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I rlocrcrr CKvn aaAaotr xraint AT
Ckasice fe tir the WnBihUdctOM Tnek y
tlahtnadldmlea for the Flot 4 Crt > s
I eanslrr KremU Now nt tho Tmek Ttio
I Jltttlna on the flIt Et rn llnndlenpa
On next FuturiUy under many now and un
tried conditions the racing ncaeon ncconllng 10
JorKY Club rule will open at Ilennlties Tlio
paU of f the Bartlett bill for the appointment
cf a Uclneotnml alon by Congress lc jpcctcd
before the lieglnnlnu of the meetlnit and should
It become 1 i law I the fleet wilt b i to itlvo it
bllllyto the I ort In the District of Columbia
Ibe opponents of tho measure Bay that If th
tdvoentcsof tho bill are sincere In their claim
that they wish to prevent all bookmaUIng they
will consent loan amendment etrlklna ont the
elau fs mentioning bookmaking on the around
that the eiltlniz laws against Kambllng ure sat
isfactory The probaMlltlea favor the passage
of t the bill The direct result will be i a revival of
hlfhcliiss racing at the national capital
the 1 cninlnt meeting of the Wnshlncton I
Jockey Club tho first held at the llonnlnRs
track In five yenr Is I nttractlne much attention
from the prominence of tho men at tho bend of
atTalrs and the liberal scale on which tho ar
ranisttnents and tho programme have been
mnile I Is I nld that the Improvements at the
truck hare made tho course as complete In III
appointments n any In the lat and hundreds
of VnshitiKtonlans were at Ilennlngs yesterday
lo note and marvel at the chances 1 the
stall room lute been engaged nnd tho overflow
In I Illicit up the stables nearby Percy Welch
who arrived on Saturday with Copyright
1liirhns and a string of twoyearolds was com
pelled to tko his charges over to Ivy City
Amoni tlin strings n licnnlns aro those of the I
Jllemtnn Stable C I Smith J J McCnfTerty I
W 1 I Iltirch who also hal charge of the Droad
Hollow Stable William Jennings Peter Shields
and tames McIauEhlln A J and 1 I Mor
ris W C Inlyl J 1 wry or and others are ez
iected soon and until tho eve of the meetlnit
leI will arrive In an uninterrupted stream
The opening card contains five races threo
1citii oMTtilght events n follows Five fur
IIHIC iliih pursoSIUO for threeyearolds and
ui I Hnl oyearold soiling race purse lao
HI t half I mile and a selling race for threeyrar
Clilsand upward purse saoo at one mile The
other events will Juroo Blue and dray Hnncll
inp I purMi SHOO for threeyearolds and np
wkrd six furlongs with nineteen eligible anti
the Kastcr steeplechase pnrso SHOD about two
mile with fourteen eligible to start among
tlirm being Wheeler Firebrand Duke of amonl
corn Hun 01 Iucknow Daly and Itronkdale
The weights for the Itlue and riraynlll be > an
nounced on Wednesday The 1 em Ion Stable I
represented by Dorlau who will undoubtedly
be tip weight and the flying tllly Florotta IV
Among the others entered are lluckrene Ttrlet
Ialadln Uogott and Kalllrhoe a quintet en
gnged I also In tho Washington Handicap to bo
run on tho last day nL 1 mile and 1 Blxtecnth
In which Iluckrane I 12 Owlet 100 and Dng
t 107 have tho highest weights W CUaly
haf I two In the Blue and Gray lltirllngliam and
Kuiotlonal W Jennings ban Inn
UoUonnl Jennlnls two and Ha
arden and U llradley has Sir John Ire
blenrart and Milton T
The feature of Mondays card will b the first
Hake of the Northern season for twoyearolds
the Arlington purse SI 000 at half a mile
orlyfour horses are entered J J McCatlerty
lias three In The chestnut colt Arbarkle by
Job MllesKvcllna did fast work last week
James Mclaughlin has also been showing fast
trials with tho two geldings be has engaged
Ill Daddy by Sir Modred lllrondelle and Joe
llayman by Tyrant Ileatlfy Trainer Hylnnd
lias three engaged for the lllemton Stable HI
Bartholomew Katlnka and FlUcna On Friday
last he breezed the trio three furlongs In 041
When the flag falls there Is i bound to bo a brisk
contest for all the trainers are firm believers In
the adage that there li I good luck In a good
beginning °
An effort Is to be made during the meeting to
test Urn merits of the different starting ma
chines that have been brought to the notice of
the Jockey Club The one that shows up the
best will doubtless be used at the track near
Now York use
During the winter raca meeting which ended
on April 4 at New Orleans the added money
Amounted to 157475 Fortysix owners each
won SI 000 or over The ten who lend the hlt
of winnings were O W Poole 54033 P M
West S4700 Ireland Uros 5430S Avondale
Stable 4385 W M Ilarrlck tU07 Spring
field Stable 3 835 W 1 Holler 3770 It
Bradley S3 500 Clyde Stable S2U80 Lilly
Meade Stable 3005 Scherrer with sixtylive
and J Hill with sixtythree winning mounts
wore tho leading jockeys
Holma seems to be In the pink of condition
despite the stories sent out from Cincinnati
Inco his arrival at Morris Park 8t Maxim Is i
duo In line fettle and M Taral will rldo ono of
them Fleishman Son should have a atrona
I chance for the Metropolitan Holma Is the
most leniently treated fouryearold In the
Brooklyn and Suburban handicaps for on form
last year ho was very clorre to Keenan who al
lows to the son of Hanover four pounds at
Gravescnd and live at Sheepshend Bay In the
Metropolitan however Holma concedes weight
to everything In the race except Henry of N a
varre and Dorian
Ono firm offering odds on the Brooklyn and
Suburban ha3 taken the hint printed In TUB
SUN on March 31 and gives both liberal odds
and references as to financial solvency A con
census of the odds offered In tho different books
shows that Henry of Navarre Clifford Sir Wal
ter Halma Keenan and Nankl Pooh are the
faiorltepln the two races In tho order named
nt prices ranging from 3 to 1 orr Navarre
to 1 9 to 1 Nankl Pooh Tha odds against the
others run from 15 to 1 all the way to 100 to 1 I
Trainer Bend Their Charges Along Im
Finn Style at the Long Iilssnd Tracks
Ihe Ideal spring weather of yesterday drew
the largest crowd of visitors seen this year at
the Long Island racing enclosure The tracks
were In superb condition and trials were to be
Icen until late In the afternoon A novel feature
a the great number of cyclists that rode In
from the Boulevard to the track to watch the
horses at their work There must have ben
fully one ti > two hundred wheelmen at the
Gravesand track and the line extended down
the backstretch that portion of the track adjoining
joining the cycle path on the Ocean parkway
A murmur could be heard among them as the
mighty Handspring came on the track with Pa
trician Declare and Long Beach The son of
Hanover neighed snorted and pranced In his
preliminary canter which was strong P J
Dwyer made his appearance and Handspring
cantered to the threefurlong pole where he
broke Wy and ran to the wire In 30 seconds
Ilo was followed In Indian file by Long lieacb
llrclare and Patrician
111 I t youngsters In P J Dwyeri stable then
rieUsl oil dUirlerK In 2U seconds
rather Hill Daly sent llurllngham Emo
tional and Volley alx furlong In 1 21k Capt
1 Factotum anti others of the string did harp
ork 1hllNevlns sent Honolulu o half mllu In fla
seconds the tnoyearold Moltko falling out
Jt the three furlong distance J V Klllott sent
Baully luule nix furlongs In 120 Uuallan
Oen sent Montezuma half a mile In 61 seconds
hnox it Mii ctleys colt by Luko BlacKburn
covered ball a mile In f > VH seconds John
Mctaie Henry Harris end others put their
chariiia through the mill in lively style Old
Uiriapeake onll galloped u quarter mile In 38 sec
At Hhcepshead Bay track Albert Cooper was
Busy wih Stephen J Aurellttn awl Ifiwedale
of the older hordes Iho former covered a mile
in 1 i7 very handily The Keenu youngsters
rknl In trios and quartets They breezed
Sinrtira aeraglng from 27 to 110 second
iantatui tlio leviathan colt by Imp Candle
pus Delia of May wood pleased onlookers
hrut t Thu miles however aro In a majority
It the Rilbl and It Is sate to say their like has
lieier been teen In any one table In this coun
i Mtitt irnes advanced a peg In the work of
the Marcus Daly horses Senator frady Prime
ee Hint Hutu did a very smart mile The
ioui iteri looked pretty working In Indian
J lt Od 1 hr > art high In lleali as J tet but when lit
lTd l illthe > will take their placo In the front
iknrtnhirjr I f I 1dk J Kneale 1 worked Agl
Utnr Irish Heel and Pickpocket strongly
Ie slrolll
> t Hrightim 1 llench the old track by tire sea
lttr itt t li iittli IHCH harrowed and nut In fine
iliaiw ly MipiTlntendent Clare William lj > ke
hscri t I1 lilt Kmiidlooklng utrlng were the star
Curt lun llri vetordrts
IVitilt man 1 trainers con boast of finelooking
Tlnsstirs not litany can how a table of
Older horR II corn unto with Lakelands AJax
In fltitrizr I nntvrlenor 1 King I Arthur IL I Knx
f I t Mnrheser 01 Creel and InrlOne
are 111 rt tire ttrt water lire alt I din
treUrlt Irorl 1 olalay IrRt anti their oplenllhl
SnChrnirnCC tti R olet worth the journey 10
r i tn arit
hierrili or Ihe llrnod Mure Cualella
UN Imviii Apr 1Th track at
O HIUIU lark I t I II excellent condition
tUlle of turn I cracks now In training
0 worked filer than 137 for tire tulle
It I hch ii nlllo ylfrclny liy Tinge owned by
I 11 at I I P In1 Sed Inylor two ear
r1 11 h IHrl workla halC 11e
I o I thu IIUlhlo brood Irraro Lie
Itj1 tr I ll 11 t 11 V I Thumpou dl1
st 11 1 I lt rolllalo flrm lulola
Wtt t jt lrrtuinnn r Ull ut CItnlote sun
ttI ii I I inn 1 II ititit wa uroho1 by the
Direr 1teultt t cram k lt the roaWle l Stable
nVi i Lue tn h I splendid condition ai is I also
L 1 iHi
Ar orvacant nowxa
J t Brnah AKnt thrld far the Kea
toakr Borbr
LorjltriuB April la Bpeoulatlon on the
K ntuckrD rbr is I rife The question U I whether
len thrush will start or nht This doubt seem
to have len removed by K letter from Mike
Dwyer to Kugene Leigh In which he Bays that
lie will como certainly with len lru h and
that he Is a sure starter In that cane It Is Hen
Ilrush against tha field at big Olds on Mike
Dwycr has 1 thousand on him at 4 which with
tha stako of 10000 will make the winning a
very neat one
Since Jlockwoods start In the Tennessee
Derby whero he lot away ninth and finished
fourth ho hns won Some admirers
admlrer and Is
thought by n few who have backed him to have
1 chance The odds have been cut from 60 to
2i an n result of the play
Tho favorable weather during last week has
been welcomed by tIre horsemen at tho downs
and with another week of sunshine some realty
good work lay b looked for In the rush and
hurry to get nil to Newport some of tho colts
Were prepared In slush and snow but VCtY few
owners were willing to take risk
OWIf wllni tuke Ilyrou Me
Clellanti Is at work with his string thoigh ha
nays lie has not been able to got a line on them
yet Ha his seventeen In All ns follows
Ciusertan 1 Li c 4 try FanutnmaCieoirti I PrIum
1 fI t 1 by 1 Ring ErtcEientti Mutiront b c ii
In I H1rll81 k dlhllllan bI 8 my inrattforti
lal Islnl Front Itarr h c a i by tlnonclagauln
Omit Ailcgr h f 1 by UnoadllUIn
g II
CAttmariflr I of avsrra vll f 0 try itiiiKiiini riiersue
MOBS Hotel Macro b l c a by Kir DlxonKatvdldi
10lP hc V hr KingKrleAurlellellei The Princes
Opal eh e VI by Irluee Iloyaliipali loldU Irlne l
V liy iJerinudalliiidoowilfi Bv I rlto b c 2 bv
liermudaMahustai rrlmuda in > f V III IKrminla
Trlana Itobalr br cii hy llotherellMerrr Maldeni
< lrb e S by cavalier afen Era Francisco
ch t li by UecelverIlitlo Montiose r
It Is doubtful If Cirsnrlnn will race much this
season He went lame last year and had to ho
tired Ibougli ho seems to art b Improving
Trainer Ulillarns Is I doubtful about him Prince
Lief and Nlmrod will most likely start m the
Oakley Derby anti Iatonla Derby McClellanit
has no entry In the Kentucky Derby From
Louisville ho will go to Lexington then ho will
return to Louisville Then bn will go to Oakley
and Latonia and oosslbly to Detroit 11 Front tho
latter place he will go to Sheepshead Bay
Trainer F W Uerhardy Is working to got the
Haker A Gentry stable In condition Tho let
one In that lot Is Flelshmann a twoyoarold full
brother to Simon W by Harry OFallon Lndy
Ilnyater He has attracted much attention from
turfmen This season hu will race through the
Vet Ind his been axtonslvely entered the
twoyenrold stakes Fleishman Inn flnolooklng
colt and bus shown 00 well In trials that ho
Is looked on by his stable ns the coming two
yearold eomlnl
Hood Advice Baker Oentrys Derby entry
Is I a full brother of Free Advice tho first hor o
to beat Halma last year Ho Is by Lemiatus
Eva S the dam of Itudolph Abe Furst a
black twoyearold bears a striking resem
blnnce to Domino and shows many of tho qual
ities of that great horse He Is by Bohemia
Briar and la one of the likeliest In the twoyear
old form He Is I entered In the stakes and Is
going ride for well Baker Anvil llcntry Baker has been engaged to
Skclty Defeat nurse In His Itonado ml ho
HrlRhtooii Touruey
The feature of the Brighton A Cs show In
Sdhlelleins Assembly Dooms Atlantic avenue
near Vermont street Brooklyn on Saturday
night was an eightround bout between Jack
Bkelly of Brooklyn and Jack Burge of Mount
Vernon The boys were to meet for eight
rounds but the police owing to the late hour
refused to permit them to contest moro than
six rounds Bnrco proved to be a clover ducker
and took a hard punching It Is i doubtful It
Skcllys warmest admirers ever saw their fa
vorite In better trim He went at his opponent
In 1 businesslike way stopped Burges opening
rush with his left hand and drove his right Into
Burgen wind He closed the round with a
llghtnlngllko rally
In tha second round Burge rushed Skclly and
landed a stinger on his hen but Jack only
grinned and landed left and right drawing the
blood with righthand
bloOI from Burgs nose wih a
mash nnd landing a backbander In Humes
eye as the man from Mount Vernon ran Into a
clinch The next round was slightly in favor of
Burge In the fourth round It looked as though
Burge would go out Skelly landed a lefthand
jab In the face and the right In tho wind Then
ho hit Burge bard on the nose with a right
bander that sent the latter to tbe ropes for wind
Barge lasted through the round however
and although he landed three fairly clean hits
he was very tired when the gong rang Ita
all Skcllys light from this time out The bout
ended In a smart standup rally nnd when
Sparrow Robertson the referee announced
that Skelly han won 1 mighty cheer went up
bkellys backer offered to make 1 new match
with Burge to fight eight or ten rounds nt lay
Pound weigh In at the ring side for any
amount Burge accepted but no forfeit was
The opening bout was for four rounds at 110
pound between Billy Itlchmond nnd Eddie
Wlcherdtt Tie former won In the second
round Wlchcrdtt being counted out The tlrst
of the special fights was between Kuircno
Wilkins of East New York and Billy West
of Brooklyn for eight rounds at 1UO pounds I
Wllklns punched his man out In the fourth
round with a righthander on the jaw Jack
Kenney of East Now York and Jimmy Kyan
Bridge A C followed for eight rounds at 140
pounds Kenney fouled his man repeatedly but
he got the decision 1hnrley Illicit and Eddie
Blakeney fought eight rounds at 145 pound
It was for the championship of the Ninth ward
of Brooklyn Hildt won
The Greenwood lnita Rbnw
There were three gool rights ant an exhibition
bout at the Greenwood A Cs show In South
llrookljn n on Saturday night The first go was
between Eddie Curry and Jack Spies both of this
city 1 wan pretty even all the May through and
tho referee hail to declare I a draw The Beconil
bout was between Mike Most ot Newark and Jack
Collyer of Iiockawny who took the place of Jack
hess he having sent word to the club that he was
looking for something easy Tho bout was a fierce
ono and a surprise to the crowd wino I expected to
Ben Hess make Bhort rir of Collier Vcrl latter
showed up strong all tho way through and several
times nearly had Moss out They went tire full
eight rounds and Coller pu the decision An exhibition
10 i = 1
hibition or four rounds then took place between
Chuck Connera and time Harlem Lamplighter
In hit star hOlt Jack Qornian wa honked t to
meet Alf Hanlon of England Uorinan appeared
on the platform to show that he had ertslielas
lie I could not Ixix and Basic Kane kr his place
7 he number of rounds was chaiiKtd from ten to six
Iiero hO rr
but r they I were all redhot ones Hanlon I was a
great tleal the cleverer but he lacked aU and
Kane was ton strong to it l e stopped They fought
the full six rounds und the referee had to call tine
bout a draw
Ktal County A C Glove flouts
Tha Kings County A C of Ilrooklyn held Its Inaugn
rat boxing show at the new Ilrooklyn Turn Hall
Bumpier street near haratoga avenue on Saturday
night The stellar event on the programme did uol
occur as U was explained that Charley Dana of New
York who was to have met Joe Hopkins was over
weight and Hopkins refused ol fUht him under those I
conditions George I Najli and IV Uraicott wore sub
stituted They fought six rounds at catch Heights
Na 1 showed his superiority early In the fight and
tommy Barrett and Harry Myers followed In a
mont of six rounds at Impounds Myers rushed his
lxl r
man and had tha better of the exeumatues up to the
firm round hit was rathar astonished when In the
last ruund IJarrett rushed him and landed right and
left banders galore llarrelts great rally had Its effect
lot 1
feet for the referee called the fight a draw The next
right was for six rounds at IW pounds between
Kddl McOowan and Tommy Curr Time late
punched his mal BO hard about the face and wind
that In Ihe third round McUowan was knocked down
Johauois Hold Handler for Four Ronada
PmuDELrms J prll 1Z Jimmy Handler of New
ark and Chirlcy Johnson of this city welter
weights buied four rounds at lie Art A O last
night The contest was one of time cleanest ever
witnessed In this city Johnson had a alight a
vanlge In real hut Handler was In the better eon
dltlon At tho call of time the men got right lo
work Handler doing more lending He seemed to
hae confluence In I his I ability to lest Johnson hill
tire latter I gave back as good as he I received Han
dler changed Mi tactics and heg > n lo awing his
left but he was n lid and few of his blows reached
Urn Intended spots Meanwhile Johnson kept 1 jab
blug Ills hft I Into Handlers face and sending his
right lo the heart 1 In an efTeetho MBJT This ll irn I of
at rl
baling was kept up throughout t No decision I wu
announced but a draw oud have been just to both
BrAd Nay that He und Cor be It Are Good
Tu Tiir EPITOB or Tin Ben sir I A surprised to
read In yesterdays Sen of the supposed strained re
lations between Mr Corbelt and myself The fact
Is I they are Iho same now as ever nothing whatever
having occurred lo mar In the least our long social
alI hiHlms relations Anil as lo CorbrUn tiutluro
being ou tIle wane I wish to say mat his theatrical i
lli 01 nis everywhere this waMin have been most
sAilsfuclury and prontuhlc
As to his Hireling Mr Mttslmmons I have SlOnrti
to wager that nelnl II CI whip him In ten rounds lours
nu wal Wiu uu A Hiuin
NLWOlrK April IS t
DPI IA III P liel Ir i > < tur > ono of tie great
CARPKTS rmel n 1 Iun at lace
1Ou InI
= 1OL West 1LOa St
t ° ° t
Nothing gives a more
refined finishing touch
to beauty than a doll
cate porfumo
is such an ono
Where 1eaterdftrsi Fire Were
A M74011 West KUhtyalzlh street no damage
I M Islo I 1A117 loxlnicton nvenilo damaffn slight
Bi Wonllawn IlelKits damaiiii irininKi 4iun 7u3
Elchth avenue DIrtier 5 Ilennlni I clamaito too
8tlO UtO West Twentyflrst street a1ael dent
age trilling
A OFFIlJ 10 IAMran T
3Vrtv f ublitatious
ALf the leadIng European nowspapors and porlodl
11 call for ole bv tile International News COnlInan
Ha and 83 Dunne at N Y one door east of llroadwar
To the holder of First Mortgage and
Consolidated Mortgage Honda
Bonds muse bo deposited with the Farmers Loan
and Trust Company on or before the ZOth day of
April IBUt In order to participate In the plan of
reorganleatlou of said railroad No bond will b
received after that date
C IrIVAItI > IIIAIR JCommllteie
to ft nuocuiil concern A capable man relIeve the
managing partner enlarging I the scope of the Uttera
activity without thn tusk rlt > r r blunnltrccnnncctent r with I
placing time uorreftiomlenco iu Ire hand of the ordl
nary typewriter or clerk Do you not Cecil such A
111 rrh rckoJlge t n8ht
man Am V7 thorough oilier man accustomed to
use tire temifrapher well educated experienced
bond furnished wage f 2tI
HKNTOJf box 17A Bun office
nIJmt Qhu L1
1 ihilelll mill 3Jltmt
lllMUAI 1 I Ill I i lllllIS i I UIIJII I
cinicu 11 I I lion i > i
MXV YfIIU rrll Kl JhllU
A dividend of UNK AMI UM i IIMI i J IIMl i I rhNT
hat tint s hay I iHill I declared upon tilt capital stuck o
IhU I coliuuill paillI I at J Iu i I iinuo No 4 I Ilno at t
Siv > lur on April 10 l iinn lo I tliu I ktockholilrri 1 of
record of Arl an mini I lriimfi I r loolis will ba
vlouil 01 tho COOt Hut aunt reoiiKiiHi sin I
II I P cHOUt I Sicreiary
OMrrtions and nttllnG
IIIIIINII unit uuin in lt C IYIIF I
1 tl gI
1 Is hereby Kl till lo Hie imkholili I ol I trap rnono
Mbratory lUMiwat I i ir oiui iii I of Vci Mritmu
that it lruiCt IDI of tinttuckhoiili I I rs of soil < nrsnrlimtry
ha itcnn l < ilul tilifil h > t mtijorllt In iiuiiiiifi I Ini I
amount nfmiiil 1 iti iiinilf r lur mil mil Ion l itt iii mi I
Airll 2 11 I imii I 0 i I M l In I room luv I Tliiici luillil
Imi S H l Iark r J iv Nw Vim c itv her lie I purp mae
ot luau ili iilln tin li llltui of eriml iorpnriimu alit
of lit I trig frucii up I uu am iu iiiuuuceinti t tim
shall I > i > iu I IKt t to I IIK kliihikm
atari I N O Vuk Aprl hIlt iemnrn I > > >
II i > id I i it f tin mujiriij oftiicUiulihri
11 iilo A ill t liMcrelary I
TK1 VM Allr AM 1 hi liii I N tANM S OMIANV
X M lilllKAi i rllllHli innn U liSnIrmmi iiiuillug
if Uf > ltlllliuilri ID rum 1111 mmli u ie net i i ul I 44
itllfi cit iliu clfciiiiuii 11 i orilaudis I r > < I III llil cii >
nmrt 1411 I JIl illt of r > IR 1111 ID Ihti tietmrn
ul MUIIUKI illil fi II I met InillM ra
Thu laths 0 lll I Oimnl nt riifo I K noon and rJlniln
DIM I 4 foruut iiour Tin1 > r4iisfrr 1 iiok ma 11 ui > m tuait l
Irom I tlie i in l toii ol uuiiir Miurlay m u JUy il 1 until rims
inorulliu ru nlliiMlo Muy Mill j
Ujr urJur ul Ibv Jiuard of Mauaiers
11 011 lllANT Secretary
tnt nr nlt
Otat lllnd
Green Coods
Ito your know Stoat mr to cents is day yen
r 11 n ii sri sic ii i hintc I Itlins lot lra
mimes Sres nrkhl ntd In Urrltr New
nelt r eiI ir iii 1111 alarm 50111 ansI is
5flII CII IS W I I r 5011 f drmnt mis Wth I tonE j s let 4
Ices neqsninieI
1 4
33C o ILAII ct 00
tlenler In I Imtff llrnit Ofeen Hand
g1 l < III fret onier lll Nnspini Kt N T
ff or nU ov Co Cct tCoii 1 lnlll
AMttnr I PAPTOIIV n1 lots son fret wnler front
J a li I loIn 1 hl1 < ay for Milu or to let UU1ANO I
I WliniMlni eikiiiiiinl I
J lofiiM I with coini > lrtn lent mmnri > l full 1OIr ton
nmllil freii Adlrevs UA 1K1N I U 1ONFH I CO old
established realrilnteAieno Knr lloekaway N V
it atitte for r Suit Vroohlp i
A MII IMII i itti aUO1O cew >
noiuiin I mom all lnuirov > nitMiiB hniiilMiniely deoo
ritMl 1 nlcrlj ItHatiil brick 111k I as nuts eeiuenied iwi
lnr l1rnnl tin eel trirs iilnnted and CON
NIXTii > iii t NivrU nnlcn I nnii three
liliH kn from eltMnlnl romlt I SlOO IAMII balanesi
H1O aurl I Interest monthly WlllirlAN
AtlanlUMinil vanHloKnatK Itrooklrn
Open Rundnys
I OU HAlr llouu Wiivmsant iToldils 27H Deeatur
tl In llCn v ton In I III lit 11 I 1 1 initmnnln4 xiM > hed hard
WOn trim throiiuhout I amities IH riwiusi worth
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price 421111 A WAONKIl IOH Clmmbers It
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rpo lJTA desirable country 11 13 rooms 201
JL house i 7 rooms Slit
HA VIII VlirFIAXD CnrlstAdt Nl
I > IDflFAVOOI Nt New a lory Tioiisn re idy to
J V occupy one acre of ground and burnt on male
avenue niacadiunlrcili OlIn mile from station 82000
half can rruialn ou niorlgai
IENAPi X IHandsome villa plots for salt
1 I WKATIIKHIIY A CO U71 Ilroadvray
or 3ne or Co gift iku Pf
have nne unices To lET with every Improvement
from tao to 75 a mouth
Also linn nuts I from 1290 to elO a month
AllLY 10 montb
10Tltro C nVNN Agent
AK1IUUV 1AHK N JDoslraWo cottages for ret
II1IN ROSS Ashury Part N J
glrnl Cstntc or alc ffiountru
lAMtORVIA OtIVC HAM l 200 trees bearfngj
V i 110 more should twar tn 3ear or two Address I
CIEOKIIK CUOMWrlU 4tlterkliian St X V city I
rU fAt hero Ferry nnr mouth ot Kaeo
Illver proportv of cluu oro county Wheelmen
HHi ucrts lulid club house slMhle 1 and wharf hous
vrx i ft > et 10 rt veramla on all sides 10 rooms
fireplaces 2 stories and full nlreil suite SOO and 4
on easy terms IIAJIKJT QUINIIT Waco Me <
I XK sllItesiiT nee 20 acres prime condition
nCr Iltehlleld Conn Dr TALllAdU Si Setter I
merhorn nt llrook lyn >
SOUND FRONT LOTS on Connecticut shorei 80 mllei
n city tlnelv locatM restricted for private resi
dences only 9HOO t 2000
HITV D PECK 283 Broadway f
O ACIIK Delaware poach I farm house 1ISO only i
v 100 cash F > mouthly 4
COTTER SOS Walnut t Philadelphia
Siaitofortrjs IUG r
A tow uf them hum inntrimirtits BilRhtly ud and
fully warranted ut recluctvi i > rlpia cash or lrutlW
metiti planon to rent liming fiiirt repairing
C I liThON it CU PQ7 Urotnlvvny 18th it p
Pianos direct from the factory at factory prices we
guarantee lower prices better terns than any other
guarantee dont want your trndw
OUA KACiOKY 64 J West 40th St near llthav
A KlNKvprUht plano7l4Ao monthly Chlckertnir
n bargain WIS8Mlt SO Montgomery st Jersey
CIA FIR STEINWAY 171 1 6n monthly uprluht bar
ft gain SUiriirllall flu llroad St S ewark baf
iAitlAlSUpriximteinrtgo air lt at from
L lvnup monthly 13 and up
New riann 230 S7monthl >
Organ at from ftso up Ilann rents 98
uuulioNH latf 6thav het Olh and Zlstsu
111101 lIASO
near 14ih su
UllllGIlT PIANOS 185 I 7 montH
Iv Chlcxerinir bargain
HisNKIt 65S State 0 near Flalhnsh ar Brooklyn
LEST upright plano 819o7n monthly Rteln
1lK fmo
1 i war LarKalu W1NSNEU VII4 290 2UD Fulton BL
llrookljn open uvenlnKs
1IANOS2I up 910 down installments rentex >
J chang 1JIANO EXCilANCll 10S107 West IUd
DIANOS ii IO I iinTinents largest stock lowest prices 4
X II M WA1TJ1S 27 Union so and 1UJ West Had su
TFTNWAY UIKHlflT rare bargain 8 monthly
C until paid cina Ilenedlct lutes upright square
pUiiH taken In Fichamei new pIanos I rented 13
monthly I GOKT7 CO b3 Court tI Urookljn open
onllk t m
I 1 FflIslEb PIANOS ss each IB monthly
Ii 0 WlSsNhll HALL 254 auo Fulton It Ilrooklyn
Open eveliliiKs
OLD 1 li
MKNT a A years a specialist In diseases of men Under I
olII 011 GHlMiIKH Klentlllo treatment blonl and
Bkln dlsrasit pains In bones red spots sore throat and
1 <
mouth en painful snvllmtcs kidney aud bladder
complHlnts scaldln Inflammation gravel unaevel
oomolIII caldl InlamOlo1 Irv unov
otietl oriuusweak back lostvtlatlty C are slteedlly
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11 = 1
tfiorouixnl I aud pormaneutly eurcd Men ulioul to
marry should coniiilt till lifLciUINDIK im
pediment removed Suffeivni do not maate llmo via
Ulnv lens 1 skilful phvilclans Hmm r Olll Hit
171 West 12th Pt between tith and 7th mm Adrlc
free Medlclnetl l Hours Ulou buudayi u toE
No eharire iinlesg cured
A TlilITY uiti tilL SMITH liJ4ha t ISthsunear I
liii 1 av station only old specialist In this paper over
taloo pupr
41 years In N Y city both Bams all diseases blond
sklnri spot ulcers sore mouth throat tongue nose
legs pains hack head bones chest hut lungs colds
cough consumption kl Ineys bladder stone gravel 4
Irrltullon painful urlnallou sealillnK Bwelllnds strlo f
tures ulect nervous liability weakness bad il reams
lost manhood varlciK1 weak undeveloped organs
Impedlniellts to marriage bee OLD I KITH rural
9 to I Treatment and mlvlco free MD1OIKF iSo
Olli lilt < JltiV fr8 sTprclnltit
aimnitmrf of men only Quickest permauent our
uarninteemt or money refunded blond skIn kIP j
ladder I nervous dublllty bad dreams Impedimenta
to marrlaiie Office over 38 years at ISO East 17th ar
near Cnlim oiiiare lour I 1 < Ui Bundayt I to I
Treatment and advice free Medicine O
cure In dluauS of men dangerous cases solicited i
relief at ounce those desiring only flrstclajifl scientific
treatment should call The leading specialist Dr
IIONGIUI 127 Wtt 22d t I to u a t I Sundays
cn Rilentino skilful treatment or or
1 gunlcand functional dtsiases and lrregularttlf4J
of noniiu Private anttarluin 117 West Shim LI
hours SiU t
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O I recularlilcs suices ful trmtiunl guarantee
voo West 4M sj near Itroadway i
ADhitMi Chich ter English Pennyroyal Pili
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to Urn i tsrna bJ Ret0r Mall AI inoiftu I
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JJ I Hnyhlii peclaltyau j ears hours 100 7H I
IJUItii < S0f MOXI3V m tood PATENTS
when prucurtsl and sold through reliable Patent At
loinejB CIA11K DEFMEIl COMPANY littf Ilwar
N Y InvaliiablB Hints to Invisiors mailed free
V TT Itlill ijukklyi send for N led luvuntloul
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JTMIAH TATE ftlO 0 S45 Jiroadway Sew York 4
VTh STX for mvinilous procured promptly l low
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iillluu I utnl I IIIlrellll t toad rihbia mate Ttle I
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has plfiny < if Irun f I sliil trics AC u a cry ileslr 1
aiiltt siainl tot I itt Ixivliuu new tulle lno posa il
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nRooKtrif nuninsxax OKTTJXO
nBcvr FOR uhf CAMtAIOX
OroTf Intereal In I the iKterclnh Vttno
HntmK T Hedford AVIII nte m Cup
lop the StlO Trntterl P Iilnstve Jlntm
Murk TsntlnWhatt Trainer Are Oolaat
Ilrooklyn roo < l drivers are busy at present
getting their horses ready for the Interclub
cup races which will begin the first Saturday
In May at tho hntfmllo track of the Parkway
Driving Club Amateur port with tho trot
tcriflt popular among liorecmen on tho other
side of the big bridge and the Indications are
that Iho members of tho 1arktvay Club will
furnish a lot of Btarters In tlio ecrlcs of races
to wagon between tho road horses of New York
and llronktyn There Is talk about changing
the rules In such a way aa to limit limo start I
ers In each class to Ihreo or four representa
tives from either club thoso representatives to
bo elected In n tone of preliminary l trials
A great deal of Interest centres In the pros
pective contest for tho clmllengo cup offered
for horses of the freeforall class K l T lied
ford Is getting Illlotto tlH4 In trim lo start
for this trophy and club men aro confident
that tho fast hlacit son of Cyclone will hold his
own against all corners from New York nit
letto has trotted tho Ilrooklyn track In 2111H
and has thus far beaten every trotter that at
tempted to measure strides with him on his
own ground Thu horse It I In fine form this
spring nnd ho receives sharp exercise every
day on Iho Coney Island drlxonay cobwebs
21 Is 1 tho horso relied upon by Now York
roadmen to win the cup The Fleetwond con
tingent saw his owner Nathan Straue drive
tho chestnut trotter a half mllo In 100 to
road wagon lost year and they say that If
Gillette can bent him Brooklyn may then claim
to liSle tho fastest road horse In Greater Now
The Inlorclnb programme as arranged
forces all horse hating records of 8C1 or
better o start In the open race against Oil
lotto Cobnobs ann others of like speed no
Intermediate class having teen made between
tho freeforall and tho i34 class iomo
Ilrooklyn horsemen were lamenting the lack
of such a class last Saturday nt time IlIrk say
club hou e when II I T I Iledford said that ho
would 1 donate n cup to bo trotted for by horses
eligible to the 211 class The nice for this
trophy will be to road wagons with the num
ber of starters limited to three from each club
Mr Bedford big maro Wanda 2314 Is I
likely to be one nf the lro klyn representa
tives although tho new clase Is I five sctonds
faster titan tho one In which she properly bo
longs Eat View 2lf > 4 Keno r 2lVij
Wnco 2lflM Inbe 21H Hlack Ide 217
Clay llerr 2l Vj and Mark Twain 217t
are some of tho prospective starters Mark
Twnln I a newcomer among Brooklyn road
hordes John F Dlngee tho former owner of
Mica Auto 2 11114 Hilly A 21314 and other
1101 1 ones having recently purchased tho horse
In Kentucky lie U n big powerful strong
going hay gelding by Mnrquttte 220 that
gained a record 91714 In his threeyearold
form last year It Is t said that he outtrotted
Mr Bedfords Wanda In a brush on tho road
one day last week
The trainers who nro going to make Brook
lyn their headquarters this season have some
notable trotters and pacers In their stables at
tho 1arkway course nnd further up tho road
near John H HIinHs Iarkvillo Farm The
season Is t go backward that fast work on the
track Is not yet deemed advisable but tho
hnreo are licclnntiig tn step along at halt speed
on the oft footing of tho Ocean Iarkwny K I
It lionne who Is shaping up a string of young
and old campaigners on tho track at IarkUllo
Farm driro his first mile of tho season to
sulky behind Nut hell last Saturday The
buxom little daughter of Bayonne Prince
has come out of winter quarters In blooming
form and her trainer thinks the may be as
formidable in the 2in class this season as
she was nmom tho 22S trotters last year
Ns 1211 n lengthy I rangy racylooking bay
mare by JiinitrrmuMer U2im promises well
protldcd > she wll stand training Nyanra
stepped a mile III aliout i00 on the Parks 1110
track Int iaturday without showing the least
sign uf lameness hut whether the I will I ntnnil
up tiniler first work later on Is of course Quito
another matter
Mascot 2 U4 now In Bownes training
Btnble Is I ono of the best preserved campaign
ers ever seen II > i bus been on the turf six
conscuitlvo boisons pacing against the beat
sidewheelers In hNclass jet his legs are us
clean nt a colts and his new trainer Rays ho
hOles to see tho exchampion heat his record
th year Calnbnr n mnmmoth bny Mnlllon
by Guy YItkcs that Is I said to hao bhown sen
sational speed in 1nllfornlu n few years ngo
Chris Lang U2Ulc another of tIme Guy lIkes
family Dick 2IX h by EU erton tho son of
Kentucky Irinco Frlnco Kugene 2 27L by
Kentucky Prince Saltlc n racylooking daugh
ter of Stranger Three Feathers by Kentucky
Prince out of the dam of Mahogany 212 4
and Hlco Bird a promising gray tllly by Prince
Kugene out of the dam of n Nutshell 2lo nro
the other members of Bownes Ptahle
Although It has been announced that John
II Shults would not have a tlllolo of trotters
In training this year Jerome McKlnnoy 1 and
Superintendent VV V Slot it mtro litimy ni Pnrk
tllle Farm working a doen or more young
things by Stranger Thistle Baron Hoe Phal
lus and Expedition i Tiioso that t develop win
ning I Hpecd will piobaldy bo campaigned
Much Is I expected of Edition a tbree > earold
bay colt of line pro > rtions that showed a re
mirkahlo turn of pccd last year Ho is I broil
right to ho a champion his slie I I Execution
21 > 14 being by Electioneer out of a full sis
ter to Mnuil S while his dam Is Hoscbud tho
daughter of I iold mlth Maid Emir n green
fouryearold by I Advertiser 2lal4 out of tho
thoroughbred maro Emma Rolmon Is nrother
likely one She was In Monroe Salisburys
Btnhlo last year mIni It said to havo trotted a
mllo In 22ri Mttery by Phallus t1 H I
counted upon to bent 220 this beacon having
ohnvvn n trial of 217 In 1MI4 Judlc hr Jay
Wllkes dam Judy Stamboul Is Superinten
dent hints pick uf tire twoyearolds ami of
all tho trotter ever raided 1 nt the farm This
tlebudand Ferndale full slslen fOil fast ones
liv 1 the pacing stallion Thistle will bo trained
with n view to giving them low records nnd
then bred tu Edition
D b Nichols is l quartered In the training
bar i at tIme entrain to the Pirkville Turin
track He has Ihu i pucrH June 1 Bui 2tltHi I
It ltd John II 1 ire u latter n threeyearolit by Di I i
rect Mint t I Is I nlmo the Imago of his Ire I I in con
formation color and action He Is I pietty
well lIKid bv his trainer t ns n candidate to time
pacing division ot the Kentuckv Futurity to
hu decided ut Lexington In O toiler E I M 1
Prlco of Brooklyn owns the I youngster Ht
Joe a hrnwlI guiding by Alcantara and Laura
McGregor a mure by Fergus McGregor that
Nichols drove a mile last year In 22fl IUO to
ot the rollers In this string Both are wned
bv O M 1 Lawton of tire Parkway living
Club Ma Itch Ioy a hotheaded bay stallion
by Albert W has trotted In his work In
221H but he has jet to learn In nice Train
er Nichols city ho will tako his stable through
the Vermont and northern New York cir
cuit after starting at tlio Fleetwood und Park
way snrlng I meetings
wY K Arnold who brought out Mr Sohultss
fast mate Edith It nnd drove her to n record
of 217M hits Justnirlvol at Parkvllle after
wintering hH I stable nt Charleston S C The
two loiing marrs Ailelln and Wlltmm by Wil
ton SiIUl4 > out of Addle le 22M4 by I Nut
wood Ire the pick of Arnolds string Both
tire entered In tho pacing Makes nt Flectuood 1
tor tho Juno und September meetings aunt
they look li tu I start for the money nmv so
linn and hard U I their condition
TrulnurM I P 1 Devy Is I another of the puhllo
trainers that In I quartered lit tho Purkvllla
Farm track this spring > lie hns lakeivoixl
217 i Illokoryvvoocl I i 221 altti a Ittilit trer nit oth
ers jelonglng to J I D 1 Willis nf Ilrooklyn At 1
tructlv u bay mare by Electioneer out of thor
oughbred Emma llobMin is I one lit DeryH I
promising candidates fur tire slow classes III
the upprobchlng caipalgn Her I record Is
2l3ll nut she was good enough last year to
force Leonatua out In l7i4 at Glens Falls
John Driscoll 1 bus ills usual stable full of
steppers out of which ho expects ID pick some
fust one for the spring meeting at Parkway
nnd Fitet wood Among the lot working I nn tho t
Purkvllln i track are the pacern Annie K i 2 MUM I
liy Detractor Wlnolii 222by FavorIte Wllkes
nneya green fouryearold by Kansas Wllkes
nnd the trotters rlbyl 227H Frank Ciminer u
Jr n threeyearold by Constantine 2 12Vtj I
And Iloiiiuu I Joe by Itonnlo Hoy out ot tho darn
of Fnvoru 2lh
At the Parkway track are Charles n Mixer
J P I lingers T I L I Arthur anti other I Brook
lyn trainers Moser sny he expuuls tu cam
paign only u fcnvhun > c this err r nt cither than
time local meetings lie j i linn In hU stable three
uf Lul lu renio Kips Horse hoiv wtnnerb
Mambrlnn Belle Ermuletu und Munuichcss
lilting thorn Ui trot a few rates this year Col
K tin belie b ci nil of f thu mured nn capable of
making new records Tho lust trotter Hoan
Hoy 2 il In EatllgUt hn Just Iwen 10
turned tu Movers tuttle for inuthur buisnns
iimpalgn Tho hoite tun a good rue e nt leet
ii oral l mitt 3 tars ngu rhimlng ability 10 built
21ll t tire day that te madu his riiiint Me
Loughlln I Muld 2IU4 1 1 anil Witch Hazel
yHj 1 mire nthcr trutltlH In tlrters ktllng
U I Truncr Koger has euinu pii > 9icttlto money
vIii llers In Ivciiu I 1 ii i n hontu that I ill
Ihougli I thirteen veura old Hindu I hit ret nmrl In
INIII I iatt l lee v1 ilt line nf tlin t fastest natural
ikiiem ever got < itt AUuiiiurui Ilieimu I uviu
liy Mdney formerly outmost l by 1 mm t A tlold
bmitli und Kite u fast green lonryrnrjlri by
Turntunn out of u maiu b bttiu tIe ilmut was
gtt1md by Hubert lloniiur
m I
If oala of niAtr Abrtmit Te terditj Plan to
Counteract Itleyole Mlesttlnr
Good weather and excellent roads afforded
tho bicycle riders every chanco tu Indulge In
lengthy runs yesterday Central Park and time
Boulevard were crowded with riders from early
In the morning until long after dark while In
Brooklyn and around the New Jersey riding
district cyclists were counted by the hundreds
The clubmen were particularly active
Threatening weather has necessitated the post
ponement of several runs early this year so
timed big crowds attended the weekly fixtures
yesterday A dozen members of the Manhattan
lllcj clo Club visited Garfleld In charge of Capt
It 1 Belts Members of tIme Harlem Wheel
men took a run to Hldgewood tho Ltnwood
Wheelmen pedalled to Plalnfleld and the
Triumph Wheelmen to Bergen Point Several
clubs held outings up to Yonkers and beyond
Tnrrytown Tho Century Wheelmen went to
Mount Vernon the Knickerbocker Wheelmen
and the Olympic Wheelmen of Brooklyn lo
Yonkers tho Excelsior Cycle Club to Kings
The need of nn additional bicycle path In
Brooklyn was made manifest yesterday by the
crowded condition of limo pathway from Pros
pect Part to Coney Island Riders going to
and from time Island were crowded dnngerously
close together nnd time construction of a return
cycle path will bo a big relief to patrons of tho
A Brooklyn park policeman said that the
crowd nf riders out yesterday equalled any Into
vlnus muster that he could rotnember sreing
oil her In Prospect Pork or on the Boulevard
The Brooklyn Blcyclo Club men took a run to
Pllllwolls atGrnvesend Bay The Kilrgs Olin
ty Wheelmen went to Bath Beach while the
Long Island Wheelmen went out to College
Point rite Liberty Wheelmen went to Free
purt the Lincoln and Wllllamsburgh riders to
Buy Side and the Cyclouo Wheelmen tu Hump
The Catiuoiic Club Cyclers of Jersey City took
a run to Nutley A largo crowd of members of
the Atnlanta Wheelmen of Newark rode to
lloonton Tue ofilcial club run of time East Or
ange Cyclers was to Slngau The Essex County
Wheelmen went to Mount Bethel Home of the
club riders out yesterday were
Century WheelmenM C llaconM Olbb Coates
It K Weeks W IL Smith K lids and W it llorton
Manhattan lllcjcle ClubK O lIeu W T Stewart
Joseph oalmau l J Vemlck J T Policety and M A
Kings County Wheelmen Oeorno Needham C W
Voting William Htlllwell I W Beasly Jr Ii W Van
Vleck uud K i C Dotlp
Ilrooklyn Bicycle Club Waldo Fuller Fred Allart
Joe Hobby Frank Lorland 1 > Fletcher and Fdtvard
ciramercy Wheelmen Ballhach E Spell R
Klein C Vt Ebernicin anti F Searle
Cnstlo Point CyclersC o UorUts and O S Hai
Dean Cycle Club of Ilrooklyn W A Ie Clalr and
A Davies
Ixine Island Wheelmen W A Ho er B O
Walmslev U II Camrell aunt It D Servo
Crescent Athlntlu < lub Illlain F lllchards David
Dearborn F W Walker W T Hull I red Morse
Wvlss Terry and P 1allenon
Cycle Club of Brooklyn Arthur Aten Carroll Post
Jr 11 O Hectic und John tv llson
Atalanta Wheelmen ot Xennrk W V Delknap
IloliTt Younit K Allen Hnilth F F Eagles K I
Miller William tldredge and Charles W HiuU
The members of the league nro discussing the
advisability of having thu organization adopt
some means for time iecovcry of stolen bicycles
President Elliott nays
Many members nf the league hnvo written
to our olllclal organ risking whether time qrgnn
Initlon could adopt sonio practical means of re
covering stolen hrels 1 would say that I have
been for tnmu tlino negotiating with a respon
sible concern with a view to securing this pro
tection nt a grcatlv reduced rate and the result
Is an entirely satisfactory arrangement which
will enable league members to leel that their
wheels are protected ngtalnft theft for the low
price of Si n icar For obvious reasons the
league conld not enter Into nny business of this
sort but we have outdo arrangements with n
Chicago association to Issiin policies to league
members nt half the regular rates
The road officers uf the Peouocl Club Wheelmen
of Ilrooklyn have declttemi to hold a double cen
tury to Putchogue unit irig Harbor on May 110
The Brooklyn Blcyclu cluli will hold its an
nual election of ofllcors tomorrow night
The road racing team of the Kings County
Wheelmen Is considering n team race with the
Union Cycle Club of Boston
lIme lied Bank Wheelmen have elected the
following officers President Wllllnm H Hous
ton VlcePresldant Amos S Borden Score
tarE Petar T liraclv Assistant Secretary F
Culllngton Treasurer J 1 U 1 Throckmorton
Captain James T Dougherty The club has
decided to join the Associated Cycling Clubs of
Long Island
The Mount Vernon Wheelmen will award
medals to all members riding 3500 miles dur
ing tIne season
Sunrises tm 91 Sunsets 639Moon8ett i
Illilll SATtmmTtuii pay
Randy Hook 7 3J I Govlslina 7 B3I I Uell Gate 847
ArrlvedScNatT April It
feuds Ilaxtcr Gibraltar
hs Itnlcnn lllls St lucla
fes HI Nl Maon > ew Orleans
bs Sastn th Futon Hlo Janeiro
bs Jam stimn Ilulphers Norfolk
rs fallHlmssee Asklns Savannah
Ss Itlchmonil Duvls Itlchmond
Ss I Manhattan HraKir Portland
bs Herman Winter Nlckemun Boston
lice later arrivals see First Paga
Rs IA Pretagne from New York at navro
bs El 1 bud I rom New York at Port Eada
Es 7anndam from Amsterdam for Haw York passed
Isle of Wight
SAII rn FrOSt roRKioi tORTS
Bi Campania from Queenstown for Sew York
solicit tRots nuMESTia roars
fisComnl from Oalveston for New York
SImS tteO W Cljde from Wllmlnrton for New York
Ss Nacoochee from bavannah for Sims York
ttttOttti 5TSAESitlN
SaIl Tomorrow
Mafia Ctott Vessel Sa Its
huthn firemen 7noAM 10OOAJt
Huhledam Amsterdam 7OU A M UOilAM
AlKiiiiiuIn Lharlesiou 11 on i > yt
El Sltmitte Now Orleans a DO P 1 JL
Silil IIVifnflifil AprIl lit
New York Southampton 70dA M in no A M
Oermanlc ltaerlomnt 000 > A M 1200 1 11
Prussian llasKon
Frleslimi AntHerp 10 uu A M 1200 M
Irilxsla Ilimhurtf 7 oil A 31
OrUalia Havana 1001 I 5L u Oil I1 I M
Vriieciivla Ijniuarra I 11 oil A St i mipM I
Anerlvllrenida I IJODM JOll P i M
liarrlck JlonluMdeo 7UO A it UUOAM
Snrl Thttrvlau April 18
Orinoco ncrmuda 1 001 1 M S00 PM
It hie fmimlmli
Montauk lintlerilansMarch VI
Henwlck inbrHliar Murch v >
Alisla Illlirultar MnnhV1
onlulielle si Ihomas I April 4
Uluetla llamburx March Su
Alamo ilalvciiton April 4
Alkcoimuln JiuKooiivllla Aurll H
Hindoo i London Marcnvti
1Awnex illbniltnr MunhtH
Amsterdam liultiMam April I
Tauric Iliirixuil I I April U
MEiiranca tlatani April u
Alllanca coum April n
U > uUlana N as Orleans April H
hum 7Wi < il > tj > ril li
Mohawk Innlim April 3
KeiiHinirton Auiuerp April 4
Suet nr mm April 4
stale of Nebraska HIWOH April 1
Semfnole lacKnonvllls April U I I
lliiiladComlil Ilimuu I April I U
hue HVJnexnv 11tiI flD
Teutonic I herpool April H
lined llrcineii April 7
verra irno4 April J
irorflu lluiuburK April I
Ji rrar3 Pity KnniKca tprll I
fltyuf Washington llnvumt Aprllll
Concho ilalvcston April H
KiciMnr Ncworlems April I
h hlisnig Until April H
Aiillllu Nnsnaii April U
ANte Tlxirtilai ljmrii IB
Stuttgart llriMnen April 4
Alsulla tlliillar April a
11rpm I illhralt r MartinEt
KanirHrhuT st linh April K
rnuinneha JucliMiutllln April 11
Kl time N > > tiltan < April II I I
lasS flllitml l lr117
Campania I mnoi Aprllll
Iaris Hiulliumploii Aprllll
A m IMI Victoria suiili nniHiMi April lo
flilnuvjlla i hrKiliiiiMnit April U
trill ii iminlee April U
Mendiita Aimiirilani April H
Philadelphia luUUMra April II
bcoill > Ulhri > Hilim April a
11te SmttitnrtIS 4rrfl Is
IlrltAnnla Urnltar April 4
Mujala Nuuau A4Irli 14
A iriitTR nvtK OJP xtinnnn TVTIIT
Th Outcome nt AcndlMB hatred of the
ntaeknThe Hlrnstate of the WhHn Hn
premitclx in Vrtrfnt the Negro front
Votlnc If MIS ied tn n Herlen nt Murder
New OutPANS April 10Most of tire Inter
cat In tlio ntipronchlriK BIMo election which
corned oft on April 21 IIM rent nil In tlio
Acaillnn wrtsli of St Uvmlry Hnmu no
counts of tine cnmpnlgn there brie liren nub
Ihliril but after nil they give lint n foclilo pic
luro uf the damnrallyntlon existing Tlicra
have been nlnn persons Mlloil nlrcmly on no
count of tlio political troubles fourteen olint
inoro or 1m I forlotiMy and icrhnn noo
whlppcil nnd whipped Reyerily Tlio pnrlsh
priest of 1ort Ilnero lung Imen ilrUen nut of the
pnrlch A lnuitulrenl 1 1 hon cn nnd Horns lmrte
been fired Into nnd riddled with Imllct toillv
courage their occupants from rctflMrrltiit ann
rotlnu An might bo exported ImnlneM li
stagnant IhroiiKliout the pnrlsh All immleriv
lion nnd thero has been n large limnlitrnllon
thrru of Into ycnn linn ceased tire plantations
hnva stopped Inlior berntino limo negroes are ton
frlRlitonvcl to work Miitiy of the negroes in
deed hnvo given up the hnblt of KteepliiB In
their cnMns anti prefer time ennobrnken
St liiniliy Im nn nrmed camp nnd contains
moro rlllrs Hhotuuni and pltols tItan any
county of thi cnmo ponulutlon In the world
Ilotli fnctloni liuvo been buying attn ann nm
mnnltlan In this city far week Iloth linvo
nrscmih In Onolimsas where nuns are stored l
ready for n moment notice Time Kcirulntorn
or White Supromnclstn no the Kontonolt tao
tlon nro called are bettor organised They
hnvo their companies are thoroughly nrmed
and nil mounted for every St lamlrlin Is a
centaur nnd have three or four cannon One
of their meitlngs Is a novelty In polltlcnl cam
paigns In thin country for It IsstnrtllnB to see
800 men nil on honohnck ann carrying rifles
on their ahouldera with a couple of cannon In
the background
The situation In St Landry lint grown an
sorloin lately that both tine civil and religious
authorities have Interfered to restore order
but without effecting any permanent good
The Governor ordered time Washington Artll
cry to Opclouann tho teat of justice They
linvo preserved order In tine town Itself but
tlio llevulntore linvo continued their Inroads
Into the neighboring districts and the same
acts of violence have been committed aa here
When Fattier Mallnchet pariah priest of
Tort llarre wnn run out of St Lnndry by the
regulators for denouncing the murder of one
of his parishioners by them Archbishop Jans
sent Interfered spoke very strongly of the
St Lnndry InwlessiiOs1 ami called upon the
authorities to imporcss It notwithstanding
the fart unit the people of St Iandry are as
unanimously Cnthcille ns nny In tho world rind
dot out Cathollos nt that the partisan and
factional feeling there is too strong even for
tho Church to control nnd the regulators
mayo nut cvased their outrages because of the
Archbishops vnrnliitf
Time struggle In M Lnndry hni got beyond
the control of limo thurrli or of time olllclnla
Although It Is nominally n political contctt
ruth trnn e to iy n content betueou two
Democratic faction it It really u nice war
which has been going on for scare The nl
legal trouble Is the contest Iwtwcon the
Thompson and Fcmtonot factloninf the Demo
cratlo pnrty to control the jiartxli nfllcc Tho
Thuinrwin faction Is led by time clerk of court
rninirl m n minority of the unites nn < l most
of tlio o known as Americans thnt Is I Anglo
Saxons nnd depends for its uicesi on getting
out t Imo negro oe lImo Fontonot faction in
led by SuerltT timtono consists exclusively
of white comprllnir it Inn Itt fimrllfthi of tho t
whites In the imrlsh nnd all the Acaillann
They cull ihcmelct Willie uiirenmclst and
declare that no negro shnll regiter or ntcnn
matter what the cnntnincncn All the illlTI
rultlcs hay occurred nnd nil time killings have
rehiilted from cltort on the part of tlie homp
son faction to got out the negroes nun register
them anti on the part of tIme Koiitenot faction
to undent it
The real trouble behind nil I this Is the t strug
gle that Is goitmg lilt in toutliweMtern Loulslnni
between tho Acadlans the descendant of
LnngfelliHvN Kvamrellne nnd tlio negro St
Iandry is tho htudccnu of the Acndlans
and Opelnusni tho Acndlnn capital of Until it
nnn M landry la the largest parish of
Louisiana with a population of UOUUO antI
tine tenths of lImo white people are Acadlans
descendants of time unfortunate Krench set
tlers of Acndle nit Nova Scotia driien out by
the Knullsh n century nnd a quarter ago
Longfellow haH I told tho storv of their wander
Ing and final pettltment cm the Ttcho In
Louisiana but their history lnce then has re
mained untold Settled on time prairies of
ma extern LouNlana for di tmit from time moro
civllled ieetiHis of the t State they havo grown
up In an Acadian 1 manner and rite rupfdly
crowding other races flut of tin State The
Acadian N tho I most liroil the ot all races even
moru po than his brother tlw t Trench Cana
dian He 11irrlcM nt JO and his family is
ails hero from tilt to I twenty limo Acadian
representative on the Democratic ticket Four
net who is named for State Trenurer is
slightly over 40 with fifteen living children
hurl hlmielf one of n family of lxteen From
the little 1 I colony of It 001 the Acadian have
grown in the host etimullrm to a vnr V00000 nnd
now constitute mi important clement In limo
white iioluunimit Ion of Loullann They nre
looked dim n n is > tim by the Creoles or tho old
Kreni population of tho t State but far out
number them today and will Mine day absorb
them nnd swallow them up From the Teche
the Acaillans hnvo spread ill all directions In
vading the Creole and oven the American par
ishoi 1 llmmn negroes haMi ranldly glum nwav
before them and ann being crowoed out of
oouthern Louisiana which has a whlto n un lit
Itt and which will be overwhelmingly white
in time I I The Acadlnns have no uto for time
negro and time nntlnnnl nntliuthy between
the two races is very strong roor men them
i < eles worklnz In the ileld largely illiterate I
tho social teellng Is all the more Intensified I he
cnnso thoy are competitors and because the
lines between the two into not erv far npart
Koi l some years them has been a moeinont
against the neuroes In St Lnndry Those who
wore In It Mrst called themeehes Cauc iMans
now they style themselves White Miprema
dads Their aim Is i to prevent the negro from
voting or having nny pnrt In politics and they
will Micccud In this nt the coming election but
only by grfat violence nnd many outrages A
great many of them look further than this
nun would like tn get rid of time negroes alto
gether and drlui them out of time country
This nmv not bo done forcibly but time hlacks
nro nexertheless being grndnnlly Klioiildcrud
out of the t I count rv to make way for with la
borer Iho Acadian la the coming muster of
southern Ionldatm
lieorgo able who brie given many pictures
of Acaillnn anil cieole thought the former far
moro likely to make n good American cltlren
Ho cneaksn French jnrgoti dialect but learns
KnglMi readily and seems to have n fancy for
It and Kngllsn la now sjxjken In many parts of
Acailln whero time population Is almost entirely
of French origin
The St Lnndry troubles may be smoothed
over comiiwhat after the election but not per
manently I i They iaIll only smoulder itt t break
out iignln at nn enrly day for they rcprefent
Olin of the I o Men struggles ru common In Ku
rope sn are In this country The Munition H
not that t let am rout the I planter attn the I negroes
but quite the reerho It Is time strntgglt K1
twen two people both THHir Imtli working for
their living nnd between whom theie I is nrct ian
rlvilrynnd competition The result Is not In
doubt The negroes will assuredly bo crowded
out of southern I Louisiana
Lynched In Alabama
Srarr Ala April IS Uetween midnight and
da llkht last night a mob of masked men went
to tho Jill took Koddyrck Adams colored out
attn hanged him
Adama waylaid and shot ItT Itenfro last
November nnd nfter shooting I him robbed his
atore and met lire tn hli dwelllnir Adams hud
been on trial I last week and nfter deliberating I
from Vidnusdny until ulurdny the JuryiouUI
not agree
Very lllKh lnd In NrliraiUn
Urn ti mm NeU April 1iA wind storm
with tho violence of a cyclono visited tills CCC
tlon early last evening In the country It was
On tliH farm of Andrew Ilnwley a bnrn was
blown Diet Imrilng llawley i I nnd his little I I girl
crimhlng the t childs ihoulder nnd lig > he may
die I The fatli r wa > sirioUHly Injured I I lIt Intdf e
tn property H thought tn bo large bill reports
are ineacrc
Onv Morton rcturnml lo Albany yiatctIuy I on thus
afieriiooii train I
limiimii 1 Pt hrllollril i jeitenliy nt iris home nt
oui lmsl i louili I I nirtti of 5k nil rriinre uuu m
ralniik mm lih a kit it imr tm an is > mra Hi
Idunrl Honlii 214 ear > oil > lhllie i I vHurhy
nlijlu f liiirni line in hl loiiiuik lukliu lire from
Hie moMj wluli Mt iilinii with lit llCl liiMlhcrut
lila helm it i ifi Minion irctt eirllcr In Hi ml lij
Tim > twenty t five ne ntis uinl ilu I tu ii white nun
who wrr arre tfi ou anir > li nUlit In tli iill >
on Dm Montt ziinu lnlint I lUs Ilu cUir > ir ei uin
illAcliurKisI In JlTttii it 31arUit Ilturi 3 iii > rilu
maroliiii lleno I A inUrwin Hinl I ih I mm Mujor of
riHiniiMim tlrerl UIK Irjildfiii or I Ito iMul wa
iiarouul for elimination ID inorrim la limo eu > liHly
of Ciul Justly vujliup Luu iiU tuiutei
Rdward J N Bunt n prominent architect
nd designer of this city died suddenly yester
day forenoon At his homo nn Avenue A
llayonnr Mr Htent lived with his fatherIn
law Martin It Cook When lie arc o yesterday
he spent a few tnt nttih Cs In piny with his little I
son A few minutes later the tint nlnrmrd tIne
family iy l running down Mnlra and faying Hint
hit father wna nick on the floor Mr stent was
inrrlid In his bed where ho died before the nr
rival if iriri lets I assistance Ills I I death maim e tIme
to apoplexy Ho was nlmitt fortynight years of
age and n nntUn of Kngland A widow and
tao suns survive him
The funeral of 1rnf Xnhum lllnes who died
on FrlclBr look plnee yesterday afternoon from
his Into homu In Hrrolid avenue ann Ninety
second street llrooklyn ttof lllnes I I belonged
to an old evolutionary family of Ohio and was
lorn In tutu Stain fortyfour 1 cars ngn Hn was
n graduate nf Detmlson tnlverslly and nf the
Hochester Theological bemlnnry mid lint three
years was a professor In the Theological Semi
nary In Illchmond Vo Ills hi allh compelled
irliin Itt itlme up literary work nnd since his ar
rival In I Brooklyn right years ago he had
been engaged In the real estate business
Mrs Snrnh Klllott widow of tohn Klllott nnd
mother of Mrs Theodore Itunyon the widow of
time late Ambassador to lermnny la lentil nt her
homo In t Newark She died of heart failure I
Mrs Illlnlts maiden name was IMrander
She writ hoi n In this citron May IH IHlll Her
first husband wns William 1 llruen whodled
in 1NVI 1 Klghteen 5 ears Inter she mnrrled John
Klllott of IhU t city In her youth nine was n
noted contralto singer nnd the lending voice In
thin New York Sacred Mnslo Society She
leaves four aoim nnd one daughter
lames Trnphngen one nf tIme oldest retell
Jewelry denlur In Newark died on Sntunlny
night of cancer lie was born at Wnlden Orange
county N V nn March ID 1HM anti began his
business Ufa us n grocery clerk In this city but
noon went to Newark anti learned tine Jewelry
trade with Ailing Co Thirty years ngo he
purchased time store nfI S McDonald an opti
cian and began the Jewelry business which ho
nnd his two sons conducted up to tho tlmoof his
Clifford M Iltickniun senior member of the
dry goods firm of C M llucknam Ar Son of 103
Worth Street died at Ids home In Yonkers yes
terday morning He menu 47 years old He was
well known In commercial circles having been
tn business In Now York for many year He
was formerly In business In Chicago and later
was with A T Stewart A Co
nrni AIICIirlitln Itetidall only child of Ann
M and Edward K IlelJuM April 12 IfOO
Funeral Trinity Church Qonovo N Y Tuesday
April 14 at 1043 AM
HIMOAKTOa Saturday April 11 IRdn at hti
resilience Ill Ashland av Moomlltld N J
Robert Illggnrt aged Tu yenrs
Funeral services will be held Tuesday April 14 on
arrival of 020 AM train from foot of Christopher
st Sew York Mdrrlt and Essex lUMroad Car
rlagcA wilt meet train
ntTCKNAM Sunday April 12 at his horn
Yunkers Clifford M llucknam
Funeral from his late residence Hudson Terrace on
Wnlneidiy at a 1 M
IHJIlKKOn Saturday April 11 If 98 at his resi
dence 140Uond iu Ilrooklyn Thomoi nurko
Funeral from St Iauli 1L C Church Court and
CongreM ntsMonday April 18at IDA M Friends
are Invited Interment In Calvary Cemetery
ELLIOTTAt Newark X J on April 10 1898
Sarah Uruen widow of John Klllott
Funeral services at her lato residence 10 mil n
Newark XJ on Tuesday the 14ih Innt at 280
131 Rclatlrpiand friends ate Invited to attend
Please omit flowers
IIALIOn Baturdar April 11 1899 Thomas Q
Hall ion of John W Hall In hu D2d year
Ilelatlves and frlendi also members of Oeorta C
htrong Post No 034 U A R I are respectfully In
vited to attend the funeral services on Monday at
8 1 M at hit Into residence 110 Hart St Brooklyn
HAWKHOn Sunday April II 18BH at his resi
lience 3fl < West 12th it William IL Hawks
Notlee of funeral hereafter
alAlTHOn Friday April 10 at Saranae Lake Dr
James Jay Mapeasonof Charles Victor and Tilartha
Halsted Italics aunt DO years
Funeral servIces at the residence of his parent 40
West 40th Bt on Monday April IH at U oclock
Interment private
roiIAKII Friday April 10 1808 Annie
AucuUa Koz wife of Don Alnnro Pollard
Funeral Ietvlms at her litn ri ldenca 400 West 18th
st on Monday April 13 at U P M
IlOOHKVIIr Suddenly of pheumonla on Fri
day morning April 10 at his resilience 39 East
Thirty first St Dr J West Hoosevelt In the BBtt
year of his age
Funeral service will be held at the Church ot the
Holy Communion titli av and 20th St on Monday
morning April 111 nt 10 clock It Is requested
that no flowers be sent
SOMAHENHYCKAt Lattlngtown L I on
Sunday 12th Inst John W Somarendyck for
merlvof this city In the Slat year of bin age
Funeral will take place from Bt Pauls Church on
Wednesday lOOt InsL at 1 oclock P 3L Car
riages will meet the 11 oclock train from Long
Island City returning at 240 and 4 r M Mem
bers of the Holland Society are Invited to attend
STKNT Suddenly on Sunday morning April 12
at his borne Uer en Iolnt N J Edtvard J N
Stent beloved husband of alary L Stent
Notice of funeral hereafter

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