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KE 8 THE SUN, FRIDAY. JANUARY 8, 1897. ' ;
I " Wy Mi.ia ixosxteli, xajkb to the
a j trojr.t.v avrrnAtu: league.
Bi K E Bays tha HnBYette 1VIII II. Olvea Hooaeet
l t , to Woaten 1Tb. Slake ThmltT.I
I ? . j .bl. U.rUir. lollor oflh. Ureal Pr
II tf' tire-Grocer's Idea af Morosae'a Meaalaat.
't tjj The Woman tiuffrago Ieague I branching
s ' !jf oat. MIm Helen Varlck Iloswell. Chairman of
V the Executive Committee of the Woman' lle
i , y publican Attoclatlon of the State of New York,
, i. addressed the inffrtglsts on "Woman In rrac
J 'J. ileal Politico." at the league room., 4 l,ex
t Innton arenue, last night. The room.
( ' were crowded, and thoie who turned out
expecting to har a woman err for the
i ) ballot, heard Instead a conservative talk that
' i if tent them hoine delighted. Ml" Iloswell
f rZ believes that n (Trace will certalnlr come to
j , gj; women eutne day, but the also believe that wo-
I ; ' man should first prove herself capable of using
I''i thli privilege for the good of the country. The
J ' ;f constitution of the Woman's Republican Asto-
' '? elation forbids even tho discussion of woman
j suffrage at club meetings, and many members
are out-and-out opponents of It.
7 In ipeaking to the nuffraglsts Miss Iloswell
' ' t said:
I T ' There It an Ideal tort of politics harbored In
the minds of Impractical men and women and
If the brains of professional reformers, a kind of
! , ',j. politics that never has and never will material-
T f te, and which would mnko us err, 'Chaos Is
- come again.' If It did. My experience In politics
i $ Itnotofvarr long duration, as many of you
' J know. It has extended over a short (pan of
( years. Just four: jot I linve been en-
' ' - gaged In the kind of tolltlcal work that per-
, haps entitles me to speak nt women in prnctlcat
P politics. In the national campaign of 18111!, the
t National Woman's llepubllcnn Association, of
, which I am an officer, lind headquarters at the
l Hotel .flaroy, anil from there wo got In touch
I with men and women throughout the country.
, Women wcro waking up to nn Interest In poll
It tics, and we fostered that Interest and fed It
i i" with suitable matter.
$ "InlHIU the exposures mado by the I.eiow
St Commltleo caused a great outpouring of lndlg-
- ' nant sentiment In our community, tho btst ele-
ments of Democracy nnd Republicanism united
. to.flgbttho common foe, nnd press nnd pulpit
' f appealed to the women to help in such wnjs as
' ' they could. I was Invited to attend meetings
called by tome of our women most prominent
Asocial life. Thesu meetings wcro addressed
by men no women who made suggestions as
t, ) vi what the women ought t do toward oh-
i tainlng a belter local government. None of
, these suggestions struck roe as capable of prac
tical results, and, believing that party oru.nl-
" t itlon methods afforded the Inst medium for
efficient work, I submitted certntn plans to
Chairman llackett of the Kepnbllcati Male
' Committee, which were approved, and dining
that campaign of LMI4 rnu inaugurated the
work of tho "A'oruair'e Republican Association
In New York, which then consisted ihletly In
, meetings held both In thn afternoon and at
night, (or the purposo of routing public senti
ment and guiding it In tho right direction.
" , "A woman alwaya presided at the meetings
called by me, nnd the best speakers prorurable,
i ) both men and women, addressed us. It n as a
I campaign of public meetings, nnd they were
, most effective. I alwaya advise women tn
'- attend political meetings; It Is a good
3 achcol for those lu search of know)-
I edge. Horace Urteley used to say that
every political campaign was equal to
-u v -, a year's education to men. This Is true, nnd
,- women should avail themselves of these oppor-
' ' i i tnnltlce to lay by a. tore of useful Informatiuu.
' ' ' In a couple of hours they will hear reviewed all
1 the Issues at stake, and their Intellect, reason,
and enthusiasm will be stimulated tu a high
1 degree.
ij , " When I commenced political work here In
i the city I baii few acquaintances nono who
'. i were Interested In public matters but I retnrm-
' bered that there were many progrexslto
aomen In tho town. I knew there was a suf
frage league, aad I thought those women who
nn destrout of the right to vote, who go n tha
" ' , Legislature with petitions and are accustomed
1 to such work, will gladly cooperate with
I me will bo glad of an opportunity to
, demonstrate how effective woman can bo tu
i ' lHilltlcs It thechiuce Is given her. I regret to
,' say that, though I appealed to many strong
, 'f auff ragltls. I found but one who had cllo pride
; and tllu broad Idea that aho nould like to help
I c.ear out the body politlo In which she hoped to
- 18 havea voting privilege, llie others said: 'Oh,
(I we shall not rxnder any nislstance In this mat
ter: tho men don't do an thine for us. and we
shan't help them.'
"It teemed to me a short-sighted policy,
t, Many of these same women have slncocoinoto
U t my conclusion. You know In this work-a-day
n world we make our own destiny oftoner than
II, wo are the creatures of It. High position In
I science. In literature. In business. In politic
comes to him ho from tho beginning up dem
1 i ' r onstruteshts lltness for thn place he finally at
I ' tains, fco I belieto the eurfruge will soonest be
I ' vltentn women In the communities In which
I i they Join, one or the other of thi great parlies.
I anil by a participation In prncllcul politics make
I , . themselves valued as party workers,
1 "In Colorado, In Wjoming, In Iilnho, women
i bad taken u keen and effective Interest in poll
I i tics before the right was ever granted. In
I , btales In which woman suffrago has been prat--
, tlsed, women haxe been found Intensely parti
san, as they should be In politics. It was feared
that the) might prove of lltllo aiUanlnge
, i tn either party, as their vote could not tie
i depended on-lhey might prole u cla.s of
Independent voters, which Is a menacu to
' 1 an community; hut men of hlzheit probity
' and political acumen hawchecrfully borne nit
ness tn the fact that women voters have proved
. as teuaclousas. If not moro.o than, men, of the
party principles In which they believe, and are
not lightly swayed In tint disgruntled of their.
pirty who are nlwaieudent orlngUi create dls-
turimnceanrt straingnlT to new gods.
v "In the Woman' lteoubllcun Aeioclattnn
i work of this city and Male. Inaugurated unit
( - . Planned by Mrs. Jane l'lerie and myself, we
; , iiaveeter Irapro-aed the need of women partlcl
- f paling In practical politics: have urged women
, t i ' to gel their men folks enrolled and In nlivnd-
I ; . K. ance at primary elections, and to register and
n t y rote en election day. We keep up n constant
H ' educational work with both men and women.
H . We go lulu tho highways and biways and ex-
n 7 t plnlt the principles In which wo hellovo to all
I ', v . , the unthinking. We attract their attention to
I - our cause In every pos.lble waj, and our
methods havo met the approval of our parly
finders, of tho press, and public,
"In the Presidential campaign just pasted the
tenement homo districts, thiife garden spots
i known as Cherry 1111). the IlentT, and Hell's
Kitchen, received our most earnest uttantlnn.
It wasn't pleasant work, and no woman craved
t I It, jet scores of women uent day alter day and
i preached our gospel, because the work was
' ' practical, and they loved their couutry and
f f their party enough to help nt n crisis."
r ' Miss Jloswnl! wanton to git e specimens of
practical political work for women, and spoke
I ' . ' of how It Is ueedid throughout the whole coun
1 ' , try. Shogne tome details of tho slum work
J) done by herself nnd colleagues and related
, aomo funny Incidents. Ihe best one uas on
t Bornsls, tho motner of women's clubs, rihe said :
' "Mrs. Ilurnsnnd I In planning out our work
mt one of the hottest days last August went Into a
B Utile grocery stnro in Hell's Kitchen to order n
VL few things for a poor woman Inn neighboring
f tenement. Thli woman and her children bad
MM , been found tn a starving condition, and her hut
MM bandwaalnsane. Werelieted their necessllletaa
r ' farasiosslhle, and had him taken to the Insane
jj carillon at Want's Island. Weasked the grocer,
mm , who had a bright fare, to hurry up tho order to
L i the woman. He was very polite about it, and
- asked, 'You are the ladles that got Mr. D. In
MMt the asylum, nln't you?' Wusnldjes. Then he
I ntkcd.'Mr. L. had paresis, didn't he?' We
J were a b!l surprised that he thnuld be familiar
fi with the teim and .Mrs. rlurns hastened to nay,
I . 'Oh, uo! The doctors tell me that paresis
BI meant baraenlng ot the brain, whereas poor
jll Mr. I), has softening.'
I , "'Oh,' replied the grocer, with a real wicked
MM i Ilttlo twinkle In hla eye, 'I thought boroslr
K t meant hardening ot the brain and paresis
M meant softonlng.'
nS. "It was a little hard on Soroslt," concluded
Ml, Mlta Doswell, "and we Just staggered out of
KJB-j .ha ttore under tbe turprlse,"
T s, Mlta Mary 1). Clay, daughter of Casslns M.
I Clay of Kentucky, made a short talk, and Mrs.
WU i Charlotte Perkins btetson read an original
I poem.
Hi Cercle Francals Dinner.
Ill ; The annual dinner ot the Cercle Fran;altrte
l'narmonle took place last night at the club
JjX '' doute of the society, 28 West Twenty-sixth
M street. This dinner always precedes tho French
UB ball by a week or ten days. About fifty guests
B,', were present. The particular guests of honor
BV were M. Druwaert, Consul.deneralof France,
mmj and Justice llufus I). Cowing. During the
IMP- speerhmaklng. which nas rather Informal, the
mmfl band played " Yankee Doodle," and n tall man
jM,, arrayed as Uncle bum came In, bringing In a
WJ very pretty young woman representing La Hello
', France, who had In her hands a great basket of
IBti , flowers for Consul. (Joneral Ilruwuert. 'lhtipart
H ot the entertalnmeut was a surprise, and was
Ht greeted with great applause.
Ef' k Aeadesar orXtedlelne Kleelloa.
flfc The Academy of Medicine at Its annual meet-
PJl ing last night elected the following officers:
MM&l Presldtnt, Or. Edward O, Janeway; Vice-
1H; Pretldent, Dr. Everett Herrlck, and Trustees,
R Dr. Joseph D. Dryant and Dr. Clement Clove.
N land.
I Drt. H. D. Chaptn and George It, Fowler dlt-
In, cussed the new plan of the Hoard of Health for
HI looking up all caUHes of absence of pupils from
B the publto schools, and declared that It would
isslH cerUlnly prove effect lie In preventing the
M; ; spread of contagious diseases and In lessening
!'' r tke death raw of the metropolis.
I I '
nu.izxraa thovbles.
J, II, Johaatoa A Co., the talea Bsjaor
letveltera. Make st Aiilssntst
J, It. Johnston & Co. corporation, dealert in
watches, jewo.ry, silverware, and diamonds at
17 Union square, corner ot Fifteenth street,
made an assignment yesterday (o Arthur II.
Masten and John 11. Kelm. The officers are
John II. Johnston. President, and Albert K.
Johnston. Treasurer. John 11. Johnston has
been In the business about thirty-six years, be
ginning at ISO Dun-cry, whero he advertised ex
tensively the purchase of duplicate wedding
presents. Ilefore giving up the Ilowery store in
1N0J he had opened In 1RHS the Ilroadway
store, which bad proved to boa better stand.
In March, 1S92, ho turned the business intoa
stock company, with a capital stock ot 5160,.
000. Latt Wednesday the company called a
number of the principal creditors together, and
A. K. Johntton, the Treasurer, informed
them that the company was Insolvent,
the liabilities being $310,000 and the
assets 4S0O,:i0O. The liabilities arei For
bierchandlsr, $171,000; rent and taxes In
arrears, $10,000: due bank, $10,000; due In
dividuals, $23,000, The assets consist ot slock,
$105,000; book acoounU, $18,000; cash,
$1,400; due from tenautt, $510: furniture and
fixtures, $1S,:100. The total salej for the year
wero $.'nfi.U00, tho largest ever Clone by tha
company, but It had only come out whole, as the
expenses were about equal to the gross profit ot
StlU.uOO. No agreement wna nrrlved at con
cerning a settlement, and, fearing an attach
ment, the company Died an assignment at II A,
M. ycslerdai. Two hours later the bhcrllt ro
reled an attachment agatntt the company for
SH.077 In favor of the Alvln Manufacturing
I omonny for a loan on Jan. ,11, lrlUU, of SVO0U,
The loin t as tn Ice renou rd, and on tho strength
of a statement made ou bent. 1, 1HU, showing
assets VJU 1.705 and liabilities St'-H.tHO. tho
Alt In Manufacturing Company mid the John
ston Company goods lo the amount nt $ 1.077.
Plnncy, 'lhaeer A. Iladlock, who obtained the
attachment, also otiUilneI two more attach
ments In favor of the Uorhnm Manufacturing
Company, aggregating $17,1.'4. for inerchan
dlsouiid mnne lent.
Justice Lawrence) of the Supreme Court has
appointed Ilrltton II. labor receher for Wlsu.tt
.Miller, dealers In Jewelry and diamonds at III.!
Fifth uenue. In a null brought by Mr. Leonora
Wise against her partner, Oeorge F. .Miller, for
IbpclL.oluilonnf thellrui, which Insolvent.
Iho Llllio.Carhou lluhbrr Company of 15
Wall strict and bnn Antonio, 'lei., uhnsnomce
furrltiiri- was sn'd out by the blierlff on
Wednesday, mado an assignment hero ) ester
day tu Knlpn'I. ltokeb), Vice-President of tho
Harry Warrick (Warrick Frercs), dealer In
eihutillHl oils and perfumers' materials at "!1
UreouHlch street, made an a. slgntnent yester
day tii'lhnraas Howraati, without preference,
I- A. Wllmnt Mllhury, wholesale dealer In
rubber clothing nnd nliox. at 4.1 Peck slip, con
fueled Judgtntnt jesteiday for $S.!."5 1 lu favor
of Seth .Mllhury, on tlvn notes for borrowed
money and rvlcos for soiling goods.
Deputy Aherlfl liub has taken charge of the
plnce of business nf llelneman it Ulle. manu
lacturers of artificial flowers at 47 Ilnnd sireet,
nn an attachment for $700 In favor of Lily
(I lies and an execution for So-!0ln favor of Peter
' A ItEnVKE FltOM TUB BEltClt.
Juettee 1-lpplaeolt Censirea the fladaoa
Couaty Freeboldtra.
Justice Llpplncott of the Supreme Court gave
a decision yesterday on the application for a
writ of certiorari to remove to the Supreme
Court for review the proceedings ot tho combi
nation which has been formed In the Hudson
county. N. J , Hoard of Freeholders. 1 he board
consists of fifteen Republicans and twelve Dem
ocrats, and for the first time in many years the
Republicans have a majority. A combination
was formed, and at the organization meeting
Arthur M.Clayton of Hoboken was elected Di
rector by the votes of the Democratic members
and three Republicans.
After his election he broke loose from tbe
combination and was arranging one of his own
when a new combine was formed, leaving him
out. The new combine consists often Demo
crats and nine Republicans. They passed a
resolution providing for one standing commlt
teo, and at a subsequent metlng ousted Direc
tor Clayton and appointed Freeholder Oreen In
his place. 'Ibese are the actions which Mr.
Clayton desires to have reviewed by the Mil
preme Court. Ilefore giving his decision tetter
day Justice Llpplncoil severely criticised tho
He Intimated that unless the Freeholders
conducted their business Inn proper manner
tho Court would have the matter laid before
Iho Oraml Jury. After rev lowing all thn farts.
Justice Ltpplncnll said he would grant a writ
of certiorari tf tho plaintiff Insisted upon It, but
that It would uot be accompanied by a stai.
As the stay Is what Director Clayton wanted
particularly. It Is doubtful If the writ of certi
orari will betaken. In regard to ttiedlsputed
Directorship, .lusllrn Llpplncott said that the
proper proceeding was by mardamus or a writ
of qno warranto Ihis Icavos the combination
In control of the board.
A Plan for thn Depreeeloa or the Tracks
and an Electrle Hnbwnr Road.
Tbe report of the commission which for sev
eral months has been considering souie plans for
the Improvement of Atlantlo avenuo In Ilrook
lrn.br the removal of the steam surface railroad
tracks, will, it Is expected, be submitted to
Maor vVurster to-day. It will boa voluminous
document and contain recommendations, which.
If finally adopted, will probably (.oho the vex
atious Atlantic avenue problem. Tbe com
mission favors the depression ot the tracks nnd
the construction of nsubvva) after the lloston
system, Tho subway Is to run from Flatbush
avenuo to u point between Hertford and Noi
trond. Here the line Is to be continue.! by nn
elevated road tn Howard avenue, thoncu under
ground to the Manhattan avenuo crossing, and
thence by elev ated lo Elton Mrect, whero It will
Join the main road.
Ihe Long Island Railroad Company Is tn con
struct this part of the road in conjunction with
the cits, and tbe work It has hern estimated
will not cost over $1,000,000. Tho old Corbln
Tunnel Company is to take charge nt the con
struction of the subway between Flatbush nv
onuo and bouth tern. Thn entire srheme con
templates a connection with iho tunnel which
Is tn cross the Kast River. Klectrlclty is to lie
substituted for .team In the operation of the
load vvhon the tunnel has Ik en completed.
It the report of the commls'tnn meets with
tho approval of the Major n hill will nt once ba
drafted embodying Its suggestions and sent to
Albany. For several years tliero has bicn n
general demand on the part of the people living
along the Hun of Atlantic avenuo for tho re
moval of steam tralllo from the surface ur the
thoroughfare, and they all heartily approve of
tho plans advocatod by the commlrshu.
nun as aruosa'a momst.
Acre. meat Amoc Helra Invalid and Met
Aaldis lor I-ack or a Consideration,
Justice Dickey In the Supreme Court In
Brooklyn yesterday dismissed the suit brought
by dipt. Rlchnrd P. Strung, U. S. A., and Mrs.
Harris to settle the value of tbe agreement
entered Into by certain sons nnd daughters of
the Into Dcmas btrong to shnro the estate share
and share nlikeon tho ground thnt thero was
no agreement of expression of a consideration
In the agreement. In the will of Mr, blrnng he
left to each of his sons $.'.500 und tho balance
of tbe estate about 3175,000, to bis lira daughters.
Cash and Ilia Two Hone Aeented or Conn,
BltonAMTOs, N. Y Jan. 7. Sylvenus Cash,
aged 03 years, and his two sons, John Cosh,
aged 17, nnd Robert Cash, aged 10, were ar
raigned before United Slates Commissioner
Hall here this morning on n cbnige of ranking
and passing counterfeit money. For some tlino
fiast the residents of Walton. Delaware county,
lavo been annojed by a flood of counterfeit
dimes, nickels, quarters, and half dollars. An
Investigation wui innde b United btntes Secret
Servlco Officer Ksqulrell and Deputy Marshal
Illack of this city, and the counterfeits wero
traced to Cash and Ids eons. Tim men wore ar
rested and brought lo thl city. They entered a
plea of not gulliy and their examination was
set down for Wednesdai, Jan. ill In default
of $'.',000 ball each they wcro rer.,vndrd lo the
county Jail.
llrooklynlle Injured br a, Cable far.
William A. Slocum, 47 years old, a real estate
dealer, of 410 Vnndcrbllt avenue, Brooklyn,
while crossing Broadway at Chambers street
yesterday, was struok by a north-bound car nnd
knocked headlong to the pavement. He man
aged tu scramble to his feet mid escape before
the wheels reached him, but his head and right
shoulder were bruised and left knee sprained,
Mr. Slocum was removed to Hudson Street Hos
pital tor treatment and later taken homo.
Allmoar far Mrs. tVlttliana.
Justice Trusx in the Supreme Court has
awarded Mrs. Illy K. Wltthaus alimony of $50
a week and a counsel fee of $500 pending tho
trial of an action that has been brought agalntt
her for absolute divorce by her husband. It.
August Wlttlinus, nrofcstnrof chemistry in tho
Unirertity of the fjlty of New York.
irAS AXD Alt IT J.I.
Social Hpleadoraor tnel-eet Cenl nfy Rons
Historic Mansion and Their Preeeat
I'eet-renlnrea or Modern 1. 1 re There.
I rot tle Itoiton 1 1 tning Tranterlpt,
The Irish capital lies delightfully between the
mountains and the sea. Nearly all English
people nnd many Americans havo seen for
themselves tho bay uf which that flighty per
son. Lady Murgan, tald, "Its beauty haunts
me like a fever dream," and one can truly be
lieve It has so haunted many an exile. But the
'Visitor, uniets ho or sho become, unusually In
timate, will have scarcely dlscov ered the waste
and wealth of loveliness scattered lavishly tn tbe
seaside and tbe Innd side of Dublin, Everywhere
from uppsr windows, often from the ttreett, one
catches glimpses of thoso blue and tender
hills; but even Dublin folk are often not aware
of tbe marvellous glens and slopes up thero In
the mitt and the sunlight. Ono need not go
abroad from that city In the pursuit of my Lady
Beauty. By her flying hair nnd her garments,
one may track her home to her haunts in wild
and exquisite Howth, In the Dublin Mountains,
and In all the enchanted hind which lies about
the Sugar Loaves, "the Sliver Spcart" of the
ancient Irish which nro the two conical bills
between which Is tlio gateway Into Wlcklow.
Dublin Ittclf Is net now a city of cheerful aspect
Its wide, deserted thoroughfares. Us decayed
palaces. Its dusty and uncared-for touse fronts,
strlko one with a melancholy air. The one
thing of life In the streets Is inn hackney car,
admtrahtv hnrfrd. which goei at a breakneck
tacc, scattering showers of M'-vrks In It1 prog
ress. These cars would not ho possible In a
moru crowded city than Dublin, and oven there
the edctrlan runs many risks, ihu responsi
bility; If ho sustain nn), resting by law with
blin-ulf, and not with Iho .Mm Many pooplo
havo experienced thn It or.iomo delight uf cling
ing on to a Dublin outside car. You gi nerally
ran reengnlzo a stranger tn that delightful
vehicle, by tho tenacity nt his grip and the
little enve of his seat; but, even to a native.
It is not ntwnys easy tn maintain iv dlgnlllei
composure, given an especially fast hore,
an enthusiastic carman and n rued paved with
cobble. Ihohaikne) ear Is un accommodating
vehlile. Fur st) lc there Is nothing like one nc
ciipsiit tn each fit: but It cnu accommodate
four pleasantly, and six -the carman nut In
cluded nt a pinch. As one of tbe Jehus an
ew cred In reply inn query as to how many his
car would hold, "tour If vou sit adjacent, but
six If )ou sit r.imlllnr"
Round Dublin's two calhidrn'.s history and
trndltln i gather thickly. In Christ Church, tho
beautiful rob mn inthrdial nn the cret of Iho
hill, tho nuclent Priory of the Holy Trinity,
Lambert felmtic 1 was crowned in 14N0. the crown
uneu oemg mkcn irom me major ine nicsei
Virgin's statue In M. Mnrv's Abbey, Fnrthls
act of trea.on the Archbishop of Dublin had,
later, lo do public penanre, Dublin was then
the chief sent uf the English power In Ireland,
Its citizens were Norman burghers, and tho Irish
had no place vv iihlu Us walls. The English pale
took Inn district about five miles round the
city, ana was defended by a line of castles;
many of them are still existing. Up there In
the mountains over Dublin were tbe Irish septs,
the OH) rues and thn O' Toole", and It was
chiefly agatnet them thnt tho castles wero es
tablished Many a time thme placid pastures
and cnrntlelds under tbo blue mountains echoed
to the, wild cry of the Irish clans, as they came
raiding nnd i nttle lifting. 'I hey h irrleel sorely
the comfortable Norman merchants In the City
of the Pale, who never knew the moment of a sur
prise, thuugh Dublin was then a fortllled city.
Us gates ready to bo shut In the face of the foe
at a moment's notice,
Dublin was not Ihe only city of the Norman
settlement In Ireland. Waterford. Now Ho.
Kilkenny, were Norman towns, nnd these in
common with Dublin still possess their Irish
town, the settlements without the walls, where
the Irish, who lived by trnmcklng with Ihe
burghers, had their habitations.
Christ Church was restored by Mr. Street In
recent limes, through iho munificence of Mr.
Henry Roe. a dlstlller.of Dublin, who. poor man,
was raid to have ruined himself by the under
taking, which cost half a million. Hlr Benjamin
Lee Oiilunrss. thn brewer of Culnness's stout,
restored M. Patrick's, tbe other cathedral.
You go trom Christ Church to bt. Patrick's
by Patrick street, tho dirtiest and most pic
turesque street In Dublin. It goes zliitagdnwn
a strep hill, and at the foot of it the lolly tower
of bt. Patrick's rises Into tbe sk). The street
is a delightful study for an Impressionist artist
on a winter evo'ilng, with the orange of the sun
set in the skv, and many sliver stars looking
down through the clear frosty atmosphere.
There are few factories lu Dubllu-sr.il. there
fore, undcdled skies. Iho street Is a street of
booths, wherein are vended nil manner ol mis
cellaneous articles old clothes, cheap furni
ture, daring prints, looking classes, tin por
ringers, gay crockery, cradles, cabbage,
sheep's head", and n thousand other things.
At the twilight comes on. flamlur gas Jets
spring up In the fronts ot the booths, and If
therein not much business a-dnlng the sales
women (comfortable, noisy dames, with red
shawls about their shoulders and a praskeen or
coarse ivuron tied round their ample waists)
come out and gnzn up and down tho street, or
engage In frlmdly conversation with their
neighbors. Cluso tothe curb ore rows of fish
stalls, before which other stout matrons sit
cleaning their flsn. Dogs root In the gutter for
dainty morsels, and povert)'s alln-sklmud,
gold-ualrcd chlllren play their games on tbe
pavement. It la llkothr gheltonf a foreign city.
1 havralwa)o found St- I'atrlck'sa profoundly
melancholy great pilu. Though It Is at tbe foot
of ihe hill, ) ou descend many steps Into It. One
alwavs thinks of It as full of shadows, with a
few lights at the far end whore theyare singing
tbe " hveu bong" or whero the organist Is prae
Using. Tho weekday congregation scarcely ox
Ma, though there may bo a sightseer making
tbo iuol of the laet glimmer of twilight, who
creaks up and down the shadowy aisle, peering
Into the memorial incrlt)ilon. the buudn)
service Is crowdid for what the Irreverent rail
' 1'uilil r& f lrim iIiiiikvI, ,,nn mi I.I I n .. ...
tupposo that the mu-lc was the only nttrnctlnu.
Anyhow, bunday brings mam flue Indies and
gentlemen Into the network of slums surround
ing tho cathedral. 'Ihe elum-dwellers will
scarcely ever see ngaln so ga) a congregation as
that which attended In 1HH.' tbe thanksgiving
servlco of the tercentenary of Dublin Unlver
tlt). This was an oicuslun on which the most
gavly attired ladies wero dull bv tho. hie of tho
foreign delegates, with their robe of orange
and crimson, yellow and azure, grien and purple.
At bt. Patrick s one thinks iiuly of Swift. His
spirit broods over the place. 'I here Is his bust
above thn doorwa), with Its strange and terri
ble Inscription; and under your feet as you sit
paring up at that bint Is tbu lozenge-sbnped
brans vv hero he lies with Stella. " where fierce
Indignation no innro can lacerate his heart."
As Sir Walter bcott said, w hen be wna hero
early in tho century, "the whole cathedral Is
his tomb:" nnil It Is Indeed a haunted atmos
phere nt evening, with the pale sky show Ing a
Ilttlo through the high clcrrstorv windows, mid
tho raggnd banners of the Knights nf St.
Patrick fluttering In thn gloom above the
oak stalls. Ihuy rny there Is a ghost In
Marsh's library, an ancient place adjoining
the cathedral; a ghost which comes at night
ond flings tho books about. It may Be bwlft,
perhaps. In Ills "hacvn Indlgnntln," Hut we
need not fancy where realities am so terrible,
(Inn can Imagine tbo deud man In the deanery
clots bt. us ho was the night the) burled Stella
hire by torchlight,
'"I his Is the night of th funeral," ho wrote,
"which ray sickness will not suffer mo to at
tend It Isnow Hat nlght.and I am removed Into
another apartment that I may not see tbo light
lu thn church, which Is over agalntt the win
dow a nf in) bedchamber."
St. Patrick's Is situated In the heart of the
LiberlUsnf Dublin, mi called because there set
tleil them a colony of French, silk-weaving
lliiguunntHoxpollc-d from i'rancn at the lime of
the revoiation nf Iho edict nf Nantes. These
established tho famuli poplin Industry, which
so lung flourished lit Dublin, and Is now d) Ing
hard, 'ihilr Weavers' Ul still exists In the
t'nombe, thnt deplorable slum which was once
the green voile) uf n river. Their descendants
are among snmo nt the most distinguished of
Dublin families, the aristocracy of commerce:
nnd the) exist in utfclent numbers tn requtro a
gravevard totheraselvcs.ihougnumny n Dublin
cltl7i.n nover knows tint the li'gh wall and
cloelj- locked door In Men Ion row hide the
cemetery of tho Huguenots
Close by the two cathedrals on Cork Hill,
used tn bo Lucnt's cotfeo house, the hiuut nf
tho Dublin Mohawks iv hundred) ears iigo, who
lid their best tu equal or exceed thn daredevil
try of their London brethren. They used to
fight their frequent duels when they adjourned
tu the countr) house nut on tho Dublin Heights.
This resort ot theirs, the Hell Fire Club House,
la said to havo been the scene nf excesses much
thosamoas thoo for which Meduicnhani Ab
bey had of old nn 111 fame, lta ruins on the toy
of one of the mountains are tho most conspicu
ous thing In thn landscape,
Cork Hill, by the- vn), is now Lord Edward
street, named after Lord Edward Flluirald,
thoroinnutlueoung lenderof tho "OH rebellion,
the enterprise of the Dublin Corporation mado
le now street of It, a good man) jeura ago, hut
thero Is nn enterprise In Dublin to build simps
In it: ll baspresenttd iv cheerless double range
of building pints fur mure )rnr than I like lo
remember. Quito close. In St. Werburg's
churchyard. Lord Edward lies, not su far from
his (la)er. Major birr. In ninny houses of this
quarter he was secreted while there was a re
ward on his head. But to deal with Lord Ed
ward, as he Is ever allnctlnnalely called, would
nied a book. Tho old Dublin houses, too, are
full of memories, enouch tn make ono garrulous
if one had the spac e. They nre all mure or less
degraded from Ihelrnrlglual uses. MolraHonse,
which rerelv ed Pamela, the unhappy oung wife
of Lord Edward Fitzgerald, when her hutbind
was dying of his wound, and she vrason tbe eve
of her accouchement. Is the Mendicity Institu
tion, a dreary, low. long range of gray buildings,
slnco tbe Charity Commissioners docked Itot its
upper story, AUlbnrough House It a barracks,
Powertcourt House Is a wholesale draper's
warehouse, Charlemont House Is used by the
Reglstrar-Ueneral and hla staff, Tyrone lloute,
tho mansion of the Beresfordt, is given over to
the Hoard of National Education; Lelmter
House, the ducal town bouse, belongs now to the
Clearing Sale.
I.nrxe money lose lo as In these ealee,
but odd Iota are closed oal Iho stock lo
kept fresh onr pay for leadership.
KJ jA 60c. Scarft si tSe.
H 6 T tOc. Linen Collars at 10e,
VXI $1 60 Ittlnaeer QIotss at
ZXq jPs. "00 DrM 8h,rU 8Se
f'jj t 10 Ptrealj Shirts st
rfl V.y"r"i''''s s"k Suspenders st
Cxtra heavy Australian lamb's wool Shirts and
Drawers. M9 tacb, worth I J. 5a
XV9 sell hats on merit and at least prices.
Hllk Ilnl.,1 II DO, eU.HO S.0.
Opera Ham. SI. BO
n.eh In Itlack, II row ii uuil Aueeel, Sl.VS
In S DO.
All-a In Penrl. with black band, SJl.OO to
Coachmen's Hate, OolrCape.
mux's snons.
Rexulsr tl 0 double sole Fnamel nboss at I J.VS.
lteitulsr l 00 Patent Leathers st t2.7.
Winter Itutsels, 12 97 anJ 13 US.
Royal Dublin Society. Hut It is no use multi
plying examples, lehnbod Is written large on
those stately old Dublin streets and houses.
Thero Is onn peer. Lord Ivenjh, resilient In
Dublin, whero 100) ears ago there were many.
'Ihe splendor of Dublin was during tho Rut
land vlcerojaltv, nt Ihe latter end nf Ibe lat
century, and so r mid wa It In It. growth and
decline that ll might be raid to have sprung up
ninl wllhried In a night. In an incredibly short
sptru new -treets of mansiuns arose, for the In
habitation nf Hi- Irish Lords and Commons;
great publln buildings were erected, new bridges
and now roadways were otened, and torn time
Dublin wns tbe ca) i-st nnd hnndsoinest city
In tho kingdoms. "Nover was o splendid a
metropolis lu ro poor a countr)," tajs a letter
writer nf Ihu period
Mary Isabella. Duchess of Rutland, was one
ot the most liraiitllul women nf her lime, as we
irnllro In rrltig her portrait h) Sir Joshua
llr)nnlds. Her husband was aim )nung and
h indsome, and the pair were selected by Mr.
Pitt, according tn contemporary opinion, tn in
niigurntn such an era of Jornusnnss In tho Irish
capital as should lull Ihe discontent which fol-Iiik-iiI
the collapse of Ihe volunteer movement,
and should wean the aristocracy from devo
tion to national Ideals,
'1 he Rotunda was the Irish Ranelash In those
days. 'II e building, with Its great ballrooms and
smaller assembly rooms, was built by the Dr.
Morse who founded the Maternity Hospital,
that It might act tn ll as a tourco of revenue.
It succeeded Incredibly well, and the place he.
came a centre nf life and gayet), around which
sprung up the film new liouscsnf the nobility
beautifully conceived and wonderfully deco
rated. 'I hey brought over Italian artists lo
adorn their walls with the tine stucco work
which now. In en mvor Instances. makesacn
leal cnntril to the poverty nf the Inhabitants.
Angelica Kaulfmann was uneof the nrtlttt en
gaged. They are great house with magnifi
cently spacious rooms, carved mantelpieces,
doors and window frames of wine-red mahog
any, nnd other tokens nf past su'eiirior.
In till. ! Iw.ntV ,.., nf mn n-a.llnt I Via
Union, Sackvllle street, Rutland square. North
Oreat Oeorge's street, Orcat Denmark street,
and Marlborough street all came Into -being and
rapidly became "the town." In Rutland square,
surrounding Dr. Mnrso's hospital, were the
residences of ten Earls and a Countess, two
Viscounts, a Haron, three Bishops, and a host of
members of the Commons, In llardlners row
and Ureal Denmark street dwelt a dozen peers;
In North Ureal Oeorge's street, half a dozen:
and tbo ulber streets had their lordly resi
dences. ".Mas." said John Wesley when be
visited the Mnlras In the honse that Is now the
Mendicity: "Mas. that all this should vanish
like a d renin I" So transient wero the glories ot
Dublin and Us reign nf fnshlon and beauty.
1 hey were no mere fashlonanles, those' I,orda
and Commons. As a rule, they were highly cul
tivated, and wero most generous pertont of art,
as their deserted houses bear witness. James.
Earl of Charlemont, was perhaps more than
typical of his class. He had travelled widely,
and had lieen an honored guest nt many courts
of Europe, lie wasalovernf plctnres, of books,
of music, anil an ardent patriot. Ills memoryii
treasured ll Ireland as thn leaderof the vclun.
leer movement of 17H2. Tho Rotunda Is. In
dent), Intimately associated with him nnd the
volunteeis, for there was held the famous con
ventlon of 178'l.
Dublin enjoyed Itself In those days with a
vervo whlcn reminds one of the Parisians.
Imaglneaball at the Rotunda, and tbe famous
personages assembled. There would be tho
Dutchess of Rutland, as she baa been described
for us. In light pink silk with diamond stomach
er nnd sleeve knots, and a large brown hat
trimmed with ribbons and Jewels. Her consoii
appeared in fawn. colored waistcoat and
breeches, and a green coat laced with cold. Peo
ple chose their colors and stylo lu those davs
and kept to them. Lord Trimbleslnn dressed In
scarlet with a powdered wig nnd black velvet
hunting ap: Lord Uormanston in light blue: the
Earl uf Belmont very elrganl lu his silk
coat, and satin shoes with red heels, and feath
ered hat; Lord Inaffe with an entire suit of
dove colored llk: Lord Moles" orth dressed In
groom stvle. with a colored silk kerchief, nnd
Lord Clanrlc.irdo invariably kept tn bis regi
mentals. The functions wero not vu'gsrlv ex
clusive, for wo hear of Macklln. the actor,
dressed extravaganll). with stockings rolled
over his knee, long Raps to his waistcoat and
enormous cuffs, and l.rmlnlanl, tho musician.
In blue velvet, embrolurred In gold.
By these memories our present-day Dublin
appears dingy. Ihe houses ot Parllan.eni,
which were thn centre of so much national ami
social life are, as all ibn world known, the
o flit es of a bank. The House of ( omuinns,
which so nfteii resounded tu tha rloqueiireof
Uraltnn and Flood. Is given over to the moue)
chnngrrs; and Ihe House of lairds, which, with
commendable, fieling, the Governors nf the
Bank of Ireland have left undisturbed, stands
lonelv and silent with Us emot) wool sack and
Its sad rows of chairs and Iwi che. Tfint Is n
beautiful bit nf Dublin where the bouses of
Parliament and Trinity College stand facing
each other.
City Kefnoea to Par a Hill for Brlaslas:
Them Back lo X'tv York.
Comptroller Fitch has refused to pay the
bill for $511.7S presented to the city by Morton,
Bliss & Co. for care and handling nf the I.
Townsend Burden Jewels after their recovery In
London from the thieves who stole them. When
the Jewelry was recovered it was deposited with
Morton, Rose t Co. the London represents
ttvea of Morton, HI Ism & Co., and was tent by
them to this country. When Dunlnn nnd
Turner, tho thieves, wem sentenced the
Jewelry was delivered to Mr. Burden,
and tho bill for Its handling was pre.
tented to District Attorney Fellows. He
thought that the expenses should bo paid by
Mr. Burden, but Mr Btuden refused to pay,
and the matter was unattended ! at tha time,
of Mr. Fellnwsa death. When District Attor
ney Olcott looked over the accounts In iheiiltlin
he found the bill. and. thinking that hl prede
cessor had Intended tn pay It, hn sent it In the
Comptroller. Mr. Fitch says that It Is likely to
remain In his nfflce until the courts decldn
whether or not the city la liable for the cost of
returning to Its owner here property stoles lu
Now York nnd recovered abroad.
Rapid Transit Comralaelon Mettles;.
Tbe Rapid Transit Commission met in execu
tive session at tho Homo Life Insurance build
ing, S50 Broadway, yesterday afternoon, and
after a session lasting about an hour a short
publlo meeting was given, during which several
persons representing large real estate Interests
at the southern end of the Maud were heard,
J. W. Alexander, repmentlng tho Equitable
Llfo Association; Spencer Trask, representing
Bowling Ureen property, and Mr. Baldwin. rep
resenting the Petrnlnum and Mining Exchange
building, tpoke.
Tke Weather.
It was colder by 4s lo 8" along the cotsi of Ihe
Atlsntln and Quit States yesturdty morning and
warmer In all other pins of tbe countr). trrtz
Ing weather reached as far south at Jacks onvllle,
where heavy frost wat reported.
The cold ware It now broken, and It will most
likely be above freeitnr to day In nearly sll loo
lions, except possibly the extreme central Welt
ern States,
In this city tbo day wat clear) colder lo the
morning and warmer at the day went on; hlhett
omcts.1 temperature 33, lowest 83) averare hu
nilftlt), 03 percent, wlod westerly, average ve
locity 10 miles an hour; barometer, corrected to
read to sea level, at 8 A. )!. 80,17, A P. M, 90 33.
Tbe thermometer at the United States Weather bu
reau registered the temperature yesterday at follows:
. .. ii". nn i int. tin.
Oa.U M H' OP. M 3J lu
1DM . BS- ls gn 3i) is
el" U 30' 10'liaMid so ll'
wiim0Tox roaiciST rcrt nunir.
For eatttrn .u 1'or and .Wee fngtand, otntrallu
fair.oUoictd Vv larrmslng rJouilfnea FrUay qrr
noon ; variable vefnds.
For lbs nutria of Columbia, Maryland, essltm
Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Virginia,
tbrettenlng weather, warmer; easterly lo southeast
erly winds.
Tor West Virginia, wstttrn Pennsylvania, and west
ern New York, partly cloudy) warmer: light south.
easterly to southerly wind.
a trizn cnnATVitK Aitnr.KTED ron
nisivnnzxu ititiiADirAt:
Taraed Oat to Ds a Ilxpaotlel'e " Iloree"
with a Mission lo Eiposo tho Iltpnoilat
for tha " World "-Fooad to He Hhsn.
minx and Waked Up by Eleetrleltr.
A young man who afterward described him
self at a purveyor of "expoturo" for Ihe Sunday
H'orld dashed out of the hours at 103 East
Twelfth atreet shortly before a o'clock yester
day afternoon, and with tcreamt and yelps and a
flapping of arms started off In tho direction of
Broadway. Sticking In his face, neck, and ears
were long black-beaded hatpins. A number of
women who were crossing the street at Broad
way when the creature approached fled scream
ing, leaving Policeman Peter Dlueen alone at
the spot to receive him. Just before the man
reached the policeman he fell to the ground,
apparently lu a fit. He got up again and, when
tho policeman grabbed him, began rolling hit
eyes and striking out with his armt.
Under tbe lusty manipulations of the police
man he quieted down and gave folks a chance
to iooa mm over, 'there were tix hatpint in
him. One wna stuck through tbo lower tip of
each ear and Into tho tkln of his tiecr. behind,
one through the tip of his nose, one In his left
cheek, one throueh both lips, and one horizontal
ly through the skin ot hit tbroat. A Centlst who
waapisalngoffcrnd his assistance. and extracted
thn pins secundum artnm,
Tho policeman telephoned to St. Vincent's
Hnsitn for an nmbulnnce, nnd pending its ar
rival qiinstloned Ihu fellow. He ald he was
Edward Parker, ,- ) earn old. Where lie lived
ho wouldn't tell. When asked tn explain about
the hatpins he got wild again. Theambulanco
surgeon tald ho had tome of the minor symp
loiis nf epilepsy, hut Hint he was apparently
shamming At the hospital Dr. O Gorman con
cluded thai be wn shamming thn b) pnollc con
dition, s Ihu doctors tried a imwerful galvaulo
battery on him At toon us thn sponge touched
bis fain he opened hlsejes nnd begun to squirm.
Tho doctors kept at him until he shouted for
mere). When finally ri-le.i-iil he leaped out of
bed nnd announced thnt he waall right.
Then he told tho ilnetiirs that he had been
h) pniitlrwl by n dime museum exhibitor named
lerrls, fur vvlioiu be bail woraed as e "burse."
Whin ho inhl thnt hu wns under nrrest his
Jaw drnppeil about a fool. Ho v, as lockeJ up In
Dm Mercer street station on a charge of dis
orderly condu-t.
After Pnrkir wat taken away In the ambu
lance Policeman Dlneen found a youthful
press nrnnt lu the crowd, who was telling peo
ple almiit the wonderful :ower of Ferris This
vouth'ivld he was Dnorgv Williams nf 103 East
Twelfth atreet. He said that Parker bad
doubled these wonderful abilities, and hal ul
lowed hlinelftn be experimented upon at the
house In Twelfth street. Ferris, snld Williams,
put Parker to sleep, nnd then ent Williams out
co ouy nnu a uoien naipins. wnen Williams
returned lo the house Parker wns I) Ing on Ihe
floor doubled up, but still asleep. Then Wil
liams and Ferris stuck the pins Into him. The
opern'lon, much In their surprise, seemed to
pnln Parker, and be got up and lied from tbe
On this statement Williams was arrested for
felonious assault and held for examination to
day. Parker told thn police that he had never been
fald by Ferris for his services as aubJVjcl."
le went to Ferris yeslerds) to demand lilt
wages and aim to tell htm that he was aUinl tn
expose him In the Sunday ll'nrl.f as a "fakir,"
whereupon, he declared, Ferris convinced him.
The police couldn't And Ferris last night.
Celebrated at Cnraeale Mnele Hall Last
rtlcht with aa Intereellaa Programme.
The semi-centennial celebration of tbe Ger
man Llrderkranz was held last night at Car
negie Music Hall with Interest and enthusiasm
in the large audience, and a musical programme
worthy ot the high reputation of the society
from those who were on the stage. The audi
torium was crowded, and the stage, decorated
with palms, was occupied by the chorus and
orchestra, under Hclnrlch Zoellner's direction.
Possibly ihe most Interesting number on tbe
programme was Rafael Joteffy'a superb per
formance of the Liszt second concerto, which
aroused the hearers to such a degree of enthu
siasm that his reappearance for an encoro was
greeted with cheers from the entire audience.
This artist, who rankt to much above tbe ma
jority of the pianists who come to this coun
try from time to time. It always reminded
when he appears In public of the esteem In
which his talents are held. Lillian Dlauvelt
sang an aria from " Hamlet" and in two of tbe
male choruses of the club. She was apparently
suffering from thv effects nf a cold. She was
also heard In a song from .oellner's opera " Der
Veuerfall." llelene Hartenwerfer sang with the
club tbe schubert-M'71 " Die Allmacbt,"
Ihe excellent chorus of tho duo. with Its cos
tnmar) line shading and attack, and Its pres
ervation of the balance In the parts, sang with
the orchoitrn "Die Ebre Gutter In der Natur"
of Beelbovrii and choruses by Schumann.
I Iloering, Engclsberg. and with Mle Ulauvelt,
I inn b) Ll'zt and Reltilhaler, as well
as two lolk ngs. Helnrlch 7oeIiner conducted
the Metropolitan Permanent Urchestra In Von
I Weber's "Jubel overture"'and the funeral
march from "Die Uoetterdacmerung " Tbe
latter was pla) ed In metnor) of the late William
i Its Havea "llsb" Hart's VI Idoir from a
Panuir's Grave,
I Charlotte Sutherland, tbo widow of "Bob
, Hart." tbe minstrel, who died 'in a Brooklyn
' garret last Monday, bat been sav ed f rota n pau
per' grav e by John Pullman, a real estate deal
er In that city. Mr. Pullman bad no acquaint
ance whatever with tho woman ur her fanill).
and was moved lo the Lemroua act through
s)tnatli) for her misfortunes, Mr. Pullman
will havo the bod) tent In da) to Port Jertit for
Interment in Mrt. Hart's family plot.
ia.oitAT jeiiset nunazARs,
Took Mr. Ksaltk'a I'laled Wars and Left
Molld Mllrer Isehlad.
Burglars got Into el-County Clerk S. A.
Smith's house nt 30 Nelson place, Newark,
early yesterday morning and stole sixty-four
pieces of silver and tllver plated ware. The
thieves evidently could not discriminate tie.
twern the solid and plated vvare, and took a lot
of plated ware, while they left considerable
solid ware behind. The) got about $'.'50 worth
of goods.
Fnaeral of Pror, Erranl.
The funeral of Prof. Achilla Erranl, the routlc
Instructor, whose death wan caused by shock
resultant on tin shooting of Kate Dunn, his
tervant, by her lover, Michael Mineter, on
Tuesday night, wat largely attended at his late
residence, IIS East Twcnt) .sixth street, yester
day. The house wat filled with frlonds of the
family, relatives, pupils of the deceased, and
man prominent musicians. The floral offer Inns
wero urofu-e and elaborate. There were no
religious exercises. Justliu Ilnrrett of the
Supreme Court spoke for fifteen minutes. He
was follow ed b 1'iof. t-elu Adlnr and Mrs.
J ml son, and Mrs, Draper snng "Tl Will Bo
Done." Tho burial will be at Brentwood, L. 1 ,
this morning
Ootm lo the Island Tor Ihe Thirtieth Time.
James Gallagher, 27 years old, who nominally
lives at 3.13 West Eighteenth street, was sent to
Illack well's Island yesterday for tbe thirtieth
ttmo on iv charge nf disorderly conduct. Ills
sentence Is for six months. On Wednesday be
was released on completlug a six months' term
for assault.
Prison Matron Accused,
Lawyer Mark Alter complained In Jefferson
Market Court yesterday that Mrs, Pardee,
night matron of tho court prison, tried to make
two vromen accused of shoplifting, who were his
clients, employ Lawyer Hugh O, Pentecost,
Both wnnien contradicted his complaint under
oath, and an Investigation will be made.
I I'" 1 s'ss-'
are eradicated, and all facial blemlthes, featural
Irregularities, and tkln and nervnut dlteatet
treated nt the JOHN II. WOODBURY DERMA
TOLOQICAL 1NS11TLTLM27 Wett 4!d St..
New York. 1 wenty-tlx yeart' practical expert,
ence. BRANCHES; Boston, U Winter st.;
Chicago, 155 State it.; Philadelphia, 1300 Wal
nut It.
A large static electric machine In each office
for the cure of nerv out dlteatet. Ute the grand
combination of Woodbury's Facial Soup and
Taclal Croam, Sold everywhere. j"aVa.
Send 10 cents for 132-pago Hint- j jm
trated book and sarnplo cake nf either Rao K
-k 7
Eva. Mr. Colby, the druggist, says that Thanksgiving, Christ-
mas and New Year's time there is an increased demand j
for Ripans Tabules. Can you guess why that should be ? M
Max. They are an advertised dyspepsia cure. I saw my
chum take one at the railway restaurant the other day, 3
and he told me that he did it because he had eaten a
piece of mince pie. H jj
Eva. I think that explains it, for I have noticed that papa W3
generally takes one after a dinner that he has seemed M
to specially enjoy. If he does sd he is good natured s
next morning, but if he does not take the Tabu'lc he
is sure to be cross, not only in the morning but before H 3
bed-time as well. H I
J Is
he a i. r stat a bales.
At Ihe Ilroadway Reel Estate risiesroom yester
day l'eter . Heyer ft Co. sold Ibe northwest cor
ner of liearord and Downlni streets, seven story
brick bullalnr. tilot V9.7xli0, to tne plalniur, Jobn
U. nmlin. for 1134. 480; alo No. II Wets Ixld
street, tr-rec story stone iront dwelling, lot ln.7x
ltm.it, to John carlew for $19,700.
Hlcaard V. Uaruelt Uo sold southeast cornet of
Columbus rvenue and luStu strrer, five nve story
brick nau. plot 100.11x100, to tne plaintiffs. Mar
garei HarsDall and others, for tltn.i-li.
William Kennedy so I J Noe. xjvi. xai, f SS. and
233 Kail Ninety seventh sireet, rour nve story
tenements, loisraen titOO.tl. lo tne pUlatlffs,
Oecrge A. Meyer and ocbera. for S80.000.
tisnlel Dlrdtall Co. have aold ho. uev Pearl street.
northwest corner or llague street, for tsAOootoa
Xr Freutlc. who Is said lo represent ttie adjoining
ml, J. Phillips Co. hae sou So. IV West Ktxbty
third sireet. four story dwelling, lot tOxloLx. for
Abraham stein lo Orac-e Abrme.
Crow t Taylor hsve sold to a Mr. Bonner No. 338
ttesi End avenue, four story private dwe Hat. lot
17 3xoo, one of a row of dial recently finished.
Real Estate Traaerera.
113th lint 310 e 4th av. xlxlOO II; Mar-
fartt 1 Hanley lo Lmrna E Johnson .... 1100
loiin it. a it w est, Annie Cohrn to IKnJamla
r Coneu . ... 1
lMthti.it. izj w'lb av, 60s loo II; Jaraee
A Mahoney and wife to VVm H Powers . 18,000
laith st, t s. Jti w Lenox av, l3lW 111
Hush It Garden r-feree, lo vv m tiers 29,034
hthav scior IXJJ st, 13x101) alsjns It3d
si. lOvehtn a". 23x100 lit John 11 Jndje,
relcree, to David Olowler and ano . 80.000
friMpeet . n t x;s e Couruaudt a. 23x100:
Mary fccamtut tobeonbard vv llarteieenand
ano .... .. t.900
Bame property. Augustus Norrls and wife
rl al to Mary Schmidt I
Ilaveu av w . 140 ll 170lh St. 73x103.3;
Ahraham an Santvoord. ret. to VTm Miller. e.l3
Willis av.w s &u a 143d at. X3xlu, Jacob
rrornme.ref. to LltenC Kelly .. 1,930
Wasiilnclon as w s. 77 V n lf)4th SL47SZ
100, Jobn Lapaejh to Anna K apaelh . lo
isnih sen s. 103 w Washington av. SSivSx
Irrej, same to same . ... 10
7th st. a s. north !artof lot 7J4. rasp Viake-
r.eld. Slxlu3, Catharine Son to Martin
Nor . i
aillut 304 .test, Mary L Hitchcock to Caro
line M Lawlor 0,000
SSdtt ns, I7U w Central Park treat, 0x
in. Abraham Stern to tlrece Ahrena... 1
Same prop. Cnas T vv nils and wife to Abra
lim stern i
otth st. roo w.st. Win X Walker el al lo
Marv 1. Hitchcock . .... l
77th st 417 ht Karl M Wallacb lo Motes K
Wsliach .... 13,000
Ml h .!... 112 w lit r. 22.4x100 3. James
I' Marren rial lo Kdward J CudJehy .
33d st, n s, I VIA e Lextnxion av, 17.10x
Ion 3, Win KUolleraud wife loWErlatbv. 1
S7ih st a s, tills Lexlncion av, l ifz
luu3, Herman Koenlx and wire toWmJ
lllaa , 43,000
flrtaoi st. w a, 123 n Jenninxs st, 23xlC0:
'.'Sit Ward Land Imp'l Colo lesale Sullivan. 100
Prvanlsi, s wcor t'ld st, IVOxtuo, same to
I'rtrr ruebs . , loo
P.rantst.s wcor 173d st, 30i3lxlM.e; suae
I to John 1'etoU . . too
Bryant st e s. 3o s !7Sd st, 30x100, same lo
John 1' Connolly .. , ...... 100
Lonefellow it, w a, 73 s 173d St,73xt0v, same
to James Oulnn and wife too
Wll.lamsclvi VVm E Sherwood and ano lo
Isidore s Horn . i
Monro st, at and 04; Joel aammel exr to
Abraham Stern . ... to COO
Same property, Abraham stern to Jacob
Hchel j
Monroe st. Jtri and Sin. Margaret A Fran
slots to Cecilia lllrsehhach . ,, i
Uroy si. Co, Karl M Waltaeh to Mows K
Wallaca. . .. ., ,, at 800
Dleecker at. s w cor Woosier st. 23x100: '
Vtirst.am Mrrn todiaiT VWIIU . ,
11th ! ii a. I&u w 4th st V8.vxtll.10, Joseph
L VVoot lo Clarence It lounc . .. i
Svtlist, as, 30,2 e tlh av. 17.1x98 9, ilacbet
S.rAuley lorilaSConklloc inn
Sfthai, senator 1Mb av, K.Ixvkiv: same to
saoe ,, iqo
4Mhtt.na.i0 e th av, 18,8x60.4, same to
same oo
Mthst. n s. S3 w Mn av, 40xt00.3: Ella 8
Coukltna lu llachel McAulry i
43th si ns.2t7ietthav,34.3xl0u.:iuehel
kMc vu ey to Mia 8 Conkllnf irjo
Hut. t, x.i J West, John II. Allen lo Orison
Inctti son i
Msil -on ar. e s. n s 80th st. 17x82. Lewis
tl Norwood lo Manrarct M jiorwood i
Attn st. n, Jl3e sin av, xuxivo 3, Edward
VV itcpesto AnDaC Hopes e
6Tth si. ifirt k. kmiua bearrns and ano la
Jobn Pannen . . 8 000
,. , .,., eigarviun LKI to HODS w
Usher loft
10-th st. SS.IS3 w Sd av.23xl00.il: I'niilp
Hot to It ci llockefeller and wife ... . i
iruist. us.s:o v Teller nv. I00i93.8; Abra
ham Lulu and wife to m Ahlborn ... it 000
lJd sea a ItiO e 3d av. 3xl6u it. Ellta ,w"
Wilson and ano to Harris Mandelbaura and
ano .... . . ,
It-isers place. VH0. Chaa A Itotentaal and wife
lo Thomas Kelly and ano . , tJ-Qn
BiAuns av, e s 430 a I3fttk st. 104 txVOx """'
ItUBioo. VVm J Lardner, ref. lo Herman
American Ileal Eaiate Title Uuar Co , a nan
131st ii.ii, 47C, w 3th av. 334x9H.lt: '
Henry V Uootn and wile to JohnJMcNa
tnara .. n
S7lh at. n s. 131 4 r nth av. 18.8x98.9: rteciaa
veluiter to Chas FMyers
39ih si. n s. 3H3.4 e nth av, lo BxvS.9. John II
JuiUe. ref. mZPUihen . It 000
37lhtt,ns I3ii nth av, lo.Sx98.vi, Ilexlna ,u
S.huster in Alice r Myers ..... i
Seth si. s s, eo tt w 8ih ar lextrres: Daniel P
Initrahain, ref. InThoa The-irom.. .. aiuin
Coutnllls . n a. 73.4 s 0M st, 13.1x100:
Ad lalde leniwirs, extrx sou trustee, to
Adelaide huoales .
Part of HKIi av in rront of in re, lota a and
mi. map vilta.e or VV nkenelili Sarah W all
loChrutianaKlauca.gc . . i
Lot 123. map Arden prop. Wm Oupenhelm
an I wife to Julia A vo.jboi ...... , onn
Ojkesav, ws voo n Jefferson av. tSxlo'o' '
I.snlCollor Edennald to James Suther
land and ano .-.
Terrace V lew av. north cor Kinttsbrldae av
7suiib2t73xgi Mi Darius u Crosby to
Thro II hlUoiao wv.1,7 10
RocUleid st. n a, 923 e Marlon ar, 23x100:
rreitt laulbalwr and wife 10 Oeo Carter
ati I wife , '"' ,
Jaeob at, a a, lots SB0 and .till, maps Cambre-
len propi AdalrnMBmllh to I (tile llruier 1 900
l'elhiiu ii,n iJiir u.int releiis av. 23 Bx
1 I7iit.'3xl43, Joan n troihan to Marv
Irnjihan ....
17d st, s i.;r Ilopne st Mv9V.0xn7 3x
Irre.'t ud Ward Laud lmpi Co to J v
Icier ,nn
Brjant t' ws, 2M n Jennings at, 83xl00:
lene ''"'"" ,0 J,r"nl,,h e(.
Drvaut st, w t 100 s I7i!l""sl ,73xluo. snd ,0
liryant st, r s. lion 11 ,7Sd st. SUxlOOj same
to Herbert II ljunbur lnn
Brranlsl v a.vv a Hid st luonuO: also
llryaut tt e a !(73 a 17.M st, SOxlOdi ssmelo
boloniou Prowler , "'
uimniD aoKTusots. '" v
A tw'tn' .""I'i", iV'i'vr.f l''u.l A"'".;.""'"00
D u.,.v '. IV .'.' l. w P '"' "oiler. n't S3d '
st ItJ 0 e 1 eeluKi.oi , .irrt '-'-"
Burns Ine W111M and nlfoloMevtr Katt.n. '
lrir,jl7ra.7idii,3yrs 7 " "Hen.
Brown, wm j, to t,nm D Van Vleckand '
ano irusteea Ac. of I' Dickie T deeo n .
o'v7,'." ftnf. "n 4 "" 7'" ' " "W'-Vl!
Blre hal. Thomas, sun wife in Ihe Manhattan 44'000
aiiilHuburban havnr and U.an Aasr. n v?
Same 10 Hermann"? Stryblnf, same prop"i e,00
cV'bir3,--Il,l,d'...,.'.r;'r1:ob,v '-' "!?
e",.,;pn;iiT,rh'.r.4Jir,,i;,:;t3yrjn' ,- n
ClrrltD. KllipiHi and wife 10 Frertkaek.i. ,"000
....lilV'inS 'J.M8
Ja-vi,clo,?,,V,'u.Vv:n 'WA'ISIB'lt. n
out""" yr'00' W J0U" " -len.'MsWsti ,00
FiT0n'rLJ:t;oiV.?'Ak'i'm'fa,',''wi"ny'8 ,,00
Fr.'rii.7r.'""' to w Kicvf civyiai B-000
J-owler.liavId lb, ant, wi'ud'oui'iia ltM
L Sherwood and Mary Z mndretLn e cor .?
123d tt and 811 av and nt ltJdtt, 100 e Bin Bit
av, 3 yrs . ...... 4700f kViaS
Flther.Cbaa. and wife to John Selmbaeh at
trustee. we 164th at. 100 Amturdam av, O
1 jr If 714 HO
ruebs, reter. to tsd Ward Land Impv I Co, 1 sss1s7
w cor Bryant and 174 lata. 3 yrs .. . 1 I UMt'.
Fraek, tlattle, to Kittle F Conion.n s 1 33th BISS
st, I tow 8th av, n jr S 000 lO
Oallaxber. Patrick, and wife to rector. Ac, of 4
hi liarttolomew't Chorch. K V. 21 West 3d 3r
st. S yrs 33,001 Hlo
Oorseh, Arthur snd Sophia, to William Hall s 1
sons, as nut st, 70 Lexlnxton ar. 1 yr iiKi
Ontaenhelmer. Band ilph, and wife et al to i
Addle Werlbeimeret al. e e cor 92d st and J
Other, Syra 90.000 o
tlorky. lncent. and wife to W oil Uoroschek, -
ss 3th scats 0 etna'. I yr t'J 9S 3
Heir?;. Wrr.and w'fu lu bopbla luselehr nt axes 11
loSthsl, 143 w Elton a. yrs 1.000 !
tlasenriar. Emll. and wife and Emllle Lros v
andhutband toCbasEOntbert,s s leatnit, 6
24veanderblltas,3 yrs. 7 30
Joboeon.Emma K.eoTltleOuarandTruitCo, "
na 1131b at, 310 e I'ark ar. 8 yrs 3 000
Keecan.Mary, loDanlel P Hayea.ae Ilth st. o
west Is of lot 3c3, map of Colonport.de- ssslii
mand . . 1.3 ''
Kelly. Ellen C. to John Btttalnc. Jr. ws Willis 6
a. 60 1 I43dtt,3yrs .... 4 003 ie
Kelleber. Jeremiah, to 23d Ward Land Imprt
Co. wsBryant it.lOs Jenntncs scsyrs Ss 3
Kelly, Thoa and wife to Cast A ICoaenthal. HlS
wa Roxertpl. tl7 I D Wrttchettrrav lyrt to V
Lonntburr. Ilerb-rt D. 10 U! W.MUnl HJ
Impro 1 Co. w s Bryant st, 100 s I J2d st, i 1
yra ,, .. 1005 in
Same to tame, e a Bryant at, xoun ITtdsu I '
yr (74
Mrafber. Denla. and wife to Hrrscutt U. But- 3
ler. 13S siprlrur at. 3 jrs ... . 13 04 c
Munn. AIM., to Martin Leppa. w s Av ll, W n t
4th at, 141b ward, b yra 1,00) 1
Merrill, btwdM. 10 Tbos Kerry, S10 and 31t n
West 23th at tleaaei. 3 yra 3,04) ,t
Merklen, Michael, and wife to Frances Merk- HJ IS
len.a wa I7that, lasn 1st av,3yrs .... 6,20)
Myers Chaa F.and wile torrancee M Marka Use
nsSIthtl lie. leather 1 yr ICvO .
Same to Minnie Bendnrlm and lannleScus- 1
ler.n s37thst. tJttretbar, 1 yr 1 000 f)
Mo ler. William t and wife to Liu W Caitln, ,
MIEaitiMicSTri. 8.000 1
Martin Kate F. in James Brown, n s eOth st, C
ICl swtd.av.3 yrs .... . 1 004) .
Myers Alice K, to ainnle Brndhrlm and ano, keif:
ntlithst.130 elUbav. I jr .. 1.604 BJ11
Mltler, William, to Atraham an S-tntroori, Hllll
ref.lou 12V-I3I on tale ratD. 3 yra. 3 mtrt CITS Ha
Uandelbauen. Harrla. and rlsher Lwtaelo "
Frede J Jtiddleorook. a a 111 st. ISO e4 (
a. I yr .... S,00 ,
O Connor. Evecene r. to Edwd C Boardman. '
James VV and Chaa J McDertnoti, and John HJ
a Mc5ntty. n e cor 8th avaad C8U1s1.se- BJ 1
ruree cnsnasl fees S.30S mt
O'Brien. Jrremuh W, and wife to the frank- '
Un Soeirty for tlo-ne Bnildlnc and Saves, BJ
s ajrnnlnxast. 11C1. e Union av, installs . too .
OeM. Henry, and wife to kmlly Cook, s s B '
13Mb 11, 7 8 wbl Anna ar, Syra 13 00 I
Powers. Wm n. tu James A Mahoney, s a 1
114th st, US w 71b ar.irr S.'M
Peter. John W to JH Ward Land Improv BJ
Co se cor 173.1 si and Boone st, 1 yr , . 1,138 BJ
Prowler, bolomon, to tame, w a. Brvant st, B .
23a 172d at, also es Bryant st,X73s ld BJ '
st. 3 yrs . 1838
Jlohrssen, Cbrlsitan snd wife to Austin Bjl!
Mcho s A-Co. tov3 Xiduon av. 1 jr 1000 ,
Iliehry, David, and wife, to Emrra D Van Bj '
Viioa and ano. trna of ratrlck Dickie, n s BJ :
117th at, 273 e7th av. 3 jra (2 Diets). . 44.03 BJ 1
Sletn, Ueler. to Jamee P Kernoebta et at, flj
Irut ot John K Msrabalt. 431 W ltd st. 3
.yrs I7 0N Btt
Sate, Carrie T.tn Edmunds Itendrleke exora. BJ
Ac ot fanny Hendricks, 0 s x3d st, 273 w BJ
9thav.Svrs 18 004
Same 10 Edmund Hendricks, same crop, 3 Bj
yra 1000
Scbrelner. John, to tbe S VSannt-t Bank, ts
IXSd st, 100 wlnoiav, 3 yrs JO.O.'O s
Bpensler, Chaa. to Uenry Fortter, n s 103th BJ
st. 130 e 3th av, t yr I f1
uren Christiana, in Adam HappeLs s 108th 1
at. 5W s w Amsttrdam ar. 1 ir l.;t
Van Rensselaer. Anna W, to Alice Van Rent- ,
aetaer, ISAOraad st,3 yra .... COO '
Van baan. Isaac and wire to William W
Bryan, na lltthst. J73 and 400 w elrasd BJ
Boulevard, vmoa, 2 mtcs R ::3 BJ
Wallacb Mneea K. to aarl M'Wallach. 407
last 77th st. 1 month o
Same to same, no lero. tl. 1 month ... r:o BJ ,
Wcrrrrs, Antnst r. to Joseph Ly, naSvth st, '
tlSea-lav.sieyrs 4 NO I
Wooda,Jan. to the Emlcranl Indus Savings
Bank.ssothst. ItjneAvB 1 rr "W0
Waller. Mary A. to Matilda F Rhlnelander. a I
s UOthst.UA'swLeaoTav. Syrs 1S.V0
Weed, Anattasla n, to Townsend Wandell, s
s IStlhst, 1M le Aleia.ioerar. 1 yr .. I 0J BJ
Wlederhold, Oeom and Kate, 10 hrbcra
Bchwabacb, as lxiil st, 4o w Lenox ar 3 BJ
jo , , jp njg eas
Williams. Matilda, and husband 10 Lmtile P '
Wa lace ImllTid, t al, aa Irmtees of v P BJ
inL Wallace, deed, et al minora, n s
isathst.123 w Lenox ar,3vrs tM
Williams, Matilda 10 Julia f) Esworib n s
138th at, Stf-s.4 w Lenox av 3 rs. 15,0)
Same, to David n Fowler. nslSeta t K3 w
Lenox av, 3 jrrs . . 15 e0 B
Same, to Lmrna Tclettwiln.nt ISothst, 13 1
w Lenox av, 3 rra 4 B
Same, to the National eademv of iveelfn I ,
.na ISaihsMSI 8wI.enoxar, 3 yrs, I )
"n'e. '""niECallender. n s Isnth st l.'J 1
and tOS.4 wot Lrnoxtv.drmanl K)
Same to same, n a ISJth it, 173 w Lenox ar. B
."yrs .5)
name, mint rinney, n t lS8th it, IPt w
UnnxsT, demand 1 B ,
Same, to Bradley L Eaton, n s 138th it, ; 4 '
w Lenox a, demand ,itt
Tounj Clarence K. and wife to Joteoh F
Wood.nt Weil llth it, 13d with si. Ijr M5
rrcoxrrn cutre
nurclns.MarrsretJ, et at to John hlllttlni H
andjno.44WJ.lar 3 yrs , " t iM
hw,!,'!ruK,n,Co-,rul " Warren M
Merrill, s s 3.h si. I40w loth av. 4O1V. v ,
vtHyr vj B
Tshrppe. AdniDh. and ano to I outs Lehrt Bl
1'arkav, store. In yrs and 4 months 41 0 M H
Conrt Cai.adare Thle I) it. H
Appellate Division Sjpreme lui,t-lo H
Jj'sJNot. 3, 0, 0, , U, 10, Jt, 13, lit, 17 H, l,
Supreme Court-Special Term 1'art t 1 I
calendar callet at Huso A. M. Tari It - e s BJ
inaliera. Pari III. Clear Motion, s.i. 1 1
Prererret causes , 3U7M, 40sj 4 U '
I, Case unnotified. Law nnd hi V '' Bl
8917, llf.11. Jin. 3SttT731)hd. Ji .-
iiesv, 3134, aao;. aimvi. Jain ist i
1 art . Case Ulillul.ned. Ca.ei f: mi.
111, r 1 '"?: ""Jlntshad Case, .frm 1 ,
r.rt,. '-;ir. Floated It l 1 a. Ur "
Adjourned for the term.
vTiMaJ-VmZVn -Clear. IVvfe-ret .
ot. 99. rl. MTllll. Illllilil, UJfJ. 10 . Bl
initio. 10277. 1U037. U10I1. -.VII 1 I.
U41VI P.'Nl, 7U7N, KIM. U0S1. PUII..1 .-
S-37. 31IH. 3IBII. 32B. 3,'llit. it,n s
O.'Vll. SJI4, 3l2h. SJII, 3uel
alien No. 8210. Pert lV.-ctcir. 1 ... ' '
;!' .." i L'w unnniihed. cu.. ,rt
III. Part M -Clear. Ca.ea from I . I "
MI Casi unnntihei, Sn. B121 "l.
31123. 41143. Kill, UMlt. ln.4. 4V-- "'.
aK' i".V' V'iX' i"13. ". ItlU
MJ3. S13B. 317J. SJJti. 3J. 3lsl
?,JU.J'. '"'. MH.-flear. ca.-s tr. , r v
PJrt I Case until isned Cato n
5.?.rI V Caie 10 le tuuimet up. e 1 1 a 1 B
J", ran l. ctte tintlnl.r.ed. Cos. Ii '
II. I art Ml, caie unnntihei Ca... r I BJ
.iurir.":'a!e, t-'oun-Trlal f. rni-1 .tale ,!
line lletnlelu, at 11 ,v. M. ctiainiH-r. tt 1
enusr called al lOi.tu a. I. n f h "
Ihniannlo iNo. 1), Christine rhinnt le s
V A.Ml lr Probate Will, of linn
An 10 Connor, Margarclha sou Derail', ' '
Clly Co itn-Speclal Term-Motions Ir it - I
T.!1 J Case unflnlsim. Noi, m ,i u
432. U2t, U3l a I 17, ltn. l(.h lo- I '
14!ia, Ull 1I4K, II2P, 12111. .'in I
1441, 1031. .110, 4JI. 20I0C, j,i US
I'art 11 Clear. Noi. 1 m, i.u, i, n 1 j 1 H
1VJH, 1248, 1209. KBU UT4, J".' I
JJ". W. I. 4BM. Part 111 I ar N
W70, 1214. 772. BUS, 073 081 4.11. 7, r.',
. "IB. UB0, 1021, JI0. 4 !. BI3, 731, "uf.
HJai. " I'rt lV.-CIsr. Short cauiei H"'
iS2I' ?.484 t"",T. ", 4138, IliOB, 4137, 40T), MM

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