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m reporter nonoTiPs hxpersenos
B j.v rv; jm rior gamp.
Wm Ills (stormy Interview with the laearcent Cant-
mnndor lie Was Caart-iMartJaled, A
fl quilted, una UtM la Writ It Ba Tha Talk
I I That II U4 with sresslaat MeKlaler.
, Ma nil ID, Fob. 23. Kl Liberal published yea-
I te rd y " long telegram from BeDor Morote, 1U
wnr correspondent in Cuba, giving an account
of hl experience while a prisoner In the. hands
of the Insurgents. Tho public- hero Is not In
t lined to bcllovo nil that Morote says, or, rnthcr,
hII that Kl Liberal attributes to him. Kvcry
loir tu Madrid knows that this nowspapor, al
though republican, has of lata been In closo
touch with l'rcinlir Canovas In everything ro
k curding tho Cuban question. The Hpanlsh
l'rciiiler has hail no supporter warmor Uian Kl
I l.ibtmltot his schcaio of reforms. The proposed
reforms having so far failed to Induce tho Cuban
Insurgents to enter Into negotiations for peace,
tho )llcy of tho Cablnot and Its orgnns'now Is to
say that ull Cubans of high social standing
would willingly ncccpt tho projected reforms,
but nri prevented from doing so by Ucn. Maximo
(lomcz, nhure will Is supremo among tho Insur
gents. Moroto's despatch was, accordingly,
I worded with the greatest caro, so that It might
i onvejr n favorable Impression upon the pcopto
Iiitc. Hut tho Spanish aro becoming lncred
i,lnu. They ennnot understand how, If Maximo
(louicx Is I ho autocrat depleted by Moroto, tho
1 latter could so easily cscnpo doath, despite the
alleged manifest deslro of Gomes that this pun
I Ishniciit should bo Infllctod upon htm. Nclthor
I tan any one here bo made to bellovo that men of
talent and promlncnoc, such as Moroto says ho
saw It) the Insurgent ranks, and whoso names ho
gives, thould submit to tho despotic will of n
" foreign adventurer " when nothing prevents
them from desortlng him.
Another thing which Is rather obscure in
Moroto's story Is the reason which Induced him
to ro to the Cuban camp. Did he go merely ns a
sewstmpcr correspondent who wlshod to soo
things for himself and break the monotony of
flen. Wejlcr's olllclal reports! Was ho an
egent of tho Spanish authorities In Cuba,
charged with tho mission of Investigating tho
actual feeling of the Insurgents with regard to
the reform t Would Marcos Qarcta, tho famous
Miyorof S.inctl Splrltus, havo dared to provldo
hlui with letters for l'resldont Clsneros and
other Cuban ofltclals had ho not been duly au
thorized to do so I How was It that Marcos
(Inrcla was not court-martialed I Everybody
knows that, not for writing to Insurgents, but
(Imply for receiving letters from them, many a
person hai been deported to tho Spanish penal
settlements In Africa.
Acionllng to tho despatch Tdoroto was for a
week a prisoner of tho Insurgents, court
tnnrtlaled nnd acquitted. On Feb. 10 he left
tfsnctl tfplrltus with a pass Issued by the Span
ish Ocnrral Luquo, authorising him to visit
forts 1'lco Tucrto and Alonso Sanchez. Three
miles from tho city limits his guide told him,
" hook out now. Wo uro already In Cuba Libre."
Scarcely had ho uttered the words when an In-
surgent furco appeared and seized Morote. This
I happened near the bouso of tho guide. El
riiuchl. The ofllccr in command of tho Insur
gents allowed him to remain there over night,
pending the arrival of his chief. There was
ij r.othlng to eat. Tho house was a miserable hut.
t I 1 ho guide's family consisted of his wife, who
una out In tho yard preparing some coffee, and
llithltdmi, ono crippled and Idiotic, all naked
I nit aiming about with several hogs. Moroto
lotted I ho night as bent he could In u hammock.
Kxrly in the morning ten more Insurgents ar-
tiTedul tho house. Later a few paclfiros camo
I nil warned them that Spanish troops were ap-
touching, hearing w htch thoy all hurriedly left
' I lie place. Moroto thought then of making his
' crape, but the sudden return of the insurgents
' presented him. lie was soon after taken to the
' lamp ot Manaquila, which was occupied by
' JhMcndo Osrclas band. Here Morote says:
' " 1 sent wurd to Marco Onrcia, Mayor ot
(una I rpirltu. Informing him of what occurred.
I or the purpose of procuring my liberty and also
' ol providing mo with the means of Investigating
t thoclfcctof reforms upon the Insurgents, Mnr-
. i ui llsrcla sent me letters addressed to I'resl-
i i mt Clsnerrx. to Severe linn. Minister of
flt i Hnnner. to llrlgadicr JosA Miguel Domez, nnd
, . r I" other luijiortant men In the would-be Cuban
'Mn these letters Marcos Oarcia said: 'Tho
object of Ibo reforms Is to reach an understand
ing which may savo tho moral and the material
Interests of the country. You will never obtain
ltivlleges for Cuba by force of arms.' A sug
t.itt Ion was nisdo In the letters that I would
willingly speak to Maximo Uomez.
"Tho letters having been sent to their destl
pillon, tho tlrst reply I received was from tho
Minister of Klnnnce, rlorero Una, who sold that
I ho only aspiration of the Cubans was to see
their island free; that I would be taken before
Msxlmn Gomez: and. Anally, that a safe conduct
would ho given to me upon my return.
"It took two da)s to do nil this. While in
It'clrcamu the Insurgents requested mn to road
i to them the opinions ot Castelar, Pi y Margn.ll,
' Mnrct, Comas, Valero, and others upon dlplo-
initio action In Cuba, as published ln an extra
l.uoot El Liberal, of which I had a copy. They
i. II praised Castelar's declarations opposing
American intervention, and thoso of Ply Mar
la ' Mil urging tho Oovemment to establish Cana
dian home rulo In Cuba. (Extracts from these
I articles printed In Tux Hux about a month ago.)
" In conversation with mo the Cuban oftlcers
,l privately said they wero willing to accept
a. autonomy as tho basis of a compromise
I- " Meals at tho camp consisted of roast meat,
- when It could be had, and sweet potatoes, with
f . out bread or wine. When I was taken nrlsonor
I tore up (len. Luaue's safo conduct. This pre
caution saved my life.
,,"Wn Feb. 12 ' started with an escort toward
Maximo Uotucz's camp, on the cattle farm Bar-
rnnconrs, where wo arrived on the afternoon of
tho next day, The Cuban GcneraltsMmo wore a
dark blue uniform, cap, nnd riding boots. Ills
Insignia consisted of three stars on tho collar of
bis tost. He looks very old, but strong. He has
a whlto mustache and leard. His nickname of
Chlno Vlejo well becomes him, for he certainly
bus all the appearance of an old decrepit Chi-
P"1"-, '" temper Is terrible, brutal. On enter
ing his tent I bowed to him familiarly. This
4 dialogue followed:
r, " ' Who aro you V
a 'An enemy. I am a 8panlsh newspaperman.'
'l ; Are you coming to save the country I'
vJb8 liberties which Spain bos conceded to
Cuba may savo the Island from ruin.'
M let me notify you that you aro n prisoner
of war. You will suffer tho consequences of
I, having fraudulently penetrated Into tho Cuban
I ; 'I m at your orders.'
Hsylng this I was going to withdraw, when,
I facing rae, Maximo Gomez said:
'If i . olgn a declaration recognising tho Indopen-
d'.l.',tf.0' Cuba: otherw Isa you will be shot.'
ou may shoot mo.' Here Maximo Gomez's
wrath burst forth. After offering mo all sorts of
'mults and affronts he ordered tho chief of his
). iscort. tho so-called Lleut.-Col. HernaM Itoza,
D. I" "Old ma as a prisoner, incomunlcaito, with
8. Mntrles to watch mn. I was then subjected ton,
scrupulous acarih. All my personal effects wero
ill ft"?1, '"'lulling tho copy of El Liberal and
,Z I'tter from Sevoro Plna authorizing mo to
Z f0"" to Omuez's camp. Pinn, with tho other
S.wut,"r1 of "10 insurgent Government, had
wno Uik to CumagUey, and so I could not havo
' protection.
"" . ' louipllnnco with tho orders of tho Goner-
wmimo, nolxxly add reused n word to me, I was
ib, 1 i, rw .' co"ldriil its sentenced to death. Homo
" A JJjVJ'JjJ""'' with curiosity, others seemed to
J Wp ,,','. '"il'l liefore, my precaution In tearing
1 "pu-Luruo's iHisssiirwl mo from deatli, for
t I r "' '""in e inula now bo found that I hadcomo
I ih. i """)' from th Government to propose to
I rtforniV,rKt"U "' ncccPtun(:o ot tho I'rojcctcd
I n,.?,jr, ".rBl depoiltlon was taken nt 8 o'clock
i I rJ1,."1"1''. Outiiy waytotho tcntof llrigadler
I im'"k" -,cdcz Cnpota I passed by tho entire
I !?f r!"'n.t ''... Iho band played tho 'Mar-
' 1 iili,,M''i Vr' Slender Cdpoto. who was n
- 1 ",,j,,'lI1.fl' Inlversllyof Havnna,recolvod
tf I ?i., !l,""lllon.11Vhlch took until midnight to
In I w't,i:'l'",,,",llrdtiittnv sheets of paper. I told
5 I h h.Vi'.i l.""1'1 UM ' nn '" from
ill M )n,;i"ilMiGicrniuent, nnd had come merely
rr m iiUJS. ,V"r;M," ' Itncsslng scenes of tho war
nis '!;ohJt the ftnurgt'tits.
iAf,1t'r"'0l'eJ'oltlonI went to sleop. Early
I L !!, ii,."orVinK w"wukotiod by tho buglera
I "'1'1 ' ' roMlllo. Tho ramp win then
' I ft,?., ':il0'lll0''iTIirt of tho estate. I could seo
i. H ,J,'Vl.'i',lnl"iirgenl forces theroronBlstod of
J imi l"i''"LH' "len n" cavulry, four uinnon,
I un;l!rpKlo thrower. The horsos wero good
i- 9 well ,!'' ","" ",?r?Bl we dressed and fairly
ind 1 ?. "', "'Ji'lpl'"!. Al tho artlulcs they wore, such
ih,. , ,l?:i.,r"lw,M-,',H cartrldgo cases, as well as
"' I tlill,',,r,r',''.BtheinsoIves,caiiiofroHilho liisur
atX U u,m7."I',,,",(""'"'Jcy. Homo negro soldlors
(ur,ltl",'1""lU',","i,, Iilc'I'llno is rigidly en-
'".'.SS'l HiroiiKh hlood and llro.
- W v,.,i'!,u T!1 "' "'ternoon of Sunday, Fob. 14.
M nl .1', lo,"i':S "jrlvotl ut tho new camp, und I
.! tfMl ".".".""j'llfiieil before a council of war. made up
W l',.i .i.i'',"l!'J' c'Miole, President, and IlrlgndlorH
si ..'(""'''"liMAgrauioiito, and Llouu-Col. Ca-
' ,i V Vl'Mrr .Vnii'ond'is ncted ns socrotary.
lu 7, '.M", KretfB ,l0 'Androde, a fonuir
& M ,,ihllr",u.f h Court of Appeals of llavun.
,r' I llr1,.,r"',ri,0J,,i,5C0,,ncll" Th0 Prosecutor was
"'' M I X1 '''t? A,CI"'i. """I Col.Alberdl wasmy
" I in. t! 1'"' """'on wns held under a. selbi
i,, . pwnilor Aleman charged mo with bc
V I ,.m '' " V10"''! vlco ol tho Hpanlsh Govern
M . . liinileelniiiatorv st)le ho spokn of tho
3 the .V'tt1'" ( V "".' 'ieo;,u '""' of no causes of
.aV I , siJnr: Uo ,','M '' ho regretted to Imvo to
X Mk ibetounill to sentence me todoatb, but that
sssssssMJSaitlrlJi 'SjrlrWtiV -kv -r :y . .-?
- f IT
theWoodofMaxteioaoaest'iicm csdlod for re-
"Col. Alberdl.my counsel, proved that t was
not a spy, since I hod coma to their oamn with a
permit from their Minister of Finance 7hen he
finished speaking, I said s few words In my be
half, and could seo that with the exception of
tho negroes overybody was in favor of my ac
quittal. " Tho council reserved its decision nntll tho
next day. During tho night I was visited by
Abron, Agramonto, Alberdl, Caneda, Duque,
Negro, Alvarez, nnd Otarra of tho sanitary
corps! Capoto, Freyre. and Vllluendos of tho
juridical corps; Guerrln, FerminValdos.Gutlor-
fez, Primolles, Iatnrre, Mendoza, Hanches Mo
Ina.Tabel.MiguelVarona.Keguora.MacIa.Pinnr, Torrlente and Gomez del ulmo. Nonoof theso
darod say anything against Independence, for
fear of Maximo Gomez, whd proclaims it under
penalty of death; but all said that it reforms
had been given lnduotlino war might possibly
havo bcon averted. Allsnokoof Spain with en
thusiasm, for hatred Is felt by Maximo Gomez
alone. Martinez Campos was greatly pralsod
by them and pointed out aa tho only man who
can savo Cuba. All tho young men In the band
belong to aristocratic families of Havana.
"At ila break on Feb. 1C tho council's son
tenco was announced to me by Freyro. I was
acquitted. All congratulated and embraced me.
saying that thoy would never cause an abyss ot
hatred to ho opened betweon Spain and Cuba.
"When I was about to depart tho American,
Col, Gordon, came to mo, and, pointing to his
rifle, said:
"' with this I wounded tho chivalrous Gen.
Echagtle at tho Ilubl Hills.'
' Finally nn escort led me to Sonctl Sptrltus,
whero I arrived after a march ot fourteen hours,
during which I could not get anything to cat."
Honor Moroto. tho Spanish Journalist w ho told
tho atiovo story of his cxnerionce. Is now on his
way from this port to Havre. While In New
l ork ho refused to say anything for publication ;
but he spoko freely upon Cuban nffnlrs to n gen
tleman with whom he had a long conversation
In Washington. Moroto said then that in his
opinion reforms would not In tho least affect the
course of the war, as the insurgents, without
distinction, were tnoro determined than ever to
continue lighting for Independence, which Is
quite different from tho opinions he appears to
havo cabled from Havsua to Kl Liberal. As our
Madrid correspondent suggests, Kl Liberal'
version of what Moroto said may havo boen
written expressly to please Premier Canovas.
It Is learned that while In Washington Softdr
Moroto saw Presldont MoKlnley, but could not
elicit from him odoflnlto answer to any of his
Sucstlons. Ho also wished to seo Secretary of
late Sherman, but Seflor Dunuy do Lome dis
suaded him from doing so, saying:
" You will lose your time. You will hear from
that hog nothing but absurd things about
Uupuy do Lomo showed Moroto a despatch
from Gen. Wcyler asking for n quantity of kero
sene nnd remarked; "This must surely bo to
aid his torch's work.
Morote is quoted by his Washington friend as
having summed H the situation for tho Spanish
In Cuba In these words: " Nobody is willing to
light, and all steal who hao an opportunity to
do so."
ricTonir.s for the patriots.
ilea. Carctm Capture m Vmne Supply or Amu
aad Ammanllton.
Havana, March 10, via Tampa, March 11.
Ileports aro received from Manzanlllo about an
other serious engagement near tho Cauto HIver
in which Gen. Garcia captured from the Span
lards a large supply of arms and ammunition
and mado 100 Spanish soldiers prisoners.
Tho situation In the province of Santiago de
Cuba continues to bo favorable for the Insur
gents, and the Spanish columns have practically
abandonod active operations In the Meld. They
escort only tho convoys with provisions from
ono fortified town to another, carefully avoiding
any tight with the Cubans. Col. Vara del Roy
has reported to Gen. Wcyler that It Is Impossi
ble for the Spanish to movo In the province In
columns less than 4,000 men strong.
The Spanish guerrilla of Guannbano, Matan
zas province, has been defeated there by the In
surgent forces commanded by Gen. Dctancourt.
Tho engagement was very hot and lasted four
hours. The Spanish had tlfty-slx killed and the
Cubans thirty-seven.
Tho estate Carmen, nt Sabanllla, has been at
tacked again by tho Cubans, who ransacked tho
stores and dispersed tho garrison.
Gov. Porset of Matanzas has sent eighty mora
prisoners to Havana. They are accused ot being
viantoot. Two hundred prisoners havo boenpro
vlously reported as forwarded to Havana. They
will he sent to the Island of Fernando Po.
Senor Ln IUrrern, Chief of Police at Havana,
will embark for Spain soon. Senor Porrua, Civil
Governor of the provlnia of Havana, will also
go to Spain. Ilntli functionaries are said to be
In serious disagreement with Gen. Werler.
Fonsdevlellu is committing new ntrocitiosat
Guanubacoa. Soven prisoners yesterday wero
taken out of the Jail and murdered half a mile
outside the town. Fonsdevlella boasts of his
crimes, and says that the more he Is attacked by
the Cubans the more of them he will kill In order
to provo that ho has the conlldenco of his Government.
The Tragical Arralr mill OcetaplM tiea. !'
Havana, March 11, via Key West, Fla., March
11. The Itulz Incident is still occupying tho at
tention of Consul-Oeneral Lee. As already re
ported, Spain has ordered a new Investigation ot
the facts which led to Hull's death. Hut Con-ul-Oenerol
Lee Is quoted us saying that ha does
not clearly see how tho Investigation can be
properly carried out, or how an Impartial trial
can be held, since no witnesses will testify
against Major Fondovlolo or the warden ot tho
Personal friends of Gen. Len affirm thnt as
soon as ho shall have settled all thn pending
mnttors he has on hand and got them In proper
tbapa be will resign and return to the United
Ills Mather Will rile m Claim nr Damages
Agalasl Mpaln.
Kkt West, Fla., March 11. The mother ot
Charles Govln, the American citizen who was
murdered a few months ago by the Spaniards ln
Cuba, will file a claim against tho Spanish Gov
ernment, boforo tho Department ot Htato at
Washington, asking an Indemnity for tho llfo of
her son,
Tho case of Govln Is clear, because notwith
standing the official denial by tho Marquis ot
Ahumadu that he was murdered, tho nvidenco
collected by Consul Genoral Lee upon which was
hasedOon. Leo's own oplnlou expressed loth
Bccrotary of State Mr. Olney, proves that Govln
was u victim of the burbarlty of tbo Spanish
More Troops for the Pnlllpplaf it.
MAlinin, March 11. It has been decided by
tbeOovernraent tosend lS.OOOnddltlonal troops
to tho Philippines.
It Is reported that Gen. Prlmo do Rivera, Cap-taln-Gonoral
of Madrid, will bo appointed to
succeed Gen. Polavleja as Governor of the Philip
pine Islands, and thnt Gen. Ramon Ulanco, for
merly Governor ot tho Philippines, will be ap
pointed Captain (lenornl of Madrid.
aaramtug l'p for the I'roaeciitloa The Casa
Ultra to the Jury.
Aunun, N. Y March ll.-Mr. Wright to
day concluded tho summing up for tho prosecu
tion In the Sheldon murder caso. He said that
when Sheldon was driven forth by bis mistress
on tho night before the murder ho wanted
money, and wanted It badly.
He know that ho could not get It except on a
mortgage, nnd that his wlfo would not sign It
unloss sbo know for what purpoio ho wanted tho
money, Thoro was only ono alternative, nnd
that was to removo his wife from his path.
That's what prompted him to commit murder.
Mr. Wright then took up the chain of evldcnco
nnd reviewed It link by link, and In closing ho
urged the Jury to do Its duty conscientiously
and In the fear of God; to seo to It thut no dis
agreement occurred, and ho was certain they
would tlnd tho defendant guilty as charged In
The charge to tho Jury occupied nearly threo
hours. It was then AiUU o'clock, and Mr. Drum
tiiond wishing to mako a tow exceptions to the
charge, a recess wus ordered until 7:30 o'clock.
Upon reassembling those exceptions wero noted
nnd tho Jury rutirnd to dellberato upon tholr
verdict. At midnight tho Jury was still out.
A Sl,000 riiio fur Ihe Iloehnway Ileaeh flail
Justice Dickey of tho Supremo Court In Rrook
lyn yesterday lined tho lirooklyn and Hocknwuy
Ileoch Railroad Company 91,000 for tho viola
tion of nn order obtained by Garrett 8. Ilrnlntod,
enjoining tho company from casting refuse In
the water near Hruisted's hotel at Cauarslo.
Termer Watchman Jarka, Out or Work, UIIU
Georgo Jocks, 40 years old, of 081 Stclnwny
avenue, Long Island City, shot himself nt 11:30
last night, and died nn hour later. Ho had boon
uut of work sliico his wlfo's death In last Decern
bur. Ho was formerly a watchman.
'iitj ,7' ' -..'..r. Vn-'w ' '--y ,.?jl . L . .
ran greater xjsrr tork.
Urn Boaaaary Uat la Qaeeas Coanty Hoocrlbed
a Hkiniag.
To Tnic Editor or Tits Sun Sir: This Is tho
official geographical designation to be found In
tho first section of tho Greater New York bill,
which became A law by the signature ot Gov.
Levi P. Morton on May 11, 14001
"Allth municipal corporations, and part of mu
nicipal corporations other than countlea, within the
following ttrrllory, to wit t The county of Kings, tho
county of Hlchmond, tbe city of Long Iiland City, ths
towns of Newtown, Flushing and Jamaica, and that
part ot ths town of Hempstead, In the county ot
Qusena, whlob ta wratorly ot a atralght line drawn
from the southeasterly point ot the town of Flushing
tbroufh the middle of the channel between Ilockawny
Beach snd Shelter lilsndln the couuty of (juecna, to
the Atlautlo Ocean."
Tbo throo most populous nnd important divi
sions of tho future Greater New York, New York
city, lirooklyn, and Statcu Island, havo tho samo
official boundaries as the counties of New York,
Kings, and Richmond, but tho irregularity of
tho divisional lines ln Queens county has given
rlso to somo misunderstanding and controversy
and without prejudice to the realization of tho
glorious project of n Greater New York may bo
described as an amusing blunder.
In tho llxltig ut geographical boundaries It Is
customary among surveyors and civil engineers
to draw linos of demarcation from given points
which arc stationary, and linos thus drawn aro
dotlnlto nnd permanent. Tho south lino of tho
eastern boundary ot tbo Greater New York, how
ever, Is "tho mlddlo of the channol between
Rockaway Reach and Shelter Island." Thoro Is
ancient authority for declaring that tho sands of
tho sea aro constantly shifting, und any Now
l ork pilot who would abandon for such occasion
tho taciturnity of bis craft could toll any Now
Y ork legislature that tho channels lit and about
Now York Ray and on long Island aro con
stantly changing. Vory recently thoro has lon
such a change south of tbo lino of Sandy Hook,
und It appears that since tho adoption of tho
ratification of tho Greutor Now York proposition
by a majority or tho voters to be nffocted by It,
at tho election ut 18114, tho mlddlo of tho channel
between Rockawu) Reach and Shelter Island is
nut where It was at that tlmo. In other words,
tho sad sen waves have shown no respect for tho
nets ot the Albany legislature, tbo members of
which adopted as tho southwesterly boundary of
tho Greater New York a movable point.
If tho Una draw u on so much of Queens county
as Is on tho mainland north of tho Rockanay
Rench Inlet remained permanent, the variance
ot tbo southern boundary point would mako per
haiui but llttlo (inference; but us tho " middle ot
the channel" shifts, tbo straight lino drawn
from tho southeasterly point ot tbo town
of flushing varies, too, M that tho pe
culiar and paradoxical result follows that
thoso persons resident ulong tho eastern
border lino of tbo Uuccns county town
ship are alternately in and out ut tho future
(Ircutur New York according as tho middle oint
of tho channel between Rockaway Reach und
Shelter Island changes. In fact, if this
geographical designation Is permitted to
stand, or moro properly, perhaps, permitted
to shift, tho eastern boundary of tho future
Greater New York will bn a lino subject to tbe
changes of tho occin currents, and It will bo Im
practicable to determine with exactness where
tho Greater Now York onds and where the port
of Uuccns county not Included ln It begins.
This will bo a deplorablo oversight, moro es-
Iieclally for such patriotic citizens of tho present
lureus county as might ono day bo In tbo full
fellovt shin of their brethren of the Greater New
i ork, and tho next day find themselves oxcluded
from official usoclatlou with thoso who hiul
Men their follow-cltlzcns a day or two before.
The matter is ono whtrb seems certainly to call
for tho early attention of tho Albany Legisla
ture, and which offers the surveyors and civil
pnglnoers an opportunity they do not always
have to distinguish themselves, and. Inciden
tally, to honor their constituents.
Nkw Yohk, March 11. Hahlem.
Ileltaements ofModrrn Ittevntor Nerilce.
To tiik EuiTOit ok Tiik Sf." Sir: In n tall
down-town building tho other day I saw by tbe
side of tbe clovutor shaft a notice that read tu
this effect: "To stop tho elevator, push tho
button. The car will not stop unless thus sig
nalled. Tho object ot this rulo Is to Insure
quick transit for tenauts of tho building."
There wero two buttons one marked up, tho
other down, and the usual Indicator showing
thn location of the elevator nnd the direc
tion In which It was travelling. Tbo
buttons to signal tho elevator aro not new,
but tbo nolico that tho car would not
stop unless signalled in this manner wus new
to me, and It seemed very- senalhlp. Many u
tlmo a man stopping an olovatnr by catling mis
calculates the speed at whkh It Is moving, uml
tho car gets past before tho elevator man can
stop It, He must go back a few inches or may
be a foot. It must mako a delay of two or three
second. With a dozen men In a car tbo lots of
tlmo In tho aggregate might t half a minute to
a minute. Stopping on signal ntily. the peraon
waiting Is likely to press thn button early; bu
doesn't havo to wait until tho car is where his
volcoran bo heard; and the elevator man has
ample notice, andean stop nnd get nway again
without drluy. HiuXai.
A .Vtldalfbt Kmrraeary Hall Company.
To Tin Knrrou or Tin Hex .Vfr.- The recent
wnoleaala tmmporutWn of Kstt market vitlt.
ora to tho station houte hat ted mo to con.
cluda that If tueh official course la Irzal tbe av.
eraxa citizen will hare to arrante noma meant to
pruteoi hlmtclf from ths discomfort that follows
unexpected arrett.
At flrtt It occurred to me to organise a aeeret
fraternity tu which to admit some of our guar.
d!aa, maintain an elaborate aystcm of pats.
worda and signs to I used In such emergencies,
but the plan ha, Ita ahoricotulncs.
Ticketing rlseas under police survellUncn hat
boan practised, tozither with obtaining tlpi front
rtaquartert, hut with varying degrees nf sue
ces. and cannot bo unreservedly reiointnenued.
X would susesl the organisation nf a tall bom!
company wltn a capital or about hair a million.
Tbe business of thte company would consist In
providing ball bond for peopla who do nut habitu
ally retire lo and at their homes At, say, tu r, it.
Ihesa bonds could xary In amouut. In elogani
Cuoaterfleld uf the retail dry kooda house would
rrqulro one ot IIUO ai an annual premium of S3,
wnlle the tosnger of a fashionable hotel for the
same percentaga must proeuro one for 1 1 u. 000.
Tho bonds or curtltlcates might conMla a photo,
graph and Idsntllleatlou, r.ih ths usual pnapnn
accuracy. The comuany might mae special rale
for famlllea and clubt.;bul tu no case should the
bonds Iw tranaterrdble.
Now. the sjstem will work In this wlset huppot
ths police determlnn to rail a noli-l. 1 hers Kill be
no necessity of a string of police charlnta and a
cordon nf cops, bimply ctoao the doors tn the sev.
era! dining roorai. ud. under Ihe superrlunn ot
a Central Uffleo detective, the teterat cathlcrs
might cotleet the emergency ball bonds, arter
whtih the people might be allowed lo depart aud
thn place closed.
Tns next day all under airrat could appear at Ihs
polios court, be discharged as they aro to-day. and
the oonde cancelled, the force la not dlsnritaiilii-d,
beats lore without police, nor the criminals whu
maXo up society Incouvenlenced, and ths and of
justice are conserved, II. r.
Tbe Flremeii'o llrnevolrnt Aaaoelatlou.
TotiikKditor or Tiik Hen Afr; l't-rmlt me to com
mend Tux Si's for Its publication uf the Insult offered
to tbo l'lre Hoard by tho Firemen's Mutual llenevolvnt
Aasoclatlnn, aud to aay that the MRuelatlou Is not ro
aiMiuslblo for this Insult, but only a few trailers In thn
organisation, who, unfnrtiMiatrly, seem tu be better
agitator than flremen. I wus a member of the ansa
clutloa before 1 became an ofneor. Unas all right as
a licnovolrnt organlsatlou, and 1 am sure nn had tho
approval of Tux Kl'x,
Thn prrseut condition of affairs in tho OKaoctatliiii,
as ahown by the proposed amendmoiit to thn Comtl
tutlon to expol any member fur speaking lo a Com
mliiloncr about affairs In tho aAtuelatloii, disgusts tho
older men uf tho service. The lender n III bring ntiout
the destruction nf tho association unleaa they atop
such conduct, aud In twhatf of the ufflcvra nnd ineiu
tcra nf tho department 1 appeal to Tiik Ms tu point
out to tho firemen tho bad effect nf having a secret
nrttanUatlon aud uf lUtoiitng to ugltatnrs.
I.lttle wonder Is It that Chief llonnor will have
nothing to do with them. On scores uf occasions they
have iiaased over his head with their complaints, and
I have heard the leaders liuast nf tin foci that they
onncd iinememlM-r uf tho tmard. This la Indeed do
murallzlng to such a service iu nura.
AcTiHd Cinxr or Hattai.ios.
Kkw Voiik, March 10.
Illaeltnnll'a Island.
To tiik F.urroH or Tim Mix Sir: In the very In
tercttlng pamphlet of ntty years ago ou the wealthy
men of.' New York ell), printed In Iiik hex last
Huudojr, I miles the following Hem ubotit my
great grandfather, William Drayton, niaeawcll.
Black aril, Pra) Inn guii,liim
A brother of Wluow Unwell and ton or Mr. ilia, k
well. who established the tlrst fouu try Iu tliuclt),
whlcli wus at tho comer ut I'aual street ami liro.i.l.
way, and a atoro ot Cuentle slip, and was sue.
eeeded by one nf his sous, who It now deceased.
lie made a fortune uud bouithl UlaekweU't Island,
and thence Ita name. Drayton studied law under
Mayor Madeline, but has never practised,
I would like to make a few corrections to the
above statements.
The father of Wllllarn Drayton Illackwell nevr
made a fortune. Its Inherited most of his money
from bl fathert the balance of his fortune he ac
quired by hia marriage witu Uaiy, duugnter uf
Nathaniel Hazard.
He did not purcnase Ulaekwell's Iilani1, n"r was
II named utter him.
Iu 1070 my Kreutgreat-great. great-great grand
father, Hobert lllucxwell, married Mary Vanning.
Capt. John Manulug (the father of llury) onned
tue Island, widen was men known as Manning's
Iiland. Upon his death tne Island was Inherited
by hts dauhter, and tho nauis was changed to
HliioKwell's, 11. t UAUakLL.
likurtitp, March 11,
, ,
The zfem Werk, "MeMMar," try Bl and Bre
tt eau m Disappointment la Paris.
"Messldor," tho much-discussed and adver
tised opera by Emllo Kola and Alfred Rruneau,
lias Anally been produced at tho Grand Opera ln
Paris. It Is said to havo been a complete fail
ure, nnd various explanations ot this unex
pected result havo been mod. The libretto,
which Zola wrote, Is sold to have been citrcmoly
poor, and certain features of tho production of
the opera tended to damogo its chances of suc
cess. Tho ballet question always comes up
when a now work is dono at tho Optra, and
with tho newer works It becomes dally moro
and mora difficult. Even when the difficul
ty has been satlfactorlly settled another
trouble on this samo point Is almost certain to
arise. Tho ballot master has tho ordinary and
conventional ballet in sptto nf clforts to units It
to tho story ut tho opera. This question is said
to havo coiiio tip notably nt tho l'nrls pro
duction of "Tannhuuscr" when tho ballet mas
ter tried to mako tho ballot of tho first act tho
samo sort of danco as tho ballets In tho other
operas. MM. Ilruncnti and Zola arc said to lmvo
struggled against tho Introduction of a bullet
Into their work. When it was found to bo Inevi
table, tbo ballot was Intended to represent
tho strtigglo between consclenco und tho de
sire fur gold. This foaturo of tho pro
grumino turnod out to bo merely a trivial
ballet In place of tho pantomlmo which tho au
thors bud Intended. Muslu and significance
wero both said to hove been lott In tho ballet
master's conventional treatment of this episode.
The Intermezzo to tho third act of tbo opera wns
placed nt tha beginning, and this clrcumstanco
bad tho effect of destroying tho particular sig
nificance of that part of tho score. It proved
impossible to uso it as ballet music under tbo
treatment that tho ballet master gavo It, and
only nt tho lust rehearsal was tho chango in tho
form of the opera inado.
Most of tho burden of tho failure of tho new
opera Is laid on tho libretto, which Zola wroto
htmsolf ln nccordanco with Rruncau's Ideas on tbo
subject. In his ten prcccdingtiporas, "Loltcvo"
and "L'Attaqtto du Moulin," Rrtinoau had used
Zola's novels, but had hlmsolf mado them Into
tho form of lyric dramas. For tho first tlmo, In
"Mesuldor," their collaboration look on n now
form, and Zola wroto tho libretto. Tho text Is
said to havo been written In tho most unmusical
proso. Zola's ndvlco to tho composer was to
w rlto his own libretto, and It Is behoved that ln
tho future Ilrmioati will heed It.
M. Rnincnu's muslo for this latest opera was
distinctly Wagnerian, and It was not of a suffi
ciently inspired character to overcome tho dis
advantages of tho libretto. Tho latter was n
story of peasant life, nnd with n fow characters
rovcalod tbo strtigglo of tho ;oor people In n min
ing village against tho power of its wealthiest
man, A peasant woman and her son; tho village
proprietor, who had made himself rich by divert
Imr Into his own land tho stream which brings
gold to the town, nnd an ntinrchlst are tbe char
acters In the threo acta of tho opera. MM. Ro
tinud and Altnrcz and Mine. DoM'hnmps-Jehln,
tho threo Uncut artists In tho opera lompany,
were In the lending rfllos.
('amllla Krlaiiger, another muslo critic of
Paris. Is thn composer ot a short opera tailed
" Kvnunrlx." 'I ha sccno Is laid in Rrlttany,
which Is for Franco tho land of tho fairy tale,
nnd the action paxics in n ruined chapel on tho
coast. The opera neems to lnu o been highly suc
resxf til, und the composer, ns ono Introduced for
the first tlmo to audience at thfOpcruComlquc,
washiehl) praised for his work. Ho Is sala tn
Iw as Wugnerlnn as Rrunrau. who, according to
somo of the critics, has ttticd tho leil-mntir In his
" Messldor " moro than any ut her composer.
Turin has recently heard "Tristan and Isolds"
for thn tlrst time, und the oern Is said to have
aroused tho grcutest enthusiasm. Tosca-Nlnl,
w tin was announced ns onu of tho leaders nf tho
Maplesnn toiiipany last autumti, and Is already
known here, wns tho conductor, tho success nf
tho opera In said to hno been duu In a largo
mcusum to thn lino work ut tbo orchestra, w bleb,
tinllko the orchestras of most Italian theatres.
Is a permanent IkkIj-, and tint engaged merely
for particular seasons of opera. Tbo tenor was
a Frenchman and the soprano nn Austrian. Tho
jK-rformanie did not pass off without n disturb
ance. The thc.ttro was darkened at tho com
liiciicemtut, in accordance, with tho direc
tions nf Wagner. This raised a protest from
ittiumlK-rof tho spectator nnd those familiar
with Wagner's works rcsiionucit with emphasis.
There wua .in exUtod exchange of opinions from
different parts of tho theatre, but the perform
nnco finally went on with Ihe light Mill low and
tho vktor) rested with tho Italian Wngnerltes.
Tho opera will hosting this 5 oar In Rutiio, Milan,
Florence and Naples. Other news from Italy Is
not sorncmiruglng. When Verdi's "Ron Carlos"
wax recently retired ut I.i Sinla, tho composer
rearranged tho work Into a form which ho
thought would assure It a popularity Iu nut
sidu (oiintrlcs that had liithcrtu been tlosod
to tho work. Verdi refused, after the llrst
production, to allow tbo work to Ik repeated,
ns the opera had been put ou the ntngo In
null wrctilml fashion, It appears that ull
the available money of tho establishment had
Inten dcMited tint tuillut lulled "Siwrt," written
by Manzottl, tho coimxinor and devisor of tbo
fniiuiiiB "Kxiclslur." Ho used to bouM-getablo
dealer, and later Ixiciuno connected with Ii
Scabi. Thn ballet, for which the mo-t elalxiratu
preparations wero made, the preliminary ex
penditure huWiig been mure thin i5.Vl.tKh), was
not wholly successful. Recently Ui Scalu guve
no operatic icrtiiriiinnres for ulna da) s owing to
tbo fact that nil of Its singors were disabled by
colds. Rutin's " Metistofele." which Is better
known outsldo nf Italy than In Its cnmimicr's
own countr), has Iwon revhed Willi real sucxi-s
In some of the Italian cities. Tho work has
never recovered front llm IiImcs which greeted
tho tlrst perfiiriiiiinie In Milan.
All one-net opera ln Italy urn now measured
by " On vallci In, 'and unless they are very bail.
It is ciiHtiuiiiiry to hail every new work a n
fecnnil example a good a this "peclmen nf
Maerngtil's, Now "A Tragedy of tho Vintage,"
recently sung in Naples, Is acclaimed as gre.it
as Mai-rngtil's tlrst opera. Tbo composer Is
suiil to liiuu been called licfnro tha curtain
Iwcho times. Masengni was lulled uut thirty
three time durliitr tho tlrst performance nt
"IAinUo Fritz." Mnncugii! told u recent Inter
viewer lhal he had not us Jet written a lino of
tho much udvcrllund "Iris, although ho says
that It Is entirely Mulshed- In his mind.
Iirnnk lolsou In 4'entral Park.
I.llllnn Hnriisby, tho wlfo of it livery stnblo
lecicr at i'2 West Sixty-sixth street, drank cor
IkjIIo tit-Id with suicidal Intent nc.tr thoshcci
fold on tho west sldo of Central Rark yestcrdoy
morning. Shn took so llttlo Hint howuslna
inndition tn bn arraigned in tho Yorkvillo I'olhe
Court In thn afternoon.
Her husband appeared In court und sold that
sbu had been acting strangely since tbe death of
n liahy a fortnight ago. Ho added that she had
left hohlnd her at their homo u letter najlng lio
might die. nnd providing for her funeral ex
penses, rihn was commlttid to Itelluvito Hos
pital for examination as to her sanity.
I'roor Header Hill lllmseir Willi Una.
Augustus F. Ooro, who wits formerly u proof
reader on tbo Jlcralil, toinmlttcd sukldo nt hi
homo at lllll West Nlnct -fourth street last
night by Inhaling Illuminating gas,
Ha bad been ill, nnd told his wlfo early In thn
evening that hu would I hi better oil If lie wero
dead. Ho left tlilHsciiteiuo written on a llp ot
paper with n blue pencil: "Ho died und left no
A lirooklyn Woman Takes I'olaon.
Mrs. Kllubeth Condon, 'Jll yonrs old, was
found on Wednesday night lying on the Rldo
walk near bur homo ut 117 l'ork atomic, Rrook
1) it, suffering from thouffects nf rnrlxillu mid,
taken, ii Hiippiiscil, with suicidal Intent, Hho
wns tiil.cn In tho lloinirop.tthlo Hospital, und, 11
U thought, will not nn over. Family troublu Is
biipposul to bate ilrlruii bet- to tho act.
si' a it ics h'tioM Tin: teleuuavh.
Dr. John A. lllll of New York city has rrcelved a
civil srrvli-o appointment as Junior physh-Un la
the Manhattan .Stat Hospital at a salary of unu.
(Inv, Ulaek rtterday ippolnted James D. fialtup
of Clrmer. Chautauqua county, ns County Clerk of
that cnunly Iu the pUee uf Victor A. Albro, de.
Tha Itast hide flood flnvrrnment Club of New
York cllv wus Incorporate J wltn the becrstarr nf
Klate )esierdar. Amung tne directors are Homer
llrutn Jonet, utriir Arnnson, II, it, Cattatt, F.dwln
A, Wahm, John liruoka l.cnvitl, hamuel Colgate,
and Kdwsrd 1), Page,
The resignation hf Metil. William IT. Btaytnn of
thn First .Naval lutlolinn of New York, growing
nut nf nhleli considerable talk of a disagreement
la that cnniinund has been heard, nns accepted by
Adji.aieu, lllliiiKhnit yeilrrduy. I.teut. Hlaytou
for iiitIj terted In the United Slates Murine Curvs.
Tno Stite Hoard nf Health )esinrday reeelvod an
appeal fur thn abstement of a dug keuuet mala,
tallied by II , ll..ltlielile at Itncnelle Pum, Now
llachelle, Westchester count), Ths complainant Is
Dr. K I. Dealy, whote resldeuee adjulua the ken.
ii"l, He writes that be hat complained lo ths local
Health Hoard, but uo relief baa been afforled.
Attorney. Oeneral Hancock has bean notified that
an application will be made tn theHpeolal Ttrm of
the nuprom Cuurt In Mew Turk ou darch Is for
tho appolntiunttt nf x receiver for the llrevoort
Petroleum Company of New York, Ths petitioner
ltAi.rsi.au J, Van Deienlcr of New York, whose,
cured a small Ju lament against Uio company which
has not been satisfied.
Hlxly-two claims were yesterday filed with tha
Court of Claims for dnmazes in premises"; aud
property In Ihe tllla.e uf lonawanda, Erie coun
tr. br overflow or water from Klllcolt 7reek, a
tributary of 'Innananda Croix, the claims rants In
sninuut from siuo.io j,ouu each, and.wlll prou.
u'jly aggregate foU.UOU,
Its I'alaae Methods at Entertainment In Its
Day XThlakey fcy Ihe Barrelfal. Champagnn
by the Tnar ut, and Mixed Drinks by
tha Hegfnl Drank from Ihe Tin Dipper.
Tho Dean Club was a political organization in
Chicago during tho erection of tho City Hall
and county building ln that city. No club boforo
it and none after It could bo classed with IU
Tho Bean Club was unique.
To bo a member of tho Rcan Club was to bo a
contractor or a purchasing ttgent for tho new
buildings, or a County Commissioner or nn
Aldorman of tho city. Ono of tho originators of
the movement to form tho club, however, was
tho lessee of a high board fence which Inclosed
tho grounds. This fenco was uiod fur adver
tising purposes.
An ontlro floor of the McCormlck building, at
the southeast corner of Dearborn and Randolph
streets, was rented and furnished for Uio uso of
ths members. It was under tho protection of
tho Police Department and the Sheriff of tho
county. When a new contract was to be lot or
an appropriation mado tho club hold a session
until tho ond desired wns reached.
Tha club derived Its name from a contract
which ono ot tbo members ot tho County Hoard
log-rolled through another channel, by which
the Ilrlduwoll, the city workhouso, was supplied
with a brand of beans that would havo been
bettor for fish than for human stomachs.
Ono of tho men who had tho fonco privilege
was also a member of tho County Uoard, and his
partner, then a young man about town, Is now
proprietor of a largo saloon and restaurant tn
tho city. Hill board advertising was something
new In Chicago at tho tlmo. and as this fonco In
closed an entire block In the centre of tho
town there was a spirited rush for tho most
conspicuous places on tho fence, and tho prices
for spaco wero sometimes fabulous. No con
tractor on the buildings and tho contractors
wore nil ln on tho ground floor, nnd together
ever realized so much ln tho clear as tho lessees
of this wonderful fence.
No brotherhood ever stood together moro loy
ally for tho advancement of Its own Interests
thnn did tho Ilcan Club. An outsldo contractor
bad no moro chance in a bidding than a cat with
out claws would havo In Hades, which figure of
Rpcoch was coined for this situation by tbo bril
liant and crratlo Chicago lawyer, Kmcry Hlorrs.
Finally tha finishing touchos wero given to tho
structure by tho combine of contractors. Per
haps this Is not literally truo, for there yet re
main Incompleto sections In the building, al
though tho men who hod ton tracts for fulfilment
recolvcd their payment In full. A long time
after tbo building hail been occupied, Wilbur 1'.
Htorcy, editor of tho Chicago Timet, undertook
to show that there had been flagrant violations
of contracts and rings and combinations which
uvershadowed tho Tweed regime Rut tho syn
dicato stood togother, and although n special
Grand Jury hail extraordinary powers It failed
utterly to find a squealer with enough Informa
tion to warrant a bill.
Tho completion of tho work called for some
sort of a demonstration by tho club, nnd It was
decided tn havo a banquet. In tho exhalations
of this feast tbe club was to pass out of exist
oitie. Tho tlmo had lomo to removo the fence,
and there was no more Inromo to bo derived.
Tho final bids were for thoso things which tho
dinner reporter of tho olden times In Chicago
culled a How of soul. Tbo arrangements wero
on a broad scale. There were to bo speakers and
a local poet wns to mlnglo his rhyino with tho
festivities. Tho Invitations were unlqtio nnd
costly, and for several ) cars after some of them
were still to be found ln tbo city as souvenirs.
Vaudeville wus then unknown, but If It had
born in existence It would doubtless have lieen
taxed totho utmost for attractions. Tho rooms
of tho club worn offices so nrranged that they
connected, nnd tboplun of the dinner coiumlltco
was to havo nach room bountifully supplied, so
that the members and their guests would not bo
under the necrnslty nt hunting refreshments.
Caro wits taken that thorn should be no shortago.
To this end luirrels ot whiskey wero distributed
about tho rooms, the heads being renins ed. Tin
cup were hung around tho sides of theso barrels,
nnd tho man with the whiskey appettto helped
hlmeelf whenever his thirst came ttion him.
Champagno was emptied Into wooden wash
tub and drunk from tin dipper hung from tho
rims. Thoro were buckets of mixed drinks and
cracked ice. There wore barrels and kegs ot
Iwer. Cigars oro heaped up loosely lu corners,
by tho hundreds. Whoravor ono turned ho
found uii) thing and et cry thing In the way of
edibles that tho Ingenuity of tho caterer could
suggest. When tho caterer a celebrated ono Iu
hi day, who camo to New York Inter and erect
ed hero it great hotel, iu which he died u fow
year ago was engaged by tho committee to
prtpuro the feast, ho asked what wan Ihe limit,
Tho Chairman of tbo committee, it man who I
now Hulking the hack street of Chicago, dodg
ing hi creditors, replied: "There ain't no limit
lonotbln'. You throw tho lines ot or tho dash
Ixiard and let tho horse run." And It was so.
(Inuoftho peculiarities of tho feast was that
I hero were mi n alters, although ortcrs were en
gaged to reunite tho debris from tlmo to time.
Occasionally n barrel or tub would run dry and
lmvo to bo rcuiOMxl by porters, to inukr ploco
for a fresh one. Walters Here not needed ot tho
banquet of tho Rean Club. It bad been an
nounced In advance thut It was to boudemu
crntln affair.
There wero no ushers. There was no coat
room. Them was a room w here each member or
guest could deposit his tup coal und hut, but tho
placo nf deposit wan the floor, and no checks
were given. Possibly in the wlndup of tha
affair some man got his own hat and coat, but
In after da) s when this nns suggested loan old
timer bo laughed Incredulousl).
Thn doors wero opened early In tho evening,
liefore tl o'clock the rooms wero packed with a
straiigo an aggregation of humanity us wa titer
huddled together. Sinivtliiius n guest who had
commenced Inn early would fall into a tub nf
thninpagne, or put hi fool Into one, or tumble
over a tnblu and smash the ware, but t hero would
b no stirpriso, no coiumeiils. Tho overcome
would bo reunited too nenr-by hotel, from wbkh
hu would emerge latur tu Join tho revel.
The hour for speeches camo, but thoro wero no
sptcchcH, nt least iiono that bad coherency or
relevancy. Now nnd then n fresh man would
i otiio In und try to slug, but ho wa surrounded
and feted, and huoii lorgol any muslu thut ho
might havo In his soul,
Thn poet of tho occasion weighed nearly '.'(M)
pounds. Ho wa a city official aud ho had tho
hardihood to Insist on reading his effusion. A
irowd llttud him from tho floor uud put him on
a table among tbn moats, unlade, condiments,
ii nil glass warn and held him on his legswhllo
hu road. Homo of tho weaker ones let go to
drink, und tho poet fell and tho table with him.
Nun- mid then it reporter would appear looking
for ono who had been sent over ahead or htm.
Rut thn newspaper went to pros with turned
rule on thn rcKirtsnf tho banquet. The com
plete siory did nut appear for Unco days.
In the afternoon of tho second da) carriage
and ovtn oxprnos wagons ntoppod in front of tho
building and were mhiii loaned with men who
illd not know whero they lived. It was on tho
M'ciicof thlsHutiirnalla that Chicago's temple
if Courtis and nullity rillu and city corruption
begun biisiiiusH,
Lyman Tdwln lUnteoiii, ten month t nld, tw.l.
lowed u cullar button on Weduesuay ulgitt at his
tinme at US East lletb street, uuu was choked to
The suit of Thomas F. tlllroy, Jr., son of ex
Mayur tllhoy. against Walter lladiter to recover
S3JU for pru'easloial services has been settled out
of oourt.
Ux-Assemblyinsn Hamuel O, French of the Twenty-ninth
district wants tn succeed Commlsslnrrr uf
Jurors I'llmley, whusu term; will expire, nn May 1,
Couimlsslouer I'llmley Is an orxanlxatloii Itepub
lleua and Mr, I rcnun Is atllllal-U with the opposition.
West 14St.
CSTB'KTte .6o7
Ro charming thn colors, so artlstto the design, tn
low tho price and to ronteiileut our "Long Credit,"
that this bargain will lie picked up quickly by beauty
loving folka, ruthe sooner )ou come ths tietler.
Lowest prices but hlibeat quality la wur Pur
nlture llepartiueal,
104, 106 and 108 West 14 St. ,
RooKIyn Stores: FLalbusIi Av. near FUlton SL
?!&3&3&&,i'!ifflJ:,iihf-.l2.ii-. A. i's..ftf .-.t 'ft
ir stossUyers Dii-a a Xew Agreement Ihe Oen
eral Halloing Strike Will lis Averted.
An agroement was rcachod early yesterday
morning betwoen the Klorator Constructors'
Union and the committee of tho Machinists'
Union, which mot nt tho Chlmtioy Corner on
Wodncsdny night. It will nvcrt the threatened
strike, provided tho elevator companies can bo
Induced to mako an entirely now agreement
with their men based upon Its provisions,
Tho chief points In tho agreement between tbo
two unions aro that tho olovator constructors
aro to do most of tho outsldo work, such work
being specified; that tho machinists will do all
tho machinists' work In tho shops, and that thn
Machinists' Union will not hno to pay tho $10
per month duos for every man employed at this
work which It had formerly to pay to tho Klo
vator Constructors' Union. Tlitro aro other
minor dotuils.
A Joint commltteoof tho unions will ask tho
following firms early next week to sign n now
agroement with their turn: Otis Drothers &
Co., Kocdy Klnvntor Company, tlrcavcs Klevn
tor Company, McAilams k Cart right Klovntor
Company, and Bprnguo Klovntor Company, nil
of New ork and vicinity, and Monro fi '!!
Huns Klnvntor Compnny, Philadelphia. It Is bo
llcved the companies will agrte. tlcorgo War
ner, dclegato of tho Machinists' Union, said yes
terda: "Of rourso wo aro not out of tho woods yet.
Ono condition of n scttlcmiut mint bo that it
lirooklyn Mini which supplies pumps to tbo clo
vntors nnd employs non-tinlnn men must union
ize Its shop to get tho w ork,"
Tatters Preparing to Mitke Ilemnuds,
A special meeting of tho (.'tilted Iti-olhorhool
of Tailors will bo hold In Wulhnlla Hull to-morrow
afternoon to look over tho sltuntlon boforo
arranging to mako a demand for higher wages.
Tho busy soason begins In n little aver two
months, and no demands will bo mado until that
time. The union, onlng to slackness of trade,
has been dlsorganlicd. thcro lmlng only 4,000
members In good standing nut of uliottt I'J.tKH)
tailors ln Now York, lirooklyn, nnd llronns
Tllle, Organization mcotlnga nro being held
o-ery woek.
Fifty shlrtmnkcrs employed by Contractor
(liitman of HI) Knst llrondmiy struck )cstcrdity
for an advanco of SiO percent. In wages.
aerlous Illness or Col. fleorgn lluryrn
Col. Georgo Duryon of (lien Cove Is seriously
111 nt St. Vincent's Hospital and not expected to
live. Ha was attacked by tho grip nt his
country homo noar Italulgh, X, C, and this re
sulted tu n complication of illlllcultles. It wus
stated nt tho hospital vestorday that, whllo ho
may llvosevural da)s, Oinrols llttlu hnpoof his
recovery. He Is n brother nf (len. Hiram Dur
yea. l'resldont of tbo National Starch Company.
Ilols a veteran of tho r'lfth New York nlun
teer Infantry, known at their organization its
Duryeo's Zouaves, nnd wns bret cited Lieutenant-Colonel
from March III, 1805.
Improvement In Woollen Mnnufneturlng Trade.
ltot'KViLl.K.Conn., March 1 1. landing u oollen
manufacturers of this city In interviews to-day
assort that there is marked Improvement In tho
woollen business, many now orders being re
ceived nt the mills. Tho Ilocknntiin nnd Spring
villa mills havo resumed running nearly full
time, the American nnd Hock mills havo started
up their carding nnd spinning departments on
full time, the Now Kngland Mill has a ntimlicr
of rooms on full time, the Vernon Woollen mills
havo resumed running Urn days a week, after
lietngshtit ilon n for soma weeks, nnd tho Hold
ing Ilros.'H silk mills huvu been on full tlmo fur
somo weeks.
Itomnn 'nthollcs In Crete.
l-rom the Tablet.
At tho present moment a tmto about tho stato
of Catholicism In Croto will provo of Interest.
Among tho '.'tH),000 Christians at present In tho
Island barely 1,000 belong to tho Uat In rite, und
theso chiefly In tho larger towns. Canon, Cnndl.t,
nnd Reth)tuo. Wlion Vcnlco ln l'JOl took pos
session of the Island, which wns formerly under
the sway of tbe llyzantlno Kmpire, no less than
eight episcopal sees wero creeled, with an arch
bishopric at dunlin. It is therefore probable
that nt that tlmo nearly tho whole Island was
Catholic. After lllll!). when Croto fell Into tho
hands of the Turks, tho I.ttln lllshops,
with nearly all their clergy, left thu coun
try, which fell Into tbo hands uf thn
echlsmallu Greek clergy, who ntsiut this tlmo
camo to It, In 1S71 l'liis IX. restored tho an
cient seo of Cundln, making it sutfragnn to tho
nrchblshoprio of Smyrna. At present Kru An
gelo ill Sin Giovanni llntondo administers tha
diocese, and has under him six fathers and 11 vo
lay brothers scattered among tbo various tonne.
Thcro aro threo Litln pnrlshcH In tho Island, nt
Canca, Candla. and Itnthytnn, nnd a mission sta
tion, which Is occasionally visited, at Sitla,
There nro threo Cat hollo churches, four l)s'
and two girls' schools, with 'JOO pupils, and at
Csnea an orphntiugoand hostdtal lu tho caro of
the Sisters of St. Joseph. Thoso latter aro ull
French, while tho Capuchins aro ItullanJ.
Thn tlneer Cause of n Cave.ln.
IVom the inUestiurre .'irnfng Igniter.
The theory that the accident nt Wyoming a
few days ago whs caused by thu opening of a pot
holo is confirmed by thn engineers ln charge, W.
F. Dodge und J. II. Hughes.
In some remote geological age, when this re
gion was oterlald by glaciers, a depression
was formed by tho water and loose stones, and
the latter, cdiljlng round anil round, wore it
cylindrical shaped hollow In tho rock, extending
from tho top of tbo latter totho bottom. There is
no way of foretelling the presence of tho pothole,
nnd nchamtx r may l drl en directly beneath It,
without knonlng. Such, evidently, was thecaso
In Wyoming, and when thn thin layer of thn
rock between the liottomof tho pothole nnd thn
top of tbo chamber guvn nway tho ulcknnd
above poured In, letting donn nn aero or tno of
th surface.
Messr". Dodge and Hughes hnto reached a
fmlnt loofcet distant from thn fneo nf the chum
nt. nnd found the little round stunt's, which nro
Indisputable evldcnco ot tho Hitholu theory.
They also found rounded pieces of conglomerate,
or what thu miners mil "pudding" etoho.
Theso pockets of 'itilrksand aro found occa
sionally lit Wyoming Vnlluy, though t hey aro nut
always potholes. In somo Instances tbo tonl
measures and other rocks seem to Invn been
scooped out In great quantities, either by gl.iclnl
erosion or by sumo upheaval. Mine Inspector
Williams stales that such n mass nf niiltksiind
was encountered at Nantttoke, nnd in such
quantity nnd fluidity that it ran ft.OOOfoct lit
tho gangwu)s, dronnlng twenty-eight mon.
John fognrty's IDS direr.
from tin iruferfoirn .Slumlord.
A farmer camo up front Carthage war yester
day and sold a pair of steers to Luther Ilccso for
fils. Thoy worn worth u thoiisind In good
American dollars. Of cour.so their were not
worth that to Mr. ltccso, for bo killed the ani
mals and cut them up Into chunks of ulco tender
beef, but It was when thoy neru alive that their
value wns thu greatest. The sticrs were owned
by John Fogarly and his sun, They woro twins,
born on tbo Fognrty farm neur Carthage, and
when thoy wero very )oung Fognrty h sun
took them In tliurga mid trnliicil them for
tho circus ring. They bccaino remnrkubly
Intelllgcnt aud would answer tho joung
man's call llko a pair of dogs. Thoy
n mild kl is his hand, en ross each other, perform
on n soe-suw Isianl, and do liinumcrnbln trliks
nt their muster's bidding. Two ) curs ago. when
Hlttgllng Urns.' circus exhibited nt Carthiige,
tho young man had thn steers perform b foro
tbo management of tbo show, Tbo Messrs. King
ling pronounced them the finest trained slock
they had ever seen, and offered $1,000 outright
for thn animals. On lug to n tlltfrrt'iii n of opinion
about w lih h was entitled to thn pnxwds, thn
fnt her or hon, thn elder Fognrty refused to Hull,
And so It happened that thn steers ncnt back
upon tbo farm, ond tho Intelligent IshIuch aro
lielng served up In Wnterliiwn people to-day for
sit or eight cents per pound.
Tribute In a .tlndel Wire.
From th Cfeivfund I'fula littler. t
"I want a death certltlcnto !" said .tu cxrltcd
Individual, rushing Into thn Health tlllh n )es
terday afternoon, Hu got It, and nils unkidfor
tho t iistoiuarv dollar.
"What's that I" ho exclaimed, looking sur
prised, "I'll give ou TiO cents,"
"It'll never do, n ild Secretary Combs, nod
ding his hotil, " Couldn't Hike it penny !os,"
"Well, bore's the dollar," deeliiriid tho iiinn,
I wouldn't lmvo had hordlo fur llvt. Hhuwusn
model wife."
Xew lork A. C, Hosting Prospects.
The rowing rtement among Now York A. C, mem
bers Is once galh asserting Itself, and arrange
nienlt are brln made fur an tnrly descent on
Travers Island, "-ounl" rtlannlnl and his staff
are tiot wry saturnine ns rccards a senior ere . ns It
Is feared that tirinllhi, Diilibllit, Kolistede, tlr.nl,
and Krv. who had seals in tho winning crew U.t
year, will bo unable to tasn 'heir tilaeia again,
Ihern ts a chance, hnwnver, nf luduelua Kciue and
Crawford ur thn club's crack four, tn lake seats lu
(he cUht, nnd as n new etidar boat Is available tho
material may yet Justify thn Investment,
Tne Juulur emu is n-iturded as iiio.i satisfactory,
Several candidates have completed a Month uf
stead) work on Ihe rowing m.ienlnea lu the crin
naslum, and ihe physical director thinks ho has
material for an niocpiloually smart rrevlnt'amp
hell, ItadrllnV, Hall, Freshman, lurnbull, Wluon,
Mueser, Hr-ott, riudloy, Ilogsrt, Lyncn, Hpauldliif,
and De 1'iideiia,
The victorious duubln of last year, I', L. Howard
and 11. II. Crawford, will he ngaln Hi evl leuee, with
a good chance of duplicating past achievements.
Wniuen at the Knickerbocker A. V.
The KutckerlHicker A. (' held nn interesting enter
taluineiit at tho club house, )ladlsnu aveuuo and
Fort) llf til street, yesterday afternoon and eveulng.
An elalHirato programme nf social and sirllu fen
tures attracted a large crowd nt uiemucre and guests,
Among ths latter were su unusual large number of tho
fair sex. ?
VAAJ:vSfcrS?i''.'l.:Vs-si!?KliV'l'.', ..',-. v r
Imported Hosiery nn I'ndrrnrar at Half, .aBaaaaaai
1 J j r The stock of sn Inv V''aaaaaaaaaml
f vi e Porter Si'" UP bust" tH
"V S I ness. LiBaaaaaal
M C ) Ulcyrls Hose, footless, 'jH
l. W J00' r,r' Isaaaaaaaaal
r s . Vl- hentch Oolf Hose, Ttt ' raaaaaaaaal
r'ri liestittful patterns lisiBaaaaaai
V J woith fS.flO. 1
Itngtltli llnlbrlo-gau "btrta null Drawers, Be, .'TSI
enell ssorth 91,00. 'bbbbbbbbbI
I'uro Wool, Kprlng weight, far, each. itvsBaBBBBBal
I'll re x nut, riuininrr nrliihl. Tie. rnrb, Isl
("Ilk nnd svnnl, light and heavy weight. 0w 'TH
enrti ssorlh uta.oo. "'lH
Attend to this. There's "Money la It" 'i$
for you. Vsbbbbbbbb!
3.00 Ituaart shoe al I.O. J'-Wbbbbbb1
It's good buslnrss and good sense for yea ta tiKsaaaaal
buy tH
Importod Patent leathers, four styles of tors, U.9T il
a pair, worth 81.00. ' iTB
W. n. ItdeT Uereals Clarence II. Slackay la m Jol
lOO-IIIrd Match. jH
A small party of clubmen Journeyed out to -laM
Wcsttbcstcr jostcrdiiy-to soe a 100-blrd match vIiMbbI
between W. H. Kdcy, tbe well-known Wall street ' C H
broker, nnd Clarcnco II, Maekay, tho Jroung Call- !fi HsH
fornla millionaire, decided on tho Country Club B M
grounds. Under tho conditions of the match, . IH
which nrotieod groat Interest In Wall street and ? iU
among tho members of tho Itncquet Club, each ft fl
man was to shoot nt 100 birds from tho 30-yard 5 lU
mark, with nllO-ynnl Uiundary, and Kdoy waa tKi H
to concede tho odds of threo mlsscs ns dead birds Jl -lH
to Maekay. f JH
Ileforo the match began a majority of ths -lf B
spectators. Including Fred Kdcy, L. ILMllllken, t WM
Frederick Ic, II, II. Coombs, Fred O, Moore, .' H
Atcxnndcr Morten, Frank Hadller, C. K Edey, fL
and Charles Hcckshcr, seemed to think that ';Eil
young Mnckny had decldodly thn best of the odds, Aa,bbbbI
ns, though ii new-comer ln tho trap shooting ibbbI
world, ho hnsdovclopcd vory fast, nnd outside of Yfll
making somo really lino scores In practice, ha ' EaaH
ret cntly won tbo Members' Cup at Wostchoster HbbbI
from n largo field, Htsaai
Mnckny, shooting ln splendid form, led during CRtafl
thollrst half of tho rare; then Kdey's greater 'laUal
experience, comblnnd with n splondld run of ' I4MUH
twenty-eight, and a little hard luck ou Mockay's , cNRSI
part, let tbo Westchester man tukcalead of four ''tJiliaB
nt tho end of tbo seventy-fifth round. SrtHHaB
Kilcy mora thnn held his own tu the end of tha .'IbbbI
match, and finally wntt by it score of HO to 78. " bBbbbI
which Included Mutkuy'sh indleopuf tbroodead , HbSJbbI
birds. Thn birds wero n splendid lot of titers, ' i jH
nnd ns there was a lino brcere from Hit i-tjB
west, a number nf fust flying left quurtcrvra tell , -nasH
dead Just over the iHjutulary. Hlev lott ton birds ' 'jIbbbI
this way to Mnckaj's suvcu, while lliilsttr A 'bVbbbI
tlrow by far the hardest birds in tbo Inst hall nf !s-b1
tbo mutch. i i'bTsbbbI
Tho contest started nt 11 :i:0 o'clock with lMey A .H
nt the hcore. Hoth killed fast ilrh ors'ln the open- :; 'VbbbI
lng round, nnd then Kdey, uftcr knocking ot era, . rflB
loft uuartcrcr In thu M-cuiid round, saw It chasrU X , 1.bbb1
out by tho dog. Ho followed It up by having his j '.filH
third bird, n driver, dlu outside. Ills other mlssos ' Jffl
In the tlrst quarter of the match worn his thlr- A 3ibb1
tecnth, fifteenth, mid tncnt)-sccotid birds, all (UbbbbI
drivers, and his nlnctceiitli, n faet left quarter- ' JbbbbI
er. Maekay mado his tlrst miss on his 'I'bibbbI
fourth bint, a driver with the speod IBbbbI
of a gull, but mado up for It by a suusatlonal "bbbsbbbI
kill In tbo fifth round of it wonderful toworcr .iuEbbbb
which ro3o utrnlght In the air as though blown TIbbbI
out of a cannon. Mackay's other misses ln this ' JKIB
string were all nn left qunrtcrcrs lu tho sixth, ' ' 'bUbb1
twelfth, fourteenth, slxtuenth, uud nineteenth -1091
roundH. With tbo allownnco under thocondl- , HH
tlons Mnckay received credit for 'i'i Instead ot 'LbbbH
10 kills, and Uio score at tha ond ut tbo twonty ' ,' Vabbb
llfth round was: Muckay, 'J'JjFMcy, 10. l adkwk
In tbo eccond string of '.'3 Kdey galnod one, rHBal
killing 'JO to Mackav'n 10, both men's misses '
being mostly ou left ouarterurs, tho score at ijVIbb"
tho llfttoth round standing: Maekay, 41; Edey. sH
till. Tho latter now sottled down to work and ;Ml!
ilid sumo splendid shooting, killing 29 straight. -flHR'
or until the rievonty-tlfth round before he again 'nWuC
missed. Mnckny, too, shot well, but ho drew ;-UvI
Kiniu hiinl birds, whlcli, combined with a faw , "K-JJ
easy misses of Incomers, let Edey get a lead of iHfil
four, thu score standing: Kdcy, (13; Maekay, 00. 4(YuS 9
Hoth made a number of misses ln the last l$E
Btrlng of 'J.V but ns ther were about equally jkjiJI'7
dlstrihutcd, hJley won, with lire birds to spare, . MWI
by n score of HO lo 7ft. Mnckay was handled by "sa-S'
(). S. McAlnln, w hllo Kdcy looked after his own ttl-lvJ (
lutoroits. Tha ih ore: L iipti
V,: K. Kdey, Jill yards A-. X. fSi
2 0 !sismi i aa iim: l oaai iu a l'Xu.
a t a l v a i a a v v . 2 l a :i u a l ao o f . Cyj 1
a a a a t a a a a u z a s a a a t a a a a l a o as l ; TJSi
aua suaaaa eaoaauaaoaoaaaaa 17 s -" Imd "1
Totals bo so '-"H'j
Clarence It Maekay. till yards ri FrSi'
a a a u a n a a a a a o a o a u a a o a a I a a as 8 i'w'f
a a a a a n a a a a a a a u a u a o a a a a a o IB o , Htlli1
a a i n a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a o ib 7 t liSB"!
a aaaauuuaauuaaaaoaoa aaoa is 0 - j Mm!
Totals 70 IS 'Wl
Head outside. , ' JaU
Iteferrr, Fred tl. Moore. , 5,trS"
Long Island Trap Nhootlng. ' sfjt
The Unknown dun Club held Ita regular monthly 4 'JljK'
lire bird shout at Dexter Park yesterday afternoon. A rwriBSI '
Nlncti-cu memtiers participated In the main event, but cEfMl!'
not a clean scuro was made. Five men who tied for ' 'sTlWrrl
the first money prise with six kills each decided to virn
divide, while uf tho fit who scored five each and tied ' 'lUH
for second money six shot off at miss and out. Aftor 'V 1JRm9i1
the club shout ex-Judge James 11. Vourhles and Ed- - w Jesl
ward A. Vnwme shutufTlle for last yeor'a medal, tba .; Vtil
latter vtlunluit. The scores followi ,' ' &1A
First Event Itegular monthly club shoot st aevea (' Tgl
live blnla each, for club bodge and three caab prlsest . ; IpCu
ban Heap rises, claws shooting. Jsmrs II. Voorhlns, 80 . i, ( sSil
)anls, iltPr. MiKire, aa )arda, (1 William hands, as . ; , sVI''
)anls, lit John Akhuret, af )ard, 0 Henry lloemer- i - JS&
maun. a.S yards, rtj Kdwanl A. Vmm, atl yards, 5 . v , jpj.
John F. Klebvl, aa yards, ti tlabrlrl Hellg, aft yards. ! ,-V
hi Ur. Mhwarti, au yards, ftt Moses llruwn, as yards, ', ' H4
hi Louis Iiue. ail ynnls. Hi Patrick J. Sweeney, ii ' . (y
)ards,.1 Patrick May, '.'A yanls, hi John O'Hara. 88 -. .',
sanls, ft; John Henry. 25 )ards. At Heiiry Knetel, 8r., ' ' ' U4
ail )anls, si HoN-rt Kmllh, aft yanls, 4i Edward - i 1 (pA
Hauir, 24 yards. :ij Henry Von Sladen. a yants, 8. f ;
fieeuud Kv nt shoot otT uf Ho for yearly medal, a r .i tB '
three tdrds rueh and then miss and out, SO yards V, I (
rls. Vruome, 11, ViHtrhles, a, I ' ieM1
Third Event Match ree st fire live birds each, loss -. ' ' Jf,
to pay fur birds, a yards rise. 11. lloemermann, 0 , ". J.ei
1-oiie. 4. ? V ; A',3:
Fourth Event Shoot oft of tie for second money ' J ' p'Jjj
prices lu club esrnt, miss and out. Kneliel, It Mo- ' f.' ; 1,J
ilulness. It Hnet-ne). 1 1 Pr Schwarts, 0 May, 0 r, ! IJ'i
O'llara. ii Vroome, tM'llg, Henry, and I.oue withdrew. J vVm'
Fifth i:ent swciisUakra at three live birds each, , WsJ
a entranee, birds Included, two uiouers. aft yards ' lyA
rise. Pr. sohviHrtz, III l'r. Miwre, ill hands, 8 Mo- ' ' .' -JfvJ
Uulness, 'JiJ KiH-l-l. It II Knetl, Sr., 0. . " t rll tj
hlxtti Eveut Hanitleap match r.soe at Ave live birds 1 'til
each, loeertu pay for thn birds, lr. Moore, aft yards, ' .' sJpf
61 Hr. Sthwarlr, .tnanls. 4. . XIA
t-eirntli Kiciit -llauilloup match at five live birds i''!
each, una barrel, l'r. Schwarts, Do yards, 0; Dr. . i'.fcTt
Moore, a7 yanls, 1 , ;2KjJ
Klgluli Event Match, two pairs of doubles, Uvs JlltPA
birds, aft yards. lr. limre, 4t lir. Schwarts, H. TrJil!!,
' ill
Tho fourth series of gamos In tho six nlghta' itPlt?
inaltli betneen 1'crcy II, Johnson and Edward '" .WipS
A. Klrby wits decided last night ut Daly's llrook- , vA
))n Acndciiiy, A great gnma rcsttltad, lioth '. Vv--"
iinplruntH for chiiinploiislilp honors fighting It t'lti
out from Htnrl to ilulsb. At tho end ot tha t jSltJI
night's lilny tbo storo was; Juhnsou, 017: ICIr- .-,1 tflivJ
by. ftsil. : -THiffl
New ahk, March ll.--Wltbnut doubt tho best M i Uil
i:ntiio of llm Statu pool tournament wns played I;),
lit llcrl l'liier of JtlorrlHtnwn mid J. 8. ln-nnard , ', J'-AJ,
uf lted ll.i n I; at Murray's Arcade to-night, V ' ilKi
I.eunnrd'H g.tme, whllo unlucky, was of n high t; ; I'-Sf.t;
iirdtr, l'lper electrllled friends from start to i't'J
Itnlsh. Nil shut seemed to Ixi loo hard for him, 'v ' 'i&V
lie nun bj rj.'i lo Til, Tbn second gitiuo wa ' 'ft'T'4
won by l'eto Hey from II, lliirnett. Score, 186 " '- fi'fifj
luUT. ',.(
Odds nnd, I'nds or Nporls. J, .'('1
The Llhrrty Island Hod and (Inn t'lub. a rtrnoklyn '-.' jVVfl
(irnatilzathin, lias U-en InciriHirutiHl, Former Coo- -' "lAJf
gressiiuu Haiilel u'ltelll) ts one uf the memtiers. .1 'J jv?
Tno la'nox basketball team wntil 1 like to arranss , .7i7tn
wllli any leant averaglnt frnm 1V.1 10 i:in pounds, 'x i'-H,'"
Address ham Kelly, uft Wist Hftloili street. 'V rii,
l'ltlsriitii, March tl Vt thennnual mrrtlngof ths jjtil'T
Climax tluii Club lii-l I last nk-ht the follimliigofflosrs Q VsPfctf
sveni elecKst fur the eiisuliK year President, H. II. & tt rt
Msnniim; Vht I'rrsldrn;, fharles Mndthi Secretary a Hi lit
and Treasurer. Iiiauclu Hurbv It was decided to ; 7.? .
eh.tii:.-e tbo location of Hi" ahiuillug grounds, now .- trefl
sltuiited In I'iuiwikhI II ts likely that ther will be 'j' iTjw 1
lia-stedat the hk')cle track of liieCres 'cut Wheelmen ,'Mtj,'
In this ell). A'iri'
. - - .. . ' J Kls.uf
nixo-crtroTrcTuoTrc'rroTro Ur
g The tall; of the town- t, v M
I Booth's 5 jil
I "Hyomei," :!!l
)o tlm new niul woiitlcrful Australian c (f ' t
0 " I)r Air" tri'fitini'iit nf Asthma, 'w
llrntuliitls, Cat.trrh, Ilrty I'cvcr, etc, , ',' i'v.
' 'i - fl
t" At all dniEitlttt, ft mi, er al nlTue. Contul. o -' : w4
1" laiiou free bend lur amphlei c ' " ' I
i r. t. booth, g ;;:g
CfiJJ. 1 Ct Joth Street, Ntw Vor , &J "' ' !tj
1 '1'jH
l m

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