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r j IP gou SEE IT m
I bt UU 1 b j nn For New York nnj Its Vicinity 1 I
= Fair warm i southerly winds = J
gitn 1itEsinKXT XAaiKa ititt rOn
He l Innlrueted to Slake nn Invriftcnllnn
of tttf Nlrrnalb or the Coalendlne Foree
mil the froare or th Rebellion und
ulna In neport to the Bint Department
VisiiiMiTON April lTho President to
day ont lo the Senate tlio nomination of ex
Onr Kllfhiiisli txc if Virginia to b Consul
General t the tnltod States nt Hntann Culm
rlo lUmon O William resigned Tim noml
cation came m a surprise to the Ronnie Al
thoush It hRs been suspetcd for omo tlmo
that Mr Williams would soon cens his official
reUtlons with tlio nnvcrnmont this was the
trat Intimation that his resignation had breu
GEX TiTznuan IER
With the exception of Representative Tucker
who opposed tho Cuban resolution In the House
and spoko as the personal mouthpiece of
tho President not a member of tho Vir
ginia delegation In either House hnd
any Idea 1 that Gen Lee would b selected
ComalGeneralshlp or that tho Presl
the American
dent Intended changing present
representative t the Island Gen lee ap
pointment II known now to have greater
significance than U apparent on the sur
face He not only goes to Cuba a
GomelGeneral at a ularr of 16000 a year but
Is Instructed to Investigate the trenuth of the
contending armies and the progreaB mAte by
Insurgents and send his report without de
lay to the State Department I Is I supposed
that he will leave l for his post with as little de
lay a possible owing to tno anxiety of the Ad
ministration t b Informed upon the situation
The advisability of sending a military man to
Cuba was tnt suggested to the President about
ten days ago when Mr Tucker called to the
White House t discuss the attitude of tho
Administration after the passage of tho
resolution by the House which then
seemed itrtaln Mr TUcker was thorough
ly Imbued with tho hlrA and urged on the
President that tome leading military man like
Gen Merrill or Gen Ieo b appointed Gen
Lees qualifications were endorsed for such a
Lel qual catonl
mission and It was shown that his long military
experience would permit him In a brief time to
determine just how extenslvo lit l the Insurrec
r tion and what are the chances of Cuban suc
cessThe President declared that the plan a Im
practicable on the ground that the presence of
any distinguished military man on the Island
would b seled upon by Spain as an act of In
terference and might result In serious conse
The matter of tho ConsulGenoralihIp was not
mentioned at the time but that nIght Gen Ice
was summoned to Washington by telegraph
lie reached hero last Wednesday aud had
a long Interview with the President and
later with Secretary Obey When tho pioposl
tlon was made that be go to Havana as the Con
sulGeneral Gen Lee declined but after listen
Inc t the appeals of the President he finally
agreed to accept It was explained to him that
the Administration required n military man in
the place and that few were better fitted for It
than he Secretary Olney Is reported to hove
You are the only man In the country that
we want for this Important position It Is
necessary that the United States should have a
safe and reliable man on the groundand one In
whose Judgment and experience the President
can place absolute reliance
Gen Lee then announce his willingness to
accent and his nomination followed today
The appointment of Gen Lee caused no sur
prise In ofllclal circles as It hat Ions been
known that ConsulGeneral Williams was
anxious to retire from hIs post When Mr
Williams Isle the frilled States last year
be tendered his resignation but was persuaded
to rmiiiln In office on account of tlio then
threatening seriousness of Cuban affairs Mr
Williams hail become obnoxious to tho Spanish
authorities In Havana on account of Ills litnr
nus manner of caring for the Interests of this
Goternment and It was reported that ho and
CnptaliiGencrul Campus had a personal quar
In which words used
Tel strong 1onl were lael
In March last Mr Williams renewed the
e oOlU desire In rnewe post
and it t la I said that ha finally agreed to remain
until a successor was appointed or until tie
end of the open season that Is until the pres
ent time It has been claimed that one of the
cl ttle why Mr Williams did not have the
rood will of the Spaniards was that his brother
inlaw managed from the Imted States a
West Indian express company uipeoted of car
rying lurkents < un underground trade with tho In
Fllzhugh I Le l t Is a nephew of Gen Robert F
Lee the Confederate chieftain He was born
la Fairfax county Virginia In 181 nan grad
uated I at Wust Point In HUSH and entered the
regular army of the Inltrd Status IU a Second
Lieutenant of cavalry Prior tn the outbreak
of the rebellion he saw active sen leu and war
Mterei wounded In a tight with Indians
Tim war found him Installed at Went Point an
Instructor of cavalry Ho promptly resigned
his commission and tran forred his services to
tho confederacy < At the battle nf Winches
ter whom lie encountered that other great
cavalry leader Phil Sheridan lie hail thrco
horses shot under him and was himself i > e
> erI > wounded On his recovery he was
rived In command nf the whole raalry corps
of the Army of Northern Virginia and 1
moth later surrendered lo Gen Meade In
hH lin mado n Rpeecli at llunkir Hill which
tentlon b y Its patriotic Kuntlmenls attriu ted wide 1 nt
fotnnyaI friendship sprang up between KHz
nnub I o all Mr Iesclanh and nt the latters
rrst t inauguration I the nupern presume of Gen
> ltrhuih I Ire rlllnc UprD fiend of the Vlr
junta trunp Ion Ionn ylt nln avenue to the
< iinltnl amid tumultuous cheering was tha
great foii ire o Inmlluous Gen Fltzhugh Leo
a < iiii tn ijotirnor of Virginia a few months
liter I the I President I lat > iir appointed him
rollfoinr of Internal revenue ut Lynch
lurir n
The aunolntrnent rf Gen Ice as Consil Gen
eral it r 11aiui i I 110 is n tacnney In the Lynch
ci < irtror tnrohlpiif Internal ruienue to ttlmli
inn o li I v tho dial r the
I a appointed II i Illhl I t <
ato ihxiniurnt Mr Hhepnenl IhU 1 vu
rim > > I < ts teen I promptly Oiled In the titipt Inn
iii ni tt I the MIIIO time of William I I I Kowlp I
r I It t now tit chief clerk of tho ofllre under
Li I I Mr i Kimlo is l the llrst cousin of the
wIt r s crt Leo mid hits nppolntmilit is I Kald
tI > e xinie I urprlM > nmi > nitli llllrlain of
lr n 1 I I Ii I i icier of tho I pjirty In that tate
r i 111 11 flini that the I illlr was of null
ra r lf nat Ihey rhmild at lea t htivb
lw a i Milhil Kfuro heclinlco wa luadc
A milker Railroad In I Prru
I tv IM t pril 11 The Lima Peru corre
II l I nt ol thu Mur dlnlfnuM bale that the
ft 4 r liv authorized the Government 10 make
1 f r the constructIon uf n railway
r r tn i > a Iu t Chanchumavo wih IS rat lo
t inirs of 70010 acre of laud this
IaI i I it wl tt t one ot the most impor
tai > e r ulilicoiicnlnt t cumiuunltntlon be
t5p J le toast and thu great limber region
1 1 i n lute already been rectltcd troll
ur v riu capitalist fur ItJtt construction of leI
ctirrouit manors olin JzArzr
II neentnn Dramr Immediately AHcr
TnklnK Home rIle
rilffoYJ Illshnp no years old died at his home
ins Perry street iat 1labttldsr circumstances
that compelled tho police to request the Coroner
to Inreitlitate the cause of death
IllshoplUed with his wife his tao children
and 1 two brothers Ho was employed until Sat
nrilav night ai n bookkeeper for t Suydnm 1
dealer In marino stores at Hudson and Perry
streets For several ilnri ho bad been complain
ing of feeling III YeMerday he told his wife
that liii was suffering from stomach trouble and
Intended to call on the family physician Ir
Kdward F Hitchcock ot 1U West Ninetieth
street He went away from the house but re
turned at 4 oclock and said he had seen tho
He gave me some pills said Bishop and
Im to take one every three hours as directed on
the envelope
Ho showed his wife a mal white envelop
containing tho pills rind called her attention to
tho directions for using them the directions
being written on tho envelope o In penrll After
taklnl one of the pills he sat at the open win
dow saying that he fund It dinicnltto breathe
I feel I dl7y and sleepy he said addressing
his wife If I fall asleep reuse me up and walk
mo up aud down tho floor Dont let me get to
When his wife saw him close his eyes she
caught hold of him by the shoulder and tried to
arouse him Thcn she lot him on his feet and
holding him by tho arm walked him up and
down tho room She called to him but
he did not answer For I hour she managed
to keep him on his feet Then Dlsliops two
brother came homo and when they learned
tho state of affairs thoy assisted Mr D bop In
keepltg her husband going Finally at 7
oclock It was decided that a physician should
b called In
Illshop s an getting more drowsy The family
had become greatly alarmed and messengers
were ant out for nit the physicians In the
neighborhood Dr Jones of ua Hudson street
was the first to reach the house
Keep hint walking said the physician
Dr Mclntyreof 141 est Twelfth street ar I
rived with a Dr Immcruiun wolth three PlY I
slclans held a consultation and concluded that
Illshnp was nufferlni from an overdose of
laudanum They did not prescribe fur him
hpncvr out simply arttlsed the member of
his family to continue the walking treatment
nndlf bulance Iilhop got no better to call In an am
Mri Illshnp ran Into the street and notified
Policeman Taylor of tim Charles street station <
He sent a hurry call for an ambulance to the
New York Hospital After A long wait and
Inlnl no ambulance was In night the police
man sent to M I Vincent Hospital
An ambulance from M I Vincents arrived
with Dr Wilson at ten minutes pail oclock
Itlshou wa dead when tho ambulance stopped
at the door Dr Wilson refused to have any
thing to do with thu aoo and would express
no opinion on the probable cause of death
When Policeman Tat lor reported the facts at
the 1011 station he was sent balk to Illshoos
house to make a thorough Integration of the
ca o He got the story a already given
Whether llhliop called at Dr Hitchcocks
dues in the afurnoun Is nnt known as Dr
Hitchcock i onl Id not be seen last nlvht One
thiory ndinnrrd < by thin police Is I that Illshop
may have taken laudanum with ulclilal Intent
having lost his situation on Saturday night
through thin bu > lntso failure the man who
emplnjed him Mrs Illshnp believes hoer
that her liusbindN death li I due to a druggists
mUtakeor the pills that of apb > slclan In compounding
Fear thnt People have IVrlihcd In Colo
rndn und New Meftleo
100 ll
DENvrit April 13 Denver yestenlay was the
centre of ono of tho worst storms thai ever blew
over the Western country East of here the
country Is I Inundated with from a foot to tbre
feet of water while on the south and west
meagre reports tell of snow blizzards that have
swept away every vestige of animal life In their
At Pueblo cars were blown from the track
and piled up In the ditches Only ono Eastern
passenger train arrived here up to midnight
DrIts are as high R twenty feet and without
shelter there U no prospect of lire block escap
ing thu fury of the elements Not 1 train Is
moving on the first division of the Denver und
him Grande while the Gulf Is blocked from
here to Trinidad The Santa Fi5 Is tho only
road that Is l handling business R Us track Is
bllghtly higher than Its competitors
Crlmile Creek report tin greatest loss and
fatalities are feared In the his surrounding
the camp where several hundred men < are
propectltiK without any protection from the
storm Five buildings In Crlpplo Creek were
blown down including a threestory store and
a lodging houso occupied by seventyfour
roomers anti 1 residence occupied by Fred Hler
bOer jnylng teller of the First National Hank
The hour wind blew from fifty to eighty miles an
At Lander Wy there was 1 mud storm
preceded by snow that covered the ground to I
the depth of iwo Inches Following this cnme
a shower of rid mud succeeded by n fall of
black mud that covered houses nod people with
a slimy coat
KATUN N M April 13 The worst snow
storm ever knoln hero prevailed esterday All
the northbound union on the Santa F6 are
tied up as the approaches to tho Katou tunnel
on both sides of lliu tunnel 1 nr drifted full of
snow for several hundred ft c tnder the most
favorable circumstances It will probably b
more titan twentyfour hours before any trains
can roo over tho Ituton Mountain lbs last
train passing the mountain win the hotel keep
er excursion n a i A M I Seteral hunting par
ties left hero yesterday and there are grave
fears that nil hnto perished ns the cold has
been Intense with tIM snow In swirl making It
Impossible for any one to see marc than three
or four feet
The wind censed before daylight and the Anrll
sun shoOt risr and warm all day today Tho
Denver and Rio Grando 1lhe only mad tottx
periencn nnnoynncu Inday duo to the repented
derailing of engine w hills burking trio drifts
Traftlo was fully resumed after twentyfour
hours Irlnr ThoAtchlson was clear on the
Colorado limo early in the day No delay was
experienced In tho other mountain districts
and all traffic was resumed tonight on nil road
nnzrArIIr1sS n111U JV PUIT
Hcureetr A Green IeaM Night sad Ninety
Deureen Ihrrntenliist
aturos milliners made n misfit yesterday
They crcxted fur Miss April still In her teens
and capricious as most golden girls 1 dress
woven of the ethereal things that are used to I
e k out June There was sunshine aplenty
all A zephyr from the south that I didnt 1 hate
enough strength In It to stir n shadow There
ran uleo a good sInai of humidity Down on
tho sidewalks at l30 P M 1 the Perry ther
nometer pointed i to within two degrees of
summer heat which Is I ilO ID where Mr
Duni sits and meditates on the mutability of
things aerial tho official thermometer Indl
ated 71 There was nothing bracing about
the 7 1C was tiers pies full of the lute
siring spirit of Ictltmle without a alleges
tints of sn IZ Iti I made snoa folks feel like not
inly tI isitiril hUg thilr I light otercoata which
t hey dldi hut Illled them with I derlro tn up
lit tsr hile April hyrsilf In I little I I else than suu
shine tao and humidity
Wo tire foia tu hato I untIe to day If Mr
Dunn lint mUtnken hi from 10 to iridPifrrrt I
Hint menu of colic as omt > arr < l with I the
rrcord of the I theriuoineter on the Manhattan
fIor1 rite temperature of the air and dust
WI breathe ilott n nt lice common level may go
clone tn liii dijre1
mi Tho I worm ana extendrd from the Mmls npl I
statva wlr1 to Puim 1 ltamu I i I was hnttist
tltH I nliey and tho south side nf
itir the I Old Viilley III on tl Ollh If
the lover lakes I is liesu thin temperature was
rum MI tn t 14th decrees This Mr Dunn I alH I
is exceptional tier the middle of April
Cursed the iluila I
Judge MeMabon In the lit neral Sessions yes
erdat seutencnl Thomas 1reiton of 511 Wet j
rlftytTrnth street to the Klmlra 1 Heformotnry
for breaking lot the saloon of Tl ouias p J ton I
annou of 4IKI Wot r > onlyset enth street on
lUrch S11 and Hrillng i luars and whiskey and I
other liquors Irestnn mutlier and sitter scares
011 lUlu r Prciton rxrlalinrd to thu Judge
A wlowa cure upon > nu
III tltughUr attested to the Judges lenity j
wl 11 site Ie suited
0 VDU cannot send ray brother to the reform
atory for tic has been In prison before and must
El 10 Side prl on j
considerable The court dimtuUjr ottkera got the wrmen out with
j + t
< covrjBnijvoK 01 ins 11087
JV nAinixaiox
They Har that From Now On AntlMeUln
hey Delecnle Will Inerrn e JIItnrbed
l > y Fear that Ciillnm Will Wllhilrnn
The Beeret or MeKlnlet IopuUrltr
WASIIIIUTOSI Altrhi 188enntor Quays re
turn from Florida where ho has presumably
been In consultation vllh Thomas Platt
Kate now life t the twlltlcal gossip nt the cup
Itnl today but If Mr Quay learned anything
new In the political game of low to beat
MoKlnler that the other members of tho I
combine are now playing he did not conflilo
It to his colleagues He said incrclr that there
was no truth whatever In thn reports that ho
would withdraw his name its a candidate but
thai on the contrary he was receiving re
newed assurance of support from Hcnubllcatis
all over the country The leaders of tho move
mont to head oil tho Ohio candidate held n
protracted conference to day after which
they pointed out tho alleged absurdities of
Jan Orosvcnors latest claim that 113 Mo
Klnley deligates hate already been elected
or unalterably pledged to support him and
said I that from now on tho McKinley vote
would decrease all tho antl McKlnley tote
Increase They gate no figures to support
their prediction but Insist that the McKlnley
mel nro claiming cterylhlng simply for tho
purpose of litilldorlnit the Contentions that
are to meet In lice near future
One thing that cause the nntlMcKlnley men
great antioiancoatnl which disturbs all their
calculations Is the ever present fear that Sena
tor Cullnni will bo tho next fat oral son loan
nounco the withdrawal of his name and thus
knock out the keystone of thin atitl McKlnley
combination as ut present formed Senator
Cullom It Is understood will remain In tho
race as long as he seems certain of securing the
cupport of a majurlt of the delegaes from his
own State It Is I quite probable however that
It tho delegates
whenever becomes apparent that
gates nt large will not support him Mr Cul
lon will write a letter such as tho other favor
ite sons hate written and abandon the field to
McKinley Nobody expects him to stay In
the race after I sh ill be demonstrated that he
I beaten as ho Is not < any means one of the
dlelntholiuitdltili brand of statcsmnn When
Cullom withdraws Illinois will go to McKInlev
and that Is why the favorite son 1 being urged
to hang on
Tho A 1 I A men In Washington or some of
them haa become a little disgruntled because
Gin Onmeuor McKlnloyH V nshlngtnn man
agpr s R too busy the other day to see I dcl
gallon whlcii called upon hint about smite pend
1 ing leglslatlte matter and they bare ex
pressed their disapproval of Gen llrostcnors
lack of The antlMuKIulev
courtesy all lcllle men
have cromutly nelrcd I this as an Indication
thai the A P t organization will fight the
nomination of the Ohio candidate The A 1 I
A hato now adopted the favorite MJII plan
of campaigning unit hate put forward Ion
pressman Ilntunof Mlchlxan as their standard
bearer It Is t sold that all members of the order
who are delegates have been ofilolally asked to
vote fur him I and Much of them as are In Wash
Inirton are already tvvirlng the Llntou button
In tho marble room of the Senato to day a
primp of Senators and others all of them Mill
McKinley mel were talking about the r marl >
able tidal wave In favor of McKlnlos nomi
nation < One of tho group attempted tn explain
it by saying that laboring men and women and
all sorts of people everywhere knew McKin
lojs lame which tn them Is I st non > mous with
high protection and better times while tho
name of heed miani nothing except that ho Is I
Speaker of the house of 1rI pcntAtltes tho
hattie of Morton means Wall htreet und tho
name of Allison U I not knoan ut all
SVby 1 raid one man If you went fifty
miles outsldo < of the city of Wiishlncton and
asked the first Inn you raw he would tell jttt
that ho leer herrd of Senator Allison and If
you stepped ofT the < taia at Strubentllle t 0 or
Saugatuck Mich do you BUPINIKO 5011 could
find u man who could tel > ou A Inn Inl I
ham or tbo Initials nt a tunatoi from liny
other State Sot much
No said one of the Senators lreNt
hut there Isnt a farmer a miner n tailoring
man or a merchant In thus Inlted States who
cannot tell ton almut Hill McKInlev and
I nominated McKlnley Hill Thats why they wall him
I IhU conversation was related to Senator
I Cu h Davis until recently a fctuorIteqmt
I candidate for the Presidential nomination
I hluisvlf and ho told a true story to demon
strate how Ignnrant the musics of the ieni > lu
arn ubiut the per < onnlltj or lecnrd of public i
men Tho Senator uld that In one of the dis
trict contentions recently held In Minnesota
to nominate delegates to thn St Louis Cnn
I entlon u man proposed a reolutlon ouilors
IneMcKlnloy I ltlus Ito wn the exiwnent of
a protective tariff Then some ole wanted to
know what ttim tho matter with Ditls who
had been one of the most eloquent alit and
I active adtucatc 110 urotectlon In Minnesota
for twenty sears Thus man replied that ho
was 1 great admirer of InuK as etery ono
else In Mlnneonti was and I I hey could prO
the claim that he was 1 protectionist lie would
offer a resolution to endorse him to Then
Senator Aldrich told tho story so well known
to his colleagues of how he I was coming from
Protldcnce to New York one day a ten tears
ado when a business man of prominence
wealth said und standing und an old friend cthlf
8 Good morning Senator t S here are j on
Iolnl I am going to Washington sail tho
What are you going there for
To attend to my public duties
Why what tiut ice what ti lit ks 10 sou have
In Washington ties Mmutnrn friend uskcd
lilushlntr ho replied that ho 1 I etlll I
United States Senator
1111 1 P said his friend the builness man
of prominent > I e wealth und 1 s tatuil Inc jou
seer elected to thus Sennit werent voif
After I pause 1 ity the vay who is I the
other Senator from Itluxle 1 ci 11111
Mr AldMch mild he hnd never had a con
slnco time
celled moment that
IDM joiiXHox ron 1llrSlHT
Henry Ornrcr mss sled Rnlhrr Vole for
MKlnley than for Cletrlnml
Henry George was one of the talkers In the
CaW Logellng last night nt a celebration of hoC
fersons birthday by the Manhattan Single Tax
Club The single laxer said he are the true
Jeffcr onlan Democrats of the time lolr soars
ago the Democrats put forth a man who wo
thought had at least imbibed sonic of the prin
ciples of Jefferson He was a failure During
his Administration morohas been donetobnak
down the party than could bo accomplice 1 by
an ouponent We ant now on the eta of a hr
denlml election and what butt we to expect I
< Several voices Torn lnliM mi f Applause
Mr irorge I anY yes to Tom Johnion If he
will hate it heersi As a leIer onli > n tsnc
wil laI
IH rat I shall feel vrry much lik an orphan In
the next PnelUfiitlal clrttlon I shall think
lext lrulII
perhaps that the bctt thing to do will be to toto
for MiKInley As between Cleveland and Me
Klnley 1 nhould certainly cliosu MoKudej If
we mil have a protectionist I say let us liatu
1 thorough ole
lor iranr A iro > Kivn rKir
Cue IlurnrdHx Hundred Acre Urrus
tnleii by the Flame
POUT Jrrmnox April in A fire Is raging
Iu Ibo woods three miles CIt of this town and
the farmers hereabout hate etn working fur
hours trying to put I out The lInt was started
Sunday afternoon by fuur ho I > o William
Schrlmpton H eus old nearly lost Ms life
Young Schrlmpton limbed up I tree and per
mitted his cot pill ions to tie I him to I one of tho
branches Then they gatherid dp hOC nli
the fiuit of tin
brushwood and stnrtrd u llri at thl
tree Ihte thisn i lots I llnall leI I flight
elicit amid ran to it farm houm hail I inllo ttn >
notifying tho t oct11 ni hit P that t the t Sihrlinplon
ooy was 1 hit to tho I burning tiei > Unit I I I u doin
farm lahornr went to the woods and rettint
tlnu Sihrlniplnn httt > hit ma liifnre ho had
been severely burne almiit lice face anll hod
Ilif ttamua uprcud through I the i ottlland and
the linemen trl half adoell tnttiis and 1
leers Irrmen ealld out 1hP I > workeil 1 all night
and I thought this morning they hud tho lire
inder control Thute I that s mt tn their honir
At U iiMock thu tire storied Knew and hs I I
oclock tunlalit HOO acres of ttoodlund had iMen
Imrned While at aCl at the lire J 1 W
Ilinttn of hl Ion Jefferson hook and adder I
11l Ior
Iompanv was Uidl burned the thames arc
still raging
Tit Liberty Jiteylls flerla
Ar add hsrJtutd bj flue UttprixeMkuowa loUKbanlc I
rrro jATKitanx huLl > viv
Haven Mallet Hent After Mr Fnyerweother
trillion rtTrrl
PtTEMOi April 1lIAs Mr W 0 Tatcr
weather Secretary pf the Parsalo Rolling Mill
Company was going uo Broadway toward hl < I
home alioul 10 oclock onlglit ho WAS stopped
Just above the corner of Carroll street by a man
who thrust A revolver under his nose and said
° I want jour money Shell out nnw quick
S Ihatenlany I to give you answered Mr
As Mr Fayerwratlier said that two other men
stepped out from behind a tree where they had
been hiding One of them said to tho highway
man who had slopped Mr Fayerweathors
Do him up quick
Mr Fayerweuther turned and ran toward the
houso of Mrs Robert Harbour Tin highway
man shot at him MilO ran Seven shots In all
fro fired hut Mr Vayerwcather escaped un
hurt One bullet lionet passed through his
hnt Ho ran Into Mrs Harbour residents and
when the highwaymen raw that hon getting
away from thorn they ran down Uroalln and
Patrolmen Gibson and Klctet heard tho
shooting and darted to find out what It was
about llefore they reached Iho placo where
Mr Faycrwcathcr had been held up IitM
Drlncer who Is n salesman for a N Q w
York dry goods house which nan a branch
concern here was held up In Auburn
street just off Broadway as ho was coin to his
home In Harrington street near Carroll Iho I
Place was only about two blocks from hero
Mr Farcrwcather had been stopped Two men
flopped Drlngcr Ono put a revolver In his
face and paid
Hands up give us your money
Drlnger mao no verbal reply but ho let
CO a straight rlghtbaudcd jab that took
the highwayman In tho jaw and gate
his head I good jolt I surprised the
highwayman so much that he forgot to
shoot but tbo other fellow pulled out his re
volver and shot Drlnger In the left lig just
above the knee cap Drlnger turned and ran
down I road way as hard as he could co and the
two highwaymen ran tho other way toward
Hamilton avenue
Gibson and Klevet hearing this second shot
started on the run to find out what It was
abut Thoy caught sight of thee two thieves
and gave chase to the best of their
sprinting ability One thief was I runner
Ho turned Into Hamilton avenue and got away
Klevot followed but lost sUht of the highway
man In the dark Tho other thief couldnt run
so fast and when Gibson was pressing him
hard ho turned Into tho yard of the polling
booth of tho Third election district of tho Third
Ward Gibson followed and found tho fellow
trying to hide by lying down next to tho fence
live up now said Gibson
Hut the thief showed fight He Dulled n big
revolver and alined It at the policeman Gibson
hit It with his club and knocked It out of tho
thiefs hand Then ho took the fellow to the
station house where ho n recoghlred as Ml I
chasm Hogan who has done time In Trenton for
similar alienees He will lo arraigned before
Recorder Senior In tho morning
Several persons who heard the shooting ran
out and found Drlnger In the street They toot
him to Dr Pax tons office In Auburn street from
here he was sent to the General Hospital At
the hospital It was said thai the wound w a not
particularly serious
Iho place where Mr Fayerwcather was
stopped tonight Is only about a block from
where Miss Mao Sulllrau was murdered ait
winter Iloth nf tonights holdups were In
much frequentfT alt wi11llnhted streets
Mailed to Him but Itellverrd to Chief
1onlln InsdMidMurkrd Medicine
When Superintendent Meoki of Iho postal
delivery service reached his office jcMcrJay
morning a cylindrical package addressed so
Theodore Hoo evelt and marked Medicine
n handed to him I bore at ono end the In
junction This end up Hie package 1
without stamps and lIce marked end hail been
torn open dlclo lngn contrivance of matches
nirroimdlnc an unllghtcd fuse lies pickaco
was nLolt eight Inches lone and an Inch and a
half In diameter It had been posted at the
general office a S10 oclock Saturday night
and had passed I from ono official to another
until II reoi bed Mr Meek The super crip I
ton directed delivery nt MOO Mulberry street
I allot n tery dangerous looking package
hulas there was no felling how sharp such
medicine might prote Mr Mceks decided to
carry tho parcel to Police Headquarters him
self it and confer with President Itoouvelt about
itMr Roosevelt was not there Cu f Mr Meeka
gasn the p ikage with explanations to Chluf
Conlln who passed It ersr to dipt Ollrleu
with word to llml out what the contents were
The Captain shook tho sprinkling pot at It und
lieandhl nun took It I to piece 1 her found
that the cylinder looked as though I uileht be
the body uf a Unman candle or skyrocket or 1
receptacle fur Greek lire Iho 1 fue ttltnln the
opened end extended perhaps an Inch down tIc
< Under I I the other end of which was stulTed
with rags for a spaco of perhaps twit Inches In
thee Intermediate space was an Inner 11 llider as
big us u clothespin and this wu Illled with
what seemed to be gunpowder and which
burned like gunpowder when n match was ap
plied to It
I was bal to see how the bomb could
leave been thu cause of any great damage I hail It
reached Mr I lloisevnll I nnl e uitar rut iy It I would
have required the application of lame to Ignite
thn fuse as there emed to be nn mum I omtettt to ar
rangement for firing lieu train upon the opening I
or the package
Chief Conlln was Inclined to regard the thing
as the hoax of a would hojokri I Iapt Ollnen
lid not get fcured alI ho report was made tu
Mr ltoo < ctelt
Mr Itnosovelt when lee heard of thee bomb
expressed himself us so lit ulo disturbed by Hitch
things that hen woul lot oten take the trouble
lu look Into tho matter
1icKKit orr of A iKAKr rirr
Hchoonrr AIh Crew Iliirk In New York
Without the Hchiioner Moral
Cnpt Drlnkwator and the crew of the Amer
tai f > liooner JohnI 1 Marsh which nailed
from this tKirt tr Haytl on April a t with I
cargo of t mnoo brlikt anti lltOOO feet of Item
her returned jelenlay on the Italian bark
frlcn In from Setllle Iho schooner suns
uerlnken by a heatv offshore gaIt just after
she iletred Inllll Hunk tiipt lrlmmhua ales
horlcned iaiivai until he Imd only rlo n
reefed foresail and for taysull under wliloli
ho throve to the Mimheast
lliat night then Marsh sprang n leak All
inndt went to the pumps nut wore unablo to t
eduio tho Inflow Tho schooner hid nlno
tel ot water In her hold by daylight I on April
4 The yawl was provisioned and luiinthid
front thee dutlt oter tho tudrall In keeping
t Vi yawl diur of lice ivhooricr all tIe II oars xt
repl tIle were brcken lie rnl l tins in
wrl I
noro than three t lengths from the srhooner wlietj
I mrl t bll wittf broke iilnanl mid ill heut It cci rn inc
liOav all the protlHlons exiept voino Iwxea uf
Msrillnrs and three I annf hit I Iss
Seaman HrlMiald ccliii luM I t tie only whom
car tn hirer the tawl and keen her Iwforr thee
ninth 505 that t thee iist ti > ajiilglitpd thn IlKhti I
of a tcam llp lifp I iluyllaht oil i prll 1
I hey feared at M i St t thai hot I mlirhl IH run
IIWI then the fiiretl I that I ices I mhl I not I
hate th u let ust of a > banci of being rim ihwn
All I I sclliil Mntllt I when the t miamshln got I
within ulnmt an il hth of a mile of them and
wih skipper tired otf all I let cartridge In hilt
mvolter Hut t ic striirpshlp t krpt r Ill on
HIT skipper etldentls ild 1 hot hen thee houH
aol thiots
it t Luecait l fold the next I morning and all
hands were unxlnui tn use tie baling buiket
tu keep warm rl I lit X awl l nit only leake1 tint I
II vrm
scuds frequfiitly I iiurlj hilled hI the iresIn of
teas that brokeoter tie gtineeraie hun liillnw I
seeds a pritilfic rather Ihiiua task nnd jotS
wore cast for tht I lob The men leach imthing I
but finllncK IT Il nml no fresh wutci until I I
u lock I1lnc the morning lt t April U when tio I
Afrlia host < In sight The Murh mute who
bud Ixconm III tvts llfteil uboanl Ibo lack
The schooner skipper and the rest of the J
crow got aboard without help lice yowl
which Has much damaged sTat cost adrift
The Marou cloubUcai fouuJertJ
Tilt norittittxT Tntiruiiis A T
More Votm Cast In Home Pities Than
There Were Electors rarlteraenl nii
InillEHHllon Or HID HteiilHamo Nen >
piilier May the Slannreliy in I la Peril
MAIilltli April I Additional returns from
yesterdays elections fur members of the oneS
show thai among llm e elected are Sefors Cas
telar and MnrRatl The manipulation of the
polling and counting of votes In Madrid has re
sulted in the election of fit e Conservatives and
three Liberals I
Thee larlul of Cabrlnana who I revealed the
recent municipal scandals was badly defeated
on tho face of tho returns Tho dishonest meth
ods employed by tho authorities In handling the
polling agutntt tho Marquis euro apparent In the
fact that n great many more ballots are returned
than there were electors The populace are In
dignant at tho employment of such tactics anti
the authorities have taken precautions against
alt outbreak
It I conceded on I sides that themes Parliament
will bo lived
ment wi Miort 1od
Cvlrlm Minister Sacasta contends that the
elections In Madrid mint bo nulllllod All
and nil then politicians except
tho papers nll 11 llllclal e
cept the Mlnlttcrlallsts concur In this opinion
rice excitement and Indignation canned by the
actluu of the Government In virtually stealing
tlio election continue to Increase and there are
grato apprehensions that unless other elections
am ordered there will bo rcrlous trouble though
every precaution has been taken to guard
against an outbreak
The returns received up to a late hour tonlglit
Intlkntu the election of S10 Conservatives IS
Liberals I dissident Conservatives and l Car
19tt1ho report of the election In Hllbaoof Igle
sins then leader of Ibo Spanish Socialists was
erroneous Not I single Socialist has been re
LONUOV April 11 The Standard will publish
tomorrow a despatch from Madrid comment
ing upon the serious corruption In yesterdays
elections even assuming a tithe of what tho
press says I true About half of the electors
abstained from voting Including almost all the
Republicans hardy hal of the seats were con
tested owing to then local arrangements
I i Is understood that Prime Minister Canovas
del uslillo expects thai there will b 310 Con
servatives In tho next Cortes Including
the West Indian members while owing
to the abstention of theo Autonomists and
Hoformlsts In Cuba and Porto Hlco tie
onoosllion will consist of 00 Liberals under
Sofior bngnsta 3 Federals 7 dissident Conserv
atives 4 Iltrumontancs I Carlisle and a few
In < Independents The Chamber of Deputies will
bo strongly protectionist
The press comments on Iho shameless weans
employed to defeat the Marquis of Cabrlnana
are the despatch adds almost too serious to
transmit Newspapers of widely differing po
litical views com ur In the opinion that Sunday
was an evil day for Spain and declare that the
monarchy t drifting In a perilous direction
HAVANA April inTlmoteo elA a political
prisoner was shot this morning a Matanras
Other executions of revolutionists will take
place this week In Havana
It He HiirTlTf < nbas Slmzile lie Will
11lnri JUerr to Mlan4 Trial
T Estrada Palma Cuban delegate ha re
ceived tho following communication from Gen
To llf JopV offing Inltrd Slain of Amrrim
I am fully aware of the obligation I nm un
der of standing trial for my alleged violation of
I did not remain to
the laws of j our country 11 <
face the consequences of mj acts simply b
cau o I feel thai I hat en higher duty to per
form as a oldter und a Cuban Ilavlnz fought
for the independence of my country for ten
years and leasing ever sInce promulgated the
Idea for which wo then fought I deem It my
highest nnd holiest duty to fight and bleed and
I necessary die to attain thee Independence of
my country
Should I fall my death will excalte I hope
In your eves any posMble offenco for which I
mleht lease tostHnii trial In tlm Inlted Status
should I survlto I give plumy word as a man
and a soldier to return to j our country and
chierfiilly abide by the con o iuence3 which the
laws of the country may visit l upon me My
conscience tells t mo that Iu tills proceeding I
will sntify tho laws of justlro all I am confident
dent that the cltlens of the United Status will
to judiio of my conduct n
The Hcliooner decree Whltrbrd llulldoied
by it Colombian Uunbont
PANAMA April l Theo sfur unif ffral says
that on March III the Colombian gunlnat Gen
vnnluva loft Colon for Porto Hello where ac
cording to rumor there semis a vessel whit h had
contratcned thee laws of the republic
About 0 1 I M of the namo ilnv n vessel an
chored nt Colon tho Gen Cirdova also nn
lent log nt thee amn time Last nlchta re
lorlo j hail nn Interview with tho nptaln of
thee sailing secel I lie gate his name as Har
ris and paid his vessel was tho American
liooner I i ergs Whltfonl He I showed his
papers dated March 1 showing that she
mllid on that data from Cartagena with 50
000 locoaimta and ten tons of Itory nuts ao
lnllot Harris MIll the gunboat oterhanled
him I about futm or eight njlex from the t ont
and immedliitelv ordcnxl I him to return to
Colon Capt Harris h toll him that I he could
not return us he suns despatched from Porto
lltlln I to CirtaKcna and accordingly showed
1ln Whltord centers to tin Cnptnln of the
Cirdota who refUMnl to rxamlne them nay
Ins that he Hhntild ne turn to Colon
101 apt Harris I minted to knon I the cause of
lth npl prm ellll i nnd nlll I hu would allow I lee
I Irf o lIce tordotuto tearcli his teiwfl 1
but he wn told I hu might hatetlflocu minutes
hit iUld 1 a hat hu would do and If he did lot
iiimpty with thee luxtrticiloiiiKiton his ship
would I In I Mini Inder I nuh a menace hi I < had
In ritirn On arriving nt < tunes I guard of
Ight ldifr < was put on iioird
The cunril evils niets eel on Ill S after then
American tlmsiil heed lint I lied the I loternor 1
tliiit unle thl teasel was Immediately n
leaved an Ameriian inannfwar would Ive
asked for lute Captain of the vessel I I Is
all hid all Ids pupern In proner order anti ho
pets list ho was over nix mlks from the coast
when ho was nterhaiiled
Tiorvi nr FOVK IlllIJfrl
Thieve Overpower A Trlrcrupli Operator
at u Itnllroiid Minima
Minn rrnnv Coal April Il I l Four men
shurtlv nftnr U dock this murnlntc rushml
indict tlio railroad station HI Kimt llnmi I ton
cetred and Ixiund tlm nUhl telegrnjili operator
Ii hnel llilllll hand and foot nnd blew 1 npvn
the sift wrtikllig tin rll nnd letting fire to
tln t se uueet5 I itt k They setU reel It Is thought
iiluiut fiD but nterlcOkcd an express package
eu ti taint rig un Ihey extliigiiKlinl I the I lire
with tho otonoat nf tie da > operator anti
A Iu I
then tilt
to > rillrs entered HiMN feed store got a
fee i e ut 1 5 Illt il mm ici 1 I thee tonr a hill
mile at Ih hlnl Ihllll M > e UIO of the
levi sIcaul vr hlll us tile i ire itiitrm dleo kstL
Ittiter I ii ccii tn htleec utile Z 1 I safe TIle v cr0
11111 hll let ill llt klu then Ihl
I its Ilakl 1IIIae1 10 ulle let iteei C 11I aao 1
uu lock and notiroil Mil rill iiroivn No une
Ie I i tl < vu ilnll 1 htiirl tbn explmton which
woked thee ollleo nnr did anyone know I uf
th t rt ruhhvr Iwtore 1 Phillip I i cot loo o The
n blurs team CCitt left in tho tillage
Illlnd Mill < lets 7 11 Year
v illlam II I I Kcnnej kinmn a Illlnd I I 1JI1I was
fenlencr < l jesterday by Justice Gllderslecte In
thai rlmlnul part of the Miprem Court to set en
andahnlt years Instate prison for this killing
of Conrad lleeber tu the lodging house at 111
tllzatctU street on ChrIstmas nIglet tail j
A nuLvArrst L4vrrnx
II Is fttarlT In llrlns Ttvo Mnrderen
ltnrslr tn the Onllou
Knfrlnl Cablf rvnMlM frt Tile Ret
LONDOSI April 11 Ull so seldom possible to
credit thee London police with really smart piece
of work that It Is worth while to record their
clever capture uftwodespernte murderer yester
day Tin months ago burglars entered the house
of a retired itentldnail at Musitell Hill kllln
him and robbed hUsitfe The only clue left urns
ordinary sixpenny ImllVcj elanteru No prog
resswas mali for weeks Inward the solution ol
the mylerr Then II was learned hymcnniol
the tlckptoMeato system that two notorious
burglars living at Kemnl Green had disappeared
after showing sign of some Improvement of
A detective mada casual Inquiries among the
members of the burglars household about tho
lantern A boy of Id brotherof one of tIm burg
lars bad had a sixpenny InillVoo Ho was
Induced M describe It minutely and said thee
original wick tubo was defective anti so ho head
substituted a brass ferrule from a penholder
Ho hind tmetl n bit of llamiclotle such as his
mother had been making nightgowns of In
stead rf a wick These were precisely the pe
culiarities of then lantern left by tint Musttcll
III11 burglar in the hous of their victim
Then began n search for Ihu men They were
traced ton doen towns In the Midlands and It
was dlscotered that they CS end committing an
other series of burglaries I ho police crlook
them last night at lluth They madu a desper
ate fight bill both were cnptured und one Is
being repaired In the hospital ns n result o his
resistance rIme sixpenny lantern Is almost
certain to send both to tho gallows
DEAXD T111 coxtoiinATiov LAW
County Machine Kiln nn thus Republican
Leclfilntitre nud Governor
Nlnetylhres delegates to lie Republican
Count Committee constituting morothan two
thirds of the members of that body met In
caucus at Terrace Garden last night ostensibly
to discuss the proposed amendments to then con
stitution of the local organization There was
a sufficient number of votes to assure the suc
cess of the amendments proposed by tho Com
mittee on Revision somoof which Itwas agreed
to amplify with a view to Increasing the power
of the committee
As soon as this matter was disposed of the
real object and purpose of the meeting devel
oped It was a demand that the Greater New
York bill bo passed by thu Legislature despite
the refusal of Majors Strong and Wurstcr to
accept It Thoru was a unanimous demand on
the part of the caucus thai the Legislature pass
this bill and a resolution was drafted calling In
the name of the Republican organization of the
city not only on tho Legislature to repass time
bill but on Gov Morton to sign It
The resolution went even further and tim
inanjed time passage by supplemental legislation
which will make the consolidation actual so far
as the Police Health Fire and Public Works
departments are concerned
President Lauterhachw acted as Chairman
of then caucus was delegated to go to Albany nt
once lo present this demand In the name of the
Republican County Committee The vote on
the adoption of the resolution wets unanimous
Mr Lauterbach took the midnight train for
Albany bearing the resolution with him
vixtzutrts MILITIA
The Government Cnn Mobilize COOOOO Men
nt Short Notice
PANAMA April 3Thee Star anti Herald Bays
In his messnge to Congress the President of
Venezuela say that after thee reorganization of
the militia which has just been completed the
Government Is In n position to mobilize 300000
men at any given moment lie calls upon Con
gress to provide for the acquisition of large
quantities of war material
Befncee AreAeceptlns the Pardon Offered
by the Now rrritdeal
KltrsTov Jamaica April lit Haytlans when
lecamo refugees during thee Presidency of hum
polyto are accepting the amnesty offered by the
new President T Simon Sam and am making
preparations to return to Ilaytl Tho submit
slon of thee Manlgatlsts Is regarded as suspi
An Electric Ilnemnn In Brooklyn Recelre
a Fatal Hhock
Richard Richards 4S years old for many
years a lineman In the employ of the Municipal
Electric Light Company of Urooklyn died yes
lerday of an electric shock received w hlle con
necting a broken wire on n pole al Merserolo
street and Ilushwlck avenue John Simpson
and William Ward were on thee pole with Rich
ards They saw thai Richards was working
without rubber gloves and warned him Itlch
ards paid no attention to them When he re
ceived the shock ho fell backward on a net
work o ° wires Ward and Simpson went tn his
assistance They lowered him tn limo sidewalk
and In a few minutes nn nmbulancfl from hi
Catharines Hospital artlvid burgeon Itobln
son was of the opinion that lllchardss death
scan Instantaneous The body seas taken to the
hospital morgue and Inter transferred to nn tin
dertnkern The only marks on Itlchards were
abrasions on the bark of both bunds He was
unmarried and hoarded In South Fourth street
near Marcy atenue
Hoipltnt Hararron Injuredlond nr liny
OferturnedIIort lln tn He Hhot
While Dr Opdyko of the Harlem Hospital
was driving down Third avenue In an ambu
lance yesterday morning a cable car bound
bOttle bumped the vehicle at HUth street Dr
Opdyke was thrown out and his left arm
tpralned After bumping the ambulance the
car continued nn itt sea Dr Opdyko says this
ii snot tIde llrst time this ha happenedaud ho
Intends to complain to the company
A Lexington at enuo inblo veer ran Into a Und
of ha > ns It turned Into tho nvonuu from
Twrntthird street eterday morulmr lice
hay fell on the horse drawing the trunnn In
jurlnr one so badly that I It i had to tt l > shot The
driver of the wiignn Chemise Mason of 171
West Slxtyfourth troet was thrown from his
perch bin wns not hurt
AtUcked nt the Urnv nr 111 Old Friend
K ltculJo Kurrner
OllirUio April III Eztniteeh Slates Senator
Ionian Trumbull was taken ilanpornualy ill
jejtenlay murnlngat Ilelletille HI at the grate
of hel lifelong tnleiuh rxIliulGot duntav
Knerncr Hodillterod an exceedlnul eloquent
irnllon Jutt I Is > for his Illneo i Iwrumo mnnifett
Ihu ph > slclnns regard hl is condition I dt5 cr11 lea I
A Ionirencu wus hold hv his ph i stci educe and
it was decided to romovo him to Chlcauu Ac
cnriUnulk Intt rtiiuiii he was tumid tu it
train uci mpnnled by Dr I llcchiuld
Heart trteblt resist clhii4 Illness
FeastS n ItTPound Gold Nugget
CllAMUilTr N i u Apill Il A jew i hnym ago
while working tn Held I k util mine niur Concord
In abarrus rount komu woiknien funnel a
cold nuggut weighing toontysetcn pounds
The nuggvt Islrrigutar I In I slmpo but U sot lii
Ilo owner have rvfnseui < I un oiler nf Si4nOU for It
lid II cent Is the t stcond of thn I kind at tliU I
mine A tiry large nugrl tins found theru
iuan > ytur ago
Star Neck llrnkcn hy it FruIty Feather 11
11 Slim prilll Mr I leter I Mi hoU
of llurthradt wnirldi ig hornviuu k thIs otui
inc g In front of heir reiden e and i lrnktn I
urn lice nn mrl urouid he threw heir i in front
01 an elistnc car toning t a seth Umira I ieee
tnder struck her brie iieg tier hei k llM I
fatality was wllneittil by her hUMund und leer
two fiilldren trim th house So blame al
usatcs Iu the ciuploycv of the electric railroad
TIIK coxtKiiExca nKTiriiv xu
llnUIt Axn KIXO AT rxicn
The Triple Alllitnee No Doubt Ilrnetrfd
It Term Miss Stave llif n llodinedIt
Ia Ilelleved that thin New Arritnarment
Cilaveys n divert WnrnlK lo Fritne
trrrlal t title IedSet i fo Tnt Rts
Ininnv April in Nothing authentic hasynt
bocn niacin knonn about tim txilltlcnl Klgnlfl
canceof the tneetlncsof the monarch at Von
Ice on Saturday Tho diplomatic world It pro
foundly Impressed with thu Importuned of these e
consultations and some of todays comments
thereon have the appearance of being Inspired
It Is i of course rccognlred unit crsally after
the cordial nature of the meeting between th
Kaiser and King Humbert that Italy bat deli
nltelr announced hor adhesion tn the Trlol
Alliance for another six tears but It Is general
ly believed that lIeu terms of that Alliance have I
been modified It Is declared In Home for the
fui then discomfiture of the llourgeoli Ministry
tint Italys motive for continuing lice Alliance
la the same as that which first drove her Into III
namely lIeu hostility of Trance It N further
reported In llerlln Vienna and Home with C
suspicious unanimity that thin renewed Alll j
fluent Is botim an uffeiisltennd defensive cxprcs
elon which Is also Intended to convey a covert
threat or warning to Trance
It Is everywhere assumed that England
Soudan expedition was a prominent subject of
discussion by lIce three monarch but nobody
yet pretends to give an authentic report of this
result of theso deliberations In fact then lint
Ish relations Inward thee Triple Alliance are iu
much In the dark as ever Several high diplo
matic functionaries both of Italy and Ger
many tcok part In Saturdays consultation la
Venice but no representative of Great Ilrltaln
Is known to have been present Had there been
all Europe would have bwn rlnijlng with the
news by this time The only points about the
Venice meeting which trouble the diplomatist
are that the usual toasts were omitted at tha
banquetand that Cardinal Sarte the Patriarch
of Venice Ignored the presence of tho German
The French press refuses to sea any pig C
ntllcance In the meeting of the mouarchs be
yond a demonstration iu this form that the
battle of Adua has In no way disturbed the
Triple Alliance
itt the rnllnt rrrn
VEMCF April 13Tleo visit to Italy of Em
peror William and imprc Victoria was
brought to a closo this evenIng whtn they
started for Vienna A largo crowd gathered at
the railway station
The Emperor and Empress expressed them
tclres as highly pleased by the warmth of the e
popular reception accorded lo them In every
place thev hail visited
Shortly after their departure King Humbert
and Queen Marghurlta left this city on their ru
turn to Homo They were heartily cheered
upon their arrival at the railway station u
King Humbert has conferred the decoration
of the Order of then Annnnzlata upon Prince J
Frlcdrlch Wllhelm the German Crown Prince
A Methodist Confereno Ubret to Him a
ft Hemlnury Traitee e
AuneinN Me April 13 This mornings
tosslon of lieu Maine M K Conforemw was f
taken np with a discussion of a resolution con
demning the course titIan by ties ialno Wee 4
levan 8mlnarj and Female College ut Kents
IHU for the reixirted election to then Hoard of
Trustees of n brewer reference being macho to 3
the Hon Frank Tones of Portsmouth N H
Soma of thee friends of the Institution tried
In vnln to postpone action All motions and
resolutions to defeat Immediate action wore
vetted down and tIck resolution was adopted
with considerable excitement
trtiernif Wo hate rellubln Information that
a man whoso reputation us a brewer has been
in the highest tlegu tic Inimical to thin lausoof
teuiperancu hap icon elected n triiMCQ of thee
Maine Vesloan bcmluary and Female Col
lege and
Hhrrciu This action nf the trustees com
promise1 not onlv the omlnary but also our
common Methodism In then relation to tern
perunco reform thereby suujectini mis as Meth
odlstn not only to unfuxorablo crIticism but
also to n painful humiliation therefore
Itrinlrrtt That as A Conferento wo express m
our entire disapproval of this uclion of th i
trustees und earnestly hojio it may be recon
A Hwedlnh Verl Ran Into the > Vnr Ship
While the Wa ut Anchor
WARRiK > Tiif April 13A telegram rtx I
coltcd at the Navy Department reported a cot
llslon between thin coastdefenco tcsjel Mon
terey tend n Swedish merchantman of 3000
tons at Seattle In which theo Monterey es
caped with slight injury Tho Swedo struck
thee war ship on the starboard quarter dead
nbean Sho was going at half tpced and the
Monterey was at anchor Ono pluto of thee
Monterey below thin secular linus seas denied
and the heals of three nt etc wero knocked off
wliiln the I Swedo i was badly damaged and ID
dancr of sinking ssleutu the telegram was sent
Ceumtt ludlon of tint Monten > roiuirtexl the
lollNon to the fnltcd Stoics District Attor
liev who has llbelld thee Snidc1
Orders were sent by tfo Nuvy Departmen
to duj for the Monterey to prix eed to lien Port
Onhard dry dock Washington which Is now
ready for her reception In order that the full
extent of thu damago might bo acoratmed
und repairs made
iJhIl1lliu1rsLt4 vIEit 4 1 UT1i
Formrrlr Kmplnjed bjr W II Hloae III
Steel Name lluininiiud
Acting Captain Stulnkamp of the Halt Fifty
flr < t street station has discovered then Identity of
tlm prlsonew ho gave his name as Philip Ithlna
lander ut the Savoy Hotel when nrrenlrd for
ItMllngit forced check on TIITanyiVl o for 101
Ihonnmuof f thofoiger t Is U altir I I stem memonen
I lo was until recrntl I n butler vmploud br
J loinoof ill1 rifth 1 i I avenue
Hammond Is aim iicciiMd of Issuing two
forged checks ion < 4ii idled 10 on tbidarllelil
National Hank which nitre cashed hj Ihumas I i
Shmldan saloun keeper of hihuyslxthi I street
und blxth ntetiur Hu im Idfiitilli Hammond
lewluli Ministers for Inlernutlunnl Arbl 1
At a meeting of the New Vork Hoard of Jew
Ish Ministers held yeflerdsy It was solicit to
unite the Jewish raliii ttr of the lulled State
and of Canada In u protest ncalnm war and Iu a
declaration In I fuvurnf Intoriuiiliimlnrbltratlori I I I
Mepi will 1 Im taken Immedlaivlt I to thli C I end A
St t din e oommlltO I lea s been iippulnte C < l culi ll
Ing of the Hev Dr I imttiifllthf I I let I Dr I E ciii her
thu llev Dr llarri PirelruM IHH mid th
Itiv It IliMiiamln M A I he itts Dr I Pcrvlra 1
Mundca it Cleat rhucuni of ice cci let cue utIca I
Fire on u TrullV r k
Asa trolley car on tutu Sonark turnpike line
nil hearing llrunswlck ureil lsntny City
about noon jeilerda thee senLcrs notlcul
smoke ecnc I meg up i through thu I tloi r aid lecame
ularmrd whtn t hen Mii ki > win filloHid bysllght
bmm nIce s lIeu pawengei a iniolB n brink lids I Ies >
door flied lonilimor MOI pnl Hi I i rar and ho I
anti the motoriiianiuade i nn intrtiigai C on They I
dliroverfd that tlie ln > iih < tlon luiu bin burned
nit and sit lir to thu wix wrl > I lie Homes
wtroiXtlu iii lieu and lice nit etc Hint CBIII
utolig i > ii > hc < l liee dirublrd car to thu ferr
Not Mnillli lhf > lie llrehIhbr 1
ltutivi Ire Jlirphy of tho Tist Mrtnverth
si i treit Iiollte I appiars lo I I iti itu e id up ttto t
hiiltl when llii I I prluntT taken t mi a reHi on
lifiirgu I I Sliillh I I gain it i ci g ii eu it won > lerrieui fit d I 3
In i ikvillol ourt on > > unduy MUIII iis ho
w urur lonvitint u f aiv i rico und ut tnn
slid i > n hU and ut 11 id iarlTs u C py heal int
kiiMnlnlge lirdn > iliiu ie I i > r uc a llrier I I
IHIIll It l Hot tlo Kiiiltli ai11 I i wn VMII
eonern l In I tee iniiii y ui > ir i iul l > r f i lio i
liar y ami wm idler a itd i t ept n li I i > 11 n iu a r on
lion at iriH lor t hen t Pill it Ce Hi < tv trt > ciu > l
IvCaulty sm3s u dead

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