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nsiBiir.n ntitF.ua r.cr.aAxiY to
uetuluv uuon Tt:i:i-j.EcitA.ii:itn.
JEatrlee for the Mtnkss at Harnloi Clm
To-Bay- Ilclxhtna tienest Will Avoid
ClaanlaK loltn Psrter's Views on III.
taaaa Kcee-Ill Lack at the Naracrtca,
The liberal provision racing "associations In
thin eelmn have made for xsplrants to Grand
National honor and bis hurdle-race victories
haa led to all torts of discussions as to the possi
bilities for the future In this braucb of
tue sport. The majority of owners whose
enthusiasm leans toward the Jumpers seem
from tbelr expressions to havo taken for
granted that encouragement from track pro
prletori waa all that was needed to perfect
eki the data of contestants. In fact, from tbelr
. ,W polnlof view, so lotig'aa racecourse managers
1 f show an Inclination to hang out purses, the
fi. , cl natural talent at present Ivlng dormant In the
Vj' i J animate destined for lb sport muni assert Itself
' j i' emphatically, further Jubilation la stirred tip
3 j jjt by tbe framing of stakes for gentlemen riders.
SI 1 t' Under such conditions these patrons of the
JJ f "Illegitimate" pastime can foresee nothing to
3 check the successful career of steeplechastng
t .'J and hurdle racing, Tbeeport will be for sport's
I f f sake, and as a result animals clever enough and
I ; j ft speedy enough to race the heads off all the
j J fr champions In Europe must be unearthed. Such
J ! t a glorious aspect for our budding chasers might
4 r not be beyond the bounde of realization were
,f ; j certain contingencies taken Into consideration,
T ' ; What has mails the sport In Europe Is the pains
S ; gentlemen riders hare taken to perfect them.
selves In the art of Jockevsblp, and althengh
J many have grappled with the problem few bare
' emerged from the ordeal In a blaie of glory.
1 ' Yet the bunglers and heavy-fitted hate per
J tltted for years, and every season Is responsible
X ' for a crop of aspirants. And all these take up
If the "pmfesslon" and train and practise with
f the assiduity of a college football lt.
pf r Can our gentlemen Jocks what few there
I I are be persuaded to go Into the thine with the
P i same spirit of devotion? Will Ihey be up with
i I the lark every morning, schooling horses and
X $. galloplug them, to say nothing of dieting them-
selves and running over miles of country su
it ', veloped In half a dozen sweaters? The odds are
1 very much against IU A ran with the liounda
ft and an occasional leg up at the training stables
I will, according to precedents, be the limit. And
Y !: few will extend themselves even that much, not
T i because they lack the will or the enthusiasm,
f i but because the majority cannot afford the
'A ? time, while othera have not the facilities.
ft Plainer calling might bo provided for the really
" V ambitious amateurs if they chipped In together,
i. C took quarters at the most central track, and
f had all their horses and necessary parapher-
nalla there. lly tills means lonely Journeys
' home, at least, would be avoided.
Owners and trainers who Intend taking ad.
j vantage of Saratoga's recuperative power mast
(' not forget that stakes for the meeting close to-
t day. For tho benefit of those who have an eye
on some of the Ilrbrhton leach events, Becre-
f tarr Hats has announced that a clash of stakes
4 i at the two meetings will be avoided as much as
X possible,.
i V 'I he fact that August Relmont put the pen
f ' through the name of his burses engaged In
I KuulUli stakes had no significance as to his
' f future aotlnns, The majority of the animals
C I withdrawn are on this side, among them being
5 Don deOro and Ornate, who were scratched out
3 of the Derby, while the same pair and 'laranto
ft ' were declared out of the St. Legrr.
B f Willi the unavolilable retirement of I'rlnce
Lief, Ilyron McClelland has niitblug In his string
i . uver the tbren.ypar.old mark. At his winter
I' t Quarters at Lexington the shrewd KeutuiMan
i 7 has sixteen animals all told with which he
K , purposes starting the season's campaign. There
: comprise four three-year-olds and a dozen of
Y i i the more loathful division. The list Is as
5 l f- follows:
J 'Ihrce-Year-Olda Maceo.bc.bySlrDlxon-Katydld:
IV Our lliipe, ch. c , by onondoga-llma B.; Tue nan t,
' i r kr.t. by ureal tom-lleytl.aud Adowo, ch. f..byDe-
KT celter Little Montrose.
m I t Tvru-varulat sirdar.b. cbyOnlvr MUsSaxoni
If , r bar tolt iy Iteroiudit Quen ImdhIU; bay roll by
li ' ; Lolns-olnUlola bay volt by King trlc-Jlarr 1'srkn
M.1F , I (hfstnuv colt by Audrain Jutiuaiibrstnui colt br
j F ', J' U-auolr Ladj Lougrellow; liy tolt b Hoiking.
W, ' . ,, ton-funtyi brown miy by liermuda Hauls HoCirl.
t- I .' land; buy tllly by lwrmuda-Utiu C,: bay nily ny
K il llruiuda Can Danrsi cbvstnul nily by Urain.hF or
1 ' Kocolver Almera; cbettnut nily by UtceUer Tor.
Y tuna.
fl .McClelland'a present Intentions are to race In
y i. the U'm until Saratoga opens, when lie will
kV ' come Cast, and at the close of the latter meet-
I, I lug make his appearance at bheepsbrad Hay,
X, Alaceo Is considered the smartest of the three.
JP yriir-old brigade, while great things are ex.
K . pected from Blrdur in the two-year-old stakes.
K The hard luck of mares slipping fnals still
f ; continues In Kentucky. Among the cnief
t, auUerers are James It. and F. I'. Eeei.e. who
E ! hate received news that several of tbelr mares
Ch f" have slipped tbelr foals, while James K. UaU
V. . '' way. Frank H. Harper, and C. 11. Hawkins have
m r had to surfer the same disappointment. Be
' '' sides this, .Mr. Oalway bas had the misfortnne
E to lose bis gray mare Allele by Australian, dam
fu by Lightning. Adele waa foaled iu 18 76. and
ft ' '. waa the dam ol the two grajs Adelberl and
Jjf e llelmar.
B "' Jack McDonald's old f.itnrlte Chesapeake.
C i "ho two or three years since figured among the
r i best aprlnterslu the Kast. was put up at auction
5- ; at Klkton, .Mil., recently, and knoLked down
l ' for Ji.
ft i Ttie undisguised desire of the Jockey Club to
fc. revive long.dittunce races at the expense of
X, ' sprints anil dmhes has met with eucU a ready
A ' response from the racing associations tnat one
t already begins tu anticipate a return m the old-
f a tlmu struggles which have given sueh spirited I
m i' coloring tu American turf history. As It
In support of the old clams, whose deeds are
i i so lovingly clung to, John l'orter, the uuted
6 t English trainer, has written a letter to the press
, In Kuitland which must meet with approval
5 here. Inspired by Lord Suffolk's proponltlou
?" . . that the Jockey Club permit raiei on the flat
A ' f during the winter ree-s-Nov, as to March '6
the trainer of rui.li anlmls ns lllue liown,
uU Oreensleoves, Headsman, Itotlcruclan. llend Or,
Jev J Ormonde, La Heche, Orme, Common, Friar's
jn t. lUlam. bl. Ulalse, und i'aradox has the follow-
V' ' Tnere It p enty of room for Improvement In the un-
' i duj emoiraguuitmi at prrsviilextfodnl tosliort dls-
'. tancrrocrt. li Is. However, a s.ile ruie to let well, or
j uvea tolerably well, alone. 1 tontrss that 1 regard
V- i Iord Uunolkssuvgrtii-d new rum iu allow flat rating
I all tue ear round witn amazement, and I should ou
Y " i UUmayed It I ciu.d l.rlui niywlf tu believe that II
K1 1 would ever be tarried Into etleet. 1 have lianl a nv
i scribed a "tue inln eud of the wedge."and surely If It
i ' T ever were ln,srtnl and drlvrn home it woulii s far
' i : towanl spdttlug die wnole fabrle of raolug atuudvr.
.5 ; , The barm wuiuiauch a rule wuuld do 1 liKaltuiable.
ii ' k Kaveuot we eiiougn and to spare or racing between
JK; t i. Marvb Vi and .Nov. W ir the ettabilsbmrnt and
'jit ; f popularlilng of lungrr races are the obj cts aimed at
W , f. wny not inae a thorough revision or the programme
-J; r at .Newmarket and there set the example;
M J J'- Hunyour horses thruuKU the whole yrur.ksep them
"V: ? 1 at It. nivrr let them rtsi.lu the eacer desire to incurs
j I J everj stake that tn the opinion of owner or trainer
-h ,' m eppears wiililn reach tor one sutu t'OuUnuousseasoo,
fXi i II aud tell me wnaii.orsrs you will nave left hi run long.
iff ' l distance raei a ihe followliusuiumer. 1 maintain that
;fc I '' Ibeaiateor I ne weatnrr and triliilnx ground, in sum.
i mer la more In favor of training horses for loug dis
Is t tame races, and tnat to attempt to do so iu wluler.
Ji- , UiroUgb' heavy going," wonld iiedrtastrous.
f r I The strain on the horse Is much greater when the
' animal Is cahed to run In soon races than It Is in long
r ' onaa. To becouviuted or this you havr only to watch
6 . . astarttorailvetuMlngrao wltu theexeliemeDt to
K r getorr. tne fas starts, aud the horses " snatched "
Tu 1, upou liinlr hsunrhva. This treaiment. repeated as I
th n have sen It as many as twenty times ovrr, is ruinous,
f j i whereas In a race or a mile or upward the horse
i t etaru smoothly, the pressure is not put on so soon, ne
lf ' gradually lucreasrs ills speed, and luechaiicea of his
S. ; ' breaklug down are not oue-tentu as great as when he
jp f Is puiledabout and buttled In a short sprint. Neither
rf k is his temper so likely to be soured.
li' . f To theadtocateson this side of the almost en-
, , tlreabollrhmentuf short bursts, tbscoiioludltig
Y I sentences must be especially acceptable, while
v , owners aud tralnere who would race oUUdays In
Ji . I tho year if they could mlgnt well ponder over
ft , l'orter's arguments.
W 1 U Thuactepiaiices for three of the 10.000 races
Eh I l to bu ruu In Lugland dn nut suggest any great
W, f ' triumphs for American-bred aulmals. In
IP ' neither the 1'rlncess of Wales's btukea, to be
g' J f runatl'iewmiirket July I, nor the Jockey Club
K , blakes, tn be run at Newmarket Sept. :iu, does
If J f the name nf an Amerliuu.bred animal crop up.
m i L tor the LcllpaeSUkea. tn be deuldeil at bun.
If J T. "lotvn I'urk July 10 a eolltary trntivcbred one
t J In Pierre Lonllsrd's Ilerrak nppeara. Among
fp ". ji those uppored tn him are rerslmiuon. Vesmlus.
p ? b . who defeated him last jear Iu the Newmarket
I I l'late: Lord ItoieLery's two cracks, Velasotiez
, ? and Chelaudry. thu latter b (.olilfiiiuli. who Is
t nun dolngduty at J. 11. lluggm's farm: Uuletta,
and Lubrador.
., .. Iu toe last Installment of entries for English
! races, those for tho Lincoln Hanillcupappeiiro.l.
f ', J A search down the lltl develops the tact that
S i Chevallur Olnlstrelll's tince.faiiious mare big.
- j norma Is again in uuier Into active service, and
i F i Isalieddyln Ihe haudsof Fred Murtlti, IheNew.
y 2 niurkit trainer, blgiinriiia, who was the llrst
Tk I to make Hi, Hlmon'a name renowni'il ua a aire
t l'B not sported silk alni-o lnlil, when,
m f . four-yeui-old, eho llnished behind
.6, ft Orion, Del Deiuonln, and Orvieto In tho
m f champion stakes at Newmarket. Just prior
t, . ' to (hi she had shown hur heels tu Urine
K ; J- and seven other crncks In the Lancashire I'lule.
K ' l blguorlna. It seems, has pritted audi a complete
W ,f- failure at the atud that In her tenth ear Mie
ff ML Is asked to make her reappearance altera re.
m i. f tlremenl extending uver six i ears. Tl e cmlj
ffc f American entrj In the big Lincoln struugle is
T t l'lerre LurlllurnV Dlakka.
i I HefereniBlorilgniirlnn'e reappearance draws
IS I 5 attention tu the fait that William K. Vauder.
'K i f hilt has nravllle, a niutteen.year-old Frenrh-
. ' bred mare by Kaolin-.Mai Jugee.b) liny lllas.
JB ; In his training stable at St. l.ouls do I'uUsy,
W ' f near I'arls. nravllle was among tlw batch of
v i thoroughbreds that Mr. Vanderbilt pun baied
W" 'rom ynHI Blano last fall. Varavllle. as a
W- lx-ear.old, captured the Grand bteeulechase
,si l, su Paris, haylhg behind her among others the
.JP Z Qrttnd National winner, Hoqusfort:
Pjjj' jilUu4j4M5tUW4
XKtra or run rrnEEi.xKX.
rkllaalnh!a and Colnrahus, It le Hald, Are)
la the ld lor the tu A. W. Meet,
The votes cast Vy tho delegates to the Na
tional Assembly for tho national midsummer
meeting will be connted enrly In February.and
the announcement of the successful cltr will
be mad on Feb. (J. It Is conceded that Phila
delphia and Columbus, O., vt lit secure the
largest number of rotes. Tho Western votes,
It Is expected, will be cust for Columbus, but
Philadelphia counts on the entire Eait tu win.
The Lcnilon FicMhus this to say about an
Improvement to pneumatic tires;
1. A. Itreves Is the Inventor of a most Ingenious,
and what prutnlsea tu be a very useful, arrahgo.
ment for the Inner lube of pneumatic tires. In.
stea 1 of the utusl endless tube whlcn Ift enmtiion tn
all hr most detachable tl(es, a piece of tubing of
about half the diameter nnd twice the length Is em
Ployed. Tnlstuliels colled twice amund Ihe whrrl
in a direction oppotlte to that or its rotation, and
escli of thu two inds tapers tn a Mlnt, where It Is
sealed. These euds ovtr.au one another to thn ex
tint or the tailoring, and so fill up the space. A valve
of the ordinary atud Is fitted near ono end of the
Inner tube, and the flrst rntl occuplrs it position tu
the hollow of the rim. This part of tho tube It
thinner and of smaller diameter than the other half
weteh Is rolled ouisldt, It and Is situated Immedi
ately beneath the tread of the lire. An outer tot nr
of ordinary character nnd attachment Is im-d. The
great feature jf litis tire Is that It Is stlMnltstlngi
in other words, by the operation of riding and the
pressure exerted upon It, thero Is drawn In through
the valve a sufficient amount of air to keep the tire
up tu a normal stale or inflation, eveu though there
may be aught punctures In It which permit the air
to escape. The atuomatlo Inflating Is performed as
folluwsi If Ihe tire Is empty or has little air In It,
the weight of Ihe rider and machine compresses the
tube, more especially the bore of the thinner part
lying In the rim, tu the end of which the valve Is
attached. This pari Is Battened under the pres
sure, and, as the wheel goes round, the pressure
travels along It, leaving behind a vacuum Into
which the air flows through the valve. This opera.
Hoopoes on until the tire it fully Inflated, belmr re
newed at everv revolution of the wheel. The Iu
grest of sir follows the flattening of the lire, mak
ing the inflation of the tlru an automatio process.
We can express no opinion at present at to how this
Ingenious ccntrlvnute works, as wo have had no
opportunity of trying l'.
The annual election of officers of the New Tork
Consulate of the I- A. W. will be held In March.
The Ureenwlch Whrelmm or this city Intend to
orgaulte a strong road and track raclne leant this
The Coltewan Wheelmen of Drooklyn will hold a
meeting on nexl Friday evening.
The Associated Cycling Clubs of ronton have elect
ed the following officers: (-resident, r. 3. HrCaut
land, Jr.t Vke-rresldent. O. W. Dorntcet Secretary,
A. fl. KrAlhlnirhami Tntiiiir.f T. AhiahKiti.
Herbert L. Tnowieat haa been reappointed local
ronsul for toe Itosevllle district or Newark by Chief
Consul Klerker of the New Jersey division, L. A.
A. Thlt makes Tbowiess's Inlrd term.
A women's bicycle club has teen orgsntted at
Montclatr and a name will be adopted at the uexl
The vim Hlcycle Club of Newark, It Is elatmed,
ha the largest membership of any club In New Jor
sey. There are nearly 1100 names on the roll.
There will bo a meeting of prominent wheelmen
and horse owners at the tjuartet Club Hall. Hobo
ken. on next Thursday evening, for the purpose of
organising a Itnooken branch of tho Hudson County
(lood Itoade Association. Thero are inHuy ln.prove
menu needed In thai city In the way of streets and
roadwaya. At present there Is no direct course for
bicycle or vehicle to reacn West Hobokeu Heights.
rollee Htop the Fights at llldalKht,
Heavy slugging marked the final boat of
the Active A. C. at bchlelleln't Assembly
IUoms, llrooklyn, on Saturday night. The
show wound up with a hard four-'ouml "go,"
which waa stopped at IS o'clock by the police.
Summaries follow t
First Dout Jaca Downy. WllUarasburgh A. A.,
beat Johnny Cmlils, Uerklmer A. C. Second bout
Jack iJicey, I!noklyn A. C. won by default from
1'at Conway, Huter A. C. Third bout Terry Me.
Harvey. Jackson A. C . beat JsiX Lacy, llrooklyn
A. C. In one round. Final bout Terry SlcOarvey
best Jacx Downey, Wllltamtburgh A. A., In Ihe
fourth round.
125-rOf.ND CLArS.
First Dout raddy llyan, Jackson A. r beat Ar
thur (luay, colored, Klectno A. C. second bout
Mike llurns. Alum A. C. beat (leorge Olun, l'ros
peel Hill A. C. Fiual bout-John J. boberly, llrook
lyn A. U beat Tandy Hyau.
13s.rot-.NU CLASS.
First Bout Charlra Costlgan, Klmwood A. C,
beat Jack Kennedy. llrooklyn A. C. Final bout
James Dnherty. llrooklyn A. C.f won by default
from Charles Costlgan.
A special six-round bout at catch weights
was contested between Jackson of the Brigh
ton A. C. and Morrit of the Herkimer A. C.
The polcle stopped the "go" nt the end tf tho
fourth round. The decision waa a draw.
Prof". Joha DuOVe Effort to Revive Prise
riKlillasl Fall.
New Orleans, Jan. 24. An attemot was
made to revive prizefighting here under the
auspices of Prof. Joha Duffy, who refereed the
Corbett-bulllvan and other bid lights for the
Olympic Club of this city. The steamer Mabel
Comeauz was chartered for this purpose and left
yesterday with alargecrowd forJeffersnn parish.
Just above New Orleans, where, according to
the programme, three prize fights were to have
been decided. The steamer landed some ten
miles above New Orleans on the west bank of
the .Mississippi, and thn ropes were put up,
when Sheriff Marrern with several deputies ap
peared and compelled tho pugilists to leave.
The boat then steamed up and lauded a short
distance from Kenner. Here n ring was formed
and a hattle begun between Joe Ureen. colored,
and "The Terrible Swede." The latter did not
prove so terrible, for in the first three rounds
Ureen punished him severely and was quite
certain of victory.
In the fourth round, however, .lodge Long ar
rived on theground, armed nlth a pistol, and or
dered the fight to cease, declaring that no negro
should whip a white man in JelTeisnn parish.
The party returned to New Orleans very much
tl i -listed, nnd the idea of going steamboat prize
lighting wiisubandoiied.
Slisdaw" Mstber Whips Fratek Tloewertb.
ToitONTn. Jan. 24.-Tho "Shadow" Maber
Frank (loaworth twenty-round fight for the
championship of Canada came off at, the
Princess Theatre last night before a crowded
house and ended at the end of the fifteenth
round with the Toronto A. C. Instructor practi
cally knocked out. Ihe fight was a hard one.
and. although the Australian had the better of
It la reach and height, he had a difficult
problem to solve In Dosworth. who was formerly
Fltzalmmnns's sparring partner. Maber weighed
In at 141 and Ilcsworth at 101. The veteran
Jem Mace looked arter Maber, and Jack Han
lev was In Ilnan orth's corner.
In the flrst three rounds honors were abnat
even, bnt after that Matier't agility and clever-ne-s
kent the Professor guessing all the time
In the fifteenth round Mahrr landed a stunning
left hook on the chin, which nearly put Ilos
worth through the riej Just as Ihe bell rang.
He was unablo to continue, and Maber got the
Gossip of the Itlnc.
Owen McOuniey. New York. They never met.
Jack Evrrhardt has sighed to box Owen Zelgler
six rounds ai I'bliadelnhla next month.
George Justice hat been matched to box the
"Sailor Boy" at Albany on Feb. tl, in a ten-rouud
Jack Ward of Newark and Jack Olynn of Wll.
ml.ntnn. Del., hare been matched to box twenty
rounds at the Eureka A, C. of Ualllmore on Feb. I'.
I was said yesterday that a match between
Cleorte Dixon aud Tommy Whit hat been arranged
to take place at Philadelphia the eurly part of neit
Jimmy Handler and Chsrley Johnson will come
together at Philadelphia to night. .Should Hand
ler win. Fred Volgt. hltn anager. stys he win mutch
him agnlnat nnv MO or itlf pound man, Tom Truter
or Jack Everhardt preferrel,
"Pedlar" Palmer and Ernie Stanton, a clever
featherweight, will Ixir twenty rounds before the
Nsttonal Sporting lluli of London in ni.hr. The
preliminary bout will be between HIM) Hill, tho
"Pickaninny," and I'ai Dale, an American boxer,
who ha been doing well uhroail,
riiiLAtiru ill. Jan. 84,-Joo llutler, the colored
heavyweight of this ell), Ut nlgnt defeated Henry
Hater of Chicago In ins first ro ind of w hat w to
have been a il round contest bt-fnre the .Nonpareil
A, C. The men vvereeveuiy matched In weight
but Ilutlcrhad the adtantago In retch.
WooisncKkr. It. I.. Jan, V4. Kit Powell knocked
out Young Murphy Iu the rnurih round of t glove
contest at IHirrillvflle this morning In the presence
of several liumtret t ersnns f rom various parts of
llhole Itlaad ami )lass ehusetts. Iintli men Ik
long In this city. I'nnill weighed IU.' pounds and
Murphy OH, The purs) vt is small, Lut considerable
money was wagered on the result,
A Disease Cnrrylne OT l'nnla Around Lex
Inixtnu, LKX!Ni!TnN,.lftn. 24. Iho general health nt
the horses quartered at the Kentucky Atsocla
tloi track Is good, but tho brood mares ntniv
oral of tho lending thoroughbred catabllthmentH
continue to lose their foals, and the crop of
yearlings In 18IIS will certainly be very short.
Veterinarians have found no remedy for tho
trouble. It does not make nnv difference
whether the mares nredry fed nrallovvtd to run
on grass. Thelrnwnersiire sniiionhnt rello.-nt
regarding tho prevaienru of the dlroasu. but It
generally known that It tins already dune a great
deal of damage In the liliiiitJrnst region
'Ihe Iliishfnid Manor farm Ims lnt by death
the brood insre'M eft-male. In fnlr inMtlilne. and
the bay colt by Alarm Kittle Creel. .Messmate
waa 1H years old. by Alarm Ftillcry, hy Van.
rial. She was a great brood mare, having pro
duced Shipmate. Ih-'dam of Ftrstmatu; Sellka,
an Oaks winner; Mate, La (lasrognc. Ulalr.
Profligate, and Prodigal, nil good winners, bhe
was half slater to noted old Checkmate.
Hlelalta'a Defeat la the Last Oasie at Htt,
covr Dae te as Crror,
The scoreof the seventeenth and what proved
to be the latt gams In tbecbest match between
Lasker and Stolnltz at Moscow was cabled to
London on Jan. 10. An error had beon made In
telegraphing black's twenty-third move, and
after a careful analysis the mistake was cor
rected. It appears that Htelnltz, who had
opened with a Queen's (Jamblt, which Lasker
declined to accept, played In similar style as In
previous games of the match, but Lasker
changed bis defence considerably. He rushed
his pawns on the queen's side and managed to
get a superior development of pieces, as com
pared with the fifteenth gnme. when ho also
conducted Ihe defence in thu same opening.
Subsequent play led tn a very tumpllcated
position, nnd II was then that Lasker, by
:)0.,,ISxltt P, surprised his antagonist. Ho
threatened a mate In two moras by CJ-Htl and
tl- It rl. White had two ways at his disposal to
defend the position. He might havu pushed his
blshop'a pawn, thereby subjecting himself tn a
fierce attack, or to give up the exchange. Ha
telrcted the latter alternative. Then Lasker
fairly walked away with the game. He won a
piece on Ida llfty.fourlh. move, and Stolnltz
could not retake It because of 0S...IJ-Kt H ch:
nil. K-Kt 2. Q-K Kt 8 chl 87. K-lt 3.
O-Itrlch: 0. K-Kt or Q-K 2. Q-K 7 or
(j x Q, mate. Five moves later, when l.asker
again left his rook to be taken, Stelnltz re
signed and lost the match, for In reply lo
110. K x It, Lasker would have effected a mate
hyOO,..Q-ySch; 01. K-H 2. Kt-ll 0 ch: 02.
K-Kt 3. Q-Kt a ch; 03. K-H 3. Q-P. 7, mate.
'Ibescuro follows!
ir.nr. mack. traife. mack.
!IP-QI4 I'-Kil gQKt-KS Qll-KI
HKI-U1I3 Kt-KIIB il 11 JI t K ll-V
4 11-Kto II K'J VU fastles Kt-ll
or-KD castles 29 K n K o-ng
nO-KlO OKI-IJ9 VI Kt-n U-lt
7 Kt-ll 11 P-lill ." Kt-Kt3 IJxKt
riu-qa I'll' mui'iu Kt-KKti
OllxP I'-Uftt4 X7 1V-Q.I ll-ll
tllll-KS l'-UHS VHIl-K'J 11-11
ii H-UH4 I'-Kto v ki-k q-qa
III Kt-Kt I'-II 4 hi) Kt-ll II V-K 4
1 liKt QI llKt2 310U-IC ll-KIJ
UH-llS I'll- UjQ-KtU II I) H
IGP XI' Kl-Ot JJKtxl- KtxKt
1HII-K3 ll-Oh .ItllxKt ItxP
17 Kt-ll 4 ll-ii'J UJtJ-yllS UxKtPH
1SU-KI5 P-D3
position ArtEH iilack's THinTT-rinn ktora.
i rVf-1 "-i f4h ii&A
i WA M MkWi
e$ f I M M
' s&i?3 Sv? foi53
1 -M to ffl Wk W
W& iiV'i MM iXlS
m fMl m II
Ky'fp, pAl ujm ?$M
W"9k v ki LWj
witm (mn-itt) 1 nxcxa.
sakxb q-nsch to K-Kt 2 q-Kna
37 It-K 4 A X It 00 I'-Kl t 3 It 7
km fix It uxitch fil It Ii Kt-itseh
:m K-Kt Q-Kt a Ai K-Kt 11-11 It
SO 11-113 A-U OJII-K3 Kt-liflch
41 B-K l'-K 3 S K-Kt a ItxU
itr-OKII Kt-K4 S3 O I HP It-lit 8 ch
43 n-Ka Kt-q a .-.! -lis Q-U4
44 11-KIII It U II 37U-I18ch K-R S
43 q-u 4 it M p-rt 8 lt-n tt eh
411 K-lt J Kl K 4 39 K-Kt 3 Kt-UOch
47 q-q li It a itesigu.
4oq-qa ki inch
HhoTvaller'e Itst Os at rblladelykla.
bbowalter finished bis series of practice games
at the Franklin Chess Club, Philadelphia, on
b'aturday evening, when he played a P Q 4
opening against I). Stuart of the Franklin Club.
The contest was highly Interesting, and a draw
was the result after eighty moves. The score
walls fiiocA. I Han. mark.
ll'-qt l'-U4 I42F-KI4 ll-K.'l
a l'-S. i l'-Qns ,4JK-iis k-qa
a 11-1)3 l'-K 3 41 K-Kt 8 11-114
IOKI-QS OKt-03 43I1-OI ll-q 0
Bl'-KIII Kt-ltJ 4IIK-U9 11-113
UK Kt-ll 3 ll-Q I 47P-KI3 11-11 H
7 Cast es Kl Kt 8 48 11-11 3 It II 3
HO-K l'-K lit 4" II It r. K-K.1
U Kt-K 3 II x Kt r.0 11-117 11-118
111 111' I II Kt-ll .11 ll-O II II-K7
II Kt-ll 3 ll-OV 3il'-Kt8 II It S
12P-qil4 q-K -J lIK-gt ll-Kta
13 ll-O Kt-Kt 3 i&4 II I? H K-H 1
14 q-K l'-qKts 'tiMi-un k-ks
isqit-n r-qii4 mm Kt3 it it
lnP-KP.3 Kt-ll a .17ll-ua 11-113
15 II x I' l'-K 3 H K-II 3 H-Kta
lun-Kt4 q-q I 0 ll-q 4 ll-ll
XO It 115 Itxll 11 K-Kt 3 ll-Kta
VI II X It q-Kt Hi K-Kt 4 ll-ll 8
gq-Kl4 uiu 03 k-llll K-H 4
ssilxq n-n lot K-qa n-Kta
as it-q n K-q a ,3 k-k :i ii h 3
vo Kt-Kt 3 II-KI3 aiK-113 1I-K13
an It-ltS n-q It 87 K-Kl 3 ll-ll
aj it-its It X it IHM P-ll 4 p X i
8 II III l'-K 115 I8UK-H4 ll-Kta
auKtsRP Kt-n 4 ,711 Kx I' ll-ll
HOIIxKl l-xll 71 K-H A K-K 3
31 K-IH P-qll4 7a K-Kt 7 k-k a
lUP-KKtS 1'xKPch 73 K KI8 K-K 3
BJ K X P l'-!IOCh '74 K-Kt 3 H-KI3
34 PxP I'xPch '7AK-1I4 It II
H3 K x 1" Ktxlll' 178 K-K. I IV-KIS
88 Kt-Kt S Kt-K3ch 77 K-II H II H 3
37 Kt x Kt K I Kt 7H K-Kl 4 11-11
.11 l'-K 11 4 II It 711 k-lt 8 ll-Kta
B ll-ll 11 P-Kt3 80 K-Kt 3 K-qa
4UP-KI4 l'xl'e. p. I Prawn.
41 PxP K-K a
Roethlna'e Clever Hlmultaaeoae rerferm
staev. Quite a large number of members and visitors
were prerent at the rooms of the Cosmopolitan
Chess Club latt Saturday night. OttoRoetblng.
the young expert, played simultaneously on
fourteen boards. He won twelve games, lost
none, and drew two. Summary follows:
I'laiert. m-enfnoi. Rttultt.
Lebensnhn queen's ilamblt Declined 0
Jae. Ilt-ller Iluy l-oprt o
11. Hel er ... , I'etronT s fiefence o
Hammond t-rench De enee ..Drawn
IvHiifinann Two Knlshts' Defence o
Hdiln Klne's Knight's Ilamblt ..,,0
Itullmann Iiuhop's uainhlt 0
Karnw 7uxenori opening o
Heyer Ponilanl Opnlni o
Munsterberg Hlclllan Derence n
Pome qu en's 'lamblt Declined 0
Hucker Vienna (lame o
"eoiit ItuyLnpei Drawn
Deck Kltscrlttky Gambit o
latereeholnelle Cheee,
An Interschniastlo tournament has been ar
ranged between the Condon, Cutler, Columbia
Grammar, Saohs, and Harvard schools, and De la
Salle Institute. They will begin at the Columbia
(Irammar school on Jan. 27. and will continue
there on Jan. ','H, au, Feb. 1 and 2. Thon the
players will meet on Feb. .'I, 4, 0. H and 0 nt He
la Salle Institute. There villi be two repre.
sentatlves from every school, each lad ulaylng I
ten games. A prize will be presented tn the
winner. Among the players will De Hunt and
Stokes of lie la Salle. Falk uf Sachs, and Kngels
and l.thalra nf Columbia (Irammar. (lames
will begin at 3:30 o'clock In the afternoon.
rlliotvalter Hays He Will SIstb Articles
A meeting between Plllsbury and Showalter
was to havo been held Ir. this city on Saturday
afternoon for the purpose of signing articles
for their proposed match, hut Showalter could
not leave I'titlailelphla. He sent a despatch,
however, saying that he would be here to-morrow
and b prepared to place his name tu the
articles. It Is Intended to begin play on next
At.ntNi, Jan. Si. The fifteenth match of the
season for tho American Whist League chat,
lenge truphy wits plajed hero yesterday nt the
Albany Club, between the Albany Chess and
bin Club, challengers, nid the Albany Club,
lin den. Forty-eight deals were plaed, the re
Mill being In finer of the Albany Club bv a
ecoreuf twenty. throe ttlcks tu eighteen. The
teams were:
Albany I'luti-I". I.e tiny Smltli.captalni Harrington
Lodge. Jr. Charlie I' Snow and David Mulllfeldrr.
Chess end u l.l.i Club-Alb. rt luilihone lapialn:
Douglas Ulcott, lllchard Connolly and Ja iirsuillrs
pie. The close result was duo moro to the similarity
in the sv stems adopted than anything else, both
teams being trlct long-ruilurs.
On next Saturday tho t "In in Ma A. 0. of
YVusblnglun will play the Albany Club.
HkullnB Chamitloitahlpe Announced for To,
'Ihe aperd-sknilng tournament, which broke
tiff abruptly nt Slumlord last week owing to
poor Ire, will be resumed to-morrow ut Sliver
Lukr, btnteii Island, A blurt will be made nt
Ui.Hl o'cloik In the uftt-rin on with Ihe trial
heats for the (j miner of a mile national clam,
ulniislitp, Lleven speedy candidates lire down
toinmpete. The trials of tho niie-in It-chain
plonship will come next In order. Fifteen men
nrn entered and will bu split up Into three
Arrangements are being made to light up the
scene .villi electricity in thu evening, and com
mencing at HillU o'clock there will be a half,
mllescratth race and it three-mile handicap.
The racing will probably extend over three
as4BfrsisSs.ittll't,tiil aaitgajW--.Wr
Report That the llrsanrs Will Provide
for Licensed Trotttnc Meetlana Dr. J.
tV. Day and Oilier Opposed to Hlate
CeaeorehlB N. T. Drlvlas: Club Affairs.
New Ynrk horsemen who nttended the Gatden
sale of trotting stock last week were Inquiring
somewhat anxiously about the proposed provi
sions of the bill for the promotion of harness
racing, which Is soon to be Introduced at-Albany.
Neither Dr. J. W.Day nor anybody else who has
taken an active part In canvassing the Stat In
behalf of the trotting horse breeders has yet
been able to learn anything definite about the
proposed measure, and there was something of
a flurry In tho local I lotting fraternity when the
report gained circulation that the bill Is lo pro
vide for some sort of a licensing hoard similar
to the State ltaclng Commission.
It will be remembered that when the Percy
Gray Ilaclng law was passed In 1805 a persist
ent effort was made to cstnbllsh a Slate Trotting
Hoard Invested with authority stmllarto that of
the Itnclng Commission. The harness racing
fraternity throughout the State promptly de
clared against any syttem of censorship for
their favorite sport, however, and tho move
ment, which was fathered principally by
men closely Identified with tho running
turf, died young. Dr. Day and the New
York State breeders' Association wero
then among the most active opponents
of tho scheme, and It is known that they and
nearly alt other horsemen from up the State are
still strongly opposed to such a measure. All
attempt to revive the censorship system In con
nection with the harness racing bill Is pretty
certain to dlvldo the trotting fraternity In a
bitter fight, and In the end defeat all legisla
tion. Tlmte who should know say that the
President of the State breeders' Association
would work fur the defeat of such a measure
vvlth as much real as he has displayed la can
vassing the Slate for the bill which the
breeders' Association desires. The fact that
Dr. Day was requested last week to resign the
leadership of the breeders' movement to some
persons In New York who were Identified with
the defunct licensing board, probably gave rite
to the rumor that the scheme Is to be Incorpor
ated In tho bill now being drafted. The Seneca
county breeder, who has thus far directed
nearly every detail of the campaign. Is not
likely tu resign the leadership until the char
acter of the hill Is made known and the success
of the movement It assured.
The reorganized Executive Committee of the
Driving Club of New York will hold an Im
portant meeting lo-nlglit at the Hotel Metro
pole. The new committee got together for the
first time last week, but odjudnied before any
Important business had been transacted. James
W. Daly, James McClenahan, and J. II. Itogait,
vwho were appointed a committee lo confer with
the owuera of Fleetwood Park regarding the
lease of the track for lr!U7. will make their re
port to-night, and it Is expected that a
stake programme for the Grand Circuit
meeting, and perhaps for the June meet
ing also, will be decided upon, provided
the old track can be secured. It is all but cer
tain thai the Driving Club will be able tore
lain possession nf Its present yoalters In Mor
risanla for another year at least, but should the
streets be cut through Fletwood a new track
for the trotters would probably spring Into
existence up In Westchester county. The
wealthy trottlng-horse breeders who now dom
inate the Executive Committee of the Driving
Club all have breeding farms a few miles north
of the Harlem Itlvrr. and they are Just now In
the mood to build a tiew track or do something
else that may bo found necessary for the wel
fare of the organization.
Frrderick Deltz. O. E. Armstrong, and Wil
liam t Parsons, Jr.. the tommlttee appointed
at the annual meeting uf the Driving Club In
December lo Investigate the financial condition
of the organization, have recently submitted
their report to tbo members. They fuund that
the Item of Sll.l'O.l'.' "accounts receivable."
which caused a good deal of criticism when
Treasurer Luke Burke's report waa submitted
In December. Is largely uncollectable, and ad.
vine that tU.41 1.7-' of this sum be charged ufl
tho Treasurer's books as either entirely worth
less or nf uncertain value. This action will leave
the club with an excess of liabilities ov er assets
amounting to S1.7.1H.D3. while the Treasurer's
report Indicated an eic-ss of assets amounting
tu something like Sd.5110. The members of the
committee state that although their investiga
tion discloses a deficit Instead of a surplus,
they "are firmly of the opinion that with care
ful management and a better system than was
apparently used during the last two years In lbs
keeping of accounts and collection of dues, the
club can not only make up the small deficit
during the present tar, but show a handsome
surplus In the next annual report."
Those who think that nil bnrses are cheap
nowadays should havo heard Peter Durrea and
K. S. Wells compare poles last week at the Gar
den rale. Duryea, fresh from the West, said
that he had Just mado an offer of 1.10,000 for
the noted trotting stallion Allerton, '.':0UU.
which Owner C. W, Williams promptly de
clined, at the same time refusing to put a price
nn four young mares by thesnnof Jay Illrd that
Durvea wanted to buy. Wells said that he re
cently wrote to Williams with a view to
buying Allerton for his breeding farm at
Glen Moor, N. J. The Galesburg man asked
S.lo.000 In rash, the prlvll-ge of breeding ten
mares to the horse this year, and stipulated for
other concessions, which brought the price up
above S40.000. About fire years ago Williams
declined to entertain an oiler nt SlfiO.uOO for
the rtalllnr.. attordlng to report. Iloston par
ties recently approached Lewis O. Tewksbury
with an offer nf -'.5,000 for the champion pacing
stallion John It. Gentry, ":0U)n, but the proposi
tion w a nut entertained.
It would take a large sum of money to bay
the king of pacers Just nuw, for his owner has
mapped out a campaign for the stallion and his
stable mate. Hubert J whli n Involves an unheard-of
expenditure In special cars, parapher
nalia and the like. The blood-like llltle gelding
la ihe apple of Mr. Tetvksbiir's eve. however,
and the chances are that he Is beyond price.
His owner said a few days ago thai Kohert J.
would die hlr, property unless the horse should
outlive his master, In which event the rame
little pacer would pass to his present trainer.
E. K, llowne.wlih provision for his maintenance
as long as he might live and the direction that
he should never again feel the weight of
Prase sad Non-Expert Matches Beelslesl at
the eleventh's Basgss,
The prone and non-expert matches were de
cided at the Seventh Regiment's ranges on Sat
urday night. The conditions were seven shots
standing and seven prone In each match. The
non-expert match was open only to thoso who
had never made sixty-eight In any armory rltle
club match. The scores follow:
Standing, irons. Tvtal.
Corporal A. Stevens 34 113 All
CorporMi; Drake 84 34 art
Private II. r. iiomtspeed H2 Ho 87
Coiporal h. W.Ijih aster 81 ut 8il
Private y. E. Uaker UU 83 03
I'rlvataW. U. Phillips t 34 83
Private t. K. Pakrr. Jr no 83 81
I'nvateC. II. Plump 83 31 81
PrlvaieH. H. Hurmughs 3a .1! 81
Private It. 11. Patton WU 33 04
fJfhhvrnlr. jltr.
Prlvatu A, K. Well nil 8t
Private i: JI. Li ash 8t OH
tnrporsIC lira.o 88 07
Corporal t- V. Lancaster 84 iu
initiate the Hull's Eve.
The Hull's El e iimloh which whs decided at
tho Twenty-second Itcginiciit rllle ranges on
Saturday night proved In be novel and Interest,
lug. The conditions were: Open tu all tuein- '
bers nf thu rifle club, four'eun shots tirone, nue
rt entry aliened, only hull's e)e to count, prizes
tnboivtvnrded lo the men iiiuklng the threo
highest scores. Sergeant IL K Zust, N. C. S.. '
nnill'apt. M, K. llurnliiii. Stuff, tied for first i
prize, unit H was mil) b Inking tho Inverse I
uider of rhois Hint tho winner could be named
In the sharpshooters' mini h thu conditions '
were! bevtn shols nil shoulder and seven shots I
prone: Umbo making it tutivi of slxli-llte or
belli r out of a tmslblo seventy to receive
inedala and become slinrushooters. The success. .
fill oiks wero s-urgciint II. K.ust and r-ergeant I
A. II, v rci-lantl. Company ('.both uf whom
mnilu slxli'tlvo mil nf ihe maximum number,
seventy, summaries follow:
lllII.rrl.KVK MATCH.
Ser.-iuut II K. Zusl.N C.3 to
Ciipt 31, I Hiirnton, slarr .- lo
bVr.-eant K, W Unix, t ompany II u
t upt I. Isutritood, Coiiipuiyll p
Lit nt. II. Itomiilue. 1 oini itu It li
Nrgiant W.si ouinw, tu.npsny C 8
Lapt J II. It. UlilinilHliI, ininiunyC 7
Corporal V, w j.rn u, Company K 7.
llipl J ll.Tllltle, slurt,, 7
SerMeait v, II r 1 1 inu, i nmpunt c , 7 I
Unit c, II, Moddird, Compiiiy A 11 I
Cant M M Mll.s, 1,'nmnan) V f, I
1'ilvuto II. lltthl, COi, pan) i; 0
BlI.klll'SHUurKllV MATCH,
Mill. Pr. 7nr.
Sergeant II. K. yust, N.C. R IW 33 en
fctrgeaut A. II. rvelauil, Company C JU 3) 05
The Amerlcus team uf Hnboken and the
llrooklyn Wanderers' reserve team played a
game of as.oclation foutbnll at Ambrose Park
yesterday afternoon, tho result being a draw,
eaih team scoring nue goal. Thu Scultlsh
Americans of Newark, who were to nave plated
the crack team of the llrooklyn Wanderers,
did not appear,
Tearaaattat FUylaa; Htlll mfarkad by Oeod
Although the tournament sesson Is drawing tea
close there appears to be no let no In the excellent
performsnersof many of the contestants. Managers
and players contend that It has been one of the most
brilliant campaigns In the history of the game herea
bouts. The records to date folio wi
nioh ntoh
CIuM. Mm. Cosf. Score CJu&t. rTon.7sf. ieorr.
Oriental in 4 088 lllendal.... H II n
Or, hard 13 0 1,011 Trojan u II DID
Kiuplre It (I VM Columbia-., u II von
LlmrnUr'vr.14 0 V33 Corinthian.. M 111 Mill
ltosedale....l8 7 1.U08 Arlington-.. 8 Mil UJil
Albion 13 7 VSI WeiH .-..... 7 13 rl"4
Pldella 13 7 P4I Progress..,. 8 14 U2il
Ooldsn Ilod.l H fcoJ Uotham 0 14 hou
Nbiirtan. ....10 10 94 Del 3 1.1 Ulrt
Monarch. ...10 10 PI 7 Salamander. 3 17 VS3
Civil gervlcelO 10 vol
nvittjui EirrMJcix clcb toi'rvamibt.
Puritan 7 1 V8?Columbtia 8 3 7 708
N.V. A.C., 8 S 1,041 Cherry Dds. 3 n MM
N. V. U.C.... 8 V hh.ll.Mercurr 3 0 H4I
Kismrt 8 3 873 Columbus 1.1 4 hod
Wlnsnr .,..7 8 8V8 Ktllck, IL C H 7 U3 1
Phienlx 8... 7 II ewu Lotus 3 3 7 Mil
1'hienlx 1, , 4 3 W.I3 Klilcx. A.O.. 8 7 870
lotus 1 3 S V03 llachelor.... I 7 Kl')
Madison..,., 3 3 H7J Lincoln 0 8 717
bundard.,,, 3 3 bog
Colgete&Co.lS 1 hh llruen.ItftCo 8 A TOO
ll.v,ll.Hon u 3 787 Beali'y ftJ'n. 7 7 7IIM
ilodgrtolc't 8 8 7u3iltealerftll. 3 K 70U
Parse DACoH 3 70k, Warner ACo 3 13 i'8J
MaxZeller., 7 4 hOJ Hat'sonaCo 1 10 8un
Merck 4 Co.. 8 0 7l8hv.H.Hch'n"n U 11 800
ATnxxnc uuacr-
JerseyClty..l7 10 Pl Columbia. ..IB 14 910
HossveA.A.18 13 U3.1 Or.nseA.C.U 14 M.
-North knd .18 It vlUiN. i.A,U.,..ll III WIS
Klliab'h A.A.I 0 Ift VVUIMonlolalr... 8 IV bUJ
ToarltlC. r. 7 1 8S7 ltlverilde W, 8 S 883
CaiholioC.O. H 3 tmii-ianh-n K. C. 3 8 M.li
AtaintaVV a 0 VIg.J.C.C. w.-.. 0 8 BU
Amerlcus,.,. 1J 0 HTAiAudubon..., S 7 70.1
Kuburban..,.UI 3 baSlflenevulent.. 0 7 711
New York... 10 3 r)u .Mornlngilde S 0 77.1
Our 9 :t 8t3 cititeu 4 0 713
Pefendam... u 8 781 hcylurus 4 n 7nj
llarlen 8 4 748 Polaris 4 10 773
Hatnarltan .. n 4 738 Chosen rdt. 3 U lit
Lenox 7 8 873, Colfax 3 V 70
Umpire City. 7 C 7I3 Ogden 3 10 733
Irving 8 il 74H Celtic- I 11 1U4
ttlandard. .. n 0 7to
aaooxLvx novat. abcaxch TopnxAvrvT.
Phlladelph'sU 0 931 I'rosp'ct Htt. 7 7 783
last N. V.. ..13 3 87 Weicom 7 7 7S7
He Witt Cl'nlt 1 nil lortureene. 8 H e7
De Loug It 3 Ru L'ndlne 11 8 eu7
Ollbert. 10 3 eH9 liushwlck 11 B lit
Fulton ....to 4 Mid liurnilde fi b '.vt
He torest.. Ill 4 b3ii Wasu'n lrv.. 3 V 711
rraternlty... u 8 bB Mgllantla... 3 11 .via
Coininouw'h u 0 883 Nasiau. 3 II 73
long Island 0 f 7WH llrevoort . .. II 78
PeUford....- 8 4 Hut Mldwtiod.... 3 II 718
rn - 8 8 884 Oxford 3 13 743
Alert 7 S r.5 llrooklyn.... 3 13 713
Itidgswood.. 7 7 8.I11 Palm u 14 738
Prol'atrla... 7 7 828
Harrnenls... 9 1 VOOilInltv S 8 1,009
Auranta..,. 8 4 l.tuj Fedora 4 n 1,003
Pioneer 0 4 930 Concord 0 10 818
tsiriD Bowusa ctres-sicnos 8 (coxrunxs).
Acme.. .... 8 0 90lOradell 8 0 818
Echo 7 1 913 redora. 3 8 n
oerell , 8 3 bito Corinthian . 1 7 8V3
old llomet'd 0 8 h&v Korddeutt'r. 0 8 741
Accident.... 4 4 7us
txenox 7 (coMrurrxs).
Wyanoke... 4 3 7N4,DNo ....... 8 8 748
Lotusof rj'kn 4 1 778 CttvS'utten. 3 3 744
ll.sCe.ens... 4 3 770 17lh Ward... u 0 7UJ
Mucker 8 8 77b
It'rslde A. O. 8 4 OHIiOraste A. C. 4 8 87S
It'evllle A.A. 7 8 983 8. Or ge K C. 4 8 81V
.sorta'rniu;. 7 7 bftg
AXCIICIOCXSAX rxiov uuoix.
nelyCrosaW 7 1 884 81. Mary's... 3 S 898
Spalding 1... 8 3 r-03 Ml. Monica... 4 4 847
Nt. Iternard.. 8 8 bfla'!.oyo!a3 3 8 731
Loyola 1 7 8 BHa'M. Agnes.... 3 8 7111
HpaldlngS... 7 8 M8o!Cathedral... 0 733
HolyCrotaL. 0 4 7b33i.rr'n'sdeS 0 8 870
lit-Morris... 9 1 r37Vatau. ...4 8 773
lmp.trr.Na 9 1 801 Nafl Park... 4 tl 773
lis. for nav. , 8 3 744 W'b'tb Sav., a a hi I
tl. 8.Hul)Tr. 8 3 7S.tAln.Ex .Vat. 8 8 731
Hanov'rNai. S 3 771 Contln'l .Nat. 1 7 743
tier t'ls Nat. 4 4 71 e L'.a I.T.ca 0 0 61
tier.hav'gs., 4 4 73AiCi.lt us' bav. 0 8 700
UX-OtlUpc 3 74ll
Proapsot.... 9 1 931 Hyperion.... 3 B 893
Morr. Plattd. eT3 878K.fi.s. 1.... a a nsi
llltsrd n 3 883.K. O. H. 8. .. 8 3 M0
Melrose ... 5 8 9e3 Union 9 4 8SA
E Mor'lsanla a 3 USu Knloer'-r. a 7 Mil
Knleter'erl. 8 II 833 Grove 1IIIL.. a 8 hmj
College 8 4 be IHeelwood... a 0 Hill
Roller 4 4 83IAochor 3 8 803
rxcxjt tax kitio-.il tocrsahixt.
Fidelia 1 ....13 0 Oil Manh'nDlcy. S 7 893
Civ, Ber. 1...13 8 87rkho.. . 0 7 830
Acme 8 bbSlcorlcthlan 14 8 871
tirlrnlal .,9 & PUS spartan 4 6 big
liloomdale.. w 3 wiv Ooiden Rod. 4 A H)7
lUvrnlale ..tl 7 vf3 Auran a .... n in W2
Itosrdale... 8 4 b04 Uncle Sam.. 3 9 794
torinlhlsnl 7 7 buniciv Ser. a ,. 4 to 8811
Man. Ilowl'g. 8 8 BSMlllrlnkumer.. 4 10 Mu
I-otus 8 n 848,1'ioneer 3 10 bOO
lldella3 0 8 8181
Corinthian 1 A 0 8t9ilmterlat3 .. 8 8 878
Hlrecker 1 .. 4 o 913 Corlntntan . 3 a 773
West Shore. 4 8 874 llleecser I. . 3 A Ml
nansrvoort . 4 4 787 Tbur. Night. 0 8 717
buUero'dL. H 3 7381
LlndenO've.ll 3 via I'nknown... S 3 903
Monarch. .,10 3 0211 Umla a 7 0A
Utg Cabin... A 3 via Arlington. .3 7 nil
Ollnda. 9 B 93J Kicrlslor .. 'I 7 M3
H'lvidere. . 7 a Vitl Uoo-iblne, . 3 10 ar-a
Manhattan.. A 4 WUiMastotle.. . 1 7 bS8
Apollo ...8 4 8MI Atlas 1 9 blV
Nad;y 8 4 8-'3
Adelphl V 0 1,027 1. D. K. 4 4 890
Apollo 10 3 0h Congress ... 8 a b7
llnggs ..8 4 bu? Oneida. ... 3 7 Hi
IBtn Ward 7 II ooi Jolir a 7 haa ,
Clio ... 7 A vov atagg 3 7 831
Paragon. ... A 4 POO Don I Know. 3 in bis
Alert 4 8 bSuiLotus 0 7 739
N'v'r Sweat.. 8 8 bt
38th Ward 18 3 910 Van Slclen . 8 13 843
Manhattan ,19 0 84V Fssex .... 7 18 884
Can'tlrO'vr.14 4 bail llelmonl. ... 7 13 bVS
iioodenoughia 8 98g Welcome ... B U 7el
lellpse 10 M 851 lcrntrlc .. t IS 813
Annex 10 18 Vuo illeuinore... 4 Id bit
associated ctcxino clvbs or loco islaxd.
Orient W ..18 0 OuliNsssau W . A 10 844
Kings Co. W 17 1 bW I Prospect W. B B 8(l
Uuttiwl'k W.10 8 bail- I.e. W . 18 831
Hro'ljrn It. C. 9 7 b8l HequodCW. S II boa
Logan W . . A 8 b9'Tamaqua W. 3 14 773
RhrolynW. o a 71-01
Carleton.,.,.14 4 931,1'nton Le'g'e 8 to 830
Aurora Or'Ul 3 A ouo'llanover .... 7 11 win
Lincoln ...11 7 vol Knlckerb'kr, 7 II DO
Coiumdan.,11 7 B-.3 Irving S 18 nsit
Oxford 10 8 903 atldwood.... 4 14 b83
CAnRirrnix't batioiai. TorRSAMivr.
Rslneeke,..,t4 4 919 South Paw,. 8 10 83
heno .18 A 013 Hisr 8 IH 87a
tearless. 14 7 V It Clover A 18 Ml
Tioga V 8 913 Osceola 3 13 887
Waverly 10 8 but,
Prlnecke ... 8 8 DlllFurt Dreene. 4 8 881
t'eniral . 7 8 b.' Logan w,, t 8 8:3
Protpect ... 8 4 biialliurry Up... 8 7 hl3
1-alir A bA7iNameleas.... 3 B b8l
TheStar B 8 9uil
Llndenn've.ll 7 900 Apollo , 7 8 893
Arlington.. ,.10 8 93ti nrleuial 8 10 913
Monarch ... V A WO --onto Paw,, o 9 uu l
Metropolitan M 4 947 Qulncy 4 11 878
Lcho A 0 PIU
Third Ave . 13 3 007 Crlbb 0 10 8AA I
aalauianiler 14 4 9.'4 Me rose 2.... 4 13 alu '
Msiroe I ...13 4 bin me aiar. ... 8 is 7iit i
iiojkI Luck II A mj Aurora . . 4 IJ 773
Belmont ... 0 10 0.'3i , '
ltthlteglm'114 9 b49 .Id lmtery 8 13 791
v.id ltegim't.13 4 buu t;tnlteglnrt b 11 73
ISthRrglm'l 9 7 777 Iroop c 3 la ouu
Lindens ... 33 4 Villi Dnolrss . V II a87
l Unions , ,17 7 le) j Mantle Wll V 13 BI7
an Hrrxsnsin 8 nue I afarette ,h 7 all
Doolllllas .IS 7 IU7t lit V II ..8 il h III
Puritans ..It tl via l.lndim VVIi . h Hi via
Teutonla II II mi? bulou . ...8 II est
olunteer ..10 14 hoii
Columbus .. 8 0 177V Lafayette. .. J fi i',
crtntord. .. 11 9 Ifiiii iiot,lie 1 n ).i;M
J'hiida .... rt a liii1 Washington 4 T 111 10
Llli.iWIll. 3 3 llllll llauoiKk. . .. O H lw-38
CI MBit. NrtV J..IJ-KV IVtOlU,
Park Club . V 7 Ui7 Wesillcld. ...0 (1 87H I
iraufordCC.V 7 til'J N. .1. A.U. ..11 N vil
ltoslleCar..lo 8 ti'.'i rayonuo lt.A.7 11 bbj I
lllialittliA.C.4 h Hi'.'
Pllt It'll AC 8 I lbi.lt N, .1. II I". . !l (1 11112
(athnllcCb h 1 170 1 lla)o ell. A II llllll
New'K liar II II 17 1mN I. A l ... a 7 1, 31
orllunl :' C . 4 a I7.'u I'nliniCllib, J 7 Hi.')
NOHTIIkllN Mtt JMIhlV i.i.toir.
Ilisllluto .11 1 Ml Ijisi.ni A .11 II Mi-
1 W llep.C.18 3 bull LyiMiiu II. 4 h 111 I '
U.HC.All H Minn. Y.M 1; t -4 13 tin I
Irving ... II It IHIIi.IiiikMA C. I II OiJ I
Jiontclalr. " 1 mi !
IllirsVA, C.I7 A PUB 8 or'g'el-'.C.., 7 '1 Hll-
nr. IMi'.AIl 7 bi-.hiiuiiiiit II. c, ,1 11 wmi
Hot vu.V A.ll 11 ViUlCulumblu.. .. S I.I bml
Siarlulis. 13 I p:i Viinielta. .. 4 II bin I
''i a 8 bia l'111111-.rs . . 4 miii I
t'lllolls .. .. 7 .1 b7l luljrs ,. 4 II U7
Aim rit-us 4 bill I nsllePiiluu 4 I. b.'7
I lies. Iiers. 7 B bll tullniii H II 73 I
IloU.iaikers 11 I Mil . Id ro illmis .1 11 uu.'
spuria i A j b.li'illlier.l.lft . 9 In nr,
liourt a 11 h.MM.r.iuilia, . . I u 703
bplrroldt . 3 A HI T I
MIKTII 111 lo Tin llAir.T, I
tlw s ..II I bug ivnnparrlla . H 6 7HI
Xbpanaus V 1 miii iiihi.uiis ... :i 11 mm
Allien us. ,u fi bH3 Collliiibias,. 3 7 7.'i I
bpnerolds. . A 1 MW i)l tut ... II H 731
N llllUnn h 3 bill Amerlcilt . 3 4 77,1
Unions .... li 4 b3l llonietleid . '.' II M.i '
Keg A n bin Mohawk u Iu 733
All Hoes ..., U 0 bOI
Perkelry A II 1 10BI Atalanta II.. 3 3 HOI
AtaiantuA. 7 1 ml Prudential II 3 A hen
Hnplre 7 8 83 Inttllute 3 & bbl
lloiiignmery. 0 3 Vl.i "labs" ,, ., 3 it bi)H
AIM, a A...... 8 3 U.I7 Alpha 11 ,8,8 b73
.il.v. l.,. a 4 bun Hamburg. ... 1 7 hev
Prngrraslve. . 0 fi P3I Uergelvy D... 0 3 BIB
Prudential A. 4 4 941
" li
CHotTh 8 4 tS7UnlonCo.ll. 8 H
Tourist O. O. 8 4 8 Casus PU O 8 8 877
OalbolloCa 7 B 9(11 UudionCoW 3 11 798
Atalanta Wh 0 8 l
Ths Relneckes were tn good form In B'"rllrt
night's series ot Phaughnrssy's llrooklyn tournament
and easily captttred l 0 garnet. The scores 1
Logan W.-A. Pschrach. 137) Druth. 114 ,8ehlff.
17u: W. Ilachrach. 108: fgelholt. I9. Total. .83.
lorlOreene-Adams. I70j.llrgman, 1011 a Wlleox,
1181 Dlebl,9ri utls, 139. Total, 008.
sr.cosD IIAHK.
Fori Oreene-Adams. 141: llergman, ISO) A. Wlloox,
I7B Plehl. IBtl Otis. 147. Total. 747.
Iteinetke-iorenson. 11)51 Cadleu. I98 Roche, 1771
Kruse, tuOj Walters. 90 1. Total 904.
TUinn oiMr.
Relneche-Sorenaon, ir7 Cadleu. 107: Roche. 300:
Kruse. 1781 Wallers, J04 Total. 900.
Ijigan VVA. Ilachrach, I74i Uruih, 188: SehltT,
143: W, Ilaohracb, 108j IgelhofT, IK. Total, 708.
The Twenty third Regiment bowlers won two
games ou 8 iturday night In the Second Brigade tour
nament. The scores 1
Twenty-third r.eglment-Osdrn. 1871. Boe. 14S
Kenyon, 130) Krlppendurf, lout 1'ltot. 177. Total,
Thirteenth, Iteglrnenl-Flnnegao. IB9 lint. 147
Townsrnd, I8O1 Ueurge. 133) podei, IB3. Total. 717.
Thirteenth Rfglment-Flunegan, ISO: Lint, IBS:
lotvnsend, IBtl "Juallmati, 118: Dodes, 180. Total,
Troop C-ittchards. 131: Mactimber. 101: Clayton,
78; Matllu, 137: VMeman, 180. loial, 390.
Tlimn OAME.
Troop C-Rlchards, 113: Mactimber. 103: Clayton.
811 Maclln, l3i vvieman. III. Tolal.finS. ,
lwrnty-thlrd llrglmsut-Uaden. 1491 lloe. 98: Ken
yon, 10-1 Krlppendorf, 13 J, Plgol, 143 Total. ObO.
The llrooklyn Royal Arcanum tournament gsmes
on Baturdsy night resulted as followsi
Rldgewood-Tooker. 179: Kneelsnd. IBS! Litter,
1441 Van Wjek. UViOroier. 19". Total. 783.
Oifora-l'lilillpaon. HI7I Ulederlohs. 931 atoetser,
63: Urrckrnrldge, 13Jj Carey, 198. Total, 818.
Oxfnrd-Phlillpson. 173i Dle.lerlchl. 101 1 Bloesstr,
181 1 llreckenrldge., 313) Carey. Ub. Total. 743. ..
Vlgilantla Druton, I3J Y.Bni.tn, 1141 Shaw, 118;
a Smith. 1 1 1 1 Uaker, 103. Total, 89V.
711111D OAMX.
Vlgllantla-Dentorj, t.Ai Y. Smith, 1001 Shaw, ltO
aamltn. 171i Ilaarr. IJ1. Tolal.llbf.
ltliUewinat ronarr, 1 IB: Kneelsnd, 183: Lliur,
13J, Van Wyck, 148, Urover, 147. Total, 700.
The Women's Howling tournament, under the
auspices or the United Howling Clubs, which will
btgtu tomorrow afternoon at Grocers' Hall alley
In Las- Fifiv-soventh str-ei, promises to be an in
teresting affair. Thlrtr-three teams, representing
twenty-four tlubs from this city, Urooxlyn, and As
toria, are entered. Light games are scheduled lor
each day, extepilng the last arternoon. when ten
teams are to Way. The first game to-morrow wilt
be called at 3 o'clock. S-crslary Faloo or Ihe United
Howling Clubs has arranged the following sehedule:
Jan. 30 eighth Avenue Ladles. Norddeutachcr
Women, Loveir, Defender or Middle Milage, Co
lumbia. Hand in risnil. Ladles' Original Vlgllantt I,
and Independent achuetxen.
Jan. 39 Jolly Women. Merry Ladlet 1, Kerry
Ladles 8. Wnlkuert-u 1 WaikUeren 8. Ladles' He
form 1. Ladles' Reform 8, and Ladles' Washington.
leb. 3 1-adics' Uoldeu Itod 1, Ladles' Ooiden ll-vl
2. Unter I'm I, Unter L'nt 3. Untcr Uns 8, Unter
Uns 4, Defender of 'Jrooklyn, and Oleander.
Feb. a Exceptional, tierman-Ainerleau Women,
New York City achuetiru 1, New . ork Clir Schuet
ten 8, Ladles' Tt-i race Frlendihlp, Ladles' Original
Vlgllants 8. and Sunday Night.
leb. 9 Voiumbla, Nordaeutscner Women, Inde
pendent Ladies- iiuthtvicx 1, Hand In Hand, Inds
pendent Ladles' liuahMlck8, Defender of Middle
Village, Cig Hi Atrnue, and Lovely.
Feo. 18 ladles' luform 1, Walkusren 1, Ladles'
Reform 3, Wauueren 8. I.adta. Original VlgUants
1, Independent achuetxen. Ladles' Original Vigl
lasts 8. and Jolly Women.
Feb. 10 Oleander. Merry Ladles 1. Unter Uns 1,
Cuter Uns 8, Unter Uns 3, Unter Uns 4, Defender
or Prooklyn. Merry Ladles 8.
Feb. IV Nw Inrk City Schuetxen 1, Oerman.
American Women, .Sew .ork city Schuetxen 3, La
dles' Ooiden Rod 1, Friendship, Ladles' Terrace,
Ladles' Hidden Hod 3, and Exteptloual.
Feb. SJ Ladhs' Washington, Sunday Night, In.
dependent Ladles' Dushtticx 1. Defender of Middle
Milage. Independent Ladles' lluihwlcx 3, Hand la
llano. Columbia, and Lightb Avenue Ladles.
Feb. 80 Lovcl), Jolly Women. Ladles' Origin!
Vlgilanis 1, Ladies' Original Vlgllants 3, Merry La
dlus 1, Mtrrj Ladles 3, Independent Scbuelten, and
lSorddeutM ncr Womeu.
March '.'- Ladies' ll-torm I, Oleander, Cnter Cns
1, Unter Ins 3, Unter Uns 3, Unter Cns 4, De
render of llrooklyn, and Ladles' Reform 3.
.Vurch 0 German American Women, Exceptional.
New Jor a CI,) Bcmieireu 1, Iriendshlp, Ladles'
terrace, vvalxuereu I. New Yorx CllyJJcbueuea I,
and Ualkuereu 3.
: I arch v Ladles' Ooiden Rod 1. Ladles Washing
ton, Defender of Middle Village. Hand In Hand. In
lepeiideni Ladles' Uushvtlck 1, Independent Ladlet'
Ilushwlck 8. Ladles' Golden Hod 8, and Columbia.
March 18 Merry Ladles I, Luvelr, Ladles' Origi
ns! Vlgllants 1, Ladlrs' Original Vlgllants J, Inns
pendent acnuetien. tlghtn Avenue, Merry Ladles
, (U. .Dili ,, UlllVU. .
Marco 10 oi.audcr, Norddeuiseher Women,
Unter Uns 1, Unttr Cos 3. Unter Uns 3. Cnter Uns
4, Dsfeuder of llrooklyn, ai-d Sunday Night.
March Iv Ladles' Reform l.N'ew Vork achuetxen
1. Frlendsnfp. Ladles' xteiorm 3. LaJlea' Terrace,
Exceptional. New York City Schueuen 3, and Uer.
man-Americau Women-
March 33 Walkueren 1. Columbia, Walkueren 3,
Independent Ladies' Ilushwlck 1, Independent La-II-.'
Uushwick 3. Defender or Middle Village, Hand
Is Hand, and tadlss' Washington.
March 3d No-xideutacoer Women, Ladles' Ooiden
Rod 8, Independent bctiuetaen. Lovely, Ladles'
Ooiden Roil 1, Ladies' Original Mgilanu 8, Ladles'
Original Vlgllants 1, and tlghth Avenue.
llaicli 80 suoday Nwht, Merry Ladles 1, Cnter
Uns 1, Cnter Cns 3, Unter Uns 3, Unter Cns 4, De
fender tt llrooklyn, and Merry Ladles 8.
April 3 I-aales' Washington. Laolta' Terrace,
New lork city schuetxen 9. friendship, Oerman.
American Women, Exceptional, and Oleanuer.
April b Jollj Women. Ladlea' Ooiden Rod 1. Wal.
kui-ren 1. Ladlea' Golden Rod 3, Indepindsnt La
dies' Ilushwlck 1, WaUueren 3, Independent La
dies' Uushwick 3. Ijtdies' Reform 1, Sunday Night,
and Ladles' Reform 3.
The Doard ot Managers who will control the Ilsr
tern League tournament brld a meeting at Tbum At.
Kanisdorf's Harlem alley on baturday night and
elected the following orflcers for the yean Presi
dent, F. W. Prior. Jr.. Ct clone B. C-i Vlee-Presi-dent.
F. Raker. Comus U. t'. ; Secretary, A. Meyer,
Knickerbocker II. C.i Treasurer, Herman Kahlsdnrr.
Several changes were made In the by-laws, ths ruost
Importaut.beingi "Any club falling to produce Its
complete team nf five men In any scheduled game
shall forfeit its membership In the next season's
tournament, unites a aatlsratto.y excuse is given lo
the Hoard of Managers." Tne'enlranee money waa
returned 10 the seven clubs wliich failed to qualtry
In the preliminary, tournament. The following
icnedule waa arrauged ror the first round or games:
leo. I, Cyclone, l-urltan, aud Prospecti 3. stand
ard. 1'boenlx, and Comusi 3. Calumbus, Oriental,
ind Itlrerdalet 4, Old Homestead, Empire, and Ljn
wood: S, Cable, Knlcxerbocker. and Aunubon: a,
Uioomlngdale. U asnington. and Lotus; V, West Har
lem, Trojan, aud Cherokee.
Bowline Oaaars To-Nls-hf.
New York Royal Arcanum League Ogden, Samar
itan, and Ct.lxena'.
Uncle Sam National Echo, Bloomtngdala, and
Golden Rod.
llsriein Republican Club Lotus 3, Phosnlx 1, and
Mt-tropolltan Association ofCvctlng Clubs Jer
sey City Club W Tourist C. C and Manhattan II. C.
Interstate League buffalo vs. Niagara Falls, at
Annexed District League Alley 1. Knickerbocker
I. K. O. 8. 1. and Grove Hilt: alley 8, Roller, Union,
and Melroe.
llrooklyn Royal Arcanum League D Will Clin
tou, ttdford and Waahingtnn Irving.
Associated C) cling Clubs of Long Island Nassau
TV., south Brooklyn W aud iliooklyn B, C, at
Tra.uor's alios.
United Don Hug Clubs-Section 3-Clvll Service vs.
Blee-'ker. Aurania ts. Ctclone.
Ar Inclon National Echo vs. Oriental.
Sbaughnrti-) s Iteiuecke. The star, and Hurry TJp.
Germaula's Paragon, litus. and Congress.
Tweiit)-lxth Ward Canarste Grove vs. Annex, at
Deger's alle)s.
Amateur Annclatlon F.llxaheth A. C. vs. Bayoane
Rotting AS'iit'latlon. at EILaheth alleys.
suburban A. C. league south Orange field Club
ts. Sunn ilt, ai orange Y, 31. C, A. alters,
lori-.tor s la-ague Klixaiieiti vs. Cranford.
.lerse) Cli I eigue Ixiollitl-i vs. Puritan, at Doo
little alle)s, letiiunta ts, Dooless, at Teutonla al
ios: Lifnji tin ts Neluntcer. at Lafayette alleys.
Class II Hamburg va. Northern Republican Clnb.
nl Haiiiinirg all ', 1 Our 1 lit n vs. Maple, at Our Own
alios, Prsnpcct v, Atalsnta. at Prospect alleys.
New Jerev A6toealloii-llulthai.ker, Valencia.
ni1 Siutiae
Psscx County league Tabs, Prudential A, and
Mlileip- I esc" Columbia Club vs. Monfclalr
Cluti, at Columbia Club alleys.
Ilutvllaic Nnies.
not of the Twenty third Regiment list a clear
loi.t for the averuge prixo of the bcconil Prlgade
liiurn iui I. ;
I In A, It, C, lemi of the IlroiiVl) n Womrn't
Untiling 1 1 ague tournuuieht Is couipiised of nubile
sthool leuelttrs.
t'loaa.canulrr Ktinnln?.
Desplto tint fatt thill tho weather conditions
wero nut very pleasant, the r-ea, View nnd St. '
1'iiul llnrrlila of Miuth llrooklyn held cross. I
idliitrv runs vesterduy nltcrnnun, 'Ihohtartsl
vitro from Millotli slnct and Fourth avenue,
uml suliie tvvuntv.live nnthilslitsls participated!
'I he ln, View Iluirlcrs lined up llfteen men.
vvliti vvtiuselit (tvvii) ut II III! u'clui'L, mid, led by
t'upt Mi'Mahnn, Ihry went iluvtn Fourth ave
nue in hlxlv-iilth strtet, through hUD-llfih
stiett In hithtiriilh aviiiue. In Llglitl-t luhth
-tti-Bl. nnd thru to I)ker a lleiith I'ark Itouiid.
liiglhitpnrk lbe uruck Fnurlh avenue again
tn home. I he illttnin e invered win ahnui rive
milts. I hri nrdrr ut thu finish wits: MoMahon.
Ilret; I'ltrke. utiind; lluniniril. third, und
I oibcs fourth. Ihe rest wore atrung out.
Iivilve, M. I'aul bo)a turiiciliiut. '1 hey were
dlvldoil Into 11 slniv mid fust patk. The slnw
put k, iieailfd by ,lne I helm, mis sent nvvsy nl
.1.1;. fnllijttiil live minute laior by the fit.t
inn k, , iiiiidu up of l 'a pi. .1 ne MrNallv. .1. t'alla
lilt.. 1.(1 llrltu, John llortmi. and AI Kossack.
I ho blow puck started tip Mxileth street ami cut
VAT."' f".;''"1.1' "itnue. Then liiey went tn
l.lghty-Blxtli street, tn r-lxth aveiiue. to Old
fort mad. At this piilnt the fast pUi k, which
had been ruplill) iiverhiiullng theltailers pa-sed
the lAtter. 1 he, rniim home wns along did Fort
riuid 10 hurt Hamilton, kick again lo Onlcera'
rrm.nlutig the row to Fourth avenue, nnd down
fourth .avenue home, a distance of six and a
half miles. 'Iho llrst three men In were: Mc.
Nally at 4:08:!I0: Kossack. 4:00. and Jan es
Callahan. 4:10ta0. Thtlm, who led the .low
pack, tlnlsbed serenth.
cniCAon xriut. aot iiavv a irjf
ortsn son runcuAiiviussiiif '
Cam-seat on the Mtandnrd Hernlrh srnp, . 1
Be Adapted bv the V, H. O. A. Ilt-eim,,
C'omroltlee-llotv the I'lus T in tViirk
a Irish rlehcme to ClaealTy t'lu-ers!
Wherever golfers met yestcrJny there was -lively
discussion over the briery priuitincla.
tnento sent out by Capt. Macdnnald nf the ( hi!
tago Oolf Club voicing that orgatilMtton'i
claim for tha nmatcur and open champ nnthlDt
ol 18U7, ana also of the aniiotiiireiuem n,tt li
U. H.O. A. Intenda to virtually limit ihe Hatiett
In the nraatcor chaniplnnshlp to players n(h
records within six strokes of a fixed par tnrt!al
score based on distances, and lo be arbitrart u
the standard on all links, all ot which tippm-rd
In The Sun on Saturday.
That tho championships of lHOAnnd '00 nsrs
won by Western players, Mncdonald and Whig,
ham, Is admitted to ben reason vvli thotveat
this year might well be taken to I lucago. stit
It Is alto admitted that the Wbraton courts,
with a playing length of G.H'Jl ynrds fortlii
eighteen holes. Is well adapted for the golfln.
feature. The New York golfers, however, art
not sure that these advantages are not off;tt
by the length of the Journey, for. at ltsst fc,tm
year or two, the larger number of entries mar Is)
expected to ball from Eastern clubs. I'ptodatt
the prominence of Chicago In golf Is cl.a m
to be mainly due to players who are graduates
of Scottish links, while the homebred golfer It
mott contnlcaoniln the East. On this aciount
the following paragraph from the Chicago ticlf
Club circular Is not regarded as helpful to ths
claim for recognition:
As to ten golfers In the Cast where there li eat la
Ihe West," thrre are probably ten men ivLa clf (
the East where there Is one In the ft est hut. "Hoiks
association limiting Ihe entrlct to layeri nto
handicap It not more than six strokes from i-rska,
there are certainly not three golfers Iu Ihe Lut titers
there Is one In Chicago, let atone the WeiL
Under the change proposed by the t" t 0. A
Instead of eighty starters, as nt Miintitcoek
IIIIIs, there will probably not be over fifty
entries this year, so that tho amateur ihamnoa.
ship will not be as formidable a function is
manage as It was In 180tl. The course to bs
selected will be settled by the votes of the dtle.
gates from the associated clubs at the toDial
meeting ot the U.S. a. A. In February, U i(
quite possible that the majority may favor Us
Chicago links, but the Issuo will bo an open oat
until the votes are counted.
The resolution bo be adopted by the Kirc3.
tlve Committee of the U. 8. U. A. next week li
Intended to keep all except high (lata platen
away from the starting tee In the amateur
championship. Unless this Is done the learn
expressed that the feature will degenertte Into
a mere Junketing trip, and the skill ol the cool
goliers made futile by the delajs caused by a
crowd of Inferior players, loiiuaiify Inu.,,
flrst sixteen In the medal round at nhmneenck
JUlls It was necessary lo score 180 or better
and. of the eighty starters, thlrtj -six stored 131
or worse, and sixteen -'00 or over, while six
withdrew. Under the new plan it Is thought
that the men will be nearer together at iLe
Bnlsh. The resolution will read;
Clubi belonging to this association shall handles
their memb-rs na the following bans of scrstrci
distance from lee 10 hole under 103 yards, tares
strokes; Island under 330 tarda, four strotei. Sj)
and under IK) yards, nve strokes, tno yard aaa
over, six strokes.
At the annual meeting the exact degree ot
skill a player must show on his home links la
comparison with the above par score will bs
settled, but Secretary Tallmadge bellewt that
those who are not within six strokrs lil he
ruled out of the championship. To fix a psr
score that, formulated on distances alone will
bs an automatio Index to "form" on eiery
links In the United States Is a difficult and deli.
cate task, yet the Executive Committee Lai
weighed the matter with ths almost care, and
It content to abide by the practltal resum.
That there Is every reason to believe thai their
anticipations will probably be realized Is shown
by the following comparisons between the new
scratch and the present scratch ratings at thrre
club, although the U. S. O. A. standard It ocly
based on dlttance. while In fixing the club bogls
scores the lay of the land Is a factor alwait
l! 111 III stl lit Mi IM WI lit
yvt yd yd rot id it Td n n rwi
Club scratch... 034444834 II
C.8.G.A.aera. S34444044 U
wi rti isa 111 tn nt in nt ut
, . . . I'd I'd l"d 1 d Vd 11 Vd Fd Ti TMil
Clnb scratch... 4443S4448 M
L.S.O.A.ecra.4 4 4 8 3 4 4 0 0
WTarunrjTEn couimtT CLtu.
Ill Ut 111 til lit Itt III Ut M
.,. . Kd T. Yd rd rt rd r I'd I'd iwsi
Clnb scratch... 804483464 9!
U. S. O.A.scra. 303333403 tl
There are some, doubtless, who. on the groonl
that the championships abroad are alwa) sorts
to all. will object to any plan of cla-sirlcalioa
aa an Infringement on Individual rights. To
these objectors It may be stated that the scheme
of a standard baed on distance as a ta-it of
handicapping Is well known In Cireal llrltala.
Iieorge Combe, tbe Secretary of the oolaing
Union of Ireland, according to London (.,!'. r.at
perfected a system for the classification of all
E layer affiliated with tho union, so as to simplify
andlcapplng. Ilia scale Is based nn a par score
of eighty at the County Down t lub. ard in
rating the members, he proceeds on tne tandi
cap basis adopted by the Hnjal Dublin 1 lub.
"itinB tbem four strokes all around, and thrn
dividing them Into ten classes, acco-ding to in
number of strokes received, as loilowa
Class 0-Scrateh and t stroke.
Class I 3 4 uroket
Class 3 3 11 - nLtl
c ass a. a 10 ttrutri
Casa. 11 18 1.1 iirun
Class 4 s. a nn tn
Class 8 17 1-, ,i ,ir trt
Clasa 7 7,i g x. ,ir ra
CI sts a sa g 21 urckei
Claa 9 ga gj .-, .', )
While the last three columns represent tae
number of strokes received by the pmier ta
medal competitions the figures repreenm g tho
classes show tbe number of strokrs audited In
nine-bole match Play, tbe centre column In
each class being taken as the guiding prlnclrle
of the odds. In eighteen. hole match pia tte
players get iwo-thlnls of the dlfTerc ce be ren
strokes received fur medal round The-viira
Is to be generitlly adopted b the duos in it
Irish union. A similar cliMAcatl"li might bs
made In this coumry on the ba-lsol the a ut
menu from Ihe L'. r. . A. scratch standard.
New pout. Jan. :M. The new course of the
Newport Un f Club was laid nut b) A M. I'rau
of the Greens Committee la-t week, and ai
soon as spring opens It will bo constructed 1r.s
club has leased more land from the .Si p.irt
Country Club, and whun the additional it it
arecnnttrucled the course of the Newpn-t imb
will be of full eighteen holes. 1 1 ,, new courts
will probably be opened In June it ith 11 nitnh
between W.F.Davis, the professional of ti.e
Newport ( lub. and Willie I'ntk II Is r ihs
Intention of the Green l nmmlltee to c nr.-e
the direction of any of the links In use ,a" -ra.
son or to alter the local Ion of an) of the old
f Teens. It was mainl) through the etT rt ,f
'resident T. A. Ilavenioer thai II vt.t- nn '!
to lay out n full course nf eighteen I e- lire
One of I He earliest matches tn be plajtd 1 1 l-ej
between l?ama of the Miopia iluu. t .jh of
Iloslon aud the N'uwport l lub.
At the Richmond Hill l.olf Club be tar tier'
resslouala John lliung and Vat l.iwl w ai 1 s
second naif of their mo-greeus u,ai 1 i,ti b '" I
having a lead ot one l,o e Mill elghleru 1.1 I s ed.
AtlASenuoil ihe golfers are inert iig n in ana
cup matches, and aet rnary VV A II t 1 a f ts
Oei-an t'ountv Hum and t olllltrt I lilt all" -tissl
Iheentr es for the tour nana nl at thai 101 rei u lee
19 13 iloteoterillglit
The hnhkertH) kl r V. C bal hail a sis ' c""
laldoutat thei nllilubla Ovni, vvi Uiu ti r I.e I
I" A . tux the profrasiimai is '1 1 v ."il sa 1
elghfenhile course at Ainper.aini. u Hi- a 'irou
dscks. In the spring, , ...
Tne uev. links of Ihe MuihlncA I are r, a.ly f
riinmas lvndeinw Is to lay out aconite fir anew
clnli in Hullienorit N J.
1 ourley Dunn, an, "hi r nephew of He . 1 1 '"VJz
iilini of lain, vv 11 ie Duiin. larniiiiiu ' '' ciuwf
In Ihe spring, aud Isa player nt some 1 n
Aanloet 1'nol MellliiK In tulntma.
MoNTdoMKliv, Jnn. t?4. -The "slu'e -mate last
I evening unanimously passed u Ml' pr, ' ib tint
! the selling of pools on races, win-her r in In or
, nut of the Mate. Tint pool men l"i a 'oh by
here, bin could not Inlliiemo the tneni' era j
greul tnasa meeting uf the rhur, lit e " -nU'-'l
liasred lesnluiliint ttinileninlng mi e I 1 g "J11
It Is atknuivledued that the lul' .vi I 1 1" "
House to-morrow by n sale mnj ir i) ltwul
knock mil tho nsioclnllun tracks at U runi,iC
ham aud this city.
Motm-aiB, Jan. 84 - Manng.rs J A Tilth! 1 snt
Jaik Harty, representing the hoi ke) pan. of ti.e
Mnniclatr A. C. and Cueeu s Lnltirsityu hmgsi a,
(ausda, have male arrangi inenis for a mat 1 aitn;
(.Itnnout Aveuii itink llro.ikDn on 11 'nisr
evening I lilt will l,e ti,0 ,, ond il in np'.'n" J
of tlicalrongl auaillan leulil, ivinmr f Hit "'"
lloi-k y Astoclallou tbamp otiihlp for tin pail t
H 1
l)omiu'6 i!5ooil5.
4000 BICYCLES $5 UP. " M n
300 second niind, all ma.is, i,reui Inr alns t" "fi
largest sto k hew eye es In ill), nil luakis I ilH
defy (Olliiellllnni old ithu Is trailed
Herald ycle Co., Ill Nu.tau it noarAnn
The equal or unyf loo t-ycies, aui.Ms vv AMrP
. I'wrk Bswr ltleycle fit., 31 Para How
UN CLU1I SKATES, 3aa pain skatrs ground, 1)
i 1897 Crawford bicycles, 333 lo So'J
fiUaUMT UoLKAH CO, 9ii9 Ureadsrafi
latavavasBBtaiBaaaM i ft 'L'",, ' ' ,aatata1

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