports but eomo of her more enthusiastic
friends of the Boldlers thought they must b
tinnSuidly active at tbliparticular time and i > o
they forced the fighting to diy against the advice
c of the Speaker and the other House leaden
enTer IA no denying that a largo number of
Republican members have been In a port of re
I bellion all the Fettelon at the biieakcrs ex
pressed determination to allow no business to
I M triuisacted that IH not of paramount Impor
tance but t keep the appropriations down to
I the lowest possible point and bav the House
f ready to adjourn at the earliest date conslct
I nt wIt necessary legislation I 1 probnbl
however that tho danger point I now passed
JL And that bpeoker heed will have his own war
fl There are two opinions amonir Congressmen as
V to the popularity of the amonJ policy but
V > j Speaker Reed Is convinced that be Is 1 right and
JLiho I Intends to maintain his programme to the
end Hn has an understanding with the lend
TJJprs of the Senate bv whlcn bus In WOT Is to be so
Jrnwxpedlted that both Houses of Congress will
1JUTT ready to close their doors for the present
s jMinn on May Ifi
J Xu IA Untied Preu
TUeevening session of the House developed
iF Republican family row regarding pension
Kf legislation rho first bill on the calendar was
= 4 that discussed on last Friday night a Senate I
J toll granting a pension of 10 a month to
1 Charles 12 Jones photographer for Injuries
received while ho was taking a photo
I graph of Longstreets fortifications at Suf
I folk Va under order of Gen John Pock
commanding the division to which
the photographer regiment belonged Mr
11 Connelly Hep J1 oppoised the bill and In
the course of his speech severely criticised the
Committee on Invalid PensIons for bringing In
bills of this class to pension men who were not
enlisted atoll while hundreds of sw ie bona
fide soldiers remained In the committee room
Mr Plcklcr Rep S D bitterly resented this
criticism and declared that It was a base
Blander upon the Invalid Pensions Committee
Mr Mahon Ro liJ apparently struggling
with suppressed foalIng said that a statement I
ha been mode on the floor which ought not to
an nncontradloted When the gentleman from
Illlsola Connelly had charged that I
r certain gentleman whom he need not
I name but whom nil the Republicans
i recognized as their loader applause had
f Interfered t suppress legislation In behalf of
r the old soldier he spoke without foundation
The Speaker of the House Mr Mnhon asserted
hal always given preference In granting recog
nition to members to those having bill for the
old soldier
Mr Qrosvenor Rep 0 spoke In a similar
Strain Pension Committee was all right
I eaald the evil was In the system of legisla
I tion Pension and Bureau tho political power that exist In the
f f Mr Connelly said that he had made no attack
I UnD the Speaker What he had said was that
I with great Republican majority In the Houpe
Republican quorum failed to appear nt these
X ° rlday night sessions and that there were too
many candidates for the Presidency with their
I friends In < this Congress engaged In promoting
their Interests t do justice to the soldiers In
the matter of pension legislation
Xuiio icket Propnied of Republlenn Elec
tor Bad Populist state Nominees
AUSTIN Tex March 27An effort Is to be
mal t bring about fusion between the Repub
licans and Populists the Republicans to support
the Populist ticket for all State officers upon
Condition that the Republican electors are to be
placed on the Populist ballots
The vote of the State two years ago stood i
Culberson Democrat L07107 Nugent Popu
110t 1627ni Makemson Republican S4S20
Bchlltz Lily White Republican 5023 Iheso
figures show that the opposition to the De
mocracy two years ano hud a majority over
COOO Tho defections from the Democrats
Ince then have greatly Increased number
The fusion movement was put on foot at Dal
las two weekt ago by J ar81 Green President I
of the Midland Railroad Judge W K Mnkein
eon and other prominent Republicans and Pop
ulists The lovuln say that the fusion will
Undoubtedly b made
Vo the Ch limHH of the Htnte Convention
t TelrgraphB to 1latt
None of the telegraphed stories of tho Texas
Republican State Convention published jester
day contained the slightest suggestion that the
delegates elected to St Ioula from the Ione
Star State might vote for Gov Morton hey
I were credited to Ion and Itttd They art
certainly for Alllaon or led as ngninst MrKln
hey but they are junta likely to be counted In
the Morton column Kx enatnr Thomas C
I 1latt received the following telegram yesterday
f morning from N W Cmir > chairman of the
Convention and uno of the lolcgatcK A large
I Congratulations Morton victory Our
t I Urge Btate Convention safe with four delegates at
Vhe llalldlnic Will II o llcnily for the I
liulillcun by Juno 1
BT Loris March 27 Work on the Republl
I can National Convention building It being
I rapidly pushed forward and the Iron glrdtr
f and truss u port for the roof urn completed I
I Is expected that the building will be llnlshed i
by June 1 The seating uipjtclt vvllllm oai < I
ranged that nvr HOOi > cctiturn cud nil the
deU rotes will have an unobitructed Ant 1 nf the
fliairiuana Iek
The laborers employed on the building threaten
t strike unless the rubioiitruclnrs dlschnrcn
I the nonunion men at work cm the run truss
work and girders
Kna and Hmrlh Delegate to Hi Iont >
BINOIIAUTOV March 0 7 The Twonlyolxth
Congress district Hepubllutn Couvontlan
comprising the counties of llriuune lunnnco
Delaware 1 loea and ompkius was held In thl
elty this aflern < > n The lion Frank I rnt or
Tomnklns4iud William A hmitliof TIoia wrc
lectod delegates to the St Ioula Republican
Convention nlternatis Major liurgo K irrun
1 of lUgghamton alI the Hon W c le > dould or
Delaware county I
tiov 1 erlaa New luslnr
The Rev Dr John P Alien formerly pastor
of the Hanson Place llaptlst hiirrli In llrook
lyn and Hill a rcsldunl ot that city lut ni
ccpted a rail to the ptumratn nf the Ilurceu
JJaotUt Church Jersey 111 of tvhiUi int I
Wert U a member Hr 111 has for sumo
time been the professor of Ivies In thu Auieri
< MQ Temperance University at harriman I
nl He will resign his place on taking charge
sM W Jiwy City church
AFP A hi or rite AnXr
Irluperh xchaa or ttatIeVarIn
nil laConcmsi Mennments
WAiticOTfl March B7ltather A lively
year Is I looked for by the troops In the tray ot
field exercises and Instruct Ions Afler July lalso
some chnngss of station are likely to bo made
half n dozen Infantry regiments or lore being
conildorallonwlth postlhlr some nrtlllory
and ceairy Among the Infantry may bathe
Tueiityfntirtli about uhlcli Mr Innpston
lately saw rlen Miles with 1 view of procuring
1 change The Klrit lecnnd Fourteenth Fit
teentli and Mxteetith are also tnentloue 1
Secretary lnmonts view adverse to thn hi
for ritlrltig arm oDIrers on the rank nnd pay
they I would havo hnd If I tommlssliincdnccurdlng
In volunteer ns well as regular service have
prevailed Tin cimnilttco hat log rbnrge of the
bill bni ropirtrd against It Another proposl
lion Inlroituced nt this session gives on advance
11 f n urndn on letlreimnt to all olllcers ho
I of ccl 1 In tho civil nr Ole ibjeetlomm to this Is
the nprne ni a very large portion biith of the
retl ifd utilcerri nnd nf KIOSK u lui In the linme
IIIIIIIlrl I ulll i bu reti ret nervixl tim tho i Ihl I
Hiir It I Is I tilt that I th irnosltlnii Ie I One If
liuiny h i iinstniitly al > p < nrlng based on t tie Idea
Hint I I would bii I 1 LCIIH thing to add tn limo al
v inn i incuts and reuarili already received by
ci 111 UTS who served tim country In the civil I wnr
Mxt years N I a long time I to wait for legisla
tion I on n claim but thu bill which a Sennte
rommltt has reportwl fir the relief of the
representatives nnd duvlsees of lames W
rirhniltiiburg IH based on his being deprived of
his ominislon ns Urst Lieutenant In IHHI
Another bill favorably reported Is for the bin
pilL of tclcgrnph operators who were oniphoyit
ninety days or moore durlni the civil wnr An
odvi rse report H nmcle upon the bill to establish
Hgnrrlrontd post nt Pierre len Miles having
that none H needed Iherl but the House com
mittee approves establishing one at lies Molnes
lie I Semite committees approval has been
given to a bill allowing Ito wearer of it mmlal
in II ear also a ribbon or In lieu of the medal iv
recite or knot to be provided by the Secretary
of Wnr
rime errncurrlng subject of the adjustment
of the account of Vet Point gradually under
thn Morton and Wntsondeclslons hits produced
1 favorable report 011 till for this purpose
Monuments continue to occupy the attention
of the House Library Committee recent reports
from It favoring a monument tnSmallnood and
tlio Maryland soldiers of the Revolution who
bad one miimvelhed to their memory nt Ilrooklyn
last year and 1 mouumint at Jort I Recovery
0 t those who In 17111 fell In Indian hostlll
ties under the command of Gen M Clnlr The
committee also ad vises erecting at Monterey a
statue to Commodore Smut A hill offered by
Mr Shnfroth npproprlntesSSAooi for n monu
ment to the women nurse of the civil v nr
ofllcers of the Loyal Legion to select the design
Ono by Mr Stokes appropriates 10000 for a
monument to ten Sutnter
The Wennto Paul the I < Bt tntlT Appro
prtBtlun lllll
WAsni OTOW March 27Tho Legislative
Appropriation hill passed the Senate today af
ter occupj Ing the attention of that body every
day during the present weak It appropriates
In round numbers SJlftOOOOO There was
much debate upon I firm on Senator Sherman
motion to strike out all the sections relating to
the compensation of United States District At
torneys clerks and marshals and putting them
under n salary fjstem Instead of the present
system of tees and another on Senator lllllit
motion to strike out a proviso banging the
time of meeting of the Legislative Assembly of
New Mexlio Mr Shermans motion 0 de
feated ytas IS nM 10so that the bill re
mains In that respect as I passed the House
Mr Hills motion developed n political con
troversy and notice tram given by Mr Uormnn
Dem ithi I that the discussion could not bo
out oft but would assume pretty largo dimen
sions With the object of avoiding this threat
ened political debate Mr Cilllom leI III
who was In charge of the bill moved to 1 mv II
Hills motion cm thin table but 11 Culloins
motion was dlsngreed to yeas 21 nays tO
The I Democratic senators were aided liy the
votes o the Populists mind of two Republicans
Senators Fry nut Wolcott Thereupon Mr
Cullura withdrew nil opposition to Mr Hills
motion and It was agrei to That practically
ended the consideration of tho bill amid It was
paused without n dlv Isiun
Monday Ihe Senate then at 140 adjurned until
Quite unexpectedly tho lou of Ronresentn
tlvcs fdav by a vote o 1 to 77 refufed to
consider the Sundry Civil Appropriation bill
reported yesterday adopting the motion of Mr
Hepburn Rep la l to take up bills J on the pri
bc tfr rn
vate calendar for ll first time this session The
adoption of this motion exhausted au hour and
another hour n as passed In discussing 1 muLlon
by Mr PIckier Rep 1 11 that only pension
and private relief bills reported from tho Committee
mittee on Mllltar Affairs be considered This
finally was agreed 1 to
Only l three bills I were considered rind they
were reported to the House with I a I o Iv
ton that they ho passed Before a vote could
bo taken upon them Mr Hepburn Rep InI
moved that when the House adjourned tonight
It be until Monday next and despite the strenu
ous opposition of Mr I anton Rep lihl
Chairman of tho Committee on Appropriation
the motion was agreed to 1 to 25
The House olr at 5 oclock was declared In
recess until 8 oclock the evening session to ho
devoted to the consideration of private pension
Representatives of the Chamber at Com
aerce lleTore a Ilonae Committee
VAunisoTOsr March 27Tho hearing this
morning before tho House Committee on Pub
lie Hulldlngs and Grounds given represento
ilves of tho Chamber of Commerce of New
York in support tho bill Introduced by Mr
Qulgg to erect a now Custom House on the
present site was quite spicy Mr Qulgg et
ecled to secure an Immediate favorable re
nirt as after Indefatigable < fort he had so
our 1 the support of most of the members of
the New York delegation
In view of the fact that the Bowling Green
site was selected by Secretary Wlndom whlc h
action was recommended by his predKessor
Secretary Falrchlld and that It then < met the
approval of the Chamber of Commerce the
c mm Ittee thought best to give representatives
of the ProducB Exchange a hearing and Tues
day morning next was selected for that purpose
prebentative Low has I bill to amend the act
selecting the Howling Green site so as to have
the worn begun and he and other New York
on members Tuesday will also appear before the committee
ron JKyftntsoxs I TITDA Y
A Celebration IVoJrctcil bJ the National
Association or Democratic CInb
WASHINGTON March y7 Chauncey F Black
a President of the National Association of
Democratic Clubs has Issued a call for a gen
eral observance of the birthday of Thomas Jef
erson on April 2
The President of tho Unltd Stale the Cab
net and the Democratic Senators and members
have been Invited to accompany the officers I and
Executive I Committed of the National Asoocla
ton of Democratic Clubs tri an excursion to the
tomb Hf the greut nnostlo of American liberty
At Month ello an address will bo delivered h
elIx William II I Russell of Massachusetts
to which there will bo 1 a response by United
States Senator John W Daniel of Virginia
Amy cud Nurr Order
WASIIIMITOV March S7 These army and
navy orders have bet n Issued
Jnot Assistant rnglneer Kmll Toll hu trend
acbol from tie Alhatrott and I ordered bOla with
tire month Irate Surgeon Jc 1 tfso ia teen or
d red to eisinlnsilnn for irnmollnn Wn lhlnlon
city lnit ii I 1 I VfoOulnncM hai Inen ordered 1 to
exani mist o m for iirouioiion rnpi OKra las ro
cruel 1 II rrt mnnths i xlfliilnn of ll O
First iieut Tray 11 kim onlnanr trlrl
11 will ititto 111 ti 111 lint loUlurll tile
iiioimth r A rIl Slay aiim i ui 9 rio iprlIgflii
A muir v ti tl I IC rk C ii n 11 1 laleim 1 i ire A rio
I mniiractirin lijaimy liartlori I oh itt id liii
ilim prmaI rrI7I ill on it ri i ilvers iiiiier I
1iave for two nionlhti I with itcrmlulon to apply for
an exliiinlnn I of lull niniiiliiUgruiiied L Major Iurlli
I illcc suritenn
c slit ldwurd 1 I vrrtu Aishtvnt t Suriteon will pr >
eoit from UlilDM imsrraice Arlron 10 lnrtuln
Kale V M 1 and report to UiocuinliiaiiUliin ofllcor for
vinpurary duty
ttnlirrl of WnlnB fur < onniil at t Cnpe Towa
WtMIIMiTos March 27 The Senate today
In cxocutlio tesMnn ronllrmed the nomination
of Irank W lloberts nf t Milne lo bo 1nltoil
Stales Conmilat CapnTown i and tliut of Genrgei I I
P I Jleikei I to be Collator of Cliitonis for limo
district uf Geiie ct = 1 York
Amrinline he Itiil Tnt > ll lllll
Al 11 VN V March T lie amendmentu to the
NOW Virk its llapld Transit law vrere reported
to the Sonatu t1i41 b > the Cities C onimlttee
with additional amendments lirol > iseil by the
Rapid Transit f ommKslmi The bill was rn
ferred back to tho rommltteo t 1 he muln amend
ment that Is I new h I that the contractors fur the
new railasy njnteni may bo compelled to pay
after five cars during which 1 pr cent I nd 1
dltlonnl rental i is tn be paid an additional rca ti
lit i11 > of I per iNit for live additional > cnr and
that if protluari gntier than fi ii0r pit IIe
urpln iuci > irv to flak I rental nf 1 per cent
ray bv tonpelled Kibe pail
Now for Vauchane Hd Ml Barclay HI j
Catalogue Juu true 5weI pels tree wIth etch plrel
S 4
Ta the season for purifying cleansing and
renewIng Tho accumulations of waste
everywhere are being romoved Winters
Icy Krnsp Is broken and on nil Hides i are
ndlcations of natures roturnliiK life
renewed force nnil
nvlikening power
I the time for purlfjiiiR thin blood cleatis
ing the Hyitem timid ruueuliu the ihslunl
powers Owing tn rlosn conllnemoiit 1 I
ninisliael pornplratlnn anti other causes
in limo winter ImptirltlfH have not I
iiisscil 1 nut nf tho syittermi HH they oliouhl
but huvo ncciinitilnted In tho blonds I
Is therefore tlio lust time to tiku hoots
Snr uinrllli liecuuio tliu Hystcia Is unw I
iinst In I need nf ineilicUH Tlint tools I
Snrwipiirilln Is the beat blood purilliT nnil
Spring tiitillcliio IH pruvcil by Its i vvomlpr
nl cures A course of lOOmis J Nirhupaiillii I
tow limy provciit treat suflViiii litter on
Is th One True lllood Purlller All druggists 1 I
Prepared only by C I Hood A C o Lowell Mass
InnrPe flre Liver Ills easy to J
Hood Pills Ire Jb a
1IUUU a fllli
5 5 5 tkl a ytoppw teS5o
Easter Tokens
Hu hate prepared for utYr
mal alerting silver noielttci
I with approjinate laiittr cards
i ilamty presents casting from
I thirtflJiif rent Up i
tiMriMwii tituS linjmrtirs
f + T 427i47
47td U1t
> V
v vfa 7
r I
P Ten
for 5 cts
000 Letter Carrier 0 Firemen the E r i
mnm the Ilrmnm the Hlnkermani the
Mmalhn the tTnilerlukerii and Other
Celebrated Unlnna Nephews nirthday
The band plnred Annie Laurie as they
marched up through the tpper Ten district and
swung Into Madisonnventio Hankers brokers
and merchants raised their window sashes and
poked their beads out of the windows to see
wlmt was rom II
The band played on nnd I thousand haiti ol
colored flrn shut from time Roman candles to
Join golden stars that fell In showers from
tho rockets f enl skyward by the men In charge
of the fireworks Ion Just behind the band
A church deacon on the sidewalk recognized
four east side undertakers among tho paraderi
Why there goes Jerry our letter carrier
said n pretty girt addressing her mother who
stood In the vestibule of one of tho hOUAM
The Idea she continued to think that he
has Joined the Salvation Army
110g lararal Zinc tararal Doom bang
7lngl went tho cjnibals and the band Jerry
was not the only letter carrier In tho line There
wero others II hundred others not t men
tion postal clerks tho night and clay waiters em
ployed In Dolans newspaper folders pressmen
printer night wntcbmen telegraph operators
bartenders barbers cashierscur conductorsind
delegation of 200 firemen Following In the
rear of this great army was an nmbtilinco with
time Dolan medical staff three cast silo doctors
whom Dolan < V Nephew of Park row employ to
visit fist llo sick peoplo who ore too poor t
pay a regular physician
IHtlu Harnry McQuuld tho omnibus In the
restaurant carrIed n transparency which bore
the Inscription I I
May bo live as many morn years
Hartley has been the Dolau oninlhus since
Nov I tho day little Johnnie Ireland let the
restaurant and went toJerso to kill himself for
unrequited love Ireland had a Dolan funeral
lob n funerals havo been told of boforo The
Dolan parade was the newest thing In town last
night Ilnde tho baker called a meeting of the
other employees In Dolann and said It would be
tlm Drop r thing to celebrate tho fortieth anni
versary of John Meebans birth Meohan Is the
Nephew ot tho drum He was 40 years old last
The arrangements for the parade were mode
arnco mne
n week ago Sixty musicIans were engaged a
permit was secured from tho Police Depart
ment mind a hall was hired The news spread
just as the news does about a Dolan funeral
Jf I li
Them were no fnncv uiltedired Invitations I but
this fellow told that ono und that one told
some one else Thats the way they Invited
each other Iho Utter carriers heard about
It and a special meeting of their associa 1
tion was called They resolved to fall In line
and march with the bold beau mild icra The
tip was given iiut to meet at Third avenue and
1 Kith street ars4 oclock sharp The bund cot
there at 7 The musicians crowded up aanlnst
the drug store wludow at the corner and made
so much noise that several thousand people
7atherod At half past 7 delegations of
Dolans customers began t arrive They
were followed hy tho men who sup
ply tho restaurant with food Tbeie
was nickoy the butcher Louis the plo driver
Pope ihvcggmnn May the milkman Itatitn
gartner time cruller man 11 dough losxers from
the O I K baker Brown tho cigar man and
Itllly the oysterman Then came Kinn tho
Kast Ilroadway undertakerCassldy and Ilacu
Mount Olivet gravodlggcm who have burled
tho principal characters at DoUn funerals Nel
lie the cook and Napkin Annie the only two
women employed In the Dolan restaurantdrove
up In a roach
Tie flrnworks wagon did not come until 0 I
oclock The Inker man had han practising
all day yesterday In a Central Park riding
academy but be was afraid to trust himself on
horsehnck when the time arrived to marshal
tie army He footed It In his right hand he
carried 1 long iword
At seven minutes past 0 the sinker man or
dered tie band to play The musicians started
oft with their Zing larara Ing Tiirara and
I las < Marching Through Cieugla leading
the soldiers of beef and beans aims imst I 11 1 Dili
sreet with the lireworks w lon bringing up In
the rear Tho line of marc h was through Madi
son avenue and thonco to the Dolan dwelling
a fourstory brownstone structure facing
Central Park between lUOth and isut
ntnots Here Nephew Median resides with I
I ncle Dolan After half a dozen serenade mel I
odies Mtehnn was hauled out on tliu front
stoop dipt Ice an exactor made 1 speech
Among other things he said that Dolun bad
Karl < life as a waiter In bweene > s iftitel <
and that todny the business of time Park
row lestaurant enabled him to lire
In stjlo opposite Central Park He
said many other things and then Nephew
Moehan was drugged down flora the stoop and
anuled away to the harlem Assembly Hull at
2111 East KOth street Here the pnraders ate
Iratik and mad speeches Tho sinker man
8111Im stui ted the < bull aroll Ing Mounting a table he
Im not much of a spooohmnker but since
Im a buy 14 years old In this country ever body
knows I hit mi firm pftis the best Wiles for the
east monoyof hours of time that can i osslblllty
30 understood from this country through time
United States to Australia This Is tho frt
thing I wish to say The second Is thntlt Is I now
eevei years on the 14th dny of hcpti mbor
ISCJ since that man nhoui we honor tonight
cal to us and sail 1 I believe In no cheap
labor My motto < this best waiters In the
country therefore I shall pay you double
And what did he did geiitlemens after that 1
did What did ho did Ho did It tints what be
Hurrah Hurrah Hurrah shouted the
crowd and the sinker man got down from his
perch < and < made room for Superintendent
Meeks of tho Letle rCarrlors Department In
the Post Onire 11 Meek praised Mr Median
and ended appealing to the crowd to do nil In
their power to advance the WIt of the New
York letter carriers Mr Meeks m ulo way for
Letter Carrier McOlnty of station Y Mr Mc
jlnty then sang a German dl ilect aug
K clse Commissioner Joseph turry who by
the way marched In tho human Arm got cm
tie table and < said ninny good things
about hli friend Meelmn Peter Rose the Aalur
House newsman who a few days ago celebrated
hum 84lh birthday also madu n speech
hanky Jones the veteran volunteer fliemau
and formerly foreman of Engine 40 was the
next speaker Then there was a series of
speeches by the followingnamed vets nil of
whom mounted tho table Larry Daltnn ex
onmen of 17 Hose Chris Reynolds exfore
nan 01 17 Engine William Van Slcklen I
oremnn of il Engine Peter J Hlckej of En
glue aim Albert IItcorn of I Engine Ilinotby
Jononui of 111 Hose Simon Steiner of Elm
rlno 14 Charles Mulford of Iloso 40 Larry
Morley Engine I 14 Jamen MacVclg of En
Kino 41 I Daniel Molt of Iloso 11 K ° bort 1
Noon President of tie Exempt Asn ° clitlon
Thomas Clnri the lust big chief of time Volun
teer Fire Department There were only IHU
others present who were on thn programme to
speak still listening 50 tnat B midnight the lean Army was
VI1llam r Hall Oracallea the AMertea
IAage of the Grand Army of the Cross
The American League of the Grand Army of
the Cross I the name of n now organlratlon
whose aim Is tlio evangelization of America
The organlzttlon of the new movement was
effected on Wednesday tildht In the First Pres
byterian Church of Greenwich Conn tho
founder Irelnit William J Hall whoso office
Is at A Ilroadway Mr hail U a man of large
mentis For many years ho lias given nuiil
nf tie time hn rOll spare from business to
evnngctlcnl work tliroughnut New England
His experience In this I tiitl gate hInt tho Im
presslon that tha prnblem nf evangelizing
tllon tllt IlolMm canlelzlll Airier
lea had not beon soi ici Ho I did not btl Ire
that tie solution MIS In tho rhurc lies In homo
missions or In time Salvntlon Army and ha
conceived the Idei of the organlatlon which
will be knoirn In the tutura an the AmerliAn
Lengno nf tie Grand Army of tho Cross In
a pamphlol which Mr Hall got out last July
the plan anti scope of the nrganliatlnn Is I given
Tie following constitution of tho league contains tho
Te object of the league shall h to pro
mote a revival of the spirit work and general
evangelistic enterprise of primitive Christian
ity The league shall aim to arouse thc dor
mant energies and to resurrect the burled tal
ents of tho great number of Christians wlo
are now practically dead unto works Any
Christian believer who Is I In good and regular
standing In any evangelical church and who
will cheerfully sufcscrlbi1 tn our declaration cif
principles 1111 our constitution and pledge
and ngrco to be bound and governed 1 thereby
may become a member of this league by en
listing as a soldier Persons convertcd In time
work of the league ma become members of the
organization but they must In every case
jln some evangelical I r church of their choice
within two months tin reafter
The league N i n semlmllltary organization
The unit Is tho coiupiny Out of tho com
panics are formed regiments The regiments
constitute the league No uniform Is to b
worn by soldiers or officers
Tho nidge of the organization Is a cross
enamelled in the league colors red white
and blue I bears tho t Initials A L U A
C In speaking of tho organization yesterday
Mr Hall said
No organization can strictly b American
whoso officers lire not elei ted by finite they
command Therefore tho officer of tho league
will be elected 1 annu ill iiy tho companies and
regiments No ollker in th ort inlntlou IH I to
receive any pi sine thin thin PresidentCol
ends the I heads of the Stain otgnnlZAtlnn The
plan Is as broad as hristlinlt We shall
welcome to our ranks Piotetnnt Jew or Ro
man Catholic Once In the organlatton
though tho voliinter must Identify hluisolf
with a church of his choice It makes no illtTcr
erne what 1 will liu our aim to make our
meetings o popular imm mi opera or a theatrical
obtainable performance e olinll have the best music
Mr Hull wa born nt Stamford Conn Feb
ruary 1MI4 His father was Ihomos S Hal
of Hartett N I tho Inventor of tie auto
matic block sistine signals for railroads Edu
cited nt Hrattlobom Vt Mr Hall made a
special study of elvnamlcs and mehanles < and
be Improved his father Invention Ho t nne
member of the Adirondack League tho Law
yers und Railronil clubs of New York nn nato
late member of the American Society of Klec
rlcal Knglneors a member of the Riverside
Yacht Club of Stamford the Indian Harbor
itovnl Yacht Arch Club Masons anti of the Rlttonhouse Chapter of
Description of the Cop for the Team Cham
plonhlp or the 1encer League
The Shaw trophy for the team championship
of the Amateur Fencers League America has
jut been completed by the designers
1 bis trophy was first contested for on Feb
SO a the New York A C and was won by the
team of that club by a score of H7I11 TIm
other teams competIng were tbo Fencer Club
score 77110 anti lararl l11vcnlty Fencers
Club 8ror IO Ihn new rork A e tam
was cortueI of R 0 Hauhold e H Hothlpr
mend George riavnnnih Mr Shaw tIe giver or
the trophy Ie n memhlr ot tie Nate York A C
This trophy replaces ono given live years ago
S Wy
otcts ltAlvr 5
v ms6 I
TEAM TRornr ron rE CEns
by the New York Turn Vereln The latter was
won once Dy the Fencers Club and three times
by > the New York A C In the four years It va
competed for The terms of the gift provided It
should become the property of the club winning
it three times and I accordingly It passed Into the
possession I of the I New York A f on the I occa
sion of their third victory lost year
lie new tronh IsntTercd I upon time tame con
ditions and three victories not necessarily In
succession will secure it to ornament perma
nently the club hOI of the winning team
llme 1 New York A C has already scored tho
1m win and ll Is very likely this second hand
omo trophy will go tho way of Its predecessor
Chance In the Ilnndlenp IJ the Hoard of
This season the players of the Westchester
Polo Club of Newport are not handicapped a n
body the men being rated In the lists submit
rd by the other clubs to which they belong It
f s one of Iho steps that mark the change from
he old field to the new polo ground constructed
a the Newport Ciol Club Thn Westchnster
Iiiio Club till exlMs ns a body and has 1 lease
nf the Newport grounds for a icier more A
considerable surplus has Accrued In time hands
I if I the Treasurer some Sl1000 It Is said
and whether thh will b divide among the
uinilwrs or turned over to time I Nowiiort Golf 1 I
t luh an n 1010 trust fund Is a point still
to bo 101
Tbo Ieiln Association has arranged the Individ
ual i handle un fc rtbe ipening InurnniiunlH i K I 1
Fu 1 who pi ind for llronMIno cri the champion
tiHtn In tlu Irohuict Park tininc will play
with I I tlm Mjuphis tb sit elm and I e nil ttri t4
ll < < oiK nn lmcria i > nf I In tie I Muiilow
lirnok Hit I G 1 I ruMH i 14 i nlvnneed from I to I
VA C EustU roil hint from 1 1 tie 4 undo W
Hint from H to 7 N He nder nn has been nil
vaiiced from 110 I nt the Morrl I ciunt Coun
trv I ill
In thin Rookaway hit John Y I Cowdln Is re
duced from 10 I Iii mi and v Kiilhurford from 7
to it while All > ert 1 riuickex Impost Is raised
from 4 tn I 1 At Mciinu A P I dardner U
iMniilliiMl a 7 an loln of I At the West
Chester Country Club the WHterbury hays J
M Jr 1111 I are inch riild 1 from H lo 7 mend
I L I Hecekmati Is cut from 1 mutt I H O Iliv <
muer Jr ut IH n mew mun 1lie other
chiuges are unlinrHirtunl
Jim I u Polo 1 A rcIII inn hits decided lo play the
crutch gaunt for tlm c IRIII I I n i h1 nnd tlm
Astor guhi cup at Prosptci Iurk In September
Knclanel llil > nt 1ureliiKeil llelncnn Slay
LONDON March 27 Thn report published In
the hroniele tndav that Great llrltalii hn pur
ehmm4etl Delagoa Hay East frlta from the
r rluco < U I oUklaUy dcnlud
TlB vrittitxn ifiBiinATKD nr 4
They Hnve Mnrdered Home Whites and a
nham right with Xlnuntrd 1atroli Is
ne tnrtedCeell Ithndri Mains to the
Hee e Jlr ilnmeien StepS Them quId
LONDON MarcIi S7Plr hercules RobInson
Governor of the Capo Colony hW tolegraphec
from Cape Town tn Mr Joseph Chamberlain
Secretary of titnto for tint Colonies that In tho
revolt of the Matnbelcs In the Inioja and Fll
nbustl districts fotn whites were killed with
knlvct amid four were wounded Ceil
nlil 1111111 ell Napier
with 7Vmen Is iirocemllntt to Klngen loar
rest a whelm doctor who was tho Instigator ot
tho revolt
A despatch from Capo Town says that a
force of colonltls under command of I C
Solous has started for time disturbed district
In Mntabeleland t quell time revolt of tho na
tives there
CArr TOWN March 27MrCecll J Rhodes
Into Prime Minister of Limo Capo Colony has
started for Iluluwnyo 1 Is I reported that a
sharp omcountcr ha taken place between a
party of mounted patrols and a force of MoAn
boles at a point twotityflvo miles from llulu
These dcfpatchei cay that a witch doctor In
stigated the Matnbolo revolt After tho Main
bale war was over two years ago It was pro
claimed throughout the domain of the Ilrltlsh
South Africa Company that witch dortnrlng
must roam Dr Jameson time Administrator
of tho country told tho Matalieles that ho
ouhl Betel ely imulsh any one who practised
tho arts of fet dI I lime fetlc b II witch
doctors llvo I I on their t nits by plnvln Ipll will t
credulity of the people lo Ilengula I tIme limo 1
KInfc vvis the greatest fetich doctor unions
tho Mntabeles Hli ptnplct belloved Unit tin
could even control the rainfall Hunilreds of
othnr fetich doctors In the country wen ho
llcved lobe unIt less potent than the King
Of Into their occupation bus been gone nfl
thiny ho faced thu nocossitj of earning their
living as honest men do Ihey hate time whiles
bitterly and 1 It Is not surprising to hear that
revolt their Influence Is at the bottom of the present
In August last It was reported on reliable
authority that white men might wander un
armed and alone throughout the length mend
breadth of Matabeleland In perfect safety
The natives had great confidence In Dr Tame
son and appeared to he much pleased with the
great change for the better tn their condition
After the war all the chiefs or Induuat were
summoned to lluluwnjo and were delighted
summone 1llhto
with the result of their Interviews with Dr
Tameson for they had expected to be stripped
of 1 their nuthorlt Title In effect Is what
Dr Jameson said to them
Wo want each of you to go back t jour
people and rule them We shall hold you re
sponsible for their good conduct We stall
not interfere with any of jour customs except
In three respects I Wo shall severely punish
crimes mich as murder I and l th trel We shall
not permit you to go on the uarpath against
other tribes Wo shall punish liny ono who
prt lee fetlchlim Our police will lie within
cal and yam will hate their aid If needed In
case of trouble We will pay jour people to
vvt > rk for us They nay own their own lanJs
and till them The King would not let
IIII ti Thl Knl woull you
own cattle but hereafter each man will own
all tho cattle he raises
Under Jamesons rule there Is t no doubt that
tho Matabele thrived kept the peace and cm
tho whole were content Hut he had their
confidence 11 no other man had and his In
fluence fleer them was remarkable Hundreds
if the old warriors of Lo Ilengula last summer
were working nt brlckmaklne menu other In
dustries nt Iluluwavn Hut the man who had
kept them quiet for two year left his ofllc lal
lutles tn Invade the Transvaal The Mata
Xles havo heard of course of his failure and
mpiisonment Indnubtcdly tho clvlladmln I
utrutlon of tho country was thrown Into some
disorder bj Jnme ons dosertlon of his post
I was n good opportunity for the fetloh doc
ors to fan Into llama any element of discontent
tnt and they tjccui t havo Improved I
Iii Make a Bpoech to the National Lib
eral Federation
Lotnov March 2At todays session of the
National Liberal Federation at Iluddsrsfleld
Mr Robert J PrlceM P moved this resolution
which was unanimously adopted
That this Council realllrms Its adherence to
the orlncloles for which the Federation has al
ways contended records Its continued confi
dence In Lord Uosebery and his colleagues and
pledges Itself not to rest until by education In
Liberal principles and by the organization of
Liberal forces In the constituencies the triumph
of this party 1 again assured
Only forty Liberal members of the House of
Commons were present Lord Rosebery was
the only member of the late Liberal Cabinet In
President Dr Robert Spence Watson was reBlocted
A publlo meeting that was very largely at
ended was held In the Rowley Music fall I this
evening The principal speakers wore Lord
tosnhory and Mr Herbert J Gladstone M 1
In his speech Lord Rosebery denied that the
Liberal ofllcinls hud exerted undue Influence on
the Federation He said he would b glad If
he Federation were more guided by ofllclnl
ibm He Instanced the Newcastle programme
whIch he declared was too long for practical
mrposes He declared that the Leeds meeting
to denounce the House of Lords hud been con
vened at an unfitting moment Roth tho New
castle I programme and the Leeds meeting origi
nated with the Federation I and the leaders of
time party had been compelled to accept the
ferring to Mr Chamberlains speech at the
iunmmer of the CanallanClub In London lrd
nsihery said that the Colonial Secretarys plan
for n commercial union between Great llntaln
and hrr colonies demanded the gravest consid
eration before It was accepted
Lord Rnt > ebery then touched upon foreign re
atlons Ho complained thai tie Government
bad not divulged Its reasons for undertaking
the Soudan expedition and declared that It I
seemed that tho counlry was being fooled Even
omens abroad he added warned Great Britain
to concentrate her energies yet the Government
was locking her resources in a desert
InveNtlcatlafc the Nanen Rumor
BT PETEnsnrno March 27 A despatch
from Irkutsk Siberia says that messengers
were despatched on Fob 25 and March 10 from
fnkutsk to Inquire Into the truth of the report
bat Dr Kansen was returning after having dis
covered the North Pole These messengers were
especially Instructed to ascertain where when
and by whom Dr Nansen was seen
Mr William I OIlrlrn llankrnpter
LONDON March 27Tbe Bankruptcy Court
has granted to Mr William OBrien formerly
member of Parliament for Cork city coneD
lonol discharge from the judgment of bank
uptcy pronounced against htm last year In con
sequence of his failure to pay the costs claimed
hr his counsel Mr Patrick Chance M P I who
irosecuted Mr OHrlens suit against Lord
nllsbury for slander In consequence of his
laving been adjudged a bankrupt Mr OHrlen
was obliged to vacate his seat In Parliament
Th Duke IVIthdrntTB nil Claim to lloro
LosinoN March 27 In the House of Com
mons today Mr A J Ilalfour First Lord of
time Treasury road a letter from the Duke of
Cambridge resigning his claim to the special
lenslon which It had leon proposed to grant
him on the ground Hint ho did not wish to sub
Joel the Ministerial party to any controversy
over the matter
Ur Pciterl Will Quit Orrmnnra Hervlee
nrnfi March 27Dr Peters the African
explorer against whom grave charges have
been made regarding his conduct as nn official
of the herman Colonial Government Intends to
re lgn trom the Gorman t service no mattir how
ho jiullcUl Inquiry Antci nls conduct end He
vlll go to tioinalilnnd In the service of a foreign
A Ualti In time English Channel
LONDOV March 27A heavy gale prevsllid
in the English Channel last night and a large
lumber of llbhlng boats hive lnl > c < ii pfiiKoln
time harbor nf Deal I and Marpit III a disabled
audition Time liver I I nit is and OMi ndMenin
crc are greatly mlelaemi nnd have been dam ved
by the heavy seas
Phrases In M InnUtana Reitaurant Ihnt
are Greek to tliti Unlnlllittril
Lunchcounter slang Is Greek to the unin
itiated Like most slang how over It Is very
expressive and time titles of tho lunch room
have plenty of truth to recommend them and
not n llttlo poetry Ono of the best railroad
lunch counters In the South Is nt llnmtnond
La This may be or It may not bo because the
man who luns It Is a Northern man According
to his account the lunchcounter lexicon of the
South I quite different from that of the North
When I went to Hammond ho said I
didnt know what the men were talking about
half the time Two or three crews of railroad
men would come In together and I didnt know
what they wanted when they Qrcd their orders
at me There was onethlng I could understand
though nnd that was thin please sir with
which almost every Southerner would finish his
request The Northern man says Gimme n
cup COffee The Southern man says Glmnio
a cup o coffee please sir That It time way the
ordinary traveller would ask for coffee With
the trainman anti the regulars drummers and
soon It Is different
Then he gave extracts from his lexicon same
of which are worth recording
Short and sweet moans beans anti molasses
Gimme a Trilby foot means Pass me n
Tried pigs foot Tho same desire Is often ex
pressed In a request for a grunter or n
live thand box a kick down this way
means Pass the sugar
Drive the now down this way Is an old and
honored method of asking for thin milk
Slop and sinkers means coffee anti dnuuh
nuts The I doughnuts at this pnrtlcnlar counter
have been honored with the new title of life
preservers Another peculiarly apt expression
for this arllclo of diet Is fried holes
Pass the dope Is a request for bitter
Haminerlne mean hopped ham
Ono boxing glove wIth plenty of lining
means n snndwich with n liberal nllounrire of
dam Ono boxing glove without a shadow
Is the sandwich moderately provided w lib ham
Three slides clown to vt end Is I nn x
presslon peculiar to New Orli nns and Its Iclnl
ty Lunch counters In these places hnvo nun
end for colored people only nnd a request for
Threo slide down to western IH time way in
which tIc alter tells time TOOK to act nut rolTi
and doughnuts on what hu tails tho rigger I
end of the counter I
Sweet potato plo Is n great favorite In the 1
South and the men come In a klntr lot ntn
tate poume Another tmnin for sweet potato pin
s poodle plo Kverjthlng Is ruMard too In i
bo pie line Ordinary custard pi Is i called
egg custard lemon plo It lemon curs
tard potato pie is potato custard nnd I
so on Cranberry pie is famllln ly Known j
as red nie while mince plo Is I variously called
1 mystery plo and Jamboree pie Pie with
two crusts Is known as twostory plo coil
doublebarrelled pie Plefi with one eriist nr I
called openfaced pie slnFlebarrellcd pie I
and onestori pie Celluloid plo Is another
name for custard pie
Ham and eggs are called for as Kansas City
chicken and Adam nnd Eve Adam and
Eve seems to bo a favorite figure of speech for
cprcsentlng an egc scrambled eggs lielne
known as Adam and Eve shipwrecked while
egos on tonal are called Adam and Eve ohm a
raft Oilier names for rambled ccg nrc <
agitated egg storm tossed and ecus
around the curve Fried rgss unturned mere
called eggs with eyes open sunny lde up
straight tin and two white cringe turned
down Soft boiled eggs are described as a
light on the ocean wavo while n hard boiled
egg Is called n light under time waves Fried
eggs turned over are called In the dark or
with a black eye
Short and white means sausage and bean
One sole without shoo means a beefsteak
Java In the dark means black coffee
Hong Kong on crutches Is ten without
Cake Is variously demanded ns white cake
and black cake whlln leo cream Is easily
ecognlzed In n demand for cold food
They Ilave Cut Plenty of Joe but Cannot
Get Them Out of the Wood
QcrnEC March 27Severnl of the Quoleo
lumber merchants now In Kngland to make
contracts for summershlpments of lumber from
Canada cable that time Knulls demand for
Canadian lumber Is better than last year and
that prospects are promising for a fairly active
business season Op the other hand them o Is
some fear here that shippers ma > havcdlftli ulty
In tilling their Kngllin orders cm inroiint
of the prospect cif a short supply of legs al
most nf the mills Iho cut eif logs In Cana
dian woods and especlnll In tie Ottawa dis
trict has been ns largo ns usual lint tIe
winter has been a most unfnvorable ono
for getting the logs QuIt of the forest During
the first part of tie season there was not until
clent snow for logging und within the last few
week them has been Mich n contlnuil air
cession of storms that It has boon vlrtiinllv Im
looslble to kemp bush roads open or to draw out
logs In such a depth of mow lime 1 water of the
ttresms will doubtless therefore bo too low for
uc cessful driving of locts before I boy can bo cIt
oceibor In thorn This In unfortunate for CN
nathan lumbermen for hast year when lumber
was plentiful here the market was Inactive
and there was a break In tin prices of nil but
superior grades Iho English market Is I limited
and conservative easily overstocked arid de
moralized and takes only the very bcstquallttts
of timber and lumber
The principal market for Canadian lumber Is
in the 1nlted States anti an overstocking or
epresslnn intbat market In Imnidiatelj tilt ii
Canadian lumbermen I his inarki t has become
enormously overstocked with Inferior guides
produced In western Ontario during tho last
mil present seasons the result being that
Canadas western lumber trade is In athnrough
iy demobilized condition aided by the Increas
log quantities of Southern pine cut each > cur
which Is finding n market further and further
north until now It Is competing with Ontario
coarse lumber In thn 1nltid totesas far north
a s the south shorn of Laku Ontario
nis GREEN boils LATOVF snrn
Curler Hay lie I No Longer In the Heel
psiIal Ilrrurmrn for Clients
Jack Curlcy and his mistress who used to be
known In Tenderloin district at Itrrtlo Said
were held In 1000 ball for examination In time
larloin Police Court jevtcriluy for having
a green goods outilt In their lint at 71 West
Ninetyeighth street Curley told Magistrate
vudlleh that the laiaut was eight jeara old
mcmiii that ho had d cute tin groen goodi ImslniM
since lie promlscol Detective IlleVni when ho
van arrenied eight years ego in give It up
Iin ld nlnll > lie Mini liii H it u ill In U ills of
mono In Ito m greon gondi liiaainH
hlviiknowti come im from Almka and
California and tin rt > uteri > plenty of clirmiueri
nclSlicrlffoand nther peopln nu wouldnt ex
ert to bite among em Mint ol the clergy
mmmcii used to emey juicy stern bumsummy for u ineiiii or
imf their ecingregatlnn but I didnt Hike mm h
toeV In thai Hong and dniicu I heard It Coo
often ho Mild
rialnrlMd Trolley Rxtrnnlnn Var
Fur two months cltleim of Plalnfleld N J
have been flghtliiK thn proposed extension nf
thin loci trollc > line tlirniiKh Ilfth btrecU Thoy
got nnlnjuni I lion restraining tin company from
irocetdiiif wlih the work Last night the Coin
uon t ouin il iinth rued the rallwa rumpnnr
to goalniid aul itni tor I einuel V riiirell
with a fnrcont I mii < men started at inca upon
Iii i work Hi ml iii ii ulil mvr nil blocks hud betn
tt rim up and tl t I em ut k i tiC layi rig rails was pro
ceding rapidly
Odd nail Kuilv nrHitnrt
T > Tint Fitly Ii ur Iii M Sir tie llailirourk
iKtlttilii A V K ills iiluptiiii of thi Inlrrieliolni
i I Vivi uilnii i of tCC turk Net hircyauit t liniok
it II l lull Iblll tal I I wlllillK In III o Jill ni UK14
fur Ilm lllle llrr i I1 i it humS dlniior llu >
iuruutit Intlltiili I tiller utf I llurrlxui and c rcwm
ueummttes Jtrm mity J
J 1 c i t icier the rust oni who fiiuli a hail hy
maul Illlig It with I 14 I elie Ixfoin a trole lliltl III
limo Hisltlou of a plaei who iiiadu u iiius and lie
hull only loot title teal but forMU u lull t
in winie time 1C would count as a rarlr ktrcikr
sal I ho roun stand tie cou aucnc of UU otgll
lien Meyler Order that Innnrarnt flere
ultrr lie Trrnted cc HsndltsMaoes
mid Other Lender Are Olvlnic the HpasM
lard Great Trouble IK IMnar del fin
MAtiltm March 27 Reports received lter
from Havana sny that the Insurgent leader
Ciillxto Garcia with a number of followers and
a quantity of arms ammunition Ac baa
landed on the shores of Cuba
HAVANAMarch I l 2rhie news received from
Plnnr del Rio Is meagre Several columns of
Government troops aro pursuing Maceo and
other patriot leaders who are said to 1 b
moving westward The Insurgents have at
tacked time fort nt Plnnr del Rio city and ars
destroying a gloat denl of property Tho Gov
ernment troops hnvo been ordered to prevent
tho return uf Maceo Into the Havana province
CaptainGeneral Wcyler has Issued an order
declaring that Inasmuch as the Insurgents aro
eluding engagements with time Government
troops and aro committing arson arid other
crimes such lands will hereafter be regarded
as bardtts and treated In acccirdanco with the
CaptainGenerals Inst decree relating to such
llm Internment trooni report the capture of
an intiirdent camp In the neighborhood of Los
Pnlns near thin lino dividing tie provinces of
Havana and MatnniiH loKethi with a number
of raId a medicine chest and me quantity of
Provisions machete Ac The I official report nf
time nlfalr pnvn Tlm enemy had niiinv looses
leaving In nur hands ten eleacl lime 1 Govern
ment troops had none killed and mmli n few
wounded I 4
let Paiclo In command of the Second Army I
Corps has mooted bis iieauiqun Cloy fromwanta4
I lace nn Interior city to Clcnfueuoie on tie
southeast coait
JlAVAvv Mnrch 20 via Tampa March 27
Yesterdays cnblc crams fnun Madrid report
that ilm Autonomists of Puerto Rlro lime
auiecd lo take no part In the approaching elec
eiior Castellanos Minister of time Colonies
tears that the Auionomlsts cif Culm will like
wlo re fine to net Si flor Castellanos regreti
tin tiincl t taken I b > the lioforiii part i and par
tlculnil l the Impiirlnncn Hint may be attached
to KUch action h > other nntloiii
Mueh I com me nt t bns I ten caused In Madrid by
the e cry weak denial given bv the official press
to the report that Gen I Ucvler will return to
the Continent H ItuuimrctaL has published a
notice of his early retui
Nt UWICIAL ffiiri A Ito ur DTOAIIT
The Htnte nrpnrtmrnt Active but the
pnnlwh Aatlinrltlr Maw
WASHINGTON March 27 The State Depart
ment Btlll profeies lo be without Information
from ComulGi ncrnl Williams about the case
of Walter Dygnrl of Illinois who Is Imprisoned
at Gulne7 Tele graph lines are down and rail
roads arc not In running ordor between Havana
and Gulnez but tlm Administration Is becom
ing uneasy over the delay In answering Lisa Con
uldeneruls repeated request for Information
and IH desirous of hav Ing some specific reply It
Is believed hers that the Insurgents occupy the
cnnntrv between Hav ana nnd ttiilnez and that
the Spanish authorities nt Hav ana are unablo to
Gccuro any news from Uulnu7 for that reason
but are unwilling to admit the fact
HcpieentatUe Hopkins of Illinois In whose
district DjKarl holds logiil residence has Inter
ested hluinelf In the nue and has urged the
Slate Department to do what calm be done for
hU constituent
No English Intervention In Cuba
dASlIrNQTO March 27 Secretary Olney
Sir Julian 1 Pauncefote the HrllMi Ambassador
and Dupu Do Lome the Spanish Minister all
pronounce an abstirdlt the published jam that
Great Hrltnln Intends to Join time United State
In Intervention In favor of the Cutmn Secre
tary lmmiy aims ii ho never has heard antiling of
tie Llnd Htiggested ounldo tie iimv paper Sir
Julian Pauncefntu has It would ti l > a radical
and complete reversal of the traditional pollcv
of limit Hrltaln In reirard to imatrulitv and I
Dupuj do Loino s lys time start Ieies started by
the Cuban agitators In New ork S
Time t ulinu Junta to Have New Ileadquar fc
Tho Cuban Junta owing to Its Increased staff
of clerks bus found Its present offices In tit
I Hnmdwnj too small and will remove tn day to
larger Dinners al 61 New street Richard
Smith the American Secretary of the Junta
has In > n htisj fur the pleat focv lat a at time new
officesdlvldlngthem I i IIIPIII I b a vviiy hat t the t many
cr ink1 w hi mire elallj callers nt the Juntn anti
imeve extilmusit cIt vihlch the claim will how the
nhlH of tlm t naiii mim n ivy In I atoms cannot
re u h Minister Paluui woo is time tan etof these
A Slateraent bf VIr turron Ifrlatlax Co te
llxipllun Fund
IONnnsr Mirch 27In the House of Com
mons todav Mr George N Lurzon said that the
Government did not Intend to send a Ilrltlsh ex
pedition to Donirola next autumn Ho further
said that the sanction of the advance of the
Fgyptluerm reserve fund tow aril the cost of the Nile
expedition nov under way did not rest Allh the
powers but with time CominJslon nf the Fgyp
tlun Public Debt who hod tim right to decide
whether the advance should bo made Hy the
Vote of n majorlyof the Commission he said
they had so decided
He Hay His Itelatlnan with Mr Chamber
lulu Are Not Hlrulned
PltETOitiA March 27 Prfsldunt KrOger baa
Issued an official denial of the reports that the
relations between Mr Chnmberlaln the HrllUa
Colonial Secretary and hlniRelf are strained
am Stone of Slltnurl jesterdsy Kruntcvl respite
tn iitlcr ollsret emil liMit Harris who wero la
IHI I limited jemerdn ut Kuiixmc n until April at

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