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iWiM " " w$'lt', " 5X'''3T57'risissW . " tf' . " ""' '"'" -e - r - i TIBtXthBB
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I ' THE SUN, FRIDAY, JANUARY 1, 1897. 7 jiJflfl
T uiu nvssvu. is t.orct.raovxs
a"' o.v that is vuja.
ent8,:u actin" . S tocy show hoc lackof
l?.M ihe" to .peak lose point when spoken
1 ' 1 sincerity. Some of Lor operas have
; l treatment, but as their lu.
!?,.. lnc... ther ro proportionately
by Mch manner. Hut Miss 1 us
111 lf n.r been more spectacular than
"" , "An American lleauty," In the
I a a t "ho appears for a moment
fB.jmcntdI.tro..lnBlyunbeeoiulnij. It U
opposed to boa riding habit, and It o whit.
o,l opened on tho .M... Hcncath this nr.
buck lii. boots and while silk bloomers. No
Jrf, .tipposcl that Lillian Itus.ell could look so
mi. like herclf . .he doc. In that get-up.
Ytea tbo black silk hat did notloik well on her.
,.,,, i,.,r in the same Act hub appear, lu a cos-
,". of white silk and flue velvet which not
only embellishes her benuty. but Hires lo It a
dlillneuUhcd nlr. In the second act. on the
",,! b-u-s 1 ack, dressed In a looso gown of cray
lit nheMi'V embroidered In .tones and flowlnn.
J iMM.y about her. slio Is ft lovelier sight than
she his loc" bcforo on ,,'e m"'1' Tll
rroun of b-lillanto. surmounted by a cross, the
bunch nfllllcM"d Iho Jawcls mako hern really
daillntf llB'e- s,l "-'ems to bavo brand
,., jiiluw hair. It I very entrancing and
to l I'0 owner, who does not mlis
her (went) (It.-lost pound". In nno scene she
Vi:.alH tii Trench girl at n French bull, ami
shedireeis I" r ml v unci s and oarcs-es eivvard
ir mm who Is blow n Into the most bulky
LuiothiiwnsiicrlhB risultof ft rubber Milt
.no an air pump. 'Iho words or thesotirnro
Si," olle lllnir. anil, are a polite, variation of
innalleM'" in. Won't You Cnmonnil I'lny
With Me " I" hl" son Ml"" Hus.oll Is nlltir
IncaniHeduiilve. n"he trlej to entice llie
linlki Mr. -ikes inln lierarma. 11 lortifci her
iBiltilio:i-iil.n'l Ills bft'liful ni.iiini r con
irastnlw h hisinotiuuusslzo mnkes nil nmus-
The centra"! of scim'1 In "An Amerlran
Iteauty" is Intenlously devitcd, mid the circus
bill In the second act Is the most brilliant sljlit
in tb r'T- Thooiiry-dav nttlroof the other
characters, ralnitled Willi tho fanciful costumes
of th.threo persons from tho circus, make a
dllltreiico iililch on thu etaire Is certain to bo
altroctlre At this ball tho tnatiniter. who
apirestohlre I.illliiti llussell n a prize beauty
for his show, arrears lis u fat boy. Jerome
b)te. ho rls this part nnil Is IntlateJ tonn
abnormal .lie. bnppens to possess n blond and
youthful countenance, mid Is thus onablid to
look really lojlsti ocrhls ninuntalnnf llesh.
Ills wife appears ns n Circassian plrl. who
!, as the author describes her. "liko all
those Circassian clrls all hair ami no
heart." 'I lie other one from Uin circus Is
a man controlled to lieu ro as u bearded woman.
Ihf antic, of these three In tho second act aro
themostcilurtli Bthlncs'liat thocumtdiai.silo.
anil Mr. M'Ve dam ea h Itli the same ponderous
grace that A nulla Summer Mile ued in allow In
her eat ly ili) s at tho llljou. home nf lluiili
Morton's Mt-irhi-s In this mulcal tarco are
bright. The n hole audience Inuehs at the man
boayshi hiad 'husenme brains In It and
Is rot merely ii rendezvous for hair" 1h
deflmtlon "fa table il'hfilo dinner as a meal that
coniltof tenti-lx yards of spoihrttland a
tlnlnf benrme Ilnds eiithusiasllo endorsement
from some uf the hearers. .Morn consistent ami
Artist r howeier. Is the heroine's forcitfulness
other widdineilar. and ber Impatient protest
in her Keirotheil when h tlnatly asks: "Why,
hJin'tthat MiddEnc taken plate yet?"
Vocalists have novel " badness " In one nam
Wrln"Dorca," and In unolher In "Courted
Into Court." In the second act of tho I'aulton
in 4lcal comedy a man and a woman "eat tbetn
fltti at a small table on which 1. a chess board
Ml "Itli the pieces. There It a vocal Introduc
tion unil then moves of the fame begin.
Thousli both sinners aro Interested In their
I lay they ei Ince no excitement over the woman's
s, f lo'tofapann. but become dramatlo In their
altitudes and gestures when the man surrenders
akLlirhU Asa game of chots Is frequently a
matteroftiours.lt would look too much like a
very unettn match If this contest were com
pleted within the length of one vocal number,
so there Is hut a slnglo stanza, and "checkmate"
!a not announced. The plaiurs are attlreU In
the picturesque manner of the cloe of the
. elfhtecnth century, and tbelr larrlageand de-
portnieBtaroof tne courtly sort that then pro-
. TilleU. Tb'ioavpraiancis, In aisoclatlou with
atni.tfol air n1 ibesonit'a novel arrangement,
bring r.lihUi rivmsnds for repetition.
In the .econil act of "Courted Into Court"
the stain Is set lo ilioio room". As the
Louie U known to contain two fumllirs.it la
not amlls that t!.e twnapartmentsuro furnished
for the same uses, but llie vital point In the set-
t tint's relation to a certain song Is thai two
pianos are separated oul by the partition. In
one room John t. Klce plays tho instrument,
C andatlecgih slngsun air In low lones. On tho
, other s de May Irwin hears him, and, remark
ing that Le Is singing her song, begins to play ll
1 herielf. As soon as she commences toeing lllco
becomes silent, but continues his nccniupanl-
I reent. It Is a lugro melody nnil u sweet one, so
Is listened to for ltelf. whlln the uudleiico
watch thetwo plnnlstsplajlng in unison. Ulcc'n
exprr.hion la cue of delight nt tho woman's sing-
, log, ami the Is triumphantly aware of his pleas
ure, although the wall eeprutts thein. After
' I she hat Unlil.id ho slugs n, stanza, nnd she
r clambers on a tabln to look down on him
, from a transom. Then ho mounts u table on Ills
, side, and an Irwln-Itkn bout of kissing follows.
To Ada Lewis. In " Courted Into Court," falls
a song entitled "Ooinrah." which Is as odd as
I Ita name. It Is n dtscrlptlun of the musical
efforts of a resident in atonement. It Is told that
his Instrument la bn big that It was dollv-
r ered onadray, but when tho refrain comes tho
, finger sireitures Indicate that the devkoof tor-
tnre as a tilde l umlmtie. Her left hand Is
beht neir her lips, ami from It the right band
: I asses forward uud buck, wbllo " Oumpanl" is
lb" burden of the song. A danca thul takes the
lerfuiiner from one side of tho stnge to the
"' oibir '. on during tbo refrain, and the whole
f Is conical, hut it nge.t that the road to nuc-
, ctistul iomic singing has fen cusnlons.
' Holiday matlnfee will bo given nt all the the-
atrcs this afternoon. Now Vcir's Day has been
a K'hmI day for stu.-c amusements ever since tho
custom of so tal ailing went out of fashion.
Ilftrbohm Treo nappenrtd In "Hamlet" at
the Knickerbocker last night. Ills representa.
tlun of the nioml) l'rlnce has not chnnged since
II &ilat Lcfurn teen here, hut remains an un
comraonlj inti resting performance, whimsical
lnsnuiereiects, hut scholarl) altogether.
Ilefore tbo usual repetition of "Tho I.ato Mr.
Caitello" at the I i e um last night. " Tho While
Kluwir"was reilwd. It Is uilramn hv Mmtilo
Muddrrn I l.'u, In ono strong anil serious ad,
'' "'"l " i'' t. boiireatiiro in Itoslna ViikoVa
m inieriainmints bni it-ernd in a sober bnl-
v nco to ttiu fare unil burlesoues. It has for n
i!'r".1 r .ltr a mun who. e. lug Hint his
,s loveora jojngwlfi Isnm riclprncutid, niidtlmt
, '; could o Imi.ii) wlih a juunger mail, kills
. i.'im'l,,r. w.lm an lnt ntlonal m erdose of Mini..
i cine re.U Mnrrl. plmuitlilsjiarttlien.Ms ho
feiltn"''' "' tl10 J-lcvuiii, t Itli iiiuchcaro nnd
it 'Ibe Mncrnble Mrs .Tnltii Iirow Is going Into
r. ?.,!! '"!" ,"'" ''in bim engaged for "Tho
V 'toning Hurl ,..a. 'and will begin next we.-k,
. I. ,'" ,'U as'iigccoinpanloii of tbatotber
d If "' ' II. 'inlrtart. .Mrs. Drew will probn.
" lie ,"".,"M'' ntletliiiracler considerably inoro
y i...!1'.'. ' hc '' original from which It was
i.. )nmn Agiua llohlliinerilld. HooCogh
,, "'' ''ad tin iii in riunit) to play iho rfue. but re.
' ! IV." ' Hi kiiuiiuIh tliot ll would be hem nth
i. v ,' "''.". Hl dignity to appear In a drainii of
."." ',H I'r.w hnn professional dignity,
!,,"" """'"'lontheAliiurlciinHiigohus. .lohn
H'.ie lit i mil, if h wore older, would hao
Ti'. 1 "",'Ve",nl representntlio of the type,
"il l-i. Ii woman who Is said to have been
',' ,rik''"lnfllieihiirarterlntrynlil. Agnes
o 1 i 'J i"'r l'"wi"ln" Iook any older thau bho
a I Selill Hnilcir Concert,
tr H ni.law Ilubur.'iian, tho famous boy vlo-
io """ "m be tne solol.t at the next concert of
ne f-eul, seioly at tba Academy of Music,
n m ii dukljn, on Tuesday eionlng next, the f.th
a I tiUK .Vi'MpMSr;!" "'" pu' "l0
1 '?, F-h l"",r":,, w.te,
a- M .,f,i..,,,i.,,,': K"r,,'i ' from niawulba's
WL i,Wool" n I Wedding."
1 4 'loilnconeerm ..... Ooldmark
'.' ,.. ...".sier lironlsiawlluberman' '
SS . al.Arii,ii'ii'i,i lu' A,r- - l0 Allegretto,
, . zig.un,,.,,., ......,.v:: ::.'...::. . hafu1."'.
B X "Hi..i ",cr IJronlslaw llubeinian.
y. H rnaeicn ' lymphonlo poem ,. , . Saint Bans
5n JH ' "ive alnrsuerlle.
'""" lDtr"' bas been created by the an-
uncnnt that Mine. Calv6 will assume tho
"' first iJilr,mt'i" In Oounod'i " Fau.t" for tho
jl fit atSS?V De.xl """day night. Tho popu-
,& ihar.rir , flTen lne closest study to the
iiM, SiSSX?? "i11."001 r.allrri.Liiillet
'jlKli M,1,ctltl''n. In Ita preeentatlon. iSJWSP6!'
aPPaVasawi DaaJBiLi''r
tMoassM fjl rj, satatMBa1a:
j.itf. zones ajiovt joir.v.
An cnulpngo stood In front of a Ilroadway
ttnro yesterday nflcrnoon, nnd the style of It
was so directly the opposlto nf what It should
hao been that n great many of the passing
crowd stopped to look at It. nnd wonder nt lti
extraordinary features. It was n brougham,
drawn by two horses, and thor wcro not, ns
specimens of horse flesh, striking: enough lo
warrant the unusual scrutiny which their
heavy harness, lavishly ornnmentcd with sll
cr. attracted to thorn, A. coachman mid a
footmnn snt on tho box. nnd they wcro both
negroes, Thcv wcro stout enough to crowd
the cent and innko tho Nehlclo look tophcavv.
Ilolh wcro ory black, and Ihotr lherles hnd
been selected with a careful tlcslro toward
glaring contrasts In tbo color whemo of the
eaulpuKe. Tholr coats were of n dark gray
cloth trimmed with astrnihnn. Tbo fur was
about tbo sleeves nnd collnr. Tho buttons
wero largo nnd very black. Their lap robe was
nt the sumo dark era cloth, trimmed with a
broad hand nf astrachan. In the tentro of It
was n hit go silver monogram applied upon the
cloth. Tho effect of thu wholo outfit was ery
hlrarrc nnd It Is a well-known conviction
with people who make a pnrlculnr oirort nt
hnv Ing tho stylo of their turnouts tinlmneuchn.
bio that lie soon ns n rig attract" marked attoii
Ion. snmothlng must be wrong with It. This
iwrtlculnr vehicle stood near tho Fifth Avcnuo
Hotel for n long tlmo, and I. .mis exceptional
enough to Intcrost iniiiiy people. Now York's
eiiulpnges aro of so hlgn an order that ll Is un
usual to seo aiiv thing so far out of the ordinary
as this one. Foreigners .vlio seo Cei trnl Park
aro alwass struck with tho superiority of the
dlsnluy there over mil thing of the kind to lio
seen In London or Paris. In numbers, taste,
ami nualltv tho private vehicles reen In Now
York excel thoo that tho Holt do lloiilogne or
II) do Park run show at n in time. Thocxclu
hlon nf hlied vehicles from Itotteti How and the
powdered hair nnd "Ilk stockings of tho conch
mun glvu the Kngllili ilrlvo n certain appo.ir
nmo of brilliancy, nllhnughnny careful scru
tiny of the equipages shows them to be far In
ferior to tho avtrngo here. In Purls the largo
number of publlo uibs makes tho Hols do llou
logno appear n olaco ntwro ncrrsilblo to ho
people and possibly inoro eniuved by them
than our Park drives. Hut tho talis luterlero
with the high quality of Its turnouts, uud put
Paris fur behind Now York In respctt to ox
penslvcncss und taste.
Mmc, Kordlcn's husband has nt least one Im
portant adjunct to lilt progicss as n successful
tenor. Ho wears n most elaborato fur-lined
coat which U exceptional enough In Its splen
dor to put hlu well up In tho list judged by
that standard. 1 lie n.ii'tl"ltlnnf a fur-lined
coat Is tho most luipormnt superficial n.ovo
In u tenor's larcer. When ho gets ono ton
fldenible projress has already been ninde.
Ilcrr Doeme, who has tho reputation of being
n very Imnil'iioio man. Is tall, rather pale
faced, and weirs a blnck mustache with tho
points turned upward In the Oirman fashion.
Ho Is singing now In Paris, and was a bl
tono hefoio ho met Mine. Nordica. I'pon her
advice, ho studied In Paris, nnd tho duality of
his voice was sufficiently changed for him to
undertake tenor rules. Onu summer he
sang Misi'itt ntl!ajriuth. nnd ho Is now at
tho (irnnd Opern In Pari". Ilcrr Doeme Is
s.ild to be strongly In favor of a reconciliation
tetwecn Mmc. Nordlia nnd Jean do lte7ke.
lie wants her to slngnt tho MctroPolltai.Oper.i
House, and he find" travel through the country
rather tnoro fitlauinir than a quiet sojourn In
New York. Hut Mine. Nurdlcn la now started
tin a long concert tour which will rarrv her m
far West as San Franclsc'ii. Mine, f-enlehl,
who has undertaken many similar extiirslons
In Iho tnst, gois n.ong with her as tho con
tralto nf the enmuanv. audit will bo lato In
tho spring b. fore llie pnrtv returns to tho
"at. Ilcrr Doeme has had some "light ex
perience of this sort of thing, and he regards
It as much more atlsfn-tory to tnko tho
limited lour which the Metropolitan lompauy
innko". It Is uinlerst'iod now that anj recon
dilation lietween Mne. Nordicft and Jean do
lleszlo I" possible only on tho tenor's terms.
He still denies Indlgnnntlv that thero was ever
tho slightest lutluenio used ngiini.t Mine. Sor
dlca. and ho nns now that only the most com
plete retraction of tho charges ognlnst hi u
will serve to rlsre lilin again on plensant terms
with the prlmv do una. Openi'o oiinrrels
aro Interesting, If never very lading In their
etlect", and ll Is safe to "ay now that Mme.
Nordlca and .tennde lteszke will both bo mem
bers of the Metropolitan Urwn House com
pany next c-ison. and will ilo.ibilers be hcutd
together as often as taev were lu the past.
It uiM to take Delia Fox to bring to the
Casino the sort of audiences which on first
nights became associated with her name, and
the crowds alio drew whllo associated with He
Wolf IIooiernr.d nhentisn star she sang alono
were of such a distinctive character tbut, as
rt policeman In front of tho Casino raid one
night. "Whon Dull Fox slns sho brings
out thocreiraof the precinct." Hut tho thea
tre on Mondat night show ed that I.tlllan Ilusell
Is able to attract audiences that aro destined
to become as unique its thoso of Delia Fox
used to bo. The professional element was
very large, and tho women that made It up
wero all well known by eight. TTssy Fitz
gerald with her customary ravuller snt Inona
box. nnd In nnolner .vert Mnrle Hallon and
Halo Holla. Scattered through tho orchetra
sents wcro Anna () Keofo. Ada Dare. Sylvia
'1 borne. Hlancho Walsh, and many other wo
men whose fsces aro well known to rw v.rk
nudleneeH. Smno of Hum were accompanied
hv mnle escorts, but Mis Walsh and Miss
VKeeto had brought their mothers with them.
Ilurlru the Into'inlolon In th opera the the
litre buzzed with ronvcrsntlon In which the
Christian names of the person; referred to
were alone used to t'ri'Ignnto them. Il was
altogether a very striding catherlmt, nnd
probably no other n'tre- coiilil havo col
iecied Just such un nudiime. Illnncho Walsh
vwis the se,lltnry psrsiin present to tinhnld tho
dignity of th" serious drama, Kato Holla wis
tircsont to rcpreient tho dignified In music, but
tho rem of tho actresses present vv ere of the
kl nd that are usually grouped together on the
comic opera programmes and designated In
lumps as "ofllccre," "peasants," or "girls from
tho UaletyThoitrc."
Ono of tho advertisements that New Yorkers
receive with the most persistent regularity
comes from a dalrjman Inn neighboring State
who sells butter and eggr. To every member
of the families In Now York whoso names aro
available from certain iddrosl books Jio sends
a monthly quotation of the pioralllng prlresof
butter and eggs. Tim names of many of the
very wenlthj men of tho city nro Included In
Ills Ilt of riistnmers. and It Is sometimes a
rvui-o for wonder Hint ho thlnki It worth while
lo l.eop men of to much ealtlinoiuriitely In
formed list i tho vsrlnlliins of it ienl or two In
tho prlresof eggs and butter. Jlitt the quota
tions nrrlvo faithful!, mil us tho only cus
tomers rccilmd nro thosj whon.'ree lo buy
regularly, thev an- kupt Inforimil of tho
thunges lit prlro nsoxncily as tliougli tin V
wno dealing III stores. No only Ills rutomorn
hilt persons whom he ileslrei s ;usi;imers
uronblotn learn the shuilus nf variation In thu
butter und egg iniirkut by his bulletins.
William Ivlsnn lived In tho Victoria Holol
from tho tlmo It was tho f-tevenslapartmcnt
house, until the career of the house ne a hotel
camo to an ml, and his peculiarities during
that tlmo nltrai'tul tho nttuntlon of many peo
plo who nimo Into contact with him. Tho
hotel news-stand, where a n-ni was added to
tho p-lco of tho papers, was nuver patronized
by him during n I that time, nnd every morn
ing he vv Hiked a block to n news-stuul whore
ho was nblo to buy hW paper without 'paving
tho hotel ccimmlb'loii. It wns only on miii
days lit llrnt lb.it bo would pitronlo tho hotel
b irbcr shop, us at nn estnbllshinunl dim n town
lie toulii; bo shiivelfor a sonicivliat smaller
Mini than ho was rnmpillcil to tuy at the Vlo
toila. Tho fact that he iicciislona ly g.uo hs
barber IHo cents, but mad" mi regular habit of
tinning him. iiibKch tho uhCnian seem rather a
liernl" flgurn in thoso dnvs when It takes u liar
tly person to Invmlo a burborehop and attempt
tn eicupo vv Ithoiit the customary f co t" t ho bar
ber. Tho rase of tl.n waiter to whom Mr. Ivl
eon gave i'5 cents il ""k for serving tline
poaplo In a prlvato room ilces t-ot Indlcnlo
iienrlv fo much courage ns tho barber eiisode.
Not to tip a waiter nnd i" i-i uuo f rtmi lilssul
loimess In the ninplltmlo of a hotel illtiliig room
U eav compariil with thu emliurrnin-nient Hint
nttcnils nn exit from a barber shon when every
man In It. whither ho bo employed or not, c.ire
fully eves the retreating customer to see how
much ho gives the mun. or to glnnro slgnlfl
nintly nt his nsni ntes when ths customer
neglects the operation altogether.
In one of the boxes at Koster A Wei's on
Tuesday night was jouuk tlernld Du Maurler.
whoso engagement to a jnung actress In the
same company with him was announced a
short tlmo ago. Young Du Maurler Is not
handsome, and It was rnlhor a surprise to tho
people who met him on his arrival here to ob
serve that ho was not In mourning. He sug
gests somewhat iho plctuteii of Ills father
cltielly by tho shape of Ills bt ad ana face, hip
grossed In watching Yv otto Uullbert throng i
npnlr of opera glares was n young girl with
dark hair und inns who sat by his side. Bho
was Marguerite Hllvn. thu young woman whom
Du Maurler Is u marry as soon as ho returns
to England. Miss Bllva'e real name Is ilmltli.
Her fathur was an Englishman and nor mother
a Helgtnn. Miss Hllva has tho dark nalrof an
Italian, with on olive skin and a high color. .Bho
Is a very pretty clrl. and previous toer vl.lt
here her oxnerfonce had oeen very llralled.
pier debut was made In comlo oporn.
' . i
Sir. Parker Cliarasterlsea Ilia Colleague's
Action In the Mutter nn "Ungenerous,
Ignoble nnrl Mnlletons," nnd Hneak
of Ilia "iWa.lons" aid "Hbumln."
Pjllco Commissioner Itoosovolt sent an addi
tion to tho Utornture of the McMorrovr case
from his country scat at Eagnxioro Hill, L. I,,
to Police Headquarters yesterday afternoon.
It Is as follows:
"Tho statement In this morning's papers as
to the McMorrow case does not sot forth tho
facts ns they nro. Thoro Is no question that
six weeks nf tor McMorrow mailo his state
ment, and six months before ho w-ns put on
trial, I told all that was tn that statement to
Mr.; Parker. The only question Is tho Imma
terial one as to whether ho knew that tho state
ment had been inado In writing ns well ns ver
bally. "1'hs morning papers also state that Sena
tor Sullivan Is left In a peculiar position. This
Is not so. Mr, Parker stated that Sonntnr Sulli
van hnd Informed him that I had told the Sena
.or the rating of Jerry Sullivan during tho time
when wo agreed to keep tho rntlng secret.
Senator Sullivan promptly snld that this was
not so. And ho was entirely correct. Atthj
time montloncd I had nottoU Sultlvnii, or
any nno else, tho rntlng of am body: and I
could not have told him tho rntlng of Jerry
Sullivan for tho excellent reason that ha had
not then been rated. It now turns out Hint
Mr. Parkor had misunderstood tho tlmo when
tho ratings wero to bo made publlo. Senator
Sullivan's stuteinont wnscorrct.
Commissioner Parker remained at his office
nt Police Headquarters until H o'clock Inst
night dictating tho following reply to Com
missioner Itoosovolt:
"I havo read Mr. lloosevclt'a statement from
his country so.it at Sagamore Hill. Tho first
time I over heard any mention of tho McMor
row ensowas In n nubile board meeting on
June :), IMP), when, I think In conjunction
with emtio argument touching rumors of
applicants for patrolmen pat Ing for appoint
ment, Mr. Hoosevelt stated tLcro was one
rnso In which dcflultu allegations of that kind
had been made, and t asked him what it was.
Ho said tho McMurrovv caso. I asked him
what that was. Ho i-atil ho would tclt mo
about It after the meeting. 1 learned nftr tho
meeting from him nothli.g more than that Mc
Morrow had made to Mr. lloosefelt a state
ment of tho nnvmem by him j! money to
someone, which lie was told was to go tn my
secretary for me. I asked Mr. Hoosevelt how
long ngo McMorrojv had made this statement
to hlin.atul ho said, 'About six weeKs ago.'
Ho did not tell me either that ft prosec.tlon
was possible or was contemplated, or that he
had l.i his posses"lon ur.v document containing
the facts of tho case, until some lime In No
vember. uo thnl I regarded the whole mat
ter its one of those pleetsuf Idle rumor which
have lb 'lit ei I about concerning Police Com
missioners everrlnce I can remember.
"I wish emphatically to e .til attention tn
this fact: Mr. ltooevell Is reportel In his
sworn le-tlnionv is declaring that, nt my re
quest, ho dui out Mirro portion of MrMorrow's
sliitriuenl, I deny that mot absolutely.
There Is no. a shadow of foundation for that
statement. Yestorla, In my loom after the
board meeting. Mr. llouseiu'.t. In tho pres
ence of it well-known now spat cr man. belr.a
asked by me how be could sov thntl requested
him to cut out uriv portion nf thut etu.emrut.
raid: 'I never said m, Parker. I said I ne
qllleecil ill ft suggestion to that effect.' T.i
which I said. 'No. ltoo"eli, vour testl
inom aril every ncws.saper reports ou as
prrsvly statin thai It was at ms request,' to
which ho snldi I never said It or nuthnrln d
It.' Tbo newspaper man In question sablt 'I
think It was so slated only In sour testimony,
and not lu tho articles.' I saldt 'Wherever
It was.lt was entirely wrong. Tell tne jour
reccillectlon of that talk, Hoovclt,' .Mr.
Itoosuvelt said: 'My recollection Is tnat
when I read that part nf tho statement refer
ring toyour secretary and jouraelf, ou suld,
"I don't think that uurt I" neee;sary."
and that Col. lir.mt said. "I don't
think so, either: 1 think that should bo
cut ont." and thereupon I cut It out. I
said: 'Hoosevelt. whero Is the Part jntl rut
nut: have vou destrojed lt(' 'Yo".' he an
swered. 'Why did ou destroy It. for good
ness sa'ier" I asked, and be nnssrero): I
thought It was inurwish.' 'My wish,' I
snld, '1 nrvcr expressed nny such wish." Ho
said: "I put It in the fire.' I nked, 'Havo
yoa a copy of lt to which he replied, 'I think
not." 'Has your shorthand writer u ropy nf It'
I asked, and he saldt 'I think Ml"" Kelly
has.' I saldt'l lg of you that vou will have
Miss Kelir write that out nnd give It to tho
pu'jIIc.' I tfteii requested Mr. Hoosevelt lo
pe-rrnlt Mr. llhe newspaper tnni present! to
publish in his iiewpncr what ho had just
said, and ho demurred.
"1 sneak or this demurrer ns showing the
spirit In which Mr. Hoosevelt lias nrted to
ward mo In this mntter. I coii"lilr his action
tn have lieen thoroughly ungeni rous. Ignoble,
xnd malicious. Tho Introduction of the writ
ten statement was alolutely unnoirsstry In
the cae. Tho confession of McMnriovv. oral
ly made to Mr. ItiMScvclt. -vas sulllclont In
everv iispeet, as all lnwvcrs anil most launoi
know, and I cannot avoid tho belief that that
ut pner, superfluous as ll was, was Introduced
for tin. nurnoe of creating n suiitnlloit, tran
sient as It might le. against me.
"As to that 1 have said about fenntor Sulli
van. I rolteraie It. Ho told mo. figure for fig
ure, tho original rating given breach Commis
sioner to lit", r-tilllvan's. relative uikjii tho llt.
Ho toll mo that Mr. Hoosevelt had communi
cated them to him. und that Mr. Ito. eelt
had dwelt upon tho fact tint ho, Hon-evelt,
had given his. Sullivan's, ruativu the highest
.rating of nil the Commissioners.
"Those facts I conceive to have beon com
municiled by Mr. Hoosevelt for but cum pur
pose, to vv-lt. to let tiulllvnti understand how
good he. ltooevlt. was. and how bail the
other Ccntmleloners were-to communicate! to
Sulllvnn the preferences of tho Indlv (dual Com
mllonors. ,,,.,.
"Mr. Hoosevelt started out hv denying that
e had done this, Ito ended hi, estcrday. In
the prosc-nco of half a dozen reporters, who
lunched in bis face at his evasions and shuf
lllngs. declaring that he might have given
them to Sullivan, but thai he did not under
stand that those llgttrcs wero to bo kent secret
l.oyonci tho time when thn Must averages were
determined upon by the board. ....
"Ml rlrcumslantlal narrative In front of
him and tho rtiporters, too minute tn permit
of tho theory of fabrication nn mr part, furred
him to change his ground, and to declare that
I had misunderstood what was to bo ken. se.
cret. Ho omlcct up by sajlngi 'r-onutcirbulll-van
is tho ons man I will n ago hack upon.' 1
snld to the reporter". 'Put that down.' Ho
said, 'No. don't nut Unit down. I would rath
er vou did not, although 1 am niitii"hnmed of
It, I vv.ll rulcl. "In this afTalr." ' 'Well, put
that down,' I raid, 'that "fepatnr Sullivan Is
Iho one mull I ivlll not go back on lu ibis af
"Ho told mo Mr. Andrews roinclifcd with bis
view. I asked him when Mr Anilrow was
ever known tiuln otherwise. Mr. Hoosevelt In
his Btuicinent nbove mentioned, savs;
" 'It now turns out that Mr. Parker had
liilsunderstioil the tlmo when tho ratines wero
to be marto public.' I misunderstood noth
ing. Mr. HojHivolt misunderstood nothlrg. It
is the neiesslty of ids position which compels
him to such shifts.
"I keenly rr-ret that I am forced to stoop
to such Petty i.. 'nils of cllsputo ns this, or tn
express so harsh nn minimi of nnv ir.nn with
whom I um associated In orllce, or out of It. but
It has licon wrung from me in self-defence. I
am nnt a brawler, and a thorough knowledge
of nil tho facts ami of tho happenings from day
lo day, with which tho public at hires can
scarcely bo acquainted, and which hnv e long
passed without notice from me. would ron
v Inco any ono with tho least spark of manhood
and solf-respjct lu him that I havo been culpa
bio only In being too Indifferent to promptly
reply to Sir. lloosevclt'a successive insinua
tions as they have deserved."
William Kuelld I'aunc'e Kapnlslon,
President Francis I Karnes of tho New York
Stock Kxchango formally announced from tho
rostrum jesterday morning, as Tin. Sun had
announced earlier, that William Euclid Young
had been expelled by the (lovornors as a mem
ber of the Kxchnngr, President Cnmos nn
noticed that Mr. Youngjiad been found guilty
of emplojlng bucket-shop methods which were
a fraud on tho customers of 11.11, Cuthbert &
Co., of which tlrm Mr. Young w as a member.
President F.amas outlined the ovlilencu nn
which the cJnvcrnnrs bad expelled Mr Young,
and ho announced that the lornrnnrs of tbo
Kxcliango will mete out to all offending mem
bers tho severest punishment for violations of
the rules of the Exchange.
Later In the day President Karnes aald that all
told fifteen complaints had been lodged ugalnst
the tlrm of K. is. Cuthbert & Co., ami he be.
Iluved ll to be exceedingly doubtful If any mem
ber of tho Exchange would ho allowed to hitch
up n copartnership w Itli the firm.
Hull of the Richmond Conalr Hunt.
The Richmond County Hunt held last night
Its seventh annual ball at the Hotel Caslleton,
St. George, 8. 1, It was attended by 260 gae.ts.
Including delegations from other Hunt clubs.
The ballroom was decorated with white drapery
evergreeus, hunting trophies, and plaster casts
of tho heads ot horses owned by members.
Col, tVnrlnt: Kxptittna That This Climate
Cnn llrnt the Curt Hnpply IVIien It Tries.
Unfortunately, tho piomtscs of the newspa.
pers as to the lmincdiato removal of nit the
snow tn tho city were, tn como cases, taken too
seriously. Doubtless many persons nro now
wondering why, after there promises, a large
part of the city is in Its present horrible condi
tion, Tho facts are as follows:
The first snowstorm of tho year fell on the
night of tho 16th of December. Nearly eight
Inches of snow fell, nnd It drifted badly. Tho
snow contract had just been made, and tho con
tractor wns largely unprepared for work. Such
a storm at this season Is very rare. On the
wholo he got out a satisfactory force with re
markable celerity under tho circumstances.
Whtlo work on this storm was still In progress,
it snowed ngnln on the night of the ood, the fall
being nearly five Incites, without drifting, llie
Important streets, which hid already bcon
clonrod, had to be cleared again.
Up to tn-ilny (Dec, ill), there have been re
moval about ,T!)l),U0ll cublo ardsof snow nt a
cost of $lli:i,U7I.TA paid to lltoeontractor, to say
nothing of tho considerable added c-xpenso of
work done by the department.
During tho whole winter of 1805-00 about
3NS.U00 cubic vardsworo removed at a cost of
over I'.'IG.OHl).
Wo lutvo cleared virtually the whole of the
city south of Houstru street excepting n portion
of Wist street, lietween Iluu"toii anil Four
teenth streets nbout one-half of tho strietiirea
has been cleared! between 1-nurleciitli and Fifty-ninth
streets, about onc-tlilrd. Abovo Fifty
ninth street only certain avenues and main
thoroughfares have been cleared.
Those who hi e the difference of condition be
tween streets that bavj been clea-eil uud thosu
on which tho enow Is loft to It tltiral processes
for disposal, nro wondering why we do not re
move the snow from nil the streets. Tho Impos
sibility nf this will bo understood vvl.eti tt Is said
that lu order to do vvlnit has been done, wo have
entirely exhausted Iho supply of carts anil
trucks available for tho work, not only lu Now
York, but in ltrookt)ti. .lorsuy (Tty. and hong
Island City us well. Tno average number In
unlly use has been !IiU0. We rati never get
more t ban .T.uUOntani onu time. There have been
emptoiid, on an uverago, about -',000 shovellers
and M.cicM driver. Wo ran secure any number
of shovellers irqulrcd, but there Is no Utu In
piling snow thnlciuinol be removed.
Another view of thecue Is tno following: Vo
hnv e removed snow from about ii.OOO.IiliO squaro
vardsof Mreet area, ami wn havo left nbout
1 1,000,000 square yard untouched. Tohavurn
mnvcit nil, during tho tlmu already occupied in
the work, would have rii-t considerably more
than half a million dollar-, nnd would havo re
quired tho u.e ot 10.0110 carts and between 1.V
U00 and :.'). 000 drivers nnd shovellers. Tho
cnt of clearing tho upper portion of the city
would bo proportionately much greater than
that downtown un account of the arrenter length
of haul. Ul imiiil, 1.'. Waiu.no, Jiu
rvnr.isnvjis' iiaiv ckstvrt.
l!raptnjrra or C'linrlea Herlhaer'a Nats Cel
ebrate the Flrm'n Anniversary.
On Wednesday night nt the St. Denis Hotel
the staff of Charles Scrlbm r's Sons sat down to
their fifth annual Christmas dinner, tho occa
sion marking also the fiftieth anniversary
of the establishment of the house. John
II, Dingman, who hns been longest
with tho Arm, presided, nnd speaking on
"The Scrlbner Half Century," bo gave a brief
history of the house, forty jeirs of wlilcu he
had vvltnesed. t harles fceribner, senior mem
ber of tbo firm, congratulated the staff nn hav
ing rstibllsbul tho custom of a Christmas din
ner, nnd itusured the rinnloveeat lint thn success
of the huslneis dc pended uion them.
Among the InaUt wero "A Mi-mo Itainble
Through Our Catalogue." re-piimlcd to by Ru
dolph C. -tolle. " Old r.ngll'h t tme." to which
Henry I.. -Uiltli M-me und "What Hunk Can
We Publish In imr? Thin Will st-i fiuil.OOO
Copies;" to which E. W. Morse nnsnrrecl. A
stirprl"ii of the evening was the pr" ntntlnn lo
each one present of a book entitled " The Houso
of the Ilratns," prrp.ired for tlm occ-nlon. each
eopv being iiumht-rii! and pieseuted accurdlng
to the ears of nrvliouf tho recipient.
I7E. I'ETI.Il ,1. ft.. I fAVi.'.V DEAD.
As it lllrcetor C the "Ixlli NHtlnnal Dask
Un Un. r"rnf to I'rlnon.
(Jen. Peter J. Cuiissen. who was criminally
involved In tho c-ollup of the Sixth National
Hank In lrtPO, died on Tuesday nt his home.
:m Ilyerson i-treet. Ilrooilyn. asod till years.
He hid long been In poor halth, nnd'was a
sufferer from Ilrlght's disease an 1 otter rout
plications, lion. Clnasseu was born In Arrn
helm Holland, mid was a graduate of the
Unlveislty uf Heidelberg. Ho came to this
country when ''. venrs old. nnd Invested his
email capital In the brokerage business. On
the breaking out nf the war he give up his
busltus and nss'sted In tho organization of
tho Ninth sen York olunteers. lie went lo
the front ns Captain of the ieuiltng company,
and nf er servliu a je.ir rmurncd in this city
and organled the l'l-'d N'ew York Volunteers.
He returned lu tho front ns Colonel '. h.s regi
ment ami fir veil with credit to the c-Wno of
bo war. retiring with tho rank of brevet lirlgu-uTrr-di'i.eral.
II i 'Mimed bl" brokornge bust
ii ss. und finally bei ame n director in tho Sixth
National Pink. Wlntitho bunk failed In
lsnu the Investigation nf Its affair showed
tint (len. tTuaii-c-n veil somo of his telloer
directors had .not onlv made ftl-o return" nf
tho surplus nnil dcpoilt", out had misapplied
Lie funds. Hon. T.ia-'ti was Indli-ti-d, tin I
In Mnr h. IM'1. was tried and romlcfd. lio
was sentenced to six v ears' Imprisonment. All
effort wn" mad" tn on nro for blliititiiowjtrlni,
but it faile-i. Ills hi-i lib broke c iwn In prison,
and his friends niipenlid to President Cleve
liadand secured his pardon In August IMil,
Slnee his relen" lie I 1 1 1 c n Hv lug quietly at
'lis 1. one in I in oklj n with bW wnt- ntd daugh
ter, who f-trvivo ilui. Tbo funeral rervlics
will be bohl nt tho house to-diiv, tho llev. Dr.
T. n. Mol.co'I, pastor of tho Clinton avenue
Congregational Church. oWclntlng, The In
terment will bo in (ireunvvood Ccmetcrs.
ITb Was Appointed to OrAre by Mnyor
Hchleren or llrnoklrn In 1MI.1.
Pollco Justlco Daniel O. Hnrrlmiin of IlrooV
lyndled lat night at St. John's Hospital In
that city, aced 0.1 ear. He was born In Farm
lugton, Mass. He was admitted to the
bir In lHHS. He came tn Drooklyn about
twenty-five nnrs ago and soon hoenme Inter
ested In Republican politics. He wns Prosldrnt
nf tho Young Hcpubllinn (Tub for sover.il
term". Ho was appointed n Police Justice by
Major M-htcrcn In lNlii. unci he has elnco boen
presiding In tboC.atem Avi nuef uurt.
He was the author of " I tin American Tariff
from Plymouth Hock to McKluli)." which was
used nsa cnmpalgu doctiineiit in the lato nun.
piilgn. He was n trti'lee of tho Wesleyan I'nl
versltytn Miilne. It" was returned from his
home. "17 (ireu.ie avenue, thrio weeks ago to
St Inlin'H lloiital suffering front luieuinoiiln
nnd heurt trouble. Ills wife dliil n ear and a
half ago, He leaves ono son, Henry I. llarrltnaii,
Oliltmtrv Nolen.
J. Hoss Jackson, thn veteran Journalist, dlid
cm Wednesday In Sup Fianclxco of cancer. Ho
was burn In Palersun, N. J.. Ilflj-iino vears ago,
his father beluga bunker of thnt city. In lH7f
Mr. Jackson went to Sail Francisco. He was it
baseball reporter for a time, and then beenmo
assistant city editor of the I fiiinififV. He left
that paper to beioitiB c-ltv editor of tbo Alia, and
subsequently vv ns city eilllor of tbo hruinfiiri.
A fen juiirs ago hu lulit riled a portion of his
father's fortune anil retired from JiiurnulUtn.
He wns Prcsldeiil nf thu Occidental Athletlo
(Tub. A widow mid one daughter, Mis, J, J,
Hkfcl, survive him.
It. 11. Overton, senior metnberof tho firm nf 11.
H. Overton iV Son, Importers of pnper stock and
chomlonl llbre-, eiled snililrnli n-terday in his
olllco III lb" (wis building. The cause of death
was npoplexy. Mi. tlvirion was fnl jrnrs of
nge uud vv n- born In Ihlsclly. He had been en
gaged In his present business nbout fourteen
years. Ho lift a widow ntnl two sons, F, c,
Overton, purtber lu the firm, and Dr. II.
Erattus I". Myers died on T'neslay at his
hoinu, 1ft.' Jefferson nvetitli", Hrouklu, ngnd 7t)
Jiuri. Ho had been u thn tobacco husiuiiss III
thlsellyfor furl) juir. Althoughnn Invalid,
ho left Ills home on election iluv tn cast his
first vote for a Hepublliati cutiillilate for the
Presldeiioy. He leaves a a Idow and it son.
I, Hnrit). general freight and pnssengar agent
nttheejueeu nnd Cresceni Hiillroud, In New
Orleans, died nl his homo on We dnesdny, after
n brief lllties. He wns one of the best known
railroad men in the South.
Mis" Mlraiidit Derrick died nt tho almshouse
In Wllllmuntlc, Conn,, yesterday aged 101
years, she hud never taken medicine nor bad a
Justice Clinrlrn 1', llroivn Kstlree,
Justice Charles F, Hrown, who retired from
the bench at midnight last night, presided yes
terday In the Appellate Division of theSopreme
Court In Hrooklyn, When the decisions hail
been handed ilnwn Justice Hrown mid; "Do.
dare a recess," and this was his closing official
Alimony for " Illumond" Hinlth'a Wire.
Justice Osborne, tu the Supreme Court, Brook
lyn, decided yesterday that Kate M, Smith,
whom Melvln Bmlth, populaily known as "Dia
mond " Smith, Is suing for an absolute divorce,
was entitled to 8160 u month alimony and 1500
counsel fee pending" the sotllement of the case.
XXOLAAWS !t: Vlti:.S !OMK 11 Hit V.
Westerner Tell the Amerlcrn Illstnrtenl
Aaaoolutton Thut the Weat Is tile Melt.
Inc I'nt oritur Inetltntlona-Tleere Must
He Olbcr than Mnlt-Wntrr Illstorlnna.
Tbo last dat'ssosston of the annual meeting
of the American Historical Association opened
with an unusually largo attendance yesterdny,
ns It had been announced that Theodore Hoose
velt would dollver an nddress. Hut Justin Win
snr, who presided tu the nbsonco of Presldsnt
Storrs, read n note from Mr. Roosevelt, who
wrote that duties at Police Headquarters ren
dered It impossible for him to attend.
Prof. J, P. Jameson, Chairman of the Histor
ical Manuscripts Commission, whoso work Is
modelled af tor that of tho lloynl Manuscripts
Commission, founded In .England tn 1800, said
that during the commission's first year. Just
endod, n large amount of vnluablo historical
material had been collected, Amoug other
papers that would prove Interesting tn the pub
llo werolettrrsof Stephen Higglnson concerning
tno Constitutional Convention of 17.17, letters
of John C. Calhoun relating to tho abolition ot
tlavory and other points connected with South
ern history, nnd the correspondence between
Cltbcn (Jenctand Ueorge It. Clnrko regarding
tho plot to wrest Louisiana from Spain.
In tho absence of Prof, F. J. Turner of tho
University of Wisconsin, Ileuben O. Thwaltes,
Secretary of tho Wisconsin Historical Society,
read thn paper, entitled "Tho West as a Field
for Historical Study." He stated at the outset
that tltoovenls of the last Presidential cam
paign made It evident that the West nccuplos
nn Important placo In nllalrs. " In order to un
derstand the men who brought forth the recent
vlowsou finance," lie said, "and advocated a
chango In our monetary system. It Is nccessnrr
to Investl'ate tho early life on the frontier,
with tho conditions that then surrounded the
Ho characterized tho West as the melting pot
and mould of American Institutions, saving
that In order to understand the present nge. Its
general expansion nnd growth must be traced.
Ho added that the West, especially tho Missis
sippi Valley, was virgin soil for tho social and
political historian.
Prof. A. C. McLaughlin of tho Inlverslty of
Michigan opened the succeeding discussion by
statipg thnl the very fact Hint there was a We.t
had Ititluonceci American hlstorv more than nny
olbcr farlor. "Tbo frontier rather t un the
older portions of our c-ountry." he said, "em
bodies the characteristics nf elemocraey. For a
true understanding of tno distinctively Ameri
can Institutions there must bo writers other
tbnn tho fall water bltorlatis."
Prof. Woodrovv Wilson, with a. humorous
Intent, said that It wn really an unpleasant
Idea, but Unit Iho Easterners must get ar.
customed to the I bought that there are one or
two other portions lo llie I'nlted State", "Take
the ".ciulli, for lntance." he said. "Everv his
torian wishes a Southerner lo be regretful of
tho pat,nml yet. however atrnnge It may stem,
the southerner maintain" that ibere Is nothing
to npologlre for In his hlstorv."
Tbo other paper" read at the morning session
were: "A ITea for the studv of Voles In Con
Bres"." br O H l.liibyof the I'nlversliynf Wis
consin, nnd "The Northern Lake Frontier Dur
ing the Civil W'ui," bj J. M. Callahan of Johns
In the nfternoon Mrs. C. W. Ilowen gavo ft
reception to the members of the association at
hi r heme. .". Last I'e nth "tree!.
Dr. stnrrs presided nt the concluding meeting
nf the nssnrlatlon Inst evening Mis Louisa P.
Haskell nf lUdcllitc College read the only piper
precntid bj a woman during tho three dais'
""Inn. It was entitled "l.ingdnn Cheves nnd
His vdrnlnllrntlnn of thn Culled Mates Hank."
Miss Haskell announced that tbu pnper
was part uf a work undertaken at Kail
clilfo on tho life of Cbuvvs. nnd ns
the sources of Information were few,
bi ggeil the members of iheassocinllon torender
the college any asltanre In llielr power. "The
lut'uitici. nf the American Itevolutlon un
I iiclaiid's Onverniiicnt of the Colonies," by
Prof if, II. Adams uf Yale, and "The Oovrrn
mint of Federal Ten Itnrles In Kurope and
America." by E. C. lturnett of Hrown t'nlvcr
slly. followed.
"Somo Letters of Medbevnl Students"wns the
title of tbo last paper of the evening, read by
Prof. C. It. Hasklna of the I'nlversttv of is-run-in.
He said thnl the old letters with which
ho dealt wero not always original, but frequently
were copied from sterentped forms, which
were cbnr.ged to suit tho particular occasion.
It;- fur the largest element In meilhov al students'
letters was h demand for money, hesalil one of
the old letters e-otilalnlng twenty-two different
methods of appronrblnc the parental recipient
fur mono, ltclu-ed with the apologetic word":
"You niu-t know that without Ceres and Hac
chit". Apollo grows cold."
"It Is unnecessary tn say," ho nld, "that
these inrdhi'vul student were Invelirnto lir
rowers, and In many wavs lived In u thoroughly
modern manner"
Thut-eofhrer" were elected for the year: Pres
Idont. J-unes Scbouler. LL. I).: Vice-President,
ii-orge P. 1 Isber. LI.. I). Dr. Storrs was elected
a member of the Executive Council.
Moitn vini:-AT.AitM noxns.
The Hoard Hut Home Nesr Ones itnil
OreleraTrlnlft of (libera.
The Iloaru of Fire Commissioners at Its meet
ing vesteiday awarded a contract for furnishing
s.venty-llve Levies flre-nlarm-box doors of the
pattern now In geuernl use to Frederlok Plerco
uf 71) John stiret for i .'.nilC'iO, subject to the
approval of the contractor's bondsman by tho
niiiplroller. A bid was received for "events
Ihn of the Ounewell pattern 1-ox elonrs for
S-'.'-.'iti, and one for a so-enlleil Improved stilo
of iloor for i.l.H?,'). In this latter thu outer lover
cannot be turned without "ending In an ahum.
ll was colluded that t bore lire bolter boxes In
the market, and Superintendent nf Telegraph
Smith wn Instructed to put In on trial nveof
each ncwslvlcot box whlrh commended itself
lo his favor,
Mndlann "square 10. Slnttnn Open To. Day,
Tho new branch Pott Ofllco station tn tho
Metropolitan Life Insurance Companj 's build
ing ut Twenty-third street and Madison uvenue
will be opened for business to-day. It Is snld to
be the moKt commodious and handsomely a p.
pointed branch station in the city, or in tbo
rnuntrv. and every effort has been Hindu not in
civet look any appliance nr Improvement whlrh
will serve the lonvelilciu o of residents of thu
hotel district. .
On Jan l"i Sub-stntlon 711 will be opened at
llllth street ami Eighth avenue.
(Tnthlrra Itubhcil nr (Jootln Worth S'i.OOO.
Hermann Applo nnd Isldor Hloch, employees
of Hauch, Dlcberateln A; Co., clothing manufac
turers ot l and 11 Warren street, were nrralgned
refnrn Mnglstruto Deuel tn the Centre Mrrot
Polite Court, jesti rdn). for robbing the tlrm.
Applo admitted that, together nlth lllncli. ho
had taken f'.'.PUU worlli of silk plush nnd other
goods. H snld thai Hloch originated thn
i-obeme. .Magistrate Deuel held them both fur
trlul In Si, UUP bonds.
Contractor lMtvnril Freel'a Will,
Tho will of the late Edward Frecl, tho llrook
lvn contractor, hns been offered for probate.
The entlro estntt, valued at upward of 5100,.
000. Is left to Catharine Frcel, the widow, for
her life, and after hor death to the three chil
dren, Edward F. Freol, Dr. Francis Frcel, and
l'hllninena Free), sltaro mid share alike, lhire
nro nn benevolent bequests. During his life
time Mr. l'rrel gave atvny a largo amount of
money In charities.
A Ilobokrn Painter's Fatal Full.
Tranz Adler, flS years old, a painter living on
Willow avenue, Hoboken, foil two stories from
a scaffold whllo painting a house on the Hull's
Ferry road In Union Hill yesterday, lie lnniled
on the sidewalk. Until his legs wero crushed,
and he un. unconscious when he was picked up.
Hewastnkon tn St. Mary's Hospital, Hobo'geu,
in a dying condition.
Ea. Mnyor Howell Very III.
Ex-Maj or and Ilrldge President James nowell
of Hrooklvn, who has been confined to his home
nt H South Portland nventto tor several months
by n complication of disease , was reported last
night to bo In it very critical condition. Dr.
Calvin F. llarber snld his patient was v sry low
and that ho might die at nny moment.
Ilermnda Accompanied tf Homer Mbos.1.
The steamer Ilermudn, which has the reputa
tion of a filibustering vessol, Balled from this
part yesterday morning at f) o'clock, bite
cleared for Ilermnda In ballast, ostensibly to
taketn tow the steamer Tvrlan. which, bound
out, recently put tn nt Hamilton, ilermudn.
Tbo revenue cutter Manhattan followed the
Hermuda down the bay as far as the Homer
Shoal, The llermudu'a reputation, rather than
any definitely suspicious act, led to her being
Not Inspired by tfiir, Marttneltt,
Lawiiencr, Mass., Dec, ill, Mgr. Mnrtlnslll,
the Papal delegate, who Is visiting ul the rec
tory of tho Augustine Fathers tn this city, wns
asked to-day in regard to a report from London
that he had inspired a statement nf European
protest In Cuban affairs. He dented any knowl.
ectgs of the report that he had Inspired the
statement. "I know nothing whatever about
It," said Mir. Marlintlll emphatically.
The Aunllul Iteeeptlon nnd Dance Olven by
the ITeet Orncertf,
Tho regular New Yenr'n evo reception and
dnnco'glveii uy thn oflleers of tho North Attvn
lio Siundroii to the ufllcars uf tho Vermont
took pinto Inst night In tho spnr loft In build
ing No. (1. The building wns decorated hand
somely. Flags of all nations were Impartially
festooned In thu duncohnll. Over l.'-'OO In
candescent electric lights furnished tho Illu
mination. At ono end of thn room there wns n
canopy of flag", nnd under this tho Navy Yard
band A as stationed. At tho other cud of the
room thoro wns another canopy. of ling", nnd
It was hero tho guests vvoru received by tho
Indies In charge.
Many of tho guests went, fiom this cltv.stul
were taken to tho Navy Yard from tbo font of
East Twenty-third street nn tho tug Nina. Tho
re.-eptloti lasted frnui H until 0 o'clock, and
then dancing begun, A collation was reived
later In the evening.
It wns a fow minutes of midnight when tho
wife of Cnpt. Frederick Hoilt-ers nf tho .Massa
chusetts sounded eight U-ils. This was ths
signal that the Now Year was aljiot tn light,
mid Just nt mldtilirht, when right Kdls wns bo
lng rung throughout tho jnril, tbo guests ex
changed New Yiur's greetings. Tnps were
thou sounded.
Among tho fl.'O guests who wero Invited. Iho
most of whom were present, were Ciuamndoro
nnd Mrs. Montgomery Slcnrel. Cnpt. J. IL
Snnds of tho Columbia. Commandur C. J.
Train of thn .Mtirblthead, Commander It. H.
Ilrndfotd of thn Montgomery, Cnpt. Henry
Hlais nf the Tcxns, Cnpt. P. .1. Hnrrlngtcin uf
tho Tenor, Cnpt, J, It, liurtlctt of the Puritan,
Commander II. P. Low-ens of iho Kutalnliii.
Commander E. T. Story of llie Essex, Cupt. unit
Mr. Slim Cnsv. Mis Casey, Mr. and Mr.
A. F. .Mil. in. .Miss Jesle Uulbrnltli. Ml" Plain,
Mr. nnil Mrs. Alma Hohertr. Mrs. Hindi,
Mis. l'.itth I'unii Underbill, Mr. nnd Mis.
Charles A, D.itiu. Mrs. liciilurcm F. Church,
Mr. mid Mri. A. Ctiurch. .Mrs. II. 1). Wright,
Mis Vlrglnl t Wright.
Die committee which mamged the affair In
cluded Mrs. Frcileilck Ilndgers. Mrs. Itellner,
Mrs. John N. Jordan, Mrs. Stcpnen Kami,
anil Mr. Llovd lluldvln.
Tw o New Cnaeff, nraperilto Onew, lint Hue
Meetn llneoilriiBenient, Too,
Ilcstilcs visiting her regular pntlcnt jester
day. Mr". Itosa llawthnrrne Lathro.-i called on
two now nno. One. n young girl who has
vvorktd In a d-icnrtmcnt store, on Christmas
evo becamo very 111, nnd lias been unalilo to
work since. Sho and her grandmother wcro
doootidcnt on tbo S'-.CO which sho received
every week, utnl Mrs. Lntltrop found them In
great netd, living In n cold, dark, tlnmp cel
lar. Although thu sick child does not belong
to tho class of patients treated. Mrs. Lathrop
decided to move lit r to u sttnnv room ns soon
is poslble. She gavo her n ehlekon. some medi
cine, nnil SI for food for her grandmother.
Tho other new' pvticnt. In Twenty-third
street. Is mi old woman, nerlously 111, whose
daughter hns been compellid tn give up work,
ns ttio mother requires constant nursing. Mrs.
Lnthron, In sneaking nf tho ease, suld: "Des
peration i It keynote., ns It Is In nil my
cases. Hut I mil not ellsro'irngrd: too many
good peoplo nro bei online Interc-st-d In rny
work. Tn-elny I had n second visit from a
gentleman who 1 vcrv much lntereited In my
undertiklng. Ho Is particularly Interested in
helping vv men vvlmnre Hiipturtlng themselves
under great dlfll'iilty. lit took the addresses
of two of my most miserable patients and snld
that he would visit thein Immediately. Hols
thoroughly In love with the Idea of earning
a snlrltof lovo into any chirltnble work among
tho verv poor, and givo mo $1 to uso for my
Mr". Lnthrnp also recclvod. through the
efforts of it Hrooklvn woman lnurn Interested
In her work, two boxes of medicine. Sho got
two lnrgo nackages of old cottons and linens,
two women's cloak", i iiuantltv of children's
clothing, and a good deal of "ummer clothing.
Ilesldos the 1 ntrendr tnentlo ed, she received
M f re in A. II., and SI from Atioavino'is. This,
with whnl has previous'. v Leen ackiionlcdged,
tnnkes n total of Jllia.fCi
.Mrs. Lathrop never give cah tn a pattent
iiiile-H she cnn absolutely trun her. butbujs
tbo food nnd medh ine" hcrclf. r-ne is much
In need uf fund to go on with this work. Tun
Sl'rc will lm i leased to receive further cjn
trlbutton for her.
a itciiiitbiiov cor.itiu.i .v,
Tbe Iteport Thnt lie I" to llrrnmo n Car.
ctlnul llenled nt Itoine.
Kovin, Dec. 31. Inquiry nt tho Vatican con
cerning the report that Archbishop Corrlgan nf
Now York vv .is soon to be clev nled to tho Car
dlnnlate ha elicited tbo information thai none
of the Pope's entour.igo expects that the ap
polntmont w 111 be made. Tho Jesuit element In
the Sacred College Is favorable to the Arch
bishop's promotion, it Is said, hut Cardinal
ltmnpnll.v, the Papal Secretary of State, ts op
posed to It, not for personal reasons, but solely
because of tho slgnlllcanco which the opposing
party In tho College of Cardinals would attach
to tho appointment Furthermore, It Is said at
the Vatican that the nomination nf any new
Cardinal nt thu present titno is extremely unlikely.
Ai.rnvD xonr.i.s mr.r.
He r.rnvr the Most til' 1 Fortune to ft
Fnud for tile Aelviineriuent oYrselence.
Stockiioi vt, Dec. .Tl. It 1 learned that the
will of Alfred Nobel, the Swedish englneor nnd
chemist, who died at San Itcmo, Italy, on Dec.
fl, devotes tbe bulk of his fortune to mi inter
national fund for tho advancement of science,
tbo Interest upon which Is to lu np pi I oil tn the
furnlshlug of prizes fur competition upon to the
The Queen'! New Tfeut'a Honors.
Lovtiiiv, Dec. 111.-Among those upon whom
thn Queen will confer New Ycnr's honor are
Sir Joseph Litter, Surgeon Extraordinary to tbo
(tiren, and Alexander Smith Klnnear (Lord
hlnmur), it Judge of the Court uf r-osslonauf
Scntl nut, both of whom will bo raised to the
pe er .v, uud Mr .1. M. Lcmnlne of Quebec, ex
Prtaldent uf tho Itmal J-oeicty of Canada, who
wilt bn knighted.
(ieorgo Turner, Premier and Treasurer of
Victoria. Australia, will bo it Knight Com.
innmlrrtif thu Order of St, Michael nnil St.
eeorge. and l'. It. Mose, Deputy Surgeon. (len
eral of Jumalia, at otupnnloiiuf the-sainu order.
(len, .lobn Meredith Itenil'a Tun'rat.
I'Allia, Dec, 31. Thu funeral of (icn. John
Meredith Head, formerly I'ttlted States Consul
Ocnernl here, and later I'nlted Stales .Minister
to; recce, who died In Purls on Sunday Inst,
took p.iue in trinity ( htireli In this rlt) to-day.
Theeervlees were conducted by tbo llev. Dr.
John H Morgnii, rector of Trinity Church. Tbe
body was depnslted temporarily lu the vault
underneath tbu altar.
That Tritvelllntx line tu Ireland,
Dt'liMN, Dec. 31. Tho landslide which oc
currod near Hathmore, county Kerry, on Mon
day, has nnt vol subsided, Tho big Is again
moving toward tbo river, und tlteru nro fears of
u further sliding of tbo hill behind lu
1'irirrn Men Droit ned In the TnKtlsIl Channel
LnMifiN. Dec. 31. Tim Froncn coasting
stenmir Deux Frf tes. from IVcamp for Calais,
hn fnundirrd in Um English Channel, uud her
eiew uf fifteen inci vveru driiwmU.
Tbe I.iillliittit nt Gibraltar.
OlIiltUTVlt, Dec. Ol.-Tho former Cuban flit,
husterlng stintnor Lautada arrived here from
Quebec's I.onn Not Fully Taken,
London, Dec, 31. Hlds for the loan of 014,.
-18(1 34 per cent bonds solicited by thocliyof
Jnobeo wero closed tu-day. Thu loan was not
fully taken.
t'onutressinnn Wooelmnn III on it Train.
Pirrnitillibil, Dee, 31, Concressmnn C. M.
Woodmin of Chicago, Ilepresontntlie of tho
Fourth district of Illinois, was tal en ill on the
train last night going frnm Washington to
Chicago. Ills Identity was established by
mean of pnpeis found on his person. Ho could
not remBi.iber his natito nor w hero ho lived. A
Physloimi mot. tbo tiuln hero nnil pronounced
St r. Woodman's ullnirntmi epileptic fit, Mr,
Woodman refused tu leave tho train, and was
sent on to Chlcnguln company with an attendant.
lleiiae Fob In lown.
nrni.lNOTOX, la., Dee, 31, For two days this
locality hns been wrupped lu the densest fog
over known hero. So densown tho mist that
street light" wero of llllln net-mint and pidos
trlans weie eouiti'lleil tu grnpo their way along
tlio streets. Il'iilrend men ea It whs almost
lmposble tn eltsllngulsli the slgnnl lights a
tralu length away and nil fast trains are lute.
Mayor Wurater'a Netv Yeur'a liny Itccsn
tltin. Mayor Wurster of Brooklyn wlrt hold a recep
tion to-day In tho City Hall from 11 to fa
o'clock. The old Urooklynllca wiV cavil lu a body. ;
Hbe Finally Anpenra Astnlnst the Foataad mS fliofiaLH
Who Mtole Iter 1'iirse. SJ ),jl'JH
Mr.'. James Atiereromblo Ilurden finally an- Ifl I llBssal
peat eil In tho York vlllo Police Court yesterday fTkf' ilsssl
afternoon to make a complaint In herown name .0 & (fittnH
against Charles Ilsnasoh, who held her up and lofzfissssi
robbed her of her purse Tuesday afternoon at I nMissl
Fifth avenue and Bevsnty.seventh street, She iHesksfl
came to the court nbout C o'olock, accompanied HHSbsbB
by horluwycr. f.llliu Hoot, who prevailed upon vossfl
Magistrate Wentworth to make tho ordeal of ljLaB
appearing against tho man ns light as possible. lil
Mrs. Hurden was dressed In black. When flaaH
she and Mr, Hoot arrived they were taken Into PlJI
tho Magistrate's iirlrate room. Mrs. Hurden Cflnl
explained to tho Maglstrato that tho reason she ri!ssl
had nut appeared before was that sho had been rJlssai
led to understand by Police Captuln (iriint that rn.l
It was qui to unnecessary for her to muko a com ri-liH
plaint in her own name, or to apponr ugalu in ilil
court. Sho said thnt, at first, sho was quit LMsl
willing to let tho matter drop, becnuso she QlB
thought thnt llepasch's story ot poverty and iesl
desperation liatl hen true. It wn not, she tiiH
snld, until Into Wednesday afternoon, when (VJsLfl
Policeman Young had sucrieded In serving the yreH
siibiiie-nii nn her, ns sho wn going to her car- , ,rtH
rlncc, that sho realized how serious the rase KVLaH
was. Her whole cleslro had been, she said, to f, ILH
avoid the publicity that had bec-n thrust upon Y'M
her, t VH
Mrs. Ilnnlmi then made out a new complaint t VB
against Ueniijch. The speclllc chnrgu against J I'.laH
him wn " larceny from the peron," mid the V LsH
value of tho puri-o nnd e heck taken frmn bar ifAaafl
was plnced nt ?7o, thee heck being north SnU sliH
and the purse lii. Whllo the complaint was $Z''sLfl
being mailo Henoscli was brought up from the TfssH
prison, MaglstrnlH Wentworth took hi" scut on tKaLB
tho li-ncti nnd tho viiung !iigliwnm in was nr- ii'ssH
ralgned for tho llilid time. Mrs lluidi-ii ni el s'.H
Mr. Itout ciimo out and stojil before the Mngl"- v'NH
trato's clek, llenn-rh and bis biwver vvrres WlH
called In tho clusK and the complaint via n ad Mttl
to tin in. lieliiiseh liliadeil not guilty tn tbe ivittl
rbnrge, nnd .Magl.trate WenMvorili hi Id blin fl'taLH
for the ijrntid Jury In $1.0110 ba'l. (KB
The check In the ptne l!eniich stole w a" nnt CnswLI
Hindu out by Kcglnulil du Koven. ns hn hten U''swsl
suld, but by Anna 1' de Km en. his wife It il'ifVB
was madn pavnble to the order of C. Donni an t f V VH
dresatiinke-r. On the back it vv js niade pliable. gl Tawl
tu the order nf Mrs, Horde n b ', Donovun. and j fBfl
had further been Itielnr'i-d liy M. T. Iliirdi n J vHH
As "onu ii Iiena-cli linil lueti cntnmltiHil M .. S'lVM
Hurden went minv wiib Mr. Hoot, unit lb nan Ii tl'l IrSaH
was tetunieil tu the rloti. Mrs, Iliirdi u will t?it VH
hnv etn appear win ii n higher court takes hold t ';fV r'-aaH
oftheense-. W Kit ,JM
Jcirrnundlund In Itcttvr ".blip w fj.(vaal
St. Jiill.N'ri. N. J'.. Dec. 31 -The (.overntnsnt $) ijft Vsal
announces thnt tho revenue receipt for ths JM e?l&S
half year ending to-day were nearly Stion.OOO, V3 rWB
being P 11. ",000 nver the receipts during tbo fl?" $Mi V'SM
sntuo lierlod lnvt )ear. This Is nreir.ntku.iiy V-1 M'fVlaL
good aiinwlne In view of Hie bad fl-hrrle-, a' d j.v !Cl;,MB
shows that the country 1 recovering from the 'fi. wHui'.H
effects uf the llnnnclul dliuslersuf two enra jgrjl 'iiVtH
ago. j5i Vnf'iH
iiAitixit . itr.i.iuvwi:. ifn ;iVbB
VIMtTlSE JllJttSic THIS ntV. Stlllil VlB
Sunrises... 7.-, I hun till 4 43 Moon rli. e Ot IE?!fi,-'l'VB
i.ioii viatiii ints hat. iltjr''MJ(l'')'asB
SandyUook. S30 ItJor.lsland. OOilHollOats.. Tel i!W.iaH
Arrlved-Tuciuutr. Dec St. W, i5r'''faB
Fs iresterntand. Wills. Antwerp Pee. IB. vitM-UVlaal
btl.laml Thotn.cn. Hetiln. tarJi'tVPiaW
h. Alfred Pumot.. VVtll.u.t l'hlladslptita. M'. .-.Vl-V lB
Ms Hurler. llFiidricksii i'hllalclpbla. ttV'ti'aH
Ha emluo e. IteariMi, Jae Iciouvlllt-. HC. fly l JTaH
LarwCousiglla, AuiLrotaoe, Alexandrrtt. K jr M
llorlalerarrl.alnjj flrill'iis.) Kh J?J ''iuH
St l "i.vi,B
Rs Karlsruhe, from New V ork, at nremen. vlty 4vMi'H
l-stireaft&. from New Vora.at Oreenoclr. IK "uAliftlisaH
M dparndani, from c V ork. at llotierdam. f,l "fit Vlf'sH
M l'ueine. rrom Sew Vork. ai Avonuioutn. Vt r'A SLsn
Si Ardbcg. from New York, at I rich. jkf V'r ; B
ht lirltanula, from w V ork, ateilasiroir. 9 .'itil'AI
hs 1 1 hlo, from Nevv York, al Port Ea Is. V Vrt? h uH
bt ITty of Augusta, from New York, at savannah. By PsrWM
ft Taurle, from New York for Liverpool, pawed K' t'-Ulhlaal
Drow ll-i.u. ffi .W.J IvtV.IH
ha Amarlcan, from New York for Rotterdam, paaaed ijol'lf-VMaaa
lib uf Mlcbt. Ii !".'. "H
it California, frnm New York for Mediterranean ft.ti i .""kXSH
pons pasxil ulbralcar ivc Jl if V'v.sB
ss K-iramanU, from Palermo for New York, passed KcJj(7-f.l'!sa
Uliiraltar. MM .1 ''rsH
Bi Mautlnea. from New York for Newcastle, passed trrr-'ii? baM
I'rawie I omt. ITJiMYi SH
Ma Persia, from Haraborz for New York, paassd tts frit J'U lB
rAit.r.n rnnn rotiitui roar, ttf-f 4 ,, jH
H Werra, frnm Genoa for New York. ft, tirfiifivH
5-tTlianla, frnm t.lterpool for New Vork. ' ,H,!ifriWM
ti VV eirdtw urtb, from bt. Lucia for Nw Vork. ? '' V ."' H
sturn rnoti PoiiESTio roars. a' 'jlVjiijlsH
M I ji Orandu Ducbcste from Savannah for Xt tf; 'fiiH
encoiso "Trv.nntrs. IruMtfi'ri'aH
ioil 7.;m! 1?. I'-i&if-H
.V.illsi'In. T'-.lsVlCa, K- KllSTflH
Ardandbu. Ifajtl 10 no A. II. ISoovi. v IitrH
".ill jo.Jiorr.Jir. 'BniFii JuiH
Campania. Liverpool W on si S.nop.K. &f, rWJS
t.a lireiogne, llievr. - 00 l. M. (iiiia.IL SS 'ibiosH
Lthlnpla, tllaco IIIU.IA.M. I2 1HIM. - &fi-l'OH
Vieuilam. Lotierdiiu .. a UD A. SL lo 00 A.M. 7 , H Jb" tl.H
Maa"arliiiMtta. I udnii u no A. M. I .v'iu'c eB
I'ruMla llaini ur -1 on P. vi. MS M J,1 v lH
Adirondack Kingitou ...,10 00 A.M. lVOOll. V.-lRV'IH
vikllini Ia, lli.Min.i .10 lin e. M. tool'. L ji 'JJAnl'B
New Vork. M. l'nmlnito .. 1 OOP. M. 00 P. M. it7 ifi'vi'V-IB
II None. Nm cirlean. 11:00 1- M. Jj .B,tJ.M
hem no r, 1'imriei.ton tl on I'. VI. Ki HjTIl
I'reolr.New tirlosn a o.l P. VI. IB' TI.''H
t'nlnrailn L'riiu.iriLk J ool". H. K 'es iJB
ITtyofOlruilnghaui 5avn- ' -Ji'OiaBI
nab bOOIML V -ff1'!.' Bfl
ivcottivo sti otsmrt, (l 7 :. H
Z-ce To- fl rj. WV VVM
Orilno nibraltsr Pec.lt hi , t liiH
f-l. I.enil" houitiaiiiMoo Dee si fr :.. S
llrltauute Liverpool lief '.H ; a TtlrlJlM
Aller Iir-iiiin Pif.'.-I i 'JlJ?
l'rlui WTIlem II I'tirt u I'ruu-e Dei. 7 St VVfiiH
riunueu Colon I'e-c .'4 . fii't,. M
Alamo Halve. Ion lire. '..1 C, UvelltJH
.I Monte Nencirlratit Dec. ?7 5? XvJblMH
City of Ulrniiiighatn Satauuari pic. 19 . ifJfJ.jBM
iiut tolunl.ty, Jan 1 i;j Fit'.)1i'H
Ifohlean saii.e.t . .. .riec. 13 l! Ul'Mi''MM
ciljmpla cilhrultar . Iiee 17 k, SlMll'sBl
Mrrauili- I melon . ...Ii.c 17 rWTFiilfttBH
Iroquois Jin k. ut nn IW. .10 t.WvrtwU
llrllliK'O SI IholilS" . , . I'ee i r I II Mel I.JH
Latlraude fiuebnte "uriuiuti ..Pit :U ' ilji,')UM
Intr suiehij, .in I Gr t rl'ilftS
f.a Vormandle. Ilavr. .. flee IK " rWi'il'B
Atiratila ... Muriumi . . . Hie rt s .'Jui'iM
Malleawuu Vvollioutli . . Ih- t'l tit (' WIS'
ht. Irene ... Mwrne! ....lire. Il - i 1 I Ji'A'S riSS
Meilla .. illlrstur ... Het.in IV IPSifVB
Mrliu M I ii.-in Ine .'.1 !V i"'JH.B
H Mid ... New nruaii" .Hv..n i J- Utyal ..
uiuurl llavuu Icc .1) ' 5' fifi'SWiH
Dm .Ifiimhii ,',in. 4 , i 'Vl H
Stiitlgirt . tin-men I'e-c -il jj, V) HUH
l'luelilei.l ... .Il.ilnl.iir Dec lit .,' , -Vll B
Ilrnrgle . . .I.turnool .Hie. '.'4 't tj' VI Si
hurneisla l.Cnsrow Hie .4 1.1, '..fiBM
1-orl I'lllllp l.ll.ealtar He. .VI n' V 4i.''tftV
Etguranou Havana In... it , I r7ilt'B
Imr fb.nleiK, J.m. i. $ h ref'V'isTaVal
Slantlnb London tin. at m i"J!fl 'H
biutlivvark vtit-urn Iii . i) iiitl ifRtnBHl
IllHlali I 'Herd nil lm. .'4 ' r,J f Ul'l'lSV
llewton till sanf.i Ile-i- VJ W' i SfVf'tHM
lluil.on Nov tirlciin I'iC. .U 'iiW F ''',"
Hue llriinrnliiii. J'ln I) W tfiZVM
I.dy ratmer illbraltvr fieo. 1 & vjf J,.B
Mleblgiin . loiiiton .. .. Iik-.vi ?.Miy
niinirniiian iiiu.iw Pic.vl V ill!", .
cirlratia Itie v ii in Ian. J 'J, t'Jr.VlHBB
Trliililid I'ermu.la -Inn. 4 V Jj. Wi -'ftV
UOUlC.05 5i0tlCfJ5. '' (fV 'H
Mre. Wlnalovt'i" SootliliK S)rup fir children S' tl ' 'J JBH
teeilungi sofiens tbttBUiii" re.tun-s Inflsiniiiatlnu at- ;Vi Lti1
lays pun, cuiei wind cobo, ilinrrbieii JV- a Imtlle. IU 'uvi
: i f?5.Mf. .M
FnRnilAM-I.ATIIIKtP.-At Corning, N. Y i-'tr"'.! '
Ilee. v'b, IMUI, by the Hiv Waller ' Iloberit, reo ifyfl Ji I M
tor of Clirlut Church, Cornlnit, Mdney K Fordbam riirl.i'ft'tB
orNnwVjork to lira. ArvetU llltsull lathrop of ',' I !',' '
Com.N.I Wm
XJI333D. ,M1?',"
IIIIAIIY.-In this city Dee. til, at her rrstlrnee, ' I'ttSn
ltn West li'ld st Horn Varln liens, ulfa of -Tiit' h '
Wlllluni A. Prady anl ihnubtor of Jae.jues and ' VQ V jH
Julie Iteue, a native of Paris, Vrut.ie. V.lf-jV, '
Notice of funeral In "ialurda) 'a papers. ' f, j,r j Tt
CIIKNAlJI.T.-Suddenly,onDec.l.'0,at his home I if ' tl tH
In Iiult'llle, Ky l'rof. Janoii Walker Cbcnault, lilji'l 'fl
nurd f,7 years. MV? I L efl
rVIIlIIT.-Suddn1y.on Thurdy. Dec. .11,1898, Jr ( ell
atber residence, loa Writ Sith tt New York, j 1 'r.frj ),
Hary Torre, whto of (ieorgo B Iiivlirnt, In her ' "f I ' il cfl
eotliyesr. vitl'iUil
Funeral si rvlcea at bsr lato home, Saturday, Jam I, ti lFJ ;sfl
ut 13 noon. Interment rltate. if "'(I T" 'B
tQCUl.II.-At bis resident e, Heneva Falls, N Y 'rt'''' V "fl
Wrilnesdai.Dec. 30, Janus Henry Oould, lo bis ((; "K i'tfl
f.'M)ar. k ', )l 'AM
11(1 YT.-On Wednetdsy, Pec. 80. Mark ItoyN In tha i ( " HJ
fl.'d jearof lilsas. !''.' if ';''.'
Itrlutlves and friends of the family are Invited te ' ), J- ly JB
attend tho funeral scr.lcn at his lato restdonrs, el " -'fl
7U.I Sladlnnn a.. on Hsturday morning, Jan. 3, , '. ijfl
at 11 o'clock. Interment at tho convenience of f ,'f M
tho family. M I . jTf
I.lll On Dec. 80, at bli rrildcnee, .150 Fait 87th St, ... M
Allen Lee. S ! , I'fl
Itelutirei and frlendi, alio members of Maiiltou 1 j , . .1 faa
Inljp, toil, r and l. M . are rvspretfully Invited ,f 'iSI
to ottfiid tlo fiilitrnl, IrlUy, Jan. 1, 1BV7. 1 ''O 'fl
l'lineral snivices at the ("inpel of the Me-i.laM, , j" Vl "
USth st. uenr fid av.at I Mi 1' M. Interment In jf; iij-i fjfl
(Ireennood einetery. ITea.e mill flowers Dub- i l,iV-''JB
Un and llelfait, Irelstul. papers pleas copy. "''.Vl ' r H
rilIAI..-On Wediifiday Dec at l.orlda, N Y HVlJJ ifll
l.iouiut Kranclt Trial, beloved hu.band of Csollla f flJJ 1 jlB
Llliabotn l.un-iy and ann of Jnuiea and alary ,,' iriB
Trial. '1 'liafl
rune-rat from fir Kdward'a Church Florida, JC, T, I 3? ilLH
Catunlay, Jan. it. luterm'Bt, Ootbsn, V, Yt i ''IljlBPflHl

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