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Mfii bt Axaoit'a rzATttitB.
m Mm Bntk Bttmn Brooklyn and Pitt.
K Mrsth-ClTtn4 and Jsaltlntoro Kn
Take On OmcTin Game lor Cl.
m tnaatl-rjt, Lonl LonUvlll "Win.
W, Anton'i players afatn beat the New Vork
3 yesterday, and th two clubs are now tied In the
J Mrtes, each bavins won fonr game. In add!-
& tlon to the regular echeduled game the Brook-
Irn and Pittsburgh teams pla jed off a postponed
!K contest. The Brooklyn won the first, Payne
J pitching cleverly, while the home team cap-
f tared the eecond game, However, the Brook-
i, lyns advanced Into seventh place. There wi
also a doable attraction at Cleveland and Cln-
Ew clnnatl. The Spiders and Orioles broke even,
jf while KwiDg'smen took two game and are now
& Ore potnU behind the leaden. Philadelphia
wh again taken Into camp by the Loultvllles.
i' and St. Lonli administered another defeat to
' Boston. The result!
X- Cblaeco, tl I Kew Tort. 6.
'If . Brooklyn, 4) Pittsburgh,. (First ram.)
IT Pittsburgh, 111 Brooklyn. 6. (Second lam.)
HI Clevlnd.l9 Baltimore, 0. (irirat game.)
4Jut Baltimore. 0; Cleveland. 8. (Second tame.)
(j dnolnnaU. l Washington, 8. (ririt game.)
;, Cincinnati, Hi Washington, 4. (Scond gam.)
f'N Loultvllls, 10; PhlhvWIphls, S.
St. Louis, 11 Helton, 11.
ina nacono.
rvr Ft
9 ChiNk mm.ZMt.etTjl.aubi. WeTtttmU
r& Cleveland ....48 II .678 Brooklyn S3 80 .478
' OtndnnaU.tUs 114 .087 Phlldtlpbl.BS 86 .476
S . Baltimore... ,48 US .081 Wstblng ton. .SO 86 .476
Sorton..,"" 811 .876 NewYork....S7 88 .4 8
til," Pittsburgh... 87 so .058 Bu I-ouit. 17 6 ,wt
tblMO...T..89 84 .834 LOUUTlll 10 48 J38
f? cmoAoo, lit nrvr tork. S.
? OsiOaOO. Jolr 10. The New York Baseball
"V ' Olab played In hard look to-dar. although they
E" wera oatbatted by the Colt. There were a
number of remarkably lucky hits made by the
f' local players, blu that would ordinarily mean
V an oat for the batter, bounding so erratically
"i; that they proved to be good for two or three
bases. White there was no speclflo cause of
5. complaint for the support given to Clarke, there
ft was a manifest lletlessness. If not Indifference,
- about the visitors' playing that would have dls-
F1' heartened almost any pitcher. But "Old Dad"
'' coverlet up and never seemed to feel that he
fU waaoutof the game, nnd his constant vigilance
r prevented a number of runs that were more than
1 possibilities. After the first Inning there wan
not a time when Hie visitors had a ghost of a
chanoetowln. Thoscoro:
.' rnlrloo. I SXW TORK.
, B. lru.o. .. n. 1 a, r.o. i,x.
A Rverett, ldb.1 a a 0 0 Vnnrn.c,f.o 13 0 0
pahhrn.s. ... i 3 1 0 Stafford. I. f..o 1 II 0 0
Lance. e.f....l 18 0 0 Tlernaa, r. f..l 2 9 0 0
AnsSn, 1st b..S 17 1 0 oleason. 2d b.0 a 3 H 0
' ItTsn.r. f 1 SS0 0 O.Davls.Sdb.l 8010
Seeker. I. f...O 1 I 0 OCI.rk.Utb... 9 913 0 1
Pfsfrtr. Sd b. 1 lie 0 Con'ugh'n.as.1 1 0 8 o
onmth.p....i i i i o w. ii. crke.p.0 o a o
?, KlttrldgeYc. .110 10 Wilton, c 0 0 3 0 1
w' Tsrtalt U 18 2710 "o ToUls.....5 14 24 15 "3
fc Chicago 4 0 0 0 lil a 3 ..-11
t JfswVoric. 1 0 0 1 o'l 0 1 1-8
' Earned runi-Chlcago. R: New Tork. 4. First base
H by rror-Jblcaio, 1: New York. 1. Lett on bus
;. culcaio, 8: New York, B. First bat on balls OS
! Orlfntb. 8; olt Clarke, t. Struck ont-ny Orimth. 8:
r by Clarke, a. Iiome ran l'feffor. Thre-baie blu
ix fjahlen, Davis. Two-base hits Tlernan. Decker.
f Stolen baMt-DahlrnUS). JJaxe (2). Anton (2), Tier-
i nan. Clark. Hit by pitcher lir Clarke. 1. Wild pltoh
'. , Clark. Patted ball WHtonUmplse Xmtlla, Time
;. 1:88.
' BnooKLTHS, 4; prrrSBOitan. 2 rinsT oahe.
1 PlTTsnnnnn. June 10. Pittsburgh and Brook-
k lyn played two games to-day, and, after Ave and
t. a half hours' playing, the teams quit even.
; '. They were the longest games of the season.
9 Pittsburgh lost the tlrst game through Inability
.' to bit Payne, who pitched In splendid form. In
C the second game Pittsburgh knocked Abbey out
1 ' of the box In the third Inning, and enough runs
K were made off Daub, who succeeded htm. In the
:" fifth Inning to make the game sure for Pltts-
H burgh. Foreman was nlso wild, sending nine
a; men to base on balls. Attendance. 6.700. The
g scores :
. '" rmssuaan. ihoohltk.
B- K.lB.r.o.A.E. k. ln.r.o.i.1.
tft DonoTtn. r.f.O u 1 o 0 Jones. r.f.....O 8 0 0 0
S Elj.as. 1 13 4 1 Orimn.e.r....0 u 8 0 1
h" Btnsel.af...O 0 4 0 0 Anderson. L to 0 4 0 0
V Bmltb. I.X.....0 0 3 1 0 bhlndle.itd b.l 10 10
.V Merrltt-e 0 2 0 2 0 Corcoran, a s.1 2 3 0 1
IIC. Lyont.Sb 1 118 a Lacbsnce.lb..a 2 10 0 0
f-- TrubT. Sd b..0 0 2 1 0 Shocb.ad b.,.0 0 2 10
if Kack.lb. 0 1 H 0 0 a rim. a 0 2 8 10
;j Sawley, P....0 0 0 0 0 Payn p. 0 0 0 10
Totals..... .!5 "8 8711 4 ToUlt. .T"u27"o"a
'- Pltuburgb 0 1 0 0 1 0 u 0 ..a
I Broaklyn. 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 0-4
v Karaed runs Pittsburgh. 1: Brooklyn, 3. First
-5. basebynTOn Pltuburitli, 1: llrookln. 4. Left on
',' bates Pltttbursh. 7: Brooklyn, a First bate on bsllt
, Off Uawley, ; off Payne, 4. Ktruek out by
V Dawley, 8: by Psyne. 2. Three-bate hit-Ely. Tito-
5 bate hits Merrltt. Lynns. tlsck.lAcbsnce. Sacrifice
,C hit Schoen. Stolen bates-flrimn. Double playt
' Ely and Hack. Wild pltch-Uawley. Umplre-Belta
',; Tfine-a!40.
fi?" rrrrsBcaoB. 11; Baooxxvy, 0 secoso oaxx.
'ii rrrrssuaou. uroohxtx.
:. s,ia.rxA,K. b. ln.r.o.i.m.
i: . Donovan, r.t.1 110 OJonrs, r. f 2 1 0 0 0
. feiy.a s a 4 4 1 orimn.ct....o 2000
X' Btensel.c.f...8 110 0 Andcrton.l.r.2 12 0 1
Dmlta.Lr a 12 0 0 Smndle. 8d b. I 8 14 8
iBndn. e u 18 1 0 corcorsn, s. s.u 2 2 11
Lyons, Sd b...l 14 1 0 La Chance. lb.O 1 II 0 0
TrnbT.Sd b...0 18 8 1 SpocB. db...u 0200
Beekley. lb...a 3 7 1 1 Dely.d b....0 0 110
jroreman, P...0 10 10 uurrell, c 0 10 0 0
Aubcy.p 0 0 0 3
Totals... 11 11 27 11 2 HcCartny....l 0 0 0 0
Daub, p 0 0 0 2 0
Totals Jan alio 1
Batted for Abbey In the fourth Inning.
PttUburgh 0 0 4 0 a I 0 1 ,.-11
Brooklyn. 1 10 1 1 0 2 0 0- a
Earned runs Pittsburgh, 4; Brooklyn, 1. Flrtt
base by errors-PltUburgh. 3; Brooklyn. 1. I.ert on
bases Pittsburgh. 6: Brooklyn. II. Urn bate on
balls Off Korrman, V: off Daub, 8. Struck out-lly
Foreman. 8. Three-base hits Ely (2), Smith, Snsden.
Two-basohlts Stensel, Lyons, Orimn. Stolen bates
PonoTan, Ely, Stcnsel (21, lieckley 12), McCarthy.
Double plays Truby, Suvuen, and Beekley: Ely and
Truby; Trubyand Beekley. Hit by pitcher Hr Ab
bey, I; by Daub, 1. Wild pltchrt-Foreman, 1; Abbey,
ll Daub. 1. Umplro-Betta. Tlme-B:t(J.
ctavztjuiD, 12; BiLTlnonr. o.-riasT oske.
CLkvaxAHD. July 10. Ten thousand ' rooters" of
the deepest dye saw Cleveland and Baltimore break
:-- aven to-day. In thenrstgamo cuppy bad theOrlt.let
Ji at bis mercy, seendlng Ihem out In one-two-thrce
i order. Etperwas tna softest kind of a snap for the
&: Bolder, who pummeted his curves for 33 hits. The
v areond game was a pretty up-hill fight from
start to finish. In the second Inning the
K' Orioles cot their eye on the hall and
Sr batted wllton out of the box. Wallace was
i ' substituted and pitched brilliant bait, and had his
- game won until the ninth, when, owing to darkness,
w. the Cleveland fielders had trouble to tee the ball, and
Ul Ilaltlmors scored four runt. Umpire Hurst refuned
I T to call the same at 7 o'clock, and tne crowd turged on
'i the diamond, bent on delaying the game If possible.
6 It took a squad of policemen quite a while to get them
?jt off before llortt would let the gauie proceed. The
A' sooreet
i- a. ln.r.o.A.r- R.lB.r.o.t.1.
' Burkett. L f..2 8 u u u Kelley, I. f....o 1' 1 0 0
A UoAleer, c. f ..0 9 10 0 Keeler,r.f.,0 11 a 1 0
i SteKean, s.s.,2 2 4 1 9 Jennlngt, a aO 9 B 4 1
K Cblldt.ad b...a 3 0 6 0 Dorle. lit b.,o 2 u 0 0
i- Tebeau. lltb.2 9 10 1 0 Keltter, d b-0 114 0
J Uedarr.Sd 0.1 8 I 8 0 liro'llcc. f....O 0 3 0 0
,, Eiake.r. L....2 3 1 1 0 Dnnnelly.SdUO 0 11 0 0
f Simmer. 0....1 4 0' 1 11 Clark. 0 0 13 0 0
Is Cuppy..p 0 0 0 3 0 bsper, p 0 0 0 4 0
f Touts ii ia 27 17 "i Totsis ."o T24 13 1
A- Cleveland 1 0 8 8 2 0 0 4 ..-12
'ft Ilaltlmors 0 UOOUOOOO-0
wv Karned runs Cleveland, 7. First bsse by errors
Ir? CUvelsnd, 1; iisltlmore. 2, Left uu bates clevelsnd,
h: Balilmore, 8. Flrtt bate on built-Olt dippy. 2,
'- Struck out By Canpy. 1 ; hr Etper. 1. Three-bate lilt
! Ulake. Tw&bnte oltt-llurkrtt (2), McKran. Chlldt
(21, Tebeau. Blake. ZImmer. Hacrlflcu hits Zlminer,
It- Cuppy. stolen batra Burkett. Tebetu, Mcdarr,
IX' Make. Keltter. Double piayt-Chlliti anil tlcKean,
S Tebeau and tlcKean: lleOarr, Chlldt. and lebeau:
M?" VoKaan. Chlldt, and Tebeau: Blake and AloKeam Jen.
',' pings, Keltter. anil Doyle, lilt by Ditcher By cuppr,
V S7 Passed ball-Clark. Umplre-fiurit. Tline-2:lu.
tn-lB. r.as.e. ii.lB-r.at.r.
Burkett. I. f... I) 3 1 u 0 Kelley, I, f.,.,1 3 3 0 2
fLV ticAIeer, c. f..0 2 0 ll 0 Kerler. r.f....l 2 2 0 1
ilcKcan, a t..u 1 0 1 1 Jennings, . t.l 2 4 3 1
Clillds.2db..,0 8 3 8 2 porle. Vltb...! 1 0 II
Z Trbesu. lstb.O 17 0 II Keltter. Mb.,1 0 12 0
'' ilcOorr. 3d b.0 2 4 2 0 llrodle, o.f....2 2 4 2 0
i) iilake, r.f... .2 8 2 0 u Dunneily, 3b,u u 3 u 1
ii-. Elmmer. a.,,.0 1 8 1 o Clark, u I 12 12
lv Wilton, p 0 0 o 0 0 Clarkton,p,,,l 10 8 0
s7 Wallace, p.... I 1030 .
at r, ,k... Totals 912 27 13 7
Jfl TUlt 8 1U27 13 3
II Cleveland,, 1 0 10 12 0.1 0-8
sU BsltUnor., U 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 4-u
I Earned runt-Clevelauii. 8: lialtmoro, 4. Flrtt bate
b1- 1 by errors Cleveland, 1 ; Baltimore, 3. Left on qmh s
I Cleveland, 11; llaltlioore, n. Urtt bsteon ballt-off
ll1 Wllton, 1: off Wallace, 2: off Clurktuo, 2. Struck out
Bbm I' I By Wallace, 4; by Clarktou, 1, 'Ihreebate hit
f XHlir. l'o-he hltt-ilurkelt, JUIItrr, Urnille.
. 1 Sacrifice blt-Zlmmer. Wloirn batet-Chllili, Kelley,
V Jennlngt, Doyle. Brodle. Double plat Jennlugs
m I and Doyle: MoOarr anil Tebeau; Chlldt slid Tebeau,
T Vlld pltob Wallace. Umpire Hunt. Tlme-3:I0.
';, I ascutxsTt, Uj wtsiiisoTOK, e-nasT otua,
1 CtsciBRATI. July 10. Twelve thousand people saw
- 1 the flrtt "double-header" of the teaton on the home
ml I grounds. The iteds had no difficulty In wlnulcs both
' j tagamet. In the tint contetl cottly errors Ion Wsih
mi lagtoa tha game, white the localt won the tond by
tft timely Mtung. Burke made one ot the xrettett
Sn - catabesever seen here. The hate running ot the Heds
vLi' aua lb feature of both garnet. Tho score I
rDas Mi cwcishati. WAsmsoroy.
iJ''BsV R.l.r.o..r. k. u. i-.o.a.i.
ItssamF Burke, l.t 1 1 2 l u Brown, c. f..,l 18 0 1
asm Utir.c. t a ii o o o O'linm, 211...0 0140
atal killer, r.f.. ..a 1 3 0 11 Sclbach.l. 1...0 2 10 0
TM CePhee, 2d b.8 2 2 9 0 Joyce, db 2 0 2 0 1
'& twin. alb, 1 1 11 1 0 Hcilulre. C....1 4 4 2 0
MM' BroliiT, t. S....1 2 2 2 oi.uth.r. f I 0 1 u 11
Bsssaf Irwin. 3d b,,,0 0 1 4 1 I'artw'ght, lb.1 2 8 11
Baal Vauiun.c...,.0 0 8 10 Denionl.a s.,,0 2 12 1
j ruber, p..., '.0 113b McJames, p.,,0 1111
Hi Totals " " 87 13 1 Tolalt. .0 I2 27 10 "ft
IB Cincinnati 0 fl H I 4 11 1 0 ,.-u
H YvVthlutfion...,. 1 11 u 11 11 4 1 0 0-11
lH Famed runt Cincinnati. .Ii Wathlngton, 11 I.eft 011
bartw-Clnclnnatl. 11: Wa.liingloii, M. I irtt bt.e on
IbTob arrort-Cincinnati, 2s Watiilimtofi, I. Flrtt bate 011
ballt-Ofl Fltber. 0: offMcJapiet, 4. Htruck out ll)-
BsaH viaher. 61 by MeJamis.2. Two-bate liltt-llurke. Me.
BH 5'iijiiilth, UcOuIre l), CartwrlghU stolen bsset-
Bmllh, noy f9). Miller, HcPhee, Swing, Loth. Wild
Bttoh-HoJsmes. Passed ball-Vaughn. Umpire
Bnerldan. T1me-:10.
axcrssAn. 1 wismnoTOH, 4-boot osita.
cncnnitTi. I wissisuiuit.
R.IB.r.0. A.K. n.lB.r.o.A..
rtorke.1. f 8 4 9 0 0 Brown. e. f,..0 0 4 0 9
noy.af. 1 8 0 1 oonrlen.sdb..a p 1 0 0
pier. r. , 1 1 1 0 0 helbach. L f. .a 1 4 0 1
McPhr.adb,l 8 4 4 (l Jnyc-e, sd b...O 2 18 0
"wliiViitb.'.l 110 9 otcWre.o....O 9 0 10
Bmlth. S.S....0 1 4 4 0 Aiiliey.r.f.,,.0 0 9 1 0
Irwlu.sd b...2 9 1 o 0 cartw hi, I b.0 oil 0 0
Peltt,e 8 1 8 0 n I)emont,s s.,,0 0 0 4 1
JToreman, p...0 0 9 1 0 Herman, p,,,A) t 0 Jl
Totala l7l8t7 il 0 TotaU 4 S2418 4
Clnrlnnatl 4 0 0 8 0 9 0 8 .,-19
Wathlngton a 0001010 0-4
Earned runt-Clnctnnstl. 8: Wsthlnglon, 1. I.efl on
bases-Clnclnnstl. Hi Watniegton. V. Flrtt base on
erron-Clnclnnatl.8. Flnt bate on ballt-Off fore
men. 81 oft Herman, 8, struck out-lly Foreman, 9.
Two-bate hltt-Smlib. Hoy. Pelts. McPhee. llurke, sol.
bach, McOulrs. Joyce, saerlflce hits lloy. Foreman
(9), OVrmsn. stolen batrt-Burke, Miller. Kwlng,
Irwin 111, lloy, McPhee. Double playt-Smlln, Mo
Phee, and F-wIng Oil Abbey and Joyce. Umpire
Bherldsn. Time-Ill ft.
LocisviLLt, lOi rniubtxrms, 8.
Lomrrrux, July 10. Louisville took th second
game from the Quakers this afternoon. The visitors
wer never counted In the retult until the eighth In
nlng. when they knocked McDerinott out of the box.
The too re 1
ixvoTfVtiXB. nm.tbBTrini.
B.iB.no.j.1. B.la.r.A..
Creoks.db..l 0 8 8 V Cooley, r. f-.,0 0 0 0 0
MoCreary.r.f.9 9 10 0 Hulen. s. S....0 0 8 9 0
Clarke, iff... .9 1 I 0 0 Mertet.e. f. ,,i MM
noctra lb....l 114 0 0 plehn,ty,l.f.9 9 9 0 u
Kloklln,aa...9 1 1 9 0 Boyl. lb......9 17 0 0
llolmei.o. f..l 9 8 1 0 llallman.8b...a 8 4 8 0
Mlller.c. 0 1 8 6 1 Clements, 0... I 9 0 9 0
Cllngmsn. 8b.0 118 0 Ntth.itb. 0 10 11
McDermotl.p.1 1 I 6 1 Cartey, p 0 6 0 9 0
Cumlngu'm.p.J) ToU - "J JJ ,- "J
ToUlt 1010 9714 9
Philadelphia 0 3 10 0 10 4 0- 8
LouUrUle 0 9 8 4 10 0 0 ..-10
Earned runt-Loulsvllle, St Philadelphia, 8. Flnt
bate by erron-Loultvllle. 1 1 Phlladtlphls, 1. Left on
bstes-Loulivllle. A: Phllsdelphls, 7. Flrtt bate on
balls Off MeDsrmott, 8; oft Caney, o. Struck out
By Caney, 4 1 by McDermott, 8. Hume run-McCreary.
Three-baa blt-Cltmentt. Two-base fall Delehonty.
Bacrtfloe hlt-IIallman. Stolen beses-Mertss, Hall
man 2). crooks. Double plays-llnlen, Uallman,
and BoyK Hit by pltcber-By Caney, 9; hy MeDer
mott, 9. Wild pltob-MoDermott. Umplr-McFrland.
Tlm-9i30. Attendance 9,800.
ST. LOrtS, 19 BOSTOK, 11.
Bt. Louis. July 10. The Bostons ontbstted th
Browns to-dsy. but th latter won th game by timely
stlok work. Errors by the visitors were cottly. Ai
tendsnoe, 1,400. Thsscorei
a.ls.r.o.A.B. Mar.ai.a
Dowd.9db...S 2 9 0 1 nsmllton.o.r. I 8 3 0 0
Hulllvan, Lf..u 0 10 0 Tenny.r. f....O 10 0 0
Turner, r. f..l 10 0 0 Lowe.9db....l 3 4 8 0
Connor, lttb.9 0 8 I OLong.aa 1 114 1
Parrott, c.f..a 3 8 0 0 Tucker, lttb. 2 9 B 0 0
Meyers, 8d b..O 119 1 Duffy. L f 0 0 3 0 0
Crott.s.s 9 0 8 9 0 Bergen, c 8 9 0 8 1
McFarlane, 0.0 10 0 0 Il'r Vfn. 8d b. 1 10 4 9
llart, p 2 0 110 Lewlt.p 1 2 18 0
StlvelU 1 10 0 0
TotalS.....191197 0 9
Totals. ...11189719 4
Batted for Lewis In the ninth inning.
Bt. Louis 1 10 0 0 0 0 9 9-13
Dot ton 9 13 0 1110 2-11
Earned runs-St Louis, 9j Boston, 7. Two-bate
blu Parrott Hart, Lewis. Tucker. Lowe, Hamilton
(9). Threebate hits-Harrington, long, Hamilton.
Home runs llergrn, Dowd. Stolen bstet-Dowd (31,
Cross, Psrrott. Bergen. Double play Lewis and
Lowe. Flnt bate on balls Oft Lewis, 8: off Hart, 1.
Struck out By Htrt. 2: by Lewlt, 3. Posted ball,
Bergen. Time 9:10. Umpire Lynoh.
Atlaatl XaKra.
ITew Haven 0 8 0 0 0 10 0 04
Hertford 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
nits ITew naven, 7i nartford. 0. Errora-Ifew
Haven, 4 Hartford, 2. Batteries Frye and nodget
Bowen and Smith.
SahBterti lettae.
At Albany. Albany, 99; Syracuse, 18.
At Bcranton Scranton, 0; Sprlngflsld, 1
New England lea;n.
At New Bedford-Portland. 19; Hew Bedford, 8,
At Brockton Bangor, 7; lirockion. 4.
At Fall lllver Lewltton. 0: Fall lllver, 1.
At Pawtucket-Augusta, 11; Paw tucks t. It
Other Oanaes.
Bt, John College. 1 01000114
Mecca 1 a o 9 u 4 8 4-18
Batteries Mlran and Felix: Chlarferand Jacklltsch.
Genuine CnbanOlants... 38001001 9-10
Oxford.... a 0300100 80
OrangA.0 1 0 0 0 8 0 0 0 0-4
Newark 1 1 0 10 0 0 0 4 ..-0
Hits Orange A. C. 9; Newark. 3. Errors Orange
A. CO: Newark, 1. Batteriet-Wettervelt and Bailey;
Whltehlll and A. llothfuis.
Baaeball Oaaaoa Teay,
Chicago vs. New York, st Chicago.
Pltuburgb vs. Brooklyn, at Pittsburgh.
St. LouU va. Boston, at St. Louis.
LouUviile vs. Philadelphia, at Loultvllla.
Cleveland va. Baltimore, at Cleveland.
Cincinnati vs. Wathlngton, at Cincinnati.
Provldene vs. Wllkesbarre, at Provldenoa.
Springfield vB. Suranton, at Springfield.
Syraouse vs. Albsny, at Syracuto.
lloobester vs. Buffalo, at Rochester.
Newark vs. Paterson, at Newark.
Hartford vs. New Haven, at nartford.
Long Island vt. St, Nicholas, at Protpeot Park,
llesolute vs. Sidney, at Prospect Park.
Orange A. C. vs. Rlverton A. C. of Philadelphia,
at Orange Oval.
Sagamores vt. Essex of Ntwark. at Oreenpolm.
A.bury Park vs. Newport, at Asbury Park.
Brighton vs. Elms, at Morris Park.
vrillet's Point vs. Ivel, at Wlllets Point.
Caldwell vs. Puritan, at Caldwell.
Staten Island C. C. v. Morrlttown 7. 0.t at Liv
ingston. Brewtter vs. Oneouta A. C, at Brewtter.
Meccat vs. Volunteer F. C, at Liberty.
Hoboken F. C. vs. Deaf Mutes' A. C. at St. Oeorg
Orlcket grounds.
Orltoni F. C. vs. All Colleglstes, at naekesasck.
Union F. C. vs. Unluns, at Canarsle.
Suburbans vs. North Bide A. C, at Crotona Park,
South Orange F. C. vs. Orang V. XI. u. A., at
South Orange.
Alvas va. Altnas, at Bsyonne.
Corinthian A. C. vs. Bay nidge A. O., at Staten
West Orange vs. Verona A. O., at Terona,
Cranford vs. Dunellen, at Cranford.
lit. Vernon T. M. C. A. vs. Murrsy Hills, at lit.
Jefferson A. C. vs. Fulton A. C. st Newark.
Montreal vs. Genuine Cuban Olsnu, at Montreal.
FSaseball Note.
a n. k. !o.
Fsrrell and Doheny will Join the New Tork players
at Cleveland on Monday.
No stiongtr rivalry exists than that between the
Orange A. C. and the Orltanl Field Club, If those
teams would come together (or a series of three or
nvo games great crowds would witness the games.
Th Devon Team Wins the Aides Cap m
In the Anal game for the possession of the A.
II. Alden Cup, In tho polo tournament at the
Itockawar Hunt Club. Cedarhurat, yesterday,
the contestants were tho Devon Polo Club of
Philadelphia and the Rockaway first team. The
Devona had the odds of twenty-two goals. Fox
linll Keene did not play for Hocknway. In bis
place was E. Kenyon Htowe, who put up a strong
game. Near the end of the third period George
1. Eustls's pony stumbled, and while Kuftls
was thrown no harm was done. He played out
the match on a fresh mount. The Hue up and
hnndlcaps follow:
Devon Polo Cluli C. Dsvls F.ngllth, 0; Charles Snow,
den, Oi George Keudrlcks, 0; Lem C, Altemut, 2, To
tal 2.
Ilockaway Flrtt-J. S.Stevens, 8; John E. Cowitln, 0
E. Kenyon M to we, 4; tieorge P. P.uitli, a. Total, 24.
The Devons played on the defensive, but
made, through Kendrlck's scoring, two goals In
tho first and one In the third period. Hock
away In all made eighteen Koals; (Jowdln scored
eight, Stevens six, Stowe tliree, and Eustls one.
The Herons lost on safety plays quarter goals In
the first and third periods, and a half goal for
foul rldipg In the second. Those deducted
made the Usvone' total twenty-four, giving the
game to them by six goals.
In I bill the Alden Cup was won by the West
chester Polo Club of Newport, In 1H0S and 1KII5
by the Ilockaway Second Team, nnd In 1HII.1
and 181)4 by the Country Club of Westchester.
It must be won threo times to become tho per
manent property of a club.
Kid I.avlgno Returns.
A dilapidated coach drawn by four borset, a
bugle with a weazy tone, and two Roman candles
greeted "Kid" Lavlgne, thellght weight, upon his
return from England Isst night. Lavlgne and his
manager wr psstengert on th St. Loult of the
American line, which Touched her dock a little be.
fnre 10 o'clock. About 000 pertont who had gath
ered to welcome homo tome of their frlenilt who
were on boaul tcarcely e.eu noticed the American
boxer ar he tteppud off the gangplank. Had It not
been for tho dozen and odd udmlrorsof the ''Kid"
who were on hand hit presence would posttbly
havobeen uuknowu. The delegation of sporting men
were headed .by Jim Kennedy, who seemed pleased
to tee Lavlgne and his manager, Larlgue was at
tired In ' a neat-fitting ault of black and brown
derby. Ills faceeiiowed considerable expoture to
the tun.
lilt manager laid! "We won, with bets, tome
thing llk:i,70u. Hurgu wanted In make another
match Ilh;ui.;and wo.were willing, but there wat
a tquabblo over the question of weight. So the
matin fell through, and I believe Purge bat con
cluded to retire,"
English Qararaan Arrive Here,
In the tecond cabin of the Si, Loult were a crew
of four oartmrn who are to row at Halifax. Their
n are Oeurgo llubetr, W, A, Berry. Samuel
Lmxastt, and W, Uataes,
tub xKia" jtxrjstiixx.
Athletic Take Their nee la th Atlsmtl
Iteagac-N llnyam Oa
At a special meeting ot th Atlantlo League,
held at SB Park row last night, the Metropolitan
Club was expelled. For several weeks tho vari
ous magnates of tho league have been trying to
get rid of the Metropolitans, as It Is claimed Mr.
Freed mnn aid not live up to obligation. Th
clubs represented nt the meeting were!
Metropolitans, Horace Donatll. John Irwin, and P.
M, Knnwieti Wilmington, Denny Lontl Newark. O,
K. KIIK, and Albert Kill: Paterson. E. u. Barrows and
,A. A. McKrei Uarltord, William Uarnlei New Haven,
Ted Sullivan.
President Crane was In the chair. It was de
cided to return the forfeit ot f 960 and the $100
for protection to Mr Freedman. After the
Metropolitans bad been expelled, Mr. Jbreedman
left the room. Delegate llonnell Intimated
that Freedtnan would bring suit. President
Crane said that he expeotod such a move, but
did not fear the result, Knowlessald It was a
ctlt-and-drled affair, olalmlng that the different
clubs are scheduled to play at the, Polo (1 rounds
during the next three weeks, and as they, ac
cording to agreement, am not to receive any
money, the " Mets " were ousted for that cause.
President Crane said that th Metropolitans
had signed only three players nnder Atlantlo
L-enguo contracts. Tho others belong to the Na
tional League, and tha Atlantic will not olalm
any ot them. " We decided," Crane further
said, "to expel the Metropolitans, as It was to
the beat Interest of the Atlantlo Leagn to get
rid of th club, and We refuted to allow the
chance to slip. Lancaster. Poltsvllle, Merlden,
and the Athletics of Philadelphia had repre
sentatives present who were eager to (111 the
vacancy. Wily Sharelg. wbo represented the
Athletics, received the franchise. Ted Bnlllvan,
who got tired of his New Haven Club, sold his
franchise to Lancaster."
Uerryhlll accompanied the Wilmington play
ers to the Polo Urounds yesterday afternoon,
but the gateman, acting under order from
President Freedman. would not allow him to
enter. Later, when Mr. ITreedman heard that
the Wilmington would not play If Uerryhlll
was barred, opened the raps and th few spec
tators were admitted free. At 4 o'olook Man
ager Irwin Informed Umpire Jones that the
Metropolitans were ready to play, and although
the visiting players, who had on their uniforms,
refused to take their positions, the game
was declared forfeited to Wilmington by a
scuroofOtoO, Jones was Instructed by Presi
dent Crane to decide that way it Htmrhlll was
not allowed to play.
President Freedman denounced the action of
the owners of the Atlantlo Lesgno club. lie
said: "I went Into this thing not to make
money, but to develop young players. Al
though the Metropolitan Club has been a big
loss. 1 have lived up to all agreement and was
willing to contlnne doing what was jnst and
proper. There mut at all times be decency
and ordor, and 1 will not tolerate any
rufllanly behavior on mr grounds. Uerryhlll
used languago toward me which I will not
allow, and neither he nor any other plnyer do
ing as he did will be permitted to enter the
Uerryhlll was seen by a reporter of TimSurt
near the Polo grounds yesterday afternoon. " I
didn't know It was Mr. Freedman when I yelled
to him to put on a uniform." said Uerryhlll,
"nnd although be lost his temper and threat
ened to nut me off th grounds I answered good
naturedly, not expecting any such results,"
Boss tJVIIke' Fall Ferfbrtnamee tit Old
Orchard' Kite Track.
Old OiicnAitD. Me.. July 10. Tho New Eng
land record for a tbree-heat race was lowered
to2:00M,2:07.H. and 2:07 by Roan Wilkes at
the kite track hero this afternoon. This Is a
splendid pertormanoe, and stamps the Tennes
see stallion as being one of the sensational
pacers of the year. How fast he would have
cone had he been forced 1 a matter of con
jecture, but It Is a fact that he went bis third
heat as easily as his first, and at no place In the
rare was he called on. He was driven by his
owner. William Kleley. The traok was In
splendid condition, the weather favorable for
fast time, and the attendance good. The sum
mary: 2:94 clans, trotting; purse 9800.
Fascination, b. m. by Kpaulet Charm, by
Santn Clans (Kinney),... I 5 11
ChrlsLant. ulk.s. hy: sable Wilkes (Bowen). S 1 ll il
Dexter Kch.. (Woodbury) 2 2 2 2
Dsrdanus. h. g. IF. Turner) 4 4 S 3
Zerbrtno. b. g. (Marth) 8 !i 4 4
Kate F.. gr. m. (Oatcomb) 7 sv. s
l)undu. b. m. (Payne) 8 7 7 7
Little IleU.ro. in. (l'utey) dlt.
2:12 data pacing; punt $800:
rtoan Wllket. ro. s.. by Tenneste Wilkes Sa
luda, by cooper's Jug (Kelley) 1 1 1
Kentucky Star, b. g. (Howard) 2 7 4
Mmmons, br. . IK. Tarner) 8 2 8
Cratty. b, s. (Bever) 7 n 2
Oddlty.ch. s. (O'.Nell) 4 3 0
Touch me-not, ch. m. (Drookt) 3 4 7
Bayard Wllket. b. a. inaydoni 0 0 :i
Tlme-2:0UM. :07H.2:n74.
2s30claae. pacing: purtn 9300.
nefina, gr. m , by Re-Electlon Minna Wilkes.
hyOeorge Wllket (Bowen) 1 1 1
Laura W ch. m. (Howard).... 2 3 4
Klano.h.m. (J. and F. Turner) 4 2 n
St. Marco, ch. g. (Ileveri 7 7 3
Ahram sgr.g. (Brooks) 8 4 8
Khodlr. br. g. (Conley) 8 8 3
Burleigh, blk. g. (Miller) a 8 7
TJrtver Ulake XxbelUd.
WisnnR.Ont..Juiy 10. The race at the Windsor
Driving Park were resumed to-day. and yesterday's
programme completed. The Jndse expelled Driver
Blake on the chartr of trailing Bowling Oreen In one
ot yettsrday's race. Summaries:
2 40 clots trotting; purse $800.
Happy Jim 4 111
Mills: 9 4 2 2
iiim Prince 3 2 3 4
Dorothea 8 3 4 3
Peter j... 1 dlt.
Time 2:80. 2:84. 9:2SH, 9:28,
9:00 class, pacing; purse $800.
Afrlte 0 111
Itaven 1 9 8 3
llulliuont 9 0 3 2
Nellie Hooker ..9 3 2 ft
F.ffle Powers 4 0 4 4
Fred K 3 4 0 6
Tlme-S:1.1M. 2:14,9:14,2:13.
2:31clas, trotting; purse $H00,
MttleJIlii 1 1 1
OLdan 3 2 8
Myra Simmons 4 4 2
Brown Dude A 3 8
Hans McGregor 3 u 4
Red Aaron S 7 M
Forester 5 II
Ills York 7 H ll
Nellie Allison 3 8 7
Tlmo-2:10K. 2:1H. 2:10i.
now the Horse Finished at HI. I.outs.
Rr. Loi'is, July 10. The results of the rsces
here to-day follow:
First Race Fire eighths of mile. Atoka, 10 to
1 and 4 to 1. won; Galante, 2 to 1 place, sec
ond; Lady English third. Time, liOUM.
Second Race fhree-quartert of a mile. Alia
dona. 8 to 1 and 3 to 1, won; Agatlnu. 3 to 1
place, tecond; Woodlafco third. Time,' 1:I5H.
Third Race Tliree quarters of a mllf. Devault,
4 to 1 and even, won; Fannie Itowenn, 2 to 0,
scund: Amelia Fonto third. Time, llKsf.
Fourth lUcc One mile and seventy yards, nar.
ry McCouch, 0 to 10 nnd 1 to 3, won; Volma, 4
to 1. second; Jock Bradley third. Time. 1 :47W.
Fifth Raco Flve-clshths of a mile, Forsytbe, 2
to 1 aud 4 to 8, won; Cermona Brlggs. 2 to 1
place, tecond; Sarkvllle third. Time, 1:0.1U.
Sixth Raco Three-quarters of a mile. Harry
Duke, 0 to 0 ami 7 to 10. won; St. l'ancrat, 3 lo 1
place, tecond; St. Augustine third. Time, l-.HH-
The Winners at J.atonla,
I.AT05U, July 10, The: following are the results
of the races here to-day:
First Race Seven-eighths of a mile. Captain
Dntnc, 7 to 2 aud 0 lo 8, won: Nannie D.. 3 to 0
plncu, second; Half Mine third. Time, lifts.
Secoud Rsco Four and a half furlongs, Abe Fur,
4 to 8 and 2 to 8, won; Uncle Slmou, 0 to 1 place,
second! once More third. Time, 0:30.
Third Race Seven-eighths of a mile. Jamboree,
4 to 1 nnd 7 to 8. wnn; Joe Clark, 2 to 1 place, teo.
ondi Old Centre third. Time, l:!H(.
Fourth Race Three-quarters of a mile, Most
aliiHku, 2 to 5 and even, won: Irish Lady, 3 to 0
place, tecond; Ktrathreel third. Time, lilHttf,
Firth Rare One and a hair miles. Protldlo, 4
to I nnd 7 to 3, won; I,n Ilanjo, 2 to 0 place,
tecond; Ondagua third. Time, 2:43V.
Mith Raco Flve-elghths of a mile. Carlotta
C..3I0 to 1 and II) to 1, won: 0 Kthel Lee, out
place, tecond; Black Beat third. Time, I10O.
Hport nt the Iteentnr A. C. Outing.
Tho third annual outing and gsmes of the Deoatur
A. c, of Hrooklyu were thoroughly enjoyed yetterdsy
by tovernl hundred pertont al Ilockaway Park. Sura,
one-bundred-ard Dath. Hcratoh Won by Charles
A. Ilarrltoii; Tliomat J. Hfauveli, tecond; William II.
Oreene, third. Time, lutf tecoudi.
Two hundred and-twenty.yard Itun, Handicap Won
hr Jo'.m II. Bryant, scratch: Ullllaiu 11. Greene, 8
jnrds, tecuiul; Thomas D, rolleti, 10 yards, third,
lime, 20 seconds.
Kouriiuudred unilforty.ysrd Dash. Scrateh Won
by John 11. Ihurston-, Thomas J, Blauvelt, second
William M. strong, third, lime, 8HX stcoudi.
Llitht-huudrcil unil-elgntv-Tard Run. llaudlcap.Optn
to All-Honuy John II. Mulvauey. Saratoga A. C, IB
yards: John 11. TUursiou. Dcatur A. C. tcraiob, see
nnd; Wiilli-r K. Iattorion,.20 yards, third. Time, 9
minutes 18W seconds.
one-mile Run, scratch Won by Frederick II. Muel
ler; Ibnmas J. Kdwardi.tround: Patrick .Veeney,
third. Tlnio, 8 minutes IhM seconds.
1 ne-nille Bicycle Use, tt retch Won by Charles A.
F.lllott: William II. Klngtland, second; Thomas J.
Uinurelt. third. Time, 2 minutes 27Mi seconds. ...
une-mlle Bicycle Race, Handicap. Open to All Won
by James V Samuels, Puritan Wheelmen, scratch;
CnarienU. Schneider, lluthwlck Wheelmen, 30 jards,
second; lllciianl W. clarKton, Decatur A, C. Wheel
ineu, 4,i yards, third, 'lime. 2 intnutet 1814 tecoutlt.
Running Broad Jump, Scratch Won by Tliomat J,
Blauvelt, with 17 feet 8)4 louden; William II. Ken
nedy, tecond, with 17 iret; Charles A. Harrlton,
third, n Ith 111 feet 1 0I4 Incnes. .
Running High Jump, Handicap, Open to All Won
by Kdward V. bchncider, lluthwlck A. C trratch,
with A feel 2 inches; Thomas IL Phillips, Williams,
burgh A. C. 3 Inches, second, with 4 feet 10 Incurs;
Waller II. Ferrlt. Decatur A. CO Inches, third, with
4 feet Winches.
Trlpo 1 liace-Wnn by Klngsland and Phillips: Blau
velt and Harrison, second; Kennedy and Mueller,
third. Time, 45 seconds.
Relief Kace, brratch V7on br Thomas V. Fordi
Samuel O, lnnne... tourth; Walter K. Jruklnson,
third. Time, 3 seconds
I'll E" difference between the price of SSav
I MB Wondhury's rao:nl hoip siid I Jn
s Bibs cheup, Impure soap It about ous- "
seventh of a cent a day. H is wise toccono- Lsju
tults on som.ttblng betides soap. 9 ,
grDotttp gyamtiumttrtn.
to make- it hot for yon, and wo
huvo oqual pleasnro ia holping you
to koop cool.
Thoro is nothing ooolor than a
Sorgo Suit (blue, black or gray,
worn with a mad ran shirt and a
straw hat unless it bo a Crash or
imported Homespun, Then wo
can give you Alpaca, Nun's Cloth
or Sicilian Coats, whito Flannol
Coats and Trousers and whito Cor
duroy Trousers, just tho thing for
Boashoro and mountain.
Wo'ro having a special salo of
Imported Madras Shirts at 59
conta (regular prico $L00). Will
only last a day or two. Wo'ro also
offering great bargains in Mon'o
and Boys' Straw Hats.
CALEB Y. SMITH, Managor,
Fulton St., cor. De Kalb Av.,
Wtrt utl Sondder Wla First ar1a la tho
nnffalo Toorssy,
BurrAt.o, July 10. Ware and Souddsr, the
orack team of Harvard tennis players, captured
first prize In tho Huffato Tennis Clnb's open
tournament hero this afternoon, and will co to
Chlcaco for tbo Western chamolonshlps next
week with an unbroken record. Good Judges
believe that tbey have an excellent chance to
represent the West nt Xarraganeett Pier next
month, the Keel brothers beloc their most dan
iterous opponents, and not at all sure to beat
tbem even at that.
The West I'olnt nrmr officers, Bethel and Da
vis, were badly beaton In three straight seta, but
did not show nearly as cood form as In some of
their previous matches. The final In singles be
tween Usher and Ware will be played to-morrow
afternoon, and the winner will get the big
challenge cup from N'eel by default, as the Chf.
cngoan will not come here to defend his claim
to tho trophy. Fischer Is a strung favorite.
Ornllemen's Doubles-FlnsI round: I F. Ware and
W, M. bcudder. Harvard, beat Lleuta. R. P. Bavla and
W. A. Iletnel. West Point. 04. tt-9, 6 2.
Consolation Sluglee-Plnal round J. T. Waiker. St.
I.ouM, beat R. 11. Carleton. Harvard. 04, 79, 04,
Lawn Tennla at Esglewoed.
TheGnglewood Field Club's Invltstlon tennis Sonr
namenl reached an Interesting stage yesterday after
noon. Both singles and doubles are so fsr advanced
that the nnal matches will take place to-day. allies
and Crogtn had an Interesting tustle In the temlflnal
round ot the tinglet, MUes'a victory landing htm In
the nnal. He will play the winner of the Uajue
Forbet match, lu Hie doublea Miles and Van der
Klert reached the final alter a hard nght with Bur
yea and Uladwlu of Knglewood. The urange players
wlltcouti-st the ntislwitb the winner of the match
between the Orlmtns of Morrlttown and Cragln and
Howard of New York. The tcoret follow:
Men's hlngles Preliminary round: J. D. Forbes,
Horrlttown Field Clab. brat 8. It. relL, Fluthlng A. O..
61. S-4: H. D. Ilettt. Knglewood Field Club, beat J.
Andrews, Englewood Field Club, by default: Frank
U. Hague. Orange ! T. C.Beat 11. Mtlol. Morrlttown
Field club, by default: It. Howard, New York T. C
brat IL Ward. Orange I. T. C. by default.
rlrtt ltound-J. I). Forbes. Uornstown Field Clnb.
beat J. McLean Waltou. Ilohokus Valley T. a. 0-0.
t)-2: 11. I. Betts. Enzlewood Field Club, beat A. B.
Uladwlu. Knglewood field Club, 7-8. 8-B: Frank U.
Hague, Orange L. T. C, beat A. Duryee, nglewood
Field Club, 3-B. 0-2. -2; f. I. Bofert,
Fluhlng A. C beat II, Howard, N. V. T. ti
ll 2. n -0: Oeorga II. Mllet. Orange L. T. C. beat
c. lli)wet,Jr.. Morrlttown Field Club, o 2. 8-1; w.
P. Ilerrlck. Knglewoo.1 Field Club, beat R. II. Swart
woui, Morrlttown Meld Club, by default: F.A. FUcht
ner. Knglewood Field Club, beat Wilbur Kyle. Orange
1 T. C; Calhoun Craclu. New York T. C beat 11. N.
Doughty F.uglewoodrleld Club. 80, n 3.
Heoond Round -J. 1. Forbet, Morrlttown Field Club,
beat II. I. lletu. KnglowoiHl Held Cluh. 8-0. 7-8:
Frank B. Hague, orange I- 1. a. beat T. 1. Bogrrt,
Flushing A. C. by delault; Oeorge IL 31llet. Orange U
T.C.. Ieat W. I'. Ilerrlck. Knglewood Field Club. 8-1,
0-3; Calhoun sJragln. New York T. C. beat F.A.
FUclilnrr. Knglewood Field Club, 4, A-t.
Seml-nnal Round -Oeorg" II. Miles, Orang I- T. a,
beat Calhoun cragln. New York T. C, N-o. S-S.
llen't Doubles Preliminary Round, Betu and
Doughty. Knglewood Field Club, beat Pell and Bo
gert. Flushing A. C. -3. e-4.
Firs: Ro..iid-t,i liaih and Orimth, Morrlttown Field
Clun. beat Ilerrlck aud Van Note. Knglewood Field
Club, 0-1, l- 7; Olgulwln and Duryee, Knglewood
Field Club, brnl Hague and Kle, Orange I.. T.C., 83,
8-4; .il I lis and Van der Hleft. Orange I. T. C beat
Fnruea an 1 Feliowet. Morrlttown rleld Club. 87,
04,03; Cragln and Howard. New York T, C. beat
Bettt and Doughty, Knglewood Field Club, 10-ri,
Svinl-fliislTtouni! Miles and Van der Rlett, Orange
U T. C, beat Duryee and Uladwlu, Knglewood lleld
Club, ll -, 3-d. .-0.
News from tbo Ilore TVerld,
rtAr-xr-sstcT, N. J., July 10. Allen, the prlte
backney stallion owned by ex-Mayor Hugh J,
Urant, died on his fsrm at Orsdell yesterday.
New Tork Stock Kiehnace-Naleit ,Tnlr lO,
40 US 4s. r, 1907 I 32UH4I.C, 1U2S
lUIHtilOSK; HUdtllAH
8 U Sts.c.lUU7....10ttl 10UH6VO 1I2H
Mil. Ot-eil.i Hid. Aiktd,
I7fi2a,r. H3 URBs, r.lDOI.ir.'h; 112U
11 S4t.r. IU07.1O-S lOHM.trHSs.e 1I21 113
tlhtt.c lOISlJ 0J IlIMrtt. 1N07...1001,
U H O, r. lUi5.H0 lll"4 UbUl. IH'.ia... 10.11,
US 4t.o 110 lllltolUSns. 1BU9...I0SIJ
4AtChAd4s 3-M 31) N P en fit. Tilst 48
23 W 9N YCen llt.c... 11814
11 UOH luNY.ChSlL4s,r.lll0lj
12Alchgnl4t 7e IN Wen iu
uu 7n)t ONWgold.o 1I7J4
VI 7 2 117
lAnuArboMl till B.N V.O A Wr 4s.. h7T
7 107 2NY. Oft Wen 84.107
4llalt4 0 8t, 11)25. 112 liOregon3Les.TR.10Di
1 Bait ft I) 1st lit.. h.Hi 1 Kill
bllllflft F. new illi) 1 HIU'4
I llrook Mnn 8S..107 4 10Ut
8 Brook ItTfis .... 7s 11 Ore Sbun cn.T R )
llrook. W ft W6s. 1S 2 U3
li llrook I in Kl lit., no ll rulf
y HriMiK fjnllas.1vlU6K 2 Ore Imp 6s. T It.. 12
4 chtfto.it A Itt tr.u.ti iiti-niiiuu
con 4s nt I Ho. WftOexSt.,117
10 U44 fl Hock Islei 8s...,IOIU
4 , I'lH 2llcadgnl4s.ril. 7oM
10C.Ug4s.Nebex B'J4 8 1iu
2 hU I 70
lUi:.llfty4s. Idlv. 97 18RtoUVlst 74
8C.llftg4s.l)dlv. V8K il 7RI
9C.I',CftSt 1.41. 7 Bo Pac of L'al in.. UlU
Kti.DIv 02 6 DIM
6 Can So 1st 1071, URol'acot NMItt.10111,
8 loiti 2 rill' ft Mallei 4s. HU
2('bUI.ftCCollt. (Ul 6M I'MaVd livil
2 Dal ft Waco lit., 77 13Stl'gold 19H
I Det. Mft M In,... 17k UBt I. Bo W 1st,,,, 70
U Kill. I. ft BH lit., imVi 2 10H
9UKrle prior bill..., vnii 1 , ""
A Ill 8RanAftAI'llt4l 8414
8 Krle Kill Hen 8 t. lit 1 Bo liway Da bll
lOFftPM 1st 8... hO 1 Mil
II U.H'KftSAMPfis 0l 1 SKIS
4 UOH 21,... . b9
10 11 ft hi Jo cutis, .11H 281 L. V ft 1 II 1st. Unit
1 Hnvk Val 8t H. 23 Tex Pan 2d In. .. lu
2 Hrt nTol.l'ft W 1st... 73
211ockValCt SS 6 Union Pac. 'iili,.luu
nil ftTCenxnlls. HUH 8 Union Kl lit.,., 7HU
1 lnd. lift W 1st,., U74 4 West Un col U... 104VJ
1 Jenerson Hit lat-lDlHi 22 West Slioru 4s..H)4V4
9Ksnftlex 4s. . SI ; 4 I0JH,
1 I.aclrde list 1st.. UV51' 11) lnHlt
8Lei Av 1'Flst.llft I Wh, I, K ft Pen -Is 811
1 I.a4Mollv2ds..lll 1 fit
1 11lnftStb.l'aex.lllii4 2 In),
0 lift K.I 1st lt;tj 2 el)
2IetFI 2d .... ...IIIIH, 2..- 0214,
VMobAiihlognl,, 81 3 Wit Cent lit. lit :ii'u
lMol'ac3d 10.1 I 8Vn.SCarlit8t,.l0liiJ
Total ijIis of railway bonds liar inlucl. 4U2t),uuu,
Ppen- High. Jmio. -CIoiIiq.-.
Fain. imr. tit. ttt. Hid. Atktd.
243IU AlllBuicltef.,lU'! 10UK llirllf H'UH 1U1IM
411 AlilbllKllefp.102 lOi ItllHi 10ll4i 1,111 U.
ir-4UAmerTol WH 0IJ in. 'J eii 8lt
2D AtnerTobof. uu UU un -
V0 Allier Ex.. .,,112 2 112 110 119
I860 AinerColOII, 10 10 Htf Vi( lo
II2H AllirrOODf.. 00 8U 48 411 47K
11)00 A.1 ft bFe... 14 14 lilt, llllf 14
IliO A.lfthFepf. 2I.J4 VIIU 2IIU 1UU 2U
200 Hay State Uas lu 11 III In 20
llllilHHik Uiil.as HI) tin nil U0 vm,
lflfll Chet Ohio., 1414 lH 131s :" H't
fionuchlcagotlas.. 67'4 r,7t, '.'ll l.7) S7
CllliftAlloii . I&M 1811 IfiO IfiU 10
BO Chic ft N W.. mil mu un mil, luH
TSIOC.UtO. 7li 7ll 71l5 71i 71
10123 C,H alt P... 74, 74), 74i 74H 74K
- YyMSyi,HSl I'l I i lljll" '.'w.rf-wyini'K-'vyJ-vVr-
Open- IttcS- ieie- r-Clonwff-. i
eolea. fnq. est. ert, i?. Atttd,
looaHftStPt.197C( ItTW 197M 197U !.,
lotic.Rifti'ao.. nQ ettt t(J 89.3 eH
800 Col Fuel. t': SOti 90 9tiii 91 I
810 Del ft Hud. ...UtM 113 1S4M 123H 124 '
100 Del. I, W...I87 187 187 137 16V I
PtnDltl'llngftCr 13 1814 ISM I3M 14 !
189Saneraileo. 98t( ynjj si.ivi S3H 20
210 LK ft West... 17 17 17 17 1 :W
lloi.KftWeitot. e'H eH nvH nH H i
9BLakeShore..,tt7 147 14fl 147 ISOV
TOO laclede llts.. 2074 21U 9 14 9it4 2J
Bli0ulOUlsNh. 48M 4Vli 48U 4BM 4-H
llnlKNAftODf 17 174 17 U 1&4 1712
lMia.ManhatCon., vik 97 put) iiuu W7
80 1 Missouri Pse, 20H to 204 so 91
8SOII0. KftTot. 29 22 2l2 214 2IM
410 N J Central... 10IW 1014 101 I00U 101
87 N Y Central., 954 V8H !?( VlU 184
lull Ntt Lead 91), H 2l(t 2 Hi 98
HOD NttltdDf.. 85 H.1H S3 b4M 884
200 North Amer.. 44 44 44 44 4J
101. NY.Cft3tl.2p 804 SOU 811W 9U 81
SO NT. SAW., ;H 71, 7(J H 84
100N Y.S Wp. 99 29 tl 214 99
2laNl'pf.2d Al" 111 18 184 1AU 10W
701) Ontario ft W. ist 1.14 ih-)J lilt 14
200 Pscino Hsll.. 99 2214 22 224
UOi Phil ft Itesd. BH H'H laV :H IBH
4l'ull'alCar..l4U 1BD 14U 149 18.t
BR.WftO tin 118 118 1144 17
lBOStPftOmpf.122 123 129 122 123
SUhtP. It ft M..1I0 110 110 110 1)8
840 South Pselfla 14 1K4 IH 184 11)
9279 South Rwy p. 23 284 8114 93 234
lOftOTcnnOftL.. 2IM 2litj tttti 20M 91
400 Texas Poo.... 7 7 7 7 74
KlUP.DftO... 74 74 TH OH 7
11 00 US Leather.. 7W 7i 7 7 TH
7888 U S Leath pf. B7H B7H 88U 80 68M
100 US Express.. 40 4(1 40 40 41
890 Wabash pf... 184 intt IR4 104 17
12SB West Un TeU S2 82M 82 8(J 82H
1MU Wheel ft LE. 8M 9 M b) V
lotslssletot stocks ware 99.299 sharea
Did. Alktd. Bid. Arttd.
lies ft Albany. 209 Amr Belt T.. - 20:1
Bssft Malne,.18l 1014 Krle Tel CB 89
Chi June com. UB4 U8 West'gh'se K.. SnU H
Fltehburgpf.. 88 (Jen F.lec pt... 024 70
OldCelony.... 177J4 Dot ft Mem... 8SU 87
WestEndRCo OS 0 Calumet ft it., 800 803
Illinois 8teeL 88 89 Osoeola 9rt
Dominion CL. 9M 9M Tamarack M.. 79 78
JWt Arttd. IHi, AiM.
IhlrhVal.. 814 B2 UOsslmpOa. 884 87
LehOftNOa. 49 48 W'ltb-hOLCa 40 404
Fun It It.... C214 88 F.I ec SB com., rsu so
Phlla Trac 874 AS EleoS Bpf.... 8 74 Sit
Union Tree... 1HM 194 PH.L Al'oom lsij uu
tftreoTOer 70S 714,l'H,LtPpt.. 17 17
UetTrac, Vf 100 WeltC,com.. IS 20
CTrofNJBfk 29 24 VeUCom. pf. 08 60
CTofW JS&s SI 811
AtohltoaAAP 14WNorfolk ftWpt pu
Canadian PociBo 82H Northern Pac nf.. lew
Chesapeake ft Ohio 14SJ Ontario ft Weir. i(7
Rrlecom A A P....... 15 Penntytvanla G4t
Erie lit pf 344 Heading lu A P 7
llllnolt Central 954 St Paul 7014
atntss ft Texas. 114 South R'y ... 9
ike Shore ...164 south Icy pf 2nl4
I.ou ft Nash B0K Union Pacific 714
N Y Central. 9SM Wabash pf IBM
FniDAT, Jnly 10.
The speculative element In the stock market
apparently adopted the view to-day that after
the adoption of such a platform as the one ap
proved by the Chicago Convention yesterday It
made little difference who the candidates might
be. The belief that the radical character
of the platform will react upon those who
attempt to defend and support It seems to be
spreading and growing stronger every day.
The fact that leading Democratlo newspapers
all over the country have promptly repudiated
the Chicago platform and announced their al
leglancoto the cause of honest money was per
haps the most potent factor In giving direction
to the exceedingly limited speculation on the
Stock Exchange. A good deal ot encourage
ment was also derived from the development
at the extraordinary social function In Lon
don last evening, which were fully de
scribed In this mornlDg's Sun. It Is not
surprising that the expressions of peace
and cood will Indulged In by tho heir to
the British throne and by the American Minis
ter to the Court of St. James's should have been
followed by a slightly higher market for Amer
ican securities In London this morning. For
eign operators have not yet, howover, resumed
purchases of stocks hore upon an extensive
scale, being content, apparently, to await the
adjournment of the Chicago Convention before
Increasing their lines.
To the surprise of nearly every one $500,000
gold waa withdrawn from the Sub-Treasury for
shipment to Europe to-morrow. A further
amount of $100,000 was withdrawn for ship
ment to Canada, nnd SISO.000 by a firm of
bullion brokers to supply a counter demand for
gold coin, making total withdrawals for the day
8720,000. Although theofuclal Treasury returns
far the day do not show the fact, these with
drawals reduce the Treasury's net gold balance a
little below $100,000,000. The bullion brokers
referred to said that their withdrawals of gold
from the Treasury this week foot up about
$.100,000. They liavo taken this gold to supply
a counter demand that pays a very slight com
mission. So far oa can be learned, requests
from Interior banks upon their correspondents
hero for gold are In tho aggregate for an ex
ceedingly small amount.
The only active trading In stookswas In Sugar
neflutng, nt a net adranoeof a) cent,; St,
Paul, at an advance of MS cent.; Chicago Gas
and Louisville aud Nashville, which closed 1
and i V cent, higher respectively, and United
Slates Leather preferred, which sustained an
exceptional net lossof lHVeent, The only otlier
noteworthy net decline was that of 3 V cent. In
American' Cotton Oil preferred, which was gen
erally attributed to the unprecedented low
price for lard recorded within the last two days.
The total transactions fell considerably nnder
100,000 shares, but tbo strength of the market
In the face of the dulness was generally re
garded as significant.
Final snles compare with those of yesterday
as follows:
Jiity t. July '0. 1 Jutv t. July .
A.TftSFe.... 13V, l3Ti,ManCon U.Mt 984
A.TftSFept. 1114 20V MUiourlPac 904 204
Am Cot Oil... 10 V Nor Pao pf..., lt.t 154
Amhugller...ll)7M lnDlt.NJCenL IflOU 101
Am Tobacco., nit! 814 Ont ft Wett... 13t 1HI4
C.llftg 714 7IH PacldcMall... 29 22t
t'hesft Ohio.. 14U 14 Hock Island.. H9 hil
Chicago Oat... fi4 874 Beading uu 131,
D.I. ft W. .18V 187 t-t I'aul oora, 74lJ 7lt
Del ft Hudson. 1244 12ITisnuthH'ypr.. 25 25
nitftCFCo.. lavj laVTexasPscine. 74 7
lien Kleo 254 284 Tenn C. 1 ft 11. SoVJ gulf
KanftToipf. 22 214 t's Leather... 74 7
Louis ft Nash. 4X4 4Ms USI-eathpt.. r7u fie
LakeMinre...,147 14HI, Wab ft P nt. .. HI HUf
I. I! ft West.. 184 174 West Utl Tel.. b'J hSH
Laclede Uas... 21 214WhftLK Btf V
Government bonds weak. The la of 10'JS and
Ss closed U per cent, lower bid. Hallway
bonds weak, Tho features wero Atchison ml J.
4. t'anodii Peuthern lets, Northern 1'aclflo
ronsol fi T. It. As., Now York, Chicago and St.
Louis 4s 11.. Oregon Short Line lie T. It.. South
ern Hallway Ss, and West Shnro 4s. The more
Important net declines were In L'nunita Southern
1U. iiV cent,, to 107iii: Northern 1'itclflc con
mil 4s T, It. As.. 1. to 45; New York, Chicago,
and SL Louis 4s It.. 1. to lOOki; Oregon Short
Lino 0s T. K M. to 10111. and Southern Itnllway
Bs. y per cent., to HI). Tho noteworthy advances
were In Atchison adj. 4s, H per cent,, to .11IJ&,
and West Miore 4s, s per cent., to 104&
lu bank stocks 10 shares of Fourth sold at
Sales of silver bullion certificates fort-Ti.OOO
minces were made on thn Stock Kxchange at
niiMlc. Commercial price of bar sliver In Now
York. tlHHo. liar sliver In London closed nt
niH'l. Exports to Kurope to-morrow, l.OL'd.OOO
Money on call, lk-uM V cent. Time money
Is quoted at II per cent, for sixty ilnye. 3n per
rent, for ninety flays, for four months at 4 V
cent., and for fix months at 4Vj V cent, on good
mlxod Stock Exchange collntcral. Tho com
mercial paper market Is Inactive, Itntra are
-IH-U.'i tcent. for endorsed bills receivable and
fiiMJj fl cent, for four months' acceptances and
prlinu eluglr naroos. and 0 per cent, anil up
ward for good slnglo unities.
StorllngoxohatigBwasflrm, with an Improved
demand from remitters and only very moderate
olTerlngsof bills. Continental ciclmnt'n whs also
tlrm.l'oMedasklng rates for sterling, JI.H7M for
long bills and S4.HH19 for demand. Actual rates
are: Long bills, $4.H7($4.H7M; sight ilrafls.
S4,NSft$4.HHj, nnd cable transfers, M.HKMD
Jl.RHh. Francs are quoted fi.l'K'S.lO'lt for
long and 6.1fS'rt,i,lo for short; relohsmarks,
lift U-ltWOMi for long and US ll-likfttiajU for
short! guilder. 40M40 U-lll for long mid
40 fi-lO-iMW for short.
Domestic exchange on Now York; Hostnn.fi
cents discount to par. Charleston- lluylng, par;
selling. M prrmlnm. Snvnunali -lluylng, 1-1U
off; selling, par. New Orleans -llnnk, IfiU pre
mium: commercial, flu cents premium. Sun
Francisco- Sight, l-'Xi cents; lelcvrupli, lftcents
preiiiliiiii. St. Louis, 60 cents premium ; offered
nt ilO cunts premium. Chicago, par,
Tho Imports nf dry goods for thu woek ending
to-day wero $l,U!2:i,I)fttl, against Sl,llH.'l,:l'.",' Inst
Meek nnd $'-',1144,744 for I lie corresponding week
of last year. Tno amount marketed vtns
Sl,(114,:iII4, against $1A'4H,07(1 last week nnd
S'.'.tH0,187 for tha corresponding week of last
ThP receivers of tho Northern Pacific Hall
road Company report for May;
'. fxvf. rAana'i
arostrarnlngt...tl. 88.8H4 fl,S21,2ril) Inc. 12.218
Opr.cxpentei..,, l,17U,40il l,ull,4MU inc. IO7.W07
Net earnings... iTl.OUH 809.78U Dec. IB5,ul
Otherlncome 2JMI08 2U.7B7 inc. 217,881
Total Income. ., 382,4011 8.10.S47 Inc. fit.MD
Fixed charge 134.722 123,121 Inc. U.tlUt
Balance 2T7,fli.4 "8ns.4ert Ina. 42.251
Charges accrued, 3e.',7lu UVU.74S Dee. W,o2U
D,nclt IhM.1135 104.322 Deo, 68,287
C'ginolatiumed, 443,780 444.101 Dec. Utl
Total deficit.... 881,798 988,423 Co, HfiiH
asasgssar1riSBiaa ! lt'ilss)sgysw-.grvgeigyQ
grosearn..l880.7S4 ll.l0.29 he, $0T0,181
Optr. exp... loSe8,984 lu.99s.8U8 ine. o.nau
Net earn.. 7,48,TVO $8,789,818 Ine. l.TOMBO
Othtrin BVfltfiU 879.380 hie, 99B.ua4
Tout In 18,084,259 0.18l,n84 Inc. 1,92U.5;B
Plxed ch'gs.. 1,881,407 1.1)88,849 Ina U.IM
Surplus.. ,.B.382,88l 14,488.034 Inc. 11,914,810
Tho general balance sheet show cash on hand
$:i,U08.s.'U8isurpln, $1,630,044 i receivers' cer
llllcates outstanding, $4.000,0011. isot Included
in tho above are deterred payments 011 land and
town lot sales, $:i,061,U04,
Hallway gross earnings for June compare with
those of the same tnontu of last year aa follows ;
Bait, and OhloSoiithwertern... $510,124 Inc. $82,088
Cleveland, Canton 4 Southern.. 04,1 3J Inc. B.JI9
Kan. City. AlempulasudBir.,... 72,023 pee. 8,5uu
HloUrande Western 901.SUO tno. 4,nuo
ifrndslrert's roport the number of business
failures In the United States during the weeic
ending to-nlgbt at alO. a against TM last week
and UtiU for the corresponding week of last
The rocelpts nf tho Uovernment to-day were!
Customs. $467,070: Internal revenuo, $085.1 17,
and miscellaneous, $7U.747.a total of $1,1HH,K34
The disbursement. Including $600,000 for pen
sions, were $1,718,000. being an exoss of ex
penditures over receipt of 6l!0.0ua. For the
month to date the excess of expenditures over
receipts ho been $8,70,147.
Tho net asset at tbo Treasury at th oloao of
business to-day, as officially computed, oompare
with those ot yesterday aa follows!
July . July it.
Oold coin and bullion. $100,814,957 100.jfva.Bsa
bllver dollars and bullion. 87.7MI.4U3 B.,X".5!iS
UulledSUtetnotei.. ...... 64,419.004 84,401.398
Other atteti In xoat of ,...
demand llablUtle 89X8999 40,148.897
Available cath balance. In- ..
eluding gold balanoa,..,. $189,839,983 9288.040,077
Money In London, Uatf V cent. Rate of dla
oount In open market, for both ahort and three
months' bills, 0-lUOtt fl cent. Pari advice
qnote 3 V cent, al 10 franca. Amount or
bullion gone Into Bank of England on balance
to-day (1.000. Exchange on London. U& francs
1 OH centime. The statement ot the Imperial
Hank of Uermany show a decrease In speoie of
2.584,000 mark.
The sales of mining stooksat the Consolidated
Stock and Petroleum Exchange to-dar ware aa
folio wa: , . . .
open. JtoV 1jo. Clos-
tales. Miss. Ina. stc UU mo.
200 Belcher Bu 80 80 Cu
100 Bedford Cons ...I 88 9 85 t S3 t t0
289ConCIftV...l V0 2 00 1 90 2 00
SOOChollar A I'd III 9 00 9 00 3 80
luocrtedeftCrlpC'k 14 14 14 14
200HaleftNorcrosa.l 35 I 86 1 S3 1 85
BOOMt-itoea. 19 19 19 19
2U0 Pharmacist. 8 s 8 8
100 sierra Nevada-.. 88 88 83 83
Total sales, 1,880 share.
JCIeetrl Mtoek Qaotatla.
BosTos, July 10. Th closing quotation ot 1etrl
stock to-day weret
Bid, Atkrd.
Edison Eleotrtolllumlnatlns; 188 188
Oeneral Electric pr txH 70
Louiton Conioiidaud store Bervios... 18 19
Weitinghoute Eteatrlo 9eM 98
Wasllnghouse Eleclrlu pt 49.4 8UM
lort Wayne Kleotrle 1 9
Ihumton-UoustonlruitlserletDi..... 8h 44
The Chicago Coaveatlon Oversbadowa It.
ervthtau Kle Ilotvn Town and Haa (at
HcpreaalnR Enact Grain I-ower tnmm
HUIk Ont Cotton Decline Some Sain
In Texas-The Government Report,
FiuDiT, July 10. Cottos Declined 8 to 8 points,
closing quiet and steady with sales ot 97,900 bales.
New Orleans declined 6 to 7 points. Liverpool was
Crmon the spot with tales of 12,000 bales; good mid.
dllng and above advanced l82d.; futures declined 4
to 14 points. The Liverpool tales for the week were
78,000, Including 71,000 American, agalntt 8,000 latl
week, ot which 59,000 were American, and 82,000 last
year. Including 49,000 American; total stocks 798,000.
Including 645.0U0 American, against 848,000 last
week, nt which 603,000 were American, and 1,518,000
last year, including 1 ,890,000 American. In Manches
ter yarns were dull but sleady; cloths quiet and
steady. The rainfall at the South for twenty-four
hours ending at 8 A.M. to-day Included 4.84 Inches at
Quitman, (la.; .44 at Waycrou, Ga.; 1.90 at
bt. Oeorge, s. C; 1.22 al Sherman, Tox.;
1.14 at Longvlew, Tex.; .SO of an inch at
Dallas, Waco, and Weatherford. Tex.; ,10 at Paris,
Tex.; .04 at Kerrvllle and Lampasas, Tex,; ,02 at Tela
p!e,Tex...01 at Dublin. Tex., and a trace at I.ullng,
Tex. The signal service predicted for the next thirty
six hours for North Carolina, fair In western, light
thowers In eastern portion; for Teanesaee, fair: for
South Carolina aud Ueorgla, fair, possibly preceded
by showers on coast; Alabama and MlttlulppL fair;
eatt and wett Texat and Louisiana, partly cloudyt
with scattered thunderttormt lo-nlght. Spot cotton
here and at the South was unchanged, lludllng up
lanlt here 7 7-10c New York told twenty-nve tialet
and New Orleant 1.000. The pore reeelplt were 454.
against 1190 last week. Including " various,' andlidS
last yt-ar: total for tbo week 4.487. agalntt 5.104 latt
week and 3.835 Jott year. Porta exports ap-
Jroxlmated S.330 bales, iloutton. Tex., July
.-"Have had light rains, good In some places
over portions of fast and northeast Texas,
otherwlso week hat been vary dry and hut.
Early cotton hat tufferod. Late cottou mode no
firngrri. Over considerable portion of state crop not
n ftood shape. Keen complaints from norehw est, wnere
we bat e bt-st protpecls. Large proportion of crop has
practically made no progress tor two weeks. Later
cotton blooming at tne top and aheddlng has com
menced. Throughout btalo plant Is very small. On
the cards to make a fair crop and also a very short
one." Raleigh. N. C, July 7. "Cotton crop In this
section continues to make tatltfactory progress. It
fully two weektahead of latl year, llaiebad heavy
rain for last twenty.four hours. Expect complaint!
or overflows will be heard la a day or two. Crop gen
erally clean and taking on Irult rapidly." The future
tracing wt at followt;
&aU. nlghfst, Inrr$t. Clatlno.
July 700 7.18 7.13 7.12i.7.14
Allgutt 14.100 7.1U 7.11 7.1l.7.12
September. ... V.e.00 ll.Ul U 50 B.555ti.5t)
October 1U.I0O u.tia 6.S5 8 8,vd.3o
November. ... 4.uo 0.5.H ..'o n.5iift.31
December 24.7U0 0.01 e.o.' fl.:.iju.S3
January 20,vil0 8X3 it. Ml
February l.OOi) (Vert tlbl 8ikifl.l
March 3.U00 8.71 8.03 tl.04jb.oo'
To-ptT's Fztn'RES Ralnt In Texat, a comparatively
fsurable bureau report, aud a continuation of tlie
political excitement, all had a depresalng effect on
cotton to-day. Ihe tlgual tervlce reported contlder
aule rulu lo varloua paria of Texas, and private de
spatches statid that there had been a precipitation at
Dallas, Waco, and Hearne. a well as two Inches at
HcKinney. In otlier words, Texas haa rain where It
was moil needed. The bureau report gao tne con
dltlon at U2.3agalntlU7.2amonthago, r2.3 nt this
time last year, and htf tl la imu. It was the best July
statement In ulue years. It will be seen that the con
dlltou is about ll r cent, better than In IbVt, the year
when Hie crop reached U.uno.uou bales. Ihere was
failure In the retail dry goods trade. The dry goods
market It vory quiet, and. as Is wetl known, the
stock of print cloths It 3.007.000 pieces at hall Hirer
and Providence, agalntt only .121,000 a year ago,
1,0.11.000 in lMU, nnd IiU.ujii at thlt lime In lend.
Ludeulably, too. thtre It a feeling of uneatlnett In
buitneit circlet owlnr to tne dominance at Chicago of
the silver faction or the Demorratlc parly ana the
apparent breaking up of party llnee Menare every
w lu re avklng what Is coming next, borne who were
recently bulllih on cotton are now on the other tide,
but tnost opiratort are proceeding very cauttoualy.
The recelplt at the port- were tmall, the export!
wern large, Liverpool was ucilve,Aiid Maucbester Is
doing a good buslui'is. l.lierpool mall nilvlcea dated
Julv 1. ttalo: "Manchester, though not to active,
continues to do a good business. Spinners have been
able 10 hold their Improved marcln. and thi-re Is no
doubt of a full consumption assured for this season.
Ilieeti-ck here will run very low In beptetnber and
October, and It looks ss ir Kurope will te an eager
buyerof nowcropeoiioti." Nevertheless, the feeling
in this country is far from cheerful, and the develop
ments nt the future are awaited with uo slight degree
of anxiety.
Cori'Li: FCTURfS-Decllned 3 to 13 pointsclosing
quiet with sales ot 4.780 nags. Havru declined 4 to
fit. Hambtirtf declined 4 prg. American warehouse
deliveries. 7.731 bags. Total coffee In tho t'nlted
bines. 2U1.711 t'agi.. nflout for the United Slates.
lhri.llilO; total visible Mipplr for the United states,
ltMi.711. again. t 507,211 last year, Rio wui oulet at
150 relt decline ; rei'flpis. Ill.tmil; slock. l.nl.UOJ.
Hlo exchange, WH'L hantis was firm and unchanged:
receipts, 10,000; slock, I92.00U. Itlo on the sot was
dull aud Head ; No, 7, l.)c. Salet 850 bags Mara,
calbooup. t. the future trading was as follows:
Suit. Illphfit. LotetMt. CUystno.
Maroh S.oni) 10.UU 10.00 10.0tivUo.05
May 800 9.U5 U.U3 9.U00S9 115
Jul) 750 11.70 11.70 ll.U3ull.75
September 260 10.711 lu.70 10.7010.75
December 930 10.03 1U.U3 10.UCH110.10
To nil's Fi n'nr.s-Inoroiilug rrcelpti and declin
ing markelt In Kurope rauiid the ilepretilon to-day.
bummer and fall inonthi, It It t'outended, are not
likely to decline very much until nocks Increase, but
the far-off dellverlea, aud. III fact, the whole list. lor
the moment are more or less depretted asu result of
the larger crop movement. Coffee tharesln thedul
nrtt of ever) tutus else down town.
ritu'R Win fairly active and easy. Sales II,
801) bbls. Kiporu 8,474 bbls. and 11,748 tackt. Re
ceipts 7.203 obit, and 10.550 sacltt. hpriug wheat
hraudi In libit, were quoted as follows: Superfine,
il.lHl,tl,H0; No. 2 extra. gl.Whf JV..I.'.; No. 1 euro,
-V.i04l2.75; straights, S2.U5i4t3.4U; patent. 93.15u
Unas Wheat declined 4e. to He Chicago rei'elved
tn-day 80,273 bush., against ltl.OOo lint year: Toledo
40.043. against 10.QUB, St. Uiuls5A.fl0ll,nialust 75,000:
Detroit 12.4HH. against U.4U1; Dillulh 24H.76 1, agalntt
3J.U29; Mlniieaivolli 128.180. agalnit 4.1.400: Mllwau.
kee 14.3011. ujraintt 3.U0I); Chlcatn 101 carl, agalntt
is last year; Duluth 240, against 70, and Mluneatiotli
1 711, against 110 latl year, spot talis 79.000 lill.ti, for
export. Of No. I Northern spring HU.ouu buth. on p. t.
f.o b. afloat. 40,000 buth. Manitoba on p. t., and 7.(100
Kanius litird winter at A7c. f. o. Ii. afloat delivered.
No. 2 red quoted 140. over September f. 11. b. afloat to
nrrlvu end July; No. I hard spring, 440, over Kepti-m-ber
f. o b. atlont; No, 1 Northern spring, N. V Ike,
over September f. o. U afloat! tin., Dultitli, Scorer do.
Future talcs 2,085,000 buth., at followt;
Orntno. Wohnt. Ixtwtit, ClotlttQ, Kight.
July 014 "14 1 rtll I4
Aiiguit tuts iu(ti OIK litis nit:
b..piember...ivj oi 1-10 01.18 on! naU
Di-cember. It.llli Ml( t)U 5-10 tlJ)J 844
Corn ileeltnetl 4c. to9sc. Snot nominal, bpot talea
none. No. 2 mtted quoted 324c iu elevator. Future
tatri 350,000 buth., at followti
Oprntng. lligheAt, lAwtit. Cltulnj, .Moaf.
July B24 "24 82 7-10 324 S2fa
hepiember....i:i i)4 8S HvJ shIJ
October 33 fi-18 33J 8HlJ SJi 83J
Oats were steady. Spot firmer, Spot tales 143.000
bush., Including ll2,0iio for eiport. Of No. 2 mixed
17.000OU p. t. f. o. b. afloat delivered, and 93,000 No.
11 white i-llpjied at 284o. and on p. t. f. o, b, afloat.
No. 2 inlxrd, 20lQ,vu4c. lu ele.utor: No. 8 do.,
1U4C1 So. 2 white, 2l4e.; No. 3 do, 2040.; ungrad.
tddo.,2Uiii254c, Future sales prlcet.
Oirnlng. Illghitt. xwvif. dating. Klghl.
July 204 you
August 101 ll't?
bcplelllber .... 1VU IU),
Tn-pn'a Ft-iTfnr.s-The rrvnlutlonsry toneot the
Chicago Conwutlon helped to deprett the pries of
wheat lodty, and so did Ubsral reteipu, small clior-
ances, the abseno of foreign demand, and a belief SyH
tnst the Oovernment report will not be quite so bull. -mmmw
Ish as wat at one time expected. The speeulstlon hs f-sH
dwindled to Intlgnlflcant figures, largely beeaas ot -sH
the high handed proceedings at Chleago. A good Vxnani
many holders told nut lu illstutt. St. Louis wsta :rannl
heavy teller of September. Mr. Brotteau was selling 'Cnani
at Chicago, and so It Is understood was Mr, Frank jatttl
Dunn. The Northwettern recelpU were 4IHctr, loan
agalntt 174 a year ago; the travoard clesrsnce tm9m
were 2S2,ii3.) buth. The receipts at orlmsry .aTaani
msrketi were Ouo.000 biiih., asalntt 910,000 on Mnaanl
thlt day last year. Prlrei declined only a trio- ilananl
tlon, however, because there was quite a little (-
roterlug, i-ouslderlng the narrowness of the market. aBgS-f
Then tho Hock at Minneapolis and Dillulh Itoxpeclel -Tnani
tortecressofor the week hoo.oOO to 1)00,000 buth. (ann
Some bellevi that the iiovrrntnent crop report will Irantrnv
tolnt to yield or not over 443,ouu,uno buth, and others TB
to nut over 423.i)UO,ouo. Mr. Beerbohni says that rains lanaC
ami hall have damaged 600,0011 acres out of a total tmm
ncreagn ot S.OOO.Ooo In Hungary. Chicago expecte.l TaTtnl
217 cart, but received only 101, Msny were dlrpntail rtTtnl
to bold aloof wnltli.g further developmenls In politics, iH
and nthert preferred to rest on their nart until the litTanw
announcement ot the Oovernment report, at 4 n.cnvic jnaal
thlssrii-rnoon The Oovernment report states ihnt 'fan
the condition nf tprlng wheat Is U3. 8, against KU.u In Xmm
June nnd lo .2ayesr asn. The condition of tprlng irftntl
and wlnler eoninlned lsst.4. On thncurh Sepleinlnr sannt
wat H I ke,, the Oovornment report not being o bullish IH
shad been expected. Average -ropi are Indicated 3mm
tor the United Kingdom, Oermsrrv. Holland, Belgium, H
Spain, llaly, ami llustls, while for France, Austria, iB
Hungary, nulgarla. and Rouinanla the reports are ;
still more favorable. The French wheat crop It ex. ',-
peeled lo sumee for home requirements. Corn tin. HWM
cllned a f raotlon. Shoru were covering, and ther. ''anal
celptt were only 891 cars. On ths other hand, the bB
clesrsnoet were only 213.867 bush, flier were no (anf
striking features. Oatt showed very little change. t-l
The reoelpts at Chicago were small: only 178 cars. A9M
Both corn and oats are already unpreeedently oheap, Igf-I
and some think It Is only a anesuon of time when ImU
they must Improve. Tho Oovernment report stated 'gfTftf
the condition at 90 31 wlnler rye, B3.8;
tprlng rye, US.n; btrlev, S8.li potatoes, 99. m
Tne corn acreage Is 1)8.7 at compared with $
that of 1SU3, a decreet ot 1.3 V cent, H
or In round numbers hi, 00O.O00, against 89..
1100,000 acres planted last year. The hay shortage In mm
the United Kingdom, due to prolonged drought. Is B
lesstbsn was expected. William J. Bryan, "th boy
orator" of Nebraska, made n speeh yeeserdsr which MM
attracted considerable attention In the grain trails, Wm
but It lipolntml out that what his State ot Nebraska Amm
Is suffering from most Is a two-fold trouble a partial M
failure of Ha crops In 1893 and 1804 and overproduce
tlon throughout the West In InOJand probably I sun, ffM
Nebraska's wheat crop In 1893 was only 10,87,8t)9 $
buth,, and In 1804 It wa even tmsller, 8.764,v00 H
buth.. while In 1893 It wa 14,787.024 buth. IH
Hi corn crop In I SOS was 167,278,893 bnih.. mM
but In 1894 It luddenly dropped to 18,866,62 m9M
buth., or. In other words, the crop In that mW
year was practically a failure, and If meant a kfnnl
very heavy lost to the State, for Nsbrsaka 1 on lani
of the moit Imi-ortant corn Btateiof the West, only EsTnn
four other States exoeedlng lu production. In 1895, Hani
on the other hand, the corn crop ran up to 195.685,. mW
0H9 buth., or In round numbers 119.000.000 bush. IH
more than In tho previous year. Itt crop of oU was lamSASJ
only 19.747,400 buth. In 1894, where In 1898 II MM
ran up to 311.01 1.0U6 butb. Nebratk hat lost tttnaY
heavily by partial crop failure and overproduction Umwi
In the Wett generally in 1895 and probably 1808. and Banff
of courts prlcet at the preaent time for both corn and t-fH
oats are the lowest ever known, and wheat Is grado- rnmu
ally declining. H
Sivil SroKrs Unchanged. Ifggf-I
PrrnoLkfti Crude certificates were quoted al 01.10 mM
here and 01.14 In Oil City. IteOned unchanged. tf-S-B
PROVieiots-lrd tteady but dull: July, 8.1)00. Pork mWM
fairly active and firm. Mess, 07.50$8.28. Dressed aTttnl
hogt eaty. Tallow, 3334c. Chicago, Jnly 10. "The WM
lo.ulng In provision! haa tieon steady. Liquidation mWm
wat on a much lighter scale, while the demand rrom mW
flackers and otlier sources wat good, etpeclally for onnti
ard. It lookt as though low prloet had been reached. Hl
An tncreate ot orders rrom foreign nd domettlo mU
peculstors It noted. Three end a half cent lrd tTanti
will attract attention from all lard-contum Um
Ing countries." Butler Receipt to-day. 4,971 IMWB
pkgt.; last tlx dayi, 8(1,604: previous six UM
days, 85.011. Creamery. Western thirds to ex- UM
tras. 1 1415c.; 8Ute and Penmylvanla do. 1 144I60.1 B
Stato dairy, halt nrkln tuba, a-conds to extras, lia mM
I44e. Cheese Reoelpts to-dsy, 2.830 pkrt.; latl Wm
tlx days, 32.135: previous ilx daya. 29.247. SUM, MM
full cream, large colored, fair to fancy, 0438ft-: do.
white, oHdOffc.t tmall colored, fancy, ,a; small MM
white, common to fancy. 64a7c. Rags Receipts to- H
day, 6,187 cst-i: last tlx days, 48,893; pravlou mM
tlx days. 44.047. Stats and Pennsylvania, fresh jm
gathered, fancy. 13$134o.; Wesurn. northerly sec- AM
ttons. fair to fancy, 104dl94o.
Scoir Raw steadier and dull: 89 test, 9Wai Ot 19
tctt. 8Hc Refined fairly active and firm on soft. an!
Ciacioo, July 10. Tneso were to-dsy prloest h
Katt. !5B
TTaeat.' Openfnir. ioAsaf. Ltnwt. Cfotfrs. Moot tifal
September.. 6BM ftiH( 634 &SM 814 tV
December CbH HH 674 67H Mil t?8
Com.' Kal
September.. 28W 2BW 2844 8K tfSU RB
December... 174 274 20JJ iefi aiiZ Um
September.. 1.14 IBM I6V 16M 1BU L-B
May 17JJ 18 17 is 18 fj
Lnrd: "?
September.. 8.80 8.87 8.67 8.C3 8.00 VM
January 4.00 4.07 4.00 4.03 4.09 H
September.. aSO 8.80 8.50 8.63 8.60
January 3.63 8.73 :u.05 8.75 S.70 M
lrk; W3
September.. SA50 B.B3 $6.50 $8.60 $80 t
January .... 7.33 7.43 7.33 7.40 7.39 I M
1.1 v Htoek. aiarket, j"J
Xxw Torox. Friday, July 10. Receipts otbeeve were iM
1,207 head; B cart to be exported. 20oars direct to m
slauifhterera, and lSvart for the market; 20 cars on fl
tale, all told. Market tlow at m di-cllnon tteers of -1
inc. V ion Its. Rough butchers' slock ruled about 1
tteady. The yards were not fully cleared at the close. 1
Poorest to brst native tteers sold at $3.85994.30 V .5
100 St.: oxen and ilagt at 93 80.294.05, built al '$
2.35Vitf2.63. dryeowaat 01.63iS92.S5. Dressed Ibeef
tlow at H.4.7WC V a. for poor to prime native sides. -1
Cabletfrom London and Liverpool quote American ,n
tteers at 74Dc n rt.. dressed weight; American re- '1
f rlgersted Ix-ef at 5HaHc f .: American sheep at ; S
1(141140. V It., dressed weight No export to-day: '
to morrow 264 beev,- and 4.233 quarters ot ber. , '
Receipts of calves, all for ti.e market, were 648 .'
head: trade active througboutst firm price: ll euld '
In good teaton. Poor to prime vealt sold at tag.95.23 I '
r 100 &.; mixed bunches at .233f4! bnttennllk: I -
calvei at 8t.5O,2.80. Dressed calves Crmi dtr t
dressed veals. 64hc. Fa. I
Ki-celpta of snrep and lambs, all for the market, I
were 4.828 bead; 214 cars on sole all told. Market
tlow at a general decline of HQUa, T9 rt. The pen
were finelly oleared. Poor to prim tbeep sold at
92.5Oig94.30 V ino va: eommon to ehotoe lamb al
84.T3a$0.37tt. Dressed mutton, &4S4a m r.s '
retted lambs, S4W130. ,
Receipts or hogs ware 9,617 bead, including 100 I
h-od on sale. Market easier at $3.80&84 l 100 B
for Inferior to good State hog.
Court Calendar Ttala Day,
Supreme Court Special Term Part n. Ex-cart
Surrogate's Court Chambers No day calendar.
For probate Wills of Margaret filtchooek, Wil
liam P. Kenny, Hugh Comlaker, Sarah J, Oamn.
bell. Richard Adama. Bridget Hagerty. Emllio T.
Bastlanelll' at 10:30 A. M. I
City Court Rpeolal Term Motion. I
NEW TORK. March tS. IWflt 1
The undersigned, the Trnrtee under the mertsagn ;
execuUd by the I.OCIHVir.t.E AND NASH.
VII.I.i: BAII,ROA.D fOStPANTr, bearlnaj
date March 1. 1877, upon the CKCII.IA 11 RANCH,
being the branch railroad ot the X.OCISTTH.i.n,
ItOAU COUFANY, extending from CECILIA
Kentucky, hereby gives notice that the said X.OTJIH.
COMPANY, pursuant to Section eight la the said
mortgage, providing for a sinking fund, has paid to
this company the Installment of FORTY TIIOTJ.
HAND DOLLARS ($40,000), due on March I.
lKVti, and that the undersigned not being abl
after effort lo purebste bonds for redemption
at or below par, the ssld Louisville and Nathvlll
Rallroftd Company, on notice and reqnetl by the un
dertlgned, did on the 23d day of March, 1896, at lu
nfllceln tho City of New York, proceed to detignat
by lot to many ot the tald bonds equsl at par to th
amount of tald payment or forty thousand dollars, by
drawing the same, and that thereby tha followlasj
tionds were to detlgnated for payment, vls.t
18 116 197 412 611 691 802 926
26 124 25S 462 636 712 851 954
69 150 289 527 652 756 884 971
101 163 401 541 673 759 900 978
106 165 403 571 680 780 919 983
Notice It hereby given that the p rind pal or th
said aborr-tnentlnned and numbered bonds, and each
of them, will be redeemed and paid by the under
signed atltsofflce. In the City of New Yprk, on the
flnt day of September, 1896. and that all InUrttt oa
Ihe tame will cease from and after such data.
Union Trust Company ot Now York,
NEW YOIUr. July B, 1096.
TINS COMPANY, truttee under ths CNION PA.
I.ATERAI.TRUST INDENTURE, has on band ths sum
of trventy-oue thousand nve hundred dollsrs ($71
600) applicable to the purchas of bond! secured by
tald Indenture.
8KAI.F.D PROPOSALS for the sal of TJNTOS PA.
ritAL TRUST BONDS to the above extent will ber.
YORK, truttee, and be opened at the office of th laid
trtitte at noon on Thursday. July 16. 1896, wbsn th
lowest offer will b. accepted, provided it does not ex.
ceed nve (6) per cent, premium aud accrued Intersil.
Thlt notice it Riven In conformity with th indtn.
Truttee. 1
tSavinjiT'siinkir. I
H. E. Cor. Oih Ave. unit lath Ml
dei.sitort on all lutni from TnV(; uoilsrs in thL?J"a
tnuil iiotlari. enililed thirito undSV tR i .'P' "'"
able Jl'LY SO. Ihoc, no under the by-laws. py.
X&"ti&fcW'ir . w. wui
FRANCIS U. LKaOeVTT.I . ' Tr,"ut
tnnnsaaatttaliirirniirf 11 ll'f' ' " '," 4fcHtniliia Ii
nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnTWnni'fiajBAta . , mm
tannnnnnnnnnnnnnxInnH mmmWWWf&jiBm?''tr-r- ananti

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