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ftrbSitifl tje
UU For New York nnJ Its Vicinity
ITS so tti + Generally 1 air light variable wind
Il BIn coifanxsa AT JlnI
They Dlecusn Kvcry QUo Thnt Has a
tVomna la Ilrnglnad and Not EKTft I
0 t the Bottom of he Nfl Campaign
The Great Mnln Henndnl In Hnly1ord
BalUtmrr Flnylng Uolf Ulnta the Hall
hut Ileats Heollnnd it Terrific IIIow
I A Frenchman Decide When a Vomna
Bteorac an Old Maid Tit Prlnc
or IVaU Wilt Try to Reduce Ills
t YTelahtHandajr Obiervnnee Lrnindt
I 4 tyfefat Catie fteffpafcb to Tux But
LOPDOH April 11Even Lhe fame of the new
t prophetess has paled In Paris this week befors
1 the rival attractions of tho International Wo
man Congress There has scarcely been a dull
moment In the four tty sessions whereas
bad the participants Lcen moro men tho pro
ceedings would have been Insufferably boresomo
J The only hour of harmony was when the dele
gates from Great Hrltaln tho United btates Ger
t many Uclitlnui and other countries were Intro
1 i duced a the opening session
J The real Interest began when Itfwas proposed
to elect 1me Pognon Itfas This pro
voked nn emphatic protest from Mine Leonie
Roujano tho wollkiiown obstructionist She
aald there wero learned ladles present who had
v btter right to prosldo than Mme Pognon
who only kept a lodging houso
W arc all Socialists here cried Mme Peg
Dons supporters t Our Chair nomnn keeps 1
family house near the Aro do Trlomphc and
I sh it ns good as a femlnlhe doctor any day
Mine 1oionle Pierre tried to quell the rising
I toriti and called the obstructionist to order
Dont Insult me exclaimed Mme Houlade
MM husband I here lea a municipal Coon
i cl
This caused another outburst amid which tho
I I Words tho husband the husband sung to a
revolutionist air of Lampions could be dUtln
1 SUiglied Another proposal was then made to
elect as President the oldest delegate present
Ko one i ame iorward for the honor on these
i terms and It seemed as if the question of years
bad a oothlng effect on the excited feelings of
tboM present At lust Mine Pognon was voted
to thn chair und looked 1 rather pale and worried
f IS the took her teat
Fl 1 1 1 ie iiluus women have debated every
aULject under heaven with n woman In It The
I greatest excitement was over terdavs die
cusIon of the social evil It was tackled by tho
Jin lnnd of Doctrena Potoiile Pierre lleenu
meiated as chief among Iti causes standing
ariaies and the celibacy ot the Catholic clergy
NUlhlll said M Potonlo Pierre was so de
Itrucllvo to nubile morality A the forced
bachelorhood of an army and a church With
1 I out this uv II great standing armies would be Im
possible and Ihe ecclesiastical ej stem of Home
would fall fc > pieces
A venerable lied y was correcting some of the
TleHnof M Potonlo Pierre when 1 Robin an
ccentrlc freethinker came forward from the
WinKs In a cycling costume and took his stand
on tiu platform The bell of the President was
disregarded He was deaf to the cries of
Enough enouunl raised by twothirds of the
Coniress Without asklm the Chalrn Omans
leave to speak 1 young man named Leger scaled
the platform Interrupted M Kobln and strove
to rebut thu theories of tbe prophet ot freo
lve Ha did 1 with warmth ability and
Boart tt He Vim constantly applauded
f V Jan flapped on all sides Ladle cried Tres
blen M Continue Vou ties bleii inspire
and so on M Lrcir nt once became the farr
I I He of the enure M Kobln In vain tried to
fllKh his speech When le found there was no
cianca of n further hearing he buttoned his
BaitiTA nnd stun away on hs bicicle
Considerable mystery surrounds the situation
ftt Kassala but It oueht to be solved very soon
by tho prudent evacuation of the place or Its
capture bv the denlh Tho Italians certainly
ouuht to have understood 1 by now that the
AngloEgyptian advance on Dcinsola was not
4 Undertaken primarily In their Interests Mr
Henry Lucy who writes tho lobby notes for the
Dailn Yrir and has ithou I himself to be elngu i
Icily well Informed on ministerial matters mild
1 hoar 01 the hlgheit personal authority
that slnce Marquis Itudlnl succeeded Signor
Crlpl ii the Italian Irumlerihlp he In nrlvate
corrciponelente and conversation has not at I
teniplel to conceal hli Intention to evacuate
Kn olu at the earliest practicable moment
Lord Sillsjurj can scarcely 0 nornt of this
deilbloi but ac It ha not I n officially made
ktioiMi It can conveniently be Ignored In rctdlis
t qc > < tlms In the House of Commons
Further disproof of the pretence that tho ad
Tamil 1 on Doignln Is necessary for tho protection
Of the Egyptian frontier Is afforded by a latter
from levelheaded who has to
J 1 leollcldcd journalist hn conu
t the Solid in n war corrojinndont for the Lon
don irnnicU and 1 stmllcntn of provincial
newspapers Ho wrltts The more I hear
I from prominent men In all departments about
I the course of events here during the last te
e s the moro convinced lam that the Don
i I sjoa expedition originated outside of Egypt
The orders came from London and whatever
was the reason It was not any exceptional
dangrr to the Nllu frontier The Intelligence
enco Department appears to hOve had no
i information that an early march up the Nile
wa Ilkoly All the military departments were
In Ihe > Imo rosllnn The railway department
a quite unprepared I do not believe that
Until thu London telcurnm arrived 1 single
soldier or official hem or on tho frontier expect
e a campaign
The fact Is that every thing Is tending to prove
the accuracy ot THE SUNS early statement that
the Soudan advrnturo was undertaken by tho I
British Government at an urgent Imperative I
Cointer move to French designs In the upper
Nile regions cud that Ibo firtt Intimation of the
tnteided action wan communicated to the
me by a member of tho Cabinet In London I
and published a I c a telegram from Cairo
As a remit of voluntary subscription I
tnronghnut Russia to succor Abysblnlan sick
and wounded a socalled lied Cross expedition
has been equipped and is I now awaiting permis I
sion to proceed to Massovvah permission which
will not be given If the Italian ioveminent Is I i
able to find a decent excuse for refusal The ex
pedition now at Odcata consuls of lien the I
doff In command Oipt I Swjagln the notable
explorer ot Abyssinia Lieut Kochnvekl
feu snreeons six assistant surgeons clxtv
attendants one paymn > ter and three In
terpreters I Is I splendidly rciulpped with
medicines surgical Instruments comforts
te most approved modern kind and provisions
for Iho use of the members for a hundred days
The expedition was organized according to the
Russians In the sacred cause of humanity
which means strictly Ab > i > slnlan humanity but
the Italians more than tuipect Us good faith
and It would not be surprUlnit If events should
prove that most of Its members know a good
deal wore of scientific warfare than of surgery
Until Signor Crtspl was driven out of power
King Humbert hud no adequate idea of the
crave scandal connected with the military ad
ministration generally and the cimiliut of the
Abyi lnlnii campaign In particular Hi thought
of nothing Murso than Incapacity and I errors of
Judgment mutttrs vthlcli lolulit right thorn
selves Hi due courko The new irvmlrr Juts
Inn revealed 1 part nf the truth t him and
shocked and grlnveil ho has ordered Iho strli I
boke ve
l cat Inquiry und the punishment of those who
are guilty
Consequent upon the royal order an Inquiry
Conscan IPI Irar
to now proceeding concerning the Brest mm
caudal U bwamu evident ns thE campaign
1IUa I
ogre ed that U I wa vitally liaiwrtant to Uav
plenty of muUsTor transport purposes and cer
tain exalted officers were charged L see that
the needs of the army In that re paL were
properly supplied The War Office agents over
ran the southern provinces In search of beasts
hut nona could be found mtvn for double the
normal price Tho Oorernmont had to pay an
average of 800 lire per mule and sometimes the
price ran up to 1000 lire It was evident that a
ring had been formed and it was moro than
suspected that highly placed dignitaries were
directly concerned In It
As If this wero not bad enough tho War Office
agents innocently through sheer Incapacity o
guiltily In league with the sellers bought pretty >
well every animal offered Old mules twelve L
fifteen years of age were sold to them for four
or five year olds and In many cases where the
venerable belL appearance was against them
the village blacksmiths had extracted their
teeth L give their poor old mouths a look of
youth Enormous profits were made at the expense
pense of the Government and the llvei of gallant
soldiers for If It had not been for the utter
breakdown of the Italian transport King Men
lek In all probability would not now b dictat
ing terms of peace L King Humbert
The official returns show that the Italian
mules died by thousands on the way L Masso
wall or soon after landing and in fact the only
beasts able to stand the climate and the fatigue
of the campaign were young animals bought on
the coast of the lIed SCB
Mr Halfour recently Inveigled his undo Salis
bury into his first and only Indulgence In golf
Tint Prime Minister was on a visit to his dis
tinguished nephew at Whlttlncham when he
consented to handle the gelling Iron He rather
characteristically aimed a lerrlflo blow at the
bal struck ton Ion and looking around for the
result he asked the caddie
What have I hit P
Tho Irreverent caddie noting the removal of
a lump of turf cruflly answered
Scotland my Lord
There Is no exception literally from prince to
paupers In the indulgence In the gambling vice
in this country An ancient pauper arraigned
at 1 Illrmlncham police court yesterday
charged with absconding from the workhouse
explained to the magistrate that he had made a
book on the Manchester races in the almshonse
Thirty paupers laid penny bets on Lady lichen
7 t 1 and the horse won The prisoner was
unable to Bottle and afraid to meet his Indig
nant creditors lie ran away Tho magistrate
admonished the ancient and
ndmonlhd pauper imposed
the most cruel of punishments sent him back
to live I with the thirty Inmates of the workhouse
to whom he owes seven pence each
The Prefect of Police in Paris has arbitrarily
and unifallantly settled the question at what
ago an unmarried woman may b called an old
maid His fiat Is I thirty yours A worthy citi
zen had bequeathed a sum of money for annual
presentations to young unmarried people of both
sexes who had supported their parents In their
declining years tho object being t enable them
t fettle themselves In life No age was men
tioned and the Prefect had to solve the problem
according to his best judgment M I Poubelle
has Issued 1 decree sotting forth that bachelors
and spinsters shall be considered young until
they have attained the age of thirty
The Prince of Wales will return to London
from the Riviera on Monday about twelve
pounds heavier than when ho went away a few
weeks ago He will now presumably proceed
to reduce himself to his normil weight by
methods peculiar to himself which Include two
hot baths and two coin oues dally and which
are never known to fail The Prince Is as
healthy 1 looking man as any In Europe thanks
tu sound digestion and regular habits or per
haps more correctly habits that are regular in
their Irregularity On the Riviera he has Im
ply lounged about taking for him comparatively
tively little exercise Hut now he wilt go Into
strict training to fit him for the fatigues of the
coming London
comlnlloedon season
The general exodus from the lilvlera shows no
sign of commencing yet although n far a the
weather alone Is I concerned It has been much
milder In England than in the south of France
Little Prince hone at Nice will remain until the
end of the month with a crowd of nurses at
tendants and an orthodox priest to coo that
he docs not relapse from the Greek faith which
he has just vicariously embraced In order that
his father might win tho mighty Czars smile
Burls I a pale little chap not without good
Strict Sabbatarians have been having a rather
bad time In this country lately and their
various organizations which though numeri
cally weak are strong in funds owing L tho
generous benefactions of pious supporters are
considering whether It will not be well to bold a
great mass meeting of protest In London and
arrange a monster petition to Parliament The
Subbatritans have reason for their sorrow see
Ing that even the Government are setting a pernl
lous example by opening National Museums
and Art Galleries on Sunday and the public I
condoning their sin by flocking thereto t the
detriment ot chapels taverns parsons and
liquor sellers
Concurrently there is amarxed Increase In the
dreadful habit of playing golf and other out I
door comes on the Sabbath and here again the
wicked Influence of those In high place Is ap
parent for Mr Halfour the leader in the House
of Commons Is a notorious and de ant Sunday
golfer and Sir John Gorst and other members
of the executive are known to ride bicycles on
the Lords day Scotland as might have been
expected ha taken the lead in this movement
of protest and Sabbath breakers have been de
nounced a the churoh assemblies and pablo
not without occasional skirmishes
meetings galore lot wihout ocnlonal
mishes with the sinners und the breaking of
heads The church gatherings naturally have
been unanimous and decorous but at the public
meetings Satan has ben allowed to obtrude
himself with amendments extolling Sunday
golf without labor and such like evasions of
the true Issue
The Sabbatarians have been denounced a
Pharisees but this Is obviously slander for all
their meetings begin with prayer and singing
the One Hundredth Psalm which so t speak
I is a guarantee of good faith The crusade is I
likely to extend before lone The Lords Day
Observance Association has Its eye upon polite
society which is becoming more and more ad
dicted to Sunday bicycling and garden parties
andlupon wicked worklngmen who Incite hum
ble barbers to break the law by shaving on Sun
day mornings when the latter doubtless prefer
L no to church and the former ought
la lie compelled to BO Theta association
to make distinction
lion promises L no dlUncton
between rich and poor offenders but it may be
predicted with absolute certainty that polite
society will bs let severely alone while work
Ingmen will b harried which Is I the way of
here Tomorrow
Sabbatarians over as eUewhere
row under the auspices of the association
learly COO sermons will bo simultaneously
Breached against Sabbath breaking
I curious how little attention Is I given by
the outside world to remarkable war still
proceeding In Aeheen In the Dutch East indies
lies For just twentythree years Holland has
bun endeavoring to conquer this Eastern Cub
and site has not succeeded Jet In fact accord
latest mall advices the sltua
log to the mll vlees Iua
lou Is worse than ever The famous
Ightlng chief Toekoe Omar after a
show of loyalty has again broken out
Into open rebellion and Oov Vanderwyck
cabled for reinforcements although
bias already re nforcemlnL
icn Vrtter with several thousand men has
only Just been sent out This little war has already 1
ready cost many millions of dollars and the
thun 10000 Dutchmen while
live > of more 1000 whie
there Is I scarcely a village In Holland which
does not contain tome poor wretch Invalided
do home suffering from horrible diseases peculiar
to the pestiferous country I
c t W E rho K I W I
E I J W Uilfc
4 r A l <
Hnburnaa Train Htrvl to Hound llrook
Commencing Monday April I thigh Valley I K
will run extra trains between y a York and Iiuod
irooi leaving t w York foot at Cortltmltor lis
brouM ILI 80 < sail WiCU a M tililO 4U t
CUasd hbQJ L44u
Cleveland Heelless Onea Uorl I
Absolutely and stubbornly refuting In allow any 1
rimnlr fur a rough or ruiil 1 irrpt Klksrs Lapse
tuiaul to bit UHd lu u U bus Uuisu4v cp
HI Explanation of the Letter on tVlilcl
the Chare or Treason Were linnet
and Situ Description or the Treatment
lie Heeelved After lit Vas Sentenced
John L Waller former Consul of the United
States at Tatnatave Madagascar who was re
leased recently from prison at Ito Franco
arrived here from Southampton yesterday
morning on the American line steamer New
York Ho was met at tho pier by 1 cornmltteo
of the Nineteenth Assembly District Republican
Club and was taken In a carriage to the Hotel
Venice 127 West Twentyseventh street
Jlr WaIler seemed to bo In excellent honlth
Ho Is a fluent talker nnd for four hours last
evening he told In detail the entire history of
his memorable exoorlence In Madagascar and
the French prisons He said his troubles began
with his arrival at Tamntave because ho re
ceived his exequatur from the Malagasy Gov
ernment Instead of the rench HcsldentGen
eral whoso Government claimed a protectorate
over the Island He was appointed In February
1801 and the office was turned over to his suc
cessor Kdward T Wetter of Georgia on Jan
In December 180 lid Mr Waller I
had the Malagasy fever and not dextrin to
leave Madagascar until my successor arrived I
sent a despatch accompanied by a t > hi > lcluns
certificate to the Slate Department asking for
leave to go to Antanannlrci the capital which
Is 000 feet above the sea level and very healthy
Without waltlnz torn reply I proceeded there
having turned over the ofllco t n W Glldert
the ViceConsul I received treatment at the
hospital and was cured In a short time On
March 10 I received a valuable grant of land
from the Malagasy Government In return for
which I was to pay 500 at the end
of hive years and 10 per elL of tho IrS
Income from the property There were no other I
conditions and It was purely a business trans
action The grant embraced 144000 acres of
rlrh land on tho southeast coast of Madagascar
the healthiest part of the Island On It were
huge forests of mahogany and other valuable
hard wood ard n van number of rubberpro
ducing trees I estimate Its value at between
3000000 and 4000000 and It I still mine
for I have the original lease In my pocket
I remained at tho capital until September
when I stopped at Tatnatave on my way to
London and the United States I remained
there until December when the town was bom
barded by the French Without any warning
they surrounded tho place and laid It under
siege One day I was sitting In the doorway of
my house when three French soldier from the
manowar Hugon camo upon mo They had
Just caused 1 panic among some people In the
street ali they asked me why I too had not
tc treet I replied thai I had done nothing
unlawful and that I would remain uhero
I was Thin angered them and one of them
pulled out a long knife He stopped In the
doorway and said ho would cut my throat
whereupon I raised the heavy chair In which I
had been sitting and threatened to brain him
If he did not en t The soldiers walked away
and although I I reported the assault to Consul i
Wetter nothing as ever done about II A few
days later I was crossing the street one evening
lien llfteen French soldiers surrounded me
arid kicked me and beat me In 1 shameful man
nerAfter that I lived In fear of my life The
French soldiers were committing all sorts of
Infamous outrages noon defenceless native
women whose husbands were In the Malagasy
army Bo greatly did their brutality arouse me
army sat down and wrote a long letter to my
wife telling tier all about It and mentioning
the fact that there was smallpox In the city I
spoke of Individual soldiers only aud never
once dirt I refer to the French arm I ulo
wrote a letter t George K Teskte a Itrltlsh
merchant of the capital and another to Huts
mandresy a young native whom 1 knew there
who had asked me to nuy three re
volvers for him when I reached America
Thin letters got Into tho French Post Idles and
Wore sel eel An order had been Issued on Jan
18 that no letter was t go from Tamntave ex
cept through the French Post Office These I lit
ter I wrote two dayb before and had dated live
days ahead because I did not expect tho
steamer that was to carry them would arrive
until tile Wist Besides I knew nothing of the
existence of thin order except by rumor
On March 5 four soldlers came to my house
and put me under arrest without stating tho
nature of the charge airalnst me They de
manded all my papers and when I protested as
an American citizen they seized them They
did not get the lea oto my land grant because
luckily I had mailed It to a friend In London
a week before After the search they took me
to the iUlce of Capt Laresnt and although I
was still Ignorant of the charge ho said they
had a clear case against me and advised mu to
But I do not know what crime I have com
mitted I Insisted
He then accused me of having received a
le uccusc
letter from lama 1 a native merchant and
when I told him that It was not true the Inter I
preter called me a liar The letter he meant was
probably ono I had received from Ilatauian
dresy containing the passage about the re
yol ers This was lone before the hostilities
began and subsequently I had cut out the part
about the pistols for fear It might make trouble
for my friend
11 Waller declared that his trial was most
unfair that the proceedings wore carried on In
the French laneuago of which ha understood
but little and that ho was practically without
ltte Ills lawyer could not speak English
and as he was brought Into thu case only
twentyfour hours before the trial began hu
knew scarcely anything about It Mr WaIler
said ho would have got a new trial but for a
letter which Consul Wetter wrote him just
before the motion was made I asked
him to call on me In the jail on
official business Instead of doing so he
wrote t me saying that I was guilty
and that while the United States Government
woulu probably Interfere to protect mo from op
pression I could not expect clemency or op
Jlalo relief The French authorities saw tho
letter and my doom was sealed they refused a
new trial and they ordered that the original
sentence should stand of twenty years In solitary confinement
I was taken aboard the steamer by two sol
diers In the hold directly beneath the hatch
way there was n square of canvas covered with
filth They made me bit upon It and putting
my feet together they shackled my legs luck
ing the manacles behind them to a bar of Iron
about four loot long While I lay there unable
to movo the rabble from the town came aboard
the ship and looking down at mo from the deck
they spat upon me and Jeered me After we loft
the harbor It rained and my clothing became
soaked I had no chance to remove my gar
ments and 1 soon got the fever I begged the
soldier who stood guard nter me for a cup of
tea but ho refused brat It for mo AtMaJmiua
lit gave me some curry and rice Helncen that
place and Zanzibar I went for two anil a half
das without lou I or writer told thocuard
that I was starving He flourished his satire
above me anti cubIt Eat thatl I Inid thirty
cents In my pocket and I gave him all but ten
cents entreating him to get me some oranges
l Irunle
lie took the money but I never got thu orange
lint for the kind ofllces of a French corporal
who came aboard at ono of thin ports at which
we touched I would certainly have died of
hUller nnd thirst Ho Inkrented himself In
my case and saw t It that I bal food Alt water
A f ter we left Zanzibar the irons were kept oft
my legs while wo were a aca AtObook a
trench Captain came aboard After he had
talked with my guard he came to me and said
You are an enemy of France and tonight I
will I cut your throat and throw von overboard1
That tcU night Ltoaltn oclock I ouao and 1
Found the Captain standing at the toot
of my bed I think be was about tn I
illl me I arose and after dressing myself
1 started to go up stairs He struck me tin
heldeof the head with his sabre I jumped
at him striking him over the rlghleye with my
fist and he went down He arose and I struck
lira again after which we were separated
Afteritard It was noised about the ship I that I
was ad American bully and that I would light
no I was not bothered again While we were
lasting through the Suez Canal was kept con
stantly In Irons At Port Said an Englishman
came aboard and shook me by the band
At Marseilles Waller says his baggage was
ronlUcated and he had no woollen clothes al
though the weather was cold Hit was put Into
Lhoulh 10
his asserts and the Led
a cell lOxtl teet aerl wan
alive with vermin For food he got composition
bread which no thinks Is I not tit fur cattle After
two days he iras transferred to another prison
tWO the same town Ibu 1 cell there was clean
but the fowl was bud He was III and almost
naked he says when at the end of the tsisk ho
was transferred to Jai In Clalrvaux liefore
going he asked to sea a physician but his re
quest was denied
Although Clalrvaux was only fifty miles away
the journey tie lasted four days and fuur
nights He was confined In a regular IrOn
rand kept In Irons during ha ulgatt Tht
journey tasted so lona because the car was
dropped off at way stations several times that
thin prison authorities might transact business
In the towns Waller was very ill In tin prison
at Clalrvaux hut he succeeded In Retting 1
physician > to visit him and after his food n
changed ha grew better Ha wan transferred to
Ninien In October IHUu and lie remained there
until Feb 20 last when ho was pardoned
During the entire tine ho was allowed to
1urlul lmi alowell
bathe three times 1 privilege which was ac
corded him by tho Minister of the Interior He
hail In buy his own food or eat the prison faro
but ho was not allowed to purchase more than
10 cents worth Inn day
Tlio Nlnetennth Assembly District Ilppilu
llcan Club will glvn Waller a reception and din
nier In hit t Mark1 0 Church In Writ Flftythlrd
trout btwoel h llroadway and Eighth avenue
tomorrow night On Tuesday he will go
llnltlmorc and on Wednesday ho Into
visit Washington He says hit I has not decided
whether for indemnity he will sue the French Government
Ills flomad or Function mlnscliam antI
HtrutfordonAvon Next Week
Special Cnlle Dttfnlth to Tim Sue
LONDO April Ambassador llayard Is
busily engaged itt laying In a fresh stock
of platitudes seeking chemical arguments
anent the comparative fluidity of blood
and and his
water ald studying Shakespeare
In preparation fo a visit to tho midlands
week after next He will start for Birmingham
on the afternoon April 21 and the same overt
log ho will attend a gathering of f local dra
matic and literary club eat dinner with the
members und make a speech and possibly two
or three As Peers of the Realm do not live In
Birmingham the atmosphere being unconge
nlally Radical Mr llayard will bo the guest of
Consul Parker whoso American citizenship will
for tho disadvantage
presumably compensate or elslantale
of his being a commoner
Next day tho Ambassador will generally per
meate Birmingham visiting colleges technical
schools the Town Hall art galleries public > li
braries manufactories c receiving deputa
tions and presumably making speeches Cruel
circumstances will again compel his Excellency
to sleep In Consul Parkers rented but distress
ingly modern suburban Ia On Thursday
the 23d InI escorted by a crowd of Birming
ham notabilities ho will visit Strutfurdon
Avon I Is 1 here that Mr Bayards chem
ical researches will provo of the greatest
oratorical value to him There are several noble
lords mho may b described ax local to Strat
ford Including the Earl of Warwick who his
had tho felicity of entertaining the Prince of
Wales at his castle Hut no invitations havo
come from any of them and his Excellency has
been reduced to accenting the hospitality of a
mere parson the llov George Arbuthnot Vicar
of Holy Trinity at Stratford who recently vis
ited the United States and In consequence con
siders himself almost an American
Mr Bajards first business at Stratford will
be to unveil the memorial window erected at a
cost of 2000 with money received from Ameri
can visitors to Shakespeares tomb This will
be followed by luncheon and speeches at the
Town Hal after which Consul Parker with
the Ambassadors assistance will present a
portrait of Mr Edwin Booth to the Governors
of tho Shakespeare Memorial on behalf of the
New York Players Club Altogether It will bo
a great day for the United States England anal
humanity large
Koltruplkl Tried to Kill Her and Then
Jumped Into I Lake
BiunoEroHT April 11 Charles Kostrapskl
a Hungarian 38 years old shotMra Mary 1u
illle his paramour four Union Hi front uf her
home on Church street at 7 oclock tnU morn
Ing and It Is I believed at tho hospital that bhe
cannot recover Kostrapskl then made an un
successful attempt to end his own life The
wouldbe murderer and suicide lived with his
wife and five children a short distance away
His victim Is a widow and has four young
There was a quarrel at Mrs Pudiles house
early this morning Neighbors heard cries and
soon after Mrs Pudlle ran from the house pur
sued by KostrapsKl He had a revolver In hU
hand In the middle of the roadway he overtook
her and shot her four times She fell to the
ground unconscious
After the shooting Kostrapskl ran down
Churoh street to Pembroke Lake and jumped in
Policemen Webb and Cooley were In tho neigh
borhood and started for tho scene of the shoot
ing They saw Kostrapskl running at full speed
and gave chase but ho evaded them and jumped
into tho water Cooley who was close behind
jumped > In after him and alter a struggle pulled
him out
Kostrapokl resisted all the way to tho pollen
station und appeared to bo In a frenzy Mrs
Pndlle was removed to the hospital THO
lo Jwn
of tha four bullets went through her right arm
and two lodged In her back Her corets ill I
verted the bullet somewhat from their course
Mrs Pudlle mitde a statement later to tho
hospital authorities and said that the man first
called her Into tho bedroom saying ho wanted
to tell her something She refused to go and I
strugLlo ensued In which ho bit her hand Mio
ran Into this street and clue says he tolowe
her and shot her Kostrapskl hat just finished
of four months In Jail for falling to
a term lulths Jai or tllliou sup
port his wlfo and family sup
The Governors HtuflT Leave for nuffiilo to
Meet the Jnpnncne Field frI
All but two of tho members of Coy Mortons
staff started last night for Buffalo In special
cars on the 730 clock train They nro going
to meet Field Marshal YantaKatn of tho Jap
anese army and hU staff Tha Field Marshal
la on his nay to attend the coronation of thai
Car of Itttfinln and It Is I tInt wlih of Got
Morton that 1m bo received In Now YOlk State
with the honor duo his rank Thin Field Mar
shal lacxpucted to arrive In Buffalo this after
noon mil thorn will be something of rt mill
tory reception In his honor Ho will como
from there to Albany on a special train
tl lhnlY I plnl trall pro
lde1 by the New York Central Kallroad and
the Governors start will como with him At
Albany there will bo a formal reception
The distinguished Japanese will then rOle
to New York probably stopping at Pough
teopslo to visit Vassar College of which his
Tuesday wife Is I a ocnlng graduate He may arrive hero on
AMIAPV April ll I AdJutnntfienoral Mo
Alpln returned to Albany ntis afternoon from
New York ali has receded adlren to the
fled that I then has beenn rhungo In t lie
plans of Count Yaiimuittu 1 lie mint M Iii i
lot go to Niagara rail h as was n llrct ho
listed I tut will Inks the train nt Cliliiiuo for
Huffalo nrrlUng ut the latter city at 410
1 I I M tomorrow Allot tho Counts party
except > two limits fern tlio great American ell
nract and thin Flild I Mnrshnl will wait In
ito lTisio svhtilo tho two members of his party
tko I a trip to tho falls Inon thin iiturn of
tho bluhtsecrs the Count will take 1 train
from Buffalo at an rnrly hour on Monday
morning for New York the stop to lci male
In Albany will bo early on Monda > afternoon
and 1 will probably bo short It I likely that
110 plan tolune thin Count dine with hot
Morton and the Muto officers will not be car
led out as YII nl lit being bound for Nnw
York has not planned to stop over here
Shu Streaks Her rHntftPnrt or th Crew
Kenth Colon In a Sleet
COLON Colombia April 11Part of the crew
of the steamer City of Dallas from New Orleans
for flora del Torn which was reported yester
day as being five days overdue arrived hero to
day In one of the ships boats They report that
thee main bearing of the steamers shaft In
broken rendering her practically helpless Thin
bat crew left the steamer on Monday noun
fort miles west of this port Mho < us then
drifting with the current Thu Captain > the
remainder of the crew and twenty passengers
were on board
n A mi r airrmiMAit BTIJITTIH THE
ratixvui CONOJ1IWA nUN
lie reissue the FlitKlnrUt and Denounce
the Itev I > r Ieeltuhhl Ootlliell Letters
the Hnnctliiiry and Mukrn n Nlntament
Repudiating the View nf III Colleague
The llcv Dr Joseph Sllvcrman of tho Tent
plo KmaiiUKI 1 1 priached a sermon yesterday
morning that Is I lIkely to canto o much troll
ble as the plaglarlod 1 > sermon of the lies Dr
ImI > cr Morgan Tim title of tho oennon was
Havo Wo Still a ItiUglon
The Templo KmanuIU was crowded with
worshippers when Dr Hllverman began speak
Inn Iho Ilrnt hurt nt the sermon was purely
religious but tin ard the end Dr Sllxcrmiindls
cussed the rate at tho Krv Dr Parker Morgan
The HRV Dr hums Uotthcll the Itabbl of
tho Temple DmnmiKl was seated behind Dr
SlUcrmnn and ho wi > s n cry attentive lis
tener Dr Mhermnn look sides with Dr Mor
gan and attacked the Heir Dr Lee who dis
covered Dr Morgans plagiarism Itahhl lott
hell glow uneasy nn his assistant welt on with
his sermon and when Dr Sllvrrman said that
Dr Morgan hail not stolen from but hail Im
proved tit on Dr I Putimm ho nrono from his
ihnlr and with a ss bIte face hurriedly left
tho sanctuary and went Into the vestry of the
temple Iho preacher did not appear to notice
Itabbl iotthcUH disappearance and continued
hit sermon
Tho services closed and tho congregation
went away Lewli May tho President of tho
1 I IO ton and of tho Board of Trustee nt
ole approauhcd Dr I Slhermau and told him
that le did not rurco with tho sentiments ex
pressed In tho nferiiicrs to Dr Morgan and
wan euro that other members ot tho congrega
tion did not cither Then Itabbl Gotthell
camo up and said excitedly I
I want to tell you Dr Sllvcrman that I
entirely disagree with the cntltnentn you ut
tmecd from tho pulpit to day
Dr fclUormans taco Hushed Ho replied
Well Doctor I cant help that You know
I elms Inuo disagreed with you
Ills reply seemed to miiku the rabbi more In
dignant for ho exclaimed In I voice that could
0 heard all over tho tell
I want to cay that this subject should not
lust u Ken brought up In this pulpit at all
It Is no business of ours I tel you again
that this niurninu wo entirely disagree with jour utterances
vvcll the erinon U I mine said Dr Silver
lal und I urn lespunslble for tho opinions
saline President May cut tho argument short by
his Is no place to discuss this question
Let usgo inside where we wont b heard
heroin retiring Into tho ve > try liabbi lott
hell told a reporter that Il was anxious to
hitiso It published that ho entirely disagreed
with Dr bllvcrnuinV vlcue
1 havo been awn > he said for some
tttnu and did not Know Dr I Mlverman was
go log to priarh on such a topln If I I had
kill Oil ltl Mould not have permitted It IThe
matter should not have ben Introduced at
1 In our church for the least said about It
tIme hotter And then that Dr Mlvcrman
rhnuld hate defended Dr Morgan and iTlt
eised Dr Lee niikes It worse Itabbi iott
hell ftn t her added that Dr Lens action was to I
bo commended by mlnlsteis instead of being
Dr blUcrnmn paid bubequently
My I object In speakltic on such a topic was to
defend the ministry A member of my congrega
tion told mo last week that after raiding nhout
Dr Morgans sermon phu would never believe
a rrnJtcr ugatu i vras anxious t defend tbd
ministry and place the matter In Us true light
ns It seems to me licforv ray congregation I
wanted to uphold the dhrnlty of tho ministry
Iho part of Dr Siliermans sermon which
caued tho trouble was
It Is I not urpri ltiR If therj H so much de 1
fect In modern religion that there should bo
wcaknees i in tho Goethe t l has
WIIC II Urisy told us
that as tho i people so Its Col I And wo might
oqurtllyiwrll say this as the people M too often
alas its clergy I the spirit of envy mani
fests ltolf In the religious fraternities then
there IS danger that It will aio Infect tho
clergy lliere is I an unJeslrahlo and odious
lllt of loimiaMMm and competition abroad In
the land and from it religion is I sullen nit
This evil Is general of which thu re
cent action ot one minister In publicly
accusing another of plagiarism is I but
a specific manifestation 1 bring this
case leforo this tribunal because it
concerns all religion all religious teachers
and conurcKutions I bring it before you
In order to present It umcird 1 Inc to our nest
lights The facts aro by this tlmo well known
A minister appropriates from anothers ser
mon u few idea ami phrases not for the pur
pose of theft or deception but merely for con
venience hero I was no e ident intention to pub
lish the passages that were rather assimilated
with the mlnlvrs emu thoughts than added
thereto I venture to nuisemi that from this
umlriHtumllnirnf the case there was no plagi
arism Involved lacHrlsm means the appro
priation of nnotlitTs ideas and words for the
purpoe of theft and deception In literature
thero are many coincidences and Imitations
of thoughts anal phrases M < > st I lot all
poets dramatists novelists and orators have
burrowed from CHIP another I Give aid 1 take
Is tho unwritten rule In literature What Is
a great man asks Kmer on hut one of great
atlhiltlos who taken up Into himself all arts
bcioni efl all Knounhlasns his foodf
Milton1 wijs William tlmut t liens has been
caVed thin celestial thief and boldly plagia
rized from Dante and I Taso and all of thor
from Homer mid who does not bellevo that
Homer had a reservoir < of learning to draw
from I mjsterlous lake of knowledge Into
which he could now and then throw I bucket
Goethe I laughed the Idea of absolute originality
to soon and declared that It tsas an authors
diity I to use nil iliat was suggosteMl to him from
any quarter Whin Miakopearo la I accused
of pIlferiiiB Lander replies Yes ho trims
more original than his originals He breathed
upon dead 11111 ins ami brought them t Into life I
UIOI < his been Mild of 1opo that whatever
ICHel he 1 appropriated he pet I In gold Per
haps the best 1111101 I t of legitimate appropri
ation trims glvui by Ileccl I I vthen Cousin was ac
cused of itai I ito Ills I i Ideas Cousin said he
has cauuhl MIMIC sinaI I llshes In my pond but
ho has drowned them I In I his on Sol
In thin cerise 1 would siy that Dr Morgan
has not stolen from hit Impiuvcd upon Dr
Putnam I I havo alreuly referred 1101 1 au
thority for noted literary coincidences
Ihlrly or porno IIlc1 Itcmr collcllelceF
hut out of respict for the t literary I i scent of the
ministerial dvtvclve i tho HIM I Mr Lee I bail
leferhliu to William
beetir 1 llr hll ntoio ePicllli tl Wllal
Matthe ss esny on Originality I In Litera
ture puhlHhod I In I tho volume entitled Great
ConverscrH and Other Essays l hero ho ulll
final tome more nhulcsomo ttuths on the sub
ject of mihitgiarisnmt 1
In h this who > unfortunate t expose tho bur
den of rongdoliiK 1 lies not on Dr Morgan
whose scholarship I and eloquence are known
nndliprognlrml hutlon the great unknonn Mr
Lee who It bm ha < licconiti tlrcd of hldlnt
his light 1 under a bushel Io him uld tl all
Ills tj pet wo roi ommuiid the salutary prescrip
tion of Moses limo 1 shall not mi as I talcucari
among thy people Ihe rleiiiy ought to prac
tise some of thin brotherly love of which they
prate no eloquently llioy 1 ought tci dispense
some of hut milk of humin kindness which
tho rccommeiid with filch fervor to the winll
It i null be ItIssi i lilt that nmonj lie t list I of t lie
woilds lost treasures tm u may also llnd the Ion
iireac her thnu print lin was consistunl sy Iii
his pni anti ii Li vho opened not his mouth sums >
In love aiidstrrtchcsl not forthriils hand save
liiJbleMlm Certainly tho preacher ought riot
In linltatci I Suit ti ii nnd take lessons from the
Fnako Iliut colleth In tho gras but from thin
Lot d who reproveth gently and doth both for
give and foikct
Lewis I May Mild last night that I hr did not
think the Hoard of trustees nould take any
steps In thin matter At most ho said they
would send n letter to I Dr Sllverman to
express their itii ItT oval nf hl prpachliiu oil
such subject in the synagogue
him Miner Killed
HCTTB Mont April llHyan explosion In
or near the uincaima on the east 1100 foot
level of the Ht Laurence mine about 4U
oclock this mornlnt f ix men lost their lives
They are t Con d I uuOuit > John Qulnlan Kd
ward MileId Jami Dw > er John JloVrluh
Patrick OHourke Nononf thin meji wan mar
ried LoiMa > and Oulnlaii mru shaft men und
5 iredut > tocomi otf shltl about a quarter of 7
The other four nun were working In thu level
be > Olid HID magazine and acre all shift at 410
1 hIm > macam Is tltilated 1AO fivt east of Uio
rhaft Ionney and Oulnlan It Is I supposed
had gone tm > the magazine to make their primers
Just how the ixplotloii occurred U not known
Collntlon Frnud nnd fnlse rltMcmentB
AllfRed In ths Piirehnse or Maid
WABIIINUTON April llThoNorthntpBras
InnGoodwin Company of Chicago blilclers to
supply tho Department of Agriculture with
vegetable seeds have preferred charges ngntnst
Secretary Morton In connection with the
award The firm bid 04000 for the contract
anti offered to make i reduction of 10000 for
tho privilege of placing Its name upon thin cecil
packets Thin contract was awarded to lan
drctli Ac 80119 of Philadelphia at 170000 Tho
charges were Hied at the Department of Agri
culture on Tuesday last against the Secretary
and the ofllcors In his department alleging
collusion fraud and false statements
To those charges Secretary Morton has not
mado iwclflo answer The Chicago firm cay
they take exceptions to statements alleged to
liars been made by the Secretary In connection
with the awarding of the contract but that
they liuvo no complaint to make that the con
tract was given to another firm If the terms
were better or more advantageous to tho Gov
ernment They lay they will endeavor to have
lie matter Investigated by Congress If neces
sary and that they have retained counsel to
proceed against Secretary Morton for making
statements while they deem libellous
In referring to the charges today Secretary
Morton said
W shall bo only too glad to have the full
est investigation possible of this matter If
It Is desired It may bo Investigated here or In
Congress or anywhere else If nijcessary
articles of Impeachment should bo drawn up
and thin trmtir tested to the end
Mevrrnl Settlers Lout end Mnny Otinsrs
Rarely Escape to a 1laee of Hafety
ST JOHNS N Ia April 11 Yesterday five
men three belonging to St Johns and two to
Bay do Verde drifted away on Ico floes Ono
jxrlshed from exposure last night Two oth
ers were saved by thai steamer Virginia Lake
Tho other Iwo are supposed to have been
drowned Fully fifty others barely escaped
contriving to reach laud at various places after
desperate efforts
Much apprehension was felt this afternoon
because tha wind had changed driving the Ico
off tho coast Hundreds of men were out on
thin Ico It U not known how many got ashore
Fully a thousand seals have been taken oil Ht
Johns Amid the neighborhood during the past
three eluja
The steamer Kite arrived today with 8000
peals Her reports regarding the remainder of
the fleet show but slight improvement over the
last reports
It I Said that the Prince of Furitentinru
liny lie the Next Chancellor
DriiiiN April 11It Is learned from an Inner
source that the Emperors desire that the Prince
of Furstenburg shall accept the office of Chief
Marshal of the imperial court Is associated with
his Intention to appoint him successor to Prince
Hohenlohe the Imperial Chancellor This Is I
taken as a sign that thin latter Influence Is
The Hamburg Correspondent alleges that a
difference exists between Chancellor von Hoh
enlohe and Dr Mlquel the Prussian Minister of
Finance over the conversion of the Prussian
fours The truth Is that the Prussian Cabinet
agreed to the conversion as he proposed Dr
Mlquel is aware that the attacks whlcnmrffifei
Ins made upon him emanate from underlings
In the Foreign Office and treats them as harm
Knocked Down l > r nn Eagle with the Man
Who Tried to Mure Him
Thomas honker of list Pavonla avenue Jer
sey City who Is employed as a night clerk In
tho freight department of the Lehigh Valley
llallroad at Communlpaw left the office just
before midnight on Friday to go home As he
was crossing the network of tracks on his way
to the rowboat ferry at the gap a drill engine
came down ona of the tracks Honker became
bewildered and stood helplessly in the middle of
ono of the trucks
Yardmaster F II Halloway saw him and at
the same time saw the engine Without hesita
tion Halloway sprang forward and crabbing
Honker tried to drag him off the track The lo
comotive struck both of them and hurled them
to one side Honker was so badly Injured that
he was removed to the City Hospital Hal
Iowa > was cut on the bands and chin and
his ankle was sprained but he remained on
duty until morning It Is thought that Bonker
has received Internal injuries which may result
Master IVorkmnn Best Wanted to Talk
About the Discharge of Borne Mrs
A delegation representing the employees ot
the Brooklyn Heights Railroad headed by
Master Workman Andrew D Best ot District
Assembly 75 K of L waited on President
Rosslter yesterday for the purpose of entering
d protest against the recent discharge of some
conductors and motormen on the ground as
alleged that they were connected with a labor
President Ilossltvr It Is said refused to dis
cuss this matter and Muster Workman Best
threatens to bring It before the Assembly at Its
next meeting on Wednesday night As far as
could bei learned from Inquiries among the
trolley men last night the attempt of Best and
associates to stir up any trouble between them
and the company Is not likely to meet with any
success 1 hey seem for thin most part to bo
satisfied with Mr Hossitern management Bfst
wan one of the leaders In the disastrous trolley
strike last year
nnoinvEn AT HATH REACh
Ml > Julia Kennedy the Housekeeper of
the Iowry Hotel the Victim
Miss Julia Kennedy 1S years old the house
keeper at the Iowry Hotel foot of Seventeenth
avenue lluth Beach was found drowned at the
dock shortly after 0 oclock yesterday ruornlr z
It was her custom to got up early and walk
along the hotel grounds and the beach and It Is
supposed she accidentally fell off the bulkhead
us there was a severe abrasion on her foiuhead
where she struck the sand
She was probably stunned by the fall and un
able to make any attempt to save herself as the
water scarcely covered her body at the point
here sho lay She was lately subject to taint
ng spells and has frequently fallen from her
chair while sowing Slit had been housekeeper
at tho hotel for the pant fifteen years nnd was
iiiicti liked by tha summer boarders Her fain
fly live In Buffalo
Missionary ICnnppa Trouble
BOSTON April 11 A cablegram from an
American In Constantinople says that the mis
slonuryof American Board the lIst George
I Knapp will bo delivered to the American
Consul at Alsxandretta and that he will not be
returned to Bltlt until after his examination ID
Constantinople before the American Legation
1OOOO UnllKhted TeatMtat Hallway
Die Health Board has had 105 Inspectors
naklug Inspections of tenements below Fifty
Until street for the past three days and report
log all that fall to obey the law requiring the
owners to keep the halU lighted The Inspectors
ouud over 10000 tenements which failed to
omply with the law The Board will send no
limes to the landlords and If the law Is not com
dlsd with they will bu prosecuted for mlsde
neanor The Inspw tors are now at work to the
upper part nf tho illy
Erie lusiug Almopl tpubyElated
Eric Nlulng sued PA ear a boarder at 203
Ivlupston street Brooklyn was found Tester
day afternoon unconscious and almost sjpnyx
ated from the escape of gas In his room on the
top floor The discovery was made by a painter
who was at work la an adjoining room and
beard ton groans vl th suObcallnt moo
The AdmlnlMrntlim Has Not Agreed < m
Any JleHnlte Flan but Is Known to
He Opnoied to Any Forced Inttrtca
ion nt PresentHtiidf the Hltnntlon
WABIllNtiTON April 11 Thin report published
this morning In various newspapers In the form
of a despatch from Washington to the effect
thoU Seoretaty of State Olney had addressed to
United States Minister Taj lor at Madrid a lone
note containing a proposition to be submitted to
this Spanish Government for the settlement of
the Cuban question and offering the services of
tho United States Government as a mediator be
tween the Governments of Spain and Cuba Is
absolutely untrue and without any foundation
in tack
No proposition of the character mentioned or
any other has been put In writing nor had the
Administration outlined any definite plan of ac
tion or Indicated to tho Spanish Minister
Washington the American Minister at Madrid
or any other official what action If any It pro
pose to take looking to the settlement of the
Cuban question Secretary Olney has author
tied the most sweeping complete and eiaphatla
dental of tho whole story and so has the Spanish
This report was based altogether on rumors
that have been floating about Washington for
the past two or three days and the falsity of
which could have easily been ascertained upon
application to the proper authorities The truth
is i that the President and Secretary Obey have
not completed their investigation of the Cuban
question and they do not themselves know
what their Cuban policy Is I or will be The
President may mako eomo recommendation to
Congress or some proposition to Spain tomor
row or ho may not du it for a month or he mar
not do It at all Thu situation at present Is that
bo Is studying the question and has corns to no
conclusion as to what he should do
In pursuing their Investigation of the situa
tion In Cuba and tho attitude of the Spanish
Government toward their Cuban subjects th
President and Secretary Obey havo freely con
sulted the Spanish Minister whose relations
with the Administration at Washington are
most friendly He Is anxious to have the United
States Government withhold Intervention of
any sort and his effort has been persistently
directed toward persuading the Cleveland Ad
ministration that thin conditions are such that
the interference of the United States would
be unwarranted and unjustified During
the past four or five weeks th
President has suggested verbally to
Minister Depuy de tome and in the ordinary
diplomatic correspondence to Minister Taylor
at Madrid and ConsulGeneral Williams at
Havana various general propositions contem
plating the employment ot the good offloes of
the United States for bringing about a settle
uncut of the quarrel between Spain and Cuba
but nodeflulte proposition has been agreed upon
or submitted to anybody and nothing that hoi
been suggested has met with the approval of
Minister De Loran representing toe Spanish
President Cleveland and Secretary Olney are
not at all anxious to Interfere though they
would of course be pleased if they could do so
In a manner that would be agreeable to Spain
It Is no secret however that they both teal that
a forced Intervention now even to the extent
Insisting upon thin principle of the concurrent
Cocsross would bat aad
fuel to thee tlame and Increase the animosity
Spain to the United States Bach a result
they think would be the most disastrous
thing that could happan to the cans
of Cuba at the present time And Mr
Cleveland and Mr Olney both think that
In five or six weeks limn there will be a much
better opportunity for employing the good office
of the United States They say that just at
present the animosity In Spain toward this coun
try Is very great and that any act of this Gov
ernment In behalf of Cuba might force an out
break of mob violence that would possibly lead
to actual warfare which of course the United
States desires to avoid both for its own sake
and for the sake of thin Cuban revolutionists
The Spanish Conies will meet in a little > more
than a month and President Cleveland and
Secretary Olney have practically determined to
withhold whatever plan they may agree upon
nntll that body has had an opportunity to show
Its intentions toward Cuba and Its feeling with
regard to the sympathy expressed by the United
States with the Cuban cause It Is quite prob
able therefore that no definite propositions for
the Intervention of the United States In any
way whatever will be submitted at present un
less thin Cuban question shall take name new
would compel
turn now unlocked for that
moro prompt action on the part of the Admlnls
Ihue alleged basis of settlement reported to
have been submitted to Spain through Minister
Taj ion Is absurd for many reasons but chiefly
because It places the Administration In an
attitude hostile to that which they have held
all along and commits the President and
Secretary Olnoy to u view of the Cuban ques
tion which they do not hold The third claua
In the alleged proposition presents the i Ad
ministration us admitting that the situation
In Cuba la moro serious and widespread than
any that has arisen In recent years and that
the Insurgents control all of Cuba except Ha
vana and the near neighborhood This is fool
ish In view of thin tact that the Administration
has Insisted from the tlrst that they have no In
formation whatever to make good the claim
that the Cuban Government has any tangibly
existence or that the rebellion has assumed
such a stage that there could lie any excuse for
recognizing tho army mi belligerents
At the Cuban legation here It is bald that It
would have been but a waste of lime for the
Administration to have submitted such propo
sition as It Is alleged to hav e done and bert
tar > Qucsada In charge of the legation says
that Spain would never accept tie I United State
or any other nation as a mediator henator
Quesada says that It would be absurd for Cuba
to accept anything less than InUependenca now
that the revolutionary army In about to tri
umph and he adds that the Cuban peopls have
been fooled by Spain too many linen not to know
that thstr only safety Is lit a stale of absolute
LI utGen Sohofleld who has recently rs
turnexl to Washington from nn extended trip >
through the West lint been In frequent con
ferences with otllclilH of thn State Department
thin President and Secretary Lamont this week
and much interest Is manifested In army circles
particularly as to the nature of his business
flue President partiality for him and his high
standing with the Administration make ttue
frequent visits of the Unnerat to the Mllt
Houiwi of late a source of much speculation and
there are many rumors afloat as to their pur
port If the President should decide to send
Joins agent to Cuba In report upon th
military situation and thin relative strength
of the contending forces there Is probably
no one In Washington with whom he
would sooner consult than Gen SchoQcld who
from his long experience with the person
Itch of the army as Its commander Is probably
better qualified than any other officer to select
some one thoroughly competent to secure this
Information which inljiht beiteslrrrt and totak
rare that the hpnnlsli ami Cuban ottlclals did
not learn this nature of this nniIsiiiui Secretary
lamont saIl that tin oRlier or agent of the
Government ban been sent to Culm with orders
to report to t the President upon any subject but
It Is not denied that Gen hchollelds confer
nces have something to do with the possible
decision of Mr Cleveland to I gather more aoon
rate Information Qf the true state of affairs Ul
the Island
Maid in Have PUfercd 6IOOO Worth FrOm
a Watch Vase Company
Albert Ilnberif aged 85 years of 454 Third
avenue Brooklyn was arrested last night for
robbing the Brooklyn Watch Case Company U
whose factory In Warren street and fourth <
avenue he has been an employe for thus past v
live month lie is accused by Lout Connitt th V
superintendent of having steadily pIlfered fold
polish and dust and his stealing are estimated
mti 1000 When arrested he had Sifi worth ot
dust in his pocket
This Vanderbilt 1artr Hpeedlag Uom Aros
the Wast
BurrALo April ll Cornelius Vanflerbllt
Chinned M Ip w and Dr Webb reached
Buffalo at 7ilO oclock tonight on their special
train They departed for New York at 780
over the Nw York Central The run from
Chicago to Buffalo was made In 11 hour and
16 minUtes Eoglnesr Tunkey with record
Lirsaksr looomottv oBtdrew the tram Into
buffalo Th party will retell sew York wt
Sunday morning

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