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Rs -'",,"iiiw"'wW'"i'i",i'wi'm'i"W"m"miim""mmmm1 , , ; VI i KJvB
rrfiux nvsarxjcwst ro.ju.st-
r0 fWr BTJtlDSa XO-DAT.
mm M Vsslnss.ls f th Kmr
.. ...
-T. nesJItstlom SUkss. th.ehlsf wire of th
r thr-7er-ll. and the soond crt
Tk. Donblo Krent will bring th. .prin nt.
fribsConer Il4 '' Club to g, most
i .i.looselossUwi.r.
1P ,ld for th. ResUsstlon Is Isnrer than
' "? but. imm th. form shown hr th.
1 Nitwit, of lata. R.olUl, IlMUnm and
nsaltor Hows will hT. th. fight to th.m-
1 oultl ' w' nd h" to
" . h hown .plendld form In
Win M e ,n PrlTBte nd tt-
Mdi of th. Msm". Thompson and
riC now. will b. moit gri.Tou.lr
pointed If th. flest ion of Both.n fall, to
t horns In front. RP'twM th. kingpin
! efths two-yesr-olds ,n "Bo. "d hi admirers
, '. v lht he cn best anj thrso-jear-old In th.
1 .0nntrrtnrdlstnnc. HI. last work for th.
ReatlMtlon wm better and faatsr than that of
i 1 of the other candidates.
Hastings i certain to sUrt, s he brseted a
1 mlleand a half In 3:02 yesterday morning and
polled up without any Indication of soreness.
Si,,, weeks o th. chanoe. were r.ry much
( in faror of Hastings going to the post first
choice, but elnce then the fast son of Spend
thrift and Cinderella has been under the
w.athsr. and at one time It wa deolded not to
start him at all. Th. final work which was to
determine whether h. should go to th. post or
I rot found him a much better horse than Trainer
Qytand ejpected h. would be, and so It was de-
' elded to Uke a chance with him.
Counsellor lion e may be another Dally Amer
loa and throw down the faTorltes as the Trou-badour-Sunbeam
colt did In 8lr Walter', year.
! i ''"' The Counsellor Is lmproTlng steadily and haa
' doneererythlng his owner-trainer has asked of
' Mm llogets all the allowances, and Donohn.
Em told hit friends that he stands a great ohano.
tnwln the big stake.
The Double Event may show another Itloh
mond In the two-year-old division. These
vmmasteni beat each other so often that It is
exceedingly hard to get a ltn.on them. Theen
tries In full follow:
first Kaoe-rree handicap for all arsi At. furlongs
cs mala track.
(loiham "a Hob Icon 1ST
klVlan.1 .. " narrlmton 118
rSeito T Honaparta ......Ill
RSuVj"".. 103 Woodrtn. lOtl
Eafulea.." 87 Palraerston... 100
Cow Poke. 88 Don Ami VII
Tripping - "8
Second Baca For thrae-yearolds and apwardt (alt.
1 Jnf ; one iulla.
Oltnmoyne 110 Sue Kittle.. . 10T
tinwl. ... - Cat' Reel 107
Kmclan It The Winner. 10.
KSmwell - TomCromwelL ou
KasMFooh Hit Premier. US
itpwur 10B The uragon Stf
Third Race Pouble EtcM; for two-year-olds; part
two: Futurity course, about three-quarters ot a mile.
Don DOro lSSIOeorge Kestler 18S
t PcotUia CnlefUIn 1S5 Ornament 183
Winged foot mlnodermond.. 118
TuelTlar ll.Oreitea 110
. Bamp "71
Fourth Raoa The Realisation: for t&ree-7asolds
tat mile and Ore forlongi.
Reqallal llOiflMttngs. US
ilinilltonlt ll HerryPrtnc. 110
Coanjcllor nowe 109 Peep oDay 107
'. yormal 1071
Fifth Race For two-year-olda which bar. started
sod not won during tnis meeting: five furlouga.
MlchaalO 118 Mohawk Prince 110
Qsobaiard IIS Solalre IIS
i 0caw 11M Runny Slope 110
Free Lance...- IIS Prisoner IIS
Caueopta 113 Pearl US
Sixth Race For three-year oldi and unward: high
t weUbt handicap; one mllo and a sixteenth on tarf.
IxBlBeacli..-. KBISlr Francis 1
Pracemakfr. 124 Fd Kearney lsa
kinnol llNiUaining llfl
Jelrnon IcSiFlndOut 10S
Volley - 105,
Wind. up t Hbemeld.
Couso, Jnly la-Sheffleld closed tu second flrteen
days meeting of the season to-oay. To-morrow the
racing scene shlfte to Robr. where the Lakeside
Jockey Club will hold forth for the same number of
days. The closing day was a ecorcher for the talent,
as every farorlte was beaten. Summaries:
First Rart-Ooe mile. Vlirara.100 (Xewcom), 10 to
l.won; KambaC. Ill (Foil. SO to 1. second: Eld
drolus. 100 iV arrirn). even, third. Time. 1 :40.
Second Race Half mile lir. Newman, U7 (Warren).
tlo l.won. Vlte. 7 (P.Clay), IS to 1. eecoixli Lou-nB,t7(I)orl-j).
2 to 3. third. Time. 0t4BW.
Third Hace Three quarter of a mile. Airtight, 00
I Hone). Btol. won: Ida Wanner. 00 (W. Taylorl. IS
kl, second; Laura C J2 (P. Clay), 6 to 1. third. Time,
Fourth Race Flre-elghthe ot a mile. Uncaa. 98 (P.
flij). t) to 1. won; Vlrxle Dlisn. S") (D. Davis), IS to
1 reond: Crania. 103(J. durphy), even, third. Time,
Filth Race flteepleohaae: about two and one qnar
ferratlfiover tnrf course. Uerculee. 147 (C John
sod), 7 to 1, won. homiker, W5 (W. Jobnaon), HO
to 1. second; Cnnarder, 127 (Owens), 7 to 1, third.
Tims. 4 J4H.
Sixth Race Sevfn-elgbths of a mile. Ttagner. 00
(Dorwj). 10 to 1, won: Dick Dehan, 104 (II. Davis),
tren,sn:ond: Rapier, 104 (W. Jonea), a to 1, third.
Time, l.zsj.
Trials for the Championship suid 7Voto
About the Game.
Today's fixtures Include the eecond monthly
t handicap of th. Oyster Bay Golf Club, a match
' between scratch teams representing Baltnsrol
and Morris county, on the latter links; the
opening of the new links of the Snburban Clab
st Elisabeth, the continuation of the can
matches at the Knollwood Country Clab. a
mixed foursome match at the Essex County
Club, Manchester; cap competitions at the
Lenox Golf Club and the Essex County Country
Club, Urange, and the return match of thirty
six holes between Way of Meadow Brook and
TAnsonof Weatbrook at Meadow Brook. At
Kw Brunswick the home players will meet a
team from the Paterson Golf Club. Got. Griggs
Is slated to play on the Paterson team.
The Norwood Park Golf Clab will Hold an
tlgbteen-hole handicap tournament to-day on
lit links at Long Branch. John Albangh and
W. 0. Van Antwerp will play from scratab.
Among the other players are John A. McCall,
President of the New York Life Insurance
Company! W. D. Harper. Ballard McCall. A.
JlcClare, Edward Henderson, and Henry
The amateurs are fast gathering at Bhlnne
eoet Hills, and the air Is filled with raporta of
good scores. There Is danger that some of the
sandldates for honors may over-golf and bo
tale on Tuesday. This will bo a lively day,
but Sunday and Monday, except with
ths late arrivals from distant point, will
' 1 '" a tlms of rest. Arthur L. Llver-
ors arrived yesterday morning and is
H a good trim. W. II. Sands Is also on the links,
,nd making rounds In 84 and OS. I,. B. Stod-
'.Vh ! w Meniles, and II. It. Bweney. the
" ."fangerous men In the HI. Andrews entries.
''e n the course this morning. Archibald
i iS!'7 '.' " l Nblnnecock Hills, and playing
inf WP to his old form.
1 iS.'.MT?lM" ".J. Whlgham. and C. B. Mac-
IML S Tvb.,ee"tefed for the open cnamplon-
iW " oSiJv'l,11,l't of entries will not be given
III ?:(.Vn cretarF Tallmartge of the United
1S fS"90",A,8OC'tlon until Monday. Many of
FKiff iii?Jih,,,on1 will bo to Shlnnecock Hills to
ll S?ll B0.rnlnB- wt,r' they will find H. U.
11 th. .n-?'?"nf a trong game. James Swan.
"! siJi.t "ttrl5Jndent at St, Andrews, who is to
! Kai J1-?1""111" during the week; Willie
T,?kn0' Ardiley Casino, and Will and Bam
tuntt.?!.SuAnUrtw" "I" bo ln the delega
Tkir "Jtaru to-morrow.
Bt .kiSf the kindness of Robert Iockhart of
that winiA T,B 8c". " Ju'F 3. announced
inthaVnif PVk' Jr hRd defeated J. II. Taylor
ecsm, t ,of thelr soventy-two-holo match by
brwA I?1" detatla are now ut hand. Sud
tnaed i. 'I Hlchmond. where the rontch
Six or,!,.?0? but Bhnrt green, near London,
wlths ii? ho'M mF be played from the tee
good th. , ,''lrk atarted four holes to the
kosi'slDOrgVntaiC gslned on 'h0 nr"t h" at
wlni'd R'1''" "ere confident that Taylor
iriortJS1'0" the match, relying upon Ills ex
Utornf?.c,';ur,lcFwlththe inosble. but, as
wellu."'"' Park PlVx the inashle quite as
onstlmI,k"lh r'k but two up, although at
Park Sli,, Blx P- Taylor', score was 74;
bat iriTi'tnln.lnar.theeame as Taylor.
Ela, la ,inot P,'aF out the seventh, on the first
.tcotsd nfn'V l ,coro WM not kPt. In the
WTevi i the men played good golf and
'cC'n'i ma"F holes both showing a per
th. elVhf:.J.V ,'coro stood Pork dormv one at
till th. i. .D,h l.. The result was in doubt
"I'. bi CJ.on'e't. Taylor got the longer
.""liabeamr. '14 to "'HT the odd. lie did so
l!eb.iJ5uil,ul Pile", which at one time looked
'"Colf),w," Jt left the ball within six
t Ma?i ef.th ml' quite ft rolssableput. Hot
kJviiVi?.ilt ttDely nd successfully, and so
Tarlor ..""'" w,n the match by one hole.
l- M r"unH " T-l and Park In 7:1.
2wv W?&B.rj.,s.
WT uda.i11'.1Ti-,'ewVorl(j no charae unless
f ,M"a,i9, VrltorcalL Jif at advice tree.
$5.00 Cash.
"R o. r. uo,,"
SO Broadway, IVovr York.
rg christft
k. 'ffl vrflrig Anatomloal SADDLE.
WkjmF Sv "Tt" perfection of saddle
jgEfmr' " eonstrnotlon. Prevents stiff.
W&l&j seaa, aoraneaa and ebaflng. Ilecom-
'fj mended by physldana Prloe fO.oo.
Booklet on saddles free, titled to Bpaldlng Dlcyelas
without extra charge.
A. G. Spalding & Bros.. 126 Hassan St
Band worms, lfio. dos.
Blood or white worms, SDo. doa .
Bea baas books, 4-ply gut, loo. doa. 1M fee braided
flank line. 15c. Blx-incb wood reels. 880. Ash and
ancewood hank rods, with extra lip, 080. Fluke
hooks, txtra long thank. 10c, half doa.
Bend stamp for Illustrated nshlng tackle catalogue.
J. y. UAR8TEH8, 69 Court aL, Brooklyn.
fOVB UIC-Vt:l,KH for sale ohean, make 1M1
AddreaaO. E. 1 box tsv. Sun up-town oraoe, 1,M
O guns, unlf orma, swords, flags, drums, o. Send for
cluiogue war rellca BAMNERMAW. T Front st.
xisna or xnn wnsKiiUEtr.
Polleesaam Batelast t ataahattam Beaeh
Clab Ann. To-aeirow,
Th. members ot the police bloyole corps of
this city hold a series of sornb races at the Man.
hattan Beach track yesterday morning for the
purpose of selecting a team to represent this
city In the Inter-clty policemen's race to be held
at Manhattan Beaoh on July 26. Eleven men
competed. In th.one-mllorace Policeman Don.
ohue won handily In S minutes 84 seconds, with
McKay seoond and Sohnessler tnlrd. In a three
mile contest Donohaa again finished first In 8
minutes 13 seconds, with McKay second and
Bchnessler third.
It Is likely that these three riders will be
named to represent th. Now York department
on July 33. '
The sixth annual raoe meet of th. Riverside
Wheelmen will be held at Manhattan Beach to
day. The events are limited to amateur riders.
There are thirty-nine entries In the one-mile
race for novices. The one-mile, stratcb, has the
pick of the amateur racing talent. Including V.
A. Barbean. W. 11. Owen, E. A. lioHnuer, v. 0.
Hoome. E. K. Goodman. Joe Harrison. F. I).
White, C K. Oranger. farcy Dickey. Charley
Karl. Hay Dawson, Bert Itlpler. J.T. Beam, and
C. O'Connor. In the handicap race George
Itstth, C. S. Henahaw. A. 9. Junsklud,
W. L. Darmer. A. O. Relea. a Brock,
C. V. Babcock, J. W. Judge. W. E.
Mother. Oscar Hedstrom, and U G. Bach
have entered. Goodman, Harrison, Klpley, and
Dawson are on soratch, aDil they should make a
great race. There are eighteen tandem teams
entered. Goodman and Barbean will ride 10-
S other, J. Harrison and L. It. Jefferson, and
harley Earl and A. G. Uelyea. Raymond Mac
Donald, the professional, will ride an exhibition
mile with the object of establishing a new track
The road committees of the bicycle clubs
have arranged the following runs for to
morrow: Ltnwood Wheelmen, rtosebank; Pean Cycle Club,
Far Rockaway; Ablngton Cycle Club, ratchogue;
Castle I'olnt Cyclera. Hometown: St. Aloysius ly
olera of Newark. Madison: Triumph wheelmen. Gil
ford s, S. I.; Cyclone Cycle Club, New urunswlck;
Leroy Wheelmen. Ulen Island; Tee-To-Tutu Whiel
men. Tarrytown: Riverside Wheelmen, Ulvn Island:
liuguenot Wneelmen, Tarrytown: Clio U'heelmen,
Ureenwood Lake; Kox Cyclers, ew hocbelle, dram
ercy Wheelmen, Kye Ueach: Manhattan Bicycle Club,
Boonton; Washington 1'ark Wheelmen, hye Beacn;
Uothsm Wheelmen. Port Clirster: Empire Wheelmen.
Hoslyn. DrooklynA C.Wbeelnten. RoslyniEaatOranne
Cyclers. Two Bridges: St. Georae BloycleClnb, Mor
rtatown: Excelsior OcleClub. Rre; Olympic Wheel
men. Coney Island; Oreenwtch Wheelmen. Nyack;
Chelsea Wueelmeu. Valley Stream: Lincoln Wheel
men. Freeoort: Century Wheelmen, fort Cheater:
Paramount Wheelmen. Lake Bucceaei Yorkville
Woeeimen. Greenville and Bergen Point.
F. W. Fullerton, th. young rider who took
part In the races of the Sadohallca Wheelmen
of Morristown July 4 and was disqualified from
competing In the final neat of the one-mile
novice race, due to hla victory In the boys' race,
sent the following letter to Tux Sen yesterday:
To tux Editor or thk Bcv .sir- In your account
of the racos of the badohallca Wheelmen of aiorrls
town on July 4 you lay the blame of my dlsouallca
tlon In the nnrUe race in the referee. Ernest Wad
dock. 1 think Mr. Waddock did the best that could IX
done, eonsldrrma' the management or all the races. I
lay all the blame to the management, rnr they even
did not have the nnals printed on the programme,
but ran them on whenever tney pleased.
You would oblige me If you would put thla letter In
print. Yours truly, Faxn W. Lawbos Fuixxbtoh.
siorrcuiR, July .
Referee Waddock says that the disqualifica
tion of Fullerton was at the suggestion of the
Judge at the meeting, and not according to his
own Ideas.
CniOAOO, July 10. Bald won his sixth race
on the national circuit, all In which he has com
peted, at the national olrcult In this city to-day.
taking the two-mile open In a most sensational
finish. Cooper was not a competitor to-day, but
may be to-morrow. The summary:
Two-mile Open. Prof esalonal Bald won; Loughcad
second. Sanger third. Time. 4.-(7 s ft.
Ualf-mlle Handicap, Professional R. It. McCleary,
fit. Paul, eo yards, won: Willie DeCerdv. 46 yards,
second: 1U P. luce, 80 yards, third. Time. 1:00 8-3.
One mile Handicap, Professional Bliss. 80 yards,
won. Owen H, Klmbel. 45 yards, second; Uarry C,
Clark. 80 yards, third: F, o. Baruett, its yards, fourth.
Time, 2.20.
AsnCRT Panic. July 10. A ten-mile road race
took place this afternoon over tbo beach road
from Aabury Park to West End nnd return.
The race waa under the direction of Hunts and
Zimmerman. Nine riders started. Joe Hen
drlckson, with a handicap of Ilvo minutes, won
first prize, a blcvcle. John M. Dey finished sec
ond and W. II. James third. Joe Harrison won
the time prize, a bicycle. Hendrlckson's time
was :i4::i0 and Hnrrlson's U0:4S. The roads
were very muddy on account of the rain.
I.ONDO-4. Jnly 10. Stooks, Huret. Lumeden.
and A. I.lnton atarted In a twelve-honra' race.
In the first two hours Stocks made 07 miles
043 yards, beating the record.
The Metropolitan Association of Cycling Clubs will
hold a cossting contest on Saturday, Aug. 10.
Banotlon has been granted to the Flushing Bloyole
Track Association to hold a raoe meet on Saturday,
Aus 1. The list of events will Include a one-mile race
for novices, one mllc.open: two miles, handicap; one
mile, :30 class, and two mllea, tandem.
xnAF aitooTixa.
Osspt. Money n Oeorsra CnbTtteyieT Tla la
Ibe Elkweod Park HuasHeap.
Lono Branch, July 10. The Elkwood Park
Preliminary Handicap was shot this afternoon
at Elkwook Park. The conditions of the event
were fifteen birds eaoh. SIS entrance, fifty yards
boundary, handicap rise, money to the ten hlgh
eatauns. There were ten contestants, eight of
the number shooting to a finish. Fred lloey
withdrew on the twelfth round. The result was
a tie between (.'apt. Money and George Cubber
lev. eaoh grassing every bird. The puree was
divided. Summary:
yild!- .5 BWKCU..r27.V.:r?-; avV'.t.t.r.gJ
yards, 10.
Intho sweepstakes events Daly, J. K. Green,
and H. Kueer divided the money In a miss and
Sut affair, at SS a side, five birds each, while In
"heflna event there were five ties. They were
shot off In a 1 sweep, which was won by
BldKewood Ous Club Hlioot.
The Rldgewood Oun Club held Ha regular month
ly live bird shoot yesterday afternoon at Wisael's
Rldgewood rark, with thirteen members to the
score. Juhn Welf, Martin Schottler. and Charles
!... tied with six kills each for the club badge,
but u .dir a rule of the organisation which prohlh
it. a member front winning more limn one medal
the foVrner hod wo say In yc'erday shoot off for
5 . n?lie In the contest for pqsaessloii of the
the prire. in i n) opp0llent A now be-
!5.ll' th. owner 'of It having won It thrice be
comes the ownei ,' , tlf tMMrA t, i00 for
f2.e,m2a WmSi ?h"'"n" will put up In the fuiure.
1 A ffire! "oroirid initcn raee followed th. club
.h'in. resulting In a tie between Joseph Bermeal
InJnsinh "p.ig. "r. This they shot off at ml.s
tSrt m 'the .former Inning ..11 the fourth round.
A sweepstakes v? then participated In ltween
"fV.i"e im-KeS" r?!m.Vhly club shoot at set en
V, ,J.4 '" ArilomeyergB yards. 4;Ou.
'Si.TUnVeeVcorS.da! 'h'Vce at six
n7. hirds each. IWrmel. i; Epplg, 8: Niemann. 4.
Mb! ! Uerm.1, 8; Epplg, i Wlemann, .
" ' iiixig4iiMiiiiiiwiigrw
This list appears on Wednesdays and Battrrdara.
JTer larbrtaattens, CIs-eaiara, late., or Asy
Hotel bel.w. Call at or Addre.a
(Head Stamp) th.
Hotel TnrttT Bureau,
I 09 Fifth A v., jVm Terh,
J. Ott Jtegent M., T-oniton,
( 848 Jfwe lie lUroll, Pari:
(A. P. means American Plant E. P. European.)
ALBAlrr.IT.T ...TheKenroor, A. r..4
da - fltanwtznall, n. P.,1A-P., 3up
AIJBXArn)lWAAT.n.T....TheEdgewood1 A.P.,4
ASDURT PAKE. It, J... .Coleman House, A. P It up
do. .. ... Th West End Hotel, A. P., S4
do. M (Largest) Ocean Hotel, A. P.. 4
do. , Hotel Lafayette, A, PM3up
ATLAKTI0 CtTT, N. X. The Oarden Hotel. R. P, 9 up,
moat magnificent hotel on Allan tlo coast.
ATXJJtTIOCITT.V. J.Algonquin E. P., UA.ratlO
BALT1UORE. xtd Hotel Btafford. E. r II. BO
do .ThaCarrollton, A. P.,3np
tlELMAn, N. J. Hotel Columbia. A.P., It to IS
BLOCK ISLAND, n. I The Manistee. A. P. 3
do. National Hotel. A. P, 03
BOSTON. Haas notel Vendom A. P., $9
do. .CopleyBa.uarert'l,K.P.,tl.nonpj A.lV$3.80up
do. M American Houset E. P., II up
BROOKLYN, N. Y Mansion nouse, A. P.. 3
do. .note! St. Oeorge, R, P., 1: A. P., 13
do. ...,(J. W, niake).. Clarendon notel, K. P 41.B0
do. .(S.E.Hates)..Thellargaret, A. P.,3up
da .... HP1errepont tlouse, K. P., II
BUFgALO, N. T....The Iroqnols, R. P., ll.fiO; A. P.. It
da Niagara Hotel, A. P to 3
CAPS MAY, N.J. .The Stockton, K. P., II; A.P..3up
da .Marine Villa, A. P.. 13 to $4
da .notel Windsor, A. P., 3 up
CATSKTLu N. Y.....Proipeot Park noteL A. P. 13 up
CIIICAao,IH Victoria Hotel. A. P., IS to go
CINCINNATI, O Orand Hotel. K. P., l; A. P.. IS
JERSEY CITY. N. J ...Hotel Washington. B, P., 11.60
KINGSTON, Ont ...Tho British American. A. P., 8.80
LAKBQEOROE, N.Y.lW.W.Brown)Lake na.A.PIS.B0
da Fort Wm. Henry notel. A. P., It
da ktarlon House. A. P., 3 up
da The Bagamora, A. P.. 14
da nundred Islands nouae, A. P.. 3
LEAMINGTON SPA. Eng... .Manor House. K. P.. 11.00
LINCOLN, Eng Oreat Northern Hotel, E. P., 1
LIVERPOOL, Eng Compton Hotel, A. P., 83
LONDON. Eng Hotel Cecil, E. V.. 3
do (Regentst.) The Laagham. E. P., 2
LONO BRANCH. N. J.. United States notel. A. P.. S3 up
da AUantto Hotel. A. P.. S3
LYNTON, Eng Lynton Cottage Hotel. A. P., 3.80
MALVERN, Eng The Abbey Hotel (golf). A. P.. It
MILWAUKEK,Wls.ThePnster. E.P..I1.00: A. P., $8.50
KAnANT, Maas Dotel Tudor, A. P., $3.00 to $3
NARRAOANSETT PIER. RI.New Uathewson. A. P.. 3
do The Maseasolt, A. P. $3 to $4
da The Continental, A. P. 3 to 13
NEWBUROH, N. Y The Palatine. A. P.. 13 to $4
NEW HAVEN. Conn Hotel Majestic. A P., $3 up.
New, Palatial; Roof Oarden Concert.
NEW LONDON, Conn. ..Fort Orlswold House, A. P. $4
NEWPORT (Warren LelaodJr.lOcean House. A. P.. $5
da New Cliff Hotel. A. P.. 8
da (W. 8. O'Brien). Perry Rouse. A. P. gs
da (T. J. O'Neill) Hotel Aqutdneck, A. Pi 3 50 to $4
NEW YORK.... Fifth Avenue Hotel. A. P. 15
do. The Majestic, E. P., g
da - Hotel Netherland, E. P.. $2: A. P.. 3
da (W. F.Leland)The Wlndsor.P-P. $1.50; A.P..I4
do. (BSW.r7that.).TheOerlacn,E.P..XiA.P..$3.BQ
da The Gerard, E. P.. 1 1.80; A.P.,3to$t
da (L,L,Todd) Marlborough. E. P.. 11.80; A.P. $3.50
da (L- L. Todd), Vendome, E. P.. $1.80; A. P.. 13.30
da CN. Knarry) ..NewSt. Cloud HotoUE. P. $1.50
da The SL Denis, E. P. 11.50
da (W. Jobnaon Qnlnn) Empire, A. P., 13: E. 1'., $1
da Westminster Hotel , A. P.. $3.80
do. (Eastlltnst.) Albert SL Stephen.E-P-.lt
da (M.J.Shea).Orosvenor(10thst.andSlhav.) A. P.
do. (B'way 4 a7thst.).The Metropolitan. E.P.. 1 up
da (BVth at.) notel Pomeroy. E. P. $1 up
da (CUBrlggs) The Clarendon. A. P.. $3.50
da (T. B.Oale) The San Remo. A. P.. 13.80 up
NIAOARA PALLS, N. Y.. The International, A P. It
NYACE.N.Y.(near Nyack), Prospect House,A.P., 03 up
OCEAN CITY. N. J..,, notel Brighton. A. P.. $2.60 up
OCEAN CITT, Md Allantlo notel. A. P.. 13 up
OLD POINT COMFORT, Va. The Cbamberlala A. P.. $4
OLD ORCHARD, Me. ..Sea Shore House, A. P..1to4
do Old Orchard nouae. A. P. 13.30 up
PHILADELPHIA The Aldlne Hotel. A. P.. $150
da TheNawlfayetie, E.P..I1; A.P.,13
da Hotel nanover, A. I'., $2.50 up
PORTLAND. Me The Preble House, A. P., $3
PORTSMOUTH, N. H The Rockingham, A. P., $4
POUonKF.EPSIE, N. Y.. Nelson nouse. A. P.. $3 SO up
da Morgan JTouse. A. P., 1.50 to $1
QUEBEC, Canada Chateau Frontenac, A. P., $3 80
RICHMOND. Va The Jefferson. A. P., $3 up
ROCHESTER, N. Y New Osburn House. A. P.. $1.50
da Whtlcomb House, A. P.. $1 up
SARATOGA BPRINOS. Orand Union Hotel, A. P.. $4 up
do United Statee Hotel. A. P., S3
SATBROOK POINT. Conn Fenwlok Hall. A. r., $3
SO. NYACK, N. Y. , Tappan Zee. A.P.,13
SPR'Q LAKE BEACH. N. J. .Monmouth Ho . A. P., $4 up
ST. LOUIS. Mo. (Fireproof) Southern Il't'l, A.P.. $3 to $3
do (Fireproof) The St. Nicholas. F. P., 2
SYRACUSE. N.Y. ...Yates notel, E. P.. $1.80; A. P.$4
UTICA, N. Y Baggs Hotel, A. P., $3 to $3
WASHINGTON, D. O Arlington notel. A. P. $3
da notel Normandlr. B. P., $: A. P., $3
da The Rsletgn, E. P., $1.50
WATCH HILL, R-I... .Watch Hill nouse, A. P., 14
da .Ocean Hoase, A. P., $4 to 3
da Larktn House, A. P. $4
da (Alfred 8. Amer) Plimpton nouse, A. P., $3 to $4
da Atlsntlo House, A. P., $3 to $4
WESTERLY, R. I.. ..Dixon House, A. P. 12.80 to $3.00
CS S3 WMhtnrton Soutra Routh, Famtlj Ilotl.
BTf n floor and alerator: four bathrvma onench
floor; fourteen ultftv coniiitiuf nach of parlor, bod
room. anl bath; and neYentyninjrleanil Jout.le roouin;
open flrepUeei; elt-otrle lUtit ami f lootrli: f adi in ihe
dlnlnr roomi JllterM water; irarn hfat; near huil
neMttUtrlrts, yet on a handiome park and racing Oth
ar. and U'aihtnirtnn Aroht furnUhfd rooms with
board: from $h to 922 jer week; trantlent i'i pea day
and upward: dinner, 30c from H to 7 r. M.: Judvon
Annex, 4V WahtnRton nquaro; rooms from 97 per
week ud. Includlux board.
Cooper Union Hotel,
16, 17, and 1U adav. Handsomely furnished rooms,
permanent or transient. Rates moderate.
Situated In the most convenient and fashionable poel
tlon. and contains a largo number of sitting and bed
rooms, en suite and single, and double bedrooms: or
ehestra plays during luncheon, dinner, and supper;
eerrlce. table d'hote or a Is esrte
fWanttu -females.
"" r NtTEXTiiA ciiAitot: ron'fr.
MAIN OPFICr.. NO n74 llltliADWAY. N. Y-
IlrHUCbea In All Am'rlcsn Jllstrlet
TelestrMUli (Ifflcra.
FANCY FEATHER makers! good Jetters; also tldv
girls for learning.
II. llurnElUF.R CO.. 1.18 Crosby st.
r" JANCY FEATHER5.-Eiperleuced hands only on
' fancy feathers. Apply to DAVID bl'KIIO, luo
Mercer st.
OSTRICH rEATUERd.-Esperlenced curlers want
ed. U. J, TAYLOR CO.. Washington place.
Wnl PUtf 3Wtthalw, .
CARRIAOB ltCKnmTnirntmri!nUeka
work. Fl.DDDRR BROS., Newport. R. I.
WANTED A strong, intelligent hoy 10 learn the
tin and sheet Iron trade. Address In own hand
wrlHng, R, box 18, Sun ofTlce.
VANTED-Oneortwomen to 'run boilers. Apply
Boerum its, Brooklyn. N. Y,
Wanttfl Bltn aniacfHnncourj.
SIDE IJNF. offered from high rated factory) III to
llSwecklyi tree samples. P. o. bo 1.371, N. Y.
WANTKD-A flrst class experienced salesman ot
enamelled st coated papers by a Western mllli
Chicago market principally. Address 004 security
building. Chlcagq 111.
.tuiuiiMfj Wnnttil 4mnUt.
AST kn o on ap h it ixttn tPrTi v bit Hr
desires position; compeienland indnstrlousi satlsfao
tory references supplied.
Miss MAY 1IINF.B. 484 Waahlnaton St., city.
SITUATION wanted'bya neat colored girl, recently
arrlveil from the W, I.. In small family, to oare for
children or aa seamstress. Aal a personal Interview
will afford better sntlsractlon as to capacity. Address
ARMSTltONO. X80 West Bd St. '
STRNOUUAPnF.H and typewrIter,-A young lady
desires a position aa stenographer and typewriter!
lias an average of lNfl wordeper mlnutet ran furnish
good references. Address Miss J, L. DICK, 108 West
108th st.
jSitiiatloiw Wnnttil Pnlem.
ADVERT1B1NO canvasser, experienced, wants po
sition with good medium: references. Address
COMPETENT. bo KI3. Sun omen,
I 1NOTYPE. Compositor wants plaee where he can
J practlreon Ltnntypn machine few hours dsllyi
wilt pay cash or render service for privilege. H. McB.,
48 East 8d at.
CERMAN, 31, first-class coachman) Al rerervncesi
J olty or country. Address
J. R., box 137, fiun omce.
nORSEsnoER, Young man to work on floor; city
or onuntry: three years' experience: money no
object. Address A. P., bos I7H, Bun office.
YOUNG IRIHIIHAN. in, strong, would like a situa
tion where he could make himself useful; wilting
to work at anything nt moderate wagea rorabegln
ner. Address TEMPERATE, box 17.Bun office.
SftUtt jPoarii.
I aetJ4ld s.
1 fiTTI ST.. St KABT. Large, coot room, well fut
117 nlthed: ample closets: every convenlsnoe; ex.
cellcnt board: moderate.
West Hide.
1TTH ST.. S4 WEST. large and small nlosly fur
I nl.hed rooms ; good board ; table board ; reference.
Otib ST.. 37-S8 WEHT, near Imperial. Elegant par.
0 lor suite: private bath and toilet: gocd table;
summer prices.
QQD BT, 83 WEST, near Broadway. Large and
Oi) smallhnndsomelyfurnlshedrooms: allconvrnl
ences, excellent neighborhood: rool. cheerful: splen
did table board opllonal. transient; reasonable.
)! ST.. 1H WEST. Itooms'en suite or single; hall
O room; first-class loard; reference.
34TH st". a 1 1 WEST. Large and small handsome
'r ly furnished rooms; all conveniences: superior
house: excelltnt neighborhood; splendid table; horn
cooking: summer prloesfreference.
sj.frn ST 27 WEST. Large and small handsomely
J'Jt furnished rooms; excellent boarii optional; near
Manhattan Club; superior house; select family; best
references required ; reasonable.
i ,
jSIii Boartl BrooBlHtt.
C1LINTON AV, lie. Large and small neatly fur
j nlshed rooms, with splendid tablo; large veranda,
rrounds. and hammocks; excellent neighbor
lood; superior house appointments; select: con
lenient to all snrface routes: dtntug and amoklug
rooms: parlor floor: aummer prices; reference re
quired. HANDSOMELY furnished rooms, with excellent
board; superior house: apKlntmenta select: 3
minutes to bridge and ferries; convenient to all sur
fsce routes on Brooklyn Heights. Apply, with refer
ence, to Mr. McKESBON. 1.8(15 Broadway,
HTCKR ST.. Heights. 184. I-anra and small neatly
furnished rooms, with excellent board; superior
house; appointments select: near bridge; convenient
to all surface routes; reference.
M" ONTAOUK 8T.. 184. Neatlv furnished rooms,
with excellent board. In private family: excel
lent nelahbiirliiml; reference required
ONTAUUE 8T 141. I-args and small neatly fur
nlshed rooms: spl.udld table; excellent neigh.
borhood; lumnur price.; reference.
EM-itN BT . 131 (Helghu). Handsome rooms with
private bathrooms, exposed plumbing; board op-
tlonsl: reference required,
ILLOW HT. t'lelghui. SO. Neatly furnished
rooms, wttn excellent t-oardi home cooking: ap
pointments select; reference required.
urn.purrtScoms&pnrtmcntflta t
IEX1SOTON AY.. 8eft- Newly furnished rooms.
J large and small; elegant neighborhood, between
40th and 41st sis.
OTfi ST so EAST. Elegantly rurnisneo rooms. en
J suite or atngly; tctt moderate terroa. Lartelme'a
QQTII ST.. go EAST. Large, desirable parlor suite,
O suitable for two physicians or four gent'emen:
private bath; also other handsomely furnished
rooms at 74 and 78 Madison ar.; excellent board,
optional: reference.
SJOTH ST-XSg EAST.-EIegant rooms. 1,80 to $3:
Ot gentlemen and respectable couples; houaekeep
Ing; transients accommodated. s
QCyriTBT.. 80 EAST. Neatly furnished room.; all
)J conveniences, private ramlryt convenient toda.
pot and cable: reference.
Vt MlIZ!
TARGE back parlor, suitable for two or physician.
j Apply Mr. McKESsON. Sun up-town office. i,S3
8fiTAV 808. first flat north. Furnished room to
let for one or two gentlemen Mrs. MINK.
nTH ST- US WEST." near nth av.-Neatly fnr.
nlshed rooms, with excellent board, optional;
summer prtcea
o-TTII ST..88 WEST, near Broad wav.Lanre desli
i I able fumlthisl front parlor, suitable fnr phy
siclan or twogentiemen; also other neatly fiirnlsbe4
rooms; summer prices.
QQDhT., 40" WEST, near Broadway Handsomely
Os furnished or unfurnished parlor floor, suited for
physician or four srenttemen; also other beautiful
rooms; alt conveniences.
OQD ST.. 14 WEST, near 8th ST.-Urrs and small
t0 handsomely furnished rooms with private bath;
all conveniences: summer prices; coot, pleasant,
cheerful; reference.
sj ITII ST.. 141 WEST, near Broadway. Large hand.
Vl .omely furnished rooms, all conveniences In pri
vate family: superior house; excellent neighborhood;
stimmi r prjoea; coot, cheerful; reference.
A QTH tSTT, 23H WEST. I-arge square room and
HO hall room. In private house, newly furnished,
5lf.i.iT.. 107 WEST, near t)th av Mrge hand
'i: somely furnished rooms, all conveniences, ex.
cellent neighborhood; superior house: private bath:
appointments: select, cool, cheerful: summer prices.
("TlTII St7.7d4 WEST. Large and small handsomely
Oi furnished rooms, all conveniences: excellent
neighborhood; superior house: convenient to cable
and.; excellent board: optional.
4? urnlsUf il loomfl Co Set gtooMgn.
riOLUMBIA IIF.innTS. 1 14 -Handsomely furnished
s rooms opposite the Marguerite; also two unfur
nished rooms; hard floor; summer prices.
HICKS ST.. 74. Neatly" furnish d rooms, suitable
for t-sn each; excellent board; rive minutes to
bridge; reference.
HIOll ST- 7!. Neatly furnished rooms, suitable for
housekeeping; opposite, bridge; convenient to all
car routes.
MONTAGUE BT. 108. Large and email handsomely
furnished rooms: superior homo; appolntm.&u
select; summer prices; referenoe.
VTA8.1AU ST.. I0"and 10M- Neatly fnrntshed rooma,
1 summer prices; also desirable unfurnished rooms
suitable for housekeeping; S blocks from bridge i con
venient to all oars
umljjhfil Wtowtit to et-jtSottttttg.
10 RENT Furnished. 10 rooms; barn: one honr
from Chambers St. PHILLIPS ft WELLS, Tribune
ef latu anii ciparlmfntu Ca ?tt.
ThofinTizTroirGrJ. Boulevard, (129th st.)
Five all light rooms nnd bath: all Improvements:
Jrtratnhall; rent moderate: also 3 rooms and bath,
snilnror J. C, HOFFMANN, Ift Cortlandt at.
FLATS AND A PAil 1 MENTB. unfurnished, rurnisneo.
In deslrahle loeattons: rent Will to $3,000.
FOIiHOM liltOTHEIta H8 Broadway, cor. 18th at.
(W'TH ST.. !1 1 TO 833 EAST -New houses; S-room
tlJ apartmenta $10 to $tn 80; dumb waiters, eleo
trlc tkells; hot baths free to tenants; wide street;
floors deadrned. office In 883.
1S1KTH ST".. 84S"EAST.-Apartmenta of three and
J four rooms: all light rooms; cheap rent.
gu'elUnfl pouistis Co Ift dity.
DESIRABLE HOUSES, furnished and unfurnished.
In deslrahle locations: rent $1,800 tn$A,noo.
FOLBOM liItOTIIF.R's. B80 Broadway, cor. 18th st.
tlo et for SauUstifeV ?urpo)8ftt.
BUILDINGS, stores, lofts, otnees, and studios to let
In desirable locations
FOLBOM BROTHERS, isgn Broadway, cor. UthsL
VNIIKR THE A 1-TON. 2,100 nil, IIOITI.n.
VAltl), ilSOTII UT.)
Fine corner store mittiiiie for saloon, drug, or
grocery. JanliornrJ.C HOFFMANN. IB Cortlandt st.
Ileal (fstate Jfor 5aU rooUttjn,
83toO KTYLlSH and cheap houses, 7 rooms nnd
bath, ull improvements !1 lilooss from stations of two
elotatid railroads; $l")0 cash. $10 monthly, better
accommodstlnu ttiau H $85 (Int. I.AVJKlt, Magenta
st , rri-seent sr. .titituu e'ther elevated road, or
HOIir.HT WIIEBE.A.V, 40 Wall St.. New York.
2lf al (ftutatf or ,3alf cCoarj island,
lJUILDINO LOTS nt Northport, near Gravel Beach,
J) only $30: worth double, circulars sent.
LKWIS, 80i Broadway.
nOTEl.TIIREBOAIII.Fh, Frepport for sale; $4,0O0.
A. R. UllOllhS, Freeport. L I.
,for alt ot Eo Zrt jjtw rwtu.
TENAFLY, N. .1,-ltanaioiu. villa plots for
sale. U, WEATUk'ttBY Ca. 171 Uroadws.
Scat gettate ttt giurttoB,
Will sell at auction TOEHDAY. JULY 14, noon.
At 111 Broadway, N. Y Real Estate Betetrooma
Immediately adjoining
Wtn tVartl, ew York City.
These lots are desirably situated on
Bplendld looatlons for business and residences; city
Improvements, sewers, water, gas, etc.
If desired. Title guaranteed free of cost to eaoh par-
Maps wltn Merrill A Rogers. Attorneys, lit Broad
way: C. A. Becker, 731 Tromont ave.
James U Wells and Charles A. Bsrrlan, Auctioneers,
CI) Liberty st. N. Y. "
flioUroeti and cSchoolis.
For Tonng Bfea-Clty aad Oountrr.
8ammr noardfnr Bchoo. for Pnyt opn Julj-Ut,
at Centroport, I. I.: ttmilfn optional, orcbftr1,s:v
dena, i&li-wier bathlnff, bo$.Unv nihlnr , Ac Ad
drwi m DUO. JEHOMK.
nnalne.. ColleRea.
SnOilTTlAKP Inane ritraan'i; enter now for fall
potltlonm, RTfirrjrradiiatn pUctd.
gimootttiSt (Qxnnnis, &t
AMNK upriaht pUno UB, $5monthlj: Chic .tar
tug; bstrKnln.
WKaNgIUftO'IonfrqmprTit.s Jertey City.
AFI.NE 8tlnir$iy I7fl, f monthly: unrlfTbt, brvr
gMn. WUinerllaU.flU B?(l NwarlcN..r.
I LEr.ANTuprlgbt nUnn tluA. fl monthly Bteln"
J wAy.tiarKAln. VlRHNKR.l.Ui, 290,309 Fulton il.
Brooklyn; opinerenln$ii.
PIANOS. $vs up: 910 dnwnr lnitallra?nUi rnt'; tsx
Chrngp. PIANO EXCHANGE. 1U107 Wwtaad ti.
PIANOS, tin pftymonH: Urt itoclc.lowtprlo.
It. M. WAI.TKRS. lOi-loa Vt UBd it , near .'way.
S TEINWAY 100. 0 mnntblr; upright. 3 rent
WlsSSKIt,n3y Fulton st., Urooklyn. Opn eTetv
GrilIOIlT piano $11S 95 monthlr: 8t?Inway, bar
Katn: rentt t3. WlhSNER, 053 RUte it,, near
Flatbuih arvDrooJtlyn.
1rriAN08frorr.f25to78,4 monthly. W1SSNI.il
O II ALL. 2-4 8U0 Fulton it., Brooklyn. Open efen
longer entabllhf d and ha had more experience than
auy other advertising phylclan: city paper prove
thla. Under hti eclentino treatment hlood and tkln
tlUtasea, palm In tone, red epoU. sore throat and
mouth, ulcer, painful welling kidney and bladder
complaint, scalding. Inflammation. trnvH, undevel
oped ortrana, weak; back, loM vitality, are ftperdlty,
permanently cured. Men about to marry anouid con
ult OLD DR. OKINDLE. Every Impediment removed.
fiulTerers. donot watte time vlfilttntT let tklUul phy
icliina. Remember OLD DIt OHLVDLE nover falla.
orFH'E OVER 1ft YF. A Its at 171 Weil tvth t . ietween
Oth and 7th av. Advice free. Medicine. SI. Hour a,
Vitotf, Sunday. 0 to 8. No charge unleu cured.
ULDI)K.ORKT,a.yen m aperlallat la
dlaenaea of men oaly, Quickest ptrniftnont cure
guaranteed or money refunded: blood, ftktn, kidney,
ladder, nervou debility, bail dream, Impediment
to marriage. Ofllceorer 39 year at 12') Ktft 17th t
near Union aquare. Hour V to V; Hunda V to 3.
Treatment and advice free. Medicine, only 5c.
cure in dlneaaes of men: dangerous rates KOliuited i rtv
lie. f at once, those desiring only flrftt-cla! acleotlflo
treatment should call. The leading specialist. Dr.
IiONKCHL'It. 187 West 82d it.; U to 8; 4 to V. Sun
days, io to a.
DR. CONRAD.Sclentlflc, skilful treatment oi or
ganic and functional disease and trregularltlo
of women. Frlrate sanitarium. 117 Weil 47th L:
hour V to 6.
"f "R. and Mr. Kelnhard, experts: 80 years' ex perl
SJ enoe: treat female irregularttle ucoeaifully.
800 West 4M st.
gubiir Jlotlcrs.
TplosTorricir kotxcilC
(Should be read DAILY by all lntretd, aa changes
may occur at any time )
Forelrn malls for the week ending July II will close
(PROMPTLY In all cm-) at th's omce a follows:
hWEDEN. NORWAY (Chrlstlanls). and RUhMlA.
pT steamahlii 8Aale,"la liremrn t letters for other
parts of Europe, via Cherbourg, must be directed
perbaalo":at7A. M.for NKTHERLANDddlrect,
pt-r steamship Obdam, via I'.otterdam (lerter
inut be directed " perObdam"), ait a. M. for
(1ENOA, per teamhlp Ems, Otters mutt
be iilrfcied " per Ems") at 0 A. M. ftup
plpmentarr U .10 A. M.) for FRANCE.
Switzerland, italt. sI'ain. roitTi oau
steam hip lu. Touralne, via Havre; at 1UA.1L
for BCufLAND direct, per steamship Ethiopia,
via Ulafffow (letter mutt be directed pr
Ethiopia') at 11 A.M. (supplementary 12 30 1.
M i fnr EUROPE, per tteointhlp Etrurla, via
PRINTED MVTTER, fto Oerman ateAmers sailing
on TueedAys. Thursday s, and Saturday takn
Printed il alter. Ac. for Orrmauy, and bpeciaiij
Addrctse'l Printed Matter, Ac. tor other parts of
Europe. White Star steamer on Wednesday take
hpeiifWly Addressed Printed Matter, Ac, for
Europe Cunard steamer on Saturday take
Printed Matter. Jtc , for Great Hrltaln and Ireland,
and speclallv Addressed Printed Matter, Ac. for
other parts of Europe American anil French line
teamvrs take Printed Matter. Ac.t for ull coun
trie for which they ara Advertised to carry nialL
After the closing of the Supplemntary Trans-Atlantlo
Malls mmd atwive. addltltual supplementary
malls are opened on the piers of the American,
rngllsh, f-rnoh, and (terman t earner, and ro
lualnopen until witulnTea Mlnutet of tho hour of
talllutt of tteamr r.
SATURDAY.-At 10 A. M. uupplemf ntary 10 SO A. M.)
and RA VANILLA, ner ttnraship Alleghany; at
in A. M. for .SKWrOl.NDI.AND. per steamship
Portia (letter mint be directed " per Portia'): at
10 A. 31. for Mr.WfOUNDLAND.ner eteamshlp
MlvU at lu'MOA. 31. for t'AMPFCHE. CHIAPAS,
hip City of Washington (letters for other parts of
Mexico and for Cuba must be directed "per City
of Washington"): at 12 31. for JAMAICA, pt-r
steamship Anerley (letters far llelUe, Puerto
t'orter, and Guatemala must be directed "per An
erlev" : at 12 M. for ORFNADA, THINIDAD. and
TORAOO per ttramslilp Grenada, at I P. M, for
IIAltllADOFfi direct, alto NORTH BRAZIL, via
Para ami Manaot, per steamship Orlcrn (letter
for other parts of Tlrasll mutt te directed "per
orlgen"); al H 80 P. M. for ST. PIERRS-MIQUE-US,
per steamer from North Sydney,
Halls for NawfoondUad, by rail to Hall fa i, and ttaenoa
by ateamer. close at this office datty at 080 P, M,
Malls for Mlaaeloo, by rail to Boston, and. thence
by steamer, close av this offlcft daily atB:B0 P. H.
Malta for Cuba close at this office dally at 7:00 A.
M., for forwarding by steamer sailing (Mondays
and Thursdays) from Port Tampa, Fla Malls for
Mexico, overland, unlet upecially addressed for
despatch by steamer, close at this office dall at
7. Ou a. M. I Registered mall closes at o P. M, pre
vious day,
Stalls for China and Japan, per kteamship Dorio
Ifrom tan Franclicoi, close here dally up
to July 10 at A:Sn P. M, Malls for Hawaii,
per steamship Australia (from San Francisco;,
close here dally up to July A at fl SO P, M. Malls
for China And Japan (specially Addressed only),
per steamship Empress of China (from Vanrou
vr. close here dally up to July n at ..'flO P M.
Malls for Australia i except ihoe for West Aus
tralia, which nrn fnnvarded via Europe), New
Zealand, Ha wall. FIJI, and Hamoan Islands,
per steamMilp Mrlpoia (from San Francis
co i. cloo here rtaltr up to July 118 at 7:30
A 51., 11 A. M.andrt'UOP.M. (or on arrival at New
lorkof steamship Umbrla with British malls for
Australia.). Mall for the society Islands, per hlp
Clli of Pat pelt I from San franclsco, cloie here
dally up toJulf 2S. attl'UiiP. M. Mattt for ChlnA
Ami Japtn, p-r steamship Tacoma (from Tacomar,
i lose here dally up to July ,7 at t) JiO P. 31. Mails
for Australia (except Wett Australia), Hawaii, and
Fill Islands (Rp'rlftllv ndtlresed onty), per steam
ship Warrlmoo (from Vancouver!, olofce tiere dally
arterJuly lHand up to August II at A-30P, M.
Trans Pacific mails nru forvtardc J to port of sailing
dally nnd tne acliedule of tloilng is arranged on
tho presumption of ttietr uninterrupted overland
transit. IRetrUtered ini.ll clo. at ft'OOP M. pro
lousday. CJURLrS W DAYTON. Postmaster.
Post omce, New York. N, ...July Hi, lbvm.
T A SPFCIAL TKHM of the Supreme Court of
,SfvY York held ot Ihe County Court Houe In the
city of New York on tne I7lh dar of prll, JStfrt.
The Matter of the Voluntnry Dissolution of the Oullll
land Rltcifiiig and Truc4ln? Company On reading
and filing the petit on or Harris II Oulllllatid. John A
McVullleu, waiter K. Uiihvo, Morris s. King, and
Charle P. Newton a directors of the. Oulltlland Rig
glng und Trucking Company, a domestic corporation,
crenteti uuiler theiawof this State, liming itn prln
clpal onice located at Number tjHl KldrMgH street. In
the i Ity ( ounty, and htate of N'evt- York, and the
sc tied nt.. thereto annosed, duly verillrd by the petl
tloiicrHOi. the Uth day of April, Inn. und on motion
of Arthur H. Fly of Counsel for the petitioners.
OHDP.i.KD, if at nil pertnns imeretd lit said cor
fiorsllonthow ciuie, i-efore tlilacourt Iwforo Lilian
I Andrews, K( , who I hereby Aptjlnesl referee
for that purp-s ut hi nflW. 'o 8 Park row, in tho
rlf) nf nVm York. on the ib dtv of Jul, ism), at
(wii o'cI'a In thv nfternoon tr tlidt day, why the
sal'l corporation should not ! dWolrrd And It U
f urlhf r ordered that a copy of this order ! pub
lished at leitt once In etch week of He ihr-e weeks
Immedittely preceding the thlil a.lh day of July
Ihl'rt, in the New Ynr Luw Journal ind In Tne Hun,
newspsperspunlhhed In the Htv and County of New
York. witTr Ihls orJf r Is entere'i
(bliued) ENTER
5fl Botlttt.
Notice Is hereby tlTer. that pursuant to the decree
of foreoloturo and nale made And entered by the Cir
cuit Court of the United States for tho Eastern Dis
trict of Wisconsin, on April fl7, ISOft, In a certain con
soildated cause In equity, pending In said Court, where
in The Farmers' Loan and Trust Company Is com
plainant, and the Northern Paclflo Railroad Company
and others are defendants, and certain decrees an
cillary thereto In causes pending between said parties
In the Circuit Courts of the United States for the fol
lowing districts, entered! on April 29. isort,in the
District of Minnesota! on Majr 1, 189ft, In the District
of Montana; on May a. lMid, In the District of North
Dakota And in the District of Washington: on May 4,
lSPO.Inthe Western District of Wisconsin and In the
District of Idaho and In the District of Oregon: on
May 12, lWo.ln the, Northern District of Illinois and
In tho Southern District of New York.
1$ ALFRED L, QARY, as Special Master, shall sell at
public auction to the highest bidder, At the pAtsenger
station upon the railroad of the Northern Paclflo
Railroad Company, at the City of Superior, In the
Bute of Wisconsin, on Saturday the Slh day of July,
1890, at ten o'clock In tho forenoon, the property,
tights, privileges, and franchises hereinafter de
scribed, constituting the first, second, ami Iblrd par
cels, respectively mentioned In the said dotirees, vis. t
All and singular the railroad and telegraph tine or
lines of the defendAnt, the Northern Pacific Railroad
Company, as the same were constructed or being con
structedatthedate of the execution of the General
Second Mortgage, namely, on the QOth day of Novem
ber, 1883, or as the same were thereafter constructed
let The main tine from a point on Lake Superior, In
the State of Wisconsin, at or near the mouth or the
Montreal River, which river forms. In part, the boun
dary between the States of Wisconsin and Michigan, to
Its terminus at Tacoma, on Pugel Sound, In the Terri
tory (now State) of Washington, Tla the valley
of the Columbia Hirer, and Its branch from
a point on said main line across the Cas
cade Mountains to Puget Sound, and alt the
lands, tenements and hereditament acquired or
appropriated for tne purpose of a right-of-way for
said main line and branch, and all the easements and
appurtenances thereto belonging or In any wise ap
pertaining, nnd all the railways, ways and rights of
way. depot grounds, tracks, bridges, viaduct, cul
verts, fence and other structures, wharves, docks,
depots, station houses, engine house, car houses,
freight houses, wood houses, warehouse, machine
shops, water tanks, turntables, superstructures, rreo
tlon and fixtures, whether held at the date of the ex
ecution of satd General Second Mortgage or there
after acquired for the use of said lines of railroad, or
In conmctton therewith, or the business thereof; also
all locomotives, tenders, cars, hand or push cam,
and all other rolling stock or equipment, and
all rati, ties fastenings, switches, side tracks
and machinery, tools. Implement, fuel, sup
plies and materials whatsoever, for or In re
spect of the constructing, operating, maintaining, re
pairing or replacing said lines of railroad or any part
thereof, or necery or convenient for use for the
purpoft" thfreor, whether held and owned at the date
of the execution of said General Second Mortgage or
thereafter acquired by said Northern Pacific Railroad
Company, together with all the equipments and ap
purtenances whatsoever thereunto belonging,
whether then held or thereafter acquired, and all
rights, privileges. Immunities and franchises con
nected with or relating to said lines of railroad, and
line or lines of telegraph, or the construction, opera
tion, maintenance, nse, or enjoyment thereof, then
held or thereafter acquired by the sr-d railroad com
pany; and alt corporate and ot franchises of
any nature relating thereto. Including the fran
chises of said railroad companr to be a corporation;
and all the Income, earnings and profits of said North
ern Paclfle Railroad Company and main line and
Cascade Branch; also all the estate, right, title and
Interest of said Northern Pacific Railroad Company
In and to the tease of the SL Paul and Northern Paclflo
Railway, and In and to the railroad, properties and
appurtenances and the terminal and other facilities
therein mentioned and described, or Intended so to
be. which said leaxe bears date the 1st day of June,
one thousand eight hundred and eighty-three, nnd Is
recorded In the office of the Secretary of state of
the State of Minnesota; also the undivided one
half of all that part of the St. Paul and Du
lnth Railroad which extends from Its Junc
tion with the said main tine of railroad of
the satd Northern Pacific Railroad Company, near
Thompson, In the County of Carlton, to Duluth. in the
State of Minnesota, with the Appurtenances thereto
belonging, and all the rights, privilege, easements,
property and rights of property thereto belonging
or used or Intended to be used In connection there
with or for the purposes thereof: also all and
singular the lands, premises and real estate
situated and belnr In the City of SL Paul. In
the State of Stlnnesota, and In the said City
of Dnluth. which the satd Northern Paclflo Rail
road Company owned at tb dato of the execution of
said General Second Mortgage, or which thereafter It
acquired for use in connection with or for the pur
poses of the said railroads or any of them or the busi
ness of the said Northern Pacific Railroad Company;
and also all and singular alt other property and
rights of property of every kind and nature of the
said Northern Paclflo Railroad Company owned by It
at the date of the execution of said Oeneral Second
Mortgage or thereafter acquired, whererer sit
uated or however held for use In connection with
or for the purposes of the satd railroads or any of
them, or the business of said Northern Pacific Rail
road Company: Including all stocks and bonds In
other companies owned by the defendant, the North
ern Pacific Railroad Company, at the time of the ap
pointment of Receivers herein under the bill of com
plaint filed by the complainant. The Farmers Loan
and Trust Company, on October 18th, 180 other
than stock and bonds pledged under the Consolidat
ed Mortgage or otherwise, and all the right, title, and
Interest of said defendant, the Northern Paclflo Rail
road Company, In such pledged stocks and bonds,
subject to the rights of the pledgees thereof.
Tostether with all and singular the hereditaments
and appurtenances thereto belonging or In anywise
Excepting, however, any portions of said premises
which may have been released from the Hen and op
eration of said General Second Mortgage under the
power reserved thereunder.
Subject, however, a to the portions of the above
desrr1ted property covered thereby to the Hen or the
two certain montage or deed of trust dated May 1,
1870, and Sept. 1. IH79, respectively, executed by the
Northern Pacific Railroad Companr to the com
plainant. The Farmers' Loan and Trust Company, as
trustee, and to a certain other mortgage or deed
of trust dated the 1st day of January, 1881,
known as the General First Mortgage of said Northern
Paclflo Railroad Company and executed by said
Northern Paclflo Railroad Company to the Central
Trust Company of New York, as trustee, and aUo
subject to the performance by the purchaser, or bis
successor or assigns, of all pendtna contracts tn re
spect of said first parcel, lawfully made by the Re
ceivers of the Northern Paclflo Railroad Company be
fore such sale thereof.
fa) First Mortgage Bonds of other companies re
ceived by The Farmers Loan and Trust Company as
security for the Consolidated Mortgage bonds of satd
railroad company, tn accordance with the provisions
of the mortgage under which said bonds were Issued,
as follows, to wlti
Little Falls Dakota Railroad
Company 91,707,000
Less canceled In Sinking Fund,, 179.S71
Northern Paclflo. Fergus A
Black Hills Railroad Company, B.843.000
Less canceled In Sinking Fund . SSMW
Duluth, Cooks ton ft Northern
Railroad Company 89.000
Fargo Ar Southwestern Railroad
Company 1,748,000
Lett canceled tn Sinking Fund,, 178,A0a
Northern Pacific, La Moure ft
Missouri River Railroad Com
pany 818,000
Sanborn. Conperatown ft Tur
tie Mountain Railroad Com
pany 7S0.OO0
Less canceled tn Sinking Fund ., 84,300
Jamestown ft Northern Railroad
Company. .... .. , . S.OftO.OOO
iett canceled In Sinking Fund. 20fl,ud4
Jamestown ft Northern Exten
sion Rill road Company . ,. 870,000
Southeastern Dakota Railroad
Coiuptuy . 183,000
Northern Paclflo ft Manitoba
Railroad Comnanr 0.880,000
R'wky Mountain Railroad Com
pany of Montana . .,,,,., 1,034,000
Less canceled In .Sinking Fund.. 01,059
Northern Paclflo ft Montana
Railway Company ., 8,488,000
Helena ft JeJTiron County
Railroad Company 408,000
Ies canceled In Sinking Fund., B3 401
Spokane Falls ft Idaho Rait.
road Company . ,, 870,000
Spokane ft Palouse Riltrnad
Companr ''Idaho Division)..,.. 1,918,000
Central Washington Railroad
Company ,. .. 400,000
Green River ft Northern Hall
roud Companr 873,000
Northern Paclflo A Cascade
Railroad Company...., . ... 888,000
Northern Paclflo ft Pugel
Sound Shore Railroad Com
panv 1.883 000
United Railroads of Washington fi,80.0uft
Clealutn HallroadCompany,,,, , 08,000
(b) General Third Mortgage Ronds of the Northern
pacific Railroad Company exchanged for Consoll
dated Mortgage floruit, In accordance with the terms
of said mortgage, 83S.00U
(c Capital slocks of other railroad companies rs-
cshed by Th Farmers' Loan and Trust Company a
security for said consolidated mortgage bonds. In a. i 1H
cordance with the proTlslonaot paid mortcagA Tt of j ?
which aharoa, exoept qualifying shares held btha jj.fi jjH
Directors of said companies, are now hetd by The 1 nit, M
Farmers' Loan and Trust Company. a follows, to jjM -W
Ul Arotof held Vitofl
Nam of Company, Btwi4e- hrPL '11
post ted. rector. .vi I JH
Dnluth, Crookston ft Northern .- A,nA 'Mftgsl
Railroad Company.. ., ., 4,99,80O 700 f $, ",!
Northern Paclflo, I Moure ft iJMsB
MlMourt Rlrer Railroad . V !
Company, 8 1 7,000 600 I M
Jamestown ft Northern F.xten- - f-iM
alon Railroad Company , 1,009,000 000 ; H
Southeastern Dakota Railroad ... - . K ' VsM
Company .., 183.000 000 J $W
Northern Paclflo ft Manitoba m ---, a 1 IflS
ttallroad Company , 000,000 10,000 J !
Spokane Falls ft Idaho Railroad -M , -ViV($M
(f'o'upf.nr 409.300 700 StlStM
Northern Paclflo ft Cascade Rail- M- m b .$$?
road Cninnnnr 034,000 000 ' Y Vr
Northern Pacific and Puget ' H XI fl
Sound Shore Railroad Com- .. &'i&ln1
pany 874,000 000 ft fUKM
Taenma, Orilng ft Southeastern A rt ?BBl
Railroad Companr 171.800 000 J J
Cteatum natrroad Company, .... 809,800 700 'ftfal
Rocfcv Fork ft Cooko city Rati 1 I.S
road Companr . 8,000,000 ilvMJBs
Oreen River ft Northern Rail- . t'Valsfl
road Companr 488,fl00 000 'jJhgfl
8tl,P!lt,.tO0 810 C00 1 7$'
All extension of nnd additions to the railroads of J Wgfl
satd Northern Pacific Railroad by construction. a. j 'IPgfl
qutsltton, purchase or otherwise, and alt bonds or J Lr
other Recurltlc obtained by said railroad company 1 H
In the course of such acquisition or construction, or J HissbbI
otherwise, to tho extent that such extension, add!- t j! sbbbbb!
tlons and bonds or other aocurlttra were paid for br 'filj'gal
the proceeds nf bond secured by said Consolidated Jm'BJs
Mortgage but subject to aidl Oeneral Second Hort 3$! H
gage and said General Third Mortgage of satd Rail iflllH
roan Company as to any nf said property covered by ITs'SBj
said two last-named mortgages. l tH
All the estate, right and title or the satd Northern Kit 1H
Pactfle Rail roe tl Company, under leases or otherwise. il'j ,fj
tu and to all branch et nt the date nf the execution of f If 41
said Oeneral Third Mortftage, namely, the 1st daror .11 iffl
December. 18K7, constructed and operated as feeder 't iiiH
to said main line, nnd of th" said Cascade H ranch of ,XH )gJ
the Northern Paclflo Railroad Company, via.: The JU Bbbi
Little Falls and Dakota Railroad In Minnesota! -i 'tsssl
the Northern Pacific. Fergus and Week Hills . ' !
RaHrnnd. nnd ttm Duluth and Manitoba Railroad ' isxss
In Minnesota nnd Dakota; the Fargo and South- nUrtlB
wrfitern Railroad, tho Sanborn, Coperstown and iv JrH
Turtle Mountain Railroad, the Jamestown ana A'eKvBj
Northern Railroad, the J nine River Valley ktlBssl
R-llroad, and the Northern Pacific, La Moure and' ilPtsl
Missouri River R It road, in Dakotn; tho Rocky Moun- -MadialBl
tain Railroad of Montana, the Helena and Jefferson HjsJbbbbbs
fViuntv Railroad, the Helena nnd Red Mountain Rail- ibbbbbbbI
road, the MImoiiK nnd Rltter R'Hit Valler Railroad, sbbbbbbbI
the Helena and Northern Railroad, the Drummond 71888881
and Phllllnihnrg Railroad, and the Helena, Boulder IsbbbbbbbI
Vfittey and Rntte Railroad. In Montana; the Spokane llalBBBBl
Fall, and Idaho Raltroad. In Idahnt the, Spokane ana JssbbbbbbbJ
Palotise Rallwar, the Northern Pacific and Cascade lgsssssl
Railroad, the Northern Pacific and Pugel Hnnnd Shore biJbbbbbbb!
Rallrosd. and the Oealum Railroad, In Washington IjUBBBBBs
Territory (now State): and In and to all branch rail- iMIsBBBBbI
roadvarter Ihe date of the execution nf said mort 'lAlalBBBBl
iroge acquired or constructed and operated a such illinBJBBa
feeslers of thn sAld main line or Cascade Branch, with ytasssl
the hereditaments and appurtenances thereto belongs Ssssl
lng and appertalnlm?. Bf:8BBBl
As provided by said decree, the purchaser of any lLssl
satd parcel, his surcessom or assigns, upon paymens SWlBsl
of the purchase price bid therefor, or upon making? 9 JMbsbbbI
such provUlou as the Court shall approve for the pay- HrfsBBsssl
ment thereof, shall be let Into possession of the prop- mrjmM
ertr convejed, Inrludlng alt Income, proceeds or in- iTClgsBBBl
come, bills snd acconnts receivsble, rasn and other 'jBBsl
pmpertr. reeelvM by tho Ilecetversof said raltroad ! VvIbTbsbI
company In the management or operation of the ! f&VjBJsl
mortgaged premises embraced In such conveyance or i ISBssl
pertaining thereto: and the purchaser of such first ssaM
parcel, his successor or assigns, shall also re- f3ii,fa?J
reive conveyance of anv and all property of the Jf$JBBB
antd railroad company appurtenant to satd premises) r&tiM
and acquired for me in connection with or for the Hi'OlBBs
purposes of said railroad or the business of said rait- . fy1 Bssl
rnad company, and vested In or standing In the, nam tq'Bssl
of the satd Recelveri or to which ald Receivers In any bH&jI'JBbI
manner have acini red title, all of the foregoing SttUlal
le tne 1ncln1d in anch sale, nU-ui sssl
The aald sates win he made subject, and reference HUsAsBsa
Is herehr made, to the terms, conditions, reservations 3 rfga
and obligations In said seTeral decrees respectively iiYisBBBBa
contained. Including thoe therein described appllca- abasBBsi
ble to sld flrst parcel In resnect of (a) the Recelrera IeIbbbbbbI
of the Northern I'aclflr Railroad Company: (b) the S&IsBBBBbb
certificates nf the said Receivers: fc claims asalnsl ssbbhbksbbbI
the itd ReceeM (d) claims against the said rail- IswBbbbbbI
road company for unpaid Indebtetlne or liabilities 9sh8BBBb1
contracted or incurred ly A)d railroad company In jYsbbbbbb1
the nreratlon of Its railroad piyment whereof was 318bbbbb1
provided for in the n'rjr ppolntlmr the Receivers, X InfgBBBsl
and Mhlch may tw sdjudtred prior In lien or superior at JibbbbbbI
In equltv to said pe rural second morrra7e; (e) the txlgsBBBBl
Wisconsin Central Companv and the Wisconsin Cen- i2bsbbb1
tral Railroad Company snd the Kecctvers thereof. MfJBJ
The Special Master, a directed by the decrees, will xsbbbbbbI
receive no bid from anTone offering to bid for any IIbbbbbbtJ
one of the parcels nlKive deerlbM who shall not. as a v sbbbbbbbb
riled ye that h will make good his hid for snch parcel, -'TbbbbbbbI
n case of its arreptanre. first have made deposit with IMiBbbbbbbi
the Special Master as follows, to wlf uBBBBBsl
In respect of the said flrst parcel the sum of 8800,. jftoBBBBBBs
000 in money, nr 8V00 000 par value ot the bonds frAsfJalBBl
secured hr sad General Second Mortaraen. JtylSjBBBBsl
In resDectof thesM eeeond parrel the snmof 8850- 5a) iSbbbbbbI
000 In money, or 81,000.000 par value of said Consoll- IbbBBbbI
da'ed MorWnire tonds )L ;L?JJ1
In reipeef nf iH third parcel the sum of 070.000 tn ' wigTsBBl
money or 812pi.o00 par value of said General Third AtBBBBsl
Mortgage iKinds, & VIVafJ
rpon acceptance of any bid for anr one of satd par vbbbbbbb1
eels, the purrheser thereof forthwith shall make do- s'iBBBBBBl
posit with said Special Master as follows: ?1sbBBBBBb1
In respect or ald first parcel th snm of 9-8O0.000 In &P4sjBBBa
cash, or $.100 000 par value of said General Second 4t-sk3QBBBBBsV
Mortgage bonds. " IJtJtJ
In respect of said second parcel the snm of 9900.000 - HisbbbbI
In rnh nr 88 (Km 000 par valuo of said Consolidated Ibbbbbbbb!
Mnrtyatre bonda H
Inrepectof anld third parcel 8128 000 In cash, or TsbbbbV
8300 Ooo par value of said General Third tfortgace ilaalBBl
The Special Master win receive certified checks) tBBBBBi
unon wit national bank or trust rompany In the ASbbbbb!
City of New York, as money and also will receive bbbbbbI
certlflcntesnf the Farmers' Loan and Trust Company -i-bbbbI
that It holds iVnds as there'n descrlted. subject to the ' !gTgfl
order nf tbe party named and transferred to the order IIsbbbbbI
of said Special Master, in lieu of such onds, with IrnBBBBBa
like force and effect aa though the bond therein I 'sbbBBbI
named had ten delivered to such fpclal Master. yBBBBl
Anv cash or Mnds which may have been deposited ?alBBl
by tbe successful bidder aa a pledtre that he would tglffl
makt'good his Md. shall be received on account of the 'LvfsSBBsl
amount required on the acceptance of his bid. 'I-IsTiSbbbI
The deposit received from any unsuccessful bidder lytBBBBs!
will be returneil to him when the property shall be issBsl
truck down. KBJBbI
In o any bidder, upon acceptance of hit bid, 4tBBBBsl
shall fall to make the deposit by said decrees re- 'lBBS
qnlred. the Special Matr will then and there again lmgtiBs
offer the property for sale without further notice or ' MsBBbm!
advertisement .gssBB
In case anr bidder or purchaser shall fall to make B8BBs
rood his bid upon Its acceptance by the Special Mas VibbIBbb!
ter. or after snch acceptance shall fall to comply wltbj iBBBBBi
any order of the Court relattns to the payment there IVH
of or the consummation or the purchase, then thede- iH
posit made hr such purchaser or purchasers will b miS
forfeited as a penalty for sueh failure and will be ap- CwRBsl
piled towarl the exp-nse of a resale and toward rJEsl
makini: i7ot-i any deficiency or loss In case the prop- AiBal
erty shall b sold at a price less than that bid at tbe ;'!
pr'orsaie. IBJH
If the Court shall not confirm the sale for which th) ff
deposit shall have been made, such depostt will be r 1 HesbV
turned to the bidder I i,B
Upon confirmation of anr sale by the Court, tha f SWsbbI
purchaser shall make Mich further payment or pay 5SH
ments in cash on account of his hid as the Court from f $?
time to tlnie may direct. The purchaser of any par ,3 jjiD
eel may eatNfy an1 makegoo-l any part of his bid not '1 at
required to be pnid In cash, by turning In to be can- A IM
ceied or crMlttMl, as In said decrees provided, any 3 fM
bond or vmpnn parable out of the proceeds of sncfi fiM-
parcel upon distribution of soh proceeds: and such '41 M
ptirchafr shall be credited therefor on account of ar 5m
his bid with such sums as would be payable on such 71
bonds and coupons out of the purcha price. If tba rW
whole amount thereof had been paid In cash. The m
Court reeres the rlcht to resell any parcel of tbe
ftrop-rty upon such notice as the Court shall direct, im
n cae the purchaser thereof shall fall or omit to -t iw
malsM any pament on acro'int of any unpaid balance n Iff
of the purchase price within thirty dars after the -7 f
entn of an order reoulrincsueh mrment fa' ,T8J;
For the purpose nf enforcing the provisions of tne m xp&
decree. Jurisdiction of the cause retained by the V fML
Court which reserves the rlaht to retake and resell ft' a
anv parcel tn ce the nut-chaser thereof or his sue- b4bh
cessors or asstBTin, thall fall tocomplv with any order Vi9
f the Court 1n respect to th payment of any such fn
, rlor Indebtedness or liabilities within thirty days fji
after service of n copy of Mich opdr f f
The Special Master will accept no Md of less than .wi
ten million dollars for th said flrst parcel; no hid of iM
less than two million dollar for the said seoond irS
parcel and no bid of less than five hundred thousand ly
dollars for the said third parcel For further parti co- BJ3
lars reference Is hereby made to alove mentioned tM'
Decrees of said Courts $!$
Dated May !flth, 1808. ALFRED L. CART. thai
Special Master. !,n
CompU'nant's Solicitors, ftp
S3 William Street, Ms
New Tork N. T Jj
gropojsaljs. m
. - r "i 71
rnopoHAl.H. A JiB
HKNIIV1' MOIiHINOS. Kiwlnrrr. P. O. box CB1. 4"Jr:
HTAI'I hTOS.8. I , Jul7.18(l. IWAt
I)nnp0SAIil. "W-aiM lii.ls or rstimafs will lie r f ril!
cHrr.1 hy th Itosrrt nr Suiwrvi.ors of ntehmnnd 'VYI
cnuntr. N. Y .at lli nnirt, of saltl lizard. Harlnvs Bank '?iv?
bnlhllng Nt.ii,ktnn S I. until Tursda, Juljr ii, 'J M
JHVfl, at H 3i r M., for rfculatlnir, grading, and ron- 5
strurttng a inarailam mi si on a certain nsrlnafter 'VF
mentioned rrmntr rnad. In arrnrdanra with specifics- riv
tlnns.lilnns anl ttrnnles on fi'e. In this offlra. ljti
Nik atl lllrhinnnd Terrace, from Hlchmond avanusj f m
to the westerlr line of tha IlartKir road. In the town ? ,t
of NorihrlrM, from tatlnn InsHO lostallon OBiOa J
Kstlmated ouantltle, Ui.fiOO square yardsof mais. jlj
adatn renewal 4,no ruhlc yardsof ezraratlon. ft
The right to rejeit anv or all Mrts for the abors f , a
work Is expressly reserved lir the said Board of I tfJ
Bi'perrl.nrs as may be deemed for th. test Int. rests I 1 v
of therouiilj I I It
Hperlflcailnns and blue prints to ba had odIod pea. ' 1
sonal appltestion. I Y$
By onlcrof tha Board of Hiinervlsors. I ' hi
frtANKI.IN C VITT. Cl.rk. I 3-
HirilUOSD rofNTV. N V. f IS
IIKNItr 1" MOItlll'-il'C Fnitlneer, P. O. Box MS. 4j
STAl'IKTON S I. July htb. 1B0. ji
SKAI.F.t) imm OK r.sTIMATF.S will be rerelrad J fi
Ihe Hovd of Kufi.rvlsurs or Itlclimond county. N, ffe
Vat thuoftlee of sshl Hoard Savings Hank hultding. , ir,
Klapletnn K I . unlll Tuesday, July 8. lBl'n. at 8. HO s , Ji
o'clock ) M , for furul.Mng all tha labor, materials, V.
horses, carls, trucks, rollers, sprinklers. Ac., whlon ,J .
mi) be rruulri-0 by the Fuglneir of County Itoads to t ( '1
the nork of ri'Alrng. nmlntnltiliig. and keaplmr In s . s
cleanly coutlitlnn cerialn liitproseil county roads. f ffi 1
I'arllculars in be had by applying to Henry P. 1 '
Morrison, Knginear o' County Itoads. .Slaplcton, 8. L A '.J
By order of the Board of hun-rvlsors. ' kl '29
KIU.NKI.IN O VITT, Clark, ft m
fattuw. M
nAUUKIiSof MOXKV m good PATENTS " ", M
when procurfd and sold llirough reliable Tatenl At. . fif
lorneys. I'l.AKK HKKUF.Il OMPANY. 180 Broadway, hHl
N.Y. Iuialiiablii-'lllnis to Imentnrs" mailed fraa. Ill
tT BIUII oulckl) a-nd for -100 ioT."ntlmIs I J W
T Wanted." V.lHIAItTATK ft CO.. SHiU'.lwsy.N.Y. ' ' J
"lATFNT8for Inrnntions procured promptly ; losr , U
. . ' i-ij

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