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K ' THE, SUN, SATURDAY, JULY 11, 1890. ' ?., jfjl
bvtios oo shipping mbe.
Slatk. Trade aa(l Heavy Expenaea Rnrjt TTp
tpe Fourteenth Mtre.it Dry GootU House
' A rarlarr'a Hnddra Death l,d to the
nlgnmKtof th lllorlirtkttI..
J, N. Collins A Co., rcUll dry Roods dealers
aarosnufacturera of fur at 8 and 10 East
rootteenth street, closed tUelr doors yesterday
nyrnlng and the partners, Joseph N. and Fred
erick N. Collins, mad an assignment to Al
i rhiintc II, Alkcr, lawyer, o( 11 Pine street.
Tlir " preferences aggregating $54,500.
far borrowed monoy and for bank discounts,
(I follows: Kmllv II. Collins $10,000, Har
riet 1 Collins $30,000, Addle II. Roblnion
t $1,000. James E. Ward & C $4,000. Henry
(p. With $4,000. Dank of tho Metropolis $7,000
Fourteenth Street Hank $3,000, Mary E.
Merchant $1,000, John JJarvey $1,000, K. A.
fjlattcry $500.
In Octolier, 1804, tho firm moved from
Vest Fourteenth street to their present store,
Md leased two largo buildings, one of whloh
attends through to Thirteenth street. The
real. It Is said. I S30.000 a year. They occu
pitd'tl.e upper part of H Kast Fourteenth street
for the manufacture of furs. After tho re
noiolthc business of the firm Increased con
alderably. but for tho imt few months trade
1 has fallen olf greatly and sale were slow. Tho
liabilities are not definitely known, but aro
currently reported to bo from $130,000 to
$JO0.OO0. Asslgnoo Alkcr said that tho as
(Unment was tho result of the general stag
nation In trade. Sales at times were not
enough to pay running expenses, prices havo
been so lw that tliero was no margin of profit
atal often a loss, competition was very close,
and the summer seasun was at hand. So they
decided to stop In order that tho creditors could
get as much as possible out of the assets. The
flrm usually carried a stock of $175,000, and
It had 110 persons emploj eil.
Button & Co., shipping merchants of 82
South street. this city, and 421 Chetnut street,
Philadelphia, mado an assignment oteroay
irlthout preference to Charles II. Ludlngtnn,
Jr. The assignors are James H. Sutton of this
city ami Theodoro I). Sutton of Philadelphia,
and are proprietors of Sutton A Co.'s despatch
line of San Francisco packets. Woodruff Put
ton, who was the sole financial rannnger of Sut
ton Co.. died .suddenly at his residence In
Babylon on June 8. The firm has for many
jeaxs been the leading one in the California
freighting business, running clipper ships from
both New York and Philadelphia direct to san
Francisco. Los Angeles, and I'nrtlond. Or. At
the office of the firm Ii was said that the assign,
ment was due to tho sudden death of Wod.
rail Sutton. Tho other partners cannot tell yet
how thy stand. In busy times they ran from
thirty the to forty vesjels a rear to the Pacl.le
coast, but now the number has been reduied to
eighteen or twenty, the firm hnvlng felt the
effects of the bard times. It Is Impossible
at present to give any Idea of the liabilities or
assets, the business belnir so widely extended.
The partners have Individual Interests in a
number of essels,
Robert Sturges was appointed recclvrryester
iay of certain property of Uie Hotel liruns
wtck Company, covered by a chattel mortgage
mad on Dec. 14. 1S04, to secure an Issue of
I bends to the amount of $100,000. Butt to
foreclose this mortgage has been brought by
i the Farmers' Loan and Trust Company. The
I mortgage covers the leases of the property,
I furniture, stock, and other movables.
I Franklin 11. Post, merchant tailor at 131
' West Forty-second street, made an assign-
r ment yesterday to Thomas II. Robertson.
I living a preference to Washington L. Cooper
. fnr $1,400 borrowed money. Ho is a son of
I ihs late Abraham J. Post, who had been In
I tie clothing business for many years.
Deputy Sheriff Whorlskey closed on yes
terdsySthe place of business of Sandowltz A
Tuchman, manufacturers of cloaks at 200
ttreene street. Thev had confessed Judg
ment to Philip Horowiti for $1,588 for goods
wild and delivered and money loaned, and an
execution was Itemed for $317. which, it U
ioM, will about cover the atock left.
Deputy Sheriff Llpsky received yesterday
in attachment against Georgia A. Chapln,
hatter at 456 Sixth avenue and 13 Aator
place, for $2,120 In favor of Townsend.
Uric A Co. of Baltimore for bats sold
to her. It Is stated that the llabtlltlei
sr 115.500. assets In stock 84.000. and equity
In real astats $9,000. The Sheriff took charge
of the Astor place store.
rao Freacn. riavahlp Solas Awav, Frlcadlr
Ktlatloaa Itclae Broken Off.
St. Joiis's. N. F., July 10. Tho friction
tver the French shore question appears to be
:ertaln to result in serious trouble. The
French flagship La Clocheterlo has been visit
ing St. John's this week, negotiating trifling
questions arising from the troubles between
the fishermen on the coast. Tho prohibition
f the use of cod traps Is being strictly en
forced against the New Foundland fishermen.
Yesterday the Government notified the French
Commodnro that It intended to compel French
Isnermen to pay duties on all goods landed on
' the French treaty shore. Tills demand ar-
' palled Commodore Rccoloux, wno telegraphed
' to his Government for instructions. Answer
ing deipatcbes were receded this afternoon,
the nature of which Is not known yet, but La
Clocheterlo will leave to-morrow morning,
friendly relations bating been suspended.
Ths outcome of the trouble excites much ap
I prehension.
I r. ojj5.v srnvcic jit a stoku.
A. Little Torando Dora Considerable Dam.
act la Oraun County.
MinDLKTOWW. N. Y., July 10. A storm of the
Western tornado type struck the outlying coun
try about this city last night, cutting a swath
about 100 feet wide, destrojlng croDs and fruit
trees and fences In Its path. The roof of a barn
In the town of Mt, Hope was carried 100 feet
above the ground for a distance of half a mile.
In another place a n Indmlll was caught up and
carried along like a feather, finally falling
and smashing into thousands of places. The
beautiful shade and fruit trees about the home
of ex-Senator IV. B. Richardson near Goshen
were completely destroyed. A young farmer
named Henry Hughes, who was driving along
the highway near Onshen, was caught by the
itorm and with his conveyance was lifted
Into the air and blown 100 feet, all landing In a
heap against a stoue wall at the roadnldu. Tin)
etorm Is described as resembling an elephant's
trunk, reaching from" the ground to high In the
air, Many of the highways wero blocked and
travel much Impeded. It was tho worst wind
storm ever'experienced In Orange county.
Tba Ciller Clerk or the Ilrnnklyn Hoard or
Elections Huea Ilia Wile,
t BamuelH.Andrews.Chlsf Clerk in tho Tlrook
lyn Hoard of Kltctlrfnn, has begun a suit against
Minnie Andrews for an absolute divorce.
Eugeno II. '1 hnmpson, a real estate dealer, with
j whom Mr.. Andrews Is said to have gone to
I Dakota, is named as co-respondent. Other
I men with v, hum she Is alleged to havo maln-
I talned improper relations, also figure In the
I complaint.
I Mrs. Andrews Is very pretty, and bofore her
ft raarriago, which occurred about eleven years
ajo, v,as known In Brooklyn us tho "Queen of
I I i0"' skating." She disappeared from Hrnok-
I 'yn three months ago, and the summons and
m complaint has bi-en nerted by publication. .Mr.
I M Andrew, has been connected with the Hoard of
9 r.lectloiiH for twrnty-tlirrc jeuriund ishctle In
CM llepiiblh an politics. IIo avers that his wife lias
m oeii engaged In numerous flirtatious for tho
OB t'ast fire j our. under tho name of Edna Arnold,
H -ir. Andrews was once a well-known member
M of the Order of United Friends.
B no mi i:n ix citiVAOn.
B tlld Popallsta Steal f.awrrr Goldsoilth's
t Money nod Diamond Hludf
j Ilenr) J. Uoldsmlth, a lawyer, who practises
M l the Essex Market Police Court, telegraphed
J ye.terday from Ciilcago, where he went with
J a Tammany delegation, to Martin Engcl
J and Silver Dollar Smith, that he bad been
J robbed of all his money and diamonds. He
H aked them to send him enough money to get
j baik to New York again.
I t'Olusmlih's diamond stud was the envy of
H in in of the people of the east side, and thrrn
y i as grt-at ntlt-ment when It was learned that
the ( hlcago people had taken It from him.
n (uldnnilih will probably come back to New
V ork betnre the Contention adjourns. Tho
mr money which ho requested was sent to him
f promptly,
LJll. - .-Mtfju. i " 'jl.HHTssM
TonniM nosT pat alimont.
Trylasi to Oet nim Into Jatl Beeanaa Ha
Nina Tears Baktad,
Treadwell Cleveland of EvarU, Choate A Des
man asked Jostles Lanrenre In the Supreme.
Court yesterday to vacate the order of arrest
against John E. Forbes committing him to
Ludlow street jail for failure to pay his divorced
wlfo, Rosalie, back allmony.amountlngtoabout
Forbes was married In 188B to Roialls St.
Georgo, a daughter of the late Christopher St.
Geork a banker. Two years later Mrs. Forbes
obtained a decree of divorce on the ground of
adultery, and the Court awarded her what the
husband said ho would pay, $1,000 a year all
mony. He has not paid his wife any part of this.
He was arrested in 1803 for his falloro to pay,
and was paroled In the custody of his counsel,
and an opinion of Justice Ingraham at that time
released htm, leave being given to renew the ac
tion It It was fonnd that Forbes had any means
or employment.
Forbes was arrested again a week ago, the
first chance, the lawyers say, that they havo
had to get hold of him, as he has remained with
out the jurisdiction of the court. Justice Rus.
ell again paroled him In the custody of his
counsel, but denied a motion to dlsoharge the
order of arrest Issued by Justice Andrews.
Forbes Is now in the custody of his counsel, and
a preliminary objection to the motion for his ro
leaso was made by the counsel for Mrs. Forbes,
tliat as Forbes had never been looked up be
could not be released.
Mr. Cleveland contended that Forbes was
poor, having no property whatever, and that It
would be useless to lock him up where he would
have no chance to make anything. He was bis
mothers only son, said the lawyer, and was
supported by her. Any Incarceration might kill
him, as he Is suffering from consumption. (Doc
tor s certificate I roduccd.i
Lawyer Shlland, who appeared for the wife,
called the attention of tho Court to tho fact
that Justice Ingraham, In his decision, dis
tinctly stated that ha mado no decision as to
future alimony. Forbes had Dover made an
effort to pay his wife anything. Just prior to
the divorce he had oorae Into $100,000 In cash
and a oue-stxth Interest In thirty-nine lots of
some of the most valuable land In the city on
the west side, near Seventy-ninth street. It
was alleged that he Induced his wife to sign
away her Interest just before the divorce suit
was begun. It was shown that both before and
since the former nrnst Forbes had been trot oi
ling In Egypt. Paris, California, the Adiron
dack Lakewood. and Har Harbor, but had re
mained out of tue Jurisdiction until lately. Ho
la now living with his mother In tho Van Cor
lear. at Fifty-fifth street and Seventh avenue,
and has also rc-aied In the Grenoble.
"If he can brave this climate," said the law.
yer. " I think tho atmosphere of Ludlow will
lie nowcirso for him than the Van Corlear."
" ell. 1 do know that liar Harbor Is no place
for consumptives." said the Court.
Mr. Shlland went on to tell the Court thnt
Mrs. Forbes was now 111 and needy, the $10.U00
which she received from her father's estato
having been used for living expenses.
Decision was reserved.
The Attested Flrebna; Tries to Trove a
Alibi la Ilia Defeaee.
The trial of Adotph Herschkopf for the mur
der of Lizzie Jaeger through an alleged incen
diary flro, on May 31, 18U4, was resumed yes
terday before Justice Fursman in the criminal
branch of the Suproma Court, the defence con
tinuing tho attempt to establish an alibi. The
witness Outlay Krauss, who was committrd to
the Tombs when court adjourned on 1 hunt
day for contempt In remaining In court dur
ing the examination of othei witnesses, was re
leased after being in prison for an hour. Jus
tice Fursman said that he was satisfied Krauss
committed the contempt In Ignorance.
Rosle Llnter, a sister of Mrs. Herschkopf.
said that at 11:30 o'clock on tho evening of
May 30 she was at tho house of Herschkopf,
01 Norfolk street. At that hour Mr. and Mrs.
Hrrschkopf arrived home from Coney Island.
She saw thorn drinking soda water across the
street before coming In. Shu slept at the
Herschkopfs' that night.
They all went to bed about 12 o'clock. About
S o'clock the next morning they wereawax
ened by the rattling of fire engines going to
the Ore at 120 Suffolk street. 1 hey all entup
and looked out of the windows at the distant
blaze. Horschkopf remained In the house.
Charles sheckler of 154 Montgomery street
testified that he overheard Shier RoMnbaum
sav to Mrs. Dletschek In the Tomne:
"If you will say what Assistant District At
tornev Davis wants you to, you will be al
lowed to see your husband In the prison."
Lawyer Albert Bach, for the defence, sold
that be would prove that thern was a ron
piracy between Hosenbaum and others to get
Dletschek to swear agaln-t Hersrhkopf.
Mrs. Dletschek testified thai she met Shier
Rosenbaum at the house of Joseph Kox. and
that Rosenbaum told her to go to a lawyer
witn him and tell tue lawyer that Herschkoof
paid her husband $13 for starting the Suffolk
street Are. She told Rosenbaum that sho
didn't want her husband arrested. All she
wanted was to get a divorce.
"I will take yon to a lawyer who will get you
a divorco In two days," sno said Rosenbaum
She declared that Rosenbaum and a man
named Mokos took her to the jfTlce of Assist
ant District Attorney DaiK Mocs told her
on the way what to sa. Accordingly when
ehegot to Mr. Dattn's office she told him that
Herschkopf gave her husband $13 to start the
Suffolk street Ore.
"Was the statement yon made to the lawyer
true or untrue" Lawter Bach uaked.
"It was not true." the witness said. "I was
nfruid of my husband and said what I was told
to say, so that 1 could Bi' a divorce."
The witness anld that DIs riot Attorney
Davis told her to go to her hnliniid and trtl
him to wvy that Herschkopf paid hlw to start
tho flr.
"Was there any one who heard me say that
to yon'" asked Mr. Davis.
"No, wi were alone," said the witness.
"fjl'l I speak to ou In Jowlsh?" aked Mr.
"No, by signs." the witness replied.
The caso will bo continued on Monday.
The Am.rleaa Liner X.aada Her Paaarn
Kerai ths Uarapaala'a All Nlsht la tbe liar.
The American lino steamship St. Louis,
which landed her passengers before 11 o'clock
last evening, got Into port about a quarter of
on hour ahead of the Campania. Neither see
scl mndo an unuimally svrlft passage. The
time of the St- Louis was 0 days 10 hours and
47 minutes, made In dully runs of 438, 403,
403, 502. 317. 500, and 160 knots. Her aver
age hourly speed was 20.13 knots. Capt.
Handle ot the St. Louis sighted tho twin fun
nels of the Cunardcr belching black smoke
about five miles astern. In a mist, at 0 o'clock
on Wednesday morning. Tin mist turned to
a rtciifo fog and iielth r esel was distin
guishable tn her nas-cngers from the deck of
the other until jesurday aflcrnoon nlout 5
o'clock. Too bt. Louis was then nearlng tire
Jshwd. which she passed at 5:67: twenty-two
mlnun-a lut r the Camimnln was tin ed parsing
tho Fire Island observatory by tho united
press marine reporter. On the run i lietwcen
Klro Island and Study Hook the Campania
picked npsoverul minutes.
Tho St. Louis gut Into Ounrantlne at 8-40
and was released at H:50. Just as tho Health
Ofllier's boat drew alongside the Campania,
ihe ilmonf the Ciinipaiila was Odajs, in hours
and 27 minutes, made lu dally runs of 03. 518,
E32. 534. Mil, 4011. and 170 knots.
Among the passengers on the Ht. Lou U were
riaus Spreckcls. Dr. William T. Hull, and
United States Minister to Persia A. McDon
aid. Mr. Hpreckols said that he was surnrlsod
at rho platform (if tho Democratic Convention.
He declared that tho sound-money men would
carry California. II said them was not the
remotest probability of the success nf thp nil
vr ticket. The Campunla inchored at Quar
an tin e because of tho lateness of the hour.
poni'oisr.n cuahei nr whales.
The Eatruordlaary rJpeetaela Heen by tba
1'useeB.cera of tba Vlnada.
I U I.I f AX, N S July 10,-Tho passengers and
crew of the steamer Ulunda, which arrived this
morning from Liverpool, via St. John's, N. '..
saw tho extraordinary spectacle yesterday of
an enormous school of porpoises pursued by
about two doen wholes of great size. It was
estimated that there were oyer 1.500 porpoUss
In the school. They were seen about 160 miles
e-asl of Halifax, and Jumped about the vesto s
aules In evident terror of their pursuers. The
siu wis black with them, and they rushed
through tho water. with tho great, putting
whales close In the rear. Old salts say they
never saw anything like U on the American
oo sat.
Jersey City Have a Doable IfaaKlaK.
Hangman Van Hlse called upon Sheriff Toffey
In Jersey City yesterday to make arrangements
for the execution of the sentence of death upon
the two murderers, John Mackln and Paul
Genr. on next Thursday. As the gallowsls not
rigged for a double execuilon.lt has been de.
elded to hang Mackln at 10 o'clock and denx at
11. Lawyer William S. Stuhr went tp Paterson
yilteVdaylQBeeGov.Orlggs In the Interest of
I lien" Ui possible that an application may bo
made to Chancellor McOlll for a writ of error lu
I both case.
DttrvTva man conception of
dvtt, ron MonBs six nr.ovxa.
Okassd tba rreatdentof the "afarcontlle
Hnpplr Company" tip Fire Eeeapea and
Over Hoofa-Hare lie Caulks Ulna lie
hind s Bed-Arrested Ulna In m Civil Suit.
This touohlng tribute to Sheriff Tameon'n
conduct of his office was furnished to ths news
papers yesterday by Under Sheriff Sherman t
Disk Smt We dsilre to add a tribute to tbe
efficiency and the excellent abilities of Mr. An.
drew J. McOtvnej and hi. atstilant, Mr. John
May, In the arrest ot the defendant Laszaro at
4:80 on the afternoon of to-day.
In spite ot the faet that this datendant, upon see
ing the deputy sheriff, ran at a terrtno speed to
escape arrest, Mr. Xoatrnoy pursued him In a
mannar that showed a high conception of his duty
for more than six bloeks, over roofs and fire esespes
mo a crowded tenement bouse, where he was
finally captured, eonoeallng hlmielt behind a bed
stead on one of the upper floors of the tenement.
Bnoh deputy sheriffs as thf.s deserve promo
tion In the pubUo service and are a standing refu
tation against any ohargea of poor management In
the Sheriff's office. We compliment you highly.
Very truly yours, Vuacoso Wuitx.
Jilt .
The defendant, Lazzaro, It appears. Is A. E.
Lazzaro, Prcsldont of the "Mercantile Supply
Company." He was arrested on Thursday on
a complaint nf fraud made by tho Wales Man
ufacturing Company of Boston. The arrest
was mado on an order signed by Justice Con
Ian In tho City Court.
It wasnvorrcd that Lazzaro, through agents,
obtained crodlt. on the ground that the Mer
cantile Supply Company bad a paid-up capital
of $ 18.000. Counsel fnr the plaintiff say that
the company had not filed a certificate of In
corporation until after the representations
upon which credit hod been given.
Tho order ot arrest was put In tho hands of
Deputy Sheriff Andrew J. MoOlvney, who
followed Larzaro to PierO, North River, where
he was about to tako a boat for Keyport. Mc
Ulvney says that when Lazzaro saw him he
ran down Washington stroot to Thamos and
Into a tenement house. Mclllvney. after a long
chase up and down tne roofs nf 'he neighbor
ing tenements, finally found the President of
the Mercantile Supply Company behind a lied.
Lazzaro war locked up In Ludlow street jail
In derault of $1,000 ball, and Under Sheriff
Sherman had a dozen copies of the lawyors'
letter Btrnck off for tho newspapers.
ra. Smith Oat. IJtrtb tn a Hon at Aba
Oruber'a Clnb'a Outlac.
Commodore Walunt. Aoe G ruber, and the
members of tho Riverside Republican Club of
th Tvvenly-flrat Assembly district held theii
annual excursion yesterday. The Commo
dore had a fleet of three barges, the steamer
Laura M. Starln, and a tug lying at the foot
of West Ninety-sixth stree; to transpoit his
crow ami guests to Forest View Urovo on
tho Hudson. Sho rqundron got uf?5er way
about '11 o'clock, and there were over 6,000
man. women, and children aboard tho barges
and the steamer, which the Commodore used
as a flagship. Not to bo outdone by Senator
Johnny Ahearn of tho Seventh ward", on
whose excursion there Is alwars at least one
baby born and sometimes twins, tho Com
modore's squadron returned homo last even
ing with a baby bov. which Mrs. Edward
Smith, who lives in West 101st street, near
Columbus avenue, gnvo birth to on the return
trip. The parents expressed their Intention
of naming him after the Commodore. Mrs.
Smith wn attended by Dr. Greer of 170 West
Klghty-seventh strtet. and she and baby re
mained aboard ono of the barges Isbt night.
At the grovo there was a wild scramble on
the part of tho excursionists tn get to the nark
on the top of the hill. In the scramble. May
Clark. l,)ears old, Cell down tho bank and
received a evere cut on the forehead and had
her thigh bruised. She was alss attended by
Dr. Greer. Mrs. Al Thomas fell out of a swing
and? was frightened Into hysterics. Dr. Greer
looked after her case.
The excursionists had a good time at the
grove. The Rlversldo Baseball Club walloped
a nine from tho Ouigg Club, and Commodore
Walnut won a liet from the Qnocne Congress
man. The Commodore presented a gold
watch and chain to President Plowden Ste
vens. Tho fleet dropped anchor after the re
turn trip at 7 o'clnek last evening. Two car
riages took Mrs. Thomas and May Clark to
their homes. In the crush on the wharf Sur
geon Grr's watch was stolen by a plrkpocket.
"There wasn't a scrap all day. and barring
the accidents we had a jolly time." was Com
modore Aba's entry In the log when ho returned,
Tailor rncha Aeeaaea lira. Hchapman of
TbeH Nba Maya lie Robbed Her.
Mrs. Lizzie Schapman of 210 Christie street,
this city, two months ago went Into the tailor
ing business at 271 Division street In partner
ship with Meyer Fuchs of 28 Kwen street, Wll
llarashurgh. She says that she gave Fuchs
$300. nnd that two weeks later he sold out and
left her destitute. Yesterday Fuchs had her
arrested for stealing $100 from nlm. She was
arraigned In the Lee Avenue Police Court and
denied the charge.. Ihe case was adjourned
until to-day, nn o: Indefault of Si.oOO ball Justice
Lemon committed Mrs. Sbapman to Jail.
Cataleptic Hoy OolnK to lie m Fi-enk.
Morris Pront. tho cataleptic yoong man who
was In a trance nine woeks, was before Justice
htovcrof the supreme Court yesterday, on a
writ secured by bis mother, Lena Pront of 203
Delanrey street, to recover him from Mrs.
Pauline Krueger of 103 East Seventy-fifth
street, who had been giving blm magnetlo
treatment. Mrs. Pront said that Mra. Krueger
would not permit her tn see the boy or take him
away, although she did not desire him to be
treated any longer.
Counsel for Mrs. Krueger stated that his
client had by her treatment rewakened Pront
nnd en nil him so that he can talk, walk, eat and
drluk. although ho Is not able tn dress himself.
The understanding with the mother was that
tbe boy was tn remain In her care until he was
fully cured, and she did not want to part with
him. fnr his own good, until that had been
effected, Mrs Krueger had henrd that the
mother wanted to put him In a museum, and lu
a museum, Mrs. Krueger said, the boymlgbtdle.
Justice Mover. In giving the custodj of the
boy to the mother, said that be believed the boy
was well enough tn gn home.
On leaving the court Mrs. Prunt said that the
boy would probably be lu a museum In a few
Mr. and lira. Schneider Thrown rroraav
In a runaway accident In Long Island City
late on Thursday night Benjamin Schneider, a
lumber dealer, of 74 Oreenpolnt avenue. Ilronk.
lvn, and Ills wife Margaret vveio thrown ont of
a carriage In which they were driving, 'ihe
couple were carried unconscious to bt. John's
Hn.plul. In Long Island C'ltr, where Mrs.
hchneider's Injuries are said to be mortal. .Mr.
Schneider is suffering from concussion of the
brain, but It Is thought he will recover.
Mr. Ilaekua May Keap Ilia Aaalstanta.
Justice Smith of the Supremo Court In
Brooklyn has decided that District Attorney
Backus and his assistants are not employers of
the city within the meaning of the civil service
regulations and consequently that tbe as
sistants should not b required to undergo a
civil service examination, under this decision
Mr. Bookus's staff will remain as at present.
M Baron" Orunebanm Iiidleted.
Tho Grand Jury Indicted ) esterday for grand
larceny Bernard F. Gruncbaum, who has at
times passed himself oft as an Austrian baron.
Grunebaum went tn Rumus Krag of 21 West
Thirtieth street nnd ordered two suits of clothes,
to cost $140. He cave a worthloss oheck for
$05 on the Second Notional Bank as a deposit.
New Navy Yard Aale Nat Hatlsraetory.
Owing to somo dissatisfaction over tbe poor
quality of some of the work on the new Navy
Yard gate In Brooklyn Commodore Slcard. the
commandant, has refused to accept It. The gate
will not be opened until a special Board of officers
has reported on the matter.
To Appralaa Elaventb Ward l'ark I.uads.
Justice Lawrence of the Supreme Court has
appointed Krannuel Dlumenihut, James J, Mar.
tin and Franklin Hlen Commissioners to ap
praise thd land tn be taken for a park In the
Eleventh ward. The property Is bounded by
Houston, Stanton. Pitt. Wllleit, and Sheriff
Cuban-American Carnival at Waverly,
The Cuban Carnival Commltteo w 111 continue
Its entertainment to-day at the btate fair
grounds at Waverly, N.J, There will be trot
ting and pacing races, a bowle knife duel be.
twern Indians, and some realistic features of
the Spanish bull fUht.
for prickly beat. In.ect bites, channg, .unburn.,
c. noinlug I. m beneficial as fund's Litrail,
diluted with a Ultle water, ln.1.1 oil burluz tbe
(ii.uluc Mo.
ATir noons.
Brief Bavlewa of Important and Interest.
Ins: New rnblleatlonn.
In "A Comedy In Spasms," by "lot" (Fred
erlck A. Stokes Company), we do not find that
there is any great provision of those character
istics whtoh were thought to make "A Yellow
Aster" remarkable. The heroine of this tale,
so far as we are ablo to discover. Is not a "new
woman," possessed of new and shocking
problems. The matters of her experience, and
the sentiments that she expresses, havo been
known In fiction for a long time, and have en
dured without any considerable Interruption.
We should say that tho story was not likely to
be found tha lots agreeable by reason of that
circumstance, though It may very well be that
It Is bound to be a good deal less talked about.
Ths difference Is suggested, rudely butt Cot
ually, tn the old song:
Chief cook and bottle washer.
Captain ot the wallers,
Etand him on hit hesd
And he II peel a bag o' 'uters.
Undoubtedly the expert celobrated In this song
could peel potatoes Just as well standing on his
feet, and the other attitude was merely an ex
cursion of force, calculated to attract attention,
but not necessarily to Improve the potatoes. In
"A Comedy In Spasms" the chief character
loves ono man and marries another. It Is Im
possible to sympathize with her very much.
The manshe loves Is big and young and languid,
and ho goes about with a monkey and a lion's
cub that he has procured tn India. It Is easy
to believe that a person of the heroine's uneasy
Intellectuality would have tired of this luxury
and ornament, supposing she had come Into
possession of lu It was just as well. If she had
only known It, that she married the Ultle Col
onel, who was at leost intellectual enough
to have headaches. Tbe Colonel himself
was uncomfortable, atldo from the provo
cation that bis headaches afforded. It lire
corded of him that he once " blushed with
modest dignity" at the thought that ho was " a
great soul feeling itself cold and naked fur lack
of a phjslqno." Ho wonted to be as big and as
placid and as froo from pains In the head as the
jouth with the moukoy and tho lion's cub.
Paradoxically and naturally enough, tho girl
who did marry the young animal tamer soon
tired of him and ran off with a church organist
It is the old story of all-around discontent. Tho
Idea of It lives famlllarlv and endurlngly tn tho
newspaper advertisements tolling people ho-v
to become fat and how to become lean. It
does not follow that nn idea palls merely
because It has age. Tho old thought.
freshly and well attired, need never doubt
of a welcome, and "A Comedy In Spasms" la
bright and vivacious and readable. We aro
glad that the unrestrained particulars of tho
story end with the elopement brought about by
stress of the fascinations of the church organist-
That the heroine should havo had the moral
fortitude to remain true to the Colonel and the
babies seems to us tq be no more than a reason
able concession to the Colonel and the proprie
ties. Doubtless the heroine suffered, and so
doubtless did the hero; bnt the pnilosopher
knows that it is tbe lot of humanity to suffer,
and he knows, moreover, that the suffering of
these two was nut without Its dcsirablo offsets
aud virtuous and alleviating compensations.
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps's novel, "A Singular
Life " (Houghton, Mlfllln & Co.). Illustrates the
distinction between theology and Christianity.
1 be hero, at the ago of thirty, and after eight
years of special study, falls to satisfy bis ex
onilners at a theologian, but he establishes a re
markably successful church for the people In a
Massachusetts fishing town. It is a story of
high dramatic pitch, and wo dare say that most
readers will And It to bo a very sorrow ful story.
It seems to be a sad thing enough that the young
minister should be brought lu a violent death a
few days after his marriage. To say that a
story Is sad, however, is not to say that It Is not
jus tillable or profitable. Here tho spirit is
made to lift Itself and to shine and glow,
constantly superior to material couditlons.
Mere theology Is satirized here, and so. too. is
the Inferior happiness of mere oblivious Inoper
atlon and content- The death of tho minister
It the outcome of bis battle against the rum
power; he perishes at tbe hands of a morose
saloon keener, who hurls a stone at him as he
emerges with his young wlfo from a great and
enthusiastic church meeting. The characters
and the Incidents of thn story may not seem to
tho realtor to bo always quite reasonable, but
there can be no question that the are vividly
pictured aud described.
Of Action newly published wo have received
"The Silk of the Klne." by L. McManus, "The
Crimson Sign," by 3. R. Ketghtley. and "Tales
of Fantasy and Facts," by- Brander Matthews
(Harper it Brothers); "Life In Arcadia," by J.
H. Fletcher, " Kmbarrassments," by Henry
James, and "A First Fleet Family." by Louis
Becke and Walter J cilery (Macinillan & Co.);
"Sir Mark," by Anna Robeson Brown, "A
Humble Enterprlte," by Ada Cambridge, and
"The Sentimental Sex," by Gertrude Warden
(D. Auplrtou;; "Jertey Street and Jersey Lone,"
by II. C. Bunner (Charles Scrlbner's f-ons); "A
Venetian June." by Anna Fuller (G. P. Put
nam's Sons); "Tho Master Crnftsman." by
Walter Besant, and "The Finding of Lot's
Wife." by Alfred Clarke (Frederick A. Stokes
Company); "Dr. Vermont's tantasy and
Other Stories." by Hannah Lynch (.unison,
Wolffo fc Co., Boston) "Checked Through." by
Richard Henry Savage, and "The Vanished
Emperor." by Percy Andreae (Rand. McNally
& Co.); "An Ambitious .Man," by Ella Wheeler
Wilcox (E. A. Weeks ,fc Co. Chicago); "My
Flro Opal and Other Talcs," by Sarah Warner
Brooks (Estes & Laurlut, Boston); "Tholtcanon
Why," by Ernest K. Russell (published by the
author. New York); "Blind Leaders of tho
Blind; tho Romance of a Blind Lawyer," by Dr.
James It- Cocke (Lee & Shepard, Boston);
Perdue," by Henry (Irrvllle, in the French
(William R. Jenkins), and "An Army Wife,"
by Capt. Charles King (F. Tonnson Ncely).
Wo havo received from Macinillan fe Co.
"The London Burial Grounds: Notes on Their
History," by Mrs. Basil Hnlmnx. with numerous
Illustrations; "Philip Augustus," by William
Hnlden Iluttou, In the " Foreign ntntesmrn"
series; "The Education of Children al ltoiuu."
by George Clarke; "Michael and III" Lost
Angel." a play, by Honry Arthur Jones: tho
olghth volumo nf "I'epys'a Diary." edited by
Heury II. Wbeatley, and Dickens's "Christ
inas Stories." edited by Charles Dickens tho
Tho Appletons publish "In Sickness and In
Health," a book that should be a valuable pos
session In any household. This Is a manual of
domestic medicine and surgery, hygiene,
dietetics, and nursing. It Is edited by Dr. J.
West Roosevelt, aud tho text Is supplied by Dr.
George Waldo Crary, Prof. Frederlo H. Lee,
Prof, Joslah Royce, Dr. Samuel Treat Arm
strong. Dr. Alexander II. Johnson, Dr. Frank W.
Jackson, Dr. Samuel Waldron Lambert, Dr.
Frederick Peterson, Dr. Henry A. Grlflln. Dr.
Roosevelt, and others. Including Joseph Ham
blen Sears, who supplies an articln on physical
training, and Anna Caroline Maxwell, who con
tributes a chapter on tho nursing of the slok.
The book contains upward of 1,000 pages, and
Is abundantly Illustrated.
The Harpers publish "The Quananlche and
Its Canadian Environment," by E. T, D, Cham
bers. "The Tale of Baleii," by Algernon Charles
Swinburne, Is published by ihoHcrlbners.
From the Appletons we have "Ice Work,
Present ami Past," by Prof. T. O, IJonnny, In
the "International Scientific Series," "The
Story of a Piece of Coal: Wbot It Is, Whence It
Comes, Whither It Goes," by Edward A. Mar
tin, Is from the some publishers.
"America and Europe; a Study of Interna
tional Relations," by David A. Welts. Edward
J, Phelps, and Carl Scburz, Is published by the
Benzlger Brothers publish the third volume
of "Outlines of Dogmatlo Theology," by Syl
vester Jossph Hunter, S. J,
Tbe third volume of "Studies In Church
History," by the Rev. Dr. Reuben Parsons, Is
published by Puttet & Co.
" Practical Rhetoric," by Prof. John Duncau
Quackenbos, Is published by the American Book
" Graduate Courses," a handbook for graduate
tudents, containing announcements of ad
vanced courses of instruction offered in twenty-
w,",t'fr''! .Tliivia'-rw'-grt-MfiSViBSMnaWBSXa1
four colleges and unlvsrsl ties, for 1808-7, edited
by C. A. Dunlway, Harvard, Is published by
Leach. Shewell A San born, ,
Olnn & Co., Boston, publish the "Home and
Sohool Atlas," by Alex. Everett Frye.
" Bergpr's French Method," by Francois Ber
ger. Is published by the author. New York,
"The Industrial Army," by Fayette Rtrattoa
Giles, Is published by tho Bakor & Taylor Com
pany. "A Voyage to Vlklng.Land," by Thomas
Sedgwick Steele, amply Illustrated, Is published
by Estes A Laurlat, Boston.
"Tho Great Drama," and other poems, by
John Latoelles, Is imported by Charles Scrlb
ner's Sons.
Ths LlpplnootttCompony publishes "Songs of
Jane and December," by Waller Malone.
"Gold or Sliver 7" by M. A. Miller, is published
by F. Tennyson Neely.
Thomas Y. Crowell A Co. publish "Boclal
Meanings ot Religions Experiences," by George
D. Herron.
"Practical Window Dressing for bho Stores"
Is published by the M. T, Rlohardson Company.
C. II. Guild A Co, publish "Advertising In
New England." a directory for advertiser, for
"The Nat Cnlturlst," by Andrew a Fuller, Is
published by the Orange Judd Company.
Fourth of July FlreworkaEahlbltlon Asraln.
If the weather Is One to-night the bril
liant display of fireworks whloh attracted
such widespread attention In Pain's Open Air
Thoatre at Manhattan Resch on the evening nf
the Fourth ot Jnly will be repeated. The war
spectacle. "Cuba," will alto be teeu. The man
agement alto annuunuH the farewell perform
anoe In mid air of Welaman, the tight rope
walker, who leaves here next week for the Crys
tal Palace. London, where ho will appear early
next month.
smniTtma auiasto this div.
Baa rises.... 4 8s Bun sets ... 7 88 1 Moon Mt.. 8 27
iiioii warn mn oar.
Sandy Hook 7 51 1 Uor.Itland. 81lleliaate.l0 01
Arrlvad-Faiuav, July 10.
St Campania, , Liverpool.
&.M. LnuK waiklnt, SouthninDton.
St auiruita Vlotnrla. Kaempfr. Hamburg.
b. Siiralll, llncsen, MileMt.
Xl Persia, Spll. dt, Hamburg.
b Kurope. Itoblnson, Llrerpoot.
M Irrawaddy, lb tll.lan. Trinidad.
F. Cam. 8haw, If aurltlna.
8s Foataiielle, lioKentle. llardadoes.
8s Antonio yamhrana, Krohg, bancbes,
Ht Cundsll. Harrlton, lluelva.
8 John VMt.on Palen, tfecaa del Toro.
8a Ran. at Clt, Klther, Savannah.
8. Yorkiown, Dole. Norfolk.
8s Uenefaetnr. Town.end I'bltadslobla.
h. Btate of Ti-xas, Kvans. Prnnkwlck.
8s Richmond, Uarl.. ltlrhtnond.
bs Slanhattan, ttrag;. rortland
For later arrival, see First Pago.
8i f.ucanln. from Kew Vork.atQueenttowo.
e. Columbia, from SfT, ork. at Hamburg.
8t Wesllnrath. from Sow York, at i lana bay.
ha Lennox, from New lnrk.at llonu Kong
8. Brltl.h Queen from New York, at Dentrord.
h.GlenlocliT. from New York, at Home kong.
8. City of lilrinlagham, from New York, at Baran
8s Mohawk, from New York for Falmouth, passed
Seilly I.landa.
8. (ilenartaey, from New York for London, passed
I.ls or Wight.
. Ken.inston, from New York for Antwerp, pasted
Fcllly Is and.
as La Klandre, from Antwerp for Now York, patted
8t clnazce, from New York for Aden, passed llalta.
saujtn raovi ronxiox roars.
Bt H.n. Meier, from Bremerhaveu for New York.
St Fuerst Itismarck, rrom Nouthampton for New
8. riovle, from Liverpool for New York.
bt Cireattla, from llorllle for New York.
situcn raoM domlstic roars.
8s Iroulos. from Charleston for New York.
8s I lute llenderton. from Philadelphia for New
6. Eaglet, from Philadelphia for New York,
ocTooiso arKAMonrrs,
Sufi TYwbiv.
Matl CIomk fetter Vafu,
F.trurla. Liverpool II OOA.Jt. 2-00P.M.
La Tourallie, Havre R 00 A. Si. 14.0031.
knit. Oenoa. 8 0UA.M. 1U0DA.M.
Baste. Bremen 1 mi A. M. 1O0OA.M.
Obilam. Hntterdam "roA.SL in 00A.JI.
Ithlopla, (llatgnw 10 00 A. M. 12UHM.
Hhieulcla. Hamliurfr 8.UUA. M.
Massachusetts. London ti oo A. M.
AlleRbany. Jamaica . ... 10 00 SL 12.0UM.
Orljen. Darbsdoe. 101 Pit. a 00 1". M.
Orenada.l.rrnada 12:00 M. 8-00 P.M.
Ixiulslaua. New Orleana 8 00 P si.
Concho ilalTeilon. S Oil 1'. M.
I Klo. New Orleant 3 nil P. M.
Kantat City. 8avannah 0:00 P.M.
Sail TVttttav. JxlV 14.
Havel, nremtn. 7 0OA.M. 10.00 A.M.
Cuba. Haytl 10 00 A. U. IV 00 11.
Iroquois, Charle.ton 8 00 P.M.
City uf Augutla. bavannah . . . BlUUl'.U.
Njd ITedntftdny, July 13
St. I.nut(i. Southampton.... 7 00 s. 51 10 00 A.M.
Teutonic. Liverpool U 00 A. L 12.00tt.
Moulhwark. Antwerp 1.3D A. M.
enetuela,LaUuayra 11 '00 A.M. I no I'. M.
Andes. Iltyll ... 10 00i.lt. ID. DOM.
Clly or ttashlnffton. na-
vna l-00 1'.H. StOOP.M.
El 1'iu.o, New Urleant 0 001'. 31.
rscomso STTlMSHIrs.
l)ut To-dnu.
t.lant Chrlstlaniand June 21
Culllornla filbraltar. JuneVS
Cearrn.e Para June VI
Hibernian Gibraltar Juneau I
Fclyn llllirtltar J una 'ill I
Nlacara Nassau July 7 i
Alllanca Colon Julr
UrlniHii liermuila July II
Iroiiuolt JucktunvilU Jul) ti
.us Sumfill. July 12.
l.a Normandls Havre July A
Croft .. ..- Dundee Junrt
Hmburr llllirtltar June 11
Taonnlna Havre June 17
City of Augusta Savannas ......July u
Dvt Monday, July 13.
neorglc I.lierpool Julv 3
Maa.dam Itotlerdam July 1
8enera Havana July U
Carlnbee 8u Thomat July 7
1 Norte New Orleant July N
Ifue Tuntny. July 14.
Furnes.la Clasiinw July 4
Mnultolti London July u
Oalllen Hull JimeflO
Jersey City ftwan.ea ..June ,1J
Muhli'sn Itvanaea Julr 1
Knickerbocker New Orleant Julr 8
Coinauclie Jacksonville July 11
Ifue irednrmliii. Julu 13.
hetilotlam Amsterdam .....Ju'y I
flurraln Hull July 1
Vh.-!lanc!a. Havana July 11
Nueces ualvestou July u
Due Ihurftlay.Juty 10
Trave , Jiremen July 7
DcnUcnlami Hamburg July 4
ruitUi:S.-Kuddenly, on July 10, at Alxoutc. New
burgh, X. V.. William Ilowi 11 Forties. In tho fiutli
year of his axe.
tuneral tervket on Monduy. July ta.at 11 o'clock,
at (lra"e Churili. New York clly
ORIFriN.-At llrlar Cliff, Sinn Blng, N Y July 9,
Irtjfl, Jano 1)., wife of Ueorge IV. Urlflln, In tho
nJd rear of her airo.
Kelatlist aud frltndt aro Invited to attend the
film ral tervlcet from her late residence on Matur.
day, July II, nt 10 A SI. CsrrUgii will meet tho
arrival of IMS3 trsui from Uraul Central Station
atSlufSlug. Inter ix ut at Greenwood Cemeterj
alconclctlonor service!
ZI(Hli:i(;t:.-Ou July II, 18(10, Pavld llolwrgo.aieJ
71 jrar.
Ktlailtni and frli'iid. are rraiieitfully Invited to
attend the funeral sun lee. from Id. Ulu resi
dence, Van BUS leu, Coney lalaud, N. Y,, on hun
day at 1 n'clo,!., Interment at Kvercreent
HMITH.-Ou Friday, July 10, 1806, William Smith,
beloved brother uf J. U. and Emma Hmllh. aged 31
Funeral from hit lata re.ldenco, Coney f.land, ou
Sund-iy, July 111, at 1 oVlock.
Tl)IIM:il.-On r'rIJa), July in, aftern long Illness,
at tha resldeure of her daughter, Mrs F- A. Flu
nell, l.lil'J 81 Stark'tar., Iirooklyn, Ann, widow of
John 1 urner of Ka uric, N J axed 88 yrart
Funeral private. Newark, K. J papert pleats
-VIWHE t".-At her residence, fUlnflrld, N. J., July
lu, 1MI8. Constance Hamilton Southard, wife of
Walter II, l'.Veytoy, and only dfugbttr ot Cbarlet
C, aud tlary II. houthard.
'PHF. KKXSICO CKMETF.rtY. located on ths lltrlma
L Itallroad, forty elalit inlnutet'rlda from tbe Oraod
Central llspot. Ofllce, Id Kail 4Vd it.
jgtHtj.oujj -Outicr.
ALL are accorded a cordial welcome at Central
Metropolitan Temple, 7th av. and 14th tt. Tnree
tpeclal ttrvlce Sunday. Tun llev, Heury Ottrora.
celtbrtle I Kvangelltt will tnrak at II A. M.. J. ad
aud 7;.I0 F. It Juvenlla choir. Monday, council
uigbt. "The orklngillrlt of nur Clly," Kervlt Hart
tuck. Tuesday, pictorial ttrilce Wvdnetdsr, hour
of public prayer, lhuradai, Ktaagelittio night, hrl
day, iiuetllou.. Saturday, Tsoipls concert. Seal. free.
A welcome for tbe poople.
av. Thursday evening nexli Iloutlug "Wei
come Home" to CoL lladley. who will give Interfil
ing lucldenttof lilt trip abroad. Prominent mlulon
worker! tp.ak. Special lan.lctl programme.
1HCBCII OK" Tils, FEOI'I.K. -rive Folntt lilssiiinT
V fir. Sanford, pastor. 10 i.0. 7.30, Sunday school
8iS0. llluitraiBdlamorn talk at night. All welcome.
X1 iltli it. llev, John Hall. li. 0 . pattor.-Bervket
Sunday, Jily 111, at 11 A.M. and 4 r.M.
4!d tt.-Suadsy tervlceti Uuly communion ate. 43
A M Fraysr and unlets at St. U. Ur.lloursarwtll
ofllclate, bsats f res.
gttw gubltcntloitd. gcw gnWrotlwHt jj
FOB i ijij
tratod. Crown 8vo, Cloth, Ornamoiital, $2.50. 'JUtt M
This book is charming-, and It Is In some sort a revelation. Buoh Inslffhl Into 'iS &l
Joan's heart has hardly been shown In anything that has been written about that 'H tf, W
beautiful, straiiKo, trnalo life. ErangtlUU N. Y. ' ft $j
Crown 8vo, Cloth, Ornnmontal, $1.75 caoh. Wn.T
Photofrravuro Portrait of tho Author, nnd Othor Illns- i; J
trations. t S jj
COURT. Illustrated. . ' jg
THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER. Illustrated. if:.
So admirably printed and bound Is It the new edition. In fact, that ths stories . 4 15
are likely to take a new lease of lire from their newest form. IV. 1'. Tritiune, 'r, A I
By BiuNDEn Mattiiewb. With an Illustration by A. B. ?V'
Fno3T. Post 8vo, Cloth, Ornamental, $1 25. $1$
The book will And (treat favor during this summer. Sotfon Journal. s" Jit'J
Every one of them Is entertalulnir and exceedingly olevor. UrooMun Stantiard- l 1 .('
Infnn. -. ' !; .! it
Ilrander Matthews Is at his best In the short story. .V. 1'. Herald. ,. f. 4 (j
A NovoL By tho Author of " Lady Joan's Vagaries." Post , W.j
8vo, Cloth, Ornnmontal, $1 00. w
Tho heroine Is a most attractive character, a noble woman, who speedily wins fnTl
the reader's sympathy-. Tho descriptions of English society are clever and enter- iii!,4
talnlne. ImoSluii.Sfrtndard-f'rit'm. ISJTJ
The story is ndrairably balanced. . . . A clover piece of literary work and an id
Interesting story. IMeraru TVorlrf, London. till
A Novel. By Lilian Belt.. Author of "Tho Lovo Affairs ififfl
of an Old Maid." "With a Portrait of tho Author. fjfll
Id mo, Cloth, Ornamental, Uncut Edges and Gilt Top, m$M
$1 25- Mm
The plot Is clover and original, and the quiet humor and nerolsm among her It II
drarnntlt ptrtnncn make their doings delightful reading, IMU ildtl Qazittt, London. HktJnl
Lilian Bell wrllos with a facile pen, her perception of human nature Is genial lyjfl
nnd sharp, her senso of humor Is kocn, and her oholce of characters and incident iBlJoS
Is well made. Ilartfonl Pott. IFHtlH
A Novel. By L. MoManub. Post 8vo, Cloth, Ornamental, iSlfl
si oo. l&jil
This Is a talo of the Roman Catholic evictions In Ireland tn the seventeenth ICMB
century, generally known as tho"TransphntIng." ''wWm
We have read "The Silk of the Klne" from the first page to tha last without Bl?I,nl
missing a single word, and wn sighed regretfully when Mr. MoManus bronght the ilfi'lB
adventures of Margery McGuire and Phrra Ottley to a close. Lileraru IKorld. B'rfal
London. liH
A Narrative of the Adventures of Mr. Gorvase Orme, some- 'Kfl
time Lioutenant in Mountjoy'a Regiment of Foot By lljal
S. R. Kf.iohtlet. Illustratod. Post 8vo, Cloth, Orna- 199
mental, $1 50. ifjjfl
An exciting stnrv, told with great animation. . . . Reads like a bit ot Alexandre) llrnl
Dumas. Jsmdnn Time. ntlH
Itecounts In an able manner the terrible scenes which culminated In theslere ifl-aH
and relief of I.ondnnderry, giving his readers a personal Interest In the characters PnH
ho has created, and many and pathetlo nro tho resulting pictures. Literary lt'orld, " f 'MMM
Ixmdon. I itH
A Novel. By Will Payne. Post 8vo, Cloth, Ornamen- JiH
tal. $1 25. f M
The nndevtatlne trnth of the narrative. Its delicacy and Its grace: the pnre and 'iv'Snl
Invigorating aimosphero of the story, and the honest comprehension of character SliH
are uualitlra which give it place above tbe vast majority of novels of tbe day. C7i(. nH
A character sketch of unusual distinctness and depth. Brooklyn Timet. Mni
t -nrM
HARPER & BROTHERS, Publishers, New York -jM
The Cruise of the "Antarclic." i
map and illustrations by .U Jllle ana .u.
linru Murdoch. Large 8 o., .ou
Persia Revisited (1895). j
liy General fclr Thoa Kdwaiio Oouops. WtR.
i' lie a 1 . formerly Hllltart Atta.-ie anaOrlen
talVcrrlarv To her Malestj'a lunation at Tehran.
.ulhoror-Tl.ell"foftf.eVorld." WlUtmapand
lliustrailous. Cloto. bvo., J 0J.
Cn'onel Gordon's book It ihe most recent, and In
rninv wayt the mo.t aiithorliatHe, utterance on tha
i "a'tlo ,?m reftla. It deals Ith the i went ...ats..
The Kew Virtue.
A. Novel. By Urn. Oscab IiinHiMiEK. 12mo. Cloth.
"IntDlteof the plot fie lone of the ttory It moral.
Vice It u'ier planle.1 before one In say colore. V i hen
Itstalkl Into a chapter It Is sombre, sad. and fore
Iodine The sins are lo.t In obacurln. covered, over
Itinrtiery. 'lne New lrtue' It a wholeiuiB ioo.
and suggests a fund of worldly wlsdom."-lifc-uiM
11V tvrlllMIEN CKANE.
Lnran lmo ITT l.aaea. cloth, Tff centa.
-There is not a flaw of unreality In tho book, and
lire amounts the lowly, with all lit gloom and despair,
lias never before been more thoroughly ponrayea."
- Uofhttltr Vnion.
EDWARD ARNOLD, Publisher, ,
Klrst enormous edition, 40,001), Just ready.
This brings the "Albutross" f-erles well on
Into the .Second Million. A new Illustrated edl
Hon of "Thou Shalt Not" In pross.
W Jj.jtieJtVlvO, UOM.VNOI5,
iiv a. vni:i:t.i:it.
Kiery Novel Header and evtry "lllko lllder"
should read this delightful noiel. 0 cents.
Or, a Hlch lan May Enter the Kingdom of
Heaven. Hy V, II. MI7.E. Cloth Hound, 11.60.
joiin biti:ititA.s's nE.mi.
janes Greeley Arrasted nn Kuaplclon or
HavlBK Caused It.
John Sheridan, ill) jcars old, died suddenly
early yesterday morning at hit home, 1U5 CI It
tun place, iirooklyn, from Injuries alleged to
have been recti tod at tho hands of Jainct
Ureeley, 2.'1 years old, who Is under arrest. The
old man was so feeble that he seldom left the
bouse. On Thursday night he sat In the yard
drinking until a late hour with Oreeley and
some of the other occupants nf the house. Ills
alleged that tireetev teased Hherldan. and dur
ing the quarrel which folio ned subjected him
to some harsh treatment, hbrrldan had to be
carried up stairs to his bed, and ho I'led within
a couple uf hours. No doctor was summoned.
Mrs. Ureeley. William Mason, and Madeline
Itoasbellow have been beld as witnesses, t-herl-dun
was a war vettran.
Killed by Train.
Charles Yanle, ugtd 17 liars, nf A4f Kast
Ulltli street, n as run iluwsi by a train while
walking on tlio truck jut north of L'asnnnvn
station yesterday morning, Knglncer 1 huidoru
Wright halleil tho train and the Injured boy
was put In the baggage car.
At the Willis areuue station of tbe Kew
Haven road an ambulance was summoned from
Harlem Hospital. The boy died a few minutes
before tbe ambulance arrived.
New Amsterdam Book Company, :,
t jaaB
We take pleasure In announcing , SrnW
the issue on Monday ot iMmW
Under Sealed Orders 1
Author of " The Woman ATio Did," Tho , III
Hritish Bitrbarians," " Babylon," " Tho '
Dovil's Die," etc., etc. lamo, paper, hand- f 'MM
sumcly Illustrated, SO cents. Cloth, $1.25. II
Opinions of tho English Press on ! MM
" ' Under Sealed Order. ' is a first-class story 39
of ads enture, aud, aa It Is written bra man of 11 H
real Intelligence and wide knowledKe.lt possesses tfjfl
qualities which lift It above the ordinary story . , ;
of Its class. . . . It is full of Incident, of plot r'SH
and counterplot. In short, Mr. Allen has given .' Itfl
us another thoroughly good talo of action anil ' US
plot, audi as wo hare nut often had from him n iLnl
bciore." Speaker, London. rnB
"The reader need not fonr to find anything bnt HnVM
very capltul entertainment In Under Sealed WaTaM
Orders.' It Is one of Its author's most Interest. 'uffl
lug stories. For a story which Is bright and il 9
readable all through, much thanks." Specta- 3M
tor. London. m'fl
"The book Is. of course, very well written, 'JiB
The characters are well drawn, and some of fUtfl
them very churmlng; and the touches of for- l'Sfl
clun life In Momoco and llUHsIa hate tho pic . $39
luresiueness nnd accuracy one would expect ' fj!-fl
from a man who. In his tcirntillo writings, has 'J.lj'-H
appealed to Ilarwtn and Herbert Hpencer wlib. ,4EB
his ability, and tn thousands of readers with hU I SvB
readability." Literary World, London. trffl
A Stable for Nightmares; Wm
or, Weird Tales WM
By J. SIIKIUDAN L1C I'ANU (author ot 'M
" Undo .Silas." "limine by the Church 5nB
yanl,"ctc.). Sir ClIAHI-ES VOUNO. and j
others Appropriately Illustrated. llJmo, i9l
cloth, 75 cents. .i'Mg
"livery one of the stories Is a splendid ex- r'tpB
i ample of welrdness, but all are worthy of tha . Ij-H
I exrrlleut company In which they And them- 4fl
selves. ... If )ou want ghost stories bay f.U
this bonk for 73 cents, and ou will Audita I 5;3H
, prolltablo Investment." Commercial Adver I ' 'iU
tlstr. New York. , M
I "Nothing more delightfully horrible, morel I iAW
jierfectly adapted tn the raising ot goose Cesh. I ' f,TM
I and the sending of cold shivers down the spina I !J3H
' bus appeared iii recent literature." Tha I !,'
l Journal, New ork. I ' f fl
The above reviews nro samples of ths many . ii'U
'received. We have yet to hear an adverse ootay- ,U
I mout on tho book. ' irffl
Second Edition -Tth thsutsnd, 'sfl
An Ocean Free Lance In
I Hy W. ULAltlv HUSSKLL. New eoltjoa. m
I Illustrated by Harry h. V. Parkhurgt, 'illfl
t'lotli, aiiitfrbly bound, J1.C5; pap-r, AilM
Kutlicrliinii Library, CD cents. ,. i-itfl
jt ''lvTal
I This classic of sea tales has long been oat of ii :im
print, mid Is now published at the requestor ' ' lW
inemlHirsnt the bnox trade, who have found a U
l steadily Increasing demand for It, This book ' 'm
, contains the oft-o.uoted description of a naval -im
I buttle. iniU
I Fnr aala by all hooUaelltt-a. r Will b U'H
arut postpaid nn receipt of ilia prla la , IjlH
alaniiia or liy raouey order. IhiH
Sllahap to a Trolley xpresa Car. Ij!4
Kxprtss trolley car No. 0 In Iirooklyn Jumped u!
the trucks on 'Ihursdar night tn Jamaica an4 ' Ifl
Norwood avenaea, through the bumping of tha lfl
fender agalntt some obstacle on tha track. .'"
I l'red Ames, the messenger, had bis left Uc IV
Uoken.andwasrsmoTedtoauMsjy'aliMBttiX f ,',
SliaAlsg, ;t M

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