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K f THE SUN, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1895. '. '
i Talk r OnpoeInK Prtnldrnt Elliot nt the
B National Assemblr-I. It, Potter Not it
H Candidate Charcm Ma do Aanlaet ths
.' Heeretarj'a Department or the .cot.
H ' There was a Urea and rrpresontatlvo matter
H ,of oyellng legislators In Parlor A tit the Grand
H i Union Hotel last night when the annual meet-
ln or the New York btato Division of the I A.
H W. came to order. All teemed to realize the
H Importance of the oocntlon and wasted little
H- time In disposing of the volurao of business
Bj awaiting discussion.
Hf The session was signalized by some unexpected
H$ a and almost sensational Incident'. Ono of these
Hii ' ' Wa a motion to Instruct the Stato delegates to
H, upnose the reelection of President Elliot of the
H& lenguo at the National Assemblr. The Idea
X seemed to fall In with the views of several
H'f present, but Chief Consul Potter finally per-
H' sundod tho speakers to let tho delegates bo un-
Hy fettered. In order that his own position In tho
H'fr matter might bo thoroughly understood he sub-
H.t' mlttcd tho following important stntcment:
B,"' Certain of my generous friends have proposed mr
R' candidacy for tho unit o of President of the League of
Hf American Wheelmen. I am deeply crateful for tho
K compliment Implied by this suggestion, and though a
Ei publlo declaration may not seem "oil timed until
Ki after the personnel of the Natlonnl Assembly Is deter
V 4tp mined, I am led by many conflicting And apparently
Bo. confuting articles in the public prints to state as fol-
fc lowet
wv The office of President requires the performance of
Vp duties which I cannot at this time undertake A
mf- due attention to mv personal business and to the
B'l official work now demanded ot me wllliln my own
N Btate will oonsume my full measure of ttmo and
E$ energy for another year. We nre about to at-
i tempt the pastago or a Uood ltoa is htll at
rf Albany, and to tho accomplishment or this object
R& every member of our Stale division I expecteu to
'." lend Ws Iiest teal. Un ler these conditions and while
Ht tht promise of success It apparently so bright, It
Htf would b; an net of doubtful loyalty for nuy nffict r to
;5 abmdon I Is post In the division or m divert his en
H.y ereleab) the acceptance of nnother onice.
Ht ,- Our work lu hand pertains toasiiujcctto which I
5& bave Riven long and carerul attrnilon, and the nivm-
l bertnftheNew York Division will rightfully hold me
u responsible In some degree fur Its success I have c-
'g ceptrtl tnls rrtponslblllty mid shall try to Justify It.
Hu but ror reasons which I have now stated and which I
.J feel my friends win respect 1 must decline to bo a
H'J caudldato ror the Presidency at the February election.
Hk The following officers and representatives re
B' n eponded to roll call:
Hr (Mirers Isaao D. Potter. Chief Consul : W. E. Under-
bill, Mre Consult W. s Hull, tsacretary-Traasurer;
p Ueorge K. tilackham, Auitltnr.
mif First Dlstrlct-M. M. Holding Jr , Iax Dernbardt,
B V F. F flrunner. .. II. Curtis. T. T. Eckert, Jr., K. si.
leSt'. Froblsher. Matthew (llbb, Dr. U a U'Hoy. W. J. Me-
fCormlck. Dr K A. llvritk, VHIIam O. Oppenhelm. fl,
C. renneli. Will 11 Pitman l)r M. I. Hheln. J. M.
Hlffis, J. C- Itoosevell, Louis ltosonrcld. C A.Sheehan,
SJSJSIft J. 11. Uoltiird, (Irorgo II Innl.Jnhn u, Yates. II. M.
i. Daldwln. h. L. Roaewald. and K F Hill
, s'fnit Dlstrlct-.N. -. OolilelKh. Charles F Cole, I-
mx V. C ileman J. COste lo James M. Hale. Waldo V
M Fuller. Michael Furst. Dr. CLanes T. bnutr. It. D.
Tt- fiervoss. tloorge T. Stebblus. H. K Htlllson, Henry
r- Struirurl1, Edward It. U alter. Iluylcr tlllson, and O.
f A lion Iter
f Third District William M Ilnnlg. Thomas W.Neary,
ISf! A. O. snerry II O rolger. and Henry w. Dullard.
Filth anilSlith Districts Charles F.Cossum, Walter
H A K Jonklns. and rhnmns t'ary Woli h.
M ,1 ncmb Reurrsrntatlres Irving II Charlotte. Kow York
; Dicyile ft. II Wlldey. Van CortI mitt Wheelm. n,
MH t'eersklll: W. a I'niips Albany County Whpelmcn:
?i 1 Gebereaux and William Krlttmnn, Itlverslde
Wheelmen: WlllUm Wnrtman. Hudson Iltcycle: John
IS;.. fChlsm. Jr.. Albany Dlcjcle: J. Will Anlott, Cohors
't. Wheelmen: John D. sillier, scbenecttdy County
f vnie-lnien; Spencer P. tlend and J. IL Goodwin,
c Century Wheelmen: William J ll.inil.Troj Bicycle,
and It. i Henry. Lakeside Wbeelmen. Uenevo.
H'. Chief Consul Potter then nddreased the meet
B ln(t briefly, and, on account of his recent illnwn,
B ' Intrusted the reading of his report tu Vice Con
M't eul Underhlll. The document nrovid to be an
1 lnteretlne rcsnm6 of the matters accomplished
mi tbrnuchuut the entire division and ot the nece
H,f Bltlos yet to bo provided. He covered the sltua-
tlnr t'jornuchl), and laid special stress on the
ikuIo' aseclal law of the Leglslatnro on the
H'J quot on of cood roads. The report was adopted
" by acclamation.
!' Secretary-Treasurer W. S. Bull reported that
thereceipts of the dUIslon had reached the
total of S-':t.7J0.V0 as compared with dlsburs-
-5 inentsof $10,448.60. which leaves a balance of
) over, $4,000. This announcement was hailed
') with enthusiasm. In vouching for the Treas-
i nrvr'a fluorcs. Ur. George E. Ulackliam. the
1; Btite auditor, caused quito a flutter by tra-
i? poaching the eflkiency of the L. A. V. secre
H'' lury's department. Ho stated Unit no later than
3 yesterday morning in looktug through the
J;- llguren be discovered a mistake nf SoOO in one
It Item forwarded from tho national office to
Hf Treasurer Dull, and that he had been previously
Hi, linn.pered in a similar way by th ague and
tji confusing st) le of the Information forwarded by
-t the League becretnr). He suggested that the
H? delegates to the National Assembly should
K,' move for a thorough revision of the bookkecp
Hi log and general business methods of thenfflcr.
mi The report and recommendations were adopted.
K-' The Exerutlvo Committee presented lisreport,
f!,', and recommended appropriations for the ensu
Vl) lng ) ear as follows: Chief ConsnTa nllowance,
T S1.S&0: Secretary-Treasurer's salary, $-',500;
fr o dices, S1.S0O: help. Sl-'.OuO.
f The other standing committess were heard
UP. from, and Chairman A. D. Wait of the Racing
$- Board reported that fifty-four championships
ft had been sanctlonetl dnrlng the year. These
Ki lnclnded four State, twenty-nine county, eleven
K city, and ten general. The latter were awarded
gj to county fairs. Tho Chairman urged that no
2 further grants of this character be made, owing
to the unsatisfactory results.
Y: The committee on nominations then presented
the names of flf t delegates to represent the
$Z division at the National Assembly In February,
r and for a time there were indications of trouble.
i'-l Charles A. gheehan objected to have the namo
i thrait upon the meeting, and remarked that the
ti ommittee was apparently a self-appointed one
vhlch bad made its choice in caucus. Chief
Potter quelled the rising storm by stating that
nominations were still in order. Only one fresh
name was put forward, nnd it was at once with-
Jj, urnwn by the nominee. This settled the matter,
nnd the slate went through without further de-
Ijho us follows:
i( First Dlstrtct-E. F mil, A. n Curtis O.A. neaney,
SS T. T. Eckert. Jr , K. L. Rodevr aid Dr. e. A. Slyrlck. F.
Si M. Froblsber, II. 31. Holding. Jr , Mat the v Olbb Oscar
Hi ILJIeyer, Dr Seneca ly For. ell, c. I) Benson. J. U
Hk inwnsend. William Trarers Jerome Dr L C U IMj,
Oft Will It. Pitman. (1. C. Fennell, J. W. Walters, M. t.
?S , Wllber. and O K. Scheffler
1 Second District S. 8. Coblelgb. Andrew Peters. A.
4, y. II ack. Edward II. Walker. Charles F. Cole. II. B
101. 1 nllerton George T. atetihlna, O. A (tniilller. Alvxan
5J, r'er Ualmanne, Walter 31. Jtescrole, and L.P. Coie-
& man.
tK Third Dlttrlct-Dewltt C. Becker. William J. Bond.
' ro'wrt W. Fvans, William 31. Uonlg, Everett Smith.
in i nd A. D Walt
ronrth'Dlstrict-Wllllam Plerson Judson, Edward
H Loiiard end Charles W. Wood
,!f. Firth Dlsirtct-IIenrj W. Ballard. George W. Mills.
ft t'sugh. an I Fred W. Ogdeu
If Sixth District-Walters Jenkins J. Btuart Keller,
a Tloinoa Tary Welch, the lion. W, W. Armstrong. Fd-
17 ward It Wilson, Dr. George E. Blockbam, and Charles
1-. Drown.
1 Proceedings ended with the presentation of
5 two handsome plecoa of silver plate to the Chief
f, ( onsul as a tribute from his fellow workers on
I iie occasion of his approaching marriage. Cou-
ml Potter was completely taken by surprise.
tf He replied In fitting terms and the meeting ad
g Junrned.
"Wbeellsis: Notes.
John 8. Johnson Intends to do considerable Ice
w fltattng during the winter.
W . It Is said that Jimmy Michael, the Welsh rider,
li tends to become a citizen ot the United States.
m The Iroquois Wheelmen have selectud the follow,
if . li g men as a rating team for the winter) W. C.
I H irke, Ulchel, and Werner.
ft One ot the latest converts to wheeling Is W, n.
JT 1'inckney, New ork A. C who had previously
$r txpendM all Ills enthuilasm on aquatic sport.
1 Sew Itocm: lt, Dec. 7. The New Itochelle Wheel-
f nisn held a meting on lasr Sartirday night and tho
V r allowing officers wtro elected: C. T. Kuchler,
i V esldout: Itobert L. Forbes, Secretary; Edward
p jwcumb. Treasurer; George a. Glass, vCnptatn,
i W. C. Lucas. First Lieutenant, R. U. Cameron,
1 P cond Lieutenant. Ninety. thrne members an.
I tt.ered tne roll oall.
f DcicVEn, Dec. 7. Sagcr and Stvanbrougb. on a
k twoaem, unpaced. flying start, are crudlrvd wlih
i binaklng tn following professional tandem roc
4 ( 4s on Saturaay at tho limtr Wheel Club Park.
f. T fee iiuarleraor a m le. 1U3 10, two nitns of a
w h ooud better than the time of Lruns and Ilatton,
t.m Jos, Cal., last May; six miles, 13:31220;
' i ven miles, 10:SU t-n; eight miles, IHtSl II 0, nlue
s iiitles. SiUtUd; ten miles, tUMil,.-!). Two weeks ago
I I Is team broke the world's record for two, three
a'ld five miles, and now hold all record up to ten
ft s pules, except atone and four lullrs.
K la discussing the twentieth annual exhibition of
S. bi ycles Just brought to a successful clue at Lou
K ili.u, the "iW suys: "There was a very appreil.
a lndlmlnutlin.ln the number of now del Ires or
M ir.veltles, which is a clear Indication that lu the
M U mediate past the trado has fouua plmty of emplo)
6 li .at for Its energies lu auppljing tne ordinary
J a. mand ror machines without troubling to tickle
If I of4ncy of the'ptiblto vi Ithilevlces designed rather
lor advertisement purposes than for practical appll
Fe t tlsct American Hrmt were somen bat sinmgly
E reurisented, and their productions nero certainly
B i' aulated lo please the ev. even If they failed lo
$ h id their own in the more Important attributes
i tli Enillsh manufactures. A good deal of attcn
fl tiua was attractoit.to the new gearing, the posslbll
fi liy of being able todlspvnse witn tho chain and
X y tr case appearing to have a peculiar fascination
Jp lor no tnoontlderable number of wheelmen.
. Saaketball.
fe The Atlat and St. Thomas Institute teams tried
K inclusions on last Saturday nlgnt at the latter's
m i tnnasluro. After two rf teen minute haliej St.
I 1 .onias won by IS boiIn to.
Tne Washington Heights Field Club hai organ,
t id a stri-ng basketball team aid would like in
I or from all teams deslrlug to play games. Ail
n es Frank J, Duffy, manager, 400 West lSlth
t' feet.
Tho game between the Teo To Turns and Pro Ca
lliedralt, plnyid at the latler's gymnasium on lat
I ituruay nlgnt, ended In a dispute. Tne Tro To
'1 urns ulalm in have wnu'by 0 goals to 0, aud the
1 ,o Cathedrals hy 7 goals to 0,
The Mount Vernon Y, II, C. A. basketball team
lus arranged the following schedule Deo. 8, Dr.
b.vago't Institute! IV, Huguenot A. C I 1, Uar
le n Y. U. 17. A.; Jan. i. Central branch Y. 31. O. A.
ur Brooklyn! IB, Fourth Separate Company of Yjn
Jh I rs. The Mount Vernons would like to bear from
kg. i. out to this vicinity.
The Royal Nt. Jhnirrraee nnd Rennrnnhakst
Taeht Clnba Aires on Kales.
For some time past the tfeawnnhnka Corinth
ian Yaoht Clnb of this eltr and the ltoral St.
Lawrence Yacht Club of Montreal hnto been
trying to arrange rule-i for tho International
small boat race, for the Scwnnhaka Cup. which
will be sailed for In Canadian waters next sum
mer. On last Saturday evening, nt the Sea
wanhaka club house, O. II. Duggan nnd Mr.
Hamilton of tho Royal St. Lawrcnro Yncht
Club hod a conference with C. W. Wotmore, W.
C. Kerr, Charles A. Sherman. V. P. Stephens,
and Frank Bowne Jones, representing tho Sen
wanhaka elub. After a long-drawn-out session
and a further meeting on Sunday they icached
an agreement as to tho rules to govern next
year's race. As soon as they are put In propor
form they will be signed by represontntlves of
both clubs. The principal points of the agree
ment are as follow s:
Sail area Is limited to GOO feet, and sailing
length to SO feet. Draught of fin keels not to
eirit'd 5 fret: tontrnboards, U fret.
The still nrrals to bo computed by the ncttial
nrcanf the roulnsnll. plus the forvtnrd triangle,
while tliosnllinn!er Is to he limited to twice tho
slroof tlio foruurd triangle.
'1 he spurs tiro to bo mat ketl when sails lire
mrnMirrtl, so thnt lliey riiunot alternant bo
stretched nut borond the murks.
fhncrens nro limited to three men, and the
boats nre to be measured with 450 pounds nf
dead weight mi board, tho equivalent ot lfiO
pounds per man.
Tho datos nf the trial races at Oyster liny to
select a challenger for tho Scawanhnka cup
are tlxed for July 18. 13. and 14.
The International struggle in Canadian waters
will begin on Aug. 14.
It was also decided, in regard to bouts of the
centreboard typo, that when the board is nulled
n u It shall be Hush w 1th the hull or keel, which
does away with all ohance nf a shlttnble fin.
The courses will be windward and leeward,
two miles tn a leg. sailed oer threo times, and
trlungular ones of two miles to a leg, sailed over
Iho rules of the Royal St. Lawrence Yacht
Club are to govern where theso rules do not
C. II. Crane, who designed Inst year's defend
er, Kl Uelrlo, was present nt the ronferenco nnd
announced his Intention of building a boat to
compete In the trial races. It is snld thnt Sher
man Hoyt, the owner ot the Pnprlcn, nnd Mr,
Dodge, the owner ot the Eos, also Intends to
Tho Lome Island Union, Atnesnchneette,
nnd Cnnndlnn cfklppere Confer.
The final meeting of the council of tho Yncht
Racing Union, prior to the annual general
meeting of the organization, wns held lat even
ing at the home of tho Seawanhnka-Corlnthlnn
Yacht Club, 10 East Twenty-second stteet. The
meeting was of considerable Importance, as
Louis M. Clnrk of Boston, representing the
Massachusetts Yacht Racing Association; Com
modore A. J. Prime of tho Now York Yncht
Racing Association, and Mr. Hamilton ot tho
Royal St. Lawronce Yacht Club of .Montreal
wero present as guests. Clark represented tho
twenty-seven clubs In the Massachusetts asso
ciation, while Cammodoro Prime looked after
the Interest of thirty odd clubs alone the hanks
of the Hudson ltlver, Uravesond Xla,and In
New York harbor.
The meeting opened lth a discussion about
possible concessions that conld be uinde by the
various unions and associations In order to ef
fect a unlfort'i set of rules that could fairly bo
Adopted by nil of tho yachting nsuclntlnus
throughout this country nnd C-enadn. Wlillo
it Is possible that such an agreement "III
be arrived at In the future, thu question
brought forward by F.B.Jones of n nttlonal
association, whose controlling power- should
extend over the entire continent, wnllo meet
ing with much favor, vtas not adopted, and
probably will not he for somu time to come.
The council also discussed a numoerof p-o-posed
alterations In the measurement rules,
which hae been proposed at vtirlous times
slnco the preliminary draught wns presented.
In addition lo tho meeting a number of
yachtsmen rre present at the elub hnusu to at
tend Commodore H. C. Rouse's dinner. Among
his gurts vi ere A. Cai Canfleld. J. Lnngilnn
Ward. V. C. Kerr. Herbert L. Satterlee. Wil
liam F. Foulkr. J. VIll!am Hoekman. Col. S V.
H. Cruger. G. H. II Hill. J. Fred 'lams. Atlgnste
Montaot, W. U. Ulshoffer. Henry W. Hayden.
Henry Stanton, and Theodore Zeregn. A pleas
ing incident of the dinner was the preentatlon
to the club of a crayon portrait of tho late ex
Commodore Robert Center, which was exhib
ited fur the first time.
John J. Pbelpa Ruysi the Yacht Actaen,
John J. Phelps, who circumnavigated the
globe In the schooner yacht Brunhildo eouio
years ago, has purchased the schooner yncht
Aetata, formerly a well-known pilot boat- Tho
yacht Is now haolod ont at Polllon's ship yard,
South Brookljn, and as soon her repairs are
completed Phelns will start on a cruise to tho
West Indies. The Actneawas built In 1880 ntn
cost ot S87.000. bhe is W4 feet I) Inches over nil,
22 feet beam and 0 feet draught. While Phelps
will navigate his own unit he hns engaged I'ant,
Charles Pertnn. who took F. Marlon Crawford's
ex-pllot boat Alda to Italy, as sailing master.
Tnehtlnc Notes.
E. S Woodward's new eighty Are font steam
yacht Haynham. now;bulldlng at Morris nelghts. Is
partially planked and will soon be ready for launeh.
Gardner & Cox are at work on a small highspeed
yacht for Gouvemeur Kortrlgbt of the New ork
Yaeht Clnb. The new boat will be 0u feet over all.
7H feet on the water line, and will be ready for de
liven In the spring.
The FneAllnff World of Nov. M7 sayt- ,3Ir.
James Gordon Bennett had n opportunity of In
specting tne Varuna last week before she left tho
Clrdn for New York. The Yankee achtsmal was
so pleased with the boat tha, we would not be sur
prised to find him faiorlng G, L. Watson with an
order for a similar craft to replace the Namouna "
The racnffnp ITorM also says: Jlr. Og len Goelet'i
Tew yacht, the Mayflower, Just launched ay J. & O.
nhomson o' Clydebank, Is being rapldl) flntshod
off, and as her first cruise will bn to the Fast, she
will be fitted wltb Maxim machine guns The 3Iay
flower Is expected on her trial trip to doicopa
speed approaching tneuty miles su hour."
Justice Tlfche Fntle to Oct the Armory for
Hoxlnc Show.
Police Jnstlco James Tlgho and the Cycle
Club of Brooklyn yesterday were rhal com
petitors before the Brooklyn Board of Alder
men for the lease of tho old Thirteenth Regi
ment Armory. Tho former offorcd $1U0 and
tho latter $120 n month. Justice Tlgho has
mado no concealment of the fact that tho
athletic club which he Is a member wished
to use tho armory for boxing enicrtulnments
instead of the smnlter and more remote arena
nt Maspcth. Alderman Ruggles set down se
l. oroly on Justice 1 Ighu's scheme.
"We want no more prlro lighting In this
clt) ," ho said. " The recent fiasco nt ban Fran
cist n has given a bad black eye lu tills so-called
Ho also warned the Board that, should tho
armory be surrendered to the prize fighters, tho
Mayor would etn such action. Alderman
llillin quoteit Police Commissioner Roosevelt as
favoring Hnrton-lnw boxing.
The cycle club secured the lease, only four
Aldermen voting to glvo It to Justice Tlghe.
llarne and Flaherty FIcbt to n Draw,
BnrFALO. Dec. 7. Kvery Inch of nvallnble
space In the Empire Athletlo Clnb houen bus
filled to-night, tho attraction being a fifteen
round "go" between Larry Burns of Cohoes
and Martin Flaherty of Lowell. Mass.
Burns fought cry cleanly, while Flaherty
was repeatedly cautioned by the re force. Fla
herty was the aggressor In nearly every round,
but Burns had a shado the best of it all through
the Qgbt. The fighting was rather tame, neither
man scoring a decided advantage, and at tho
closenf tho Hfteenth round tho refcrou ducldod
the contest a draw.
The preliminary Introduced Jim Winters snd
Jack Smith, local 124.pound men. 1 hey were
to box six rounds. At the cud of the second
round Smith got tho decision. In thu second
Johnny lluhl of East Buffalo scored nlctory
oior " Ilronco BUI" llrnnneei nf this iky In
tho eighth round, the latter quitting.
Gossip or the Klnc.
Jack Wren says he will box any 118 pounder for
a purse.
Jack Rllversteln, New York. McAullffe received
the decision.
Jnok Lyn:h Is training st Toronto for his meet
ing with Casper Leon.
Davo Sullivan of Boston says he would like to
meet I'atsy Hale; of Buffalo at IIS pounds.
Dolly Lyons and 3Iaxy nujth were matched yes
terday to box twenty rounds befo-o a Brooklyn
club on Dec, 21,
Trtsldent It. L Anderson of tho Mnrlliorniuh A C,
says that Walcott aud o llrlen mrt yesterday anl
agreed to fight at that elub on Dec. u.
"Pepper" urirfin, who rccenllv whipped Henry
Petersen, haa been materiel to Ihix Jon Holcomb.
ttn rounds, at Philadelphia, on Dec. IS.
T. P.. New York. LavlgnonJ McKcemr mrt at
Million Square Uarden onJuh 30, iniM lliey
fought six rounds, the decision being a dm".
J Eflnger, hew York, I. fhe battle took phuo
before the Duval A, C. Jacksonville, 1 la;, on Jan.
i'O. ltM, 'J. Ho fought Sullivan at New Orleans on
Sept. 7, IHO.
; George Jleardan, who manages Johnny Young,
writes lo Tux Nus that Le woul 1 lite to inateh
Young against Kid McPartland for tin or twenty
rounds, for (SOU a side Itjardon says he will
meet John Dougherty, MePartland's manager, at
any place to arrange a match,
JLoeal Experts 1st n statehmnUlnst Vein
Itrtatc Clnb liny Hport.
The winter season promises to be brimful of Inter,
sting features for followers ot handball At all the
local courts the vigorous old game It booming, and
few dates are allowed to remain vacant on thn match
tclitdulo. Tho "club day "exhibitions wero on tho
most spirited and scientific llnrt. The tcorett
W.I.Jones SI 31-41
Georgs lleaney. l o-ll
JI Cullum and W L. Jonet 31 SI 14-00
k. Sicily nnd J. Culluni 8 III UI-41
P. Cssey and W L Jone l 4 SI-4H
Dr. fcmlth nnd W, Schmidt 10 81 20-7
Fugene SulllTin , SI 81 Bl 03
Frank Sullivan 4 u Vi-ti
T.x. Alderman Dunne and W. L. Jonet .81 81 81-03
Pull Casey and E srelly .... Ill is 12-tu
rt. Kelly nnd M Ilellly 81 10 81 SI- 8
P. llcGrtth audi. lay lb 81 10 1071)
J. UtipatrlckandJI. Ilorety..8t IP VI 81 1R-100
W. DelanoyandJ. DurKln ....10 21 IS It i!l- 87
M ltynnaml T. Lennon VI 16 31-57
ShortaliondH. Dnllv 10 31 IB- fO
J.CurryandJI OC.mnell . 81 10 81-01
J tiLonnellauil T. I D'Connell ...IS 31 13- St
P. Dlvlny and J. Favcr 81 IS 81- B7
I 1 UCunnellunil.! Glynn 17 81 1.1-01
W. p. Cashmsn nnd C u Leiry 21 19 SI - 01
W. I Cnshmiu and fi-eary . . 18 81 17- 6'l
M. ('ashman nnd M Mtnn;tie in 81 81 rs
W. O'l cnr nnd J (.Ijlin 31 111 is- 68
,t Htrrntrlck 10 31 31 13 21-HI
W. J Casbman SI 111 in 21 17-to
at Titr JxnuxY city cocnT.
J. Manning and T Morau 31 18 21-00
J. Win lan and U. Connors uu 21 0-01
J.Eganandll Lncsn 21 10 31-08
J. Haherty and M. Uhelan 18 31 lu-SS
JI. Murphy and J. Harnett 18 21 81-00
J Hume and F. Kolleher 81 17 111-37
J Sullivan nnd p. Burke 81 81 18-00
M. Murphy nnd J. Kelleher.... JO 2d 21-ul
T. I yn-un md M Hgan 81 18 21-00
P. Barrett slid P. Scott 17 81 ls-M
F.dward Bru.ler 21 21 81 14 17 21-11S
Ednardllnlklns 20 17 1U 31 31 1U-U4
T. Wnldron nod M. Walsh 31 14 3110
II. Murphy and P. Hnn 10 21 14-S4
James and T. Flnherty 21 10 21-58
J. Murphy aud J. (.lark .....14 21 17-S3
W. Mnran and M. Walsh 21 18 21-00
A. Conuoraand J.rlynn 17 21 14 Si
at Tim n iLMAMSBeniati counr.
I. Ilourn 81 81 17 11-70
P. O'Keefe U 17 31 21-7J)
1 Murphr 31 31 81-03
D Grlbuln II 10 17-43
It Mnhou and P O'Keefe 21 111 21 At
I. bhefirlneandL. Illely 17 21 13-01
M I tiinlynndC Mct.onn 21 SO 21-112
J. McGowcn nnd P I undy ID 21 17-37
p MeOowen and I. Bhort 71 13 vt 10-03
T. MadK-an and J. shoferlne 17 21 10 21 7S
P. White nnd T. I nn-nn 21 31 2103
J.Mc(tuvteuandM.bnilih 11 14 lS-t.l
P. (VKcofe 21 21-43
J.Roek 1U 14-33
at Tiir orrxiroisT coinT.
r. Walsh and M. Dougherty 81 11 2I-S3
A. Bennetand J. L. Suilll 17 21 1J-SII
IP. IIulv- 81 5 31-47
J king 19 21 2G-AU
J. Walsh and M Dougherty 17 21 21-3U
A tennetandll McAlltter. 21 11 1J-43
k. law lor nnd M Ihatiey 21 18 21-00
W. o Connor and P. llulse in SI 1 J 51
F. lawlor 91 21 23 81-81
T. IllBslns nnd O Connor. 14 M 21 12-S3
T Glnnnnrt P Wnlsh 21 I J 81-14
J. king and P. Devincj 2(1 21 1J-34
M Horgsnnnd (Julnn 31 21 18 17-77
T. InneRnd I. Lowery 14 13 21 21-71
T.GlynnandJ I. smlti 10 21 21-B1
J. Geiajhty and M. Leuaney 21 13 1731
Goealp oT tho Conrta.
At the last meeting of the Brooklyn Club's Exec
utive Committee arrangements wero perfected for
tho annual bait to be held on Dec. 20. The popultr
function promises to bo a record breaker In every
n enthusiastic delegation of handball men from
Harrison visited the Jerae City court on "club
daj " nnd'hi'l tho gratincafion of seolug their rep
resentative, i- dvvard lrudei, vln his state match
from kd Hopkins.
Interest In the forthcoming tourney for the ama
teur ehamplonsMp or America Is spreading rapid
ly. The A A. U. an I local committees are fork
ing steadily, an 1 the Indentions point to a big en
trv and some sensational matches
Tho Wednesday reunions at tho BrooLljn Club's
eourts are stiudiiy growing In popularity. Among
the matches scheduled for ihla week's "matinee"
is one between W. L. Jones and Oenrgn Heuney, tho
loser to give a Christinas present to his rival.
P. Sco.t nnd E. Ilopttns of Jersey City hive ra(I
fiel thn proposed match for 823 aside vtlth K. I.aw.
lor an 1 roin Hfgglus of Greenpolnt. fre teams will
pla) n home and home series ut best of eleven
tramps, beginning at tho Jersey Clt court on
Dec. 2n.
Th- Berkeley A. C at Brooklyn began Its winter
handball tournament on last Satur lav at et Senator
Reynolils'i tourt The results follow Flanagan
nnd Cummlngs defeated tojng and II. Lcgg-itt. 31
to 13: lUnaguu fnd CLimnlngs dereatod W. Leg
Btt, Jr.. and liurtenshavt. 21 to Is: tunassn and
Ciin mines defeated Itolllns nnd Young, 21 to'.'o:
Flanagan and Cummintts defeated II. keggatt and
Yoniu-, 21 to 17: Burtenshaw and IV. kegicatt, Jr.,
dereated Flanagan and Young, l to 11: Cory and
II. Leggatt defeated W. Lecgatt. Jr , and Burten
sbaw, 21 to (I, Cry and II. Leggatt defeated W.
Leggatt, Jr., and Bogue, 21 to 7.
Hsapper Grtrtteon Accaaed.
Snapbor Gnrrlson, the well-known jockey, has
become Involved In a controversy with t! ?
Brooklyn police authorities. Uecrgo Taggart of
100 bouth Portland avenue has notified buper
Intendent McKeUov that he placed to lth
Garrison a few days ago as an Investment on n
horse entered on ono of the winter men tracks
nt the olils of ' to 1. and that although his
horso won he failed to collect his mono). He
alleges that darrlson has been making a hand
liook on the races in a saloon nt Fulton and
Downing streets. The pollco report thnt they
tanno. find any evidence thai there is any
gambling nt the place, and Tuggnrt will bav u lo
go to court for satisfaction.
Garrison has this to say about Taggart's al
legation: "I nccr In ra life hnve sold fools or
conducted a pool room In Brooklyn. This Is
some Job or eousplrnc) nralnst me. I never
bother ulth tho horse races In tho winter."
Favorite In the Lead at New Orleans.
Niw Orleais. Dec. 7. Cloudy, warm weather,
and a slow track wero the conditions here to day.
Favorltos won tho first three races and outsiders
the list two. Summaries:
First Ilac- Selling, one mile and twenty yards
OniUgue. Dtt (kicrett), C to S, won: AJva, OS (Itebo,
7 to 1. reeond, Parmer, w-j (Dean), 8 to I, third.
Time. l'4eK.
seeond Itace Maiden two year-olds; five furlongs
Woodbinl. os (ilirsch). 11 to Si won: Ivory. 101
(Morse), 3 tn 1. sreont. Little Black, lul (Perkins),
3 to 2. third. Time. 1:03.
Third Bai-e Selling: ono mile and twentv yard.
Tootn, Kit (Clay), 3 to 2. wont Dick Ilehan, 101
(Smith). 7tn2. seeond, Trlxlo. UB ISnell), 4U tn i,
third. Time, 1.4'JW
1 otirth Itaoe II in Heap: all ages, seven furlongs,
Stocknolm. e"7 (Burns), 0 to 1, won: Dorah Voo I,
108 (Turner), secone. Logan, 107 (Scherrer), 0 to
3, filrd. Time, itll-iK
Fifth Hace MX turlongs, allowances May Ash
ley. 117 (Hugh). 12 to 1. won: Clara Bauer, 102
iSneenry). fl to 3, r-cennd: Uncle Abb, 100 (Morse),
3 to 1, tnlrd. rime. 1-13(.
On trie Tratlt at 'Frisco.
Ss FRAieiico, Dec. 7 Tho results of the races hero
to-day fnllow:
Urst Hire Ono mile, selling, Adolph Spreckles,
103 iMurji'n), 0 to 0 won, Last Cnanie, 101 til
Martin: 3 to 1 second, Pollock, 10J (Thompson), 0
tu I. thirl rimo 1 4 IM
Sicond Bate live furlongs fmnbov. US (Coady),
Oto I. won S ilar II ,114 (If. Martin). 2 In ID snoud;
Hnrnll". 110 (Mm), 20 to I. third, flmo.l 01J(
Third liacs-cne mile. Ilulujrt, tin (1! Martin),
cvei-Mon, bihlller. 100 (SI lUihteri iO to I, second;
Kaiuslii, mo itloiilini.li to 1, third Time 1 : HVj
Kiiurth Ili c six furlongs Luekj I)iig,130 (Hhlelde),
won (Inrnd In Hie betting on act mint of being n bad
aetor at thepo'it) Tampa 127 lUolden). 4 to f sec
ond. Miss Cunningham, 122 (Coady), third. Time,
Klfui ftnee-Seven filrloncs, selling, Summertlmn,
llij (bluuirliteri, 1 tn . woni Oillnr Joe 10 1 (II.
llimrni. li to 2 seiond Wyoming, 10J (lLIsom), 10
to I, third. Time, 1 J7f
Winner" nt Iron mil.
Irov Hitr. Dec. 7. The following nro tbe sum.
niartts of tho raco-. here to day:
Urst Knee 1 ! furlongs. Sparkle, 7 to 1 and 4
tn 3, won. I. H'le Alice, III to I for place, second,
Mcllonry thlru. Time, 1:10.
Sicond Hue 1 ur and n half furlongs, Prlvn
trer.eMii and V to fi. wont Uncertain, 8 to 1 fur
Plate, tfcnnd. Bossman third. Time. llO'J.
Tlilnl llncc six iiirmugs. Gold Dollar. 4 to 1 and
7 to 3, won. Doc Blrih, 4 to 1 for place, second,
Archie tlilt 1. Time, 1 .!., . , , ,
Fourth It tee six an 1 1. half furlongs. Marie Lor.
ill. en n ami 2 to fi. wont Kolbr, 4 tn 1 for place,
srcntil, I'lrt I'ghtthlrd. rime. It33.
rlfth llice Four; .mil a half furlongs. Mr. Wa.
verly. i:ts"aiid out, won Firnseed, II to 0 ror
plaec, secondi The Allen third. Time, It02H.
The Flnlbc nt Mr. I.ouls.
St. I)tu. Dec. 7. Tho results of tbe races here
to diy follow:
First Hoc- Four furlongs, John Berkeley, 10 to
1 nnd 4 to 1 Mont AreaCIa, J to I ror place, sec
ond, Abe Colin tnlrd Time, 0:04,
Second Itace six fiirlnuxr, Unchnlllee, 4 to B
and out, iMin, Alopdthv, 4 to I for place, second;
lime, third, limn, 1 VliJ-i.
T.itrd Itace Half a mile, Phil Thompson, I to 4
and nut, uon, Dittnoud, H to 3 for place, seeoudi
Caleb third. Tune. OiBJ.
Fourth llace I our anil n half furlongs. Fore
man 4 to 1 nnd 7 to 3. won, W, (I, Harding, 1 to
2 for plm r, second, Al Crny tnlrd, lime. I. Oils
Fifth Hair sit ans) a naif furlongs, rt. r, I ills,
8 to 3 and .'1 to 3, votit Jliiitule it.. (o l for place,
sceotid, Abulu Usher thlru, I line, 1.J0,
1'ootbnll NtiteN,
Tho Brooklyn W.nilertra Football Club has a
fen o en ilaleu 10 fill ltl II rat class clubt.botlt rez
ular and rt'serte tcains, placing under Asiottatlon
rules lor first tcim t.antis aldrisi Whit Hoihein,
1J00 ThliU uiinue, Uroiil.ljn, for reserwi teiui
gaiuct aldrotl T Cullm, 71 A'n'l street, this ell)
lMMITutitJ, Mil.. Dec, 7. The Ml. 8t. Msrj's
team closed a sucetssful season here lo day b) do
feat lng thn Mmylahd A. C. of llal'linvre eleieu by
a score of 32 to 0, After the game Joseph Ken.
nedv, 'UK, tho efficient right tackla fur several
ieurs, was elected captain of Mt. nt. Mary's team,
una uecllnsd to stand for re cleclluu.
He Is Followed by Moore, Kendlna, nnd
Tnrloi 'Wjtiler nnd Vnn rmbnrsth IlKve
st Tail nnd Itetlre from the Knee lte
orde nre l.ouered by the l.endlnc Riders,
Judging from the speedy riding of tho leaders
In the six days' International bicycle raco In tho
Madison Square tlarden yesterday, the existing
records will be Ion ercd beforo the itiuggle ends.
So far the race hns been a surprise. In thnt the
favorites have dropped behind, nntl the "dark
horses" hate pedalled their way to tho front.
After riding ono hour after the start, yesterday
morning, Linton, tho Welshman, retired. Ho
hntl covered S3 1-fi miles within the hour, which
Is a new Indoor record. Tho best previous
figures were 21 miles 0 laps, mado by Peter
Dcrlo In the Garden In 1803. Lumsdon, the
Scotch champion, finished on even terms with
Llulon, while tho old record was also broken
by Waller. Chnpple, and Madtlox.
Lumsdcn left tho track nfter tho second honr,
hnrtns added four mllos to Hie record, both ho
and Linton deciding to sate themselves tor tho
sprints to be runoff lalor in tho vteok. Gcprge
Cartwrlght wns tho first man to really break
down. Ho received n, bad fall at Saratoga re
cently, nnd was so stiff and sore after complet
lng a few laps aver nlnetcon miles thnt he was
forced to permanently withdraw.
It was Just 230 o'clock yesterday morning
when Van Km burgh, tho " Boy Wonder," and
Waller Indulged tn a hot spurt. Van Emburgh,
who was on the Madison avenno curve, broke
his chain nnd sprawled all over the track. Wal
ler ran Into htm with terriflo momentum nnd
wns sent filing. Van Emburgh was Injured lu
tho stomach by Waller's bandlo bar. nnd was
helped to his dressing room. Waller received a
gash under his right eye and had to stop.
Shortly afterviurd both men resumed riding, but
Vnn Emburgh had to quit soon, as he was very
weak. Waller continued until fi o'clock 1 outer
day nftornoon, when ho vtas forced to leave the
race becauso his c) cs were almost closed.
The crowd stayed until almost breakfast time,
when a majorltv of tho riders receded their
tlrit naps. Rending, tho "hnldlor," vtas I lie
principal objcit of interest. He gave an exhi
bition of enduranco that was wonderful. Char
lc Robb, the noted English rider, held the best
previous record for consecutive riding. He hud
covered -'40 miles in London somo years ngo
without dismounting, lint Heading surpassed
this performance by coeerlng !!4S miles, for
vthtctt he rcceltid a, npoclal prize of SoO. When
he dismounted ft was only for a few moments,
for ho resumed his Journey nnd hit up the pace.
'Ilia struggle for the lend botween Heading
and 'lodib Hale, tho Irish champion, was the
feature j esti rdny. At It o'clock Inst night Blad
ing hml com rtd .125 miles nntl fl Inps. little had
ridden .UJ miles and fl laps, and began tn put
on steam. The crnnd cheered tho Irishman,
nnd when he pulled up on even terms with
Heading nl.out 8 o'clock ho recelt ed an ot itllon.
llnle riKle an unusually high-geared wheel nnd
rolled olf tho Inps an if he was a competitor In a
sprint rate. Heading was enntented with a sys
tematic Ltilt, and did not spurt wheu tho Irish
man pusicd him.
,'.t li o'clock llnle led by nbout five miles over
the "Soldier." His trainers and frlet (Is de
clared thnt he had not let Himself out, nnd
would, later un. show Increased speed. Hale's
paee. however, has been a most severo test on
Ills nli) slcnl strength. Moore of Philadelphia
jutlu vtlth good Judgment during tho tiny, keep
ing within balling distance of the leaders.
Piece, the Boston roadster, was also careful of
himself, unit staved within reach ot the top.
Charley Ashlnger, contrnrv to expectations,
held hlrt otvn aud clung to the vanguards with a
tenacity that was surprising. Hanson, Den
marK's representative, loft the raco from sheer
e'xhnustion, and (.'hnppio of England also re
tired, believing that his forto was short-dls-tariLe-
Tim work of Albert Schock, winner of tho last
six dajs'rnce hold in this city, was it disappoint
ment, He complained of stomach trouble, nnd
had to rellro froqnently. Ills original intention
wns to go seventy-two hours without sleeping,
but he hnd to drop tbls Idea before midnight,
buiock snld thnt he had laid out a schedule,
imil that he expected to pull up ulth the lenders
tie'ore the week is out- Hikes, the Sttrntoga
ride-, is considered to bo a dark horse, and tho
tiame cm bo said of "Mulor" Taylor,
tho colored mascot of tho bouth Brook
llli Wheolmcn. Both have kept the
lenders well In sight nnd were in good
shttpu to continue the Journei at 11 o'clock la-t
night. Conklln. Forsler, (Slick, and Itlce vtero
all riding strongly at that hour. Maddnx, the
Asbury Park fiver, w hlle quite n distance in the
reiir, vt as the star sprinter last night. He bet
the pace for the leaders and they had to work
hard tn Keep up. Pete Golden, thu old pedos
triin, kept plugging along al a comparatively
stiull's pace. '1 he others were In the race for
a limited time and were expected to drop out at
itn moment.
All) o'clock Hale completed 1170 miles nnd 7
laps, which was 21 miles and 2 laps ahead of
the record. Heading had cove.-cd 1171 miles
nnd H laps, and Monro came next with .Kid miles
nnd 2 lnps. Hnle continued his sprlnttrg, nntl
gradually increased his advnntnge, although
Reading and -Moore kopi diligently at work, and
did not loavelhe track.
Most of thu riders are suffering from tneglnrn
of the tract. 'Iho vellow surface, which Is llko
glise, reflects tho darzllng electric lights to
hucIi an extent that some nf tho men aro near!)
blind. As a result blue glasses are popular nntl
lonc-vlsored caps nre In demand. '1 he trainers
bttvu established n small Liiukery along ono side
of the track. Oil stoves aro kept burning so
thnt food and drink mas be served hot to the
rloers without requiring a dismount.
Tho t row d was largo and enthusiastic In the
evening, nnd toward midnight tho Garden was
nearlv filled.
Kddle Bald rode a mile, picod by a tadem. in
2.08 1-3. which, it Is claimed, Is the fastest mile
ever ridden in tf-o Garden. The score at 1
o'clock was:
3Itlrt Lap 3ll!m Lofia.
Hale 433 3 Flket 338 U
Moore 4UH 4 Smith 331 1
Healing 400 li Conklln 310 2
ralor RUrs 2 Maddox 2S tl
behock 3S2 II l.annon 022 II
Aalilngar anl lllastldv 321 n
Hice hmi 4 Vansieeg an 7
Fierce 177 Si. olden 2J 0
Ioster 300 filMcLeud 287 0
Wilson and Click retired from the race at
12:30 o'clock.
The first challenge match for the Auxiliary
Associations' new trophy was plated at Boston
on last Saturday. Ihotrnphv was presented to
tho sixth congress by tho Brooklyn Whist Club,
and was carried off by Now Lnglsnd. 1 ho Now
Jersey Association challenged for It, nntl the
liiHtrh was arrangtd forslxtten plajers aside;
hut at thu last moment Jersej could onl) mus
ter ten men, and had to tnke on two substitutes
tn makti up even tables. Great Interest was
tnken In the game, all thu leading clubs having
lialis entered. 'Iho light wns pretty stubborn,
S'ou England flnnll) winning, and rcialnltig thu
troph). The plii)ers were.
Mow 1 nglaud-Btcktr and Know let. Mercantile LI
hrart AsiiLlaiU u, ltoiiou Koilve and lenolossa,
Atntrlcan WhUtt lub Pnston Baker nnn Parker Du
plicate Whist Club Iinstoii, Klntsbury nnd I'tiklns,
Setvton Whist Club, .Newton. Smith and Smith High
land 'AhlstUuti, Lowell Smith and Vlt cent, Mlltord
Wlilst Club, Mlllord, .s II.
Nw Jersev Kiud and Itogers Park Club Plain
Hold; Dunbar and Brush, llldgi wood Club Ullsaud
Agmar, iirange, Jones and V ilnitrUIU. ewjirsej
A c Hnrruon anil Mulfnrd Moniclalr 1 uniutou
aud Bowen, n i extr t palrto make up six tables.
Kodcers Elected Ynln'a Football Cuptaln.
Sr.vr IlAVr.s., Dec. ". Yalo's nnnunl election
for football captain wns hold tn night, and tho
tinnnlmous choico of the football players ellglhlu
lo vote wns James O. Bndgers of Toledo.
Hodgers has played tncklu for two sears and Is
a Junior. Ho is an oarsman, too, nnd rowtd No,
No. 4 at Henley, He Is llnble lo glv o up row lng
however, Itntlyers Is 21 jinis old, (I feet tall,
mill weighs 1HJ pounds. He prepared fur V nlo
at Andover Acndcm), the school from which
Murphy, Hlnkey, and MtCormlek, his Imme
diate prrdeces-urs In the Vulu captalnc). lilted.
Benjamin wns Bodg-rs's only rlvnl, but tho
coachers feared Hint no wns ton Inexperlenctd.
As snon us the result of the election wns known,
n big crowd of enthu-lastlc underclassmen
inarched tn Ilodgnrs's room and cheered his
name to the echo, IIo declined to make a
A Moir Course for the Netv York A, C,
1'EI.HAM Ma.nuii, Dec, ". J. Schwind, man
ager of tho New York A. C. at Trovers Island,
said 'o-diiy that tho Committee on Golf Links
had decided to securo ground noar the Huieu
Acaduuiy at this plnee.
INew from tbe Horse World.
WimviTov, Dec. 7. Iho ringer Hernonl is still
located nt the Iron Hill track. It Is said that ring
lug i Plumules a felouv at lion Hill, An uuLnowu
who bet 810 on no horse lias notined the Ke
stone Uuuiig Astmiatlon that he will bring tun in
recover Iho uniount of his net He has engaged a
iattyer, nhosa)s that the usi latlon is responal
bin for tno atruuut "f the bet, as It aecepteu the
enir) from unknown parties aud should not have
let thu norse start,
Ntwetnitn, 'lire. 7. Tho outers of Itamsdell
I'. ill. on Washington street, tills clt), who leased
the pais, to the uKimi' wOuuijAgrieulturnl bnel
uty for Its fairs during tho last three) ears snl
whose, lease has explrtd. Hate iirrante I witu that
soolut) to reino tin lr bulldlngj lu orner lo eun
bio them to bull., it half mile, track. It Is expel
ed that not only will H Orange count) circuit
races be held I ire In the. future, but that the lux
eilo Park Association will utilize the trot k for some
of their racing oars, rno horsemen and ironing
breeders of tuts srotlon a-e mutit pleased over the
prospect of having the new half-mile track. The
Uraime County Agricultural Society pas agreed to
ture a ten years' lease of this and the adjoining
laun. owned by the same parties, anl will hula the
lairs there every other year.
now Lisa.
OtvU Defeat Corinthian by One Pin la the
A, Sf, Tourney.
There was adlftcrenee of only ons pin In the first
game of the Amtrlcnn National tournament series
rollod at the dermoids Assembly Booms' alleys last
night, tbe Owlt winning. Tie scores of the night fol
Corlnthlan-Brocker. tftOt Waller, lo5 Brown, 10l
Walter. 1GKI Hitchcock. 140 Total, 7nt.
i?w!.-.,l,h..,!iui Kramer. 13o; Kolu, 1481 Motet,
1CII; Vsnlno, 137. Total, 760.
stcosn OAUE.
Corlnthltn-Brocker. 18S; Waller. 130; Brown, 1701
Walter. UN: HltehcoeR. IDS Total. 734
. civil Bertlce W. (lerlcs, ISO; Heath, ISO; Sanders,
US, Itehm, I73F. Qerdes, 147. Total, 707.
THinn otHC.
-.(1",,.TW'',''! l'! Kramer. 147 Kolb, 140; Motes,
80S; Venlno ion Tntil.sol.
Civile rtlce-W. tlerdos. 181: Heath. 141: Banders,
IB; Hohra, Ibl; F. lierdes. ICS Total, bit.
The seventeenth Insullmcnt of games of the Uncle
Ram National tournament were rolled last night at
Praenkel'a alleys. The scores:
Corinthian 'o a-Kaempf, 1481 Meckel, 171; Eek,
lost Otterb-ln. ilu: oxley. 107. Total, 704.
Oriental Vogel, 1W) Merkel, 149; Schneider. 18t
flair, SU4; Ulllhaut, Ms. Total. 802.
srcomi naMR.
Corinthian No. S-Kaempf. Hit Meckel, 188; nek,
1H4: Mintold, 138, Oslev. IHO Total, H00.
hch.i-llclciiard, mi, Mint 145; Thellmann. 1411;
Graminer, 1st: llt-tilo, ltil. Total, 700.
Tiiinn nvMR,
OrIental-Vogel. 171: Merkel, 141; Schneider, 187;
Bali, 174: Ollllinus, in il. Total, 780.
Lcho UelcharU 1K7, Fhnl, 180: orammer, 163;
Thellmann, loii, Ilestln, 171, Total, 63a.
Last night's games In tho Har'em Republican Clnb
tournament, at the alle)s In West 128th street, re
sulted as follows:
nrtsT oAsix,
Purltsn-Jnnss, 101: Kraft, 14R Eagleson, 185;
Proud, HI9: Talley, 140 Total, 797,
Cheny Dlamonds-Oordon, 181): Oaylord. 104 Sage,
179: bullltan, 117; lleadley. 144. Total, 773.
sk osn OAMU.
Cherry Diamonds-riordon 143: Oaylord, 143;
Sage. 178: Sullivan 1S8, lleadley, 100. total, 808.
e,olumbosKo I Davis. 118' Tuteux, 183; Schrage,
108; Illte, lis: Slebert, 137. Total, 01)5.
PurlUn-Jnnes, l&il; Kraft 107: Eagleson. 147:
Proud, 1H0; Talley, lMl Total H18,
Columbus No 1 Datls. ltd: Tuteux. 1B7 Schrage,
133, Illte, 170, biebtrt, 187. Total. 784.
The Colfax Council bowlers were easily beaten In
twoof the ffewurk lto)al Arcanum I eague games
rolled at the Central Opera House alleys last night.
The scores:
Colfax Councll-Hlnds lto, Walter, 130; Redner,
108. Koch. 113: McMillan 111. Total. 033.
Ininx Council Hwnrt . 181: Cowperthwatt, 144;
Merritt, 141; Howland, InJ; Clute, Ui Iqtal, 788.
Colfax Coun'll Hinds 110: Walter, 138; Koch,
187. Peterson. tl: Mcvnilan. I7. lotal, 01H
New ork Louneil-Oritnluiier. 17ft Haas, 00;
Crum, 101 . (Iroli, 107, Barklage, 103. Total, Mill.
Lenox Council Swartr, 121; Cowperthwalte. ISO;
Merritt 140: Howland. ISI.CInte, 170 Total. 714.
lrw Vori f ouni ll-ilriinln er 210, Crum, 104;
nnas, 118; liroll. 177: Barklage, 181. Total, 0U.
Fro Pitrlv Council was successful in two of its
games ot the Hrooklvn lto)al Arcanum tournament
on Saturday ntght Tno scores
SII1ST tiestx.
Pro Pntrla Kemble. 1 II: Irlam. 190' Pllklngton.
170; Biggs, 101 Powles 14 Total 7U7.
De Forest Cadjeu. Ins Duerek. 181: Roche, 100:
Krdte. 147: Walters. 1 HO Total, 782.
sxcosn OAUE.
D Forest Cadleu. 109, Durrck, 143, Roche, 161:
Kruse, 17Bs Walters 178 Total. B17.
Mldwood-II. Dohm. I8S Deeker, 143, Grimes, 139:
Pierce, 113, Cattle, 110 lotal. 009
Ttttnn oamr.
Uldwnod n. Dohm, 210' Castle, 188: Grimes, 110:
Pierce 144: Deeker. lit) Total 71 it
Pro Patrla Kemble, 10S Irlam, 141; PUklnzton.
188, Biggs. 128, Powles, 1S4. lotal, 743
The Thirteenth Regiment bowlers won two games
tn the hecond Brigade League on Saturday nlgnt.
The scores.
nnsT OAHE.
Troop C Walker. 18.. Nlrhols 187: Richards, 113;
Maclln. 180, IVImsn, ut. Totkl, t'85
Tnlrteenth Ilegiment llnnegan. 118. Quallmsn.
103: Witlnwrlght, 134; Lint, It,,:, Coweu, let. Total,
Third Battery-Worthley 140. Waters 134; Fuller,
llh. Eugren, H3. Drucker I5n Total 40.
Troop C-Walker. 1 lu. Mchols UJ, Morgan, 119:
Uaehn, 179, Mlmau, 148. Tout. 078.
Thirteenth Reglment-Dodes 131: Walnwrlght. 134:
rioneran 133: Llns 140 Cowen, ITM Total. 748
Tnlrd Battery-Worthies., I SN; Waters 124; Ful'er,
128: Ecggren.u": Drucker, U7. Total, 003.
The Section A. Inter City Y. M.C A League, games
at the Institute alleys on Saturday night resulted as
Institute-.. Shlman. 181: Duhner 138; Eck, 131:
Dlrrks. 134: D Shlman. 170. Total 7SS
Central Kauson, 14S, iirosser, 119. Baeklngham.
It8, Marquess, 117, Ilhlnow, 118. lotal U30.
scensb OAME.
Institute A, S'llmin. 170, Pnbner 104; Eck, 127;
Dlrcks, 120 D.bblman 101 Total 018
Central Itauson. 143 Orosscr, W3. Buckingham.
144: Marquess, 13.1; Ilhlnow, lt4. Total. 788.
The Section B games ot tho Inter City Y. IL C. A.
tournament on baturda) night resulted as follows:
Central Branch-dray, no, -Iddell, 138: Llsbman.
118. Walker. 104, Kalev, inn Total, 7B.
Institute Branch Breda W2, i.rmim 180, Mlkalo,
14J, Hoffman, 107, Lederle. 1 IS Total. 080.
Central Branch Grn). 135, Slddell. 147; Leonard.
110 Walker, lul: halev. Ill Total, 740
lnstltete Branch Breda. lii llrlmm. 128, Mlkalo,
141, Horman, 14J, Lederle, 170 Total, 740.
The Twenty third street branch won two gomes In
Section A of tho Inter City M C. A. tournament on
baturday nlgnt. The scores
Bedford Branch-Lustcr 100; Fex. 138, Powell,
147,cHmltt. 141. Dtyblll 137. Total, 783
Twenty third Street I ram. h Belief, IMO' Madden,
13i, Wellcr, 101, Hansen. 143, Uoner.,142 Total. 700.
hiciisn lustr.
Bedford Branch Luyster 1SJ, Fox. 108; Powell,
Ml.ttthmllt. IBM; Dayblll, 180 Total 740
Twenty third Street Branch Dotler, 172; Madden,
118. Weller. 159, Hansen, 100, Honer. 104. Total,
The closing game last week tn the Xew Jersey For
esters' Bowling League was rolled on Saturday nigh t
The scores
tourt Cranford Shaw us Cnwthorne INS, Us
sing 140, Wood. 124 Warner 13J, Kendrlek, 131
F. John. 110, (ox, 1B0, Watterson, 193, Lawrence.
187. Total. l.Slll
Court Lafavette W. Burke, 103, Cook, 129. Mer
ritt, 187, E. Sheridan 141. Connelly, 187: Dillon. 131
Brrnnnn 180. Bradle), 107, J. bherldan. HI. F.
Bunco, 188. Total, I.SU0.
The following games were played last nlgbt In the
Gerinanla tournament of Brooklyn:
must i.AMr.
Sixteenth Ward-Ilelmnn IMS: Miller, 181: M.
Brand, 104: Sanders 171: W. Brand 148 Total,H12
Stagg Froeber, 141, Doebrleh, 183, llelarlch, 141;
Groll. 109, loss, 140 Total. 740.
M.cos.n OAME.
Stagg Froaber. 193, Doebrloh 130; nelnrloh, 170:
Groll, 10A loss. 187 Total, hllj
Jolly-Hammer, 20H, Dunn, IT4; llscher, 134:
Kealo. 137, kevllle, 178. Total, 73S.
Tttinn oamf
Jolly Hammer, ISO, Dunn 109, Flscher.lSO, Kealo.
11.1. Kevllle, ins Total. 791.
Sixteenth Ward lie l in an, 207: Miller 141: M.
Brand, 103, Sanders, 1SI, W Brand, IB.'. Total, 882.
UndlhA Council won two games In the Brooklyn
Royal Arcanum tournament last night, the scores,
Undlno-Beuerman. 1H7, Manlgan. 181: Smith, 108:
Milieu, 129 Metcair U7 lotul, TiV.
Buruside-Mnk U'u. linstrr, 187- Kelson, 108;
Powell, 131, Brown, 120 lotal, 834.
Burntlde-Flnk. li, Muster, 147; Kelson, 186:
Fnwell. 1J1. Bran ii, 107. lotal 70s
Washington Irving laiiiphell ISti Cordeau, ins,
Shalfer, 102, Isoll, lis, iiliudtnnliig, lis. lotal, 034,
Washington Irving Catnpbe 1, 11H, Cenleau, 131;
Shaffer, InO, Noll, 118, lllon lenutng 17J. Total, 090.
UDtllne-Biurman 109. llanlgan, 203, Smith, 142:
Mulion, 129, Metcair, 1BJ lotal, TOO.
The Apollos defeatist tho Orientals of this city two
games out of three in tl Arlington National lourna
imnlof 1 rooklyn last night. Thoscorts,
Apo'o Oraue, 17b: Hnos 135, J. Fpplg, Jr., 143,
Brethaiier. Ilia, Metiulnger. 24. Total, h03,
oriental Conies, I8n, iilutii. I'U btumpfel, 103,
CheslerJeld, 113, bteln, 107 lotal.BOl,
Apolto-llraue, I0H Boos ISO J. Fpplg, Jr., ISO,
Brethauer, 17i; Mennlngtr s Total, hbo
Oriental-Cones, till, tint n 184. StiimpM, 156,
Clicslerneid, 173, bteln. 17n. lotal, 37,
Tiiinn uAr
BApollo-Oraue, 1BH, lto is, 141; J, Fpplg, Jr., 148,
1 n thauer, I7u, Mtnulugir 171 Total 791,
Orlintnl-Curiles lul, t llnch, 171: btumpfel, 139,
Chrsterlleld, 177, bin i, 17 . lotal.HIH.
Last night's gamts of the 1 ong Island Association
of Cycling Ciiiiit' tournaiiiont, at Traluor's alters, re
suited as fullows,
Tomoqua W -n. Van Slclen, 108- Bergen. 151
George, 97, Dunham. HIS, J. C, van Slcleti, 1.-7 lo
tal, 7 in
llnoklyilll C.-IIinlsnn 118, Swee7ey, 133, Wallti r,
148, llolb,125, I, tndtrnri.Jr, I7u. lotal, 7J3
Brooklyn II. c Hudson, ISO, Swerrey, 116, Walk
er. 1JU, Jlobb), ISO, 1. Anderson, Jr. 172, juul,
Orient W -Midline led), hheldon, 142, Moller, 10.',
Mctlto), 102, Went, M Total, nu,
, Tllllili (UNk,
Orient W -Mulllns, Ii)0, Rhildon, 183; Moller, 107
McHroy, 13J Meht, ISO. Toltl. 774
rnmuiun W,-ll nn Sie.eu, 128: Prrgen, 162.
(leurge 1U, Dunham, Us, J, c. Van SI i.n, ion
Total W"
The Star, Hum I'P and Mamelets trams competed
for ehauipliinslilp I onors In Hhea'a Casino tourna
incut uf Pruokl) n last night 1 he scores:
riiiaT iiAur.
The Star-lV. L. Wilcox, 101; Sullivan 181, 0.
Wilcox, IIJ, O Sltgman, 169, L Wlliux, 139. Toial,
' Hurry, t'P-Kuwe. 18VPearss.il 139; Moore, 160, '
Harris, 163, Taylor, 1BJ. Total, 7B0. i
Jiameless-Waldron, 180: A. Spencer. 148: Waller,
108: Keenan, 10b. slloran ti7 Total, 718. ,
, 'llje btr-W, L. WUoox, 189, Bullivan, 105 O. WU
cox, 11 O. Blecman, 177 T, Wilcox, ITS. lotal, 78A,
Hnrry Op Ttuwe. 1B0 Psarssll, 18S abr. litl
narrH,lH0 Taylor. IBB. Total, 784. ' T
Namelsss Waldron. 169: A. Spencer. 11 Waller.
lBBi Keanan,12S Ualloran 80s. Total, tl '
Section 4 series of the United Bowling Clnt tourna
ment was continued at Thum 4 Kahisdorlllarhim
alleys tail night. The scores i "n'o"Uiarin
natT OAttr.
rioneer-Mnller, 144; Saltier, 140: a lie. 10TI
Schlll. 1841 Henry. 118. Total, file. '
Ijunttaedter-F, Itothsrmel, 129 PloetskyftBi J.
fS Totai, 074.' p'nl"n,t,lU 3l W noermsl,
rioneer lluller, Sit: Battler. 185: Gist 146:
Henry, 1S7 Schlll. 14S. Total, 782, S
West Shore -Dleroks. 14 Menken. 163; Zqnier,
lBOj Tletjen, 174; Dleckmann, lit. Total, 711
Lamstaedtsr F. leothermol. 164i Ploetsky. It J.
Rothermel, 130; Flnkenttadt, 111; w. ltotn-meL
110. Total. 07
v est Shore-Dlercxs, 131: Menken. 159: Zollger.
182; Tlelten, 104 Dleckmann, 172. Total, 828.
The opening games for thn week IntheKewJpey
Bowling Association tournament attracted a rge
crowd to Weudtt Jersey alleys, Hoboken, last Wit.
The scores I
natT OAME. ,
Jollyr L. Kreuxmann. 144 1 C Kreutmann, 14QO.
Schroeder. 138: F. ppel, 164, IL Kuhlmsnn, 19.
Total. 742.
Am. rleu-0 Seller, 178; F. Kolb, 182t O. Schwa,
177; C. Keckeltsen. 187: CSchmedes, 170. Total, tt.
Jollys-t,. Kreutmann. 138: O Schroeder, 173-1.
Kreutmann, 124; Y. Eppel, 170, IL Kubtmann, U
Total. 70.
Pioneers J. Campbell, 181; A. Robb. 133 ,
Schoenfeld, 130; W. Freddeu, lot; F. iNeumann, 1(
Total, 740.
I'loneers-J. Campbell, 187; A. Robb, t4S; i
Sohoenteld, ISO: W. 1 redden, 183: F. Neumann, 141
Total, 700.
Amerlcus-o. Seller. 103: F. Kolb.100: o. Bcbwacki
173; IX Keekeltsen, 1801 C. Schmedes, 148. Tout, 816
Tho Dooless and Union teams rolled twoof thi
opening garnet for the woek In the series of the Jer
sey city Powling League at the former's alleys last
night. The scores:
rtttST OAME.
Dooless-n. Apmann, 178: C. Ksher. 188: O. Ryan,
107; C.Martin 176. 1. Martens, 178. Total. 830.
Unlon-U Smith. 170; o Montgomery, 147: 11. Mann,
123, A. McKalg, 183; L. Duke, 134. Total, 70S.
sreotD OAUC
Dooless-n. Apmann, 187, O. Ether. 178, 1. Ryan,
10st ll.DulS.10M: k.l,,irlons 1511 Tnlsl. 7lia
Unlon-U. Smith, IBs, c. Montgomery. 140; B,
Mann, 138, A, McKalg, 108, 1. Duke, 178. Total. 813.
The Teutonln Circle and Doollttle teams rolled two
of tho opening games for tho tveok In the series of the
Jersey City bowling Loague last night. The scores:
Tcutcnla Clrele-K. Lamster, 174; O. Onnther, 108;
11. Ke"ipert, no, II, Behrent, 200, C. Kern, 178.
Total. 870.
Doollttles-0 Holcomb, 179: I. Hertt, 183: F. Brllk
80: F. Clark. 130, S. coffman. 200. Total. BJ0.
Teutonln Clrcle-E. Lamster, 130; G. Gunther. 185:
F, btelger, 138, U. Bchruns, 140, C, Kern, 134. Total,
Doollttles-O Holcomb 1E0.L Hertl. 105: F. Brill,
147, F. Clark, 138; s. tollman. 200. lotal, 800.
Ilowllne Onmts To-Nlsht,
American National Bteecker, Salamander, and
Bank Clerks' League Continental National Bank,
American Kxchange. haileiial Bank, and Bank for
Unci Sam National Manhattan B, c., Rlverdale,
and tldclto.
United Bowling Clubs Section 8 Tourist. Hoo
doo, aud Heluebund. Section 7 nas Beent, U No,
ant City Scnuetteus.
Archdiocesan Union League Loyola 2, Holy Cross
Wheelmen, and Spalding t.
Ailinnton League Fedora vs. Harmonic, Con
cord vs. Auranla, Unit) vs. Pioneer.
Inter club League Mldwnud vs. Hanover, at Mid
wood allej s, Irving v Carleton.at Irving alleys: Au
rora Oratavs. Lincoln, at AuroraGrataalleys: Union
League vs. Oxford, at Lnlon League alleys: Knick
erbocker lleldvs. Columbian, at Knickerbocker
Carruther's National Clover vs. Osceola.
Biookl)n National Apollo, Nadjy, and Ilelvl
dere. hehaeffer's Crlbb, Melrote, and Aurora.
Brookl)n Ho) at Arcanum Sub Tournaatsnt Nas
sau Count!, Lurnslde Council, and Brooklyn Coun
cil. Strack's Casino Rlverdale, Tick Tack, and Non
pareil. Twenty-slxtb Ward Annex vs. Goodenough, at
Young s allevs.
Central league Cranford vt. Westfleld, at Cran
ford alleys.
Hudson County Columbia Hose. Amerlcus, and
X Spartan.
Amateur Association nizabetb A. C. vs. New
Jersey Bowling Club, at Elizabeth alleys.
class It Atalanta vs Fd son, at Atalsnta alleys;
Y. Jl. C A. vs Fust oriec. at Y. M. C. A. alleys.
Esjex Cjunty League Vlplia B, T. A. B., and Y.
Foresters' League Washington vt. Cranford.
llotvllns Notes).
The third series of the match between Thyne of
Brooklyn and Kraemer of Newark, at the Ger
mania Assembly liu ms utleys, yciterday after
noon, was won by Tnyne, who captured eleven or
the twenty gainoa rolled.
A meeting to orgaulte a tournament among tha
women tKiwIlcg elutu of this cltv will be held at
Beethoven Hall on next Irlday night. The com
mittee eipects that twenty teams will compete,
lach team will roll three or more games, aocord
lng to the number of entries, the nlghest scorers
to be the prize winners. Grocers' Hall nlles In
last Flft seventh street will be engaged for Tues
da and Irldav artcrnoous, beginning about Jan. 12.
Tho Manhattan Bicycle Club and Jersey city Club
Whet lint n did not appear at Rold's alleys last
night, anl tho Tourist C)ele Club ream, arter roll
ing two games, claimed them by rnrfelt. On lost
Irida) nlhht the Manhattan and Jersey Cltys made
a similar claim According to tbe Tourist mem.
tiers, their schedule reals that tho games should
have been rolled last night, while the other two
teams elalra that the gnies were set down for
Dec. 5.
7J-y.J4 7fI)l.
Solntte Lends Mcl.aeielilln In tbe Flrat
Xlsbt'e Piny or Their Moteb.
Last night In Mosson'a Billiard Academy,
corner of Ilroadway and Twenty-second street,
V. A. Sulnks of Chicago and Edward Mc
Laughlin of Philadelphia, two players of the
"short-stop" class, began a S,500-pointbllllard
match, which will last Ave nights. Tbe game
will be GOO points up a night, at fourteen-lnch
balk line, and under a special provision; ten
shots will be allowed in "anchor."
McLaughlin started off well and led for the
Urst nine Innings. In the tenth Inning the Chi
cago man passed his opponent with a run of
thirty-seven, the score at tboendof tbe Inning
being 131 to 1U4 in his favor. Splnka kept up
his good work nnd averaged twenty for the next
ten innings. He still further widened tbe gap
with a run of fifty one. McLaughlin could not
hold the Ivories together, ns his force was
faulty, hplnks linnlly ran out the game in the
thirty-ninth inning, bummnry:
Spluks-0, 8, 13 7 0 10, 0 12, 40. 87, 32. 2, 18, 8,
0 17 01. 3, 1. i. i7. 7 0. 20 11, 81. 14. 2, 0. 0. It!
81. (I, .12 0, 14, 1, 2J. Total, 800 High run, til, ay.
erage, 18 lua7
Mel ainrtilln-IO 13, 0, 3B, 84, 8. 18, 3. 21, 1, 32. 10.
2, 4 7, 5, II 27, 2, 14, 4, 4 11, Id. 20 1, 1, u. 3. 11,
4, u. A 14.10,40 Toal, J77. High run, 40, average,
10 17J6.
lsllllnrda at the New Tork A.
The nnnunl tournament of amateur cuo ex
perts of the New York A. C. was begun last
night at the club house, rifty.flfth street and
blxth nvenuo. 'Die opening game was hel ween
It. U. Itadeliffe and T. A. tlreen, the former
winning b) a score of 7otoSJ. The tourney
will continue throughout tho week. Among
thoso who have promised to cumpetoare: Trod
Oak is. last year's chnmplnn: Frauk Uugro, E.
V. 'lunnsond.and Fred fciokos.
Sleeting; or the l.oiia Island Interneholaa.
tie A. A.
The regular monthly meeting of the Long Isl
and Interscholastio A. A. was hold at Adelphl
Acaden.) ostorday afternoon, 'lhe following
de'i'gntes were-picsenl : Hnrrlck nnd Jail win,
HriHjklvn High School, Campbell, Prntt Insti
tute, llerklug, Hetchor, nnd Chadvvlck, Ilrook
ljn Latin School: CJIlsou nntl Forney, Atlelphl
Academy; Hlchards, Clark, nnd Knonltoii,
"Poll Prep," Peck, St. Paul School, Afler
the ropoits of the committees weio rend, the
football thaniplonshlp was awarded to tat,
I'ntil School, rim prospects of lndror sports
wtro lulls tlistujscd. ami Proldi n Herrlik
nnd n pinposltlnn m.ttl- by Coiiiiuiii) 1; nf tho
Tlilru i nth Iteglment In which the- .juarilsnitii
vkpreiM I a dislro to hold Joint gullies with
(he Long Islnnd nasoclatlnn, tlio schiilnstlo aih
liti") lo linvti .is many open in e-nin us they inav
wlal No dellnlto uctlon Hits taken on vho
piono tl on,
I'loHlilntit Horrlck appointed Forney nnd
I'll it lift lo inuko arrangt uiciits for thn annual
liiilinr gnmes of thu in-soeliillon. wniih nro
11 1 1 to bu hold dining thu Inner part uf next
1 1 1 ritnry. No placu wits dovldeif unon. "o
n filial league basketball ttitliiiamnit will bo
held, n Print and Adolplil are lliu only Instl
intiniiH having ttatna. In j0 futuro chain
iniii"hli imnlilos rnr tuniile, hnnilhull, nnd
bii'krthiill tottuinments held tinilet tho bus
put- of Iho (issoclntlou cnu le purchased with
Hie tut -nle roteluts. Iho prlzos for baseball,
truck itliletlts. anil football will bo bougl t ,ts
u-. nil bj tho llsl)cUtlon,
leeln meetliiic will be hold nextFrlda).
win it the hasehall nnd handball schedules will
hit inli pled.
I.ebniitnn dives st Dinner to tbe Harvard
Crew .
liovrov, Dec. 7,-Tc-nlght the members of the
tno Harvard crews who took ptrt In Saturdiiy's
raiowerothegiieslaot Coach Lehmann at din
ner nt the Algonquin Cub. llcsldea the elxlten
tnvv mill i pietont there tvere Ocn, Irani Is
-,nliod),Mumford,last ear's coach, and J .1
Morrow. 80. '
l apt. (loodrleb has appointed II. SI Town,
send or he 1)5 rrovv to superv Ise the training of
tho fr. simian squad this winter.
On edncfday night the. members of last
j tar a 'var.lty crew vrUi entertain Lehmann.
a XARinit conra orricKwa ajar.
Cateh 'Em with the Customs IteBnlntlnno, '
neflavol Worry Tm with the I.rew We've
Oot, and No Internnttonnl Agreemente
Will lie Nccessitry-ltuaaln'a lVnv.
LonB beforo tho llehrlng Sea Arbitration -
Commission had devised Its Ineffectual rcRuln
tlons for tho prevention of poaching and tho i
proteotlon of tho seals of tho North Pacific;
even before thero wns enough of n seal problem
so that the Arbitration Commission w'as talked
about, the officers of tho rovenuo cutter ',
service and of the Marlnn Corps who
had soon service In tho North Pncino L
wero aware of a thoroughly effective mcth- i
oil of dolnc all that tho International reg- $
illations havo failed so signally to accomplish. '
It's tbe simplest sort of nschoino. and It lies en
tirely within tne power of tho United Stntos.
No help Is needed from any other nation, and
tho expense would not bo as great ns tho rxppnso
of tho present Inadequate pntrol. In vv hlch ling
land ostensibly plnjs a part without. In fncl,
doing anything. A mnrlno officer w ho hnppens
to be In New York Just now was talking nbout jj
tho schome to a t-UN man the other day.
"it's as simple as firing a gun," ho stld. " Our 11
customs regulations nro most rcmarknbly Intrl
cate. They havo been mado to fit nil sorts of
cases under all sorts of conditions. Tho way to
get the seal pirates Is to enforce those customs
regulations. Now yon takoCapt. Hooper, who
has boon In command In tho llehrlng Sea this
summer. He has been In sorvlco at the west
ward a great deal, and ho knows the customs
regulations more thoroughly, perhaps, thnn any
other officer In tho service. Ho understands all
the possibilities nf the Intrlcnto mass of rules
vhlch have been built up through many years.
3end Capt. Hooper up thcro with orders to en
'orco the customs regulations on the nlrates. and
lo'll very soon put ten end to tho buslnees.
"Mot ono of thoso fellows knows the regula
ons. Thoj'rbtho toughest lot that ever foro
tthered under the sun. Thov'ro rendy for any
'Irt of escapade, and when they have been
uvenoutof every civilized port on theglobo
toy go to Alaska nnd turn seal pirates. Most
othcmhnve bcon fnromnst hands. Very few
nithem know an) thing of what Is required of
nrfrlccrorashlp Some of them haveasraat
f'lHt f navigation, and thoy still their ships
in hit-or-mlss sort of fashion, taking all sorts
ortances. Most of the tlmo they como out all
rift Just becauso nf their sheer dev lllshness.
.li1 M1"5- l!u;et Intn it hcrapo their recliless
nesAtid undenlnble hardihood often pull them
out here hotiost tnon would go to tbe bottom.
'isn't to ho expected that such men should
knotinur customs regulations. It would ben
mlrouif they did. And In that fact lies tho
crta(ty of their undoing whenever the (lov
ernntt makes up Its mind tn go nftfcr them In
tho rtht way. Most nf iho ships of these
plralcsnro rotten llttio tubs, bllge.bestunk
schotnrs. 'Just n pack o" intten plntes puttod
upvvtltnr.' Thoy nro contlnutlly obliged to
put a somo of the llttio harbors or ports
along tie crooked Alnekan coat for wood nr
wotetolrppalra of somu sort. And there Isn't
ono oltlem that doesn't vlolnto some of theo
ctistotisromilatlons overy tlmu he- sets foot on uitl
Btioro. He's ns curtain to do It ns he Is '
to sceiand. Ho may not have tho Blight- S
. .Jbantlon of doing It, but Ignorance "
of thelaw Is no excuse, and tho thing to
, " 3 ..'.u,ze blm evory tlmo ho makes
a break Worry him. Mako itcost him money.
.uf'0 t"" Pirate's schooner oi cry time It Is
possiblcond burn Justus many of thorn nsioti
can- Hretholawon him contlnunllv. There's
nothlnghose fellows hato so much nnd know
so little bout ns tho law. and they cannot alfnnl
t "Ire lwycrs to fight for them. A first-clns
Judge wo Know maritime law nnd the customs
regulation, nnd wnsn'tafrald. would oon ni.tko
those fellna mighty sick might) quick. Lvery
time lie emldn't confltcatn the pirnle tmn' ho
could rentrndeclsior that there was probnhly
cause for clnires. anc thnt would relensc the
Gnvornmru from nlUabllitv for datnnges
I bcllevv that oneool season, with Cnpt.
Hooper actng under rich Instructions from the
Treasury Lepartmentnid wltn the Jiideennd
tho District Attornrt cnaperatlnj with him
proper v, vv.uld put adend to thn seal plriry.
It would mnko It so cfaenslve that those fel
lows cnuldnt stand it. 'A
"That's ths sort of tang Russia docs, hut "he '
goes further, t-he wofles the pirates, not only
In port, but a' sen. I (Hooper wero adlti un
der such insttuction-to would work It so that
every boat that put In a port undt r hi. Juris,
diction would be krt out of the hunt for at
least one sealing seas Hut the Russians f-e-quentlv
put them o'ttf tha btiiinost for gooi
1 knew of ono cnMwhere some pirates haii
hauled their schoonefiut on tho bench on tho
Russian const for fne reptlrs While they
were at work a RusU cruiser came along. The
Russians sent a bo) ashoro and burned tho
schooner up withonwnltlng for explnnntinn
from tne pirates and'ithnut why or wherefore
to them. It was twos- three hundred miles to
anywhere, nnd the fates were left without a
Clank nnd without aool tn make one nnd with
out stores tir provlsis of any kind.
"'What aro wo grig to do?' they asked the
"We don't knoV was tho reply "and wo
don t care.'
. V A5,'' ,hT didn't sre. That wns the benntl
ful effectiveness oftho thing. They said the
pirates could walk, it Into their boat, wentout I
to their cruiser, anosteamed off. '1 he pirates I
did walk. Thoystrrgled and straggled along I
that beach for two tndred miles or more. Ilv- I
lng on raw clams anmnsseis and getting over 1
the stones and gravies best the) could, homo 1
of them died, but tbjr'ro a tough lot, and most I
of them got Into Vdlvostock. You irny cull "I
that sort of thing hfi handod, but I tell jou It I
protects the seals, al that's w hat those fellows 1
In the cruisers nre sit out to do. I
" You know I belve those seal patrol boats I
of the Russians nrtr mnko report In heal-
quarters nf what tlr hav c done In such rn-e. nE
borne of theo piratcwhohail tn walk to Vlatll- fgf
vostock Anally got ack to this couiitr). and n
they .made a 'greatj-oar nlout Jtne outrace.
They sent .interne's tn Washington, and
v ashlngton asked 1. Peierourg about It all. Mi
The answer wa tut S Petersburg never HI
bad hennl nbout nnjnnch thing, nnd vvaB un-
able to find that It nd ever occurred. I he. H
Ueve St. Petersburg vns tellng the truth. But I
tho thing did occu Ju-ttho same, only It Bli
wasn't reported by th cruise. Vf,
"That sort of tblnutif cotMe. Is not possible Wj
with us. A tremendots upror would bo raised '
bv the 'terrific lnhuntnit) 'of It, Hut. I ttll M
you. when jou como ti kiinvrthnsn pirates as I W
have known them. ouwlll ennge your views IF
about Inhumanity.' "here ro some humnn I
brutes w ho can rpcognte andiav o respect only H
for brute force. The ntxt bei thing to that In I
effect I v eness is the scheme I tiro told ynu nhnnt.
I proposed It tn Hooper lastvlntor In Wash- I
Ington. and ma) be he's ueeiltslne It a little
on his own honk this summer I haven't heard I
what has been going on In Akka. This much
Is sure: when It Is tried It wllvork."
Fnet nnd Theory About tlcken Itnslaa 'I
ftrar the Indian llend Prvlnc Oroantl. ta
The United States proving ound at Indian ",
nead. on tho Potomac below 'ashlngton. Is In j
a shallow ravine, half a mile imoro wide, and s
running back for n mile or so tun tho Govern
ment wharf. Outldo this tbrcsslon, as tho
tale Is told by veracious grnditos of the Naval
Academy who have been statned at the post,
thero Is a semi-circul ir hel somo ten miles
broad, where chicken rasg Is Imposslblo.
Wllhlti tho ravino Iho orilltry hen of torn.
mtrco In) a eggs. and. If undlurbetl In her In
tentions of ilnmeHtlcllj, lintcts them with only
the usual vicissitudes lo vvhh hens and eggs
nru subjtit, Iho shnrp, encing hang of thn k.B
big guns that are fired at lis.) armor plaits. WxtVM
day afn rday. dins not tllstb the process of 30"
lncuhutlnu wltlilti the post. -w?v '
Hut thn farmurs in Ihedjacent cnuntri. 1,
nnrlli, ta-t atnl snuth Icl it iinanlnini y
mournful laloof "setting" tcr "belting" nf )
seltctnl tL'gH thnt lnvo -ot ilm inalndiirotis J
wai nf eggs that are i-nt uponnd nut liulchod.
Not an ics in all thu bell, thiiinner- m hits
tlevclopml a t hlckrn sluto Ihnrming ground
wasehtiibllshtil 1 liU fitlltirtf llli i .'g In do
tlnlrilut) Is ten iiuiuriilly tribiittd by the
furmnri tn the bring nf the blgnnv ilie rurnl
cllUeiis explain II liv enjlumiiit tht "uoho
innkea thu huns in rv mis " '
'Ihenlllteri hnve worked It t to their own
sallsfnt tluii thnt the ptctindi i ft '(.s wllhin (
the ilepri'Shliui and llio lack nf jn ttms with
nut tire due In the length nf tl In iv ler miuihI
wnvis thnt atiirt friirn the ttiurN nf thi guns,
Tim first Impact nf then nailing watts tiny
say, is well niHKliln nf Ihe pinit lntr lull- mil
thu station '1 he tiiiin-iif tho . t far louder,
tln) say, nut be) mill tho lulls i i, It l in" do
the ruvlne, with Ihe guns rich it hand Out.
side w hero the sound wnves Imp the enrth
linnltst, thoy rttltlo tho iggsiin tin, rnduo-
As to main facts ntul ns In extent' n ns was
said ttlHivn, tills lain nils Iio it n inn ve
racity nf men t nil mil in truth 'in si It n -chool
t lint Is supposed In In. Id thu rtcu nf lic-orga
Washington abut null nlliti.
Nonpareil Unrsillen lllntlltrre, I
The annual eleetlo i nf the ,r, II ion lng I
Club resulted as follonsi I'r .lui I V. lirtl 1
bur) j Vice I'resldi in, fnnk Hrnekir I t i 1
ilil hetretar), renlamtii l ' vvl.i .rime n. I
nlnr)v (Jeorge.Nl nun. Ir. i.ir.1 in v I i It statCGSi
lapiiln. John Ciiut in lm II... t i it rd --
Nlrnlo, Fjeconiil.ii uiiuai I II M us 1 i ,
vi. loiter, lleni) J I , i,r. n. iriiu I irt A.
viettr. His more mum IikiIjii the . in mil
look for a new locttun mil -.int
cportomnn's (Oaai.
M OYMNAeilllll
AND IIOMl.l,U Al,tVH. . -.
Dtt. DAVAUa'a, aua-jio Wttwiuit. , ja. ?,

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